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Fire erupts in multiple structures at Golf Zone in Chester County

6abc Digital Staff Image

WEST BRANDYWINE TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Body cam video shows firefighters arriving at the scene of a burning building in Chester County, Pennsylvania early Sunday morning.

Firefighters were called to a blaze at Golf Zone in West Brandywine Township around 1:50 a.m.

Crews quickly fought the flames at multiple structures on the property, including the main building.

There are no reports of any injuries.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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Bogeys indoor golf.


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Golf Expert Blog

The Shocking Truth About Bogey Golfers: What You Need to Know

Are you a bogey golfer ? Do you struggle to break 90 or 100? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, unable to improve your game no matter how much you practice? If so, you’re not alone. Many golfers find themselves in the same boat, frustrated by their inability to take their game to the next level. But what exactly does it mean to be a bogey golfer? And is there anything you can do to improve your score?

First, let’s define our terms. A bogey golfer is someone who typically shoots one over par on each hole. In other words, if the hole is a par 4, a bogey golfer would take five shots to get the ball in the hole. While this might not sound too bad, it can quickly add up over the course of a round, leading to a high score and a feeling of disappointment.

But don’t despair. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of bogey golfers, exploring the origins of the term, the psychology behind being a bogey golfer, and the top mistakes that bogey golfers make on the course. We’ll also offer some tips and tricks for breaking out of your bogey golfing habits and improving your game. So if you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level, read on!

Ready to improve your golf game and start playing like a pro? Keep reading to discover the secrets of successful golfers and learn how you can break out of your bogey golfing habits once and for all!

Discover the Real Definition of a Bogey Golfer

When it comes to golf, the term “bogey golfer” is often thrown around, but what does it really mean? Simply put, a bogey golfer is someone who typically shoots one stroke above the par on each hole. For instance, if the hole is a par four, a bogey golfer will typically take five strokes to complete it.

However, there’s more to being a bogey golfer than just their score. It’s a term that’s often associated with beginner or intermediate golfers who are still honing their skills. It’s a phase that many golfers go through on their journey to becoming a better player.

The Evolution of a Bogey Golfer

Every golfer has to start somewhere, and for many, that means being a bogey golfer. Here’s a breakdown of the different stages of a bogey golfer’s evolution:

  • The Beginner Stage: In this stage, the golfer is still learning the basics of the game, including how to grip the club, how to stand, and how to swing. They are still struggling to hit the ball consistently, and their scores reflect that.
  • The Intermediate Stage: At this stage, the golfer has a better understanding of the game and has started to develop some consistency with their swing. They can hit the ball more consistently, but they still struggle with some shots.
  • The Advanced Stage: In this stage, the golfer has a deep understanding of the game and has developed a consistent swing. They can hit the ball with accuracy and can typically avoid major mistakes. They are no longer considered a bogey golfer.

How to Improve Your Game and Move Beyond Being a Bogey Golfer

While being a bogey golfer is nothing to be ashamed of, most golfers want to improve their game and move beyond that stage. Here are a few tips to help you improve your game:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: The more you practice, the better you will get. Spend time on the driving range and practice your swing and your short game.
  • Get Professional Instruction: A golf instructor can help you identify flaws in your swing and help you correct them.
  • Learn to Manage Your Game: As you become a better golfer, you’ll learn to manage your game more effectively. This means making smart decisions on the course and playing to your strengths.

While it takes time and effort to move beyond being a bogey golfer, it’s a journey that’s well worth taking. The key is to keep practicing, keep learning, and never give up on your dream of becoming a better golfer.

Unveil the Origins of the Term “Bogey”

Have you ever wondered where the term “bogey” comes from? While the word may be ubiquitous in golf, its origins are not widely known. However, the true meaning of “bogey” is shrouded in mystery and debate among golf historians.

Some believe that “bogey” is derived from the Scottish term “bogle,” which means a ghost or goblin. Others suggest that it may have originated from the English slang word “bog,” which means something that is worthless or of little value. Yet another theory is that it comes from the phrase “boogeyman,” which refers to a mythical creature that is meant to scare children.

The Evolution of “Bogey” in Golf

The term “bogey” first appeared in golf in the late 19th century, where it was used to describe a score of one stroke above par for a hole. At the time, par was not yet an established concept in golf, and each hole was played to a specific number of strokes deemed appropriate by the local club.

The Introduction of “Par”

In 1911, the concept of “par” was officially introduced by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. This standardized the number of strokes a skilled golfer was expected to make on each hole, and made it easier for players to keep track of their progress.

  • Bogey – One stroke over par
  • Par – The expected number of strokes a skilled golfer should take to complete the hole
  • Birdie – One stroke under par

The Popularity of “Bogey”

While “par” became the more widely used term in golf, “bogey” remained popular among players and is still commonly used today. The term has even evolved to include additional meanings, such as “bogey golfer” to describe a player who consistently scores one stroke over par on most holes.

Understanding the origins and evolution of golf terminology can deepen one’s appreciation for the game. Now that you know the true meaning of “bogey,” you can impress your golfing buddies with your newfound knowledge.

The Psychology Behind Being a Bogey Golfer

Being a bogey golfer can be a frustrating experience, especially when it seems like you’re just one stroke away from breaking par. But have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a bogey golfer? What makes them tick, and what keeps them coming back for more?

Research has shown that being a bogey golfer can actually be a positive experience, as it requires a great deal of mental toughness and resilience. In fact, many bogey golfers have a unique mindset that allows them to perform better under pressure and stay calm in difficult situations.

The Fear of Failure

One of the key psychological factors behind being a bogey golfer is the fear of failure. When you’re constantly striving for perfection and falling short, it can be easy to become discouraged and lose motivation. However, many bogey golfers have learned to embrace their imperfections and use them as fuel for improvement.

By accepting that they may never be perfect and focusing on the process of improvement rather than the outcome, bogey golfers are able to stay motivated and continue pushing themselves to get better.

The Power of Persistence

Another important psychological factor behind being a bogey golfer is persistence. Bogey golfers often have a never-give-up attitude that allows them to keep going even when things aren’t going their way. This persistence can be a valuable asset both on and off the golf course , as it helps bogey golfers overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

By focusing on the process of improvement rather than the outcome, bogey golfers are able to maintain a positive attitude and keep moving forward. This attitude can be contagious, inspiring others to push themselves to be their best as well.

The Joy of the Game

Finally, many bogey golfers simply love the game of golf. They appreciate the challenge it provides, the beauty of the courses they play, and the camaraderie of their fellow golfers. While breaking par may be a distant dream, bogey golfers find joy in the pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve given it their all.

So if you’re a bogey golfer, take heart. You’re in good company, and there’s much to be gained from the experience. Keep pushing yourself to be your best, and remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

Learn How to Break Out of Your Bogey Golfing Habits

Do you find yourself consistently scoring bogeys on the golf course? Breaking out of bogey golfing habits can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you improve your game:

The first step is to identify the areas of your game that need improvement. Are you struggling with your short game or is it your long game? Once you identify the areas that need improvement, you can focus on practicing those specific skills. Another way to improve your game is to play with someone who is better than you. Observing their techniques and learning from them can be a valuable experience.

Practice Makes Perfect

The old saying “practice makes perfect” holds true when it comes to golf. Practicing regularly can help you improve your skills and break out of your bogey golfing habits. Consider practicing at a driving range, on a putting green, or playing a round with a friend. Remember to focus on the areas of your game that need improvement.

Get the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment can make a big difference in your golf game. Make sure that your clubs are properly fitted for your body type and swing style. Consider investing in clubs that are specifically designed for the areas of your game that need improvement.

Stay Mentally Focused

Golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Staying mentally focused and calm can help you break out of your bogey golfing habits. Try to stay relaxed and avoid getting too frustrated when things don’t go your way. Take a deep breath and refocus on your next shot.

Breaking out of your bogey golfing habits takes time and practice, but with these tips, you can improve your game and become a better golfer. Remember to stay focused, practice regularly, and get the right equipment to help you succeed.

The Top Mistakes Bogey Golfers Make on the Course

If you’re a bogey golfer, you’re probably no stranger to making mistakes on the course. But did you know that there are some common mistakes that many bogey golfers make that are easily avoidable? Here are some of the top mistakes that bogey golfers make and how to avoid them.

  • Focusing too much on distance

One of the biggest mistakes that bogey golfers make is focusing too much on distance. While distance is certainly important, it’s not the only factor that contributes to a successful golf shot. Instead, focus on making solid contact with the ball and hitting it straight. By doing this, you’ll likely end up with a better overall result than if you just focus on hitting the ball as far as possible.

Other mistakes bogey golfers make include:

  • Not taking enough practice swings

Trying to make up for bad shots with risky shots

  • Not knowing when to lay up

Another mistake that bogey golfers often make is not taking enough practice swings. Practice swings can help you get a feel for the shot and help you make necessary adjustments before you actually hit the ball. By taking a few practice swings before each shot, you’ll likely end up hitting the ball more consistently and with better results.

When bogey golfers hit a bad shot, they often try to make up for it by hitting a risky shot to try and recover. While this can sometimes work out, more often than not it just leads to even more trouble. Instead, focus on making smart, conservative shots that can help you get back on track without risking even more mistakes.

What Separates a Bogey Golfer from a Par Golfer?

Golf is a sport that requires a combination of skill, strategy, and mental toughness. While many golfers dream of achieving a par , others struggle to consistently score a bogey . So, what separates a bogey golfer from a par golfer? Here are some factors to consider:

Firstly, it’s important to note that par golfers consistently shoot par because they have mastered the fundamentals of the game. This includes having a consistent and repeatable swing, a strong short game, and a good understanding of course management. Practice is key to honing these skills, as well as having a good golf instructor or mentor to guide you.

Factors that Separate a Bogey Golfer from a Par Golfer

  • Consistency: Par golfers are able to consistently hit the ball straight and avoid hazards. This is because they have a consistent swing that they have practiced and refined over time. They also make smart decisions on the course, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses as well as the layout of the course.
  • Short Game: Another factor that separates bogey golfers from par golfers is their short game. Par golfers are skilled at chipping, pitching, and putting, which allows them to save strokes around the green. They also have a good understanding of how to read the green and adjust their putting accordingly.

Tips for Becoming a Par Golfer

If you want to become a par golfer, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals of the game. This means practicing your swing, working on your short game, and improving your course management skills. Additionally, here are some tips:

  • Get a Golf Instructor: A good golf instructor can help you identify areas of your game that need improvement and provide guidance on how to address them.
  • Play Consistently: The more you play, the better you will get. Try to play at least once a week, and practice as often as you can.
  • Focus on Your Short Game: The short game is where you can save the most strokes, so it’s important to practice chipping, pitching, and putting regularly.

With time, patience, and dedication, you too can become a par golfer. Remember, it’s not just about hitting the ball far, but also about playing smart and consistently. By focusing on the fundamentals and following these tips, you can improve your game and start shooting lower scores.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Bogey Golfer

Being a bogey golfer can be a source of frustration for some, but it can also have its advantages. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Lower Expectations

One advantage of being a bogey golfer is that you don’t have to deal with the pressure of consistently shooting par or better. This can make the game more enjoyable and allow you to focus on having fun rather than feeling like you need to perform at a certain level.

Lower Costs

Another advantage of being a bogey golfer is that it can be less expensive than trying to compete at a higher level. You may not need the latest and greatest equipment or membership to an exclusive club in order to enjoy the game at your level.

Improvement Potential

As a bogey golfer, there is always room for improvement, and small gains can lead to big improvements in your score over time. This can be a motivating factor for some players.

Limited Opportunities

One disadvantage of being a bogey golfer is that it can limit your opportunities to compete at a higher level or play on more challenging courses. Some tournaments and courses have minimum handicap requirements that may be higher than what a bogey golfer can achieve.


While lower expectations can be a pro, they can also lead to frustration when you feel like you’re not improving or making progress in your game. It can be difficult to stay motivated and enjoy the game when you’re not seeing the results you want.

Limited Respect

Finally, being a bogey golfer can lead to a lack of respect from other players who may view your level of play as less skilled or competitive. This can be discouraging for some players and make the game less enjoyable overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a bogey golfer.

A bogey golfer is a player who typically scores one stroke over par on each hole. This means that on a par-3 hole, a bogey golfer would score a 4, on a par-4 hole, they would score a 5, and on a par-5 hole, they would score a

How does a bogey golfer differ from a par golfer?

A par golfer typically scores a par on each hole, which means they are able to complete the hole in the number of strokes that the course has set as the standard. In contrast, a bogey golfer is unable to complete the hole in the set number of strokes and typically scores one stroke more than par.

Is it bad to be a bogey golfer?

Not necessarily. While being a bogey golfer means that you are not able to score par on each hole, it is still a respectable score and can be enjoyed by many golfers. It is a great goal for many players to work towards, and it is a good starting point for new golfers to strive for.

What is the average score for a bogey golfer?

The average score for a bogey golfer is typically around 90 strokes for 18 holes of golf. This is based on the assumption that a bogey golfer scores one stroke over par on each hole, and there are 18 holes in a round of golf. However, this can vary depending on the player’s skill level and the difficulty of the course.

How can a bogey golfer improve their score?

A bogey golfer can improve their score by practicing regularly, working on their swing and technique, and learning the strategies of the game. It is also important to focus on course management and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Taking lessons from a professional instructor can also be beneficial in improving a golfer’s score.

Can a bogey golfer ever become a par golfer?

Yes, it is possible for a bogey golfer to become a par golfer with enough practice, dedication, and effort. It may take time and effort to improve their skills and lower their score, but with persistence and a willingness to learn, any golfer can improve their game.

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The Golf Course

Queensbury’s finest 9-hole golf course.

Bay Meadows Golf Club offers golfers carefully tended and manicured greens in a beautiful Adirondack setting in the heart of Queensbury, New York.

Our   9-hole golf course   in upstate NY boasts picturesque fairways that range from open to tight in width. At Bay Meadows, we are open to the public year-round with our state-of-the-art PGA Tour Simulators !

bogeys golf range

Bay Meadows Golf Club

One of the best.

Bay Meadows Golf Club in Queensbury, NY,   has become one of the best 9-hole golf courses in Warren/Washington/Saratoga counties. Our outdoor golf course stays open until the snowflakes begin to fly, and then we urge our friends and members to experience the realistic, virtual world of our high-tech  PGA Golf Simulators ! 

bogeys golf range

Enjoy the Scenic Course

Walk or ride.

Walk or ride our challenging and scenic course, practice your short and long game on our indoor simulators, or ask about   professional golf instruction .

bogeys golf range

Play All Year!

Pga golf simulators.

You can play golf 52 weeks a year at the area’s best indoor golf center!   Our   PGA Golf Simulators   let you practice your techniques or play eighteen holes on 41 of the world’s finest and challenging courses. Interested in joining a winter league? Check out our golf, league, and membership rates and meet Aaron Minsk, our friendly and knowledgeable Queensbury golf course pro!

bogeys golf range

Fine Dining at Casual Prices

Bogey’s pub & grill.

After a fun and relaxing round of golf, stop by with friends and family to our Bogey’s Pub & Grill! We have taken pub food to a whole new level with fine dining at casual prices, including our famous crab cakes, mouthwatering burgers, and large selection of wraps and pizzas. Enjoy a large assortment of local, domestic, and imported beers along with fine wines from around the world!

Summer Golf Leagues

For men, women, seniors and juniors.

Meet great people and enjoy time with friends along with pleasant competition on nine of the most beautiful holes in the Glens Falls, Lake George, and Queensbury NY region.

Various Skill Levels

No matter your skill level or availability, we have a league for you. Joining a league is a great way to improve your game and enjoy some friendly competition.

We follow USGA Rules and offer tournaments, contests, and prizes along with fun festivities, a rewards program and golf center specials.

bogeys golf range

Looking for the perfect location for your next event?

Find out how our professional staff can accommodate and cater your next benefit, professional event, shower, or party!

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Harold Varner III, LIV Golf star, arrested on DWI charge after blowing twice the legal limit

The former range goat was recently traded to the four aces on the liv golf circuit.

LIV Golf - AndalucÌa - Day One

Harold Varner III was arrested on Thursday in Charlotte, North Carolina, for driving while impaired. Jail records revealed that Varner's breathalyzer test showed a .16 BAC -- twice the legal limit of .08. He posted bond of $500 following his arrest and has a court date set for January 19, 2024.

Varner, who resides in Charlotte, had a solid year on the LIV Golf circuit in 2023 for the Range Goats, winning the Washington D.C. event and placing in the top 10 in four others. He also made the cut at both the PGA Championship and Masters, the two majors for which he qualified. Last month, he was traded by the Range Goats to the Four Aces -- where he will join Dustin Johnson, Pat Perez and Patrick Reed -- for Peter Uihlein.

Varner III had a good six-year career on the PGA Tour before moving over to LIV Golf in 2022. He was open about the move throughout, releasing a statement on Instagram last summer indicating he went to LIV Golf for the money. 

"The truth is, my life is changing. The opportunity to join LIV Golf is simply too good of a financial breakthrough for me to pass by," Varner wrote. "I know what it means to grow up without much. This money is going to ensure that my kids and future Varners will have a solid base to start on -- and a life I could have only dreamt about growing up. It'll also help fund many of the programs I'm building with my foundation. I'll continue to forge pathways for kids interested in golf." 

Varner III made $10.6 million in his career on the PGA Tour but  more than $13 million in two seasons with LIV Golf.

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bogeys golf range

LIV golfer Harold Varner III arrested for DWI

bogeys golf range

Who will win golf's major championships in 2024?

bogeys golf range

What ahead for Tiger this year?

bogeys golf range

Is McIlroy's ceiling still high?

bogeys golf range

PGA Tour, PIF effort to extend negotiation deadline

bogeys golf range

Field for 2024 Masters could be smallest in decades

bogeys golf range

Hovland offers critique of PGA Tour management

Reports: pga tour nearing investment deal with ssg.

bogeys golf range

Players send over demands to PGA Tour Policy Board

bogeys golf range

Davis Love III enthused about golf's young stars

Bogeys Driving Range

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Photo of Bogeys Driving Range - Tornado, WV, US. Their award winning Hot dogs

Location & Hours

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150 Riverview Dr

Tornado, WV 25202

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Photo of Ana A.

Dog friendly, child friendly, and for sure a place for parents who want to have their golf drive improve with a bucket of beer, a basket of balls, and some bangin' BBQ.

bogeys golf range

This place has great food and an awesome staff that are so friendly. The place is out of the way but definitely worth your drive for all things bbq. The hot dogs are some of the best we had on the West Virginia hot dog best rod list. Go for the bbq, hot dogs, and the awesome staff!!

Their award winning Hot dogs

Their award winning Hot dogs

Photo of Corey B.

If you need a place to practice your golf game and have good food, this is a place to go. They have a great atmosphere for family's and friends to hangout. The staff is great and help you in anyway.

bogeys golf range

Excellent bbq. Awesome place to hang out with friends and family and then have a nice outdoor meal. Loved it and will definitely go back.

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  • Canadensis Golf Driving Ranges
  • Canonsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Carlisle Golf Driving Ranges
  • Central City Golf Driving Ranges
  • Champion Golf Driving Ranges
  • Cheltenham Golf Driving Ranges
  • Cherry Tree Golf Driving Ranges
  • Clairton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Clarion Golf Driving Ranges
  • Clarks Summit Golf Driving Ranges
  • Collegeville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Conneaut Lake Golf Driving Ranges
  • Connellsville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Conshohocken Golf Driving Ranges
  • Coopersburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Coraopolis Golf Driving Ranges
  • Corry Golf Driving Ranges
  • Cranberry Township Golf Driving Ranges
  • Cranberry Twp Golf Driving Ranges
  • Cresson Golf Driving Ranges
  • Crum Lynne Golf Driving Ranges
  • Curwensville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Daleville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Dallas Golf Driving Ranges
  • Danville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Delaware Water Gap Golf Driving Ranges
  • Dillsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Donegal Golf Driving Ranges
  • Douglassville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Drums Golf Driving Ranges
  • Du Bois Golf Driving Ranges
  • Eagles Mere Golf Driving Ranges
  • East Stroudsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Easton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Ebensburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Edinboro Golf Driving Ranges
  • Eighty Four Golf Driving Ranges
  • Elizabeth Golf Driving Ranges
  • Elizabethville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Ellwood City Golf Driving Ranges
  • Emporium Golf Driving Ranges
  • Erie Golf Driving Ranges
  • Everett Golf Driving Ranges
  • Exton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fairfield Golf Driving Ranges
  • Falls Creek Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fayetteville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fleetwood Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fort Washington Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fountainville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Frackville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Franklin Golf Driving Ranges
  • Fredericksburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Freeport Golf Driving Ranges
  • Gettysburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Gibsonia Golf Driving Ranges
  • Gilbertsville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Girard Golf Driving Ranges
  • Glen Mills Golf Driving Ranges
  • Glen Rock Golf Driving Ranges
  • Grantville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Green Lane Golf Driving Ranges
  • Greencastle Golf Driving Ranges
  • Greensburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Greenville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Grove City Golf Driving Ranges
  • Guys Mills Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hanover Golf Driving Ranges
  • Harborcreek Golf Driving Ranges
  • Harleysville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Harmony Golf Driving Ranges
  • Harrisburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hastings Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hawley Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hermitage Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hershey Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hollidaysburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Honey Brook Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hopwood Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hummelstown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hunker Golf Driving Ranges
  • Hunlock Creek Golf Driving Ranges
  • Huntingdon Golf Driving Ranges
  • Imler Golf Driving Ranges
  • Indiana Golf Driving Ranges
  • Industry Golf Driving Ranges
  • Jamison Golf Driving Ranges
  • Jermyn Golf Driving Ranges
  • Johnstown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kane Golf Driving Ranges
  • Karns City Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kennett Square Golf Driving Ranges
  • King of Prussia Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kittanning Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kossuth Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kresgeville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kunkletown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Kutztown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lake Ariel Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lake Harmony Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lancaster Golf Driving Ranges
  • Landenberg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lansdale Golf Driving Ranges
  • Latrobe Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lebanon Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lewisburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lewistown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Limerick Golf Driving Ranges
  • Lititz Golf Driving Ranges
  • Littlestown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Loretto Golf Driving Ranges
  • Madison Golf Driving Ranges
  • Malvern Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mansfield Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mars Golf Driving Ranges
  • Matamoras Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mc Connellsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mc Donald Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mc Kees Rocks Golf Driving Ranges
  • Meadville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mechanicsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mercer Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mercersburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Middleburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Middletown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Midway Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mifflintown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mill Hall Golf Driving Ranges
  • Millersburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Millersville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Milton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mingoville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Monongahela Golf Driving Ranges
  • Monroeville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Montgomery Golf Driving Ranges
  • Montoursville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Morrisville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mount Cobb Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mount Joy Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mount Pleasant Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mount Wolf Golf Driving Ranges
  • Mountain Top Golf Driving Ranges
  • Myerstown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Nanty Glo Golf Driving Ranges
  • Natrona Heights Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Alexandria Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Brighton Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Castle Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Holland Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Kensington Golf Driving Ranges
  • New Tripoli Golf Driving Ranges
  • Newry Golf Driving Ranges
  • Newtown Square Golf Driving Ranges
  • Nicholson Golf Driving Ranges
  • Norristown Golf Driving Ranges
  • North East Golf Driving Ranges
  • North Wales Golf Driving Ranges
  • Northampton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Norvelt Golf Driving Ranges
  • Oakland Mills Golf Driving Ranges
  • Ottsville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Oxford Golf Driving Ranges
  • Palmerton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Patterson Heights Golf Driving Ranges
  • Patton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Paxinos Golf Driving Ranges
  • Peach Bottom Golf Driving Ranges
  • Perkasie Golf Driving Ranges
  • Philadelphia Golf Driving Ranges
  • Philipsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Phoenixville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Pine Grove Golf Driving Ranges
  • Pittsburgh Golf Driving Ranges
  • Pocono Manor Golf Driving Ranges
  • Port Matilda Golf Driving Ranges
  • Portage Golf Driving Ranges
  • Pottstown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Pulaski Golf Driving Ranges
  • Quakertown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Quarryville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Reading Golf Driving Ranges
  • Richboro Golf Driving Ranges
  • Ridgway Golf Driving Ranges
  • Roaring Spring Golf Driving Ranges
  • Ruffs Dale Golf Driving Ranges
  • Russell Golf Driving Ranges
  • Saint Marys Golf Driving Ranges
  • Salix Golf Driving Ranges
  • Sarver Golf Driving Ranges
  • Scott Township Golf Driving Ranges
  • Scranton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Shawnee On Delaware Golf Driving Ranges
  • Shippensburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Sinking Spring Golf Driving Ranges
  • Skippack Golf Driving Ranges
  • Skytop Golf Driving Ranges
  • Slippery Rock Golf Driving Ranges
  • Smethport Golf Driving Ranges
  • Somerset Golf Driving Ranges
  • South Park Golf Driving Ranges
  • Southampton Golf Driving Ranges
  • Spring Creek Golf Driving Ranges
  • Spring Grove Golf Driving Ranges
  • State College Golf Driving Ranges
  • Stevens Golf Driving Ranges
  • Stoystown Golf Driving Ranges
  • Stroudsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Sugarloaf Golf Driving Ranges
  • Sunbury Golf Driving Ranges
  • Taylor Golf Driving Ranges
  • Thorndale Golf Driving Ranges
  • Titusville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Tunkhannock Golf Driving Ranges
  • Union City Golf Driving Ranges
  • Uniontown Golf Driving Ranges
  • University Park Golf Driving Ranges
  • Valencia Golf Driving Ranges
  • Vandergrift Golf Driving Ranges
  • Venango Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wampum Golf Driving Ranges
  • Warminster Golf Driving Ranges
  • Warren Golf Driving Ranges
  • Washington Golf Driving Ranges
  • Waterford Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wattsburg Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wellsboro Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wernersville Golf Driving Ranges
  • West Chester Golf Driving Ranges
  • West Middlesex Golf Driving Ranges
  • West Mifflin Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wexford Golf Driving Ranges
  • White Haven Golf Driving Ranges
  • Whitehall Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wilkes Barre Golf Driving Ranges
  • Wrightsville Golf Driving Ranges
  • Yardley Golf Driving Ranges
  • York Golf Driving Ranges


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bogeys golf range

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bogeys golf range

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  1. The U.S. Open: Second Round Birdies and Bogeys

    bogeys golf range

  2. The Players: Birdies and Bogeys

    bogeys golf range

  3. Special Events in Richmond's West End Sports Park

    bogeys golf range

  4. Bogey Golf

    bogeys golf range

  5. 2016 Players Championship: Sunday Birdies & Bogeys

    bogeys golf range

  6. Course Review: Laguna Woods Village Golf Club

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  1. Bogey's Indoor Golf of Alpena

    Bogey's Indoor Golf of Alpena, Alpena, MI. 323 likes · 69 talking about this · 1 was here. Sports & recreation

  2. Bogeys Sports Park

    Home BOGEYS SPORTS PARK Outdoor Sports Park In Richmond's West End Mini Golf, Batting Cages, Driving Range, Little Links, Events, Lessons and more. HOURS OF OPERATION Open every day from 10am-7pm, weather permitting. We stop selling Miniature Golf at 6:30pm. Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

  3. Driving Range

    Bogeys' driving range offers 40 tee stations, 10 of which are covered to provide shade from the sun or relief from the rain. Our mats are maintained in the finest condition and we replace all of our range balls every year to provide you with the best range experience in town. We are also the only range in town to offer PowerTees.

  4. Home

    Welcome to Bay Meadows Golf Club The Course Is Open 7 Days a Week, from 7:00AM Until It's Too Dark to See! The area's best indoor golf center plus a fun and challenging 9-hole course located in the heart of Queensbury NY.

  5. Bogeys Golf & Family Entertainment Center

    7800 Fischer Steel Road Cordova, TN 38018 901-757-2649 Local Driving Range in Cordova Website Map View Google Maps || View Apple Maps Update This Profile. Bogeys Golf & Family Entertainment Center a Driving Range in Cordova, TN. View complete golf profile for Bogeys Golf & Family Entertainment Center.


    BOGEYS SPORTS PARK - 17 Photos & 19 Reviews - 1675 Ashland Rd, Richmond, Virginia - Mini Golf - Phone Number - Yelp Bogeys Sports Park 3.8 (19 reviews) Claimed Mini Golf, Venues & Event Spaces, Golf Lessons Closed 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Hours updated 2 months ago See hours See all 17 photos Today is a holiday! Business hours may be different today.

  7. Bogeys Sports Park

    Bogeys mini-golf is top notch. My son and I are mini-golf devotees and I'd say this is one of the nicest courses we've played. It's not the style with lots of crazy statues and wild gadgets. Instead it uses humps, curves, rocks and some water. Holes range from par 2 to 4, with a 54 total overall.

  8. Bogeys Sports Park in Richmond, VA 23233

    Bogeys Sports Park located at 1675 Ashland Rd, Richmond, VA 23233 - reviews, ratings, hours, phone number, directions, and more. ... place. Whether is just me hitting the range for practice, taking the family to mini golf, or teaching my son to play golf on little links and at the range.always friendly service, well priced, facility in great ...

  9. Golf Lessons from Professional Golf Pros at Bogey's Sports Park

    20 Campers/session. Must pay in advance. 8:30am - 12:00pm Monday through Friday. Check here for 2024 dates. At the beginning of each session, campers receive a bag tag which allows them one free small bucket of range balls OR one free round of mini golf EACH DAY for the rest of the calendar year! We offer golf lessons from professional golfers.

  10. Bogeys Sports Park

    Located in Eastern Goochland right off of I-64 this facility has a fully lighted golf range with target greens, county's best 18 hole putting course, baseball and softball batting cages. Equipped with a snack bar and video games. Parties and outings tailored for all occasions.

  11. Fire erupts in multiple structures at Golf Zone in Chester County

    Firefighters were called to a blaze at Golf Zone in West Brandywine Township around 1:50 a.m. Crews quickly fought the flames at multiple structures on the property, including the main building.

  12. Special Events in Richmond's West End Sports Park

    HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. BATTING CAGES WILL BE CLOSED IN TEMPERATURES BELOW 50 DEGREES, AND DURING AND AFTER ANY RAIN UNTIL THEY ARE DRY. Mulligan's Golf Shop: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm; Sunday: 12pm - 7pm. Ph: (804) 784-6070. Try our new PowerTees!

  13. Bogeys Driving Range

    Bogeys Driving Range, Upper Falls, West Virginia. 4,993 likes · 2 talking about this · 1,800 were here. 300 Yard Driving Range and BBQ restaurant in...

  14. The Shocking Truth About Bogey Golfers: What You Need to Know

    The average score for a bogey golfer is typically around 90 strokes for 18 holes of golf. This is based on the assumption that a bogey golfer scores one stroke over par on each hole, and there are 18 holes in a round of golf. However, this can vary depending on the player's skill level and the difficulty of the course.

  15. The Golf Course

    Our 9-hole golf course in upstate NY boasts picturesque fairways that range from open to tight in width. At Bay Meadows, we are open to the public year-round with our state-of-the-art PGA Tour Simulators! ... Bay Meadows Golf Club & Bogey's Pub & Grill (518) 792-1650. 31 Cronin Road Queensbury, NY 12804. Home Bogey's Pub & Grill

  16. Harold Varner III, LIV Golf star, arrested on DWI charge after blowing

    Varner, who resides in Charlotte, had a solid year on the LIV Golf circuit in 2023 for the Range Goats, winning the Washington D.C. event and placing in the top 10 in four others.


    BOGEYS DRIVING RANGE - 150 Riverview Dr, Tornado, West Virginia - Barbeque - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp Bogeys Driving Range 4.3 (4 reviews) Unclaimed Barbeque, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches Closed 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM Hours updated 3 months ago See hours See all 8 photos Today is a holiday! Business hours may be different today. Write a review

  18. Bogey Golfer Official Handicap and Stats

    The USGA defines a Bogey Player (casually known as a bogey golfer) as: A player with a Handicap Index of approximately 20.0 for men and approximately 24.0 for women. When we give or take a couple strokes, about 14% of male golfers and 15% of female golfers fall into the "bogey golfer" category. No golfer shoots the sames score every round, but a typical score for a male bogey golfer is ...

  19. The Bunker Southern Park Indoor Golf Facility & Double Bogey's Restaurant

    Indoor virtual golf facility with a driving range, putting green, and 12 golf simulators. Order food at The Bunker from Double Bogey's restaurant - a family friendly Bar & Grill. Facebook; Instagram; 330-302-2399 MEMBER LOGIN DIRECTIONS NEWSLETTER. 0 Shopping Cart. Book Now. Simulator Reservations;

  20. Moscow City Golf Club in Moscow, Moscow, Russia

    Driving Range Yes . Bunker Yes . Caddies No . Golf School Academy Yes . Golf Simulator Yes . Teaching Pro Yes . Pitching/Chipping Area Yes . Indoor Practice Yes . Putting Green Yes . ... Aerial view of Moscow City Golf Club Moscow City GC. 2 Images Write Review. 1 Dovzhenko Str., Moscow, 119590, Russia, +7 (495) 748-7173, +7 (495) 278-0202 ...

  21. Bogeys Golf

    Register your interest to Bogey's Sports Bar. I consent for you to contact me by email. ...

  22. Moscow Golf Courses: Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia

    The main course can be found at the Moscow City Golf Club, an established club with a sound reputation, dating back to the late 1980s. Close to the River Setun, this club has recently hosted the Russian Open and features a total of 18 holes, along with its very own sauna, restaurant, driving range and indoor winter Golf Centre.

  23. Pennsylvania Golf Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

    Butler Heights Golf Range. 8 practice tees 17693 Route 8 Union City, PA 16438-9169. Franko's Golf Center. 40 practice tees 516 McClellandtown Rd Uniontown, PA 15401-5018. Tower Driving Range. 25 practice tees 375 Berry Rd Washington, PA ...

  24. Moscow-City

    the Cold war museum, the modern shops. BUT the best way to enjoy Moscow is simply to wander about. Take the Subway and get out 'somewhere'. And enjoy how diverse and huge this city is. Look up see the Sky enjoy the buildings ( from past centuries to the stalinist intimidating) architecture.