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Friends encounter 'ghostly female figures' at changi chalet -- and this freaky photo says it all.

changi cottage haunted

Ever heard of Thai movie Shutter (2004), featuring the famous plot twist whereby a female ghost was photographed sitting on the male lead's shoulders in the final scene?

Well, a group of friends might have recently experienced something similar in real life.

Social media influencer and blogger Peggy Heng, who goes by the alias Thy Dowager, recently shared the creepy encounter that her sister Joey and some friends had at Aloha Changi Yacht Club Chalet.

A Stomper had shared Peggy's Facebook post with Stomp and described it as 'scary'.

Even though chalets in Singapore are usually fully booked over the weekends, the group of friends managed to get a room there just one day before -- which struck Joey as strange.

They went ahead with the outing anyway and upon checking in, realised that their room was located right opposite "Old Changi Hospital and the infamous abandoned Aloha Changi resort".

But the freakiest part was when some people came across sightings of "a female figure with short hair" and "a white figure with long hair" during wee hours of the night.

One guy who sensed that something was wrong also went into Joey's room to check on her.

The group then decided to "do a little test by taking a photo against the mirror reflection after wiping the mirror thoroughly clean."

Peggy wrote in her post, "It appears that a woman figure is sitting behind Joey and touching her head" and shared a creepy photo showing the spooky sighting.

What do you think? Read the full post in the gallery above.

changi cottage haunted

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Singaporean shares creepy story of ghost encounter in a haunted chalet.

changi cottage haunted

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Having ghostly encounters isn’t something we all look forward to, especially during a holiday in a hotel room.

But we all know that one of the most haunted places is the hotels. There have been many cases of paranormal sightings in hotels that will make anyone cry for their mothers.

Thy Dowager from Singapore shared the story of how her little sister had a spirit visit her while away on a staycation. She wrote,

“So yesterday, my baby sister, Joey, went to Aloha Changi Yacht Club Chalet with her friends.”

Chalet 4

source: 123-pictures

“They managed to get the room even though the booking was done just a day before. Usually chalets in SG are always fully booked over weekends.”

“Feeling rather apprehensive about it, she shared her concerns with her friends but they managed to dismiss her fears by assuring her that nothing will happen a s there’s going to be 60 over friends at the chalet.”

“They then arrived to check in and realised the room located right opposite old Changi hospital and the infamous abandoned Aloha Changi resort.”

“Apparently the chalet had a previous lesbians’ suicide case in 2012; killed by charcoal poisoning if I remember correctly.”

True enough, two young women did commit suicide in one of the chalets in 2012, Yahoo reported. They were aged 20 and 24.

Chalet 1

source: yahoo

“At about 2-3am when her friends were drinking and chatting at the BBQ pit, Guy A saw a female figure with short hair sitting beside a Guy B, waving at Guy A.”

“Guy A started panicking and ran inside the chalet while screaming ‘Ghost! Ghost!'”

“Guy C saw a white figure with long hair standing at the stair case holding onto the railing, seemingly as if she was blocking anyone from going upstairs.”

“He had a strong instinct that something is inside Joey’s room and braved his way in to check on her.”

“After waking Joey up and informing her of the situation, they told her to remain calm as they proceed to do a little test by taking a photo against the mirror reflection after wiping the mirror thoroughly clean.”

Chalet 3

source: thy dowager

“My baby sis says that they found ghosts in room 1 and 4.”

The lady’s post went viral over a thousand shares as people were freaking out about the incident. Many netizens also shared their own ghostly encounters in the comments section.

There are also some netizens that wondered if it could be a bluff.

“ Think like a forensic. Why must be taken through mirror ? It’s easy to replicate a ghost image by splashing some powder on the mirror and wiping off some excess, drawing the figure to fit with the people around. ”  one netizen wrote.

Do you guys think that it is fake? Have some ghost stories of your own? Share with us in the comments section!

changi cottage haunted

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Changi Hospital: The Haunted Sanctuary of Ghostly Apparitions

Changi Hospital: The Haunted Sanctuary of Ghostly Apparitions

Changi Hospital, located in Singapore, has been the subject of many horror stories over the years. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country, with numerous reports of paranormal activity and ghost sightings. The hospital was originally built in 1935 as a British military hospital and was used by the Japanese as a prison camp during World War II. It is believed that the hospital’s dark past is responsible for the supernatural occurrences that have been reported there.

The hospital has a long and tragic history. During the war, it was used by the Japanese as a prison camp, where they tortured and executed many prisoners. The hospital was also used to house prisoners of war who were suffering from diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and malaria. Many of these prisoners died in the hospital and were buried in unmarked graves on the hospital grounds.

After the war, the hospital was used by the British military and later by the Singapore government as a general hospital. Despite its new purpose, the hospital’s past continued to haunt it. Many patients and staff reported seeing ghostly figures, hearing strange noises, and feeling a sense of unease while in the hospital.

Discover the chilling history and supernatural encounters at Singapore's infamous Changi Hospital.

One of the most famous ghost stories associated with Changi Hospital is the story of the Lady in White. According to legend, a young woman was admitted to the hospital in the 1950s. She was suffering from tuberculosis and was placed in a ward on the third floor of the hospital. Despite the efforts of the doctors and nurses, she eventually died of the disease. After her death, many patients and staff reported seeing a ghostly figure of a young woman in a white dress wandering the halls of the hospital. Some believe that she is still looking for the cure that eluded her in life.

Another ghostly legend associated with Changi Hospital is the story of the Headless Ghost. According to this tale, a Japanese soldier was beheaded in the hospital during World War II. His headless body was buried in a mass grave on the hospital grounds. Since then, many people have reported seeing a headless ghost wandering the halls of the hospital.

There have also been reports of other supernatural occurrences in the hospital. Patients and staff have reported seeing ghostly figures, hearing strange noises, and feeling a sense of unease while in the hospital. Some have even claimed to have been physically touched by unseen forces.

Despite the numerous reports of paranormal activity, the Singapore government has never officially recognized the hospital as being haunted. However, many people continue to visit the hospital in search of a paranormal experience. Some even claim to have captured photographic evidence of ghosts while visiting the hospital.

In conclusion, Changi Hospital has a long and tragic history that has left its mark on the hospital. The stories of the Lady in White and the Headless Ghost have become part of the hospital’s lore, and many people believe that the hospital is haunted by the spirits of those who suffered and died there. While the Singapore government may not officially recognize the hospital as being haunted, the reports of paranormal activity continue to draw visitors to the hospital to this day.


  • "The Haunted Changi Hospital in Singapore." The Culture Trip.
  • "Changi Hospital: A Haunting History." TheSmartLocal.
  • "The Haunting of Changi Hospital." Haunted Rooms.



Haunted Changi Chalet

(Changi Chalet is another well known haunted place in Singapore.) Three of my girlfriends and I booked into a chalet in Changi – this was many years ago and those chalets, the old bungalow types, are not there anymore – and that was when we had the fright of our lives. We aren’t superstitious people and since that incident we have tried to explain away what happened, but that night you couldn’t blame four teenage girls for being scared to be alone in a chalet in lonely Changi with hardly anyone else around.

I remember that we asked the keeper if the place was haunted, because it looked so creepy from the outside. He never made any reply, making it all the more creepier. It made us a bit more sorry that we hadn’t invited any boys along to stay with us – this was supposed to be a sort of pajama party. Anyway, we managed to settle in after a while – no barbecue, we had decided that by consensus, and we were starting to get chatty and beginning to make some noise when one of the girls said she heard the front doorbell ring.

From where we were in the living room we could see the porch outside. There was no one there so we thought she must have been mistaken. She too said, yes, we were right, she must have imagined it. We were chatting away again, chewing the cud, rather loudly I might add, when she said, “There it goes again.” This time we were all quiet and looking hard at the porch from where we were. There certainly was no one there. We could see the porch clearly Mom where we were. If there were anybody out there ringing the doorbell, we should have been able to see the person for sure. So what could she have heard? Then all of us heard it. Loud and clear. It was the doorbell. One of the girls screamed but we quickly hushed her. Then we heard it again, and again and again, each time getting louder and more insistent as if someone was angry and demanding to be let in.

We didn’t know what to do. Everybody froze. All our eyes were fixed on the empty porch where the buzzer was. After a little more of the insistent ringing, the bell stopped. Then we heard it. The back door was creaking open. All of us screamed and ran out through the front door. We didn’t stop running until we reached the next chalet. We banged on the door, thumping away without caring about anybody, afraid like hell. The man who opened the door was in his pajamas and he looked a bit nervous. All of us pushed past him and stumbled into the living room. There were four other men there, all of them also like the one who had opened the door. They were seated around the table and they clearly had been gambling. “Uncle, uncle,” we cried, explaining what had happened and begging to be allowed to stay in this chalet with them for the night. They looked at each other as if they thought we were mad, but finally one of them said, okay, we could stay.

I can tell you, that night we hardly got any sleep. When one of the girls wanted to go to the loo, she forced me to go along and stand guard outside. From where I was, I could hear her singing Amazing Grace to give herself courage while doing her business.

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Old Changi Hospital: The Most Haunted Place in Singapore

Haunting its crumbling corridors are reports of disembodied screams, shadow people, and the restless souls of tortured prisoners of war.


With its peeling white walls and foreboding architecture, the abandoned Old Changi Hospital looks very much like the setting of a horror movie. And indeed the structure, said to be the “most haunted place in Singapore,” has been the backdrop for at least one found-footage screamer called Haunted Changi .

Today the hospital sits empty at the end of Halton Road. Dense vegetation reclaims the grounds. In spite of its crumbling condition, the surrounding neighborhood is home to chalets, villas, and a seaside resort. This wasn’t always the case, however.


The hospital was built in 1935 to serve the British Royal Air Force, during which time it was called the RAF Hospital. The British withdrew upon the outbreak of war in the Pacific and the Japanese occupation of Singapore in 1942. During this time, Japan used the hospital as a prison camp for British soldiers and their allies, as well as anyone considered to be “anti-Japanese.”

The hospital was also thought to be a base for the Japanese secret police, or Kempeitai , who held jurisdiction over occupied territories and prisoners of war. The Kempeitai had a reputation for ruthlessness, and many believe that prisoners held in the hospital grounds were often tortured to death. In fact, some stories claim that the Kempeitai would impale the severed heads of executed prisoners on iron stakes outside of public buildings during the occupation.

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After the war, the hospital returned to the British. For many, however, it would never be the same. Most paranormal reports from the hospital tie its spectral presences to the dark deeds committed during the war.

After Singapore claimed independence in 1965, the hospital was renamed the ANZUK Hospital and served members of the Commonwealth armed forces of Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Ten years later, the hospital was turned over to the Singapore Armed Forces. Finally, in 1997, the site was closed down entirely. Services were transferred to the nearby Toa Payoh Hospital, which became the new Changi General Hospital. Old Changi Hospital slipped into abandonment.

old changi hospital

  • Photo Credit: Kevin Lee / Flickr

In 2006, the site was put up for lease. A company purchased the property in hopes of converting the grounds into a luxury resort. Plans soon fell through, however. While the official story cites financial reasons, there are some who suspect that the hospital’s spectral inhabitants were the actual cause.

Over the years, Old Changi Hospital has acquired a substantial reputation for hauntings and unusual happenings. Visitors to the grounds report hearing disembodied screaming and seeing strange “ shadow people ” both day and night. Some claim to have seen the bloody apparitions of soldiers walking the halls, while others have reported the presence of a young boy who simply sits and stares.


While filming  Haunted Changi ,  the cast and crew reported a variety of odd occurrences, including sudden loud noises, ghostly voices, sightings of a woman with a “black aura,” and even contact with unseen hands. The crew also supposedly captured one of the hospital’s “shadow people” on film, in a shot that they kept in the final movie.

So many encounters have occurred at Old Changi that there’s an entire page devoted to the abandoned structure on Hungzai: Singapore’s Freakiest Online Ghost Stories . Eerily, one chilling experience seems to occur again and again.


Numerous legend trippers and paranormal investigators report entering Old Changi Hospital, only to have one member disappear. When these missing individuals finally return, they each tell a similar story: They had followed what appeared to be a group member away from the others, usually to a desolate part of the hospital. As they moved through the hospital corridors, this familiar figure would say that they didn’t belong at Old Changi; the site was dangerous and their group should never to return. Upon turning a darkened corner or exiting the hospital completely, this friend would then vanish into thin air.

Whether Old Changi Hospital is haunted by ghosts or simply by its own dark history, it’s hard to deny the abandoned hospital’s reputation as one of the “most haunted places in Singapore.”

[via ; The Paranormal Guide ; Seeksghosts ]

Feature photo: Kevin Lee / Flickr ( CC )  

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Discover Lee Kuan Yew’s life and legacy at Changi Cottage, where he stayed and worked

changi cottage haunted

SINGAPORE – Holidaymakers staying at Changi Cottage can now learn more about Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s life and work at the place where the founding prime minister developed plans for a newly independent Singapore in 1965.

Built in 1950, the cottage at 26 Netheravon Road was where he stayed and worked for a few months after Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965. It also served as a holiday bungalow for senior members of the Singapore Government from the 1960s to 1980s.

Today, the 192 sq m seaside cottage is managed by the Civil Service Club (CSC) and is open to the public to rent for short stays.

In commemoration of Mr Lee’s 100th birth anniversary in 2023, CSC and the National Library Board (NLB) on Nov 22 unveiled a Node at the cottage, showcasing curated resources such as Mr Lee’s speeches and books about him. It is open only to those who are staying at the cottage. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the rich history of the cottage.

The Node at the cottage’s dining hall features an artistic black-and-white impression of Mr and Mrs Lee, depicting them at the cottage during the declaration of Singapore’s independence. QR codes provide access to articles and videos relating to Singapore’s separation from Malaysia, Mr Lee’s National Day Rally speeches and e-books. There are also 16 books on Mr Lee for browsing on site, such as Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going and One Man’s View Of The World.

Minister-in-charge of the Public Service Chan Chun Sing said: “The cottage holds a significant place in Singapore’s history. It was one of the thinking spaces of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a place that inspired ideas and important decisions that contributed to Singapore’s success story today. My hope is that those who come through the cottage will also have an opportunity to reflect on the Singapore Story, and our part in it.”

Mr Chan planted one of Mr Lee’s favourite trees – the jelutong tree – at the cottage, together with a few others, including NLB chief executive officer Ng Cher Pong and CSC chief executive Charlie Ng. Mr Lee’s other favourite trees – the madagascar almond, tembusu, raintree and sea apple – were also planted within the cottage grounds.

NLB’s Mr Ng said the Node will offer easy access to specially curated resources on the life and work of Mr Lee that have shaped Singapore.

“We will continue to work closely together with our partners and the community to bring more Singapore stories and resources to all beyond our libraries and archives,” he said.

To provide additional ways for the public to access NLB’s content outside its libraries, NLB has rolled out Nodes in everyday spaces around Singapore, such as shopping malls, Jewel Changi Airport, food and beverage outlets, and MRT stations. The Nodes have been well received by the public, with more than 1.62 million visitors to these Nodes at more than 20 locations across Singapore in 2022.

Changi Cottage is one of the most popular chalets in Singapore; in 2023, its weekend occupancy has been at 88 per cent. The two-storey chalet – refurbished under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s conservation guidelines – has three bedrooms, an open grass lawn and direct access to Changi Boardwalk.

Bookings can be made on the CSC chalet website at and rates range from $355.92 to $787.10 depending on the season and whether the person is a CSC member, public officer or member of the public.

CSC’s Mr Ng said demand for the cottage may increase.

“Previously, people booked the Changi Cottage without knowing that this used to be the place where Mr Lee Kuan Yew had stayed,” he said. “With the Node launched, they can now relate this cottage to Mr Lee.”

changi cottage haunted

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Changi Beach: Massacre, Executions and Haunting

Changi Beach, Singapore

Changi Beach is an idyllic stretch of white sand, clear water and is dotted with palm trees. While its appearance looks pristine and inviting, its history tells a different story.

Haunted Changi Beach.

WWII lead to Singapore becoming occupied by the Japanese. The war was to trigger many terrible events including the Sook Ching Massacre, which was arguably one of the most heinous to occur in Singapore. The name of this massacre literally translates to ‘cleansing purge’ and resulted in the executions of many Chinese people within Singapore.

Although the Sook Ching Massacre saw many executed in various places, the death total at Changi Beach reached 66. These 66 men were all killed together. They were tied to one another and forced to walk across the beach towards the water. As they hit the water’s edge, they were gunned down in a vicious manner. Those who did not die from their gunshot wounds were left to drown in the water. To complete this horrid process, all of the victims’ bodies were recovered and hacked apart with the use of bayonets, fully ensuring death.

Massacre on Changi Beach.

The bodies of these unfortunate Chinese men were buried in nearby mass graves, dug out by prisoners of war. This dark event has stained the history of this area and led to the belief that the stretch of beach its surrounding areas may, in fact, be haunted.

Ghosts of Changi Beach

Visiting the site of such a terrible massacre is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Some people have, however, reported far more spine chilling phenomena to occur in this area.

Palm trees on Changi Beach, Singapore.

Many claim that Changi Beach is one of the most haunted places in the country. There have been countless reports of visitors to the beach experiencing strange, unexplainable sounds. These are typically described as weeping, wailing, screaming or crying out for help. There have also been the phantom sounds of gunshots echoing across the empty stretches of sand.

Massacre site on Changi Beach.

Visual phenomena have also been said to occur. Some have seen eerie puddles of blood form and pool amongst the grains of sand that cover Changi Beach. These appear without an identifiable source and tend to disappear quickly after being spotted. In addition to the blood stains along the beach, many have also claimed to spot bizarre apparitions that seem fitting to the circumstances of the massacre. Some people have claimed to witness the heads of Chinese men either bobbing aimlessly in the water or even flying at speed across the shoreline. Headless bodies have also been spotted by some walking the same stretch of beach that they were likely executed upon.

Haunted places in Singapore.

Interestingly there have even been others who have claimed to sight what can only be described as the actual executions taking place. This is thought to be trapped energy resulting in a residual haunting and basically showcases scenes that are doomed to replay throughout time.

Spirits of Changi Beach.

Whilst there appear to be significant levels of paranormal activity occurring in the area where the massacre happened, further reports of hauntings surrounding this area exist. Some of the beach houses in the area are reportedly haunted by violent entities. Some visitors to these properties have allegedly experienced poltergeist activity or been scratched aggressively. There are also reports of a woman in white who prowls the area, often crying in pain as if having just lost a loved one.

Visiting Changi Beach

Changi Beach is a beautiful place to visit in Singapore , despite its blood-soaked history. A marker displaying information about the beach’s massacre can be located on the beachfront, across from various food establishments and bars. Entry is free and the area is accessible via bus routes from the city.

Hand sculpture on Changi Beach.

If you are interested in learning about other haunted places with ties to WWII in Asia, I recommend checking out  Malinta Tunnel in the Philippines .

Thanks for reading!

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changi cottage haunted

Amy is a world traveller and explorer of creepy locations. She has visited some of the most famously haunted places around the world in search of evidence of the paranormal. Follow Amy's Journey:

Comments (6)

Thank you for the visuals on Changi beach. As a newly walking toddler I was in Changi village with my parents. I remember waking between vendors who spread their goods out either side on cloths. Strangers kept touching my hair because I was blonde!! My dark haired sister asked why. My dad was RAF. Both parents have passed now but I still have fond memories.

Thanks for sharing Patricia (and for reading). Gruesome history asside, the beach and park are quite pleasant places to stroll today.

When I was stationed at Changi in the 1960s I used to swim from the beach a few times each week and I never experienced any bad feelings. Even when I went to the beach after dark I always felt at ease and the only creatures I encountered were cockroaches and harmless sand crabs, never anything at all spooky. The souls of the massacred men must have been at pece when I was there.

Thanks for sharing your experience Allan.

The interesting sculpture with the hand and finger, I just realized me and my dad went to cycle there in the morning. Now to come think of that, it struck the back of my neck, without realizing it at all after seeing images from my phone. Thank you Amy’s Crypt for this changi beach story.

Thanks for reading.

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New prison investigation coming this weekend and it’s extra special because it features our mates @theouijabrothers 🎉👻🎉

changi cottage haunted

Haunted Hotel or Singapore Changi Madness?

  • by Ric Garrido
  • October 29, 2008


Little Pim and Littler Pumpkin

The following travel story took place in Singapore, June 2006.

Singapore, Changi Beach sign

Changi Beach, Singapore

I am a man of science. Practical applications of food science, labor economics, and education pedagogy have been my studies.   Measurements and quantifiable data are my keys to understanding.   I now apply my calculations and statistics to hotel rate analysis and discussions of hotel loyalty program value for consumers.

The truth of the matter is I had a paranormal experience a couple of years ago.   The paranormal is outside my realm of understanding and all the more reason not to tell my tale.   Nothing came to mind when approached to write a story detailing a strange or frightening trip for Angela Nickerson’s Just Go Blogapalooza.   I am a good travel planner and my skill and good luck generally prevents strange and scary things from happening to me when traveling.

My wife reminded me of the incident in Singapore two years ago.   She wasn’t even there, but she remembers me telling her the story.   I keep paranormal thoughts out of my mind.   The visitation happened, only once, for a brief moment of time, not too far in the past, and it scared the hell out of me.  

I can rationalize the encounter now as an anxious dream after a week living in the humidity and heat of Singapore.   The event was irrational to me.   The end of the story is true to my original writing made at the time I had the encounter in the Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel.   Ghost seekers seem to take interest in photographic orbs as a paranormal activity sign and I have included photos from the Changi Village hotel rooms in this story.  

First, before I describe the paranormal event, allow me to indulge in a Singapore travelogue.


Singapore is known to frequent flyer mileage geeks as the farthest place to fly from the USA for the least amount of money when compared to airfare for Australia, Africa, Middle East, or India.   Singapore is a Southeast Asian country where English is the national language and widely spoken and the national pastime of hanging out in shopping malls is a familiar cultural practice to Americans.  

The mileage distance is 8,444 miles from San Francisco to Singapore.   Most people don’t realize how far away Singapore is from the USA.   The airline travel is broken up with a stopover in Tokyo after 11 hours of flight time.  

Tokyo Narita Red Carpet Club bath amenity kit

Bath Amenity Kit for United Airlines Red Carpet Club, Narita Airport, Tokyo

With a little luck and no flight delay there is generally time in a two hour window for taking a shower in the United Red Carpet Club lounge complete with complimentary bath amenities kit and drinking some glasses of Asahi beer from the automated beer dispenser.   You need 50,000 mile elite status for the privilege of complimentary access or flying on a business or first class ticket.

Then, it is back on the plane for another 7 hours flying across the South China Sea, past Vietnam and Cambodia, to the tiny island of Singapore at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in the Indian Ocean.

An early June trip in 2006 provided me with an opportunity to earn United Mileage Plus frequent flyer miles, visit some new luxury hotels, and make my first stays in the Le Meridien brand that had recently been integrated into the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program of Starwood Hotels.  

Singapore, Le Meridien Orchard Road Hotel

Le Meriden Orchard Road Hotel, Singapore (2006)

This was my sixth trip to Singapore since 2001.   And this was the first time I had been in the city for the “Great Singapore Sale,” the biannual “shop til you drop” ritual, advertised as “8 Weeks of Shopping Madness”.   Singapore is not your haggle over a few dollars bargaining for colorful silks with the local handicrafts seller under the beach palm tree.  

Singapore is to outlet mall shopping what Thailand is to your local flea market.   Everything is available in the Singapore ultra-modern malls and it is all on sale in the thousands of stores.   Every article is priced and there is almost always some type of discount. Shopping for clothes in Singapore is a delight for me.   I am a short man.   In Singapore I can buy 29” inseam slacks right off the rack in most department stores.  

Singapore Pedestrian tunnel

Pedestrian tunnels allow you to walk a long way under the streets between malls

An American has the feeling you are not in Kansas when you see internet terminals with free access for customers and large-screen plasma TVs showing World Cup soccer at 3am in McDonald’s burger restaurants.   

Imagine the largest shopping mall you have ever visited and then project an image of block after block of major shopping malls in high-tech electronic light and music constantly playing from the speakers of another retail shop.   Plasma TVs in the shopping mall corridors give directions, display information, and show store promotions and music videos.

Singapore McDonald\'s 24-hour Burger Restaurant with Plasma TV

McDonald’s had World Cup 06 games on Plasma TV at 3am

The weekend I arrived was “Late Night Shopping”, with extended store hours to 11pm or 1am for most stores at the dozens of major shopping malls.   Shopping is the way of life in Singapore.   The USA economic gurus wish we could instill the shopping culture present in Singapore society.   I wish we could instill the education culture I see so entrenched in Singapore family life.

Singapore Orchard Road Shopping and Hotel District

Singapore Orchard Road, Major Hotel and Shopping District

After a week of shopping madness, hotel tours, and outrageously priced beer to accompany my favored Chinese cuisine I sought a lifestyle of cheap exotic food against a palm tree beach backdrop for my last day in Singapore.   

Singapore Changi Beach

Changi Beach Singapore

I checked into the Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel on the east side of the island adjacent to Singapore’s Changi International Airport.   This was my second stay at this luxury hotel near the Changi Airport.   

I was upgraded to a suite for the stay on my first night in Singapore and then again for my last night in Singapore.   The location of the room for my second stay was Room 301, directly below the fourth floor Room 401 I had stayed in the week before.

Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel, floor map Room 401

Room 401 floor map, Le Meridien Changi Village hotel, Singapore

The Le Meridien Changi Village hotel room had nonlinear features and design.   The hotel had style. The immenseness of the drapery, freestanding walls and colorful features of the lobby and dining areas were visually stimulating.  

Le Meridien Changi Village dining room, Singapore

Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel, dining area

The rooftop pool with orchid petals floating on the water was a resort spa vision.   The pool view of incoming jets at Changi Airport was sufficiently far as to not be overbearingly noisy.

Le Meridien Changi Village pool

Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel pool

There is a popular public campground location on Changi beach just across a small bridge from the hotel. I spent the last afternoon of the Singapore trip walking Changi Beach. Families and friends gathered on the beach and relaxed in the campground. Men and boys fished, and the more adventurous outdoor types paddled sea kayaks.  

Fishing Changi Beach Singapore

Fishing on Changi Beach, Singapore

Informational signs at various points along the beach showed photos of old Malay villages from the 1930s and 1950s.

I came across a plaque describing a World War II massacre.   On the 20 th of February, 1942, 66 Chinese males were executed on this stretch of Changi Beach.   A two-week campaign to purge the Singapore Chinese population of suspected anti-Japanese civilians resulted in more than 1,000 men and boys being executed on the beaches of Changi and the present-day airport runway region.

After a couple hours on the beach I headed to Changi Village for a take-away dinner which I ate back in the room while watching World Cup soccer.   USA-Czech Republic was scheduled to play around 11pm, but a 7am flight had me early in bed and asleep in Room 301, Le Meridien Changi Village.

Room 401 bed orbs, Le Meridien Changi Village June 2006

These pictures keep disappearing from my post.

Room 401 Le Meridien Changi Village Singapore

Large orb in bathroom, Room 401, Le Meridien Changi Village, Singapore

[The rest of this section is presented here as written at the time on June 12, 2006 after my fright in room 301.]

I’ve just had a supernatural experience.   It is freaking me out because the feeling shook me out of my pragmatic reality.

I remember looking at the clock and seeing it was 11:00pm.   I shut my eyes again to return to sleep in this hotel bed in Changi Village.

Aoife jumped on the bed.                                

Then I remembered I am here alone, in a hotel room in Singapore.

I thought, “Who is on the bed with me?”

I tried to look and suddenly I felt a weight on me, holding me down, and pressing me into the bed.

I was scared and all my thought was:

“I’ve got the power and you are not going to take me.”

But, I could not move.   This weight had my whole body pressed to the bed.

And I kept chanting:   “I’ve got the power.”

A pounding on the wall sounded.   I took it to be the water pipes rattling, but suddenly I wasn’t so sure.

I tried to turn my head to see what was on the bed and I could not move my head.   I tried to use my arms to lift me up and I could not move my body.

And I kept chanting to myself:   “I’ve got the power and you are not going to take me.”

Finally I was able to kick my legs up and free myself from the bed.   I kicked twice and threw the weight off me.

And I lay there on the bed, in the dark, scared straight.

I knew I had been visited by the spirits.   The spirits of the jinns who live in these walls.   The spirits of the dead Chinese who were killed by the thousands here in a Japanese massacre across the street over a two-week period in 1942.   The spirit of the man I saw somewhere this morning down by Orchard Road in Singapore and then saw again a short while later on the train with me.   He had swollen sleepy eyes and I thought, “How can that man possibly have ended up here in this train car with me?   Is this Chinese man following me?”   He looked too sleepy to even be moving.  

I studied his clothing to remember what he looked like in case I saw him somewhere else later.   I am in a city of 3 million Chinese and how can I ever recognize the same man twice?   He had on loafers with gold buckles and no socks.   He was old, 70 or older.   His eyes were so puffy.

I got out of bed and grabbed the camera.   I took flash pictures of the dark room thinking maybe something was here I might see.  

Room 301 Le Meridien Changi Village, Singapore

First photo after the encounter in Room 301


Photo of bed after the encounter in Room 301

I turned on a couple of lights and the TV and found new age music playing.   The music calmed me.  

The clock read 11:10pm.   I didn’t think I could go back to sleep.   I turned on World Cup football.   USA v. Czech Republic.

I caught a 7am flight back to Tokyo the next morning.   I haven’t been back to Singapore since.  

Changi AIrport Singapore World Cup 2006

Changi International Airport, Singapore, World Cup 06 viewing area

Aoife, our cat I had thought jumped on the bed that night in Changi Village, died of skin cancer in May 2007.   I was working from our home and I was her hospice care-giver for the final two months of her life.   I’d never really been a cat person even though we have had cats most of the 26 years my wife and I have been together.   They have always been her pets.

Two days after Aoife died, my wife brought home a little 3-week old tiger-stripe kitten that had been found in the street by one of her 1 st grade students.   Pim is our first cat who has been more my cat than my wife’s.  

Pim the soccer Kitty

Pim the footballer soccer kitty

Pim’s favorite activity is playing soccer across the floor with water bottle caps.   He will bat and bounce plastic caps across the house.   He has been an agile footballer, nimble with his paws, from his early days.   He’ll be a World Cup 2010 cat.   The Merlion of Monterey.  And now I too am part of the cat world.  

Le Meridien Changi Village pool flowers

Note: Le Meridien Changi Village Hotel rebranded shortly after my June 2006 hotel stay and is no longer part of the Starwood Hotels family.

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That’s an interesting story. I’ve been in transit in Singapore many a time but have never stopped. After your tale, I don’t think I will!

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Ok. That’s a creepy story. I am more than a little disturbed… Thanks for participating in Blogapalooza!

' src=

Please don’t be scared of Singapore. It is an absolutely lovely place.

I tried to watch a Singapore horror film last month and ghosts seem to be a strong cultural presence in the city.

There is also this website “Singapore Paranormal Investigators” I came across last week when thinking about writing this piece.

' src=

Wow. Very weird and without question scary! I am fascinated with Chinese culture and knew almost nothing of Singapore until this reading. Thanks for the info behind the experience.

I will be back to read.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree fewer weird people encounters seem to come with age.

' src=

Very weird…thanks for sharing!

' src=

Very creepy encounter!

Cute cat picture, though. We have recently become cat people, after having been dog people all our lives.

' src=

Beautiful pictures! I’d be so scared, I wouldn’t go back either. Though it sounds like an amazing place to visit (when spirits aren’t pinning you to your bed!)

' src=

YIKES! i’d have freaked out. bravo to you!

' src=

what a fantastic read and I learned something, to boot. thanks. 🙂

ps – Pim looks like a keeper.

' src=

like yr description about the lion city haha. and yr encounter – sounds lil scary.

When I state I have not been back to Singapore since the 2006 event, the reason is due almost entirely to the higher cost of airline tickets, and not to any reluctance to revisit the lovely island of Singapore.

I am in desperate need of new clothes.

' src=

Hi. im singaporean living in east changi near the hotel . Yes. changi is said to be a haunted place with many encounters . I have the sleeping experience at home , however, mine is due a phenomenon called sleep paralysis . Its when your body entered REM wave sleep and get “disconnected” from the brain . If you’re woken in the middle of REM wave sleep , you probaly would not be able to move your body. its a scary experience as you can still see and hear. Many illusional sighting and hearing is reported . Do check it out online, your description matches the phenomenon.

I am someone who is able to see paranoma since primary 6 ( it only started then and became less common) i have personal experience of seeing British troops marching when i went to changi village for dinner .

hotels all over the world are the most haunted places tho . i experienced a unrest soul turning on lights switch in Redang , Malaysia . and roof floating in china . however , no harm have been done .

i have been living in Changi since i was born . i would say it one of the most pastoral areas in Singapore 😀

' src=

Well honestly I don’t think ghosts are that scary but maybe the spirit didn’t want you there and was just upset that he was desturbed or maybe you just sat on him and shwished him!!!

' src=

I am an American who has lived in Singapore for two years and really enjoyed it. Singapore is a very spiritual place, where you can encounter spirits. I had an internship at hotel on Orchard Road which was full of spirits, although I never saw one multiple co-workers and a few guests have seen them. However, what you experienced is most likely not a spirit on you. What you were subject to was sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes “after which the individual may experience panic symptoms and the realization that the distorted perceptions were false.” People tend to experience this more when their sleep schedule is messed up, as I have when traveling from the US to Singapore.

' src=

in fact all countries around the world more or less have this type of thing(s) “paranormal”, it’s usually everywhere regardless of country you go. it’s just your “luck” that you encountered ! do not paint Singapore as a “scary” place to visit ! don’t tell me that your own country do not have such “supernatural paranormal” things ?

This is just a story of a bizarre night I experienced in Singapore. The story involved only me in the physical world and is not meant to reflect on the people of Singapore.

I love Singapore and I think it is one of the least scary places in the world to visit.

As far as my local area goes. A local business in my home town of Monterey runs a ghost walk service. The history of Monterey is rather scary and I recommend the ghost tour of Monterey as a good historical tour of the older adobe sites in the city.

Monterey has a bloody history as does much of California with the decimation of the indigenous people, the conquest of Mexican California by the USA, and the extermination of Chinese communities throughout western towns in bloody ethnic cleansing riots during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

We certainly have our ghosts in California.

' src=

hi dave from england i visted changi village hotel in sept/october 2007 i also felt like lead one night but i put alot down to over tiredness with jet lag and being intrested in aircraft me and my friend were up at 5 every morning for ten days and 2 many late nights i would live there now if i didnt have a daughter its the most relaxing and freindly place i have been to in my life singapore never felt out of place lovely people and hope to revisit in 2010 the lead weight not put me of lol

After a half-dozen trips to Singapore where i always stayed downtown, the village quality of Changi Village was a pleasant and different face of Singapore. I enjoyed the time I spent there outside of the busy city.

Wathcing the airplanes is a blast at that location. The Changi Village rooftop swimming pool was the best pool experience I had that trip.

[…] Traveler Spooky Post:  I posted a story on Loyalty Traveler October 29, 2008 – “Haunted Hotel or Singapore Changi Madness“ describing my spooky encounter at Le Meridien Changi Village, Singapore. Welcome to Changi […]

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Major thanks for the article post.Really thank you!

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Muchos Gracias for your article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

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Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Much thanks again.

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flynn jones

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But wanna comment on few general things, The website style is perfect, the subject material is rattling fantastic : D.

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Old Changi Hospital – Halloween Horror Nights 6

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / The Hospital Facade creepy

Unearth the dark past that lurks in Old Changi Hospital , the headlining haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 6 .


This post includes photos taken inside the Old Changi Hospital haunted house, featuring some memorable sights detailing the experience and design of this attraction – but we left out some of the scariest parts of course! This is also a page for haunt fans to share their reviews and experiences about this haunted house.

Photography and video recording is not permitted inside any Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Singapore during Halloween Horror Nights.

Overview and Thoughts

It’s great to see that the park did not take the easy way out with designing this house since OCH is primarily an abandoned, rundown building. There are no rooms randomly crammed with props – almost every scene is purpose-built for performance.

The derelict appearance throughout the hospital building is expressed through very elaborate, detailed texturing. I wonder how long the team took to weather the walls. The blood splatters also look significantly better this year, compared to the sterile appearance from past years’ houses – though maybe the right colour lighting may have helped.

Similar to last year’s The MRT (and actually the MATI CAMP from 2 year back), the stories have all mashed up together, and presented in OCH in bits and pieces. Everyone has different memories and ghost stories of Changi, so there’s no point in making a ‘canon’ narrative like in houses such as Bodies of Work . So be prepared to be left with haunting afterimages after escaping from the horrors – which may urge you to research about the Changi Hospital’s haunting history.

Edit (16/10): This is definitely the most popular haunted house this year, and last night (15/10) we saw a record wait time of over 140 minutes. The queue area was completely filled up and overflowed to the Suicide Forest scare zone. With guests being admitted into the house at a continuous pace to keep the queue moving, the experience and scares will be affected.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / The Old Malay Uncle

An old caretaker warns you not to proceed past the fence.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / The Woman in Red

Because someone else is there waiting for you…

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Woman in Red very close

Authentic graffiti, which can be found at the actual Changi Hospital.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Windows light

Once inside, you will have to brave through very unsettling corridors.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Corridor of Doors

Restless medical staff and patients are aplenty at Changi’s harrowing wards.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / mirrors

Along with the toyol , a ghost of an unborn.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Toyol ghost

Rose Sorfina .. is that you?

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Possessed Patient

Move up to the second level of Old Changi Hospital to discover its torture chambers.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / torture chamber japanese soldier

As well as an eerie morgue.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / morgue hidden

Your tour becomes dire as the hospital brings you back to a time of war.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / soldier POW fight

Tread carefully, and do not interrupt the interrogation.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Soldier ghost

Make your final escape through the catacombs, before the ruins of the hospital crumbles away.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 - Old Changi Hospital / Escape catacombs

Did you catch all the stories in Old Changi Hospital ?

Feel free to post your comments about your own stories of Old Changi Hospital, and your thoughts on this haunted house.

Expanded HHN6 Event Coverage

Don’t miss our HHN6 REVIEW Megapost and if you’re heading to the event soon, read this year’s Survival Guide for killer tips and tricks .

changi cottage haunted

attractions , halloween , haunted house , hhn , hhn2016 , hhn6 , photos:a7 , tour , universal studios singapore , uss

7 Responses to Old Changi Hospital – Halloween Horror Nights 6

changi cottage haunted

I visited on opening night and there was this awesome young Indian guy in Japanese costume with a katana sword giving a strange speech about honour and justice. It was almost like Shakespeare!

changi cottage haunted

This year Halloween horror night is lousy. No effort to decorate the park. The atmosphere was simply lacking. Changi hospital haunted house was not as scary as what you have mentioned . The wards( narrow room with few props) was nothing to shout about . The suicide forest was the worst; with few scare actors . They used the same props ( cans with needles I supposed ) to go up close behind u and shaked it, supposedly to “scare” us. Please give the park your most candid and honest feedback so they can up the ante, roll up theirs socks and put up a splendid performance. This year production is cheap!!out to make $ only! We are disappointed! The shrek show is repeated telecast from previous year! I guess the only good performance is the “Jack “show! Salem witches is good though. The people who handled the queue were only interested in squeezing as many people into the haunted house! It takes away the spookiness of the walk-through !

changi cottage haunted

This is my second year visiting HHN (first time was 2 years ago) and i disagree with you.

I think USS has maintained the standards of (at least) the haunted houses. I didn’t visit the suicide forest so i can’t comment on that, but the March of the Dead one, along with its show, had gorgeous sets, props and costumes. It didn’t look cheap at all. True, this year there were fewer scare zones so the park as a whole doesn’t have as much ‘halloween party’ feel, but the haunted houses are the main attraction for us serious ghost-hunting fans. Again, the sets, props, costumes and makeup were as professionally done and creatively designed as always. You might be disappointed because you’ve gotten used to haunted houses already and are not so easily scared.

The number of visitors has declined so i don’t think USS is making as much money now, so it’s especially commendable that they’ve maintained the standards.

p.s. the Shrek show is the same as every single day in the park, because it’s their regular (non-halloween) show xD

changi cottage haunted

I thought it was OK. I agree with the fact that gap between guest were close but if they handled it any different, the wait time would have easily doubled which I think would be a big pain in the ass. I did get some nice time in the houses towards closing time though.

In terms of production value, USS has always been great although I have to say they have yet to be able to replicate the Forbidden Forest of HHN3. Have been going since HHN3

I thought it was well done. Unquestionably that the trail of people going into the haunted house was a bit irritating but if they handled the queue any different, the queue time would have easily doubled which would have been a pain the ass. I did get repeats of the some of the haunted house towards the end.

As for the scare zones, nothing would beat the Forbidden Forest in HHN3. Have been going for the past 4 years, the haunted houses gets better IMO. The scare zones, not so much though.

changi cottage haunted

I was born in this hospital in 1967 and my dad being RAF we left Singapore when I was two years old. I plan a trip for my 50 th Birthday next year to Thailand and Singapore . Do you think the hospital is worth visiting ?

changi cottage haunted

Hi thought I never been to old Changi hospital and the at Halloween horror Nights I found this very excited

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Singapore’s old changi hospital.

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50 EPIC abandoned places in Russia (PHOTOS)

changi cottage haunted

1. Lighthouse on Cape Aniva, Sakhalin

changi cottage haunted

This old lighthouse in the middle of a raging ocean was built in 1939, when this southern part of Sakhalin belonged to Japan. The last people to work here left it in the early 1990s. The lighthouse is located in an inaccessible place, with frequent fogs and strong currents, and can only be reached by motor boat and in good weather.

2. Smirnykh airfield, Sakhalin

changi cottage haunted

This airfield was built by the Japanese for the Imperial Army. Having become Russian, it was used by an Air Force regiment until 1994. When the airfield was closed, almost all the aircraft were transferred to another base, with the exception of two MiG-23MLs. They (or what is left of them) remain in the hangars still.

3. Schooner in Morzhovaya Bay, Kamchatka

changi cottage haunted

This whaling schooner, which was thrown ashore by a storm, was left to rust on a lonely coast. Many of the nearby villages have been abandoned, so there is no one to remove it.

4. Gunpowder room, Russky Island

changi cottage haunted

Cellar No. 13 is the only cellar in a 1910 project, which had five tunnel storage facilities, up to 100 meters deep. It was used to store shells and fuses, some of which, according to industrial tourism enthusiasts, can still be found here.

5. Mir diamond mine, Yakutia

changi cottage haunted

This former diamond mine is so huge that even helicopters are banned from flying over it as they may be dragged in by the draft. It is the second largest (after the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah, U.S.) man-made hole in the world: 525 meters deep and 1,200 meters in diameter.

6. Mokry bridge, Chuvashia

changi cottage haunted

This spectacular viaduct in the village of Mokry is more than 100 years old. During World War II, the Germans were desperately looking for a bridge here, since it was used by echelons of ammunition convoys. They failed to find it and the bridge was “retired” only in 1986. 

7. Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, village of Russkoye Khodyashevo

changi cottage haunted

This wooden church stands 33 km from Kazan, near the deserted village of Russkoye Khodyashevo. The last person from Khodyashevo left it in 2010.  

8. Settlement of Kadykchan, Magadan Region

changi cottage haunted

Kadykchan (translated from the Even language, meaning “Valley of Death”) was built by prisoners. These days, it is an abandoned mining “ghost town” with the creepiest Lenin monument of all. People left it after there was an explosion at a nearby mine and the heating was turned off. In 2012, only one elderly man lived in the settlement, which once had a population of 12,000 people.  

9. Sever communications station, Magadan

changi cottage haunted

The tropospheric station near Anadyr was closed for good in 2003. With the development of satellite communications, there was no longer any need to maintain such a massive facility. 

10. Monument in the town of Satka, Chelyabinsk Region

changi cottage haunted

Satka has a Hammer and Sickle monument sitting atop one of its hills. It was installed to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the USSR, but apparently failed to be recorded in the register. And so it remains, an unaccounted for and unregistered monument of a bygone era. 

11. Gamsutl, Dagestan

changi cottage haunted

This is an abandoned ancient mountain village in the Republic of Dagestan in the North Caucasus. Its population was killed by a cholera outbreak in the 20th century. 

12. Torpedo testing facility, Dagestan

changi cottage haunted

This Soviet avant-garde building is located in the Caspian Sea, 3 km from the shore. It has been abandoned since 1966, as it no longer meets the requirements for testing new-generation torpedoes.  

13. Mudflow control dam, Kabardino-Balkaria

changi cottage haunted

The country’s largest mudflow control dam was built in the town of Tyrnyauz on the slopes of the Central Caucasus mountains in 1999. That same year, it saved the 27,000-strong town from a powerful mudflow. However, no money to restore the dam was ever found.  

14. Amanauz hotel, Karachay-Cherkessia

changi cottage haunted

The famous unfinished construction project in the Dombay ski region was meant to become a resort hotel, but the almost finished project had to be scrapped, due to a crack in the foundation.  

15. Lutheran church, Volgograd Region

changi cottage haunted

This Lutheran church in the village of Grechikhino, which stands in a field, was consecrated in 1892. These days it is used as a grain storage. Which is why it has been relatively preserved.  

16. Ship graveyard, Teriberka

changi cottage haunted

In 2014, this village located beyond the Arctic Circle became famous overnight: it had served as a film set for Andrey Zvyagintsev's internationally acclaimed movie ‘Leviathan’. One of the most atmospheric places in Teriberka - a graveyard of wooden ships – is also captured in the movie. 

17. Kalyazin church, Tver Region

changi cottage haunted

The flooded bell tower standing on an island in the Uglich reservoir 200 km north of Moscow was once part of the Kalyazin monastery, which was often visited by Russian tsars. Later, this entire area ended up under water when the reservoir was created. The only building that did not go under water completely was the bell tower, which was used as a lighthouse. Since 2014, due to falling water levels, it has been once again surrounded by land. 

18. The von Geisler castle, Tver Region

changi cottage haunted

The Gothic castle stands near a lake in the middle of a forest. A descendant of a Russified Dutch family, Vladimir Geisler, built it three years before the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, after which he had to flee the country. In Soviet times, the building housed a sanatorium, which, however, failed to survive the Perestroika years. 

19. Defense Ministry sanatorium, Tver Region

changi cottage haunted

An example of Soviet modernism in all its glory: a cardiological sanatorium for 500 patients, whose construction was never completed.

20. Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, village of Turny

changi cottage haunted

This church with a mini forest on its roof is located in Tver Region, in a village that is populated only in summer. Its history dates back to 1908. Now it stands empty, neither floor nor frescoes have survived, only a carved frame of the iconostasis.

21. Church of John the Evangelist, village of Koy

changi cottage haunted

This church in Tver Region was built between 1828 and 1833. It is empty inside, there is no floor or doors, but the stunning frescoes on the dome of the church have survived. 

22. Fort Emperor Alexander I, St. Petersburg

changi cottage haunted

This defensive fortress in the Gulf of Finland never got to take part in any hostilities, so in the end, it was removed from the list of the city's defensive structures. But it was promptly assigned to a different use: in 1899, it became home to a laboratory for the study of plague. 

23. The Demidov mansion, St. Petersburg

changi cottage haunted

The old mansion of the once fabulously rich industrialists is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, in a lane next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It survived the 1917 revolution and for a while housed an engineering bureau. Now the building is owned by a commercial organization, but it remains abandoned. 

24. The Brusnitsyn mansion, St. Petersburg

changi cottage haunted

Peasant Nikolay Brusnitsyn, who moved to the city in 1844, quickly prospered, founded his own tannery and built a magnificent mansion next to it to serve as an almshouse. It housed old people and children, who were fed and clothed in exchange for working at the factory. These days, the abandoned mansion is a favorite setting for photo shoots by fashion magazines and for filming. 

25. Red Cross shelter, St. Petersburg

changi cottage haunted

Originally, the building housed a shelter for officers’ children and widows, under the patronage of the youngest daughter of Emperor Alexander III, Princess Olga Alexandrovna. Later, it became part of the Red Cross Society, but it ceased its operations in 1919. 

26. Red Triangle factory, St. Petersburg

changi cottage haunted

All the products of this rubber factory were branded with a logo in the form of a triangle, hence its unofficial nickname. This Russian-American manufactory is one of the oldest enterprises in the city. In the 2000s, the factory went bankrupt.

27. Grain elevator, Leningrad Region   

changi cottage haunted

The grain elevator of the SOK cooperative near Svetogorsk was built in the late 1930s. It used to produce everything: from flour to bread and compound feed for livestock. However, having failed to survive the post-Soviet economic crisis, the mill has stood abandoned since 1999. 

28. Baltiyets pioneer camp, Leningrad Region   

changi cottage haunted

This is one of the numerous children’s summer camps that did not survive the collapse of the USSR. Today its 11 buildings located on a territory of 12 hectares look like a gloomy set for a horror movie. 

29. Khovrino hospital, Moscow

changi cottage haunted

The construction of the hospital began in the 1980s, but was never completed. For more than 30 years, its gloomy concrete skeleton has attracted drug addicts and homeless people, as well as bloggers and film industry professionals. 

30. Druzhba pioneer camp, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

The camp is notable for its preserved artefacts: Soviet playgrounds and statues of pioneers covered with moss and mold.  

31. Spheres outside Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

These spheres are none other than abandoned positions of S-25 and A-35 missile defense systems that used to guard Moscow. There are six spheres altogether, two of which are former radars.  

32. Railway station in Gorki Leninskiye, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

Gorki Leninskiye is famous as a place where Vladimir Lenin lived and died. Most of the facilities here are open to tourists. But there is, for example, a boarded-up railway station with a headless monument to Lenin. Those who manage to get inside it risk being detained by the police.  

33. Test bench in Istra, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

These structures, which look more like a set for a sci-fi movie, were designed for testing equipment and hardware for resistance to lightning. For example, a model of an airplane would be suspended above the ground and be subjected to an electrical impulse.

34. Skazka pioneer camp, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

This pioneer camp was built under Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and could accommodate some 300 children at a time. This is what its canteen looks like now.

35. German's House, Moscow Region

changi cottage haunted

This mansion in the town of Dolgoprudny outside Moscow is guarded by the police around the clock, but remains abandoned still. It is one of the main buildings of the Vinogradovo estate. Not so long ago, it turned 100 years old. 

36. Nikolskaya Church, village of Likhachevo

changi cottage haunted

This place has had a bad reputation since the 17th century. The densely populated village of Likhachevo suddenly began to die out for an unknown reason. A decision was taken to build a church here, which temporarily improved things. However, something happened to each of the churches built in this place and soon trouble returned. Nikolskaya Church is the last church to be built here. In 1937, it was shut down by the Bolsheviks, and the village was completely destroyed by the Germans during World War II. 

37. Christ the Savior Cathedral, Sedelnitsy

changi cottage haunted

One of the most impressive abandoned churches in Russia is located in Ivanovo Region. Its dome collapsed many years ago and it was gradually overgrown with grass. Now all this looks like an art installation.

38. Sovremennik cinema theater, Ivanovo

changi cottage haunted

The cinema was built at the end of 1975, but has been abandoned for the last 10 years. From time to time, its ground floor is used as a makeshift market, selling jackets, coats, fur coats or honey. 

39. Graveyard of Soviet vehicles, Tula Region

changi cottage haunted

This is the so-called museum of Mikhail Krasinets, who has all his life collected Soviet cars in the village of Chernousovo. However, he is unable to maintain them in good condition and refuses to sell collectible cars, so his museum in the field has gradually turned into a vehicle graveyard. 

40. The Von Meck estate, village of Khruslovka

changi cottage haunted

Its first owner was Baron Maximilian von Meck, the son of ‘the railway king’ Karl Otto Georg von Meck. After nationalization in 1918, all his property was handed over to the Museum of Everyday Life of Russian Nobility in Moscow, whereas the estate was used for growing beets and breeding livestock. After that, and until the 1980s, there was an orphanage there. 

41. Village graveyard, Yaroslavl Region

changi cottage haunted

Previously, an Assumption Convent was located here. After its abolition, a church was built in its place and a village graveyard formed around it. Now this place is abandoned.

42. Hospital, Rybinsk

changi cottage haunted

This hospital for barge haulers in the neo-Russian style was built in the city of Rybinsk in 1880. Its wooden ensemble also included several more buildings, a medical assistant’s house and a chapel. In 1993, the whole complex received the status of a cultural heritage site, but no funds have been allocated for its restoration. 

43. St. Mary’s Church, Saratov Region

changi cottage haunted

Only a frame remains of this Roman Catholic church, which is over 100 years old. In Soviet times, the church was used as a warehouse for a tractor station, and in 2004, its domes and roof were destroyed in a fire. 

44. The Khrapovitsky estate, Vladimir Region

changi cottage haunted

This ruined estate in the village of Muromtsevo was once an example of European architecture and interiors, with marble fireplaces and “French gardens”. Its owner did not spare any money, inviting foreign experts to work on the manor house and its gardens. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the estate was voluntarily handed over to the state.

45. Port cranes, Dudinka

changi cottage haunted

The capital of Taymyr is an outpost in the Russian Arctic and the Northern Sea Route and rusty port cranes are a familiar part of its landscape. There are new and modern cranes standing nearby, but no one is removing the old ones.

46. Pashkov’s manor, village of Vetoshkino

changi cottage haunted

The manor house, which was burned down by marauders in Soviet times, had about 150 rooms and a large ballroom. Legend has it that the noble Pashkov family ordered that bricks for the construction of the manor house be taken from a monastery that had been dismantled for the purpose and that the hegumen of the monastery cursed the estate for this.

47. Tshchik reservoir, Krasnodar Territory

changi cottage haunted

The abandoned spillway of the former Tshchik reservoir is located on a flooded island, which is difficult to reach without the locals’ help. It fell in disuse after the construction in 1975 of the Krasnodar reservoir.

48. House of Soviets, Kaliningrad

changi cottage haunted

The highest abandoned building in Kaliningrad stands near the ruins of the Königsberg Castle, whose walls were demolished by order of the Soviet government after the occupation of the once German city. The House of Soviets in the city center was supposed to become another symbol of the new authorities, but the project was frozen after Perestroika, when it was 95-percent completed. 

49. Ship graveyard, Kaliningrad Region

changi cottage haunted

On one of the military docks in Baltiysk, the once restricted-access military base of the Baltic Fleet, there lies the Neukrotimy warship, sawn into many pieces. It was damaged during a naval parade in St. Petersburg in 2008, after which it was towed here.

50. Zapadny Fort, Baltyisk

changi cottage haunted

The fort in the form of an irregular pentagon was built on the Vistula Spit in the middle of the 19th century and was supposed to protect the entrance to the ship channel. In 1945, it was the scene of fierce fighting between Soviet and German troops. These days, the fort is waging an unequal battle against the sea and is rapidly crumbling.

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changi cottage haunted

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  • Honeymoon In Russia: Romantic Places That Add A Spark To Your Trip

' src=

23 Mar 2023

If you are thinking about a place to make your partner feel special, then plan your honeymoon in Russia. It is going to fulfil your choices with a range of beautiful and romantic places. There is no dearth of romantic places in Russia. Such places are often filled with newlyweds throughout the year. They are the places where you can enjoy quality time spent together with your partner.

Two cities: St. Petersburg and Moscow are the hidden gems when it comes to romantic places in Russia. You can explore plenty other locations while you are on a romantic trip.

Turn Your Honeymoon Into Irrefutable Memories By Visiting Following Russian Destinations

Some of the best things to do in Russia to take your relationship one step further are discussed below. Also, here is a list of the most romantic places in Russia that will make your honeymoon unforgettable:

1. Explore Moscow City

Explore amazing Moscow City

Image Source

The capital of Russia, Moscow, is best among the honeymoon destinations in Russia. It is one of the most beautiful places which hold the highest of skyscrapers. This city is highest in the list of top romantic places in Moscow. You can take your partner there, and while exploring this city from the high-rise buildings, you can give your partner a surprise. On the board of the skyscraper, there are few words written in the Russian language that means only love is above so go and get to the top of that place.

Best Time to Visit: April and May Romantic Things to Do: Take spas, have fun at Moreno Aquapark, and go shopping. Romantic Places to Stay: Four Seasons Hotel and Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel.

Must Read: 11 Romantic Places In Russia That Will Add A Spark To Your Trip

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3. Planning A Surprise Chara Sands Trip

Planning a Surprise Chara Sands Trip

You may get surprised for a while when you’ll know the exact truth. A place like Siberia has a desert. Chara Sands is a small one. The destination is perfect in all the sense for your honeymoon in Russia in summer. You can see beautiful sunsets, and even the atmosphere looks so amazing that you are tempted enough to kiss each other. There are probabilities that it might be a romantic yet emotional activity for the both of you.

Best Time to Visit: Late spring (in May) and summer. Romantic Things to Do: Walk hand in hand with your partner and enjoy the beautiful Sunsets at this place. Romantic Places to Stay: Hotel Novotel Moscow City.

Suggested Read: Russia In March: An All Inclusive Guide When The Snow-Clogged Wheels Turn Again!

5. Moscow River Cruise

Moscow River Cruise

Considering top romantic places in Moscow to visit with your partner? The cruise experience on Moscow River is enhanced than most of the other cruise journeys. Also, touring the Moscow River can be the best thing you ever did in your life for your partner, or maybe it can be one of the best for you as well. Here, you can see the Russian richness and also the magnificent views from the cruise.

Best Time to Visit: Late spring and early June. Romantic Things to Do: Whisper it at Brix Wine Bar. Romantic Places to Stay: Radisson Collection Hotel and Hotel Baltschug Kempinski.

Suggested Read: Russia Travel Tips: For A Pleasant Vacation Amid The Scenic Landscapes Of This Country!

6. Lagonaki Plateau Exploration

Lagonaki Plateau Exploration

Lagonaki Plateau is one of the most romantic places to visit in Russia as it is a beautiful place that will make you feel special. Touring the place, you can also propose your partner in the plains of this Caucasian biosphere reserve. You have to pay 2 dollars for the ticket of this plain. These pastures, boxwood grows, and a view from the height can make the condition more likely to be in your favour.

Best Time to Visit: April to June Entry Fee: INR 144/- Romantic Places to Stay: Dahovskaya Sloboda.

Suggested Read: Christmas In Russia: Get Your Festive Mode On And Take A Flight to Russia

7. Royal Appeal In Peterhof

Royal Appeal in Peterhof

If you want to make your honeymoon unforgettable, then propose her like a king. Russian Versailles can give you this great opportunity to make your dream come true. It is located very close to Petersburg and is one of the best romantic places in Russia for young people. The fountains and the greenery of this place can make both of you feel wonderful and leave your relationship as green as the place. The beauty of Russian Versailles will leave a mark in your memories and couples are not able to overlook this place and the memories created here.

Best Time to Visit: May to July Distance from Moscow: 740 kilometres. Romantic Things to Do: Lots of shopping and enjoy a classy dinner date. Romantic Places to Stay: Hotel Grand Peterhof and New Peterhof Hotel.

Suggested Read: 8 Magnificent Places To Visit In Azerbaijan One Must Definitely Visit While In Russia!

8. Passionate Tour To The Golden Ring Town Of Suzdal

Passionate Tour to the Golden Ring Town of Suzdal

It is located at a distance of 250 km from Moscow, in the town which is known as Golden Ring Town. It’s also worthy to add it to your list of the top romantic place in Moscow due to its architecture and remarkable atmosphere. There are many houses made of wood, and it can give you a remarkable feel like the prince of ancient times. You can even buy those costumes from several shops available in this area.

Best Time to Visit: June, July, and August Distance from Moscow: 250 kilometres. Romantic Places to Stay: AZIMUT Hotel Suzdal and Suzdal Inn.

Suggested Read: 10 Day Trips From St. Petersburg For Exploring The Mesmerizing City In Russia!

9. Feeling Nature’s Closeness In Tavrichesky Orangery

Nature's beauty Tavrichesky Orangery

Tavrichesky Orangery has lots of trees, plants, and flowers in this park that attracts many couples for their honeymoon in Russia throughout the year. The park has everything one can imagine like sparkling lakes, hills, and royal architecture. A visit here can refresh your relationship and bring a new warmth to it. The smell of oranges will only boost the entire experience.

Best Time to Visit: May to June Romantic Things to Do: Eat in the dark and lots of shopping. Romantic Places to Stay: Hotel Akyan St. Petersburg.

Suggested Read: 8 Reasons Why Visiting Russia In December Is A Great Idea!

10. Seamless Nature At Valaam Archipelago

Seamless Nature at Valaam Archipelago

Some couples around the world believe in leaving the globe behind, and if you are one of those, then there is no better place for your honeymoon in Russia than this one. Here you will get the chance to discover the azure waters, forests, and overwhelming sunsets. People love to make proposals over here as it is a seamless place with nature all around you. This place is among the famous honeymoon destinations in Russia to experience peaceful yet beautiful surroundings.

Best Time to Visit: April to July Romantic Things to Do: Spend some quality time with your partner. Romantic Places to Stay: Forest Lodge Karelia.

Further Read: 8 Compelling Reasons To Go Witness Snowfall In Russia In Winter

These most romantic places in Russia can be best for any couple in the world, but more so for those who are looking to spend their honeymoon in a peaceful yet beautiful place. Don’t wait anymore and pack your bags for a romantic tour to Russia . Also, don’t forget to pack the engagement ring and make all preparations in case you plan to propose.

Disclaimer:  TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Please Note:  Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon In Russia

Have doubts in your mind? Clear it now to make your honeymoon trip to Russia unforgettable. Here are some of the answers that can help you to travel to places without worries.

Is Russia a honeymoon destination?

Russia is a perfect Honeymoon destination. In 2013, St. Petersburg became one of the top twenty tourist destinations in Europe as per many travel sites ideal for couples it is known as the most romantic city in Russia and continues to be chosen as a honeymoon destination by travellers from around the world.

When should I visit Russia?

During summers, main tourist routes are packed and sometimes even impossible to access. So, it is recommended that you visit Russia is in inter-seasons like late spring and early fall.

Is Russia expensive to visit?

The cost to visit Russia will depend on the cathedrals and museums to visit. The price of museum tickets can range from INR 168 to INR 781, but on average an entrance to a museum in Moscow or St. Petersburg can be around INR 446/-.

What is the most beautiful place in Russia for couples?

The most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Russia for couples include: 1. Lena Pillars 2. Lake Baikal 3. St. Petersburg 4. Altai Mountains 5. The Valley of Geysers 6. Lake Onega and Kizhi Island 7. Dargavs, the City of the Dead 8. Zapovednik ‘Stolby’ Nature Reserve

What Russia is famous for?

Russian literature is well-known all over the world with writers like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. The country is home to more than 190 ethnic groups and while Russian is the authorized language, people also speak English and many other minority languages. Also, the country is most famous for its Ballet art form.

What is Russia’s famous food?

The national dish of Russia is Pelmeni. They are pastry dumplings that are usually filled with minced meat and wrapped in thin, paste-like dough. They can be slathered in butter, served alone, and topped with sour cream, or in a soup broth. The dish is popular in Russia and Eastern Europe!

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