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Floor 15: Master Suite

Luigi's mansion 3  — guide and walkthrough (ns).


Guide and Walkthrough (NS) by Zeldamaniac16

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 11/07/2020 FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2020

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Table of Contents

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  • Introduction


  • A Warm, Suspicious Welcome
  • Floors B1 & 1: Rescuing E. Gadd
  • Floor 5: RIP Suites
  • Floor 3: Hotel Shops
  • Floor 2: Mezzanine
  • Floor 4: The Great Stage
  • Floor 6: Castle MacFrights
  • Floor 7: Garden Suites
  • Floor 8: Paranormal Productions
  • Floor 9: Unnatural History Museum
  • Floor B2: Boilerworks
  • Floor 10: Tomb Suites
  • Floor 11: Twisted Suites
  • Floor 12: The Spectral Catch
  • Floor 13: Fitness Center
  • Floor 14: The Dance Hall
  • Rooftop: Finale

We've finally made it. It's time to save Mario and Peach from their doom. Take the Bills under the sofa to the left, and Burst near the King Boo statues on either side of it for some Coins , then head east toward the center of the room. A projector will then display live footage of Hellen Gravely at her desk. She didn't expect you to come this far, so she'll be utterly shocked. However, she decides that the only way for you to save Mario would be to go through her first. As E. Gadd says, we're going to need to find her and destroy her.

Suck up the white pillows in the southwestern and southeastern corners of the square-shaped sofa for Bills , then spot the two small, white tables on the left and right sides. Have Luigi stand on one of them by stepping from the outer more elevated area, and have Gooigi stand on the other as well. With both tables pushed down, a compartment opens up in the center of the mat revealing the floor's Green Gem .

Next, take Gooigi through the green pipe in the northwestern corner of the room. This will take him to a platform above the elevator. Here, follow the trail of Coins , then suck up a stack of Bills hidden from the perspective you get. Once that's done, head through the hole in the wall to the north to land on the Purple Gem . Then take control of Luigi again and head south. Just to the right of the small set of steps connecting the elevator area to the main part of the lounge, you'll find an invisible plant bot against the southern wall. Use your Dark Light to reveal the object, then slam it to the ground for Gold . Then take down another plant pot to the right for a couple of Coins , and head right up some stairs.

Get rid of the sand in this area to find Gold in the corners and more Cash at the base of the tree (where there's a hole Rats continuously come out of), then take down the Gold Spider on the wall for Money . A hole in the wall shows what's going on a secret area which we will get to now. Head back down the stairs, head north, take the lid off the wall in the top-right corner and send Gooigi through the revealed pipe.

Inside, take down the four Gold Spiders for Gold , suck up the Gold Bar on the eastern ledge, and reveal a G-Bag near the next pipe to the right for some Bills before heading through. This leads you to an upper area where you can collect the Coins on the pipe to the south. More importantly, suck up the chain on the left. You can't pull it back properly, however, so hang on to it and jump off the ledge. That will do the trick. The projector in Luigi's room will recoil into the ceiling, revealing some double doors. Go ahead and enter the next area.

This room has four rooms within it that you need to go through to get to the final chamber to the north, where Hellen Gravely is located. Suck up the dust on the floor as you head north. You'll find a stack of Bills under the drawers on your right, which contains a backpack but nothing else that holds some potential value. However, reveal some invisible drawers across from the already visible ones to find tons of Gold within. That's more like it.

Then head back south and then west. You'll find a King Boo trash can here which you can Burst open for Coins , and a portrait of the enemy on the wall to the left, just before the corner. A weird statue lies in front of it. If you turn it so that its shadow matches the silhouette of King Boo's portrait, the photo will open up, revealing a portrait of Luigi instead. Turn the statue again so that the shadow matches Luigi's shape, and you'll receive the Clear Gem and some Gold as a reward.

Take down the plant pot in the southwestern corner for some Coins , then head north. The white sofa has a pillow with Bills inside, so suck them up. The bigger plant pot in the northwestern corner doesn't contain anything important. Now get close to the door leading into the southwestern square room on your map, and a Trapper will start attacking Luigi. Spawn Gooigi to save the friend, then use teamwork to suck up both of the Trapper's tongues to slam it to the ground, eliminating it in the process. It is possible to flash it before it ever even gets Luigi off the ground, so you can do that instead to avoid taking any damage whatsoever. Head on through the door.

As soon as you enter, Burst to get the dust on the floor sly al over the room, revealing several laser traps. We're going to need to follow the obvious path without touching them. The first set of lasers will start making a wave motion. When the laser closest to you starts going up, the others behind it will follow, creating a laserless path. Quickly take it, then take the Gold Bar and Pearl on the shelves in the northwestern corner. Ignore the key here for now since you can't claim it and head toward the next trap. This one is fairly simple: just wait for the lasers to get close to the east and west sides of the pathway, then make a run for it. Head down the spiral stairs now.

Once at the bottom, take down the two Gold Spider s on the northern wall, and Burst near the trash can for some Coins . This will also reveal more lasers on this lower level. Peak through the hole here to find a secret room with a chest and some Gold Rats which we'll get to later. Now head left. The lasers will create a circle going from the south to the north. You want to stand in this circle and follow it to the electrical box at the far wall. Once you make it, tug on it to make the lasers in the room disappear. You can now access the key on the upper level, but first, we've got some exploring to do down here.

Take down the books on the library if you wish, and Burst near the golden globe in the southwestern corner of the room for Coins . You'll then find a book on the eastern shelf that seems to be glowing purple. If you tug it with your plunger, a secret entrance will be revealed leading to that one room you peeked into. Take down the three Gold Rats inside, then open the chest for some Pearls . Take the stack of Bills in the corner. Now exit the secret room and head directly west through another entrance.

Suck up the paper on the floor, and a potential G-Bag against the eastern wall (it won't always be there), and notice how there is only one book that you can properly suck on. As you bring it out of this secret area, the big book in the corner will flip open. Start blowing on the pages for q auick story about a Goob eating some cake and turning into a Golden Goob . Oh, here it is! Take the ghost down for some lovely Cash , then bring the thick, brownish book up the spiral staircase. Up here, head directly north and fill in the gap between the books of the same style to open up the wall and find the Red Gem . Take the Gold Bars on the revealed shelves as well, and open the trash can a bit to the south against the eastern wall for some more Gold Bars . Suck up the books on the eastern shelves for some potential Gold as well.

Now go ahead and collect the Yellow Key in the alcove to the north. This is one of four colored keys that you must collect in order to unlock the door leading to Hellen Gravely's room. Take it for the win, then take down the books on the western shelves for potential Coins before heading out back to the hallway.

Hallway (Revisited)

Two Oozers will start throwing trash at the western wall. Track them down by going south and around the corner to find them. They'll start throwing more things at you, so stick to the southern wall to avoid them. When you get close, they'll head north. Follow them and a Hammer will suddenly appear. Quickly flash it and start sucking and slamming the foe to the ground. The Oozers will attack you as well, but you can slam the Hammer into whatever they throw at you to avoid taking damage from it. Once the Hammer is finished, take down the northern Oozer, and then the western one, to clear up the room .

Okiedokie, head east now down the southernmost corridor, and Burst near the trashcan for some Coins . You'll find some Egyptian-style paintings of King Boo and Hellen Gravely on the wall... neat. Slam the plant pot in the corner for a Gold Bar , then head north and take the Coins on the frame on your left. Now, the door leading into the room on your left here is invisible, so reveal it with your Dark Light and head on through.

Drawing Room

Suck up the dust at your feet when you enter for some Bills , and take the small golden globe off the table next to the sofa for a Bill as well. Then use your Dark Light on the sofa itself to reveal a white pillow containing lots more Bills when you suck it up. Take the Coins over the door frame. Now head up the steps on the right and clear the library in the corner for Gold . You'll also find a golden King Boo statue which you can shoot at a Piggy Bank on the shelf to collect its Treasure . Now head left and clear up the western library for some Coins . There's also a fire at the back wall which can be extinguished by blowing on it with your vacuum. While you do so, send Gooigi through the pipe that is now accessible to find some Gold . You can play some music with the vinyl and gramophone, but otherwise, head down the steps again and start turning the windmill wings on the left wall by blowing on it. Make sure that Gooigi is still on the northern part of the room though.

This will turn the platform the sofa is on and reveal a cage with a lever inside. Use Gooigi to pull on it, since the northern side of the cage is open, and the lasers under the floor will deactivate. Get rid of Gooigi, and take the newly found steps to the right down to a cloth hiding some boxes and a Pearl . From there, head left toward a chest, collecting some Gold Bars on the way, and open it for some Cash . Now head back up the stairs and blow on the windmill again to find a miniature model of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 's first mansion. Interact with it to find a Golden Goob . Defeat it to claim its Cash . Blow on the windmill one last time to find the Green Key . Two more to go! Exit the room.

Hallway (Third Visit)

Head north and west (what a pretty Polterkitty statue...). Ignore the hallway heading up, take the stack of Bills near the Boo statue on the left, then keep heading west. Suck up the dust and follow it. When it turns north, interact with the trash can which may or may not turn into a possessed trashcan ! Move out of the way, plunge it, slam it, reveal it. This will defeat it. Note that one of the trashcans in this room is possessed, so if it isn't this one, it'll be another. There isn't anything inside, unfortunately, so just keep following the dust north, uncovering some Coins along the way. You can open up the drawers to your right if you wish, but there's nothing to find inside. Take the Coins underneath it though. Now separate from the dust path and head left with it turns right. There's a Coins painting on the southern wall which you can spot thanks to the mirror. Use your Dark Light to claim its contents, then reveal the door on the northern wall where you left the dust trail. Head on through.

Master Bedroom

Immediately Burst so you're aware of the lasers in the room (Burst again whenever they disappear), then take down the plant pot in the southwestern corner, and open the drawers here for some Coins . The weird brown and gold suitcase also holds Coins for you to collect. Suck up some Bills from the white chair to the right, then reveal the white pillow on it for more Bills . In the northwestern corner, tug on the dress and pull on the mannequin with a Suction Shot to reveal some shelves holding some Gold , examine the left night table for a Pearl , then suck up the bed covers for Cash . Make sure to take in the pillows for some Bills , then examine the right night table for a G-Bag containing some Money . Tug on the northeastern mannequin next to turn over the entire northern part of the room, turning it into an unstable platform.

This part is a little complicate to explain. Basically, the platform kind of works like a scale, where if you stand on the left side of the platform, the right side goes up and you go down, and vice versa. The thing is, if you manage to make the platform work as a seesaw, tilting it from left to right, and right to left, the platform will lift itself up, allowing you to do so some work. Since it's a difficult task, I would recommend using Gooigi throughout the rest of the room's exploration, leaving Luigi in the northeastern alcove. Make sure the lasers are revealing (hopefully you can read the depth perception to avoid them), and seesaw your way up to the alcove on the right containing an electrical lever. If you manage to make it inside, pull the lever to get rid of the lasers, making the rest of the job a whole lot easier.

Now slowly start seesawing your way up to the top of the room, where you'll find a caged-in Yellow Gem . It's not easy, but once you merge through the bars, collect the gem and fall back down to the platform. Now seesaw your way up once more, this time to the Purple Key on the left. Control Luigi again, and head to the safe southern ground. Before exiting the room, notice how Gold Spiders are falling from the ground onto the seesaw platform. Suck them up from where you are to avoid having to deal with the unstableness and collect the Gold that they leave behind. About ten of them will fall, so make sure to take them all in. At this point, you should have over 100,000G in your pocket, congrats!

Hallway (Fourth Visit)

At this point, ghostly fences will start appearing again, blocking every path expect the eastern one. Just head that way until a massive pack of Goobs appears. Some of them have sunglasses so start sucking them away until all of them are gone. Avoid any incoming attacks as you do so, then Burst near the Goob with the hat, and flash at the biggest pack that you see. Then start sucking away. The idea ts to try and suck as many as you can together, preferable six for the "Defeated 6 Ghosts at once" achievement . If you already completed it earlier, no need to do so again, so just keep at it until all of them are defeated.

Head right, and Burst near the trash can that you find here for some Coins and three Gold Bats . Tear the curtain off the wall to find a creepy face on it, projected from something behind you, then head south and reveal an invisible closet against the left wall with your Dark Light. Open it up for some Coins . You'll also find a Piggy Bank inside which you can shoot at the wall for some additional Cash . You might also find a Trapper in the nearby vicinity which would be great to defeat . Head up and east now. Then turn the corner and head north, sucking up the pillows on the white sofa for some Money , and taking some Coins from King Boo's mouth (beware of a potential Trapper near the statue). Then head left until you reach the dust again. Suck it up, revealing some potential Coins , as you follow it south. Then reveal a door on the eastern wall here and enter. There's just one more key to find.

Master Bathroom

The key is in the center of the room, but you'll need to take the long way around the room, following the perimeter of the wall, to reach it. First and foremost, Burst to reveal all the lasers that you'll need to avoid. The first one on the right is a simple laser going left and right with a break at each end. When it's all the way to the right, walk to the center of the path it takes, then when it starts moving toward you again, Burst to avoid it, and head right. For the next obstacle, the challenge is the same, only there's a vertical laser joining the fun as well. Burst again to make sure they don't disappear, then head to the center when both lasers are as far north as they can be. When then head toward you, Burst to avoid the impact, and head north through a doorway.

Turn off the shower here by spinning the tap (take the Coin on top if you will), then send Gooigi through the hole in the center. You'll find four Gold Spiders in the area, so defeat them for Cash , then look at the shadow on the wall. Follow the light into a western alcove to track down the source of the shadow, and you'll find its the Blue Gem ! To reach it, go through the green pipe and walk the wooden plank. This completes the "Collected All Master Suite Gems" achievement , as well as the "Collected All Gems" achievement . Oh ye! We'll check out our reward in just a moment, but let's take care of this room first. Eliminate another Gold Spider , then take control of Luigi to return to the upper level.

The next obstacle involves two lasers heading left and right in opposite directions. Follow the one going left, then Burst when the other gets too close to avoid it. Then head as far left as possible, close to the laser you were following and Burst when it moves again. With that, head left and tug on the electrical box to deactivate all lasers, allowing you to roam freely around the room. Now suck up the toilet paper next to the box for some Bills , take the Gold Bars on the high shelf in the corner, and suck up the tower of towels to the south for some Coins and an easy way out of the room. Before doing so, head right and let the water run into the bath by turning the taps, and finally claim the Blue Key .

There are a few goodies we can collect here before leaving. If you turn on the sink to the north, the wall to the south will open up, revealing quite a bit of gold bars. Unfortunately, it will close again before you even get there. So spawn Luigi, have him run to the southern wall, then have Luigi turn on the sink so that Gooigi can collect the Gold Bars himself. In the eastern area, don't forget the Gold Bars under the benches, then take the nearby bucket of water and dump it onto the charcoal in the corner. This will reveal two Golden Goobs reading newspapers on the benches. Suck up their reading material, then flash them together and defeat them together for their Gold . This will also complete the "Found the Golden Goobs in the Master Bathroom" achievement . Neat!

With that, exit the room and return to the elevator all the way to the south back in the lounge. Then head down to Floor B1. Let's see what we got for getting all the gems. You won't be able to bring the four keys with you, but that's fine, you'll get them back upon your return.

E. Gadd's Lab

Return to the lab, and place all of your captures into the hole on the right. Then check out the special items to find the Suction Shot Type-C , where your plunger is basically made of diamond! Ain't too shabby I suppose. Exit the lab and return to the elevator. There is one more thing we need to do which may seem unnatural, but hey... whatever.

We want to complete the "Rode the elevator 50 times" achievement . To find out how many times you've ridden it, call E. Gadd with your VB, and select the Log subscreen. These scroll down through your achievements until you find that one. Once you know how many more times you must use the elevator, call the lift and take it up to random floors until you complete the achievement. Easy enough, I suppose. Once that's done, return to the 15th Floor and reclaim your keys.

15th Floor (Revisited)

Hallway (fifth visit).

Head north toward the King Boo statue with holes in its tongue, and you'll be interrupted in your tracks by a ghostly gate. At this point, you may have one of two fights. Either you will be brought to the east to fight a Slinker and some Mini Goobs and Hammers who will appear from the shelf of Boo statues, or you'll face off Mini Goobs from the east and west sides of the room, along with normal Goobs and a Hammer as well, while laser beams move around the floor of the hallways. The first case should be fairly simple to handle, although the statues on the floor could get picky. As for the latter case, get rid of the Mini ghosts first before attacked the bigger ones. When the Hammer appears, suck him up and slam him into the mini ghosts as well for a quicker fight. Take your time, flashing the mini ghosts like a maniac, under the fight is over. If you've experienced the first fight, you can always experience the other if you get out of the room, wait for a bit, and return north.

Anywho, more importantly, we want to open that King Boo door. Take the Bills under the bench to the right of the statue, and slam down the plant pots for potential Cash , being wary of possible Bombs exploding, then insert your keys into the keyholes to get to Hellen Gravely beyond.

Main Observation Room

Hellen will be really angry and upset, shocked at how far you'd made it. She blames you for disappointing King Boo and for ransacking her hotel, which is true, but for good. She decides it'll be better to just defeat you herself, so get prepared for one of the most interesting fights of the game. Hellen Gravely proves to be a very tech-savvy ghost. The battle starts with her hiding away and bringing up a laser device from the floor. When a red beam shoots out, you'll need to jump over it by Bursting.

Eventually, the red laser goes away, and several different colored light walls come out of the device. These rotate and hurt Luigi if they touch him, so you'll need to keep him away from them. We're going to ned Gooigi's help to deactivate them. Switch to Gooigi and have him walk into one of the pipes on the wall. This takes him under the floor. Some levers control the different colored beams, so you'll need to Suction Shot the switches to turn them beams off, pull on the levers. If there's a rotating wall between Gooigi and the switch, Burst to rotate it. If you start in the southeastern corner, head up to the purple one first, then left through the fence to get to the green one, then pull the lever to deactivate the green one. At this point, Hellen Gravely will surely start attacking Luigi. If the orange beam is too close to you, get away from it as fast as you can before Hellen attacks you, then have Gooigi Suction Shot the orange switch. Otherwise, it doesn't have to be deactivated and you can fight Hellen now.

Return to Luigi. Hellen wanders around, trying to hit you with a mirror. If you try to flash her, she'll shield herself. Instead, wait for her to swing at you and get her mirror lodged in the ground. While she's stuck, flash her and then suck her up with the Poltergust. She'll escape and bring up her red lasers again. If it's one laser, you can jump over it. If it's three red lasers, you'll need to run around and avoid getting hit. Hellen will now bring up her multicolored laser walls once more. Place Luigi in a safe area and then switch to Gooigi. You'll need to turn off enough of these light walls so that Luigi has sufficient room to move around. Follow the same steps as before, trying to find the fastest way of pulling the switches. Now, wait for Hellen to once again get her mirror stuck in the ground, then flash her and suck her up.

The process will repeat; only this time, Hellen will flood the basement with water. To keep Gooigi from dissolving move him out of the path of the water. Blue lights will appear to let you know what direction the water will be coming from. If you are near one of the rotating walls, you can use it to direct the water away from Gooigi. Do the same things as before until the hotel owner is defeated. Woof!

With that done, take the Hearts that are left behind and save Mario from the frame with your Dark Light. After a warm hug, the big brother will lead Luigi through the northern door. Head on forward, following in your brother's footsteps. E. Gadd will call you to tell you that there's no way back out of this. Suddenly, he gets kidnapped! Christ! Well, I suppose we're back to having everybody to save. Let's hope we can make things right.

Total Gold Amount: 107,000G


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