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[First Look] Ghost DH7 Test Bike

[ad3] This winter Ghost Bikes sent us a version of their DH7 Downhill bike to try. The bike came equipped with 26″ wheels (which honestly pleases us) and a fairly robust component build. The idea of the 26″ wheels is to do a comparison back to back with a 27.5″ version which Ghost were rumoured to be working on with their new RIOT link.

Professional rider Thomas Slavik uses a bike very similar to this for the Urban City Downhill world tour.  What’s interesting with the DH7 is it’s high pivot point and bogie roller system which negates any effect on chain growth, something that Commencal just decided would be a great idea to try with their recently announced DH bike.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-12

The fact of the matter is that spring has sprung and the mechanically assisted bike parks are starting to open so we thought we would take the opportunity to test a few DH specific components and modified the Ghost a bit with a few custom parts. This is what we have come up with so far. The bike is a fairly basic yet affordable build, we will be putting it through it’s paces during the next weeks and will also take a look at a few DH specific set-up points with a pro-rider.

The bike is built tough with DH specific components. It is a large size aluminum frame with 200mm of travel front and rear.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-13

The front SRAM GXP Hussefelt chain set (38T). Ghost bogie roller system with a G2 MRP chain guide.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-14

SRAM X9 rear derailleur.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-17

Magic Mary front and rear

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-18

Rockshox Boxxer RC forks with a medium spring.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-19

We fitted Hope Tech 3 four piston brakes.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-20

We added a Native 35mm bar, 800mm wide.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-22

DMR sent us a DEFY 35mm direct mount stem, a beautiful piece of machining.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-27

The rear linkage provide 200mm or rear travel.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-32

The wheel build is X9 SRAM hubs and ALEXRIMS Supra 30 DH rims. Yes we know it is 26″, but that is a playful wheel size, we will be looking at their new 27.5″ version back to back when it comes out and see how they compare.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-34

Fox provide the rear damping with a RC2 shock loaded with a 275 spring, (which incidentally is perfect for this type of pivot layout).

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-36

The frame-set is formed of aluminum hydro formed tubes, very elegantly shaped.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-37

Hope 203 mm discs that we mounted.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-38

Renthal soft compound grips which we added.

150514_untitled_Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II_0001-40

A 10 speed Shimano 105 cassette.

Ghost Bikes

ghost bike downhill

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ghost bike downhill

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ghost bike downhill

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The Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party – In our big 2024 trail bike group test

ghost bike downhill

Party hard or hardly party? The name of the Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party gives away its intentions. With its fully integrated Eightpins dropper post and tire inserts as standard, Ghost’s trail bruiser has a few party tricks up its sleeve. Let’s get this party started!

ghost bike downhill

Simple style meets unusual design language! While the frame silhouette of the RIOT Trail Full Party is discreetly understated, Ghost’s proprietary Traction Link suspension layout, which is closely based on Twin Link kinematics, ensures a unique look with its curved seat stay. The RIOT frame platform serves as a basis for three models, the Trail, AM and Enduro. Our RIOT Trail Full Party test bike has the least travel of the three, combining 150/ 140 mm of travel (f/r). Ghost use the “Full Party” name extension to identify the top-spec version. However, retailing at € 5,999, it’s still one of the cheapest bikes in this test. Tipping the scales at 15.4 kg, our carbon test bike is the heaviest analogue competitor in this test – but also has a few tricks up its sleeve in terms of spec.

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best trail bike 2024 – 15 of the most exciting trail bikes in our 2024 comparison test

ghost bike downhill

The 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party in detail

The cables of the RIOT Trail Full Party are routed internally and disappear into the frame at the intersection between the head tube and down tube. However, the cable ports are positioned relatively far down the down tube, resulting in a wide cable arc that makes for a rather untidy look. On top of that, the cables aren’t clamped sufficiently at the ports, resulting in a loud rattling noise on the trail. Just in case that wasn’t irritating enough, the undersized chainstay protector allows the chain to slap against the frame – Ghost could have used a bigger protector that stretches further over the rear section of the chainstay. However, a small portion of mastic tape will do the trick. The frame features a bottle cage mount on the down tube and a tool mount on the underside of the top tube, while a small mudguard prevents dirt and stray rocks from getting jammed between the main frame and the swingarm.

ghost bike downhill

The spec of the 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party

Party dress with wow factor? The RIOT Trail Full Party 2023 is the flagship model in the lineup and comes with a top-end spec – doesn’t it? Upon closer inspection, however, the German manufacturer tries to save money: for example, the FOX 36 Factory fork, comes with a fancy Kashima coating, but employs the cheaper FIT4 damper, which might help save weight but performs significantly worse on the trail than its top-tier GRIP2 counterpart – which is what you want on a top-tier fork! The fork is paired with a FOX FLOAT X Factory shock, which is a common choice for trail bikes and delivers a pretty good performance. Ghost also skimp on the drivetrain, combining a mix of Shimano XT, SLX and DEORE components. The rear derailleur – the drivetrain component most people pay attention to – is from Shimano’s higher quality XT series, while the other parts are from the cheaper SLX range, and the chainset is from the cheaper-still DEORE series. While Shimano’s SLX components are pretty good, the SLX shifter lacks the clever MULTI RELEASE function of the XT version, and thus limits the performance of the XT rear derailleur, which, in the end, only gives you advantages in theory. Formula Cura 4 brakes with 200 mm rotors front and rear do stopping duties, and also add a touch of class with their metallic-silver finish. Aside from looking great, they also perform extremely well on the trail, providing powerful, reliable deceleration and excellent modulation. The only drawbacks are the finicky lever reach adjustment, and the lack of lever mount options, which forces you to use additional clamps to secure the dropper post remote and shifter to the handlebars. The fully integrated EightPins H01 dropper post is paired with a Shimano remote and impresses with butter smooth action. The post itself is fully integrated into the frame, using the seat tube as the post housing. The dropper offers between 150 and 175 mm of travel and allows you to adjust the maximum extension of the post without the need for tools. However, the EightPins H01 requires a long seat tube to provide sufficient extension for long-legged riders. For the wheels, Ghost rely on DT Swiss’ robust, entry-level M1900 alloy wheelset and MAXXIS tires, combining an ASSEGAI in the soft MaxxGrip rubber compound at the front and DISSECTOR in the harder MaxxTerra rubber compound at the rear, both in the EXO+ casing, and tire inserts from Pepi’s Tire Noodle as standard. The inserts protect the rims from nasty impacts and allow you to run lower air pressures for more traction and better damping qualities – nice! However, on a trail bike, we would use more robust tires before using tire inserts.

While at first glance, the spec of the Ghost suggests top trail performance, some of the components can’t deliver what they promise on the trail.

ghost bike downhill

GHOST RIOT Trail Full Party


Fork FOX 36 Factory FIT4 150 mm Rear Shock FOX FLOAT X Factory 140 mm Seatpost EightPins H01 175 mm Brakes Formula Cura 200/200 mm Drivetrain Shimano XT/SLX 1x12 Stem GHOST 50 mm Handlebar GHOST Alu 800 mm Wheelset DT Swiss M1900 Alu 29" Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI, EXO+, MaxxGrip/MAXXIS DISSECTOR, EXO+, MaxxTerra 2.5"/2.4"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL Weight 15.4 kg

Specific Features

Toolmount Tire Inserts mounted

Tuning tips: XT shifter to take advantage of the MULTI RELEASE function | Mastic tape on chainstays

ghost bike downhill

The geometry of the 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail

The Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party is available in four sizes, S to XL. Overall, the frame is on the long side, with our test bike in size L combining 497 mm reach and a 465 mm seat tube, which has to be this long to accommodate the fully integrated Eightpins dropper but restricts freedom of movement on the trail somewhat. At 455 mm, the chainstays are extremely long too on our test bike, but shrink to 446 mm in frame size S and M. The size-specific chainstay length is meant to match the different reach values, and should ensure consistent handling across all sizes. Ghost have opted against the use of flip chips, or any other geometry-altering gizmos.

The 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party on the trail

When riding on level ground and uphill, the Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party puts you in a comfortable, upright pedalling position. Although this places you relatively far forward over the handlebars, the front-end lifts off the ground quite easily on steep climbs, forcing you to actively weight the front wheel to keep it tracking. We found it helped to flick the climb switch to keep the bike higher in its travel on longer climbs. However, the tire inserts’ higher rotating mass coupled with the plush rear suspension result in a rather sluggish climbing performance, making long uphills a means to an end rather than a motivation to shred more trails – as should be the case with modern trail bikes. But how does it perform downhill?

The Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party has intuitive, beginner-friendly handling but lacks both composure and agility

ghost bike downhill

When gravity takes over, the Ghost places you in a central riding position, with the weight evenly distributed between the front and rear. Handling is intuitive and makes you feel at ease from the get-go. However, the Ghost positions you on top of the bike rather than integrating you between its wheels, which makes it a little top heavy. Just like the Merida and Mondraker, the RIOT Trail Full Party is predictable and easy to ride, allowing you to shred your way back down into the valley safely and effortlessly even after a long day in the saddle. However, if you turn up the volume, the Ghost lacks composure and quickly becomes nervous in fast rock gardens and nasty root carpets. At the same time, it feels sluggish in tight corners, making you feel as if you were steering a motorhome through a small medieval village. In this regard, the Ghost is very similar to the Cube, lacking both composure and agility – the RIOT’s suspension feels like a sofa too! As a result, it doesn’t provide sufficient feedback from the ground and lacks support, making it hard to pop off natural kickers. The plush suspension, together with the soft front tire and tire inserts, provides plenty of cornering traction. With an active riding style, however, the soft rear suspension absorbs the rider’s input like a sandbag, making it hard to generate speed by pumping through flowing trails. The FIT4 fork can’t keep up with the competition either, forcing you to find a compromise between sensitivity and support – having both at the same time isn’t an option.

ghost bike downhill

Who should take a closer look at the 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party

With its fancy Factory suspension and standard tire inserts, the Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party appeals to the unapologetic trail ripper! Upon closer inspection, however, the spec isn’t perfect, with a couple of components that might look great on the shop floor but fail to deliver on the trail. The Ghost dealer network makes this a good option for those who want in-person support nearby, and the beginner-friendly handling makes this a good option for those who can do without ploughing through nasty rock gardens or cornering flat out.


Value for money, intended use, cross country.

ghost bike downhill

Our conclusions about the 2023 Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party

While its name suggests an authentic party animal, you’ll find the Ghost Riot Trail hiding in the kitchen when the music gets loud. The spec might look promising on paper but some components suggest a level of performance they can’t deliver. On the trail, the plush suspension generates good traction but offers little support, absorbing the rider’s input like a sandbag. In addition, the RIOT Trail is neither agile nor composed. On the other hand, its intuitive handling makes it a good choice for beginners.

ghost bike downhill

  • Intuitive handling
  • Excellent traction

ghost bike downhill

  • Components suggest a level of performance they can’t deliver
  • Plush rear suspension provides little feedback
  • Lacks both composure and agility

You can find out more about at

The test field

All bikes in test: Cannondale Habit LT 1 (Click for review) | Cube ONE55 C:62 SLT 29 (Click for review) | Ghost RIOT Trail Full Party | Merida ONE-FORTY 10K (Click for review) | Mondraker Neat RR SL (Click for review) | Nicolai Saturn 14 Swift HRZ (Click for review) | Orbea Occam LT M10 (Click for review) | Santa Cruz Heckler SL XX AXS RSV (Click for review) | Santa Cruz Hightower X0 AXS RSV (Click for review) | Scor 2030 X01 (Click for review) | SCOTT Genius ST 900 Tuned (Click for review) | Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL (Click for review) | Trek Fuel EX 9.9 X0 AXS T-Type (Click for review) | Yeti SB140 LR T3 X0 (Click for review) | YT JEFFSY CORE 5 CF (Click for review)

ghost bike downhill

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Words: Simon Kohler Photos: Peter Walker

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About the author.

ghost bike downhill

Simon Kohler

​​Simon loves speed. He has many years of racing experience as a longboard downhill skater, blasting down alpine passes on his board. In the meantime, he’s swapped four wheels for two, charging down trails and bike park lines aboard his mountain bike instead. He’s savoured some of Europe’s finest trails on various road trips through the Alps. Having lived in Austria for some time, he knows the local Austrian bike parks like the back of his hand. He’s a tech nerd through and through, using the skills and know-how from his engineering degree and his attention to detail to put the latest bikes and components through their paces for our reviews. As an early riser and self-declared muesli connoisseur, he lives his life powered by oats and the strength of his legs.


Electric Mountain Bikes with Full Suspension, 130 - 150 mm travel

27.5 inch, 29 inch wheels or MXer combo (29" front, 27.5" rear)

Motor: Bosch

Areas of use: trails, trails, trails (low mountain, alpine terrain, single trail tours, flow trails).

Our models: E-RIOT TRAIL, HYB ASX 130

Electric Trail Bikes: playful and agile rides

Your electric bike powers full throttle uphill and you downhill - doesn't that sound like perfect teamwork ? That's exactly what we developed our electric trail bikes  for. They support you in any situation, whether on the way to the trail with their powerful motor or downhill with genuine mountain bike qualities. For our trail e-bikes, we chose performance-oriented Bosch motors that won't let you down even on longer distances or in steep terrain. Sophisticated technologies like the SuperFit geometry or the TractionLink rear suspension make the electric trail bike the perfect companion for ambitious novices, advanced riders, but also trail professionals .

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Ghost - Eurobike 2012


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ghost bike downhill

ghost bike downhill

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Ghost DH 7000 Downhill Full Suspension

ghost bike downhill

Ghost DH 7000 Suspension Bike A bike built for the toughest trails in the world. Our Downhill aluminum frame was treated to a premium chassis sporting Rock Shox Boxxer fork and Fox damper, steadfast brakes and a snappy Sram rear derailleur. It 8217;s all about you and intoxicating speed Ghost DH 7000 Suspension Bike Technologies: Needle Bearing System: Our Needle Bearing System ensures super sensitive rear triangle performance, as many test results have impressively shown. The technology is both simple and ingenious. The needle bearings are located in the damper eyelet, replacing commonly used bush bearings, and ensure a minimum break-away torque. The low torque results in an outstanding responsiveness to even the smallest bumps. ISCG: The ISCG recordings can be found on our 4Crossund DH frame. The International Standard for Chain Guide is a standardized 3-point mounting of chain guides on the bottom bracket shell. Advantage: With the installation of chain guides, the bottom b

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ghost bike downhill

Ghost Bikes Review...The Ghost To Be Admired, Not Feared

Heard of them or have they snuck under your radar? These bikes are for those who want something a little different from the norm but still want a top-quality bike.

Ghost bikes have been on the market for a while now (more on that later) and they have an impressive line-up of bikes...but are they any good and what would suit you?

For me, they have a lot of appeal. I've ridden more bikes than I can count, yet I can tell the difference when I ride a quality bike. The components work together to deliver you outstanding performance.

Now I love my Bianchi Infinito CV, it's a work of art and a joy to ride but Ghost has that small business feel about it, everything is crafted with thought and love.

In this Ghost bikes Review, we'll be looking at different models and series of these bikes to share our experience with these bikes from mountain bikes to entry-level road bikes , and how they fair in price too!

It's an interesting brand for cyclists of all levels so I'd keep reading!

Table of Contents

About Ghost

Ghost bikes had an interesting start so I feel it's only right to let you in on the background.

It began in a small German town, Waldsassen in 1993. Two friends Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhald opened their first bike shop in 1992, mainly servicing other college colleagues' bicycles. Then in 1993, Ghost bikes were created.

The first Ghost models were a huge success, weighing in at 9.9kg and selling at a competitive price.

It wasn't long before the two buddies kept growing their business, they even opened their own aluminum and carbon companies. This allowed the frames to be made in-house.

As the friends had more control over the manufacturing process, the quality increased sizably - which served to increase the appeal of the brand further.

One unusual but hugely positive thing about Ghost is that more than 70% of the manufacturing is still done in Waldsassen. The rest of the production is carried out in Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, Spain, and Korea.

Ghost Bike Range & Models

Ghost has an impressive range of bikes; full suspension, hardtail, lanes, and e-bikes. They actually make over 40 different models and each does genuinely have its own features.

When it comes to the price point, Ghost set themselves in the middle of the market. Having said that many riders from the cycling world will be happy with a bike from Ghost as they do offer a choice of entry-level and high-quality carbon bicycles too.

So whatever type of cyclist you are, you have plenty of choice!

Full Suspension Range

Ghost makes some fantastic full suspension bikes and with 6 in their current range, there should be something for every type of rider.

Starting with the entry-level types such as the Kato FS Base and then going up to the higher range.

SL AMR Series

The SL AMR range is one of the Ghosts' well-known classes of bikes - though this has reduced in 2021 to only one bike, the Ghost SL AMR 29".

As the name suggests, it comes with 29-inch wheels, which gives you an impressive 150mm of travel. This works with the whole concept of the full-suspension bike - it's all about collecting the miles...the perfect all-rounder if you like.

If you are a fan of trail riding that is varied then the SL AMR could be a solid option, it provides the specifications to provide excellent climbing and a great downhill experience.

The SL AMR also comes equipped with an aluminum frame so despite it being a full-sus bike, it only weighs 15kg.

Stopping power should be plentiful as the SL AMR comes with Shimano BR-M6100 180 mm Disc brakes

Key Facts & Components

  • Fork: Rock Shox Recon Silver RL 130 mm
  • Rear Shock: Rock Shox Deluxe Select+ 130 mm
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT RD-M8100 12-S
  • Cassette: Shim Deore CS-M6100 10-51
  • Tires: Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance 29x2.35
  • Brakes: Shim Deore BR-M6100 180 mm Disc

Is The Ghost SL AMR Series The Right Bike For You?

For those riders who are looking for full-suspension bikes for a varied mountain biking experience then the SL AMR range is a solid option.

It's almost the 'go to' model when you start looking a the Ghost range. Traction is fantastic, stopping power is brilliant, and the 29" tires make most terrain a joy to explore.

The downside to this series is that the derailleur cable is exposed and does have the potential to end up damaged - how real a possibility that is, it's difficult to say without knowing the type of riding you do but certainly something to keep in mind!

However, overall, for the price range, it's a cracking machine that looks pretty striking too!

Kato FS Series

If you're just getting in mountain biking then the Kato full-suspension series is well worth a fact the new 2021 Series offers something for all levels of cyclists.

Taking into account that Ghost made its name by creating quality, good value, bikes, the Kato has stayed true to that.

In the Kato Full Suspension Series, the current line up is:

As you would expect, the base model is the lower model - though I have to say, it still a well-kitted out mountain bike!

They describe this full-suspension bike series as being the 'absolutely carefree mountain bike'. Nothing about this model is meant to be complicated and there's something really quite charming about that.

The bearings are low maintenance, the geometry is very balanced, and gives a beginner rider the confidence they need to take on more challenging trails.

With all of these models the frame is aluminum, this helps to keep the price affordable yet keeps the bike durable and relatively lightweight.

Kato FS Base Components

  • Fork: SR Suntour SF14-XCR RL-R Air 120mm
  • Rear Shocks: SR Suntour RS20 Raidon LO 120 mm
  • Rear Derailleur: SRAM SX Eagle 12-S
  • Cassette: SRAM PG-1210 11-50
  • Tire: WTB Ranger 27.5x2.3
  • Brakes: Shimano BR-MT200 180 mm Disc

Kato FS Essential

  • Fork: SR Suntour XCR34 AIR 120 mm
  • Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle 12-S
  • Cassette: SRAM PG-1230 11-50
  • Brakes: Shi BR-MT401 180 mm Disc

Kato FS Uni

  • Rear Shocks: Rock Shox Monarch RT3 130mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano XT RD-M8100 12-S
  • Brakes: Shim BR-MT501 180 mm Disc

As you can see as you work your way up the models, you start getting better components - are they worth it?

That's entirely up to you! The Universal series will certainly see you through many years as your skills develop and you do get better travel with the suspension shocks and the cassette is better quality. However, the full Kato FS series offers superb value and you can't really go wrong with any of the models.

Lector FS Series

The Lector Full-Suspension series is designed to take on the world's toughest trails. The Lector models were designed and built with Ghosts' Cross Country Team so this range of bikes is really designed with skilled riders in mind.

With this series, the geometry is key and they've developed SuperFit geometry. The concept is that every rider should find the perfect fitting frame...speaking of frames, the full range is carbon, as you'd expect with this high spec bike

[For more information on SuperFit, you can watch this video]

Maximizing efficiency has also been thought about and developed with the Lector bikes. The chassis using a TractionLink system and it helps to smoothen the trails out so you don't lose speed. This actually has the added benefit of making everything more fun too!

The Lector series is actually where Ghost Bikes all started, it's the bike that came to the market first so it's quite dear to their hearts as you'd imagine.

Now there are 5 models in this lineup:

Lector FS Advanced Components

  • Fork: Rock Shox SID Select+ RL Oneloc 100 mm (XS-S) 120 mm (M-XL)
  • Rear suspension: Rock Shox SID Luxe Select+ RL 107 mm (XS-S) 115 mm (M-XL)
  • Derailleur: XO1 Eagle 12-S
  • Cassette: XG 1275 10-50
  • Tire: Maxxis Ikon 3C MaxxSpeed Exo 29x2.35
  • Brake: Formula Cura 2 2/2 Piston 180 / 180 mm Disc

Lector FS Essential

  • Fork: Fox 34 Float Performance SC Remote 100 mm (XS-S) 120 mm (M-XL)
  • Rear suspension: Fox Float DPS Performance Elite Remote 107 mm (XS-S) 115 mm (M-XL)
  • Cassette: CS-M6100 10-51
  • Tire: Schwalbe Racing Ralph Performance 29x2.25
  • Brake: Sram Level TL 2/2 Piston 180 / 160 mm Disc

Lector FS Pro

  • Fork: DT Swiss F232 ONE Remote 100 mm (XS-S) 120 mm (M-XL)
  • Rear suspension: DT Swiss R232 ONE Remote 107 mm (XS-S) 115 mm (M-XL)
  • Derailleur: Shimano XTR RD-M9100 12-S
  • Cassette: Shim XTR CS-M9100 10-51
  • Tire: Maxxis Recon Race Exo TR 120TPI 29x2.35
  • Brake: Shim XTR 2/2 Piston 180 / 180 mm Disc

Lector FS Uni

  • Brake: SRAM Level TLM 2/2 Piston 180 / 180 mm Disc

Lector FS World Cup

  • Fork: Rock Shox SID Ultimate Race Day 100 mm (XS-S) 120 mm (M-XL)
  • Rear suspension: Rock Shox SID Luxe Ultimate Remote 107 mm (XS-S) 115 mm (M-XL)
  • Derailleur: SRAM AXS XX1 Eagle 12-S
  • Cassette: SRAM XG 1299 10-50T Rainbow
  • Tire: Maxxis Aspen Exo TR 120TPI 29x2.25
  • Brake: SRAM Level Ultimate Carbon 2/2 Piston 180 / 180 mm Disc

As you'd expect as you go up the range, the components get higher in quality, and with that, naturally, the money required goes up.

Hardtail Series

Kato series.

The Kato bikes are the everyday hardtail bikes that are fast, agile, and take you up hills with little effort.

For 2021 the frames have had a new makeup, being completely redesigned. Even going as far as to route the cables internally.

Yet, there is one thing that has stayed the same since the first release of the Kato and that's its fun element!

There are many versions of the Kato series now but as far as hardtail bikes go, it's the perfect starter bike for riders wanting to dip their toes into mountain biking.

Depending on the model you opt for, you can have either a single, double, or triple drive. You also can choose between wheel sizes too; 27.5 or 29 inches.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Ghost bicycle if you didn't get a great choice of colors too!

There are 5 models of this hardtail series;

These mountain bikes are the brands' entry-level bikes, with a price point to match. To keep the price reasonable, all of the Kato models come with an aluminum alloy frame.

For a beginner, who's new to cycling, they're going to find that the ideal set up for their first hardtail bike.

Kato Base Components

  • Fork: SR Suntour XCE28 DS 100 mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano Tourney 7-Speed
  • Cassette: Shim CS-HG-200-7 12-32
  • Tire: Mitas Ocelot 27x2.10 / Mitas Ocelot 29x2.10
  • Brake: Shim BR-EF505 160 mm Disc
  • Weight: 14.7kg (27.5" wheels)/ 15kg (29") (Medium frame)

Kato Essential

  • Fork: SR Suntour XCM RL 100 mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano Acera RD-M360 8-S
  • Cassette: Shim CS-HG-200-8 12-32
  • Brake: Shim BR-MT200 180 mm Disc
  • Weight: 15kg (27.5" wheels)/ 15.3kg (29") (Medium frame)
  • Fork: SR Suntour XCR RL 100 mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano Alivio RD-M3100 9-S
  • Cassette: Shim CS-HG-200-9 11-36
  • Weight: 14.8kg (27.5" wheels)/ 15.2kg (29") (Medium frame)

Kato Advanced

  • Fork: SR Suntour XCR RL-R AIR 100 mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M4120 10-S
  • Cassette: CS-M4100-10 11-42
  • Brake: Shimano BR-MT200 180 mm Disc
  • Weight: 14.7kg (27.5" wheels)/ 14.9kg (29") (Medium frame)
  • Fork: Rock Shox Judy TK R 100 mm
  • Derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M6100 12-S
  • Weight: 14.3kg (27.5" wheels)/ 14.9kg (29") (Medium frame)

All models are available with either 27.5" wheels or 29ers option.

Which should you choose?

It somewhat depends on your expectations. 29ers do give you a smoother ride as they soak up the bumps more easily. However, you don't get the same level of control.

If you're all about the climbs, then 27.5" may be the perfect option for you. If you like to travel far when you're cycling, you may benefit from the 29ers.

The jump between quality in drivetrain parts isn't huge between these hardtails but could potentially be noticeable.

Nirvana Tour Series

The Nirvana Tour series is another way into the MTB cycling world...but with a difference.

These bikes suit cyclists who are beginner riders but want their bike to be a sort of hybrid. Good for the trails (and this is very good) but also a great way to commute too.

Frame sizes dictate what wheel sizes you get. XS and S frames are kitted out with the nifty 27.5" wheels and M - XL frames run 29" wheels.

Ghost bikes have released 3 models of the Nirvana Tour series for 2021:

Nirvana Tour Base Components

  • Fork: SR Suntour XCR32 120 mm
  • Derailleur: SX Eagle 12-S
  • Cassette: PG-1210 11-50
  • Tire: WTB Ranger 27.5 x 2.3 / 29 x 2.3
  • Weight: 14.4kg (Medium frame)

Nirvana Tour Essential

  • Fork: X-Fusion RC32 100 mm (XS) 120 mm (S - XL)
  • Derailleur: Shim XT RD-M8100 12-S
  • Cassette: Shim Deore CS-M6100 10-51T
  • Tire: WTB Ranger 27.5x2.3 / 29x2.3
  • Weight: 13.8kg (Medium frame)

Nirvana Tour Uni

  • Fork: Rock Shox Recon RL 100 mm (XS) 120 mm (S - XL)
  • Derailleur: X01 Eagle 12-S
  • Brake: SRAM Level T 180 mm Disc

There is a change in drivetrain manufacturer, groupset, and parts as you go up the models. Again, depending on your level, skill and budget will impact which features are important to you.

Lector Series

The Lector series is all racing, races are in this bike's DNA.

This product was designed for the competition. Whether that's in the sport of races or trying to beat your own PB - this bicycle is going to push athletes to success.

The specification, components, and parts of this bicycle are built for cross country and marathons. Changing gears needs to be quick on this bike and it comes with a 1x drivetrain to make sure they always will be.

As you can see from the appearance of this bike, it looks the part. You can see that it's built for racing. With plenty of angular shapes and a clean look - speed is what this bike is about.

Currently, there is 1 bike in this range:

Lector Base Components

  • Fork: Rock Shox Recon Gold RL Debon Air Oneloc 100 mm
  • Cassette: Shim XT CS-M6100 10-51
  • Brake: Shimano BR-MT501 180 / 160 mm Disc
  • Weight: 12kg (Medium)

The frame on these Ghost bikes is constructed from ultralight carbon, which is how the manufacturer has managed to get the total weight in at an impressive 12kg, despite all the high-quality components.

With this bike, there is the option to go for a Di2 drivetrain system for an extra bit of money. Electronic shifting is a luxury, it generally requires less maintenance and overall it's less work!

These road bikes are designed short burst, fast workout in woodlands, a bike park but equally ready for a leisurely multi-day tour. The equipment and components on these bikes gives you the full package...what more could you want?

Road Rage Series

Gravel bikes are taking the world by storm and this series of bikes is 1 of the best on the market.

This bike is stiff, fast, and incredibly efficient. The geometry works well on the trails and the lanes.

The tires on this bike series are wide, meaning that they roll over gravel and mud easily. Potholes and roots? No issue.

Disc brakes come as stand on all of the rage models so wet muddy conditions can be tackled...perhaps even relished!

In the 2021 line up, there are 3 models in the Rage Series:

  • Fire Advanced

Road Rage Base Components

  • Fork: LC Rigid
  • Derailleur: Shimano Sora RD-R3000-GS 9-S
  • Cassette: Sunrace CSM90 11-34
  • Tire: WTB Riddler 37c Comp 700x37c
  • Brake: Tektro MD-C510 160 mm Disc

Road Rage Essential

  • Derailleur: Shimano GRX RD-RX810 11-S
  • Cassette: CS-HG700 11-34
  • Tire: WTB Riddler 700x37c
  • Brake: Shimano GRX BR-RX400 160 mm Disc

Road Rage Fire Advanced

  • Derailleur: SRAM Rival 11-S
  • Cassette: SRAM XG 1150 10-42
  • Tire: WTB Ranger Dual 29x2.0 TCS Light/Fast
  • Brakes: SRAM Apex 160 mm Disc

The Fire Advanced comes with carbon frames too so it's a lightweight model from the manufacturer. SRAM components feature heavily the further you go up the list, though the Essential is well spec'd with decent components and the drivetrain is good on all models.

For an entry-level, the Base is fairly decent and for the price, you certainly can't complain. I think the Rage is another good example of how these bikes strike a good balance between value for money and quality with their models and series.

Is Ghost A Good Bike Brand?

Alright so you've read our Ghost bikes review so you'll know at as brand, they have a lot to offer - plenty of models too!

Their bikes offer something not a lot of other manufacturers do...value with quality components. Sure, some of the entry models aren't brilliantly spec'd out but you'd be unfair to expect that.

For those wanting to get into mountain biking, frankly, I'm astounded at some of the options. There is truly something for what niche of the sport you want to get into and at whatever price point too.

Are Phantom Bikes Good?

I can't deny that Phantom bikes are sharp and have a certain look about them that may appeal to some cyclists.

However, in terms of practicality, they don't win big on the reviews. You do also have to keep in mind the laws surrounding e-bikes in your country.

What Is The Best Bike For The Money?

The answer to this question will vary from cyclist to cyclist depending on what type of cycling you like to do.

For me, as a roadie, I love the Road Rage Fire Advanced series. Carbon frames are worth the price in my opinion.

If you're more about mountain biking, then that's clearly going to be the wrong bike for you!

Consider where you like riding and your budget. Then you can't really go wrong with any of the Ghost frames! Clearly, the larger budget you have, the better components you will get but whether that is important to you will depend on what you'll be using your bike for.

What Is The Best Bike Brand?

Ghost are certainly up there as 1 of the best bikes on the market for a lot of riders, especially when you look at some of the reviews.

However, if your mind still isn't made up, you might want to check out more of our posts and reviews. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Whatever cycling activity you're into, there's a Ghost bike out there for you...for that I am certain.

There are so many series and models that it can seem a little daunting to get your head around the bikes but we've broken things down and hopefully made it clearer!

Which models interest you the most?

ghost bike downhill

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First Impressions of the One Ghost Industries Musashi

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News & reviews.

ghost bike downhill


I loved them! I had a 2012 in 2011 through a team thing! Was sold on it! Handled amazing! One of those small "family" companies that has a great relationship with the customers! Anyways my teams on transition now. Needless to say Transition has the same attitude torward their customers and the bikes great! But that ghost was amazing! didnt get bogged down in rocks, the suspension was amazing on jumps. you could preload and send it so easily! Was just amazing! Walked past the ghost booth at the Pro GRT and the senses started going and I had to take one out for a little while! Anyone looking at one ghost feel safe buying them! amazing bikes! Also when you buy ghsot you get the whole company partnership sha bang! meaning Csixx Guides and Candy components! Both amazing companies!  


Generous jaywalker

thats true!  

qikss said: Doesn't really mention much about the bicycle...except where exactly he rode it! popular trail...but co'mon people Click to expand...



Squirrel said: ...It was my first ride on the bike... Click to expand...



Turbo monkey.

WestCoastHucker said: i didn't need your review to figure out what the bike looks like. beyond that, you didn't offer anything of relevance... Click to expand...
daisycutter said: a bit grumpy are we?? The suspension blah, blah blah... Click to expand...

I'll give my two cents, i dont know any of this linear/non stuff so...The bike is really stable, soaks up alot of hits without being jarring or overly muted. It pedals really well and seems to really like being thrown into corners. I gotten alot more confident on this bike than with any other. I dont know what my riding style is, hack maybe? But I feel fine just pointing it down the trail and letting go, and in the woods it feels really short and able to snap out of corners/berms. When it jumps it really feels neutral and lively.I dont worry about it being too snappy yet it flicks itself off lips real comfortably.  

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Mountain bikes – the perfect off-road companions.

Whether it’s an extreme ride through the mountains, some crazy single track or moderate routes in the forest nearby, the fun starts for you when your hands grip the bars and your feet become one with the pedals. At GHOST we make MTB bikes that bring you the ultimate riding experience.

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Gravelbikes, check our bikes, your bikepacking adventure, youth fully, what to pack for a month long trip in patagonia, events 2023, check our recent stories, find the ghost mountain bike for your riding dreams.

In our online mountain bike shop you will quickly notice that not all MTB bikes are the same. At GHOST we make different bikes for different individual needs .

When looking for the right mountain bike (MTB) you should know exactly what you want to use your new bike for. We have a wide range of models that are all suitable for different purposes . Here's what you should keep in mind:

·       Where and in what types of terrain will you ride your GHOST MTB?

·       What kind of terrain do you want to ride in?

·       Which type of mountain bike rider are you?

Ready, set, go: How to pick the right mountain bike for you

You now know what you want to use your bike for.  Now you need to consider the crucial components on the bike :

1) Hardtail or full-suspension:

When buying a MTB bike you will always come across the main distinction of hardtail versus full-suspension .

If you prefer to ride uphill and downhill on easy forest trails but also integrate the occasional gravel and meadow path, a hardtail MTB is likely the right choice for you. The weight aspect also needs to be considered here: Since the hardtail has no suspension in the rear triangle, these bikes are typically much lighter. That is a big advantage for ascents. Lighter bike, more direct power transfer, better performance. Hardtail means :

·       The rear part of the frame is rigid 

·       while the front has suspension forks.

If you mainly ride in moderate and less extreme terrain , the hardtail MTB is better suited for you. The rear end is more stable without suspension , which also makes this type of bike well suited for beginners.

Mountain bikers who like extreme terrain, on the other hand, will need a full-suspension mountain bike . You like:

·       changing terrain going both up and down

·       tough obstacles

·       challenging trails

·       diverse surfaces

With a full-suspension bike you not only have front suspension forks but also a rear shock . This means the bike easily absorbs rough knocks and bumps. Due to the rear suspension, Fullys are heavier compared to hardtails, so, expect to work harder if you enjoy ascents.

Many of our hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes are available as e-MTBs as well.

2) Suspension travel

Another criterion is the travel you get from the suspension. Depending on the purpose and desired terrain, you also get decide how much suspension travel your bike should have. What that means is : How much comfort or performance do you need? Again, this depends on the area of use and the surfaces you want to ride. GHOST mountain bikes feature different suspension travel ranges :

·       100-120 mm travel for moderate touring and cross-country trails .

·       140 mm travel for advanced trails.

·       140-160 mm travel for demanding rides in alpine terrain.

·       170 mm travel at the front and 160 mm at the rear for gnarly trails and bike park fun.

3) Wheel size

Wheel size is also important. Our GHOST MTB bikes are available with the following dimensions:

·       27.5 inch: With wheels in this unit, you have the following advantages :

·       Your bike is more agile to steer .

·       You can accelerate faster and easier .

·       Quick braking is no problem .

·       There is more space for wider tyres. With the lower air pressure there is greater contact with the ground . Your bike can have better grip with the surfaces you are riding on .

·       29 inch: Wheels of this size bring with them corresponding advantages :

·       They pick up momentum more effectively.

·       They roll over just about anything .

·       They therefore compensate better for unevenness in the terrain .

·       This results in a smoother riding experience .

The GHOST KATO LINE has a few size overlaps : People who are M (165-180 cm) can also choose a bike with a 27.5 inch wheel size .

You can tell by the top tube whether a certain model is designed for men or women . The top tube is lower on women's mountain bikes than on men's mountain bikes.

4) Gears and shifting

If you do a lot of uphills and long touring through the mountains, your bike should have a proper range of gears .

Do you feel the urge to get on your bike ? Then take a look at our different mountain bike types:

·       Touring

·       Cross-Country Fullys

·       Trail Fullys

·       All-Mountain

·       Enduro

·       Dirt

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Ghost Northshore

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At a glance

Ghost Northshore Suspension Bike 2011. Bikes Suspension Mens. Marcus Klausmann. 14 times German Champion. 17 years of experience. Not the least bit tired. We pooled all our know-how with the experience of the most successful German downhill professionals. The result is a weapon on wheels.

Where To Buy

Ghost Logo


Q: how much is a 2011 ghost northshore.

A 2011 Ghost Northshore is typically priced around $3,300 USD when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: What size 2011 Ghost Northshore should I get?

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ghost bike downhill

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    [First Look] Ghost DH7 Test Bike. by Alex Boyce. 19/05/2015. Bike Checks [ad3] This winter Ghost Bikes sent us a version of their DH7 Downhill bike to try. The bike came equipped with 26″ wheels (which honestly pleases us) and a fairly robust component build. The idea of the 26″ wheels is to do a comparison back to back with a 27.5 ...

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    You can find out more about at The test field. For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best trail bike 2024 ... He has many years of racing experience as a longboard downhill skater, blasting down alpine passes on his board. In the meantime, he's swapped four wheels for two, charging down trails and bike ...

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    The DH 9000 is a highly addicted bike designed for the downhill course. The masterful aluminium frame with new carbon rocker is equipped with the most exclusive components. Kashima coated Fox chassis, Scram X.0 DH derailleur and Tune wheelset, ensures that you will hit your top time downhill.

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    Downhill 9000 The raw coloured Downhill 9000 sits at the top of Ghost's two bike DH lineup, and it shows with its top tier spec. A Kashima-treated FOX 40 RC2 graces the front of the bike, with a ...

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    Ghost DH 7000 Suspension Bike A bike built for the toughest trails in the world. Our Downhill aluminum frame was treated to a premium chassis sporting Rock Shox Boxxer fork and Fox damper, steadfast brakes and a snappy Sram rear derailleur. It 8217;s all about you and intoxicating speed Ghost DH 7000 Suspension Bike Technologies: Needle Bearing ...

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    The 2011 Ghost DH is an Downhill mountain bike. It is priced at $3 USD. The bike is part of Ghost 's Mountain Bikes range of mountain bikes. Ghost DH Suspension Bike 2011. Bikes Suspension Mens. Marcus Klausmann. 14 times German Champion. 17 years of experience. Read.

  12. First Impressions: One Ghost Industries Musashi

    I found that the company offered a nice-looking downhill bike called the Musashi and had a booth at the somewhat-local Fontana, California, Winter Series races. ... up--as well as get a bit of riding time in on--the bike in Laguna Beach due to its close proximity to the Bike and One Ghost offices, and its easy access downhill trails. Because ...

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  15. First Impressions of the One Ghost Industries Musashi

    One Ghost Industries' Musashi downhill bike has been designed and tested in California by dedicated racers, so it was fitting that Squirrel's first test comes in the hills above Laguna Beach. Check out his first impressions of this very sick ride. --- By Ryan LaBar Courtesy of Bike Magazine One Ghost Industries Musashi - $2,300 (Frame with shock)

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    International. Englisch. Wähle die internationale Seite, wenn dein Land nicht aufgeführt ist. GHOST Bikes.

  19. Ghost Bikes Northshore 2012

    Details. The Northshore is the best park bar ever!!! Newly developed aluminium frame to a 180 mm travel, on top of a Marzocchi chassis and robust components, what you get is premium class bike that can take anything you throw at it. Be it a road gap, X-up or drop, you name it.

  20. Bicicletas de montaña de 20 pulgadas para niños

    The GHOST KATO LINE has a few size overlaps: People who are M (165-180 cm) can also choose a bike with a 27.5 inch wheel size. You can tell by the top tube whether a certain model is designed for men or women. The top tube is lower on women's mountain bikes than on men's mountain bikes. 4) Gears and shifting

  21. 2011 Ghost Northshore

    At a glance. The 2011 Ghost Northshore is an Downhill mountain bike. It is priced at $3,300 USD. The bike is part of Ghost 's Mountain Bikes range of mountain bikes. Ghost Northshore Suspension Bike 2011. Bikes Suspension Mens. Marcus Klausmann. 14 times German Champion. 17 years of experience. Read.

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