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Equipment [ ]

Equipment is the umbrella term for all items used by exorcists while on a contract . Depending on the type of contract, free equipment may be provided, which will spawn on the storage racks behind the driver's seat of the vehicle. The contract will always specify whether free equipment is to be provided, so that the exorcists may know to stock up before departing. During rescue contracts , equipment is provided scattered across the map, simulating an active investigation. Equipment is broken down into six categories, with some belonging to more than one.

Obtaining Equipment [ ]

Equipment not provided by the contract must be supplied by exorcists while on-site. On contracts where the computer is available, an exorcist may spawn in items from their own storage, up to a specified limit. Spawning limits are listed below in the equipment tables, as well as displayed on the computer screen when spawning equipment in.

Equipment may be purchased at the Ghost Market via the tablet. The Ghost Market is only available when not on a contract, so exorcists must stock up before departing. While viewing the Ghost Market, exorcists can see the amount of each item in storage, the price to purchase more, the full description of them item selected, and the level to unlock the item (if any).

While many pieces of equipment are unlocked at specific levels, exorcists may be provided with equipment they have no access to by another exorcist, from the free equipment, or from the scattered equipment on rescue contracts. There is no level requirement for using items, only for purchasing them.

Losing Equipment [ ]

Only equipment spawned in by an exorcist can be lost. If a contract ends due to all exorcists being downed, any equipment not in the vehicle or on the drop zone will be lost. If instead a contract ends voluntarily by an exorcist using the vehicle's steering wheel to depart, equipment is not lost even if the exorcist who spawned the item is downed at the time of departure.

In addition to lost equipment, consumables are not restored after use, even after voluntary departure. Because of this, it is recommended to restock on consumables before each contract whether or not free equipment is provided.

*The Revival Kit has an unlock level of 30 unless the player has completed the tutorial with a perfect score, in which case it is unlocked at any level.

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    in: Ghost Exorcism INC. Wiki. The types can only be identifiable by their actions and their appearance. The Shadow will look like a dark figure or a shadow at all times, a Revenant will always be crawling, all ghosts can crawl if they want to but a Revenant will never stand, Poltergeists are known to be very angry when you are touching items ...

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    Spirit-box EVP: When asking the ghost to speak or say something, it will respond only through the Spirit-box by a second or two garble. Read the Exorcism book without pause inside the house while in your hand; Spirit-box radio: When the ghost is nearby the Spirit-box, you will hear radio channel-switching followed by different voices/music.

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    Exorcism Book. 6. $50. 18. Categories. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Equipment is the umbrella term for all items used by exorcists while on a contract. Depending on the type of contract, free equipment may be provided, which will spawn on the storage racks behind the driver's seat of the vehicle.

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    Ghost Exorcism, Inc. has released a total of 59 in-game Steam achievements for you to collect. If you are brand new to the game, you will need to unlock each and every one of them from the start. However, current players will have their achievement progress updated after starting the game and entering the game after selecting the next contract.

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    Some of the sounds we hear dozens of times per game could have 3-5 variants. Slow door closing, door slamming, scratching noises, thumps and knocking sounds, quiet whispers or laughter. Audio ambience would be the easiest way to touch this part of the game before the big Horror 2.0. 16.

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