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Takara Tomy

Geist fafnir 8'proof absorb.

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It is the successor to Drain Fafnir 8 Nothing and is succeeded by Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S . In the anime, Fumiya Kindo 's Wizard Fafnir Ratchet Rise Sen was inspired by Geist Fafnir.

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  • 2 Forge Disc - 8'
  • 3 Disc Frame - Proof
  • 4 Performance Tip - Absorb
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Energy Layer - Geist Fafnir

Takara Tomy's Geist Fafnir , like its predecessor Drain Fafnir , is a Stamina Type Energy Layer that features a triangular perimeter and three side profile dragon heads with an "F" along each, meant to represent this Layer's namesake; Fafnir the Nordic Dragon of Greed. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Geist Fafnir  features metal in its design; in this case, interspersed between the dragon heads. The inclusion of metal makes this Layer heavier than most God Layers.

Geist Fafnir also features gimmicks: The first is that this Layer is meant to spin Left, opposite to most other Beyblades. The second is that the "F"s are made of rubber, akin to both its predecessor. The inclusion of rubber aids in this Layer's ability to equalize spin with a Right-Spin opponent. The third is that the Layer features an automatic mode change gimmick.

While the triangular shape and rough perimeter of Geist Fafnir  may imply recoil, the Left-Spin nature of this Layer reduces recoil against a Right-Spin opponent. When spinning slower than a Right-Spin opponent, the rubber "F"s of Geist Fafnir  allows for Spin-Equalization, where the Layers of two opposite spinning Beyblades work akin to gears and equally distribute their spin, by acting as a cushion against impact, increasing friction between Layers, acting as a "hook" for the other Beyblade to catch into and propel Geist Fafnir  faster and reducing recoil to increase the rate of contact. Due to the greater exposed surface area of the rubber, the effect is more prominent than in Drain Fafnir , though the greater weight makes the effect far less pronounced against lightweight opponents.

When against a Left-Spin opponent, Geist Fafnir  cannot equalize spin and the rubber will instead act as brakes. If the opponent has less Burst Resistance than Geist Fafnir , then the friction can potentially Burst the opponent. However, if the opponent has greater Burst Resistance than Geist Fafnir , the friction of the rubber can cause a Geist Fafnir  Combination to self-Burst or severely lose Stamina.

At low spin speeds, the rubber blades will extend outwards, creating a perimeter akin to a reversed Winning Valkyrie , meant to improve Spin-Equalization potential at low spin speeds by exposing more rubber. At high spin speeds, Geist Fafnir 's rubber blades will retract inwards, creating a rounder perimeter akin to its predecessor, Drain Fafnir , meant to prevent Spin-Equalization against a slower Right-Spin opponent by exposing less rubber. However, the large amount of rubber in Geist Fafnir 's design makes the gimmick ineffective.

Forge Disc - 8'

8' , like other even numbered Core Discs, is symmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Disc Frame. 8' is essentially a wider and lighter version of 8 , with higher Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) due to its wider shape. As a result, 8' has higher Stamina Potential than its predecessor. Like 8, 8' features four protrusions on each side. Each of the protrusions features gaps, akin to Knuckle , which takes weight away from the center and creates high Outward Weight Distribution. However, like other heavy Forge Discs with high Outward Weight Distribution, the use of 8' decreases Burst Resistance as a trade off.

Disc Frame - Proof

Proof features a circle shape with a round shape, akin to Spread . While too small to come into contact with the opponent's Layer, the relatively round shape of Proof grants the highest Life-After-Death out of all other Disc Frames in the metagame at the time of writing and outclasses Cross and Glaive in Stamina.

Performance Tip - Absorb

Absorb  features a spring-loaded sharp tip of a small diameter surrounded by a free-spinning ring, akin to a combination of Revolve and Nothing . The sharp tip of Absorb  provides low friction with the stadium floor, resulting in high Stamina and Burst Defense properties. The wide diameter of the ring gives  Absorb  high Precession time and Spin-Equalization potential in Opposite-Spin match-ups. Compared to similar Performance Tips, Absorb 's Precession time is equal to Revolve 's but lower than Eternal 's.

The spring-loaded tip has two purposes, the first is to prevent harsh impacts against the stadium floor from launch, preventing accidental Self-Knock-Outs from bouncing. The second is that when the tip is fully depressed, the center sharp tip is retracted and the ring is locked in place, creating a hollow flat tip with aggressive movement akin to Zephyr . However, without a mechanism to keep the spring compressed, this aggressive movement only happens briefly upon first landing.

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu Geist Fafnir 8' Absorb (Geist Fafnir 8'Proof Absorb) avatar


Geist Fafnir Sketch (Concept Art with Fafnir F3 8 Nothing Bey)

Control Art

BBC Geist Fafnir 8' Absorb Beyblade

  • The 'Geist' portion is the German word meaning ghost or spirit, and correlating with mind and intellect.
  • The yellow scales are now orange-yellow.
  • The teeth are now part of its mandible.
  • The six green eyes are now red.
  • The feet, inner thighs, mandible and spike on its head are colored dark-red.
  • It has white scales along the tail, shoulders, wings, torso, the knees, and the first digit of the wings.
  • It now has four wings.
  • The spines running from the neck down to the tail and its wing talons are now blue-raspberry.
  • The claws are now four-digit and white.
  • The dactylopatagium is now dark-blue.
  • The tail spear is now tipped with a blade.
  • And the gems on the torso and knee caps are blue.
  • In the Turbo anime, Geist Fafnir possesses a yellow Level Chip .
  • Geist Fafnir is the seventh of nine Beys in Beyblade Burst Turbo to retain its original name in both the Japanese and English versions of the anime; the others being Z Achilles , Emperor Forneus , Archer Hercules , Revive Phoenix , Vise Leopard , Hazard Kerbeus , Right Artemis , and Air Knight .
  • Geist Fafnir 8'Proof Absorb is the only combo from Beyblade Burst Turbo to appear in Beyblade Burst Rise .
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