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Ghost Rider - Full Cast & Crew

  • 35   Metascore
  • 2 hr 3 mins
  • Fantasy, Suspense, Action & Adventure
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Daredevil biker Johnny Blaze sells his soul and becomes the devil's fiery-skulled bounty hunter in this Marvel Comics adaptation.


Executive producer, cinematographer, production company, art director, sound effects, sound/sound designer, supervising sound editor, special effects, production designer, re-recording mixer.

Marvel Database

  • Stan Lee/Producer
  • David S. Goyer/Producer
  • Michael De Luca/Producer
  • Gary Foster/Producer
  • Mark Steven Johnson/Writer
  • Johnathon Blaze (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Carter Slade (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Roxanne Simpson (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Mack (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Zarathos (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Mephistopheles (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Blackheart (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Hidden (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Gressil (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Wallow (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Abigor (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Craig Simpson (Earth-121347)/Mentions
  • Mona Simpson (Earth-121347)/Mentions
  • 3 News (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Barton Blaze (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Stuart (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Jack Dolan (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Edwards (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • Humans (Homo sapiens)/Appearances
  • Demons/Appearances
  • Earth-121347/Appearances
  • Earth/Appearances
  • United States of America/Appearances
  • Texas (State)/Appearances
  • San Venganza/Appearances
  • Hell/Mentions
  • Contract of San Venganza/Appearances
  • Ghost Rider's Chain/Appearances
  • Hellfire Shotgun/Appearances
  • Hell Cycle/Appearances
  • Banshee (Phantom Rider's Horse) (Earth-121347)/Appearances
  • 2007, January
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ghost Rider (film)

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  • 1 Appearances
  • 5.1 Alternate Posters
  • 8.1 References


Featured Characters:

  • Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider   ⏵ (First appearance) (Possessed by Zarathos )

Supporting Characters:

  • Carter Slade/Ghost Rider/Caretaker   ⏵ (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • Roxanne Simpson   ⏵ (First appearance)
  • Mack (First appearance; dies)
  • ⏴   Zarathos   ⏵ (First appearance) (Unnamed) (Possesses Johnny Blaze )


  • Mephistopheles   ⏵ (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • Blackheart   ⏵ (First appearance) (Apparent death)
  • Gressil (First appearance; dies)
  • Wallow (First appearance; dies)
  • Abigor (First appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Craig Simpson (Referenced)
  • Mona Simpson (Referenced)
  • 3 News (First appearance)
  • Barton Blaze (First appearance; dies)
  • Stuart (First appearance)
  • Captain Jack Dolan (First appearance)
  • Officer Edwards (First appearance)

Races and Species:

  • San Venganza (First appearance)
  • Hell (Mentioned)
  • Contract of San Venganza (First appearance)
  • Ghost Rider's Chain (First appearance)
  • Hellfire Shotgun (First appearance)
  • Ghost Rider's Motorcycle (First appearance)
  • Banshee (First appearance)

Long ago, the devil Mephistopheles ordered his agent on Earth, the Ghost Rider, to retrieve the Contract of San Venganza, an artifact he would use to bring Hell to Earth. Realizing what his master would do with the item, the Ghost Rider refused to hand it over to him and hid it.

Over a century later, Mephisto sought out teenager Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle daredevil following in his father Barton's footsteps. In exchange for his soul, Mephisto would cure Johnny's father of his cancer. While Mephisto does hold up his end of the bargain, he later has Barton Blaze killed in an accident while performing a stunt. Johnny, enraged that the demon would go back on their deal, meets Mephistopheles at a crossroads. The Devil tells Johnny that he now belongs to him, and orders him to leave his family, friends, and loved ones (including his girlfriend Roxanne).

Now an adult, Johnny is a very famous stuntman, worrying his team by pulling off increasingly dangerous stunts. Johnny knows he will never die despite the danger due to his contract with Mephisto. At an event on the anniversary of his father's death, Johnny reunites with Roxanne, now a reporter for the Channel 3 News, and organizes a date with her. Mephistopheles, however, shows up and turns Johnny into his new Ghost Rider. He then orders Johnny to stop his wayward son Blackheart from retrieving the Contract of San Venganza for himself, and in return Mephisto would give him back his soul. He rides to a train station where a cemetery used to be, transforms into the Ghost Rider, and faces Blackheart and his minions. Although Blackheart gets away, the Ghost Rider kills one of his minions, an earth-elemental named Gressil, in the fight. Afterwards, he rides through the city, saving a teenage girl from a mugger using his Penance Stare .

The next morning, Johnny wakes up in a cemetery, where the caretaker tells him the story of the Ghost Rider and the Contract of San Venganza. He then returns home, where Roxanne confronts him on standing her up. Johnny confesses to her that he was working for the Devil, but she doesn't believe him and storms out. He follows after her only to be arrested on suspicion for the crimes Blackheart committed the previous night. While in holding, a group of thugs attack Johnny, causing him to transform into the Ghost Rider. As he breaks out of jail, Blackheart realizes the Ghost Rider is looking for him again, and sends Abigor, a wind-elemental, to stop him. Johnny successfully evades the police, kills Abigor, and escapes to the cemetery, where the caretaker tells him about his predecessor, Carter Slade, and how he hid the Contract of San Venganza.

  • Matt Long as Young Johnny Blaze
  • Raquel Alessi as Young Roxanne Simpson
  • Brett Cullen as Barton Blaze
  • Wes Bentley as Blackheart
  • Sam Elliott as Carter Slade/Ghost Rider/Caretaker
  • Peter Fonda as Mephisto
  • Donal Logue as Mack
  • Laurence Breuls as Gressil
  • Daniel Frederiksen as Wallow
  • Mathew Wilkinson as Abigor
  • Gibson Nolte as Stuart
  • David Roberts as Captain Jack Dolan
  • Arthur Angel as Officer Edwards
  • There are many reasons why Ghost Rider isn't getting another film for now, mostly because of how poorly this film and it's sequel were reviewed. [1]

Gallery [ ]

Alternate posters [ ].

Ghost Rider (film)

  • The film concludes with a rendition of the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Australian band Spiderbait.
  • 50 image(s) from Ghost Rider (film)

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  • ↑ The real reason Marvel won't give Ghost Rider another movie Looper . Retrieved on 31 August 2017.
  • 1 Peter Parker (Earth-616)
  • 2 Muse (Earth-616)
  • 3 Earth-616

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Ghost Rider

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Roberto "Robbie" Reyes is a car mechanic who, upon being killed by the Fifth Street Locos , was resurrected by Johnny Blaze and found himself imbued with a power to transform into Ghost Rider . Seeking vengeance for his death, and his brother 's disability following the attack on their lives, Ghost Rider proceeded to track down and destroy these criminals until he was tracked down by Quake , who sought to bring an end to Reyes' massacres. Eventually, Quake had led Reyes to S.H.I.E.L.D. and he assisted them in battling against Lucy Bauer and her search for the Darkhold which contained an ancient power. Learning his uncle Eli Morrow had planned and succeeded in getting his powers, he helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to kill him and the Chinatown Crew , but in the process Reyes had allowed himself to be teleported to Hell . Eventually, Ghost Rider escaped, just in time to help S.H.I.E.L.D. take down the crazed Aida , and rid the world of the Darkhold for good.

  • 1.1.1 Family Struggles
  • 1.1.2 Origins of Ghost Rider
  • 1.2.1 Questioning Gang Member
  • 1.2.2 Discovered by Quake
  • 1.2.3 Helping Gabe
  • 1.2.4 Questioned by Quake
  • 1.2.5 Searching for Guilt
  • 1.2.6 Hunting Ghosts
  • 1.2.7 Working with Quake
  • 1.3.1 Hell Charger vs L.O.L.A.
  • 1.3.2 Fighting Hellfire
  • 1.3.3 Frustration with S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 1.3.4 South Ridge Penitentiary Riot
  • 1.3.5 Murder of Santino Noguera
  • 1.3.6 Explaining the Truth
  • 1.3.7 Conflict with Jeffrey Mace
  • 1.3.8 Destroying Lucy Bauer
  • 1.4.1 Trapped Between Realms
  • 1.4.2 Meeting the Spirit of Vengeance
  • 1.4.3 Attack on Eli Morrow
  • 1.4.4 Self-Sacrifice
  • 1.5.1 Through the Gateway
  • 1.5.2 Attacking Aida
  • 1.5.3 Reunited with S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 1.5.4 Return to Hell
  • 2 Personality
  • 3.2 Abilities
  • 4.1 Weapons
  • 4.2 Other Equipment
  • 4.3 Vehicles
  • 5 Facilities
  • 6.3 Enemies
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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ], family struggles [ ].

Robbie Reyes was born to Alberto Reyes and Juliana Reyes . He was raised in Los Angeles by his uncle Eli Morrow with his younger brother Gabe . [3] Reyes dropped out of Garfield High School in eleventh grade and instead took a job working at Canelo's Auto and Body . [1]

Origins of Ghost Rider [ ]

The Good Samaritan 1

Reyes is caught stealing the Hell Charger

One day, Reyes had decided to steal his uncle, Eli Morrow 's, car and take it for an illegal drag race in Los Angeles . While he was quietly pushing the car out of the drive in order not to disturb his uncle, Reyes was caught by Gabe Reyes who questioned what he was doing. Filled with his own ego, Reyes invited Gabe to join him for the race and they went cruising around the neighborhood, with Gabe teasing Reyes that he was not allowed to help him with his homework and Reyes would only help him fail if he tried.


Reyes attempts to save his brother 's life

As they drove down the street together, joking and teasing one another as usual, a group of the Fifth Street Locos pulled up in front of their car. When Reyes honked his horn, trying to get them to move out of his way, he was horrified to witness the gang members throwing a molotov cocktail at him and his brother, causing the front of the Hell Charger to be engulfed in flames. Reyes put the car in reverse and used his driving skills to attempt to escape their attackers; however, before long, the Locos caught up with the brothers and fired at their car, causing them both to be hit with bullets and their car to crash.


Reyes is thrown from the car and killed

The injuries suffered in the attack caused Gabe to lose his ability to walk, and Robbie was thrown from the car, flying through the air with his body covered in bullet wounds. As he was falling through the air, Reyes' last thought was a plea to God, to the universe, to anyone who would listen, that Gabe be spared. He swore he would give anything to save Gabe, as he blamed himself for the incident. Reyes then hit the ground, the impact killing him. However, in the darkness, Reyes heard a voice which asked him if he wanted a second chance, did he want to punish those who hurt his brother, did he want to avenge his own death. Reyes said "Yes. more than anything yes." and a moment later he was alive again.

First flame

Johnny Blaze turns Reyes into Ghost Rider

A mysterious stranger on a motorcycle appeared and pulled Gabe out of the burning car to safety. The stranger then approached Robbie, revealing himself to be Johnny Blaze , a demonic being with a flaming skull for a head. Blaze touched Robbie, and transferred the Spirit of vengeance into Robbie, turning him into the new Ghost Rider, before disappearing. It would be over five years before Robbie told Gabe the truth about what happened that night, as Robbie feared that Gabe would not understand. [4] Eli Morrow was later sent to South Ridge Penitentiary on charges of attempted murder of his former employer, but he told Robbie that this person deserved it. [3]

Vengeance Spree [ ]


Ghost Rider's image is graffitied on a wall

Having gained the power of Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes used this power to track down and bring vengeance upon those he deemed as guilty and deserving of death. This included members of the terrorist group the Watchdogs , the Fifth Street Locos , a corrupt cop, city councilman Roger Perez and the pedophilic school teacher Thomas Wright . This activity made Ghost Rider a feared symbol in Los Angeles , with his story being told and his image being spray-painted on walls. [1]

Questioning Gang Member [ ]


Ghost Rider attacks with the Hell Charger

Having discovered that members of the Aryan Brotherhood had stolen a crate containing some mysterious cargo , Reyes chased them down in his Hell Charger . He found the men in a confrontation with Quake , and sped the car towards their truck before R. Moore fired a rocket launcher at it. The explosion briefly launched the car into the air and engulfed it in flames, but this only caused him to transform into Ghost Rider and attack the gunmen, smashing the Hell Charger into them and killing D. Anderson upon impact with the side of the car.


Ghost Rider kills Aryan Brotherhood members

Creating a ring of fire around their vehicles, Ghost Rider trapped the criminals and unknowingly prevented Quake's intervention. He burnt M. Scott 's soul before brutally killing two more of the gang members by bashing in their heads to break their skulls and ripping out one man's spine. Grabbing T. Mitchell , Ghost Rider knocked him out and stuffed him in the back of the Hell Charger, intending to question him further before getting back into his car and driving away before the police could stop him, giving Quake a brief look at his burning skull as he stepped into the Hell Charger and left.


Reyes tortures and questions T. Mitchell

Back at El Monte Junk and Salvage , Reyes chained T. Mitchell up and demanded to know why he had stolen a lorry, flicking his keys in his hand as a way of unnerving the prisoner. Mitchell claimed that he was working for the Chinatown Crew under Chen 's orders, but Reyes did not believe his tale as he thought the Aryan Brotherhood would never work for the Chinese due to their own racist views and resorted to hitting him repeatedly in the head, although Mitchell insisted that he was telling the truth. Reyes then noted that he would soon have to confess to Ghost Rider, who would know if he was guilty.


Reyes overhears S.H.I.E.L.D. agents talking

Once Mitchell gave him its location, Reyes located the truck and disguised himself as a member of the same company to get close to it. Eventually, Reyes overheard a conversation between Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie , who had come to investigate its disappearance as finding it could help them locate Quake. Instead of seeing a deal going down to sell the crate to Chen, Reyes watched as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents found two corpses who had torn each other apart due to having come into contact with Lucy Bauer 's ghostly form and been driven mad.


Reyes prepares to execute T. Mitchell

Having learned all he could from his captive, Reyes decided that the best move was to kill Mitchell, who was clearly guilty and did not know anything else that could help him. Returning to El Monte Junk and Salvage , Reyes explained that he had seen nothing there that Mitchell had promised and got into his car. Mitchell realized that Reyes was going to kill him and made a desperate plea for mercy, but Reyes dismissed him and drove the burning Hell Charger straight into Mitchell, crushing his body and killing him, with Reyes showing absolutely no sympathy to the terrified criminal. [1]

Discovered by Quake [ ]

TG Robbie Reyes

Reyes prepares the Hell Charger for the night

While preparing to hunt down the Chinatown Crew and kill them all in order to regain the crate which contained Lucy Bauer , Reyes got his Hell Charger ready and then stepped outside of El Monte Junk and Salvage , only to find himself greeted by Quake , who claimed she wanted to locate a car of the same model as the Hell Charger. Reyes greeted her with a smile and claimed to not be able to help as he only worked nights and recommended she come back in the morning to speak to Canelo , which she said she would do while she thanked Reyes.

The Ghost 1

Reyes is found and questioned by Quake

However, Reyes recognized Quake from the night when Ghost Rider had attacked the Aryan Brotherhood and sensed her as a threat, he later decided to take her out of the situation and invited her into the office to check the records to look for the car, planning on subduing her during this time. As they walked, Reyes joked about the poor state of the repair shop and pointed out the office and asked if she lived in Los Angeles and she claimed to only be visiting, with Reyes noting that this was not a nice neighborhood to spend a holiday, all which flicking his keys in his hand which caught Quake's attention as he had been doing it the other night.


Reyes prepares to fight against Quake

When Reyes attempted to attack her, Quake used her Inhuman powers to send a shockwave which threw Reyes backwards into a van. Taking a steel pool and igniting it in flame, Reyes noted that Quake had the devil inside her too before attacking her. As they fought, Quake pushed her hand onto Reyes' chest and tried to break his bones while she confronted Reyes over the deaths of Roger Perez and Thomas Wright , although Reyes claimed that they deserved to die as each were killers and pedophiles, noting that their deaths were vengeance.


Reyes transforms himself into Ghost Rider

Quake told Reyes that he did not get to decide who lived and who died, but Reyes informed her that it was not him who decided. With this Reyes underwent his transformation, burning the flesh off his skin until he reached the bone, turning into Ghost Rider. Using various steel beams left around in Canelo's Auto and Body shop, Ghost Rider created new burning weapons for himself to then attack Quake, only for her to use her own shockwave powers to disarm him and keep the Rider at bay, as she knew a single burn from him would prove to be fatal.

Ghost Rider Spares Quake

Ghost Rider refuses to kill Quake

Knocking Quake to the ground with a single punch, Ghost Rider drops a large steel cart on her, only for Quake to keep it from falling with a shockwave. As she laid defenseless on the ground, Quake asked Ghost Rider to kill her, as she was still remorseful for her part in the tragic death of her fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and boyfriend Lincoln Campbell months before. Despite her request to die as she felt she deserved it, Ghost Rider looked inside her soul and decided that she did not deserve to die, and instead walked away from her as she continued to hold up the cabinet with her powers. [1]

Helping Gabe [ ]


Reyes waits to meet his brother

The next day, Reyes waited on the side of the street in Los Angeles to collect his brother, Gabe Reyes , while considering what had occurred the night before. Once Gabe finally arrived, Reyes collected Gabe's wheelchair from the back of the car and lifted his brother into it, thanking Janet for giving him a ride as the bus had apparently broken down.


Reyes spends his day with Gabe Reyes

He then pushed the chair down the street while teasing his brother about trying to get a date with their friend Janet's little sister, while Gabe joked that he had been helping Reyes' boss Canelo do Reyes' paperwork for him, as Reyes struggled with the paperwork due to failing to finish high school, only getting as far as the eleventh grade. While the brothers talked and joked with one another, they were secretly being watched by Quake who was attempting to learn Reyes' emotional weakness, which was clearly his love for his brother, who he remained highly protective of no matter what. [1]

Questioned by Quake [ ]


Reyes arrives at work and greets Canelo

Leaving his home, Reyes got into his Hell Charger and drove through Los Angeles to get to work at Canelo's Auto and Body . Once Reyes arrived he was invited to join a debate between Canelo and another colleague about the football game that had been on television the night before, but Reyes explained that he had missed the game as he had been out while it was on. While Canelo teased Reyes about meeting a mystery girl , Reyes claimed that he was only interested in vehicles.


Reyes searches for his seeming stalker

Continuing his work, Reyes helped a woman fill out her paperwork for the car he had just repaired for her and told her that she could pay inside, while he became distracted by Daisy Johnson's Van , which had pulled up outside and had not moved in several hours. Becoming suspicious, Reyes took a crowbar and walked over to the van to see who exactly was following him. Reyes opened the van door and charged inside, crowbar at the ready, only to discover it was empty, allowing him to relax once again and put his weapon away as he planned on continuing his day by working.


Reyes learns Daisy Johnson has found him

Walking back inside, Reyes found Daisy Johnson was having a talk with Canelo, claiming that she and Reyes had gone to Garfield High School together. Johnson mockingly claimed that she was there because her Van had mysteriously burst into flames the night before, clearly commenting on what she had seen Reyes do during their previous fight. She noted that Canelo had told her that Reyes was an expert with this sort of thing and he agreed to work on her van in order to keep his secret away from Canelo and the other people he worked with so that he could keep them all safe.


Reyes warns Daisy Johnson to leave now

As they continued working on the van together, Johnson questioned Reyes about the danger of something catching fire and being a problem, but Reyes strongly hinted that she should leave it alone before she got hurt. Johnson questioned Reyes about if his victims really deserved to die but Reyes told her she should not have come. Canelo joined the conversation as they joked about Reyes' past and personality. Once Canelo had gone he warned her to leave now but Johnson used her Inhuman power to damage her van so he had to stay longer while he continued to repair the damage.


Reyes explains he sold his soul to the Devil

Johnson continued to question Reyes about his killings, with Reyes insisting that they deserved to die and his killings were vengeance. Johnson noted that there was a group called the Watchdogs who were hunting Inhumans , but Reyes corrected her that he was not an Inhuman, telling her he had sold his soul to the devil, a statement that Johnson found very hard to believe. Reyes told Johnson that he was willing to have another fight against her as he had nothing to lose, but Johnson noted that his brother would be saddened to lose him, which greatly angered Reyes.


Reyes furiously attacks Daisy Johnson

Just at that moment, Canelo told Reyes that he was leaving and wanted him to lock up the garage while he was gone. Once his friend had left, Reyes grabbed a wrench and set it aflame, telling Johnson she should not have mentioned his brother. Johnson used her powers to throw a car at Reyes, but he dodged the falling vehicle and kept moving toward her with his eyes burning, grabbing a piece of the engine and setting it on fire as a new weapon. The fight was very brief as Reyes fractured Johnson's arm which was weakened by her repeated use of her power before knocking her out. [5]

Searching for Guilt [ ]


Reyes speaks to the captured Daisy Johnson

Reyes tied up Daisy Johnson in Canelo 's office as he began going through the possessions which he had stolen from inside her van . Once Johnson awoke, Reyes informed her that this was the first caught anybody had caught him and he was still deciding on what to do next. Reyes noted how Johnson clearly had a death wish and before he could kill her, he needed to find some kind of proof that she deserved to die which he was unsure really existed.


Reyes discovers Daisy Johnson 's reason for guilt

The pair began to discuss each other's motives for what they were doing, with Reyes noting there was something in her past that was haunting her, while Johnson joked that this was coming from a man convinced he was possessed by the devil. Eventually, Reyes found a photograph of Lincoln Campbell and concluded that Johnson felt guilt for somebody who had died due to her and she felt that this was her fault entirely. Johnson asked why he had hunted down the Aryan Brotherhood members, noting they were working with the Chinatown Crew who were supplying them with new weapons.


Reyes chases down a team of scientists

When Johnson noted that they had stolen some kind of a weapon from the Pasadena Momentum Laboratory within Pasadena , Reyes taped up Johnson's mouth and running to the Hell Charger . Just as Reyes drove down the road, Johnson broke free and managed to leap onto the roof of the car as Reyes sped through Los Angeles . To shake her off, Reyes summoned the power of Ghost Rider, roaring as he did so, and caused flames to burst out of the car which forced Johnson to jump off while he continued to drive through the roads and towards the lab as fast as he could. [5]

Hunting Ghosts [ ]


Ghost Rider saves Leo Fitz from Frederick

Arriving at Momentum Labs , Reyes found Frederick who was close to killing Leo Fitz , having locked Alphonso Mackenzie inside a radiation reactor core. Just as Reyes pulled Frederick away from Fitz in time and bypassed his intangibility, Frederick looked at him straight in the eyes, with his own eyes burning red with fire. Just as Frederick questioned what Reyes was, he gave out a roar and transformed himself into Ghost Rider, much to Fitz's horror as he looked upon Ghost Rider's completely terrifying burning skull and yellow eyes.

Ghost Rider kills Frederick

Reyes burns and kills Frederick

While Fitz focused his efforts on trying to free his S.H.I.E.L.D. ally, Ghost Rider continued to hold onto Frederick, transforming his hand into flame and started burning him which completely killed him. While Daisy Johnson arrived and used her Inhuman powers to free Mackenzie and Fitz shut down the core before it overloaded, Ghost Rider found an image of the scientists from Momentum Labs, including Lucy Bauer , and stole it before leaving, with Johnson telling Mackenzie not to follow him or even try and engage him in a fight, knowing how dangerous Ghost Rider was. [5]

Working with Quake [ ]

Giving a Ride

Reyes offers Daisy Johnson a ride

While driving the Hell Charger , Reyes came across Daisy Johnson , whose van had stopped working altogether. Reyes asked if she was working with S.H.I.E.L.D. and she assured him that she was not now; Reyes then asked if she wanted to know what was connecting the Watchdogs , Aryan Brotherhood , Chinatown Crew and Momentum Labs , claiming he might be the connecting piece himself. Reyes then allowed her to enter his car as they drove away to continue their investigation. [5]


Reyes speaks to Daisy Johnson

Reyes and Johnson drove down the street until Reyes decided to pull over to get some petrol at a Roxxon Gas Station , all the while with Johnson attempting to make small talk with him. They overheard on another car's radio that the Inhumans had seemingly caused a blackout in Miami , with Reyes noting that he feared for his brother's safety if they were affected. They were then also caught in the EMP Strike that hit Los Angeles . Fortunately, Reyes' Hell Charger was unaffected by the attack, since had been made a few years before electronics were put in cars, allowing them to drive to Gabe's location.


Reyes and Daisy Johnson discuss Ghost Rider

Driving through the roads which were not filled with cars that had all been knocked out by the blackout, they swiftly hurried to find Reyes' brother, Gabe Reyes , who has been left stranded in the middle of the city. While they were looking for him, Reyes mentioned that his uncle Elias Morrow worked for Momentum Energy . Johnson revealed that she knew his uncle was in jail for attempted murder, but Reyes said his uncle had a reason for attacking that person . Reyes then discussed what his power was, with Johnson questioning his story of selling his soul to the devil, which did not bother Reyes.


Reyes saves his brother from street punks

Reyes and Johnson eventually found Gabe getting harassed by some punks who were joking about stealing his wheelchair. When a Pistol Punk placed his hands on Reyes' car, despite being warned against it, Reyes turned the Hell Charger red hot, burning his hands. They proceeded to fight the bullies without using their powers, but Johnson was forced to use her own Inhuman power to save Gabe, shattering the bones in her arm in the process. Eventually, Reyes and Johnson beat up all the punks using their bare hands before putting Gabe in the car and quickly driving away to safety.

Uprising 6

Reyes questions where Daisy Johnson is

Returning to the Reyes Residence for their own safety, Reyes lit some candles while recommending that Johnson take her fractured arm to the hospital for treatment, while noting that he never got hurt since transforming into Ghost Rider healed all his injuries. That night, Reyes returned to Canelo's Auto and Body to make sure the place made it through the blackout; however, just before he left, he informed Johnson that Gabe was unaware of his powers and asked her not to reveal his secret. Back in Los Angeles by the next morning, Reyes returned home and asked his brother where Johnson was only to be told that she had disappeared during the night. [6]

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D. [ ]

Hell charger vs l.o.l.a. [ ].

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire 7

Reyes is spotted by Alphonso Mackenzie

As Reyes pulled up to South Ridge Penitentiary to visit his uncle Eli Morrow , he spotted two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were just leaving, however Reyes locked eyes with Alphonso Mackenzie who then recognized him from their earlier encounter when Reyes had killed the ghostly Frederick at Momentum Labs . Reyes took off driving the Hell Charger when he and Mackenzie recognized each other, with the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents giving chase as Reyes drove through the streets of Los Angeles in a desperate attempt to escape.


Reyes is knocked out after the car chase

As Mackenzie and Phil Coulson chased down the escaping Reyes in their own car L.O.L.A. , they drove through traffic as Reyes attempted to lose them however he could, eventually ending up driving through the Los Angeles River where the open stretch gave Reyes' car the clear advantage. Before long, Reyes was able to roar far ahead from L.O.L.A. due to the Charger's impressive power. However, before he could escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Reyes is knocked unconscious when he crashed into a camouflaged Quinjet which was there waiting for him, with Coulson questioning if now he owned Reyes' car.


Reyes is questioned by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

S.H.I.E.L.D. took Reyes and his car into their custody, locking him inside the Containment Module to protect them from his deadly powers, although Reyes questioned if it really could contain him. Coulson questioned Reyes, noting that he knew about his past at Garfield High School before he had begun working at Canelo's Auto and Body before asking about his murders, which Reyes insisted were justified as he only killed those he deserved to die. When Coulson asked if he was an Inhuman , Reyes insisted he was not and had sold his soul to the actual devil himself.


Reyes is offered a deal from Phil Coulson

Taking a risk, Coulson decided his best option was to let Reyes out of the Containment Module and work together. Reyes commented on the foolishness of this concept, noting that he could cause Zephyr One to crash if he turned himself into flame. Coulson noted that Reyes had saved Leo Fitz from Frederick and they were likely on the same side, both looking for answers. Coulson asked that Reyes speak to his uncle about what was going on and help them find answers, but not before threatening to throw him out the plane if he refused to help them in their current mission.

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire 13

Reyes speaks with his uncle, Eli Morrow

Reyes was taken back to the jail where he was able to speak to Eli Morrow on S.H.I.E.L.D. 's behalf. Once he was convinced that S.H.I.E.L.D. only wanted to help, Morrow revealed that Momentum Labs and Doctor Lucy Bauer were working on a machine that defied the laws of physics. The machine blew up, "killing" everyone except for Morrow and Bauer's husband Joseph Bauer , who Morrow put into a coma because he blamed him for what happened. Morrow told Reyes that if Bauer was still alive somehow, she would now be going after " the book " which could hold the answers to not only what happened to them but how to also fix them again. [3]

Fighting Hellfire [ ]


Reyes is given new orders from Phil Coulson

Reyes was given a ride in a Quinjet as he returned to Zephyr One to find Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie getting their weapons ready. Reyes questioned if they were going after the book , noting that it had taken him a while to catch up with their plane, but they then explained that something else had come up. Despite holding up his end of their dead, Reyes chose to go with Coulson and Mackenzie when they get an alert about an Inhuman asset who was currently in danger.


Ghost Rider reveals itself to Hellfire

Reyes joined S.H.I.E.L.D. as they traveled to a storage unit where Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons were being attacked by Hellfire , who had betrayed them to join the Watchdogs . Before James could kill the pair, Reyes stole his Hellfire Chain and ordered Johnson and Simmons to escape. James attempted to fight Reyes, throwing an exploding ball at his head but was shocked when his powers seem to have no effect on him, with Reyes telling James that it was time to pay for his sins before then transforming into Ghost Rider, much to Hellfire's utter horror.

Ghost Rider vs Hellfire

Ghost Rider attacks and threatens Hellfire

Using his own Hellfire Chain against him, Ghost Rider tied James up and pins him against a wall, preparing to rip his body apart. However, James remained determined to be the last of the Inhumans to die during the massacre he was planning with the Watchdogs, and instead used his powers to break the wall apart behind him. The two burning enemies then fell backwards into the Primed and Ready Fireworks 's storage warehouse. Their combined powers of causing fire then starting a chain reaction where all of the fireworks in the store go off together causing a massive explosion.

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire 23

Reyes drags Hellfire out of the wreckage

As the fireworks continued to explode from inside the building, it was eventually practically completely destroyed just right after Coulson, Mackenzie, Johnson, and Simmons had gotten out of there and watched the display from the safety of the car park. Once the explosions settled down, Reyes walked up to them while dragging an unconscious James whose body and clothing were still smoking from the intense heat, noting that Coulson had requested that Hellfire be kept alive despite what Ghost Rider intended. Reyes then left Hellfire with Simmons for medical treatment before returning to the Quinjet , keeping the Hellfire Chain for himself.


Reyes learns of Lucy Bauer and the Darkhold

With Johnson and Reyes in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, Coulson convinces the two vigilantes to put their fight with the Watchdogs aside and focus on the greater threat - the Darkhold , an ancient grimoire that had been hunted by the Red Skull , Daniel Whitehall and even Nick Fury , and now Lucy Bauer was also currently searching for it. Fortunately for them, the person who could help them find it, Joseph Bauer , just came out of his coma before telling them that right now S.H.I.E.L.D. needed their help in order to finally stop Bauer's plans with the dangerous book. [3]

Frustration with S.H.I.E.L.D. [ ]


Reyes learns Phil Coulson is not using him

Reyes listened as Phil Coulson discussed the power of the Darkhold with Alphonso Mackenzie and Melinda May , with Coulson noting that they could not trust Jeffrey Mace with this information, but felt Reyes could be useful to their new investigation. Coulson suggested their next move would be to speak with Eli Morrow although Reyes insisted his uncle would not speak with S.H.I.E.L.D. , although Coulson explained he planned on bringing Marrow out of prison.


Reyes has a private talk with Daisy Johnson

Although Reyes insisted that he should join any mission involving his family, Coulson refused ordered him to stay on the plane. Furious about this, Reyes stormed off to an isolated part of Zephyr One where he found Daisy Johnson , who explained that if he was to leave he would be stuck in Utah . Reyes and Johnson argued about his methods before she revealed that she was trying to keep her distance from her former comrades out of fear of getting close to them, which she had been since Lincoln Campbell 's death, with Reyes noting he could see why.


Reyes learns that Eli Morrow is in danger

Before long Coulson contacted Zephyr One requesting help from Mackenzie as Lucy Bauer and the other ghosts were already at South Ridge Penitentiary and were likely looking for Morrow as he had put Joseph Bauer into a coma. Although at first, Mackenzie was reluctant to bring Reyes on the mission, noting that everyone in the prison desired to die so Ghost Rider could not be trusted. Johnson, however, argued that Reyes was their only advantage as he could kill the ghosts while the other agents could not even touch them so Mackenzie agreed. [2]

South Ridge Penitentiary Riot [ ]


Reyes and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrive at the prison

Once Leo Fitz had arrived on Zephyr One and provided the agents with the Ghost Infection Antidote , they loaded into the Containment Module which took them to the ground where split up into two teams, Daisy Johnson and two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents went to find Phil Coulson while Mackenzie and Reyes searched for Eli Morrow , who they assumed the ghosts were targeting, noting that the guards would likely be infected.


Reyes encounters Santino Noguera in jail

Once inside, Reyes struggled to contain Ghost Rider upon seeing so many criminals and murderers in their cell. When Reyes then recognized Santino Noguera as a member of the Fifth Street Locos , stepping over to Noguera, Reyes almost lost control upon seeing a member of the gang that had once almost killed himself and his brother . Mackenzie pulled him away and promised Reyes that he'll put him down if he loses control of his powers, but Reyes assured him he would not be using his power and he needed to keep his secret hidden from his uncle.

RobbIe Reyes-Lockup

Reyes kills Vincent with a chain

As they stepped into the boiler room, Mackenzie and Reyes were both cornered by the two ghosts following Bauer, with Mackenzie then shooting Vincent with his Shotgun-Axe with no effect. Reyes armed himself with a chain and ripped Vincent in half, dropping it as it now burned red hot. However, Hugo then appeared and infected Mackenzie with the psychosis by walking through him and smiling at the effect, only for Reyes to use his own powers to burn Hugo and destroy him. Mackenzie gave himself the antidote as he saw Reyes' face distort into a terrifying demonic shape.


Reyes frees Eli Morrow from his prison cell

As the situation within the prison deteriorated into a riot , Reyes and Mackenzie found Morrow and explained that they were breaking him out of prison. Mackenzie used the Pick-Lock Device to break open his door and they made their way out, despite Morrow being unhappy at S.H.I.E.L.D. 's involvement under it was explained that Bauer had gained powers and was in possession of the Darkhold . With the situation getting worse, Mackenzie ordered Reyes and Morrow to go on without him so he could help some trapped members of the prison staff. [2]

Murder of Santino Noguera [ ]


Reyes furiously confronts Santino Noguera

As they made their way through the prison , Reyes once again saw Santino Noguera , and told Eli Morrow to get out of there so he could finish something. With his uncle gone, Reyes confronted Noguera, who was simply reading a Stephen King book in his cell rather than rioting . Reyes asked Noguera if he knew anything about a drive-by the Fifth Street Locos conducted on a pair of kids cruising through Los Angeles that ended with the gang shooting them and even lighting the Hell Charger on fire.

Ghost Rider in Prison 1

Ghost Rider murders Santino Noguera

Noguera revealed the drive-by was actually a hit that had failed to kill the kids but Reyes revealed that one of them was now paralyzed. Noguera was unable to reveal who had ordered the hit as he was already in prison at the time everyone who could have known was already dead, having been brutally burned alive. Reyes then noted that there was still one Fifth Street member still alive and turned into Ghost Rider before he incinerated the terrified Noguera, finishing off the Locos once and for all. The rioting prisoners saw this and returned to their cells, terrified of Ghost Rider.


Reyes learns Lucy Bauer kidnapped his uncle

With Noguera now dead, Ghost Rider transformed himself back into Reyes and made his way outside, finding Alphonso Mackenzie with Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson . When Reyes questioned where his uncle was, Mackenzie made it clear that he did not know, noting that he had left them alone together. To Reyes' horror, it was discovered that Lucy Bauer had found and kidnapped Morrow during the chaos of the riot and they had no idea where they had gone. Returning to Zephyr One , Reyes took time alone to hate himself for his foolish mistake in leaving his uncle alone during the riot. [2]

Explaining the Truth [ ]


Reyes brings in Gabe Reyes for his safety

Fearing for his safety in the wake of Eli Morrow 's kidnapping, Reyes requested that Gabe Reyes be brought onto Zephyr One . Once Gabe arrived, Reyes had greeted him and was questioned about what was happening, with Gabe believing that Reyes was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent which would have explained several strange things as Daisy Johnson claimed this was the truth, which had made Reyes somewhat uncomfortable. As Gabe questioned why he was being told, Johnson explained it was for his protection since Morrow was kidnapped.


Reyes decides it's time to admit the truth

However, shortly after Gabe arrived, news came in that Jeffrey Mace was arriving in a Quinjet looking to arrest Reyes and Johnson, so they moved into the Containment Module which Alphonso Mackenzie hid underneath the Zephyr. While they waited, Johnson claimed they were being hunted because of her, but when Gabe questioned why they had to hide with her, Reyes had enough and decided it was time to tell his brother the truth. He then reminded Gabe of the time they drove the Hell Charger and were attacked by the Fifth Street Locos in the night.

TGS Robbie

Reyes explains how he became Ghost Rider

Reyes explained that when the car crashed, he had felt incredible guilt for getting Gabe killed and begged for a way to save him before being violently killed upon impact with the ground. Although Gabe remembered a Good Samaritan who had come to their aid and saved them, Reyes explained that it was not a good samaritan, but was in fact Johnny Blaze pulled up on his Hell Cycle and had infected him with Ghost Rider, bringing him back to life and cursing him with the need to bring justice to those doing evil, although Gabe was now furious that Reyes used him as an excuse for murder. [4]

Conflict with Jeffrey Mace [ ]


Reyes and Quake are found by Jeffrey Mace

However, before long, Jeffrey Mace discovered their location and attempted to have them all put into his custody due to the damage that could be done to S.H.I.E.L.D. 's reputation if it was discovered that they were aided a known fugitive and murderer. Reyes confronted Mace about if he could find Eli Morrow , but Mace was not interested in that mission anymore despite Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz 's objections.


Ghost Rider furiously breaking himself free

Reyes, however, refused to be locked in the Containment Module any longer and began pounding on the doors to try and break free while Daisy Johnson insisted it was impossible to escape. However, Reyes became more enraged and eventually transformed himself into Ghost Rider and continued to pound on the door with all his might, much to Gabe Reyes ' horror. Despite Fitz's insistence to Director Mace that he could not escape, Ghost Rider quickly proved them all wrong by smashing the doors apart and stepping outside in a now furious rage.


Ghost Rider furiously attacks Jeffrey Mace

Targeting the man keeping him from vengeance, Ghost Rider then attacked Director Mace, only to discover the Director had incredible strength and durability. Ghost Rider was launched across Zephyr One but continued fighting against the Director, who insisted upon being the one to battle him. Before long, Ghost Rider managed to pin Mace against a staircase and began hitting him repeatedly, attempting to beat him to death and refusing to stop even when Coulson tried to pull him away, throwing Coulson back in his fury for vengeance against Director Mace.


Ghost Rider stops attacking Jeffrey Mace

Although Coulson begged Ghost Rider to stop, promising him that they would find his uncle , Ghost Rider's rage could seemingly not be stopped as he continued to beat Mace into submission. However, it was Gabe Reyes who eventually managed to reach him, begging his brother to stop what he was doing, this did reach Reyes who snuffed out Ghost Rider's fire and transformed back into human form, with his skin soon healing from the burns that the transformation inflicted upon his body while Gabe still looked on his horror, much to Reyes' great shame.


Reyes is allowed to help with their mission

Despite the incident, Coulson was eventually able to convince Director Mace to work with Reyes in order to stop Lucy Bauer from using the Darkhold to unleash some kind of terror upon the world. They soon tracked Bauer to a disused Roxxon Power Plant and Reyes joined the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on the mission. When Melinda May questioned why Reyes had been brought on the mission, Coulson explained they had the same goal and he was the only one who could kill Bauer. Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson explained she could not hack into the Plant. [4]

Destroying Lucy Bauer [ ]


Reyes is confronted by Lucy Bauer

As Reyes made his way through the Roxxon Power Plant with Phil Coulson and Melinda May , they discovered that they could not communicate with Zephyr One from inside the base due to losing signal. As they continued forward, they were soon confronted by Lucy Bauer , with Reyes promising that he would deal with her. Reyes told Bauer that his uncle was Eli Morrow , noting that he was Robbie not Gabe Reyes as his eyes burned red.


Reyes burns Lucy Bauer to a violent death

Bauer explained that Joseph Bauer had hired the Fifth Street Locos to kill Morrow and the Reyes brothers should not have been harmed, explaining that Morrow had transformed her into this ghostly monster during his attempts to play god, although Reyes refused to believe her stories. Although Bauer attempted to infect Reyes by walking through him, he was unaffected and grabbed her arm, promising to make her pay. As Bauer noted he had the same fire in him that Morrow had, Reyes promised that his fire was worse before engulfing Bauer in flames as she screamed in agony.


Reyes is consumed by a blast of energy

With Bauer finally dead and the threat she posed against the world seemingly over, Reyes attempted to return to the Quinjet while Coulson and May found and rescued his uncle and reclaimed the Darkhold . However, as Reyes ran through the Power Plant's hallways to freedom, he was chased down by a blast of incredible energy from the center of the plant, which soon engulfed not only Reyes but also Coulson and Leo Fitz before they could escape, seemingly destroying all evidence of them as the Power Plant disappeared of all life, leaving only silence remaining. [4]

A New Deal [ ]

Trapped between realms [ ].

Deals With Our Devils 1

Reyes tries and fails to talk to Eli Morrow

In the wake of the blast, Reyes explored the corridors until he finally came across Eli Morrow ; however, when Reyes attempted to attack Morrow for lying about Lucy Bauer , he discovered he passed straight through his body and that Morrow was now unable to hear his voice. Reyes then witnessed Morrow using his own newly found powers to massacre an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. unit by impaling all of them with his carbon shards before calmly walking away, leaving a solid wall of carbon behind him to ensure no other agents could follow him as he escaped.

Deals With Our Devils 10

Reyes locates Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz

Reyes then witnessed Alphonso Mackenzie and Melinda May arriving on the scene and tried to explain that he was unable to stop Morrow from killing the agents despite his best efforts, only to quickly realize that they could not see or hear him either, without any explanation as to why this was happening to him alone or how he could possibly communicate with anybody ever again. However, while Reyes was considering his current terrible situation, Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz arrived and explained they were in the same situation and could see him. Being helped back onto his feet, Reyes questioned exactly what Morrow had done to them and how they could fix it.


Reyes tries to understand what is happening

Following the agents onto Zephyr One , Reyes watched the footage of their attack with the other trapped agents while noting that he did not believe they were actually dead but that the lights were darker and he had a pain in his stomach. Looking at their situation, Fitz was able to figure out that what had happened was they were currently being sucked down into the Multiverse , much to Reyes' confusion. Listening to the conversations, Reyes soon worked out that Morrow was working with the Chinatown Crew but was frustrated as he could not communicate with them to try and help locate Morrow.


Reyes feels a terrible cold through his body

Reyes went with Fitz to listen in as Jeffrey Mace contacted Jemma Simmons to inform her of Fitz's situation. While Reyes complained of serious pain in his stomach getting worse, Fitz listened to Mace's conversation and realized Mace and Burrows had sent Simmons on a secret mission with Ellen Nadeer and was now unable to reach her. While Fitz worried about Simmons and threatened to hit Mace when he was able to get back to Earth's dimension, Reyes collapsed in agony as he experienced unbearable cold, claiming he needed to get sunlight or some kind of warmth as he was currently dying.


Reyes feels the Spirit of Vengeance leaving

Still in agony, Reyes told Fitz and Coulson that he was being dragged down to Hell . Despite all of his best efforts to fight it, the Spirit of Vengeance then launched out of Reyes' body, lifting him high in the air before dropping Reyes back down to the ground hard. No longer in agony, Reyes realized what had happened as he saw Mackenzie attack agent James Davis and use his motorbike to drive off the plane to find Morrow, despite all Daisy Johnson 's best efforts to stop him. Seeing Johnson was taking his Hell Charger , Reyes got in the car in order to confront Mackenzie's new Ghost Rider. [10]

Meeting the Spirit of Vengeance [ ]


Reyes tries to communicate with Quake

With Daisy Johnson now driving the Hell Charger down the streets on Los Angeles to catch up with Alphonso Mackenzie , Reyes concerned himself with not only catching Mackenzie, but keeping his car safe from harm, as Johnson scrapped the side of it. Reyes tried to yell at Johnson despite her being unable to hear him, although he was able to send a message using the Hell Charger's indicator to tell Johnson where to go.

Deals With Our Devils 11

Reyes confronts the Spirit of Vengeance

Having arrived at a warehouse belonging to the Chinatown Crew , Reyes was forced to leave Johnson to fight off the criminals on her own while he went looking for his target. Before long, Reyes came across Mackenzie holding one of the gang members, Zhi and called out to him to stop what he was doing. Mackenzie noticed Reyes and revealed that the Spirit of Vengeance had complete control over his body who then proceeded to throw the gang member into a nearby wall and addressed Reyes directly, with Reyes claiming that although he had wanted the Spirit gone from his body for years, their work was not yet done and so he needed to return to him.


Reyes attempts to stop Alphonso Mackenzie

Reyes commanded the Spirit of Vengeance to release Mackenzie as he was truly a good man not capable of Vengeance and to possess him instead as Reyes had not gained his vengeance on Eli Morrow . The Spirit of Vengeance told Reyes that Mackenzie was a man without hope who was in pain from the loss of his own daughter and that the Spirit could live of that pain for years. The effects of the alternate dimension began to take their toll on Reyes once again and the Spirit acknowledged that it had escaped where he was being dragged down to and it was never going back there.


Reyes is given his Ghost Rider powers back

At this point, Daisy Johnson found the possessed Mackenzie who then transformed into Ghost Rider and prepared to attack her. Seeing no other choice to save himself, Mackenzie and Johnson from a fate seemingly worse than death, Reyes made a new deal with the Spirit of Vengeance; it would give him his vengeance on Marrow and in return Reyes would satisfy the spirits lust for blood. The Spirit of Vengeance accepted the deal and merged with Reyes once again and left Mackenzie's body, dragging Reyes down into Hell in order to complete this deal Reyes had now made with him.


Reyes manages to return to the Earth plane

Having quickly completed his deal with the Spirit, Reyes was able to use the Inter-Dimensional Gate that had been created by Holden Radcliffe and Aida to return to the Playground . There Reyes found Mackenzie sitting alone in the room while he was looking at a photograph of Hope Mackenzie as he fell through the Multiverse gateway and collapsed from exhaustion before slowly getting back onto his feet. Despite being clearly fearful of Reyes now he had the Spirit back, Mackenzie agreed to help settle Reyes' final score by finding and getting vengeance on Morrow. [10]

Attack on Eli Morrow [ ]


Reyes speaks with agent Alphonso Mackenzie

Having now finally tracked down Eli Morrow to the Chinatown Crew Headquarters , Reyes joined all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they prepared to storm it and take on Morrow and his men. As they prepared for the mission, Reyes spoke with Alphonso Mackenzie as he refused to wear a mask for the mission despite Jeffrey Mace wanting him to keep a low profile. Reyes and Mackenzie then briefly discussed the Spirit of Vengeance and their hope of him leaving them both for good once this mission to stop all of Morrow's devastating plans had been completed.

The Big Guns

Yo-Yo Rodriguez , Robbie Reyes and Quake

Having been joined by Quake and Yo-Yo Rodriguez , Reyes prepared to storm the building through the back door under the orders of Phil Coulson . Opening the doors and seeing that the hallway was now seemingly empty but completely dark, Quake sent in Rodriguez to use her Inhuman powers to run and the corridor and check that it was safe. However, this set off a bomb Morrow had left, nearly killing Rodriguez who barely escaped before she would have been engulfed in flames. Upon seeing this, Reyes walked in on his own.


Reyes searches around for Eli Morrow

As Reyes made his way through the base, he was soon attacked by several members of the Chinatown Crew who were attempting to defend Morrow, however, Reyes was able to easily fight them all off and continued on with his own mission, despite losing contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. along the way. Eventually, Reyes located a massive version of the Quantum Batteries that Morrow had built which held a Demon Core . Just as Reyes stepped inside the device, however, he was called out by Morrow who tried to convince his nephew to walk away from the base and return to the safety of home.


Reyes attempts to turn into Ghost Rider

Reyes, however, refused to leave and began to transform into Ghost Rider, forcing Morrow to impale Reyes with a shard of carbon, stopping his transformation. Morrow realized that Reyes had been hiding his secret of being Ghost Rider, noting he had heard stories of him while in South Ridge Penitentiary . Reyes explained he gained the power during the drive by shooting while Morrow still blamed Joseph and Lucy Bauer . When Reyes asked why Morrow had done it, he was told all Morrow had wanted was respect from all of his co-workers who had all looked down at him.


Reyes is impaled twice by Eli Morrow 's power

Despite Reyes still trying to get through to his uncle by reminding him of Gabe Reyes ' view of him and how he had gained himself a Ph.D. and a job at Momentum Labs , Morrow refused to listen. As Morrow ranted about how his newfound powers were making him a god, Reyes threatened him by claiming that now the devil was coming for him. At this moment, Reyes attempted to become Ghost Rider yet again, only for Morrow to impale him with another shard of carbon through the gut before then cruelly telling him whatever happened to him next was his own fault and walking away from Reyes. [11]

Self-Sacrifice [ ]


Reyes mocks all of Eli Morrow 's new powers

With Reyes impaled on the carbon spikes, Eli Morrow demonstrated his powers by creating water out of nothing, which failed to impress Reyes, despite Morrow claiming it would allow him to create life. However just as they were speaking, Phil Coulson arrived having been captured, telling Morrow that he was not a god, just a petty thief. Reyes watched Coulson explain that Morrow had been stealing compounds from the Multiverse .


Reyes is checked on by Phil Coulson

As Coulson checked on Reyes' condition, Reyes explained that he was still standing but he could feel the Spirit of Vengeance being dragged down to Hell again. Coulson continued to try and convince Morrow of his mistake and the risks involved, with Reyes telling him to listen, but Morrow refused to accept the truth due to what the Darkhold had told him. Seeing that Morrow could not be stopped by simply talking him into surrender, Coulson called on his team to attack and ordered Reyes to fight, Reyes called upon the Spirit of Vengeance and began his transformation once again.


Reyes transforms back into Ghost Rider

Reyes then watched as both Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie stormed into the room and attacked the Chinatown Crew , followed closely behind by Patriot who then used his own incredible strength to send the men flying back with a single punch. In order to ensure they had the advantage throughout, the team were then assisted by Yo-Yo Rodriguez who put the team in better positions in the blink of an eye before striking Morrow with a Neodymium Magnet , knocking him back in the Quantum Battery next to Reyes who had completed his own transformation back into Ghost Rider.


Ghost Rider finally burns Eli Morrow to death

With Morrow trapped and the Chinatown Crew defeated, Coulson tried to pull Ghost Rider to safety with the Hellfire Chain , however, Ghost Rider so noticed that Morrow had managed to break himself free and was trying to escape. Dropping the chain, Ghost Rider grabbed a hold of Morrow and set his entire body on fire, causing Morrow to scream in agony as he painfully burned to death. Ghost Rider made no attempt to escape as a final earthquake caused the box to then fall through the Inter-Dimensional Gate and disappear into the Multiverse, vanishing for several weeks. [11]

The Return [ ]

Through the gateway [ ].

Ghost Rider returns

Ghost Rider returns from Hell

After falling through the Hellmouth, Reyes was once again trapped in Hell for several weeks, doing the bidding of the Spirit of Vengeance in the wake of the deal he had made. While in Hell, the Spirit of Vengeance was in full control of Reyes' body and throughout the duration of their time in Hell all they did was fight and kill other beings that resided in Hell. [12] Reyes entered in possession of a mystical weapon called " Hellfire chain ". [13]

Reyes finally discovered a way to return to Earth when a tear ruptured in the dark dimension when Aida used the power of the Darkhold to create a human body for herself. As S.H.I.E.L.D. prepared to make a plan to stop Aida, who had also given herself Inhuman powers and was planning a world-changing disaster, Ghost Rider emerged through the Inter-Dimensional Gate where he wrapped his new acquired chain around himself and went to assist his allies to destroy Aida once and for all. [14]

Attacking Aida [ ]


Ghost Rider attacking the Superior

Following his return to the Earthly Plane, Reyes retrieved the Hell Charger and immediately drove it towards both Aida and the Darkhold , feeling like he was drawn to them. When he claimed that he had come to get the Book of Sins back, he was attacked by Life-Model Decoys of Anton Ivanov and Sergei Mishkin .

Ghost Rider Fights Aida

Ghost Rider attempts to destroy Aida

Ghost Rider quickly defeated both of them thanks to his superhuman strength and his Hellfire chain to decapitate Mishkin and also managed to burn Aida's arm. In a rage, Aida attacked Ghost Rider with electricity, causing his transformation. The Rider charged at her, filling Aida with fear and teleporting away, taking the Darkhold with her. Upon figuring out that she had disappeared, Ghost Rider roared in anger. [12]

Reunited with S.H.I.E.L.D. [ ]

World's End 10

Reyes returning to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Afterwards, Reyes was found by Daisy Johnson , who brought him aboard the Zephyr One after he told her about his fight against the LMDs. Phil Coulson asked Reyes how he managed to get out and find Aida, to which he answered that the Spirit of Vengeance felt drawn to anything made of dark matter, which included not only the Darkhold but Aida as well, since she had used the powers of the Book of Sins to create her body. Coulson and Johnson quickly understood that Ghost Rider was S.H.I.E.L.D. 's best chance of killing Aida.

World's End 29

Reyes confronting Aida

When Aida attacked an International Inquiry Committee with her LMDs, Reyes joined an assault team made of Johnson, Coulson and Melinda May in order to stop them. Successfully teaming up with Johnson, Reyes managed to destroy all the LMDs and, although Aida fled once again, they retrieved the Darkhold. Reyes returned to the Zephyr One with the others and told them that he would bring the book to Hell. However, Coulson asked him not to do it immediately, since they could use it as bait to lure Aida into a trap.

Aos422 1446

Reyes discussing the Framework

While all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were confronting Aida at the Playground , Reyes stayed with Johnson on the Zephyr One, telling her about his experience in Hell and helping her monitoring the vitals of Alphonso Mackenzie and Elena Rodriguez , who were still trapped in the Framework . Though Mackenzie and Rodriguez were almost wiped out of the Framework, they escaped in time and were greeted in the real world by Reyes and Johnson. [12]

Return to Hell [ ]

Ghost Rider Returns Hell

Ghost Rider returns to Hell

Meanwhile, at the Playground , Aida confronted Phil Coulson . Unbeknownst to her, the Spirit of Vengeance had made a deal with Coulson and Reyes, which included temporarily using Coulson's body as a vessel. Coulson then used his Ghost Rider powers to destroy Aida's body once and for all despite all Aida's efforts to resist him using her Inhuman powers. The battle against Aida being over, the Spirit of Vengeance returned into Reyes' body. Reyes then took the Darkhold and used his powers to open an Inter-Dimensional Gate towards Hell , once again leaving the Earthly Plane after exchanging a friendly look with Daisy Johnson . [12]

Personality [ ]

Robbie Reyes is a tough and street-smart young man due to his upbringing in Los Angeles . He showed a great level of responsibility and selflessness when he dropped out of high school during the eleventh grade because there wasn't enough money and caring for Gabe when he was injured. Despite dropping out of his education, Reyes displays intelligence, ingenuity and that he is smart but still prefers to work on cars. He is also very caring and protective over his paraplegic younger brother, Gabe, as he would act as his nurse, help support him with a job as a mechanic, and even attacked and restrained Daisy Johnson when she mentioned him since he felt she was a threat to him. When they were attacked he told anyone who would listen to save his brother rather than himself.

However, upon becoming Ghost Rider, he was turned into a ruthless and merciless killer. His targets are anyone who is guilty of a crime and is unpunished for it, especially when it is a violent crime. Therefore, if a person is not guilty of a crime, he will not kill them even if they consider themselves deserving of death for whatever reason, though he could also judge for himself if he felt they should die and would look for proof. However, it is implied that Reyes is not in full control of his actions and behavior as Ghost Rider. He has stated that he is not the one who decides his victims and threatened Quake to leave him alone since he would become angry enough that he would forget what he would do to her. Being possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance drives Ghost Rider into a hatred towards any being made of dark matter: as such, when Aida , who had acquired a biological body thanks to the Darkhold , escaped from him by teleporting away, Ghost Rider roared in rage and resorted to do anything to bring Aida back to where he thought she belonged, Hell .

Even in and out of his state as Ghost Rider, Reyes still has enough control and morality to judge people on his own, such as when he spared Quake. He then looked through her belongings to see if Quake was truly worth killing and even seemed to want to find something so that he could justify killing her. He demonstrated the capacity to fight someone without killing them, even as Ghost Rider, as seen where he spared the thugs who harassed him, Gabe and Quake, and later on, spared Hellfire during their fight, having been told that he was wanted alive. While he is displayed as cruel and ruthless to criminals, he believes that atoning for his uncle 's attack on Momentum Labs , which created ghosts like Lucy Bauer , will pay his debt to the Devil, and rid him of Ghost Rider and the curse of having to kill the guilty. He uses the powers given to him by the Devil to fulfill his personal vengeance against the gang that ran over him and Gabe, leading to Gabe's paraplegia.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

The Rider Takes Over

Reyes transforming into Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider breaks himself free

  • Superhuman Durability : Reyes has enhanced durability in his human form. He can still be physically damaged in his human form, as he gained a cut on his face while fighting Quake untransformed, but he is still beyond capable of fighting when injured. In his human form, he was able to withstand Quake 's attacks, being undamaged when she used her powers to smash him into a van and then into several barrels. The former case was particularly evident when Quake was visibly shocked after seeing Reyes unfazed after getting smashed on the side of a van. When Hellfire threw a fireball at him, Reyes was only slightly fazed, despite the burning hole it left in his cheek. When the Spirit of Vengeance assumes control, he is almost invulnerable to harm or damage. He survived a firework factory explosion and remained conscious, unlike Hellfire who also survived but was knocked out. Also, when transformed, he was immune to I.C.E.R. shots, which merely bounced off him with no effect. Ghost Rider also resisted Aida 's electrokinesis powers, being little if not affected by her energy blasts. His durability seems to be strongest when he is fully aware of his surroundings and transformed; when he was trying to escape Coulson and was unaware of the cloaked Quinjet that was in the path of his car, he was knocked unconscious by the crash and was captured.
  • Superhuman Agility : Ghost Rider is very agile, being able to spin with his chain in order to attack Aida , who simply teleported away. He also wrapped his chain around Superior and then ducked quickly, allowing Quake to defeat him. While fighting the Sergi Mishkin LMD , he quickly pulled Mishkin towards him and then stomped on him before moving on to the next victim quickly.
  • Superhuman Stamina : Reyes is empowered with great stamina which allowed his to fight for a long time. Ghost Rider repeatedly punched the doors of the Containment Module at full force and then fought the Patriot without tiring. He also fought both Aida and multiple Life-Model Decoys at once. Along with other enemies, Reyes also fought Quake and Eli Morrow without tiring.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor : The supernatural energies that empower Robbie provide full recovery from any damage done to him. Though he received a cut on his face while battling Quake, these injuries disappeared the next day without even a scar. After getting a burnt hole in his face due to Hellfire's attacks and then transforming into Ghost Rider, he emerged afterward in his human form without any sign of being damaged at all. This means that transforming into Ghost Rider and then back to his human form can allow him to recover completely from damage instantly. Reyes has described himself as nearly impossible to kill. However, the cracks in his skull, which he sustained when he was thrown out of Hell Charger and hit the street, never healed and are visible when he transforms.

MTNB Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider creates a ball of fire


Ghost Rider burning Hugo down to ashes

  • Heat Generation : A sub-power to his manipulation of fire and enchantment, Robbie is capable of applying heat to anything he touches. He can set any object in a high-temperature state causing anyone to feel a burning sensation without infusing fire. He has demonstrated this ability when fighting against street thugs along with Quake , causing his car to heat up when a thug touched it, burning him.
  • Heat Immunity : Because of the Ghost Rider's physiology, he is immune to heat and burning.
  • Dark Matter Detection : The Spirit of Vengeance possesses an extrasensory ability that is made to sense and track the presence of objects and beings made of Dark Matter, such as Aida or the Darkhold .
  • Empathy : Ghost Rider can look into someone's eyes and see into their heart and soul, to see what kind of person they truly are. He can examine their mental and emotional characteristics and qualities to determine if they are evil and in need of punishment, such as a corrupt cop or a teacher who was secretly a pedophile . While this ability is usually how Ghost Rider is able to find his targets, he can also rule a good person out as a target, bypassing that person's opinion of himself or herself. This was demonstrated by him having the opportunity to kill Quake , while she was even telling him to, only for him to see that she was a penitent woman who was trying to be good. [15]
  • Non-Physical Interaction : Ghost Rider can touch non-corporeal entities or at least individuals whose bodies are out of phase with the Earth realm. If the situation requires, he can hold them and completely incinerate them with his fire. He was able to grab Frederick by the arm and neck in his human form before transforming and burning Frederick into embers with his blazing hand, he was able to burn Vincent to embers with the Hellfire Chain , and he was able to do the same to Hugo with his touch, though in the latter events, he was able to do so without even transforming. Aida learned that this entity was able to make contact with her while trying to teleport, so she avoided it until she was ambushed by it using a different host .

HellCharger Attack Aida

Ghost Rider driving the Hell Charger


  • Fear Negation : Ghost Rider is immune to dangerous physical conditions that normal humans couldn't withstand. When Lucy Bauer attempted to infect Ghost Rider, he was completely unaffected, not even reacting to her passing through him.

Abilities [ ]

TGS Ghost Rider vs Mace

Ghost Rider fighting against Jeffrey Mace

LMSNTYF Ghost Rider vs Hellfire

Ghost Rider restrains Hellfire with chain

  • Engineer : As a mechanic, Reyes had knowledge in automobile mechanics. He easily identified a possible source of the broke van of Daisy Johnson . However, he soon learned that she caused the problem herself with her powers.
  • Bilingualism : Reyes is fluent in his native English, as well as Spanish.

Equipment [ ]

Weapons [ ].

  • Hellfire Chain : During his battle with the Inhuman Hellfire , Ghost Rider took his flaming chain as his own, successfully using the improvised weapon against its former owner. He could imbue it with fire and swing it like a lasso.


Ghost Rider swings his mystical weapon

Other Equipment [ ]

  • Inter-Dimensional Gate : Reyes used an Inter-Dimensional Gate for the first time to return to the Earthly Plane after being trapped between dimensions and nearly being dragged into Hell . He was eventually sent into Hell along with Eli Morrow 's bomb to protect Los Angeles but eventually managed to return through an Inter-Dimensional Gate which was opened when Aida created a body out of dark matter. Ghost Rider lost use for the Inter-Dimensional Gates, however, since he had acquired the ability to open portals of his own with his mystical chain .

Vehicles [ ]

  • Hell Charger : The Hell Charger is a 1969 Dodge Charger owned by Reyes. When he acts as Ghost Rider, the car is able to emit flames from the engine and wheels, superheating its surface at will, and is seemingly indestructible.

Facilities [ ]

  • Reyes Residence : Reyes' place of living. Reyes lived in this home with his uncle Eli Morrow and his younger brother Gabe Reyes . Once Morrow was imprisoned, Reyes was left in charge of the house. He notably invited the vigilante Quake to recover from her wounds during the Blackout Attack .
  • Garfield High School : Reyes used to attend Garfield High School, but he eventually dropped out in the eleventh grade.
  • Canelo's Auto and Body : Reyes' place of work. Reyes began to work for Canelo after he abandoned his studies. He was one day visited by Quake , who wanted to investigate him after her Duel at El Monte Junk and Salvage against Ghost Rider.
  • El Monte Junk and Salvage : A salvage yard where Ghost Rider used to park his Hell Charger . Ghost Rider once brought there a member of the Aryan Brotherhood for interrogation. He and Quake also had a fierce duel in this salvage yard.

Relationships [ ]

Appearances [ ].

  • In the comics, Robbie Reyes bonded with the demonic spirit of his uncle after being shot by mercenaries working for Calvin Zabo , who were trying to retrieve pills which contained the Mister Hyde formula . Reyes is one of the many holders of the Ghost Rider title, preceded by Carter Slade , Johnny Blaze , Daniel Ketch and Alejandra Jones .
  • Ghost Rider is directly responsible for the deaths of at least 57 Marvel Cinematic Universe characters.
  • Reyes is the second character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have taken over the mantle of a former superhero, with the first being Scott Lang .

Behind the Scenes [ ]

  • When asked why Ghost Rider doesn't speak while transformed, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. VFX supervisor Mark Kolpack reasoned he is much scarier that way, in addition to not actually having a voice box for doing so. [16]
  • Morgan Benoit was a stunt double for Gabriel Luna in the role of Ghost Rider.
  • Jobeth Wagner was a stand-in for Gabriel Luna in the role of Ghost Rider.
  • A Ghost Rider series was in development at Hulu , but the project was eventually canceled.

References [ ]

Transparent Endgame Logo

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  • 2 What If...?/Season Two
  • 3 What If... Strange Supreme Intervened?

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1. Ghost Rider (2007)

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When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.

Director: Mark Steven Johnson | Stars: Nicolas Cage , Eva Mendes , Sam Elliott , Matt Long

Votes: 249,748 | Gross: $115.80M

2. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

PG-13 | 96 min | Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him.

Directors: Mark Neveldine , Brian Taylor | Stars: Nicolas Cage , Ciarán Hinds , Idris Elba , Violante Placido

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E10+ | 750 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Directors: Hiroyuki Nara , Go Usuma , Toshiyuki Yamamoto , Bill Rosemann | Stars: Hiroki Takahashi , Fumiko Orikasa , Hiroki Tôchi , Jôji Nakata

8. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017 Video Game)

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9. Ghost Rider (I) (2007 Video Game)

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Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The heroes of the Marvel Universe including Captain America, Spider-man,and Wolverine, must protect the Earth from Dr. Doom and other villains.

Directors: Peter Hu , Josh Book | Stars: April Stewart , Brian Bloom , Chris Cox , Christopher Daniel Barnes

11. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011 Video Game)

T | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Director: Ryota Niitsuma | Stars: Hiroki Takahashi , Fumiko Orikasa , Hiroki Tôchi , Jôji Nakata

12. Marvel: Contest of Champions (2014 Video Game)

The Collecter invites Summoners to the Battlerealm, where characters from Iron Man to Howard the Duck are under control of the Summoners.

Directors: Kabam , Blade Zavier | Stars: McGriffin Correos , Robbie Daymond , Brandon Paul Eells , Larissa Jones

13. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Jay Minn | Stars: Charlie Adler , Laura Bailey , Alimi Ballard , Ted Biaselli

14. ZEN Pinball (2008 Video Game)

Zen Pinball features hit tables based on some of the biggest brands in entertainment, including Marvel Comics, Star Wars, ALIEN, The Walking Dead and more, Zen Pinball is your go-to place for all of your pinball cravings.

Stars: Dee Bradley Baker , Troy Baker , Peter Beckman , Christopher Bevins

15. Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety (1995 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Mayhem-packed sequel to Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (1994), with appearances from loads of other Marvel Comic-Book characters.

16. Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012 Video Game)

Become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and lead a team of superheroes to protect New York City.

17. Marvel Pinball (2010 Video Game)

Director: Todd Resnick | Stars: Laura Bailey , Troy Baker , JB Blanc , Ben Diskin

18. Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles (2012 Video Game)

Director: Todd Resnick | Stars: Laura Bailey , Troy Baker , JB Blanc , Nickie Bryar

19. Marvel Puzzle Quest (2013 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A match-three game using popular (and some not so popular) Marvel characters.

Director: Maya Litani

20. Ghost Rider (II) (2007 Video Game)

Ghost Rider on Game Boy Advance.

21. Fantastic Four: The Animated Series (1994–1996) Episode: When Calls Galactus (1995)

TV-Y7 | 22 min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

Galactus' new slave and herald, double-crossing Terrax, asks Fantastic Four for help. However, Johnny's Inhuman girlfriend Frankie supports Galactus. Thor arrives to help the Fantastic Four and even mythical Ghost Rider intervenes.

Directors: Larry Houston , Tom Tataranowicz | Stars: Beau Weaver , Lori Alan , Quinton Flynn , Chuck McCann

22. The Incredible Hulk (1996–1998) Episode: Innocent Blood (1996)

TV-Y7 | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Ghost Rider appears and tracks the Hulk believing him responsible for destroying a town. Bruce Banner is hiding in a shelter in Chicago. When an accident at the shelter endangers a nun, ... See full summary  »

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23. X-Men: The Animated Series (1992–1997) Episode: The Final Decision (1993)

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24. Duncanville (2020–2022) Episode: Dead Stan Walking (2022)

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25. Mad (2010–2022) Episode: Captain American't/My Supernatural Sweet Sixteen (2011)

TV-14 | 12 min | Animation, Comedy

Can Steve Rogers defeat the Red Skull and make to his 2:30 show? We'd say he Captain American't! Then, the brothers fromSupernatural face the scariest monster yet: a teenage girl.

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26. Mad (2010–2022) Episode: Frankenwinnie/ParaMorgan (2012)

It's a MAD Halloween special! When Winnie the Pooh falls apart, Christopher Robin is determined to bring him back. Then, Norman is aweird little boy who hears voices ... of Morgan Freeman!

Directors: Jeff Gardner , Ethan Marak | Stars: Chris Cox , Keith Ferguson , Grey Griffin , Whit Hertford

27. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013–2015) Episode: Spirit of Vengeance (2015)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

While escorting Abomination to stand trial for his crimes, the Hulks run into Ghost Rider, who has come to make both Abomination and Red atone for their past bad deeds.

Director: Dan Fausett | Stars: Fred Tatasciore , Clancy Brown , Seth Green , Eliza Dushku

28. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013–2015) Episode: Planet Monster: Part 2 (2015)

The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and the Avengers must work together to free Hulk from the Super Intelligence and prevent the destruction of Earth.

29. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: The Ghost (2016)

TV-14 | 43 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Daisy has left S.H.I.E.L.D. and is trying to solve the mystery of a bunch of serial killings in the Los Angeles area. At the same time her old friends suspect her for the killings and are following her trail in an attempt to find her.

Director: Billy Gierhart | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 3,237

30. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: Meet the New Boss (2016)

TV-PG | 43 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new director, whose bold agenda surprises them all.

Director: Vincent Misiano | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 2,759

31. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: Uprising (2016)

TV-PG | 42 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Coulson, Mack and Fitz try to locate and neutralize a rogue group looking to stop Inhuman registration worldwide; Simmons and Dr. Radcliffe have only a short time to save May before she succumbs to her illness.

Director: Magnus Martens | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 2,664

32. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire (2016)

As Ghost Rider's quest for vengeance brings him into an explosive confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and Mack must rely on an unlikely ally in their time of desperate need; and Daisy ... See full summary  »

Director: Brad Turner | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

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33. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: Lockup (2016)

As Robbie Reyes struggles to control The Ghost Rider, S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrates a high-security prison to unravel the secrets that haunt them all.

Director: Kate Woods | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 2,526

34. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: The Good Samaritan (2016)

TV-PG | 41 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

The shocking origin story of Robbie's transition into Ghost Rider is revealed as the lives of Coulson and the team hang in the balance.

Votes: 2,851

35. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: Deals with Our Devils (2016)

With the loss of half the team, the remaining members search for answers as the clock counts down for Ghost Rider.

Director: Jesse Bochco | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 2,699

36. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics (2016)

With the lives of everyone in Los Angeles hanging in the balance, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ghost Rider find themselves working together.

Director: Kevin Tancharoen | Stars: Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Chloe Bennet , Iain De Caestecker

Votes: 2,578

37. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–2020) Episode: World's End (2017)

With the surprising emergence of Ghost Rider, Coulson and the team attempt to stop Aida from ending the world.

Votes: 3,096

38. Avengers Assemble (2012–2019) Episode: The Wastelands (2018)

The Avengers must defeat the Beyonder's Ghost Rider army, led by Ares before they can use their new bifrost to undo Battleword.

Directors: Micah Gunnell , Jeff Allen | Stars: Mick Wingert , Fred Tatasciore , Roger Craig Smith , Travis Willingham

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ghost rider movie character name

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Film / Ghost Rider (2007)

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Ghost Rider (2007) is a supernatural action film based on the comic book of the same name from Marvel Comics .

Johnny Blaze, the son in a father-son motorcycle stunt team , is in love with Roxanne, the daughter of the richest man in town. After planning to run away with her, Johnny discovers his father is terminally ill with little time left. The Devil (performed by Peter Fonda ) shows up and offers Johnny a Deal with the Devil . Johnny asks the Devil to save his father's life. Miraculously, Barton Blaze is cured of his cancer , but dies immediately afterward in an accident because the Devil wants Johnny freed up.

Realizing what he's just gotten himself into, Johnny takes off and abandons his sweetheart at their meeting place.

Fifteen or twenty years later , we join Johnny ( Nicolas Cage ) on the road. He's now a world-famous stunt cyclist, and repeating the Survival Mantra "you can't live in fear", knowing the Devil hasn't come for him yet, but he keeps living through the increasingly insane stunts he does.

Meanwhile, Blackheart ( Wes Bentley ), son of the Devil, shows up and has decided it's time for the old man to step aside for a new Lord of Hell. He summons three elemental demons to serve him, promising that if they help him defeat the Devil, he'll give them nobility in Hell.

Meanwhile, Roxanne has turned up to interview Johnny after his stunt. Johnny takes this as a sign and asks her out. But the Devil of course picks the night she agrees to give him another chance to call in his marker. Johnny refuses, but cannot resist the power of hell. He transforms into the Ghost Rider and dispatches the first of Blackheart's minibosses. Now Johnny must try to control the power of the Rider, defeat the elemental demons, and Blackheart - all while trying to keep Roxanne out of the line of fire.

The rest of the film plays out like a video game. Meet a mentor . Character Development (such that it is), Boss Fight with one of the minibosses.

Followed by a 2012 sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance .

This film provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion : Mephisto (played by Peter Fonda ) calls Johnny's ride a "nice bike" while eyeing it up and down. The Ghost Rider's motorcycle in this film is a tweaked version of the exact same model Fonda's character rode in the seminal classic Easy Rider .
  • Adapted Out : The Blazes never worked at the Quentin Carnival in this version.
  • Age Cut : The film starts with young Johnny and Roxanne, then cuts to the adult Johnny.
  • All There in the Manual : The novelization ended with an explanation of how Johnny Blaze got off the murder charges, having "some hotshot New York lawyer" make a mockery of the prosecutor's case. Said lawyer was supposed to be Matt Murdock . Which is almost certainly a Shout-Out to the original Ghost Rider concept. He was intended to be a Daredevil villain, but it was just too good of an idea.
  • Answers to the Name of God : Roxanne: [on discovering Johnny's manager dead] Jesus! Blackheart : Not even close .
  • Assimilation Backfire : Blackheart No Sells Blaze's penance stare power the first time it's used on him since he doesn't have a soul. When he draws the trapped souls of San Venganza into his body in a bid to increase his power, Blaze realizes that he's made himself vulnerable to the stare and uses it to destroy him.
  • As the Good Book Says... : Blackheart says the I Am Legion line verbatim.
  • Asshole Victim : Anyone the Ghost Rider beats up.
  • The Atoner : Both Riders.
  • Awesomeness Is Volatile : Implicitly the reason that Ghost Rider's bitchin' hellcycle tears up the road, sets things on fire and sends cars flying.
  • Badass Biker : Exactly What It Says on the Tin .
  • Badass Longcoat : Carter Slade wears one when he becomes the Ghost Rider, replete with bullet holes through which show flickers of hellfire.
  • Body Horror : Johnny's transformation into the Ghost Rider.
  • Book Ends : Both of Sam Elliot's monologues at the start and end of the movie begin with "It's said that the West was built on legends."
  • Burning Rubber : Ghost Rider's Hell Cycle creates flame on the road it travels, resulting in one long trail of melted tar.
  • Call It Karma : The Penance Stare. If you look into GR's eyes while he's within an arm's reach of you, he can force you to experience every iota of pain you've ever inflicted on others without cause in your life. Your average hood just realizes he should go home and rethink his life. A villain will be reduced to a vegetable - unless they don't have a soul .
  • Cassandra Truth : Johnny confesses he's the Ghost Rider to Roxanne, but she believes it's just a fear of commitment sort of thing.
  • Chain Pain : One that's heated with hellfire, at that.
  • Civvie Spandex : Justified in that Johnny is a performance motorcyclist so wears biker gear as his street clothes.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience : There's something of an 'orange and blue' theme around Ghost Rider and Blackheart respectively.
  • Combat Stilettos : Roxanne is surprisingly good at running in heels.
  • Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, but the different appearance of Ghost Rider (Chain wrapped around the torso, and the spikey one) is the comic book costume of Danny Ketch (Ghost Rider II). Originally, the chain was exclusive to Danny, who had the spike-bearing costume. When Johnny was brought back for the new comics, he inherited the look. Johnny originally wore stylized black leathers with a high collar and that was it . Also, Johnny's version of Ghost Rider fired blasts of flames while Danny had the Penance Stare. This version has both powers, though the Penance Stare is given more importance by the plot.
  • Barton Blaze became the reason why there was a deal with Mephisto, not Johnny's adoptive father, Crash Simpson. (Although there was a mention of Roxanne Simpson's father, who, ironically, didn't approve of her relationship with Blaze.)
  • The Caretaker is really Carter Slade (the original Ghost Rider, later renamed Phantom Rider).
  • Confessional : Blackheart mockingly confesses to a priest before killing him.
  • Confused Bystander Interview : This scene happens with a goth girl ( Rebel Wilson ) who's actually impressed about how well the Ghost Rider pulls off the 'demonic motorcyclist' look.
  • Convection, Schmonvection : Justified since it's supernatural fire.
  • Cool Bike : The Ghost Rider's flaming bike.
  • Cool Horse : The previous Ghost Rider's flaming metal-banded horse .
  • Johnny's Deal with the Devil is an odd one. He did it to save his beloved father rather than for personal gain, which is presumably why he is able to control the Ghost Rider's powers so quickly. Johnny also never actually agrees to signing. He cuts himself, bleeds on the contract, and Mephisto considers it sealed. That may actually account for his inability to remove the powers once the contract was complete.
  • The main plot item the contract of San Venganza, was the result of basically an entire crapsack city making deals with the Devil.
  • Deep South : The film is primarily set in Texas, and appropriately enough, most of the cast have thick accents.
  • Detect Evil : Johnny transforms into the Ghost Rider in the presence of evil people. He also has the ability to sense whether a particular person is good or evil (seen when the Rider takes out a bunch of prisoners who attacked him, but declares the only one who didn't participate "Innocent" and leaves him alone).
  • Disproportionate Retribution : Averted. By definition, the retribution the Penance Stare inflicts is precisely proportionate to the subject's crimes.
  • Drives Like Crazy : Johnny Blaze, both in human and Ghost Rider form.
  • Driving Up a Wall : Johnny Blaze's infernal alter-ego escapes police pursuit by riding his motorcycle up the side of a skyscraper, leaving a trail of hellfire and molten glass.
  • Elemental Powers : Ghost Rider is Fire . He's pitted against three demons, each with power over a different element: Abigor controls Air , Wallow takes Water , and Gressil has Earth .
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold : Blackheart freezes a biker's beer just by being nearby.
  • Faustian Rebellion : Johnny does this after the Devil shows up to thank him for living up to his contract.
  • Flash Back : Johnny recalls his father fondly when he has to explain why he wants to do a certain stunt in a certain way.
  • Flipping the Bird : Ghost Rider does this when he escapes from the police.
  • Freakiness Shame / Freaky Is Cool : Roxanne reacts positively to Johnny in the end when she sees him as Ghost Rider.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger : Ghost Rider does this a few times before declaring judgement on someone.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom : Blackheart after getting the contract.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop : The police try this on Johnny when he's suspected of murder. It fails because Blaze knows that they are both good guys.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking : The police try Good Cop/Bad Cop on Johnny and the good cop smokes a cigarette.
  • Helicopter Blender : Johnny dares to risk invoking this with his chopper-jumps-choppers stunt.
  • Hellfire : It burns hotter the more sins the target has. This tends to show up as the Rider's Penance Stare (or as fireballs he can throw). It sears souls.
  • Hellish Horse : The previous Ghost Rider's horse is a black horse. Nothing special until the Ghost Rider powers up. Then it's a flaming metal skeleton horse which leaves fiery hoofprints.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : A good description of Blackheart's fate; he set out to acquire the power of the contract of San Venganza, but only realised after he got it that this made him vulnerable to the Penance Stare .
  • I Am Legion : Blackheart, upon getting what he came for.
  • Immune to Bullets : Johnny in his Ghost Rider form.
  • In Prison with the Rogues : Johnny gets wrongly accused of murders committed by Blackheart and gets thrown into a shared cell full of multiple thugs. After ganging up on him and beating him up together, Johnny transforms into Ghost Rider and blasts all of them away, steals one guy's jacket, then burns through the bars of the cell to escape prison.
  • Instant Expert : It looks that way, but Johnny knew the Devil would be coming for him from since his teens, and has spent the intervening years reading a lot of metaphysical and paranormal books to prepare himself for what he'd become when the Devil called in the marker.
  • Instant Knots : The Ghost Rider's chain, but justified as the Ghost Rider can control it by will alone. It even adjusts itself when he wraps it over his chest.
  • Ironic Echo : Said to and by Johnny, then Rider: "Nice jacket."
  • Jerkass : The punk who wants to beat up Johnny Blaze in jail, because he always bets for Johnny to be killed by his stunts. The punk loses every time, of course.
  • Just Hit Him : Blackheart seems to prefer pushing Ghost Rider over to punching him, and even pushes Johnny into a church that he obviously wanted to enter. The wind demon, too, does little more than knock Ghost Rider around.
  • Large Ham : Zig-zagged. For the majority of the movie Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze surprisingly straight-laced. But then comes the times when Johnny turns into Ghost Rider and all of that goes out the window .

ghost rider movie character name

  • Leitmotif : The Ghost Rider has one, as does Roxanne.
  • The Magic Touch : Johnny's motorcycle and a shotgun.

ghost rider movie character name

  • Marquee Alter Ego : How frequently the Rider gives way to Johnny... especially in the big fight scene at the end. Justified by adhering to the very earliest comics, where Johnny only became the Rider at night/in the dark.
  • Mind Rape : In addition to being Hellfire , the Penance Stare of the Ghost Rider rips a target's mind open, so as to make them relive the pain they've caused others with every sin they've committed.
  • Mundane Utility : Johnny Blaze uses his Nigh-Invulnerability to safely perform difficult stunts.
  • My God, What Have I Done? : Johnny's reaction when he revisits the scene of his rampage the night before.
  • Mythology Gag : Ghost Rider Driving Up a Wall to escape police pursuit is a nod to the early days of Danny Ketch's version in the comics.
  • When the cops and SWAT team riddle Johnny with hundreds of bullets from their pistols and assault rifles, he merely shoots a firewall up between himself and them as if to tell them to back off and don't interfere in his mission. The cops recoil in fear, but all they get for their trouble is some deafened eardrums and left terrified of if they had really made the Ghost Rider angry had he not deemed them innocent because they attacked him out of fear.
  • Never Say That Again : Blackheart, when asked about Mephistopheles by name.
  • New Old West : The movie tied in an older Western character by the same name (who existed in the comics but was unrelated to the modern character, initially). Besides being set in the American Southwest, the creators of the movie were intentionally going for a Western feel in several areas, albeit with a supernatural twist. For example, the clothing of Blackheart and his henchman were made similar to traditional Western costumes with an updated look.
  • Nightmare Face : Blackheart has one aside from his normal face.
  • Nitro Boost : What Johnny uses in his Blackhawk Helicopter jump stunt.
  • Noble Demon : Johnny-as-Ghost Rider. If he's hurting someone, they absolutely had it coming.
  • Blackheart shrugs off the Rider's Penance Stare due to literally having no soul. However, after he claims the Contract of San Venganza and absorbs the damned souls of the town, Johnny says that he now has "A thousand souls to burn" and finishes him off.
  • After the Rider takes out Abigor and rides the building back down, the police and the SWAT team riddle him with dozens, if not hundreds of bullets to absolutely no effect.
  • Oblivious Janitor Cut : The eponymous biker rides down the side of a office building, shattering glass windows all the way down, and the janitor, wearing headphones again, doesn't notice the broken glass until after Rider is long gone.
  • Oh, Crap! : Blackheart essentially has one when Ghost Rider manifests before him and observes that Blackheart now has "a thousand souls to burn", prompting Blackheart to briefly panic before he's subjected to the Stare .
  • Ominous Latin Chanting : We hear a gleeful burst of this when Johnny is forced into his first Ghost Rider transformation.
  • Absorbing every soul in the town of San Venganza causes Blackheart to be vulnerable to the Penance Stare.
  • Johnny Blaze seems to lose his free will as a consequence of selling his soul to the Devil, as he is unable to refuse to become the Ghost Rider, or even to get off his bike when Mephisto doesn't want him to. Once his big mission is complete and his soul restored, though, Blaze has no trouble refusing the Devil's offer to free him of the Rider or in using the powers of the Rider against Mephisto's plans on Earth.
  • Souls are the source of free will, and if one makes a Deal with the Devil , they ultimately become a puppet. However , the intent behind the deal can make this more complex: because Johnny "did it for love, to help someone [he] cared about, not for money or fame" "puts God on [his] side."
  • Personal Arcade : Appropriately enough, there's an Evel Knievel pinball in Johnny Blaze's apartment.
  • Post-Modern Magik : The Ghost Rider of the past hands the current one his shotgun which fires Hellfire (if in the hands of a Ghost Rider). This might be a subtle nod to an era in the comics when Johnny Blaze lost the mantle of Ghost Rider, but used a shotgun that could shoot hellfire with what remaining power he had.
  • Power Echoes : Upon absorbing all the souls in San Venganza , Blackheart's voice is his voice plus all of theirs .
  • Power Incontinence : Small case, Played for Laughs . Johnny's mere presence is enough to make a policeman's lighter flame flare up.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner : To the Wind Demon — "Let's clear the air !" To the Earth Demon — "Hey dirt bag!" To the Water Demon — "Surprise!"
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad : The three elemental demons who work for Blackheart.
  • Red Right Hand : The Ghost Rider has a flaming skull . Additionally, one of the first things to happen to Blaze during his initial transformation is that his hands turn red.
  • Rule of Cool : The reason Johnny took out the cars and instead put in six Blackhawk helicopters? "My dad thought it'd be cool." His manager agrees Johnny's dad was right.
  • Scissors Cuts Rock : You might think that the water elemental would be the logical opponent to beat hellfire-powered Ghost Rider. It turns out hellfire beats water.
  • Shooting Superman : Happens a lot to the Ghost Rider when he breaks out of prison. One particularly brave cop hits him with a nightstick ; luckily for him, he meets Ghost Rider's standards of innocence and just gets a mocking finger wag after Ghost Rider sticks his jaw back in place.
  • That cartoon that Johnny watches in his apartment near the beginning of the film? That's a real thing .
  • " GET OVER HERE! ". This one is funny for being a recursive Shout-Out . Scorpion's Flaming Skull and chainblade were confirmed to be shout-outs to Ghost Rider. So we have Ghost Rider making a Shout-Out to character who is a Shout-Out to Ghost Rider.
  • As the Riders head to San Venganza, watch for a lizard to burst into flames as they pass, a reference to the biker in the Nicolas Cage film Raising Arizona .
  • Southern Gothic Satan : The movie presents both Mephisto and his son Blackheart as Tall, Dark, and Handsome persons in human form (Mephisto also being a Silver Fox ), being the ones who made the deal with Johnny Blaze to eventually become Ghost Rider .
  • Stealth Pun : Carter Slade's mount in Ghost Rider form is an Iron Horse . ( Iron Horse is old west/ wild west slang for a train)
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero : The guy with the flaming skull is named Johnny Blaze. But since his father had the same profession (stuntman), it may not have been his birth name.
  • Young Johnny bails on running away with Roxanne after he realizes what his Deal with the Devil will turn his life into.
  • Years later, Johnny goes to some lengths to get Roxanne to agree to dinner with him. She grudgingly agrees, but this same night is the night Mephisto calls in the marker and forces Johnny to become the Ghost Rider for the first time.
  • Super-Strength : All over the place. Of particular note is Ghost Rider getting into a tug of war with a helicopter.
  • Sweetie Graffiti : Young Johnny carves "J & R Forever" into a tree.
  • Taken for Granite : The effect of Ghost Rider's chain on Gressil. He then gets shattered instantly.
  • Terrible Trio : There's the demon trio who serve Blackheart: Gressil, Abigor, and Wallow.
  • Thememobile : The rider's motorcycle takes on that whole 'flaming demonic skull' motif. To a lesser degree, it's true of the previous Ghost Rider's horse as well.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill : The Rider won't kill humans, though the Penance Stare leaves its victims mentally ravaged . It is directly proportional to the amount of senseless pain and suffering they've caused others.
  • Touch of Death : Blackheart's preferred method of killing his victims.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : Jelly beans.
  • Transformation Trauma : Johnny's first transformation into the Ghost Rider is seriously disturbing. The indicators of his condition go from his skin turning red and steaming when wet to his eyes lighting with the fires of hell, to the flesh burning off his skull and hands .
  • Troll : The Rider is clearly enjoying (nonlethally) fucking with the cops trying to stop him, at one point just outright cackling at the look of shock on a jerk detective's face when the Rider's able to evade a roadblock by just driving onto the water.
  • Tsundere : Roxanne, whose precise feelings for Johnny seem to vary every other scene.
  • Under the Sea : Okay, under the river. The police barricade a bridge, so Ghost Rider drives off the bridge into the river. He emerges with his skull and bike still on fire.
  • Variable-Length Chain : Johnny's main weapon, due to being imbued with Hellfire.
  • Victorious Childhood Friend : Subverted. Roxanne wants to not forgive Johnny, but their love for each other has not been diminished by the years. Only once they get through the events of the movie, she knows they still can't be together because Johnny has sworn to fight Mephisto in revenge for what he did to Barton Blaze.
  • Villain Ball : While screwing people that make a Deal with the Devil is pretty standard, it isn't very smart to do it with a prospective Ghost Rider, since the event that starts the plot proves Ghost Riders can in fact ignore the Devil's orders. Given that Mephisto doesn't use Johnny until years later, there was little reason to let his father die immediately.
  • Villains Never Lie : Mephisto.
  • Villains Want Mercy : Gressil the earth elemental Gressil: Have mercy. Ghost Rider: Sorry, all out of mercy.
  • Villainous BSoD : The effects of the Penance Stare.
  • Voice of the Legion : Blackheart gets this once he absorbs the souls from San Venganza.
  • Walk on Water : Or drive on it, rather.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness : Blackheart tends to kill anyone who he has finished questioning, and sometimes kills people just for fun .
  • You Killed My Father : Johnny says this outright to the Devil, and it's his reason for not giving up the Ghost Rider powers after he's fulfilled his end of the bargain.

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Johnny Blaze was a stunt motorcyclist who sold his soul to the devil to make his father better from cancer. After his father dies, the devil known as Mephisto (or Roarke) turned him into a demon who's head was a skull on fire. By calling the fire spirit within him, the spirit of vengeance, he will turn into Ghost Rider .

  • 1.1 Early Life
  • 2.1 Ghost Rider
  • 2.2 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4.2 Demonic Powers
  • 4.3 Angelic Powers
  • 4.4 Abilities
  • 5 Equipment
  • 6.3 Enemies
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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ].

Johnny was born to Barton Blaze and an unnamed woman.

When Johnny was teenager, he works with his father as a stunt motorcycle rider and he has a crush on Roxanne Simpson, who he wants to flee away with. When he discovers his father's lung cancer, Johnny feels ashamed for his plans of leaving, but the very night a stranger proposes him to sell his very soul, in exchange of Barton's health. Skeptical, Johnny accepts, and the next morning Barton is healed from cancer and gives him his favorite motorcycle and blessing and lets him go away with his beloved Roxanne. Just a moment before he actually flees, Johnny assists to Barton's death in an incident during the show. Being tricked by Mephistopheles, he realizes he'll never be free of his curse and leaves everything behind, Roxanne included.

Ghost Rider [ ]

Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt performer, makes a deal with the devil to cure his dying father of cancer. When he dies anyway, the devil is known as Mephisto claims his soul. Because of this, Johnny is unable to run off with his girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson . Years later, Johnny Blaze is a big-time performer who pulls off outrageous bike stunts, and, due to his inability to die, he perfects each one without injury. Just before his biggest stunt, he meets Roxanne again, who is now a reporter. After the stunt, he asks Roxanne out on a date. She agrees but is stood up by Johnny. Later on, Mephisto calls upon Johnny and instructs him to retrieve the Contract of a Thousand Souls to him from his son, Blackheart , on a deal that he would return his soul. Thus, he gives him the power of a demon and he transforms into the Ghost Rider. He quickly finds Blackheart but is abruptly crushed by a truck, who the driver Ghost Rider quickly kills. As he rides off on his flaming motorcycle in search of Blackheart, he comes across a woman being threatened at knifepoint by a hooded mugger.

Ghost Rider stops him with his Penance Stare, which confronts the mugger with the murderous crimes he had committed and reverts the pain he has brought onto himself, stealing his soul and effectively killing him. Ghost Rider then blacks out and wakes up at a graveyard, where he meets a man known as the Caretaker. He tells of Blackheart's history as Johnny learns that he and his minions were once angels cast out of Heaven. He finds Roxanne again in the midst of the destruction the Ghost Rider had caused the night before, and they meet again at his apartment to talk over their date incident. Johnny then reveals to Roxanne that he is the Ghost Rider, and that is why they can never be together.

Roxanne, unsurprisingly, doesn't believe him, and they leave on bad terms. Police later arrest Johnny as they have discovered that he was the one terrorizing the town. They throw him in jail where he is confronted by several evil criminals who then begin to attack him. He becomes the Ghost Rider, steals one of their spiked leather jackets, and escapes. He then comes across another evil spirit by the name of Abigor , who was sent by Blackheart. After a quick battle, the police find him again and he drives up a building to escape them. Roxanne sees the Ghost Rider in the action, now realizing Johnny was telling the truth, and he rides off. She goes to his apartment, where Blackheart is waiting, and he holds Roxanne hostage to set a trap for Johnny. He then tells him the Caretaker was holding the Contract the whole time and instructs him to collect it and bring it to him.

When Johnny finds the Caretaker, they both agree to take down Blackheart, revealing that he is, in fact, Carter Slade and was another demon called the Phantom Rider. Together, they both ride off to find Blackheart, but Carter is unable to help him since he could only transform one more time. Blackheart, who is still holding Roxanne hostage, obtains the Contract and absorbs a Thousand Souls. However, Ghost Rider uses his Penance Stare to steal the souls away from Blackheart, and he consequently dies. When Roxanne is saved, Mephisto arrives to collect the Contract and offers Johnny is soul back. He denies, declaring he would own the curse and be the Spirit of Vengence. He leaves Roxanne and they depart ways as Johnny rides off into his destiny.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance [ ]

Johnny Blaze has been hiding for 5 years in eastern Europe and is confronted by Moreau . Moreau makes Johnny a deal, if Johnny uses the Rider to rescue the boy, Moreau and his group of monks lead by Methoties will remove the demon from Johnny's body. Johnny changes into the Ghost Rider and rescues the boy from Carrigan.

Danny and Johnny bond over there demonic natures. Johnny, Nadya and Moreau take Danny to Methoties and the monks to fill there promise. They remove the Ghost Rider from demon after telling Johnny the background of the demon. The demon's name is Zarathos and he was an angel, a spirit of justice sent to protect man. But he was taken to hell, corrupted and his mission of protecting the innocent turned into punishing the guilty and he turned into the devil's spirit of vengeance. But the monks rid Johnny of the Rider and then decided that Danny is dangerous and born with his power and they can not remove it, so they decide to kill the boy. But Blackout shows up, kills the monks, and captures Danny.

Johnny, Moreau, and Nadya go to stop Roarke, Blackout kills Moreau, Johnny is about to be killed as well, but Danny realizing that he has all of Roarke's powers puts the power of Zarathos back into Johnny. Once again as the Rider, Johnny kills Blackout and a road chase occurs with the Rider chasing Roarke and the boy. Ghost Rider crashes Roarke's car and sends him back to hell and Danny is killed in the crash. But Johnny can feel the angelic part of Zarathos and his hands glow with blue fire as the angel resurrects the boy. With Roarke beaten, Johnny rides into the night, not as the Spirit of Vengeance, but as the Spirit of justice.

Personality [ ]

Johnny Blaze is a good person cursed with a sense of guilt for the death of his father and is angry for having been tricked by Mephistopheles. He tries the most dangerous stunts, wanting to prove to himself that he's actually doing all the stunts himself, and not Mephisto or the Rider preventing him from dying before he fulfills his contract. Johnny is a skillful stunt driver, the best on field, and he acts as a daredevil in everything in his life. He has a sort of addiction to candies, which he consumes in enormous quantities.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Ghost Rider is the supernatural combination between the human host, Johnny Blaze, and the demonic Zarathos. As the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze possesses a variety of supernatural powers.

Demonic Powers [ ]

  • Superhuman Strength: The Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength that is sufficient enough to go against immensely strong combatants. In this form, the Rider was able to beat all of Blackheart's minions and Blackheart as Legion.
  • Superhuman Endurance: The mystical energy that empowers Ghost Rider prevents his muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting him limitless superhuman stamina. In human form, Johnny is the same as any human being and is subject to the same normal vulnerabilities, as shown when Slade had to stitch him up. However, Johnny Blaze, while as the Rider, is highly resistant to the point of being basically immune to all types of earthly physical damage as he has taken blows from beings such as Blackheart with no sign of pain or discomfort. The Ghost Rider is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining an injury. As his bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through him, bounce off his bones, or burn away due to the level of hellfire emitted from him. Ghost Rider's body is for all intents immune to physical injury, as he is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his invulnerability to conventional forms of injury, if he's being is ever damaged, the magical energies imbuing him allows the Ghost Rider to instantly regenerate any and all damage done without any discomfort or any evident pain. However, this is not extended to Johnny in his human form but with time, it could.
  • Hellfire Manipulation: Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is a supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body. He can utilize this fire in various ways, including projecting it from his eyes, hands, mouth, or even channel it from his body into his weapons like his shotgun, form walls of hellfire, and even transform a regular motorcycle into a tricked out one completely out of hellfire. He can also unleash the hellfire in Omni-directional attacks that are incredibly powerful. From what was seen in the trailer for the sequel, after being unloaded on by an attacker with an assault weapon, he spits back out every round like a machine gun completely in hellfire. Also near the end of the trailer, the boy asks what happens if he has to pee in that form and Johnny stated that "it's awesome" and then it cuts to the scene where he is pissing hellfire, not urine, out but it comes out like a flamethrower.
  • Mystical Chain Projection: Ghost Rider wields a chain that is capable of growing in length, cutting through almost anything, and encasing it in hellfire or use it as a fan.
  • Flash Step: Ghost Rider can teleport by foot in short distances. He is able to make quick dashing movements confusing human eyesight and even thermal sight on a weapon.
  • Levitation: Ghost Rider is able to defy gravity allowing him to levitate in mid-air. Though, no real purpose, this capability after being knocked out by a flash grenade resulted in him swirling around. It also seems that he can control the speed of the swirling motion slowly or fast.
  • Penance Stare: Ghost Rider's most powerful weapon stated by Slade, Ghost Rider possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime. In the first film, after exposure to the Penance Stare, the individual eyes are replaced with volcanic rock eyeballs with the individual's afflicted souls torturing within. Once the soul is purged, the entire physical body deteriorates into ashes leaving nothing.

Angelic Powers [ ]

After defeating Mephistopheles and sending him back to Hell, Johnny was freed from his influence. This allowed him to feel the presence of the archangel Zarathos within him. His angelic powers are characterized by holy blue fire; instead of amber fire. His angelic flames are much brighter than his demonic flames. Johnny possesses the same strength and power while in his angelic form as he did in his demonic form. It is possible that his powers have grown stronger now that Zarathos' grace and union with Heaven and God have been restored.

  • Resurrection: After the true Zarathos awakened inside of Johnny; he was able to use the angel's powers to resurrect Danny Ketch .

Abilities [ ]

  • Expert Stunt Rider: Blaze is an expert stunt rider.
  • Skilled Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, he is also a formidable hand to hand combatant and has become quite adept at using his powers in combat situations.

Equipment [ ]

  • Hellcycle : Motorcycle which can be transformed by hellfire whenever he becomes the Rider.
  • Ghost Rider's Chain : Utilizing a long piece of the chain he found upon his first time as the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider's chain has become a mystic weapon capable of transforming into a wide variety of different weapons.
  • Heavenfire Shotgun : Johnny is very proficient in using a sawed-off Winchester 1887 lever-action shotgun. It was given to Johnny by Carter Slade; prior to his second/final confrontation against Blackheart. As Ghost Rider, Johnny is able to enchant the shotgun with his demonic flames; granting it supernatural attributes.

Relationships [ ]

Behind the scenes [ ].

  • Johnny Depp and Eric Bana were both considered for the role of Ghost Rider before Nicolas Cage was cast.
  • To create the Ghost Rider's voice, sound designer Dane A. Davis recorded all of Nicolas Cage's lines as the Ghost Rider, and then filtered them through three different kinds of animal growls (played backwards, covering three separate frequencies) then played them through a mechanical volumizer, before finally giving them a fiery crackle. Writer and director Mark Steven Johnson compared it to "a deep, demonic, mechanical lion's roar" and said "one thing is for sure, his voice will shake the theater!".
  • Rumors persist that Nicolas Cage's abs in the movie were CGI, but writer and director Mark Steven Johnson refutes this on the DVD audio commentary.
  • Nicolas Cage has a tattoo of Ghost Rider's head on his shoulder and the make up artists had to cover it for playing Johnny Blaze.
  • In the first film, Cage wore a green mask to make the CGI fire.
  • Nicolas Cage wore a hairpiece in the first film.

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Ghost Rider Cast: Where Are They Now?

Ghost Rider Cast: Where Are They Now?

Ghost Rider is a 2007 supernatural action film directed by Mark Steven Johnson and based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The movie follows a motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze ( Nicolas Cage ), who made a deal with the devil and becomes the demonic vigilante Ghost Rider.

In the movie, Blaze uses his powers to seek vengeance against the devil’s son, who is attempting to overthrow his father’s reign and bring his own hellish dimension to Earth. The film was widely criticized for its weak script and uninspired performances. Even though the movie was a box office success, it had a mixed reception from critics. However, it did develop a cult following and led to a sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance , in 2011. So let’s take a look at the cast of Ghost Rider and catch up with there they are now.

Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze

Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider (2007)

Nicolas Cage’s role in Ghost Rider received mixed reactions, with many critics panning the film. However, despite the negative reviews, Cage’s performance was praised by his devoted fans. This is not the first time that Cage has been on the receiving end of negative criticism. However, he has proven time and time again that with the right material, he can truly shine.

As an Oscar winner, Cage’s talent as an actor is undeniable. Furthermore, has continued to make a resurgence in recent years, particularly with the 2022 film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent . Despite the harsh scrutiny he has faced, Cage remains a versatile actor who is capable of delivering strong performances. In 2024, he is set to star opposite Michael Cera in the comedy horror, Dream Scenario .

Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson

Eva Mendes in Ghost Rider (2007)

Eva Mendes is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in Hollywood. While many may recognize her for her role in Ghost Rider , her talent extends far beyond this film. Mendes has taken on much stronger roles in acclaimed films like Training Day , Hitch , and The Other Guys . Her ability to embody complex characters and deliver powerful performances has earned her critical acclaim and a reputation as one of Hollywood’s top actresses.

Despite her immense talent, Mendes has stepped away from the limelight in recent years. She has not been on screen since starring in her husband Ryan Gosling ‘s twisted drama, Lost River . However, the two remain married and Mendes is full time mom to their three daughters, residing in a small Southern California town far from the bustle of LA.

Sam Elliott as Caretaker

Sam Elliott in Ghost Rider (2007)

Sam Elliott was born on August 9, 1944, in Sacramento, California. He is a renowned actor and producer who has made his mark in Hollywood over the course of many decades. Elliott was notably cast in Ghost Rider , where he played the character of Carter Slade. This role showcased his exceptional talent and allowed him to take on a different kind of character from his usual cowboy roles.

Elliott has had an eclectic career in Hollywood, appearing in various acclaimed films such as Tombstone , The Big Lebowski , and A Star is Born . He has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry thanks to his distinctive voice, respectful demeanor, and nuanced acting skills. In recent years, Elliott portrayed Shea Brennan in Taylor Sheridan ‘s renowned series, 1883 . Furthermore, he has lent his distinctive voice to animated shows like Robot Chicken , and Family Guy .

Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles

Peter Fonda in Ghost Rider (2007)

Peter Fonda was an American actor, director, and screenwriter who rose to fame in the 1960s. He was well known for his iconic roles in several classic movies, including Easy Rider , and Ulee’s Gold . In his later years, Fonda became more widely known for his portrayal of Mephistopheles in Ghost Rider.

Fonda brought his trademark intensity and charisma to the role of the devilish character, adding to the overall success of the film. Despite his success in Hollywood, Fonda never lost his love for independent filmmaking, and he continued to work on independent projects throughout his life. He will be remembered as one of the most talented and influential actors of his time, leaving behind a legacy of groundbreaking performances.

Wes Bentley as Blackheart

Wes Bentley in Ghost Rider (2007)

Wes Bentley is an American actor who was born on September 4, 1978, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He started his acting career in the 1990s with small roles in films and TV shows, such as The Four Feathers , and Law & Order . However, it was getting cast as Blackheart in Ghost Rider that brought him into the spotlight. Bentley’s portrayal of the villainous character was both menacing and nuanced. He went on to star in other notable films such as The Hunger Games , and Interstellar . Bentley continues to be an active figure in the entertainment industry. In recent years, he had a key role in the smash hit series, Yellowstone .

Matt Long as Young Johnny Blaze

Peter Fonda and Matt Long in Ghost Rider (2007)

Matt Long is an American actor known for his work across TV and film. He has appeared in several popular TV shows such as Mad Men , Private Practice , and Manifest . In Ghost Rider , Long portrayed a younger version of Nicolas Cage’s character. He was praised for capturing the essence of Cage’s character in a convincing and mulit-layered manner. Overall, Matt Long has established himself as a versatile and talented actor with a diverse range of credits to his name.

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ghost rider movie character name

Matthew C. F

Matthew is a lover of all things TV and Film. An over consumer you might say. He has a passion for writing and creating and has written over 10 feature films, a handful of TV pilots and is currently writing his first novel.

Screen Rant

Ghost rider: final vengeance sees a marvel supervillain become the new spirit of vengeance.

The forthcoming Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1 will see a super-villain become the new host for the Spirit of Vengeance--but who will it be?

  • Ghost Rider's spirit has departed from Johnny Blaze and bonded with a villain, spelling trouble for the Marvel Universe.
  • The new Ghost Rider's identity has not been revealed yet, adding to the suspense and anticipation for fans.
  • The potential for destruction and violence is high with a villain possessing the Spirit of Vengeance, presenting a threat to everything Ghost Rider stands for.

The forthcoming Ghost Rider : Final Vengeance sees a Marvel villain become the new Spirit of Vengeance. Writer Benjamin Percy has put Ghost Rider through his paces over the past two years, giving him a sidekick and sending Johnny Blaze down a horrifying path. Now, the Spirit of Vengeance has departed from Johnny, bonding itself to a villain–which could spell bad news for the Marvel Universe.

Marvel shared a first look at Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1’s cover on their website. The book will be written by Percy and drawn by Danny Kim, with Benjamin Su providing a special foil cover. Marvel did not reveal which villain would bond with the Spirit of Vengeance, assuring fans it would be revealed soon.

Likewise, Su’s cover does not clear the matter up either–fans must wait patiently to discover the new Ghost Rider’s identity.

Ghost Rider Has Seen a Lot in 50 Years

Ghost Rider has been a staple of the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe since his first appearance in the early 1970s. There have been many Ghost Riders throughout history , with several in the 20th/21st centuries alone, but Johnny Blaze remains the best known. After a brief stint as the King of Hell, Johnny Blaze returned to the role, and has barely had time to stop since his return. First, he fought off an evil demon threatening a small town. Along the way, he meets Talia Warroad, a former SHIELD agent and mystic, who becomes Ghost Rider’s unofficial sidekick. Benjamin Percy has given Ghost Rider his groove back.

Now, Johnny Blaze’s entire world has been upended as he has been separated from the Spirit of Vengeance. To add insult to injury, the Spirit has bonded with a villain. Marvel is still being coy over the identity of the new Ghost Rider, not even offering hints in the press release. While the most logical candidate would be a supernatural-based character, other types of villains cannot be ruled out. How exactly a Spirit of Vengeance, a tool of revenge and justice, could bond with an evil villain remains to be seen too. This could also tamper with powers such as the Penance Stare.

Ghost Rider's True Speed Revealed as Marvel Puts a Number on the Hell Cycle's Power

A villain can corrupt ghost rider's mission.

Regardless of the new Ghost Rider’s identity, a villain possessing the Spirit of Vengeance is a terrifying notion, and Johnny Blaze will have to work quickly to stop them. The potential for destruction and violence is great, as they could flip the script on Ghost Rider’s iconic powers, such as Hellfire and the Penance Stare. In the wrong hands, these powers could cause serious damage and trauma, in the process, flipping the script on everything Ghost Rider stands for.

Source: Marvel

Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1 is on sale March 13 from Marvel Comics.

ghost rider movie character name

25 Best Ghost Rider Quotes from Comics, Movies & TV Series

Avatar photo

Ghost Rider is one of the most iconic Marvel characters ever created , dancing the line between life and death as well as good and evil. But this popular Western antihero is infamous for handing out top-notch lines! Below are all of the best Ghost Rider quotes from the comics, movies, and the Agents of SHIELD TV series, ranked in no particular order.

Best Ghost Rider quotes from comics

Marvel’s Ghost Rider is well-known for his fiery temper, quick wit, and iconic flaming skull. While this character is not a man of many words, preferring to take action instead, the numerous Ghost Riders have delivered some extremely powerful quotes in various Marvel Comics.

ghost rider cover

1. “I am the Spirit of Vengeance. Nothing will stop me from inflicting pain on all those who have inflicted it on innocent beings.”

Danny Ketch was the very first Ghost Rider who presented the Penance Stare as a special ability. It was an iconic moment where he focused his energy on defending innocent souls while avenging them by inflicting all of their suffering on those who had caused their pain.

2. “Everyone keeps telling me that I’m the worst Ghost Rider that’s ever lived. Like that’s supposed to be some kinda insult. But what the hell have the Ghost Riders ever done? Except bring misery to themselves and everyone they love. Except die alone or go bat-$%#@ crazy. Well, That’s not me, Uncle Eli. That’s not how I’m going out. To hell with being a Spirit of Vengeance. I’m an Avenger.”

This quote comes from Robbie Reyes (Roberto Reyes of Earth-616), the current Ghost Rider, and stems from Avengers Vol. 8 #25 . The quote goes on to state that, although most Ghost Riders are cold, heartless, and without mercy, Robbie is one of the exceptions – wanting to use his powers for good, taking the role of an Avenger first and the Spirit of Vengeance second.

3. “You cannot destroy one already beyond death, villain.”

An epic combo was featured with the release of Marvel Team-Up #15 , where Ghost Rider and Spider-Man worked together. It appears that he has transcended the concept of death, both mentally and physically, and he’s never afraid to remind his enemies of this fact.

Ghost Rider vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win?

4. “hope. it’s the devil’s favorite poison…and i fall for it every…damn…time.”.

Johnny Blaze (Johnathon Blaze of Earth-616) finds himself trapped in Hell without any means to escape while being teased with the notion that there is a way out of his situation. Although his character is typically harsh and brash, he lets his guard down slightly while showing the audience that he is still subject to human emotions, psychology, and influences.

He admits that he is not immune to the prospect of hope – irrespective of whether or not that hope truly exists. He believes that hope is the devil’s favorite poison for this very reason, as humans will always succumb to the idea of fulfilling their most cherished dreams if given the chance.

5. “You sought to challenge my hellspawned power–but instead, you found death!”

This quote stems from Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #30 , which sees a brief encounter between Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. Although neither of the two powerful figures could beat the other in a fight, the battle was definitely epic.

6. “Avengers? Fantastic Four? X-Dudes? They Can All Kiss My Bony, Flammable Ass.”

This is one of the most iconic Ghost Rider quotes of all time, proving how standoffish Johnny Blaze truly is. While he has made various allies within the Marvel universe, many Marvel heroes still despise him – and, he takes a moment to make his position abundantly clear in Ghost Rider Vol. 7 #1.

7. “I Know What It’s Like To Have…Something Inside You That Just Wants Vengeance, No Matter What The Cost.”

Although Ghost Rider and Hulk appear to have quite a lot in common, these two iconic characters were put up against each other with Ghost Rider Vol. 6 #13 as part of the World War Hulk storyline . It’s clear that Ghost Rider is no match for Hulk’s brute strength and overpowered stature.

Is Ghost Rider Mexican? What Is His Real Name?

But, he uses his own struggle to relate to Hulk’s position surprisingly compassionately and effectively. He is far more sympathetic toward Hulk than others, most likely due to the two characters sharing a burden beyond what most can comprehend.

8. “It’s not the jump that’s the scary part… It’s the landing.”

One of Johnny Blaze’s most complex battles is the one that exists internally, as he must constantly deal with inner turmoil due to Lucifer’s devilish tricks. Blaze is forced to become Ghost Rider in order to fight back against Lucifer’s evil, and he makes a powerful statement that can be applied to just about any situation.

Who Is Cosmic Ghost Rider How Powerful Is He

He refers to his former days as a professional motorcycle stuntman with this quote, all while hinting at the statement being more relevant to his current situation. Being a man of action at heart, Ghost Rider implies that the toughest part of any decision is the consequences that will follow it.

9. “Last time I bothered prayin’ for something, I got swindled outta my soul.”

Despite the fact that Johnny Blaze is completely aware of Heaven and Hell’s existence in his reality, he’s still eager to turn his nose up at the idea of faith. His skeptical and reluctant views on divine intervention are teased with the release of Ghost Rider Vol. 6 #35 .

This is particularly understandable since he was tricked into becoming the Spirit of Vengeance. Ghost Rider makes it clear that he’s a man of action that’s not looking for any Heavenly favors or Hellish deals, let alone the fine print.

10. “Do you know what hellfire feels like…Like all your sins, come home to roost…So, tell me…What are you scared of?”

Shadowland: Ghost Rider was a brief tie-in series that linked Ghost Rider to a larger story following Daredevil, and it’s still seen as one of the best Ghost Rider stories out there. While Daredevil is considered the “Man Without Fear,” Ghost Rider revels in fear viewing it as a manifestation of sin and darkness.

ghost rider 1

This emotionally driven yet undeniably intimidating quote captures Johnny Blaze’s inner struggle and stance. It gives the audience insight into his sense of self, implying that his Ghost Rider form is essentially a manifestation of his own sins.

Best Ghost Rider quotes from movies

A couple of Ghost Rider movies were released over the years, starting with Ghost Rider in 2007 and following on to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 2011. Both titles saw Nicolas Cage take the titular role of Johnny Blaze, more commonly known as Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider (2007)

The first Ghost Rider movie was highly anticipated but had mixed reviews among fans and critics. Still, Blaze dished out some highly memorable quotes that match the character’s demeanor and personality really well.

Ghost Rider

1 . “How does it feel to have all that evil inside of you? All their power? All their souls? A thousand souls to burn. Look into my eyes. Your souls are stained with the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain.”

One of the most powerful moments in this movie is when Ghost Rider uses Blackheart’s evil against him. While his Penance Stare doesn’t have any effect at first, Blackheart is soon forced to suffer the pain of all the innocent souls he had taken.

Is Ghost Rider the Most Powerful Marvel Character?

2. “i’m the only one who can walk in both worlds. i’m the ghost rider.”.

Johnny Blaze is infamous for being able to travel inter-dimensionally, both in the original Marvel comics and the movies. Ghost Rider can do both with ease, unlike other beings and entities, such as humans who cannot enter otherworldly realms alive or devils that can’t exist on Earth without a host form.

3. “I’m gonna own this curse… and I’m gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilt, it’ll be my father’s blood… and you’ll find me there. A Spirit of Vengeance… fighting fire with fire.”

Johnny Blaze gets the chance to be freed from the curse after his battle with Blackheart, but he chooses the latter. He realizes that he can choose his destiny and use his powers for good, despite these abilities stemming from something dark.

4. “He may have my soul, but he doesn’t have my spirit.”

This was a short and semi-sweet quote, summing up the essence of his character. Even after making a deal with the devil, a deal that cost him his soul, he still finds the inner strength to fight for innocent victims and use his Ghost Rider powers for good.

5. “I feel like my skull is on fire, but I’m good.”

Ghost Rider made one of the original movie’s simplest yet most iconic quotes of all time, throwing a splash of goofy humor onto a dark and grim premise. It was made in response to another character asking if he was alright, and it sums up just how calm and collected Ghost Rider can be – even in the most dire situations.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Most fans weren’t sure if they would get a sequel to the original Ghost Rider movie, particularly since it didn’t get the best reviews. Unfortunately, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was more of a reboot than a sequel and was considerably worse than the original. Nevertheless, Johnny Blaze still gave us a handful of iconic quotes.

ghost rider spirit of vengeance 031

1. “If I can spend the rest of my life as a free man without a curse from Hell hanging over my head, yeah, I’ll take it. But I promised Danny he’d be safe. If I walk away now, I’m just trading one demon for another. “

This quote really captures Johnny Blaze’s personality and code, showing that he is a good man despite his dark nature. He has the choice to get the relatively normal life he wanted, but he chooses to keep the name of Ghost Rider for the sake of others.

2 . “Why does the devil walk in human form anyway? I have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t know either. Maybe he passes on from body to body, down through history, waiting for the perfect fit. But I know one thing, on Earth, he’s weak. His powers are limited. He needs emissaries to do his dirty work, so he finds them or makes them, using his greatest power, the power of the deal.”

Being able to witness Earth and otherworldy realms and their intricacies, Ghost Rider is well-versed in how demons operate. He tries to explain why devils use humans for their motives instead of simply rocking up in full form, with the conclusion being that demons are actually weak in our reality – only gaining power by striking deals with people.

3. “Nadya, this thing… there’s no reason, no conscience, just hunger.”

Johnny Blaze and Nadya are close, and he clearly has complex feelings toward her. He warns her about the risk of Ghost Rider being released, afraid that she would be in danger – she still responds by saying that she’s not afraid of him, after which he states that she should be.

4. “Oh, it’s awesome. It’s like a flamethrower. You know, it’s like… (urinates fire).”

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was far goofier than the original film, with this moment being one of the most comedic and memorable scenes in the entire movie. In response to Danny asking Johnny Blaze how he pees while he’s on fire, Ghost Rider simply takes a leak on the spot while dishing out the aforementioned quote.

5. “It doesn’t matter how far you run, there are some demons you just can’t escape.”

Johnny Blaze highlights his own sin when explaining that he made a deal with the devil in order to save his father. He became afraid after being possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance and ran halfway across the world in order to get away from it.

Ghost Rider vs. Silver Surfer: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Ghost Rider goes on to state that he’s still running to this day, but he’s come to terms with the fact that he’ll never escape it. It’s a powerful quote that captures the complex yet futile struggle of one trying to escape from themself.

Best Ghost Rider quotes from Agents of SHIELD TV series

Robbie Reyes takes the role of Ghost Rider in the non-canonical Agents of SHIELD TV series . He captures the character really well, offering his perspectives on Hellish dimensions and vengeful spirits to produce some of the series’ best quotes.

Agents of SHIELD.jpg

1. “You know who I am, which is a problem. For both of us. A problem that has to go away.”

Robbie Reyes starts looking for a reason to kill Daisy Johnson (also known as “Quake”) in an episode named “Meet the New Boss” after letting her live despite her clear death wish. Problems arise when Daisy finds out that Robbie is actually Ghost Rider, but Reyes still refuses to take her life without proof that she truly deserves it.

2. “I’ve been stabbed, shot, run over – twice. Next day, I’m good as new.”

This quote stems from an episode named “Uprising,” where Robbie Reyes and Daisy chat after he is severely wounded. Since Daisy cannot simply take Robbie to the hospital, she asks what he usually does whenever he gets injured.

Ghost Rider – Robbie Reyes

He responds by explaining that while he can get hurt, he simply recovers without any additional care. Ghost Rider is immortal for the most part , and he cannot die due to typical causes – there are only a few forces that could defeat him.

3. “Hell is relative. Dimensions, space, planets – it’s all connected. Plenty of them qualify as hell. The Earth is just one territory in a war that’s been going on forever.”

“World’s End” shows Robbie Reyes trying to explain the concept of “Hell.” He states that hell is not simply a location where all evil souls flock in the afterlife – instead, it’s relative to many factors, meaning Hell could be in many places.

4. “We’re not so different, you and me. You just feel bad for the dead in your wake, and I don’t feel anything.”

Robbie and Daisy form a complex yet close relationship as the series progresses, developing a strong friendship by Season 4. The quote follows the idea of Robbie and Daisy both having sin, regret, and shady pasts – with the difference being that while Daisy feels guilt for her actions under Hive’s influence, Robbie feels no emotion for those who face his Penance Stare.

5. “There’s no such thing as luck. There’s decisions and consequences.”

“The Good Samaritan” flaunts the human side of Ghost Rider, where Robbie is struck with guilt over the state of his brother, Gabe Reyes, who is bound to a wheelchair. Gabe tries to change the tone by saying that night was simply bad luck, but Robbie responds by saying that outcomes in life are based on choices and actions.

Who Is Cosmic Ghost Rider & How Powerful Is He?

Those are all of the best Ghost Rider quotes from the comics, movies, and TV series. Ghost Rider was seen as a merciless vigilante, but these quotes really show his true nature. Deep down, he is as kind, good-hearted, and motivated as many of the most iconic superheroes out there, although he’s certainly more complex than many characters to date.

What do you think about these awesome Ghost Rider quotes? What’s your favorite Ghost Rider quote of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jeijei is a professional Researcher and Writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a National Diploma in Fashion Design from CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology), a National Diploma in Early Childhood Development and a Montessori Childhood Development Diploma from MCSA (Montessori Centre South Africa) which specializes in human development, behavior, and natural psychology, as well as a TEFL Qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the Cape Town School of English.

She started off in the design field, receiving numerous awards and being featured in online publications, international showcases, and Cosmopolitan magazine. While naturally creative, she has always had an inherent passion for Psychology, Anthropology, and Hermeneutics, which finds its way into everything she creates. She went on to study human development from birth after which she began teaching, and her professional Fiction Writing journey began with Theoatrix’s gaming YouTube channel & website. Jeijei followed on to create hundreds of pieces for numerous clients as a Ghost Writer over the course of a few years, after which she found her way into the world of Media and Entertainment.

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    The film stars Nicolas Cage as the titular character, with Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Sam Elliott, Donal Logue, Matt Long, and Peter Fonda in supporting roles. Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stuntman sells his soul and becomes a bounty hunter of evil demons: the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider was released on February 16, 2007, in the United States.

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    Mark Steven Johnson. Screenplay. In order to save his dying father, young stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze sells his soul to Mephistopheles and sadly parts from the pure-hearted Roxanne Simpson, the love of his life. Years later, Johnny's path crosses again with Roxanne, now a go-getting reporter, and also with Mephistopheles, who offers to release ...

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    Johnny Blaze Following the Western comics character who originally used the name, the first superhero Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, debuted in Marvel Spotlight issue #5 (Aug. 1972), created by Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, [2] writer Gary Friedrich and artist Mike Ploog.

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    Long ago, the devil Mephistopheles ordered his agent on Earth, the Ghost Rider, to retrieve the Contract of San Venganza, an artifact he would use to bring Hell to Earth. Realizing what his master would do with the item, the Ghost Rider refused to hand it over to him and hid it. Over a century later, Mephisto sought out teenager Johnny Blaze, a ...

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    Nadya and Danny are captured by Nadya's former boyfriend, Ray Carrigan. He is about to execute Nadya when the Ghost Rider appears, killing several of Carrigan's men. Nadya distracts the Ghost Rider, who is shot with grenades. Nadya escapes but Danny is recaptured.

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    Ghost Rider is an American superhero horror film series based on the character of the same name which appeared in Marvel Comics, the films star Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who sells his soul to the Devil and transforms into the vigilante Ghost Rider. Number of Movies: 2. Revenue: $361,302,323.

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    English Ghost Rider Sign in to edit For other uses, see Ghost Rider (disambiguation) Ghost Rider Real Name Roberto Reyes Alias (es) Robbie Reyes Codenames Ghost Rider Species Human Citizenship American Gender Male Date of Death 2012 (resurrected) Affiliation Crandall Elementry School (formerly) Garfield High School (formerly)

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    Stan Lee David S. Goyer Michael De Luca Gary Foster Composer Christopher Young Release Date February 16, 2007 Running Time 110 minutes Box Office $228.7 million More Information Full Credits Characters Awards Merchandise Trivia Release

  13. Ghost Rider (film series)

    When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners. Director: Mark Steven Johnson | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott, Matt Long Votes: 249,669 | Gross: $115.80M Watch on Tubi Go to 2.

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    In Theaters Release Year Ghost Rider Character Marvel Comics (19) Captain America Character (18) Superhero (18) Iron Man Character (16) Spider Man Character (15) Superhero Action (15) Thor The Marvel Comics Character (15) Doctor Strange Character (13) Hawkeye Character (13) The Incredible Hulk Character (13) Magneto Character (12)

  15. Ghost Rider (2007) (Film)

    Ghost Rider (2007) is a supernatural action film based on the comic book of the same name from Marvel Comics. Johnny Blaze, the son in a father-son motorcycle stunt team, is in love with Roxanne, the daughter of the richest man in town. After planning to run away with her, Johnny discovers his father is terminally ill with little time left.

  16. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

    Robbie Reyes is a high-school student working as a mechanic at an auto body shop who lives with his developmentally disabled brother Gabe and seeks to get away from the dangerous, gang-riddled streets of East Los Angeles. To that end, he enters a street race, hoping to use the prize money to move themselves away.

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    Category:Ghost Rider (film) Characters; Category:Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Characters; Grannik; Gressil; Category:Grey Hair; H Category:Heroes; J Jack Dolan; K Krakchev; Kurdish; L List of Minor Characters; M Mack; ... Ghost Rider Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

  18. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider crashes Roarke's car and sends him back to hell and Danny is killed in the crash. But Johnny can feel the angelic part of Zarathos and his hands glow with blue fire as the angel resurrects the boy. With Roarke beaten, Johnny rides into the night, not as the Spirit of Vengeance, but as the Spirit of justice.

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    Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze Nicolas Cage's role in Ghost Rider received mixed reactions, with many critics panning the film. However, despite the negative reviews, Cage's performance was...

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    For a while, Ghost Rider was a mostly forgotten b-list Marvel Comics character, remembered mostly for looking cool and for two not-so-great Nicholas Cage movies. A couple of years ago, all of that ...

  21. Both Ghost Rider Movies in Order

    Many people took on the mantle throughout the years, but the most popular guy to ever be Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, the one we see in the movies played by Nicolas Cage. Although we hear a lot about Ghost Rider 3 possibly coming out, I hate to break it to you - it's not happening any time soon.

  22. Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance Sees a Marvel Supervillain Become the New

    Ghost Rider has been a staple of the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe since his first appearance in the early 1970s. There have been many Ghost Riders throughout history, with several in the 20th/21st centuries alone, but Johnny Blaze remains the best known.After a brief stint as the King of Hell, Johnny Blaze returned to the role, and has barely had time to stop since his return.

  23. Top 15 Strongest Ghost Rider Villains Ranked

    Scarecrow is a character name mainly linked to DC Comics due to it being popularized by Cillian Murphy, who portrayed the character in Cristopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. ... Blackheart is the main antagonist in the first Ghost Rider movie. In the comics, his backstory is nothing short of pure horror. First appearing in Daredevil #270 ...

  24. 25 Best Ghost Rider Quotes from Comics, Movies & TV Series

    4. "He may have my soul, but he doesn't have my spirit.". This was a short and semi-sweet quote, summing up the essence of his character. Even after making a deal with the devil, a deal that cost him his soul, he still finds the inner strength to fight for innocent victims and use his Ghost Rider powers for good. 5.