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What Are Ghost Ring Sights and How Should They Be Used?

Posted by Alex Wittle · March 22, 2022

What Are Ghost Ring Sights and How Should They Be Used?

When it comes to firearms and shooting accuracy , sighting systems play a crucial role. One popular option that has gained popularity among both experienced marksmen and beginners is the ghost ring sight.

In this blog, we'll dive into what ghost ring sights are and explore how they should be used to enhance your shooting accuracy and overall firearm handling.

What Are Iron Sights?

Credit: envato elements/ asphotostudio.

Before we talk about ghost ring sights, let's understand what iron sights are, since ghost ring sights are a type of them.

Iron sights are a critical component of firearms used for accurate aiming. They consist of two metal markers positioned above the gun's barrel: a rear sight closer to the shooter's eye and a front sight near the muzzle. While some basic iron sights are fixed and can't be adjusted, many modern ones can be fine-tuned for better accuracy by changing the elevation or windage. Typically, it's the rear sights that can be adjusted.

What Are Ghost Ring Sights?

Credit: envato elements/ shotprime.

Ghost ring sights, also known as peep sights or aperture sights, are a type of iron sight that many shooters find to be the quickest and simplest to use. They offer reasonably good accuracy and provide a clear view of the target, making them popular on riot and battle shotguns, modified pistols, and even as backup sights for rifles. They come in various sizes and can be used on a wide range of firearms.

If you're looking to acquire your target rapidly, ghost ring sights are a great choice. They excel at close-range shooting, offering quick target acquisition. However, it's important to note that they're not the best option for long-distance shots. So, if your shooting adventure involves short distances, go ahead and use a ghost ring sight, but for long-range shooting, you might want to consider other sight options.

What Are Ghost Sights Used For?

As mentioned before, ghost ring sights are designed for faster and more accurate shooting, especially in close combat situations. They are particularly useful for shotguns, rifles, and short-range shooting .

These sights have a thin ring shape that helps you quickly align your target. When you look down the barrel, the ring becomes slightly blurry, but it still lines up with the front sight. This allows you to acquire your target faster and focus on getting your aim right.

How To Use a Ghost Ring Sight?

how should ghost rings be used

Ghost ring sights can significantly improve your shooting accuracy when used correctly. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use them: 

1) Maintain Adequate Firearms Control

Place your finger on the trigger and press the gun's stock against your shoulder. Hold the rifle with your other hand where the gun's stock and barrel meet.

2) Look Through the Ring

Look through the circle-shaped opening of the ghost ring. This step is crucial. Observe the front sight and the target through the ring and down the barrel. Align the front sight post with the precise spot on the target that you intend to hit, and then proceed to shoot.

How to Maintain Your Ghost Ring Sights

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure your ghost ring pistol sights continue to perform optimally. Follow these steps to keep your sights in excellent condition:

Step 1: Regular Cleaning

After each shooting session, clean your ghost ring sights along with the rest of your firearm. Use a cleaning solution and a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt, residue, and debris. Pay special attention to the front and rear sights, ensuring they remain clear and unobstructed.

Step 2: Inspection

Periodically inspect your ghost ring sights for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or loose parts. Check the alignment of the sights to make sure they are still properly centered.

Step 3: Lubrication

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the moving parts of your ghost ring sights. Be careful not to over-lubricate, as excess oil can attract dirt and dust.

Step 4: Protection

When not in use, protect your ghost ring sights from potential damage by using a fitted cover or case for your firearm. This helps prevent accidental bumps or scratches.

The Best Ghost Ring Sights 

1) williams fire sight.

universal ghost sight set

The Willian Fire Sight is a versatile ghost sight set that's considered universal. It comes with a clamp-on attachment and a red optic fiber. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, while the front sight is fixed, both featuring fiber optic nodes. These nodes capture ambient light and make the red/green sight picture more visible. The only limitation is that it can only be mounted on shotguns with vent ribs. However, if you mainly use your shotgun during daylight hours, this could be a great choice for you.

2)  AMERIGLO GL-125 Ghost Ring Sight

ghost ring sights alignment

The Ameriglo Ghost Ring Sight stands out as the favored choice for marksmen in search of an innovative alternative to conventional post-notch sight configurations. This design incorporates a rear sight with an aperture-style opening, featuring two tritium minidots, accompanied by a luminous tritium front sight that ensures swift acquisition of your target. The GL-125  variant features a sleek black finish and is compatible with a range of Glock models.

3)  XS Sight Systems ML-0012-5 Ghost Ring WS

ghost ring sights alignment

We hope that we were able to answer your question on what a ghost ring sight is. We covered all of the basics in this post, as well as some of the best ghost ring sights on the market. Remember that ghost rings are designed for short-range shooting, not long-range shooting, and they let you acquire a target in less time than a conventional sight.

Are you ready to take your shooting accuracy to the next level? Pair your ghost ring sights with EasyShot Paper Shooting Targets for the ultimate training experience. Our targets are designed to help you refine your marksmanship skills and track your progress effortlessly. Shop with us today.

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The New Rifleman

In pursuit of practical marksmanship.

The Ultimate Guide to the AR15 Iron Sights Ver 1.1

The Ultimate Guide to the AR15 Iron Sights Ver 1.1

Antiquated? Yes. Do they still work? Absolutely.

The irons that come with, or these days don’t come with, your AR15 are misunderstood. Newbies just don’t have all the concepts mastered to adequately use and enjoy the irons that come with their rifle. The goal of this guide is to be the comprehensive post to help new shooters master their iron sights. When I say comprehensive, I mean it. There will be no better guide on the internet. None. So if your goal is to get a better understanding of your iron sights, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started with proper use and application. This article assumes you have a proper understanding of sight in procedure, and will attempt to inform you of the nitty gritty details of iron sight usage. If you want to watch a video before we begin on how to sight in your AR15, Click Here for my video on 25 yards to 300 to help understand sight in procedure .

The AR15 Irons: Essential Concepts

Sight alignment and the proper shooting sequence are concepts that can be a little foreign to new shooters. Throw a AR15 in a new shooters lap, someone who has never used peep sights, and you’re likely to confuse him/her as to their proper use. With today’s generation growing up with some very accessible military shooters, many may have an idea what the sight alignment should look like… in theory, but formal education is still needed. Modern games often represent a crystal clear sight picture with everything in focus, but unfortunately iron sights and the lenses in your eye will not and do not work that way.

battlefield iron sights

In video games, the representation of iron sights typically depict everything in focus except the rear sight. Unfortunately, the human eye does not work that way. Focusing on the target will fuzz the front sight, or focusing on the front sight will slightly fuzz the target depending on your sights aperture size, and distance between the sights. If only it were as clear as the above example makes it out to be…

When using iron sights on an AR15, we must make note that the rear sight is divided into two different systems: the Ghost Ring and the Peep. The key visual difference is that one aperture is larger than the other. While at first glance it would appear that their use would be identical, certain characteristics make each unique to the target and situation in which you may be shooting. Before we discuss the differences, let’s break down proper shooting technique for those who may be new to the platform.

BUIS back up iron sights

Are you so new that you don’t even have iron sights?!  Check out some iron sight sets from Brownells.

Your rifle or carbine relies on you to properly align the target with the sights and it relies on you to squeeze the trigger in a smooth fashion as to not disturb their position relative to the target. In a simple breakdown of the concepts of iron sight shooting, you must:

  • Align the sights
  • Align the sights with the target
  • Squeeze the trigger while maintaining focus on the target / front sight alignment
  • keep squeezing

All of the above are essential components of a successful shot. The AR15 has a set of two aperture sights with different methods for use, the peep and the larger (often marked 0-200) ghost ring . Unlike the open sights of an AK47/74 platform or, perhaps your fathers 30/30 lever gun, the ghost ring and peep are positioned to allow you to shoot without further alignment necessary from the rear. With the eye so close to the peep sight / ghost ring, it forces rudimentary alignment of the eye, the rear sight, and the front sight. So long as your looking through the hole, your rear sight is pretty much aligned with the front sight. This knowledge alone greatly simplifies shooting your irons. So what are the differences we mentioned between the ghost ring and peep in use and application? I am glad you asked!

Understanding the Ghost Ring:

The Ghost Ring is a large bore peep sight and standard issue on USGI carry handles and incorporated into many flip up rear sights. Unless specified, expect that the large aperture and small aperture will have a different zero. Some sights advertise “ same plane rear aperture ” meaning that both the large and small share the same zero if one or the other is flipped up. USGI apertures have different zero’s between the ghost ring and the small peep which is a difference in elevation of 2.5 minutes, or roughly 2.5 inches at 100 yards. Take note of this, but for now let’s ignore that aspect and discuss the use of the ghost ring.

Iron Sight

The 0-200 marked Ghost Ring is a large aperture for low light and up close. It permits quick, snap shots from 0-200 yards.

The ghost ring is a simple, quick alignment tool useful for low light shooting and shooting targets in close proximity. The diameter of the hole in the ghost ring makes it important for the shooter to center the front sight in the visual field. The ghost ring is properly used with a target focus , meaning that your eye should focus on the target. Upon doing so, when you bring up the front sight, it will appear as a fuzzy mess since your focus is on the target. At close range, this is inconsequential. Put the fuzzy front sight on the target and pull the trigger with the emphases on speed rather than precision.  *Improper* use of the ghost ring is to focus on the front sight. This will result in a crystal clear front sight, but a fuzzy target and absolutely dreadful target resolution. Using the ghost ring with a focus on the front sight will lead to the inability to see what your target is doing, and will hamper your ability to see targets even out to 100-200 yards. Ergo, focus on the target and bring the fuzzy front sight on to it and fire quickly. Or, if light is diminishing, it is essential to deploy the ghost ring as the small peep will darken the image resulting in poor low light shooting. This is, in a nutshell, the proper use of the ghost ring. There is a good reason it is typically marked 0-200 as it is your close range aperture. When properly zero’d, the ghost ring will have a rough 200 meter / yard zero which is perfect for its close range application.

Familiarizing Yourself With the Small Peep:

DSCF3998 [1280x768 watermark]

The peep sight. The small aperture . Here we get into the meat and potatoes. This .070 diameter hole is a wonder of old school rifle technology. It is very different than the ghost ring. This is a precision aperture useful for daylight shooting and for precision both up close or out far. The key to understanding this aperture is to understand the concepts of depth of field, aperture, and focus. Let’s get started on some terminology based on its use for the rifle:

Depth of field : Your ability to focus on the front sight, yet still see downrange with relative clarity. This is enhanced by the peep sight. This can be increased or decreased based on several factors which we will touch on later.

Aperture : The small hole peep is an aperture for which your eye, and the lenses in your eye, peer through to see both the front sight and the target

Focus : Proper application of the peep sight is to ignore it and focus on the front sight, not the target.

When using the peep, we are given certain visual enhancements… Let’s do a quick experiment. Hold out your finger at arms length. Focus on it. How fuzzy does the background become? Likely very fuzzy. This is because the naked eye can only focus clearly on objects near or far, but not both. The peep sight acts as an aperture for your eye, which is similar to a pinhole camera. Ever used a pinhole camera or a disposable? The aperture is very small and it only allows light rays from a very narrow cone of direction to enter the camera. This enhances the depth of field allowing the camera to focus on something up close, yet still see distant objects with excellent clarity.

With the peep sight, your eye is forced to peer through a small aperture that limits the angle of the light reflected off the target, the berms, etc to a very narrow cone. Your eye then can focus on the crystal clear front sight… yet still see enough detail downrange with enough clarity to align the sight with the target and shoot accurately. The ghost ring cannot do this, for it is too large…. So the peep lets your eye focus entirely on the crystal clear front sight and permits you to align it exceptionally well with a *relatively* clear target.


This example from a camera website does a good explanation of why depth of field is increased. This example mirrors the AR15 peep sight and the human eye (lens) very well.

Furthermore, the small peep suppresses parallax , AKA alignment error. Remember when we discussed forced alignment of the eye and the rear sight? Yes? Well that’s not the whole story. With the ghost ring, one needs to roughly center the front sight in the visual field otherwise you will drift the gun out of alignment with the target. The small peep does not suffer from the same degree of alignment error. It suppresses parallax error, meaning it fights back against misalignment by the very nature of its design. So long as you can see the front sight through the peep, you are nearly perfectly aligned with the front sight. The only time parallax error is added into the peep is when you let the front sight touch the fuzzy edges of your rear sight in your visual field. This has two implications: 1) nearly perfect alignment is already attained by the front sight and the small peep, and 2) the shooter can then ignore the placement of the front sight in the “exact center of the visual field” and instead focus on aligning the front sight with the target exclusively. It’s quite amazing to me that such an old design is nearly parallax free in a similar manner as a modern red dot sight. wow.  Having this knowledge permits you to speed up the process of shooting instead of wasting mental resources on getting everything *perfectly* centered. It enhances speed on target and allows faster hits and follow up shots.

So the small peep is an excellent tool so long as you understand its peculiarities. It’s a fantastic instrument for shooting with the naked eye, and far more advantageous to the shooter than AK-47 type notch sights. So what other things affect your iron sights? Let’s talk about sight radius next.

Sight Radius: Longer is Better

You may have heard the longer the sight radius, the more precise the shot? Sight radius is the distance between the front and rear sight. The longer the distance, the more precise you the shooter can align the sights and hit the target. There is more to it than that though . Of course there is. Remember how the small peep allows us to focus on a clear front sight and still maintain good target clarity? Well, it’s not a hard and fast rule. As we decreased the distance between the front and rear sights, we disrupt the ability of the peep to compensate with that nice, deep depth of field effect. As the front sight is brought closer (the front sight being our proper focal point for using the peep sight) our depth of field, or target clarity downrange, decreases. Focusing on an object which gets closer and closer to the peep diminishes the effectiveness of the depth of field reduction. From rifle length sight radius, to carbine length sight radius, the reduction in visual clarity is a small but noticeable between the different sight length systems. Can you still shoot a target at 400 meters with a carbine? Certainly. It will just appear slightly fuzzier than when using a rifle length sight radius.

Sight Radius focal point

The further down the barrel the front sight is (the focal point) the more the depth of field, or clarity of the target, is enhanced with the small peep sight. As we bring in the focal point closer to the eye, depth of field downrange deteriorates and the target becomes cloudier and less clear.

To combat this, we have to reduce the diameter of the peep. In my own experiments with national match peep sights, reducing the aperture size helped reduce this effect. In fact, dropping down to a .042 aperture increased my depth of field with both rifle and carbine to that which far exceeded a standard aperture on an USGI peep sight. The cost is light . As we shrink the peep size diameter, we reduce the light which reaches our eye. As the sky darkens, we need to switch to the ghost ring sooner than someone with a standard size peep.

So if you have a shorter sight radius, installing a smaller peep (if you can find one) will help you maintain proper focus on the front sight and still see the target clearly. Your other options are to extend the sight radius by say replacing your carbine length barrel with a dissipator style build, or a barrel with a midlength front sight block, both of which will extend the sight radius past the carbine. The other option is to chop your front sight off above the gas block and then obtain a long free float rail which will permit you to mount a flip up sight further down the rail. I would recomend this setup for shooters running an optic or irons, but not an exclusive iron sighted rifle. If only using iron sights , make sure they are attached to the barrel and not the rail. Any flexion to a rail will possibly deflect the irons depending on how stiff or loose it is.


The DPMS Kitty Kat carbine has a very short sight radius. The whole idea on focus on the front sight for precision shooting would be hindered by such a close focal point, and would make your target a blurry mess. This carbine would benefit from a red dot to take the sights out of the equation, or just use the Ghost ring for snap shots. Shooting for groups with just irons may prove difficult.

Aero Precision AC15 Mid Length

This carbine has a mid-length gas system and fixed front sight base. This stretches the sight radius out further and makes the irons more user friendly.

Correcting Common Range Errors:

The biggest error I see at the range is improper placement of the rear sight . Many shooters will attach the rear sight midway down the rail and further away from the eye. This is incorrect. What it appears to the new shooter is that they are forcing better alignment since there is less room for the front sight to wiggle around in the rear sight / peep. In truth what they have done is reduce the depth of field enhancements of the small peep to zilch, they also leave very little room for the front sight to NOT TOUCH the edges of the peep which is where we introduce parralax error, and they obstruct their view with the full rear sight instead of looking through the peep at point blank eyeball range and allowing a larger field of view.

This image hosted on lucky gunner is a perfect example of how to improperly position the peep sight. Click it here, it will pop up in a new window.

The above is also related to shooters who put their face waay back on the stock . While they haven’t reduced sight radius, they are trying to “improve” alignment because they are ignorant to the peep and its natural tendency to line everything up for them… Or they are first time shooters scared of the gun. It’s really hard to just start showing a new shooter the proper technique when its clear they are enjoying themselves at the range. The word MYOB quickly comes to mind, but ideally we can educate a new shooter on the proper use of the rifle. Approach them with confidence and compliments to their rifle, and make small talk. If they are talkative, compare rifles, setups, and just keep up the conversational momentum. Ask them if they would like to shoot at the local competition. Invite them for a run and gun. I promise you they will realize real quick what works and what doesn’t if you can convince them to come. It’s a hard sell, but an important one. We need to be a nation of shooters.

Another range error would be incorrect sight tracking for the mil-spec carry handle . As can be clearly seen, its drum is labeled for bullet drop compensation out to 600 meters using 62 grain SS109 green tip. The sight features 1/2 minute by 1/2 minute windage and elevation adjustments… but wait…

Amazing amount of data

Amazing amount of data: Image provided by Shawn of www.looserounds.com

Do you see the rear and front sight elevation table? The M16A2 is a 1 minute x 1/2 minute windage and the M16A4 and M4 both use the 1/2 x 1/2 minute detachable carry handle. The only problem with that is the detachable carry handle was designed to compensate for the bullet drop based off the geometry of the M16A4’s sight radius. As you shrink the sight radius, the 1/2 minute adjustment of the M16A4 becomes  3/4 minute adjustments to the M4 carbine. The front sight faces the same problem. Adjusting the front sight with the shorter geometry results in more aggressive clicks. That Kitty Kat we pictured up there? No idea how it would adjust. If you need a short gun, you need a short gun, just don’t expect the adjustments to match what they should be on paper as you deviate from the M16’s rifle length sight radius.


The M16A2 and A4 variants have the correct sight radius geometry to match the actual click adjustments made to the detachable rear carry handle.

Another common range error is a long held belief that the peep must still be centered perfectly in the center of your visual field.  Misalignment error is greatly reduced with the SMALL PEEP but must be followed as best as possible for the Ghost Ring.


The above sight picture represents old thinking in that you must align the front sight perfectly in the center of the ghosted ring which isnt entirely true. Due to parallax suppression, the movement of the front sight outside of “exact” center is of insignificant consequence for defensive shooting. A excellent study on the subject can be read here:  Parallax Suppression with Target Aperture Sights .

In the above mentioned study, the authors evaluate parallax error in regards to an aperture sight. The aperture sight, in a nutshell, greatly reduces parallax error and the shooter can focus instead on perfect alignment with the target so long as the front sight is roughly in the center of the peep. Don’t sweat if its off center a bit , instead stress the front sights alignment with the target exclusively. This saves time and energy when coaching new shooters and promotes a cleaner method of familiarizing new shooters with irons. With the above knowledge alone, I coached a new shooter to 300 yards on man sized targets in his first magazine. It really simplifies the training process.

Using Irons in Low Light:

So when using irons for self defense, consider that they are limited by the amount of light that you can see yourself. Since they do not glow, or pop from a dark background, irons in the dark are not fun. Run a white, hot light. The hotter the light the better. This will bath your target in bright white light and allow your irons to contrast the target since they are black.

Tactical Light

Irons in low light can be run well IF you have a bright light to allow adequate target, sight contrast. In this example, the target is so close that we can look over the top of the rear sight and instead quickly align the front sight and target yet still get a hit.

A tritium front sight can also aid with low-light shooting. While it won’t help you illuminate and identify your target, it gives a solid reference point in twilight for locating your front sight. The model below is from XS Sights:

XS Sights Tritium Front Sight

XS Front Sight offers a high contrast product with tritium illumination. Visit XS Sights Here.

Getting Zero’ed:

Now that you understand many of the concepts behind iron sights, it is time to get your zero on. I created a video a few years ago to get you up and shooting quickly with a 25 yard/meter military zero method for those using detachable or fixed carry handles. Due to the trajectory, or arch of the bullet, this method will produce a battle zero of 300 yards even though we zero’ed at 25 yards. If you are using a set of pop up irons without a drum adjustment, I would suggest a 50 yard zero since they are not easily field adjustable.

The video below will further discuss the following topics: Sight picture, method for sighting in at 25 yards, point of impact adjustments, sling techniques, and basic prone position shooting. Take what you learned above, study it, and apply it to your shooting. These are all keys to proper understanding and will allow you to take full advantage of your iron sights at the range.

Wrapping Up:

So we have some good, solid understanding of the rear peep and its role. It’s the understanding of the details which the true mastery occurs. Take this knowledge and run with it. Study it. Share it. I write not because I want to make a quick buck, but because I want to educate. This blog isn’t here for cash… it’s here to help make you a master of your weapon… for the good of the land, and the democratization of power into the hands of the people.

Home » Gear, Parts and Accessories » Ghost Ring Sights — What Are You Missing?

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Ghost ring sights — what are you missing.

Ghost ring sight mounted at the rear of a picatinny rail

I wouldn’t say optical sights have spoiled shooters or that we have forgotten how to use iron sights. In fact, it is far from it. However, I do think iron sights don’t get the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, quite a few long guns are delivered with perfunctory sights that are not very useful.

As a young hunter, I took all manner of small game with a simple iron-sighted rifle . The range was short and my eyes were good. The .22 rifles I used were well balanced and accurate. A 25-yard shot was a long shot at squirrels in trees. Keeping pesky starlings and rodents out from around my uncle’s barn wasn’t difficult.

four ghost ring sights with varying sized apertures

Iron Sight Basics

I knew about sight alignment and sight picture . I never gave a thought to the trigger press. I knew how to ‘tickle the trigger’ and never jerked the trigger. The occasional long shot wasn’t that great of a challenge. I simply slowed down a little.

ghost ring sights alignment

I graduated to the .30-30 and a host of military rifles in centerfire calibers. I was reminded of how I began shooting, as I recently gave the steel gongs a good working over at 100 yards with a Marlin .30-30 equipped with the XS LeverRail. I still rely on fixed sights on most rifles and exclusively on shotguns.

ghost ring sights alignment

I have confidence in the zero and the sight picture. I used two types of sights primarily and there are variants on each. First, the simple blade type, which includes shotguns with rifle sights and standard sights on hunting rifles including the old buckhorn rear sight.

Then, there are ghost ring sights and the peep variant of the ghost ring. They are not quite the same thing. A post or ramp front sight is standard on factory long guns.

Ghost Ring Sights

When it comes to ghost ring rear sights, XS Sights is the king of the game. XS Sights’ offerings, in many types and configurations, are designed for lever-action rifles and shotguns . These sights offer a good range of adjustment, different diameters on the rear sight, and come standard with the express white strip front sight.

Cowboy in front of a hay barn shooting a lever-action rifle

A ghost ring rear sight is named for the tendency of the sight to disappear or fade out as you concentrate on the front sight. The front sight is naturally centered in the rear sight. The peep sight is generally a thicker type that doesn’t quite fade away as you view the front sight. The peep is designed for greater accuracy, although the ghost ring will give the peep a run for its money in accuracy and best it in speed at close range.

When it comes to enumerating the advantages of a ghost ring or peep rear sight, among these is increased sight radius. Most rifle sights are mounted on the barrel. The open aperture sight is mounted on the rear of the receiver.

It is common to gain seven to nine inches in sight radius with a good set of ghost ring sights compared to standard factory sights. This means that small changes in the sight picture are not as critical to accuracy. Aiming with a standard sight picture means that you focus on the front sight not the target and have an even amount of space showing on each side of the front post as it sets in the rear notch.

XS sights rear ghost ring in a dovetail mount for adjustability

You usually use a six o’clock hold holding just under the bullseye target. With a ghost ring sight, you focus on the top of the front sight. The tip of the front sight will be centered in the aperture. You will place the front post dead on the target.

Sight adjustment is easy. Just move the rear sight in the direction you want the bullet strike to move. Sights right, the bullet will strike right. Drift left to move the bullets to the left. You seldom have to drift a rear sight as most are designed to be easily adjustable.

The old barleycorn buckhorn or rocky mountain type sights are a different story. They must be drifted in the notch. No matter, a brass punch and hammer work fine. Just remember that less is more. Tap slowly in small increments.

A classic Winchester '92 outfitted with XS sights

Very good shooting may be done with a properly-zeroed rifle equipped with well set up aperture sights. While these sights are precise for shooting to at least 100 yards, another advantage is speed. Your field of view isn’t as circumscribed as with optics and when you shoulder the rifle and look through the rear sight. The front post is centered quickly.

A simple bead front sight is only a step away from the bump on top of the barrel of a musket or blunderbuss. It is a general use sight for orientation. An all-around defensive shotgun needs to be zeroed to put its load of shot on target.

ghost ring sights alignment

Most bead front sights cause the shotgun to fire high or low and occasionally to one side. With shotgun slugs, the point of impact is usually low at close range. Shotgun slugs may be effective to 50 yards or more depending on the load and the shotgun’s sights.

Buckshot is generally considered effective to 20 yards. Some loads such as Federal #00 Flite Wad may be effective to 35 yards. These superior loads demand that the shotgun be properly sighted.

A good set of aperture sights goes a long way in doing so. Among the very few factory sight setups offering a wide range of adjustment comes with the Mossberg 590A1 shotgun. These ghost ring sights offer excellent windage and elevation adjustment. The Benelli M4 also offers good adjustment.

Mossberg/Blackwater shotgun fitted with XS sights

I think that my rifles with XS Ghost Ring sights are simply the best setup of any rifle with fixed sights. These sights offer real speed. With a choice of different size apertures — the larger opening for speed shooting and the smaller for greater accuracy — these are versatile sights.

Ghost ring or aperture sights are popular among lever gun shooters, and perhaps less so among shotgunners. Do you shoot a ghost ring sight? Does it make target acquisition faster of tactical shotguns? Share your experiences with ghost ring sights in the comment section.

Winchester '92 rifle set up with XS sights ghost ring rear sight

About the Author:

Bob campbell.

Are you a fan of old revolvers? How about cowboy action shooting? Share your answers in the comment section.

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Skinner sights are excellent!

Very good custom design.

Author favors XS. What about Skinner ghost rings?

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Shooting 101: How To Adjust Iron Sights

How to adjust iron sights

C ompared to red dot sights, iron sights are designed as a physical alignment system utilizing the naked eye. It is a device that operates well under ambient lighting, and it is also a device that won’t fail you for battery/electrical issues, because it doesn’t need batteries! We currently use iron sights as our backup sights most of the time, and you know, plan B is almost as important as plan A. So once you have chosen your primary optic, consider outfitting your rifle or shotgun with iron sights, better safe than sorry! Now, it’s time for you to learn how to adjust iron sights!

Meet your iron sights: Open sights, Aperture sights, and Flip-up sights

Before we jump into how to adjust iron sights, we should know more about them. What is their feature, when is the best time to use them, or which suits you the best? Below we introduce the 3 most common iron sights, open sights, aperture sights, and flip-up sights.

The easiest design: Open sights

Open sights

Although not the most efficient sighting system available, open sights tried and can truly be very effective. This is made apparent by arguably the most successful assault rifle of all time, the AK-47. The U-Shaped alignment system can provide reasonable accuracy out past 300 yards.

Open sights are also considered a more reliable system under adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. However, it is less precise than the peep sight and is more prone to alignment error. You won’t be able to focus your vision as good due to the lack of a pinhole that increases your depth of field.

When using open sights, accuracy and low light capability will also take a hit. If you choose between the two, a peep sight will almost always better serve you than open sights would.

The most effective on rifles: Aperture sights

Apeture Sights

There are 2 kinds of aperture sights, the ghost ring and the peep sight. The most obvious difference between them is the diameter of the rear sight. Ghost ring sights have more expansive space , allowing more lightning, offering advantages in low light and close quarters. On the other hand, the target aperture sights have a smaller space for lightning and a reduction of parallax, and it tends to be more precise.

Ghost Ring Sight

The ghost ring sight is a quick alignment tool simplistic in design that performs well at close quarters and low light shooting. Iron sights, in general, can be challenging to use in the dark regardless of the size of your rear aperture. However, the enlarged hole does help with the light transmission in a low-light scenario. It will also aid you in quick target acquisition. It is important to note that you should not focus on the front sight post with ghost rings as you would with peep sights.

When using ghost rings , focus on your target instead of your front sight post. Your front sight will appear blurry, but this will not hinder your performance when using ghost ring sights at their intended ranges. Not doing so will negatively impact your shooting and make it difficult to see your target.

Keep in mind that ghost ring sights will have a higher degree of parallax. Centering your front sight post is of greater importance than the peep sight due to the increased risk of alignment error due to the raised rear aperture size.

Target Aperture Sights

Peep sights have been a staple in the history of the American Rifleman. The small rear aperture allows for precise shooting in both short and long-distance. It excels in conditions where ambient light is available. The peep sight design also provides minimal alignment error afforded to the shooter. Meaning you will maintain a reasonable amount of accuracy even if your front sight post does not appear to be dead in the center of your rear aperture.

The peep sight will also allow you to focus on the front sight post while maintaining relative clarity of your target. As a result, the best method of utilizing the peep sight is to focus your eye on your front sight post. Your target will appear slightly blurry, but this will allow you to maintain a higher degree of accuracy.

The best option for your backup sights: Flip-up sights

Adjusting Iron Sights: Flip-up Sights

Nowadays, flip-up iron sights are the most common on the AR platform. They benefit from running flush with your rail when not in use while also taking up a minimal amount of rail space. This allows more ideal sighting systems such as red dots and scopes while also withholding the foolproof mechanical simplicity of a design that rarely fails.

Flip-up sights also benefit from co-witness through non-magnified optics such as reflex and holographic sights. This means that should your optic fail, you need not remove it to utilize your iron sights. Simply flip them up and aim passively through the window of your optic. When using magnified optics, you will need to remove the optic to deploy your iron sights.

Now, how to adjust iron sights?

Adjusting iron sights is not quite as intuitive as adjusting optics but still relatively easy. We can break it into 2 phases: Achieve mechanic zero at home and zero iron sights at the range. But before we elaborate on the process, you should make sure your iron sights are appropriately mounted. There should be no play and should be firmly locked in place atop your rail. Ok, we can head to adjusting iron sights now:

Achieve Mechanic Zero at Home

  • First, take your front sight and adjust the sight so that the base of the front sight post is flush with that of your sight well.
  • Next, max out the windage adjustment, dial in either direction until it comes to a stop.
  • Then, proceed to count the number of clicks it takes to max out your windage in the opposite direction from end to end.
  • Finally, divide the number of clicks by 2.  If it took you 40 clicks from side to side proceed to adjust your rear aperture 20 clicks to center and achieve mechanical zero.

Zero iron sights at the range

Once you are at the range, you will need to pick your zeroing distance. 25 and 50 yards tend to be the most common. Click here to learn zeroing distances in depth . Find a stable shooting platform to conduct your shots once you have your target set up at your selected distance. Now we can start to zero:

  • Step 1: Fire a 3-5 round group placing an emphasis on proper sight alignment, stability, and trigger fundamentals.
  • Step 2: Observe your point of impact and how it relates to your point of aim.

Here are some tips for you when you are zeroing at the range:

  • Using paper that has a grid with 1-inch squares is very helpful when evaluating what adjustments you need make.
  • For flip up irons, rotating your front sight post clockwise will raise the point of impact of your bullet;  Rotating counterclockwise will lower the point of impact of your bullet.
  • For elevation, turning your windage dial clockwise will move your point of impact to the right;  Rotating counter clockwise will move your point of impact to the left.
  • Be sure you know the adjustment value of your iron sight before you begin making your adjustments.

Using these values, adjust accordingly so that your point of impact coincides with your point of aim. Once this is done…. BAM! You’re Zeroed.

It may be helpful if you document what adjustments were made from your starting mechanical zero. This way, if you must make further adjustments for different ranges and conditions in the future, you have a reference point to reobtain this same zero without repeating the process.

Using iron sight as a backup is crucial. Let me tell you a story…

Marine Corps memory

While serving in the Marine Corps, I was fortunate enough never to have to resort to iron sights myself. However, I did observe an instance in which one of our machine gunners temporarily had to use iron sights.

His rifle became detached from his body when fast-roping down from a V22 Osprey. As a result, his M4 took about 30 ft to dive straight onto some old concrete. The Trijicon Acog he was using completely broke. That’s right…. The legendary little tank of an optic met its match.

The backup iron sights he attached to his m4 were utterly functional and supported him until he was able to get a replacement optic. So, no matter how tough you think your optic is, it is still prone to failure. Nevertheless, carrying iron sights can potentially be the difference between being in or out of the fight.

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Sean Lovely

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This is excellent information. Please continue. Thanks.

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Thank you!!! And yes, we will! Please stay tuned 🙂 -Emma

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What Is A Ghost Ring Sight?

Among iron sights, the ghost ring sights are the most casual one. Apparently they look like small black finished rings. But these sights are greater deals than being just rings.

Also they often vary based on their type and sizes. Hence the question of what is a ghost ring sight needs to be explained rather than being answered directly. We therefore discuss everything related to Ghost ring sight to confirm a clear understanding on Ghost ring sights.

What Is A Ghost Ring Sight

Ghost Ring Sight or Aperture Sight falls in the category of standard iron sights that have two parts. One part of these sights remain in the gun stock, and the other part is located near the barrel from where the bullet fires. Both in adjustable and not adjustable variants they are available.

Ghost Ring Sight

These sights are faster in action than other scopes in close combat situations. Primarily, the police guns and military rifles come with this type of sight usually.

In other words, for self-defense, Ghost Ring Sights are perfect. Moreover, you can trace the target accurately when they are just a few steps ahead.

However, there’s a twist behind their name. They are called ghost ring sights because when you sight in them suddenly, you will get a blurry vision which gives the object quite a ghost-like appearance. That’s why they are known as ghost rings. As well, you have to peep in these sights so they are also known as peep sights.

What Are Ghost Ring Shotgun Sights

Ghost ring sights for shotguns are not something different or specially made. By now, you have got that the ghost ring sight is the perfect fit for close-range shooting. Also, shotguns are best for close combat. Therefore, when it comes to short-range hunting, ring sight on your shotgun will nail it all.

Likely, not all shotguns come with mounted ghost ring sights except for the combat shotguns. But using some handy tools, you can mount them on the receiver of the gun. Also, do not forget about the size of the ghost ring as they differ according to the gun’s size.

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

Most of the ghost ring sights are designed to allow easy mounting of the red dot sights. Nevertheless, there are still some steps to multiply their efficiency and comfort in aiming. The following steps on how to aim with ghost ring sights may be found helpful.

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

Step-1: Prepare the Things you’ll need

Before you start the zeroing process, make sure you have got all the things ready. The items you’ll need are:

  • The Sight(We are using XS sight systems)
  • A screwdriver for sight adjustments
  • Safety Gears

Step 2: Get The Gun Ready

Once you are ready with the things, set the gun on the gun rest and take the firing position. Then, fire in a group of 3-5 rounds targeting the bull’s eye through the rear peep sight. Starting at 25 yards would be an ideal distance.

Step 3: Adjust the Sight

Next, see through the ring and adjust it to the point you shot. Start with the windage adjustment by loosening the screw. Then roll the ghost ring aperture clockwise if you want to elevate. If you want it down, then screw counterclockwise.

After adjusting the windage to up or down. Now, set the left or right option. If you want it to be on the left side, then loosen the screw on that side. If you want it on the other side, then loosen the screw on the right side. Finally, get all the screws tightened after making sure about the angle of sight alignment.

Step 4: Fire Again

It is the final step after you finalize the rear sight alignment. First, you see through the ring that you can see the shot point directly which you made in your first firing. If you can, then move the gun targeting the bulls-eye. And fire in 3-5 rounds. If you get the shot, then raise the distance gradually to 100 yards. And your ghost ring sight is ready for the game.

However, keep in mind that not all aperture peep sights are adjustable. And these steps we have organized are best to follow for adjustable aperture sights. if your ghost ring sight is not adjustable then you have to use it as it comes.

Are Ghost Ring Sights Good

The testimony on the good or bad of the ghost ring sight depends on the purpose you are using it.

CAs we said,  the ghost ring sights are ideal for short-range shooting. For shirt range they are always in the expart preference when it comes to quick target acquisition.

Planning to go on a  quick turkey hunt?  Ghost ring sight can be  the best choice for such short-range adventure. On the contrary,  if you want to go for long-range shooting with these sights like deer or elk hunting, they might not be a good choice.

All in all, for self-defense purposes and other speedy close calls, Peep sights are good enough. On the other hand, for night time usage and low lighting conditions they do not work best.

Most probably, all of your queries on a ghost ring sight have come to an end. However, these simple sights are a bit hard to understand as they do not have so much description at first glance. But once you know them, It becomes a piece of cake. On the whole, without any doubt, the ghost ring sight is the best of all types of sights if quick access is the matter.

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How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

Explore America's Campgrounds

How to Use the TruGlo Bow Sights

How to Use the TruGlo Bow Sights

How to Remove Rifle Sights

How to Remove Rifle Sights

Larry Anderson

One type of open rifle sight is called a ghost ring sight, which is a two-part sight that hunters often use. The sight includes a circle-shaped aperture called a ghost ring that is affixed to the top of the gun near the stock. The other part of the sight is a post that is located near the part of the rifle from where the bullet is fired. Ghost ring sights are more accurate than sights that are completely open, but less so than high-powered rifle scopes. Still, hunters who become accustomed to ghost ring sights can shoot animals effectively with them.

Press the butt of the rifle against your shooting shoulder. Place your index finger close to the rifle's trigger. Hold with your other hand the rifle near where the stock and barrel come together.

Look with your dominant eye through the ghost ring.

Aim the rifle at your intended target.

Look through the ghost ring and down the rifle barrel, so that you see both the sight post and the target. Level the post on the spot on the target you want to hit.

Maneuver the rifle barrel up or down so the post is centered in the ghost ring.

Pull the trigger.

  • ChuckHawks.com; Choosing the Right Sight; Chuck Hawks

Larry Anderson has been a freelance writer since 2000. He has covered a wide variety of topics, from golf and baseball to hunting and fishing. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, including "Fargo Forum" newspaper. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Arts in print journalism from Concordia College.

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How to use Ghost Ring Sights?

ghost ring sight

For a good shooting experience, the shooter must learn to aim correctly. Nobody wants to waste their ammunition and ruin their experience of shooting by missing aims. Moreover, in combat, taking perfect aim is a matter of life and death. So, along with learning how to aim, it is also essential to gather the ideal tools to fit your gun that will allow you to aim perfectly. One such tool is a sight. There are different kinds of sights and scopes available that you can use with your weapon. One such type of sight is the ghost ring sights. This article will discuss in detail what ghost ring sights are and how you can use them.

What is a ghost ring sight?

If you are interested in guns, then you must have heard about iron sights. Iron sights are the most basic sights, and ghost ring sights are one of their types. 

A ghost ring sight is mounted at the rear of a gun and includes a ring. The size of the ring varies with different weapons. For using a ghost sight accurately, you need to combine it with a front sight. 

The front side used with a ghost ring sight is open, and the ring on the rear sight allows you to look through while aiming. Both the front and rear sights have adjustable and non-adjustable variants. It is more convenient to align the front sight if you peep through the rear aperture.

Some weapons come with attached ghost ring sights, and if not, you can also attach them as an upgrade. 

Ghost rings are a newer innovation, and due to their rising popularity, they are coming in a variety of sizes and for all weapons. 

What is it used for?

It is best to use ghost ring sights with shotguns. They are used with shotguns because both shotguns and ghost rings are best for close combat as they are faster and more accurate than other sights. Hence, the combination of the two fits well for short-range shooting. 

So, Ghost rings are suitable for closed combat and used by police and the military. You can also use them for self-defense. 

Other than shotguns, you can also use ghost rings with riots, handguns, and rifles. 

Moreover, Ghost ring sights allow for faster target acquisition because when you look down the barrel, the ring goes out of focus while maintaining the alignment with the front sight. It will enable the shooters to focus on shifting the barrel on the target quicker.

So, use a ghost ring sight if you want to acquire your target quickly. The target acquisition of a ghost ring sight is not just faster than other sights but also scopes. Yes, you heard it right! A ghost ring sight might not beat a scope in its accuracy, but it does in faster target acquisition. 

However, ghost ring sights do not work for long distances. So, for a closed-range adventure like a turkey hunt, use a ghost ring sight. But if you are planning for long-range elk or deer hunting, then a ghost ring is not the best choice.  

How to zero a ghost ring sight?

Following are the crucial steps for zeroing a ghost ring sight:

Gather the required items

The necessary items for zeroing a ghost ring sight are your weapon, the sight, safety gears, a screwdriver for adjustments, a target, and a rest. 

Set the gun

Set your weapon in a stable position. A steady rest is crucial for properly zeroing your gun. After putting your gun in a stable place, take the firing position.

Fire rounds

Take 3-5 rounds and hit the target by looking through the ring sight. It is ideal to start with 25 yards.

Adjust the sight

Look through the ring to adjust to a point you have shot, make windage adjustments according to your requirements, and then tighten the screws. 

Look through the ring if you can see the point where you have hit your first shot. If you can see that point through your ring, then move the gun while targeting your spot. Again fire 3-5 shots. Increase the distance from 25 to 100 yards if you get the accurate shot. After this process, your ghost ring sight is ready for shooting. 

Shooting with your ghost ring sight

Shooting with a ghost ring sight is a simple process. Follow these basic steps to shoot with your ghost ring sight.

Hold the gun properly

Press the stock of the gun against your shoulder and place your finger on the trigger. Use your other hand to hold the rifle from the point where the gun’s stock and its barrel come together. 

Look through the ring

Peep through the circle-shaped aperture of the ghost ring. It is essential for taking the appropriate aim. Look through the ring and also down the barrel to look at the front sight and the target. Align the front sight post with the spot you want to hit on the target.

Center the post in the ghost ring

After leveling the front sight with the targeted spot, adjust the rifle barrel to center the front post in the ring. Pull the trigger after that. 

What are ghost rings on a rifle?

Ghost ring sights are a type of iron sights that fit on the rear of a rifle. Tactical shooters love ghost ring sights because they allow for speedy target acquisition. 

Can you use iron sights with a scope?

You can not use an iron sight with a scope because it is impossible to use it behind a magnified scope. Also, you cannot see the front sight via a magnified optic. 

What are XS Ghost Ring sights?

The XS Ghost ring sights include an adjustable aperture. It allows for quick target acquisition and gives accuracy at the same time.

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ghost ring sights alignment

Buy Ghost Ring Sights from the Best Brands like XS Sight Systems, Ameriglo, Grey Ghost, and More! | Free Shipping Available! — 90 products / 187 models — Page 1

Are ghost ring sights good for pistols.

Yes, Installing ghost ring pistol sights is a great way to give you the edge in competition, combat, or self-defense. Several ghost ring sights work for Glocks.

What are peep sights?

Peep sights or aperture sights range from the "ghost ring" sight, whose thin ring blurs to near invisibility (hence "ghost"), to target aperture sights that use large disks or other occluders with pinhole-sized apertures. In general, the thicker the ring, the more precise the sight, and the thinner the ring, the faster the sight.

Are peep sights accurate?

As long as the sights are set up correctly, they're just as good as the shooter. Peep sights help you narrow your focus, so you can gain both sight alignment and sight picture within a small window.

Is red dot better than iron sights?

It depends on the skill level of the shooter, but in general, most shooters are more accurate with a red dot optic than iron sights mounted to their gun. Aiming iron sights requires that you acquire your target and then align your sights. Whereas, a red dot is a type of illuminated sight designed for quick target acquisition, so it combines steps and makes shooting much more intuitive. In the end, you just aim the red dot on your target and shoot.

Otherwise, like with anything, there are pros and cons. Red dots are more effective for night time shooting, but are battery powered. Iron sights give you a larger field of view and don't need batteries. Some shooters like to use both, though. They co-witness their sights, meaning they zero their gun so they can use iron sights if the battery dies on their red dot.

Buy Ghost Ring Sights on OpticsPlanet

At OpticsPlanet, we have a wide variety of ghost ring sights for rifles, shotguns, and pistols from top brands like CMMG , Trijicon , XS Systems , and more. Plus, you get free shipping on most orders $49 or more. Upgrade today!

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What Is a Ghost Ring Sight & What Are They For?

Man wearing a hat aiming his firearm with a ghost ring sight

Time and time again, it’s been proven that the right gear contributes to a great shooting experience. Even if you’re an experienced shooter, using the wrong gear or not the most optimum tool will inevitably bring frustration.

But one tool that’ll help better your shooting experience is a ghost ring sight. Keep reading to find out more about it.

For similar reading see our write up on the best home defense shotguns .

What Is a Ghost Ring Sight?

What are ghost ring sights on a shotgun, ghost ring sights vs peep sights, ghost ring sights vs iron sights, what are ghost ring sights used for, ghost ring rifle sights, are ghost ring sights accurate, frequently asked question.

A ghost ring sight is a type of iron sight mounted at the rear of a firearm to increase your accuracy. It’s simple to operate and doesn’t obscure the target like most non-optical sights.

It’s these features that have made ghost ring sights popular in battles and home defense. The name ghost comes from how it becomes blurry or almost invisible when in use.

Although these sights aren’t effective for shooting at long distances, they’re quite a handy tool when used at close ranges.

Now that we’ve answered the question of what is a ghost ring sight, let’s get into more detail about the application of this tool.

Someone must’ve realized that shotguns could benefit from ghost ring sights, as it’s led to the production of a new product. These days, most manufacturers sell shotguns that come with these sights.

So, how does it work in practice?

Well, ghost ring rifle sights are tiny devices attached to shotguns to improve aim and make it easier to acquire a target. When a ghost ring is attached to a shotgun, you get a powerful weapon for close-range applications. 

With it, users can acquire a target in less time and experience improved accuracy. Such a combination is great for people who want to protect their homes.

When talking about ghost ring sights, most people confuse them with peep sights. While both can be mounted on shotguns to serve the same purpose, they have a few differences. However, simply put, a peep sight features a small hole, while a ghost ring has a bigger hole.

When it comes down to ghost ring sights vs peep sights, a peep sight is better. The reason is that a small hole allows for more precise shooting. 

Peep sights are usually thicker, and they don’t fade away like ghost rings. That said, you may want to try both to find which one you prefer on your shotgun.

Peep sights are also called aperture sights, and the terms are often used interchangeably. As a peep sight has a smaller circular opening, the eye is naturally drawn to this opening, making them easy to use. However, their smaller opening makes them not so great for very close range.

Fingers adjusting a peep sight

Ghost ring sights resemble peep sights but with a larger circular opening. While they’re easier to use than peep sights, they don’t offer as much precision.

But an advantage the ghost rings have over peep sights is that they’re quite effective in low-light conditions. When you factor in that most conflicts happen in low-light conditions, this advantage comes in handy.

While shopping for these sights, you’re also likely to come across a ghost ring peep sight. Now, this is a combination of a standard fiber optic sight and a peep sight. It allows more light than a peep sight, allowing for quicker target acquisition.

Ghost ring sights are generally considered iron sights, although they aren’t exactly the same. Essentially, ghost rings are a newer invention but they work on the same principles as the traditional sight.

If you ever find yourself wondering what to choose from in a ghost ring vs iron sights debate, go with the former, as they offer better focus and more accuracy. Iron sights are more basic but still effective if you don’t have a ghost ring sight.

A person aiming a shotgun with a ghost ring sight

Ghost ring sights are used when you want to accurately acquire your target quickly when it’s at a close range. Through this sight, you’ll be able to see your target immediately, and when you move the rifle, you can acquire your new target just as fast.

Although a scope and other optic sights perform the same task, they aren’t as fast as ghost ring sights. 

Yes, scopes give you more accuracy, but it’s slower when it comes to target acquisition. A ghost ring works faster, but the major drawback is that it’s not designed for long-range shooting.

However, unlike how scopes are often used for hunting, ghost ring sights have other uses, such as being great for self-defense or when targets are close by.

Ghost ring rifle sights have become popular as a backup option for a rifle’s sighting system. While scopes are the most preferred option for rifles, people have also realized that this particular sighting system can be useful, especially in close-range combat.

A ghost ring sights lever action rifle combo is particularly a great mix that allows for quick target acquisition without compromising accuracy. In fact, ghost ring sights for shotguns can also be used on a rifle, making them quite versatile. (Reference: What are ghost ring sights )

Yes, ghost ring sights are accurate. In fact, that’s their number one selling feature and what’s made them popular. Ghost ring rifle sights allow users to focus quickly on the target, allowing for better aim.

However, when it comes to ghost ring sights vs peep sights in terms of accuracy, the peep sights are comparatively more accurate and precise because of their smaller opening.

For more reading see: what shells should you use for home defense .

Why is it called a ghost ring sight?

It’s called a ghost ring sight because when you use it, the sight becomes blurry or fades away. Because your eye is focused on the opening, it won’t see the sight.

Where do you aim with ghost ring sights?

With ghost ring sights, you aim at the top of the front sight to be able to hit your target.

Are ghost ring sights good for Glock?

Ghost ring sights are good for Glocks, thanks to their durability and rugged design.

What is the diameter of the ghost ring sight? 

The average diameter of a ghost ring sight is a quarter of an inch. However, there are variations based on different firearms.

  • Iron Sights, From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_sights

L.p. Brezny

I have been writing firearms and outdoor material for over 50 years to date. I have hunted across the world, including Russia, and a great deal of time professional hunting in Australia. I currently live in the American West and hunt all across the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Big Horn Mountains. I have specialized much of my work as a load developer in shotguns and rifles. I have run a small company that builds suppressor barrels of my design and load tests for writing purposes and consulting. My commercial names include Ballistics Research & Development / Metro Gun Systems TM.

Or contact me at:

  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • See my website
  • Buy my book: Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning
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ghost ring sights alignment

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The Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights

Table of Contents

If you’re like me, you haven’t fallen in love with the stock Glock sights. It’s a known fact that some people love ’em and others hate ’em. We’ve offered up some sweet alternative sights for Glock before on Gun Laser Guide (like here ) but never focused solely on ghost ring sights.

What’s the best part of ghost ring sights? Quick target acquisition. Similar to the benefits of having a good laser sight for your Glock , ghost ring sights will help you get on target fast and be confident in your aim, even if you’re in a high-stress situation.

In this post, we look at several of the best ghost ring sights that you can buy for your Glock. Our experts did all the homework for you and reviewed our favorites so that you can buy the best sights possible.

Ok, so let’s get on with our list of the best ghost ring sights for Glock below:

Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring Green

A very much standard offering for the most common Glock models. This is a direct drop-in replacement for the sights on your Glock, which will convert it to a ghost-ring sight picture. You’ll be fast on target day or night.

The ring itself is flat black, but in the dark you can depend on the two tritium cells for a quick three-dot alignment. During the day, you will have the fastest sight picture possible for popping snakes while wondering through the woods, or any other critter that chooses to attack, four-legged or otherwise.

Nothing too fancy, and for the price , the tritium sights work well for a solid and accurate sight picture under any conditions. The sights are constructed from heavy duty polymers. Don’t forget to loc-tite the front if you install them yourself.

Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sight

This is a very cool night sight and ghost ring solution for your Glock, and if you happen to have a ring-of-fire sight picture on your shotgun , you will absolutely love it.

The front and rear combo consists of a three dot tritium powered design, similar to other ghost ring Glocks, but with the added Lexan ring insert in the back that glows in the daylight, or even in low-light conditions, so you can see the it, even in relative darkness. The ring isn’t powered by tritium, but as with most fiber optic elements, it works well enough in most conditions, and when seen as a bonus to the typical design, it’s very functional.

These sights fit all the standard Glock models, but if you have a G42 or G43, they also have a version available just for you , as well as many other makes and models of firearms.

Ultimate Arms Gear Pro 3 Dot Tactical Combat Ghost Ring Sights

Trijicon makes the tritium vials in this combination. The front sight has a standard green glow, but it’s wrapped with an orange insert for increased visibility. The set even comes with a wrench for installation of the front sight, though you will likely still need a sight pusher or gunsmith to install the rear.

The sights fit the standard Glock models, and the front sight is .22 inches tall. Sights are constructed from CNC machined steel for maximum durability, and with Trijicon vials powering the lights, there’s no need to worry about them being too dim or dying prematurely.

At night, you have a three dot sight picture, while during the day it’s all ghost ring for fast encounters, and the triple dot design can be used for added accuracy when needed.

Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Sights

When you want a minimalist design, this is for you. The front sight is a tritium lamp that glows green all day and night, and the ghost ring at the back is unadorned. Unfortunately, this means that at night you will have no adequate rear sight, unless you decide to paint the ring with glow-in-the-dark material for better visibility, but during the day, it makes target acquisition fast and effortless.

The sighting system will fit very high on your gun, so be ready for that. You may have to adjust your point of aim at range to compensate, but for a ghost ring pistol, you aren’t going to have target accuracy anyways.

The rear sight is scuffed to prevent glare, and the sighting system is about as simple as it can be without removing the rear sight completely.

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How to install ghost ring sights on Mossberg 500?

If you’re looking to install ghost ring sights on your Mossberg 500 shotgun, follow these steps: 1. Gather the necessary tools: ghost ring sight kit, screwdriver, drill, and punch. 2. Remove the old sights, if present, by unscrewing them. 3. Position the ghost ring sight on the barrel and use a punch to mark the drill holes. 4. Carefully drill the marked holes, ensuring the sight stays aligned. 5. Attach the ghost ring sight with screws and tighten them securely. 6. Test the sight for accuracy and adjust if needed.

1. Can ghost ring sights be installed on any Mossberg 500 model?

2. do i need to purchase a specific ghost ring sight kit for the mossberg 500, 3. how do i remove the old sights on my mossberg 500, 4. do i need any special tools to install ghost ring sights, 5. is it necessary to drill holes in the barrel to install ghost ring sights, 6. can a novice gun owner install ghost ring sights, 7. are ghost ring sights legal on shotguns, 8. do ghost ring sights improve accuracy for shotguns, 9. can i install ghost ring sights on my mossberg 500 without any modifications, 10. are there any alternative sights for mossberg 500 shotguns, 11. how much does a ghost ring sight typically cost, 12. can ghost ring sights be used with a magnified optic, 13. do i need to sight in my shotgun after installing ghost ring sights, 14. can i install ghost ring sights on a mossberg 500 with a pistol grip, 15. do ghost ring sights affect the overall weight and balance of the shotgun.

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Yes, ghost ring sights can generally be installed on any Mossberg 500 shotgun, as long as they have a compatible sight base.

Yes, it’s recommended to purchase a ghost ring sight kit designed specifically for the Mossberg 500 to ensure proper fit and alignment.

The old sights can usually be unscrewed using a screwdriver. However, it’s best to consult the firearm’s manual or seek professional assistance if uncertain.

You will need a screwdriver, drill, punch, and the appropriate sight kit. These tools are common and can be found in most home toolkits.

Yes, drilling holes is usually required to attach the ghost ring sight base securely. Ensure you use the correct drill size as recommended in the sight kit instructions.

While it’s possible for a novice to install ghost ring sights, it’s recommended to seek professional help or obtain guidance from an experienced firearm user to ensure proper installation.

Yes, ghost ring sights are legal on shotguns in most jurisdictions. However, it’s essential to check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

Ghost ring sights can enhance accuracy and target acquisition for shotguns, especially in low-light situations or when shooting at longer distances.

In most cases, no major modifications are required on a Mossberg 500 to install ghost ring sights. However, drilling holes and potentially removing the old sights may be necessary.

Yes, there are various alternative sight options available for Mossberg 500 shotguns, including bead sights, fiber optic sights, and traditional open sights.

The cost of a ghost ring sight can vary depending on the brand, quality, and additional features. Generally, they range from $30 to $200.

Yes, it’s possible to use a magnified optic in conjunction with ghost ring sights, though it may require additional adjustments to ensure proper alignment and sight picture.

Yes, after installing ghost ring sights, it’s crucial to sight in your shotgun to account for any changes in point of impact caused by the new sights.

Yes, the installation process for ghost ring sights remains the same regardless of the shotgun’s stock configuration.

While ghost ring sights can add a small amount of weight to the shotgun, the impact on overall weight and balance is generally minimal and should not significantly affect handling.

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ghost ring sights alignment

"They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at children single near Moscow - there is a casualty


Highlights: In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges. One child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently. It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

ghost ring sights alignment

In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges.

So far, one injured child is known.

This was reported by the local Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU.

"Small children were clutching their heads screaming and falling to the ground. Not without injuries. The child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case," the report said.

One of the witnesses to the incident posted a video. It was her child who was shot by the Russian Guards. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently.

After the woman realized that her child had been wounded, she called her husband and doctor.

Meanwhile, Russian occupier Ivan Alekseev in the war in Ukraine after a drunken quarrel killed his colleague and tried to cover up the crime, saying it was the work of "Ukrainian saboteurs."

It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

  • The suspect in the murder of a military volunteer was released from custody
  • They will teach "patriotism": Russians in the occupied territories launch cadet classes
  • Russia has created another training ground near Mariupol: how many soldiers are in the city

Source: tsn

All news articles on 2023-08-20

How FrankenSAM's "hybrid" air defense systems work in Ukraine: the editor-in-chief of Defense Express told the details 2023-12-28T18:43:33.857Z

Record in borrowing: households have borrowed almost BGN 700 million. in November - Economy 2023-12-28T18:43:22.090Z

This is what the weather will be like for New Year's Eve in Argentina 2023-12-28T18:43:10.416Z

Five people in Germany charged with collecting 250,000 euros in donations to Islamic State 2023-12-28T18:42:58.739Z

Gabrovo sends 2023 on December 30 - Society 2023-12-28T18:34:11.348Z

'No entry' on these routes in Delhi on New Year's Eve, know the route before exiting 2023-12-28T18:33:59.211Z

Meteorological Department warns of dense fog in Delhi and Haryana for next five days 2023-12-28T18:33:46.468Z

Every nation has its own unique way of life inspired by culture: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat 2023-12-28T18:33:34.705Z

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: BJP gears up for 'Dangal' in South, party's focus is on 84 seats 2023-12-28T18:33:22.872Z

Fog affects flight services, 60 flights diverted at Delhi airport in last three days 2023-12-28T18:33:10.969Z

The Prosecutor's Office launched a case for the hashkod of the machines from the local vote - Court and Prosecutor's Office 2023-12-28T18:22:58.766Z

Milen Keremedchiev on Schengen by land: By 2025 we will not break Austria's opinion - Politics 2023-12-28T18:13:33.410Z

Iranian Foreign Minister: Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" was carried out by an independent decision and action by "Hamas" 2023-12-28T18:13:21.631Z

UNICEF: The number of children killed in the West Bank in 2023 is "unprecedented" 2023-12-28T18:13:10.004Z

How many Ukrainian conscripts are in captivity of the Russian Federation: activist's data 2023-12-28T18:12:58.486Z

Due to the actions of the Russians, an environmental disaster may occur near Melitopol 2023-12-28T18:04:07.549Z

SSI drain scheme revealed - Criminal 2023-12-28T18:03:55.428Z

Putin to Xi Jinping: The war in Ukraine will last five years, but Russia will win - Russia 2023-12-28T18:03:44.255Z

Dutch Army Commander-in-Chief: Prepare for war with Russia, ensure civilians stock up on food and water 2023-12-28T18:03:21.326Z

Director of GDBOP: In 2025 the border Bulgaria-Turkey will be the busiest in the world - Criminal 2023-12-28T18:03:10.030Z

"They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at children single near Moscow - there is a casualty News/Politics 2023-08-20T20:58:57.477Z

Powerful explosion in Makhachkala could have caused the fall of a Russian missile – media (photos, video) News/Politics 2023-08-16T09:58:30.402Z

The moment of the explosion in Moscow was broadcast on the rowing championship: video News/Politics 2023-08-11T12:06:55.387Z

Moscow region attacked by drones: Vnukovo airport suspended work (video) News/Politics 2023-07-04T06:18:46.954Z

8-Year-Old Boy Killed in Russian Strike on Western Ukraine News/Politics 2023-08-11T14:26:57.994Z

They were going to reconnaissance the territory: border guards "landed" the occupiers' UAVs near Avdiivka News/Politics 2023-08-08T13:05:30.066Z

In Crimea, the occupier shot a contract soldier from Moscow: details News/Politics 2023-08-13T09:17:01.858Z

The hypermarket destroyed to the ground is still smoking: new details of Russia's powerful attack on Odesa (video) News/Politics 2023-08-14T11:38:57.345Z

Russia faces the biggest drone assault on its own territory since the start of the invasion of Ukraine News/Politics 2023-08-30T19:20:25.125Z

Why and how China dominates the rare earth minerals and technology sector - Asia News/Politics 2023-12-28T06:23:13.905Z

Ethiopian Prime Minister receives Hemedti in Addis Ababa News/Politics 2023-12-28T12:05:12.394Z

IRGC retracts statements regarding "Al-Aqsa flood" as revenge for Qassem Soleimani News/Politics 2023-12-28T08:14:26.282Z

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw stones during the assault of the Russians: what is the reason News/Politics 2023-12-27T22:22:44.136Z

Hemedti arrives in Ethiopia after postponement of Djibouti meeting with Burhan News/Politics 2023-12-28T10:14:26.692Z

From cricketer to conman: 25-year-old boy duped Rishabh Pant of over Rs <>.<> crore News/Politics 2023-12-28T04:52:49.504Z

"We don't have enough penalty battalions!": the military reacted sharply to Lubinets' statement News/Politics 2023-12-27T21:22:55.615Z

The very rich got richer in 2023, according to Bloomberg News/Politics 2023-12-28T02:53:32.908Z

Father Boyan Saraev died - Society News/Politics 2023-12-28T05:33:12.084Z

British intelligence analyzed the destruction of "Novocherkassk" in Crimea News/Politics 2023-12-28T10:43:29.082Z

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  1. Open Sights 101: Upgrades, Adjustments and Uses

    ghost ring sights alignment

  2. Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights: Selecting the right sight for you

    ghost ring sights alignment

  3. Sight Picture of Ghost Ring Setup

    ghost ring sights alignment

  4. Sight Images

    ghost ring sights alignment

  5. Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights: Selecting the right sight for you

    ghost ring sights alignment

  6. What is a ghost ring sight? Your questions answered in the latest Q&A

    ghost ring sights alignment


  1. ghost ring part-33 #ghostring #horrorstories #shortsyoutube #trending #jeevandhee15 #youtubeshort

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  1. Rifle Aiming: Sight Picture & Alignment for Iron Sights ...

    This video tutorial shows you how to properly align standard rifle and carbine aperture, peep, or ghost ring iron sights such as those used on an AR15 [AR-15], M16 [M-16] [A1, A2, A3, A4], M4...

  2. XS Sights: Shotgun Ghost Ring Windage & Elevation

    In this video, Bo Wallace of XS Sight Systems goes through a How-To tutorial on adjusting your ghost ring aperture for proper windage and elevation settings....

  3. What Are Ghost Ring Sights and How Should They Be Used?

    These sights have a thin ring shape that helps you quickly align your target. When you look down the barrel, the ring becomes slightly blurry, but it still lines up with the front sight. This allows you to acquire your target faster and focus on getting your aim right. How To Use a Ghost Ring Sight?

  4. what is the proper sight picture for ghost ring sights?

    Posts: 8,134. sight picture v. sight placement (on target) The use of a "ghost ring" whether on a rifle or shotgun involves the same technique and application. The aperture is looked "through", the focus of the eye goes to the front post,and the "target" is allowed to blur. On long gun with aperture/ghost rings, intended for field use as a ...

  5. The Ultimate Guide to AR15 Iron Sights: Mastery or Death!

    Absolutely. The irons that come with, or these days don't come with, your AR15 are misunderstood. Newbies just don't have all the concepts mastered to adequately use and enjoy the irons that come with their rifle. The goal of this guide is to be the comprehensive post to help new shooters master their iron sights.

  6. Ghost Ring Sights

    This is a Winchester '92 rifle set up with XS sights. This is a relatively short XS rail that is best suited for red dot sights. While aperture or ghost ring sights are very fast at close range, they offer excellent long-range potential as well. XS offers a wide range of rear sights with different aperture sizes.

  7. Shooting 101: How To Adjust Iron Sights

    The ghost ring sight is a quick alignment tool simplistic in design that performs well at close quarters and low light shooting. Iron sights, in general, can be challenging to use in the dark regardless of the size of your rear aperture. However, the enlarged hole does help with the light transmission in a low-light scenario.

  8. What Is A Ghost Ring Sight?

    By Wyatt Baker / July 12, 2021 Among iron sights, the ghost ring sights are the most casual one. Apparently they look like small black finished rings. But these sights are greater deals than being just rings. Also they often vary based on their type and sizes.

  9. How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

    General Maintenance How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight By Larry Anderson One type of open rifle sight is called a ghost ring sight, which is a two-part sight that hunters often use. The sight includes a circle-shaped aperture called a ghost ring that is affixed to the top of the gun near the stock.

  10. XS Ghost Ring Hunter Sights

    For states like Colorado where open sights are mandated for muzzleloaders, I recommend replacing your rifle's factory open sights—if it came with any at all—with a quality set of steel Ghost Ring sights from XS Sight Systems.The truth is, many of today's factory standard iron sights, with their glowing plastic, er, fiber-optic alignment systems, are not really iron sights at all.

  11. How to use Ghost Ring Sights?

    Look through the ring. Peep through the circle-shaped aperture of the ghost ring. It is essential for taking the appropriate aim. Look through the ring and also down the barrel to look at the front sight and the target. Align the front sight post with the spot you want to hit on the target.

  12. Ghost Ring Sights

    To aim ghost ring sights, you align the front-sight within the center of the ring-shaped rear sight. Are Ghost Ring sights good for pistols? Yes, Installing ghost ring pistol sights is a great way to give you the edge in competition, combat, or self-defense. Several ghost ring sights work for Glocks. What are peep sights?

  13. Ghost Ring Sights

    ironhead7544 2539 posts · Joined 2005 #2 · Jan 27, 2006 The ghost ring sights work really well once you learn how to use them. For my 1894 Cowboy I put a full buckhorn rear sight on it by Marbles. If you use the buckhorn like a ghost ring, you can shoot almost as well and it looks original.

  14. What Is a Ghost Ring Sight & What Are They For?

    A ghost ring sight is a type of iron sight mounted at the rear of a firearm to increase your accuracy. It's simple to operate and doesn't obscure the target like most non-optical sights. It's these features that have made ghost ring sights popular in battles and home defense.

  15. How To Use Ghost Ring Sights?

    Never understood the idea of having a ghost ring on the shotgun. For any fast, close quarter job a simple bead is much faster. For accuracy the rifle sights are better since both the front and rear sights are on the same part instead of having all that play between the front sight sitting on the barrel and rear at the receiver associated with removable barrel.

  16. The Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights

    You'll be fast on target day or night. The ring itself is flat black, but in the dark you can depend on the two tritium cells for a quick three-dot alignment. During the day, you will have the fastest sight picture possible for popping snakes while wondering through the woods, or any other critter that chooses to attack, four-legged or otherwise.

  17. How to install ghost ring sights on Mossberg 590?

    To install ghost ring sights on a Mossberg 590, follow these simple steps: 1) Remove the existing rear sight using a screwdriver or appropriate tool. 2) Attach the ghost ring sight to the pre-drilled holes on the receiver and secure it with screws provided. 3) Adjust the sight for proper alignment and test for accuracy before use.

  18. How to install ghost ring sights on Mossberg 500?

    1. Gather the necessary tools: ghost ring sight kit, screwdriver, drill, and punch. 2. Remove the old sights, if present, by unscrewing them. 3. Position the ghost ring sight on the barrel and use a punch to mark the drill holes. 4. Carefully drill the marked holes, ensuring the sight stays aligned. 5.

  19. Machine-Building Plant (Elemash)

    In 1954, Elemash began to produce fuel assemblies, including for the first nuclear power plant in the world, located in Obninsk. In 1959, the facility produced the fuel for the Soviet Union's first icebreaker. Its fuel assembly production became serial in 1965 and automated in 1982. 1. Today, Elemash is one of the largest TVEL nuclear fuel ...

  20. "They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at

    In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges. One child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently. It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to ...

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  22. ELGLASS, OOO Company Profile

    See other industries within the Manufacturing sector: Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing , Agriculture, Construction, and Mining Machinery Manufacturing , Alumina and Aluminum Production and Processing , Animal Food Manufacturing , Animal Slaughtering and Processing , Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing , Apparel Knitting Mills , Architectural and Structural Metals ...