The Original 'Ghostbusters' Cast Is Back

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

It's almost time for four female comedians to ruin the childhoods of insecure men-children! That's right, the Ghostbusters reboot featuring an all-female ghostbusting team is finally hitting theaters, and while some bitter fans of the original are still planning on dragging their feet to see the new movie, others have jumped on board. When the all-women Ghostbusters reboot was first announced, it was met with a huge amount of backlash. Now that the movie is about to be released, that backlash has lessened a little, and one thing that probably helped skeptics go from haters to movie-goers is the fact that a lot of the actors from the first movie are said to be returning to the franchise. But just which original cast members are in Ghostbusters ? I've got the list right here.

The Ghostbusters reboot managed to recruit almost all of the original cast members, save for Harold Ramis (Egon Spengler), who died in 2014, and Rick Moranis (Louis Tully) who chose not to return to focus on future projects. New Ghostbusters director Paul Feig and cast members Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones have been careful not to spill too much information on the original cast's roles in the reboot . Appearances by Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver have been confirmed, while other members of the original cast have danced around their involvement in the reboot . Here's what we know about the original cast members returning to Ghostbusters .

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1. Bill Murray AKA Peter Venkman

Murray is set to make a cameo appearance in the Ghostbusters reboot . The famously picky and private actor has even made appearances to promote the film , suggesting his whole-hearted involvement. It's been rumored that all returning cast members will be playing all new characters, so who Murray will appear as is anybody's guess.

2. Dan Aykroyd (Raymond Stantz)

Aykroyd was the first original cast member to get involved in the Ghostbusters reboot , and seemed the most eager to appear in the movie. His cameo was reportedly revealed in a clip shown during CinemaCon in April. I won't spoil the details for you here except to say that Aykroyd delivers an iconic Ghostbusters line. If you want to be thoroughly spoiled, you can check out the description here .

3. Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett)

Weaver's cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot was confirmed in a tweet from Feig . Though he wanted to keep news of Weaver's involvement a secret, when he saw that the news was about to leak, Feig beat the tabloids to the punch, writing, "The awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!"

4. Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddmore)

Despite knocking the idea of an all-female reboot when it was first announced — "I love the idea of including women, I think that's great. But all-female I think would be a bad idea," Hudson told The Telegraph in 2014 — Hudson will appear in the film . He was spotted on set towards the end of production, and has been a supporter of the movie since the cast was announced.

5. Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz)

Potts is, according to The Boston Herald , returning to Ghostbusters not as a receptionist (she's been replaced by Chris Hemsworth), but as a hotel clerk. Details of Potts' cameo, as well as those of Aykroyd and Hudson, seems to confirm the theory that none of the returning cast members are reprising their roles.

It's possible other familiar faces will pop up throughout the film — some cameos could have been successfully kept secret. We'll just have to wait and see.

Images: Columbia Pictures; Giphy (5)

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Ghostbusters: Afterlife - The Entire Cast (So Far)

From the return of bill murray's dr. peter venkman to new characters like paul rudd's dr. gooberson, here is the entire cast of ghostbusters: afterlife (so far)..

Adam Bankhurst Avatar

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set to arrive in theaters on November 11, 2021, and looks to continue the story of the franchise as it picks up years later after the events of 1989's Ghostbusters 2. While there will be new characters in the film, it will also see the return of much of the original cast.

Set in the small town of Summerville, Ghostbusters: Afterlife tells the story of Carrie Coon's Callie, a single mom who left Chicago with her two children after hearing of her long-estranged father's passing — a father she never even knew. When the three settle in, they find out they are now connected to a team of paranormal investigators named the Ghostbusters and that their father/grandfather may have been one of its key members.

In celebration of the film's second official trailer , which you can see below, we've compiled a comprehensive rundown of who's appearing in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Be sure to keep coming back as we'll be regularly updating this article as we learn more about the cast of characters who ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is officially returning as Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and we get the briefest of teases of his character in the latest trailer. Murray is one of the original cast members of 1984's Ghostbusters and he is joined by many of his old co-stars in this new film. Murray has known Ghostbusters: Afterlife's director Jason Reitman since he was a child and praised the script of this latest entry.

“The script is good. It’s got lots of emotion in it. It’s got lots of family in it, with through lines that are really interesting,” Murray said. “It’s gonna work.”

Murray also shared how uncomfortable it actually is to be a real-life Ghostbuster, as the equipment is much heavier than you'd think.

"When you put that gear on, it’s so uncomfortable. It’s so heavy, just to stand there with that weight on your back, tilting your spine,” Murray said while reportedly rolling his eyes. “And we wore them for a long time.”

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd, Dr. Raymond Stantz himself, is also returning for Ghostbusters: Afterlife , and much like Bill Murray, really loved the film's new script.

"Jason Reitman wrote a beautiful, heartfelt script that takes the real DNA from the first two movies and transfers that directly to the third, the next generation," Aykroyd said. "It hands the legacy off to a new generation of stars, and players, and actors, and character."

Aykroyd also shared that the film is going to be a bit scary, a bit thought-provoking, and a bit heartfelt. Furthermore, he promises that Ghostbusters: Afterlife will "recognize" the late Harold Ramis — the actor who played Dr. Egon Spengler — in "some way."

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson will be returning as Dr. Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. He was the fourth member of the Ghostbusters team, joining after he saw a job advertisement in the wanted ads. He is one of the most spiritual and religious of the Ghostbusters and is an expert in Egyptian history.

Since Ghostbusters, Hudson has appeared in such films and shows at Oz as Warden Leo Glynn, L.C. Duncan in The Family Business, and Albrecht in The Crow.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver, who played Dana Barrett in the first two Ghostbusters films, will be reprising her role in Ghostbusters: Afterlife . Director Jason Reitman confirmed this was the next chapter in the original franchise and not a reboot, which paves the way for us to revisit some of our favorite characters years later.

While we don't know much about where her character is in this new movie, she did confirm that "it's going to be crazy working with the guys again!"

Weaver, who played Ripley in the Alien franchise prior to Ghostbusters, has had a prolific career since the original films and has starred as Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar, Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest, and much more. She also won Golden Globes for her work in Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl.

Annie Potts

Annie Potts' Janine Melnitz is another original Ghostbusters character who will be making a new appearance in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, giving a touchstone for fans of the '80s film while bringing the franchise to the modern day.

Potts continued her acting career following the original films and can currently be seen as Connie 'Meemaw' Tucker in Young Sheldon. She also lent her voice to the Toy Story films as Bo Peep and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Corvette Summer.

Carrie Coon

Carrie Coon will be playing a brand new character named Callie in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and is the single mother of Finn Wolfhard's Trevor and Mckenna Grace's Phoebe. She inherits a farm from a father she didn't know, who we now know is the late Dr. Egon Spengler.

Carrie Coon began her career in theater and was nominated for a Tony Award for her work in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She then had her breakout roles in film in Gone Girl and on TV in the Leftovers as Nora Durst and as Gloria Burgle in Fargo's third season. She also played Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinity War.

Speaking of Marvel, Ant-Man's Paul Rudd is also part of Ghostbusters: Afterlife's cast as a teacher named Mr. Grooberson. Director Jason Reitman said he's been wanting to work with Paul Rudd since his short film Gulp opened for Wet Hot American Summer at Sundance 2001.

While Rudd has starred in the MCU as Ant-Man, he's also been the star of such other films as Clueless, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and much more.

Mckenna Grace

Mckenna Grace's Phoebe is the daughter of Carrie Coon's Callie and is the granddaughter of Dr. Egon Spengler. Grace has been acting since the age of six, and has already had roles in Captain Marvel as the younger version of the titular character, the younger version of Sabrina Spellman in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and earned a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Esther Keyes in Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale.

Finn Wolfhard

Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard is set to play Trevor in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and is the son of Carrie Coon's Callie and brother of Mckenna Grace's Phoebe. Wolfhard is no stranger to playing characters in terrifying situations, as he also played Richie Tozier in both It and It Chapter Two.

Logan Kim is playing the role of Podcast in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and he is considered to be "the truest believer in the film and the heart of the movie." He is also a classmate of Mckenna Grace's Phoebe.

Logan Kim is a relatively new actor, and his only other credits on IMDB are for The Grandson in Home Movie: The Princess Bride.

Celeste O'Connor

Celeste O'Connor is playing Lucky, a classmate of Finn Wolfhard's character Trevor. She appears to be an employee of Spinners Roller Hop, as revealed by an image from the film.

O'Connor played Nyla Chones in Freaky, Paloma in Selah and the Spades, Teen Abbie in Irreplaceable You, and Amy in Wetlands.

Oliver Cooper

Oliver Cooper is playing Elton in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. While we don't know much about his character, there are those who believes he bears a striking resemblance to Harold Ramis and his character Dr. Egon Spengler.

Oliver Cooper starred as Costa in 2012's Project X and made appearances on such TV series as Californication, Red Oaks, Valley of the Boom, and The Coop.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer #1 Images

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer #1

Bokeem Woodbine

Sheriff Domingo in Ghostbusters: Afterlife is played by Bokeem Woodbine. Besides his name revealing that he is a sheriff, we don't know much about his character.

We do know that Woodbine played Mike Milligan in Fargo's fourth season, Uncle Earl in Queen & Slim, Herman Schultz/Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that he will be playing a character named Soren-066 in the upcoming Halo series.

Marlon Kazadi

Marlon Kizadi is playing a character by the name of Thickneck in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Kizadi has made guest appearances as Malcolm on Riverdale, as Omar in Child's Play, and as Taylor in Chained.

Tracy Letts

Tracy Letts, who is the husband of Carrie Coon, is playing Jack in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The Lady Bird actor and playwright actually secured the role when director Jason Reitman was looking for someone to fill in a smaller role for the film.

"My wife Carrie is in... the new 'Ghostbusters' movie coming out in the summer, and we were there in Calgary while she was shooting it, and a role became available, and so I was able to jump in and play a small part in it myself," he said.

Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to [email protected] .

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.

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“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” Trailer — Paul Rudd and Original Stars Return for Chilly Sequel

Posted: November 8, 2023 | Last updated: November 9, 2023

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts pop back up in the sequel, in theaters March 29

The Ghostbusters are back with an icy new mission.

The first teaser trailer for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire debuted on Wednesday, seeing the return of Paul Rudd , Carrie Coon , Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard from 2021's Ghostbusters: Afterlife .

Original stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts are also teased as returning in the first glimpse. The cast also includes Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt, Celeste O’Connor, Logan Kim.

Per a synopsis, the Spengler family "returns to where it all started — the iconic New York City firehouse — to team up with the original Ghostbusters, who’ve developed a top-secret research lab to take busting ghosts to the next level."

"But when the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their home and save the world from a second Ice Age."

The film is directed by Gil Kenan, who co-wrote it with Jason Reitman.

The movie will mark the first entry in Ghostbusters history without original director Ivan Reitman on board in some capacity. His son Jason directed Afterlife with Ivan, who died in 2022 at 75, credited as a producer and co-screenwriter.

Jason announced in April that the film would take place in New York City during an appearance at CinemaCon 2023. Sony previously announced Afterlife would receive a sequel in April 2022.

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Afterlife was the first film in the Ghostbusters franchise to take place outside of the Big Apple, opting instead for Oklahoma. In that movie Grace, 17, and Wolfhard, 20, played the grandchildren of the late Harold Ramis ' character Egon Spengler, while Coon, 42, portrays Egon's daughter Carrie. Rudd, 54, plays the kids' science teacher and Ghostbusters fan Gary Grooberson.

Related: Finn Wolfhard and Billy Bryk: From 'Immediate' Friends to First-Time Filmmakers (Exclusive)

"It's an absolute honor to pick up the proton pack and step behind the camera for the next chapter of the Spengler family saga," Kenan told  Deadline  in a statement back in December 2022. "I just wish I could go back to 1984 and tell the kid in the sixth row of the Mann Valley West that one day he was going to get to direct a  Ghostbusters  film."

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is in theaters March 29.

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Read the original article on People .

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” Trailer — Paul Rudd and Original Stars Return for Chilly Sequel

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New 'Ghostbusters' trailer teases return of original cast members

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," starring Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, Carrie Coon and Paul Rudd, along with a quick glimpse at the classic characters played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

Murray, Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Ramis were a part of the original 1984 hit, along with its sequel "Ghostbusters II" in 1989. After Ramis' death in 2014, it was unclear if a third installment with the original cast was going to take place.

Sony produced an all-female reimagining of the film in 2016, starring Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy. After that installment underperformed at the box office, Sony brought on Jason Reitman as co-writer and director for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," which brought in a younger cast and got the original stars to agree to being part of the film.

Paul Rudd in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife"

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" will also feature Shelby Young and Sarah Natochenny in voice acting roles. The film was originally scheduled for release in July 2020, but was delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now scheduled to release on Nov. 11.

On Monday, Sony released a clip of the trailer on Twitter, writing, "Something's Coming." In the clip, viewers were shown the resurrected Ecto-1 speeding down the road, giving audiences a taste of what's to come, including familiar "Ghostbusters" elements from the previous films.

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is executive produced by Aykroyd, Michael Beugg, Jason Blumenfeld, Jason Cloth, Aaron L. Gilbert and Gil Kenan, along with Suraj Maraboyina and Adam Somer as co-executive producers.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Hints at the Return of Original Cast: 'Have You Missed Us?'

Ghostbusters: Afterlife premieres in theaters Nov. 19

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is teasing the return of the original ghost-busting crew in the latest trailer for the film.

Afterlife , which comes nearly 40 years after the original 1984 Ghostbusters film, picks up in a future where ghosts have returned to haunt humanity. In a new trailer for the movie released Monday, Paul Rudd , who plays a teacher named Mr. Grooberson, comes face-to-face with some of the iconic characters from the original movie.

But it's not just the reappearance of a Stay Puft marshmallow ghost or the Keymaster that the new trailer hints at — Ghostbusters: Afterlife is also plotting to bring back Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, if the latest look at the film is any indication.

While the trailer doesn't show their faces, Murray, 71, Aykroyd, 69, and Hudson, 75, are all listed in the film's cast. At the very end of the trailer, three figures in iconic ghostbusters suits appear. The image cuts away before the camera can pan up to show the figures' faces, but Murray says in a voiceover, "Hey. Have you missed us?"

For more on Paul Rudd, listen below to our daily podcast on PEOPLE Every Day .

The new Ghostbusters film follows Callie (Carrie Coon), a "financially strapped" mother-of-two who moves to a small town in Oklahoma with her two kids, Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and Trevor (Finn Wolfhard), per the film's official description. The family moves into an old farmhouse left behind by Callie's late dad. While Afterlife doesn't explicitly state who Callie's father is, the film implies that he's Dr. Egon Spengler (the late Harold Ramis).

In Monday's trailer, Grace seems to confirm that Spengler was her grandfather, saying in one scene, "grandfather was a ghostbuster," and later adding, "something was coming and he knew it."

Grace is also shown dialing up a call, with the voice on the other end answering, "Ray's Occult," in reference to the bookstore Ray Stantz (Aykroyd) opens up after the Ghostbusters are hit with a judicial restraining order.

As an image of the four original Ghostbusters appears on screen, Grace says, "I'm calling about what happened in New York."

In another nod to the first film, the trailer closes out with the original Ghostbusters theme song.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife comes from director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman. The film also stars Sigourney Weaver, Logan Kim, Celeste O'Connor and Annie Potts.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife premieres in theaters Nov. 19.

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'Ghostbusters: Afterlife': Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Here's who you're gonna call.

It’s been over five years since we saw that familiar logo with the red slash across a cartoon ghost and felt the very specific nostalgia of the Ghostbusters theme song. The 2016 reboot of the classic 1984 comedy reimagined the ghost-fighting team as all women, giving lovely stars Kate McKinnon , Kristen Wiig , Melissa McCarthy , and Leslie Jones a chance to save the world in the same iconic jumpsuits that Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis , and Ernie Hudson wore decades before to confront their own ghouls. While the adaptation featured cameos from some of the original stars, it was a clear break from the traditional vision, a break which was—perhaps unsurprisingly—polarizing among the ‘84 film’s fanbase.

Now it’s 2021, and the refrain ‘who you gonna call?’ is once again set to be answered. This time, the creative production of the film is staying closer to home. Like, in the home. The new installment, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be directed by Jason Reitman , the son of Ivan Reitman , the director of the original Ghostbusters film. Additionally, Ivan Reitman will serve as producer. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is neither a reboot of the original or a sequel to the most recent installment. Instead, it will once again bring back some of the franchise’s most beloved, familiar faces while moving the concept forward into a new, distinctly contemporary narrative. From its creative team to its multigenerational audience and fanbase, viewers should expect the film to evoke an uncommonly sentimental grip.

RELATED: First 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Social Reactions Call it the Sequel Fans Have Been Waiting For

First, Check Out the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer:

If you weren’t already excited about the nostalgic superpowers of the upcoming film, you will be after watching this trailer. It’s got everything: contemporary ghouls, new mysteries, animated Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, and Finn Wolfhard fighting another paranormal entity.

What Will 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Be About?

From the looks of it, this reimagining will not be a rehashing of the same plot with different characters, and it will not carry on with any of the threads established by the 2016 reboot. Instead, the story picks up in the present day with a single mom ( Carrie Coon ) and her two children (Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace ) being evicted from their home. Without any other options, the family moves into the dilapidated farmhouse in Oklahoma that was left to them by the children’s late grandfather.

When the family gets there, they learn that the small town has been the sight of frequent, unexplained earthquakes. These earthquakes, not understood in scientific terms by anyone who studies them, pique the children’s interest, and as they are working to understand the conditions of their new home they uncover their own lineage.

It turns out, their grandfather was keeping more than just an old building for them. The children are the descendents of Dr. Egon Spengler ( Harold Ramis ) from the original Ghostbusters crew, a group whose legacy has since fallen into obscurity. It’s up to the new generation to uncover the mysteries from the past and use the old equipment in order to face the supernatural crisis plaguing their small, Oklahoma town. The trailer strikes a nostalgic tone, weaving together audio from the original film with young, contemporary actors staged to pick up the torch of the beloved spooky comedy that is their inheritance.

Who Will Star in 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'?

Anyone following the Stranger Things franchise will not be surprised that Finn Wolfhard was snagged for the role of the estranged grandson of a former ghostbuster, as he’s proven himself to be a natural fit among this particular brand of 80s throwback supernatural adventure. McKenna Grace, who viewers will recognize from The Haunting of Hill House and Malignant , will play Wolfhard’s sister and partner in uncovering the mysteries of their family’s past and how this information can be utilized to impact the present.

The film is also slated to feature Paul Rudd , who is another natural choice since you’d be forgiven for thinking he hasn’t aged a single year since 1984. The main cast includes other newcomers to the Ghostbusters universe, including Logan Kim , previously seen in Home Movie: The Princess Bride , a re-make of The Princess Bride filmed in separate chapters during quarantine, and Celeste O’Connor , who played Paloma Davis in Selah and the Spades .

In addition to these new children—and the forever youthful Paul Rudd—fans will be charmed with the film’s dedication to paying tribute to the story’s founding characters, actors, and themes. To this end, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will feature original cast members Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ernie Hudson as Dr. Winston Zeddmore, Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett, and Annie Potts as Janine Melnitz.

Since Harold Ramis, whose original character of Dr. Egon Spengler is the paternal hingepoint between the children and the legacy of the Ghostbusters, passed away in 2014, he will appear in the film through archival footage and photos that were taken from both Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989). The juxtaposition of these separate representations of the original cast sets the film up to be a poetic combination of a eulogy and a new life for the team, assuring that the fate suffered by the Ghostbusters in the fictional universe of Afterlife will never happen in the real world. There is no chance of forgetting the team of janitorial-dressed heroes of the paranormal so long as there is another generation of folks to answer the call.

What Is the 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Release Date?

As any Ghostbusters fan will tell you, it’s been a long road to this release. Besides the 2016 reboot, there has been an astonishing lack of Ghostbusters content since the 80s with pitfalls along the way delaying the third sequel.

This newest iteration is a true alignment of the stars; it’s garnered the approval and sign-on of all the living original cast members, will be created in line with Reitman’s artistic vision, and will also make strides toward moving the film forward into the next generation through a diversified cast and refashioned narrative that raises questions of how we use our ancestor’s knowledge to combat widespread societal devastation.

While the film had an (unannounced) soft release at CinemaCon on August 23, 2021, it’s release date in the United States has suffered several delays due to COVID. Originally slated to come out on July 10, 2020, the film was moved first to March 5, 2021, and then to November 11, 2021, before being pushed once more to November 19, 2021. While all of these delays and setbacks were unplanned, the film’s release coinciding with Thanksgiving feels serendipitous. Focusing on themes of family, lineage, and a wholesome attempt to pay respect to a genre’s origins and founding vision, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be perfect viewing for the holiday season.

It’s important to note that the film is making its release exclusively in movie theaters, so fans that are sticking to at-home streaming platforms will have a longer wait before it’s available on the small screen.

What About the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

Yes, the infamous Marshmallow Man is coming back.

There is a scene in the trailer that depicts Paul Rudd walking down the aisle of a grocery store and watching dozens of small, individual Stay Puft Marshmallow Men who become animated, wake up and start tearing their way out of their plastic packages. This might not be the most important element to include, but it’s also not not the most important relic to carry forward into this new imagining of the story.

KEEP READING: New ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer Brings Back Some Familiar Faces

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Original 'Ghostbusters' cast reunites to discuss the franchise's legacy, tease new movie

'ghostbusters: afterlife' hits theaters later this month.

Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines November 16

Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines November 16

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The original cast of " Ghostbusters " reunited on late-night to promote the upcoming third installment in the franchise, "Ghostbusters: Afterlife." 

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson captured lightning in a bottle in 1984 when they starred alongside the late Harold Ramis in the fan-beloved film about a group of men who open a sort-of exterminator business to help people deal with ghosts haunting them. The film spawned an equally beloved sequel in 1989 and a non-canonical reboot in 2016.

The remaining trio got together on Tuesday for an appearance on " The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon " where they recounted old times and got people excited for the third canonical movie in the franchise, which hits theaters on Friday. 

"Jason Reitman wrote a great script, so full of heart, going right back to the first two movies and its DNA and its heart... We just read it and thought, ‘This is the right time,'" Aykroyd, 69, said of the new movie. 


(Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Left to right: Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson (background) and Bill Murray in a scene from the film 'Ghostbusters', directed by Ivan Reitman, 1984.  (Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Jason Reitman is the son of original "Ghostbusters" helmer Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two movies. 

Murray, 71, added that being a kid who literally grew up on the set of the original "Ghostbusters," Jason understood how to write a third movie in a way no one else could. 

"He had his own take because he grew up as a child of the ‘Ghostbusters’ in a way," the star shared. "He had something he thought would work as a good story and we all agreed that he got it."

When asked what Jason was like as a child on the set of the original films, Murray joked that he was "a pain in the a--." 


The host also asked Hudson, 75, what it was like to be a classically trained actor joining a screwball cast of comedians where he made it clear that he isn’t without his own comedic chops.

"I’m always looking for a job, so I was happy to be working," Hudson joked. "They were always very welcoming."


ghostbusters original cast in new movie

The cast of ‘Ghostbusters’ got together to discuss the franchise's legacy. (Noam Galai/NBC)

Aykroyd also discussed how he got the idea to write the original movie in the first place. He noted that his grandfather was a fan of the paranormal in the 1920s. When he got into comedy, it didn’t take long for Aykroyd to marry the two concepts into a movie. 

Today, he credits "Ghostbusters" for introducing modern ghost hunting to the public vernacular. 


"No one knew what ectoplasm was before the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie," he said. "Now, millions of people know!"

Tyler McCarthy covers entertainment at Foxnews.com.

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ghostbusters original cast in new movie

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ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Columbia Pictures ‘ Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire has pushed up its release date by one week, from March 29 to March 22, 2024, Sony announced on Tuesday.

The move positions the film to capitalize on another week of spring break viewership in a fairly open window, opening against Lionsgate’s Mark Wahlberg adventure pic Arthur the King and Focus Features’ The American Society of Magical Negroes , among other titles.

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Based on Ivan Reitman’s 1984 classic Ghostbusters penned by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, Frozen Empire is the fifth film in the series and follows up 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife , which grossed over $204 million worldwide. Afterlife told the story of single mother Callie Spengler (Coon) and her two children, who move to a small town and discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters team. As mysterious supernatural events unfold, the family unearths the legacy left behind by Callie’s estranged father, one of the original Ghostbusters.

In addition to Coon, returning cast members in the new film include Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Celeste O’Connor, Logan Kim, Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts. Other actors aboard for the sequel include Kumail Nanjiani and Patton Oswalt.

Gil Kenan directed from his script written with Jason Reitman. Producers on the project include Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman and Jason Blumenfeld. Exec producers are Aykroyd, JoAnn Perritano, Amie Karp, Erica Mills and Eric Reich.

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ghostbusters original cast in new movie

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Ghostbusters: frozen empire release date moves up 1 week early.

The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date has been moved up one week earlier to capitalize on the spring break surge at the box office.

  • The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date has been moved up one week to March 22 to take advantage of the spring break box office surge.
  • The new release date will help the film avoid competition and increase its chances of a successful box office performance.
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife grossed $204 million worldwide despite the pandemic, giving hope for the success of Frozen Empire .

The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date in March has been moved up one week earlier. A direct follow-up to 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife , the fifth film in the franchise follows the Spengler family as they team up with the original Ghostbusters to protect New York City from the Death Chill and prevent a second Ice Age. The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cast brings back Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Celeste O'Connor, and Logan Kim alongside original stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and William Atherton.

Now, the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date has been pushed up by one week. Per Deadline , the new Ghostbusters movie has moved from March 29 to March 22 . The film is set to screen in IMAX and other premium large formats.

Why The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Release Date Was Moved Up

Sony shifting the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire release date is intended to capitalize on an additional week of the spring break box office surge in late March, especially during a time when there won't be much competition. By moving to March 22, the Ghostbusters movie will open against Mark Wahlberg's Arthur the King and The American Society of Magical Negroes . Based on the box office performance of Wahlberg's recent biographical dramas Joe Bell ($1.7 million) and Father Stu ($21.8 million), Arthur the King doesn't pose much of a threat to the storied Ghostbusters franchise.

25 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2024

The franchise's soft reboot, the nostalgic Ghostbusters: Afterlife , was released in theaters on November 19, 2021, alongside King Richard , during a time when the box office was still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, it grossed $44 million during its opening weekend and ended its run with $204 million worldwide. Over two more years removed from the heart of the pandemic, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire has hopes of posting a better box office performance, and its release date on March 22 maximizes its chance of doing so.

Source: Deadline

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire continues the story of a new generation of ghost hunters composed of Phoebe (Mckenna Grace), Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Podcast (Logan Kim), who received help from the original team in the previous movie. Paul Rudd returns as Gary Grooberson and franchise co-creator Ivan Reitman returns to write and produce.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

Paul Rudd in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

In 2021, nearly four decades after  the original  and five years after  the divisive reboot , we're getting a new film in the "Ghostbusters" franchise. The film was  announced  in early 2019, to everyone's surprise, and was revealed to be a family affair all around. Jason Reitman, son of original "Ghostbusters" director Ivan Reitman, helmed the new project, which serves as a direct sequel to "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II" and features a mother and two children at the heart of the story. The creative pedigree of the film and some intriguing early images were enough to get fans of the beloved franchise invested, and the anticipation levels went up a notch when the first trailer dropped in late 2019. It was all shaping up nicely for Sony, but the studio's long-awaited "Ghostbusters" sequel became one of the many movies affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

We've had to wait way longer than initially expected for the new "Ghostbusters" movie to arrive in cineplexes, but, thankfully, that wait is almost over. When will Jason Reitman's installment be released? Who are the new young stars of the franchise? Will the original cast be reprising their roles? For the answers to these questions, and everything we know about the plot of the movie (one thing is clear: there's something strange in the neighborhood), read on.

What's the release date for the new Ghostbusters?

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" seemed to come together as a legitimate movie idea and not just a pipe dream within a matter of days. In reality, it took shape behind the scenes as Jason Reitman developed his script, so there was a lot happening under the surface that we didn't see. In January of 2019, the  first reports  of Reitman's involvement in a new Ghostbusters film arrived, followed the next day by a  nostalgic teaser trailer  that worked very hard to capture all the Ghostbusters aesthetic that fans love so much. Then, before the month was even out, we got word of the release date. Reitman  confirmed  via his Twitter account that the film would hit theaters July 10, 2020, right in the prime summer movie release season.

Then, COVID-19 happened. "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" has been moved back multiple times over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. The film was initially  bumped to March 5, 2021 , but as that date drew closer, it became apparent that it wasn't going to be possible. A new release date of June 11, 2021 was set (which would have been  37 years to the day  that the original film premiered), though sadly that was also too soon. "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is now expected in late 2021: Sony settled on November 11 to begin with, but the studio  moved the release date back  to November 19 after Paramount's "Top Gun: Maverick" (pushed to 2022) vacated the premium, pre-Thanksgiving spot.

What's the title of the new Ghostbusters movie?

For nearly a year after the would-be 2020 "Ghostbusters" film was announced via a very nostalgic teaser trailer, we had no idea what to call it that would officially distinguish it from the other three films in the franchise so far, two of which are already just called "Ghostbusters." For a while, "Ghostbusters 2020" seemed like the best we could do, and the filmmakers didn't seem too concerned with throwing out another title that would change that. In December of 2019, though, we got word that another title for the upcoming sequel film was brewing, and it's a very appropriate one. The British Board of Film Classification has to approve all trailers that will be released in the U.K. ahead of their launch, which means they had to file an approval notice for the new "Ghostbusters" trailer. When they did, the BBFC also revealed that the film has a new title: "Ghostbusters: Afterlife."

That feels like a very good title choice indeed, and not just because all "Ghostbusters" films deal with the spirits of the dead. Based on everything we've seen so far, the new film will deal in some major ways with the legacy left behind by the original Ghostbusters team, which will be carried on in some way by a new generation of young people. So, the Ghostbusters — as both an in-universe team of ghost hunters and as a hugely influential media franchise — still have an "afterlife."

Who's joining the cast of Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

In discussing his new take on "Ghostbusters," Reitman has noted that his idea for the film began a 12-year-old girl carrying a proton pack, and that image ultimately expanded to include a whole family. Now, as the film draws closer, we're getting a sense of what that family looks like thanks to its all-star cast . 

The 12-year-old in question will be played by Mckenna Grace, a rising young talent who's been seen in everything from "Captain Marvel" to "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" to "The Haunting of Hill House" just in the last couple of years. To play Grace's apparent mother in the film, Reitman turned to Carrie Coon, one of the most gifted actresses of her generation who's shown her talents in TV series like "Fargo" and "The Leftovers" and films like "Gone Girl" and "Avengers: Infinity War." To play Coon's son, Grace's character's probable brother, the film went with Finn Wolfhard, best known to fans for his work as Mike Wheeler on " Stranger Things " and as Richie Tozier in " It: Chapter One " and its sequel, " Chapter Two ." 

In June, we got word that comedy superstar-turned-superhero Paul Rudd had also joined the cast .

The original Ghostbusters reunite for Afterlife

So, a new original cast is in place for the story of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," but if the film is truly being set up as a sequel to "Ghostbusters II," what about the cast of the original films? Many of them appeared in cameo roles in the "Ghostbusters" reboot back in 2016 (albeit as different characters), so why wouldn't they be interested in returning to their original roles for a new chapter in the old continuity?

In June of 2019, Sigourney Weaver seemed to confirm in an interview that she was indeed reprising her role as Dana Barrett. "It's going to be crazy working with the guys again," she said, apparently referring to co-stars Bill Murray , Dan Ayrkroyd, and Ernie Hudson. Things got a little more concrete on the returning cast front when Dan Aykroyd confirmed in September 2019 that he would be returning to the franchise along with "most of the original people." By the end of 2019, Murray, Hudson, Weaver, and Annie Potts were all confirmed to be on board in some capacity. 

At the beginning of 2020, Vanity Fair ran a report from the set of "Afterlife."  While the publication was strictly banned from revealing anything about the plot of the film, an extended conversation with Murray confirmed that something special was in store for the iconic characters. "The script is good. It's got lots of emotion in it. It's got lots of family in it, with through lines that are really interesting," the actor said. "It's gonna work."

Jason Reitman and the Ghostbusters legacy

Jason Reitman 's feature film directorial career began in 2005 with the release of his debut film, "Thank You For Smoking." Since then he's become known for a particular style that often walks the line between comedy and drama, as seen in films like "Juno," "Up in the Air," "Tully," "Young Adult," and most recently "The Front Runner." His films are often small in scale, more devoted to exploring the intimacy and absurdity of human relationships than to big set pieces, and his comedy usually evolves out of interaction between characters and not out of a deliberate attempt to set up and then pay off gags. He's collaborated frequently with screenwriter Diablo Cody and with actors Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner, Vera Farmiga, and others. 

Though he's undoubtedly formed his own writing and directing style, Reitman's interest in filmmaking has its roots in family. He is the son of actress Genevieve Robert and writer/director Ivan Reitman, who's best known for his films "Stripes," "Kindergarten Cop," and yes, "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II."

The "Ghostbusters" franchise is woven into the fabric of Reitman's life, so much so that he had a cameo in the second film back in 1989, amusingly as a kid who tells the Ghostbusters that his dad says they're " full of crap ." A sci-fi comedy about ghost hunters isn't exactly in line with his previous films, but when it was announced that he would helm the new film, his familial ties to the franchise helped it all make sense.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife teasers

It took awhile to see more than a few images related to Reitman's new take on "Ghostbusters," and what we did see consistently leaned heavily on nostalgia. The first teaser , which arrived in January 2019, begins with a wide shot of a large metal building, like a barn or a garage, in the middle of a wooded area. We start to hear strange sounds from the building's partially open door, accompanied by flashing lights. The camera pushes in closer and closer to the door as the lights and sounds continue, and at one point a crackle of energy jumps from off-screen that looks similar to the light emitted by a proton pack. 

Then, as Elmer Bernstein's classic score swells, the camera closes in on something large wrapped in a tarp, and the tarp billows up to reveal it's the Ghostbusters' old ride, ECTO-1, just sitting in storage somewhere. It's an intriguing tease indeed. 

In the summer of 2019, Reitman posted a pair of images to his Instagram account from the set. In one , we meet the new family at the heart of the film, with Coons, Grace, and Wolfhard joined by the two generations of directors. In the other , we get another look at the ECTO-1, this time simply a close-up of its wheel.

Who will Paul Rudd play in Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

So, what do we really know about what's in store for us in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife"? We know that the film is set in "Ghostbusters'" original continuity, and that at least some of the original characters from the franchise will play a part in the new story. We also know that the ECTO-1 seems to be sitting in a barn somewhere, and that many of the new characters in the film are part of a family unit. Now, we know a little more about one of the biggest stars to sign on.

In September 2019, producer Ivan Reitman revealed that Paul Rudd's character in the film is "a seismologist who's come to this small town because they've been having mysterious earthquakes," and also ends up teaching summer school. The earthquakes are likely tied to paranormal events, and the summer school aspect could create the connection between Rudd's character and the family at the film's center.

What's the plot of Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

Though we knew almost immediately that "Afterlife" would be a direct continuation of the world we last saw in "Ghostbusters II," for nearly a year after the film was announced we didn't have any major clues as to what the new film's plot would actually focus on. That all changed in December 2019, when writer/director Jason Reitman spilled some new details at last. 

The film will center on a family made up of mom Callie (Carrie Coon), her daughter Phoebe (Grace) and son Trevor (Wolfhard). The family's life is changed when Callie inherits some property from a father she never knew, and the three of them pull up roots and move to a small town in Oklahoma. There, they begin to discover they're part of a legacy they'd never dreamed of, and Phoebe and Trevor realize the property is also home to the original Ghostbusters gear, including the ECTO-1. 

"Trevor and Phoebe are about to find out who their grandfather was and whether they're ready to pick up the proton pack themselves," Reitman explained to Vanity Fair . The director remained cagey about just who the kids' grandfather was, but looking at the cast in photos from the set, it didn't take a doctor of parapsychology who collects spores, molds, and fungus to guess.

What's in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer?

The first trailer for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" finally arrived in early December of 2019. Much of the trailer follows the two kids at the heart of the story, Trevor and Phoebe, as they get used to life in the small Oklahoma town their mother has dragged them to, but as the footage goes on, a stranger picture starts to emerge. Eerie green light starts to emit from an old pit outside of town, and as Paul Rudd's character, local science teacher Mr. Grooberson, explains, they're also experiencing weird seismic activity that there's no logical explanation for. Then the kids bring an old ghost trap they found in their farmhouse to school, and Mr. Grooberson realizes they must have a connection to the Ghostbusters. 

It's here that another layer of intrigued is introduced, as the trailer reveals that there hasn't been a real ghost sighting in three decades. The Ghostbusters, once regarded as heroes, are now forgotten legends relegated to archival footage on YouTube. Armed with this knowledge, Phoebe and Trevor begin to seek out more information about their long-lost grandfather, who the trailer reveals was indeed Dr. Egon Spengler, one of the original four Ghostbusters. From there things kick into high gear with a montage of supernatural phenomena, shocking ties to the past, and of course a joyride with ECTO-1. While the trailer doesn't divulge any new footage of the returning "Ghostbusters"   cast, it does provide a nostalgia kick by playing Bill Murray's speech about fate from the 1984 original over clips of the kids.

Ghostbusters beyond 2021

The 2016 "Ghostbusters" reboot is a film that arrived after years of speculation and tinkering with the franchise. People (Dan Aykroyd in particular) had been trying to get the series back to the big screen for quite some time, and while the 2016 film didn't jumpstart a new series, it did open the door for things like Reitman's upcoming film. Now that we're getting "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," the door is open even wider for other future ideas. 

Those future ideas also apparently include a "Ghostbusters" prequel called "Ghostbusters High," which Aykroyd has written as a potential feature film that could then a launch a TV series chronicling how original heroes Peter, Ray, and Egon first met as a teenagers back in 1969 in New Jersey. Though he was excited about the idea, Aykroyd also cautioned that "Ghostbusters High" is just one of a number of ideas he and the Reitmans (Ivan Reitman has remained aboard the franchise as a producer) are exploring for what comes next.

Aykroyd explained that "we have other stuff after the Jason Reitman-helmed movie. We have at least one or two other concepts for the Ghostbusters, and then we'll look at doing the prequel, which will be a perfect button on all we've done up to that point." In other words, if you like "Ghostbusters," just keep an eye out, because we could be far from finished with the franchise.

Reviving classic Ghostbusters details

Jason Reitman grew up with "Ghostbusters," not just as a fan of the franchise but as someone who literally walked on the set while his father Ivan directed. For his planned sequel, recreating the same look and feel he remembered from the original films was important, and because of his father's connections to the beginnings of the franchise, he had the resources to make it all work. 

Even when it came time to film a teaser for the film, Reitman went to great lengths to replicate key details from the 1980s for the sequel, up to and including finding the original letters used to make the film's posters. 

"We went back to the work files for the sound of the proton pack. And we went back to the stems of Elmer Bernstein's score," Reitman said. "Just for where it says, in the teaser, 'Summer 2020,' we went back and found the original physical vinyl letters they used to create the 'Ghostbusters' poster in 1984. Rescanned them and then our titles guys reprinted them. We filmed the titles. Not like in a computer. We shot physical titles with a light and smoke effect, because that's how they would have done it back in the day."

How Ghostbusters: Afterlife expands on the 2016 movie

The 2016 "Ghostbusters" reboot, which featured an all-female assemblage of new characters for the title team, sparked controversy virtually from the moment it was announced. Certain longtime Ghostbusters fans felt that the film was somehow damaging what came before, and a wave of social media vitriol followed the film throughout its development and right up through its release. Reitman, of course, had nothing to do with that film, but because his new "Ghostbusters" project is a direct sequel to the original two films, it will ignore the reboot. That fact, plus "Ghostbusters" 2016 star  Leslie Jones' anger  at being excluded from future films, led to controversy when Reitman  said in February 2019  that he was making an effort to "hand the movie back to the fans." Many took his comments as an insult to the 2016 movie and the concept of progressive casting.

Just days later, after hearing  the response  his comments received, Reitman clarified his remarks, noting he had "nothing but admiration" for the reboot and calling it an "amazing movie." The director later said that "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" was actually inspired by the 2016 film in a way. "I think that the remake proved, at least to me, the idea that the Ghostbusters could be anyone, and I expanded on this idea with 'Afterlife' while always focusing on the family aspect and the history that was created by the original films," he told SFX Magazine (via  GamesRadar ) in an October 2021 interview.

The second trailer teases Raymond Stanz' return

The second "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" trailer didn't differ from the first one all that much (it once again explained that Phoebe and Trevor's mother moved them out to grandpa Egon's creepy old place because they're flat broke), but it did contain a couple of interesting teases. While the first one utilized the voice of Bill Murray's Dr. Peter Venkman in its closing stages, the second trailer went one better, ending on a new piece of dialogue from an OG Ghostbuster. After the title card, we see Mr. Grooberson, Phoebe, and Trevor's classmate Podcast (newcomer Logan Kim) hunched over a laptop watching the hilariously awkward ad put out by the original Ghostbusters in the first film. The commercial ends on a contact number, and we cut to a ringing phone.

This is where it gets interesting. Dr. Raymond Stantz answers the phone (given away by the fact that he's in an occult book store and speaks with the unmistakable voice of Dan Aykroyd), and he's had some ink done since the last time we saw him. The shot only shows his arms, but it lingers long enough to reveal some numbers tattooed to his forearm. In an IGN trailer breakdown , director Jason Reitman revealed that this is a reference to a conversation Ray and Winston had in the first film. The pair discuss the idea of Judgement Day in the scene, with Ray playing it off as a myth. Has the scientist found God?

The ghosts in Ghostbusters: Afterlife stay true to the original films

When Jason Reitman sat down with IGN to break down the second "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" trailer, he revealed just how much effort went into making his film feel like a true sequel to "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II." Instead of trying to mimic the aesthetic of the originals using modern-day VFX, Reitman and his team went right back to the source. "We actually found the original special effects 70mm footage and scanned it," he said . "We were always attempting to go back to the original recipe and recapture as much as humanly possible." This was very much the attitude when it came to coming up with new ghosts for the film.

The second trailer contains a gang of mini Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men going wild in a Walmart, a giant spectral version of a Terror Dog, and a skeletal ghost that is "meant to echo the taxi ghost from the original," Reitman said, revealing that they had a detailed puppet created for the scene. "There's nothing like shooting with practical ghosts, with having something right there that the actors can work with," he added. "For me, it's like putting on an old record." The biggest nod comes in the form of new ghost Muncher, who is "the same free floating class" as Slimer and pays tribute to the classic character, Reitman said . "The original Slimer was an angry dude and very scary, and we really wanted to get back to that."

Ghostbusters: Afterlife's touching tribute to Harold Ramis

It's great that so many original cast members are returning for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," but, sadly, a reunion of the original four is no longer possible. Harold Ramis , who played Dr. Egon Spengler in the first two "Ghostbusters" films, died of "complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis" in 2014, as reported by CNN . His death was devastating for his former castmates, who couldn't help but feel his absence while filming the latest installment. "To have that formation without that man standing right there on the line with us was a pretty serious adjustment," Dan Aykroyd, who co-wrote the originals with Ramis, told Entertainment Weekly in 2020. "He will be very well represented in the new film, I can tell you that. He's very honorably represented."

We now know exactly what Aykroyd meant by that. Spengler's family honors his legacy in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," which will end with a dedication to the man who played him, Jason Reitman confirmed to Empire magazine. "This movie is for my father, for my daughter, and for Harold," he said (via Ghostbusters News ). "For a long time, I had the idea of a girl finding a proton pack in a barn ... And I just didn't know what to do with it. When Harold passed all of a sudden, I knew who she was: it was Egon's granddaughter. The concept of this intergenerational conversation between her and her grandfather become the real roots of what this story was. It became a Spengler story."

Original Ghostbusters cast will reunite for London based sequel to 1980s classic

Ghostbusters original stars Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and Dan Ackroyd will reunite in London to film the third new Ghostbusters film codenamed Firehouse

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

  • 09:36, 25 Jan 2023

The original cast Ghostbusters are set to reunite for a new sequel.

Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and Dan Ackroyd are among the cast of the reboot of the 1980s classic.

Ghostbusters has always been set in New York, but the new movie will film in London - playing on the historical past of the city.

The new movie is expected to begin shooting in the UK this March.

The original stars will make cameos in the film that focuses on a fresh cast of ghost hunters.

The late Harold Ramis died in 2014 but was brought back digitally as Egon Spengler for Ghostbusters: Afterlife in 2021.

A source told The Sun: “Studio bosses are taking a classic franchise, setting it in a new location but keeping the magic of the original. It’s going to be brilliant.”

Getting the original stars interested in the remake reportedly "wasn't difficult" as they love the originals.

The original hit became the highest-grossing comedy ever and was nominated for two Oscars and earned around $300 million worldwide.

The new film is codenamed Firehouse and is directed by Gil Kenan with co-writer and producer Jason Reitman, and cinematographer Eric Steelbergand.

The forthcoming sequel is expected to pick up following the events of 2021 film Afterlife.

Speaking at Ghostbusters Day last year, Reitman said: “We’re writing another movie. Tonight, we’re going to share the code name for the next chapter in the Spengler family story.

“The last time we saw Ecto-1, it was driving back into Manhattan: the home of Ghostbusters. That’s where our story begins. The code name is FIREHOUSE.”

Ghostbusters the gender-flipped reboot of 2016 starred Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the ghoul hunters with Dan Aykroyd making a cameo and Chris Hemsworth playing the good-looking receptionist.

In 2021 Ghostbusters: Afterlife went back to its roots with Oscar-nominated Jason Reitman writing and directing. Dad Ivan directed both 1 and 2.

Original crew Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver starred with a group of teens led by Finn Wolfhard, of Netflix series Stranger Things.

Little else is known about the plot of the upcoming film at this stage, or the official title.

Meanwhile, a new Ghostbusters animated series is in the works for Netflix.

This series is the third animated Ghostbusters television show and follows The Real Ghostbusters, which aired for 140 episodes from 1986-1991 and Extreme Ghostbusters which was released in 1997.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Full cast & crew.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Directed by 

Writing credits  , cast (in credits order) verified as complete  , produced by , music by , cinematography by , editing by , casting by , production design by , art direction by , set decoration by , costume design by , makeup department , production management , second unit director or assistant director , art department , sound department , special effects by , visual effects by , stunts , camera and electrical department , animation department , casting department , costume and wardrobe department , editorial department , location management , music department , script and continuity department , transportation department , additional crew , thanks .

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‘Ghostbusters’ Cast: Where Are They Now? Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and More

Ghostbusters Cast Where Are They Now

When something’s lurking in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? The original  Ghostbusters  film not only catapulted its stars to comedic acclaim , but it also spawned multiple sequels and reboots .

After writer Dan Aykroyd read a parapsychology journal article, he came up with a movie story line about trapping ghosts .

“I thought, I’ll devise a system to trap ghosts … and marry it to the old ghost [films] of the 1930s,” the Canada native recalled to   Vanity Fair  in June 2014. “Virtually every comedy team did a ghost movie — Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope. I was a big fan of [them].”

The  Saturday Night Live   alum then enlisted Ivan Reitman as director, along with Bill Murray and the late Harold Ramis to round out the trio of hunters.

The 1984 film followed three parapsychologists who were forced out of their university due to lack of funding. They subsequently set up a unique ghost removal service in Manhattan to make ends meet.

“I wanted the film to be my New York movie ,” Reitman told  Vanity Fair  in June 2014, which Aykroyd agreed upon, calling it “the greatest city in the world, an architectural masterpiece [and] energy central for human behavior.”

Three decades later, the cast — including Aykroyd, Murray, Sigourney Weaver , Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts — joined forces once again for   Entertainment Weekly ’s annual reunion issue in 2014 .

“I knew it was gonna be a huge movie,” Murray said at the cover shoot in November 2014. “At that point, we were still watching  Yankee Doodle Dandy  on TV, so I thought we had a shot. … We had that car. And in the uniforms, with the car, even the cops thought we were above them somehow [as they drove around] running red lights, [going the] wrong way on a one-way street.”

Several years later, Paul Feig rebooted the film’s premise with an all-female crew of supernatural sleuths, including Melissa McCarthy , Leslie Jones , Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon .

“To be able to hand  Ghostbusters  over to these incredibly talented women felt perfect, and it was time,” Weaver said of passing the torch to a new generation of stars during  a July 2016 interview with  Harper’s Bazaar . “There is such wonderful chemistry between the four of them. That does remind me of the boys because they were old friends and they had worked together a lot too . That kind of comedic pairing is just gold. You just turn the camera on and let them go at it.”

Weaver and Aykroyd even made a quick cameo in the reboot , telling the outlet, “I think the fans are going to be pleased by how we pop up. It’s just a very sweet movie but also very funny and kind of crazy. I think that’s a big part of what films can do — take us to another world.”

By November 2021, the original stars returned for more in the  Ghostbusters: Afterlife  sequel , which tells the story of a single mother who moves to a new town with her two kids. Soon after, they learn that they have a surprising connection to the OG Ghostbusters and discover the secret legacy that their grandfather left behind.

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“It was full joy, wall to wall,” Aykroyd told  The Hollywood Reporter   that November of his return to the beloved character. “What a privilege to be asked back to do that. It was creative satisfaction working again with Ernie, Bill and Sigourney . If it weren’t for Jason [Reitman] and Ivan [Reitman], I don’t know if we would have had the magnificent cast. To hang with brothers like that, family, it’s always fun — memories of good and maybe bad. Some [previous] friction came from how long we had to wear those proton packs and the level of complaint we issued.”

Scroll below to see what the cast has been up to since the original movie’s 1984 release:

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Credit: Shutterstock (4)

“I thought, I’ll devise a system to trap ghosts ... and marry it to the old ghost [films] of the 1930s,” the Canada native recalled to   Vanity Fair  in June 2014. “Virtually every comedy team did a ghost movie — Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope. I was a big fan of [them].”

"I knew it was gonna be a huge movie," Murray said at the cover shoot in November 2014. "At that point, we were still watching  Yankee Doodle Dandy  on TV, so I thought we had a shot. … We had that car. And in the uniforms, with the car, even the cops thought we were above them somehow [as they drove around] running red lights, [going the] wrong way on a one-way street."

“It was full joy, wall to wall,” Aykroyd told  The Hollywood Reporter   that November of his return to the beloved character. "What a privilege to be asked back to do that. It was creative satisfaction working again with Ernie, Bill and Sigourney . If it weren’t for Jason [Reitman] and Ivan [Reitman], I don’t know if we would have had the magnificent cast. To hang with brothers like that, family, it’s always fun — memories of good and maybe bad. Some [previous] friction came from how long we had to wear those proton packs and the level of complaint we issued.”

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Credit: Shutterstock (2)

Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman)

The Illinois native’s notable film credits also include Caddyshack, Little Shop of Horrors, Groundhog Day, Charlie’s Angels, The Royal Tenenbaums, Lost in Translation, Zombieland, A Very Murray Christmas, The Jungle Book, Saturday Night Live and The French Dispatch . Murray was previously married to Margaret Kelly from 1981 to 1996 and to Jennifer Butler from 1997 to 2007. He shares sons Luke and Homer with Kelly, as well as sons Cooper, Cal, Lincoln and Jackson with Butler.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Raymond Stantz)

The SNL veteran also appeared in The Blues Brothers, The Real Ghostbusters, The Coneheads, Spies Like Us, Driving Miss Daisy, My Girl, Tommy Boy, Pearl Harbor, Crossroads, 50 First Dates, Christmas with the Kranks and Hotel Paranormal .

He married Donna Dixon in 1983. In April 2022, the twosome announced they were separating . They share daughters Danielle (stage name Vera Sola), Belle and Stella.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett)

The Oscar nominee had notable roles in Alien, Working Girl, A Map of the World, Holes, The Girl in the Park, Wall-E, Avatar, You Again, Abduction, Political Animals, My Salinger Year and The Good House . Weaver wed Jim Simpson in 1984 before welcoming daughter Charlotte in 1990.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Harold Ramis (Dr. Egon Spengler)

The comedy writer also appeared in SCTV, Baby Boom, Ghostbusters II, Airheads, Love Affair, The Last Kiss, Knocked Up and Year One . Ramis was previously married to Anne Plotkin from 1967 to 1984 He later wed Erica Mann in 1989. He shared daughter Violet with Plotkin and sons Julian and Daniel with Mann. He also welcomed daughter Mollie during a brief relationship with director Amy Heckerling . Ramis died in February 2014 at the age of 69.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Rick Moranis (Louis Tully)

The Canada native’s film credits include The Wild Life, Head Office, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Parenthood, Gravedale High, The Flintstones, Brother Bear and The Goldbergs . Moranis wed his wife, Anne, in 1986 before her death in 1991. The pair shared two children.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz)

The Pretty in Pink actress also starred in Corvette Summer, Goodtime Girls, Designing Women, Love & War, Dangerous Minds, Toy Story 2, As Good As You, The Fosters, Happy Anniversary and Young Sheldon . The Tennessee native was married three times — to Steven Schwartz from 1973 to 1978, Greg Antonacci from 1978 to 1979, B. Scott Senechal from 1981 to 1989 — before marrying James Hayman in 1990. She shares one child with Senechal and two with Hayman.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

William Atherton (Walter Peck)

The Connecticut native’s acting credits include The Sugarland Express, The Hindenburg, Centennial, No Mercy, Die Hard, The Pelican Brief, Desperate Housewives, Life and Clinical . He has been married to Bobbi Goldin since 1980.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore)

The Michigan native’s notable roles include Leadbelly, Highcliffe Manor, California Girls, The Last Precinct, Wild Palms, Sugar Hill, Paper Bullets, Miss Congeniality, Law & Order, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Transformers Prime, Grace and Frankie and L.A’s Finest . Hudson was previously married to Jeannie Moore , with whom he shares two sons. Following their 1976 split, he later married Linda Kingsberg and they welcomed two sons together.

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The cast of Ghostbusters : Where are they now?

This scrappy supernatural crowd-pleaser boasted an all-star cast of comedians way back in 1984. Here's what the actors have been up to in between all those reboot cameos.

No, the highest-grossing film of 1984 wasn't Gremlins , Karate Kid , or Purple Rain . It wasn't even the year's most hotly anticipated sequel, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom . Rather, the scrappy supernatural comedy Ghostbusters from Stripes director Ivan Reitman came out on top, bringing a horde of sketch comedy veterans ( Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis , Rick Moranis ) right along with it.

Speaking to EW for the film's 30th anniversary oral history , Reitman, who died in 2022 at age 75 , reflected proudly on the production of the Ghostbusters . "It was one of those lucky experiences where everything just turned out to be right, and the mixture of actors turned out to be really magical together."

Now, after 1989's sequel, 2016's women-led reboot , and 2021's less-than-satisfactory Afterlife revival (plus another on the way), EW is following up with the actors of the original sci-fi blockbuster. Here's what the Ghostbusters cast has been up to between all of those cameo appearances.

Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venckman)

Bill Murray began his storied career with Second City and the National Lampoon Radio Hour before making himself known to national audiences on Saturday Night Live . Film roles in Meatballs (1979, Caddyshack (1980), and Stripes (1981) cemented his cinematic credentials, but it was Ghostbusters that blew the actor (and the film itself) into the box-office stratosphere.

"Basically we were fortunate to have the greatest comic leading man of our generation come on and see the appeal of it and carry the ball right down and win the game for us," costar and screenwriter Dan Aykroyd told EW . "There would've been no success without Murray. We don't do these things alone, but I credit 50 percent of the success of that whole adventure to him, and we'll never see the likes of it again."

In the immediate aftermath of Ghostbusters , Murray took a dramatic turn with 1984's The Razor's Edge (which he also wrote), and made his musical debut in Little Shop of Horrors (1986) opposite Rick Moranis. After co-directing 1990's Quick Change , he gave a seminal performance in Ghostbuster scribe Harold Ramis' Groundhog Day (1993). He later breathed new life into his career with a key supporting role in Wes Anderson 's second feature, Rushmore (1998). The actor has since appeared in every subsequent Anderson film (including as the title character in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ), with the exception of the director's most recent work, the pleasant if frenetic sci-fi comedy Asteroid City (2023) .

Murray continued to work with some of the most compelling directors of the 21st century, receiving an Oscar nomination for his textured turn in Sofia Coppola 's Lost in Translation (2003) and headlining Jim Jarmusch 's Broken Flowers (2005). The actor made a round of creative reunions with roles in Jarmusch's inert The Dead Don't Die (2019), Coppola's On the Rocks (2020), and Anderson's byzantine The French Dispatch (2021).

Murray has long held a reputation for being hard to work with, which culminated in 2022 when production halted on the film set of Being Mortal following allegations against him for inappropriate conduct . Many actors, including Geena Davis and Seth Green , have since come forward with stories of alleged misconduct by Murray. Regardless of the negative press, his career has trotted onward with a Marvel debut in 2023's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and plans to join the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel.

Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett)

Sigourney Weaver got her start onstage at Yale before making her screen debut through a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in Annie Hall (1977). Just two years later, she would headline one of the most influential sci-fi and horror films of all time: Ridley Scott 's Alien . Weaver returned as her iconic character Ellen Ripley for three sequels and even scored a Best Actress Oscar nomination for James Cameron's 1986 follow-up, Aliens . Then, she surprised everyone with a pivot toward comedy by playing Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters .

"Comedy actually was what I felt I did best, but after Alien , no one could imagine that I could be funny," Weaver told EW . "I'd been offered an Andy Kaufman project about two robots that fall in love, and I was so excited to work with him. But my agent convinced me that the script just wasn't good enough, so I had sort of tearfully let that go. So with Ghostbusters — which was brilliant and so funny and so full of heart — I was really determined."

And her determination paid off. Now regarded as one of cinema's most talented and versatile actors, Weaver has worked across genres (and budgets) over the last three decades and accumulated accolades from all corners of the industry. She played a back-stabbing boss in Working Girl (1988), a chilly (pardon the pun) suburban housewife in The Ice Storm (1997), an actor on an intergalactic mission in Galaxy Quest (1999), and half of a mother-daughter con artist team in the dark comedy Heartbreakers (2001), among many other films.

Then came her turn as Dr. Grace Augustine in 2009's Avatar , adding yet another seminal sci-fi franchise to her jam-packed resume. She remarkably returned to the 2022 sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water , as the teenage daughter of her past character, Dr. Augustine, who has been adopted into the Na'vi community. Alongside the cast of young actors playing other alien youths, Weaver trained in parkour, holding her breath, and underwater sign language so that she could accurately perform the film's extensive demands during shooting.

In 2023, Weaver was the best part of Paul Schrader 's low-stakes revenge drama Master Gardener , locating a wit and spice within the role that eludes the rest of the material. She has two further Avatar sequels on the horizon (in 2025 and 2029, respectively), as well as Scott Derrickson 's upcoming action-romance for Apple TV+, The Gorge .

Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Raymond Stantz)

Dan Aykroyd made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live as one of the original writers and performers. Prior to crafting the idea for Ghostbusters , he had worked with Steven Spielberg in 1941 (1979) and starred alongside longtime collaborator John Belushi in The Blues Brothers (1980), which he also wrote based on the pair's iconic SNL characters. The group was a genuine musical act as well, with real tours and albums. He continued his hot streak as a sought-after comedian, notably sparring with Eddie Murphy in Trading Places (1983) before writing and starring in Ghostbusters — but he couldn't have pulled it off on his own.

"Without Ivan [Reitman] and Harold [Ramis], [the script] would've had no shape," Aykroyd told EW . "Ivan did a good job of taking my whole throughline, as Harold encouraged us to do, and keep it alive: the industrial-hazard aspect of cleaning these spirits up and making sure that they don't bother us here in this dimension. That was the throughline: This is a tough job. That's why they smoke cigarettes — not because I'm promoting smoking. These guys were under stress, and I wanted to show the stress of being ghost cleaners, what it really would be like."

After many more comedy ventures, Aykroyd flexed his dramatic chops as Boolie Werthan in 1989's Driving Miss Daisy , earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He then made his directorial debut in 1991's Nothing But Trouble (a wonderfully demented horror-comedy), but things began to falter with critical failures like Coneheads (1993) and other high-profile misses (see: Celtic Pride , My Fellow Americans , the what-were-they-thinking spectacle of Blues Brothers 2000 ). Granted, Aykroyd still had a few hits during the '90s: Tommy Boy is solid, Grosse Pointe Blank is a classic that perhaps features his performance, and who among us had dry eyes during My Girl ?

Aykroyd continued acting in the new millennium with a string of roles that accentuated his natural, present energy and often left him standing out from his costars. He appeared as a military captain in the bombastic romance Pearl Harbor (2001), as the father to Britney Spears in Crossroads (2002), and in the Terence Davies adaptation of Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth (2000). In a more predictable role, Aykroyd played a political official in Reitman's Evolution (2001), a spiritual successor to Ghostbusters that is a good deal of fun on its own.

In the last decade, Aykroyd has acted in Steven Soderbergh 's Liberace picture Behind the Candelabra (2013), in the Melissa McCarthy vehicle Tammy (2014), and in the James Brown biopic Get on Up (2014) starring Chadwick Boseman . He will return for the Afterlife sequel, as well.

Harold Ramis (Dr. Egon Spengler)

Like his costar Rick Moranis, the late Harold Ramis got his start in the early days of Second City Television ( SCTV ). For a time, Ramis was replaced in the cast by John Belushi before he found a niche as Belushi's sidekick. This began his historically fruitful and eventually rocky relationship with Bill Murray , as the two comedians were recruited by Belushi to work for the National Lampoon Radio Hour .

Ramis wrote the screenplays for the films Meatballs (1979) and Stripes (1981), which were both huge early vehicles for Murray's silver screen clout. The pair also collaborated in 1980 with Ramis' directorial debut, the seminal snobs vs. slobs comedy Caddyshack . He then directed (the Murray-free) National Lampoon's Vacation (1983). While Ramis enjoyed previous acting roles in some of his directing and writing ventures, his turn in Ghostbusters as Big Brain Dr. Egon Spengler remains his most culturally iconic. And, of course, he penned an incredible script with costar Dan Aykroyd.

But Ramis' best output is hands-down Groundhog Day (1993), the greatest time-loop comedy of all time. It's a terrific film that still holds up, but it led to a catastrophic falling out between Murray and Ramis that was only patched just before Ramis died in 2014 at age 69.

After Groundhog Day , Ramis directed a string of modest comedies, some of which ( Multiplicity , Analyze This, The Ice Harvest ) were better, or at least more interesting, than others ( Analyze That , Year One , that woeful remake of Bedazzled , which no amount of nostalgia nor retrospect will render whole).

Ramis enjoyed a few film roles in his later years, including a supporting part in As Good as It Gets (1997), an amusing cameo in Orange County (2002), and playing Seth Rogen 's dad in Knocked Up (2007), which is still the best of those Judd Apatow lad-with-a-bong comedies. Even so, he'll always be best remembered for his stunning contributions to comedy across decades.

"With his sly, Cheshire cat grin and twinkling, half-mast eyes hidden behind owlish glasses, Harold Ramis always gave the impression of a guy who was guarding the punchline to the world's funniest joke," wrote EW's critic in a tribute following the star's death . "After all, if anyone had the merry-prankster genius to conceive it, polish it into a jeweler-precise gem, and deliver it with crack comic timing, it was Ramis."

Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore)

Ernie Hudson had previously worked with director Ivan Reitman on 1983's Spacehunter before netting the role of Winston, a sort of everyman who gets swept up fighting the supernatural in Ghostbusters .

"I get a lot of — not just Black kids — but a lot of minority kids who will come up to me and go, 'Oh, we're so thankful because it was the first big blockbuster movie and there was a black character and he didn't embarrass us,'" Hudson told EW in 2019 . "Just having him be there and be one of the guys, that meant a lot to them … I get that a lot."

After returning for the sequel and starring in the 1989 sci-fi horror film Leviathan , the actor worked steadily throughout the '90s with turns in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992), The Crow (1994), Airheads (1994), The Basketball Diaries (1995), and Congo (1995). Yet it was after starring as Warden Leo Glynn on HBO's Oz (1997–2003) that Hudson's career really began to soar.

Since then, he's enjoyed extended arcs on series like Desperate Housewives , The Family Business , Grace and Frankie , and more. Hudson has also stacked up over 50 feature film roles, including 2023's genial sports comedy Champions and the recent Ghostbusters reboots. He'll also be returning for the upcoming Afterlife sequel.

Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz)

After netting a Golden Globe nomination for her film debut in 1978's Corvette Summer (opposite Mark Hamill ), Annie Potts joined the cast of Ghostbusters , played the ultimate Cool Girl record store clerk in Pretty in Pink (1986), and essayed her most iconic role as barbed single-mother Mary Jo Shively on Designing Women (1986–1993). She remained active in television with an Emmy-nominated role in the CBS sitcom Love & War (1993–1995) and earned a SAG nod for her turn in Lifetime's Any Day Now (1998–2002).

Even though she's acted in her fair share of comedic roles before and since Ghostbusters , the film's singular off-beat style and improvised delivery make it stand out to Potts decades later. "It was a very unique property and I think everybody saw that," she told EW . "Even with Bill and Ivan's success, it was like, 'What is this? A comedy? Sci-fi?' It was almost unclassifiable. I'd never seen anything like it. I thought, this is just going to be totally awesome or totally awful."

Aside from appearances in every subsequent Ghostbusters picture to date (including as a separate character in Paul Feig's 2016 reboot), Potts has kept busy while voicing Bo Peep in the Toy Story movies (excluding the third film) and playing the grandmother in Young Sheldon . Though she currently has no upcoming projects, we hope she'll come back for the Afterlife sequel — and be given more to do than her somewhat regressive cameo in the 2021 installment.

Rick Moranis (Louis Tully)

Before he played Louis Tully, Rick Moranis was already a celebrated disc jockey and television personality in Canada. As one of the (several) breakout stars of SCTV , he and costar Dave Thomas became widely known as their respective on-screen personas, Bob and Doug McKenzie. A year before Ghostbusters hit theaters, Moranis made his film debut in Strange Brew , a feature-length McKenzie brothers adventure. His other notable acting credits include Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Spaceballs (1987) and Parenthood (1989).

Outside of Ghostbusters and its immediate sequel, Moranis is famous for his turn in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) as family-man inventor Wayne Szalinksi, whose gadgets often bear tragic repercussions for his loved ones (the nature of which you can guess based on the title). It was followed by two franchise films: the appallingly titled Honey, I Blew up the Kid (1992) and the comparatively tame-sounding Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997).

In 1997, Moranis announced that he was taking a hiatus from the industry to raise his two children after his wife, Ann Belsky, died of cancer. In the meantime, he took on a few voice-acting gigs in projects like Brother Bear (2003). Fans were nevertheless disappointed to learn that he wouldn't return for a cameo in the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot along with other original cast members. "I wish them well," Moranis told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015 . "I hope it's terrific. But it just makes no sense to me. Why would I do just one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?"

After sporadic guest spots in film and television during the early aughts, Moranis appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds for a 2020 Mint Mobile advert. The same year, he announced that he would be reprising his role as Wayne for a new Honey film, tentatively titled Shrunk with Josh Gad. As of 2022, the project is still in development.

William Atherton (Walter Peck)

Perhaps best known for his role as the morally debauched television reporter Richard Thornburg in Die Hard (1988), William Atherton began his career with appearances in '70s titles such as The Day of the Locust (1975) and The Sugarland Express (1974), the latter of which was Steven Spielberg's debut theatrical feature.

After appearing as supercilious EPA company man Walter Peck in Ghostbusters , Atherton completed his trilogy of goofy comedies with Real Genius (1985) and Bio-Dome (1996). Recently, the actor had small parts in movies like the Tom Cruise epic The Last Samurai (2003) and the distasteful "psychological thriller" (read: torture porn of the lowest sort) The Girl Next Door (2007).

He will return as Walter Peck in the forthcoming sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife .

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The 50 most anticipated new movies of 2024

Buckle in for a big year at the movies

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Followers of the movie release calendar just can’t get a moment’s peace: As soon as COVID-19-era disruptions were smoothed out and production pipelines mostly restored in 2023, a lengthy two-guild strike threw everything out of whack again. Delays, shifts, and cancellations galore added to the usual mix of theatrical releases and (fewer, but still notable) direct-to-streaming productions.

Then again, it wouldn’t be a look at the movie year that lies ahead without a bunch of unpredictable shifts, no matter the cause. Even if the first quarter of 2024 looks more barren than usual and a few superheroes may have flown straight out of the summer skies, the year still has plenty of titles worth anticipating — as this list of 50 particularly exciting-sounding movies proves. This year has ghosts, apes, pandas, sentient emotions, killer ballerinas, gladiators, vampires, sandworms, bioexorcists, and no fewer than three Spider-Man movies that do not feature Spider-Man. As always, these dates are subject to change, but here’s how 2024 is shaping up right now.

The Book of Clarence

Release date: In theaters Jan. 12 Director: Jeymes Samuel Cast: LaKeith Stanfield, Omar Sy, Teyana Taylor

Jeymes Samuel, who previously directed Netflix’s visually arresting all-star Western The Harder They Fall , turns his sights on a Biblical adventure with a comic twist. There’s definitely something rather Life of Brian about the idea of Clarence (LaKeith Stanfield), the twin brother of the apostle Thomas, positioning himself as a new messiah to better his station in life.

Bebe Wood plays Gretchen, Renee Rapp plays Regina and Avantika plays Karen in Mean Girls.  Gretchen sits tall on her knees, Gretchen slumps back in a leather top, and Karen sits straight upright.

Release date: In theaters Jan. 12 Directors: Samantha Jayne, Arturo Perez Jr. Cast: Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp, Tina Fey

The unusual movie-to-stage-musical-to-movie-musical pipeline has one all-time-great success ( Little Shop of Horrors ) and a bunch more failed curiosities, like the 2005 version of The Producers . What Mean Girls has going for it is the constant presence of screenwriter/co-star Tina Fey, who wrote both movies as well as the Broadway musical that bridges them. There’s something appealing about the idea of a comedy writer allowed to revise and update such trendy-yet-timeless material over the course of 20 years.

David Oyelowo looks at Kaley Cuoco with concern in his eyes while they sit together on a bed in Role Play

Release date: On Prime Video Jan. 12 Director: Thomas Vincent Cast: Kaley Cuoco, David Oyelowo, Bill Nighy

Emma (Kaley Cuoco) is a normal New Jersey suburbanite, married to the mild-mannered Dave (David Oyelowo), who has no idea that she’s also a contract killer. After learning the truth, he winds up on a wild, violent adventure with his ass-kicking spouse. In other words, they’re going to tell each other some True Lies ?

A Scottish Fold in an argyle printed backpack.

Release date: In theaters Feb. 2 Director: Matthew Vaughn Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill

Matthew Vaughn has directed movies for 20 years now, and Argylle is actually the first one since his debut that doesn’t have some kind of connection to the world of comics and graphic novels. That said, it sure looks closer to Kingsman than Layer Cake , with a shy author (Bryce Dallas Howard) of outlandish espionage novels teaming up with an actual spy (Sam Rockwell) when her books start hewing eerily close to reality — or so some shadowy figures claim. The exact plot line remains a mystery, but the stacked ensemble is clear as day, conspicuously CG cat and all.

Lisa Frankenstein

Kathryn Newton, with big hair, sitting at a school desk in Lisa Frankenstein

Release date: In theaters Feb. 9 Director: Zelda Williams Cast: Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino

What a difference 15 years makes; back in 2009, Jennifer’s Body was a notorious flop for screenwriter Diablo Cody, not long after winning an Oscar for Juno . Now, it’s her reclaimed feminist-horror comedy that gets namechecked in the trailer for her latest project, the 1989-set Lisa Frankenstein . Yes, it does involve reanimation: Lisa (Kathryn Newton) brings a handsome Victorian corpse back to life, and murderous gothic romance appears to ensue, under the direction of Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin). If this is Cody’s Frankenstein and Jennifer’s Body is her de facto Dracula , maybe she can work her way through all of the classic Universal Monsters .

Cassandra Webb’s mom taking a picture of a spider in a still from Madame Web

Release date: In theaters Feb. 14 Director: S.J. Clarkson Cast: Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott

Undeterred by the relatively unsuccessful Morbius , the delay of Kraven the Hunter to 2024 (more on that soon), and widespread internet derision for any of these movies that aren’t a Venom sequel, Sony continues their SSWSFNU (Sony Spider-Man Without Spider-Man For Now Universe) series with Madame Web. The best chance these movies have is to go nuttier than the MCU will allow, and that certainly seems to be the case here, as Dakota Johnson gains the short-term prediction superpowers of Nicolas Cage in Next and Sydney Sweeney becomes Spider-Woman at some point.

Drive-Away Dolls

Geraldine Viswanathan, Margaret Qualley, and Beanie Feldstein stand outside of what looks like a bar in Drive-Away Dolls

Release date: In theaters Feb. 23 Director: Ethan Coen Cast: Margaret Qualley, Geraldine Viswanathan, Beanie Feldstein

Left to his own devices apart from his brother, Joel Coen made an expressive black-and-white version of Macbeth . Ethan, meanwhile, opted to team up with his wife Tricia Cooke for a raucous-looking crime comedy. Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan play a pair of young lesbians whose road trip to Florida is scrambled by a group of criminals.

Dune: Part Two

Three massive sand worms advance on fleeing people in Dune 2

Release date: In theaters March 1 Director: Denis Villeneuve Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh

Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi adaptation looked like an expensive risk back in 2021, when it premiered simultaneously on theaters and HBO Max — and then it made a bunch of money and garnered a ton of Oscar nominations. Don’t necessarily expect awards bait from the second half of the story; per Villeneuve himself, it’s less reflective and more action-packed than its predecessor. Chalamet returns as the exiled Paul Atreides, who teams up with revolutionaries (including Zendaya’s Chani, only glimpsed in the first film) to prevent catastrophe from befalling the spice-rich planet of Arrakis.

Kung Fu Panda 4

Release date: In theaters March 8 Directors: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger Cast: Jack Black, Awkwafina, Viola Davis

It’s a good thing DreamWorks doesn’t demand exclusivity deals from its voiceover talent: Kung Fu Panda 4 teams Jack Black, returning to DreamWorks after jumping over to Illumination to sing “Peaches” as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros . Movie , with Awkwafina, a Bad Guys alum who has also done voices for Illumination and Disney. Here, Awkwafina voices Zhen, a fox who helps Po (Black) fend off a new, shapeshifting foe called The Chameleon (Viola Davis).

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

The firehouse freezes over in New York City in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Release date: In theaters March 29 Director: Gil Kenan Cast: Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd

Sony finally got its Ghostbusters franchise with the slavishly reverent (and not especially funny!) Ghostbusters: Afterlife . This follow-up moves characters from that film to New York City, presumably for opportunities to interact with surviving cast members from the 1984 original; Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson all appear in the trailer, where some kind of fear-based supernatural entity freezes the city in the middle of summer.

Robert Pattison lies on his back, shirtless, in a glowing blue MRI-type machine, staring directly into the camera, in an early teaser trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s Mickey 17

Release date: In theaters March 29 Director: Bong Joon-ho Cast: Robert Pattinson, Mark Ruffalo, Toni Collette

Following his multiple Oscar wins for Parasite , filmmaker Bong Joon-ho took one of the longest breaks of his career; now he’s back with a primarily English-language sci-fi picture (his first since Snowpiercer ), another spring release without any footage release so far. It’s about an “expendable,” but not the kind who used to star in 1980s action movies; this one is a lowly employee named Mickey Barnes (Robert Pattinson) who has the ability to regenerate after death.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla roars toward the sky with a pink spine in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Release date: In theaters April 12 Director: Adam Wingard Cast: Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry

Godzilla is so hot right now ! He’s been on the big screen in the critically acclaimed hit Godzilla Minus One , made some rare TV appearances via Monarch: Legacy of Monsters , and appears to venture into the Hollow Earth for this sequel to 2021’s zestily goofy Godzilla vs. Kong . No longer instinctive enemies but gigantic frenemies, Kong and Godzilla face a new foe in the form of a newly discovered Titan — seemingly another huge ape who’s coming for Kong’s crown.

Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver

Sofia Boutella fires a gun at a room of soldiers in Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver

Release date: On Netflix April 19 Director: Zack Snyder Cast: Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Ed Skrein

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon may not be the most blatantly split-in-half two-part movie ever made, but the first part wasn’t exactly a complete and satisfying story, either. Then again, what’s most fun about the movie is its frequent and weird bursts of visual imagination, which suggests that The Scargiver doesn’t even necessarily need to stick the landing to provide plenty of ridiculous fun in the vein of Jupiter Ascending or The Chronicles of Riddick .


Zendaya sits on a bed in between Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist in Challengers

Release date: In theaters April 26 Director: Luca Guadagnino Cast: Zendaya, Mike Faist, Josh O’Connor

The sex-scene discourse will get another workout with Challengers , an athletic spin on the love triangle starring Zendaya, Mike Faist ( West Side Story ), and Josh O’Connor as tennis pros facing off in the bedroom and on the court. The presence of earthy, sometimes button-pushing director Luca Guadagnino ( Call Me By Your Name ) virtually guarantees that this won’t be just a Netflix-ready rom-com.

The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling smirks in The Fall Guy

Release date: In theaters May 3 Director: David Leitch Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

For the first time since 2006, the May-through-August summer movie season kicks off with a non-Marvel character. (The MCU in particular has kept a stranglehold on this date since 2015.) What’s more, The Fall Guy isn’t even a superhero story — it’s that very ‘90s form of event movie, the big-budget, big-star adaptation of an old TV show. In for Lee Majors is Ryan Gosling, playing a stuntman turned amateur detective trying to locate the star of his latest project — which happens to be directed by his ex (Emily Blunt). Gosling looks like he’s back in The Nice Guys mode, and if the trailer’s quips aren’t all up to Shane Black’s level, it’s awfully nice to think of a (relatively) old-fashioned star vehicle at the head of the big summer-kickoff hype train for a change.

Release date: In theaters May 17 Director: John Krasinski Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, Steve Carell

John Krasinski’s directorial follow-up to his A Quiet Place movies approaches a kid in a fantastical situation from a slightly less terrifying angle: In If , a young girl (Cailey Fleming, who played a young Rey in The Force Awakens ) discovers she can see the discarded imaginary friends of other children. Ryan Reynolds plays some kind of imaginary-friend emissary — though the film’s Paramount release precludes a Bing Bong cameo.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

A group of bikers, including Chris Hemsworth, advance in the desert in Furiosa

Release date: In theaters May 24 Director: George Miller Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Nathan Jones

George Miller took 30 years to bring back post-apocalyptic road warrior Mad Max via 2015’s Fury Road . The spinoff Furiosa , by contrast, arrives just eight years after that Oscar-winning blockbuster, though it takes more than a few pages from the Fury Road playbook. Most noticeably, it recasts its central character, with Anya Taylor-Joy playing a younger version of Charlize Theron’s one-armed commander/driver/warrior from the earlier film. It also revives fearsome creep Immortan Joe and the super-saturated desert landscapes that became so instantly iconic in the earlier film. The approach may spur some unfair comparisons between Furiosa and its predecessor, but given Miller’s age, we should really just be grateful that he’s started making movies at such a clip (check out Three Thousand Years of Longing !), and that some of them feature Anya Taylor-Joy kicking ass across the post-apocalyptic desert.

The Garfield Movie

An animated Garfield, wearing a bib and holding a fork and knife, is ready to absolutely chow down on some lasagna in The Garfield Movie.

Release date: In theaters May 24 Director: Mark Dindal Cast: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult

While the latest Garfield big-screen adventure isn’t adapting the internet phenomenon Garfield Minus Garfield, it steps in its direction by asking the question: What is Garfield without a low, sleepy deadpan delivery? Previous Garfield voices Lorenzo Music and Bill Murray have such a similar delivery that Music played Murray’s part on the Ghostbusters cartoon. Chris Pratt, on the other hand, has a whole different vibe — but at least Garfield is back into fully-animated territory after those off-putting hybrid productions from the 2000s. Plus, maybe the film’s obligatory retelling of Garfield’s origin will clarify why an unemployed cat possesses a cubicle drone’s hatred of Mondays.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

An ape holding a falcon in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Release date: In theaters May 24 Director: Wes Ball Cast: Freya Allen, Owen Teague, Kevin Durand

After an acclaimed trilogy and a six-year break, the apes are back in town with the fourth installment of the rebooted series. Yes, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes appears to be in-continuity with the Rise / Dawn / War trilogy, but set many decades further out. Noa (Owen Teague), a chimp, teams up with Mae (Freya Allen), a feral human, to change the course of history, both ape and human. New director Wes Ball, of Fox’s Maze Runner trilogy and the future Legend of Zelda movie , has experience following young people on a dystopian mission.

Release date: In theaters June 7 Director: Len Wiseman Cast: Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves, Lance Reddick

Produced in anticipation of severe Wick drawal hitting a nation following the peaks of John Wick: Chapter 4 , Ballerina is a midquel-slash-spinoff set in between the third and fourth films, exploring the deadly ballet school run by Anjelica Huston. Huston appears here, as does Reeves in a supporting role, owing to the movie’s timeline tricks, and the late, great Lance Reddick in his final big-screen appearance! But the main attraction will be Ana de Armas as a vengeful ballerina-assassin, hopefully expanding on the charm and action chops she displayed in the Cuba sequence of No Time to Die . Director Len Wiseman may not be an action legend, but he has experience with women stylishly shooting up the place, having directed the first two Underworld movies.

Inside Out 2

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear look uncomfortably at a new emotion

Release date: In theaters June 14 Director: Kelsey Mann Cast: Amy Poehler, Tony Hale, Maya Hawke

Pixar has weaned itself off the sequel addiction it nursed for much of the 2010s, but no $300 million grosser would be allowed to go unsequelized. So welcome back Riley, the girl from Inside Out , who has moved into full-on adolescence and generated some brand-new emotions, led by Anxiety (Maya Hawke), a teengaer’s constant companion. Pixar and Disney have to know that revisiting Riley’s brain is a fairly irresistible proposition, given that they already covered this delightfully awkward territory with Turning Red , one of their best movies in years.

A Quiet Place: Day One

Release date: In theaters June 28 Director: Michael Sarnoski Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Djimon Hounsou, Alex Wolff

Is Lupita Nyong’o our classiest scream queen? She gave an award-worthy dual performance in Jordan Peele’s creepily beguiling Us , and now joins the Quiet Place franchise for another look at the day the super-hearing aliens arrived on Earth – last seen during an extended sequence in Part 2 . Day One also marks the big-budget debut of Michael Sarnoski, who made Pig , one of Nicolas Cage’s best films of the 21st century.

Despicable Me 4

Release date: In theaters July 3 Directors: Chris Renaud, Patrick Delage Cast: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove

OK, maybe it feels a little silly to wring hands over the appropriateness of Pixar deciding to do Inside Out 2 when compared to Illumination’s willingness to crank out Despicable Me movies into infinity and beyond. This proper fourth film follows on the heels of a second Minions spinoff (which was also essentially a Despicable Me prequel), and details are scarce. The film’s rumored to involve reformed supervillain Gru (Steve Carell) making gestures toward villainous deeds only to ultimately wind up on the nebulously defined side of good with his wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) and his three adorable daughters, with occasional interruptions from Minions saying “banana!”

Release date: In theaters July 19 Director: Lee Isaac Chung Cast: Daisy-Edgar Jones, Glen Powell, David Corenswet

In a triumphant return to the Aliens rule of sequel-naming, Twister becomes Twisters for this blockbuster revival — although another titling scheme comes to mind, given that this follow-up is arriving 28 years later. Normal People ’s Daisy Edgar-Jones and Top Gun: Maverick ’s Glen Powell lead the cast, with an unusually pedigreed director in the form of Minari’ s Lee Isaac Chung. No word on whether Chung wrote a dollar-sign after Twister on the whiteboard.

Untitled Deadpool Movie

Deadpool and Wolverine on the set of Deadpool 3

Release date: In theaters July 26 Director: Shawn Levy Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner

Thanks mostly to strike delays but probably also to the shakiness of their 2023, the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has just one theatrical release on the calendar for 2024: a third movie in the Deadpool series that originated within Fox’s old X-Men movies before the studio was bought by Disney. You know who might point out the unexpected incongruity of this event? Why, Deadpool himself! Provided he can tear himself away from making jokes at the expense of other Ryan Reynolds movies. Rumor has it that the long-delayed third installment will fold its Fox X-Men roots into the MCU’s multiverse; at the very least, Hugh Jackman is back in action as Wolverine, presumably for a bit of dessert after the more dramatic farewell of Logan .

Release date: In theaters Aug. 2 Director: M. Night Shyamalan Cast: Josh Hartnett, Hayley Mills, Saleka Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan has been working non-stop for the past quarter-century, but there’s something especially succinct and expedient about his run of modestly budgeted one-word titles: Split , Glass , Old , and now Trap (righting the ship after the more complicated, if conceptually streamlined, Knock at the Cabin ). Little is known about Shyamalan’s latest, beyond that it may be set at a concert.


The main cast of the Borderlands movie in silhouette

Release date: In theaters Aug. 9 Director: Eli Roth Cast: Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart

Eli Roth had a bit of a comeback recently with the success of his long-promised Thanksgiving , and it turns out that the movie he was coming back from hadn’t even been released yet, because Roth shot this adaptation of the sci-fi video game back in 2021. Since then the project has undergone reshoots (from Deadpool ’s Tim Miller rather than Roth) and shuffling credits (with a screenwriter and composer both swapped out). Whatever’s going on with this one, it has to be something worth watching, given the eclecticism of a cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Haley Bennett, Édgar Ramírez, and Gina Gershon, and Roth’s continued enthusiasm for the project.

Untitled Alien Movie

Release date: In theaters Aug. 16 Director: Fede Álvarez Cast: Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, David Jonsson

To be honest, Fede Álvarez ( Evil Dead , Don’t Breathe ) feels like more of a Predator director than an Alien director. (This is not an insult, because all Predator movies are good .) It’s exciting, though, that Álvarez has been selected to follow in the footsteps of Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet to become the first new director to take on a proper solo- Alien movie in almost 30 years. He’s supposedly making a stand-alone feature, rather than a prospective trilogy or franchise-starter, set sometime between Alien and Aliens . Priscilla ’s Cailee Spaeny stars, and the release date is hilariously close to the 20th anniversary of Alien vs. Predator.

Kraven the Hunter

A close up of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven in the film Kraven the Hunter

Release date: In theaters Aug. 30 Director: J.C. Chandor Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Russell Crowe, Ariana DeBose

The second SSWSFNU movie of 2024 has Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a presumably more sympathetic version of the Spider-Man nemesis Kraven and Ariana DeBose as his love interest, Calypso (another Spider-Man villain). Will director J.C. Chandor bring some of his Most Violent Year and Triple Frontier grit to this shambolic universe, or will he be forced to focus his energy on engineering incoherent mid-credits teasers?

Beetlejuice 2

Release date: In theaters Sept. 7 Director: Tim Burton Cast: Jenna Ortega, Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton

On one hand, it’s a little disheartening to see Tim Burton turning his eye for adaptation onto one of the few fully original screenplays he’s ever directed by making a legacy sequel to the horror comedy Beetlejuice . On the other hand, the one other sequel Burton has ever directed is Batman Returns — one of the best follow-ups of all time — and his supposed emphasis on a back-to-basics approach rife with puppetry and in-camera effects does sound promising. The presence of scream queen Jenna Ortega, playing the daughter of Winona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz, is almost as reassuring as the participation of Michael Keaton, reviving his vulgar bio-exorcist.

Transformers One

Release date: In theaters Sept. 13 Director: Josh Cooley Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm

In the wake of beloved Spider-Man and Ninja Turtles movies that cost a relative pittance compared to their live-action counterparts, the hottest new franchise accessory is an animated spinoff that experiments stylistically while winking at Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia. What better candidate than the Transformers franchise? The producer calls the story “biblical.”

Release date: In theaters Sept. 27 Director: TBD Cast: TBD

In 2023, Jigsaw returned, and horror fans responded by making 2023’s Saw X the highest-grossing installment since Saw V ; it helped that it was the flat-out best one since at least Saw VI (you know, if you keep track of that sort of thing), notching a series-high score on Jigsaw’s old nemesis, the Tomatometer. No filmmakers or cast for part eleven have been announced, but they’re gonna have to find some more room in the timeline, given how much Tobin Bell’s John Kramer (technically dead since Saw III ) brings to the series.

Joker: Folie à Deux

Lady Gaga, as Harley Quinn, looks into Joaquin Phoenix’s Jokers eyes as they hold each other in Joker: Folie à Deux

Release date: In theaters Oct. 4 Director: Todd Phillips Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Lady Gaga, Zazie Beetz

Finally, gender parity in rehashing superhero characters! Harley Quinn joins the Joker and the Batman in the annals of “wait, they’re giving this to yet another actor?!” as Lady Gaga reinterprets the beloved character just a few years after Margot Robbie brought her to life in a series of live-action movies. Of course, Joker: Folie à Deux takes place in a different universe from Birds of Prey , and if the first Elseworlds-style Joker snagged an Oscar by blatantly knocking off King of Comedy and Taxi Driver , we can only hope that director Todd Phillips and returning Mistah J actor Joaquin Phoenix have their sights set on New York, New York for this allegedly musical follow-up.

Release date: In theaters Oct. 18 Director: Parker Finn Cast: Naomi Scott

Smile came from seemingly nowhere in 2022 to parlay some killer imagery and suddenly-ubiquitous trailers into one of the year’s most profitable box office runs, all from a movie once earmarked for streaming. Director Parker Finn returns for the obligatory fast-turnaround follow-up, and Naomi Scott (Jasmine in the Aladdin remake) takes over the leading role, presumably playing a character hoping to stop the demon causing a chain of suicides that can only be broken through murder. Cheerful stuff!

Untitled Venom Sequel

Release date: In theaters Nov. 8 Director: Kelly Marcel Cast: Tom Hardy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Juno Temple

The final installment of 2024’s SSWSFNU trilogy brings back the reason it all exists in the first place: Venom, that giant-tongued ’90s throwback played with raffish charm and an unplaceable accent by the great Tom Hardy. Little is known about the latest Eddie Brock/Venom buddy picture, beyond that Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor will both appear, and that Kelly Marcel, who worked on the scripts for the first two movies, is making her directorial debut. Could Venom find himself on a wacky date with Madame Web, perhaps?!

Gladiator 2

Release date: In theaters Nov. 22 Director: Ridley Scott Cast: Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal

No, this isn’t a direct-to-DVD obscurity from 2003 somehow finding its way to movie screens; Ridley Scott actually went and made a sequel to his Oscar-winning 2000 period action picture, not paying much mind to the on-screen death of Russell Crowe’s Maximus. It follows a now-grown Lucius (Paul Mescal), the nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) who Maximus saved in the first film, and an even heavier hittier steps into Crowe’s movie-star sandals: None other than Denzel Washington will play a slave-turned arms-dealer. It should be fascinating to see how Scott revisits this world following the less conventional historical dramas of The Last Duel and Napoleon .

Release date: In theaters Nov. 27 Director: Jon M. Chu Cast: Cynthia Erivo, Ariana Grande, Michelle Yeoh

Have you ever seen a stage musical where the house lights went up for intermission and you thought, “I wish I could wait a year before watching the rest”? If so, Universal Pictures has the movie for you: the long-gestating film version of Wicked has been split into two movies. It’s only natural; after all, the Broadway version runs a full 150 minutes, which, as we all know, is an unheard-of runtime for a feature film. Anyway, Jon M. Chu has been making musicals for years, whether officially ( In the Heights ), dance-centrically ( Step Up 2 the Streets ), or in the middle of an action movie (that part on the cliffs in G.I. Joe: Retaliation ), so he seems like a good choice to bring this Maleficent-style POV-shifted Wizard of Oz riff to movies. Cynthia Erivo is set to bring the house down as the future Wicked Witch of the West, while Ariana Grande will play a young Glinda.

Untitled Karate Kid Movie

Release date: In theaters Dec. 13 Director: Jonathan Entwistle Cast: Jackie Chan, Ralph Macchio

With all of the hoopla over the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai , it felt a little odd that hardly anyone seemed to mention how a 2010 Karate Kid remake starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan was a huge hit. Someone at Sony must have remembered, and maybe it was the Spider-Man: No Way Home multi-iteration all-stars that jogged their memories, because the next Karate Kid movie unites Ralph Macchio, star of the originals, with Jackie Chan, the Mr. Miyagi figure from the remake. Now do the right thing, Sony, and call The Next Karate Kid ’s Hilary Swank!

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim

Release date: In theaters Dec. 13 Director: Kenji Kamiyama Cast: Miranda Otto, Brian Cox, Shaun Dooley

Given the resurgence of Lord of the Rings as a mega-budgeted Amazon TV series, it might be expected that the franchise’s first animated movie since its Ralph Bakshi days would be somehow related to that show, or be set in its own continuity, Spider-Verse style. But The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim actually ties into the Peter Jackson movies from the early 2000s, with Miranda Otto’s Éowyn serving as narrator (though Jackson himself is not involved). Set hundreds of years earlier, the film offers an origin of sorts for the Battle of Helm’s Deep — or its name, anyway, with king Helm Hammerhand (Brian Cox) proving his mettle against invading forces.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Release date: In theaters Dec. 20 Director: Jeff Fowler Cast: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Idris Elba

A clapboard for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 next to the Shadow’s foot

When the first two Sonic movies came out to the delight of under-12s everywhere (and, somewhat stranger, plenty of under-40s, too), they were the only game in town, so to speak – at least in terms of kid-friendly video game characters with a quarter-century’s worth of nostalgia behind them. Now Sonic 3 must contend with a post- Super Mario world, possibly without marquee human star Jim Carrey. Still, the Sonic brand carries a lot of weight with those kids-slash-adults, more than willing to cut a cute movie some slack for not being outright horrible. And the more Sonic characters the movies add, the closer they get to an all-out cartoon velocity worthy of the character’s abilities.

Mufasa: The Lion King

Release date: In theaters Dec. 20 Director: Barry Jenkins Cast: Aaron Pierre, Seth Rogen, John Kani

A prequel to a quasi-live-action-but-actually-animated remake of The Lion King may seem like a creative dead end to a filmmaker as talented as Barry Jenkins, but at least this project has no source material to quote word-for-word or shot-for-shot when expanding upon the backstory of young Mufasa and his scheming brother Scar. As much as some Jenkins fans may be filled with dread, it will be undoubtedly interesting to see how (which is to say, if) the sensibility that produced the aching sensitivity and vivid lighting of Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk can shine through the Disney Remake machine.

Release date: In theaters Dec. 25 Director: Robert Eggers Cast: Bill Skarsgård, Nicholas Hoult, Lily-Rose Depp

The original Nosferatu was really an unauthorized Dracula adaptation, so it’s intriguing to consider what made Robert Eggers ( The Witch ; The Lighthouse ; The Northman ) want to re-adapt this specific take on the vampire, last taken on by Werner Herzog in 1979. Maybe the rarified company of Herzog and F.W. Murnau was motivation enough, or maybe he’s found a point of intersection between his own rigorous aesthetics and the German Expressionism of the original. Bill Skarsgård stars as the ghoulish Count Orlok, joined by The Idol ’s Lily-Rose Depp and a couple of the vampire’s previous familiars: Nicholas Hoult (who just played a zany version of Renfield) and Willem Dafoe (who played Max Schreck, star of Nosferatu , in Shadow of the Vampire ).

Untitled Jordan Peele Movie

Release date: In theaters Dec. 25 Director: Jordan Peele Cast: TBD

What about 2024 made Universal decide that Christmas would be an extension of spooky season? The studio’s smaller-scale arm Focus is putting out Nosferatu on Christmas Day, while the big-studio label has an appropriately bigger movie in store: Jordan Peele’s latest. It doesn’t have a title, a premise, any stars, or even, really, a designated genre, so maybe Christmas won’t be Halloween Plus after all. But it’s hard to imagine Peele abandoning his genre trappings after the stunning triple play of Get Out , Us , and Nope .

Release date: TBD, on Netflix Director: Gareth Evans Cast: Tom Hardy, Timothy Olyphant, Forest Whitaker

Isn’t it about time that we got to see Tom Hardy wreak Havoc ? This action movie from director Gareth Evans (of the Raid movies) has been kicking around the Netflix slate for what seems like years. Filming finished up over two years ago, and while the long delay may spell trouble, it’s hard to imagine that Evans/Hardy combo not yielding something entertaining.

Adria Arjona stands behind Glen Powell, who is likely aiming a gun off screen in Hit Man

Release date: TBD, on Netflix Director: Richard Linklater Cast: Glen Powell, Adria Arjona, Retta

Glen Powell supposedly delivered star-making turns in Set It Up and Top Gun: Maverick , but there are times in those movies where he feels a little, well, blandly buttoned up — neither innately sweet enough to play the steadfast hero nor quite electric enough to play the alluring cad. Richard Linklater’s comic thriller rom-com Hit Man weaponizes that blandness in more ways than one, with Powell playing a slightly dorky, buttoned-up college professor whose moonlighting gig with local law enforcement has him impersonate a hit man on the fly. He proves unexpectedly good at it, which is how he meets Maddy (Adria Arjona) and becomes entangled in a wild double life, fueling one of Linklater’s most purely entertaining movies in years.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Release date: Summer 2024, on Netflix Director: Mark Molloy Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Kevin Bacon

Axel Foley gets the Maverick treatment in this legacy sequel, with Eddie Murphy assuming his signature role after more than three decades away (although Maverick was gone for longer, without a pair of sub-par sequels dragging him down). Expect plenty of cameos and callbacks in a movie we can only hope is a funnier revival than the wan Coming 2 America. (One wonders if The Nutty Professor: Sherman Klump will be hitting Paramount Plus in 2025...)

The Old Guard 2

Release date: TBD, on Netflix Director: Victoria Mahoney Cast: Charlize Theron, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Uma Thurman

The Old Guard was something of a pandemic-era Netflix phenomenon, a superhero-like action movie about a team of immortal do-gooders made available at home when multiplexes were closed. Four years later, the sequel will test whether the audience has stuck around now that big-screen experiences are more available (and superhero stories may be on the wane). The movie won’t lack for star power: Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor are joined by Uma Thurman and Henry Golding. Victoria Mahoney, who has directed episodes of Lovecraft Country and The Morning Show , among many others, takes over from Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Ultraman: Rising

Release date: TBD, on Netflix Directors: Shannon Tindle, John Aoshima Cast: Tamlyn Tomita, Gedde Watanabe, Keone Young

Like many other franchises on the calendar for 2024, the latest installment of the long-running Ultraman series pivots to animation. In the latest iteration of the Japanese superhero, Ken Sato (Christopher Sean in the American dub; Yuki Yamada on the Japanese track), alter ego of Ultraman, winds up caring for a baby kaiju after defeating its mother in battle.

Release date: TBD Director: Ti West Cast: Mia Goth, Michelle Monaghan, Elizabeth Debicki

In one of the swiftest and most suddenly anticipated trilogy-cappers in recent memory, writer-director Ti West finishes out the makeshift saga that began with his terrific 2022 retro-slasher X and continued with the surprise prequel Pearl , shot concurrently with its immediate predecessor. MaXXXine jumps forward from 1979 Texas to 1980s Los Angeles, as Maxine (Mia Goth), the final girl from X , pursues her dream of stardom. Something tells us bodies may continue to pile up long after her escape from the elderly couple who slaughtered her filmmaking buddies.

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ghostbusters original cast in new movie

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The original ‘ghostbusters’ cast: where are they now.

2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the original 'Ghostbusters' movie, which will be rebooted by an all-female cast under the directorship of Paul Feig in 2015.

By Natalie Stone

Natalie Stone

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In 1984, audiences across America fell in love with a team of four New York City ghost hunters who brought children’s scientific fears and fantasies to life. Starring Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson , Ghostbusters has since seen a sequel and is now on the cusp of a third — this time starring an all-female cast  that includes Melissa McCarthy ,  Kristen  Wiig ,  Leslie Jones  and  Kate  McKinnon .

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

In light of the new cast, The Hollywood Reporter  is looking back at the originals to find out what they’ve been up to since the first Ghostbusters came out more than 30 years ago. 

Bill Murray

Since his Ghostbusters debut, 64-year-old Murray has continued his acting career with a variation of film and television roles. In 1989, Murray returned to the Ghostbusters franchise as Dr. Peter Venkman for the first sequel. In ’93, the actor starred in Groundhog Day and went on to perform in the R-rated film Rushmore in ’98.

In 2003, Murray was featured in Lost in Translation and received a best actor Oscar nom for his performance.

More recently, Murray starred opposite George Clooney in The Monuments Men and was featured in the 2015 Oscar-nominated film The Grand Budapest Hotel . He also might be the most famous person on the Internet .

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Dan Aykroyd

The mastermind behind the Ghostbusters franchise, Dan Aykroyd wrote the now-iconic film and was the genius responsible for the TV series and video games that followed.

The 62-year-old has appeared in a number of films since Ghostbusers , including Ghostbusters II in 1989. From 1986-1991, the actor appeared in The Real Ghostbusters TV program, Extreme Ghostbusters in 1997 and multiple Ghostbusters video games. In 2014, Aykyroyd appeared opposite Melissa McCarthy in the comedy Tammy .

Aykroyd  is also the founder of and spokesperson for Crystal Head Vodka. He founded the award-winning vodka company in 2007.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Harold Ramis

Writer-director Harold Ramis , famous for his role as Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters , tragically passed away in 2014. According to his family, Ramis passed away at his Chicago home due to complications stemming from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis . He was 69.

Ramis was a comedy titan. In addition to playing Egon , he wrote the original Ghostbusters script with co-star Aykroyd . They also wrote the sequel Ghostbusters II together. But Ramis’ contributions didn’t end there — he also wrote and directed more comedy staples like Caddyshack , Groundhog Day , National Lampoon’s Vacation , Club Paradise , Analyze This , Bedazzled , Analyze That and Year One .

Ramis ‘ additional directing credits include Stuart Saves His Family , Multiplicity and The Ice Harvest .

The Writers Guild of America is expected to honor Ramis posthumously with its lifetime achievement award, the Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement.

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

Ernie Hudson

The fourth member of the ghost-hunting crew has been involved in a number of television and film projects since Ghostbusters . The 69-year-old Hudson appeared on Desperate Housewives from 2006-2007, Las Vegas and Psych in 2007, and most recently on Rizzoi & Isles from 2011-2014.

From 2010-2013, Hudson appeared on the TV series Transformers Prime and was on  Franklin and Bash from 2012-2014.

The actor recently wrapped production on two faith-focused films: Gallows Road and Heaven Sent .

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

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Tina Fey consulted her kids on new 'Mean Girls': 'Don't let those millennials overthink it!'

ghostbusters original cast in new movie

NEW YORK – "This isn't your mother's ' Mean Girls .' "

It's the tagline that launched a thousand existential crises among millennials last fall when the first trailer premiered for the "Mean Girls" movie musical (in theaters Friday). The new film is adapted from the 2004 high-school comedy and 2018 Broadway show , all written by "30 Rock" mastermind Tina Fey .

"That was the Paramount marketing department and then the millennials were so butthurt," Fey says with a laugh, seated at a hotel overlooking Central Park. "It was like, yes, you guys are getting old! It did expose a little millennial narcissism: When you went, there were other people in the theater too! And some of them may have been older than you! It was so centering themselves in the story."

Tina Fey thanks cable TV for 'Mean Girls' phenomenon

Based on Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 book "Queen Bees and Wannabes," the original "Mean Girls" followed naïve new kid Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), who's recruited into taking down popular girl Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and winds up becoming her mirror image. The movie was an instant sensation, bringing "fetch," "grool" and "Glen Coco" into the lexicon, along with dozens of other phrases that are now millennial parlance ("Boo, you whore").

It was when "Mean Girls" opened on Broadway, earning 12 Tony Award nominations, that Fey realized it had crossed over to the next generation.

"People were coming with their kids; people were coming with bachelorette parties," Fey, 53, recalls. "Because (the movie) was always on TBS, it felt like it was a net that would just catch people as they turned 11, 12, or 13. I guess we have cable TV to thank, really."

The movie's young stars can't remember life without "Mean Girls": Pop singer Reneé Rapp, who plays Regina, was only 4 years old when she first saw the PG-13 comedy. (She even has a "sick" photo to prove it .) Australian actress Angourie Rice, who portrays Cady, similarly watched the movie "over and over again" as a little girl.

"My mum was like, 'This has a good message,' " Rice, 23, says. " 'This is about young women figuring out their lives, it's not putting them down, and in the end, they're all OK.' "

The 'Mean Girls' movie musical aims to be 'timeless,' not 'trendy'

The new "Mean Girls," directed by Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr., is modernized in key ways. The musical's songs are revamped with TikTok-friendly arrangements, and parts of the story are now told through smartphones and social media posts. But the film doesn't rely on Gen Z lingo or references ‒ some of the best new jokes are about "iCarly" and teachers unions. Plot devices from the original movie, such as Kälteen Bars and the Burn Book, are also left unchanged.

"I do sometimes run things by my kids," says Fey, whose daughters Alice and Penelope are 18 and 12, respectively. "Early on, there was conversation of, 'Would the Burn Book still be a physical book or should it be a private Instagram?' I knew what my instinct was, but I ran it by my kids. And my older daughter was like, 'Yeah, no. Don't let those millennials overthink it!' "

"She's correct," Rice adds. "It all still felt timeless. Nothing felt like, 'Oh, we're doing this because it's trendy.' "

Fey also looked to the 1978 movie musical "Grease" in her judicious approach to cutting songs. (Her motto: "We've gotta be brave, keep our tentpoles and keep it moving!") While the Broadway show featured 21 songs ‒ co-written by Nell Benjamin and Fey's husband, Jeff Richmond ‒ the film has just 13, two of which are new from Rapp.

"I was so excited because I've never done anything like that before," says Rapp, 23, who also played Regina on Broadway. "So much of my life these past six years has been surrounded by theater, but I've only written pop songs."

Last year, Rapp spoke out about her, at times, negative experience doing "Mean Girls" on Broadway and being body-shamed behind the scenes while she was also struggling with an eating disorder. Once she learned those same people would not be involved with the film version, it was "an immediate no-brainer" to sign on.

"It felt very much like a reclamation of that experience," Rapp says. "This came at a really good time for me and my mental health." Plus, "Tina has always been such a mom to me, and has always taken care of me and looked out for me."

New 'Mean Girls' stars fill 'giant shoes' of original cast

The original film's cast has sweetly shown support for the new Plastics : Lohan posed with Rice on the red carpet at Monday's New York premiere , while McAdams told Entertainment Tonight that Rapp can't do "any wrong" as Regina.

"These guys absolutely filled these giant shoes that were given to them," Fey says. "I can't wait for people to see them in this movie."

As for the next stop on her own "Mean Girls" journey, the nine-time Emmy winner is currently updating the stage musical for a London production in June. With any luck, she'll still be putting " new twists " on this story when she's 80.

"I mean, God willing," Fey says with a grin. "After London, maybe we're good. But who knows? 'Mean Girls on the Moon?' 'Mean Girls: Space,' where it all takes place on a space station? Can we pitch that today?"

What day is it? Here's how fans made the October 3rd 'Mean Girls' Day happen.


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