Got $925,000? You can buy a haunted hotel and saloon in an Alberta ghost town

Last chance saloon and rosedeer hotel been used in movies.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

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It was once the set for the Jackie Chan movie Shanghai Noon — and now you have a chance to own it.

The Last Chance Saloon and Rosedeer Hotel were built in 1913 in Wayne, Alta., now a ghost town about 150 kilometres northeast of Calgary.

The historic hotel is one of the oldest remaining in the province, and the saloon is a frequent stop for thirsty tourists. The property has endured the passage of time as a popular destination for those travelling through Alberta's badlands.

It's also said to be haunted.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

'Our inner soul desires mystery': Why the 'haunted' Last Chance Saloon has thrilled and chilled for years

And for an asking price of $925,000, the building is now up for sale, but owner Dave Arsenault told the Calgary Eyeopener on Wednesday that he remains attached to it.

"I know there's a big responsibility here, just keeping up the historic value of the place going," Arsenault said.

"We're the last remaining building from the old glory days … so it's really an important location in Drumheller."

Property remained as coal mining faded

In the early 1900s, the community of Wayne had 2,500 residents, whose work was primarily related to 12 active coal mines in the area.

The hotel and saloon were built in the "serene and beautiful" Rosebud River Valley about 108 years ago, under a different name, and nourished and housed miners through the boom years, Arsenault said.

Eventually, the coal mining industry faded. But the property remained.

Arsenault became part of its history when he bought it eight years ago.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

He put his own spin on the place — fixing up the hotel rooms, decorating with historical memorabilia, and using the saloon as a venue to celebrate a passion for live music.

However, circumstances have changed for Arsenault, who said the property is no longer viable for him because of a divorce. And there are other factors, too.

"I am getting old, and we are quite busy," Arsenault said.

Musicians, mediums and paranormal groups

For now, it's still business as usual at the hotel, which is open under Alberta health guidelines during COVID-19.

Arsenault is saddened knowing he will eventually leave it behind but said it's a viable business — and a huge draw for musicians and show-goers.

It's also a popular spot for paranormal groups and mediums on the hunt for a brush with the supernatural.

  • Video 'Our inner soul desires mystery': Why the 'haunted' Last Chance Saloon has thrilled and chilled for years
  • 11 bridges lead visitors on tour of Alberta's coal mining past

"There's still all kinds of energy here, and we feel it all the time," Arsenault said.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

"I've had my own experiences. Like pipe tobacco — I smell that in our former billiard room every now and then, and there's no reason for that.

"And just things out of the corner of your eye, and a female spirit is what I seem to see every now and again."

However, Arsenault isn't worried ghosts could deter a prospective buyer.

"To be honest, that's added value," he said. "People do come for that."

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener .

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Wander Woman Travel Magazine

Why You Should Visit Wayne, Alberta

Debbie Olsen

Why You Should Visit Wayne, Alberta

In Wayne, Alberta you’ll find a bar with real bullet holes in the wall in a ghost town that is said to have real ghosts. You’ll also find an operating hotel – quite possibly the only one in a Canadian ghost town. The honeymoon suite at the Rosedeer hotel has a private bath, but not a private bathroom. If you want to use the toilet, you have to go across the hall. It’s the price you pay to honeymoon in an Alberta ghost town. Fortunately, the actual price you pay is only seventy-five dollars per night.

There are affiliate links in this post. If you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links, Wander Woman Travel Magazine may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

An image of an antique music box in the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta near Drumheller, Alberta

Table of Contents

Wayne – Alberta’s Wild West

The Rosedeer Hotel is in a little place called Wayne, Alberta. It’s located about 16-km and 11 single-lane bridges southeast of Drumheller, Alberta. Wayne sprung up when the Red Deer Coal Company built the Rose Deer Mine, in 1912. In its heyday, the town had a population of more than 2000 people. There were two schools, a hospital, several stores, a hotel and the saloon that miners affectionately dubbed the “Bucket of Blood” due to the large number of drunken brawls.

Wayne was a typical Wild West town. Life was hard for the miners who lived there and many took liberties with the law, especially the prohibition laws that were in place in Alberta from 1915 -1923. To curtail illegal liquor sales, the Mounted Police eventually stationed an officer in the town, but it was difficult for one man to tame a wild place like Wayne, Alberta.

An image of the inside of the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta near Drumheller, Alberta

Related: If you love history and stories about ghost towns, check out this book about the Ghost Town Stories of Alberta .

haunted hotel wayne alberta

What Happened When the Mines Closed in Wayne, Alberta

The Great Depression hit Alberta’s coal mining industry hard and the first mine in the Drumheller area closed down in 1932. By the time the last mine in the area shut its doors; the population of Wayne, Alberta had dwindled to fewer than 300 souls. Today the hamlet has only 28 permanent residents and the only evidence of the glory days is the Rosedeer Hotel and the aptly-named Last Chance Saloon, which are both still open.

An image of some antique cars parked outside the Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller, Alberta

Related: Check out our post 14 Fun Things to do in Drumheller.

Visiting the Last Chance Saloon

When you walk inside the Last Chance Saloon , you’re usually greeted by Dave Arsenault who owns and operates the saloon and hotel.

The walls of the saloon are decorated with old black and white photos of miners, antiques, numerous nick-nacks, and mounted hunting trophies. There isn’t a bare spot on the wall and even the roof is “decorated.” There’s a racoon wearing a New Year’s Eve party hat in the corner, a warthog over the door wearing a Canada flag toque and a White Tail Deer who is very involved in Alberta politics judging by the fact that he has several campaign buttons pinned to his fur.

In the corner of the room is an antique bandbox that was removed from a bus depot in Calgary and still works. For a small fee, you can hear it play.

The saloon menu is pretty simple and consists of burgers, fries, a few salads and a couple of homemade desserts. On Wednesdays, draft beer is served in quart sealers that were once used for canning dill pickles. The food isn’t all that special, but the atmosphere is truly unique. Sitting in the saloon of a real Wild West ghost town isn’t something you get to do every day.

Even though Wayne is not a huge tourist centre (it is officially listed on the website, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from paying a visit. A lazy afternoon spent in the Last Chance Saloon is an experience that really shouldn’t be missed. It’s worth the drive just to sit in a bar with actual bullet holes in the wall in a ghost town that is said to have actual ghosts. All it would take is one night in the honeymoon suite to find out if there is any truth to the rumors that the hotel is haunted – an easy task if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom.

An image of two people geared up for a tour of the Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller, Alberta

If You Go to Wayne, Alberta:

-The Rosedeer Hotel and Last Chance Saloon are located in the tiny hamlet of Wayne, Alberta – about 16-km southeast of Drumheller. Getting there is half the fun and it’s a popular road trip stop for motorcyclists.

-The saloon is family-friendly and has a children’s menu for ages 9 and under.

-In the peak summer months, the saloon and hotel are open 7 days per week. In the winter, it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other hours can be variable. In the off season especially, it’s a good idea to call (1-403-823-9189) before your visit.

Looking for more great road trips in Alberta? Check out our post about Things to do in Red Deer in winter.


haunted hotel wayne alberta

My maternal family lived in Wayne as I had the opportunity to go there a couple of times. It is such a beautiful place with such friendly people that I totally recommend it to everyone.

haunted hotel wayne alberta


Thanks for the comment, Greg! Wayne certainly is a special place. I loved my visit there and I loved stopping at the Last Chance Saloon!

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Greg Escaper

I was on a road trip with my friends, and we had the opportunity to pass through Wayne. It was such a nice town that we decided to spend the night there and interact with the locals.

Thanks for the comment, Greg! I feel the same way. Wayne is such a cool little spot and so many people who visit the badlands miss it.

Wayne, Alberta is not as promising as this article makes it out to be, to be honest. I have been there about four times now, and it’s always been a little underwhelming for me. Maybe I am not going with the right people.

Sometimes it’s not where you go, but who you go with. ha ha. I liked Wayne, but then I like windswept isolated ghost towns that have interesting history. And I had fun at the Last Chance Saloon, but I did go with a good group of people.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

It’s nice to see Wayne represented so well. Its a awesome little town to go. it’s filled with such a rich History. I took my family on a road trip to Wayne in 2003. My kids & I wanted to see where my mom’s family always talked about. We had been told many a story’s about Wayne. There was one story that took us on that trip. We had to see how far it was from Wayne to Drumheller? As my grandma always recalled how she walked the rails from Wayne to Drumheller in labour in April 1932 to deliver my Uncle in Drumheller. Due to the Dr. Going on rotations between Drumheller 3days& Wayne 2days. So we saw how far it really was. She was one strong lady. As my mom was a kid born in Wayne’s Hospital in 1938. So we really enjoyed seeing all the pictures and talking to the few people left. We found out Wayne is a awesome part of our history & a neat small town. I recommend going to see it if your in the area.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Tracy. I love the story about your grandma walking 14-km along the train tracks while in labour to get to Drumheller where the doctor was. I can’t even imagine doing that. I agree with you about Wayne. Even if you don’t have personal history there, it’s an interesting place to visit. Thanks again! -Debbie

haunted hotel wayne alberta

George Meek

I was born in Wayne on January 25th, 1939 . My family moved on as my father went overseas to fight in the war and it wasn’t till 2017 that I returned to Wayne. WOW! What a fun filled unique place to visit. The food in the saloon was great and everyone was so friendly . The area around Wayne is a must to visit and I highly recommend it as a holiday destination. I revisited Wayne in 2018 and am anxious to return..

Thanks so much for sharing your story, George! I agree with you whole heatedly. Wayne is one of those really unique places that is worth visiting. I hope you get the chance to visit Wayne again soon! -Debbie

haunted hotel wayne alberta

My father was born in the Wayne hospital over 80 years ago. He grew up in East Coulee I am among the many bikers who have visited the Saloon a number of times. It never gets old. Love the area.

We love the Last Chance Saloon and the town of Wayne. We’ve been twice already this summer. Might be making trip number three soon! Thanks for reading our post and for your comment.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

We had a pretty fun time exploring Wayne. Short but had a great experience.

Glad you enjoyed Wayne! It is a small place, but it’s fun to explore.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Casey Peterson

Loved your story about Retlaw. What’s missing is the fact that the Retlaw Historical Society was created after my brother and I quieted the title to the property to save it. They then all of a sudden created their society to fight us hiring a “free” lawyer, Rodney Jerke, now a Justice in Lethbridge. These people forgot about their heritage and that building would have burnt to the ground years ago had Anthony Peterson not spent so much time restoring it before he settled the lawsuit with Terry Franz and company! FYI, he also owns the original Kent Farm site from the 1978 Superman Movie starting Christopher Reece!

Thanks for your comment, Casey. I loved visiting Retlaw. What an interesting place. Thanks for the additional information about the church. I had read something about that when I was researching the story. I’m glad that you and your brother had the vision to start the work of restoring the church. Thanks again, for providing the extra information. All the Best, Debbie

It should also be mentioned that the bell fell from the tower due to rot. It was discretely removed by a local farmer and hidden in his quonset for years (unknown to the community) until we came along. That bell was donated to the church by the Domenj Family in memory of their teenage son. Sometimes, history has a bad side, these people were not nice to deal with, and we endured two years of legal battles. Thankfully, they ultimately did restore a piece of their history that they didn’t care for until someone else expressed an interest. Sometimes we need to reveal the true history behind why some things were saved! Hopefully they will continue to appreciate what we showed they almost lost.

Thanks Casey. I read about the bell too. It’s really fortunate that it was recovered. I didn’t have space to include all of that information in the Calgary Herald article, but I’m glad you added it here. Like you, I hope Retlaw will be appreciated and maintained for many years to come. All the Best, Debbie

haunted hotel wayne alberta

I’ve been to Wayne a few times. First time I kind of stumbled on to it and then had to go back and take family members with me to see and experience the beauty! Growing up in a small east coast town made me want to explore other small towns anywhere and everywhere, Wayne didn’t disappoint! Thanks for this article and I feel another road trip coming!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you liked the article! And I agree with you – Wayne is a very special place. Another little ghost town not far from Wayne is Rowley. Have fun on your road trip! -Debbie

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Sherri Ingrey

My mother’s father Benjamin Ferrey settled in Ghostpine opening a general store and later moved to Wayne and still later became Postmaster for Drumheller. My father’s father Herbert Ingrey was an accountant and labour organizer in the mines, and later became the MLA (SC) for Drumheller. Both my parents both born 1914 and their families grew up in Wayne and I believe they were married there in 1937.

What a fascinating personal story and history. Thanks so much for sharing it!

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Joann Phillips

Hello. We are visiting drumheller this weekend. We were told we should visit Wayne. And we want to but we will be driving a 24 foot motor home and wondering if it’s advisable as I read there are lots if one way bridges . Thanks for any info…

Hi Joann, The road isn’t heavily travelled. We’ve seen other motorhomes make the journey safely. Just take your time and you should be fine. Have a great time in Wayne and in Drumheller area! Thanks for visiting Wander Woman Travel Magazine! If you have any feedback for other travelers making the journey by motorhome, please leave another comment. All the best, Debbie

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'It was a going concern': Remaining bar and hotel in Alberta coal ghost town for sale

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WAYNE, Alta. — Built during the First World War, it survived the Great Depression, the Second World War and the closure of coal mines in the 1950s. Now the historic Last Chance Saloon in the ghost town of Wayne in southern Alberta is up for sale. 

There are a century's worth of memories in the three-storey wooden hotel, including photos of the community in its heyday, mining equipment and three bullet holes — framed on one wall of the bar — dating back to the 1970s when a trigger-happy bartender wanted to encourage some patrons to pay their tab. 

The hotel, about 15 kilometres southeast of Drumheller, Alta., was built by the Rosedeer Coal Co. to house its workers and opened in 1913. The saloon was added a few years later so employees being paid in company scrip could buy a meal or a beer. 

"It originally was built for the coal miners when Wayne was starting to boom with 2,500 residents in the early 1920s. Now we're down to 29 residents and this is one of the few remaining structures from that time," explains current owner Dave Arsenault, who has to sell the hotel as part of a divorce settlement.

"It was a going concern. There was more than one hotel out here. There were 12 coal mines and it was a bustling place. Of course, there's almost nothing left but there's lots of photos around depicting what it was like in the day.

"That's really the charm of this place."

The last working mine in the area, Sovereign Coal, closed in 1957. 

A University of Calgary history professor says many people don't realize how big an effect the coal industry had in early 20th-century Alberta.

Georg Colpitts says the Drumheller area was one of the "ground centrals of early coal-mining" in the province. Many early explorers to Western Canada not only looked at the agricultural potential, but considered the vast amounts of coal that could be used to support the British Empire.

"Wherever these individuals found large coal deposits it was factored into the thinking of London investors, to the colonial office. Coal was in the backdrop of a lot of the thinking of empiring."

Colpitts said not only did the area have coal deposits, CN decided to develop a railhead.

"Those were the two magic combinations to tap Drumheller into the international demand and supply of coal. It became the lifeblood of that valley and continued to be so up until about the '70s."

The hotel is listed for $925,000. Arsenault says there's already been some interest from prospective buyers.

"It's unfortunate because I think the timing is great for a nice rebound in the hospitality game, but I guess that's a selling feature, too," he says. 

"As far as I'm concerned, we're conducting business as usual. We've got weddings booked. We've got some groups coming in, lots of recurring old friends that have called and made reservations. Camping is open this year."

WayneStock, a three-day annual music festival with acts on three stages in and around the saloon, posted a record attendance of about 2,000 in 2019, but has been cancelled since due to the pandemic.

Some think the third floor of the hotel, which is locked up and used only for storage, is haunted. The hotel was featured in Season 3 of the Canadian ghost-hunting TV show, "The Other Side.'' 

It has also hit the big screen.

The 1983 movie "Running Brave," starring Robby Benson, was filmed in part at the hotel as well as the 2000 martial arts western comedy "Shanghai Noon" which starred Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 15, 2021.

— By Bill Graveland in Calgary. Follow @BillGraveland on Twitter

The Canadian Press

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More national news.

In the news today: Conservatives win Ontario byelection, measles cases in Montreal

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haunted hotel wayne alberta

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This Terrifyingly Haunted Alberta Town Is Perfect If You Haven't Wet Your Pants In A While

Wayne Alberta Is A Literal Ghost Town & It's Straight Out Of The Wild West

If you're out wandering the badlands near Drumheller and sense something spooky in the air, you might be near Wayne, Alberta . This cowboy-filled settlement is a ghost town in more ways than one. Because even though its people might have left town physically, some believe their spirits remain.

According to the Last Chance Saloon, one of the last buildings and businesses still standing in town, the little hamlet is home to only 28 people . However, back in its prime as a mining settlement in the early 1900s, Wayne hosted around 2,000.

Editor's Choice: This Gorgeous Ontario Oasis Is Like A Caribbean Vacation Without The Airfare

Where once you might have found homes and businesses, now only two buildings remain: the Last Chance Saloon and the Rosedeer Hotel. They somehow look even more wild west than they sound.

The two are still in business after all these years, and they're a common gathering place for travellers to grab a bite to eat or a place to sleep. On the inside, you'll find the place packed with relics and countless stories. The walls still have bullet holes in them.

And speaking of bullet holes, some believe that of the thousands of miners that once lived there, some never left .

Paranormal investigators have flocked to the town, and it was even featured in an episode of Canadian ghost-hunting show The Other Side.

See on Instagram

According to the show , the spirits of the old miners still linger around the two main buildings. On the third floor of the Rosedeer Hotel, for example, one worker was reportedly murdered in his room by the Ku Klux Klan.

And, to make it grimmer, in the 1920s, so many fights broke out in the bar that it was nicknamed "the Bucket of Blood."

The owner and General Manager, Dave Arsenault and employee Paula Sutherland have also reported strange experiences , from footsteps to feeling breath blow down their neck.

So if you're thinking of dropping by, make sure you bring that EMF meter along for the ride.

The Last Chance Saloon, Wayne

Price: $65+ a night at the hotel

Address: Wayne, AB

Why You Need To Go: Check out this bona fide ghost town, with ghosts included.

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8 Spooky Abandoned Towns To Visit In Canada For An Eerie Road Trip

This ghost town in alberta is straight out of the wild west & features 'haunted' attractions, 11 haunted hotels in canada where you can spend the night —  if you dare, 8 spooky small towns to visit in canada for a spine-tingling road trip, canada's 'most haunted town' is in ontario & these 5 spots will give you chills.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

“The Last Chance Saloon is a Traveller’s Oasis in Southern Alberta” –  Venture Magazine

Book Saloon for your next big event

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Spend the night in a vintage 1900’s hotel

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The Most Haunted Places in Alberta | Notable Life

The Most Haunted Places in Alberta

haunted hotel wayne alberta

We love Alberta – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be scary. 

Well, we’ve found a few stories involving staircases, abandoned coalmines and some of your favourite bars that used to be funeral homes.

Our main objective today is to freak you out.

If you plan on hitting your local haunts tonight (pun intended), here are a few to watch out for.

The Calgary Stampede While you might feel like you’ve been haunted by the ghosts of Bud Lite Lime and Shania Twain every July, there are actually rumours of a real ghost lurking in the Stampede Grandstand.  

According to urban cowboy myth, a worker was killed when he fell into wet concrete during construction of the Grandstand.

We thought this was something that only happened in mobster movies, but we were wrong.  

People who work on site have heard footsteps in the building after hours, found faucets being turned on and off, and complained about someone leaving the lights on.

Hopefully it’s not one of the Young Canadians playing tricks. 

Inglewood Of course Inglewood is haunted. Its Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood and has been around since the 1800s. There are all sorts of sordid details here involving shootings, suicides and lost souls who still haunt the buildings like the Deane House and the Hose and Hound bar.

Even weirder, the Hose and Hound, which was once a fire hall, is said to have the ghost of a monkey, a pet of the fire chief.

If see you him, he answers to the name Barney.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

The Rose and Crown Just to up the strange factor, here’s a bit of trivia: Did you know the Rose and Crown pub used to be a funeral home?

It’s get weirder. According to many local sources, the family who ran the funeral home still lives there (in the afterlife, so to say). 

Next time you stop there for pints keep an eye out for what appears to be a married couple and a young child that still occupy the room.  

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Banff Springs Hotel Everyone associates the Banff Springs with leisure and relaxation, but there’s something to consider before getting all cozy in your bathrobe. 

Apparently this is one of the most haunted places in Canada, and while its probably not as terrifying as scenes from the Shining, there are definitely a few things that will creep you out about this Fairmont hotel.

For starters, room 873 has been permanently sealed off due to a family being brutally murdered there some years ago. While the room remained open for some time, hotel guests who stayed in room 873 after the incident soon started complaining about being awoken by blood curdling screams and finding bloody finger prints in the night. 

Seems like a sure-fire way to get upgraded to the executive sweet in a hurry. After hearing enough of these horrid accounts, the room was closed for good.

But somehow this next story is even worse… 

Apparently wedding dresses and candles don’t go well together; during a wedding at the turn of the century, a bride descending the staircase caught her dress on fire and fell to her death. 

There are many accounts of guests who have encountered this same bride roaming the hallways and dancing in the banquet rooms. 

This sounds way worse than dealing with a bridezilla.  

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Wayne, Alberta The badlands. A ghost town. And a bar called The Last Chance Saloon . Don’t you feel like you’re being set up for a scary story? 

Nowadays, the Rosedeer Hotel is best known as a spot for bikers, tourists and cyclists to stop for a burger. Apparently the parties in the Last Chance Saloon can be a pretty good time. However, there have been many stories told about the haunted third floor that’s been closed off to guests because it’s so spooky.

Stay for the buffalo burger, but if you don’t like things that go bump in the night, maybe look for alternative places to stay. 

We wouldn’t judge you. 

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Atlas Coal Mine We could probably go on and on about all the haunted places in Alberta, but this one stands out as being one of the worst. 

In the early 1900s the coal industry was booming in and around Drum Heller – but life was apparently less than great. 

As if mining coal isn’t bad enough, the worker camps were said to be a dirty and horrid place of tent shacks, whiskey, bar brawls, loose women, and gambling. 

In other words, ‘mining the black’ wasn’t a sexy career choice. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that alcohol, dynamite, guns and disgruntled workers is a deadly equation, and numerous people died here as a result. 

There are plenty of stories of women running through the field screaming, unseen guests occupying the Atlas washhouse, and the ghost of Pretty Alice the ‘lady for hire’ that occupied the bedroom above the equipment room. 

If that doesn’t give you goosebumps, then nothing will. 

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Happy Halloween. 

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This Haunted Alberta Hotel Has A Thrilling Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre You Can Visit

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Twin Cities Hotel

Okay, Alberta, it’s time to turn our gaze over to Longview, where we’ll find a place that is drenched in history and ready to give you the ultimate jump scare. Twin Cities Hotel & Saloon opened its doors for the first time way back in 1938. It was built by three prominent NHL players and has been going strong for decades. Now owned by long-time resident, Chris Goss, the hotel is an institution and one of the few buildings around that remain as a reminder of the area’s rich history.

You can stay in one of the seven original hotel rooms for just $75 per night, or pop in to wet your whistle at the Saloon. You step back in time when you step through those saloon doors, with old motorcycles and historical memorabilia and photos all over the wood-panelled walls.

They serve all of the classics, from poutine to wings, tater tots to smokies. But, what we really want to focus on today is less comfort food and more spooky entertainment. The Twin Cities Hotel & Saloon has added a dinner theatre experience called “Murder at Twin Cities,” and it will be kicking off in February 2024. It’s a fast-paced comedy murder mystery show where a gang of quirky characters enlist your help to solve an extra suspicious murder. The immersive show will unfold all around you while you enjoy a delicious three-course meal. It’s the perfect idea for a date, birthday, special occasion, or just an excuse to do a little something different.

Tickets are just under $75. That includes the phenomenal show, the meal, and a chance to visit this iconic venue. Tickets can be purchased on Showpass , and there are multiple dates for you to choose from. So far, they’ve got dates available on Saturdays, Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays, up until mid-February. Tickets are already selling out for earlier in the month, so you should probably act fast.

Why not make a full night of it and book a stay at the hotel, too? Well, actually, we should warn you first: the Twin Cities Hotel & Saloon is known to be haunted by “at least 6 ghosts.” No, we’re not joking.

Owner, Chris Goss, actually says that there are seven ghosts in the hotel and that the ownership and staff respect the heck out of the ghost and their stories. The hotel is basically unchanged from its original form from 1938, and the small, (very) vintage rooms are said to be haunted by former guests of the hotel from decades and decades ago. Things, like disembodies voices, footsteps, shadow figures, moving tables, and everything in between, have been reported and even recorded inside the hotel.

If you get scared easily, we might suggest that your evening concludes at the end of the dinner theatre performance, once the murder is solved. If you’re brave, you might as well celebrate a solved murder with a stay in the haunted hotel.

This place is visited on occasion because of the haunted lore surrounding it. However, it’s mainly visited because it’s a longstanding and deeply beloved institution in Longview and beyond. Whether you’re going to pull up a seat for the thrilling murder mystery or not, we highly suggest you pay this historical spot a visit.

Britanny Burr  is a freelance writer and a contributor to Great West Media. This story was written for the 2023/24 Cool Winter Guide advertising feature. It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.

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Twelve Unforgettable Things To Get Up To Around Alberta This March

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10 haunted places that you can actually visit in Alberta

Haunted Alberta

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With snow on the ground, a nip in the air and more prematurely announced holiday events than we can even count, we find ourselves forgetting almost every other day that it’s still October! Spooky month is still alive and well if only in spirit, but in case you’re not feeling the black magic anymore, we thought we’d share 10 haunted places that you can actually visit in Alberta.

The Deane House

The Deane House, which was built in 1906, is now a tourist destination, wedding venue and restaurant. However, despite its cozy exterior, it has reportedly been the site of several suicides, murders and many deadly accidents. Only two deaths have been confirmed over the years, but guests and employees would beg to differ.

Where:    806 9 Ave SE, Calgary

The Rose and Crown Pub

Calgary’s (now closed) Rose and Crown Pub really puts the “boo” in booze. Before it was a popular Calgary happy hour destination, the building was actually a funeral home. They’ve obviously redecorated since the 1920s when it was first built, but according to staff a fresh coat of paint wasn’t enough to send the ghosties away. And while it’s currently closed, here’s hoping the next owners don’t kick out the less-than-alive occupants of the space.

Where:  1503 4 St. SW, Calgary

Related Posts: Did you know? The oldest pool of water on earth is in Ontario You can play Cards Against Humanity online right now

Atlas Coal Mine

Haunted Alberta

The Atlas Coal Mine in East Coulee Alberta was originally owned and operated by the Patrick family who tragically lost their son Billie – quite literally. As the story goes, Billie wandered off into the mine alone but never came back. Despite a mass search, the boy was never found. Since then, he has been seen by visitors and staff alike laughing and playing on the grounds.

Where:  110 Century Drive W, East Coulee, AB

Charles Camsell Hospital

Known as Alberta’s “Hospital of Horrors” Charles Camsell was originally founded in 1914 as an all-boys academy. In the years that followed, it was converted into a WWII as a base for American Army Engineers while they built the Alaska Highway, then most notably, a tuberculosis hospital where several indigenous people were sent and mistreated, or to put it more accurately, abused. After the slow of the deadly disease, the province recommissioned it as a general hospital of which it remained until 1993 when it was emptied out and abandoned.

Where:  12804 114 Avenue, Edmonton

Princess Theatre

Edmonton’s Princess Theatre – the oldest standing movie theatre- was originally designed and built for the vaudeville acts of 1915. It was successful for a year but then fell into an economic slump. In order to bring in revenue, the owners recommissioned the top few floors as an apartment building, many of which are now considered to be riddled with bad spirits and stories of betrayal and grief.

Where:  10337 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Lougheed House

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Originally owned by Senator James Alexander Lougheed and his wife Lady Isabella Hardisty Lougheed, this Calgary destination is now a popular wedding and events venue. Over the years, staff and guests alike have reported seeing a phantom couple dancing through the ballroom, although no one is really sure who it may be or why they’re still there.

Where:  707 13 Ave SW, Calgary

Frank Slide

Despite early warnings by other locals who refused to even camp in the area, the town now knowns as Frank Slide was built under what many had literally called “the mountain that moves.” Unfortunately,  in 1903, due to a cold, wet winter and a mine that had been build into the unstable structure, the inevitable happened and nearly 90 residents were tragically lost to what is still considered the deadliest rockslide in Canadian history.

Where:  AB-3, Crowsnest Pass, AB

Concordia University

Edmonton’s Concordia University was originally founded in 1921 as a college for young men. Though no one is really sure who it is, the school is said to be haunted by a previous professor who is often seen roaming the hallways. Many current students even report hearing a phantom choir in the boy’s dormitory.

Where:  7128 Ada Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Haunted Alberta

Since it opened to the public in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel has seen history, celebrity, and rebuilds, but it’s also seen tragedy. Millions of guests have checked in, but a few, have never checked out. Some even believe that they still roam the halls of the iconic concrete castle in the Rockies today.

Where:  405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB

Heritage Park – The Prince House

The Prince House in Heritage Park is one of the few places in Alberta that honestly looks just as creepy on the outside as many claim it to be on the inside. The house, which has an unsettling appearance was actually located in Eau Claire before being moved to the park. Originally owned by Peter Prince, the home is said to be haunted by the 3 ghosts of his late wives – one of which died of tuberculosis after being confined to the attic.

Where:  Heritage Park, Calgary, AB

Well, there you have it, ghouls. 10 haunted places that you can actually visit in Alberta. Hopefully, that helps you guys get back into the mood and ready to take on the next two weeks of frights, freaks, Halloween candy and horror movies.

Creep it real, friends!

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Curiocity Staff

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Moscow’s urban legends: Ghosts, mutant rats under the Metro

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Among the world's most famous urban legends is about alligators allegedly living in New York City's sewer system. The Russians do not lag behind the Americans in terms of the popular imagination. Some see giant rats in the metro, while others talk about ghosts and the "mutagenic radiation" of the Ostankino television tower.

The mysteries of the metro

When it comes to rumours about the Moscow subway , truth is closely intertwined with fiction. Even officials do not deny that there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2.”

That there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2” – is not denied even by some officials. Photo: Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow. Source: Vitaliy Belousov/RIA Novosti

Enthusiasts have, however, been unsuccessfully trying to find more accurate information for years. Is there one line there or an entire system? Or is there an underground city for 15,000 people? Typical for an urban legend, there are a thousand versions of this story. They are united by an aura of secrecy and danger.

"It was really scary to hear the sound of tarpaulin boots near the alleged entrance to Metro-2," said Konstantin, one of Moscow’s community of “diggers,” or enthusiasts who explore subterranean bunkers, wells, tunnels and other facilities. "Is it still guarded by the KGB men, or something?"

Another Moscow resident claims her digger friend was allegedly shot at by special services while searching for Metro-2. The difficult-to-verify stories by the diggers about their adventures at the closed facility add to people's curiosity.

"My grandmother told me about Metro-2 in my childhood, and then about mutant rats," recalls Moscow resident Valeria. In the 1990s, tabloids publicized stories about giant rats living in the tunnels.

So could Splinter from " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles " find company in the Moscow catacombs? "It's all science: Radiation from rocks must cause mutations in rats," says Pavel, also from Moscow. "But they live in technical rooms, so you can't see them."

Skeptics say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy: the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission. Source: Lori/Legion-Media

On the surface

Not only are the underground bunkers of the Soviet elite shrouded in legend, but also fairly earthly structures, such as the home of Lavrenty Beria, the USSR People's Commissar for State Security and Stalin's right-hand man.

During interrogation in 1953, Beria confessed to abducting and raping dozens of women, but the authenticity of these papers is still being debated (Beria was removed by Khrushchev in a power struggle, and the documents could have been falsified after the execution of this dangerous rival).

But the image of the sadistic Beria was firmly imprinted on the popular mind, and his house in Moscow is surrounded by dark rumours. Allegedly, an invisible car rolls on Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa at midnight, with its old motor rumbling. Footsteps are heard, and Beria's ghost comes to his house for violent pleasures: curious pedestrians will soon even hear a woman crying from behind the walls.

Skeptics will say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy (the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission), but this version is much more boring, even though probably the truth.

Napoleonic soldiers and a 500-year-old witch

It is not only the city centre where legends abound.

Many people believe that hundreds of soldiers from Napoleon’s army were buried in the hills of Peredelkino, a holiday village in the outskirts of Moscow, in 1812. Paranormal enthusiasts imbue the mounds with mystical qualities, believing that electronics go haywire and travellers disappear there.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Photo: A lightning over the Ostankino TV tower in Moscow. Source: Denis Murin/RIA Novosti

In reality, however, it is likely that there are no mass graves there.

"After the difficult war with Napoleon, peasants saw its echoes everywhere, so this is an old myth," researchers of the Museum of Moscow told RIR. "In the 19th century, archaeologists excavated Slavic mounds from the 10 th and 11 th centuries. But the inhabitants of the surrounding villages still considered them to be the graves of French soldiers."

The Ostankino neighbourhood, where Europe's highest TV tower is located, is also mythologized. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who was murdered in the 16 th century. Now she walks around and predicts disasters.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Sometimes these stories are complemented by vivid details – for example, the furniture in Listyev's office was allegedly gnawed after his death by animals, mutated by the tower's radiation.

Then there are less bloody rumours: for example, one about a bulldozer embedded by builders in the TV centre's building by mistake. Yana Sidorova, the author of a study about the legends of Ostankino, says the TV centre's staff do not really believe in these sorts of stories, but are quite happy to spread them.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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  • Polar ghost town
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haunted hotel wayne alberta

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haunted hotel wayne alberta

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This modern hotel is conveniently located in Moscow City Business Center, a 5-minute walk from ExpoCenter. A spa center, a gym, free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour reception are featured at Novotel Moscow City. The spacious, air-conditioned rooms offer pastel-colored interiors and elegant décor. Each room comes with a flat-screen TV, a mini-bar and a private bathroom with a hairdryer. MC Traders Restaurant serves international and Russian cuisine, and MC Traders Lounge Bar offers a variety of drinks and light snacks. Guests are welcome to relax in the Turkish steam bath or sauna, and visit the on-site massage room. Afimall Shopping Center is located in the same building, and Moscow sky deck is located nearby. The Kremlin and the Red Square are 3.1 mi away. Delovoy Tsentr Metro Station is just a minute’s walk from Novotel Moscow City. Belorussky Train Station is 2.8 mi away, and Sheremetyevo International Airport is a 35-minute express train ride from this station.

Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 9.2 for a two-person trip.

Distance in property description is calculated using © OpenStreetMap

  • Private Parking
  • Family rooms
  • Airport shuttle (free)
  • Fitness center
  • Excellent Breakfast

Property Highlights

Located in the best-rated area in Moscow, this hotel has an excellent location score of 9.2

Want a great night's sleep? This hotel was highly-rated for its very comfy beds.

Private parking at the hotel

Loyal Customers

끖 There are more repeat guests here than most other properties.

Saved to 28386 lists


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Travel Sustainable Level 1

See what guests loved the most:.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Hotel area info

Restaurants 1 restaurant on site.

  • Cuisine American • Italian • Russian • Local • Asian • European
  • Ambience Modern

Amenities of Novotel Moscow City Great facilities! Review score, 8.4

  • Live sports events (broadcast)
  • Cooking class Additional charge
  • Themed dinners Additional charge
  • Temporary art galleries
  • Fruit Additional charge
  • Wine/Champagne Additional charge
  • Kid-friendly buffet
  • Kids' meals Additional charge
  • Special diet meals (on request)
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Parking garage
  • Accessible parking
  • Private check-in/out
  • ATM on site
  • Baggage storage
  • Express check-in/out
  • Indoor play area
  • Board games/Puzzles
  • Ironing service Additional charge
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  • Fax/Photocopying
  • Business center
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  • Fire extinguishers
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  • Smoke alarms
  • Security alarm
  • 24-hour security
  • Shuttle service Additional charge
  • Shared lounge/TV area
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  • Packed lunches
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  • Airport shuttle
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Cancellation/ prepayment

Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodations type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check what conditions apply to your preferred room.

Children & Beds

Child policies

Children of all ages are welcome.

Children 16 and above will be charged as adults at this property.

To see correct prices and occupancy info, add the number and ages of children in your group to your search.

Crib and extra bed policies

The number of cribs allowed depends on the option you choose. Check your selected option for more info.

There are no extra beds available at this property.

All cribs are subject to availability.

No age restriction

There's no age requirement for check-in

Pets are allowed on request. Charges may apply.

When booking more than 7 rooms, different policies and additional supplements may apply.

Accepted payment methods

Cash Novotel Moscow City accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.


Official invoices (for tax/billing purposes) are available at this property for business travelers.

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Please note that according to the hotel's policy the guest who made the booking must be the holder of the credit card provided during the booking and at check-in. An alternative credit card has to be provided otherwise, and cash payment is also available. In case of providing another credit card, the amount of prepayment will be refunded to the credit card used for the booking.

Guests are required to provide a reservation number upon check-in. Otherwise, the reservation might be not found.

All Russian guests who check in a room should provide national passport upon arrival - not only the one who made a booking.

FAQs about Novotel Moscow City

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The prices at Novotel Moscow City may vary depending on your stay (e.g. dates, hotel's policy etc.). To see prices, enter your dates.

What type of room can I book at Novotel Moscow City?

What is there to do at novotel moscow city.

  • Themed dinners
  • Cooking class

How far is Novotel Moscow City from the center of Moscow?

Novotel Moscow City is 3.1 miles from the center of Moscow. All distances are measured in straight lines. Actual travel distances may vary.

Does Novotel Moscow City have a restaurant on site?

What are the check-in and check-out times at novotel moscow city.

Check-in at Novotel Moscow City is from 3:00 PM, and check-out is until 12:00 PM.

The Best of Moscow

  • The Kremlin
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Lenin Mausoleum
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • Donskoi Monastery
  • Tretyakov Gallery
  • Victor Vasnetsov House Museum
  • Museum of Traditional Russian Beverages Ochakovo
  • State Historical Museum
  • Neskuchny Garden
  • Zaryadye Park
  • Kolomenskoye Park
  • Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences

Popular Areas

  • Arbat Street
  • Izmaylovsky Kremlin

Shopping Areas

  • GUM Shopping Center

Stadiums or Arenas

  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • VTB Arena - Dinamo Stadium
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Spartak Stadium
  • Sport complex
  • Bolshoi Theater

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haunted hotel wayne alberta

Novotel Moscow Centre 4 stars

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Novotel Moscow Centre

Hotel that makes every moment matter

Novotel Moscow Center's location is very convenient, within walking distance are the metro stations "Mendeleevskaya" and "Novoslobodskaya." Sheremetyevo Airport can be reached in 40 minutes. You will find many sights around the hotel, especially theaters: V.E. Meyerhold Theater and Cultural Center, the Nikulin Circus, the Bolshoi Theater and other legendary Moscow stages.

We are located in the very heart of Moscow just above the metro station, which is very convenient and practical. DEPO street food mall, restaurants, various bars, nightclubs and shop are nearby.

ALLSAFE approved hotel

Hotel extras

Walking distance to two metro stations

Views of Moscow-City, Ostankino Tower and Stalin skyscrapers

8 conference halls with a total area of more than 500 sq. m.

Fitness centre equipped with modern exercise equipment

Left luggage service for large bags

Our accommodation(s)

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Executive Room with 1 queen-size bed and sofa

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 22 m² / 236 sq ft
  • Bedding 1 x Queen size bed(s)
  • Views: City View

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1 night | 1 adult

Standard room with one double bed and a sofa

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 19 m² / 204 sq ft
  • Views: City View or Courtyard View

Superior room with 1 double bed and sofa bed

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 30 m² / 322 sq ft
  • Bedding 1 x Double bed(s)

Superior room with 2 queen-size beds

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 25 m² / 269 sq ft
  • Bedding 2 x Queen size bed(s)

Deluxe Room with 1 double bed, Panorama view

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 31 m² / 333 sq ft
  • Views: Panorama view

Superior room with 2 double beds and a sofa

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 29 m² / 312 sq ft
  • Bedding 2 x Double bed(s)

Executive Suite with 1 queen-size bed and sofa

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 55 m² / 592 sq ft

Standard room with 2 single beds

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • Bedding 2 x Single bed(s)

Superior room for people with disabilities with double bed and sofa

haunted hotel wayne alberta

  • 23 m² / 247 sq ft
  • Accessible room

Hotel location

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Novoslobodskaya str 23 127055  MOSCOW Russia

GPS : 55.781617, 37.598337

Contact email [email protected]

Click to copy the email address

Access and transport


Railway station

Access: 100 m  /  0.06 mi     1 min walk



Access: 1 km  /  0.62 mi     15 min walk  /  5 min drive


Access: 1 km  /  0.62 mi     7 min walk  /  3 min drive


Access: 1.5 km  /  0.93 mi     10 min walk


Sports centre

Access: 1 km  /  0.62 mi     10 min walk  /  2 min drive


Opera/symphony/concert hall

Access: 1 km  /  0.62 mi     10 min walk  /  5 min drive


Cinema district

Access: 1.2 km  /  0.75 mi     15 min walk  /  5 min drive


Entertainment/theatre district

Access: 1.5 km  /  0.93 mi     20 min walk  /  5 min drive


Access: 2 km  /  1.24 mi     20 min walk  /  7 min drive



Access: 2.99 km  /  1.86 mi     25 min walk  /  10 min drive

Tourist attraction

Access: 3 km  /  1.86 mi     30 min walk  /  10 min drive


Access: 3 km  /  1.86 mi     25 min walk  /  5 min drive


Historic monument

Access: 3 km  /  1.86 mi     20 min walk  /  10 min drive



Access: 3 km  /  1.86 mi     30 min walk  /  6 min drive

Access: 4 km  /  2.49 mi     7 min drive


Access: 4.01 km  /  2.49 mi     30 min walk  /  10 min drive

Amusement park

Access: 5 km  /  3.11 mi     7 min drive


Access: 5.01 km  /  3.11 mi     15 min drive


Botanical gardens

Access: 9 km  /  5.59 mi     15 min drive

Shopping district


Shopping centre/mall

Access: 4 km  /  2.49 mi     30 min walk  /  6 min drive

Hotel services

Check-in from 03:00 PM - Check out up to 12:00 PM

  • Pets welcome
  • Wheelchair accessible

Fitness center

  • Air conditioning
  • Meeting rooms
  • 100% Non Smoking Property
  • Room service

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Cuisine: healthy low sugar & vegetarian meals, bar food, French & gourmet, local & international cuisine. Open for breakfast 7:00-11:00 am daily. Lunch and dinner buffet is available upon group request.

Gourmet Bar

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Breakfast options to suit any taste: Snacks are available from the reception desk from 3am, buffet breakfast, room service or for those in a hurry, hot drinks, orange juice and croissants are served at the bar.

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Meetings & Events

haunted hotel wayne alberta

Our guest reviews

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ALL Rating  4.2/5  2,420 reviews

TripAdvisor Rating  4.0/5  1,682 reviews

Great location, clean and comfort place

Customer review rating 4.0/5

Svetlana G. Families - 2/20/2024 Confirmed reviews ALL

Clean and comfortable stay, quick check in, free parking and a bed organized for our kid - all was good. The room was not new though maintained well and repaired where needed. The pillow was not comfortable for me, but my partner did not complain and the kid slept well, too. In the morning we saw bottles, boxes after pizza at the room door next to our, but we did not hear noise at night - I suppose the soundproof is good.

Dear Svetlana, We very much appreciate your comments regarding your stay at the Novotel Moscow Centre. We are glad that overall you enjoyed your stay. We will be glad to welcome you again to our hotel! Best regards, Olesia Volynchikova Quality Manager

Well located

Customer review rating 5.0/5

Salam D. Business - 2/15/2024 Confirmed reviews ALL

I like your hotel chain. I try to choose your network whenever possible

Dear Salam! Thank you for choosing our hotel chain! We are glad to know that you like our hospitality standards. It will be our pleasure to see you again in our hotel! Best regards, Olesia Volynchikova Quality Manager

well located

Customer review rating 3.5/5

Zaki Business - 2/8/2024 Confirmed reviews ALL

The hotel location is good. rooms are big. but the rooms look very old

Dear Zakiul A., We appreciate your comments regarding your stay at the Novotel Moscow Centre. I will share your comments with our team. I am sure that this feedback will serve as an encouragement to all of our staff as we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services. Thank you for sharing your experience. We will be glad to see you again! Best regards, Olesia Volynchikova Quality Manager

Good location and service but bad soundproofing so it's impossible to relax

Customer review rating 3.0/5

Natalia Families - 1/24/2024 Confirmed reviews ALL

I stayed at the hotel twice, in three different rooms. The first time I had a hanging category, I liked everything except the cardboard walls. I heard every sound and every word through the socket, I picked up the phone several times to call the reception, but I understood that the people behind the wall were not to blame for anything, they were just talking loudly. I was very lucky and these men with a loud voice and laughter checked out at 00:00, after which I fell asleep. The second time we booked two rooms for Christmas (hence the very high prices of $110 per room per night), friends were luckier and had a nice room, a little shabby but ok. But we were unlucky. The first room was what I called a “roadside motel” with just terrible shabby walls, plumbing and furniture. The poor sofa had such bedsores that I disdained to sit on it. Due to the holidays, the hotel was sold out and we were able to change rooms with an additional charge only on the second day. There was a nice room on the 14th floor with a great view but terrible cardboard walls. I heard all the neighbors around, who was washing, who was talking on the phone, who was just falling asleep watching TV. In the morning I heard all the alarm clocks around me. In general, in this hotel you will find either a terrible room or the feeling that you are in a hostel and not in a Novotel. I can't give anything other than 3. I was very upset

Dear Natalia, Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience at the Novotel Moscow Centre. We are pleased that you appreciated the quality of service at our hotel. I'm very sorry that the noise was disturbing your relaxation in your room. Let me find the most comfortable room for you next time. For this I ask you to write to me before your arrival on email h3… We will be glad to see you again in our hotel! Best regards, Olesia Volynchikova Quality Manager

Great choice to visit Moscow

haunted hotel wayne alberta

TripAdvisor rating 4.0/5

Katya L 1/23/2024 TripAdvisor review

We had a great time visiting Moscow and staying at Novotel Centre. Despite busy times, my family's rooms were placed close by. There is a great bar and lounge downstairs to meet your friends and have great food. Breakfast was also very rich and had a lot to offer. We also enjoyed our appointments at the massage centre with Svetlana. The hotel is located right outside of subway station downtown. The only issue during our stay was - in one of the rooms the heating did not work and upon maintenance team review - my family had to move rooms eventually at the end of the day. We lost some time and were not offered compensation.

Good afternoon! We are very grateful for your feedback! We are pleased that you noted so many advantages of our hotel. We are very sorry that your family had to move. You are right that in such situations some kind of compliment from the hotel is necessary. We always try to show our hospitality to our guests as much as possible. We sincerely apologize! This time we missed this moment. We have already conducted additional training with our employees to pay more attention to details. Thank you again for your feedback! We will be glad to see you visiting us again! Best regards, Olesia Volynchikova Quality Manager

In partnership with  TripAdvisor

Web-users rating

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  • 916 reviews 9.7/10 Location
  • 1,352 reviews 5.8/10 Room
  • 885 reviews 8.8/10 Service
  • 24 reviews 7/10 WiFi
  • 563 reviews 7.8/10 Breakfast
  • 458 reviews 5.4/10 Cleanliness
  • 312 reviews 2.6/10 Vibe
  • 224 reviews 9.8/10 Location
  • 313 reviews 6.4/10 Room
  • 214 reviews 9.2/10 Service
  • 124 reviews 8.3/10 Breakfast
  • 114 reviews 6.4/10 Cleanliness
  • 58 reviews 2.7/10 Vibe
  • 108 reviews 9.7/10 Location
  • 194 reviews 4.1/10 Room
  • 111 reviews 7.9/10 Service
  • 6 reviews 4.8/10 WiFi
  • 79 reviews 5.2/10 Comfort
  • 66 reviews 7.3/10 Breakfast
  • 58 reviews 4.2/10 Cleanliness
  • 55 reviews 2.3/10 Vibe
  • 43 reviews 9.7/10 Location
  • 85 reviews 4.4/10 Room
  • 51 reviews 8.7/10 Service
  • 33 reviews 5.2/10 Comfort
  • 29 reviews 4.8/10 Cleanliness
  • 20 reviews 1.9/10 Vibe
  • 14 reviews 7.2/10 Breakfast
  • 9 reviews 5.1/10 Amenities
  • 45 reviews 9.6/10 Location
  • 68 reviews 5.5/10 Room
  • 62 reviews 8.8/10 Service
  • 22 reviews 5.8/10 Cleanliness
  • 16 reviews 2.4/10 Vibe
  • 14 reviews 7.6/10 Breakfast
  • 8 reviews 6.6/10 Food


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    Check out the Rosedeer hotel in Wayne AB close to Drumheller. I stayed there last week with my gf. Built in 1913 and supposedly haunted. Although we didn't experience too much, we got one pic that is quite questionable and kind of freaky.

  18. This Haunted Alberta Hotel Has A Thrilling Murder Mystery Dinner

    The hotel is basically unchanged from its original form from 1938, and the small, (very) vintage rooms are said to be haunted by former guests of the hotel from decades and decades ago. Things, like disembodies voices, footsteps, shadow figures, moving tables, and everything in between, have been reported and even recorded inside the hotel.

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    The Deane House. The Deane House, which was built in 1906, is now a tourist destination, wedding venue and restaurant. However, despite its cozy exterior, it has reportedly been the site of several suicides, murders and many deadly accidents. Only two deaths have been confirmed over the years, but guests and employees would beg to differ.

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