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In a city whose very existence is made famous by a legendary battle and loss of life, you can’t help but expect to find a few good ghost stories!  If your visit to the Alamo City has you hunting for something a little supernatural, here’s 7 amazing hotels to explore in search of things that go bump in the night, if you dare!

person s hand touching wall

While I personally haven’t had a single paranormal experience at any of these properties, my family and I have had a lot of fun anticipating one, and a few sleepless nights wondering if anything might happen, especially when the kids want to sleep in bed with you, just in case!  We have had a great time over the years asking the staff at each of the hotels for any of their personal experiences, and while we don’t know if the best of the stories are true or just made up to scare the kids, it’s always fun!

1. The Crockett Hotel    I love their rock-outlined swimming pool, my kids love the Texas shaped waffles, but just steps from The Alamo, the Crockett Hotel has long been known as one of the most haunted places in San Antonio.  Some say the ghost of Davy Crockett himself haunts the hotels, but according to the staff, the majority of the events happen in the area around the bar.

2.  Emily Morgan Hotel  © 2020 Hilton Certainly one of the most beautiful hotels in San Antonio, with a flat iron design and gnarly gargoyles crawling up the outside of the building, the Emily Morgan was built in the area surrounding The Alamo in the 1920’s, and no one can deny that beneath the hotels beauty and elegance there is a feeling of reverence for the events that happened here during the Texas Revolution.  However, this building has had it’s own share of events!  Originally built as a medical arts building, it housed not only doctors but also a morgue for years before it was converted into a hotel.  The 13-floor hotel superstitiously omits the 13th floor, as well as room #1408, whose numbers add up to, you guessed it, 13!  The most haunted floors are said to be 14, 12 and 7, which is rumored to have once been the psychiatric wing of the hospital!  The basement is off limits to guest, although staff claim to have strange and unexplained experiences and many refuse to go alone.

3.  Gunter Hotel (Marriott)   At this Historic San Antonio Hotel, Room 636 was the sight of a gruesome and still unsolved murder in the 1960’s!  For a sleepless night, you can even special request the room!  To read more about it, click HERE .

4. Hotel Gibbs  While I’ve never stayed at the Hotel Gibbs, I have stayed here in it’s short and former life as the Hotel Indigo Alamo.  The hotel now sits on the property that was once part of The Alamo Compound, and as such, ghost from both Texas and Mexico have been reportedly seen by guest.

5.  Menger Hotel   One of the most historic hotels in San Antonio, the 1859 Menger hotel has it’s ghost stories as well!  The hotel boast over 32 different specters, including the ghost of Theodore Roosevelt himself, who frequented the hotel and bar during his assignment in Texas as a Rough Rider!  Another high-profile apparition is that of Richard King, owner of the King Ranch, the largest ranch in Texas.  King was a frequent guest of the hotel, he even had his own suite, and his funeral was held in the hotel parlor.  Hotel guest can now stay in the King Ranch Suite and often report seeing him enter the room!

6.  St Anthony Hotel (Marriott)   While several ghost are said to haunt the hotel, most of them remain unnamed, except for one.  Remember the poor, unnamed woman murdered at the Gunter Hotel?  Well, her assailant escaped to the St Anthony Hotel, where he shot himself in Room 536, but is said to still linger there today!

7.  Victoria’s Black Swan Inn host some of the best parties and special events in San Antonio, especially those with a paranormal theme!  Guest can tour the historic property, including the haunted Dairy Barn, and inside the home, which has several known resident ghost.  They also have several special events each year and guest will even camp out on the land known to be the site of the Battle of Salado.

Holiday Inn Express San Antonio haunted the former hanging jail

8. Holiday Inn Express , 120 Camaron St., San Antonio Once the San Antonio City Jail, this now converted hotel still has a few reminders of it’s old days, when the city didn’t want outside hangings so they were done inside the building, with a drop door and a public viewing platform. This was not my favorite hotel on the list, but a definite if you’re looking for ghost on a budget! It’s on all the San Antonio Ghost tours for a reason!

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haunted hotels of san antonio

The 5 Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio, TX

  • September 6, 2021
  • Haunted Hotels

Whether it’s an experience like Hotel Transylvania or the horror of the Hostel that you are looking for this Halloween, San Antonio has some of the spookiest places to stay in. With real-life horror stories that will send chills down your spine, here’s a list of the five most haunted hotels in San Antonio, TX. Apart from the ghostly phantoms that walk the halls of these historical properties, you have got luxurious amenities and a whole lot of stories to experience.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan is one of the most luxurious hotels in San Antonio. Its polished rooms include coffee makers, comfy beds, and WiFi. Suites feature separate living areas and whirlpool tubs. Also, you will find a laid-back restaurant serving American cuisine and a lively bar offering local beers and signature cocktails. If the structure’s 13 floors weren’t spooky enough, the Gothic building has some of the most daunting welcomes. In fact, you will find stone Gargoyles erected along the façade that glare down at unsuspecting guests. With its history of being a medical facility including a morgue, staff and guests have reported multiple occurrences of ghostly activity. This includes chilly hallways and the distinct smell of medicine that wafts through the air. Indeed, this is one of the best hotels for a spooky feeling.

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The Crockett Hotel

The Crockett Hotel

The site of the Crockett Hotel is the place where the legendary Davy Crockett and 188 other Texian defenders fought for freedom. Small wonder then that the site has numerous tales of ghostly soldiers still protecting the lands. While the once general store is now a blend of old-world charm and new luxuries. In fact, you will find comfy beds with crisp cotton sheets, TVs, WiFi, and more. Enjoy a hot breakfast buffet during your stay. Also, you get the Alamo Plaza Spa, an outdoor pool, and a bar to keep you entertained. Guests and staff have heard the sound of horse hooves, and seen doors that open and shut on their own. Indeed, there is a host of other paranormal activities to keep you company during your stay.

St. Anthony Hotel

St. Anthony Hotel

St. Anthony Hotel is a luxurious property that has been a home-away-from-home to even Hollywood’s elite. The upscale amenities include a fitness center, several restaurants, and a bar. Also, the rooms come with air conditioning, pull-out sofa beds, and mini-bars. But this iconic location has suffered during the Great Depression before being revived to its former glory. Although it is unclear who the ghosts that haunt this hotel are, stories claim that a lady in red wanders the halls and the sound of her heels clicking on the marble floors can be heard throughout the night. Other stories include the gruesome tale of a murder in Room 506 that has left behind angry spirits. Either way staying at St. Anthony’s is sure to make even the most adamant skeptic into a believer of the paranormal.

The Black Swan Inn

The Black Swan Inn

The chills start from the name of this property, The Black Swan Inn. And it has been known for bad luck with the original Mahler owner couple passing away within two years of each other. Later on, the property also “took the life” of the next owners Jolene Wood to cancer and her husband who hung himself in grief. If you choose to stay in the upstairs bedrooms nightly visits and apparitions of any of these former inhabitants are guaranteed. Also, there are rumors about an angry man looking for his beloved wife, and a woman who walks in the gardens. Nothing is scary than a child spirit that appears only when children stay at the property. Indeed, these are among other permanent residents who will share your memorable holiday.

The Grey Moss Inn

haunted hotels of san antonio

With a name like “Grey Moss” everything about this property spells haunted. The original owner of the property, Mary Howell has put her heart and soul into building this iconic property. And many claim seen her making appearances in a long skirt and white blouse. Besides, you may find candles that go off by themselves. Also expect silverware to be flying about with no apparent source around, while you wine and dine here. Guests have also heard distinct instructions whispered in their ears to “leave us”. And anyone who seems a threat to Mary’s precious establishment has even reported scratches on their arms. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the delectable cuisine of the Grey Moss Inn. If you are staying overnight, wait for its infamous proprietor to make an appearance.

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The Haunted Menger Hotel

Built in 1859 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Menger Hotel is one of the oldest and most well known in all of Texas.

As well as being of the oldest, it’s also believed to be the most haunted in Texas, with no fewer than 32 separate ghosts reported throughout the years…

Ghosts of the Menger Hotel

Widely regarded as the ‘Most Haunted Hotel in Texas’, the Menger Hotel in Alamo, TX, is reportedly home to as many as 32 ghosts. Although none have been reported as threatening, you may come in to contact with them as they go about their daily business.

President Teddy Roosevelt

Of all the ghosts that continue to reside at the Menger, the most high profile has to be former President Teddy Roosevelt. It was here at the Menger, at the Menger Bar, where he would convince unsuspecting cowboys to join his detachment of Rough Riders over a free drink (or a few!). Before they had time to sober up, they found themselves on the way to Fort Sam Houston for military training, before joining up with the forces fighting the Spanish American War. It is here at the very bar he used for canvassing, where his apparition has been seen, often sitting at the bar enjoying a drink!

Sallie White

The most often reported sighting is a woman called Sallie White. She was a chambermaid at the hotel during Victorian times who, after during her work shift, was attacked by her husband. Suffering from severe injuries, she tragically lost her life days later. According to the Menger Hotel records, it paid for her funeral at a cost of $32.00.

You may see Sallie during the night on the way back to your room, in her Victorian maid outfit, carrying a handful of towels for guests.

Captain Richard King

Another apparition that as been witnessed in the hotel is that of Captain Richard King. He was the owner of one of the biggest ranches in the world – The King Ranch. He would often stay at the hotel during his lifetime, as he had his own personal suite. After being informed of his impending death by his physician, he spent the last few months of his life in his suite, writing his will, and bidding farewell to his friends. His funeral was even held in the parlor of the hotel.

His suite, now named the “King Ranch Room”, is where his ghost has been seen. Entering the room where the door was once located before the room was remodeled.

Woman in a Blue Dress

Another apparition of a woman has been seen in the original hotel lobby. On one occasion a staff member witnessed a woman in an old-fashioned blue dress sat knitting in the old lobby. Approaching her, the staff member asked if she was okay and if there was anything she needed, only she answered with a stern “No”, disappearing shortly after.

Other reports

A male entity has been witnessed by a guest who was getting out of the shower. Emerging from the shower, the guest to saw a man dressed in a buckskin jacket and grey pants, seemingly arguing with an unseen presence. “Are you gonna stay, or are you gonna go?”, he was reported as saying, three times before he vanished!

There have also been reports of helpful ghosts in the kitchen. With staff members often reporting utensils floating through the air from one area to another.

Due to the location of the hotel (facing the site of the Alamo ), many of the reports can be attributed to the lives that were lost here. One of the most frequent reports is the sound of heavy footsteps and the sighting of old military boots.

This is just a fraction of the reports that have occurred here, although all are seemingly friendly, with the only terrifying aspect of them being their sudden appearance, startling guests and staff alike.

Brief History

The Menger Hotel was built in 1859 by William Menger, under the guidance of architect John Fries. It was widely renowned as the grandest hotel west of the Mississippi, playing host to several important guests including Sam Houston, Generals Lee and Grant, and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt, as well as Babe Ruth, and Mae West.

It rose to prominence as the best hotel in the South West, after the Civil War had ended and various additions were made, as well as the new railroad that arrived in 1871. It was renowned for its fine cuisine, which included specialties such as snapper soup, which was made from turtles caught in the San Antonio River.

Further additions were made in the 1880s, with a new bar being installed, designed as a replica of the Lords Club in London, England. In 1909 the hotel was enlarged again, with additions to the south side, and continued to attract high members of society. It declined during the Great Depression but was renovated in the 1940s.

By 1951, the hotel had been completely renovated and modernized. In 1976, the Menger was included in the National Register of Historic Places, as part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District.

Located adjacent to the Alamo, the handsome Menger Hotel has played a central part in the history of San Antonio for over 150 years. Since its construction in 1859, the hotel has been enlarged several times, expanding to 316 guest rooms and suites. The original wrought-iron balconies are still a redeeming feature of the property.

It boasts San Antonio’s largest heated indoor swimming pool, a full-service spa, and fitness room, and one of the city’s most highly respected restaurants. The majority of the room in the hotel overlooks the Alamo, pool, or Alamo Plaza, with all retaining the original period features of its past, such as four poster beds, and velvet-covered Victorian chairs, marble topped tables, and wall coverings.

  • Restaurant, Bar
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Lift/elevator
  • Safety deposit box
  • Design hotel
  • Luggage storage
  • Non-smoking throughout
  • Air conditioning
  • Sun terrace
  • Fitness center
  • Spa and wellness center
  • Outdoor pool (all year)
  • room service

Things to Do

With the Menger’s location, adjacent to the Alamo, and RiverCenter Mall, it’s ideally located for both historic and modern amenities that San Antonio has to offer. If you’d like to experience the beautiful sights in the area, the famous Riverwalk is just a short walk away, with the Convention Center, Hemisfair Park, San Antonio Botanical Garden, San Antonio Zoo, and the Tower of Americas also just a short walk away.

If you are a fan of history and culture, the Menger Hotel is ideally located for visits to San Antonio Museum of Art, the Witte Museum, El Mercado, Museo Alameda, Lila Cockrell Theatre, Majestic Theatre, Buckhorn Museum, and numerous Spanish missions.

For those vacating with children, the San Antonio Children’s Museum, Magik Children’s Theatre, Sea World San Antonio, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are all recommended.


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Legends of America

Legends of America

Traveling through american history, destinations & legends since 2003., haunted menger hotel in san antonio.

San Antonio Menger Hotel 1905

The Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, in 1905, vintage postcard.

Constructed 23 years after the fall of the  Alamo , San Antonio’s  Menger Hotel is and has been since 1859, The Grande Dame of Alamo Plaza. Having hosted many celebrated personalities, including past presidents, military commanders, empire builders, cattle barons, etc. The  Menger  still serves as one of  San Antonio’s premier hotels. Located on Alamo across from the Alamo, the historic  Menger Hotel is a five-story hotel offering 320 rooms and suites. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Menger Hotel is one of Texas’ best-known and oldest hotels. Continuing to cater to travelers today, the hotel is also said to be home to several resident ghosts.

The hotel was opened by William Menger on February 1, 1859, on the site of Menger’s brewery, the first brewery in Texas. Said to have been the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River , it once hosted such notables as Sam Houston , Generals Robert Lee and Ulysses S. Grant and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt; Babe Ruth, and Mae West.

Menger, a German immigrant, arrived in  San Antonio in the early 1840s and operated a brewery with Charles Phillip Degen at the site. In 1857 he decided to build a hotel to accommodate the many carousers who frequented his brewery. Soon, he hired local architect John M. Fries to design the two-story cut-stone building, which featured abundant classical detail.

The hotel was so successful that Menger immediately made plans to build an addition between the hotel and his brewery. Construction on a forty-room annex began in August 1858 and was completed the following year. The hotel featured a tunnel opening off the basement, through which Menger led groups of selected guests on tours of the adjacent brewery. Menger died at the hotel in March 1871, and his widow and son took over the management.

When the Civil War and Reconstruction were over, especially after the railroad arrived in 1877, the Menger became the best-known hotel in the Southwest. It was praised for the cuisine offered in the Colonial Dining Room, which included such specialties as wild game, mango ice cream, and snapper soup made from turtles caught in the San Antonio River.

An east wing was added in December 1881. Hermann Kampmann became manager in 1887 and supervised the installation of a new bar, a replica of the taproom in the House of Lords Club in London. The solid cherry bar, cherry-paneled ceiling, French mirrors, and gold-plated spittoons were the marvels of San Antonio. The beer was chilled by the Alamo Madre ditch, which passed through the hotel courtyard, mint juleps were served in solid silver tumblers, and hot rum toddies came to have wide renown. Theodore Roosevelt first visited the Menger in 1892 on a javelina hunt; he returned to recruit his Rough Riders at the hotel in 1898, and in 1905 he was back for a banquet.

In 1909 the hotel was again enlarged with an addition to the south side. Architect Alfred Giles altered the main façade, adding Renaissance Revival details in stuccoed brick, pressed metal, and cast iron; he also designed an interior rotunda that provided light and served as a circulation hub. The hotel was a center of San Antonio social affairs and a meeting place for visiting celebrities. It declined during the Great Depression, but in the mid-1940s, the building was reconditioned, and the more celebrated dining rooms were restored. By 1951 a new wing had been added, and the building had been completely modernized. In 1976 the hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District. The Menger was again renovated in the 1980s.

Inside the lobby of the Menger Hotel

Inside the lobby of the Menger Hotel

In addition to its significance as a historical landmark, the Menger offers unparalleled amenities, including the famous Colonial Room Restaurant and the Menger Bar, along with 316 guest rooms and suites. Many rooms overlook the Alamo, pool, or Alamo Plaza, and all retain the furniture, art, and accessories from the hotel’s earlier days, including four-poster beds, velvet-covered Victorian sofas and chairs, marble-topped tables, and period wall coverings.

As to its resident ghosts, the historic Menger Hotel is said to be called home or regularly visited by some 32 different entities. Seemingly, they don’t mind sharing the old hotel with the living as they pleasantly go about their business.

The Menger’s most famous spiritual guest is former President Teddy Roosevelt . Here, in the Menger Bar, Roosevelt recruited hard-living cowboys fresh from the Chisholm Trai l to his detachment of Rough Riders. Reportedly, Teddy would sit at the bar. As the cowboys came in, he would cheerfully offer them a free drink (or several) as he worked his recruiting strategy upon the unsuspecting cowpoke. Many sobered up the next morning to find themselves on their way to basic military training at Fort Sam Houston before joining in the Spanish American War. Over the years, Roosevelt has reportedly been seen drinking at the dark little barroom off the main lobby.

The most often sighted spiritual guest is a woman named Sallie White. Long ago, Sallie was a chambermaid who worked within the hotel, and one night after an argument with her husband, she stayed overnight. The next day her husband threatened to kill her, and sometime later, on March 28, 1876, he attacked her inside the hotel. Badly injured, she held on for two days before dying of her injuries. According to the hotel’s ledgers, it paid for her funeral for $32.00.

Today, Sallie apparently continues to perform her duties within the Victorian wing of the hotel. Sallie has been seen numerous times wearing an old long gray skirt and a bandana around her forehead, the uniform common during her era. Primarily, appearing at night, Sallie is generally seen walking along the hotel hallways, carrying a load of clean towels for the guests.

Another apparition that is often reported is that of Captain Richard King, the one-time owner of one of the largest ranches in the world – The King Ranch. A frequent visitor to the Menger Hotel, he had a personal suite within the hotel during his lifetime. When he learned of his impending death from his personal physicians, Captain King spent the last months of his life, wrote his will disposing of his great wealth, and bade farewell to his friends in his suite at the Menger. On April 15, 1885, King’s funeral was held in the Menger’s parlor. Today, the room in which he stayed is called the “King Ranch Room.” He is often seen entering his old room, going right through the wall where the door was once located before it was remodeled. Display cases and photographs on the walls of the first-floor lobbies provide a glimpse into the Menger’s colorful past.

Another ghostly spirit of a woman is often spotted sitting in the original lobby of the historic hotel. Wearing an old-fashioned blue dress, small wire-framed glasses, and a tasseled beret in her hair, she sits quietly knitting. On one occasion, a staff member stopped to ask her, “Are you comfortable…may I get you something?” only to be answered with an unfriendly “No” before the woman disappeared.

Another guest reported emerging from the shower to see an apparition dressed in a buckskin jacket and grey pants, who was busy having a heated conversation with an unseen presence. The entity demands to know, “Are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?” three times before vanishing.

Other entities have been known to “help” in the kitchen area, as various utensils have seemingly floated through the air. Utensils are often seen transporting themselves from one area to another without the help of human hands.

Alamo at Night

The Alamo at night by Kathy Alexander.

Adjacent to the Alamo, some of these ghostly visitors to the hotel are attributed to the many that died during the  Battle of the Alamo . Heavy footsteps and kicking are often heard, and old military boots are spied by the guests and staff.

Other spiritual guests are said to have been some of the many who have stayed there over the years, as well as those who were recruited into the Rough Riders. Though the number of entities counted at the historic Menger Hotel is high, all are said to be harmless to staff and visitors, doing nothing more than sometimes starling a guest or an employee.

The first choice of San Antonio ghost hunters is the hotel located downtown, immediately adjacent to the Alamo  and the Rivercenter Mall.

The Menger Hotel 204 Alamo Plaza San Antonio, Texas 210-223-4361

©  Kathy Alexander / Legends of America , updated November 2022.

The Menger Hotel, David Alexander, February, 2011.

The Menger Hotel , David Alexander, February 2011.

Battle of the Alamo

Ghosts of the Alamo

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13 Chillingly Haunted Spots in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas just may be the most haunted city in Texas. From battles to outlaws to skyrocketing murder rates, the city has a bloody past. Hunt up some ghosts at these scary haunted spots in San Antonio.

Are you brave enough to explore the most haunted places in San Antonio?

From haunted hotels to eerie historic sites, San Antonio has plenty of great spots for ghost hunting.

Get ready go on a haunted journey into San Antonio’s past and discover the ghostly secrets it has to offer.

Post Contents

The Most Creepy Haunted Spots in San Antonio, Texas

Throughout San Antonio, there are stories of apparitions, spooky sounds, and eerie sensations. If you’re brave enough, check out these 13 haunted spots in San Antonio to uncover the city’s dark history.

1. The Alamo

The Alamo is one of the most haunted spots in San Antonio. And why wouldn’t it be? The Battle of the Alamo left somewhere between 182–257 Texians dead and 400–600 Mexican casualties.

It didn’t take long for the restless spirits of the Alamo to appear. Just days after the battle, General Santa Ana ordered the church be burned down; but the men sent to burn the church were stopped by ghostly apparitions carrying flaming weapons. In 1871, when the Alamo was again set to be demolished, people again reported seeing ghostly guards outside the church.

Today, you might see other famous Alamo ghosts: the little boy in the window of the gift shop; the Mexican soldier along the outer walls; a father and child up on the roof of the Alamo; and even more ghostly guards protecting the church.

While you may think the Alamo looks rather small today, the Alamo Compound stretched over much of what is now Alamo Plaza. And during the Battle of the Alamo, the battlefield stretched even further out. It’s no surprise then that many of Downtown San Antonio’s ghosts are often thought to be Alamo soldiers. You’ll hear more of their stories in the upcoming haunted San Antonio spots.

2. Menger Hotel

The Menger Hotel has recorded 32 different spirits haunting its walls. The hotel is located just down the street from the Alamo and essentially sits on a battleground.

In 1898, Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders from the hotel’s Menger Bar , and he is said to now haunt the bar still searching for recruits. Sallie White, a hotel maid who was brutally murdered by her husband, also often haunts the hotel and can be seen straightening up guests’ rooms.

Another apparition is that of Captain Richard King, once the owner of one of the largest ranches in the world, who was ill and chose to spend the last month of his life in his personal suite at the hotel. Guests may find him entering his old room, the King Ranch Room, through the wall where the door used to be before the hotel was remodeled.

Other ghostly sightings include: a woman in an old fashioned blue dress and wire-framed glasses knitting in the hotel’s original lobby; a man in a buckskin jacket and grey pants; and some “helpful” kitchen ghosts who like to transport utensils themselves.

Are you brave enough to stay at the haunted Menger Hotel? You can book your room at the Menger Hotel here .

3. Hotel Gibbs

Hotel Gibbs (formerly Hotel Indigo) takes up residence in San Antonio’s first high rise building — the old Gibbs Building. It also sits on what is considered the bloodiest area of the Battle of the Alamo.

It’s ghost sightings began during the building’s construction when workers uncovered two cannons used during the Battle of the Alamo. As soon as the cannons were removed from the building and placed in museums across the city, the ghosts came out to play.

One account tells of seeing figures pushing a cannon across the street toward the hotel and then disappearing without a trace. Hotel Gibbs certainly has plenty of Alamo soldiers roaming about.

The ghosts even take advantage of the hotel’s historic elevators, which are no longer in operation. Guests have seen the doors closing on women in vintage dresses or caught a glimpse of the elevator operator inside.

Want to stay at the haunted Hotel Gibbs? You can book your room at the Hotel Gibbs here .

4. Emily Morgan Hotel

Named the 3rd Most Haunted Hotel in the World by USA Today , the beautiful neo-Gothic Emily Morgan Hotel was San Antonio’s first skyscraper. It was also built as the city’s first Medical Arts Building. And as the hotel is just across the street from the Alamo, it will come as no surprise when you learn this land was also part of the battlefield. I’m sure you can already guess where the ghosts in this hotel come from!

The most haunted floors of the Emily Morgan Hotel are the 7th, 9th, 14th, and basement floors. These floors acted as the psychiatric ward, surgery level, waiting area, and morgue respectively.

But really, all the floors are haunted! Guests have reported feeling the sensation of something cool brushing up against them; the lingering heavy scent of medicine; opening their doors to the hallway to see a hospital scene; bathroom doors opening and shutting on their own; and bathroom faucets being turned on and over flowing in the middle of the night.

Even the elevators have a life of their own and may go up and down without a rider, skip past requested floors, or even trap people inside. They might just even take guests down to the basement, a restricted floor and the old morgue, where employees have reported the stench of burning human flesh.

Would you be able to stay at the haunted Emily Morgan Hotel? I don’t think I’d last a second! But you can book your room at the Emily Morgan Hotel here .

5. Sheraton Gunter Hotel

The Sheraton Gunter Hotel has almost always been a hotel since the 1837. But it really gained notoriety in 1965 as the place of one of San Antonio’s most gruesome murders.

Though the Sheraton Gunter Hotel is a few blocks from the Alamo, you’ll still find plenty of soldiers haunting its halls. You might also get a glimpse of two 1920s flappers (or prostitutes, depending on who you ask) who haunt opposite sections of the hotel and tend to argue with each other. And in room 414, you might catch the spirit of blues artist Robert Johnson who held a recording session in this room.

There’s also Room 636. In February 1965, Walter Emerick check into the hotel under a false name for some partying and the company of a tall woman. Two days later, a housekeeper was bringing some things to the room when she found Emerick standing at the foot of the bed holding a bloody bundle, the room covered in blood. Emerick ran out of the room and disappeared. Despite the blood, there was no body left in the room.

A few days later Emerick, using another false name, checked into the St. Anthony Hotel nearby and requested Room 636. He became angry when that room was unavailable, but settled for Room 536. When the staff, by now suspicious of the man’s behavior, called the police to his room, Emerick shot himself before they could enter. The police have never found the woman’s body or identified her.

The Sheraton Gunter Hotel has since split the original Room 636 into two guest rooms, but that hasn’t stopped the hauntings. Guests report seeing the murder endlessly repeating or the mystery woman standing in the room, arms outstretched.

Are you brave enough to stay at the haunted Sheraton Gunter Hotel? You can book your room at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel here .

6. Majestic Theatre

Across the street from the Sheraton Gunter Hotel is another haunted spot in San Antonio: the Majestic Theatre . This beautiful theatre with Baroque and Mediterranean design opened in 1929 and is the second largest theatre in the U.S.

The Majestic Theatre is home to a particular ghost who likes to hang out by the stage. Staff believe this to be the ghost of magic performer Zoroastro still putting on a show for his audience.

The theatre is also supposed to be haunted by a passed patron. She is usually seen up on the second level, always in the same box seat.

7. Aztec Theatre

The Aztec Theatre was built in 1926, and it wasn’t long before trouble took the stage. In 1932, thirty projection operators went on strike, and the theatre fired the workers. Just a couple days later, a sulfur bomb exploded in the lobby of the Aztec, burning 6 people.

As the years went by, the theatre changed hands many times, leading people to believe the theatre cursed.

One of the spirits at the Aztec Theatre is a phantom projection operator located. He typically plays tricks on whoever is in the projection booth. However, since the renovations at the theatre changing the venue from a movie house to a live performance theatre, the ghost sightings and the hauntings have diminshed. Maybe the phantom operator can finally be laid to rest.

8. La Villita Historic Arts Village

By day, La Villita Historic Arts Village is a quaint place for a stroll. But after night fall, San Antonio’s oldest neighborhood becomes a hotbed for paranormal activity.

Inside the Chamade Jewelry Store, objects will move on their own, disembodied voices argue, and the temperature drops suddenly. Some people have also encountered an apparition of a woman in an apron. In the River Art Gallery, you may see a Woman in White.

A little girl haunts La Villita House. Some believe this little girl is the granddaughter of the former owner of the house.

9. San Fernando Cathedral

In the Main Plaza sits San Fernando Cathedral . In 1749, the Apache dug a hole in front of the cathedral and tossed their weapons in, showing that they were no longer going to fight against the developing city of San Antonio. This is where the phrase “burying the hatchet” is said to come from.

If you’re lucky, you may see the apparition of a white stallion galloping in front of the church, the ghost of the Apache’s peace offering.

The remains of James Bowie, William Travis, and Davie Crockett lay in a sarcophagus in the front entrance. And in the early days of the church, the parish buried its people within the cathedral walls. This is probably why ghostly shadows cling to the walls and faces, gaping mouths and sunken eyes, appear in the exterior walls of the church.

10. The Old Council House

Across the Main Plaza from San Fernando Cathedral, at the corner of Main Plaza and Market Street, is an abandoned bookshop. This building is the old Council House and the site of the Council House Fight of 1840.

This is where the Texans and the Comanche met to negotiate a peace treaty, but on the stipulation that the Comanche brought back all their captives. The Comanche brought one captive girl, badly disfigured by torture. So the Texans fired on the Comanche, killing 35 and losing 7 men of their own.

Though the building is empty, people have reported hearing screams and gunshots coming from inside. They also report hearing the chanting of Indian war calls.

11. Spanish Governor’s Palace

The 18th century Spanish Governor’s Palace is today a museum of Spanish colonial history and one of San Antonio’s most visited museums. It is also a hotbed of ghostly activity and one of the most haunted spots in San Antonio.

People have reported seeing spirits here since the early 1900s. When you visit, you may notice translucent spectors of Native Americans and Spanish Colonials standing by the outer walls.

But the most haunted part of the Spanish Governor’s Palace is the hanging tree. Called the “Tree of Sorrows”, at least thirty-five were hanged here for their crimes. Visitors have seen their spirits hanging from the tree, swaying in the wind.

There are also plenty of children haunting the old palace. A little girl appears in one of the bedrooms. Another little girl who is believed to have fallen down the well still haunts the surrounding area. And yet another girl was murdered by robbers and thrown down the well. Some have heard gurgling from inside the well and witnessed the water bubbling up.

12. Huebner-Onion Homestead

Now we venture out of Downtown San Antonio, and outside the 410 Loop, to the Huebner-Onion Homestead . The home once belonged to jeweler Joseph Huebner before being converted into a stagecoach inn.

After Huebner’s death, the property stood vacant until Judge John Onion, Sr., and his family bought the home. By then, it seems, Huebner was already haunting the place. Onion reported hearing the steps creek though no one was on them. Machinery would turn on and off on its own, plates would shatter, and the family would hear sounds of piano keys.

The most common occurrence was the clacking of horse hooves coming across the yard.

13. Comanche Lookout Hill

Comanche Lookhout Hill sits just inside the 1604 Loop. As the fourth highest point in Bexar County, this served as a great lookout point for both the Apache and later the Comanche. The Comanche especially used this hill to ambush Spanish settlers coming into San Antonio.

In 1923, a man named Edward H. Coppock set to building himself a European-style castle on this hill. The Great Depression hit, and all he had completed was a single tower.

The spirits of the Comanche and of Coppock both haunt Comanche Lookout Hill. At dusk, you may hear chanting and war cries coming from deep within the trees, while shadows cross pathways and disappear into the woods. The Comanche seem to still be trying to protect their hill.

As for Coppock, you might spot his ghost wheel barrowing stone to and from the hill, desperately trying to finish his dream home. He too protects his hill, looking out from the top floor of his castle at any trespassers approaching his tower.

Top San Antonio Ghost Tours

The best way to see even more of San Antonio’s haunted spots is to take a ghost tour! There are all kinds of tours to choose from: walking tours, driving tours, pub crawls, and even Segway tours!

Check out these top-rated San Antonio ghost tours for a scary good time:

  • Haunted Dinner Tour — Enjoy a meal at a haunted restaurant, and then head out on a walking tour of haunted spots on Alamo Plaza and Old San Antonio.
  • The Madames and Mayhem Ghost Tour — Learn about the ghosts of San Antonio’s Red Light District on this adult-only walking tour.
  • The Haunted Ghost Bus Tour in San Antonio — Go on a chilling exploration of the city’s most haunted sites from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus.
  • San Antonio Segway Ghost Tour — Roll through San Antonio on a nighttime Segway ghost tour for spine-tingling tales of haunts.
  • Death Warmed Over: San Antonio Haunted Pub Crawl — Visit the city’s most haunted pubs and restaurants as you relive the sordid tales of San Antonio’s past.
  • San Antonio Ghost Walking Tour — Enjoy a night full of haunts on this 2 hour walking tour led by professional paranormal investigators.
  • Self-Guided San Antonio Ghost Walking Tour — Go it alone on this self-guided walking tour with a professionally narrated, GPS-navigated audio guide of San Antonio’s famous haunted sights.

Top Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

San Antonio has way more than just 13 haunted sites, and a lot of them happen to be hotels. This is great if you’re the type of person who loves staying in haunted hotels (I’m too scared to even try). Book a stay at one of the top haunted hotels, inns, and B&Bs in San Antonio listed below!

  • Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk
  • The Menger Hotel
  • The Sheraton Gunter Hotel
  • The Bullis House Inn
  • Hotel Gibbs
  • Holiday Inn Express Riverwalk at the Old Bexar County Jail
  • Drury Inn & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk
  • The Emily Morgan Hotel
  • The Crockett Hotel
  • The St. Anthony Hotel

Or if you want a likely not-haunted place to stay, check out the recommendations below.

Where to Stay in San Antonio (Not Haunted)

Find the perfect place to rest your head on your visit to San Antonio (that isn’t haunted!), from the top rated accommodations to unique stays you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Top Hotel: Hotel Emma at Pearl on the Riverwalk
  • Great Value: Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio North Stone Oak
  • Unique Stay: Hotel Havana

Haunted San Antonio Map

Create your own tour of San Antonio’s haunted sights! I’ve put together this map of all the haunted spots listed in this blog post to help you get started.

You can click the star icon at the top of the map to save it to your favorites and open the locations in your own Google Maps app.

Haunted San Antonio FAQ

Why is san antonio so haunted.

San Antonio has a long history with war, outlaws, and murder that have all contributed to it’s haunted reputation. With so much turmoil, it’s no wonder San Antonio has so many haunted places!

What are the most haunted places in San Antonio?

The most haunted places in San Antonio include the Menger Hotel , the Alamo, and the Emily Morgan Hotel , each with numerous stories of paranormal activity.

Are there any guided tours for exploring haunted places in San Antonio?

There are plenty of guided tours for exploring San Antonio’s most haunted places. The The Madames and Mayhem Ghost Tour and the Haunted Dinner Tour are some of the most popular ghost tours of San Antonio.

Is the Alamo haunted?

The Alamo is one of the most haunted places in San Antonio. With hundreds of people who died on the grounds, there is a lot of trauma to cause paranormal activity at the Alamo.

Want More Haunted Travels?

Check out these other spooky locations around the world:

  • 10 of the World’s Most Terrifying Haunted Castles
  • 13 Most Haunted Places in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Roswell Ghost Tour Review: Explore Roswell, Georgia’s Dark History
  • 7 Spooky and Haunted Spots in Huntsville, Alabama
  • 13 Abandoned Places Around the World You Can Actually Tour
  • Ghosts of Marietta Review: Haunted Walking Tour of Marietta, Georgia
  • 10 Creepy Haunted Places in Dahlonega, Georgia

Ready to visit San Antonio, Texas? Plan your trip with these tips.

  • Book your flight:  Find the cheapest flights using  Skyscanner , my favorite flight search engine.
  • Find accommodation: You can find top hotels in San Antonio  using Hotels.com.
  • Get packing:  Make sure you’ve packed everything you need with my packing list resources .
  • Explore San Antonio in a New Way: Enjoy a Mystery Picnic in San Antonio to discover more of the city.
  • Save on Attractions: Save up to 55% on admission to top San Antonio attractions using the Go City San Antonio pass.

Have you visited any of these creepy haunted spots in San Antonio, Texas? Let me know in the comments!

' src=

Paige Watts is a travel expert and author of What's With Atlanta? , a guide to the quirks and charm of the ATL. A life-long traveler, Paige is dedicated to helping you discover the best things to do in the Southern USA and around the world. Her work has been featured in The Culture Trip, Matador, Newsbreak, MSN, NPR, and countless other interviews and podcasts.

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haunted hotels of san antonio

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haunted hotels of san antonio

What would you like to discover?

8 haunted hotels in san antonio that would terrorize you to the core.

San Antonio or the City of San Antonio is acclaimed to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States. You would be awestruck to know the array of haunted hotels the city houses alongside the scary stories attached to them. Read on to check out the list of some of the top and famous haunted hotels in San Antonio.

Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

1. Menger Hotel, Alamo Plaza

Considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in Texas, constructed in 1859 by William Menger, it was known to shelter soldiers at the time of the American Civil War. In fact, Robert. E Lee (eminent military officer of the United States), and Sam Houston even stayed here during the time of the war along with their comrades.  It also has a reputation of hosting eminent personalities like Sam Houston, Teddy Roosevelt, Mae West, and William McKinley. However, at present what the hotel is popular for is the huge numbers (close to 40) of ghosts and spirits roaming in the vicinity.

One of the prominent ghosts is that of Sallie White, a chambermaid, who was killed within the hotel premises by her abusive husband in 1876. The hotel bore the cost of her funeral, approximately amounted to 32$. The staff and guests have narrated their experiences about seeing Sallie walking along the hallways, particularly at night. She remained clad in her trademark outfit of a long, gray skirt with a bandana on her forehead, holding clean towels.

Another ghost seen is that of an influential, wealthy man, named Captain Richard King who frequently visited the hotel and also had a personal suite known by the name “ King Ranch Room .”  He died in 1885 and, his funeral was held in the parlor of the hotel. His ghost used to be often seen roaming around his favorite room, passing through the walls where the main door of the room was once located before the renovation.

The third ghost is that of a woman sitting in the lobby often engrossed in knitting. Dressed in a blue dress, also wearing glasses of small frames and having a beret on her head, she is said to reply a “No” quite firmly before disappearing. This happens if any of the staff occasionally asked her if she was okay or needed something.

The next apparition is that of a man dressed in grey pants and a buckskin jacket often seen engaged in a heated argument with an invisible entity.  Before disappearing, he questions the witness or his unseen partner if they are going to stay or leave.

These paranormal beings are also seen in the kitchen as utensils are often spotted moving from one place to the other on their own. Some ghostly visitors of Menger are also those who laid their lives in the Alamo war as one often hears heavy footsteps.

Haunted Menger Hotel San Antonio TX

How to Get Here

2. Emily Morgan Hotel, Houston

Said to be the 3 rd most haunted hotel in the world, Emily Morgan, built in the year 1924, was initially a medical facility, housing a psychiatric ward, surgery room as well as a morgue. This might perhaps be the cause of all the spooky and paranormal activities happening here. Each floor of the hotel has a different story to tell, with the basement, 7 th , 9 th and 14 th (having a crematorium for those patients without a family) floor regarded as the most haunted. Guests have often complained about phones ringing all of a sudden at the dead of the night, and lights and televisions turning on suddenly. A woman in white is also seen passing by at times. Smells of medicines and the occasional appearance of a ghostly bride on the 7 th floor are the other eerie happenings witnessed.

Emily Morgan Hotel San Antonio Haunted

3. Sheraton Gunter Hotel, Metro Houston Street

Built in 1909, it had once been the U.S army’s headquarters, before being developed into a hotel. What makes it tagged as a “haunted hotel” is a brutal murder which occurred in the hotel premises in 1965 of a woman, supposedly a prostitute, who checked into Room No 636 with a man named Albert Knox. Though no one found her body, the scattered blood all over the bathroom indicates that a death had occurred there. The woman’s ghost is supposed to roam around the place, possibly searching for her killer. Flickering lights and the appearance of strange objects in the bathroom even without anyone’s entry are constantly witnessed.

Gunter Hotel San Antonio Haunted

4. Hotel Indigo North Saint Mary’s

Developed at the site of the battlefields, till date paranormal activities continue in the hotel. Sounds of cannon fire, gunshots, disembodied footsteps, crying of wounded and dying men, echoing of strange voices, figures clothed in 19th-century attire coming and going out are still seen everywhere.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Alamo Haunted

5. The Crockett Hotel, Bonham

Another hotel of a spooky reputation, constructed in 1909, at the site of the place where the Battle of Alamo was fought in 1836. Ghosts of the deceased soldiers are said to be frequenting the hotel, particularly in the bar and lobby. Shutting and the opening of the lobby’s front door, faint whispers, disembodied footsteps coming from the rooms at the dead of the night, sudden movement of curtains, sounds of trotting of horses are some of the eerie occurrences reported.

haunted hotels of san antonio

6. The St. Anthony, E Travis

This luxurious hotel was said to have all the modern amenities way back in the 1800s, like air conditioners, automatic lights and doors, and a drive up registration desk. This exceedingly modern and posh hotel is not free from ghosts as unusual sights and sounds have been seen and heard by the guests putting up here. Strange apparitions, noises of scratching from the walls, feeling the presence of an unseen entity, opening, and closing of doors are a regular affair.

St Anthony Hotel San Antonio Haunted

7. Marriott Plaza

Set amidst a lush and beautiful ambiance, this hotel is also famous for its haunted experiences. Many guests, as well as the staff, are known to come across a woman in a long white outfit, carrying a cat, roaming around the garden, and exercise area. Flickering lights and strange noises have also been experienced.

Haunted Marriott Hotel San Antonio

8. Crowne Plaza

Presently known as the Wyndham San Antonio River Walk , this hotel is also famed for the array of paranormal activities going on. Inhabitants saw weird shadows proceeding towards them at night, heard footsteps of people as if someone was following them, while some have even reported to wake up with scratches after a sound sleep. A honeymoon couple had experienced a pall of gloom in their room they were staying.

Crowne Plaza List of Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

If you have a heart of steel, then on your next visit to San Antonio, you can certainly expect an encounter with any of these paranormal beings.

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Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

San Antonio Haunted Tours

Voted top 3 ghost tours in the country by usa today.

  • Most Popular!

Ghost Bus Tour In San Antonio

Hop on board San Antonio’s first and original ghost bus tour and be transported into a world of ghostly happenings and terrifying histories.

  • Hour Glass 2.5 hours

Haunted History Ghost Walk

Have you ever wanted to take a ghost tour of San Antonio? The Ghost Walk guides you on a spooky journey to the most haunted locations that San Antonio has to offer.

  • Hour Glass 1.5 hours
  • Users All ages

Featured Haunted Tours

Haunted History and Old San Antonio book

San Antonio’s Most Popular Haunted History Book!

Haunted History Of Old San Antonio

As the saying goes, “dead men tell no tales.” Or do they? From its humble beginnings as a Spanish settlement in 1691 to the bloody battle at the Alamo, San Antonio’s history is rich in haunting tales. Discover Old San Antonio’s most haunted places and uncover the history that lies waiting for those who dare to enter their doorways.

Take a peek inside the Menger Hotel, the “Most Haunted Hotel in Texas,” and just a block away, peer into the Emily Morgan Hotel, one of the city’s first hospitals and where many men and women lost their lives. Explore the San Fernando Cathedral, where people are buried within the walls and visitors claim to see faces mysteriously appear. Uncover the legends behind Bexar County Jail.

Join authors James and Lauren Swartz and decide for yourself what truly lurks behind the Alamo City’s fabled past. Don’t forget to pick up your copy today at the Sisters Grimm Gift Shop!

The Most Haunted Tours In San Antonio

I really enjoyed this tour. It was funny, inactive, and engaging. The tour guide was great. She was funny and informative. The driver was great!

I have been on several ghost tours in other cities but this was by far the best. Kelsey and Mr. Pete kept us laughing and still taught us a lot about the history of this great city. Would do it again as long as they are our guides!

My son and I enjoyed the this ghost walk very much Our guide was very knowledgeable and very personable He shared many creepy locations / stories with our group I would highly recommend Sisters Grimm

We have been on many ghost tours in multiple cities, this one was one of the best. We heard a lot of great stories and history as we traveled around San Antonio. Kelsey was a great tour guide and a really good opera singer. Our bus driver was a hit with his dry wit and snappy come-backs. Would do it again if we visit again.

These Are The Tours You've Heard About!

USA Today

Haunted Diary

Discover the Haunted, Embrace the Unknown at HauntedDiary.com

The Haunting at Menger Hotel: San Antonio’s Haunted Hospitality

  • By: Gareth Popovic
  • Date: 21 December 2023
  • Time to read: 8 min.

haunted hotels of san antonio


The Menger Hotel seems to be a magnet for ghostly encounters and historical mysteries. Located in San Antonio , Texas , this eerie destination is famous for its chilling tales and spectral legends. For over a century, guests have reported strange sightings, from the ghost of Captain Richard King to the sorrowful spirit of Sallie White, and even the apparition of Teddy Roosevelt. This hotel invites the curious and the courageous to explore its shadowy secrets and haunted history.

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio , the Menger Hotel boasts a rich history that dates back to 1859 . Founded by William Menger , a German immigrant and brewery owner, the hotel’s story began with humble origins. Originally consisting of only 50 rooms, the Menger Hotel quickly became a beacon of hospitality and opulence in the burgeoning city.

The Menger Hotel holds a unique place in history as one of the oldest continuously operating hotels in Texas . Its location, just steps away from the Alamo , adds to its allure as a destination intertwined with iconic American landmarks. Over the years, the Menger Hotel has played host to an impressive array of notable guests, including multiple U.S. presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and William Howard Taft . Teddy Roosevelt’s stay at the hotel in 1898 is particularly legendary, as it is said to have been the birthplace of the Rough Riders, his famed volunteer cavalry regiment.

Through the years, the Menger Hotel has evolved and expanded, maintaining its timeless charm while embracing modern amenities . Today, it stands as a living testament to the storied past of San Antonio and the fascinating characters who have graced its halls. Whether you’re drawn to its historical significance , its luxurious accommodations, or the allure of encountering the supernatural, the Menger Hotel offers a captivating experience that intertwines the realms of history and the unexplained.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Haunting of captain richard king.

At the heart of San Antonio’s historic Menger Hotel, a spine-chilling legend exists. It’s the story of Captain Richard King, a ghostly figure who continues to haunt this famous hotel with a presence unlike any other.

Even in death, Captain King’s strong spirit couldn’t be held back. He chose the Menger Hotel, particularly the King Ranch Suite, as his eternal haunt. Guests staying here often report mysterious happenings: the sensation of being watched, strange whispers in the dark, and even the sound of footsteps when no one is there, all pointing to Captain King’s lingering presence.

Among these eerie experiences, one stands out: the appearance of a dancing red orb. This mysterious light, seen only in or near King’s suite, baffles and fascinates. Could it be a sign, a ghostly message from Captain King, indicating that his spirit is nearer than one might think?

The Ghost of a Chambermaid – Sallie

Beware the third floor of the historic Menger Hotel, for there dwells a haunting spirit that refuses to rest. Meet Sallie White, the eternal maid who still roams the halls over a century after her passing. In death, as in life, she seems to revel in her duties, forever clutching armfuls of towels and sheets.

Guests have borne witness to spine-chilling encounters, where Sallie’s ghost glides through solid doors and walls as though mere mortal barriers hold no sway over her ethereal form. On one hair-raising occasion, a startled guest emerged from a shower, only to find Sallie’s apparition folding sheets right at the edge of the bed. Pure fear gripped the witness, who fled to the front desk to recount the eerie encounter.

Watch out for the ghostly figure of Teddy Roosevelt at the Menger Hotel’s bar, known for stirring up intrigue. Often seen in the back of the bar, his ghostly, almost see-through form is usually still, as if he’s watching something invisible. Staff working late often feel an eerie sensation, as if the former president’s ghost is watching them.

But Teddy’s ghost doesn’t just watch silently. Sometimes, he becomes more active, shouting out to the surprised staff and drawing them into ghostly chats. His apparition is so lifelike, it’s as if he’s trying to recruit them into his famous Rough Riders.

Chilling Encounter With Staff

Inexperienced and alone, A new employee faced a chilling trial—closing the bar on his own. But as the night wore on, an ominous presence loomed behind him. With a sudden whirl, there stood Teddy Roosevelt’s ghost , fixating on the trembling staff member, as he often did with others. Panic engulfed the employee, his heart pounding like a war drum. Desperate to flee, he rushed to the exit, only to discover the cruel truth—he was locked in with the ghostly apparition. Terror consumed him, and he pounded the door with all his might, praying for escape.

Minutes felt like eternity, as Teddy’s ghost watched , unmoving, an enigmatic figure from the past. Finally, the cries for help reached a fellow staff member, and the door was flung open. But the damage was done—the employee’s spirit was shaken to its core.

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Renowned for its storied history and eerie reputation, the Menger Hotel has captured the spotlight in numerous paranormal documentaries and television shows. One such captivating series, “ Phantoms of the Past: Unveiling Haunted Hotels ,” delved deep into the hotel’s ghostly tales and chilling encounters .

In the realm of literature, the Menger Hotel has left an indelible mark, gracing the pages of books like “ Haunted Texas: A Travel Guide ” by Scott Williams and “ Haunted History of Old San Antonio ” by Lauren M. Swartz. These literary works unfurl the spectral stories enveloping the hotel, offering riveting narratives of its haunted past.

Today, the Menger Hotel stands as a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike, enticed by its captivating presence in popular culture and media. This historic haven exudes an aura of enigma and the supernatural, inviting all who seek an immersive encounter with its chilling and mysterious ambiance.

How can I visit it?

For those eager to immerse themselves in the rich history and spine-tingling mysteries of the Menger Hotel, the opportunity awaits to book your stay in this legendary establishment. Each room in the hotel offers a unique blend of historical elegance and modern comfort, allowing guests to step back in time while enjoying contemporary amenities. Whether you wish to brave a night in the haunted King Ranch Suite or simply bask in the opulence of this historic icon, booking your stay is just a click away. Check out our link for exclusive deals and packages that promise an unforgettable experience.

Alternatively, you can go to a tour visiting the Menger Hotel. This tour offers a chilling exploration of San Antonio’s darker history, combining historical facts with tales of the supernatural. The journey begins at the iconic Alamo, where you’ll delve into the macabre details of one of America’s most famous battles. From there, you’ll visit the Menger Hotel, an establishment steeped in history and known for its illustrious guests like Ulysses S. Grant, Oscar Wilde, and Teddy Roosevelt. As you explore this venerable hotel, you’ll uncover the eerie stories and spectral remnants tied to its long past.

Your next stop is the Emily Morgan Hotel , a landmark that stands as the city’s first skyscraper and hospital. Here, the narratives weave between the historical events that occurred within its walls and the ghostly legends that emerged from them. As you stroll down Houston Street, your guide will recount the tales of San Antonio’s most notorious killers and devastating natural disasters, adding a layer of grim reality to the tour.

The journey then takes you to the Majestic Theatre, located in the heart of San Antonio’s Theatre District. This venue is not just a hub for the performing arts but also a repository of ghostly stories and paranormal occurrences. Your spine-chilling tour concludes at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel, the site of one of San Antonio’s most brutal crimes. The stories shared here promise to be as haunting as they are intriguing, providing a fitting end to a tour that explores the intersection of history and the supernatural in San Antonio.

As you bid farewell to the Menger Hotel , the echoes of its haunted past linger in your mind. The spirits of long-departed guests and staff continue to weave their ethereal tales within the hotel’s walls, inviting you to ponder the mysteries of the afterlife. Whether you seek thrilling encounters with the supernatural or prefer to admire the hotel’s historic grandeur from a safe distance, the Menger Hotel leaves an indelible mark on all who dare to tread its haunted halls. So, should you ever find yourself wandering back to San Antonio, remember—the enigmatic embrace of the Menger Hotel awaits, ready to captivate your senses once more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the Menger Hotel located? A: The Menger Hotel is located in San Antonio, Texas , United States. The address is 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Q. Is the Menger Hotel really haunted? A. Yes, the Menger Hotel has a long history of reported paranormal activity and haunting legends that have intrigued guests and staff over the years.

Q. Who is Captain Richard King, and where can his ghost be seen? A. Captain Richard King, the cattle baron, is said to haunt the Menger Hotel, particularly in the King Ranch Suite. Guests have reported eerie encounters, feeling unseen eyes watching them and hearing strange whispers in the dark.

Q. What is the significance of the dancing red orb in King’s suite? A. The dancing red orb is a mysterious phenomenon reported in Captain King’s suite or just outside its threshold. Its origin and meaning remain unknown, leading some to speculate that it may be a signal or a celestial sign from the afterlife.

Q. Who is Sallie White, and why does she haunt the third floor? A. Sallie White was a chambermaid who still haunts the third floor of the Menger Hotel, even after her passing. Guests have witnessed her ghost performing her duties, gliding through solid doors and walls, and carrying armfuls of towels and sheets.

Q. What is the story behind Teddy Roosevelt’s ghost haunting the hotel’s bar? A. Teddy Roosevelt’s spectral figure is often seen in the Menger Hotel’s bar, observing silently and occasionally engaging with staff in otherworldly conversations. His presence is linked to the hotel’s history, and he is believed to be a former president.

Q. Has there been any chilling encounters with staff and the hotel’s ghosts? A. Yes, some staff members have reported chilling encounters with the hotel’s ghosts, including Teddy Roosevelt’s apparition. One incident involved a new employee being locked in with the ghostly figure, leaving them shaken and terrified.

Q. Can guests request to stay in the haunted rooms or encounter the ghosts? A. While The Menger Hotel respects its haunted history, room assignments are based on guest preferences and availability. Encounters with the ghosts are spontaneous and cannot be guaranteed, but the hotel’s eerie allure continues to fascinate visitors from all walks of life.

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haunted hotels of san antonio

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haunted hotels of san antonio

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haunted hotels of san antonio

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  1. 8 Haunted Hotels in San Antonio that Would Terrorize You to the Core

    haunted hotels of san antonio

  2. How the Menger Hotel came to be San Antonio's most 'haunted' hotel

    haunted hotels of san antonio

  3. The Emily Morgan Hotel and Other Real Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    haunted hotels of san antonio

  4. Haunted Menger Hotel

    haunted hotels of san antonio

  5. This San Antonio Hotel is One of the Most Haunted Hotels in the World

    haunted hotels of san antonio

  6. 8 Haunted Hotels in San Antonio that Would Terrorize You to the Core

    haunted hotels of san antonio


  1. The 12 Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    1. Menger Hotel. 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205 [ BOOK A ROOM] One of the most haunted places in San Antonio, Texas, is the Menger Hotel. William A. Menger and architect John Fries came together in 1859 to design and build this lavish hotel. For over 150 years, the Menger has been the ideal destination for everyone, from ordinary people ...

  2. The 9 Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    Some people know this hotel as Crowne Plaza, but whatever you call it, there's some downright spooky stuff going on at this hotel. Guests report seeing weeping ghosts, waking up with scratches all over their bodies, and footsteps in the middle of the night. Address: 111 E Pecan St, San Antonio, TX 78205. Website: Wyndham San Antonio River Walk.

  3. 11 Best Haunted Hotels In San Antonio, Texas

    3. St. Anthony Hotel (from USD 183) Show all photos. St. Anthony Hotel is a national historic landmark located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. This popular haunted hotel in San Antonio, TX is only 200 meters (218 yards) from the famous San Antonio's River Walk and 400 meters (437 yards) from The Alamo.

  4. The Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    The Emily Morgan Hotel. Located right next to the historic Alamo Plaza, the Emily Morgan Hotel was recently rated the third most haunted hotel in the entire world. Once a medical center in the early 1900s, the Emily Morgan has been the site of all sorts of paranormal activity. Apparitions, dancing orbs and ghostly visitors to the living remind ...

  5. Spend the Night in the Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    San Antonio, Texas, is a city rich in history, culture, and a touch of the supernatural. There is so much to do in San Antonio, but if you're an adventurous traveler with a penchant for the paranormal, you're in for a spine-tingling treat. Prepare to delve into the eerie world of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio, where history and mystery collide. Menger Hotel 204 Alamo Plaza, San ...

  6. San Antonio's Most Haunted Hotels

    The most haunted floors are said to be 14, 12 and 7, which is rumored to have once been the psychiatric wing of the hospital! The basement is off limits to guest, although staff claim to have strange and unexplained experiences and many refuse to go alone. 3. Gunter Hotel (Marriott) At this Historic San Antonio Hotel, Room 636 was the sight of ...

  7. The Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

    The haunted hotels in San Antonio have become as popular among ghost hunters and scary lovers as the Alamo City's historic missions, River Walk, and vibrant festivals. The Menger Hotel. Imbued with 150 years of history, the Menger Hotel stands as one of San Antonio's most iconic landmarks. Situated adjacent to the Alamo, it has been host to ...

  8. San Antonio Haunted Hotels

    The St. Anthony Hotel, known for its luxurious atmosphere and timeless elegance, has a reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio. The hotel made history as the first in America to offer central air conditioning, but it is a mysterious death in 1965 that put it on the map as truly paranormally active.

  9. The 5 Most Haunted Hotels in San Antonio, TX

    The Emily Morgan Hotel. The Emily Morgan is one of the most luxurious hotels in San Antonio. Its polished rooms include coffee makers, comfy beds, and WiFi. Suites feature separate living areas and whirlpool tubs. Also, you will find a laid-back restaurant serving American cuisine and a lively bar offering local beers and signature cocktails.

  10. The Haunted Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

    Located adjacent to the Alamo, the handsome Menger Hotel has played a central part in the history of San Antonio for over 150 years. Since its construction in 1859, the hotel has been enlarged several times, expanding to 316 guest rooms and suites. The original wrought-iron balconies are still a redeeming feature of the property.

  11. Emily Morgan Hotel

    The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel. It was born of marble rock before it became one of the most luxurious hotels in all of San Antonio, Texas. In comparison to many other historic hotels, the Emily Morgan Hotel has only been in action since its grand opening in 1984. Since then, the number of accolades the Emily Morgan has received has been countless.

  12. Haunted Menger Hotel

    The Haunted Menger Hotel The rear courtyard of the haunted Menger Hotel "This is a stick up. Don't made a sound." It was the year 1959, and a "tall bandit" (according to The Courier Gazette) had just robbed the historic Menger Hotel.The bandit had been seated in the lobby of the nineteenth century luxury hotel and, despite being noticed by both the night watchman and the elevator, he ...

  13. Haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio

    The first choice of San Antonio ghost hunters is the hotel located downtown, immediately adjacent to the Alamo and the Rivercenter Mall. The Menger Hotel. 204 Alamo Plaza. San Antonio, Texas. 210-223-4361.

  14. 13 Chillingly Haunted Spots in San Antonio, Texas

    The Most Creepy Haunted Spots in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout San Antonio, there are stories of apparitions, spooky sounds, and eerie sensations. If you're brave enough, check out these 13 haunted spots in San Antonio to uncover the city's dark history. 1. The Alamo.

  15. Ghosts of The Menger Hotel: San Antonio's Most Haunted Stay

    Years passed, and in 1905, Roosevelt's footsteps once again graced the hotel's corridors, this time for a reunion. But, as the tale goes, it wasn't his last visit. To the astonishment of many, sightings of his ghostly figure began to emerge from the Menger Bar. Whispers of his presence turned into loud claims.

  16. 8 Haunted Hotels in San Antonio that Would Terrorize You to the Core

    Read on to check out the list of some of the top and famous haunted hotels in San Antonio. 1. Menger Hotel, Alamo Plaza. Considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in Texas, constructed in 1859 by William Menger, it was known to shelter soldiers at the time of the American Civil War. In fact, Robert. E Lee (eminent military officer of the ...

  17. 'Night Owl' podcast investigates San Antonio hotel

    Popular paranormal podcast investigates 'haunted' San Antonio hotel. Have you had ghostly encounters at this hotel? By Priscilla Aguirre Feb 29, 2024. Hotel Havana Nan Palmero.

  18. 14 of the Most Haunted Places in San Antonio

    The Emily Morgan Hotel. A list of the most haunted places in San Antonio would not be complete without a haunted hotel in San Antonio that is so spooky it is unofficially considered the third most haunted hotel in the world. The Emily Morgan Hotel is located where the Battle for the Alamo happened, over what would have been the barracks of the ...

  19. The Haunted Drury Hotels of San Antonio's Riverwalk

    Visiting The Drury Hotel in San Antonio. The Drury Plaza Hotel is located at 105 S St. Mary's Street. The Drury Inn & Suites is located at 201 N St. Mary's Street. For more information on the hotel or to book a room, please visit their website. Let us know if you spot any specters!

  20. Top 10 Best Haunted Hotels in San Antonio, TX

    3. The Emily Morgan San Antonio - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. "But, yes Emily Morgan is said to be one of San Antonio's haunted hotels along with the Menger and a..." more. 4. Hotel Emma. "**Note that I went down to move a car to the free garage at about 11:30pm and it was like a ghost ..." more. 5.

  21. Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

    Discover Old San Antonio's most haunted places and uncover the history that lies waiting for those who dare to enter their doorways. Take a peek inside the Menger Hotel, the "Most Haunted Hotel in Texas," and just a block away, peer into the Emily Morgan Hotel, one of the city's first hospitals and where many men and women lost their lives.

  22. The Haunting at Menger Hotel: San Antonio's Haunted Hospitality

    A: The Menger Hotel is located in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The address is 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205. Q. Is the Menger Hotel really haunted? A. Yes, the Menger Hotel has a long history of reported paranormal activity and haunting legends that have intrigued guests and staff over the years. Q.

  23. Most Haunted Locations in San Antonio

    Well, we've put together a list of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio. Whether you're looking to stay in a Hotel which was built upon the battlefield of the Alamo, or one that used to be one of the most notorious jails in Texas, you'll find a haunted hotel to suit your taste, in San Antonio. Read more about the best haunted hotels in San ...

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    Savannah, Georgia, USA riverfront skyline. getty Savannah, Georgia Who Will Love It: Families with children ages 3-12 All-Star Attractions: Savannah Music Festival (March 28 to April 14); Savannah ...