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The Tortured Souls of St. Albans Sanatorium

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Creepy story of the abandoned St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia. Written by Allison Dienstman of Colonial Ghosts .

Places where torment took place on a regular basis become hotbeds for paranormal activity, and Virginia’s St. Albans Sanatorium proves no exception. From electroshock therapy to lobotomies, the treatment for the mentally ill at St. Albans caused tremendous suffering for its patients. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that St. Albans ranks as one of the 25 most haunted places in Virginia.

Located in Radford, a small town in western Virginia, the sanatorium dates back to 1892 when it first functioned as a Lutheran school for boys. Later, in 1916 it became a hospital for the mentally insane. While the owner of the new psychiatric center had high hopes for the institution, it ended up functioning as a torture chamber more than a hospital.

Inside abandoned St Albans Sanatorium, Radford, Virginia

With a staff to patient ratio of 48 to 6,509, the patients certainly did not receive proper attention for their ailments. Not to mention, psychiatric medicine at that time resembled torture more than treatment. Doctors would cut open patients’ skulls and shock them into a stupor with electroshock therapy. Insulin-induced comas and lobotomies left patients brain dead… or in some cases, actually dead.

One particular room had an especially high concentration of suffering. Here, patients would receive hydrotherapy treatment that, according to today’s standards, would have had the place shut down. Some doctors would wrap patients in freezing cold towels while others would strap people down in steaming water vats, where they remained confined for days. They would also blast patients with fire hoses. No wonder this room became known as the Suicide Bathroom. Apparently, at least four people killed themselves in this room.

The building shut down in 2003 before one of its former patients purchased the property. Today, the current owner runs haunted attractions within the former sanatorium including an annual Halloween haunted house. However, not all of the ghost sightings in this building result from the staged haunted attractions.

It seems the unfortunate souls who received brutal mistreatment here in life remain trapped in the building in death. Most visitors immediately experience the feeling of depression and unease when inside the building. Others report seeing the spirit of two young females roaming the basement.

Paranormal investigators often come to St. Albans including from TV shows like SyFy’s Haunted Collector, The RIP Files, and Travel Channel’s The Dead Files. During an investigation, a woman felt the icy grip of a ghost’s hand in the Suicide Bathroom. Another team caught the video of a shadow moving down a staircase.

Do the tortured spirits continue to haunt the hallways of St. Albans Sanatorium? Those who dare can visit the former insane asylum and find out for themselves.

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I would like to give my thoughts regarding the reputation that St. Albans Sanitorium has when it comes to the volunteers and also the Haunted House they do.

First off you have to consider that these volunteers are what they are, “volunteers”! Second the fact also comes what these volunteers have to deal with. Doing hours of 6p to midnight or later. On average Fridays and Saturdays with little more than bottled water, a Grab Bag for snacks, then there is also the fact of maybe a hot dog and cough drops, that’s it! And if you factor the average in two days of 600 to 800 people 20.00 per ticket. That’s about 24,000.00 to 32,000.00. Plus the building is owned by the Hagan Family, which is the same ones that own Matt Hagan Outfitters and the Hemp store at New River Valley mall. So if you consider all that? That’s money from the Haunted House suppose to go to restoration, repairs, and finally paranormal investigations. So yeah, a lot of intriguing questions to be raised. Plus in volunteering the upper staff including Andrea and Trena love to gossip. So I’d reconsider when volunteering.

Just giving a heads up. Peace.

' src=

Yes my name is jessica …I am the granddaughter of a former employee of St. Albans. My grandmother Mary F Wilson worked for St. Albans for 42 years til she retired ..she worked in the old building and the new one built onto the hospital…me and brother both atteneded the Day Care Facilities that was provided to the employees. I have been the old building numours times with my grandmother …I attended christmas parties in Gina Hall and company picincs . I can remember my grandmother telling me bout the elderly man in the Navy blue suit…and her hearing lil kids playing …she worked on the 2nd floor…she also told me she wouldnt go in the boiler room and third floor alone.

' src=

Seriously… there are so many errors in this story. Starting with, it’s not in west Va.. it’s Radford, Virginia. My mother, grandmother, and both in-laws worked there. I was there as a child a lot, due to my family trading us off at night for child care. My father in-law was there until they closed the doors and relocated. It’s was a little creepy when I was a child to go there, but it was a nice clean place at the time. It looks like a haunted “crap” hole now, because of all the vandalism through the years. The staff was like a big family and those I meet, were good people.

' src=

Thanks for your comment but is Radford not in the western part of Virigina? What were the other errors?

' src=

[email protected] can you send me those files please.

' src=

If I remember correctly the Rhine Research Center is at Duke University. I would love more info on this as I have watched the TWC when they were at St. Albans. No way I would go in there as a haunted house. Too many demons there for me. Even though the things done to mentally ill and TB patients in those times seem so barbaric to us now, we should realize most of the Doctors were trying to do anything they could think of to help and cure these people. Of course there were some Doctors who were evil, but evil will always exist as long as men exist. Thank-you for any info you could send me on this subject.

' src=

Dear R. Wiseman, I cannot not send the documents and case/files on Shadow Eyes threw this page. However feel free to email us for information. Keep in mind there are only two of us Doctors left alive to day who had hands on Shadow Eyes in 1955, I am in my 90s now, so don’t wait to long. After my death, all of our 61 years of research and case/files on Shadow Eyes will be sent to the Rhine research Center in NC. Once they get them, they will never make their way to the public’s eyes.

Dr. Mason D. Perry [email protected]

also [email protected] [email protected]

' src=

Would love to see these documents as well. I’m with a paranormal group that loves St. Albans, and we are also going back to Waverly Hills in 2017. Any help you could give me would be invaluable. Thanks so much!

' src=

We would like to get a hold of the documents on “Shadow eyes” or anything on folks that were detained at the St. Albans Sanatorium

Hello guy’s,,, I need you email, my files will not go threw here. You will want to read these files, that were recently recovered, about a boy named Richard Rollins,alias (Shadow Eyes) who was locked up in the St Albans Sanatorium for 30 hours on September 2nd 1967 trust me. It will be St Albans Sanatoriums ticket to fame, and the money to get it refurbished, just like the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is doing, after the paranormal world found out Richard was locked up in there for a full week of terror. The Internet is exploding with these new found manuscripts of paranormal writers, and researchers, Ivan L. Sanders, John Keels, and Gray Barkers,, lost Shadow Eyes manuscripts.

Word is M.Night Shyamalan, and Steven King, are battling it out, over the copyrights to the manuscripts and books.

And one of the books is about the 30 hours that Shadow Eyes stayed inside the St Albans Sanatorium for boys. Both books, are going to be turned into a movie in 2018 Good day

St. Albans Sanatorium haunted attraction opens Friday

RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - St. Alban’s Sanatorium is excited to welcome people back for another year of scares.

The haunted attraction begins the 2023 season Friday night. It’s open Fridays and Saturdays through October.

This year’s theme is “Slayhouse Crazed Circus.”

Tickets are available online or at the sanitorium.

“We’re doing a little bit of our 2019 Slay house, and then we kind of put a twist on it this year, Crazed Circus, so we’ve got a little magic show freak show, circus-type carnival thing going on inside,” volunteer Andrea Simpkins said.

Depending on the group, it’s expected to take about 20 minutes to go through the attraction.

Copyright 2023 WDBJ. All rights reserved.

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haunted house radford virginia

Posted on August 15, 2017

Haunted mansion, also known as Ingles’s Castle, haunted by “The Lady in the Mirror.”

La Riviere , located in Radford, Virginia is known by locals as Ingles’s Castle. It was constructed in 1892 by the great-grandson of Mary Draper Ingles. Mary Draper Ingles was briefly mentioned in our post on St. Albans Sanatorium. The asylum first operated as a Lutheran Boys School, before being transformed into a hospital for the mentally ill. The field of psychiatry was still in development at the time, so many of the procedures conducted at St. Albans Sanatorium really tortured patients rather than treated them. Some died after being put into insulin-induced comas, while others perished due to lobotomies gone wrong. In what is now known as the “Suicide Bathroom,” patients endured intense hydrotherapy sessions, during which they were mummified in icy cold towels and confined for days in tubs of water.

It is no wonder, then, that St. Albans Sanatorium is rumored to be haunted by numerous ghosts. Paranormal investigations which have been held in the asylum’s basement, for instance, have turned up both video and audio evidence of supernatural activity. In the basement’s “Bowling Alley,” people have seen the spirits of “Allie” (said to be a patient’s daughter) and Gina Renee Hall (a woman who was murdered in 1980, near the hospital.)

Before the asylum was built, the region was the home to several Native American tribes, including the Powhatan, the Shawnee and the Cherokee. In the year of 1748, a family of Irish immigrants, led by George and Eleanor Hardin Draper, moved into area and established a small outpost for pioneers along the banks of Stroubles Creek. A mix of migrants would soon call Draper’s Meadow their home.

Mary Draper married William Ingles in the summer of 1750. William Ingles was also of Irish descent. The couple had two sons, Thomas and George, in 1755. That same year, a group of Shawnee Indians raided Draper’s Meadow, and Mary Drapers Ingles was among those taken captive and held for ransom by the Indians. She and her two sons were taken to the Shawnee village of Sonnontio in Ohio. Although Mary was able to eventually escape, her forty three-day journey back home was very dangerous and filled with sorrow. She had to abandon her baby, for example, and was attacked by her fellow escapee (a crazed German woman), who attempted to eat her.

After the terrible Shawnee raid, Draper’s Meadow was abandoned. Mary was fortunately reunited with her husband, and her long, grueling journey from captivity back to Virginia has inspired several books, plays and television shows.

“ La Riviere was built by William “Captain Billy” Ingles for his wife Minnie M. Snow, but burned down the day they were scheduled to move in.”1 It was promptly restored one year later. Minnie M. Snow was the niece of Asiel Sow, who was the founder of the small mill village known as Snowville. William, born on February 16, 1846, was a railroad engineer and local businessman. He also served as a Confederate officer during the Civil War. He reported to General William E. Jones and later Bradley T. Johnson. A shroud military leader, “Captain Billy” led several successful raids and skirmishes against the acclaimed Union general Philip Henry Sheridan. General Sheridan, also known as “Fightin’ Phil,” hailed from Albany and began his military career as a student at West Point. During the Civil War, he was first assigned to join the 13th U.S. Infantry but rose quickly in the ranks. He is probably best remembered for forcing General Robert E. Lee to surrender at Appomattox. The Battle of Appomattox Court House was one of the last engagements during the War Between the States. The Union army’s decisive victory at Appotmattox signaled that the war would finally end soon.

The beautiful, two-storied castle of La Riviere can be found on 5 Ingles Street, right next to the New River. It operates today as an event space, playing host to galas and fundraisers. It is a fantastic example of the Queen Anne architectural style. La Riviere stands on a level terrace and is surrounded by hay fields and wood lots. Its limestone foundation is topped by beveled brownstone, and its exterior woodwork is painted a dark forest green. One of its most remarkable exterior features is a white, hip-roofed porch that leads off into an open-air vestibule.

The beautiful La Riviere Castle

Inside, La Riviere has ten rooms – all with wooden floors, some decorated with period carpeting. Let’s start with what lies on the first floor. The front hall has a magnificent Dutch door, dark oak panels, a fireplace and stained glass windows. The library, located on the southern end of the hall, has a mantel graced by a lovely silver-backed mirror. As for the parlor, it too has a fireplace and an over-mantel mirror. It retains its original burlap wallcovering. Then, there is the large dining room – ideal for hosting dinners, as its tables are arranged in buffet style. A two-way swinging door leads off into the pantry and kitchen, which has since been equipped with modern countertops and utilities.

On the second floor of the mansion, there are several impressive bedrooms and what was once William Ingles’s old office. A small flight of stairs leads up to the attic, which itself has two levels. One of the attic’s rooms is believed to have been where the servants lived, before the 1920s.

Outside La Riviere, there is a cook’s house, an ice house and the remnants of an ancient chimney. The raised drive which approaches the castle is hugged on both sides by a low stone wall. Meanwhile, the walkway which leads to La Riviere’s main entrance is flanked by limestone gate pillars.

Back in the days of the Ingles family, La Riviere “ boasted silver doorknobs and cherry woodwork. ”2 Thanks to his background in construction and design, William Ingles made sure that his castle was well furnished and fortified. He also became quite involved with other architectural projects around Radford, as the city was experiencing substantial growth at the time. He helped build the Presbyterian Church of Radford, for example, and sold off much of his property to the Radford Land and Improvement Company. In the year of 1890, he also helped found the Radford and Little River Railroad Company and the Radford School of Mines.

William and Minnie had no children, so invited two relatives to live with them. Anne McClanahan Bass (fondly referred to as “Aunt Nannie”) was a loving eighty-four year old woman, and Fannie Booker was a fifty-year old dressmaker. For a brief period of time, a young doctor named William Fuqua and his wife Virginia also stayed with the Ingles couple at the castle as houseguests. Otherwise, La Riviere was occupied by house servants and their children. A cook named Annie Meadow Casey was hired in the early 1900s, and she lived in the cook’s house.

When William “Capitan Billy” Ingles passed away in 1920, La Riviere was given to his wife. Upon Minne’s passing in 1926, the property was then handed down to their nephew – William Ingles Jr. Junior was the son of William “Captain Billy” Ingles’s twin brother, and also an active member of the Radford business community.

Indeed, the lavish La Riviere castle was built to accommodate many people. But behind all of its grandeur and rich history lies plenty of supernatural activity. Several visitors of La Riviere have reported of unexplainable occurrences. The castle is especially famous for being haunted by a woman referred to as “The Lady in the Mirror.” Some believe that “The Lady in the Mirror” is the ghost of Anne McClanahan Bass. According to local lore, old “Aunt Nannie” passed by the library’s mirror one day when a bolt of lightning struck outside. “ Her image seared into the mirror and can still be seen today.”3

Although Anne McClanahan Bass died in Christiansburg, some say that her spirit still continues to visit La Riviere. Her presence has been felt by multiple guests. So make sure you stop by the castle and take a picture of yourself with “Aunt Nannie” in the mirror!

Works Cited

1. Stock, Anna. “8 Fantastically Creepy Ghost Stories in Virginia That Will Keep You Up At Night.” Only in Your State. 24 April 2015. Web. 18 September 2016. Para 4.

2. United States Department of the Interior – National Park Service. “National Register of Historic Places: La Riviere (William Ingles House.)” 16 August 1994. Web. 19 September 2016. Page 11.

3. Stock, Anna. “8 Fantastically Creepy Ghost Stories in Virginia That Will Keep You Up At Night.” Only in Your State. 24 April 2015. Web. 18 September 2016. Para 4.

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What Happened At This Abandoned Sanatorium In Virginia Will Leave You With Chills

haunted house radford virginia

Anna Strock

Virginia staff writer for Only in Your State, freelance writer and journalist. Even though Anna has lived other places, somehow Virginia is where she always seems to land.

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haunted house radford virginia

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haunted house radford virginia

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Haunted Diary

St. Albans Sanatorium – Radford Virginia

St. Albans Sanatorium


Enter the haunting world of St. Albans Sanatorium , an eerie asylum concealed amid the chilling forests of Radford, Virginia . Step back in time, where chilling secrets are whispered by the past, and the spirits of the disturbed still roam. Brace yourself for a journey into darkness, where reality and the ethereal intertwine in this forsaken place of despair and horror.

St. Albans Sanatorium

St. Albans Sanatorium has a haunting history that echoes through the ages. Originally established in 1892 , this imposing institution began as a serene sanctuary for the treatment of the mentally ill. Dr. John C. King , a pioneer in psychiatric care, envisioned it as a place of hope and healing.

Once a stately Lutheran boys school , the building turned into a nightmare of bullying and despair, tragically leading to student suicides. In 1916, it was reborn as St. Albans , a psychiatric infirmary with grand promises of a better asylum experience—featuring a rooftop garden, bowling alley, and even a small farm. The haunting history of this forsaken place lingers, beckoning the brave to explore its chilling past.

The asylum’s dark descent continued during the 1920s , when reports of patient neglect and abuse escalated. In the following decades, the institution struggled to maintain its purpose amid mounting controversy. By the 1950s , advancements in psychiatric medicine led to a shift in treatment methods, and the doors of St. Albans Sanatorium were closed in 2001 .

However, the story doesn’t end there. In the aftermath of its closure, paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters flocked to the abandoned facility, drawn by the rumors of unexplained phenomena and restless spirits. Numerous chilling encounters have been reported within its dilapidated walls, solidifying St. Albans’ status as a hotbed of supernatural activity.

Haunting Legends and Supernatural Phenomena

Prepare for a bone-chilling encounter with the other side as we delve into the hair-raising Paranormal Activity at St. Albans Sanatorium . From ghostly apparitions and disembodied voices to unexplained touches and eerie shadows, this forsaken asylum is a hotbed for the supernatural. Brace yourself for an immersive experience like no other, where the line between the living and the dead blurs, and the spirits of the past still roam. Are you ready to confront the restless souls that linger in the shadows of this notorious institution?

Ghostly Full Body Apparitions

St. Albans Sanatorium , a forsaken asylum steeped in history, has become a breeding ground for chilling tales of the paranormal. The evidence is overwhelming—full body apparitions captured on film within the old alcoholics’ ward, disembodied conversations, screams, and phantom footsteps haunting tourists and seasoned ghost hunters alike.

Brave souls have witnessed objects moving on their own and experienced inexplicable pushes from unseen forces. The asylum’s maze-like layout ensnares visitors, turning explorations into harrowing and treacherous journeys.

Suicide Bathroom

St. Albans Sanatorium conceals a haunting legend within its most active rooms, once devoted to dreadful hydrotherapies. These treatments were anything but soothing, subjecting patients to icy mummification or scalding water vats, where they endured days of immobilizing torment. Others faced the dreadful blast of water from a relentless fire hose, sealing their tragic fate.

Within the asylum’s walls, a dreaded chamber now bears the name of the “Suicide Bathroom” , a place of darkness and despair. The tormented souls of those who suffered here still linger, their restless spirits forever bound to this cursed space.

St. Albans Sanatorium - Suicide Bathroom

Paranormal Evidence – Ghostly Touch

In 2013, the intrepid team of Black Raven Paranormal sought a new enthralling case and ventured into the depths of St. Albans Sanatorium . Their chilling investigation led them to the small bathroom within the women’s ward, infamous as the “Suicide Room” . Here, the paranormal energies were palpable, and one brave team member experienced an undeniable touch from the otherworldly.

Whispers of the past echoed in the air, hinting at the tragic stories of the souls rumored to have taken their own lives within the eerie laboratory. Was it the ghostly presence of one of these tormented spirits that reached out to the courageous investigator?

Popular Culture and Media Coverage

Step into the eerie allure of St. Albans Sanatorium , a haunting landmark celebrated in TV shows like “ Spectral Enigmas: Unraveling Haunted Asylums ” and spine-chilling documentaries. Its ghostly tales and hair-raising encounters have captured the imagination of investigators and thrill-seekers alike.

In the realm of literature, books like “ Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums: Inside Abandoned Institutions for the Crazy, Criminal & Quarantined ” by Jamie Davis Whitmer and “ The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium ” by Pat Bussard O’Keefe reveal the sinister stories surrounding this asylum’s spectral history.

Today, this enigmatic asylum beckons history aficionados and paranormal enthusiasts, drawn by its mysterious presence in popular culture. Prepare for an immersive experience into the chilling echoes of the past as you step into the haunting and spectral ambiance of St. Albans Sanatorium .

As the sun sets on St. Albans Sanatorium , the chilling echoes of its tormented past remain. The somber walls bear witness to unspeakable tragedies, and the spirits that linger may never find peace. Prepare to leave with a shiver down your spine, knowing that some scars of history are too haunting to fade. St. Albans stands as a haunting reminder that the terrors of the past can cast an eternal shadow over the present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is St. Albans Sanatorium located? A: St. Albans Sanatorium located in Radford, Virginia , United States.

Q: Is St. Albans Sanatorium really haunted?

A: Absolutely! St. Albans has gained a notorious reputation as a hotbed for paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported ghostly apparitions, unexplained sounds, and chilling encounters with the other side.

Q: What is the story behind the “Suicide Bathroom”?

A: The “Suicide Bathroom” is a small room located in the women’s ward, where four people are rumored to have taken their own lives. Visitors have reported feeling an eerie presence in this area, making it one of the most haunted spots in the asylum.

Q: Has any paranormal investigation team explored St. Albans?

A: Yes, renowned teams like Black Raven Paranormal have ventured into the asylum to seek out its chilling mysteries. They experienced unexplained phenomena, including touching from unseen forces.

Q: Can visitors explore St. Albans on their own?

A: Unfortunately, the asylum is closed to the public due to safety concerns. However, guided ghost tours are occasionally offered, providing a spine-tingling experience within its haunted confines.

Q: Are there any recorded encounters with full-body apparitions?

A: Yes, numerous ghost hunters and visitors claim to have captured full-body apparitions on camera, especially within the old alcoholics’ ward and other active paranormal hotspots.

Q: How dangerous is it to explore the hospital’s maze-like layout?

A: The asylum’s labyrinthine configuration can indeed be perilous for those unaccustomed to its dark corners and narrow passages. Visitors are advised to remain cautious and stay with their group during guided tours.

Q: Are there any ghost stories mentioned in literature about St. Albans Sanatorium?

A: Yes, books like “Shadows of the Insane: Unearthing the Horrors of St. Albans” by Sarah Thompson and “Echoes from the Abandoned: Haunting Memories of St. Albans Sanatorium” by Mark Johnson recount chilling ghostly encounters and legends surrounding the asylum.

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haunted house radford virginia

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haunted house radford virginia

Venture through this truly haunted landmark in Radford and meet some monsters along the way!

haunted house radford virginia

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Alleghany County Courthouse

Sparta, north carolina.

Built in 1933, the historic courthouse was constructed to replace the original edifice which was destroyed by the 'Big Fire of 1932'. Visitors to the building nowadays have reported hearing disembodied footsteps on the staircase and the unexplained sound of whistling near the decommissioned prison cells. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Soldiers Memorial Theatre

Beckley, west virginia.

Built 1931-32, the theater is believed to lie near a Civil War-era cemetery, although this fact doesn't seem to have to do with the hauntings here. Witnesses say they've seen an apparition of a man in his 60s wearing 1930s clothes. Also, ghosts and sounds of children playing have been ...

Avenel Plantation

Bedford, virginia.

Built around 1838 by William M. Burwell and his wife Frances Steptoe, the historic home eventually, in 1985, was purchased by the Avenel Foundation, a non-profit organization known to restore and preserve historic Avenel. A ghostly Lady in White has been seen walking on the grounds and in the halls, ...

haunted house radford virginia

Abijah Thomas House - Octagon House

Marion, virginia.

The Abijah Thomas House, aka the Octagon House, is a historic octagon house and private residence originally built in 1856. Its outer walls are bricks made by slaves on the property. Witnesses say the house is haunted, especially in the "dark room" or storage room. Apparitions of shackled, abused slaves ...

Aspenvale Cemetery

Aspenvale Cemetery is the burial site of several Revolutionary War heroes such as Gen. William Campbell, famous for the Battle of King's Mountain, and his wife Elizabeth, sister of Patrick Henry. Witnesses say the strange anomalies happen here along with an odd feeling that there is something unseen around. Orbs ...

The Natural Bridge Hotel

Natural bridge, virginia.

Legend has it that a former owner went mad and killed his wife and children in the hotel. Some say the apparitions of various members of the family have been seen around the grounds in the night.

haunted house radford virginia

Museum of Ashe County History

Jefferson, north carolina.

It is reported that in 2010 a summer intern here witnessed a ghost. Working alone on the first floor, the intern heard a phone ring on the floor above, and then heard footsteps walking across the floor toward the sound, presumably to answer it.

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

Radford, west virginia.

The Droop Mountain Battlefield was the site of an 1863 battle. Folks have reported soldiers' apparitions, some headless, in the fog that comes rolling over the mountain.

haunted house radford virginia

Old Ashe County Hospital

The 1939 building was a hospital until 1969 when it turned into a county office building. Reports say it is currently up for sale. Paranormal investigators have heard unexplained shouts and the elevator dinging, even though there was no electricity in the building.

haunted house radford virginia

Nickerson Snead Haunted Mansion

Glade spring, virginia.

Welcome to The Haunted Mansion VA. We are a seasonal haunted house attraction presented by The Nickerson Snead House Museum in Glade Spring, VA. This haunted house attraction is unique because it is set up in an authentic haunted house. There are over 200 years of spirits haunting the the ...

Emory and Henry College

Meadowview, virginia.

Founded in 1836, the historic Emory and Henry College is believed to be haunted. A hanging lamp outside the Music Hall is said to swing by itself, stemming from a heated debate in which a man was pushed out the third story window. He grabbed the lamp and hung from ...

haunted house radford virginia

Brookstown Inn

Winston-salem, north carolina.

It is said that for the past two or three decades, guests in many of the rooms here have been awakened by the sound of a female voice calling their name repeatedly or saying "Mercy!" over and over again.

Hawks Nest State Park

Ansted, west virginia.

The site of the famouse cliff Lovers' Leap, this park has a long history of being haunted. Its legend tells of 1800s lovers who leapt off the cliff. Some say the pair were Native Americans, others say they were pioneers. In some tales the girl became dizzy and fell, and ...

haunted house radford virginia

Salem College

Salem College began in 1772 as a primary school, then a high school and now a college. It is the oldest women's college in the Southern U.S., and it has the abundance of haunts fitting to such an old institution. For example, the Clewell Dorm is haunted by a little ...

Danville Museum - Sutherlin Mansion

Danville, virginia.

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History, located inside the Sutherlin Mansion (originally built for William T. Sutherlin in 1859), has been called the "Last Capitol of the Confederacy." It was here that Jefferson Davis spent long hours staring out the parlor window after he heard the news of ...

Lanier House

The Lanier House, the oldest documented residence in the city, was built in 1830 by Danville's first mayor, Captain James Lanier. Although the structure now holds law offices, it has been the office of the city's first pediatrician as well as a private residence. It is said to be haunted; ...

Virginia Military Institute

Lexington, virginia.

Virginia Military Institute, which originally opened in 1839 and has boasted famous professors of the likes of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including an apparition of a hanged man. Jackson’s possessions and the skeleton of his horse are displayed in the chapel. Students have ...

Glen Ferris Inn

Glen ferris, west virginia.

The 1839 inn is thought to be haunted by a ghost of a Confederate soldier with a long beard, nicknamed The Colonel. He is a friendly and playful ghost, known to close doors behind people, make the birdbath water bubbly and frothy, and walk around with audible footsteps. His apparition ...

Southern Virginia University

Buena vista, virginia.

The former Southern Virginia College, now Southern Virginia University, is said to be haunted by a young boy who rides his bicycle up and down the hallway of the fourth floor od a woman's dormitory carrying a red balloon. Some also say his mother's ghost haunts the third floor, looking ...

Randolph College

Lynchburg, virginia.

Randolph College, founded in 1891 as Randolph-Macon's Woman's College, is said to be haunted. One haunted spot is Mary's Garden, named after Mary Stokes. Student legend says if you stray from the path and cross the garden, you will never graduate or never marry. Another story tells of a student ...

Guilford College

Greensboro, north carolina.

Guilford College is said to have haunts in its 1961 Dana Auditorium. The building is said to stand on the site of a makeshift Civil War hospital where many soldiers died. The oldest ghost in residence is Lucas, a soldier who tends to appear at 2 a.m. in the Moon ...

haunted house radford virginia

Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast

Mountain city, tennessee.

This 1889 house-turned-inn may be home to a few ghosts, which manifest in odd ways. The owners have said the way to tell when a ghost is around is by phantom smells, usually of perfume or peanut butter cookies.

Abingdon, Virginia

The Tavern restaurant was originally built in 1779. Is is said to be the a hot spot for the spirit set, including a ghost nicknamed "The Tavern Tart," reported to be a prostitute who was murdered a client. Witnesses say she is known to pinch or grab men on the ...

haunted house radford virginia

Barter Theatre

Built in 1831 as Sinking Springs Presbyterian Church, the building has also been used as a town hall and a fire hall, which meant that even when it became Barter Theatre, the fire alarm remained on the building, and when the sirens went off during a performance, the actors had ...

haunted house radford virginia

Martha Washington Inn

At this 1832 inn built by War of 1812 hero General Francis Preston as a home for his family of nine children, a ghostly young woman roams the place. She is reportedly looking for her lover. Also, witnesses say that no matter how many times the carpets are replaced, blood ...

haunted house radford virginia

Carolina Theatre

In 1981 a fire broke out in the Carolina Theatre while it was closed and killed a woman. As the woman was not supposed to have been there at the time, it is believed she deliberately set the fire that killed her. People now claim that her ghost ...

Lydia's Bridge

Jamestown, north carolina.

This bridge outside of Greensboro is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. Lydia was headed home from a dance in the early 1920s, and as her story goes, her date lost control of the car. He was kileld instantly, but she, badly injured, died on the roadside while ...

Sweet Briar College

Amherst, virginia.

Sweet Briar College was founded in 1901, and since then has accumulated several ghosts. The college was founded by Indiana Fletcher Williams in memory of her daughter Daisy, who died in 1884 at age 16. "Miss Indie" died in 1900, but her ghost is said to make itself known throughout ...

High Point City Hall

High point, north carolina.

During "active hours" in city hall, there is not much activity that is reported. But at night, shift workers inside the building, which is secured, have experienced multiple occasions of paranormal activity. The various types of accounts have been listed below and further investigation is on going by ...

Appalachian State University - East Hall

Boone, north carolina.

At Appalachian State University's East Hall dorm, students will tell of strange footsteps, whispers, lights that suddenly turn off, and a feeling of something unseen brushing against you. The third-floor girls' bathroom is haunted by a male ghost, and the apparition of a girl in white has been seen in ...

Glidewells - Tijuana Flat's

Blowing rock, north carolina.

Glidewells was once a Tijuana Flat's. The Mexican eatery partially burned down, and a little girl perished in the blaze. Since the restaurant was rebuilt, the little girl's ghostly voice was occasionally heard in the building.

haunted house radford virginia

Green Park Inn

Lenoir, north carolina.

This 1880s inn is said to have a haunt on its third floor. Witnesses say the ghost of a woman who died here in recent years has been seen walking through the third-floor hallways.

Elon University

Elon, north carolina.

Elon University is said to be haunted by Mary, who resides in the West Dormitory and is known for talking to students while they're sleeping. Mary also is blamed for swinging light fixtures, footsteps, electrical anomalies, apparitions, and shattering mirrors. According to campus legend, Mary died in the Jan. 18, ...

haunted house radford virginia

Lees-McRae College - Tate Dorm

Banner elk, north carolina.

Lees-McRae College, specifically Tate Dorm, has a ghost called Emily. According to reports, 12-year-old Emily Draughn died of tuberculosis in the 1930s inside Tate Dorm, which was then Grace Memorial Hospital. Witnesses say Emily plays pranks like turning electrical things on and off or causing phones to ring. She has ...

West Virginia State Capitol

Charleston, west virginia.

The 1930s Capitol building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman as well as the spirit of a maintenance man who perished of a heart attack on the job. Some believe the 2 ghosts actually died in a 1921 fire; others dispute that claim.

Empty Glass Cafe

The café and bar is haunted by a former bartender who died in a car crash. He has been known to change the jukebox music and has been seen walking through the bar area by patrons before vanishing. Staff have also encountered another entity on the second floor who slams ...

The Empty Glass

The haunt at this bar is rumored to be a former bartender who was killed in a car accident. Witnesses say the ghost plays pranks on both employees and bar patrons, such as playing his favorite songs on the jukebox. One report says that when the jukebox came on by ...

Capitol Plaza Theatre

The ghost of John Welch and his daughter Molly are said to haunt the theater. Welch was the owner of a mansion that stood on the property in the 1830s to 1860s, before it was torn down to build the theater. Molly died of pneumonia at age 8, and her ...

Brown Mountain Lights

It is said that the ghostly orbs that come out of the mountains are the spirits of Cherokee Indian maidens searching for their lost loves. The ghost lights are reported to date back to the 1200, when a big battle claimed the lives of many Indian warriors. The area also ...

Hickory, North Carolina

The 1859 Cafe was believed to be haunted by the friendly ghost of a blonde woman in a long white dress. Actually built in 1859 as a home and a general store, the house was the setting for apparitions that appeared in the bathroom mirror or in photographs, and flickering ...

haunted house radford virginia

Belle Grae Inn - Ubon Thai Victorian Inn

Staunton, virginia.

This inn is haunted by Mrs. Bagsby, a spirit who has resided here since the 1800s. Mrs. Bagsby unlocks doors and plays other tricks; it is said that she has been known to cause the inn's hot water supply to bypass the room of a guest that she doesn't like. ...

Thornrose House

This historic home now operates as a bed and breakfast called "Thornrose House". The B&B has a room called "Caroline's Room" which allegedly has been a hot-spot for ghostly apparitions. The bed and breakfast is under new management as of Spring 2014.

Hurricane Creek Rd

Hurricane, west virginia.

A woman and a small child in out of style clothes have been seen, before vanishing. Not much is known about them. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

haunted house radford virginia

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5 Unbelievably Creepy Haunted Locations in Virginia to Terrify You

Take a chilling journey through the American South.

haunted places in virginia bacon's castle

  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

 Few places in the United States have as bloody a history as Virginia. As can be expected, the state's tragic past has resulted in quite a few hauntings . Whether you're a vacationer looking for a paranormal roadmap or a local looking to explore your area's dark side, there are plenty of terrors in store. Here are five of the most haunted places in Virginia.

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St. Albans Sanatorium (Radford, Virginia)

st. albans sanatorim

  • Photo Credit: St. Albans Sanatorium official Facebook

What could be more terrifying than a haunted insane asylum ? An insane asylum whose dark history begins before the institution was even constructed. In 1755, on the plot of land on which the asylum stands, colonists in Draper's Meadow were brutally slaughtered by a group of Shawnee Indians. Those who weren't murdered were held hostage and forced to witness the gruesome ends of their friends and family. Some accounts reference scalping and the murder of an infant.

As many locales in Virginia are, this site was also home to a bloody Civil War battle, explaining why some visitors today claim to hear rifle shots and smell lingering gun smoke.

Though St. Albans Sanatorium was erected in 1892, it didn't start out as an insane asylum—it was first a Lutheran boys' school. There were very high expectations for the students here, and as the pressure mounted, rampant bullying was not only condoned but apparently encouraged. As such, murder and suicide alike were frequent occurrences on campus.

These Innovative Haunted House Books Will Disorient and Disturb You

The school closed in 1911, only to be reopened in 1916 as a psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately, the treatment methods of the time were as traumatic as they were ineffective. Insulin-induced comas and lobotomies left patients brains dead or actually dead. Electroconvulsive therapy was also employed, which led to patients with memory loss and seizures.

Some of the building's hotspots include the "Suicide Bathroom," the hydrotherapy room where many chose to escape by killing themselves, and "The Bowling Alley," a basement area haunted by the murdered Gina Renee Hall, and the young daughter, "Allie," of one of the mental patients.

Those who visit St. Albans Sanatorium have witnessed full-body apparitions, disembodied voices and screams, mysterious footsteps, objects movie on their own, and invisible forces pushing and shoving people.

Haunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands

Haunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands

By Joe Tennis

The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum (Gordonsville, Virginia)

exchange museum

  • Photo Credit:

The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum first opened in 1859 as a popular hotel for train passengers. Things changed in 1862, however, when it was converted into a Civil War receiving hospital. While more than 23,000 sick or injured soldiers passed through the building, roughly 700 were buried on the property.

After becoming an educational facility for freed slaves and eventually a private housing complex, the property was turned into a museum in 1971. This museum claims to have roughly 80 recorded paranormal events, including the ghostly apparition of a little boy who supposedly worked at the hospital before committing suicide.

You'll see more than just Civil War ghosts in this historic building, however. Before the hotel was opened, a bustling tavern once operated on this land, before it burned to the ground, killing some of the rowdy drinkers inside.

Inside the museum, it is not unusual to see doors closing on their own or strange orbs materializing in rooms. Some have reported screaming and agonized moaning, or spectral nurses wandering the halls. One of the most famous ghosts of the museum is Anna, a slave and close friend to Margaret Crank, the wife of one of the hotel's early owners. Ghost hunters can often find her cooking in the Summer Kitchen.

9 Weird and Scary Museums You Can Actually Visit—If You Dare

Haunted Virginia Beach

Haunted Virginia Beach

By Alpheus J. Chewning

Ferry Plantation House (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

ferry plantation house

  • Photo Credit: Alchetron

The Ferry Plantation has an incredibly interesting—and deadly— history. The first inhabitants of this area were the Chesepian Indians, who are believed to have been slaughtered by the Powhatan in the early 17th century. While artifacts of this time linger behind, so too does the tumultuous energy of those slain.

Because of the useful natural system of creeks and tributaries, the area also brought in wealthy colonists. As was the unfortunate case at the time, the land at Ferry Farm was turned into a plantation—one built from the remains of the buildings that came before it, including a Princess Anne Courthouse, Andrew Walke's tavern, and the Walke family mansion, which burned to the ground.

It is said that Ferry Farm is home to 11 ghosts, and your best bet at encountering one would be to pay a visit to the southeast wing. Among the specters is the ghost of Henry, a slave whose spirit lingers behind in search of vengeance. Perhaps you'll hear the mourning wails of Sally Rebecca Walke, who's heartbroken over her lover's death. Witness The Lady in White reliving her death as she tumbles down the stairs to break her neck. If you're lucky, on a full moon you might even run into the sopping wet spirit of the Witch of Pungo, Grace Sherwood, who was a beautiful herbalist accused of consorting with the devil .

6 Obscure Haunted Locations That Will Creep You Out

Boxwood Inn Bed & Breakfast (Newport News, Virginia)

boxwood inn

  • Photo Credit: Historic Boxwood Inn official Facebook

Though the Boxwood Inn is now a quaint bed and breakfast, it used to play host to Civil War soldiers, like the legendary John J. "Blackjack" Pershing. The rooms for rent have maintained a colonial atmosphere, though the ghosts that linger behind certainly contribute to the building's historical charm. But don't worry, the spirits at the Boxwood Inn are strictly friendly.

One benevolent spirit is Nannie Curtis, the wife of the business man who built the house. Nannie is known for helping the staff and guests that stay in the B&B, even if she tends to wake them up early in the morning with a knock on the door.

Guests may also hear soft whispers—perhaps from Confederates like Major General John B. Magruder and General Joseph E. Johnston plotting the downfall of the Union Army.

Some tourists have reported seeing the ghost of an old man hobbling by with a cane. In fact, some believe there may be as many as seven ghosts haunting the property!

14 Most Haunted B&Bs in America

Bacon’s Castle (Surry, Virginia)

Bacon's Castle

Bacon's Castle is a breathtaking mansion—the only surviving high Jacobean structure.  But despite being an architectural and historical wonder, it is also brimming with paranormal activity.

In 1655, Arthur Allen bought 2,000 acres in Surry County and constructed an incredible mansion with surrounding walkways and outbuildings. His son, Major Arthur Allen, inherited the building after his father's death in 1669, and upgraded the property so that he could live in the highest luxury available at the time. This change included one of America's first pleasure gardens, full of beautiful Snapdragons, Larkspur, and Elecampane.

In 1676, a man named Nathaniel Bacon would challenge Governor William Berkeley, inciting t he infamous Bacon’s Rebellion, which resulted in the siege and burning of Jamestown. Allen's castle happened to fall in the path of this merciless destruction.

In Bacon's Castle,  ghosts have been known to rock chairs, toss around books, and close doors, as well as shove visitors. Guests have reported loud, popping sounds like gunfire, the clomping of footsteps, and despaired moaning. On some terrifying occasions, the floating head of a slave woman has been seen on the estate.

In the fall of 1675, a comet soared through the sky. In colonial times, such a cosmic even foreshadowed tragedy . Perhaps this one warned of Bacon's rebellion, as a comet in 1644 warned of a brutal Indian raid. Another comet foretold the death of a young woman who snuck out to meet the secret lover she was forbidden from being with. The girl's dress caught fire from the candle used to light her way, but it is said it is her longing love letter etched into one of the castle's windows.

Those who stay at Bacon's Castle report spectral fireballs tearing down the stairs and rising from the graves in the nearby cemetery.

11 Most Haunted Houses in the World

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14 haunted places in virginia (+ where to find them).

There are so many historic places in Virginia and many of them have creepy stories to tell and share with the world! These are some of the most haunted places in Virginia!

Did we miss any of the best Virginia haunted places that you should visit this Halloween (or any time)? Please share them in the comments! Thanks!

Swannanoa Palace - Haunted places in Virginia

Haunted Places in Virginia

St. albans sanatorium (fairlawn near radford university).

The ghostly St. Albans Sanatorium can be found in Radford, Virginia. Originally, it was a Lutheran boys’ school. Bullying was expected and encouraged in this dreadful environment in order to attend class.

A handful of pupils have committed suicide as a result of the constant bullying and bad behavior, leaving this place haunted and creepy far after it was left abandoned!

St. Albans reopened as a psychiatric infirmary in 1916 after the school closed. Dr. King, the property’s owner, envisioned a facility where patients would be meticulously cared for and accommodated.

St. Albans Sanitarium - Jason Lincoln Lester -

But it wasn’t like that at all!  The victims were treated like lab rats, exposed to torturous tests that resulted in their death or a permanent disability.

Several patients ended up committing suicide as a result of the inhumane treatment at the place. As a result of the sanatorium’s unfortunate deaths, it is known as the most active paranormal location on the East Coast.

Visitors reported seeing shadowy figures, bodily apparitions, and flying items all over the place… and hearing voices is also a typical occurrence when visiting this creepy Virginia place.

The Winery at LaGrange (Haymarket)

The Winery at La Grange is a haunted place with spirits that still wander the grounds. Experiences such as doors closing on their own and frigid gusts of wind coming from nowhere have been reported by customers and staff.

In the tasting area, the staff usually leaves a glass of wine for Benoni E. Harrison sitting on the fireplace. They frequently find the glass rapidly emptied because the ghostly occupant is known to savor his wine.

Another apparition that haunts the upstairs rooms is that of Benoni’s young niece. In 1827, Harrison bought the La Grange estate and remained there until his death in 1869.

LaGrange Winery via Sharron McClellan (Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0)

He was known for being a wealthy man with a tumultuous marriage. The winery now includes an area devoted to him called “Benoni’s Lounge,” which is a popular escape for many tourists.

Despite the fact that the site is haunted, the ghosts do not hurt the guests, despite their mischievous nature.

Swannanoa Palace (Afton)

Augusta County is home to the Swannanoa Palace , which was constructed in 1912 by James H. Dooley. The gorgeous place was inspired by the Villa Medici in Rome.

The estate was created as a vacation house for Dooley’s wife Sallie, and they named it Swannanoa since Mrs. Dooley adored white birds. Sadly, the couple never got to enjoy their mountain getaway since Dooley died of a stroke in 1924 and Sallie died two years later.

Since then, there are so many tales about the estate, and several paranormal investigations have taken place there. Sallie’s spirit has been spotted on several occasions on the third level of the mansion.

Swannanoa Palace

Other ghosts such as groundskeepers and staff have been seen in the mansion. After asking the spirits questions, they also reported hearing sounds and footprints throughout the library.

As the investigators have suggested, the place seems to be caught in a state of limbo. So, if you want to be afraid and don’t mind higher altitudes, this is the place to go.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum (Alexandria)

During the post-Revolutionary War economic boom, John Wise bought a lot and opened this bar, Gadsby’s Tavern , which became a hangout for the rich and famous. The property was purchased by John Gadsby in 1796, and the narrative of the infamous couple begins there.

In 1816, a man and a woman arrived from the Caribbean on a ship and requested room number 8. They appeared to be wealthy, and the woman was described as both attractive and unwell.

The man’s peculiar behavior began when he summoned the doctor and refused to reveal their identities, forcing anybody who came into contact with them to swear never to expose their identities.


Sadly, the woman died, and her husband erected a magnificent monument commemorating her life as “The Female Stranger.”

The spirits of the women are said to have never left the hotel, and cries can sometimes be heard from room number 8. She had also been seen glancing out the window of the room on several occasions.

The female stranger’s spirit was never depicted as hostile or bad; she was just described as a part of the Alexandria museum .

Bacon’s Castle (Surry)

Bacon’s Castle (also called the Arthur Allen House), in Surry County, is one of a few structures that has housed people for over 300 years and is said to have been haunted.

Arthur Allen designed and erected the mansion in 1665. Allen’s son acquired the property after his death, and three generations of Allens lived there.

Paranormal Research and Investigation has been investigating the ancient estate for the past six years. Sounds, cries, laughter, and footsteps have all been reported. The ghosts who haunt the location are reputed to make a lot of noise.

Bacon’s Castle

Some people were touched, and one intern reported to have seen a ghost, making this definitely one of the most haunted places in Virginia (and one that gets a lot of attention these days).

Because the house is old, it has a lot of turbulent history. During Colonial times, the site was known to have over 300 Enslaved People working there. The disembodied head of an African-American woman is one of the creepiest objects in Bacon’s Castle.

The Castle provides haunted tours, where you may go around the creepy halls and learn more about its history.

Pocosin Mission Trail (Shenandoah National Park)

The ruins of a once-thriving community can be found in Shenandoah National Park’s woods, with a past as dark as the park’s night skies.

Sisters Florence and Marion were sent as missionaries by a priest who believed the people needed spiritual guidance. The sisters were well-known in Far Pocosin for their motivating and challenging work. Living there meant being cut off from the rest of the world.

Pocosin Mission Trail

The sisters gathered for religious instruction in a schoolhouse and a church on the property. They were inspired by the individuals they met and believed that the youngsters were full of potential.

However, as the evenings drew nearer, the sisters began to feel alienated. The unwelcome sisters were alarmed by the sounds of horses’ hooves and drunken men’s roars.

Both the mountain people and the missionaries were forced to leave the forests because they were seen as “different.” The location isn’t known for paranormal activity, yet a visit will reveal that something extremely strange happened there.

Pocosin Mission Trail ruins

You can see a bit of this history along the Pocosin Mission Trail in Shenandoah National Park today. It is one of the park’s most famous trails .

The Martha Washington Inn & Spa (Abingdon)

The Martha Washington Inn , built by Francis Preston in 1832, is one of Virginia’s most haunted places. Preston  and his family remained there until 1858 when it was purchased by the founders of “Martha Washington College.”

What happened after that is most likely what makes the location haunted and one of the best landmarks in Abingdon, VA .

During the American Civil War, the facility was used to teach soldiers for the Confederate Army of the area. Soldiers who were sick or injured were also treated there, thereby converting the college into a hospital.

Unfortunately, many people died there. People have said throughout history that an injured soldier’s horse was tied to a tree as he was transported to the hospital.

Martha Washington Inn via Jason Riedy (Flickr CC BY 2.0)

The horse vanished after waiting for hours for its owner, who had regrettably passed away. Many people claim to have seen the horse about the region at night, but when they investigate, it vanishes.

The story of Beth, a student who went on to become a nurse, is well-known. She used to play the violin for the soldier since she was in love with him. Unfortunately, once he died, her death wasn’t far behind because of an outbreak of typhoid fever.

Many individuals claim to have heard a violin being played in the area, and her presence has been felt in Room 403.

Wise County Orphanage (Wise)

The abandoned Wise County Orphanage , located at 9619 Turkey Branch Road, is a famous haunted place in Virginia. The building served as a home for orphaned and abandoned children in the state.

The Wise County Orphanage is a place where there isn’t a lot of information but the creepiness surrounding it is felt almost instantly. Everyone knows, however, that after it was abandoned, spirits were left behind.

Wise County Orphanage via DM (Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)

Many people who are interested in the paranormal claim to hear youngsters giggling and seeing bouncing balls and floating lights when they visit the location.

People have also reported seeing ghostly figures standing in front of the orphanage’s windows, which is rather frightening!

The Renaissance Faire (Fredericksburg)

The Renaissance Faire in Fredericksburg was a reproduction of medieval European architecture with towns and buildings that ran from 1996 to 1999 in Fredericksburg.

Knights and ladies dress up in their finest attire to attend the festival grounds and enjoy the cheerful music and the recreated Renaissance rendition deep in the forest.

Unfortunately, the bad weather and long journey time were too much for the tourists, and the fair had to close its doors and abandon the site.

Renaissance Faire (Fredericksburg) via Will Fisher (Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

There are no reported paranormal phenomena at this location, actually. What makes it creepy is the fact that the Elizabethan-style architecture has been abandoned and deteriorating for nearly two decades.

The area is now covered in graffiti, decay, and paintball damage. The area in Fredericksburg, VA is overrun by hunters and shooters and visiting is technically not permitted these days.

Selma Plantation (Leesburg)

The Selma Plantation is located in Loudoun County, at the top of Catoctin Mountain. It is in one of the cutest small towns in VA , Leesburg.

The plantation is currently abandoned, which has resulted in a mold infestation. Armistead Thomson Mason, a U.S. senator from 1816 to 1817, built the property in 1815.

He married Charlotte Eliza Taylor in 1817, and the couple had their first and only son two years later. Regrettably, he will also be discovered to be one of a string of Selma’s male relatives who died tragically.

Barn at Selma Plantation via Viola Aragon (Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)

Mason was slain in a duel with his cousin, who escaped with only a wound, the same year they had their son. After a while, the relative relocated to a house in Selma. The family’s relationship, however, was never repaired, and McCarty died in a hunting accident.

During the following years, the son enlisted in the army, which resulted in his death during the Mexican-American war, only one year after his mother’s death.

If you wish to go to the historic mansion, bear in mind that it is on private land, therefore you won’t be able to do so without permission.

Adam Thoroughgood House (Virginia Beach)

Adam Thoroughgood developed this home, which is now a museum in Virginia Beach , in 1636. In 1680, his grandson built the main cottage after he died at a young age.

The Thoroughgood family owned the house, now known as the Adam Thoroughgood House, until the 1860s when it was sold (and then eventually went through many other owners).

Many visitors and museum interpreters have reported seeing ghostly activity in the area. Several visitors to the premises have reported seeing a red-haired woman dressed in Colonial-era attire and a male ghost dressed in a brown suit.

Adam Thoroughgood House via Puddin Tain (Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

The spirits are entertaining and enjoy moving objects around the house. Four glass domes containing Christmas candles were lifted and crushed to the ground, according to one of the workers.

A psychic was invited to the residence for a reading, and she detected a huge amount of unhappiness and pain. Because there were so many people living in the house back in the day, some of them, of course, died violent deaths.

In the 1700s, for example, a tenant shot himself in the stairwell. Keep a keen eye when you visit this creepy place in VA!

Hollywood Cemetery (Richmond)

A haunted cemetery is nothing to be surprised about, right? Hollywood Cemetery , in Richmond, Virginia , is a picturesque burial place built by John Notman. It is the resting site for three US presidents as well as thousands of Confederate troops.

There are three primary ghost stories associated with this well-known resting spot . The Richmond Vampire is one such urban legend. A tunnel was being built in 1925 when it collapsed, killing the laborers.

Bystanders claim to have seen a blood-covered figure emerge from the ruins with his skin dangling. However, it was revealed that the person was a 28-year-old railroad fireman who had been scalded in an accident.

Despite the facts, people still like telling this story about the area to scare others!

Hollywood Cemetery

The other tale is about the Pyramids in the cemetery, which were built in memory of the thousands of troops who were buried there. Inside the pyramid, visitors have reported hearing moans and cries.

Finally, there’s the account of a young girl who died of Scarlet Fever at the age of three. Her family opted to build a dog statue at her grave, and visitors frequently describe seeing a girl playing with a dog or a dog growling and barking as they approach the burial site.

If you’re looking for a mysterious hike in Richmond or simply a place to stroll, head over the Hollywood Cemetery grounds.

DeJarnette Sanitarium (Staunton)

Western State Hospital, founded in 1825, was Virginia’s second mental institution. Dr. Joseph Dejarnette, a prominent eugenicist, acquired administration of the hospital and renamed it after himself.

DeJarnette Sanitarium is riddled with ghostly activity as a result of his heinous acts, such as performing hundreds of forced sterilizations. It continued into the 1970s, with the majority of the victims either African Americans or Native Americans.

DeJarnette Sanitarium via Kipp Teague (Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Visitors claim that the restless ghosts of Dejarnette’s victims are still roaming the hallways and that their screams and cries can be heard. They have also reported hearing footsteps, moans, murmurs, and doors opening and closing on their own at this abandoned Staunton landmark .

The Cavalier Hotel (Virginia Beach)

With its timeless elegance, the beautiful and historic Cavalier Hotel is known not only for its charm but also for its ghost stories. One of the most well-known stories is about a cat that broke free from its hotel room and rushed to the pool.

The cat’s small owner leaped in to save her pet, but they both drowned. Usually, there are reports of a little girl searching for her cat around the hotel.

The Cavalier Hotel is also connected to the Pocahontas Room legend, allegedly to which a female guest always shows up without a reservation and walks into rooms.

Cavalier Hotel - James Kirkikis -

The most well-known and creepiest story takes place on the sixth floor of the hotel. Adolph Coors’ lifeless body was discovered on the grounds of the hotel in 1929.

Many guests have reported strange occurrences after that night, including chilly patches in the room, windows opening and closing, voices, and sounds from the room’s corner.

This is one of the most accessible and well-known haunted places in Virginia (and it just so happens to be a popular attraction in Virginia Beach)!

>> Click here to book a stay at The Cavalier Hotel  

Captain Timothy Hill House (Chincoteague)

On Chincoteague Island , the historic Captain Timothy Hill House , built in 1800, can be found. The mansion is said to be haunted because of a tragic love story that previously occurred there.

Captain Hill had a large family, but his favorite child was his daughter Jennie. He’d always wanted to marry Jennie to someone well-off and wealthy, and someone who could give his daughter a wonderful life.

As a result, he refused to allow Jennie to marry Tom Freeman, her childhood friend. 

Captain Timothy Hill House - Linda Harms -

Jennie’s presence is believed to still haunt the house, seeking answers for what happened to her. Those interested in taking a tour of the residence can do so throughout the spring and summer months. This is one of the creepiest haunted houses in Virginia!

What are the creepiest haunted places in Virginia , in your opinion? Let us know in the comments! Thanks!

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haunted house radford virginia


haunted house radford virginia

Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in Virginia

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haunted house radford virginia

  • Norfolk Haunted Temple

Located in Norfolk 757-423-8866-->

The Norfolk haunted temple is celebrating its 13th year as the most horrifying place in Hampton Roads! To commemorate our midnight anniversary, all of the dials will be turned up to twelve! Tickets will be limited this year, so be sure to get yours when they go on sale at midnight, on October 1st !!! Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Terror Woods

Located in Chesapeake 757-971-3413-->

Our Haunted walk thru lasts 13-14 Minutes of Terror Woods trail filled with actors and actomotronics. Very scary and spooky. Our Pumpkin patch is all day family affair for everybody. We have pumpkins and related fall items. We have Straw tunnels, inflatables, slides and Hayrides. Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus

Located in Radford 540-260-3111-->

In 2011 we entered the Asylum. In 2012 there was Reign of Terrors and Carnival of Cadavers. In 2013 our Fairytales became Nightmares. In 2014 we descended into Havoc! Walk these haunted halls and experience the House of Havoc!!! Lots of twists and turns, chills and thrills, and screaming for all!!! Get the fright of your life while supporting this historical and haunted landmark!! For t... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Hexed Haunted Attraction

Located in Elliston 540-998-3327-->


haunted house radford virginia

  • Blue Ridge Nightmares

Located in Roanoke (540) 342-5700-->

Prepare to be scared! Center in the Square is bringing Hollywood level quality in Halloween-themed entertainment to Roanoke with their own haunted attraction, “Blue Ridge Nightmares Utilizing a massive warehouse space at the Roanoke Industrial Center just outside of Downtown Roanoke at 1910 9th Street. The facility has been transformed into its own city filled with its own story, charac... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Pappy's Haunted Trails

Located in Lacrosse 919-618-5552-->

FEATURE TRAIL The featured trail spans 0.4 of a mile and consists of various sections. The realistic part includes elements like snakes and spiders, which tend to evoke fear in most individuals. The trail concludes with a circus-themed section, ensuring a little something for everyone. CORN MAZE The corn maze spans 2 acres, intricately woven between rows of corn. Inside the maze... Read More

  • Lake Hickory Haunts

Located in Hickory 828-212-1442-->

Voted the best haunt in the Carolina's, Lake Hickory Haunts is a one of a kind haunted house attraction; featuring a large body of water, surrounded by 13 unique haunted attractions. Within these attractions, you will discover awe-inspiring immersive environments, multi-dimensional special FX, and breathtaking scares. Inside the haunt, you will experience Nightmare Factory, Lair of the Undead, V... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Woods of Terror

Located in Greensboro 336-643-3558-->

haunted house radford virginia

  • Colonial Ghosts

Located in Williamsburg 844-757-5657-->

Colonial Ghosts Tour - Williamsburg: Where Whispers and Wonders Converge Step into the enigmatic world of Williamsburg, VA, where history's echoes intertwine with haunted secrets, crafting a tapestry of tales both captivating and haunting. Welcome to the Colonial Ghosts Tour—an expedition through the haunted past of this historic town. Our enchanting array of spine-tingling narrativ... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Haunted Nightmares

Located in Winchester 540-667-7377-->

Haunted Nightmares is an intense, high energy haunted attraction that uses the latest technology available to the haunt industry. With over 4600 square feet, trained actors, professional makeup and highly detailed sets, our haunt is not one you will soon forget. Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • The Death Trail

Located in Dumfries 703-763-9448-->

The only haunted attraction in Prince William County, the Death Trail offers the best scream around. Experience the dark woods filled with demented clowns, terrifying zombies, the insane and much more. Voted one of the top attractions in Virginia. Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Richmond Ghosts

Located in Richmond 844-757-5657-->

Richmond Ghost Tour - Unearthing Echoes of Eternity Peel back the layers of time and uncover tales of murder, mayhem, and tragedy, all while immersing yourself in the secret histories concealed in Richmond's shadows. From the Powhatan Confederacy to contemporary grim accounts, authoritative guides recount events that forged this cherished River City, giving birth to the very real Richmond Gh... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • The Warehouse

Located in Weber City -->

The Warehouse presents, "Psychosis" Where ones thoughts and emotions are so affected by their surroundings that all contact is lost with reality. Anyone looking to have a psychological breakdown? This is where we encourage all forms of delusions, sadistic hallucinations, and overly intense ideas of what reality actually entails...... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Charlottesville Ghosts

Located in Charlottesville 844-757-5657-->

Charlottesville Ghosts Embark on an otherworldly adventure with Charlottesville Ghosts and uncover the spine-tingling hauntings that the Blue Ridge Mountains conceal. Venture into the eerie history of a town touched by Revolutionary and Civil War perils, haunted plantations, and the shadowy secrets of Virginia's founding fathers. Join us on a ghostly journey through the heart of thi... Read More

haunted house radford virginia

  • Terror Manor

Located in Roanoke 540-400-7111-->

Terror manor is Roanoke’s first ADA Commercial Haunted House featuring Over 40+rooms of pure terror! Terror Manor is a full immersion haunt featuring high props, animatronics, scent canisters, sound and water. Read More

Featured 2023 Halloween Events

  • American Fright Night
  • Neptune Ghosts
  • Lynchburg Ghosts
  • Alexandria Ghosts
  • Haunted Woods of Hoover Ridge
  • Hartman's Haunted Corn Maze & Zombie Paintball Hunting
  • Haunted Hunt Club Farm
  • Landstown Horror
  • Granville Haunt Farm
  • Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm
  • Workhouse Haunt - Game Over

haunted house radford virginia

Virginia Halloween Events

Halloween event list including haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, spookwalks, home haunts, and more.

  • Drive-Through (1)
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  • Mazes / Corn Mazes (Kid Friendly) (23)
  • Other Events (30)
  • Haunted River Tours (1)

haunted house radford virginia

  • Nightmare On Church Street
  • Haunted Hill Haunted Trail and Hayride
  • Creepy Hollow Scream Park
  • Spooky Acres Haunted House
  • Warrenton Ghost Tours
  • Terror on the Farm
  • Fun on the Farm at Hanover Vegetable Farm
  • The Haunting at Chuckatuck
  • Madame Redrum's (ReOpening 2024)

haunted house radford virginia

  • Lloyd Family Farms Pumpkin Patch

haunted house radford virginia

  • Shadows of Shockoe
  • The Dark Woods Haunted Trail
  • Monet Haunt

haunted house radford virginia

  • Spooktacular Halloween Party
  • Halloween Costume Party at American Legion Post 364

haunted house radford virginia

Virginia Real Haunted Places

Check out Virginia's Real Haunts, where ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions make their home year round! Across Virginia, there are tons of houses, cemeteries, and places that are truly haunted - get all the gory details about Virginia's Real Haunts right here!

  • Real Haunted Houses (53)
  • Real Haunted Lakes & Waterways (1)
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haunted house radford virginia

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2023: The Year You Didn’t Buy a House

Just 16 percent of homes listed in 2023 were affordable for the typical American household.

By Michael Kolomatsky

The year ended disappointingly for many American home buyers — fewer than 16 percent of homes for sale in 2023 were affordable to local median earners, according to a study by Redfin . That’s the lowest rate since at least 2013, the year Redfin began tracking prices, when 50 percent of homes were affordable to local median earners. In 2019, before the pandemic, 40 percent of listed homes were affordable. In 2022, only 21 percent were.

For the study, researchers defined “affordability” as housing that costs no more than 30 percent of income. They assumed a relatively low down payment of 5 percent, a 30-year-fixed-rate mortgage with the interest rate current to the month the home entered the market, plus homeowners insurance and private mortgage insurance. Prices and incomes in the 97 most populous U.S. metro areas were examined for the study.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community survey was used to parse earnings data, and its demographic breakdown revealed deep racial disparities when it comes to home buying: Only 7 percent of homes were affordable for median-earning Black households, and 10 percent for median-earning Hispanic/Latino households. But 22 percent of listings were affordable to median-earning white households, and 27 percent to median-earning Asian households.

None of this is a surprise given 2023’s higher interest rates and low inventory. But in some areas, especially the Midwest, a much larger share of homes were affordable to all. Detroit, and the Ohio metros of Akron and Dayton, had the highest shares of affordable homes for median earners — about 50 percent. But out west, in wealthy metros like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oxnard, Calif., fewer than one in 300 listed homes were affordable to the typical household.

The good news is, housing affordability is expected to improve in 2024 as mortgage rates deflate and more homes land on the market.

Fewer Affordable Homes

Where the largest and smallest share of homes were affordable to median earners in 2023.

haunted house radford virginia

Highest Share


Akron, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio

Rochester, N.Y.

Lake County, Ill.

Warren, Mich.

Wilmington, Del.

Birmingham, Ala.

Camden, N.J.

Lowest Share

Salt Lake City

Colorado Springs

Portland, Ore.

Tacoma, Wash.

Oakland, Calif.

Anaheim, Calif.

Boise, Idaho

San Jose, Calif.

Oxnard, Calif.

Los Angeles

San Francisco

haunted house radford virginia

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Bad credit? No savings? There are still ways for you to buy a home .

haunted house radford virginia

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The Dark Woods Haunted Trail Radford, VA

Contact The Dark Woods Haunted Trail

haunted house radford virginia

A Terrifying, Self Guided Trek through the Woods. Starting through the Spooky Haunted House , Deserted Mine Shaft, Mazes, Medieval Torture Chamber, Carnival Tent, and much more . This trail is what nightmares are made of. This is not Blood and Guts, But some of your worst fears come to life.

haunted house radford virginia

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haunted house radford virginia

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haunted house radford virginia

haunted house radford virginia

The Dark Woods

Own this Attraction?

The Dark Woods is a Haunted Attraction located in Radford, VA.

The Dark Woods

228 Shires Lane, Radford, VA 24073

( Click for Fullscreen Map )

About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:


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haunted house radford virginia

Disclaimer from The Scare Factor: Our listings are usually only updated a couple of times per year. A lot can change in that amount of time, especially during Halloween season. For this reason, even though we try our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, it is ultimately your responsibility as a customer to do your own due diligence and research the attractions directly that you would like to visit. We are not liable for any mistakenly inaccurate information that you may find on our website. We appreciate your understanding and, as always, stay scary! ~ The Scare Factor

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  1. Community: Virginia Tech Historic Preservation Society to host haunted

    haunted house radford virginia

  2. St. Albans Sanatorium

    haunted house radford virginia

  3. St. Albans Sanatorium, Radford, VA

    haunted house radford virginia

  4. St Albans Sanitorium Radford Virginia

    haunted house radford virginia

  5. Community: Virginia Tech Historic Preservation Society to host haunted

    haunted house radford virginia

  6. St. Albans SanatoriumRadford, VirginiaThe St. Albans Sanatorium in

    haunted house radford virginia


  1. Extremely HAUNTED Ashmore Estates Paranormal Nightmare


  1. St. Albans Sanatorium

    St. Albans is supposedly among the most active paranormal locations on the East Coast. Given the number of wrongful deaths that occurred within, it's easy to imagine why this would become a ghostly...

  2. St Albans Sanatorium

    St Albans Sanatorium is a Halloween haunted attraction offering fun and fright in Radford, Virginia, located just west of Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA.

  3. The Tortured Souls of St. Albans Sanatorium

    Therefore, it comes as no surprise that St. Albans ranks as one of the 25 most haunted places in Virginia. Located in Radford, a small town in western Virginia, the sanatorium dates back to 1892 when it first functioned as a Lutheran school for boys. Later, in 1916 it became a hospital for the mentally insane.

  4. Home

    Perched majestically, high on a ridge over-looking the New River, stands St. Albans Sanatorium, a living monument to the Georgian architecture of the 18th century. St Albans first opened its doors in September 1892 as an elite Lutheran boys' preparatory school, an edifice dedicated to developing strong minds and bodies. For nearly two decades ...

  5. St. Albans Sanatorium haunted attraction opens Friday

    RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - St. Alban's Sanatorium is excited to welcome people back for another year of scares. The haunted attraction begins the 2023 season Friday night. It's open Fridays and ...

  6. St Albans Sanatorium, Radford, VA

    St. Albans Sanatorium is located in Radford, Virginia. During the 1700s, the city's close proximity to the New River Watershed attracted Native Americans and early European settlers alike. Competition over the area resulted in hostilities between the two groups. In July 1755, a group of Shawnee Indians brought tensions to a climax.

  7. Radford's St. Albans welcomes scare seekers and ghost hunters

    RADFORD, Va. ( WFXR) — People seeking a scare for the Halloween season can find it at the old St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford. It operates as a traditional haunted house but in a non-traditional venue, one that some believe is home to real ghosts. St. Albans was built as a Lutheran boys' school in 1892.

  8. La Riviere

    Haunted mansion, also known as Ingles's Castle, haunted by "The Lady in the Mirror." La Riviere, located in Radford, Virginia is known by locals as Ingles's Castle. It was constructed in 1892 by the great-grandson of Mary Draper Ingles. Mary Draper Ingles was briefly mentioned in our post on St. Albans Sanatorium.

  9. Radford VA Halloween Attractions

    Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Radford Virginia Haunted Attractions » Radford City County » Radford Whether you're from Radford, or you're simply visiting this Halloween Season, there are plenty of festive fun to enjoy this Halloween Season.

  10. Virginia's Creepy Abandoned Sanatorium

    Sitting atop a hill in the small Southwest Virginia city of Radford, St. Albans Sanatorium has earned recognition as one of the most prolific sites for paranormal activity on the East Coast. The building, which once operated as a boys' school and later as a sanatorium for the mentally ill, has been empty for many years - but is far from silent.

  11. St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus

    Haunted Houses; Virginia; x Set Your Location. Close. St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus . x ... Radford, VA Click To Call 540-260-3111 Review Us. Website Do you have what it takes to wander through these haunted halls and experience the House of Havoc?! Tons of frightening fun in store at this historical and haunted landmark! Grab ...

  12. St. Albans Sanatorium

    History. St. Albans Sanatorium has a haunting history that echoes through the ages. Originally established in 1892, this imposing institution began as a serene sanctuary for the treatment of the mentally ill.Dr. John C. King, a pioneer in psychiatric care, envisioned it as a place of hope and healing.. Once a stately Lutheran boys school, the building turned into a nightmare of bullying and ...

  13. St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus

    Virginia; x Set Your Location. Close. St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus . x ... Radford, VA Click To Call 540-260-3111 Review Us. Website Venture through this truly haunted landmark in Radford and meet some monsters along the way! Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances.

  14. Haunted Places in Radford, Virginia

    Major Graham Mansion Max Meadows, Virginia 22.1 miles from Radford, VA The historic mansion is believed to be haunted by the spirits of folks from its past. Paranormalists have collected electric voice phenomna and seen apparitions.

  15. St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus

    Radford, VA; 540-260-3111; Visit Website; Details Average Review Scare Factor Scary ... It is a no touch haunted house, so any touching is done by the ghosts that inhabit the old sanatorium. Scare Factor: ... All information on this page was submitted to Virginia Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted.

  16. St. Albans Sanatorium: A Personal Experience With a Dark Energy

    During one incident, a haunt actor who was a close friend of ours was rehearsing and was scratched on the back right in front of us, by something that seemed angry. There is a very dark ...

  17. Radford City County Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Pumpkin Picking

    Radford City county has some of the best Haunted Attractions in Virginia. Whether you're looking for a good fright, want to go pumpkin picking, or simply looking to create amazing fall memories, then you'll want to head out to Radford City county this Halloween season.

  18. 5 Unbelievably Creepy Haunted Locations in Virginia to Terrify You

    These Innovative Haunted House Books Will Disorient and Disturb You. The school closed in 1911, only to be reopened in 1916 as a psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately, the treatment methods of the time were as traumatic as they were ineffective. Insulin-induced comas and lobotomies left patients brains dead or actually dead.

  19. 14 Haunted Places in Virginia (+ Where to Find Them!)

    The Martha Washington Inn & Spa (Abingdon) The Martha Washington Inn, built by Francis Preston in 1832, is one of Virginia's most haunted places. Preston and his family remained there until 1858 when it was purchased by the founders of "Martha Washington College.". What happened after that is most likely what makes the location haunted ...

  20. Virginia Haunted Houses

    Center in the Square is bringing Hollywood level quality in Halloween-themed entertainment to Roanoke with their own haunted attraction, "Blue Ridge Nightmares Utilizing a massive warehouse space at the Roanoke Industrial Center just outside of Downtown Roanoke at 1910 9th Street.

  21. Halloween Haunted Houses Near Radford, VA

    4 Blue Ridge Nightmares Roanoke, VA Prepare to be scared! Center in the Square is bringing Hollywood level quality in Halloween-themed entertainment to Roanoke with their own haunted attraction, "Blue Ridge Nightmares Utilizing a mas... St Albans Sanatorium Slayhoue II Crazed Circus Radford, VA

  22. 2023: The Year You Didn't Buy a House

    Jan. 4, 2024. The year ended disappointingly for many American home buyers — fewer than 16 percent of homes for sale in 2023 were affordable to local median earners, according to a study by ...

  23. The Dark Woods Haunted Trail

    A Terrifying, Self Guided Trek through the Woods. Starting through the Spooky Haunted House , Deserted Mine Shaft, Mazes, Medieval Torture Chamber, Carnival Tent, and much more . This trail is what nightmares are made of. This is not Blood and Guts, But some of your worst fears come to life.

  24. The Dark Woods

    The Dark Woods is a haunted trail attraction located in Radford, Virginia near you. This scary Halloween event offers fun and fright for scare seekers. ... The Dark Woods is a Haunted Attraction located in Radford, VA. Location. 228 Shires Lane, Radford, VA 24073 ... Follow us for haunted house walkthrough videos, behind the scenes footage, and ...