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haunted house room 17

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haunted house room 17

8420 On the Mall, Buena Park, California, 90620

haunted house room 17

No running, No lighters, No weapons, No high heels, You may be touched, You may get wet, Not recommended for pregnant women or guests with pacemakers or broken bones/casts, Safe word: Scream "Mercy" to be removed. You may experience claustrophobia, electrical shock, foul scents, bugs, strobe lighting, fog, dizziness, moving floors and loud noises this attraction is not recommended for visitors who have back problems, mental or heart conditions, are prone to seizures or are not physically fit. You assume all risk of injury by entering.The 17th Door is designed for mature audiences and is recommended for 16 years of age and older. It is not recommended for children under the age of 16. *ALL GUESTS MUST SIGN WAIVER TO ENTER. *GUESTS UNDER 18 MUST HAVE PARENT SIGN THEIR WAIVER.

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In this haunted experience, your greatest fears wait behind the 17th Door

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After signing a waiver and getting locked inside the 17th Door haunted experience, you’ll need to remember three things: Each of the 17 rooms is more intense than the last, the monsters will touch you and the safe word is “mercy.”

And what lies behind the 17th Door? Your greatest fears - and one of the most anticipated haunted experiences of the Halloween season in Southern California.

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During a recent visit, I found the 17th Door to be the most innovative haunted experience I’ve ever seen.

Located in a 15,000-square-foot former furniture shop, the 17th Door is wedged between a mattress outlet and a party supply shop in the Tustin Marketplace shopping mall, south of Disneyland in Orange County.

The 17th Door is the demented and twisted “passion project” of husband-and-wife team Robbie and Heather Luther, typical Southern California suburbanites who live with their three young boys in Tustin. Over the years, the couple visited theme park mazes at Knott’s Halloween Haunt and Universal’s Horror Nights - always leaving with aspirations of taking a more immersive approach. Now after a decade of dreaming up ideas, they’ve built their own haunted house.

“My original plan was to do a haunted house so extreme and awesome that it would get protested by all these groups and then I would get shut down,” said Robbie Luther, 36, who does most of the talking for the husband-and-wife team. “Some of my original ideas were pretty far out.”

Neither of the Luthers are horror movie buffs or haunt enthusiasts. Much has been made in the horror press , which has gushed over the 17th Door, about the Luthers being first-time haunters .

“I actually think it’s an advantage that we have never done any haunted houses,” Luther said. “People seem to think we have a really unique look. That’s just because we’ve never done it. We just wanted it to look awesome.”

Robbie comes from a construction background and oversaw the design of the 17th Door while Heather manages and organizes the business side of the operation. Many of the sets were built at Robbie’s warehouse in Santa Ana, where he spent up to 120 hours per week since April working on the 17th Door.

“I’m passionate about building things and pushing the envelope,” Luther said. “This is just an awesome canvas to be creative and put on a show.”

As the grand opening drew near, Robbie went weeks without leaving the Tustin Marketplace property - spending his days and nights working on the project. It’s no accident Home Depot is a few paces from the 17th Door. Luther says he’s probably spent $100,000 at the home improvement store.

“It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the work that’s gone into this place,” he said.

The couple came up with the idea for the 17th Door together - during a date night at a sushi restaurant. The goal: Dream up new ways to terrify, disturb and occasionally offend people. The result is an immersive and intense in-your-face haunted house that harnesses the couple’s dark sense of humor.

For the uninitiated, the 17th Door is more intense than Knott’s Halloween Haunt or Universal’s Horror Nights, but far less extreme than San Diego’s McKamey Manor or Blackout in Los Angeles.

Set at a medical college, the 17th Door’s well-developed backstory follows a troubled student named Paula who battles a host of demons ranging from drug abuse and an eating disorder to bullying and suicide. Paula’s personal demons show up as physical manifestations in the college’s classrooms, dormitories, cafeteria, library and locker room. Sometimes Paula is in the room with you and other times you view the scene from Paula’s point of view.

The 30-minute experience unfolds in 17 locked rooms that rival movie sets for their intense attention to detail. Visitors will be pulsed through in small groups of approximately eight people and spend about 90 seconds in each room. And there’s a good chance you will get wet - either from a putrid toilet or by a monster’s tongue.

While each room is locked, the 17th Door is not an escape room maze with clues to solve or keys to find. A safe word - “mercy” - lets visitors immediately exit a locked room with the option of continuing the experience in the next room.

What sets the 17th Door apart from other haunted attractions is the revolutionary yet simple innovations found throughout the 17 rooms.

Born curious, Luther likes to figure things out. And if he can’t, there’s always Google or YouTube. The entire 17th Door experience is managed electronically from a nerve center in the center of the building with a folding table, chair and a custom-built control panel that triggers the doors for each of the 17 rooms to open and close simultaneously.

Tied into five miles of wiring, the programmable relays on the homemade panel allow Luther to control his visitors like rats trapped in a Pavlovian maze. Every 90 seconds a school bell rings, a green light shines above an exit door and the rats move on to the next torture-filled room. The remarkably simple device lets Luther precisely calculate how many people he can pulse through the 17 rooms per night and pre-schedule visitors’ arrival times accordingly.

In between most rooms is a small transition space that features a monitor showing footage from the previous room on a 20-second delay. Next year, Luther hopes to string together the video clips from every room for visitors to take home as a terrifying keepsake.

The attention to detail in every room of the 17th Door is amazing and the level of interaction between the visitors and the 50 actors spread throughout the haunted experience is unrelenting. The set dressing in every scene rivals Universal’s Horror Nights with faux finishes that add layers of grime, rust and patina to each lived-in and beat-up room.

No detail is overlooked - from the 40-degree temperatures in the meat locker to the cafeteria stocked with real food to the medicine administered in the hospital ward. The 17th Door eschews such haunted attraction standbys as serpentine mazes and animatronic props.

“I’ll only do an animatronic if it does something a human cannot do,” Luther said. “If a person can do it, it’s going to be better.”

So far, the most buzzed-about room has been the confined space known as “Buried Alive.” The revolutionary scare is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and left me with the sense of drowning.

During my visit, the most original room had to be “Paula’s Head,” which took visitors inside the protagonist’s skull and offered a point-of-view perspective of her drug overdose.

The best scare of the night came behind door No. 3, where Paula’s bully resides in his mother’s garage. I never saw the scare coming even though we could see ourselves on multiple video screens in the garage.

For the sheer fear factor, the “Tunnel Room” offered a simple yet effect set of pitch black hallways with a shocking surprise waiting at the end.

The “Hospital Morgue” was by far the creepiest scene with live and dead bugs scattered throughout the rank-smelling examination room. Things only got worse when the bugs came in contact with the visitors.

But my favorite room had to be the “Meat Locker,” where actual pig carcasses hung from the ceiling in the chilly freezer. The rising tension throughout the scene left me terrified of what would come next.

The only thing I’ll say about the 17th and final room is that it lasts three times as long as the other rooms - and generated the loudest and most sustained screams of the night.

Overall, the acting by the monsters was strong and contributed to the compelling story.

What the 17th Door needs to do, though, is set up a reason to care about Paula. We need to meet Paula in the initial orientation classroom, get to know her a bit and feel a connection with the protagonist of the story. We need a reason to root for Paula.

While every story has both peaks and valleys, a few of the 17 rooms lacked enough content to hold our attention for 90 seconds or failed to deliver a satisfying payoff at the end.

Some of the most effective scares came in the transition rooms when visitors let their guard down in between scenes. The best part of the 17th Door was the intimate spaces that left the visitors huddled together with the monsters constantly occupying their personal space. Some rooms were so small that it was difficult to shut the locking door behind us.

Despite the difficulty of building his first haunt, Luther is already making plans for next year’s 17th Door. Will Paula develop more personal demons? Drop out of college? Or become a single mother?

“I’m hoping next year the mountain won’t be so big,” Luther said. “I’ve got some really great ideas for new experiences that are totally different. I’m excited to do it again just to be able to step up the creativity and innovation.”

The 17th Door runs on select nights through Nov. 1, with tickets costing $21 to $35.

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haunted house room 17

Brady MacDonald is a freelance reporter and former senior producer for latimes.com.

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Spook show 17 follows the entire process of conceptualizing and executing the most technologically advanced haunted house in the world - the 17th door. this extreme haunted attraction is located in fullerton, california, and is world renowned for its unique design, insane rooms, impressive actors, and its safe word - mercy.    requiring a waiver just to enter, the 17th door envelopes you in the world of paula, a young woman who has experienced an abundance of real world horrors that haunt her past and her present. after killing her baby who was born out of malice, she finds herself in perpetuum penitentiary where the torture continues with unbearable living conditions, violent cell mates, painful treatments, and a warden who doesn’t take no for an answer.    guests are invited into the prison where they too must endure the horrors of paula’s world. with seventeen increasingly intense rooms that guests are locked in, they must endure the horrors that await without mercying out. from electric chairs and painful executions to spinning rooms and cockroaches, there is much to fear when each door closes behind you..

loading logo

The 17th Door

Immersive Extreme Haunt Experience


THE 17TH DOOR: 2023

Heinous crimes deserve a severe sentence at Perpetuum Penitentiary, the most horrendous prison. A darkness has seized control of the inmates. Muffled screams of suffering ooze out of every crack and crevice of the dismal stone walls. At Perpetuum, a new circle of hell has taken root. Courtesy of Vixi Labs, all prison treatment facilities will now be powered by revolutionary Vixi-technology. Operated by vile and sadistic engineers, their unorthodox methods for treating evils of humanity have hit new levels of depravity. They are enjoying every minute.

Evil pervades this space which has become a black reality. The question is… Will it become yours? Go cautiously, as the prisoners of Perpetuum’s cell blocks have no concept of confinement and are thirsty for the sweet-smelling blood of new victims. No one escapes. Your only hope is to survive. 

Will you cry Mercy or will you emerge from Perpetuum Penitentiary stronger than before?


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haunted house room 17

Just how scary is 17th Door haunted house?…

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Things To Do

Just how scary is 17th door haunted house here’s what to expect, the immersive attraction opens in the tustin market place..

 A.J. Winchester, 20, of Tustin, welcomes visitors to a room at The 17th Door, during a preview night in Tustin on Wednesday, September 21, 2016. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Enter if you dare.

The 17th Door creaked open its doors Friday night at the Tustin Market Place for the duration of the Halloween season.

Update: Fullerton’s 17th Door haunted house just got scarier: Here’s what to expect with the 2022 installment

Perhaps you are wondering, “The what ?” Understandable. This is only the 17th Door’s second year. But I predict that by the time it rolls around again next September, just about everyone in Southern California will have heard of the elaborate – and bizarre – haunted house.

With few expectations, I attended a preview of the attraction Wednesday evening. I could not visualize what, exactly, I was submitting myself to. The press release said something about a girl named Paula and bad decisions and bulimia and downward spirals. And doors.

Pre-show, the lobby bustled with sinister clowns, ghouls, zombies, indeterminable freaks and so on. Some were chomping pizza. Others were snapping selfies.

I spotted a ghastly pregnant woman – yes, I actually assumed she was with child – milling about. Then another. And another. I began to suspect foul play.

The characters all looked so weird that I subconsciously prejudged the humans behind the masks as weird. Snob.


But then I chatted with a clique of young men hanging out before curtain call. They were all 17th Door veterans who derived such a kick out of playing dress-up last year that they returned for round two.

Creepy school custodian Tyler O’Donnell is, in real life, an electrician who makes the commute from Corona. Macabre clown A.J. Winchester is a guitar salesman in Tustin. His sidekick Carlos Curiel is a house painter in Brea. Pig demon Ian Blanco of Tustin usually wears cool clothes and works at a skateboard store.

The most sinister among them, a guy sprouting gnarly pig tails and oozing depravity, refused to break character – heckling me with growls and crazy gesticulations. Finally, in a quite normal voice, Angel Ramirez admitted that he owns a tattoo shop in faraway Malibu.

Wandering solo was Chad Bowman, pathetic Paula’s icky boyfriend. Get this: He’s a Golden West College administrator by day. “I auditioned two weeks ago,” Bowman said. “It’s been so fun.”

On with the show.


Visitors formed a long line, with groups of about six herded through every minute or so. After signing cause-for-pause release forms stating that our survivors couldn’t sue should we die of fear, Register photographer Kevin Sullivan and I crossed the first threshold with a few other risk takers.

I will reveal little of what I saw, or else I’d have to kill you.

In truth, The 17th Door folks are quite generous in permitting media to record sans micromanagement – with the exception of one room we were asked to keep quiet about so as not to dampen its shock value. Still, a meticulous step-by-step description might dilute the element of surprise.

Suffice it to say, this thing is no small undertaking. Each of the 30 rooms (a dozen were added for the sequel) exhibits attention to detail down to the filthy toilets in the decrepit “locker room.”

In a freezing “meat locker” – complete with the scent of blood – realistic pig carcases dangle. A paddy wagon feels as though it’s really moving. A storm of plastic balls nearly “drowns” you in a narrow passageway. Ghosts attack in a chapel and a deranged student attacks in a classroom.

Bulging-bellied Paulas scream piteously at every turn, exchanging insults with their abusive moms. I will leave the hospital delivery room to your imagination. Just know that the special effects are quite clever – and gross.

The storyline? I still have no idea. What was that meth lab doing there? Or, for that matter, the ingenious ball room? Can’t say.

I didn’t for a second feel the need to cry “mercy,” per instructions, to escape the lurking monsters, banging sounds and flashing lights – partly because I was too fascinated with this 34-minute tour of the grotesque to give up on it. But I can understand how someone who detests loud noises or the sense of being trapped might want out.

Sponsors of The 17th Door recommend parental discretion for kids under 16. My two bits: I agree with that age minimum, given the moments of R-rated subject matter. If one room in particular was toned down a bit, the event would be fine for most preteens – who, after all, love this sort of stuff.

Oh, and two more bits: You think the lines for 17th Door are massive this year? Wait until you see them next year. The 17th Door is growing in fame – or infamy – by the night.

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The 17th Door Haunt Experience

Hours updated 2 months ago

Photo of The 17th Door Haunt Experience - Buena Park, CA, US. All of us posing at the end on prison beds

The 17th Door Haunt Experience is temporarily closed. Scheduled to reopen on September 20, 2024.

Review Highlights

the-17th-door-haunt-experience-buena-park photo xiJQoAmoc30XQ3nFilaL8g

“ If I had read the waiver or read more of the reviews I never would have gone to what this event now is. ” in 149 reviews

the-17th-door-haunt-experience-buena-park photo Iuhbm5G7OuNAfpLMPCXGgg

“ Not for the faint of heart but for HALLOWEEN/HORROR FANATICS like myself, I wish it was a bit scarier/creepier! ” in 11 reviews

the-17th-door-haunt-experience-buena-park photo Lk9T5LYUyz1bS0JUjVY3HQ

“ I respect 17th door precautionary steps during covid and love how they didn't get discouraged during these times. ” in 19 reviews

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Location & Hours

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8420 On The Mall

Buena Park, CA 90620

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Amenities and More

About the business.

Business owner information

Photo of Heather L.

Business Owner

The 17th Door is Orange County's most intense and most terrifying haunted house! Behind its 17 doors is an interactive experience more innovative and shocking than anything that's been tried before. From inside the walls of a demonic Penitentiary, all of your senses will be assaulted as you progress from room to room, with each space more intense and more frightening than the last - Over 35 minutes of psychological terror! Don't miss "The Field Trip", the most epic add-on experience in 17th Door history! This 50 minute off-site experience will transport you from the grim and gruesome prison to a pair of worlds that are both equally wacky and unique. From Rave Gangs to Ratrod Clowns, you are in for a wild ride that includes chasing, hiding, drops, sparks, music, dancing, and a bunch of cool cars. Part drive through, part walk through, all fun, this intense experience is like nothing ever done before. Once The Field Trip has concluded, all inmates will return back to the prison and will be ushered through a VIP entrance straight into The 17th Door maze experience to continue their sentence. The Field Trip has extremely limited tickets available so you can either hear about how fun it was from someone else when it's too late, or you can sign your permission slip and find out yourself! NOTE: All members of your group must purchase 'The Field Trip' tickets if you would like to stay together during the main haunt experience. …

Ask the Community

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Is there drinks and food?

There are not, but it's located at the Buena Park Mall and very close to the food court area.

Looking to come with a small group on the weekdays when it's discounted. Are there less actors, or any noticeable changes to the experience during the week vs. weekends other than wait time?

No, same amount of actors!

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Photo of Brandon F.

Things have certainly changed, but I can see how it will be for the better. No longer behind a 99 cent store in Fullerton, these guys have apparently taken up residence in the long-unused space under the Buena Park Mall. Bye bye sugar plum festival, hello annual horror experience. I went through two times during the 2023 season. 17th Door is an intense experience not for the faint of heart, and my previous review still stands true. However, many of the more recent reviews are correct: this year's season was a good bit less intense than it's been in the past. It was pretty clear that they were still settling in from the move this year, so there was still a few things that weren't as fine tuned as they were in the previous location. However. It was still a freaking blast. They still managed to add some new rooms into their maze. I did miss some of the rooms that were no longer there but the new ones were so cool! I won't spoil anything here, of course, but apparently some YouTubers did full walkthroughs this year so you can see for yourself on their videos. I learned pretty quickly that those go into it being critical and searching for problems will not have a good time. Those who go into it to play along with the atmosphere, get scared, and have fun, will have fun. And a lot of it. Pro tips: Do the field trip, but only if you're good with running (being chased) for a good minute or two. It was the most fun horror experience I've ever had. Read the waiver and warning signs carefully. The waiver is available on their website. If you see things you might have a problem with, don't buy tickets. If you sign the waiver and then the things it warns about happen to you, don't complain. There's a reason the first thing you do is hand the waiver in and admit on camera that you signed it. Get a haircut AFTER you go, not before. Let the prison barber screw with your hair a little. He honestly does a good job putting a dope 17 in your hair if you let him. Leave as many of your belongings in the car as you can. People lose stuff a lot. There's one particular room where stuff falling out of pockets is really commonplace. Listen carefully to the characters, respect them, and let them respect you. They will help you through each room while treating you the way their characters are going to treat you, but if you are seriously having an issue or if you use their safe word mercy, they will help you out or at least take it easy on you.

I didn't experience latex or saliva but the rest are 100% real in one capacity or another.

I didn't experience latex or saliva but the rest are 100% real in one capacity or another.

Tucked behind a 99¢ store in an unassuming shopping center is the best haunted attraction I have ever experienced. Years of Knott's Scary Farm and Universal Halloween Horror Nights have made me sick and tired of conga line scare walkthroughs and lame jumpscares. Sure, the ambiance, when worked hard on, can be incredible - but the scares are lacking. The 17th Door is no joke. They proudly display a massive list of warnings on an enormous sign outside the prison-themed attraction. After reading it, each and every guest is required to sign a waiver which further alerts us to the things we're about to face. They gather guests in groups of like 6 or 8 or so, and each group goes through the attraction's seventeen rooms one by one. Because of this room-to-room mechanic, you don't see what's going to happen until it's actually happening to you - which is my biggest gripe with the single walkthrough lines of the bigger theme park haunts. Each room itself plays at varying fears you might have, featuring ACTUAL ACTORS! They're not just silent masked teenagers jumping out of dark corners. They talk to you. They single you out. They order you around the "prison". You see some sh*t go down in the prison that shakes to your core before they sentence you to death!!! I'm not saying how, because that's a spoiler, but it's so cool! There are ways to scare, thrill, and straight up entertain us at this haunt that I've never seen or heard of anywhere else. It's incredible and unique. Other reviewers calling this place "too much", or "torture", or "disgusting", clearly didn't take the warnings seriously. It's like walking through a literal horror movie, and I walked out the other side both thrilled and extremely excited with a giant smile on my face and a soaking wet shirt (Don't bring your phones with you, folks. You will get wet.) I've gone every year since 2016, back before they moved to this location from Tustin. Each year gets better, and I'm not going to stop coming to this attraction until they stop making it - and I hope they never do. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WARNING SIGN. THEY ARE NOT KIDDING.

Photo of Jose G.

Ok.. woah. So 17th Door is very much it's own thing. This was my 3rd year attending. If you haven't been, understand that you will be put into situations where there will be a little pain and discomfort. Towards the later rooms you find yourself dreading opening the next door because of what experience may be behind it. That being said, it kind of reminds me of the show "Fear Factor". Every time I have finished the experience I get the feeling of accomplishment. Also, it's kind of fun to be a little scared. That's why people go to these haunts and experiences. I feel like I survived all of that craziness at the end of it. It's a good feeling. It's a safe environment. I never feel like I'm in real danger, except last year in the simulated drowning thing, which was not apart of this years experience. Last year I freaked out a little but again, they take you to a certain place but know when it's too much and bring you back. I give this 5 stars because there is a reason I keep going back. It's an interesting experience like no other. It's a little adventurous and it's inexpensive. If you are curious you should try it. If you don't want to experience a room you can always say "mercy" and they will let you skip the room. Everyone that I have gone with had been glad they did it, so there's that. Haha

Photo of Patrick C.

Love the commitment and energy the performers were great! The performers bring a lot of energy. The costumes and props were cool. They take great care of the place and the experience was really involved. Definitely going to be returning. My group panicked and mistook the directions. We left early but had a blast regardless. :) Not for scaredy cats or people who can't tell their left from their rights lol

Photo of Nicole E.

Another year, another scare. For 2023 17th door moved to Buena Park Mall by 24 hour fitness on the back end. Ample of free parking. The new location is def a notch up from the previous building in Fullerton. The hallway walking up is errie and it sets the tone perfectly. Otherwise, waivers still need to be signed. I always have to give 17th door props for thinking outside of the box and visually the effects are pretty awesome. This year they really toned it down a lot than last year with the sinister/torture stuff but still a scary time-- it felt like going to battle through all the rooms. They do have electrocution but its minimal and appreciate that there is no waterboarding this year. Overall, I thought it was a good time. I haven't done the field trip so I can't vouch on that but 17th door experience was pretty solid this year. Tip check their social medias as they have discount codes. Opening weekend was $39 but they offered $6 off per ticket which was nice.

haunted house room 17

Oct 3, 2018

Thanks Nicole for being a loyal fan AND for posting awesome reviews each year! 2016 was a great year wasn't it? We like to change things up each year to keep it fresh and exciting! Perhaps we'll be able to earn a 5-star review from you in 2019! LOL. See you next year!

Horror season has officially begun and I love to see what the 17th door brings every year! They tend to be creative and really push the limits. I am a fan of the psychological factor! As you can see from previous years I am a yearly regular. I came for opening night 9/16/22 and I recommend checking out their IG or social media for discount codes. I luckily was able to use a $6 off promo code for opening weekend and glad I did. As opening night fell super short for me- there was honestly no one there at the 10pm slot and the actors didn't really seem into it. The 17 doors itself is almost the exact replica as last year with no innovative new ideas except for the slaughter room so left me disappointed! I have yet do the field trip so maybe this is where they really invested their creativity but I don't want to pay a $100 for something that is the same as the previous year either. I wish they would bring back a story line as it added to the experience. Otherwise, I will provide no spoilers just tips. If you have to bring your phone recommend putting it in a ziploc bag so it doesn't get damaged and put your valuables in a zip up jacket as you will be tossed around and things could fall out. Ladies I recommend skipping the makeup and cute outfits for this as you will get wet and we all don't like a makeup smeared face! Remember you can always MERCY out which gives you the option to be removed from the room. If you have a fear of drowning then mercy out by door 15-- thank me later! Photos are $25 for two.

Another year and another thrill. Take that waiver seriously this year because it's no joke. The 17th door pushes the limits and is truly frightening! As a yearly returner, I am yearly surprised and tested. There are 17 doors you must go through to complete the maze and the last 17th door is on a whole other level. You can mercy out at door 15 which they make it clear the last two doors are no joke but if you pass up on the opportunity then you have to suck it up and go through the last two doors. The last door hint: you will get soaked, practice at holding your breath. Tip: Keep the phones in the car and any other valuable items. Definitely recommend wearing something with zip up pockets so keys don't fall out. Thank me later.

Ok 17th door. I'm sitting here, clapping my hands, because you really outdid yourself this year. Obviously from past reviews, I am a REGULAR, you may even call me a horror geek. From 17th door, universal, Queen Mary, sinister pointe to warner brothers your girl does IT ALL. The thing about 17th door, it still continues to shock me, even years later. I can go in super cocky and by door 16, "I am thinking am I going to call mercy?!" Anyways, the 17th door is not for the WEAK. If you don't want to be electrocuted, get wet, face moving floors, enclosed spaces or gross creatures then sit this year out because you will face all those and more! Reminder, the concept is 17 doors where you will encounter different scenes and scenarios. It's about 35 minutes long, but if anything feels uncomfortable you can scream "mercy" where they will remove you from the room. However, I'm a big girl and made it through until the end even if I was anxiety ridden by door 17! Otherwise, this is the start of haunting season and recommend checking 17th door out by all means! Some tips- wear thick pants for crawling, electric shock. Leave the phone in the car--you don't want any water damage or losing it while being tossed upside down. Also check out the Instagram. They usually have discount codes for the weekend of, your welcome! Ps- this is not a haunted house where you experience pop ups. This by all means is a psychological scare. More like-- how much can you take before you want to call "mercy." It's definitely not for everyone so read that detailed ass waiver!

Ok this is my 3rd year in a row and I do have to confess 2016 was definitely my favorite. However, it does not mean it has gotten worse over time, just a little less shocking (not literally) and less barrier breaking. So with that being said this is what you will expect this year: --shocking it does hurt but it's quick--suck it up --continues to follow Paula's story from previous years. If you want to be caught up go to the website and you can watch videos on her story. Kind of bummed they mentioned her this year but would have liked a bigger story line. --not too many pop outs this maze this year is definitely more of a play on the mind. --senses will be tested. Man one room smells so rank you want to throw up. Personally I thought this was one of the best rooms. --expect to be thrown in a ball pit so don't bring stuff in your pockets --no cell phones but they take a cute photo at the end $10 bucks if you want to take it home. --staff really nice and monsters do a great job playing their part. --one hour interactive of going through 17 doors and did enjoy how they stick to this and you definitely get your money's worth. Tips: *Wear jeans, sneakers. *Buy tickets online and use the yelp code for $3 off, sweet! *No cellphones! They mention they will confiscate it if it is out. Be mindful you sign the waiver too. *Located In the parking lot of the 99 cent store towards the back in Fullerton.Parking free and no issues. We grabbed drinks at DTF before then did the maze, so fun! *Buy your ticket in advance but can purchase in person. If sold out then you are out of luck. Line wasn't too long and our party of 3 was placed with a couple. I thought 5 was perfect and we all pinky promised to not call mercy. We all made it! Oh the idea of "mercy" is if it is too much they will take you out of that room. Anyways can't wait for next year. Happy haunting everyone!

Came here last night 9/29/17 and had a great time! This was my second year and I am surprised at how different it was compared to last year. Kudos to the 17th door team for being creative and coming up with a whole new setup and story line. Although it was rather creative I thought last year was more along the lines of creepy and had a better story line. I thought this year was more so just a maze and was more a play on senses then actually getting scared. I think the only time I was actually scared was when I was sitting in the cell block and the guy lighting the flashlight pops out of no where and does this bad ass effect to move so swiftly across the room. It was pretty creepy and he did a really good job! Otherwise, like I said a play on senses from a heated room, water tunnels, ball pit, moving walls, etc. I enjoyed the fact that the groups weren't huge but it could be because it was the start of the Halloween season. We were in a group of four and the two other girls cried Mercy so it was just me and my sister for half of the maze. It was pretty fun that we got to experience it just us two, but I also felt the monsters didn't go all out into scaring us because it was just us two lol. Oh well I will definitely be back next year. I am totally hooked on the 17th door and enjoy their creativity! So anyone that has reservations about it.. I promise you will be okay and you can always scream MERCY, but then you wasted $24 dollars :) TIPS: Don't bring your cellphone in, but if you do they are nice enough to give you a Ziploc baggie to put your phone in so it doesn't get wet. Ladies stick it in the bra because IT WILL FALL OUT OF YOUR BACK POCKET. Wear pants because you will be crawling and sneakers are definitely in your favor for this maze.

I attended the 17th door tonight for my first time and let me tell you it was a mind blowing experience. To be honest, it is not really scary but more so a psychological experience. --I won't spoil anything but simply suggest a few thing to any readers: ---Buy tickets online in advance because they can sell out at the door. I recommend following their Instagram account 17th door which they tend to have discount codes for certain days. It is usually 3 to 5 bucks off which is better then nothing! ---Leave your purse, jackets and cellphones in the car. They don't allow you to take any photos or videos within the experience so don't bother. Waiting in the line is also very warm with the smog machines and no Ac so wear light clothing because you will be sweating! ---The story line is pretty graphic and chilling. So if you are sensitive to the topics of abortion or substance abuse then I recommend sitting this one out. ---Wear jeans because there is an electric shock in the first couple rooms when seated. ---Be prepared to be grabbed, spat on and pushed around. Also if you are an animal lover then I recommend skipping this maze. Some concepts are disturbing with the animal experience. ---overall great experience, eerie and bone chilling!

Photo of Caes F.

2023 was different. New Location in Buena Park and a little tricky to find. Use the "YELPFOR17" for the biggest percentage off. I did the Field Trip, you can use code "First" for $6 dollars off on certain days or Yelp for 10% "yelpfor17." They will not stack. It is near the Asia Buffet side of the Mall. Park on that side or you will have to walk all the way around to get to your car if you park on the Walmart Side since they close the mall. My group was extremely excited as 7/8 were regulars and 1/8 was a first time prisoner. While it wasn't as torturous as people in my group mentioned, it was fun. Be prepared to run. They did modify the doors to be less of a liability :( Definitely didn't have the mind bending (how did they get away with this) doors that made 17th Door Famous minus the room that spins and the Bible. ** Spoiler Alert ** They ended the furries and watered it down from 2022 and 2021. ** No more WATER **

haunted house room 17

Better to take a friend and watch them freak out!! The second time was a little different because you kind of knew what to expect but hey overall I liked it! I did the field trip again cause why not? It is a little different from 2021. Overall, I would go again! The group makes the experience as well!

Shocked. Wet. Intense. I don't want to spoil all the fun but I thoroughly enjoyed the field trip and the experience. You will be thrown, you will be shot at, you will get wet, you will be shocked. You will like it and come back next year! I was mind blown by the effects and the entire set up. So impressed. If you want an interactive experience and you don't mind being physically interacted with, then do it!

Photo of Nes W.

I wish I could give this ZERO stars. It's not scary, just painful. It should be illegal honestly. All they did was inflict pain by tasing me, shooting me and suffocating me. I go to haunted houses every year and this was not that. I love haunted houses. But this is not a haunted house. Just a bunch of sick individuals pushing their limits. I have a gash on my back from them. They say there's a safe word, "mercy" but they do not honor it. I yelled mercy while being suffocated with a latex blanket while being electrocuted and they kept going. When it was done, I told they lady and she told me to GTFOH. Seriously, do not go. It's not even fun or scary. I would never recommend this place. There's so many other haunted houses that are so much better where they are not inflicting harm on you.

Large injury on my back

Large injury on my back

Photo of Mckenna N.

This was my first year going, every year I want to go but am always way to scared. I finally went this year, last night, and it was incredible. I had the best time, and was actually scared. I felt like i got my moneys worth because I was genuinely scared, but also had the best adrenaline rush. It was incredibly awesome. If you're like how i was, and was hesitant to come because you're too scared, my advice... JUST DO IT. You will NOT regret it. Seriously since it's still early on in the month we are going back to the field trip. Truly loved this place and cannot WAIT to come next year , but can't wait to come do the field trip in the next week or so. 5 stars!!!! Awesome scare actors!!!! P.S. I want to add, a lot of people who are complaining and putting 1 Star clearly didnt read the waiver. & with the Barber, it clearly states multiple times that YOU WILL GET YOUR HAIRCUT , IF , and i emphasis " IF " you volunteer. If you sit, or volunteer, you're getting your hair cut. It literallly tells you that many times. All the people mad about pain or this or that literally clearly did not read anything they were supposed too. Thats why reading directions or signs posted in front of you, are important. So just read everything & know what you're getting into. That way you don't come on yelp and leave a 1 star review that looks dumb because nothing that happens is a surprise as we are warned about it. LOVE THIS HAUNT.

17th Door Entrance hall way.. spooky

17th Door Entrance hall way.. spooky

Photo of Kathy R.

Exceptional! However, ........ I don't have any regrets, but I simply had no idea there was going to be two suffocation situations. BUT, I hadn't been for years, and the other time I went to the 17th Door was probably it's 1st or I'm thinking 2nd year. To start out with the bad for myself tonight. I cannot hold my breath for very long AT ALL. A doctor told me once I have very weak lungs. The first suffocation situation tonight I was actually able to pry the mask (and holder's hands) off my face when I got too scared. He or she put it back on - which I was okay with. However, the second situation was too much for me. I literally felt that I could not hold my breath any longer, to then hear them start to count down slowly from I think 7 seconds. Well, I guess, then at least I knew the end was near and I probably wouldn't pass out. Enough about me being super bad at being suffocated; this place is shockingly impressive (no pun intended). I can't even imagine how much money it takes to build these sets. I will definitely watch the reality series now that I know it exists. My first visit -I swear the best part was when they threw slop at you in the cafeteria room. What happened to me tonight made that look like show and tell in grade school. If I had read the waiver or read more of the reviews I never would have gone to what this event now is. I did ask a nice young attendant at the Photo Booth on the way out how do you opt out of suffocation if you don't know that's going to happen to you until you're being suffocated? Notwithstanding any of my whining above, I'm so glad I got to experience everything. This is not the show they put on when they first started. I'm actually surprised the tickets aren't more expensive. The room that absolutely blew me away the most was the tumbling "now the other four people in my group are on the ceiling" room. Shortly after the room started turning I closed my eyes to stave off motion sickness until I was being yelled at "get up! Get up!" I responded (truthfully) "I don't know what to do!!" Thank God they helped me move. That experience (especially when I saw the other four in my group on the ceiling), was mind blowing, My favorite parts: the super tall (I assume famous clown), running at us from a very long hallway, and being able to later on be a shooter on people after us in the firing squad was incredibly sickingly satisfying (not to mention those guns were incredibly accurate). It sounds like last years event was even more physical than this years. Thank God I missed it! I actually don't mind getting wet and find it to be very comical (as long as I can breathe). A cockroach actually crawled out from my shirt a few rooms later on my hand. Creepy but praise the lord I can handle that. I will say the shock that only one other person in my group and I were administered from the Bible was SHOCKING to me. Talk about getting your money's worth. I also found the room where you are jabbed repeatedly from behind with what felt like metal meat hammers -damn, that hurt! To wrap it up, I'm kinda sad I won't be able to attend after this. I know I can opt out of the suffocation rooms - I guess I should consider that. I'm the meantime, you kids have fun! This place is amazing. Blows away Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm all rolled in one. My eternal hat's off to the owners and their team. Mind blowing effort.

Photo of Ramiro C.

I went last night with the kids and let me tell you. By far the best money spent on a fun night of halloween. First time going and i would recommend it to anyone. My kids and i had a blast.

haunted house room 17

This was my first time going and I was getting legitimately angry and worried as I read the reviews to this place. People on here described it as a shitty painful torture chamber not a haunted house. I was imagining a place where you get water boarded for 20 min straight while they shock you with a cattle prod. Even as I stood in line I got anxious because I saw one of the performers pretending to taser people. This description is untrue. The 17th door is pretty fun. Everyone except maybe the line guard was incredibly fun and chill. All the "painful" parts of the ride are barely noticeable. I loved all the creative rooms that told a continuous story of your prison experience. My favorite parts are the parts where you get "revenge" on other people on the ride or the parts where you become a prop in someone else's experience. My only complaint was at the end when they give you a light shock (I don't think electric shocks are ever scary or fun. they are just painful) All of the more scary or painful parts are mainly up to you. They are not forced on you. They give time between each room so you have a tailored experience each time. I would definitely go again. Everyone loved it

All of us posing at the end on prison beds

All of us posing at the end on prison beds

106 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Pinot’s Palette

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Holocaust Museum LA

Holocaust Museum LA

Kevin B. said "We visited here a couple of months ago. It was my second time at the Mueseum. I really love this place because it help me educate myself about the Holocaust where millions and millions of Hebrew men and women were killed. Children…" read more

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Spook Show 17: Finally, An Awesome Haunted House Reality TV Show!

Spook Show 17 reality haunted house tv show review featured image

Do you like reality TV shows ? Of course not. But you like haunted houses , right? That’s why you’re here! Ok, maybe you’ve got a select few shows you can tolerate, but only the outstanding ones, right? 

Well, because you like haunts and excellent reality TV shows , we’ve got a feeling you’re bound to enjoy one of the first iterations from the haunted attraction industry : Spook Show 17 . The creators gave us a sneak peek at their first three episodes, and with the complete series (14 episodes) of Spook Show 17 scheduled for release on September 28th, 2022 , we can tell you – It can’t come fast enough!

Spook Show 17 Trailer

Spook Show 17 logo image

Spook Show 17 takes you behind the scenes of one of the most intense and edgy haunted attractions in the United States : The 17th Door in Fullerton, California . If you don’t know about The 17th Door yet, here’s a basic rundown of what they offer. 

Testing one of the new rooms at The 17th Door Haunted House

The 17th Door has been dubbed “ extreme ” by many media outlets and customers over the past few years. You have to sign a waiver , and there’s even a safe word that you have to use if you’re not brave enough to endure each of the challenges. Every 90 seconds, groups of customers are locked into a room, each being progressively scarier and more physically demanding than the previous, forced to endure the scares that each room provides (or use the safe word to chicken out ), and then move on to the next room.

Promo photo from The 17th Door Haunted House in Fullerton, California.

Throughout the series, you’ll join an incredibly innovative and brashly- (yet lovingly-) egotistical Robbie , his ride-or-die wife Heather , and their entire build crew as they introduce what sets their haunt apart from “…those old, $h!tty haunts .”

Robbie, one of the owners at The 17th Door Haunted House

Then, they’ll take you along as they tear down and rebuild roughly half of their scenes to create their most unique (and terrifying) rooms to date.

Testing the batteries in one of the new scenes at The 17th Door Haunted House

If peeking into the creative imagination of someone who enjoys scaring the sh!t out of people for a living sounds fun, then you’re going to love watching them build one of America’s most extreme haunted houses right from your TV!

Although this may sound like more of a typical documentary-style show , we assure you, it’s not. Most reality TV shows cut out much of the cussing and craziness on the other side of the lens. But this show doesn’t because it’s entirely filmed, edited, and produced in-house by the crew of The 17th Door , so the creators don’t need to worry about anyone censoring them or what they do! What you see is all real! It’s also hilarious, but it may not be for you if you get offended easily. It’s also gritty , and they don’t hold back . There’s lots of hazing of their new (and existing) crew members, flaring tempers, physical injuries, project setbacks, and more, some of which just might take them to their breaking points.

Building a scene at The 17th Door Haunted House

So how did we [ The Scare Factor ] get access to see the show before it even airs? We were graced with an email from Charlotte, a Spook Show 17 crew member, asking if we (as industry-related journalists) would like to give them a review and some feedback before the release date. She also mentioned that they’ve already received an audience award from the Dances With Films Festival in LA . So we thought to ourselves, “Hell yes, we wanna see it! Hand them all over to us NOW!!” 

After we thought about it for a few minutes, we decided it’d be better to reply with, “We would be happy to look over a few of them for you!” 

Aerial photo of the queue line and crowd at The 17th Door Haunted House

We received a copy of the first episode at about 1:30 am (EST) and noticed it was almost an hour long. We’re night owls, of course, but we thought, “Eh, what the heck; Let’s check out the first few minutes and watch the rest of it tomorrow.” The next thing we knew, the episode ended; we’d watched the entire thing! Our faces were hurting and wet from tears from all our laughing. They’d even left us on a cliffhanger, wanting to see more of the scene and prop building and how it all pans out!

Testing the new shower room at The 17th Door Haunted House

Spoiler Alert!

The season starts with Robbie talking to the cameraman as he’s putting together one of the brand-new camera rigs he’d bought to begin filming the show. “You gotta be careful with these cheap-a$$ Chinese screws, man.” The cameraman asks, “So, how do you wanna start this out?” To which Robbie responds, “What do you mean? You’re filming; didn’t we already #uck!n start it?!” 

The show progresses by introducing the other crew members, a few scenes showing how they taught themselves to shoot video, a shocking “trust session” with each other, how the basic flow of the haunt works, and the big plan for revamping the show for haunt season . Eventually, you’ll follow the crew almost daily as they cut wood, solder pipes, fabricate, bolt together and weld custom machines, and so much more that we’d be here for days trying to explain everything. Oh, wait, there are the roaches, the roach motel, and…

End Spoiler Alert

Promo photo from The 17th Door Haunted House

We aren’t sure what it is about the uncensored grittiness and real-world experience Spook Show 17 offers that kept us wanting more, but we’re glad it did and can’t wait for the rest of the season to air ! So be sure to check out SpookShow17.com and sign up for their email list to stay up to date! Special thanks to The 17th Door Haunted House and Spook Show 17 for giving us this fantastic opportunity to take a sneak peek at their show and let us share it with the world for you.

Stay Scary!!

~Tyler & Nora: Team Zombillies & Co-Owners of TheScareFactor.com

Spook Show 17 Synopsis (from SpookShow17.com):

To soothe his insecurity, an egotistical innovator decides to make his own reality TV show about how he and his business-savvy wife lead a misfit crew to build the craziest, most elaborate haunted house in the galaxy: The 17th Door.

​A complete departure from what you know about reality TV, Spook Show 17 is completely authentic, obnoxiously irreverent, and flat-out hilarious. Follow this team’s journey through 14 episodes of design, build, casting, and operating, where you will see behind the scenes what it takes to truly scare the shit out of people.

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The 17th Door Haunt Experience

8420 On the Mall Buena Park , California 90620 United States

Website: http://the17thdoor.com

Phone: 714-900-2517

Email: Send Message

Dates & Times of Operation: September 22 - October 31; 7:00pm -12:00am Hours vary - See website

Ticket Information: Regular tickets starting at $36.00; VIP Speed Pass tickets starting at $43.00

Online Tickets Link: https://the17thdoor.com/tickets/

  • Social Links

The 17th Door is Orange County's most intense and most terrifying haunted house! Behind its 17 doors is an interactive experience more innovative and shocking than anything that's been tried before. From inside the replicated walls of a demonic Penitentiary, all of your senses will be assaulted as you progress from room to room, with each space more intense and more frightening than the last!

The 17th Door is designed for mature audiences, preferably 16 years of age and older, and is not recommended for children under the age of 13, as there will be intense thematic material throughout the haunt. I n this unique, timed haunt experience,  guests will experience new added surprises… more of what they love, and more of what they hate! Will you cry “Mercy?” Or will you survive all 35 minutes of psychological terror?

Open Sept. 22nd – Oct. 31st Tickets on sale now! Buy now before they sell out! Visit www.the17thdoor.com for dates and hours of operation and to purchase tickets.

The 17th Door Haunt Experience Videos

More Info About The 17th Door Haunt Experience

The Story of The 17th Door Heinous crimes deserve a severe sentence at Perpetuum Penitentiary, the most horrendous prison. A darkness has seized control of the inmates. Muffled screams of suffering ooze out of every crack and crevice of the dismal stone walls. At Perpetuum, a new circle of hell has taken root. Courtesy of Vixi Labs, all prison treatment facilities will now be powered by revolutionary Vixi-technology. Operated by vile and sadistic engineers, their unorthodox methods for treating evils of humanity have hit new levels of depravity. They are enjoying every minute. Evil pervades this space which has become a black reality. The question is... Will it become yours? Go cautiously, as the prisoners of Perpetuum's cell blocks have no concept of confinement and are thirsty for the sweet-smelling blood of new victims. No one escapes. Your only hope is to survive.  Will you cry Mercy or will you emerge from Perpetuum Penitentiary stronger than before?

All information is supplied by the Haunt, event or location. If there is no information below, it was not submitted to Haunted House.com.

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The city beneath the city: Excursions through Moscow’s underground world

haunted house room 17

This underground complex occupies more than 7,000 square meters and is divided into four blocks of tunnels. The reserve headquarters of the General Staff of the Air Force were located here, so that work could go on even if Moscow was under nuclear attack. The temperature inside the bunker is 16° Celsius.

In 2006 the Museum of the Cold War opened in the bunker. It is an interactive museum: Visitors can try on Soviet-era military uniforms, handle the weapons, explore formerly secret tunnels wearing helmets and protection suits, try out the responsibilities of a radiotelegraphist and even “launch” nuclear warheads by pressing the infamous red button.

haunted house room 17

Stalin worked here in late November and early December 1941 at the beginning of World War II. It was in this bunker that the decision was made not to abandon Moscow and to defend it at all costs. 

In 1996 the bunker was turned into a museum and opened to visitors. The bunker itself is relatively small with only the most essential spaces: a conference room, an office, a room for rest, the generals’ office, supply rooms and a refectory.

haunted house room 17

The river’s origin is in the area near Marina Roshcha. From there it passes under the city center and Aleksandrovsky Garden before flowing into the Moscow River through a big stone opening in the embankment that can be seen from the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge. The Neglinnaya River flows through a pipe for most of its length. A private company organizes an excursion along one part of the stone tunnel. However, even a planned excursion can be abruptly cancelled because of rain as the water in the river frequently floods.

The Neglinnaya River is considered one of the most mystical places in Moscow: frequent visitors often see ghosts in the tunnel. To enter the stone tunnel you have to go through a sewer located in the area of the Stretensky Boulevard metro station.  

haunted house room 17

In 1974 the entrance to the Syani mines was filled in. By that time its system of underground tunnels exceeded 90 kilometers. On June 3, 1988 underground enthusiasts unsealed one of the entrances and in 2007 it was substantially restored by local inhabitants and regular visitors to the mines.

Regular visitors call themselves “sistemshchiki,” which is slang related to the Soviet hippie movement. A particular subculture has developed around these caves with its traditions, rules, myths and rituals.

The height of the tunnels of the Syani mines network ranges between 0.4 and 3.5 meters and their depth reaches up to 30 meters. The temperature inside the caves is usually in the range of 7-10° Celsius. To reach the entrance to the caves, take bus number 439 from Domodedovskaya metro station and get off at the stop “Pochta.” The journey takes about 35 minutes.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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haunted house room 17

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City 17 [3] [4] is a grand city in Eastern Europe that has existed since before the Seven Hour War . Later taken over by the Combine , it became their main headquarters on Earth . [3] Dominated by the imposing Citadel and surrounded by the desolate Wasteland , it is the only location in Half-Life 2: Episode One , and one of two major locations in Half-Life 2 . It also made an appearance in Half-Life: Alyx .

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  • 1.3 Transportation systems
  • 2.1 Half-Life 2
  • 2.2 Half-Life 2: Episode One
  • 2.3 Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • 2.4 Half-Life: Alyx
  • 3.1 Background and origins of City 17
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Overview [ ]

Architecture [ ].

HalfLife2 City17 TrainStationSquare

The Trainstation Plaza, under surveillance by Civil Protection units and equipment, with a " Breencast " monitor, which Doctor Breen uses to address City 17 citizens.

City 17 visually resembles a post-Soviet harbor city featuring mostly Eastern European architecture. [1] It features architecture styles dating from pre-World War II neoclassicism, post-war classical designs, Soviet modernism, and post-Soviet contemporary designs. [1]

Upon the Combine's arrival on Earth , many buildings were augmented using their own style of architecture [3] with the intent of restricting citizen movement throughout the city. [ source? ]

In addition, large television screens were installed in several public areas to address citizens regarding the Combine. [3] At the heart of the city is the Citadel , a giant skyscraper which serves as the hub of the Combine. [3]

The core of the city consists predominately of wall-to-wall buildings, with blocks of clustered low-rises made out of a variety of old and new buildings. Under Combine rule, certain residential buildings in the city are used as accommodations for citizens. [3] Conditions in such housings are typically seen as poor, with very few luxuries and constant inspection and raids by Civil Protection . [3] [5] However, some city infrastructure, such as power plants, are maintained by the Combine, and electricity is made widely available from both traditional sources and Combine generators. [3] The Combine themselves occupied some former government buildings, such as the Overwatch Nexus , to help keep control over the city. [3]

The city was large enough to provide all necessary needs for the citizens before the Combine's occupation. This is supported by the presence of a hospital , several cafés and restaurants, office buildings, and underground city systems, most of which are still intact but abandoned. [3] [6] [7]

The outskirts of City 17 features industrial districts and additional Soviet-style housing, [3] most of which are considered off-limits to citizens. The industrial districts are seen linked to the city via railway lines and canals . [3] [1] [6] [7]

As there was little emphasis on maintaining non-essential parts of the city, many areas of City 17 suffered from urban decay prior to the Citadel's explosion. [3]

Transportation systems [ ]


A Combine Razor Train passes by a canal and residential apartments.

Half Life 2 Car Wrecks

All of the Half-Life 2 Car Wrecks

City 17's transportation system had considerable variety. In addition to highways and city streets, City 17 includes underground road tunnels that traveled beneath the city; during the Resistance uprising against the Combine, portions of the tunnels could be seen, badly damaged, with areas flooded with toxic substances. [3] Several railway lines run throughout the city, with at least two large train stations connecting City 17 to other Combine controlled cities . [3] [6] The Combine maximized the use of these transportation systems, developing ground-based APCs to patrol roads while utilizing pre-invasion trains and their own form of trains to transport citizens and goods in and out of City 17. [3] [6] [7] The presence of unused tramways on a street also suggest that the city once provided tram services before the Combine rule. [3] There are also cars. The cars don't drive, the are the car wrecks that appear almost every videogame episode of Half-Life 2 . The vehicles appear all around City-17 and locations beyond. The car wrecks are real-life vehicle models that are formed abandoned.

List the models of the Car Wrecks in Half-Life 2 :

  • White and Old Pink Hatchback Wreck - 1961 Trabant 601
  • Orange Hatchback Wreck - 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf
  • Lapis Blue Hatchback Wreck - 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf
  • Dark Blue Sedan Wreck - 1964 Moskvitch 2140
  • Yellow and White Sedan Wreck - 1964 Moskvitch 2140
  • White Sedan Wreck - 1969 Volga GAZ-24
  • Navy Blue Sedan Wreck - 1969 Volga GAZ-24
  • Dark Green Sedan Wreck - 1971 ZAZ 968 Zaporozets
  • Light-Dark White Sedan Wreck - 1971 ZAZ 968 Zaporozets
  • White Van Wreck - 1969 RAF-2203 Latvija
  • Dark Blue Truck Wreck - 1963 Avia A31
  • Light Blue Flatbed Truck Wreck - 1952 GAZ-53
  • Scarlet Semi-Truck Wreck - 1970 LIAZ Škoda 706 RT

Canals toxic citadel shell

A city canal containing hazardous materials.

A network of canals is also prevalent in and around City 17. [3] Much of the inner city canals, however, were made defunct after the Combine's draining of large bodies of water around City 17 left much of the area's canal system dry. [3] [1] However, the industrial district canal systems remains usable, albeit shallower, with certain portions of the canals contaminated with hazardous materials . [3]

Appearances [ ]

Half-life 2 [ ].

Gordon was pulled from stasis by the G-Man and left standing in a train pulling into a station . Leaving the train after hearing the other passenger's comment, "I didn't see you get on", Gordon faced a large screen monitor with the administrator, Doctor Breen , smiling calmly down at the depressed citizens and welcoming them to City 17.

After failing a security check, Gordon was taken away by a Civil Protection officer for interrogation. Fortunately, he was delivered to an undercover Barney Calhoun who helped him escape from the train station. Exiting the station, Gordon finds himself in a plaza, with the ever imposing Citadel far ahead, and further evidence of the Combine's power in the city. Gordon's brief journey through the city revealed the level of repression by the Combine and the level of fear and dread among citizens.

After stumbling his way into a building being raided by Civil Protection, Gordon is identified as a "miscount" [8] and is pursued by Civil Protection units over the rooftops and ledges of buildings before being rescued by Alyx Vance . Alyx brings Gordon to Dr. Kleiner 's lab in a nearby building. There, Gordon is fitted with an HEV suit and is set to be teleported with Alyx to Dr. Eli Vance 's lab in Black Mesa East . While Alyx successfully arrives at the destination, the teleport malfunctions as Gordon is about to be teleported, sending him to several locations (including Doctor Breen's office in the Citadel), and eventually back to City 17, just outside Kleiner's lab.

After being given a Crowbar from Barney, Gordon is advised to venture along railway lines, canals, sewage systems, and the wider canal routes to leave City 17 and reach Black Mesa East. Along the way, it is learned that parts of the route are also under attack by Combine units. An alert was put out from the Citadel to capture or kill Gordon after the teleportation incident at Breen's office. As Gordon reaches the wider canals, an Airboat is prepared by rebels to transport Gordon out of the city. As he rides the Airboat, Hunter-Choppers and additional Combine units pursue him once more but are eventually evaded and defeated as he reaches Black Mesa East and escapes the city.

Citadel View

A view over City 17 from the Citadel, as seen by Gordon Freeman in a Stalker pod . The skybox texture used to represent City 17 from a bird's eye view is actually a nighttime satellite image of New York City, showing the Downtown and Wiliiamsburg areas of Brooklyn, a portion of Maspeth in Queens and parts of the Lower East Side of Manhattan (see Google Maps for comparison). [9] [10]

After Gordon and Alyx's failed attempt to rescue Eli and associate Judith Mossman at Nova Prospekt (in which Judith ends up teleporting Eli to the Citadel), they attempt to teleport back to Kleiner's lab, but find that they have reached their destination a week later in time, although it seems to Alyx and Gordon as though their teleportation was instantaneous. They learn that Gordon and Alyx's attack on Nova Prospekt sparked an uprising among City 17's citizens that sent the city into chaos: Combine units and citizens are fighting against each other, and powerful, more lethal weapons and equipment are being deployed in full force, damaging much of the city. While Gordon and Alyx race to the Citadel to rescue Eli, Alyx is knocked out, captured, and brought to the Citadel. Gordon eventually reaches the foot of the Citadel, with the aid of Barney and Alyx's robotic pet, Dog , and enters the structure to rescue Eli and Alyx and to confront Doctor Breen.

The final stage of the game reveals that Gordon, upon releasing Eli and Alyx and damaging the dark energy reactor that would power Breen's teleportation off of the planet, was about to trigger a massive explosion of the reactor that would "bring down the whole Citadel" and destroy the entire city. At the moment of the reactor's explosion, however, the G-Man reappears, stopping time, and transports Gordon back into stasis to await further assignment.

Half-Life 2: Episode One [ ]

Alyx City 17 Citadel meltdown

Alyx and Gordon watching the Citadel's reactor meltdown resuming.

Half-Life 2: Episode One takes place against a backdrop of a mass exodus from the doomed city, at the heart of which the Citadel has become a ticking time bomb. Hoping to open a portal to send valuable information back to the Combine leaders, the surviving Combine soldiers inside the Citadel deactivated the containment system for the Citadel's core. Though Gordon and Alyx manage to reactivate the system, it only buys a short amount of time. As they move further away from the Citadel, they witness its condition deteriorate.

City 17 ruined street tracks

A ravaged City 17 street, close to the walls of the Citadel.

The city itself, especially the regions closest to the Citadel, had been damaged beyond recognition by Striders following the events of Half-Life 2 , though regions further out, such as a hospital and the train station, were still intact. Most of the railroad infrastructure was undamaged, though any train leaving the Citadel was subject to falling debris. Antlions roamed the city unchecked, and the remaining Combine forces struggled to keep order in the ruins.

The citizens of City 17, heeding the warnings of the Resistance , were all but gone during Gordon and Alyx's flight from the city. Only a few remained, pinned down by any surviving Combine troops and Civil Protection units. Thanks to the efforts of Gordon and Barney Calhoun, the last of the city's citizens were evacuated via train, despite the best efforts of the surviving Combine forces.

When the Citadel detonated, the explosion was powerful enough to send debris flying for miles and landing outside city limits.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two [ ]

City17 destroyed

Concept art of Alyx, Dog and a rebel watching the destroyed city.

In a scene from Half-Life 2: Episode Two , the remains of City 17 can be seen from the countryside. A tornado-like vortex can be seen rising from what was the Citadel, and the center of the city is scattered with pieces of the Citadel. The outskirts of the city appear no less damaged and it is doubtful that there is anyone left alive in the ruins.

Half-Life: Alyx [ ]

In Half-Life: Alyx , the majority of the game takes place in City 17 , mostly inside the Quarantine Zone , a Xen-infested area closed off from the rest of the city. The Citadel is shown in its early construction development. Alyx lives in an apartment with a view to the Citadel.

A map of City 17 and the Quarantine Zone can be seen in the loading screens of the game, showing the player's progress.

Behind the scenes [ ]

  • In the Half-Life 2 Beta, many traces of an older concept of City 17 can be found in the files and the WC mappack, mostly being in the vein of American design and last modified from 2000 to 2002. To support this, even the vehicles such as the cars were different, being GMC or Chevrolet and of brush design rather than models. All of the aforementioned material is absent in the retail version of Half-Life 2 . The Half-Life 2 Car Wrecks are modeled 3D inside the entire Half-Life 2 .
  • The playable Half-Life 2 Beta texture files contain several worn-out vintage posters used in many WC mappack maps. Originally fruit crate labels, they were directly taken from the "Fruit Crate Labels" page of the Encore Editions website . Another is also found here .

Gallery [ ]

Pre-release [ ], reference images [ ].

A real world reference image for City 17.

Concept art [ ]

Early City 17 concept art.

Screenshots [ ]

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Logos and posters [ ]

List of appearances [ ].

  • Half-Life 2 (First appearance)
  • Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar
  • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (Non- canonical appearance)
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • The Final Hours of Portal 2
  • Half-Life: Alyx

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See also [ ]

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