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Home Depot’s giant skeleton now has a 12-foot ghost BFF

home depot ghost

Show off your love for Halloween with this huge ghost

Calling all Halloween lovers! The undisputed best holiday (sorry, Christmas) is finally getting its due. And with Spooky Season right around the corner, it's officially time to start making plans if you want to have the creepiest, eeriest, most bone-chilling house on your block.

home depot ghost

That's why you're going to want to head to your local Home Depot as soon as possible because they have a new Halloween decoration that's sure to be all the rage this year: a towering, 12-foot ghost.

Get this ghost before it sells out

Halloween lovers will surely remember that Home Depot originated the 12-foot skeleton trend . And when the home improvement store debuted its giant Skelly decoration, it went viral and sold out almost instantly.

So if you want to get your claws on a similarly towering ghost, you'll need to act fast.

home depot ghost

The 12-foot ghost decoration is just as scary as Skelly and sure to tower over any trick-or-treater who visits your abode. Plus, it comes with built in LED lights that add a spooky glow and ensure it can be seen haunting your home all night long.

We have a feeling this ghost is going to be eerily popular this year, so don't delay if you want one for your Halloween display. It's available now at Home Depot for $349 — and to help make sure it doesn't sell out as quickly as Skelly, there's a limit of one ghost per order.

Complete your Halloween display with these seriously scary decorations

home depot ghost

Aiduy Outdoor Halloween Decorations Scary Giant Spider

This giant spider features fluffy black fur (that no one will want to pet), spooky red eyes and bendable legs, so you can pose him on your lawn, on a wall or even on the roof for maximum scariness.

Sold by Amazon

home depot ghost

Joyin 47" Halloween Climbing Zombie Decoration

This realistic climbing zombie can hang from your house or a tree to add some extra scares to your display. 

home depot ghost

Joyin 5 PCS Life Size Groundbreaker Skeleton Stakes 

These skeleton pieces stake into the ground, so once you place both arms, both legs and the skull, the result is a life-size skeleton that looks like it's unearthing itself from the grave. Does it get any spookier than that? We don't think so — and neither will visitors to your house this Halloween season.

home depot ghost

(18 Pcs) Hanging Bats Halloween Decoration 

These realistic flying bats come in three different sizes. The kit also contains two rolls of fishing string — so you can hang them from your house or a tree for a realistic display — and foam dots for sticking them to your windows to create spooky silhouettes. They're waterproof and weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor displays.

home depot ghost

Dazzle Bright Halloween 360 LED Net Lights 

Light up your Halloween display and make sure every spooky piece can be seen all night long with these purple and orange net lights. They're perfect for stringing along a fence or draping over bushes or trees.

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Shop the Life-Size Golden Retriever Ghosts TikTokers Are Painting For Halloween

Published on 10/13/2023 at 6:35 PM

home depot ghost

These ghosts are such good boys. The Home Depot Halloween department truly outdid itself this year, releasing life-size golden retriever statues in addition to its usual towering decor . The seasonal dogs are dressed up in ghost costumes, "wearing" white sheets with holes for their big brown eyes and floppy ears. As a festive touch, the dogs carry purple trick-or-treat doggie bags in their mouths — complete with yellow LED lights — doubling down on the spooky theme. For complete accuracy, the pups sit at about two-and-a-half-feet tall, with sweet expressions and a $40 price tag.

It's no surprise the Home Depot goldens are selling out fast. But in an especially wholesome trend, TikTokers are customizing their doggie decor to more closely resemble their own pets. One user transformed hers into a blue heeler, molding new ears out of air dry clay and painting any visible plastic fur. Another creator used brown spray paint to make sure her chocolate lab felt included on Halloween, carefully painting around the white sheet. Others skillfully added on speckled muzzles, eye patches, dalmatian spots, and other personal touches for the newest member of the pack.

"My family loves this Halloween decoration," one reviewer wrote, attaching a photo of the plastic pup sitting next to their real-life goldens. "We have 2 golden retriever dogs, so we call this guy our 3rd dog. Yes, it's a $40 piece of plastic, but it sure makes us happy." Each of the Home Depot canines can be used indoors and outdoors, with a timer for light activation and shutdown. Read on to shop the ghoulish goldens, and see how the internet is making them their own.

Home Depot's Golden Retriever Ghost Decor

Home Depot's Golden Retriever Ghost Decor

Home Depot 2.5-Ft. Battery-Operated LED Ghost Golden Retriever ($40)

This golden retriever is dressed to impress and ready for Halloween. LED lights help the trick-or-treat bag in its mouth glow, and the statue can be used as indoor or outdoor decor.

Main Image

Home Depot's Golden Retriever Ghost

Home depot's golden retriever ghosts (and an imposter), home depot's golden retriever ghost as a chocolate lab, home depot's golden retriever ghost as a blue heeler, home depot's golden retriever ghost with spots, home depot's golden retriever ghost as an australian shepherd, home depot's golden retriever ghost as a dalmatian.

  • Halloween Decor

Home Depot's Halloween Decorations Are Way More Than Just a 12-Foot Skeleton — and These Prove It

Whether you want an inflatable, an animatronic, or a sculpture, Home Depot has options for you.

Headshot of Micki Wagner

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?

If you had your heart set on getting a skeleton to finish off your Halloween display, you can pick up this 3-foot one instead. Or, if you’re after a totally terrifying 12-foot decoration, add this ghastly Towering Ghost to cart. Or maybe you want to go the Disney route? With Hocus Pocus and Ursula inflatables — not to mention a 13-foot Jack Skellington that sings — there are plenty of on-theme options for you.

But that’s far from all the retailer has to offer this season! We dove head-first into Home Depot's Halloween decorations section to bring you 11 of our faves, from inflatables to animatronics to sculptures and more.

Home Accents Holiday 12-Foot Giant-Sized Towering Ghost

12-Foot Giant-Sized Towering Ghost

We all know, love, and are obsessed with Home Depot’s iconic 12-foot skeleton . But if you didn’t get to nab one for yourself this season, pick up this towering ghost instead. It’s also a wild 12 feet tall and just as terrifying. With its domineering position and haunting blue LED lighting, this yard decoration is ready to scare the pants off your guests.

More: The 40 Craziest Halloween Products That Will Bring Your Home to the Freakiest Level

Disney 13-Foot Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington

13-Foot Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington

Maybe it’s his sharp suit, his singing, or his status as Halloween royalty (he is the Pumpkin King, after all), but Jack Skellington suddenly becomes our favorite Disney character this time of year (followed closely by his ghostie doggo Zero). If you, too, can’t get enough of Jack, then this humongous 13-foot decoration of him is totally for you.

Not only is it literally larger than life, but it sings “Jack’s Lament,” moving its mouth and head for the performance. Plus, it comes with two faces you can swap back and forth, whether you want a happier-looking Jack or his terrifying facial expression to scare off unwanted visitors (and/or squirrels).

Holidynamics Holiday Lighting Solutions LED Skeleton Hand Halloween Yard Decoration

LED Skeleton Hand Halloween Yard Decoration

If your vibe this Halloween is a little scary, but not full-on terrifying, then this light decoration understands the assignment. At just over 2 feet tall, this light-up skeleton hand can go outside or inside — wherever you need that finishing touch ahead of your Halloween party. Plus, it’s outfitted with 135 LEDs, so no one will miss it in the night.

Joiedomi 8-Foot Black, White, and Purple Skeleton Dinosaur Inflatable

8-Foot Black, White, and Purple Skeleton Dinosaur Inflatable

This large-and-in-charge 8-foot inflatable is not only an amazing way to display your love of Halloween, but it’s also a budget-friendly way to get in on the fun at just $70.

This skeleton dinosaur is ready for trick-or-treating with its jack-o’-lantern basket and witch hat. But with its haunting red eyes that glow, we’d try not to cross this eerie skeleton dinosaur.

Home Accents Holiday 24-Inch Concrete Gryphon Statue

24-Inch Concrete Gryphon Statue

Listen, not all Halloween decor has to be ghosts and skeletons and monsters. Sometimes it’s about curating a vibe, and with this statue, the vibe is creepy, abandoned mansion.

For just $40, you can scoop up this 2-foot statue depicting a mythical gryphon — a mash-up of lion and eagle — to set outside your home (even if it isn’t actually an abandoned mansion).

Disney LED Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters With Spell Book Inflatable

LED Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters With Spell Book Inflatable

Another glorious morning awaits you when you have this inflatable set up in your yard! With all three of the Sanderson sisters pouring over their spell book, you know there is some mischief brewing. The sisters stand just over 4-feet tall, and the inflatable glows so you can easily keep an eye on the witchy sisters after dark.

Home Accents Holiday Animated LED Sit-and-Stand Skeleton Wolves (2-Pack)

Animated LED Sit-and-Stand Skeleton Wolves (2-Pack)

Inside of you, there are two wolves — and with this bundle, you’re getting two outside wolves as well. Set these skeleton wolves up to guard your precious Halloween display, whether inside your house or just outside your front door, this season.

Each animatronic wolf is just 2.5 feet tall with eerie red eyes that light up, a blood-curdling howl, and legs that allow you to pose the wolves to complement your Halloween scene. And perhaps best of all, you get both wolves for under $100.

Home Accents Holiday Giant Kaleidoscope Spider Inflatable

Giant Kaleidoscope Spider Inflatable

Those who have a serious fear of spiders probably won’t be jazzed about the idea of having an inflatable spider that sprawls 11.5 feet as a Halloween decoration.

But, those of us who find spiders both creepy and cool might just love it. This huge black-and-orange spider has lights inside of it, so your neighbors and visitors won’t miss it. And while it might look scary, we’re pretty sure it’s not poisonous...

National Tree Company Halloween Stacked Skulls Cauldron

Halloween Stacked Skulls Cauldron

This bone-chilling skull decoration deserves a spot next to your fireplace. Now we don’t know what kind of super scary sorcery brought about this cauldron’s stacked skulls (or what keeps them from toppling over), but we do know that at just over 3 feet tall, it does make for an instant classic Halloween decoration.

Disney LED Animated Ursula With Eels Inflatable

LED Animated Ursula With Eels Inflatable

We feel bad for those poor, unfortunate souls who don’t have this over 6-foot Ursula inflatable to celebrate Halloween.

In true Ursula fashion, she’s accompanied by her eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, who actually move! And the Disney baddie, along with her eels, glow thanks to LED lights that make them easy to spot in the dark sea, ahem, night!

Home Accents Holiday 3-Foot LED Skeleton

3-Foot LED Skeleton

OK, OK, so maybe you’re not quite ready for the 12-foot skeleton. Start with this 3-foot one instead. Made by Home Accents Holiday — the Home Depot brand that also makes the iconic 12-foot skeleton —this smaller-scale skeleton is still pretty menacing, with its creepy LED eyes that look so real! Plus, this one costs just $40.

Headshot of Micki Wagner

Micki Wagner is a commerce editor for Hearst’s Enthusiast Group, where she is constantly on the lookout for exciting new products, great sales and deals, and fun gifts. Her work can also be found on Saveur and Worth . When she’s not writing about the latest and greatest products, you can find her checking out new restaurants, spending way too much time shopping online, and binging Parks and Recreation…yet again.

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Totally The Bomb.com

Everything You Need to Know About The Home Depot Halloween Release 2023

Every year, The Home Depot brings Halloween in a big way.

Honestly, Home Depot seems to get better and better and this year, is no different. I was lucky enough to be part of the exclusive Home Depot showcase and was able to get my eyes on what is to come!!

home depot ghost

In case you didn’t know, Home Depot’s Halloween Collection drops this week – yep in July.

So, if you are wondering when Home Depot releases their Halloween collection and exactly what will be released, stay tuned because we have all the juicy (and spooky) details to share with you!

home depot ghost

When does Home Depot release their 2023 Halloween Collection?

The 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection will release online on Thursday, July 13, 2023. There is no specific time so some are saying to stay up all night or check back every hour on the hour to see when the collection will drop.

The Home Depot Halloween Collection will be released in Home Depot stores at the end of August/early September.

home depot ghost

What will be available in the Home Depot Halloween Collection 2023?

For the 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection, there will be a few main collections including:

The Grave & Bones Collection

The dead water collection, halloween classics, disney characters, ghoulish giants.

  • Spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns

Eerie Inflatables

Haunted hallows, cursed glow.

home depot ghost

The Home Depot Grave and Bones Collection is exactly what it sounds like – grave and bones items for Halloween including skeletons and gravestones.

home depot ghost

This collection includes the 12 foot skeleton (returning this year), 13 foot animated Jack Skellington, returning 8 Foot Animated Reaper, and a new 8 foot animated Boogyman.

home depot ghost

In addition, there is a new skull stack (much like the pumpkin stack last year), a new bone archway, an animated gravedigger and an animated witch.

home depot ghost

Dean the deathologist is returning with a new maid friend. They redesigned the giant skulls this year and are bringing us two new gargoyle statues.

home depot ghost

This year, they also have a ton of new headstones. These are typically the heavy duty ones that won’t get ruined in the rainstorm.

home depot ghost

There is also a new 3 foot animated witch, and several different sized skeletons including a 3 foot animated skelly that looks like a mini version of the 12 foot skeleton.

home depot ghost

They also have a variety of new skeleton animals. How cute is that furry bone dog?!

home depot ghost

The Dead Water Collection is new this year to Home Depot and features a variety of characters that are swampy, creepy characters like they live in the dead waters of a bayou.

home depot ghost

This collection has new characters including the animated predator of the night. He is 9 feet tall and has a wing span of 12.5 feet. He is HUGE.

There is also a new swamp witch, cauldron, animated marsh monster and the viral pumpkin stack from last year, is back.

home depot ghost

There is also an animated fisherman, new scarecrow, animated sitter of souls, animated possessed penny, and a creepy animated haunted doll.

home depot ghost

There are also many skeletons that go along with this collection which you can see below.

home depot ghost

New this year is this super cool animated cyborg named THC 3000! It has realistic moves of the eyes, mouth and it’s supposed to be in limited supply this year.

home depot ghost

We are also getting a new 12 foot animated ghost, new pumpkin twins, and sinister Steve (animated small clown).

home depot ghost

I did briefly mention the 12 Jack Skellington and we have several other Disney items (mostly inflatables coming).

We are getting a life-size animated Yoda, so that is cool!

home depot ghost

More Disney inflatables…

home depot ghost

As far as the giants go, I already mentioned the 12 foot skelly, Jack, the Swamp Monster but we are also getting back the pumpkin skeleton and the 12 foot hovering witch.

home depot ghost

Spooky Jack-O’-Lanterns

For these, many of these are the same as last year but we do have a few new designs…

home depot ghost

I like that grey animated pumpkin. Perfect for a spooky pumpkin patch.

home depot ghost

And more pumpkins…

home depot ghost

You saw the Disney inflatables above but we are getting a few more than that including these spiders, pumpkin reaper and ghost.

home depot ghost

Then there are a few cutesy inflatables too. Look at that Chucky!

home depot ghost

A few more cutesy ones…

home depot ghost

We are getting back the popular coffin this year along with the weeping willow tree and some fun new plastic characters.

home depot ghost

There are some other fun Halloween decorations and if you need a storage bag, Home Depot has got us covered this year too…

home depot ghost

What is a Halloween setup without good lighting? There are a few new lighting options this year including an attachment to illuminate your 12 foot skelly!

home depot ghost

New flood lights and even some regular lights for an extra eerie glow.

home depot ghost

And that’s it for now.

Now, Home Depot did confirm there will be some items available online and in-store that they DID NOT SHOWCASE. Meaning, there are other surprise releases.

You can shop The Home Depot Halloween Collection Here .


  1. Home Accents Holiday 12 ft. Inflatable Lighted Tall Ghost-75132

    home depot ghost

  2. Home Accents Holiday 5 ft. Inflatable Frightened Ghost MD Black Light

    home depot ghost

  3. Gemmy 3.5 ft. H Ghost with Pumpkin-SM Scene Halloween Inflatable-G

    home depot ghost

  4. 35 in. Glowing Ghost on Stake-4247

    home depot ghost

  5. Animated Standing Ghost Girl from Home Depot Halloween 2019

    home depot ghost

  6. Home Accents Holiday 48 in. Hanging Ghost Girl 9305-48638

    home depot ghost


  1. Home Depot Halloween 2023

  2. NEW FOR 2023

  3. HARUHI ITO BEVRIJDEN + DEPOT VERKENNEN! (Ghost Recon Breakpoint) #5

  4. Home Depot 12 ft ghost light modes

  5. Home Depot 2023 Towering 12ft Ghost Halloween Prop Unboxing/Setup!


  1. Ghost

    Get free shipping on qualified Ghost Halloween Decorations products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Holiday Decorations Department. #1 Home Improvement Retailer ... 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337) Customer Service. Check Order Status; Check Order Status; Pay Your Credit Card; Order Cancellation; Returns; Shipping & Delivery ...

  2. Ghost

    Compare ( 3) Model# wal-VH374US VIVOHOME 5 ft. Height Halloween Inflatable LED Lighted White Ghost with Pumpkin Lantern Compare ( 2) Model# MZ17-HLN2064360 National Tree Company 12 ft. Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Compare

  3. Halloween Classics

    Ghost. Spiders. Pumpkin. Cat. Monster. Signs. Skull. Day of the Dead. Reaper. Trick-or-Treat. Zombie. Cemetery. Clown. Mummy. Spider Web. Tombstone. Tree. Bat. Haunted House. Horse. Plants. ... 1-800-HOME-DEPOT(1-800-466-3337) Special Financing Available everyday* Pay & Manage Your Card Credit Offers. Get $5 off when you sign up for emails with ...

  4. Home Depot's 12-Foot Towering Ghost Is Not for the Faint of Heart

    Now 75% Off $87 at Home Depot Behold, Home Accents Holiday's 12-Foot Towering Ghost from Home Depot! Yep, you heard us: 12 feet! This unsettling ghostie is large and in charge, looking down upon its unwitting victims guests with a horrifying look on its gaunt face (truly the stuff of nightmares). So, of course, it's perfect for Halloween.

  5. Ghost

    $50 - $100 Halloween Decor Theme Ghost Halloween Classics Pumpkin Witch Holiday Decor Product Type Other Indoor Decor Yard Decoration

  6. Gymax 12 ft. Inflatable Halloween Ghost Blow Up ...

    Our 12 ft. inflatable ghost will bring great fun to your Halloween night. It could light up the dark yard at night and add mystery atmosphere.

  7. Home Depot 12FT TOWERING GHOST Setup 2023

    18 Share 1.5K views 3 months ago #haunt #12ftskeleton #halloweendecorations Merchandise Available: http://tee.pub/lic/L90qaOjpDjg ...more ...more Merchandise...

  8. 12' Towering Ghost Home Depot Halloween 2023

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 835 views 3 months ago #halloween #animatronics #halloween2023 This is the 12' towering Ghost that is Home Depot's Online only Exclusive for this year's 2023 Halloween. It's...

  9. Ghost Wood 1 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. Bannack Brown Wood ...

    Product Details With years of development behind it, Ghost Wood products deliver the distinctive look and character of reclaimed wood with the performance of new wood. Users enjoy ease of installation and reasonable pricing. It is an unmatched value.

  10. Home Depot

    This is an unboxing, setup, and demo of Home Depot's 12Ft Towering Ghost!#homedepot #ghost #monster#12ft #12ftskeleton #animatronics #unboxing #setup #demo #...

  11. The Home Depot's 12-Foot Towering Ghost is Here

    Home Depot is known for having the most spooky Halloween decorations for your yard, and this year they've deputed a great new item: The 12-foot Giant-Sized Towering Ghost! This 12-foot giant-sized towering ghost will definitely get your neighbors and trick-or-treaters spooked!

  12. Home Depot's giant skeleton now has a 12-foot ghost BFF

    Home Depot Show off your love for Halloween with this huge ghost Calling all Halloween lovers! The undisputed best holiday (sorry, Christmas) is finally getting its due. And with Spooky Season right around the corner, it's officially time to start making plans if you want to have the creepiest, eeriest, most bone-chilling house on your block.

  13. Shop Home Depot's Golden Retriever Ghost Decor

    Home Depot 2.5-Ft. Battery-Operated LED Ghost Golden Retriever ($40) This golden retriever is dressed to impress and ready for Halloween. LED lights help the trick-or-treat bag in its mouth...

  14. THE BASEMENT'S HALLOWEEN HAVEN: 6 ft. Animated Haunting Ghost Bride by

    In the past few years, Home Depot has really been stepping up with their Halloween props, oftentimes going well beyond what Spirit offers, both in size and quality. The best of their releases are from their Home Accents line and 2021 introduced more new characters than in previous years. They also brought back some classics as well.

  15. 12 ft Towering Ghost : Home Depot Halloween 2023

    12 ft Towering Ghost : Home Depot Halloween 2023 #homedepothalloween #homedepothalloween2023 Mike W #YoutubesMonster 44.8K subscribers Join Subscribe 24 2.4K views 3 weeks ago 1 product...

  16. Home Depot Is Selling 6-Foot Twin Ghost Animatronics You Can Put in

    Home Depot is selling a pair of 6-foot hanging animated ghost spirit figures, and you have to just see these! Home Depot. Not only do you get 1, but they come in a pair. You're really getting 2 Halloween decorations for the price you'd be spending on 1 super cool animatronic. Home Depot. First of all, these ghost spirits are freaking 6 FEET ...

  17. Ghostshield

    1 gal. Invisible Penetrating Concrete Sealer Plus Densifier and Hardener Compare ( 83) Model# 1001 Ghostshield 1 Gal. Non-acid Based Concrete Etcher and Cleaner Compare ( 432) Model# 5500 Ghostshield 1 Gal. Water Based Acrylic Wet Look Concrete and Paver Water Repellent Sealer Compare ( 692) Model# 5505 Ghostshield

  18. Home Depot's Halloween Decorations Are Way More Than Just a 12-Foot

    Now 50% Off $199 at Home Depot Maybe it's his sharp suit, his singing, or his status as Halloween royalty (he is the Pumpkin King, after all), but Jack Skellington suddenly becomes our favorite Disney character this time of year (followed closely by his ghostie doggo Zero).

  19. Everything You Need to Know About The Home Depot Halloween Release 2023

    The Dead Water Collection is new this year to Home Depot and features a variety of characters that are swampy, creepy characters like they live in the dead waters of a bayou. The Home Depot. This collection has new characters including the animated predator of the night. He is 9 feet tall and has a wing span of 12.5 feet.

  20. The Home Depot Dickson City Store in Dickson City, PA 18519

    Sun: 8:00am - 6:00pm. Curbside: 09:00am - 6:00pm. Location. 800 Commerce Blvd. Dickson City, PA 18519. Local Ad. Directions. Curbside Pickup with The Home Depot App Order online, check in with the app, and we'll bring the items out to your vehicle. Learn More About Curbside Pickup.

  21. Store Directory

    The Home Depot provides affordable and convenient home improvement resources, supplies and solutions through hundreds of stores located across the country. Below, you can view a list of our Most Searched Stores. Click on a store to see more details or use our Store Finder to find The Home Depot store nearest you. The Home Depot is here to help ...

  22. Home Services Near You at The Home Depot in Dickson City, Dickson City

    Visit your Dickson City Home Depot to schedule a free consultation for installation and repair services. Call us at (570) 215-9839 today!

  23. Moscow city code governs construction of large stores like Home Depot

    In August, the Idaho State Board of Education unanimously approved a ground lease between Home Depot and the University of Idaho to build a 136,000-square-foot store and garden center on ...