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Spooky Season Is Here: Your Guide to Haunted Houses in New England

New england has plenty of haunted attractions that promise to get your heart racing this october, by matt fortin • published october 6, 2022 • updated on october 6, 2022 at 12:47 pm.

As autumn gets underway in New England, you probably have pumpkin spice lattes, fall foliage and maybe some apple pie on your mind.

But with Halloween right around the corner, it's also the perfect time of year to go check out one of the region's many haunted houses.

Here's a guide to some of most well known haunted attractions in New England's six states.


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  • Factory of Terror, Fall River — The Factory of Terror has been a mainstay Halloween attraction for a quarter century on the South Coast. You can buy discounted tickets online to the Fall River haunted house, which differ in price depending on the day you attend.
  • Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Abington — Promising completely rebuilt attractions, Barrett's Haunted Mansion is open for its 31st season this year.
  • Witch's Woods, Westford — Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Halloween, Witch's Woods offers several attractions, including a haunted hayride and the "Horrorwood Chamber of Chills".
  • Salem — You can't mention Halloween in Massachusetts without bringing up Salem. The City of Salem is holding special events throughout October to celebrate the season and the city's spooky history. Click here for your guide to October in the Witch City.


  • Trail of Terror, Wallingford — The Trail of Terror is a tradition for the New Haven area, and offers visitors an hour-long walk down its spooky trail.
  • Fright Haven, Stratford — Head to Fright Haven , right off I-95, for "over 20,000 square feet of scare" and two seperate attractions, including a new one this year called "Hotel Hex".
  • Legends of Fear, Shelton —At Legends of Fear , you can get spooked on the legendary Haunted Hayride that features all kinds of attractions, like the "Funhouse of Fear".

Rhode Island

  • Scary Acres RI, Hope — Take a ride on the Dark Harvest Hayride through Scary Acres' haunted town, and check out the other attractions offered by one of the Ocean State's most popular haunted spots.
  • Haunted Labyrinth, Cranston — After 36 years, Cranston's Haunted Labyrinth says it's the longest running haunted house in New England.
  • Slater Park Haunted Tunnel, Pawtucket — Sponsored by Pawtucket Parks & Recreation, the Haunted Tunnel is open on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning on Oct. 8 and running through Oct. 29

New Hampshire

  • Fright Kingdom, Nashua — Fright Kingdom has several haunted houses (which it claims are the scariest in New England) and is found right off the Everett Turnpike in Nashua.
  • Haunted Overload, Lee — Located on the DeMerrit Hill Farm in Lee, Haunted Overload features movie-quality sets, monsters that tower over 30 feet and hundreds of lighted pumpkins.
  • Nightmare New England, Litchfield — Spooky World presents Nightmare New England has 80 acres worth of scares and a new haunt called Asylum 47, which opened last season.
  • Nightmare Vermont, Essex Junction — Nightmare Vermont combines "live stage combat, original immersive theater, and all the best in interactive scares and special effects" and warns that tickets are limited.
  • The Haunted Mill, Winnoski —Billed as a "screaming good fundraiser" for the Winooski Food Shelf, the Haunted Mill warns that it may be considered just too intense for some guests.
  • Queen City Ghostwalk —You can learn about everything from "the tragic inhabitants of an iconic Burlington family", to tales of a monster who lives in Lake Champlain and Native American legends on the several tours offered by Queen City Ghostwalk .
  • Haunted Grandview Manor, Lebanon — Thursday through Sunday during October, you can head to Lebanon for a walk through the Haunted Grandview Manor.
  • Farmington Fright Fest, Farmington — With three different attractions, Farmington Fright Fest comes to a head on Oct. 30 for "Black Out Sunday", when the lights are turned out in the haunts. You get a glow stick to use as light, instead.

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new england haunted houses 2022


State-by-state guide to haunted houses in New England

From maine, to the ocean state and every state in between, there are plenty of place to get spooked this halloween season., by matt fortin • published october 10, 2023 • updated on october 24, 2023 at 5:25 pm.

October is here.

That means the leaves are changing, pumpkin-spice-flavored everything is being served and haunted houses are open to give you the rush of adrenaline that only they can give you.

There's no better place than New England to get your spooky fix — with the region's history and weather, it seems like the perfect setting for a Halloween movie.

Here's a list of some of the most well-known haunts in the region.

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  • Factory of Terror, Fall River — The Factory of Terror has been a mainstay Halloween attraction for a quarter century on the South Coast. You can buy discounted tickets online to the Fall River haunted house, which differ in price depending on the day you attend.
  • Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Abington — Featuring multiple attractions and events, Barrett's Haunted Mansion is open for its 32nd season this year.
  • Lizzie Borden House - The historic Lizzie Borden House offers house tours, ghost tours, ghost hunts
  • Witch's Woods, Westford — Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Halloween, (plus Oct. 30 and 31) Witch's Woods offers several attractions, including a haunted hayride and the "Horrorwood Chamber of Chills".
  • Salem — You can't mention Halloween in Massachusetts without bringing up Salem. The City of Salem is holding special events throughout October to celebrate the season and the city's spooky history. Click here for your guide to October in the Witch City.


  • Trail of Terror, Wallingford — The Trail of Terror is a tradition for the New Haven area, and offers visitors an hour-long walk down its spooky trail.
  • Fright Haven, Stratford — Head to Fright Haven , right off I-95, for "over 20,000 square feet of scare" and two separate attractions, including a new one this year called "Hotel Hex".
  • Legends of Fear, Shelton —At Legends of Fear , you can get spooked on the legendary Haunted Hayride that features all kinds of attractions, like the "Funhouse of Fear".

Rhode Island

  • Scary Acres RI, Hope — Take a ride on the Dark Harvest Hayride through Scary Acres' haunted town, and check out the other attractions offered by one of the Ocean State's most popular haunted spots.
  • Haunted Labyrinth, Cranston — A long running Ocean State tradotion, Cranston's Haunted Labyrinth is celebrating its 39th season this year.
  • Slater Park Haunted Tunnel, Pawtucket — Sponsored by Pawtucket Parks & Recreation, the Haunted Tunnel will kick off on Oct. 13.

New Hampshire

  • Fright Kingdom, Nashua — Fright Kingdom has several haunted houses (which it claims are the scariest in New England) and is found right off the Everett Turnpike in Nashua.
  • Haunted Overload, Lee — Located on the DeMerrit Hill Farm in Lee, Haunted Overload features movie-quality sets, monsters that tower over 30 feet and hundreds of lighted pumpkins.
  • Nightmare New England, Litchfield — Spooky World presents Nightmare New England has 80 acres worth of scares.
  • Nightmare Vermont, Essex Junction — Nightmare Vermont combines "live stage combat, original immersive theater, and all the best in interactive scares and special effects" and warns that tickets are limited.
  • Queen City Ghostwalk —You can learn about everything from "the tragic inhabitants of an iconic Burlington family", to tales of a monster who lives in Lake Champlain and Native American legends on the several tours offered by Queen City Ghostwalk .
  • Haunted Grandview Manor, Lebanon — Thursday through Sunday during October, you can head to Lebanon for a walk through the Haunted Grandview Manor.
  • Farmington Fright Fest, Farmington — With three different attractions, Farmington Fright Fest comes to a head on Oct. 29 for "Black Out Night", when the lights are turned out in the haunts. You get a glow stick to use as light, instead.

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new england haunted houses 2022

Scariest haunted houses in New England: Beware all ye who enter

Before the coming of Hallow’s Eve, there are those on the hunt for a good scare. New England’s proximity and occasionally eerie autumn atmosphere make October an exhilarating time to be terrified.

To celebrate the spookiest of days, many enjoy going to haunted houses. Throughout New England, haunted houses offer real and manufactured scares.

See below for MassLive’s list of the scariest haunted houses in New England. Beware all ye who enter here.

new england haunted houses 2022

The Conjuring House — Burrillville, Rhode Island

This might not be a traditional haunted house but it could be the spookiest.

Made famous by the 2013 Warner Bros. film “The Conjuring,” this colonial house was once the home of the Perron family during the 1970s before several paranormal hauntings allegedly made their presence known. With a cacophony of spirits tied to the house’s past, its website claims the home to be “one of the most active paranormal locations in the world.”

Tours have reopened to the public, with daytime tours starting at $20-$25 recommended for visitors ages 7 and up, or overnight stays beginning at $960 for up to six people Sunday through Thursday and $1,280 for up to eight people Fridays and Saturdays.

Tours for the remainder of October are sold out, but the house still offers tours on select days each month beginning Nov. 10.

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Haunted Overload — Lee, New Hampshire

The DeMeritt Hill Farm welcomes visitors to what its website calls “one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the country.”

This spooky wonderland has scarecrows, boarded-up haunted houses, looming monsters and more, with props designed and created by founder Eric Lowther. Visitors can experience a scare-less Day Haunt for $11 or Fright Night Lite for $20, or dare themselves with the Haunted Overload for $31, where “twisted creatures wait around every turn in the most frightening patch of forest in New England.”

While you can’t visit on Halloween, tickets are still available to get a good scare ahead of time from Oct. 27-30.

Scariest haunted houses in New England

13th World — Cumberland, Rhode Island

Celebrating 20 years of fear, 13th World introduces new haunts with each season.

Guests can wear special necklaces letting all the creatures and characters know that they want an enhanced “touch of fear” experience, according to their website. Visitors are welcome Friday, Oct. 27 from dusk to 9 p.m., while Oct. 28-30 13th World is open from dusk to 10 p.m.

Tickets cost $30, with an optional add-on of $5 for the “touch of fear” experience or $15 for access to the fast pass line. 13th World does warn families that events may be too frightening for children under 12.

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Haunting at the Ridge (Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort) — Middlefield, Connecticut

Described on their website as a “one-of-a-kind haunt that is not for the faint of heart,” a chair lift takes guests up the mountain only for them to make the journey back down while encountering some of the creatures haunting the area.

A zombie-themed fire pit awaits those who make it down. The Haunting at the Ridge will be open Oct. 28, 29 and 30 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., with a family-friendly version available at 6 p.m. The haunt with the lounge is $29.95 per person, while only visiting the lounge is $12 per person.

Canobie Lake Park’s “Screeemfest” — Salem, New Hampshire

What’s scarier than one haunted house? Screeemfest offers guests five themed zones for thrills and chills.

This includes Pinecrest Sanitarium, The Breach, Facility 235, The Culling and Carnivus and allows guests to choose what scares them more. For example, scary clowns or “irradiated” nuclear reactor workers.

Tickets for general admission can be purchased online starting at $49 for Fridays and Sundays, and $59 for Saturdays. Oct. 29 is expected to be very busy, so there will be no on-site ticket sales for visitors.

Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride and Halloween Screampark — Westford, Massachusetts

Meet a host of terrifying costumed characters while riding in the dark along the Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride.

Witches, ghouls, zombies and the spirits of long-dead lumberjacks are known to approach the hayride, as the driver sits in the middle while guests take up the sides of the vehicle. There’s still time to visit from Oct. 28-31 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets cost $44 per person. COVID-19 rules for the attraction are still strictly enforced.

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DementedFX has two 'terrifying' attractions this season

DementedFX will have its main attraction, BioMedCorp Haunted House, and have one at The Big E. Photos submitted by DementedFX.

DementedFX Haunted House — Holyoke, Massachusetts

Halloween creeps ever closer, but not everything ends on Oct. 31.

DementedFX will be presenting the “End of the Season Celebration” on Nov. 5 and will host live music, art vendors and photo ops with “the talented gruesome ghouls that have scared you all season long” in attendance, their website said. This event will feature live performances by Creepin Cadavers, Diablogato and Sedatephobia. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and performances start at 9:30 p.m., but arrive at 8 p.m. for guaranteed entry.

Tickets are $40 for the haunt and party combined, while it’s $15 for just the party. There are a limited amount of tickets available and will sell out.

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new england haunted houses 2022


Open Sunday, October 22nd. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest weather updates.

new england haunted houses 2022

It's Friday the 13th at Spooky World! Watch video below to learn more about one of our favorite nights of the season!

The Attractions

new england haunted houses 2022

Wear your costume!

Halloween Weekend Thursday, 10/28 through Halloween Night, 10/31, if arriving in costume, please do not carry any type of weapon, staff, cane, prop, etc. Halloween masks or face makeup is NOT permitted.

new england haunted houses 2022

Axe Throwing

new england haunted houses 2022

Beer Garden

new england haunted houses 2022

Food and Games

new england haunted houses 2022

Psychic Readings

new england haunted houses 2022

Zombie Paintball

2020 season schedule.

new england haunted houses 2022

 Hours of HORROR!

Spooky World presents Nightmare New England and the Haunted Hayride is New England’s Largest Haunted Attraction on more than 80 acres. Horror Fanatics from NH, Massachusetts, New England and across the country travel to visit us each year for thrills, chills, screams, and fun!

 Bring your family or friend group and Save Big!

Groups of 20 or more save $10 per ticket, so grab your team, office, neighbors, or besties and everyone saves AND has more fun! Email Mike today to book your group.

new england haunted houses 2022

 Spooky Cam Photos

Looking for your Prisma Photo Ops photos taken during your visit to Spooky World? Follow the link below and choose your visit date, or learn more here .  

The management and staff of Spooky World & Mel’s Funway Park will follow all state of New Hampshire guidelines for the 2021 Spooky World Season. Although facemasks are not required, they are recommended. Please check back as we will update any changes required by the State.

new england haunted houses 2022

Spooky World Links Tickets + Reservations Special Events Work at Spooky World FAQs Contact Us

Located 5 Minutes from Manchester, 45 Minutes North of Boston at 454 Charles Bancroft Hwy, Litchfield, NH

new england haunted houses 2022

Thank you for signing up! You will now receive text notifications about Spooky World promotions, special events, and the latest park information.

new england haunted houses 2022

Your source for Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides, Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, Museums, Ghost Tours, Costumes Stores & more in New England!

new england haunted houses 2022

Fright Fest at Six Flags New England

Experience Halloween thrills at Fright Fest in Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA.

Enter the world of Skull Manor, where your nightmares come to life. Brace yourself for Nightmare at CrackAxle Canyon, a haunted attraction that preys on your deepest fears. Navigate the twisted paths of CarnEVIL, an outdoor maze filled with clowns and circus freaks. Step into Ghost Town Dead in the West and confront the undead of the Wild West. Explore Dark Oaks Cemetery, where the risen dead seek the flesh of the living. Enter the realm of InFESTed, where spiders and infected exterminators lurk in the darkness.

Beware of scare zones featuring zombies, witches, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Enjoy Halloween-themed out amusement rides in the dark, adding an extra level of spooky excitement. Witness the kickoff to the evening festivities with The Awakening and join the undead at the Zombie Bash for a night of hypnotizing dance and zombie revelry. Don't miss the terror of Fright Fest at Six Flags New England.

Google Map To Fright Fest at Six Flags New England

Attraction Info

Type of attraction-activity, indoor-outdoor, facility type, ticketing type, admission type, admission payments, age recommendations, timing-hours-season, property extras, general parking.

new england haunted houses 2022

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island


Feed Your Inner Monster at New England's # 1 Website for Halloween Events, Haunted Houses, Haunted Corn Mazes, Haunted Hayrides, Pumpkin Patches, Ghost Tours, Horror Film Screenings, Halloween Supplies and Costume Stores.


new england haunted houses 2022

These Are The Best Haunted Historic Houses To Visit In New England

"Wicked" New England is home to some of the country's most haunted houses. Visit at your own peril this spooky season!

Quick Links

America's oldest & most haunted house-the fairbanks house, dedham, massachusetts, a jilted lover forever searching-the notchland inn, hart's location, new hampshire, a hauntingly famous rhyme-the historic lizzie borden house, fall river, massachusetts, "the conjuring" was here-the old arnold estate, burrillville, rhode island.

Something wicked this way comes...or should we say, something wicked, you travel towards! New England is one of America's oldest regions of European colonial settlement, and with that long history inevitably comes a few tales of chills and thrills, especially in places where tragedy struck. It also happens that New England is the premier destination for fall activities, and there's no shortage of fall season fun, from Oktoberfest to pumpkin picking and carving to freshly made apple cider donuts.

So, if you're leaf-peeping this season in America's autumnal capital, and you fancy some genuine frights beyond the Salem Witch Trials and corn mazes with actor zombies inside them, then look no further than the many haunted historic houses in this part of the world. The houses picked out here are not just dressed up to be spooky; they really are! Witchy hex marks, eerie voices, and cold spots are all hallmarks of these haunted spots, so be warned and beware!

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Built around 1637, the Fairbanks House is the historic family homestead of the Fairbanks Family. Eight generations of the prolific family--who's extended descendants included national politicians, merchants, and gentlemen farmers--lived in the home for over 260 years. But they also had some dark, not-so-secret family affairs. A highly publicized Georgian-era lovers' murder, as well as suspected demonic activity in the house, were blights on the family that allegedly still haunt the house today . For the last one hundred years, the house has been open to the public so visitors can learn about the Fairbanks Family and historic homestead...and also of its sordid past.

  • Location: 511 East Street, Dedham, Massachusetts
  • Hours: Open for Public Tours May through October on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; No Walk-Ins, must register 24 hours in advance
  • Cost: $15 for adults, $8 for children aged 6-16, free for children under six and active duty military/first responders, $12 for seniors
  • Spooky Details: On the tour, you'll be able to see hex mark etchings and wards on the walls, shoes that were buried in the walls for protection, and bedroom doors with locks on the outside...indicating that they were trying to keep something in...

Today this cozy little inn bills itself as a romantic getaway in the White Mountains (which it is), but it's also notoriously known for its association with jilted lover Nancy Barton. Engaged in 1778, Nancy's fiancée is said to have run off with her dowry before the wedding came to pass in order to go wed another woman. As chronicled in New Hampshire Book of the Dead: Graveyard Legends and Lore , Nancy pursued her jilter in ill weather, getting caught in a perilous snowstorm. She managed to find the camp that her former beau and his employer had stayed in before the storm, laying down "beside the dying fire they had left" in order to get warm...she was soon buried in snow and froze to death.

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The Notchland Inn, an 1860s granite mansion, is said to have been built near Nancy's final resting place, and some visitors have reported paranormal activity like writing in the steam of bathroom mirrors (though this may be another ghost altogether!). Nancy supposedly makes the sojourn between the campsite and the inn, restlessly wandering the brook she died besides.

  • Location: 2 Morey Road, Hart's Location, New Hampshire
  • Hours: The Parlor is open to the public; rooms can be booked at the Inn via their website
  • Cost: Rooms and cottages range from $285 per night (for two people) to $395 per night (for two people)
  • Spooky Details: Nancy's tombstone was never placed on her grave. Instead, it's displayed at the Inn and says, "1778. Nancy Barton. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover," which is possibly why she's eternally connected to the Inn!

"Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother 40 whacks..." well, her stepmother at least. Lizzie Borden may very well be America's most infamous accused murderess. She was charged in 1892 for the brutal ax slaying of her father and stepmother, Andrew and Abby Borden, inside their family home. Though she was found not guilty, sleuths throughout history up to the present still try to puzzle out America's famous who-done-it. Today, the site of the grizzly double murder is now a bed and breakfast and ghostly true-crime museum where doors are said to move on their own, shadowy figures move in the basement, and artifacts shift and change locations without anyone touching them.

  • Location: 230 2nd Street, Fall River, Massachusetts
  • Hours: 10am-midnight, tours run daily and nightly; rooms can be booked at the Inn via their website
  • Cost: Tours range from $25-$35 per person; Rooms range from $250-$300 per night (for two people)
  • Spooky Details: Visitors can book the room where Abby Borden was found on that fateful morning in August 1892. To add even more to the macabre visit, you can opt into breakfast for $20 per person to enjoy a replica meal (excluding some historic distastes) of the Bordens' last breakfast.

Built in 1736, the Old Arnold Estate is better known to the public as "The Conjuring House" because its paranormal activity inspired the 2013 film The Conjuring. From the outside, the house appears to be a pastoral gem set on 8.5 acres of land in the countryside, but as the film depicts, it was the site of many haunted happenings, including violent furniture shaking, flashing lights, and dark shadows following residents. Perhaps it's the numerous deaths that have occurred in the home over the centuries, or maybe it's the nearby indigenous burials. The home last sold for $1.52 million in 2021, with the caveat that the new owner did not live in the home for the buyer's own safety. Today, visitors can experience their own paranormal activity via tours, gallery events, and ghost hunting expeditions...though you must be ready to sign a waiver to participate in any of their programs.

  • Location: 1677 Round Top Road, Burrillville, Rhode Island
  • Hours: Tours and special events run throughout the year, including investigations and slightly less spooky day tours
  • Cost: Tours range from $20-$25 for tours, overnight investigations from $960+ per night, and special events vary
  • Spooky Details: The Conjuring House is very active on social media; employees and content creators post frequently and even stream live, so you can virtually experience a paranormal phenomenon in real-time.

New England With Love

25 Haunted Places in New England That are Wicked Creepy

  • Latest Posts

' src=

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As one of the oldest parts of the United States, it’s no surprise that New England has its fair share of ghost stories and haunted spots. History abounds in this region, and legends and tales of ghosts have sprung up from Connecticut to Vermont. 

I scoured the web (as well as asked some fellow New Englanders) to find the most haunted places in New England. Many creepy tales and legends came my way.

Whether or not these tales are true….well that’s something you might have to decide for yourself. And if you’re brave enough (I am not), consider visiting these spooky haunted places in New England, whether at night or in the safety of daylight…

Table of Contents

Haunted Places in New Hampshire

The Live Free or Die State certainly has its share of New England hauntings, legends, ghost stories, and paranormal activity. Many of these often spooky tales have been passed down from generation to generation, but where does the truth lie in all of these stories?

I don’t know, but I know that if you’re looking for haunted places in New Hampshire, you’re certainly sure to find them. Tales of intrigue at the sea that ended in tragedy and despair, children who suffered cruel lives that remain shackled to their homes even in death… these are certainly the kinds of things that might leave some residual spirit energy behind!

There are ghost towns , abandoned places , historic homes that have witnessed all facets of life and death in their many years standing. These New Hampshire haunted places are located all around the state, so chances are that if you’re ghost hunting in NH, you’ll be able to find somewhere to explore near you.

Madame Sherri’s Castle –  Chesterfield, NH

Grey stone spiral staircase

In the woods of Chesterfield, NH stands a ghost from a by-gone era.  There, eccentric socialite Madame Antoinette Sherri built a mansion (her “Castle”) where she hosted grand parties during the 1920s.  This magnificent structure featured old-world stonework throughout.

Sadly, after years of neglect Madame Sherri’s castle was destroyed by a fire set by vandals.  All that remains today is the stone foundation and the elegant stone spiral staircase Madam Sherri would descent to greet her visitors.

Approaching the skeleton of the castle, you can’t help feeling the eeriness of the surroundings.  The still standing staircase dubbed “Stairway to Heaven” draws you in.  Many people who have climbed the staircase recall feelings of dread and there have been reports of seeing misty-human figures around the grounds of the castle.  Even skeptics like ourselves immediately felt that feeling of dread.  Only the bravest venture here after sundown.

Check out more haunted New Hampshire hikes !

-Contributed by Frank Parrott, NothingButNewEngland

A decaying hall in an abandoned place in Maine

New Hampshire State Hospital, Concord NH

Known as the New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane when it was built back in 1842, the original building was intended to look like a stately mansion, a welcoming place for families to bring their mentally unstable loved ones. 

While it might have been comforting to the family members to imagine their loved ones might find some care on these grounds, the truth was not as pleasant.

The New Hampshire Asylum was more human warehouse than hospital in the sense that we know the word now. It suffered the same fates that many other such institutions did at the time: overcrowded and underfunded, the aim of many such hospitals was essentially to keep the mentally ill away from those who were not, as opposed to any meaningful hopes towards rehabilitation.

Tales stretching all the way to the mid 1900s tell of patients kept  confined in metal cages, for lack of a better word, “for their own good,” and schizophrenic delusions that were essentially laughed at and ridiculed as opposed to understood. 

Today, much of the hospital is abandoned, too far gone to be salvaged, but in its decay, there is said to remain haunted memories of the thousands who languished here. Sounds of former patients are said to still be heard, but in its current state, who is there to hear it?

Likely no more than were there to hear them when they existed in the physical, only to be tucked away and largely ignored by the institution that made no real efforts to treat them.

The Chase House – Portsmouth, NH

The Chase House in Portsmouth, NH is one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire, and has a very creepy story. Tales state that a young girl hung herself years ago in this building, which was a former children’s home. It is said that she may appear late at night in the hallway.

Other times, blood-chilling screams are heard coming from the room where she killed herself. This is definitely one of the spookier haunted places in New England.

Colby Sawyer College – New London, NH

A house covered in snow

I went to Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH which is known for having some haunted places around campus – Susan’s Swamp, the library, the cupola on Colgate Hall, etc.  

One in particular was McKean Hall which was my dorm for three years.  In McKean there was a dumb-waiter elevator for the cleaning lady to send supplies, vacuum, etc from floor to floor when she was cleaning.  It only ran with a key and when she wasn’t using it, it was always locked and off.  However, it would still run randomly in the middle of the night on it’s own.  One year my room was right next to it and it was always spooky to hear it run when no else in the building was awake.  

–Contributed by Sarah Pelletier from Birch Landing Home

Haunted Places in Massachusetts

There are so many spooky places in New England that have experienced paranormal activity, and many of those are haunted places in Massachusetts. 

In fact, Massachusetts haunted places include many haunted hotels and inns, too, so if you’re really feeling brave…

We’ve got tales of  abandoned places ,  ghost towns , paranormal activity, and more. If you’re ready to learn more about the spookier side of Massachusetts history, here it is!

Danvers State Hospital – Danvers, MA

New England church with steeple

When you think of scary places to visit in New England, right away everyone thinks of Salem, MA . However one of the scariest places I have come across is in the neighboring town of Danvers: the Danvers State Hospital, which is also known as the Danvers State Insane Asylum. The hospital opened in 1878 with impressive Gothic architecture which is also chilling and eerie. From an aerial view the building is shaped like a bat with expanded wings. It was made up of more than one building which all were connected by creepy underground tunnels.

The hospital housed more patients than they should have causing poor treatment and overcrowding. The patients were not treated kindly – unfortunately they were exposed to inhumane treatments such as shock therapies, lobotomies, drugs and straitjackets. In fact experts call Danvers State Hospital the birthplace of the prefrontal lobotomy.

The hospital closed in 1985 and was left completely abandoned. People interested in the paranormal would try to enter the building but with no success. According to one ghost expert, “you may not see a patient’s ghost, but the building could manifest your inner fears, doubts and agony.”

Now you can live on this property if you are brave! In 2005 they renovated and tore down some of the dilapidated buildings constructing beautiful apartments and condos. That being said there are still graveyards for patients that passed away with no family or forgotten. If you walk down a hill you will come across many markers, and sadly, most of them remain nameless.

Huge building with many stories and a tower

Danvers State Hospital is an interesting place to visit and read about. I for one don’t know if could walk around there at night not feeling scared by so much haunting history.

-Contributed by Jessica Taylor, Your Dating Stylist

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast – Fall River, MA

Drawing of the Lizzie Borden house

Lizzie Borden took an ax And gave her mother forty whacks, And when she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one.

Growing up south of  Boston  in southeastern Massachusetts I heard this rhyme a lot. This was what Lizzie Borden, a young women who was accused of killing both her parents with an ax in 1892, was taunted with her entire life.

The house where Lizzie may or may not have killed her parents (she was never convicted) is in Fall River, Massachusetts. Now a Bed & Breakfast and Museum, it is said the house is haunted. 

Can’t get an overnight reservation? No worries, they offer 50 minute tours to non-guests as well. When your tour is over decide for yourself if Lizzie was guilty or not.

-Contributed by Retha Charette, The Roaming Nanny

Judge Corwin House – Salem, MA

Witch house in Salem

You can’t have a list of haunted spots in New England without including at least one from the dark town of Salem. While many spots might qualify, including many purportedly haunted hotels , one of the creepiest is the Judge Corwin House.

Also known as The Witch House , this spot, home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, is the only structure still standing in Salem that has direct ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692. It’s age may be one of the reasons it is so chilling, but it’s also likely because of Corwin’s role in the trials themselves: he oversaw the execution of 19 accused victims.

Aside from that connection, other tragedy occurred in this house. Corwin and his wife had 5 children, all of which died young. 

Paranormal experiences include visitors feeling cold spots in the house, ghostly touches on the skin, and even the occasional disembodied voice, including one which sounds like a little girl. Salem is said to be a very haunted New England town.

See this and other haunted places in Salem  on one of these many Salem ghost tours, or book a haunted Salem hotel to stay in… if you dare!

Houghton Mansion – North Adams MA

Nestled in the Berkshires is the  Houghton Mansion , originally built in 1890 by a man named A.C. Houghton. One day, he had his driver take himself, friends of the family, and his beloved daughter for a ride, only to have tragedy befall them when they hit a soft shoulder that sent the car down an embankment, throwing everyone from the vehicle except young Mary.

Mary died just a few hours later from injuries sustained during the fateful car accident, and her father followed her ten days later, with many saying he died of a broken heart. The driver of the car, a faithful servant of the family, committed suicide in the basement of the Houghton Mansion, completely distraught at his role in the tragedy.

Years later, the home was sold to a local order of Freemasons. In its new iteration as a Masonic Temple, whispers of paranormal activity have been passed down from person to person. Papers have rustled by themselves, doors have opened and shut, and there was even one evening when two masons heard the door open and shut, someone enter, but when they went out to look, no one was there and there were no footprints in the freshly fallen snow.

Does the Houghton Mansion remain home to the spirits of the family members and their faithful servant? There have been several Masons who believe so!

Joshua Ward House – Salem MA

The brick historic Joshua Ward House is seen surrounded by fall foliage

The  Joshua Ward House  is named after the wealthy sea merchant who took up residence in this historic home, but it was also once inhabited by none other than the dastardly George Corwin, the High Sheriff responsible for many of the atrocities inflicted on the accused in the Salem Witch Trials.

In fact, it was George Corwin who is said to have despicably used his walking stick to shove Giles Corey’s tongue back in his mouth as he was being pressed to death. 

There has been notable paranormal activity recorded at this Salem site, like cold pockets, candles mysteriously melted down despite never having been lit, books and pictures that fall from shelves randomly, feelings of being watched, and even unsettling physical sensations such as feelings of being strangled.

There was even an unexpected appearance of a woman ghost with pale skin and dark curly hair in a photograph that was taken at a Christmas party in 1981!

Today, this haunted place has been given quite the refresh as a boutique hotel called  The Merchant . Certainly makes it easier to do some paranormal investigations when you can just book a room and stay overnight!

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Haunted Places in Connecticut

Many of New England’s most haunted places are in the Nutmeg State

There are haunted inns, abandoned villages , shuttered sanitoriums, eerie ghost towns , and more that have earned quite the reputation for paranormal activity over the years, and that’s not even mentioning the lore and legends that accompany many of these haunted places in Connecticut.

Union Cemetery – Easton, CT

Gloomy cemetery at nearly dark

Cemeteries have always held a certain eerie fascination for many. This one, in Connecticut, may be creepier than most. It is frequently named one of the most haunted graveyards in America. 

A ghost known as the White Lady is the most often-reported spectral sighting. She may be wearing a wedding dress or white nightgown as she wanders between the gravestones. 

Other visitors have talked about a sensation of “being watched” with some seeing a pair of glowing red eyes gazing at them from a distance. 

There are many other paranormal goings-on in this cemetery. There has even been a book written about the graveyard by well-known demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Stratford Shoal (Middle Ground) Lighthouse – Bridgeport, CT

Black and white photo of a lighthouse on an island surrounded by water

You knew there was bound to be at least one haunted lighthouse in New England. Turns out there are several, but this one is especially creepy . 

Known as Middle Ground lighthouse or Middleground Light, this 60-foot granite structure is set on a shoal in Long Island Sound. There are at least two creepy tales attached to this place. The first involves multiple suicide attempts by an assistant lighthouse keeper. The isolation of such a job took its toll on Julius Koster in 1905. After his attempts, he was taken to a sanitarium in New York, where he finally succeeded in killing himself just a few days later.

Reports of chaos such as loud grinding and crashing noises, mysteriously slamming doors, and even pots of hot water being tossed onto the floor from the stove make some think that Koster’s spirit is still hanging around Middleground Light. 

The 2nd haunted tale connected with the lighthouse is about the wreck of the ship Trustful, which struck the shoal and sank, killing all onboard. Interestingly, this ship’s cargo was a load of church bells. Today, it is said that you can sometimes hear the sound of muffled church bells in the area when a storm is nigh.

Seaside Tuberculosis Sanitorium – Waterford CT

Seen through a chain link fence is one of the top abandoned places in Connecticut to visit, Seaside Sanitorium

Originally built for tuberculosis patients in the 1930s, the Seaside Sanitorium was once considered a cutting-edge facility for children suffering from tuberculosis, allowing them to receive what was then the standard of care for tuberculosis: time spent by the sunny seaside.

The building was designed by the same architect who designed the Woolworth Building in New York, and this beautiful old building morphed into other facilities over the years before the doors officially closed in the mid-1990s and has been sitting abandoned ever since. 

Orbs, ghostly apparitions, and electronic voice phenomena have been noted at this abandoned sanatorium.

Today, it is a Connecticut State Park and visitors are free to roam by the seaside and admire these abandoned buildings, at a safe distance of course…

Haunted Places in Maine  

Perhaps it’s the wild swaths of mostly uninhabited wilderness that lend themselves so well to stories of paranormal encounters and unexplained phenomena. 

Or maybe it’s generation after generation of people who had to be tough as nails to endure the intensely trying conditions of a Maine winter or a sudden summer squall at sea? These Herculean efforts could be expected to have an energetic impact on a place, maybe contributing to the many supposedly haunted places in Maine.

If you’re looking for Maine haunted places, you’ve come to the right place. We’re rounding up the most compelling, popular, and yes, downright scary ghost stories and tales of the paranormal Maine has!

The Olson House – Cushing, ME

House in the distance behind a field

The state of Maine has an eerie feel about it especially in the small towns that dot the Midcoast around Penobscot Bay. The  Olson House  in Cushing, Maine is such a place. Originally built in the late 18th century, the colonial farmhouse became the home of Christina and Alvaro Olson in 1929.

From 1939 to 1968 the house was also a central theme in the works of American artist Andrew Wyeth, and whose poignant and haunting masterpiece  Christina’s World  was an homage to his longtime friend Christina, who’d been paralyzed most of her life from a childhood illness.

The house is open to the public and a docent will guide you from room to room bringing to life the stories of the Olsons and their friendship with Wyeth. They’ve even reported hearing footsteps in the rooms above and doors being opened or closed late in the day. Many folks believe their spirits are still around and stay clear of the house once the sun sets.

Alvaro, Christina, and Wyeth are all buried in the family plot just down the hill. Look back toward the house and you can almost see Christina lying in the grass, immortalized forever on the canvas by Andrew Wyeth.

-Contributed by Lori Sorrentino, Travlinmad

Battery Steele – Peakes Island, ME

A dirt path in a forest

On the southeastern side of Peaks Island sits Battery Steele Military Reserve, the largest gun battery ever built in the United States. The tomb-like structure was originally built in 1942 as part of a coastal defense system meant to defend the mainland against attack during WWII. Its concrete walls are 18 inches thick, blanking out all light and requiring a flashlight to explore the rooms jutting off to the sides of the two tunnels.

The cold, dark corridors are said to be haunted by former soldiers. Many of the island’s 858 permanent inhabitants have stories of ghostly encounters inside Battery Steele and the surrounding marshland.

Visitors have reported their cell phones freezing and batteries suddenly draining upon stepping inside the structure. Many also talk of piercing screams coming from inside the tunnels and visions of soldiers in uniform.

-Contributed by Jenn Lloyd,  Sick Girl Travels

Captain Lord Mansion – Kennebunkport, ME

A man and a woman sitting on a sofa

I visited Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport Maine for my husbands birthday.

It was a complete surprise and I wanted take him there for the historic antique decor. It was regal, gorgeous and the hotel has won many awards.

They offered bikes for cycling around town and we took countless pictures. It was a picture perfect day until night time came and we both got an uncomfortable creepy vibe. We both couldn’t sleep and when I found the guest book filled with ghost stories. I needed out.

We actually left the hotel. We drove around town and watched the sunrise together. While nothing spooky happened directly, I think you know when something just doesn’t feel right.

-Contributed by Jordana Santos Wilson

PS: Apparently there is some spooky history in this place !

The Kennebunk Inn, Kennebunk ME

Built in 1799,  the Kennebunk Inn  has had a few iterations over its time, including as a private home, a tavern, and of course, an inn.

The resident spirit at this Maine inn is believed to be the ghost of former nightwatchman and auditor, Silas Perkins, who passed away in the mid 1900s.

Luckily for the proprietors and guests of the Kennebunk Inn,  Silas’ ghostly presence  is more mischievous than it is malevolent, only playing “tricks” on those who aren’t so well liked.

Some notable experiences that staff and guests have had with this haunted inn’s resident ghost include three mugs lifting off of a shelf by themselves and knocking a not so well liked bartender on the back of the head, as the owner of the inn watched in disbelief!

Another time, a housekeeper unplugged a TV in a guestroom, only to have it turn itself on a moment later, despite remaining unplugged from the wall. This happened in Room 17, which is considered the “haunted room” at the inn.

A psychic investigator was called to the inn at one point to see if they could commune with Silas, and not only was the presence of Silas affirmed, but there was another spirit discovered on the premises as well by the name of Sara Emily, who stands on the steps to greet new guests as they arrive.

All in all, the spirits that have remained at the Kennebunk Inn are friendly ghosts, which is a little easier to swallow for many of us when booking a room at a haunted inn!

The Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit ME

The  Ogunquit Playhouse  is absolutely one of the best theaters on Maine’s coast, but did you know it’s also one of the most haunted theaters in the Pine Tree State?

It is said that there are players on the stage and in the wings at this beautiful old theater that no longer exist in the land of the living. Apparitions that appear dressed as Revolutionary War soldiers, disembodied voices while the theater is supposed to be empty, and flickering lights are just a few of the reports that have come in over the years.

Is the Ogunquit Playhouse Theater haunted? The  Ghost Light  shines on!

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Nelly Butler, America’s First Ghost – Machiasport, ME

Did you know that the first documented ghost sighting in the US is said to have happened in Maine? In fact, it’s referred to as  America’s First Ghost .

In August of 1799, a man in Machiasport (or Sullivan, there have been some conflicting reports as to the exact location!) named Abner Blaisdel claimed to hear knocking noises coming from his basement, followed by a woman’s voice a few months later.

“I’m the dead wife “of Captain George Butler, born Nelly Hooper,” the voice called.

Nelly’s father, who only lived a few miles away, was eventually sent for, and he became a believer that the spirit of Nelly Butler, his recently deceased daughter, appeared and talked to him in Blaisdel’s basement.

Conflicting reports about what came next ensue, but the general gist is that many witnesses were invited into the basement to hear and even see the apparition as the months went on.

There were even several instances in which the ghost appeared outside of the basement, including one time she appeared before the Reverend who had hoped to put a stop to the nonsense of his congregation and their belief in her ghost!

The marriage of Nelly Butler to George Butler was a happy one, until she died tragically in childbirth, with her baby dying shortly after. Here’s where things get even more interesting!

One report states that Nelly appeared to her former husband in full apparition to angrily admonish him for remarrying after he had promised her on on her deathbed that he’d never remarry. 

Another report states that Nelly played matchmaker with the youngest daughter of Abner Blaisdel, 15 year old Lydia, with her many appearances in their family home!

It is said that Nelly had a sad prediction for Lydia, however. She told her former husband to be kind to Lydia, because they wouldn’t be married long before she would pass as well, and she did, exactly as Nelly had: in childbirth, with her baby passing shortly afterwards.

This is one of those Maine ghost stories that makes the head spin a little! Whether these events were completely true or not, there was  an entire town that believed it was . That’s quite a ghost story!

Haunted Places in Vermont

Some places just lend themselves to spooky experiences better than others, and the Green Mountain State lands in that camp! 

You’ve got misty autumn afternoons with fog rolling over back roads and historic inns and hotels that have seen it all through the years, creating the perfect blend of atmosphere and architecture to give just a little extra credence and credibility to these tales of Vermont paranormal activity!

Vermont also has its share of abandoned places and ghost towns you may wish to explore.

The Jennings Music Building, Bennington VT

Located on the grounds of Bennington College, the Jennings Building is home to a wide variety of unexplained phenomena that has been reported over the years, and experienced by faculty and students alike.

In fact, it is suspected to be the inspiration for the Shirley Jackson novel, The Haunting of Hill House , with Jackson’s husband being a professor at the college and quite aware of its reputation.

Sitting in solitude atop a hill, this large stone mansion has had a wide variety of paranormal activity reported within its walls over the years.

Reports include locked windows flying up and open – not down – and doors closing and floors creaking with no one around. The lights are said to go out on occasion, despite there being no power outages, and there are frequently cold patches felt throughout.

The basement is said to be particularly spooky, being a long, dark corridor that has a general atmosphere of heaviness and darkness, and it is not a place people linger!

One story in particular stands out of a professor who fell asleep in this haunted Vermont building, only to be woken up by loud, banging noises moving down the corridors, frightening him so badly that he immediately fled as quickly as he could.

I wouldn’t want to stay overnight at this Bennington school!

Emily’s Bridge – Stowe, VT

Covered bridge on a fall day

Stowe, Vermont is a popular tourist town, but one of its local covered bridges is a place fewer visitors dare to come.

This may look like an ordinary covered bridge, like the many hundreds of others seen all over New England, but a dark legend is attached to the Gold Brook Covered Bridge, most commonly known as “Emily’s Bridge.” 

A brokenhearted girl named Emily had planned to meet her lover at the bridge, where they would then run away together to elope. Apparently, the man never showed, and a heart-stricken Emily hanged herself from the rafters of the bridge.

Visitors today have reported scary happenings such as big, long scratches appearing on the outside of their vehicles after crossing the bridge. Even pedestrians crossing on foot have been said to experience scratches along their skin. 

The Bennington Triangle – Bennington and Southwestern VT

A lot of smoke on the side of a mountain

Less of a haunted place and more of a mysterious one, the Bennington Triangle is an area in the southwestern corner of Vermont where many people have gone missing. You can read here about a few of these unexplained disappearances.

The term Bennington Triangle was coined by supernatural author Joseph A. Citro. The wilderness area, which comprises a vast area including the ghost town of Glastenbury.

Perhaps the most well-known disappearance in the Triangle is that of Paula Welden, a student at Bennington College. In December of 1946, the 18-year-old Weldon went off to hike a bit of the Long Trail near Glastenbury Mountain. Despite a huge search party, that was the last time she was seen and there are no traces as to what happened to her.

The University of Vermont, Burlington VT

Considered by many to be the most haunted college in Vermont , UVM in Burlington has had a LOT of paranormal activity reported throughout the years.

Resident ghosts apparently run quite rampant at this haunted campus, with a variety of buildings having their own apparitions that are sighted from time to time. 

Converse Hall is said to be still inhabited by the spirit of a former student who unfortunately electrocuted himself in the late 1990s, and to this day continues to interact with the electricity onsite, turning radios on and off. 

The resident spirit at Simpson Hall is said to have followed a female student to her dorm one night and never left, and today students report waking up to the feeling that they are either being watched or that someone is even in their bed, usually accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature. 

Redstone Hall’s resident ghost is said to harbor ill will towards women, and is occasionally sighted on the back staircase. This particular spirit has even chased women out of the hall!

The Coolidge Hall ghost is reported to be a playful spirit, pulling blankets off of beds and whistling. I suppose that would definitely be better than being chased out of your dorm room!

The Bittersweet House at the AG department is said to have a resident ghost that appears dressed in late 19th century period garb, and the Center for Counseling and Testing is believed to be haunted by the spirit of Captain Jacobs, responsible for poltergeist activity throughout the years.

What is it that has kept so many tied to this historic campus? Who knows, but it has some of the most oft reported paranormal activity in Vermont.

Haunted Places in Rhode Island

There are places that just seem to invite the paranormal, with long and dramatic histories stretching back over the centuries. New England has plenty of these spots, but some of the most chilling are the haunted places in Rhode Island!

After all, Rhode Island is home to the actual Conjuring House.

Ghost hunters have plenty to explore and investigate in the Ocean State, so if you’re looking for abandoned places , ghost towns , haunted inns and more, you’re in the right place.

The Conjuring House, Burrillville RI

The real life house that the film, The Conjuring, was based on, The Conjuring House is not for the faint of heart. Built in 1736, there have been many, many MANY years for history to be made – and perhaps attached, to this historic homestead.

Records of the supernatural events that took place at this haunted property began with the book that the movie would later be based on, written by a member of the Perron family who lived there between 1970 and 1980.

Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Watson were able to ascertain that the dark spirit of Bathsheba Sherman remained at the Perron House, and she had a very sinister past: she murdered her daughter and hung herself as a part of a ritual to bind her soul to the home. 

Work has been done to separate her soul from the property, but there are other spirits that remain onsite, and you can see for yourself with guided tours and overnight stays at this haunted attraction. 

Many visitors hear footsteps, see orbs of light, and some even see ghostly apparitions. This is technically a private residence, so you cannot arrive unannounced. Make a reservation and you two can stay a night at one of the most haunted locations in Rhode Island.

The Hotel Viking, Newport RI

amy walks down the stairs in a hallway with fancy wallpaper and portraits

How about a haunted Rhode Island hotel? This one is located in Newport , where there has always been quite the party scene for those with loads and loads of money to spare, and this haunted RI hotel was one of those spots!

The Hotel Viking is believed to be haunted by “residual hauntings,” the energies of those who once attended the lavish gatherings hosted here during Newport’s Gilded Age.

I sure am glad I didn’t know this fact when I stayed in The Hotel Viking in 2018!!

It’s even been said that it could be because these entities enjoyed their time here so very much in life, that they might like to come back and visit in spirit form, too. Sounds of a raucous party happening above one of the old ballrooms has even been reported by both working staff and guests who have been awakened by the ruckus.

Other paranormal activity reports have included cold spots, footsteps, and flickering lights, but the only way to really know for yourself is to book yourself a stay at this haunted Rhode Island hotel, right?

Rose Island Lighthouse, Rose Island RI

Lighthouse and a house on a ledge with a rocky coast and body of water

What would a list of haunted places in New England be without a haunted lighthouse? The Rose Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse that dates back to 1870, with many generations of lightkeepers keeping the lights on, so to speak.

Over the many years of lightkeepers, it only stands to reason that there might be a strong attachment between lighthouse and lightkeeper, and it seems that that is the case on Rose Island.

Most of the paranormal activity reported at this haunted lighthouse is attributed to former keeper Charles Curtis, who many say can still be seen tending to the light, or at least, his footsteps can be heard making their way up to the light and back down.

The interesting thing about this particular haunted lighthouse is that you can reserve it for an overnight stay! That’s right, you can stay overnight and do your own paranormal investigations.

When Ghost Hunters visited this haunted Rhode Island property, they heard disembodied voices, experienced doors that opened and closed by themselves, and even saw unexplainable flashes of light.

Would you be willing to stay overnight in a haunted lighthouse?

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The 10 Most Haunted Places in New England

New England was one of the earliest English settlements in the ‘New World’ that became the United States. For most people New England conjures up thoughts of vibrant Fall foliage, lobster fishing and an abundance of blueberries and cranberries.

However, for others, New England is the very epicenter of all things creepy! This is largely down to a large number of high profile hauntings and massacres that have taken place across the six states that make up New England!

Let’s explore the 9 most haunted places in New England.

1. The Sterling Opera House, Derby CT

The Sterling Opera House, Derby CT

The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT is said to be one of the most haunted places in New England. It was built in 1889 and remained open until 1945. Over the years, the performers that it has hosted included the likes of Bob Hope and Harry Houdini.

These days, it is more likely to be spirits that are encountered here. There have been a number of paranormal investigations here over the years and the evidence gathered during them has included children talking or singing, shadow figures, light anomalies and the sudden appearance of child-sized handprints!

Although most of the activity seems to center around children, some say that the building is also haunted by the spirit of Charles Sterling who the building was named for.

2. College Hall, Montpelier VT

College Hall, Montpelier VT

Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier started out life as a Seminary in the 1830s before being converted into a college in 1941.

The whole college is apparently haunted, but one particular hotspot is College Hall which is allegedly haunted by the spirit of a young girl who was murdered there some time ago. She has been heard playing the pipe organ in the chapel.

View all haunted places in Vermont

3. Dudleytown, Cornwall CT

Dudleytown, Cornwall CT

Dudleytown is a village that is said to be under a horrible curse. The Village was founded in 1738 by The Dudley Family who is the one who was apparently cursed. All of them died soon after settling in Dudleytown.

However, some say that the curse then spread to the rest of the village since the population began to decrease rapidly after the last of the Dudley family had died.

There was a greater than the average number of violent deaths, accidents, suicides and cases of insanity in the small town. The village was completely abandoned in the 1800s and now all that remains is the foundations and some ruins.

Dudleytown is now owned by The Dark Entry Forest Association and they rarely grant access. However, those who have been granted permission to stop by for a visit say that many of the former residents are still there in the form of ghosts.

Upon entering the village, visitors often experience a strong sense of dread and have seen orbs of light and unexplained shadow figures in the area. There are no birds or animals in the area either which only adds to the creepy feeling here!

4. The Paine House, Coventry RI

The Paine House, Coventry RI

The Paine House was built back in 1691 and it now houses a museum and the local historical society. However, the main reason why so many people flock to the house is that it is famous for being one of the most haunted places in New England.

See also: Most Haunted Places in Rhode Island

There are several spirits here, but by far the most active is a young girl who has been seen in various rooms. Investigators have managed to catch her voice as an EVP and have witnessed her moving a rocking chair on command.

5. Blood Cemetery, Hollis, NH

Pine Hill Cemetery in New Hampshire is far more well known by the rather gruesome nickname ‘Blood Cemetery’. There are over 300 graves in the cemetery which dates back to the 1700s.

Over the years there have been reports of a number of different types of paranormal activity. The nickname probably isn’t rooted in what you might first think!

Related: Haunted Places in New Hampshire

It actually comes from the name of the ghost who is believed to be haunting the graveyard, Mr. Abel Blood. There are numerous sightings of Mr. Blood’s apparition and other strange ghostly phenomena, but the strangest of all is the claims surrounding Mr. Blood’s headstone!

There is a hand-carved on the stone with its index finger pointed up towards the heavens.

However, local legend states that after dark, the headstone changes color, and the finger points downward instead!

6. Snedeker Demon House, Southington, CT

Snedeker Demon House, Southington, CT

One of New England’s claims to fame in terms of the paranormal is that it is where renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are from. The couple both come from Connecticut and this is also where they founded the New England Society for Psychic Research.

Connecticut is also the home of one of their famous cases – The Snedeker Demon House. You may already be somewhat familiar with this particular case if you have ever seen the movie ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ .

The Snedeker Family moved into the house which was formerly a funeral home. However, before long they were experiencing all manner of paranormal activity.

The family had initially moved there to be closer to the hospital where their son Philip was receiving treatment for his cancer. In fact, as Philip was the first to experience the activity it was initially dismissed as hallucinations caused by his medication.

However, the rest of the family soon began to see things too, although Philip was the most profoundly affected and ended up in an institution for several weeks after attacking his cousin.

Some of the paranormal activity witnessed by the family included apparitions, objects moving and water running red with blood.

The landlord claims that there have been no other reports of activity since the Snedeker’s vacated the property, but it is probably still a pretty cool place to visit!

7. Danvers State Hospital, Danvers MA

The Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts

Danvers State Hospital was built back in 1874 on Hathorne Hill, where Salem Witch Trials Judge John Hathorne once lived. These days Route 1 passes close to the remains of the hospital, but when it was built it was a very rural and out of the way location, being approximately 20 miles North of Boston.

See also: The Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts

All that remains of the hospital is the somewhat imposing Gothic style Kirkbride Building. While in operation, the asylum faced the same claims that most of these institutions did at that time – overcrowding, lack of funding, neglect, and abuse.

There was a distinct lack of adequate care and treatment with those actually receiving any sort of treatment being subjected to brutal methods such as lobotomies and shock therapy.

The hospital finally closed in 1992 and remained vacant until 2005 when it was purchased and turned into an apartment complex.

8. Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport, ME

Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport, ME

The Fairfield Inn is one of the many haunted hotels that are scattered across New England.

The town of Kennebunkport in Maine was once a shipbuilding and fishing village, but over the course of the last century, it has gradually become a summer colony where wealthy families can have a bit of a getaway.

Many of the mansions in town have been transformed into bed and breakfasts and hotels, of which The Fairfield Inn is one of them.

This was once the home of Captain James Fairfield who is the spirit that is allegedly haunting the property to this day. Captain Fairfield died just 5 short years after building the property in 1815 after falling ill and he was only 38 years old when he passed.

See also: Haunted Places in Maine

Perhaps that is why he is still lingering in his house, keen to enjoy it for a little longer since he never got the chance in life.

An apparition resembling Captain Fairfield has been seen wandering around the entire house, but he does generally seem to favor the basement for some reason!

9. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River MA

An image of the lizzie borden house museum in fall river massachusetts

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that there is only one house that should be topping a list of haunted places in New England and that is the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA .

Everyone knows the story of Lizzie Borden, it is even a macabre jump rope rhyme – ‘Lizzie Borden took an ax. Gave her mother 40 whacks. When he saw what she had done. She gave her father 41!’ This, of course, refers to the gruesome ax murders of Lizzie’s father and stepmother in 1892.

Related: Most Haunted Hotels in Massachusetts

Lizzie was the prime suspect in the killings, but she was acquitted despite the evidence against her. The house now runs as a themed bed and breakfast that has been preserved as it was in 1892!

It is also said to be haunted by the spirits of both Lizzie and her alleged victims.

Guests have seen apparitions, heard unexplained noises, and even woken to find scratches all over their bodies!

10. Salem Inn, Salem

Salem Inn, Salem

Nestled about 18 miles north of Boston along 7 Summer Street, the Salem Inn holds a place among the most haunted hotels in Salem . Comprised of three historic structures, this famous seaport inn has been the subject of numerous paranormal accounts even before its establishment as a hotel.

Tales of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena at the Salem Inn abound, with both guests and staff sharing eerie experiences. Reports include missing coal or logs from fireplaces and candles mysteriously blown out.

Room 17 is said to be the most haunted, with a ghostly woman named Elizabeth, or Katherine, believed to haunt the space as revenge on any man who sleeps there. As legend has it, she was killed by her husband. Paranormal activities extend beyond this room, with unsettling incidents occurring throughout the entire building. [ BOOK A STAY ] 

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  • Attractions

new england haunted houses 2022

Fright Kingdom Haunted House

New England's Scariest Haunted Houses!


Fright Before Christmas

new england haunted houses 2022


Krampus has come to town to spread some holiday cheer. Join us Friday December 1st, Saturday December 2nd  or Sunday, December 3rd as Fright Kingdom is transformed into a horribly scary winter wonderland. You will encounter rabid reindeer, crazed carolers, cannibalistic elves and other merry mayhem-makers. Food Vendors will be available.

Outside Fright Kingdom

Located outside you will find ghoulish characters and various forms of entertainment. There will be photo opportunities as well as concessions and tshirt sales once you exit the haunt.

new england haunted houses 2022

Tickets should be purchased ahead of time on our website. You must select the date & time slot. Tickets are only valid for that date & time slot selected. We are also limiting the number of tickets sold each night.


Fright Before Christmas 2022 (6)

12 SIMON STREET NASHUA, NH 03060 603-809-1173

Email:  [email protected]

Map to Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom is located at 12 Simon Street Nashua, NH 03060

Get Directions

Join our Fan Club!

new england haunted houses 2022

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Haunted Houses: The best haunted attractions in New England

BOSTON — Looking for a scare as you get in the spirit of Halloween? Here is a list of haunted places to visit this month.

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Abington, MA

Open varying days from September-November, the mansion hosts haunted house tours along with special events including “Darkness Unleashed” on October 23, and “Devil’s Night” on October 30.

On Saturday’s in October, Barrett’s hosts a “lights-on tour” of the mansion from 2-4PM for $10. On Sunday’s and Thursday’s tickets are offered for both attractions at the mansion, and dinner at the Abington Ale House for $40. General admission for tours is $30.

Yelp Review : "Been to Barrett's multiple times over the years, both to their normal nights and blackout style Darkness Unleashed nights, and I have absolutely loved it every time. Staff and haunters are great, both haunts are very detailed and well done. Best smaller scale haunt in New England for sure."

Hysteria at Connors Farm Danvers, MA

Open every Friday and Saturday night in October, Sunday October 7 and the day of Halloween.

Come check out a haunted corn maze and 17th Century Burial Grounds, and find out why the farm was voted one of the Top 13 Scream Parks in the country. Tickets are on sale for $30.

Yelp Review : "I'm a huge fan of scary houses so a haunted corn maze was practically screaming my name. Hands down the best haunted experience I've had in the greater Boston area and I've been to quite a few. Because you're in the woods with no lighting except from the moon, the actors can easily creep up on you. You won't know what's coming next, I guarantee it."

Witch's Woods Westford, MA

Open Thursday-Sunday nights in October, this haunted hayride and Halloween ScreamPark has a total of 7 haunted attractions.

Tickets are on sale from 6:30-10:30 pm at the venue or online for $38 per person.

Facebook Review : "I and 3 other haunt workers /enthusiasts drove an hour and a half to come here. We all had a great time; the actors all put in their best, and even got a few spooks out of us hard to scarers! Witches woods had some excellent props and makeup. I would say the vampire walk was my favorite!"

Factory of Terror Locations in Fall River, MA, Worcester, MA, and West Warwick, Rhode Island

Open Friday and Saturday nights in October, Sunday night’s October 7, 21, and 28, and Halloween night.

Each location offers 5 different haunted attractions at a general admission price of $19.99.

Facebook Review : "The actors and actresses did a fantastic job with the jump scares and the props were great mixed with the strobe effects and lighting to enhance the overall energy."

Lakeville Haunted House  Lakeville, MA

Opens October 12 and hosts walking tours starting at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the month. Tickets go on sale from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM on nights of tours.

Admission is $15 per person.

Yelp Review : "The sets were incredibly well done and very creepy. The actors did a fantastic job - creepy characters and plenty of startled, scream-worthy moments."

Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest  Salem, New Hampshire

Open Friday‘s 6-11:00 pm, Saturday’s 1-11:00 pm, Sunday’s 1-9:00 pm throughout October.

Bring the whole family for a fun day complete with scary characters walking around, 5 haunted houses, rides, and a petting zoo.

General admission varies by day costing $35 on Friday’s, $42 on Saturday’s, and $34 on Sunday’s. Under 48” or over age 60 is $24. Ages 3 and under is free.

Ghost Ship Harbor Quincy, MA

Open October 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, 25-28, Halloween, and November 2-3, hop aboard the USS Salem battleship for haunted attractions followed by a special treat at The Walking Dead Augmented Reality Wine Bar.

General admission starts at $34.99 and a special Paranormal VIP Experience is offered on select nights where guests can contact ghosts with paranormal equipment!

Fear Town Haunted House Seekonk, MA

Open Friday’s-Sunday’s through October 28, October 30, and November 2-3.

Head deep into the woods at Seekonk Speedway if you dare and experience the outdoor haunted attraction at Fear Town Haunted House. Guides will take you on a trail through run-down buildings and monsters.

Tickets range from $17-$23.

Yelp Review : "I love that you get to experience a haunted house and a haunted walk through the woods. The decor and actors were on point and a lot of fun. I don't get scared easily but I did scream quite a few times! There are a lot of jump scares which are great."

Demented FX Holyoke, MA

Open 6-11:00 PM Friday’s-Sunday’s throughout October and Thursday’s October 18 and 25.

Check out the monsters, interactive videos, and Hollywood quality sets that make guests feel like they are on the set of a real horror movie.

General admission is $25.

Facebook Review : "Great theme I felt like I was in a horror movie myself and the ending... well you just have to see for yourself."

Witch Mansion Salem, MA

Located in Salem, the spookiest place to be during Halloween time, Witch Mansion uses special effects and scary live actors to offer an interactive haunted ghost tour.

The price of admission for adults is $9, while for children is $7.

Yelp Review : "A terrific feast for the eyes and ears... super scary (if you want it to be) and absolutely worth the time."

Cox Media Group

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Governor Healey asks residents to house migrant families amid growing shelter crisis

Storm timeline: When will snow, heavy rain, damaging wind begin impacting Massachusetts?

Storm timeline: When will snow, heavy rain, damaging wind begin impacting Massachusetts?

Deadly stabbing at McDonald’s in Lawrence under investigation, DA says

Deadly stabbing at McDonald’s in Lawrence under investigation, DA says

Boston police officer turns to public for help after Mattapan house fire displaces mother

Boston police officer turns to public for help after Mattapan house fire displaces mother

Boston Calling announces star-studded lineup of performers for 2024 music festival

Boston Calling announces star-studded lineup of performers for 2024 music festival

10 Best New England Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions

Scary Happenings Await in the New England States

new england haunted houses 2022

Matt Champlin / Getty Images 

From sprawling scream parks to trails through ghoul-infested woods, New England is your destination for spine-tingling fun each Halloween season. Scare yourself silly in 2020 at one of these 10 popular New England haunted houses, ghostly hayrides, or spooky attractions found from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Note many of these events have been canceled or altered for 2020. Check the details below or event websites for updates.

Choose Your Fear Level at Haunted Overload

Selbe Lynn / Flickr / CC 2.0

Voted one of the top haunted attractions in the country, Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire, can't be overlooked. The fun usually takes place in October. There are three levels of fear at DeMeritt Hill Farm: a Day Walk for the oh-so-nervous, where on Fridays through Sundays you can explore haunted trails in the light of day and see all of the spooky creations without any surprises. The main event, The Ultimate Halloween Experience, is all-out frightening (not recommended for children), complete with special effects, handmade props, and ghoulish actors in costume on select Thursdays through Sundays. A couple of Thursday nights each season, Fright Night Lite events feature lighting and sound effects after dark, but the creepy characters won't chase you.

In 2020, a few additional one-time events will occur: Glow Stick Night on October 30, and Black Out Night on October 31.

Enjoy Horror Movies at Barrett's Haunted Mansion

Barrett's Haunted Mansion 

For 2020, Barrett's Haunted Mansion's normal attractions will be closed and there will be a drive-in double feature horror movie experience on weekends from September 18 through October 31. Exploring Screens and Screams in Abington, Massachusetts, is a chilling thrill. Be among the brave souls who watch two horror movies from their vehicles while scary creatures move about the grounds, ready to startle guests at any moment. Abington Ale House will have a special menu with everything from wings to veggie burgers and Greek salad. Food is delivered to guests' cars.

Tickets are limited this year and must be bought online in advance; as of early October 2020, most events were sold out. Six people are allowed per car.

Get Spooked at Nightmare New England

Nightmare New England

This giant Halloween theme park, the largest haunted attraction in New England , is situated on 80-plus acres on the banks of the Merrimack River in Litchfield, New Hampshire. Happenings take place on weekends from late September through mid-November 2020. Enjoy the Haunted Hayride in the dark woods; Brigham Manor, a house said to be genuinely haunted by the Bishop family; the 3D Dreamscape, complete with a terrorizing jungle landscape; and The Colony, a labyrinth in the backwoods.

General admission grants you access to the four attractions. Additional enticements include batting cages, miniature golf, and a beer garden. Tickets must be purchased online in advance and no refunds are given.

Scream Your Head Off at Witch's Woods

Witch's Woods

Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, Massachusetts, is home to Witch's Woods Haunted Hayride that brings you face-to-face with witches, werewolves, zombies, and other creatures you don't get to see every day in New England. In addition to the hayride, check out the Horrorwood Chamber of Chills, Castle Morbid, the Jack O’Lantern Jamboree, and the Vampire Passage—the lair of a legendary vampiress and her fanged minions. In 2020, the attraction is open Fridays through Sundays from October 2-31, along with certain Thursday nights.

Your admission ticket ( bought online in advance ) gets you access to any of the five haunted attractions.

Brave Charmingfare Farm's Harvest of Haunts

For 2020, the Harvest of Haunts attraction is being offered in a limited capacity on October 17, 24, and 31. Be prepared to be scared as you set out aboard the horse-drawn ride through dark old logging trails at Charmingfare Farm in Candia, New Hampshire , this Halloween season. Once the carriage ride arrives in the woods, families with children can enjoy Halloween ghost stories and hot cocoa.

Purchase your tickets online in advance to guarantee admission.

Get Lost in the Haunted Labyrinth

Haunted Labyrinth

Visit  Haunted Labyrinth , an elaborate haunted house in Cranston, Rhode Island, for a terrifying time. This is the longest-running Halloween attraction in New England. 2020 marks Haunted Labyrinth's 36th season of scaring the pants off visitors. The fun takes place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday nights from late September through the end of October in 2020.

Join the attraction's  mailing list  to receive a $1 off coupon. The event is for a good cause: Rejoice in Hope Youth Center, which serves numerous parishes and church groups across the state.

Scare Yourself Senseless at the Factory of Terror

Check the official Factory of Terror website and social media pages for updates on 2020 opening dates and events. Fall River, Massachusetts, about a 50-minute drive to Boston, is home to an indoor haunted house  with scary rooms, special effects, and horror actors dressed in prosthetics sure to frighten you.

When you buy tickets, you will be given a specific date and time for visiting the haunted house.

Walk the Trail of Terror

Trail of Terror 

If you dare, head to the  Trail of Terror  in Wallingford, Connecticut. Get spooked on weekends from early October through early November of 2020 when the attraction celebrates its 26th season with the Fear Is Art themed event. You will get to hang out with psychedelic clowns, dastardly ghouls, and chainsaw-toting goblins.

Buy your timed admission tickets online in advance for groups of six (or VIP premium passes for individuals). Proceeds from this outdoor haunted attraction benefit local nonprofit organizations.

Survive the Field of Screams

Field of Screams 

Field of Screams is canceled for 2020. Head for West Greenwich, Rhode Island , and experience three scary attractions for the price of one at Field of Screams, including DeathCon Haunted Ride, in which guests board a military truck to battle the apocalypse, encountering zombies, aliens, and other creatures.

The other spooky options are to check out the animatronics and scary actors of Dungeon of Doom, or wear some 3D glasses as you venture through the 4D Cirque du Souls haunted maze. You can get out if you're too scared to go on, but there are no refunds.

Stroll Through the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce

Kim Knox Beckius

This event is canceled for 2020. Watch your nightmares come to life as you stroll through Lake Compounce's Haunted Graveyard in Bristol, Connecticut , this Halloween season. The amusement park sure doesn't hold back when it comes to scaring visitors. Experience an array of spooky scenes, including a misty lake, a zombie hospital, and an ancient temple. Trek outside to the ghastly graveyard and terrifying cornfield. 

If you'd like, you can buy a season pass and board roller coasters and other thrilling rides on chilly fall nights, too.

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Guide to Halloween in Texas: Festivals, Events, Things to Do

Guide to Halloween in St. Louis With Kids: Events and Things to Do

The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in California

Halloween in Detroit: Haunted Attractions, Events, Things to Do

Guide to Halloween in Indianapolis: Festivals, Events, Things to Do

The Best Halloween Events in Washington, DC

New England Fall Weekend Events 2020

Guide to Halloween in Tacoma, Washington: Festivals, Events, Things to Do

7 Beautiful New England Fall Foliage Train Tours

October in New England: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Halloween in the USA

Halloween Events and Festivals in Phoenix

Visit America's Spookiest City: Salem, Massachusetts

Celebrating Halloween in Queens

New England Fall Festivals

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Thriller Writer Shares 'Disturbing' Real Story About Her 300-Year-Old Home

A New England writer told Newsweek and her social media followers the chilling tale behind her 300-year-old house's mysterious well.

Tracy Sierra, the thriller author behind the novel Nightwatching , told her followers on TikTok the spooky truth behind her house and the unsettling well discovered years back.

Sierra said the home was built roughly 300 years ago and stayed within the family until a few decades before she purchased it.

"The last guy to inherit the home was apparently a real piece of work," Sierra said in her video.

Haunted well

The "really crotchety old man" was not well-liked in town, according to what she found in historical society records, which she said indicated he might have substance issues.

"The story goes that folks finally kind of noticed that he hadn't been showing up in town at all, so they came to the house, knocked and no one answered," Sierra said.

They finally found the man, but it was nowhere inside the house. Instead, his dead body was located in the well.

"It was not clear if he jumped in there on purpose [or] if he fell in there," Sierra said. "No one really knew what happened. It had been quite a while."

  • Dogs protect owner from "cursed" Santa ornament in basement for 60 years
  • Laughter at 'haunted' tree unintentionally capturing Christmas spirit
  • New Orleans woman shows haunted apartment where Edgar Degas lived

Today, the well remains on the property, but it no longer supplies drinking water.

Sierra went on to say that for a long period of time, townspeople considered the home haunted because of the way the former owner was found and what a difficult person he was. After he died, the house remained abandoned for 40 years, adding to the lore surrounding the home.

Sierra told Newsweek she found out about the well's sordid history from the previous homeowner's research. A historical pamphlet mentioned the death and attributed it to suicide, while other records around the family called it an accident.

"So who is to say what happened?" Sierra told Newsweek , adding that an older man in his 90s in her town first alerted her she lived in a "haunted house" from his childhood memories.

"Kids would dare each other to sneak into the old, abandoned house, swearing they saw the man's ghost," Sierra said.

The prior family that purchased the home slowly restored it over a decade, and Sierra says to this day, she's never had a supernatural experience in it.

"Our feeling has always been that all places have history, visible or not. And by tending to and caring for the land and the home, by making it a home and showing respect for the history, everyone is happy," Sierra said.

Nearby the home, there's a graveyard that includes the man who fell into the well, marked by an unmarked fieldstone.

What Makes A Haunted House

While Sierra might not have experienced a haunting as a result of the man's untimely death at her current home, many people do report strange occurrences in a place plagued with trauma or death.

"If a previous owner was found dead in the well, hauntings may or may not take place at or near the well," ghost hunter Don Allison told Newsweek. "They could be focused on the spot where the owner died, or throughout the property in places the deceased frequented."

Allison said those who suspect a haunting should look out for unexplained cold spots or even the sound of footsteps and voices. Sometimes, residents note a smell of perfume or tobacco smoke, signaling a f ormer resident is still perusing the grounds.

And of course, like in many horror movies, some haunted residents say they'll actually see and hear doors opening and closing alongside electronics turning on and off.

"In more active hauntings objects may actually move on their own," Allison said. "Sometimes entities are seen with the naked eye. They can appear as solid as a real person or semi-transparent and can appear and or vanish in an instant."

Allison added that sometimes investigating a house and looking for paranormal activity will ramp up haunting activity, so sometimes choosing to coexist peacefully with a home's energy is the best course of action.

"In my personal experience hauntings are harmless, although at times annoying," Allison said.

Uncommon Knowledge

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

About the writer

Suzanne Blake is a Newsweek reporter based in New York. Her focus is reporting on consumer and social trends, spanning from retail to restaurants and beyond. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and joined Newsweek in 2023. You can get in touch with Suzanne by emailing [email protected].

Languages: English

To read how Newsweek uses AI as a newsroom tool, Click here.

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new england haunted houses 2022

Fani Willis Faces Being Disqualified From Donald Trump Case

new england haunted houses 2022

Republicans Sound the Trump Alarm to Supreme Court

new england haunted houses 2022

Who Is Robert Woodland? US Citizen Being Held in Russia on Drug Charges

new england haunted houses 2022

Joe Biden Is Producing More Oil Than Donald Trump Did

Newsweek magazine cover

Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Providence by Crazy Dash

new england haunted houses 2022

  • 2 hours with a remote interactive guide
  • All Activities
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  • Use of Activity-owned smartphone
  • Private transportation
  • 60 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903, USA You will receive a message before your game with instructions on how to start. If you do not receive the message prior to starting please contact us.
  • Service animals allowed
  • Near public transportation
  • Stroller accessible
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Most travelers can participate
  • This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

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new england haunted houses 2022

Buy it with

new england haunted houses 2022

Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Providence by Crazy Dash provided by Crazy Dash of Providence

Product overview: participate in a fun scavenger hunt in providence by crazy dash.

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Jeffrey Epstein list: Who is named in court filings?

new england haunted houses 2022

The names of dozens of people connected to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were made public with the release of court documents. Who are they?

Public figures including Prince Andrew and former US President Bill Clinton are among the associates, friends and alleged victims named in the 900 pages unsealed on the order of a judge in New York.

Both the former US president and the British royal deny any knowledge of Epstein's crimes.

Many names in the documents are mentioned in passing as part of various legal proceedings, and their inclusion does not suggest wrongdoing related to Epstein.

They contain no major new allegations about Epstein nor revelations about his associates.

Epstein took his own life in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial. His friend and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is serving 20 years in prison for child sex trafficking.

Who is now named in the documents?

Prince Andrew

The court papers include the testimony of Johanna Sjoberg who describes meeting Prince Andrew at Epstein's home in New York in 2001

Her statement, which had previously been partly revealed, describes an encounter in which she claims Prince Andrew touched her breast.

Ms Sjoberg, then aged 20, had been at college when she had been recruited by Maxwell, initially she believed as an assistant before finding that she was encouraged to deliver sexual massages for Epstein, which she resisted.

  • What do documents say about Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew has rejected any wrongdoing, including in his later settlement with Ms Giuffre in 2022.

In that settlement Prince Andrew had said he "regrets his association with Epstein, and commends the bravery of Ms Giuffre and other survivors in standing up for themselves and others".

Extract from court documents

Bill Richardson

In her deposition, Ms Giuffre says she was forced to have sex with prominent figures including New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Before his death last year, Mr Richardson denied ever meeting Ms Giuffre, and he was not charged with any crime

Extract from court documents

Bill Clinton

The former US president is mentioned a number of times but there is no suggestion of any criminality.

Johanna Sjoberg, one of Prince Andrew's accusers, testified that Epstein told her that Mr Clinton "likes them young, referring to girls".

Another woman, Virginia Giuffre, who brought the lawsuit at the heart of these court documents, also mentions the American politician several times.

Although she makes no allegations against Mr Clinton, she was trying to get him to testify under oath about his relationship with Epstein, describing him as a "key person".

  • Who was Jeffrey Epstein?
  • WATCH: The secret lives of Maxwell and Epstein

She had previously said Mr Clinton visited Mr Epstein's private island but in the court documents both Maxwell and Epstein dispute this. There is also no record in pilot logs of Mr Clinton going there.

Mr Clinton himself has said he flew on Epstein's plane four times, including twice to Africa, because they worked together on humanitarian projects.

But those meetings took place before the financier came under investigation, he said, and he had no knowledge of his crimes.

Donald Trump

The document also includes testimony about Donald Trump from Ms Sjoberg about a diversion Epstein's plane made to New Jersey to visit the businessman in 2001 at one of his casinos.

When pilots said their plane could not land in New York and would need to stop in Atlantic City, Epstein said he would call up Trump and drop by to see him, she said.

The documents contain no alleged wrongdoing by Mr Trump.

Ms Sjoberg is asked whether she ever gave Mr Trump a massage and she said she did not.

Extract from court documents

Michael Jackson

Ms Sjoberg said she had met the singer through Epstein, although she did not allege any wrongdoing by him.

Extract from court documents

Fifth and final batch of Epstein documents released

Fourth batch of epstein court documents released, prince andrew 'spent weeks' at epstein home - witness.

Toppled houses after tornadoes pummel through the US state of Florida

Three dead as severe storms sweep through US

More than 630,000 people across the country are without power and hundreds of flights have been cancelled.

U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein appears in a photograph taken for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services' sex offender registry March 28, 2017

These files show Epstein refusing hundreds of times to answer questions, including about alleged blackmail.

National Transportation Safety Board agents with the recovered door plug

Boeing admits mistake over plane door blow-out

Boeing's boss Dave Calhoun vows to find the cause of the incident on the Alaska Airlines flight.

Trump at a campaign event in Iowa

Judges sound sceptical of Trump's immunity defence

The justice department called the ex-president's claim of total immunity from prosecution "frightening".

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin

US defence secretary had prostate cancer surgery

Lloyd Austin is under fire after it emerged even the White House did not learn of his hospital visit until three days later.


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    New England's Best Guide to Halloween Events, Haunted Houses, Haunted Hayrides, Haunted Trails, Haunted Corn Mazes, Ghost Tours, Haunted History, Horror Film Screenings, Pumpkin Patches, Flashlight Mazes, Salem Events, Costume Stores, Halloween Decor, Contests, Directions, and Ticket Info for Events in CT, MA, NH, RI, Maine, and VT!

  5. Scariest haunted houses in New England: Beware all ye who enter

    See below for MassLive's list of the scariest haunted houses in New England. Beware all ye who enter here. 51. 1/51. 'The Conjuring' house listed for $1.2 million.

  6. Nightmare New England

    Spooky World #1 Halloween NH, Haunted House New Hampshire, Haunted Hayride MA. Spooky World presents Nightmare New England and the Haunted Hayride is New England's Largest Haunted Attraction on more than 80 acres. Horror Fanatics from NH, Massachusetts, New England and across the country travel to visit us each year for thrills, chills ...

  7. Halloween 2022: These are the best haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes

    By Frank O'Laughlin, Boston 25 News Staff October 07, 2022 at 12:19 pm EDT. Expand ... 2022 at 12:19 pm EDT. BOSTON — When it comes to Halloween in New England, Massachusetts is home to a number of haunted attractions and spooky tours. ... Haunted Houses. Factory of Terror, Fall River; Fear Town, Seekonk; Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Abington;

  8. 2023 Haunt Opening Night Guide

    Tap into the ultimate Halloween experience with Halloween New England's complete schedule of Opening Nights for the scariest haunted houses, trails, corn mazes, flashlight mazes, and haunted hayrides in MA, CT, NH, RI, VT, and Maine. Find out the opening night dates for September and October and plan your visit for the most epic thrills and scares.

  9. Buy tickets for the best haunted houses in New England

    TICKETS $35. Fright Kingdom is a timed ticket event, and most tickets are sold online. If we have any available tickets left over for a specific time slot, they will be sold CASH ONLY at the ticket booth. We limit the number of people per half-hours' time slots and tend to sell out, so we suggest you purchase your tickets ahead of time for ...

  10. Fright Fest at Six Flags New England

    Fright Fest at Six Flags New England's delivers seasonal Haunted Houses, a Halloween-themed park, coasters, rides, roaming characters, and interactive shows. Located in Agawam, MA, find features, dates, hours, special events on Halloween New England. Experience Halloween thrills at Fright Fest in Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA. Enter Skull Manor, where your nightmares come to life and ...

  11. These Are The Best Haunted Historic Houses To Visit In New England

    America's Oldest & Most Haunted House-The Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts. A Jilted Lover Forever Searching-The Notchland Inn, Hart's Location, New Hampshire. A Hauntingly Famous Rhyme-The Historic Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts. "The Conjuring" Was Here-The Old Arnold Estate, Burrillville, Rhode Island.

  12. Best haunted houses: The scariest haunted house & 5 more for fun

    Overall fun: 4/5. While Witch's Woods is always a fun time, it isn't always the scariest of Boston's local haunted houses. Unfortunately, individual haunts such Castle Morbid and the Haunted ...

  13. New England's Historic Haunted Houses

    4K. Haunted houses belong to New England lore as much as Revolutionary battles or clipper ship races. New England ghosts, witches, devils and monsters in human shape have populated the novels of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King. The region's special brand of horror even has a name: Gothic New England.

  14. 25 Haunted Places in New England That are Wicked Creepy

    Haunted Places in New Hampshire. Madame Sherri's Castle - Chesterfield, NH. New Hampshire State Hospital, Concord NH. The Chase House - Portsmouth, NH. Colby Sawyer College - New London, NH. Haunted Places in Massachusetts. Danvers State Hospital - Danvers, MA. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast - Fall River, MA.

  15. 24 Best New England Ghost Tours That'll Give You Chills! (2024)

    2. The Mount Ghost Tours - Edith Wharton's Home. The former home of celebrated author, and also famed ghost story teller, is also said to be one of the most haunted places in New England. The estate, called The Mount, hosts tours of the property beginning in July through the fall season.

  16. The 10 Most Haunted Places in New England

    Danvers State Hospital, Danvers MA. 8. Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport, ME. 9. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River MA. 10. Salem Inn, Salem. New England was one of the earliest English settlements in the 'New World' that became the United States. For most people New England conjures up thoughts of.

  17. Haunted Holiday

    Location. 12 SIMON STREET. NASHUA, NH 03060. 603-809-1173. Email: [email protected]. Fright Kingdom presents the Fright Before Christmas Event in Nashua, NH. Amazing detail and very professional sets are what makes us unique.

  18. Haunted Houses: The best haunted attractions in New England

    Barrett's Haunted Mansion. Open varying days from September-November, the mansion hosts haunted house tours along with special events including "Darkness Unleashed" on October 23, and "Devil's Night" on October 30. On Saturday's in October, Barrett's hosts a "lights-on tour" of the mansion from 2-4PM for $10. On Sunday's ...

  19. New England Haunted Houses Halloween Attractions 2020

    Visit Haunted Labyrinth, an elaborate haunted house in Cranston, Rhode Island, for a terrifying time. This is the longest-running Halloween attraction in New England. 2020 marks Haunted Labyrinth's 36th season of scaring the pants off visitors. The fun takes place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday nights from late September through ...

  20. Thriller Writer Shares 'Disturbing' Real Story About Her 300 ...

    A New England writer told Newsweek and her social media followers the chilling tale behind her 300-year-old house's mysterious well. Tracy Sierra, the thriller author behind the novel ...

  21. Page couldn't load • Instagram

    17 likes, 0 comments - halloweennewengland on September 29, 2022: "Looking for a list of Rhode Island Haunted Houses, Haunted Corn Mazes, or Haunted Hayrides for th ...

  22. Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Providence by Crazy Dash

    About. The Providence scavenger hunt players will use an app to find objects around the city to collect points, and complete fun challenges for points. Players will be able to see their score live on the app rankings. All our Scavenger hunts have a live remote host to help along the way. Come and explore with us in Providence.

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    The house originally had two floors, but an owner requested to add the lowest floor in 2000, according to Moscow city permits. Built into a hillside, the house has one exterior door on each floor.

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    The Mayor of England's Steel City Plans a New Industrial Revolution. ... 2022, and especially since Oct. 7, 2023, a specter has haunted the world and worried US President Joe Biden in particular ...

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    4th January 2024, 10:31 PST. Getty Images. Bill Clinton (left) and Michael Jackson (right) have not been accused of any wrongdoing, while Prince Andrew denies the accusations against him. The ...