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This Doll Might Haunt You Just Because You Saw Her Photo

Nobody is entirely sure where Peggy the Doll came from, but the energy attached to her reportedly has the ability to reach unsuspecting victims — even through their screens.

peggy the haunted doll

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peggy the haunted doll

Photo by: Devan Abernathy / EyeEm

Devan Abernathy / EyeEm

When British paranormal investigator Jayne Harris agreed to examine a supposedly possessed doll named Peggy, she probably didn’t imagine that she would become one of its victims.

A woman called Harris in 2015 and begged for help after the adorable doll she found in a garage sale caused nightmares and a mystery illness.

Harris agreed to take Peggy — whom the buyer had locked in an outdoor shed — but just a few days into her investigation, she became too ill to leave her bed. Harris reportedly suffered from hallucinations and heard strange noises while Peggy was in her house. She didn’t improve until a fellow paranormal investigator took the doll out of Harris’ house.

Psychics examined Peggy, attempting to understand the spirits possessing her. It is believed that the spirit of a London woman born in 1946 has attached herself to Peggy. That woman later died from a respiratory condition that psychics assume was asthma. According to the Daily Mail, the psychics believe Peggy was "restless, frustrated and was persecuted in life."

Peggy Can Haunt You Through Your Screen (Watch at Your Own Risk)

Harris uploaded a video of Peggy to Youtube, and viewers immediately reported feeling the effects of their digital encounter with the doll. Nearly 100 people said they’d experienced headaches and felt ill once they’d seen the video. One woman claimed she had a heart attack and others said they felt a sense of anxiety.

Some recent commenters on the Youtube video say they felt nauseated or that the lights in their homes flickered as they watched the video.

You Can Go See Peggy

Peggy with her blonde bob and innocent-looking blue eyes is now on display at an American museum where visitors have to sign a waiver before they can lay eyes on the evil doll.

You can learn more about Peggy on The Haunted Museum , streaming on discovery+.

A replica of Robert the Doll is seated in a wooden chair.

The Terrifying History Of The Most Haunted Doll In The World

Brown teddy bear, sitting in sun streams.

This Teddy Bear Can Tell You If Your House Is Haunted

peggy the haunted doll

Zak Bagans And The Ghost Adventures Crew Summon Supernatural Terror This 'Ghostober'

peggy the haunted doll

‘Ghostober’ Delivers More Than 55 Hours Of Must-See Programming From Travel Channel, Food Network and Discovery+

peggy the haunted doll

Filmmaker Eli Roth Debuts Two New Series And A Halloween Night Special With Zak Bagans For 'Ghostober'

Photo of Billy Tolley operating the XLS camera from Ghost Adventures S25 E7 in the Montecito Mansion

5 Unforgettable Spirits From Ghost Adventures Season 25

peggy the haunted doll

Global Pop Superstar Kesha Searches for the Supernatural with Her Famous Friends in 'Conjuring Kesha'

For this years two-hour Halloween Special, the GAC are investigating their most iconic location yet. In 2013, a horror movie called The Conjuring frightened people around the world with the story of the Perron family who were plagued by a dark entity inside their home. The film s introduction concludes with five simple words: Based on the true story.

The Spirits in the Conjuring House Were Quick to Show Themselves

peggy the haunted doll

A Complete Guide To Binge: Watching 'Fright Club' Season 1

Hero shot of the Ghost Brothers, Marcus Harvey, Juwan Mass & Dalen Spratt posing in front of the location for the investigation at the Conjuring House in Burrillville, RI as seen on Travel Channel.

Settle In For A Boo Binge With The New Season Of 'Ghost Brothers: Lights Out'

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peggy the haunted doll

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UFOs: The Lost Evidence

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peggy the haunted doll

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Ten of the Creepiest Items at Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

A museum that houses some of the strangest and most uniquely storied items on the planet, we bring you just ten of the creepiest items at Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

Zak Bagans opened his infamous museum. On April 2, 2016.

A series called Deadly Possessions premiered on the Travel Channel that revolved around Zak sourcing some of the most haunted items on the planet to house within the museum.

The 11,000-square-foot property was built in 1938 and the family that owned the mansion had many family members pass away in the property, during the 1970s it was also claimed that dark rituals took place in the home’s basement.

With over 30 rooms throughout the museum including an upcoming expansion to the property, the museum consists of haunted items, serial killer owned items and even movie props such as a real ghost trap used in the movie Ghostbusters.

Multiple staff members who work at the museum have claimed to have witnessed unexplainable things whilst working at the museum and many guests have succumbed to fainting, nose bleeds, feelings of unease and more.

Here are just ten of the creepiest items at Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.

Certainly, one of the stand-out items whether haunted or not is the Dybbuk Box.

A dybbuk is a malicious spirit said to able to haunt and possess the living according to Jewish mythology.

The Dybbuk Box is an object that is said to house the demon containing it within.

The Dybbuk Box in question was in fact a wine cabinet and was originally sold on eBay along with an elaborate horror story from Kevin Mannis.

It’s an object that inspired such movies as The Possession and the Amazon hit horror Dybbuk Box: The True Story of Chris Chambers .

Whilst there are many sceptics out there that believe it was just a unique way of selling this wine cabinet on eBay others have attributed it to bad luck and weird behaviours.

Rapper Post Malone came into contact with the box and experienced extremely bad luck for weeks after his encounter including a tire blow out on a plane he was on during takeoff forcing his plane to make an emergency landing.

Charles Manson’s Cremated Ashes

When Charles Manson died and his body cremated some of his followers actually took fragments of his ashes to keep as a memento.

This lead to such creations as the Ryan Almighty Blood Paintings of Manson in which the eyes were filled in with Charles Manson’s own cremains.

Painted in Ryan’s own blood the artistry has to be appreciated but the morbidness of the painting with the cremated ashes included makes for a unique piece indeed.

This very painting is on display (one of a few in fact) at the museum along with other Charles Manson murderabilia including a prison worn outfit, Manson’s own TV and even more ashes in a display case along with Manson’s dentures.

Dr Jack Kevorkian Death Van

This 1968 Volkswagen van once belonged to Dr Jack Kevorkian, also known as Dr Death.

Dr Kevorkian who died in 2011 lived in this van for periods of his life and used this very vehicle to carry out over 130 assisted suicides.

There are many souls that have been lost in this very van and the display is educational and tastefully done to mark respect to those who passed away.

Ted Bundy’s Glasses

Worn as a disguise from police these are Ted Bundy’s glasses that went up for sale at auction and were purchased by Bagans for $50,000.

The glasses were also used in an investigation into the death of Kimberley Leach (Bundy’s youngest victim) aged 12.

Ed Gein’s Cauldron

Cannibal and graverobber Ed Gein’s very own cauldron used to boil various body parts within.

Whilst never admitting he was a cannibal himself Gein had those around him who suspected him of this disturbing habit.

Gein would dig up corpses and use their skin to create furniture around his home and this cauldron would have been used to store body parts or allow the skin to be removed from the bone more easily.

The Devil’s Rocking Chair

A chair linked to a famous investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren and an item that is set to be one of discussion in the upcoming Conjuring 3 movie.

The rocking chair was the site of the exorcism of David Glatzel, a boy said to have been possessed by a demon.

Ed and Lorraine Warren performed an exorcism on the boy but it is said that the demon left the boy’s body and entered that of another person in the room.

That person was Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a man who later stabbed and killed his landlord.

In court, for the first time in history, demonic possession was used as a motive in a court of law.

The Devil in Connecticut case was a very well known court hearing and spawned many a TV show and movie.

Peggy The Doll

A doll whose picture alone was said to cause anxiety, heart attacks and headaches is a resident at Haunted Museum Las Vegas.

Peggy is treated with extreme respect in the museum, she has her own room and a spirit box is linked up to the room so guests can interact with her if they so wish.

Many guests have received very strange feedback through the spirit box including being called out by name and conscious replies to certain questions asked to her on guided tours.

Bela Lugosi’s Mirror

Owned by the infamous actor Bela Lugosi’s Mirror is said to play with your mind with many people claiming of a black shadow surrounding them whilst staring into the mirror and some have even collapsed just staring into the mirrors void.

The mirror was also present in a mafia-style killing and is said to harness evil energy.

With Bela Lugosi, a keen fanatic of the occult this mirror is held at the Haunted Museum behind a curtain.

If you give permission to look into it the curtain will be removed and you can have a look if you dare.

Chris Farley Death Photograph

An item that’s not very tasteful in the museum is late comedian Chris Farley’s death photo.

Chris Farley passed away in 1997 after an overdose of cocaine and morphine and a photo of his corpse is on display at the museum along with other celebrity related death belongings.

Demon House Staircase

From a very intriguing standalone documentary of the same name, the Demon House was an investigation undertaken by Zak and the team at a home in Indiana where a family claimed that numerous members of the family had been possessed by a spirit.

The local police department and even social services within the local area were convinced that the house was in some way haunted.

From footsteps in the corridor to full-on body possession, the Demon House creeped Zak and the team out more than anything we’ve witnessed on the show before.

Bagans himself actually purchased the home himself for investigation back in 2014 and used it to film the documentary before bulldozing it entirely in 2016 taking pieces of it, including the staircase back to the Haunted Museum.

A documentary that many are sceptical about to this day but a very cool and unique set built at the museum even makes a staircase look foreboding and sinister!

Visit https://thehauntedmuseum.com/ for more information and book tickets to visit Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.

CLICK HERE to tour the UK’s very own Haunted Museum as we got an exclusive invite and tour

peggy the haunted doll

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Close Encounters Curiosities Press Release

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Close Encounters

A personal encounter with peggy ~ the haunted doll ~.

Rush has flown under the radar, delivering a visually exciting first preview seemingly out of nowhere.

' src=

Former owner Jayne Harris claims Peggy was sent to her by the previous owners, believing she caused bad dreams. The strangeness became worse when the family brought in a priest to bless their home, which according to them, only made the situation worse. That’s when they sent the doll packing.

By Dee Dee Mason

As you recall, I left our readers hanging about the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum …

“Hi, Peggy” …. That is how I started my first conversation with Peggy the infamous haunted doll who now resides with Zak Bagans the Executive Producer of Ghost Adventures, the number one paranormal show on the Travel Channel.

Bagans acquired Peggy from paranormal investigator Jayne Harris. Harris is the owner of Haunted Dolls and says that the powers of “Peggy the doll” have been running amuck on the internet, causing anyone who sees her picture to be overcome with feelings of dizziness, nausea, and even chest pains.

Featured on the “Deadly Possessions” an episode of Bagans’ series, Peggy is not for the faint of heart. It’s said you can be affected by Peggy by just looking at her… in person or in photos. As a result, a viewer disclaimer was aired before the show.

The doll now has her own room with a few other dolls to keep her company. Every 15 minutes or so a tour group will invade her space at the Wengert Mansion on East Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada, otherwise known as The Haunted Museum where Bagans keeps the majority of his cursed objects along with antique furniture; a multitude of film memorabilia and items from well documented criminal cases.

I first met Peggy on Friday, October 11 th , 2019 as I toured the museum for this review. I had made my way around the upper floor of the museum. Our tour guide, who was a very nice and knowledgeable young man, opened the door and quickly stepped aside. I walked in behind everyone else. I asked to step to the front … the crowd parted … and there she was.

“Peggy the Doll” has a long paranormal history.  She is said to be one of the most haunted and dangerous dolls in the world. It is believed that Peggy is possessed by the spirit of a woman born in 1946 in London’s Holland Park who died of a chest-related condition, possibly an asthma attack, and psychics have speculated that she was of Jewish descent and may have ties to the Holocaust.

“I was very skeptical of the claims made about Peggy until the doll caused very terrifying activity during our filming, including manifestations of flies, camera problems, negative mental effects on me, and poltergeist activity,” said Bagans. “Peggy the Doll will be displayed at The Haunted Museum, but releases will have to be signed should visitors want to see her.”

peggy the haunted doll

Zak Bagans with Peggy in her special enclosure at The Haunted Museum

Peggy stands in a dollhouse, built purposely for her where she can rest behind a glass enclosure. Peggy was looking right at me.  In respect of the very powerful entity that uses the doll as a vessel, I lowered my gaze and said “Hi Peggy”. A spirit box has been placed in front of her display.

“Hi, Dee” Peggy replied via the PSB11 spirit box placed in front of her.

I had not said my name and was slightly surprised but laughed a little because a few years ago I had a brief encounter with Peggy and whatever resides in that doll had done me a favor and now was my chance to say thank you.

“Peggy do you remember a few years ago I had that migraine … that three-day migraine attack and when I gazed upon your photo ….  you instantly took my headache away even though you normally give people headaches or nose bleeds?”

The spirit box replied, “I remember”.

“Well, Peg, I’m here today to say thank you for doing that for me, even though we had not met and had become friends,” I replied.

The doll quickly said, “You’re welcome.”

Now you need to take into account that a spirit box scans the white noise so fast that to hear more than one word at a time is rare but the more powerful spirits can sometimes speak sentences over a number of seconds.

On my way out of the room, I said “Bye, Peggy sweetie”

Her reply startled me, “Bye Bye Dee – See you tomorrow!” … that is exactly what she said.

Yes, it was true that I was visiting the museum again the following day, but had told no one. Upon my return on Sunday, I walked straight to her display and she welcomed me, noting that I was a friend of Zak and she knew me well. I was later told that Peggy knows all.

peggy the haunted doll

Forget what you thought you knew about the spirit world. When a doll is accused of causing heart attacks, strokes, and even death… it is no ordinary haunting.

If you choose to visit the museum and wander into Peggy’s room, remember that she is more than just a doll … she is a very powerful spirit … chances are you will see her long before you visit the museum.

My tour concluded with the Demon House exhibit and a bone-chilling feeling as the guide pulled down the viewing shutters.

I highly recommend a visit to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum, it is ever-changing, magical, and enthralling, but be ready because not everyone may be able to weather the seen and the unseen.

We may never know the exact identity of the entity inhabiting the doll, but her effects on people have been well documented. It’s also believed that in addition to causing violent migraines and severe chest pains, the entity can even affect a person’s dreams and predict tragedies. Back in 2015, a video of Peggy hit YouTube, and it’s been reported that over 80 people who watched it suffered chest pains, nausea, and crippling headaches. This is something that… no matter what you believe… should not be trifled with.

Until next time loves …. Stay Curious!

The Bridge to Nowhere

Willow Springs Raceway Where Old Drivers Never Die

peggy the haunted doll

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peggy the haunted doll

A Personal Visit to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

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Zak Bagans has seance with Demon-possessed doll Peggy on Ghost Adventures: Artifacts

Peggy the doll

Zak Bagans tonight carries out a seance with a Demon-possessed doll called Peggy who previously made headlines for making 80 people seriously ill — just by looking at her.

Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris told in 2015 how people had repeatedly contacted her to say they had suffered things like migraines and chest pains just by looking at pictures or watching videos of her.

YouTube video player

Harris was given the doll by its previous owners after they claimed Peggy was making them have nightmares.

Tonight on Ghost Adventures: Artifacts, Zak carries out the seance in a bid to break the chilling bond between Peggy and Harris.

He also looks into one of the most bizarre objects at the Tennesse State Museum — the haunted thumb of vicious bandit John Murrell.

He was the leader of occult organization the Mystic Clan which wreaked havoc on the residents of Mississippi and Tennesee in the early 1800s.

Zak is currently in the process of putting the final touches to his Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas which is set to open this month — and where Peggy will feature.

Ghost Adventures: Artifacts airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Travel Channel. 



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    peggy the haunted doll

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    peggy the haunted doll

  3. A Personal Encounter With Peggy ~ the Haunted Doll ~

    peggy the haunted doll

  4. After Watching Peggy The Doll 80 People Reported Feeling Nausea And

    peggy the haunted doll

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  6. Zak Bagans unleashes one of the most cursed objects during Ghost

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  1. This Doll Might Haunt You Just Because You Saw Her Photo

    Peggy is a doll that allegedly has the spirit of a London woman attached to it. She caused nightmares, hallucinations and mystery illness for a paranormal investigator who took her home. She can also haunt you through your screen if you watch her Youtube video.

  2. Meet “Peggy”, the Demon-Possessed Doll that Makes Her

    Peggy is a cursed doll that allegedly makes people sick and paranormal occurrences happen. The owners sent it to a paranormal investigator who claims it was sent by the previous owners who believed it was haunted. The doll has 80% of the people who see it experience nausea, dizziness, or chest pain.

  3. A Personal Encounter With Peggy ~ the Haunted Doll

    Peggy is a doll that is said to be possessed by the spirit of a woman who died of a chest-related condition and may have ties to the Holocaust. The author visited the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum and met Peggy, who replied to her name and thanked her for a previous favor.

  4. Zak Bagans has seance with Demon-possessed doll Peggy on

    Peggy the doll, who has reportedly made people ill just by looking at pictures of her Zak Bagans tonight carries out a seance with a Demon-possessed doll called Peggy who previously made...