25 greatest GHOST songs

ghost altar HUBBARD 2022, Jimmy Hubbard

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The first thing you notice when visiting the city of Linköping, Sweden, is the cathedral — a massive 800-year-old gothic structure with a stunning green steeple reaching for the heavens. It's an unmissable fixture that dominates the skyline, and a constant, inescapable reminder that God — and the Church of Sweden — is always watching.

It was under this chilly gaze that Tobias Forge , a native son of Linköping, was born and raised. In the shadow of the cathedral, he spent his formative years playing in rock and metal bands (most notably the death-metal outfit Repugnant) — and cultivating an acute distaste for organized religion. In 2006, Forge began developing a new project that would unite both passions in the most dramatic way possible. That band, of course, is the Satanic occult-rock outfit Ghost — now a full-blown, arena-filling, Grammy-winning, evil-conjuring, doom-celebrating phenomenon that has gained the respect of legions of fans, and fellow musicians from James Hetfield and Rob Halford to Dave Grohl, Lzzy Hale and beyond.

Ghost are well on their way to becoming a household name, but their start was entirely inauspicious. On March 12th, 2010, Forge quietly launched his new project via a three-track demo that he posted on Myspace. Ghost's public unveiling was humble, but Forge's singular creative vision was undeniable. Those songs — "Stand by Him," "Prime Mover" and "Death Knell" — firmly established the band's lore and key musical and thematic elements. Here was a mysterious, melodic dark-rock act fronted by a dead pope named Papa Emeritus singing songs about the Antichrist. Forge was the mastermind, songwriter and vocalist, but at that point he and his musical collaborators were all cloaked in alluring anonymity.

Ghost's demo was an impressive opening statement. But the internet is pretty vast, after all, and those songs easily could have been snuffed out in the void. Instead, they unexpectedly caught fire. "My career trajectory changed more in those 24 to 48 hours than I had ever experienced in my life," Forge told Revolver in 2018 of the exciting days after the demo's release. The buzz kept growing as more people shared the tracks, which eventually made their way to Cathedral frontman and Rise Above Records owner Lee Dorrian, who offered to release Ghost's first full-length record.

In fall 2010, Papa Emeritus and his band of Nameless Ghouls unleashed their striking debut, Opus Eponymous (which featured an arresting Salem's Lot -inspired cover image of Papa towering over a church that looks eerily like Linköping Cathedral). From that moment, Ghost have been on a decade-plus ascent filled with relentless touring, unbeatable merch, hilariously offbeat social videos, four more increasingly complex and catchy thematic albums — 2013's Infestissumam , 2015's Meliora , 2018's Prequelle and their most recent stunner, 2022's Impera — plus a few EPs and choice live gigs opening for Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains and more.

Ghost's unholy rise is truly astonishing. Thankfully, Forge still has plenty more magic up his papal sleeves, and we can't wait to see what new dark arts he conjures next. In celebration of their amazing journey thus far, Revolver undertook the delightfully hellish task of ranking the 25 greatest Ghost songs. So grab your cloaks, gather 'round the altar and let the ritual begin.

25. "Mummy Dust"

Meliora , 2015 Across their five albums, Ghost have created an ongoing story arc that loosely follows Papa and the Nameless Ghouls as they usher in the rise of the Antichrist. Their 2015 installment, Meliora , finds them reflecting on the absence of God through a guitar-heavy mix of pop, psych and prog rock. Choice cut "Mummy Dust" perfectly embodies this mission. Papa Emeritus III delivers his nefarious tale with shadowy, threatening vocals (and that whisper of " duuuuust ") atop a ferocious chugging guitar line and eerie piano accents. And behold that impressive, spaced-out synth solo — which is brought to glorious life on a keytar during live shows.

24. "Witch Image"

Prequelle , 2018 Songwriter and mastermind Tobias Forge had been publicly unmasked prior to the release of Ghost's fourth album, Prequelle , but that didn't stop him (or fans) from continuing the fantasy. In fact, he doubled down and pushed the mythology even further with a ripe Black Plague lyrical theme and the new flamboyant, mustachioed, tux-wearing frontman Cardinal Copia, who even Forge himself considered to be "an imposter [that] hasn't proven himself yet." Copia puts in work to earn his "skull paint" throughout Prequelle , including delivering the killer Seventies-style chorus hook on "Witch Image": "While you sleep in earthly delight/Someone's flesh is rotting tonight." All hail the creepy Cardinal's reign.

23. "Year Zero"

Infestissumam , 2013 "Year Zero" is presided over by the new Papa Emeritus II (complete with a fresh green robe and updated skeleton mask), who leads this celebratory number announcing the arrival of the Antichrist. The song begins with an ominous chant of the devil's many names — "Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer!" — before a marching drumbeat, dizzying guitar solos and choral singers enter and launch this sinister jam to epic heights. While recording "Year Zero" in Nashville, Ghost had trouble recruiting a backup choir because of the song's Satanic lyrics. That problem was later resolved in Hollywood — where, no surprise, they found plenty of people willing to sell their souls.

22. "Miasma"

Prequelle "Miasma" is the only instrumental on this list — and it earns the right to stand on its own. Clocking in at more than five minutes, the track opens cinematically with a stellar synth theme that sets the retrofuturistic tone for this histrionic jam. "Miasma" builds in intensity until it morphs into a full-on rocker with a show-stealing saxophone solo played by Papa Nihil. On paper, a sax solo in a metal song sounds appropriately absurd, but Ghost's occult power turns it into a mind-blowing moment. Plus, don't miss this shit live: The band manifests some Alice Cooper-worthy theatrics as stagehands wheel out a dead Nihil and shock him back to life — so he can rip that horn as the OG figurehead.

21. "Kaisarion"

Impera , 2022 Ghost's fifth album, Impera , is an unabashed ode to the over-the-top sound of Eighties hard rock and heavy metal. In the mythology of Ghost, this is the rise of a new empire — the Cardinal has been promoted to Papa Emeritus IV — and they've got a sharp new look for the regime change. Papa IV's wardrobe now features a snappy turquoise sequin-bling jacket and a bat-wing harness to go along with his more traditional orange papal and blue mitre outfits. Also gone is the cultish look of the Ghouls in favor of a militant steampunk-meets- Star Wars uniform. Musically, "Kaisarion" nails the stadium-sized rock attitude from the jump: a tapping guitar intro, pick scrape and arena-ready falsetto set the stage for a proggy midsong breakdown and huge, blasphemous chorus: "Far away from the stench of the heavens."

20. "Faith"

Prequelle "In a cock-measuring contest where it's about playing … fast techniques of others, I would definitely lose," Forge told Guitar World in 2018 about his lead-guitar abilities, which make a rare appearance on this track, a Top 10 hit on Billboard 's Mainstream Rock Songs chart. Fittingly, he forgoes a high-flying stunt-guitar approach for a gritty style that references Metallica's "Hit the Lights," and what Forge described as that song's "insane, quick, aggressive" guitar-and-drums interplay (albeit a touch "more evil"). These tasty guitar moments combine with Copia's alternately sweet, menacing and chuckling vocals ("I am all eyes/I am all ears/I am the wall/And I'm watching you fall") to create one of Prequelle 's heaviest and catchiest songs.

19. "From the Pinnacle to the Pit"

Meliora This Zeppelin-esque psych-rock track is built around earth-shaking bass and the kind of gnarly guitar riffs that Satan himself would stomp his hooves to. The whole arrangement is brilliant: crushing ever forward until the revelatory clouds-parting moment when Papa delivers his chilling devotion (more Anton LaVey than John the Apostle): "You are cast out from the heavens to the ground/Blackened feathers falling down/You will wear your independence like a crown."

Prequelle Released as Prequelle 's debut single, "Rats" is a haunting, fist-pumping triumph that's damn-near as virulent as the Black Plague themes it explores. Here, Forge uses the "filthy rodents" metaphor to play with the idea that humanity itself just might be the real pestilence. Earworm vocal hooks, eerie keys, a fiery guitar solo and one mega-headbanging finale helped this cut earn a 2019 Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song. We also must discuss its bloody, epic Thriller -meets- Singing in the Rain music video. Cardinal Copia gleefully dances over dead bodies that later become a zombie troupe that boogies alongside the singer — before he rides off on an apocalyptic white horse, which, of course, can symbolize Christ, the Antichrist or … infectious disease.

17. "Watcher in the Sky"

Impera "Watcher in the Sky" is Ghost taking their Eighties worship into Bark at the Moon territory. While Papa IV may not sound exactly like Ozzy here, he does display impressive range as he channels the Prince of Darkness' vocal patterns and phrasing. Ozzy's old wingman Jake E. Lee is appropriately evoked in the song's rock-solid rhythmic riffing and soaring fleet-fingered solo. This six-minute track is beloved among fans — so much so that live renditions become supersized as the crowd joins along to sing the rousing chorus: "Searchlights/Looking for the watcher in the sky!"

16. "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

Infestissumam Translating from Latin into "Though Hardships to Hell," "Per Aspera ad Inferi" lives up to its name. After the mood-setting chants and instrumental pageantry of the title-track intro, Infestissumam 's first actual song is a powerful four-minute descent into the abyss that's led by chugging guitars, martial drums and Papa II's enchanting vocals (and signature oh-so-unsettling sigh: ahhhh ). If you find yourself heading south, you'd be hard-pressed to pick a better soundtrack than this burner, which legitimately sounds like a victory march into the pit of fire.

15. "Prime Mover"

Opus Eponymous ,   2010 Ghost's 2010's debut introduced the world to this mysterious Swedish band and established the core elements of their mythology, which they would expand on in years to come. A Satanic pope dubbed Papa Emeritus and a masked, cloaked cult of Nameless Ghouls? Yup. Dramatic, melodic songs that evoked Seventies and Eighties heavy greats? Definitely. All in service of Satan? Hell yeah. "Prime Mover" is a perfect example of this first epoch. This Sabbath-influenced cut kicks off with a gigantic, hazy guitar riff, beefy bass and stirring vocals, which lead into a soaring midsong proclamation ("Mother/Filth in her womb/Father/Waiting in tomb") and add up to a truly unnerving headbanger.

14. "Con Clavi Con Dio"

Opus Eponymous In the musical universe, a waltz isn't very close to metal; it's more like a galaxy away. But one of Ghost's secret weapons is their ability to bridge those stylistic gaps — which is exactly what they did on this sped-up death waltz (the title of which translates to "With Nails, With God"). Opus ' second song explodes in a wash of frantic psych-rock keys, manic drums and circle-pit riffs as Papa bellows, "Lucifer, we are here!" Soon, what sounds like an excommunicated choir appears, and this waltz becomes a straight-up mosh-inducing party.

13. "Zenith"

Meliora Redux , 2016 Deep-cut alert: To find "Zenith," you'll have to search the internet's dark corners and thank one of the "Children" (which is what Papa calls his fans) if you manage to find a high-quality recording, because it's never received an official digital release. Originally included as a bonus track on Meliora 's special edition, "Zenith" packs a lot of quintessential Ghost-ness into six minutes: unsettling piano, calming-to-ominous vocals, fearsome church organ, pounding metal chorus and one mega-creepy chant in the break. "Zenith" is a hidden gem that any true Ghost fan should immediately unearth.

12. "He Is"

Meliora A lot of Ghost songs sound like you're at church — well, one flipped upside down — but none more so than the exultant "He Is." For four-plus minutes, Papa III's soothing vocals lead this heretical love song, which begins with a gorgeous couplet: "We're standing here by the abyss and the world is in flames/Two star-crossed lovers reaching out to the beast with many names." Forge first started working on the song in 2007. But its stirring, complex arrangement — which moves from moody acoustic playing and delicate piano to swelling orchestrations and dazzling guitar solos — was so tricky that it took him until 2015 to get it right. The result was worth the wait: This is some beautiful, sing-along, outstretched-praise-hands, born-again-for-the-devil goodness.

11. "Call Me Little Sunshine"

Impera Rock & roll history is filled with stories of bands hiding Satanic messages in their music. Ghost aren't hiding shit . This Grammy-nominated single's wicked message — "Call me Little Sunshine/Call me, call me Mephistopheles/When you feel all alone/Just call me Little Sunshine" — is right out in the open. This delicious treat arrives in an intoxicating, disarming package that goes down smooth, with steady, stomping beats, addictive guitar riffs, perfectly placed organ flourishes and lovely harmonized vocals.

10. "Ritual"

Opus Eponymous What better way to enter the Top 10 than with a song in which Papa I tenderly sings a tale about "invoking our master" in a chapel filled with the "smells of dead human sacrifices"? Musically, "Ritual" oozes Eighties-style production, malevolent hints of Blue Öyster Cult and a nasty guitar riff. "Ritual" also possesses an extra-special mid-song break, during which the masked frontman shifts from his clean singing voice into a lower-register black/death vocal growl to recite a perversion of the Lord's Prayer. It's a rare moment in which we get to hear Ghost go that extreme, even if briefly, and we're absolutely here for it.

9. "Dance Macabre"

Prequelle  "Dance Macabre" is the disco-rock song that Ghost fans didn't know they needed — and now can't get enough of. Inspired by Queen, this chart-topping, gold-certified single celebrates Prequelle 's plague theme by hitting the pubs and brothels to party like there's no tomorrow, because, you know, we're all gonna die anyway. Additional vibes include: the Halloween prom you wished you'd had, or a manic lullaby for a restless go-go dancer. Hip-shaking riffs, propulsive dance-floor beats, syncopated bass lines, gorgeous vocals and rich synths abound throughout this banger. (For additional fun, don't sleep on the doubled-down disco remix by French synthwave artist Carpenter Brut.) "Dance Macabre" is a coup that achieves ABBA levels of infectious melody and melancholy — all wrapped in a metal ripper. Get ready, because as Copia croons, Ghost gonna "bewitch you."

8. "Jigolo Har Megiddo"

Infestissumam This cut's groovy melody and sing-song vocals alone make it one of the most unique offerings in Ghost's catalog. Papa II is in fine filthy form here as he slithers over thinly veiled sexual lyrics ("Harvesting crops of fields that others have plowed"), while the Ghouls keep the thrusting cadence, deploy titillating solos and conclude the track with a delightfully sci-fi synth outro. Need to get your groove on even further? Search YouTube to find the acoustic version of "Jigolo Har Megiddo," which unlocks another level of wild decadence. Papa's vocals have never sounded smoother.

7. "Secular Haze"

Infestissumam Sure, Mayhem was evil, but did they ever write a carnival song? No. Sometimes you need a carnival — which is exactly what Ghost create on this cursed lead single from Infestissumam . The sinister scene is set at the start thanks to the unsettling fairground-esque organ lines that open and anchor this track. The merry-go-round only grows more nauseating as Papa layers his entrancing vocal melodies (and ominous whispers) atop thick riffs and a steady drum cadence. Get on this ride.

6. "Life Eternal"

Prequelle "Life Eternal" is the last song on Prequelle and wasn't released as an album single. But in the years since its release, this song has become a cherished favorite of the Children and a legit sleeper hit. It's not hard to tell why. This closing psalm is a potent power ballad that pulls on the heartstrings with its central question: Would you actually want to live forever? Papa's beautiful, doomed ruminations ("this is the moment of just letting go") are boosted by inspired organ work, lyrical guitar lines and a divine church choir. I'm not crying; you're crying.

5. "Stand by Him"

Opus Eponymous "Stand by Him" is the very first Ghost song, and its birth is fraught with terrible and sublime significance for Forge. He initially wrote the main riff for this witchy doom ripper around 2006, and its early versions featured lyrics sung in Swedish. The song — a Satanic ode with low-end chugging verses, sing-along choruses and raw, melodic solos — went through several iterations before Forge finally uploaded it to Myspace in 2010 as part of Ghost's demo. It was a thrilling moment, but one that was quickly overshadowed by the unexpected death of his older brother Sebastian who tragically passed that same night. "Ever since then, it's hard not to feel that there might have been some sort of universal trade-off," Forge told Revolver in 2018. "Like he was just giving me a big push in the back and it hasn't stopped since."

4. "Spillways"

Impera On a record full of heavy-as-hell hallelujahs, "Spillways" isn't just Impera 's standout anthem — it's one of the greatest songs in the band's entire catalog. After some rad keyboard vamping and punchy drum accents, this devilish tune launches into the stratosphere on the back of head-cutting guitar riffs, driving rhythm work and Papa's transcendent vocal melodies and earworm chorus: "All your faith, all your rage/All your pain, it ain't over now/And I ain't talking about forgiveness." During Ghost's concerts (or, per Papa, their "Rituals"), it becomes a downright fun sing-along. Grab your tambourine for added pleasure, which is exactly what they do in the live version.

3. "Mary on a Cross"

Seven Inches of Satanic Panic  EP, 2019 OK, lore first: It's 2019 and Papa Nihil is old, dying and cranky; and he fucking hates the Cardinal. Meanwhile, Nihil's old flame, Sister Imperator, is running the Ministry. Nihil's feeling nostalgic and wants to relive some of his groovy bygone years. So, he miraculously "unearths" a two-song EP that includes the flip side "Mary on a Cross" — a catchy Sixties-influenced psych-rock jam throughout which Nihil delights in risqué wordplay. (Is Mary on that cross? Or wait, is he singing, " mari -juana"?) In 2022, the song became an unexpected hit after it was used as the soundtrack for a viral Stranger Things TikTok. "Mary on a Cross" streams surged, and it landed on the Billboard Hot 100. It's an exciting moment when everyone from classic-rock boomers to digital-native zoomers can all unite behind a salacious Satanic jam.

2. "Cirice"

Meliora This foreboding crusher begins with Papa III's simple question: "Can you hear the rumble that's calling?" And the answer from the masses was a resounding yes . This lead single from Ghost's 2015 album was a critical and commercial hit that helped the band reach a whole new echelon of fame — and convert a lot of mainstream listeners into faithful fans. "Cirice" (which translates to "church") peaked at No. 4 on Billboard 's Mainstream Rock chart and earned Ghost an invitation to perform on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (their first late-night TV appearance). The song would eventually be certified gold and earn a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

All of this is extra amazing because a six-minute, Sabbathian, slow-burn, Satanic metal stomper — performed by Swedes in ghastly masks — isn't your typical formula for mass consumption. But this is Ghost, and there is magick at work: from the song's dramatic compositional arc and haunting riffs to the way Papa III flexes the dynamic range of his voice on chilling lines like "Can't you see that you're lost?/Can't you see that you're lost without me?" With "Cirice," Ghost built their church — and watched as their damned congregation multiplied.

1. "Square Hammer"

Popestar EP, 2016 The Popestar EP marked Papa Emeritus III's last bow before the emergence of the lothario Cardinal Copia — and, goddamn, was it an epic send-off. The smash-hit opener, "Square Hammer," is a lesson in Ghost's evil goodness: exploding out of the gates with an eerie Deep Purple-worthy organ line, unrelenting drum hits and palm-muted guitar chugs that lead to Papa's mission statement: "Are you ready to swear right here, right now/Before the devil"? "Square Hammer" might have explored some esoteric lyrical themes (telling a diabolical, seemingly Masonic, tale of symbols, tools and the "clandestine"), but its message connected with the public in a massive way.

The now gold-certified song topped Billboard 's Mainstream Rock Chart (earning Ghost bragging rights as the first Swedish band ever to do so) and propelled Popestar itself to a No. 1 debut on the Top Rock Albums chart (making it the first EP ever to reach that height). To this day, the song stands as one of Ghost's most successful, and subversive, releases. There's nothing better than hearing "Square Hammer" pop up during a professional sports event to shower oblivious fans with a potent Satanic blessing. Ghost may now be enjoying more mainstream success than ever — and selling out many of those same sports arenas for their own live Rituals — but they've never lost sight of who they are … and who they serve.

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The 15 best Ghost songs of all time

The best songs from everyone's favourite occultist party band Ghost

Papa Emeritus Zero

As critical and commercial accolades continue to amass at the feet of  Ghost  – those Satan-loving retro rockers from Sweden – one might be forgiven for wondering if founder/singer Tobias Forge (aka, Papa Emeritus I, II and III and the newly-anointed IV, formerly Cardinal Copia), might have really cut a deal with the Devil. 

After all, over the course of four studio albums, the band have earned the feverish adulation of both fans and critics, not to mention the likes of Dave Grohl and  James Hetfield . They notched a 2016 Grammy for Best Metal Performance and after a complete lineup change in 2016, Forge and the band’s latest iteration released  Prequelle , their finest work to date and best metal album of 2018, as voted by Metal Hammer readers .  

With an arena tour on the books and a new album on the horizon, we dove into Ghost's catalogue to pick out the best songs to help get you into the spirit for the Swedes' satanic soirées. 

15. Per Aspera Ad Inferi (Infestissumam, 2013)

On 2013’s Infestissumam Ghost took their occult flavour of nihilism to extravagant heights with this towering hymn of damnation. From the word “go,” the devilish Swedes have cheekily borrowed traditional Christian constructs – prayers, hymns and imagery – and inverted them into kitschy Satanic paeans. On this track, Papa Emeritus II twists the encouraging Latin maxim, Per aspera ad astra (“Through hardship to the stars,”) into something infinitely more bleak – Per Aspera Ad Inferi , (“Through hardship to hell”). Warm guitar tones and punchy, one-two tempos drive into one of the band’s most memorable and ear-wormish choruses. 

14. Monstrance Clock (Infestissumam, 2013)

It's near Pavlovian that we now can't hear Monstrance Clock without also thinking of the phrase "tickled taint". A tongue-in-cheek ode to the female orgasm, Monstrance Clock took on a whole new meaning when it was elevated before the crowds at Ghost's live shows, the chorus "Come together, together as one" could just as easily apply to the band's rapidly swelling congregation. Catchy, alluring and seductive in the very best way, Monstrance Clock hinted towards the more anthemic fare Ghost would ply further down the line.

13. Elizabeth (Opus Eponymous, 2010)

Four years after forming in Linköping, Sweden, Ghost released a three track demo, followed by a 7” vinyl of Elizabeth (with Death Knell as the B-side). Inspired by the sonic grandeur of Mercyful Fate , the lyrics spin a wistful ode to Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, known as the most prolific female serial killer in history. With the snarling chug of the rhythm guitar, eerie waves of echo-drenched leads and stunning vocal harmonies, the track became their first single, easily earning a slot on their Grammis-nominated debut, Opus Eponymous . 

12. Hunter's Moon (single, 2021)

Ghost's aesthetic has always strongly tied in with classic horror cinema (think Universal Classic horrors like Dracula or Frankenstein , or otherwise Hammer horrors of the 70s). Imagine our delight then to hear the band pop up in the soundtrack to 2021's Halloween Kills , plying the 80s arena rock sound introduced in Prequelle with a gothic twist that made for blockbuster perfection. Michael Myers and Papa Emeritus, together at last? It's a match made in heaven (or in this case, hell).  

11. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen (Infestissumam, 2013)

Infestissumam ’s stunning fifth track was somewhat lost in the playful reverie of tracks like Secular Haze and Body And Blood . However, it remains one of the most important offerings in the band’s catalogue, revealing Ghost’s ambitions as extending far beyond the safe confines of 80s hard rock. Opening with soft, mournful piano and Papa’s spectral hiss, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen builds into a dizzying freakout of carnivalesque organs and punchy surf-rock tempos, finally erupting into a full-throttle rocker. Clocking in at seven-and-a-half minutes, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen established that even as they mined the familiar veins of the classic rock landscape, Ghost were anything but predictable.

10. Ritual (Opus Eponymous, 2010)

For many, the third track of the band’s debut served as their introduction to Ghost, a stupidly-addictive ode to the polished hard rock stylings of 70s legends like Blue Öyster Cult  and Pentagram. Velvety swaths of organ meld with a driving bassline, crunchy riffs and golden vocal harmonies that cut a jarring contrast against lyrics so overtly Satanic that they include a Luciferian “Our Father” just for good measure. Other throwback outfits had managed to tap into the polished studio sound of 70s hard rock, but their inability to convert that sound into memorable new hits left the genre feeling uninspired. With Ritual , Ghost established that their ability to channel the spirit of their influences into bona fide, stadium-rocking anthems left them without peer.

9. Dance Macabre (Prequelle, 2018)

Being unmasked as the mastermind behind Ghost did very little to dampen Tobias Forge's appetite for lore-building. Prequelle featured some of the most intricate storylines in Ghost's history, introducing not only the band's first (then) non-Papa frontman in Cardian Copia, but the founder of their demonic dynasty in Papa Nihil, revealed via a series of video updates and music videos that added layers of intrigue to the band's history. And the music? Utterly ridiculous danceable fun, perfectly suited to the arenas Ghost were now playing. The waft of cheese is huge in Dance Macabre , the sheer genius of slipping the lyric " just wanna be, wanna bewitch you" showing Forge's inclination towards insidious earworms was at full strength when the band came to recording their fourth album.

8. Cirice (Meliora, 2015)

Edging out the likes of Slipknot and Lamb Of God , Cirice snagged the 2016 Grammy award for Best Metal Performance, catapulting the band further into the mainstream. Where the previous album had balanced the guitar tones much more evenly alongside bass and keyboards, third album Meliora saw the band shift their focus back onto the power of the mighty riff, with Cirice leading the way. Behind its spine-chilling opening melody and the slashing momentum of the verse, the band’s most successful single (to date) is a maelstrom of darkened riffs interspersed with dramatic flourishes of piano and infectious, shout-at-the-ceiling chorus. 

7. Year Zero (Infestissumam, 2013)

Great satire uses subtlety to separate the ones who get it from the ones who don’t. From the opening notes of their 2010 demos through the commercial triumphs of Prequelle , Ghost flaunt a superb ability to take their Satanic pageantry to absurdly-exaggerated heights, while leaving just the teensiest, tiniest speck of doubt that, “Holy shit, these guys just might be serious after all.” Year Zero straddles the line between its over-the-top, ‘Hail Satan’ lyricism and a ginormous chorus, bursting with sugary pop hooks. It’s a weird balance that dominates the Ghost catalogue, with themes of darkness and inhumanity woven into bright, hopeful melodies that in lesser, more literal hands, might end up as sappy ballads or generic radio rock. Subtle and affecting, you’ll find yourself still humming Year Zero days after you’ve last heard it.

6. Con Clavi Con Dio (Opus Eponymous, 2010)

Deus Culpa opens Ghost’s studio debut with the baroque purr of an organ but it’s the swinging thrust of the bassline in Con Clavi Con Dio that establishes that we’re a long, long way from church. Everything that you love about Ghost is here in spades – smooth layers of guitars, keyboards and gauzy atmospherics, with more hooks than a coat room. But it’s the otherworldly melodies that most closely identify Ghost – eerie note choices that centre on the tritone interval, aka 'The devil’s interval.' This interval dominates Con Clavi Con Dio , investing the track with a menacing sense of sacrilege and some of the finest riffs the band have ever composed.

5. He Is (Meliora, 2015)

He Is was written as far back as 2007, but until Meliora Ghost had struggled to work the song out in a satisfying way that it could fit in with their rest of their canon. Hail Satan then for Papa Emeritus III, the dandy Papa who made for the perfect conduit for one of Ghost's mosh unabashedly pop-inclined bangers to date, ushering in the sheer anthemia that would ensue after the band released Square Hammer . 

4. Kiss The Go-Goat (Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic, 2019)

Prequelle might have indulged in 80s arena rock excess, but stand-alone single Kiss The Go-Goat turned the clock back even further to dive headlong into the world of 60s pysch rock . The results were every bit as electrifying as you'd hope, a deliriously cheesy song that hooks right into the brain from the first listen and never lets go. Sprinklings of Ghost's Satanic trademark aside, this song genuinely does feel like it could have been birthed from the same pool as Spooky Tooth or 13th Floor Elevators, betraying Forge's immense love for the annals of rock history. 

3. Rats (Prequelle, 2018)

Though Prequelle draws heavily upon the themes and imagery of the Black Plague to inform its identity, it fits equally well in our current turbulent landscape. With its growling opening riffs, pummelling tempos and fist-in-the-air refrain, Rats sees the band again celebrating their melodic hard rock influences, mixing in a bit more of NWOBHM swagger and just a dash of Swedish pop (to wit: the “ooh-aah” after the word ‘Rats,’ in the chorus). Although it follows the album’s intro, Ashes , it’s the first proper track on the record, heralding something fierce, new and aggressive. In the wake of 2016’s lineup change, Rats is the sound of Forge doubling down on his commitment to evolving Ghost’s sound while retaining its most familiar elements.

2. Miasma (Prequelle, 2018)

Let’s cut to the chase – there’s a goddamned saxophone solo on this track – and it’s glorious! One of Prequelle ’s two magnificent instrumentals, Miasma sees the band voyaging into the cosmic recesses of 80s prog, with a blitz of synths, dramatic atmospherics, kaleidoscopic dual fretwork and yes, a sax solo at the end. Like many of their finest tracks, Miasma twists and evolves into something entirely different from its opening; in this case, it begins with a moody slab of space rock, but the final minutes see the track gathering into a breathtaking barrage of steely riffs, slamming tempos and a not-so-subtle nod to the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (see minute 4:04). Ambitious, expertly polished and catchy as hell, the beings of the Universe will still be listening to Miasma long after our species has left the planet.

1. Square Hammer (Popestar, 2016)

With its serpentine melodies, pounding rhythms and a chorus large enough to swallow a black hole, the opening track of 2016’s Popestar , the band’s second studio EP, sees Ghost at their catchiest. From start-to-finish, Square Hammer is an absolute belter, delivering chugging riffs, groovy guitar solos and a siege of slamming, radio-friendly hooks. The only original track on the EP, Square Hammer quickly ascended to Number One on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock list and it remains a set-ending staple of their live show, due to its soaring energy and shout-out refrain. Square Hammer is one of those rarified hits that people tend to play with back-to-back-to-back devotion for days and even weeks at a stretch. The fact that Ghost are releasing some of the most vital and enjoyable music of their career bodes exceedingly well for the future of Cardinal Copia and his cursed congregation.

Ghost are set to embark on a co-headline tour of the US with Volbeat January through March, followed by UK dates in April. 

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Remembering Sleepy John Estes, Country Blues Pioneer

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Are they Nameless Ghouls? Who is the real Papa Emeritus? Ghost are perfect enigmas. Here are ten facts you need to know about Sweden’s heavy metal icons.

Published on

Ghost Prequelle 2019 Press shot 2 1000 CREDIT Mikael Eriksson

Image goes hand in hand with music, whether it’s the skinny black jeans and white hi-tops of thrash metal in the 80s, the flannel and combats of grunge in the 90s, or the comic-book space demons of KISS . Few bands today, however, push the envelope to the point where their theatrics are as important as their music. Ghost is a rare exception. Their very existence comes with a concept, backstory, and elaborate visuals, with these embellishments being as inherent to the band’s performances as guitars or drums. Here, then, are ten facts that uncover the mystery behind the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost.

Listen to the best of Ghost on Apple Music and Spotify .

The Satanic cult

Religious imagery and satanism have forever been intertwined with heavy metal music ; genre pioneers Black Sabbath were masters of marrying the two. But Ghost takes the construct to the next level. Their stage set during live concerts is dressed as a church. The idea is to present music as salvation, with the live show playing the role of a religious service. Then are the musicians: fronted by a satanic priest-like figure in papal regalia who possesses a voice with an unexpectedly enticing charm and vulnerability, backed by a group of cardinals known as the “Nameless Ghouls.”

‘Dystopia’: How Megadeth Readied Themselves For The Apocalypse

‘pyromania’: the explosive album that turned def leppard into superstars, ‘so far, so good… so what’ megadeth on the brink of a new era, ghost’s frontmen.

Ghost has so far appointed four frontmen. First was Papa Emeritus, who took on vocal duties for their debut album, Opus Eponymous , and its consequent tour. He was replaced in 2012 by Papa Emeritus II, for the Infestissumam cycle; in 2015, his younger brother, Papa Emeritus III, took over for the Meliora run. In September 2017, Papa Emeritus III was publicly ousted while performing in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be replaced by the significantly older Papa Emeritus 0 – later named Papa Nihil, an ancestor to all other Papas. However, Ghost’s new leader was named, in April 2018, as Cardinal Copia, an “apprentice” priest yet to earn his full Ghost regalia.

Ghost - Chapter Two: The Cardinal

Since the band’s inception, in 2006, Ghost has maintained a strictly anonymous existence. The various frontmen never gave interviews, instead press duties were handled by the Nameless Ghouls. These are likely to be Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge, who also portrayed each of the Papa characters and is currently serving as Cardinal Copia. Forge was forced to give up his identity in 2017 when former bandmates sued him over royalties. His backing band retain their anonymity and maintain their mystery at record store signings by stamping their ascribed alchemical symbols for fire, water, air, earth, and ether.

Ghost formed around one song

Prior to forming Ghost, Tobias Forge was in the death metal band Repugnant, and sleaze metal band Crashdïet. In 2006 he came up with a riff that he described as “probably the heaviest metal riff that has ever existed.” To accompany it, he penned a chorus that “haunted my dreams.” The song developed into “Stand By Him” from Ghost’s debut album, Opus Eponymous , but Forge knew that he couldn’t carry off such a dark sound with his clean-cut looks. Instead, he created the concept and characters of Ghost as a vehicle for his new musical project.

Forge’s brother died the day Ghost came alive

Further to “Stand By Him,” Forge penned the tracks “Prime Mover” and “Death Knell,” and in 2008 entered a recording studio with former Repugnant bandmate Gustaf Lindström to lay them down. Those songs were later posted onto MySpace on March 12, 2010 and would attract immediate attention from record labels and managers wanting to sign the group. Little did Forge know that, as he uploaded the songs, his brother, Sebastian, would succumb to heart disease later that day. Forge looked up to his brother, who was 13 years older, and introduced him to many of the artists that would later influence Ghost.

Wide-ranging influences

What you see is not necessarily what you get, musically speaking. Though Forge’s main influence was the black metal of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, you might be surprised to hear a far more prominent pop and AOR influence in Ghost’s music. Though genres as diverse as doom metal, hard rock, prog rock, arena rock, and psychedelic rock have been used to describe Ghost, their sound is rooted in black metal, with Forge adding that they are influenced by “everything ranging from classic rock to the extreme underground metal bands of the 80s to film scores to the grandeur of emotional harmonic music.”

The live band is not the same as the studio one

When the identity of Ghost’s various frontmen was revealed by way of the 2017 royalties dispute, Forge went on the record to describe exactly how he saw the band. He described Ghost as a solo project that utilized hired musicians to translate his work in the live arena. Forge often records all the instruments himself in the studio, calling in his favorite musicians where he feels they will be of good use. And since all touring members of Ghost have other bands anyway, Forge prefers to give them time off between tours so that they can tend to their other projects and come back fresh.

Dave Grohl was once a Nameless Ghoul

Though the identities of the Nameless Ghouls remain a mystery, members are very approachable to fans who hang around the backstage door after the show. However, those die-hards remain respectful to Ghost’s anonymity and any shameless selfies are kept away from social media, so speculation abounds as to who the other members might be. But it was confirmed in an interview with Jack Osbourne, for Fuse News , in August 2013, that Foo Fighters frontman and one-time Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl once donned the Nameless Ghouls costume to play with them live. He had also produced Ghost’s 2013 EP, If You Have Ghost .

Ghost - If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson Cover)

Banned in the USA

Ghost’s controversial image, lyrical themes, and artwork haven’t always worked in their favor. When they required a choir for the Infestissumam album, they were unable to find one in Nashville – where they were holed up in the studio – willing to commit the band’s lyrics to tape. Then, when it came to pressing the album, no US manufacturer was willing to take on the project due to the graphic nature of the artwork. In Ghost’s earlier days, too, no chain stores, TV shows or commercial radio stations would touch their music. Mainstream America seems to have warmed to them over the years: Ghost appeared on a Halloween-themed Late Show with Stephen Colbert in October 2015.

Ghost have won multiple awards

Further to their acceptance into mainstream culture, Ghost has won multiple awards in their Swedish homeland. The Grammis are the Swedish equivalent to the American Recording Academy’s Grammys, and Ghost won the award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album in three consecutive years, for 2014’s Infestissumam , the following year’s Meliora , and the 2016 EP Popestar . They also won a coveted Grammy for Best Metal Performance, for the Meliora track “Cirice,” in 2016, and earned further nominations for Prequelle as Best Rock Album and “Rats’ as Best Rock Song in 2019.

Ghost - Rats (Official Music Video)

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Ghost Tickets

Ghost follows a young couple, Sam and Molly, who get mugged while walking home to their New York apartment one night. Sam is murdered and becomes trapped in this world as a ghost, unable to leave Molly, who he learns is in grave danger. With the help of a phony storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, Sam tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving and protecting her.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Aug. 18, 2012.

News & Features

About ghost on broadway, video & photos.

What Is the Story of Ghost ? Banker Sam Wheat and artist Molly Jensen are young New Yorkers who are very much in love. While walking home to their apartment one night the couple gets mugged, and Sam is shot and killed. Trapped in this world as a ghost, Sam learns the truth behind his murder, and that Molly is in grave danger. As he follows the man who killed him to try and find out more, he stumbles on eccentric storefront psychic Oda Mae Brown. Though she’s been a fraud of a medium for years, it turns out she really can hear Sam. She’s reluctant to get involved, but Sam convinces her to help him communicate with Molly and bring down the conspirators who took his life.

Cast & Creative

Caissie Levy (she/her) recently appeared in the world premiere of Sarah Silverman's  The Bedwetter  Off-Broadway at Atlantic Theater Company, and was also seen this season as Rose in the Tony-nominated Broadway revival of  Caroline, Or Change . She originated the roles of Elsa in Disney's  Frozen , Sheila in the revival of  Hair  (& West End), Molly in  Ghost  (& West End), and Fantine in  Les Mis é rables . Other credits include Penny in  Hairspray  (Broadway), Elphaba in  Wicked  (Los Angeles), Maureen in  Rent  (national tour),  Murder Ballad  (MTC),  First Daughter Suite  (The Public Theater). Extensive recording, voiceover, solo concert & symphony work. 

British-born actor Richard Fleeshman is best known as Craig Harris on TV's Coronation Street , a role he played for four years. In 2010, he made his stage debut as Warner Huntington III in the West End production of Legally Blonde . Freeshman's breakout came when he originated the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost: The Musical , in which he will also star on Broadway.

An American stage and screen actor, Bryce Pinkham is most widely known for originating the role of Monty Navarro in the Tony-winning production of  A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder , for which he was nominated for Tony, Grammy, and Drama Desk awards.  He also notably appeared in the Broadway revival of  The Heidi Chronicles  as Peter Patrone, for which he was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award and a Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance.  His other Broadway credits include original roles in  Holiday Inn, The Great Society, Ghost , and  Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson . Bryce's on-screen appearances include as a series regular on the Civil War drama  Mercy Street , guest appearances in HBO's  Julia , Baz Lurman's Netflix series The Get Down , and Robert DeNiro's feature film  The Comedian , as well as “The Good Wife” (CBS), “Proven Innocent” (FOX), “Person of Interest” (CBS), Blindspot  (NBC), The Blacklist  (NBC). As a singer Bryce has performed in concert venues across the country, most notably Carnegie Hall, The Chicago Lyric Opera, Lincoln Center, and The Library of Congress. As a writer, Bryce has published articles in American Theater Magazine and Yale Alumni Magazine. In 2012, Bryce helped found Zara Aina, a not-for-profit that uses the power of theatrical storytelling to empower under-resourced youth. In May 2013, Bryce led a team of American artists on Zara Aina’s pilot program to Madagascar.  Bryce is also a frequent collaborator with Outside the Wire, a social impact theater company that serves many communities, but particularly focuses on military audiences. His most notable international tours include Guantanamo Bay, Japan, Kuwait, and Qatar. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Bryce was awarded the Leonore Annenberg Foundation Early Career Fellowship in 2012. Bryce holds a BA from Boston College and an MFA in Acting and bio-writing from the Yale School of Drama.

Shortly after graduating from the Yale School of Drama in 2011, Da’Vine Joy Randolph hopped the pond to join the London cast of Ghost as psychic Oda Mae Brown at select performances. She then headed back to New York to make her Broadway debut in the role in 2012, earning a Tony nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Randolph's other stage credits include Servant of Two Masters at Yale Repertory Theater and Hair at Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia. On film, she is best known for her acclaimed performance in The Holdovers .

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play ghost music


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Ghost is a song by Justin Bieber . Use your computer keyboard to play Ghost music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:34 , as verified by Virtual Piano legend, LegendEditor . The song Ghost is classified in the genre of Pop on Virtual Piano.

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play ghost music

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play ghost music

tTtO tt tt tt tTT tTtO tt tt tt tTT

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play ghost music

P g g g d | s P o P s d d | o o P s g d | s P o P s d sP | P P g g g d | sP o P s d Dd | o o P s g d | s P o P P P P

10,000 Hours

play ghost music

Nothing Like Us

play ghost music

[8s] o p u [8s] o p u [5ryo][ryo] [ryo][ryo] [ryo] [5ryo]| 5| o[8u]i[wo] [8o] wo[qp]a[es] [qs] e [8u]i[wo] [8o] [wo] [qp]o[ei] [qi] W [8u] [0o] [6t] [0u] [9y] [qi] 5 [9r] [8t] 0 5 0 8| [580]| o[8u]i[0wo] [8o] [0w]o[qp]a[ets] [qs] [et] [8u]i[0wo] [8o] [0wo] [qp]o[eti] [qi] [Wt] [8u] [0o] [6t] [0u] [9y] [qi] 5 [9r] [8t] 0 5 w 8| [80w] s [80wd] s [80wa] s [8qep] p [8qe] s [8qed] s [8qea] s [8qep]| [8qe] d [Q9ef] d [9eQS] d [9wra] a [W9ra] as[0etd] s [Q9ea] p [9wro]| [5o]| o[8u]i[wo] [8o] wo[qp]a[es] [qs] e [8u]i[wo] [8o] [wo] [qp]o[ei] [qi] W [8u] [0o] [6t] [8u] [9y] [6i] 5 [9a] [8s] 0 5 9 8| [1l]

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

J. fred coots.

play ghost music

Bill Withers

play ghost music

Listen Before I Go

Billie eilish.

3 SONGS • 5 MINUTES • JAN 10 2024

Ghost Cathedrals

Trains Crossing

Ghost Cathedrals

1 SONG • 14 MINUTES • MAR 24 2023

Holly Ghost Took My Spirit

Tommy Hammarsten

1 SONG • 3 MINUTES • JAN 18 2024

play ghost music

Ghost Of You (demo)

1 SONG • 4 MINUTES • JAN 19 2024


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  1. Ghost

    Ghost 2.58M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 314K Share 23M views 1 year ago #IMPERA #Ghost #MusicVideo [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] We wish to inform you Ghost's new album IMPERA is out now....

  2. Justin Bieber

    72.4M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 3.3M Share 335M views 2 years ago #JustinBieber #Ghost #Justice Justice: The Complete Edition - https://JustinBieber.lnk.to/JusticeTh... Shop "Justice"...

  3. Ghost (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Molly Maurice Jarre 8K plays 6:18 7 Unchained Melody (From "Ghost") (Orchestral Version) Maurice Jarre 5.8M plays 4:00 8 End Credits (From "Ghost") Maurice Jarre 30K plays 4:18

  4. 25 greatest GHOST songs

    24. "Witch Image"

  5. Ghost

    Album • 2022 Prequelle Album • 2018 Popestar EP • 2016

  6. Ghost music, videos, stats, and photos

    Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last.fm account. Sign Up to Last.fm. There are several artists sharing the moniker Ghost; 1) Ghost, also formerly known as Ghost B.C. in the United States, is a Swedish hard rock band that was formed in Linköping in 2006. In 2010, they released a three-track demo followed by a 7-inch vinyl titled ...

  7. Ghost

    0:00 / 5:19 Ghost - Dance Macabre (Official Music Video) Ghost 2.57M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 458K 46M views 5 years ago #Ghost #MusicVideo #DanceMacabre [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY]...

  8. Ghost (Swedish band)

    Problems playing this file? See media help. Ghost spent a few weeks in a basement studio in the band's hometown of Linköping recording their debut album. [8] In June 2010, the band released their first single "Elizabeth". [8]

  9. Ghost: The Complete Collection

    Ghost: The Complete Collection. [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] We wish to inform that the full collection of songs by Ghost can be found in this special playlist.

  10. Ghost

    Official website for the band Ghost. Stay up to date with News, Tour Dates and more.

  11. Ghost on Jango Radio

    Unlimited free Ghost music - Click to play Cirice, Ritual and whatever else you want! Ghost is a Swedish rock band that was formed in Linköping, Sweden in 2006.[1][2] In 2010, they relea

  12. Ghost on Amazon Music

    Ceremony And Devotion Vinyl · $35.36. Popestar Vinyl · $17.00. Meliora Audio CD · $14.99. If You Have Ghost Vinyl · $25.98. Infestissumam Vinyl · $21.85 Other formats: Audio CD. Opus Eponymous Audio CD · $19.00. Ghost - Blessed Long Sleeve T-Shirt Apparel · $34.99. Ghost - Blessed Premium T-Shirt Apparel · $26.99.

  13. The 15 best Ghost songs

    13. Elizabeth (Opus Eponymous, 2010) Four years after forming in Linköping, Sweden, Ghost released a three track demo, followed by a 7" vinyl of Elizabeth (with Death Knell as the B-side).

  14. Ghost (Movie Soundtrack & Musical Cast Recording)

    Log in Company About Jobs For the Record Communities For Artists Developers Advertising Investors Vendors Useful links Support Free Mobile App © 2024 Spotify AB Ghost (Movie Soundtrack & Musical Cast Recording) · Playlist · 42 songs · 4.9K likes

  15. ‎Ghost

    Watch the Ghost music video by Justin Bieber on Apple Music.

  16. Ghost Facts: 10 Things You Need To Know

    The Satanic cult Religious imagery and satanism have forever been intertwined with heavy metal music; genre pioneers Black Sabbath were masters of marrying the two. But Ghost takes the...

  17. Ghost

    Gotta Dance! Behind the Scenes with Constantine Rousouli of Ghost My Space Bryce Pinkham Talks Darts, Dad & Defeating Co-Star Richard Fleeshman Backstage at Ghost My Obsessions Ghost Star...

  18. 1 Hour of Ghost Music

    Subscribed 548 Share 61K views 8 years ago 1 Hour of ghost music. An horror music background. Music in Creative Commons by: ...more ...more 1 Hour of ghost music. An horror music...

  19. Play Ghost Music Sheet

    7 Intermediate TYPE Pop TARGET LENGTH 02:34 transposition 2 TEMPO 154 t u o [ 60ep]| u [ 48qo]| tt | [ 80w] o oi [ 59wu] y | tt | [ 60e] u u [ 48qt] i | u | t [ 80w]| [ 59w]||| [ 6p] 0 [ eo] 0u [ 0o] y4 [ 8t] q [ 8u] y [ 8t] 80w0 | 0 59w9 | 9 [ 6p] 0 [ eo] 0u [ 0o] y4 [ 8t] q [ 8u] y [ 8t] 80w0 | 0 59w9 | 9

  20. Gorilla tag ghost songs

    Sign up free Company About Jobs For the Record Communities For Artists Developers Advertising Investors Vendors Useful links Support Free Mobile App © 2024 Spotify AB Gorilla tag ghost songs😳 · Playlist · 12 songs · 582 likes

  21. Play Ghost by Jacobito on Amazon Music

    Listen to your favorite songs from Ghost by Jacobito Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.

  22. 3 Hours of Scary Creepy Dark Suspense Horror Music

    Spooky Night 61K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 26K 4.2M views 8 years ago 3 hours of scary instrumental music that is creepy, dark, suspenseful & eerie. Horror music composed by Peder B....

  23. Play Trains Crossing by Ghost Cathedrals on Amazon Music

    Ghost Cathedrals. 1 SONG • 14 MINUTES • MAR 24 2023. 1. Trains Crossing. 14:54. ℗© De La Forêt. Listen to your favourite songs from Trains Crossing by Ghost Cathedrals now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.

  24. Play Holly Ghost Took My Spirit by Tommy Hammarsten on Amazon Music

    1 SONG • 3 MINUTES • JAN 18 2024. 1. Listen to your favourite songs from Holly Ghost Took My Spirit by Tommy Hammarsten now. Stream ad-free with Prime Music on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.

  25. Confetti

    436K Share 41M views 4 years ago #Confetti #Ghost #Lyrics 🎵 Follow our Spotify playlists: http://bit.ly/7cloudsSpotify 🎧 Confetti - Ghost (Lyrics) ⏬ Download / Stream:...

  26. Play Ghost Of You (demo) by Dean James on Amazon Music

    Check out Ghost Of You (demo) by Dean James on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. ... Ghost Of You (demo) Dean James . 1 SONG • 4 MINUTES • JAN 19 2024. Play. Purchase Options. TRACKS. TRACKS. DETAILS. DETAILS. TRACKS. DETAILS. 1. Ghost Of You (demo) 04:08 ℗© 2024 FourTwoNine. Customer Reviews. 5 ...

  27. 1 hour of Ghostbusters theme song

    Monster Mash 1 Hour Version pablo 399K views 4 years ago Ghostbusters • Theme Song • Ray Parker Jr. HD Film Tributes 1.5M views 1 year ago It's Raining Tacos 1 Hour Pyroxity 15M views 9 years ago...