Ghost Reaver

poe ghost reaver eternal youth

Ghost Reaver is a keystone passive skill that converts sources of life leech to energy shield leech [1] and doubles your maximum total Recovery per Second for Energy Shield Leech, with the downside of disabling energy shield recharge.

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Neither the Slayer 's Brutal Fervour ascendancy Skill, the Ascendant's Slayer Passive , nor the Vaal Pact Keystone have any effect on the energy shield leached via Ghost Reaver. This is due to all three of these passives specifically affecting life leech, not leech in general.

The life leech from The Baron unique helmet can also be converted to energy shield leech with Ghost Reaver.

Ghost Reaver is located on the top-right side of the tree, away from the Shadow's starting area.

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poe ghost reaver eternal youth

Version history

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How does Zealot's Oath + Eternal Youth work together?

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Immortal Ambition

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KeystoneImmortalAmbition passive skill icon

Immortal Ambition is a keystone passive skill which disables both energy shield recharge and regeneration and makes it degenerate by 5% each second, while causing life leech to recover energy shield when on full life .

This keystone is only granted from certain unique items.

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Mechanics [ | ]

The Life Leech is applied to Energy Shield instead while on Full Life mod is functionally different from Ghost Reaver . While Ghost Reaver converts all sources of Life Leech to Energy Shield Leech, Immortal Ambition modifies Life Leech's effect while you are at full life. In turn, Life Leech modifiers do not affect leech from Ghost Reaver, and Energy Shield Leech does not affect leech from Immortal Ambition. [1] Instances of life leech or energy shield leech do not interact with each other.

Life Leech effects from Immortal Ambition are not removed at Full Life or Full Energy Shield, because Life Leech instances are only ever removed at full life, which is prevented by the Life Leech Effects Are Not Removed At Full Life mod. [1]

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Location [ | ]

Glorious Vanity inventory icon

Related unique items [ | ]

Version history [ | ], references [ | ].

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