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Slaying the Spook Game - Halloween Piercing Jewellery

The most thrilling time of the year has arrived, and we're all ready to summon our inner witches and wear our most enchanting outfits. Halloween calls for the best of the best, and what better way to level up your Halloween look than with some  bewitching Halloween piercing jewellery ? Whether you're part of the ghoul gang, a vampire queen, or just looking to make a killer statement, we have all the  hottest piercing bling  you need to turn heads this spooky season.

1. Gothic Glam with Skull Studs:

Let's start this awesome collection of  piercing styles with a touch of gothic glam . Skulls, those iconic symbols of darkness, have made their way into the trendy world of piercing jewellery. Whether you go for a skull septum ring, earrings shaped like skulls, or even nipple piercings in the shape of skulls (for the brave ones out there), you'll rock an edgy and elegant look. These wickedly versatile pieces aren't only for Halloween - they'll keep you slaying the style game all year long.

2. Weaving Spooky Stories with Spiderweb Designs:

Get ready! We've got some  spiderweb-inspired piercing jewellery  that will add a spooky touch to your style. Just picture spiderweb hoops dangling from your cartilage or spiderweb barbells adorning your tongue piercing. These detailed designs are inspired by the incredible artistry of spiders and their silk-spinning skills. If you want to captivate everyone around you, you absolutely need to get your hands on these bewitching pieces.

3. Vampire Vibes with Fang Bling:

Ready to dive into the vampire craze? Get yourself some  fang-shaped piercing jewellery  that will add a seductive touch to your style. These irresistible pieces often mimic the alluring, sharp fangs of a night-time predator. You can find lip rings shaped like fangs or even nose studs with blood-red gemstones for that extra vampy look. Embrace the allure of the undead this Halloween, and watch as people around you become enchanted by your irresistible charm.

spooky piercings

4. Witchy Wonders and Pentagram Power:

Tap into your inner witch or warlock with  piercing jewellery featuring pentagram designs . These enchanting symbols, steeped in history and mystery, are a must-have for those who want to explore the mystical realm. Picture pentagram nipple shields, pentacle labrets, or pentagram septum clickers adding a magical touch to your style. Embrace your witchy side and harness the power of the pentagram this Halloween season. Get ready to cast your spell and slay the fashion game.

5. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice:

It wouldn't be Halloween without a nod to the most classic symbol of them all - the pumpkin.  Pumpkin-shaped jewellery  is the perfect way to show your seasonal spirit. Imagine a playful pumpkin belly button ring, a cute pumpkin-shaped nose stud, or even gemstone earrings that mimic the warm and cozy hues of pumpkin spice. As soon as the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change, it's pumpkin season, which means it's also time to decorate yourself with everything pumpkin!

6. Jack-o'-Lantern Perfection:

Who doesn't love the mischievous grins and flickering candlelight of jack-o'-lanterns? They've become an iconic symbol of Halloween. So why not join in the celebration by adding some jack-o'-lantern-inspired piercing jewellery to your outfit? Consider rocking jack-o'-lantern plugs for stretched ears or pumpkin-shaped dermal anchors to show off your love for this beloved Halloween symbol. It's the perfect way to add a festive touch to your look and embrace the Halloween spirit.

spooky piercings

7. Bat Crazy for Nocturnal Charms:

Bats are a Halloween classic - after all, they are the creatures of the night! With their captivating and mysterious energy, they perfectly embody the spirit of the season. So why not show some love for these winged wonders with  bat-themed piercing jewellery ? Picture yourself rocking bat-shaped hoop earrings, a bat belly button ring, or a septum clicker adorned with bat wings. These pieces add an extra touch of nocturnal mystique to your Halloween outfit and are guaranteed to turn heads.

And there you have it! Halloween piercing jewellery is the ultimate way to rock a spooky style while staying fashionable. Whether you're into gothic glamour, vampire vibes, witchy wonders, perfect pumpkins, charming jack-o'-lanterns, or bat-inspired chic, there's a piece of piercing bling that's just right for you.

Don't be afraid to let your creativity shine and show off your spooky spirit this Halloween with some amazing piercing jewellery. It's not just about the candy; it's about the costumes, the atmosphere, and the bling that makes you feel like a supernatural fashionista. So, get ready to shine and confidently strut your stuff this Halloween with the most enchanting accessory of all - Halloween piercing jewellery. Happy haunting to all you stylish people out there!

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UK Piercing

UK Piercing-logos_black

As you all know, October means Halloween is just around the corner. It is a time when creativity and self-expression take center stage. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style piercings that embody the spirit of the season. From spooky symbols to mystical motifs, there are numerous piercing ideas to help you celebrate Halloween in style. In this blog post, we will explore various piercing options that can elevate your Halloween look and, captivate attention and finds out some spooky jewellery options that go best with your costume. So, let’s explore into the world of eerie and enchanting piercings!

Spider Bite

One of the most popular Halloween piercing choices is the “Spider Bite.” This piercing references the iconic black widow spider, known for its venomous bite. The Spider Bite piercing consists of two close-set lip piercings placed on one side of the lower lip, giving the illusion of spider fangs.

spooky piercings

Opting for black or silver jewellery with spider-themed charms or web-shaped studs can enhance the spooky effect. This piercing is perfect for those who love to embrace their dark and mysterious side.

Snake Bites :

Snake Bites are an excellent choice if you want to channel your inner serpent and add a touch of danger to your Halloween look. This piercing style includes two symmetrical lower lip piercings, similar to the fangs of a venomous snake.

spooky piercings

Pairing this piercing with snake-shaped or scales-inspired jewellery can create an alluring and sinister vibe. Snake Bites offers a striking aesthetic that can mesmerize onlookers during Halloween.

Witch’s Nose:

Inspired by the enchanting world of witches and magic, the Witch’s Nose piercing is a creative and unique option for Halloween. This piercing is centered on the nose, resembling a classic witch’s nose.

spooky piercings

Jewellery choices such as witch hat-shaped studs or small broomstick charms can accentuate the mystical allure. The Witch’s Nose piercing adds a bewitching touch to your overall appearance on Halloween night.

Bat Industrial:

The Bat Industrial piercing is an excellent choice if you’re after a more edgy and dramatic look. This piercing involves an outer helix piercing along with a bar that connects to a rook or forward helix piercing, creating a bat-wing-like effect.

spooky piercings

Gothic-inspired jewellery, such as bat charms or black gemstones, can enhance the spooky ambience. The Bat Industrial piercing allows you to unleash your inner creature of the night during Halloween festivities.

Jack-O’-Lantern Eyebrow:

For those who adore the friendly spirit of Halloween, the Jack-Lantern Eyebrow piercing offers a playful and festive option. This piercing is located above the eyebrow, resembling the iconic carved pumpkins we often associate with Halloween.

spooky piercings

Choosing jewellery with small pumpkin-shaped charms or orange gemstones can further enhance the pumpkin theme. The Jack-O’-Lantern Eyebrow piercing is a delightful way to showcase your Halloween spirit and spread joy wherever you go.

Spooky Jewellery Options:

From skull-inspired pieces to mystical symbols, the jewellery you choose can add an extra touch of Halloween charm to your piercing collection. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

spooky piercings

Skull-inspired jewellery : Skulls are synonymous with Halloween, and incorporating skull-themed jewellery into your piercings can create a chilling and edgy look. Consider skull-shaped studs or dangling skull earrings for a hauntingly stylish vibe.

Witchy symbols:  Embrace the magical theme of Halloween with witchy symbols in your piercing jewellery. Choose pentagram or crescent moon-shaped studs or hoops to channel the mystical and enchanting energy of the season.

Spider-themed pieces:  Spiders are a classic symbol of Halloween, representing the spooky and eerie atmosphere of the holiday. Opt for spider-shaped belly rings or spider web-inspired earrings to give your piercings a touch of the creepy-crawly look.

Bat-themed accessories:  Bats are often associated with Halloween and can add a gothic and mysterious touch to your piercing collection. Look for bat-shaped dermal tops or industrial barbells with bat charms to capture the essence of these nocturnal creatures.

Pumpkin-inspired accents:  Pumpkins are an iconic symbol of Halloween, and incorporating pumpkin-themed jewellery into your piercings can create a festive and playful look. Consider pumpkin-shaped nose studs, pumpkin charm belly rings, or even pumpkin ear climbers for a whimsical touch.

Thus, when it comes to celebrating Halloween, remember to include your piercings in the spooky fun. From Spider Bites to Witch’s Nose, there are endless possibilities to transform your piercings into Halloween-inspired masterpieces. Allow your creativity to run wild and embrace the season’s spirit with these perfect piercing ideas for Halloween!

𝕁𝕖𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕣𝕪 𝕗𝕣𝕠𝕞 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝, 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝 ✨ | Special promo extended! FREE STANDARD SHIPPING WORLDWIDE 💝🌙 No code needed

MoonRose Jewelry

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Spooky Devil Piercing

Spooky Devil Piercing

Unleash your darker side, while still keeping it super cute! ✨🌷 🦇🌝 Our 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓎 𝒟𝑒𝓋𝒾𝓁 𝒫𝒾𝑒𝓇𝒸𝒾𝓃𝑔  is the perfect dainty little piece to add to any jewelry collection 🎀   

☾ Price per single earring ♡ If you want a pair, please add 2 to your basket.

☾ Materials: Thick 18K Gold Plating (all metal parts), Stainless Steel (earring).  Nickel free  ✨

☾ The Spooky Devil Piercing is cm. The gauge of the earring is 20 (0.9 cm). The ball is 0.4 cm. The bar is 0.8 cm long.

☾ Screw-back ball closure  🏐

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The 16 Types of Ear Piercings: How to Choose Based on Pain and Placement

spooky piercings

Cozmo Faris is a professional piercer with more than 12 years of experience who teaches for the Association of Professional Piercers.

spooky piercings

@Studs / Instagram

A carefully and beautifully curated ear is now the accessory du jour . The art is often referred to as "earscaping" and has been made popular by piercing studios such as Studs and Rowan . But with all of the ear piercing placement options, it can be difficult to make a decision about which ear piercings are right for you—especially when cost, pain level, and aftercare can vary drastically from piercing to piercing. So ahead, a piercer and a dermatologist break down everything you need to know about the 15 different ear piercing options and what you need to know about each one—from standard lobes, to daith piercings, and beyond.

Meet the Expert

  • Janeese Brooks is the Head of Piercing at Stone and Strand . She frequently runs the Piercings Y’all pop-up events and is based in New York City.
  • Rachel Nazarian , MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group is a board-certified dermatologist.

Types of Ear Piercings

Standard lobe.

@studs / Instagram

  • Pain Level: 1/10
  • Healing time: 6-8 Weeks

Ah, the classic, standard lobe piercing. Brooks says, "We all know and love a good lobe piercing. I encourage these constantly. The easiest part of the ear to heal is the lobe. The least painful is the lobe, too—just a one or two out of 10." 

"You can change the jewelry after three months of heal time," says Brooks. She continues, "Generally, people have enough space to do something unique with their piercing placements, too. Design and aesthetics are a huge part of my heart so I’ve been having a good time helping clients get a creative look that suits them and their lifestyle." 

  • Pain Level: 5/10
  • Healing time: 6-9 months

Found in a slightly awkward position—the hoop that hugs the cartilage on the inside of your ear—the daith requires a skilled piercer.

"There are multiple reports of this type of piercing being useful and successful when other medical and non-medical modalities have failed," says Nazarian. "The only location that has shown potential real science for supporting a medical use is piercing of the daith. Some studies have shown that piercing the daith may modulate pain receptors that send signals to the brain and relieve migraines and chronic headaches."

As it's placed on cartilage, you'll feel a dull pressure when getting the daith pierced. As with any new piercing, it is not encouraged to sleep on it until it's fully healed; however, compared to some outer-ear piercings, sleeping on a daith piercing within a couple of months is pretty common.

  • Pain Level: 4/10
  • Healing time: 6 months to 1 year

Helix piercings —piercings that are placed anywhere on the upper outer cartilage of the ear—are often the first choice when moving from the lobe. But as confirmed by Brooks, this "trending flat piercing" has become even more popular now, and piercers and clients are experimenting with multiple helix piercings on one ear.

"This is what we all want, basic or not, these cartilage piercings are super cute and typically land on the edge or middle of the ear for most. This area allows for personalized placements and unique styles. I try to encourage going beyond just the little hoop here," advises Brooks.

Forward Helix

@heyrowan / Instagram

  • Healing time: 3-9 months

Another cartilage piercing, a forward helix is also placed on the upper ear above the tragus. These piercings are a bit more tricky than your typical helix piercing as the piercing must be lined up perfectly with your ear and will likely hurt more than a standard lobe piercing. Depending on the experience of your piercer, a needle or machine may be used.

@Studs / Instagram

The tragus , that tiny flap partially covering the ear canal, can add detail to any curated ear, especially when it's adorned with a pretty stud or snug hoop.

According to Brooks, "These little guys are hard to heal as well mostly because no one wants to give up earbuds during their commute. Because the tragus is there to protect the outer part of your ear canal, piercing through it, your post is going to be blocking where your earbuds go. Each time you take them in and out, it’ll irritate this piercing. It’s not impossible to heal, but I do warn my clients that if you're a 'picker' or a 'fidgeter' like myself, it may not be for you."


  • Pain Level: 6/10
  • Healing time: 9 months to 1 year

Another piercing specific to your anatomy, an anti-tragus piercing sits directly opposite from the traditional tragus hump, above the earlobe. If your tragus is not prominent enough to be pierced, some piercers may decline to perform the task rather than work against the shape of your ear. In terms of jewelry, a curved barbell or ball closure ring are the best options for this piercing.

The conch , located in the middle portion of your ear cartilage, gets its moniker from its resemblance to the spiral shell of the same name. It's pretty versatile and can be pierced with a stud for a subtle effect, a double stud (if you're feeling brave), or even a cuff that can hug its way around the edge of your ear.

Inner Conch

The inner conch is pierced through the middle shell of the ear, which is the thickest piece of cartilage on the ear. This piercing is closest to the ear canal, so during the healing process, you'll want to avoid wearing earbuds for quite some time, as they may irritate your new piercing.

Outer Conch

Similar to the inner conch, the outer conch is also pierced through the same area of cartilage of the ear, but the lower part. If you're a side sleeper, sleep on the opposite side of your new piercing until fully healed.

The industrial piercing is essentially, "a straight barbell connecting one cartilage piercing to another on the upper ear," describes Brooks.

"They are difficult to heal as a result of being two cartilage piercings instead of one. Since the two are also connected they have a tendency to get irritated quickly and often stay that way," says Brooks. You'll also need to be especially cognizant of aftercare: "Be so careful of your hair and glasses resting on this. Sleeping on it is always a big no-no," Brooks warns. 

Whether you should consider an industrial piercing, Brooks advises, "I typically will steer clients away from this piercing for no other reason than most people don’t keep them because of how long they take to heal."

  • Pain Level: 2/10
  • Healing time: 6-8 weeks

The high-lobe piercing is a fun way to spice up the lobe. They're especially good for making a feature out of a poorly-placed piercing you may have done earlier. Thanks to the lobe being so fleshy, the level of piercing pain is considerably low. While healing time is relatively quick that doesn't mean you should be lackadaisical when it comes to aftercare. You should always be following your piercer's instructions for post-care and maintenance.

  • Healing time: 3-10 months

One of the more unusual inner-ear piercings, a rook piercing inserts in the inner cartilage, above the daith and between the inner conch and the forward helix.

As a cartilage piercing, the rook doesn’t pierce as easily as say, the lobe. Because of that, you may feel a sharp pain and pressure at first, to be followed by a more general throbbing. And because of how thick the rook cartilage is—it is a fold of cartilage, after all,—it may hurt more than a helix or tragus piercing.

A rook piercing is best suited for a hoop, although a bar is recommended for the initial healing period.

Auricle / Mid-Helix

  • Pain Level: 3/10

Located on the outer portion of the ear between the lobe and the helix, an auricle—also called "mid-helix" piercing is worn about halfway up the ear across from the tragus. Hoops and studs work well for this type of piercing and since the cartilage is relatively thin for the area, the pain is on the lower end of the scale.

@sparks.piercing / Instagram

  • Pain Level: 9/10
  • Healing time: 4-6 months

Pierced horizontally through the inner rim of cartilage above the anti-tragus, the snug piercing  gets its name from the "hug" in the folds of your ears. A snug piercing is also referred to as an anti-helix piercing and is considered the most painful of cartilage piercings. Only small jewelry like a small hoop or curved barbells will work here because of the tight placement.

  • Healing time: eight to ten weeks

"Orbital" piercings have become a bit of a misnomer. To be technically accurate, an orbital uses a ring to connect two piercings, such as the first and second hole lobe piercings or two cartilage— like this . piercings. However, orbital piercings have also come to mean a ring piercing through the conch piercing, which is what is pictured above. Popular placement is in the lobe or helix. This type of piercing is similar to an industrial piercing, as it connects two different piercings. However, an orbital is pierced with a ring rather than a barbell, which gives the illusion that the piercing is, well, orbiting the ear.

Stacked Lobe

A stacked lobe piercing is pierced directly above the traditional lobe piercing, creating a vertical "stack." Because it's a lobe piercing, the pain and healing time are fairly minimal, so it's a great way to modernize your earscape without the pain and healing time of a cartilage piercing.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Before you book an appointment for a new ear accessory, be sure to research how your piercing needs to be properly cared for. Proper piercing aftercare is what will keep your piercing looking #instagood rather than infected. According to Brooks, "Don’t twist, turn, rotate, or sleep on any of your piercings," as this can increase your risk of infection or irritation, and extend the healing process. She adds, "Try not to sleep on them and clean them with saline one to two times a day." Generally speaking, you'll want to steer clear of bodies of water (baths, pools, hot tubs, etc.) for six to eight weeks after getting pierced. Also avoid "soap, peroxide, Neosporin, Bactine, rubbing alcohol, and other harsh chemicals" from coming into contact with your new piercing.

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists Association, you should regularly clean your ear piercing with soap and water to avoid infection.

In general, you should wait about six to eight weeks to change out your new piercing. Before this time, your piercing may not have healed completely and you have a risk of infection.

If you suspect your piercing is infected, you should clean your ears with sterile saline or gentle soap and water twice a day. Then, you can apply an antibiotic ointment or rubbing alcohol to the piercing.

"Caring for Pierced Ears.” https://www.aad.org/public/everyday-care/skin-care-basics/tattoos/caring-for-pierced-ears

Infected ear piercings: causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention. Cleveland Clinic .

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Spooky Tattoos & Piercings

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Russian folk music on Scottish bagpipes

It is not often that you hear Russian folk tunes and Scottish battle marches at a jazz club. But the Moscow & District Pipe Band recently treated listeners to a whole evening of both genres and much more interesting music on the bagpipes in celebration of its 10 th  birthday and album release.

In 2004, multi-instrumentalist Artemy Vorobiev gathered a small group of music enthusiasts together to master the bagpipes, an instrument considered rather exotic in Russia. They sought out talented musicians with similar interests and thought about how to bring together sounds familiar to the Russian soul with that of Scottish bagpipes.

Four pipers and four drummers clad in Royal Stewart tartan kilts are the face of the band. There are a total of 12 members, including Marina Alexeeva, the only female piper not only in the band, but the entire country.

“ For some reason, everybody thinks bagpipes aren’t for women. True, it was hard for me at first, I even quit for a while, but in the end I confounded the stereotype. Bagpipes can be a feminine instrument, ” Marina said.

The band has acquired a wealth of experience in the past decade. It has performed at a wide variety of venues, ranging from  Spasskaya Bashnya  ( Spasskaya Tower ) to the Moscow International Film Festival. 

The members consider their teachers to be the world’s leading bagpipers, although they have performed with an array of bands, including the Russian Army orchestra and Russian folk ensembles. According to its members, the Moscow & District Pipe Band’s music (particularly its new album) is a “cultural bridge.”

“Our style is a special Russian energy in the sound of Scottish bagpipes,” the band’s leader and founder Artemy said.

The band’s dream is to participate in the World Pipe Band Championship in the UK. However, it will have to take a lot of effort to do so, because first it needs a wider repertoire and more members. It is no easy task to learn the bagpipes in Russia, which is why the members have even organized a bagpipe school. “We decided to cultivate and train new musicians for our orchestra,” Artemy said.  

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