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Rolex Yacht-Master II Ultimate Buying Guide

Rolex Yacht Master 2 buying guide

There are some Rolex watches that are more or less universally loved, with a simple and versatile aesthetic that leaves little room for any sort of animosity. However, there are others within the portfolio that almost seem to have been created specifically to invite controversy, taking the brand away from its traditional design base and into more contentious territories. The Rolex Yacht-Master II collection is one of those watches.

When it arrived in the mid-2000s, the Yachtmaster II was so far removed from anything Rolex had created before that nobody seemed to know quite what to make of it. The watch was a big, bold and extremely expensive addition to the catalog, and while it was obviously slotted into the brand’s Professional Collection, it stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. However, that was back then. Looking at the brand’s catalog today, it seems that Rolex was simply ahead of the game.

The Yacht Master II’s once challenging looks have matured, and although it is still most definitely a visually striking watch, it is no longer considered completely over the top. Mechanically, it is also incredibly impressive. On its debut, it instantly became Rolex’s most complicated watch, with a one-of-a-kind functionality aimed at about as niche a group as you could imagine. Below we have laid out a complete guide to the Rolex Yacht-Master II with everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 Yellow Gold

Yacht-Master II Key Features:

– Year Introduced: 2007

– Case Size: 44mm

– Materials: Oystersteel; Everose Rolesor; 18k Yellow Gold; 18k White Gold & Platinum

– Functions: Time w/Running Seconds, Programmable Regatta Timer w/ Mechanical Memory

– Dial: White w/ Luminous Hour Markers

– Bezel: Ring Command, Blue Ceramic or Platinum Insert w/ 10-Minute Countdown Scale

– Crystal: Sapphire (Flat)

– Movement: Rolex Caliber 4161

– Water Resistance: 100 Meters / 330 Feet

– Strap/Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet

– Retail Price: $18,750 – $48,150 USD (Approx.)

For more info, visit our guide on how to use the regatta timer on the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 Stainless Steel

Rolex Yacht-Master II History

Launched in 2007, the Rolex Yacht Master II debuted some 15-years after its original Yachtmaster namesake. However, the similarities between this watch and the model that first carried the Yacht-Master name are pretty much zero.

Where the earlier model is essentially a more luxurious take on the Rolex Submariner, the Yacht-Master II is a fully-fledged item of luxury professional sailing equipment, designed from the outset to assist skippers keep track of time during the complicated starting sequence of a regatta. That technically leaves the Yacht-Master II in the tool watch category, but this is a long way from the likes of the more utilitarian Explorer II and evidence of that can be found in its release schedule.

The first versions of the Rolex Yacht Master II to be unveiled were the 18k yellow gold ref. 116688 and the even more opulent 18k white gold version fitted with a platinum bezel, the ref. 116689. Quite a bit removed from the brand’s usually conservative styling, this large, gleaming, in-your-face effort that shouted its own name across its bezel, was an immediate opinion splitter. Traditionalists were horrified, lamenting Rolex’s continued straying from its roots, while others who enjoy having their watches noticed, embraced it wholeheartedly.

The financial crash that followed in 2008 altered the landscape for watchmakers (along with everyone else) and called for more affordable pieces to come forward. The Yachtmaster II collection expanded in 2011 with the unveiling of the ref. 116681, an Everose Rolesor model with a stainless steel case and outer bracelet links paired with a winding crown, pushers, and central links in Everose gold. That was followed by the version everyone was clamoring for in 2013 – the ref. 116680 in full stainless steel, which also introduced a new caliber, the Cal. 4161, replacing the former Cal. 4160.

The only other change the watch has undergone since then occurred on its 10th anniversary in 2017, when it was given a facelift so slight that Rolex didn’t even feel it warranted a new reference number. The square hour markers at the six and 12 o’clock were changed to a rectangle and inverted triangle respectively, and the simple stick handset was swapped for the Mercedes type to bring them in-line with much of the rest of the brand’s Professional Collection.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116618 Two-Tone Everose Rolesor

How Much Is A Rolex Yacht-Master II?

When the Rolex Yacht-Master II first arrived, the combination of its exclusively precious metal construction and the extraordinary engineering going on inside its movement meant that it was among the most expensive offerings in Rolex’s catalog . This left many admirers priced out of the picture, but the introduction of stainless steel and two-tone references would soon open the Yacht-Master II up to a much wider range of buyers.

The Rolesor model from 2011 sacrificed some of that wall-to-wall gold for 904L stainless steel and more or less cut the asking price in half, while the full steel version dropped the retail price even further. Today, brand-new examples vary from $18,750 for the full stainless steel model up to $48,150 for the white gold and platinum version. But what about pre-owned prices?

The rather love-it-or-hate-it visuals of the Rolex Yacht Master II means that it doesn’t attract quite the same level of universal frenzy as the Daytona or Submariner. It is not completely out of the question for an authorized retailer to even have a model or two in stock, which isn’t something that can be said about the vast majority of the brand’s other sports watches. For that reason, pre-owned models do command a bit of a premium, but nowhere near as much as some of the other models in the brand’s catalog.

You can expect to pay a minimum of around $18,000 for an unworn steel piece on the secondary market, while the Everose Rolesor edition comes in closer to about $25,000. The 18k yellow gold ref. 116688 also holds pretty steady, with most examples falling somewhere in the $40,000 to $45,000 range, depending on age and overall condition. Finally, the ref. 116689 – the top-of-the-line model in white gold and platinum, is where the biggest discounts can be found. A brand-new example costs $48,150 at an authorized dealer, but an older example on the pre-owned market can often be found for just under $30,000.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel 116680

Rolex Yacht-Master II Design

The Yacht-Master II is arguably the least “Rolex-looking” Rolex watch ever made, which is the core reason behind why it ruffled so many feathers among purist collectors upon its release. It’s arrival took the brand down previously unexplored experimental paths, a very far cry from the sort of discreetly restrained icons present throughout the rest of its portfolio.

The Yacht-Master II is a hard-working watch with a lot of information to present and as a result, it has what initially looks like somewhat of a cluttered dial. However, a lot of that is down to a trick of the eye concerning the bezel’s 1-10 numerals being mirrored exactly around the horseshoe-shaped track on the face. This is obviously the regatta countdown scale, designed to help yacht skippers synchronize their boats’ movements with the race’s starting gun (we’ll get onto this more a little later).

What it means for the overall styling is a lot of numbers on the watch that you will not be using for the vast majority of the time you are wearing it. But while it may come across as a little jam-packed – particularly when you add in the chronograph hand, arrowhead countdown pointer, and a small running seconds sub-dial at the bottom – once you get used to it, you can’t help but be impressed with how much Rolex’s technicians have achieved with so little. No, it isn’t exactly the Explorer’s 3/6/9 arrangement, but it is perfectly readable with a little familiarity and conveys the information it provides in a clean and legible manner.

Despite only containing four models (all of which have white dials), the series actually covers a good range of tastes. The ref. 116688 could be in the running for most showy standard-production Rolex currently available, its all-yellow gold case somehow making the bright blue bezel pop even more. At the other end, the white gold and platinum ref. 116689 is as low-key and reserved as a 44mm wide, 14mm thick, highly-complicated, solid-gold sports watch can be. The virtual monochrome is lifted only by the red chrono hand and arrowed pointer.

In-between, the stainless steel and Everose Rolesor models do the job of appealing to more middle-of-the-road palates. Their color combinations, along with the mix of brushed and polished elements on the watch itself, keep it all on the right side of overdone, and the two-tone model’s bezel numerals also being filled in Everose gold is a nice touch. Unlikely to ever be described as subtle, any version of the Rolex Yacht-Master II is guaranteed to receive some attention.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116689 White Gold Platinum Bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master II Functions

Looks aside, the big talking point around the Rolex Yacht Master II lies in what it can do. There is a strong argument against calling the watch a genuine chronograph as it doesn’t so much keep track of elapsed time in the traditional sense, as it does count backwards from a specific starting point, up to a maximum of 10-minutes.

How is that useful? It is all down to how a professional regatta gets underway. Due to the nature of wind and water, it simply isn’t possible to get a bunch of yachts all lined up at a particular spot in the ocean and have them set off at the same time. Instead, the start of a race goes in stages, with each one marked by a gunshot or other audible signal. The first is usually sounded 10-minutes before the start (although it can also be seven or even five), and the skippers must maneuver their boats back and forth in front of the line without crossing it, jockeying with the other competitors for prime position.

There follows two further preparatory signals at precise intervals, and crews must coordinate their approach so they are as close to the start point as possible at the exact moment the race officially begins. It is that pair of additional signals that call into action one of the party tricks of the Yacht-Master II’s unique complication. Should the watch fall out of sync with the regatta reference clock for any reason, a press of the lower pusher activates the flyback (or fly-forward) function, snapping the chronograph hand to the nearest minute to allow the two timers to match up again. Even more notably, it is the only mechanical watch in the world with a programmable memory, meaning the wearer can reset back to the specified original countdown point at any time.

Giving access to all this engineering virtuosity is what Rolex has dubbed its Ring Command Bezel. This was the first appearance of the concept, with the second generation taking control of the Sky-Dweller’s myriad of functions a few years later. On both models, the bezel is directly linked to the internal movement, and on the Yacht-Master II, it acts as an analogue on/off switch. Rotating it 90° unlocks the functionality and allows for the countdown timer to be set with the crown. Turning it back again locks everything in place, and engages the memory. The watch is then operated as a standard chronograph, with the top pusher activating the starts and stops, and the bottom taking charge of the reset or flyback/fly-forward functions.

For a manufacturer not renowned for the complexity of its watches (quite the opposite, in fact) Rolex’s regatta timer is a seriously impressive performer. It may have been created for an especially select group, but it is truly surprising how useful it can be to count down accurately from 10-minutes, even for those of us who may not own a yacht – particularly if you like your pasta al dente.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Two-Tone Rolesor 116681

Rolex Yacht-Master II Movement

The first run of the Rolex Yacht-Master II was powered by the in-house Caliber 4160. At the time, it was the most component-heavy movement the brand had ever created, but it was essentially a heavily reworked version of the Cal. 4130 from the Daytona. The column wheel, vertical clutch and ball-bearing rotor were all carried over from the brand’s legendary racing chronograph.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with that, and the Rolex Daytona’s movement remains one of the most reliable and accurate mass-produced chronograph calibers of the modern era. However, with the arrival of the long-awaited stainless steel Yacht-Master II in 2013, Rolex also unveiled a new mechanism, the Caliber 4161, the product of additional refinements and some 35,000 hours of development.

Made up of over 360 components, including those produced via a highly specialized fabrication process called UV-LiGA which uses ultraviolet light to build microstructures, this dedicated movement provided a crisper feel to the pushers and greater reliability. With that in mind, both the Cal. 4160 and the Cal. 4161 benefitted from Rolex advances such as the blue Parachrom hairspring, as well as providing users with a highly-respectable 72-hour power reserve and a 28,800vph balance frequency.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Stainless Steel 116680 Blue Cerachrom Bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master II Bracelet

At the present time, all of the various Rolex Yacht-Master II models are fitted with the three-link Oyster bracelet, as befits a true sports watch. On each version, the inner links have been given a high polish to match the gleaming case, while the outer links receive a satin finish to provide a contrast against the lugs.

As for material, the bracelet is crafted from the same metal as the watch head: stainless steel, yellow gold or white gold. With the Rolesor example, the innermost links are forged from Everose gold, leaving the outer side links in 904L stainless Oystersteel. Tying it all together is the Oysterlock folding clasp, equipped with the brand’s Easylink extension system that allows for approximately 5mm of tool-free bracelet adjustment, completely on the fly and without the use of any tools.

The Yacht-Master II was something of a retaliation from Rolex against decades-worth of naysayers criticizing the brand for the lack of complicated watches in its lineup. Rolex’s rebuttal, while not the most all-encompassing in terms of looks or utility, still stands as a hugely significant piece of technical dexterity. Rolex has always produced tool watches, but as the company continues to make the transition towards being a true luxury manufacturer, the tool watches it produces also take on a more luxurious nature and the Yacht-Master II perfectly embodies this. Large and uncompromising, it is perhaps the most eccentric model Rolex has to offer – and it is always happy to take center stage.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 18k Yellow Gold

About Paul Altieri

Paul Altieri is a vintage and pre-owned Rolex specialist, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of - the largest and most trusted name in luxury watches. He is widely considered a pioneer in the industry for bringing transparency and innovation to a once-considered stagnant industry. His experience spans over 35 years and he has been published in numerous publications including Forbes, The NY Times, WatchPro, and Fortune Magazine. Paul is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research and developments in the watch industry and e-commerce, and regularly engages with other professionals in the industry. He is a member of the IWJG, the AWCI and a graduate of the GIA. Alongside running the premier retailer of pre-owned Rolex watches, Paul is a prominent Rolex watch collector himself amassing one of the largest private collections of rare timepieces. In an interview with the WSJ lifestyle/fashion editor Christina Binkley, Paul opened his vault to display his extensive collection of vintage Rolex Submariners and Daytonas. Paul Altieri is a trusted and recognized authority in the watch industry with a proven track record of expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

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The Rolex Yacht-Master II, Four Ways

The Rolex Yacht-Master II

Perhaps one of Rolex’s most polarizing models to date, the Yacht-Master II is big, brash, and mechanically complex. There are those that love them and those that argue that the Yacht-Master II is the most un-Rolex of all Rolex watches. However, for those that do appreciate the modern size and design of the Rolex Yacht-Master II, there are plenty of versions to choose from. In fact, the Yacht-Master II is a Rolex collection that includes  all the metals used by the brand–stainless steel, yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, and platinum. Let’s have a look at the four versions of the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

Stainless Steel Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680

Stainless Steel Yacht-Master II 116680

The most robust and affordable of the collection is, of course, the full stainless steel Yacht-Master II ref. 116680 . Sporting a 44 mm Oyster Case, the Yacht-Master II is one of Rolex’s largest watches (only the Deepsea is bigger thanks to its thickness) and it comes equipped with an Oyster bracelet.

Contrasting with the cool tones of the steel case and bracelet is the Yacht-Master II ref. 116680’s vibrant blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel, which matches the blue details on the information-packed dial. The Yacht-Master II offers a very niche complication targeted towards competitive sailors. Thanks to the Caliber 4161, the Yacht-Master flaunts a regatta chronograph complete with a mechanical memory (up to 10 mins).

Two-Tone Rolex Yacht-Master II 116681

Two-tone Yacht-Master II 116681

If you’re a fan of two-tone Rolex sports watches, then there’s the stainless steel and gold Yacht-Master II ref. 116681. However, rather than using the more classic yellow gold, the Yacht-Master ref. 116681 pairs Everose gold with steel. Everose is Rolex’s patented rose gold alloy that the brand debut in 2005. Fashioned from a proprietary formula, Everose not only offers a beautiful luster but it promises to not fade over time.

On the Yacht-Master II ref. 116681, the Everose details are plentiful from the winding crown to the chronograph pushers to the center links on the Oyster bracelet to the bezel. The bezel insert is the same bright blue Cerachrom one, this time featuring Everose gold filled numerals. The dial also includes Everose gold touches, such as the Everose gold surrounds on the hour markers and the running seconds subdial.

Yellow Gold Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688

Yellow Gold Yacht-Master II 116688

You’d be hardpressed to find a luxury watch company that makes a better solid gold watch than Rolex . And the yellow gold Yacht-Master II ref. 116688 is no exception. Built almost entirely in 18k yellow gold–except for that signature blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel–the Yacht-Master II 116688 is a status watch that commands attention wherever it goes.

In fact, due to its look, size, heft, and price tag, the yellow gold Yacht-Master II ref. 116688 is a favorite watch of celebrities and professional athletes. We’ve spotted actor Mark Wahlberg, MMA fighter Conor McGregor, rapper Drake, and other wearing the solid gold Rolex Yacht-Master II.

White Gold and Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master II 116689

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116689

For an ultra-luxurious take on the professional sailing watch, there’s the Yacht-Master II ref. 116689 which brings together two precious metals . The 44 mm Oyster case and hefty Oyster bracelet are crafted in 18k white gold while the bezel is made from platinum rather than ceramic.

Similar to the metal bezels of the Yacht-Master I watches, the Yacht-Master II ref. 116689’s platinum bezel includes glossy raised numerals sitting on a sandblasted background. These contrasting metal finishes capture the light in a fantastic way, and despite the monochromatic look of the Yacht-Master II ref. 116689, it simply gleams on the wrist.

The Evolution of the Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Yacht-Master II is one of Rolex's youngest collections

The Yacht-Master II collection is one of the younger ones from Rolex, joining the company’s catalog in 2007. However, just last year in 2007 on the tenth anniversary of the watch, Rolex made some updates . Despite keeping the same reference numbers, the new versions of the Yacht-Master II include Mercedes-style hands instead of pencil style hands. Also new to the dial are the rectangular and triangular indexes at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively. Everything else remains the same on the Yacht-Master II models.

Whether you opt for the steel, two-tone Everose gold and steel, yellow gold, or white gold and platinum Yacht-Master II, this is a Rolex watch that makes a statement–at sea on or land.


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Rolex Yacht-Master II Introduction

The Yacht-Master II was released in 2007 with its signature regatta timer complication. It is the younger, bolder sibling of Rolex’s Yacht-Master that debuted in 1992. While the original Yacht-Master displays similarities to the ever-popular Rolex Submariner , the Yacht-Master II is in a class of its own, both visually and mechanically.

Rolex Yacht-Master II History

The Yacht-Master II was purpose-built for competitive sailors. The tool watch’s boldly designed case houses a programmable countdown timer that is controlled by rotating the bezel. Large and attention-grabbing, the Yacht-Master II presents a design aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of what a Rolex can be.

First introduced in 2007, the Yacht-Master II was offered in yellow and white gold variations under references 116688 and 116689 , respectively. An Everose gold/steel two-tone Rolesor version (ref. 116681) was added in 2011, followed by the stainless steel reference 116680 two years later. With a case size of 44mm that rises 13.9mm on the wrist, the Yacht-Master II commands attention on the wrist both from owners and observers. The bold bezel houses a platinum- or gold-filled blue Cerachrom ceramic insert with a 10-minute scale above the words “Yacht-Master II.” This was no ordinary bezel, however.

Deemed the “Ring Command” bezel by Rolex, it is directly connected to the watch’s mechanism to program the Yacht-Master II’s 10-minute countdown timer. During the 10-minute interval leading up to the start of a regatta, sailors jockey to position their crafts as close to the starting line as possible. Precision is key since crossing the line early results in a penalty and being too far out puts the boat at an immediate disadvantage. The exclusive Yacht-Master II complication allows a sailor to program the countdown, store it in the mechanism and synchronize to the official race countdown on-the-fly

The Yacht-Master II’s characteristics have been relatively stable since the watch debuted. Its case is free of sharp edges and perfectly cradles the Triplock crown and subtly detailed pushers. The matte white dial offers outstanding legibility for contrasting elements. Hours are marked by luminous rectangular shapes with a triangle marker at 12 o’clock on models produced after 2017. With that refresh, Rolex also updated the straight hour hand with the familiar Mercedes style that appears on other Rolex Professional watches. A small second register at 6 o’clock and the countdown timer indices that arc gracefully from approximately 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock complete the look.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Features

The Yacht-Master II’s power is produced by Rolex’s in-house designed and manufactured calibre 4161 COSC-certified automatic movement. Comprised of roughly 360 individual components, the Cal. 4161 features a 70-hour power reserve, flyback and fly-forward chronograph functionality, anti-magnetism and shock-resistance and, of course, Rolex’s patented 10-minute countdown timer.

The watch is unapologetically large with a 44mm case that measures a massive 57.4mm end-link to end-link. Details include a screw-down case back and protected Triplock crown flanked by delicately etched pushers. The Oyster case is water resistant to 100 meters. The Yacht-Master II’s Oyster bracelet is a classic Rolex three-piece design with polished center links, satin sides and Oysterlock safety clasp. An Easylink extension allows a rapid 5mm adjustment to the bracelet length without the need for tools.

Yellow Gold

White gold + platinum, two-tone rolesor (everose gold + steel).

The Yacht-Master II’s color palate and design evoke nautical themes that are inspired by the presence of red and blue accents. In the dark, luminescent Chromalight hands and markers glow with a vibrant blue that lasts up to eight hours. The timer markings, however, do not have lume.

The Yacht-Master II is available in four materials: yellow gold, white gold + platinum, two-tone Rolesor (Everose gold + steel) and steel. All are topped by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is surrounded by the Yacht-Master II’s Ring Command bezel in solid platinum or with a blue ceramic insert.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Value and Collectability

The Yacht-Master II is a bit of an outlier in the Rolex family. It is visually imposing and technologically advanced, but Rolex purists opine that it does not deliver the classic Rolex experience of more traditional sports models like the Submariner, Sea-Dweller or Explorer. For collectors and enthusiasts seeking a rare timepiece that stands out from all other Rolex designs, the Yacht-Master II is an excellent choice. Retail prices for new Yacht-Master II models range from approximately $19,000 for steel to nearly $50,000 for the luxe white gold/platinum edition.

Pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master IIs in gold or platinum with original papers and boxes typically sell well below retail, though prices on used steel versions trend just slightly below new. Many Rolex aficionados consider the Yacht-Master II to be undervalued in the used Rolex marketplace and firmly expect that it will emerge as a highly prized collectors watch.

Watchmaker’s Perspective

The regatta countdown timer function on the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a fascinating feature that gets a lot of attention. And the Caliber 4161 movement used to power the Yacht-Master II is extremely complex, with over 360 parts. But how are those parts made? From the watchmaker's perspective, the manufacturing technology used to create such a complicated movement is especially intriguing.

For the Caliber 4161, Rolex made extensive use of LIGA technology. LIGA is a German acronym meaning Lithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformung (Lithography, Electroplating and Molding). The LIGA process allows parts to be manufactured that would have been nearly impossible with traditional methods, due to their shapes.

The LIGA process is closely related to semiconductor manufacturing and uses similar tools. A patterned mask is used to project UV light onto photosensitive resin at a very high resolution. This creates a micro-mold, which is then used to grow parts inside of. When the metal parts are completely grown, an acid strips away the photosensitive resin, leaving the finished part. This technology is opening up new avenues to watchmakers—one example is the fantastically complex Caliber 4161 in the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

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Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold Review | Rolex 116688 Oyster 44mm – The Watch For Sailors

rolex yachtmaster 2 weight

Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold Review. In this article, we cover everything about the Rolex Yacht-Master II Oyster Perpetual 44mm Yellow Gold (ref. 116688) iconic luxury watch.

Rolex is famous for producing all different types of purposeful sports watches. Two that will always come to mind when you speak of Rolex are the Submariner which was designed for divers, and the Daytona which was designed for drivers. The Submariner and Daytona have a long history; first releasing them in the 1950s and 1960s, respectively. A younger yet tremendously well-received Rolex, which we are discussing today, is the Yacht-Master model.

The first Yacht-Master model was released in 1992 (which is quite recent considering the life of Rolex).

The first Yacht-Master had a 39.5mm case and looked very similar to the Submariner. Since the release of the first Yacht-Master, Rolex has made a few different alterations to the Yacht-Master model, such as the 35mm Yacht-Master for those with smaller wrists, a women’s version, and the larger and most popular 44mm Yacht-Master 2.

Rolex has made the Yacht-Master line with many different variations of dials, bezels, and precious metals as well.

In 2007, Rolex released the Yacht-Master II. It came in two different types of metals – yellow gold and white gold. A few years later they introduced the Rose gold and steel bi-metal version. Then a few years after that they released the all steel Oyster steel version.

In this feature, we are discussing the Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold Variation, which is easily one of our favorite Rolex watches to date.

Rolex 116688

Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold 44m Oyster Case

The Yacht-Master 2 has a much larger, bolder case size compared to the original Yacht-Master. It is 44mm in diameter, which is over 4mm larger than the first Yacht-Master. There is a slight curve to the case which feels very nice. The sides and lugs have an exquisite polishing that shines amazingly.

Inside the case comes the most complicated complication in modern Rolex history.

rolex yachtmaster 2 gold price

History & Purpose behind the Rolex Yacht-Master 2 Design and Function – The Regatta Timer

Rolex has been close-knit with the sailing community since the 50s, so they decided to make a special watch to show that rich heritage.

Thus, the first Yacht-Master was made with sailors and boat racers in mind. However, it wasn’t until designing the Yacht-Master II that Rolex really began exploring what unique features they could offer to sailors. They wanted to differentiate the features from the Submariner to make the Yacht-Master a really special watch of its own.

Let’s first look at how Rolex makes the Yacht-Master 2 special specifically for sailors.

The chronograph in the Yacht-Master 2 was named the Regatta Chronograph. Regatta racing is a sporting event which consists of a series of boat or yacht races. Before each race, a sailor has around 10 minutes to prepare. So, Rolex made a piece where sailors could time that 10 minutes.

Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Movement & Ring Command Bezel

The bezel on the Yacht-Master 2 is one of our favorites. Yachtmaster 2’s bezel is a ceramic insert with yellow gold lettering and numbers. The blue on gold is such a complementing look.

Furthermore, the blue as the ocean bezel magnifies the inner ring for the countdown timer on the dial, as it is also blue, which makes it very easy to read. You know what is what on the dial as the blue bezel and inner ring is connected in both appearance and FUNCTION.

The Bezel is a lot different than a Submariner and GMT bezel. It’s not used for timing things or to tell the time. It’s an additional aid with a function that works with the movement of the watch. Hence its name – Ring Command Bezel.

The bezel of the Yachtmaster 2 commands the regatta timer. It’s another connection to the movement like the crown is. The Ring Command Bezel only rotates 90 degrees, whereas the other Rolex watches are 360 degrees rotatable.

The Yacht-Master is often compared to the Daytona. So, we will make a quick note of how the chronograph in the Yacht-Master is much different from the Daytona chronograph – On the Daytona chronograph, we are looking at a lapsed time, whereas the Yacht-Master 2, we are looking at countdown time.

yachtmaster 2 yellow gold

How to use the Rolex Yacht-Master 2 Regatta Timer

Although the Yacht-Master 2 is the most complicated Rolex watch in history, it is very simple to use. This is the true beauty of it. They made the watch complicated in complications but simple in function.

The Regatta countdown timer is a feature that truly makes the Yacht-Master remarkable, with its unparalleled mechanical function that can be programmed from 1-10 minutes, allowing skippers to accurately time and follow every race’s official starting process. It’s not only useful for skippers of course; it can also be used for anything that you want to time under 10 minutes.

In 2007, when first releasing the Rolex Yacht-Master II, it was the only chronograph with a programmable countdown function. This was made possible by creating the Ring Command Bezel.

Setting up the Yacht-Master 2’s Regatta Timer:

  • From the bezel’s standard position – the “YACHT-MASTER II” letter is at 6 o’clock – rotate the bezel counter-clockwise until its first click. The “1” on the bezel will be all the way north.
  • Then, push the bottom pusher in. This will lock it in so it’s fully depressed.
  • Now you can set the countdown timer, which is the red triangular hand to the desired countdown time – 1-10 minutes. You will see it move as you twist the crown clockwise.
  • When you have the countdown hand set, rotate the bezel back to its starting position. You will notice the bottom pusher pops back out.
  • Finally, you screw in the crown and it’s ready to start. When you want to start, you just push the top pusher, which is the traditional chronograph function. As soon as you push it, you will see the red second’s hand starts to rotate and the triangular countdown hand/timer has begun. To pause it, just press the top pusher again.

rolex yachtmaster review

Rolex 116688 – The Pushers & Flyback Function

The Yacht-Master 2 has a very special flyback chronograph. So, while the chronograph is active, we can press the bottom pusher to bring the triangular countdown hand to its previous position.

However, it doesn’t just have a flyback function, it also has a ‘flyforward’ function as well, all in one. Here is how it works…

If the second’s hand is on the right-hand side of the watch (right of the 12 and the 6 o’clock), it will return to whatever minute you were previously on. But, if the second’s hand is on the lefthand side, it will fly forward a minute.

This means if the watch was originally set to 6 on the inner countdown timer, then when you push the bottom pusher and the second’s hand is on the righthand side, the triangular hand will flyback to the 6. If it’s on the lefthand side (pass 30 seconds) it will flyforward to the 5. It will then immediately continue counting down.

If you want to reset it to the original start time, press the top pusher then press the bottom pusher. However, if you wanted to reset it to a different starting countdown time, you would need to go through the same process, starting at point 1 above.

Nothing beats the simplicity and function of the Regatta timer’s flyback and fly forward. It truly is a really cool feature, especially if you appreciate horology. It’s simple to use, but it is very complicated to make it. Only an expert horology company like Rolex would be able to create something this innovative. They make it as easy as the push of a button, literally.

Nevertheless, it’s not something that many people actually use as it’s intended, which is regatta racing. However, owners of the Yacht-Master 2 can find a use of the flyback countdown timing one way or another.

What we really appreciate the most is the history and design behind this special timepiece.

second hand rolex yachtmaster 2

Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet & Clasp

The bracelet is a standard Oyster bracelet with polished center links and brushed outer links. It’s a very classic sports Rolex bracelet, so you can’t go wrong with it. This one is made of yellow gold, and we think it’s absolutely beautiful. The yellow gold compliments the white dial and blue bezel impeccably.

The clasp is the standard Oyster clasp. It has an easy link that extends out to 5mm. This is very useful as your wrist expands when in warmer temperatures. Oyster clasps are extremely well engineered. They are simple, secure, and they feel very solid.

rolex yachtmaster 2 yellow gold review

Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Dial – Nautically Inspired

As a whole, the dial and bezel have a very nautical feel to it. Of course, Rolex intended it to appear this way. The dial looks to have been inspired by a gauge on a yacht, and the blue bezel and inner timer are reminiscing of the ocean.

On the dial, you have the small seconds in a yellow gold subdial. The sub dial has a brushed finish with a channeled effect and a navy hand.

Both the chronograph seconds and chronograph minutes have red accents, which lets you know they work together.

The white dial brings it all together beautifully. It has a satin-like finish, and it’s a white like the color of the side of a boat.

The dial is one of the best parts of the watch. It’s superb in design and as much as it has going on, it was so well done that nothing feels cluttered and it’s easy as can be on the eyes.

yacht timer regatta countdown

Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Weight & Size

In terms of the weight and size of the Yacht-Master 2, it is quite a big watch. A 44mm diameter for a watch case is large, but that was what it was meant to be – a big, brash watch. In regards to thickness, it’s fairly thick, but not as thick as you’d image a “big” watch being.

Personally, we love big watches, but thickness or height isn’t necessarily the big part we like. We like the kind of big that covers the wrist, not the tall kind of big.

So, we love the fact the Yachtmaster 2 case, even with its complicated regatta chronograph inside, isn’t very tall.

Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold ON THE WRIST:

The Yachtmaster 2 is a big watch but it doesn’t actually sit super big on the wrist. This is due to the depth of the watch, as we mentioned above. It’s not extremely heavy or anything either, but it does have some nice weight to it.

The watch is a bit top heavy due to the size of the case. Nonetheless, it is still extremely comfortable and if you wanted to wear it every day, you would never have an issue with the weight of the Yacht-Master 2.

If you want a watch that is an attention grabber, this is the one. The Yacht-Master is just out there with its bright white dial on an exquisite yellow gold case and bracelet. The blue bezel pops and screams for attention, yet it’s still so sophisticated in appearance that one would never consider it gaudy. It is a flashy watch, but it in the best way possible. No other Yacht-Master 2 will get attention like the Yacht-Master II Yellow Gold version.

rolex yachtmaster gold

Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Gold Price

Raymond Lee Jewelers/Diamonds by Raymond Lee has the Rolex 116688 Yacht-Master II Yellow Gold 18k Mens Watch in stock now . The Rolex Yachtmaster 2 yellow gold price is $30,500.

About Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton

Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of South Florida’s best sales and service centers for watches, diamonds, and high-end jewelry. We are a family business that has spent the last 30 years building a solid reputation selling luxury watches and jewelry at wholesale prices. Furthermore, Raymond Lee Jewelers has one of the largest collections of Rolex watches in all of South Florida. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers at our Boca Raton retail store and online. We also aim to provide our community with the best possible experience when it comes to any fine jewelry dealings. We combine value, quality and the ability to meet and understand the needs of people of all ages.

A valuable tool watch

A technical and elegant watch, the Yacht-Master is a reliable nautical instrument on the wrist.

Its graduated bidirectional bezel allows for precise measurement and reading of time intervals when navigating. This tool watch benefits from innovations that improve its legibility and wearers’ comfort in all circumstances.

Graduated bidirectional bezel Precision and legibility on the wrist

The bidirectional bezel with raised 60-minute graduations is a key feature of the Yacht-Master. Entirely crafted in precious metal – 18 kt Everose gold or 950 platinum – or fitted with a black Cerachrom bezel insert in high-technology ceramic, it is an essential part of the watch’s identity.

With its polished markers and numerals, which stand out clearly from the matt surface, the bezel guarantees optimal reading of time intervals, for example, the sailing time between two buoys. Furthermore, the detailed graduation of the first 15 minutes offers extra precision when reading navigational time.

The bidirectional rotating mechanism relies on a ring bearing 120 notches for precise and fluid adjustment to the nearest half-minute. Lastly, the bezel has a knurled edge, making it easy to manipulate in all conditions.

Gold, Rolesor and Rolesium Precious alloys and exclusive combinations

Rolex gold is an intrinsic part of the Yacht-Master’s identity: 18 kt yellow, white or Everose gold are comprised of 750‰ pure gold and blends of silver, copper and palladium. They are all entirely created and cast in our own foundry.

The Yacht-Master in 18 kt Everose gold is available in two diameters: 37 mm and 40 mm. Each of these versions is also available with a diamond-paved dial. The 18 kt yellow gold and 18 kt white gold versions are reserved for the Yacht-Master 42.

Rolex gold is also combined with Oystersteel – a particularly corrosion-resistant alloy – for the Everose Rolesor versions of the Yacht-Master 37 and Yacht-Master 40. They combine a bezel and centre links in Everose gold with a middle case, winding crown, case back and outer links in Oystersteel.

The Yacht-Master 37 and the Yacht-Master 40 are also available in Rolesium versions, an alliance of platinum and steel. They combine a platinum bezel with a middle case, winding crown, case back and bracelet in Oystersteel.

RLX titanium Robustness and lightness

RLX titanium made its first appearance in the Yacht-Master range in 2023. The grade 5 titanium alloy selected by Rolex is a particularly lightweight metal and is noted for its mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Its use for the Yacht-Master 42’s case and bracelet has reduced the weight of the watch by around a third compared to a similar watch in steel. RLX titanium is complex to work with and has required the introduction of special production processes.

The combination of polished, high-sheen and technical satin finishes illustrates our excellence in machining and finishing techniques. Together, they produce a subtle blend of textures and light, setting off the gleaming polished surface of the crown guard and the lustrous high-sheen on the top edges of the lugs against the matt of the technical satin finishing – with its pronounced grain – visible on the rest of the case and bracelet.

Bracelets, clasps and extension systems Comfort and security on the wrist

Chromalight display and cyclops lens for optimal legibility.

Equipped with the Chromalight display and the Cyclops lens, the Yacht-Master combines two exclusive Rolex features that improve legibility.

The Chromalight display provides optimum legibility, whatever the light conditions. The luminescent material is applied by experts to the hands and the large hour markers which have simple shapes (triangle, circle and rectangle) that are characteristic of Rolex professional watches. Brilliant white in daylight, this material emits an intense blue glow in the dark.

Introduced in 2008, the Chromalight display was optimized in 2021 to maintain the intensity of the blue glow for longer. The performance of this luminescent substance clearly exceeds the standards required by watchmaking norms.

Designed to improve the readability of the date thanks to its magnifying effect, the Cyclops lens is both an aesthetic and technical signature of the brand. This Rolex invention was patented in the early 1950s. Like the crystal of the watch, it is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire and benefits from a double anti-reflective coating.

Calibres 3235 and 2236 Superlative performance

   | | |

: | | |   

Dynamo Moscow

, Team USSR 1974


 Dynamo Moscow

If anyone were entitled to write a bestselling book about the Russian hockey history, it would definitely be Vladimir Yurzinov. Formally educated as a journalist, Yurzinov played as a center forward for Tarasov and Chernyshev and coached with Tikhonov, Kulagin and Fetisov. The key in Yurzinov's story is his never stopping ability to keep an open mind and search for the new trends and styles.

As a player, Yurzinov had a career of a solid technically savvy elite center. After 15 seasons with the Dynamo Moscow, he managed to set up his team's all time scoring record, to win gold medals with the Team USSR at the world championships and established a reputation of one of the best Russian forwards of the 1960s.

After his retirement from playing hockey in 1972, Yurzinov became an extremely successful coach. Throughout his career, Yurzinov was named a coach of the year in Russia, Latvia, Finland and Switzerland. In 1989, he brought the Dynamo Riga to their best result in the USSR ever (silver medals). He brought the Dynamo Moscow to their first gold medals ever in 1992. He coached TPS Turku to the two gold medals in Finland in 1993 and 1995.

At the 1974 Summit Series, Yurzinov was in his first season as a national team coach. After his coaching debut with the KooVee club in Finland in 1972-1974, he was appointed as head coach of Dynamo Moscow and got an offer from Boris Kulagin to server also as Team USSR assistant coach. Many of the Team USSR 1974 players were former Yurzinov's teammates from the time he played hockey. Transition from playing to coaching went really smooth for a 44-year old Yurzinov.

On a national team level, Yurzinov worked for 15 years with a legend of the Soviet coaching, Victor Tiknonov. They won many international tournaments including numerous World and European title, Olympics, Canada Cup and many more. Interestingly enough, besides strictly professional knowledge of hockey, Yurzinov developed a reputation of a person with great never aging communication skills. He was able to coach successfully top NHL stars and the AAA level players, coach with such different personalities and leaders as Viktor Tikhonov in 1976-1987 and Slava Fetisov in Salt Lake City in 2002.

In 1998, Yurzinov brought Team USSR to the silver medals at the Winter Olympics in Nagano. "I was one step away from becoming a great coach," said Yurzinov after a 0-1 loss to the Czech squad in the final game. Although his coaching career is far from being over, Vladimir Yurzinov IS a great coach.


USSR League 1957-72 489 239
Team USSR 1961-69 53 25

CAREER HIGHLIGTS: Player's Career: - Played as a Center Forward for the Team USSR and Dynamo Moscow in the USSR Elite League - Dynamo Moscow Captain in 1962-68 - WC Gold : 1963, 1969 - National Awards: USSR Hall of Fame (player), 1963

Coaching Career: - USSR Elite League Clubs : Dynamo Moscow, Dynamo Riga - Dynamo Moscow Head Coach in 1974-80 and 1990-92 - Dynamo Riga Head Coach in 1980-89 - Russia Gold : 1992 - International Leagues : KooVee and TPS Turku in Finland, EHC Kloten in Switzerland - KooVee Player-Coach in 1972-74 - TPS Turku Head Coach in 1992-98 - Finland Gold : 1993, 1995 - Team USSR Coach in 1974-87 - WC Gold : 1975, 1978-79, 1981-83, 1986 - Winter Olympics Gold : 1976, 1984 - Team USSR Coach at the Summit Series 1974 - National Awards: USSR Hall of Fame (coach), 1976

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: |
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Friday, December 26, 2008

1980 rare fed-5b "moscow olympics" com­mem­o­ra­tive edition vintage camera.

all gold yacht master 2

Posted by MV at 10:53 PM  

Labels: cameras , lomography


Really great research about the origins of this camera. Its really not that rare, I bought my in Bosnia for $4, and they had stacks of them lying around.

Do you have any idea how many of these 'Olympic editions' were manufactured?

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all gold yacht master 2

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all gold yacht master 2


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    2016 Mint BLUE HANDS Rolex Yacht-Master 2 Yellow Gold 116688 44mm Watch Box $ 33,992 + $199 for shipping. US. Rolex Yacht-Master II. 116688 $ 47,000 + $99 for shipping. TR. Rolex Yacht-Master II. Yellow Gold 18k Ref. 116688 Full Set $ 48,302 + $127 for shipping. PL. Promoted. Rolex Yacht-Master II.

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    The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II is a unique regatta chronograph. Learn more about its features and how to set the time and, for the perfect race start, how to use the exclusive countdown function by watching the video. Light and robust, the new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is the ally of those seeking freedom of movement.

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    Discover the Yacht-Master models, a combination of character, performance and robustness. The ideal Rolex watches for water sports and sailing. ... Yacht-Master 42. Oyster, 42 mm, white gold. Yacht-Master 37. Oyster, 37 mm, Oystersteel and Everose gold. Yacht-Master 40. Oyster, 40 mm, Oystersteel and Everose gold. Reset. Diameter. 37 mm. 40 mm.

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    Yacht-Master II Key Features: - Year Introduced: 2007 - Case Size: 44mm - Materials: Oystersteel; Everose Rolesor; 18k Yellow Gold; 18k White Gold & Platinum - Functions: Time w/Running Seconds, Programmable Regatta Timer w/ Mechanical Memory - Dial: White w/ Luminous Hour Markers - Bezel: Ring Command, Blue Ceramic or Platinum Insert w/ 10-Minute Countdown Scale

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    116688-ND | 116688-0002. ROLEX YACHT-MASTER II MEN'S LUXURY WATCH. - With Manufacturer Serial Numbers. - Swiss Made. - White Dial. - Square Hour Markers. - Polished Solid 18k Yellow Gold Ring Command Bezel. Blue Cerachrom Ceramic Insert with Gold Coated Numerals on Bezel. - Regatta Chronograph Feature.


    Price List of all Rolex Yacht-Master 2 Watch Models in our Online Store. We Buy, Sell, and Trade-in Brand New & Pre-Owned Rolex Watches. Best Price Guaranteed. For Sale: 18k white gold, yellow gold, platinum and regatta Models. ... Rolex Yacht-Master II Rose Gold/Steel 44mm White "Mercedes Hands" 116681 - BRAND NEW . Quick shop. $25,999. Rolex ...

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    Rolex Yacht-Master II 116689. For an ultra-luxurious take on the professional sailing watch, there's the Yacht-Master II ref. 116689 which brings together two precious metals. The 44 mm Oyster case and hefty Oyster bracelet are crafted in 18k white gold while the bezel is made from platinum rather than ceramic.

  16. Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches for Sale

    First introduced in 2007, the Yacht-Master II was offered in yellow and white gold variations under references 116688 and 116689, respectively.An Everose gold/steel two-tone Rolesor version (ref. 116681) was added in 2011, followed by the stainless steel reference 116680 two years later. With a case size of 44mm that rises 13.9mm on the wrist, the Yacht-Master II commands attention on the ...

  17. Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold Review

    Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Yellow Gold 44m Oyster Case. The Yacht-Master 2 has a much larger, bolder case size compared to the original Yacht-Master. It is 44mm in diameter, which is over 4mm larger than the first Yacht-Master. There is a slight curve to the case which feels very nice. The sides and lugs have an exquisite polishing that shines ...

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    Buy Rolex Yacht-Master 42 White Gold at the best price. Prices, photos, characteristics. Perspectiva pawnshop, call us: +7 (495) 959-99-99

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    Gold, Rolesor and RolesiumPrecious alloys and exclusive combinations. Rolex gold is an intrinsic part of the Yacht-Master's identity: 18 kt yellow, white or Everose gold are comprised of 750‰ pure gold and blends of silver, copper and palladium. They are all entirely created and cast in our own foundry.

  20. The Summit in 1974: Team USSR Roster

    USSR Merited Sports Master (1963) USSR Merited Sports Coach (1976) Club: Dynamo Moscow ... After 15 seasons with the Dynamo Moscow, he managed to set up his team's all time scoring record, to win gold medals with the Team USSR at the world championships and established a reputation of one of the best Russian forwards of the 1960s.

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    NEW White gold automatic watch 44MM,Yacht-Master II $ 39,144 + $115 for shipping. HK. Rolex Yacht-Master II. 2 white 116689 $ 33,581 + $255 for shipping. JP. Rolex Yacht-Master II. Ref. 116689 sehr guter Zustand NUR ABHOLUNG. Price on request + $219 for shipping. DE. Rolex Yacht-Master II. 116689 $ 38,372. Excl. shipping. DE. Private Seller.

  22. Hotel National, Luxury Collection, Moscow [Master Thread]

    Marriott | Marriott Bonvoy - Hotel National, Luxury Collection, Moscow [Master Thread] - Originally Posted by remymartin As a Helsinki local I am not exempt from Visa for Allegro, only the cruise. But I cannot speak for American passport holders. Ferry/cruise visa exemption is available to all nationalities. Train visa

  23. Master Vintage: 1980 Rare FED-5B "Moscow Olympics" Com­mem­o­ra­tive

    FED innovated the cameras further, combining the rangefinder with the viewfinder in the FED-2 and all its successors. The FED-3 added slow shutter speeds and on the later version FED-3 (b) the film advance was changed from a thumb wheel to a lever. The FED-4 (1964-77) added a non-coupled selenium exposure meter.