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Below Deck Recap: Barbie Land

below deck sailing yacht vulture

It’s a beautiful new morning on the St. David , and Captain Kerry’s attention to detail is as impressive as ever. He scolds Kyle for a drain cover left out — god forbid the guests see it and are reminded they’re on a boat.

Last week’s cliffhanger is resolved: Eileen seems fine and didn’t die in her sleep from a concussion. Kerry wisely has the crew put Eileen on watch for the rest of the charter. He then casually tells us how he once duct-taped a guest to their bed, which actually seems less humiliating than having your drunken discoordination shown on TV the number of times they’ve replayed Eileen’s fall.

At breakfast, primary Tina wears a T-shirt that boldly says, “She can.” What does this mean? Sadly, I don’t have much time to ponder it because the guests change into new custom shirts for their volleyball game. It’s Chicago (Illinois) vs. the Crop Tops (Iowa), and the latter’s shirts aren’t crop tops. Why make the pun if you were going to wear normal tank tops?

Fraser and Jared round out the teams and are spared the shirts but do have to wear pink sweatbands. The music and slo-mo get very intense for the final point, and I suddenly feel like a sports reporter. Chicago wins 21-19 in a nail-biter, not that we care. After his team loses, Jared again tries and fails to get cell service to talk to his daughter. She probably would’ve loved his sweatbands. The poor guy cannot catch a break.

And the sports coverage isn’t over yet! Kerry thinks the solution to Cat’s fitting-in problems will be electric surfing using his eFoil. This is misguided for two reasons: (1) The last time I saw someone e-surfing, it was  Mark Zuckerberg getting ridiculed by the whole internet , and (2) co-workers tend to dislike it when the boss shows favoritism,   even if your “therapy is salt water.” Of course, Cat’s special break annoys Barbie. For once, Barbie stays chill about it.

Barbie claims she respects Fraser and wants to get along, but she can’t help but make passive-aggressive comments. Fraser even compliments her vaguely Italian tablescape. She lets a barb (pun intended) slip: “I’m used to having a chief stew who tells me [what to do].” Fraser starts having war flashbacks to Camille and gossips to Anthony about the situation, gunning again for Barbie to leave. Barbie may have an attitude, but it seems like her work ethic will protect her from getting fired.

Is Barbie the main character of this season? Time will tell, but she definitely feels like the lead of this episode. She has drama with her boss AND a love triangle. Well, now it’s more of a love line plus a dot off to the side that wishes it was part of the triangle. In case that was unclear, the dot is Jared. Jared thinks he’s flirting with Barbie because she’s a pretty human woman who is talking to him normally.

As for the Italian dinner, the guests love Anthony’s cooking. And I love that he’s self-aware enough to call himself a little French guido. Tonight, he moved on from beet cappuccino to mushroom cappuccino with foie gras. Tina raves that she didn’t think something in a glass could be so good. In the last episode, I was starting to think her anti-glass stance was responsible because her friends kept breaking glass, whether in cup or door form. But after that comment it seems like she just really loves the flavor of microplastics and BPA.

At dinner, we also learned that before yachting, Barbie sold golf balls, hair straighteners, and finance on Wall Street in the Trump building. I’m not sure if the guests’ blank looks and “Okay, yeah” response is because they don’t want to talk politics or if they’re as confused as I am about what “selling finance” means. Did Barbie sell stocks? Bonds? The vague concept of money? Was she in a pyramid scheme?

Xandi tells Cat that of the guys on the boat, Fraser is most her type. Girl. She also reveals she’s divorced, and her dad had an affair with her ex-husband’s mom. Which is not as horrible as Anthony’s uncle having an affair with his wife, but what is up with this crew’s family members?!

Speaking of family, it’s the two-year anniversary of Anthony’s dad’s death. Fraser especially feels for Anthony because his dad is a cancer survivor. I really like their friendship. If anyone makes Anthony’s day harder today, we riot. He says opening a restaurant in Miami was his and his dad’s dream. Hopefully, he fulfills it, and I will be first in line to try whatever vegetable cappuccino he’s serving.

As St. David prepares to dock, Jared is a mess: he’s on the wrong side of the boat, still doesn’t know a meter is basically a yard, and has to scramble to get a bolster down when they’re only a meter away from the dock. Miraculously, the boat doesn’t crash. Jared felt great about it, completely unaware that he was giving everyone else an anxiety attack. Kerry calls him in for a chat and tries to explain what he needs, hopefully getting through to Jared this time, who says it’s “crystal clear.” Let’s hope that crystal wasn’t cleaned by Cat.

The guests were blissfully unaware of the near-crash and tip a generous $26,000. As they leave, Tina says “we’ll be back” which feels more like a threat than a compliment.

Kerry thinks Sunny has been doing a great job and has her practice driving the tender. Ben gives her a lesson, and she says she wants to become a bosun. I wonder if this is foreshadowing that Jared’s position will open up, but as lead deckhand, Ben would have seniority for that. They seem really into each other but are not yet a strong enough couple to handle any crew change-ups that may come.

To start their night off, the girls and boys separate. Did Barbie suggest a girls’ night just to avoid Fraser? Maybe. Everyone is revealing their red flags: Kyle started smoking at 12 years old. Jared is an angry drunk at 7:30 p.m. And Barbie is actually still legally married and friends with her ex/technically current husband. She claims they simply haven’t felt like going through the paperwork.

When the girls and boys meet up, Barbie tells Kyle he has “hot vibes” so it seems like Jared may get the hint. Meanwhile, Cat uses time in which she could be bonding with her coworkers to instead call a friend to discuss how she’s not vibing with the rest of the crew. Shockingly, e-surfing with the boss didn’t help.

Some of the group continues the party back in the boat’s hot tub, where Ben kisses Sunny, and Kyle kisses his tobacco pipe. They’re too loud, accidentally waking up Captain Kerry, who’s trying to sleep. This prompts Ben and Sunny to take things to the shower. Ben says he’s not ashamed to be caught with his pants down, but technically, he is not wearing any pants, only a towel. Sunny and Ben cuddle in bed.

At the hot tub, Jared, Barbie, and Kyle are left cleaning up. Barbie and Kyle make plans to watch “ Home Alone  or something boring.” (I must defend that  Home Alone  is not boring!) Jared notices Kyle spills some tobacco, and they both clean it up. Jared’s frustrated he can’t properly clean it because the deck is wet, but I find it hard to believe this boat doesn’t have a wet vac.   He makes a big deal of being mad about the mess, which is a flimsy cover for being mad   that Barbie is into Kyle.

Jared continues cleaning alone, then brings Kyle’s tobacco pouch down to him in Barbie’s room. Jared goes to his own room but can’t let it go and returns to Barbie’s unannounced. Thankfully he doesn’t walk in on anything because Barbie is practically edging Kyle, cleaning up her room while he waits on the bed. Jared asks Kyle to make sure there’s no more tobacco on the deck. Kyle says he’ll do it in a few hours when he’s up at 4 a.m. Drunk Jared wanders around the deck, cleaning and muttering.

Jared returns a third time and pulls mid-toothbrushing Kyle for a chat. He claims the reason he pulled Kyle aside to tell him to clean up is because “I don’t wanna do that in front of other people,” when we all know the reason is “I didn’t want you and Barbie in a room together.” Barbie, ever the hard worker, does her laundry in the background of this conversation. Kerry comes down, angry, because he can hear them two decks up. Will this be Jared’s undoing?

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below deck sailing yacht vulture

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TV Shows Ace

‘Below Deck Down Under’ Hit With $9 Million Lawsuit, Here’s Why

Below Deck Down Under Hit With $9 Million Lawsuit, Here's Why [Credit: YouTube]

Below Deck Down Under premiered earlier this month on Peacock. It’s the latest spinoff series in the ever-growing Below Deck franchise. Fans have already been raving about the new series. But someone issued a $9 million lawsuit. They sued the producers for the damages made to the Thalassa superyacht known as the Keri Lee III.

Captain Jason Chambers has a new crew and a new superyacht. He had to get hands-on with his job to ensure nothing terrible happens. In a confessional, Jason revealed a time when he crashed a superyacht into a marina that was next to a group of diners. According to recent court documents, it sounds like something happened with this new superyacht.

Below Deck Down Under producers responsible for damages made to 55-meter vessel

Starcasm obtained the court documents on Monday, March 28. The filings reveal the Below Deck Down Under producers are in a lawsuit with the owner of the My Thalassa, which has changed its name to the My Keri Lee III. Australian native Trevor Lee and his wife, fashion designer Keri Craig-Lee are the owners of the superyacht.

They sued the producers for over $9 million in damages made to their yacht. They claim the damage is with Mountain View Productions, LLC, which produces Below Deck Down Under . The dispute took place in front of a judge in an Australian federal court. The court made the filings public.

Below Deck Down Under Superyacht [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

The estimate could include the repainting of the exterior. It makes sense since Captain Glenn Shephard crashed the Parsifal III in Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht . He ended up with a $20,000 bill and a bruised ego. It’s possible that the My Keri Lee III ended up in a worse wreck.

Did Captain Jason Chambers crash the superyacht?

The Below Deck Down Under star is no stranger to boat crashes. Jason was the captain of the 45.6-meter superyacht Moatize when it crashed into a Queensland marina in 2019. He made international headlines when it crashed into an outdoor dining area. Some of the guests scrambled for their life.

Jason spoke to an Australian news outlet to reveal what happened. It’s unclear if Jason was responsible when the My Keri Lee III sustained damage in the lawsuit. The Below Deck Down Under trailer didn’t hint about a potential crash in the preview trailer. What are your thoughts on this lawsuit? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Down Unde r drop on Thursdays on Peacock.

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below deck sailing yacht vulture

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If You Liked Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck 's Captain Jason Shares Update on 2 Fired Crewmembers After Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Below deck down under captain jason chambers revealed if he's had contact with luke jones and stew laura bileskalne after they were fired on season two for making unwanted sexual advances..

Captain Jason Chambers is revealing where he stands with Bosun Luke Jones and Stew Laura Bileskalne  after the two crewmembers were fired during season two of Below Deck Down Under for inappropriate sexual behavior towards their co-workers.

"I've stayed in touch," the Bravo star exclusively told E! News' Francesca Amiker at BravoCon 2023 on Nov. 4 alongside Chief Stew Aesha Scott . "Because we've all got the opportunity to grow from it. And you can't just push everyone away as a captain. I need to actually hold on to those people. Even in season one, I kept on with the crew, always in contact and see how they are. You don't want to set and forget. Everyone's got an opportunity to grow."

Aesha also praised her boss for helping Luke and Laura learn from their mistakes aboard the Northern Sun .

"Jason as a captain, I remember getting emotional after season two when I said goodbye," she gushed to E!, "because so much of him reminds of my father."

"He's very understanding and he sees everything in everyone and how they can grow," she continued. "He really wants to guide people and help them mature and become better people. So, he'll never leave you stranded."

Luke and Laura were both sent home on the Bravo series' Aug. 7 episode for making unwanted sexual advances towards their costars Stew Margot Sisson and Deckhand Adam Kodra respectively after a night of partying. Both Jason and Aesha immediately stepped in to insure their crew felt safe and let the two yachties.

Following the incident, Jason spoke out against sexual harassment in any workplace .

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"I've had a flood of messages over the last 24 hours from people in similar situations—some not so lucky of the outcome—so my heart goes out to them," the Aussie native said in an Aug. 9 Instagram video. "I like to thank the production team for breaking the fourth wall and stepping in. Then reforming and allowing Aesha to come to me in an authentic manner and us dealing with it as we would as captain and crew."

Jason concluded by noting he hopes those involved are now "on a better journey to better themselves" and called for "less hate please, more love."

Keep reading to see more of the most shocking firings in Below Deck history.

And for more BravoCon scoop, watch E! News Monday, Nov. 6, at 11 p.m. on E!.

If there's one thing to learn from Camille Lamb 's Below Deck firing, it's to not slack off on the job. That's exactly why the season 10 stew was let go by substitute Captain Sandy Yawn , as Chief Stew Fraser Olender continued to criticize Camille's behavior on board.

From being caught drinking while preparing for a new charter to partying at late hours and more, Fraser informed Captain Sandy that he had reached his "last straw."

"She's the common denominator in all of this," said Captain Sandy. "Great girl, great personality, but at the same time, we have to do what's best for the boat."

Below Deck Adventure 's Kyle Dickard was let go just three episodes into the reality franchise's latest series—which premiered in November 2022. After picking fights with his fellow deckhand Nathan Morley —as well as kissing crew mates in front of guests—Kyle was offered by Captain Kerry Titheradge the opportunity to resign so that his firing would not end up on his personal record.

Kyle took the Captain up on his offer and left the boat after just one charter.

Captain Sandy let bosun Raygan Tyler go during season seven of Below Deck Mediterranean ,  not only for causing the boat to  take a small hit while docking, but also for not stepping up to the plate as a leader.

But Captain Sandy didn't want her firing to discourage the bosun, as she told Raygan, "If I had the time and I wasn't running a boat this size, I would train you. I would teach you."

In addition to onboard romances and failing to follow directions , one of the biggest reasons behind stew Elizabeth Frankini 's Below Deck firing was her infamous laundry room accident , during which made a toxic mess when combining bleach and laundry soap.

"Unfortunately, I didn't know that was so toxic and I feel so bad about it," she told E! News of the incident in December 2020 . "You know, I do feel really bad, especially 'cause Francesca [ Rubi ] did say, 'Take it outside.'"

The bosun and stew were both fired by Captain Jason Chambers for inappropriate behavior after a night of partying with their fellow yachties.

Luke Jones was let go after getting into Stew Margot Sisson 's bed naked while she was drunk and unconscious. Laura Bileskaine also made unwanted advances on Deckhand Adam Kodra despite him telling her he was not interested in hooking up.

Jason made it known that consent was a must, and sent both crewmembers packing.

Tensions between stew Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew Shea came to a head during an explosive dinner fight on season six of Below Deck Mediterranean , during which Lexi told Matt that his parents "should've aborted you." That was the last straw for Captain Sandy, who fired her not long after the incident.

Deckhand Tom Pearson said "bon voyage" to Below Deck Sailing Yacht after getting let go by Captain Glenn Shephard . Tom hit his last strike with the Captain after failing to report that the boat's anchor was dragging during heavy winds one night, causing a potential safety risk for everyone on board.

"It had to be done. It was such a grievous thing that he dropped the ball there, he had to go, and we had to just be man down and live with it, you know?" Captain Glenn said of the decision  on Watch What Happens Live. "So, obviously, you don't want to do that, but yeah, it had to happen."

Some people are picky eaters, but Below Deck Down Under' s Ryan McKeown was quite the picky chef, as he would judge guests'  food requests  and fail to take  criticism from Captain Jason Chambers , as well.

Perhaps Ryan's Below Deck exit is one of the franchise's most memorable, as he mooned Jason and viewers on his way off the boat.

Below Deck Down Under stew Magda Ziomek 's firing was another case of slacking on the job. After constantly being on her phone texting or video chatting with her boyfriend, Chief Stew Aesha Scott decided to replace Magda before the end of the charter season.

Below Deck Mediterranean 's Peter Hunziker was fired from the series in June 2020 after he shared an offensive post on social media.

"Peter Hunziker of Below Deck Mediterranean has been terminated for his racist post," Bravo wrote in a statement at the time. "Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes."

Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was let go by Captain Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean after boson Malia White discovered her co-star possessed undeclared Valium and a vape pen, the former of which Hannah claimed was for her anxiety.

"If I could do it all over again, I would've just declared them as soon as I came on board," Hannah stated in an August 2020 interview with E! News. "It was definitely not something that was intentional. I wasn't trying to hide anything.

Below Deck Mediterranean 's Delaney Evans left just as quickly as she arrived. After initially being brought on during season six to help out Chief Stew Katie Flood , Katie determined that Delaney was doing more harm than good, choosing to let her go after just one charter.

"I think she was overwhelmed with the situation, and I think that, you know, in her mind, the best solution to the situation was just to go back to what they had before," Delaney told Bravo Insider of Katie's decision. "I think she was just overwhelmed with everything that was going on and all the feedback she was getting."

Deckhand Shane Coopersmith was a bit in over his head on season eight of Below Deck , as he was let go for failing to know basic skills, reporting late for duty and taking naps on the job.

Chaos in the kitchen led to Captain Lee Rosbach letting Chef Leon Walker go on season three of Below Deck . After an oven fire broke out , Lee placed the blame on Chief Stew Kate Chastain but was ultimately the one sent home.

Like several of the franchise's stars, Below Deck 's Chris Brown  was fired  during season five for failing to fully perform his duties. After being let go by Captain Lee, Chris shared some parting words as he left the boat, stating , "Who gives a s--t?"

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva was fired by Captain Sandy on season four of Below Deck Mediterranean after failing to use her cooking skills to produce top-quality food for guests—including some not-so-nice nachos .

"Of course it makes me feel awful," Mila said of her departure . "People like me who have big egos sometimes have to be put down to earth a little bit. But it makes me feel like I want to work even harder."

Sometimes people just don't work well together. That's exactly why Captain Lee fired Chandler Brooks during season six of Below Deck , telling the boson, "I don't think it's a good fit."

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

Why Todd & Julie Chrisley Still Haven't Spoken Since Entering Prison

Bachelor 's kelsey has important news for joey in sneak peek.

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Inside Below Deck Sailing Yacht ’s Crash, and the Dramatic Aftermath

below deck sailing yacht vulture

By Julie Miller

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Yacht and Water

Below Deck viewers have survived kitchen fires, nightmare charter guests , dramatic dismissals, drug scandals , and soured romantic relationships. But Monday’s episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, “Total Ship Show,” is unprecedented in franchise history, in terms of its sheer disaster quotient. Within the first five minutes of the episode, the Parsifal yacht crashes into a stone dock in high winds, destroying the end of the vessel and totaling Captain Glenn Shephard ’s already-dented ego. (Last week, Parsifal suffered a less serious collision. We hope the sailing yacht is not cursed.) The rest of the episode unravels like a high-paced thriller set aboard an out-of-control luxury yacht.

The villains: the shrill, gluten-free charter guests, who are too self-involved to notice the Parsifal ’s jacked transom door. The dramatic B-plot: the chef screwing up a five-course meal by serving steak after dessert. As if this were not enough action for a single episode, there is also an STD scare that forces an otherwise respectable woman to reckon with an indiscretion.

“It was almost like an embarrassment of riches,” said Below Deck executive producer Courtland Cox, of the chart-topping chaos in Croatia. “It’s amazing that this was all happening, but it’s also difficult to tell all of these stories in an interesting way within a limited amount of time per episode.” Some viewers complained that the season was starting off too smoothly, but Cox trusted the process and knew that such interesting cast members would yield climactic story lines. “With any great narrative structure, you want to have peaks and valleys that eventually crescendo into something interesting…. The yacht crashing, guests being crazy, and Jean-Luc [Cerza Lanaux] being worried about getting an STD, all that stuff is the seasoning.”

Ahead, Cox and Parsifal chief stew Daisy Kelliher take us behind the scenes of Monday’s bombshell episode to answer all of our burning questions—about everything from the crash to the onboard romances, including Dani’s pregnancy announcement.

Executive producer Cox was tucked away in a tiny control room on the Parsifal during both accidents, where he was able to watch what was happening from three different camera vantage points, and hear what was happening from the walkie-talkie dialogue on deck. Cox said that he knew that the Parsifal was going to hit the dock about five seconds before it happened—when first mate Gary King began calling out the shrinking measurements between the yacht and the dock, but the boat, because of the intense wind and swell, kept hurtling toward the dock at full speed. Because of a mechanical error that short-circuited the thrusters, Captain Glenn was not able to propel the vessel in the reverse direction.

As the ship sped toward the dock, the Below Deck producer juggled a contradictory range of concerns: the fear of a captive passenger aboard an out-of-control vessel; worry for his fellow shipmates; heartbreak for Captain Glenn, who was about to bite it in front of multiple cameras; and, conversely, the shark-like instincts of a reality-TV producer keen to capture the chaotic melee in all of its gruesome glory.

“The human part of me, my heart aches for Glenn,” Cox told Vanity Fair. Still, he continued, “My job is to capture what’s actually happening—so we told our camera operators, ‘Stay on Glenn.’ We don’t push right up in his face or get in his way, but the story in the moment was that Glenn hit the dock. How was he going to rectify the situation?”

In addition to seeing the crash, viewers also witness Captain Glenn’s spirit breaking close up—as the sweet Parsifal pilot realizes, in devastatingly real time, that he has not only incurred thousands of dollars in yacht damages, but has done so with a camera trained on him.

“I probably watched this episode 15 times in various incarnations, and every time I see Glenn’s face in the immediate aftermath of hitting that dock, I still get very emotional,” said Cox. “It’s a catastrophic moment for any yacht captain when you do damage to a boat. It’s the worst possible thing. And I also know that that’s compounded by a factor of a million because there are TV cameras on you.”

Cox has produced 16 seasons’ worth of Below Deck, and called the crash “the second-most intense moment ever on the series.” (The first-most intense was a near-death accident in 2018 during which deckhand Ashton Pienaar was pulled overboard after his ankle was caught in ropes.) “As a producer, it’s amazingly compelling. But as a person onboard, it’s terrifying…. But Glenn is a consummate professional. He didn’t try to deflect or make excuses or try to tap dance his way out of it. He went quickly into crisis mode, damage mode.”

Parsifal chief stew Daisy Kelliher said that watching the crash in the episode was worse than living it, “because I was downstairs when it happened. I have never seen a boat that crashed the dock or been in a boat that crashed the dock.”

Photos From Inside the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

By Kara Warner

An Exclusive Early Look at the 2024 Oscars Set

Speaking about Glenn, Kelliher said, “He was pretty upset at the time, but you quickly calm down. It was an accident, and the main thing is nobody got hurt. It’s like banging your car. You get the insurance sorted. You learn from it. And you move on.”

Image may contain Human Person and Photographer

How quickly did the episode’s events happen in real life?

The unfolded over the course of about 72 hours, according to Cox. “The boat hits the dock, it looks terrible, and Glenn’s like, ‘Well, the guests are getting here in four hours.’… The crew did a great job at kind of compartmentalizing, and putting the dock behind us as these charter guests come on. And the story becomes about J.L.’ s anxiety about the STD, and [chef] Natasha’s anxiety about these guests having crazy demands that are emotionally taxing on the heels of a traumatic event…. It’s exhausting for them.”

What did producers make of another unprecedented plot twist: J.L.’s on-camera concerns about a potential sexually transmitted disease?

This twist surprised even Cox. “I’m a fossil who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s,” said Cox. “What was going through my head was, ‘There’s a very easy way he could have prevented this—by using some kind of protection. If you roll the dice, you kinda gotta accept what happens to you. I’m not a heartless monster TV producer. I don’t want anyone to ever suffer or go through something they have an existential crisis over. In that moment, you’re hoping that it’s at least one of the lesser STDs that is easily treated.”

When did producers discover that Dani was pregnant? (The cast member revealed her pregnancy on Instagram last month.)

“Dani brought it to our attention when we were pretty far into the postproduction process,” said Cox. “Even once Dani found out, I think she kind of wanted to sit with [the news] herself. Then she let us know and said, ‘Hey, just so you know, I’m pregnant.’ We said, ‘Okay, great.’ I left that up to her and how much information she wanted to give us. My first reaction was, ‘That’s fantastic. Congratulations.’ Because she made it clear throughout the season that she wanted a family. The rest of that is for Dani to figure out.”

“I really don’t ask Dani much about it,” added Kelliher in a separate phone call. “I’m very aware that that she probably feels like she’s explaining herself to a lot of people. So I try and respect her privacy. We’ve spoken a little about it, but I figure the less I know the better.”

Do Daisy and Natasha eventually get to a place of mutual understanding and respect?

“I didn’t mind her,” said Kelliher. “On the show it looks like we hated each other. We were very civil with each other, and would laugh and sit with each other. It wasn’t constant arguing—that only came when it was time to serve meals…. At that stage, I had kind of given up, because I had tried everything. She didn’t want my help. She didn’t want to communicate with me…. I’m asking you if you’re serving five courses, you’re telling me no. I could stand here and keep arguing, but I wasn’t going to win in this.… We have a good relationship now. I have respect for her. But that [tension] never changes.”

What is Daisy’s read on the love triangle tensions between Gary, Sydney, and Alli?

“I wish I had been there for some of the conversations [between the three of them], because I don’t think they would have escalated as much,” said Kelliher. “I do think Sydney was pretty intense. I knew she was upset and understood why she was upset. If you’re a girl, it’s embarrassing if somebody chooses someone over you…. But some of the things she said were quite mean to Ali, and I didn’t really like that. If I had been there, that wouldn’t have happened because I wouldn’t have allowed it.”

“I’ve definitely seen love triangles. I’ve been involved in love triangles. This was intense because it escalated so quickly. I didn’t really get it. I guess maybe we’re all intense people—maybe that’s why you do a TV show about yachting. But I did find the whole thing a bit weird from all sides. I was like, ‘We’ve known each other [for] like three weeks…and don’t even know each others’ last names.’ Settle down.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

All products featured on Vanity Fair are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Julie Miller

Hollywood correspondent.

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“I’ve Never Seen a Movie Do Sex Like This”: Inside the Wild Ride of Drive-Away Dolls

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Where There’s Smoke

When last we left Below Deck Sailing Yacht , Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher had recovered from her teary meltdown. But Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and First Mate Gary King were still having a lovers’ spat. As Deckhand Chase Lemacks said, “What’s up with all of our heads of departments? They’re all imploding.”

Tonight’s crew dinner should be interesting. They’re either all going to kiss (literally) and make up, or there will be a fireworks display in Portisco, Sardinia tonight.

While Colin headed down to his cabin for a nap, Daisy caught up with Gary on deck. She was still steamed at the chief engineer for throwing shade at her (disguised as “constructive criticism”) in the crew meeting.

“That charter was so hard,” she complained to Gary. “It was non-stop. When I tried to stand up for myself, Colin completely [turned] it back around. Don’t make me into a f***ing clown in front of everybody. I know that that was directed at me. F***ing p****.”

“I have never been this angry with Colin before,” Daisy interviewed. “He … loves to come in and be the voice of reason. But it’s none of his f***ing business. Colin needs to shut the f*** up and know his f***ing place.” I’m thinking all that righteous anger will soon convert itself to sexual energy later in the evening. It’s gotta happen soon . We’re into Episode 7 already!

Everyone just needs to have some fun

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Everyone’s nerves were on edge following such a hard charter, and they all looked forward to blowing off some steam. As the girls were getting ready for a night out, Gary woke Colin from his nap to apologize for their spat.

“Sorry, bru,” he said. “I don’t know how that got so deep.” After they both said sorry, Gary told Colin to “come on outside. [Let me] get you a beer.” And they immediately began speculating who they wanted to make out with later in the evening. Only time will tell!

As Captain Glenn Shephard tendered the crew over to the restaurant for dinner, Gary passed around beers. “Where’s my beer?” Glenn joked. Of course, he couldn’t imbibe, since he was driving the tender.

Their dinner table was set on an outdoor patio overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea (I Googled it). Absolutely gorgeous! As their waiters Jacopo and Allesio were laying out utensils and napkins, Chase clapped his hands together like a little girl, “Ooh, it’s so fancy! … All right ladies, take notes on what these guys are doing, huh?” Chase is so socially awkward.

“F*** off, Chase,” Junior Stew Lucy Edmunds moaned. She later interviewed, “The last thing I needed after Daisy’s cried and Glenn’s given us bad feedback is Chase to make his sh** jokes about my f***ing job.” Not cool Chase.

When the appetizers came around, Chase looked at his plate and blurted, “What’s this? Chicken nuggets and some watermelon, huh?” Where did this yokel come from? Has he never eaten in a nice restaurant before? Have some couth, dude. You’re not making any points with your co-workers. Someone says it’s “anemone” and it’s amazing!

Lucy suddenly remembered she hadn’t put up the plastic shield to keep her from drunkenly rolling out of her top bunk. She joked that Colin should put it on his job list.

“As long as you do something ,” Daisy jabbed. Still mad, I see.

“Daisy wants to have a fight tonight,” Colin answered.

“Somebody’s in the firing line,” Daisy shot back. “Might as well be you.”

Even though he laughed, Colin was a little worried about fighting with the chief stew. “I don’t want to fight with anyone on board,” he told a production interview, “let alone Daisy. She’s a good friend, but I’m not going to be made to feel bad about giving my opinion. She can be mad at me all night if she wants. It’s just a waste of her energy.” Like I said earlier, “energy.” Wink, wink.

Alex is crushing on Mads but is scared of Gary

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Across the table, Junior Stew Madison “Mads” Herrera and Deckhand Alex Propson looked cozy, taking selfies and whispering to each other. Gary was not stanning. “To friends, to family,” Mads toasted Alex. “And to me and you,” as they linked arms and sipped their wine. Poor Gary. There went his big plans for the evening.

“[I] just didn’t realize I was a jealous person until tonight,” he told Chef Ileisha Dell , sitting next to him.

“Oh, you’re jealous?” she asked him. “What are you going to do, though?” Not much he can do. But then again, recognizing his boss’ envy, Alex realized that hooking up with Mads could get messy.

Walking back to the van after dinner, Gary chastised Mads. “Don’t kiss me one night and then flirt with someone else,” he scolded. Good job, Gary. All that little outburst accomplished was to piss her off. He may have intimidated Alex, but Mads doesn’t work for Gary.

On the way back to the boat, the boys roughhoused in their van, while the girls were playing “F***, Marry, Kill” in theirs. Mads said she would “F*** Alex, marry Colin, kill Chase.” She called it correctly. I agree.

Daisy chose, “F*** Alex, marry Gary and kill Colin, ’cause I’m [still] super f***ing mad at him.” Can’t argue with that reasoning either.

Back on the boat, Chase tried to promote a game of Twister. What is this? Are they in high school? Gary finally moved in for a kiss with Mads, as Alex was either too drunk or just too scared of his boss. Even though Mads was hoping to get with Alex, in the end, she settled for Gary since she was horny and he was the one making the moves.

Colin and Daisy: friends again

below deck sailing yacht vulture

The next morning, it was back to work, even though everyone was pretty hungover. Daisy and Colin passed each other in the corridor without speaking. “What the f***’s going on with Daisy?” he asked Gary.

“She says she’s pretty pissed off with you,” Gary answered.

Colin was missing the point. He just didn’t understand why Daisy was so angry with him. I do. She was tired and frustrated, and you didn’t have her back, bro. That’s why.

When Captain Glenn called Gary, Daisy and Ileisha to the Crew Mess for the preference sheet meeting, they were all pleased to learn that the primary would be a returning guest with whom they’d all had a lot of fun last season. “[‘Big Jim’] can’t wait for another trip on Parsifal III … for more nighttime debauchery,” Glenn read. Sounds like a fun and relatively easy charter. Yay!

Later that afternoon, Colin called Daisy to meet him on the flybridge for a chat. Good for him. When he asked why she was so upset with him, Daisy said, “You shut me down.” She felt his comments about “accepting constructive criticism from Glenn” at the last tip meeting were insensitive, especially considering the pressure she’d been under. “I know that comment was about me,” she said.

“Glenn making these comments,” Daisy continued, “and then you chirping in … [I was just] overwhelmed.”

“Didn’t want to f***ing make you feel worse,” Colin admitted. “But I did, and I’m sorry.”

Daisy appreciated his apology, and they hugged it out. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad when you were already feeling bad,” Colin told her. “That was not my intention.” So they’re all good then.

Meanwhile, in the salon, Alex was fishing for information from Mads. “Sooooo,” he began, “how was your night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mads dodged.

“Is it true love?” the deckhand teased. “I’m happy for you guys … Just kidding. I’m just jealous.”

Is someone sending smoke signals?

below deck sailing yacht vulture

When the guests arrived, they were obviously happy to be back aboard the Parsifal III, and the crew was just as glad to see them. “We missed you!” said the principal, Big Jim.

“I can’t tell you how great it is to have you guys back here,” Glenn said. And since they were already familiar with the boat, the captain suggested they skip the tour and get off the dock, so they could sail. Everyone was agreeable to that idea.

As the guests settled in and the boat was leaving the port, smoke started to pour out the back. “What the f***?” Colin exclaimed. “F*** me!”

Unaware of the engine problem, Glenn was chatting with Big Jim about their trip down the Amalfi Coast. As the billowing cloud of smoke started to become apparent on the flybridge, Jim asked Glenn, “Is there anything you want to tell me about, you know … today’s charter?”

As Colin ran down the stairs to the engine room, alarms started going off. “Hey, that’s the fire alarm going off in the bridge,” Glenn radioed. “Can someone check it, please?”

“We need to anchor, Glenn,” Colin said. “Let’s get into some deeper water.”

“We’re 30 minutes in and we’ve got an engine smoking,” one of the guests commented. “Not good.”

“Everything’s normal,” Colin reported — except for maybe that smoke billowing out of the rear exhaust. I think I can actually smell it from here. “All the temperatures and everything is normal. Obviously, something f***ed up going on inside the engine.” Ya think? Glenn guided the boat into deeper water, and they dropped anchor.

The guests, however, were on vacation and in a good mood. When Daisy brought one of them a fresh cocktail, Big Jim joked he was going to use it “to put the fire out.”

“There’s no fire,” Daisy assured him. “That’s a welcome smoke.” Keep those drinks coming, Dais.

Down in the engine room, Colin discovered “oil dripping out of the turbo.” He explained, “This means that there’s something seriously broken inside the engine or the turbo itself.” Also all the smoke. “I don’t know where I’m sitting on the scale of possible catastrophe. So I’m starting to stress.” Time to tear the engine apart then. For the second time this season. Bummer.

The guests were taking it all in stride, though. “You know, the interior’s been doing amazing,” Jim said.

When Daisy joked that she broke the engine on purpose so they could look good, Jim answered, “They always look good, don’t they, Gary?” No wonder they love these guests. So cheerful and nice.

“They look good, for sure,” Gary agreed. “But then looks can be deceiving … I’m just kidding, Dais!”

“What does ‘boat’ stand for,” Jim quipped. “Break out another thousand.” He’s not wrong. Unless you’re a millionaire and don’t care about throwing money away, it makes more sense to rent or charter than to buy.

Dead in the water

below deck sailing yacht vulture

While everyone made jokes about the boat being on fire, the deck crew was getting out all the water toys to give the guests something to do. And Colin discovered the problem: the shaft inside the turbo had completely snapped, explaining where the oil was coming from. The turbo is responsible for forcing air into the engine, which is necessary for combustion, Colin explained. So until the problem was fixed, the Parsifal would be stuck at anchor. At least they had the tender to ferry people back and forth, if necessary. Colin really earned his paycheck this season. I hope he gets more than just tips.

Texting one parts supplier after another, Glenn was frantically trying to locate a replacement for the broken turbo. Supplier after supplier came up empty. Finally, the ninth supplier he contacted answered in the affirmative, “Yes, we have one left, in Amsterdam.” Hello, Federal! Am I the only one who remembers those ads? “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Glenn followed up with a phone call and asked, “How soon can we get it here? … By tomorrow? [That’s] great news.”

When Glenn told him the part would arrive the next day, Colin responded, “F*** yeah! Good work there, Cap!”

Ileisha and Daisy are killing it

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Chef Ileisha prepared a fabulous Sardinian-style dinner. She served it family style, so everything arrived at the table at the same time and there was no waiting between courses. The guests were happy, and so was Captain Glenn.

“Daisy and Ileisha have taken on board everything I’ve pointed out,” Glenn interviewed. “They’re making an effort to make sure that they don’t make those same mistakes, and I’m noticing a big improvement.”

“Killing it, huh?” Colin asked the chef.

“If I think I’m killing it,” she quipped, “then does that mean I’m killing it?”

“No,” Colin ribbed her. But they both laughed.

Charter Day 2

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Early the next morning, Glenn received a text from the parts supplier: “The turbo piece you’re waiting on is currently in transit and will get to Parsifal within the next few hours.” Excellent news to start the day!

When Chase came up to relieve Alex from his night shift, he immediately started going around complaining about everything he thought Alex didn’t clean. That’s what Chase does. He complains about everybody else while casting himself as the hero in his own movie.

Glenn found Gary and Colin in the Crew Mess and gave them the news that the new turbo was already on its way and should arrive in a few hours.

Meanwhile, Chase and Lucy led an early morning yoga class on the sundeck. “Namaste, everyone!” Chase thought he was a yoga master and went a little overboard on the instructions. Lucy thought he was “cringey.” She was stifling some giggles when Chase put his feet in the air and showed everyone his butt.

Chase throws Alex under the bus

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Running into Gary on deck, Chase asked, “Can I speak to you about the boat this morning?”

“Yeah,” Gary said. “It looks like sh**, eh? Look at the anchor pockets!”

Captain Glenn joined the conversation. “This should get rinsed at night,” he said.

“100%,” Gary agreed. “We were just speaking about that.”

“If it’s cool with you, I’m just going to speak with him about it myself,” Chase offered. Um, you’re not his boss, Chase. I don’t think Alex would take kindly to that, Mr. Tattletale.

“No, I’ll have a chat with him, bru,” Gary said.

“Thank you, brother,” Chase brown-nosed. Chase is a real suck-up. He acts like he’s everyone’s buddy while he’s shoving a knife in his “brother’s” back.

“Now I look like a big fat f***ing asshole,” Chase muttered. You got that right, “brother.” F***ing wanker.

While the guests were enjoying their breakfast on the sundeck, the replacement part arrived. “This is good news here, guys,” Chase announced as he carried the heavy box past their breakfast table. Once again painting himself as the hero.

“Run, Chase! Run!” Jim joked. And Chase started running! What an idiot. “Colin, the part’s here!” he announced.

The ladies of the charter asked Daisy if they could raise a flag. Apparently, they’d brought their own flag printed with a picture of Jim sleeping on his back in a beach chair, legs akimbo, completely naked except for a crumpled cloth covering his junk. The words across the bottom of the banner said “Big Jim.” LOL. I see what they did there.

“Is that Jim?!” a shocked Daisy gasped. She admitted in an interview, “That is so gross.” But funny. The rest of the crew thought so, too.

“That’s actually for you,” Daisy told Gary. “Can you hoist this?”

Colin MacRae saves the day, part deux

below deck sailing yacht vulture

Once he’d installed the new part, it was time to test it. Colin radioed the captain, “Glenn, Glenn, Colin. We’re ready to fire up.”

“Let’s do it!” Glenn answered, going to the back of the boat to observe the exhaust.

“We’re gonna have to run the engine, let it heat up, then burn off all of the loose oil inside the exhaust system,” Colin explained. “Once that’s burnt off, if there’s no more smoke, we know we fixed the problem. And we can set sail again.”

Once the boat started up, a lot of smoke poured out the rear exhaust. “We’ve got a smoke alarm in the laz,” Gary reported. “Can someone just check that? There’s fire alarms going off.”

“You can mute it,” Glenn responded. “There’s no fire in the laz. It’s just the smoke getting sucked back in.”

“I don’t know if it’s me,” Glenn radioed Colin, “but it seems like the level of smoke has definitely dropped off. Probably still a little bit to burn off.”

“Everything down here is amazing,” Colin informed Glenn. “No oil, no exhaust anywhere.”

Good news all around. Everyone was excited as Daisy instructed the interior crew, “I would fully stow because this looks like … we’re gonna sail hard.”

Even Glenn admitted, “It’s pretty crazy to have two massive unrelated engine failures in such a short time. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ve gotten our bad luck out of the way, so we can give Jim and his gang a monumental sail.”

Hoist that flag, boys! Big Jim is going sailing! “Thank you, Colin!” the guests all said.

When Jim asked his wife, “What are you doing, Marnie?” she answered, “Admiring the flag.”

He looked up and said, “Oh, my heavens! What in the hell is wrong with you?”

“That’s our new courtesy flag,” Glenn told him, laughing.

“Wow!” Big Jim chortled. “How can you not love that?” Indeed.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht continues Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.



Just a California girl with an English Lit degree who watches way too much reality television and likes to talk about it. Favorite shows: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York, Orange County, Salt Lake City; Vanderpump Rules; all Below Decks; Summer House; Bachelor in Paradise. Reality Tea News/Recap Writer since 2022.

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below deck sailing yacht vulture

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below deck sailing yacht vulture

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‘Below Deck’ Sails Into a New Era

With a different captain at the helm and new production elements, the reality show about charter yachts is switching up its style.

A man in a crew member suit stands behind a bar and tends to flowers in a vase.

By Shivani Gonzalez

Starting a new season of “ Below Deck ” can be similar to returning to summer camp as a kid — you know it’s going to be fun and that you’ll be in the same environment, but some of the people will be different and you’re not quite sure what the vibes will be.

This time around, in particular, feels that way because for the first time in the show’s 11-season run, Captain Lee Rosbach is no longer at the helm. It’s a pivotal moment for a franchise that has become one of the most popular entities in the sprawling universe of reality TV since premiering on Bravo in 2013 . The show’s appeal was built on endless romances between various crew members (“boatmances,” as they came to be known), horrible charter guests and some sort of passive-aggressive fight about how many shackles of the anchor chain should be in the water. And there was always Rosbach presiding over the drama as he trudged around the boat, reeling off one liners like “I’m madder than a pissed-on chicken” and “we screwed the pooch so many times we should have a litter of puppies running around.”

At the center of the show now is Kerry Titheradge (the stern yet goofy captain of “Below Deck Adventure” fame), who is managing the Motor Yacht Saint David with the cheeky chief stew Fraser Olender by his side.

With that change in captain, the energy on the boat — both onscreen and off — is different, according to Olender.

“I feel like Kerry this season, as opposed to Lee, has a no B.S. attitude, which I love with him,” Olender said in an interview. “With Kerry, he taught me a lot and sort of forced to me confront issues directly with my team, work them out, as opposed to making executive decisions too soon.”

This shift in management style changes the central conflict — whereas the drama once focused on the captain swiftly kicking out any unpleasant crew member (as we might have seen with Rosbach), the drama now focuses on the whole crew trying to get along (since Titheradge gives people those second chances).

Additionally, Olender noted that the captain’s relationship with the crew can also affect the drama on board.

“Captains absolutely do get involved, whether they know it or not,” Olender said, adding that for the crew, everything is about “trying to impress your captain.”

This phenomenon plays out early in the new season when the lead deckhand, Ben Willoughby, called out a fellow crew member over the radios about not wearing a life vest — something he easily could have done in private. The drama that followed became an interpersonal conflict between the two of them, both with the ultimate goal of impressing Titheradge. (Of course, the two deckhands had kissed on the previous crew night out, which is more in line with the “Below Deck” drama viewers are used to.)

For “Below Deck” showrunners, the changeovers in the cast allowed them to rethink what the show would look like.

From the season premiere, it was immediately apparent that Rosbach’s absence wasn’t the only change this season: The filming is sleeker, the daily, multicourse meals prepared by the chef are given their own glamour shots and the cameras sometimes cut to the perspectives of yachties running around on deck and through the galley.

“Our showrunner, Lauren Simms, is an avid consumer of all different kinds of media,” Noah Samton, a senior vice president of unscripted current production for NBCUniversal, said in an interview. “She pitches us different ideas on how to stylistically evoke different feelings and change the mood a little bit of ‘Below Deck’ without removing what really works.”

Moving through the rest of the season, and potentially through seasons to come, Olender is aiming to bring a cutthroat management style while also bringing affection for his stews, all with his signature British humor.

On Bravo’s side, there are changes in the works for the other “Below Deck” spinoffs — including “Sailing Yacht,” “Mediterranean” and “Down Under” — which collectively, have 26 seasons. Specifically, Samton said that “Down Under” is currently filming and that even though fans should be ready to see new things, the show will stay true to its original concept.

“These are real yachties doing a real job so you have to stay within those confines because the audience isn’t going to want anything that is too produced or fake,” Samton said. “So we have to find ways to reinvent while staying true to the original concept of the show.”

And as Olender said: “I’m sure that every year if I were to work with this franchise again, that I’ll be thrown a collection of total chaotic and disastrous stews — that’s what makes it watchable.”

Shivani Gonzalez is a news assistant at The Times who writes a weekly TV column and contributes to a variety of sections. More about Shivani Gonzalez

Bdsy S4 Dynamic Lead

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

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About below deck sailing yacht.

Capt. Glenn and his comeback team Daisy Kelliher, Gary King and Colin MacRae resume their responsibilities aboard Parsifal III, along with new, dynamic crew members, as they set sail in Sardinia, Italy.  

Capt. Glenn realizes that his laid-back leadership style has allowed his crew to become too comfortable and starts taking charge of quality control in the interior department, much to Daisy's dismay. In the galley, Chef Ilesha's cooking impresses the guests, but her indecisiveness and co-dependency lead to time-management issues between courses, which causes her to self-destruct. On deck, strong personalities collide, and a power struggle results in a near mutiny, as Gary clashes with his new overconfident deckhand, Chase. 

Two overlapping love triangles further complicate the dynamics on-board, and a shocking hookup puts Colin, Daisy and Gary’s friendship in jeopardy. 

With a near collision, fire, crew rebellion, gruesome guest injury and two different potentially season-ending engine failures, this is the most captivating and unpredictable season yet of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. 

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Secrets Revealed

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Last week on Below Deck Sailing Yacht , Chief Engineer Colin MacRae was trying to clear the blocked plumbing in the crew quarters. Apparently, the blockage originated in the girls’ cabin, but Colin was able to get everything flushing once again.

Afterward, he joked with Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher , “This is why Gary [King] calls you ‘Daisy Poo,’ huh?” She chased him out of her cabin, as he admonished everyone to wash their hands.

Finally, Captain Glenn Shephard called the crew to the salon for the long-awaited tip meeting. I’d forgotten the guests had just left. Time to show me the money!

Even though Glenn looked pleased with the amount, it was only $13,000 US, which breaks down to $1273 Euros per person. That’s actually quite generous when you think that it was only a 24-hour charter. And having just four guests on board gave the crew a chance to catch their collective breath and not be so frantic.

An end-of-charter surprise

After passing around the tip money, Glenn again wished Gary a happy birthday. The crew was headed out for another night off, but the captain urged them to save some energy for the next day since they would have a full day off, a rare treat mid-season. Everyone cheered with happiness.

Not only were they getting an entire day off to rest and play, but Glenn announced, “I’ve got you guys a private cabana on Blu Beach, and they will also be doing dinner for you. Recharge your batteries, ’cause we still have half the season to go.” A nice surprise, Glenn, which should go a long way in raising crew morale.

“This has been a very tough season for me,” Daisy interviewed. “There’s sun, there’s beer, there’s Colin. I’m pretty f***ing stoked.”

Gary’s birthday party

While Glenn was helping himself to some dinner, Daisy told him, “We’re setting up a party for Gary up there [on deck]. Are you joining us?” Of course, Glenn wanted to join in the festivities, since Gary’s his boy.

While setting up a cake, drinks and balloons for Gary’s party, Daisy complimented Colin on the shirt he had on. “The situation with Daisy and I just feels natural,” Colin told production. “Because we know each other so well, it’s just comfortable. The only thing I’m concerned about is that it’s gonna affect our friendship because we’re great friends.” Oh, Colin, please don’t break my heart. I have such high hopes for this relationship. Please don’t let that be foreshadowing.

When Gary finally stepped upstairs, he found all his friends wearing “Gary” masks, complete with a jaunty cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. “I can’t see sh*t,” Glenn complained.

He loved the masks and laughed as he went into Oprah mode, “You get a Gary. You get a Gary!” With a junior stew under each arm, he told Mads Herrera and Lucy Edmunds , “There’s enough Gary for everyone tonight.”

Daisy shot back, “Why don’t we drink every time you f*** another stewardess?” Ouch. That was a little passive -aggressive.

“Daisy,” Gary said a few minutes later, “can I ask a favor? Just because it’s my birthday, tonight you have to be nice to me.” Even though she insisted she’s “always nice” to him, she does seem to love to bring him down a peg in front of everyone on the regular. Gary asked her not to “shove me under the bus tonight,” and she agreed to be nice.

Less Chase is a great plan

“I’m not the smartest guy in the world,” deckhand Chase Lemacks stated the obvious. “But tonight I’m trying my best not to offend anybody.” So no more asking Lucy if you can shoot tequila between her boobies then? Limiting the alcohol consumption is your best chance there, buddy.

So Chase decided, “Number one goal is [to] just drink less, shout less and just be less.” Sounds like a great plan.

At dinner, Chase went a little over the top trying to win his way back into the ladies’ good graces. “Can I just say,” he announced, “I have never been to dinner with better-looking ladies in my life.” Aww, Chase, they loved it.

But then he had to add, “Cheers to the mistakes I regret already,” causing Lucy to squint her eyes at him with suspicion.

Back to the boat

Drunken hijinks continued as per usual for a night off. Deckhand Alex Propson got way too intoxicated and tried to eat his phone. Daisy and Gary made up and hugged it out. Mads caught them mid-hug and decided it wasn’t worth getting jealous, since she and Gary are in a “casual” relationship and he’s not really her boyfriend.

While Gary and Mads once again sneaked off to have sex in the privacy of a guest cabin, Daisy paid a call to Colin in the boys’ cabin. “Come sleep with me,” she told him, but he convinced her to just lie down with him for a second. “I just want you sleeping with me,” Daisy said.

“I’ve never had an experience like I [have] with Colin,” Daisy interviewed. “We’re friends more than anything, but I could easily see us falling into a relationship because he makes me feel secure. He’s kind, loyal and like, who doesn’t love kisses and cuddles?”

A day at the beach

The next morning, Captain Glenn sent his crew off to the beach club for some well-deserved R&R. “Let’s get this party started,” Chef Ileisha Dell said. “On charter, we’re all just like, go, go, go. So I’m super excited just to unwind and actually chat to everyone and be friends.”

Alex wished that Glenn could be there with them all, “but otherwise it’s perfect.” Cue footage of Glenn playing with one of the e-foils on the water. He did pretty well, too, until he wiped out spectacularly. Is that safe for him to do by himself when there’s no one around to rescue him? Safety first, Glenn.

For some reason, drunk Colin told Ileisha that the chef they had last year was way better than her. Really, Colin? Ileisha, feelings hurt, went off to the ladies’ room to cry. Amazingly, Chase was the voice of wisdom, telling Colin, “When a woman asks you how she compares with someone else, you say, ‘You’re the best.'”

“So I should just lie through my teeth?” Colin asks.

“Yes!” Chase said. Oh, Colin. You’re losing major points here, honey. Be kind.

“I should have done that,” the engineer finally admitted with a laugh, while Ileisha was still crying in the bathroom. Poor Cheffie.

Colin and Mads get a little jealous of Gary and Daisy

Drunk Gary was admiring Daisy’s bikini-clad body, telling her she had a “model body” and dancing close with her, while Colin watched. Colin was a little annoyed.

“Really?” he interviewed. “Gary and Daisy have always been flirty, but there’s a certain amount of respect and consideration you can have for someone that you’re hooking up with. It’s a very confusing little situation, this one.” It is for all of us, Colin.

Also annoyed? Mads. “I didn’t take him seriously before, [and] I’m still not,” she told Lucy. “Look at his personality, look what he’s doing,” as Gary was motorboating Daisy’s cleavage. Ugh. Not a great look in public under any circumstances.

“But I can’t f***ing talk to Alex … without it being an issue,” Mads continued. “I’m not gonna give serious emotions to someone that’s not serious with me.”

Meanwhile, Gary had his head in Daisy’s lap and was begging her for a kiss. Even though Daisy knew Colin was the “healthier” choice, she still can’t shake the attraction for Gary. Better make up your mind soon, Daisy, cause Colin is not enjoying watching you and Gary canoodling.

At the end of the day, Daisy and Colin cuddled together in the water and shared a lingering kiss right next to Gary. The First Mate was not okay with it, though, and quickly exited the area saying, “Whoa, bye-eeee. That is ridiculous.” Really, Gary? And motorboating Daisy in front of Colin is okay?

Gary acts out

At dinner, Mads sat with Alex, rather than Gary, calling the deckhand “babe.” Gary didn’t like that and retaliated by pulling Daisy in for a big kiss. Colin was sitting on the other side of her at the time. “Gary, don’t,” she warned him.

“I know deep down you love me,” Gary answered. “I think we need to be together. But clearly, that’s not gonna happen now.”

“You hooked up with Mads the first night,” Daisy told him. “You have shown me your behavior. You’ve shown me what I meant to you.”

Daisy didn’t want to be “just another one of his 10 million girlfriends.”

“I know you like Colin as a mate,” Gary persisted, “but I know you actually have feelings for me. Think about it from my perspective.” While you’re having sex with Mads in a guest cabin, Gary? Get real.

Gary accused her of avoiding him by hooking up with Colin. “I don’t want to be with you,” Daisy told him, “because you want to be with everybody else. You f***ing could have had me a million times over, and you didn’t want me. Now that you can’t have me, now you f***ing want me. I’m not playing into this f***ing bullsh*t game.”

The truth about Gary and Daisy is revealed

Finally, the truth came out. “Having sex with you was f***ing amazing,” Gary blurted out, as Daisy tried to shush him.

“Gary and I slept together when the season ended last year in Menorca,” Daisy admitted in an interview. “And we also slept together when we went to Disneyland. After that, you know, he still did his usual Gary thing, went from female to female. He never tried to make it anything more. I just wanted this thing to be between Gary and me. Private.”

Daisy urged Gary to move on. “You’re with Mads, I’m with Colin. I really like Colin. I feel a lot for him. It is what it is.”

Dinner completed, everyone returned to the Parsifal III. Their fabulous day off was over.

Back on the boat, the crew settled in for the night. Mads concluded, “I don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt on the boat, but Alex is a grown-ass man. And with Gary, I’m getting a grown toddler boy. I really did not play my cards right.”

Alex may be a “grown-ass man,” but he’s a total asshole. After not so romantically telling Mads, “I’d totally smash you,” he shoved roughly past her standing next to the bar. “Move,” he told her, “Just f***ing move.” Nice.

“So, are you coming upstairs or what?” he petulantly asked her. Wow. The selection of men on this boat is really sad. You have a grown toddler boy (Gary), an obnoxious drunk (Chase) and an even more drunken asshole who’s really hot, but who probably won’t remember a thing in the morning (Alex). Stick with Colin, Daisy. He’s the best of the litter.

“I’m hammered,” Alex admitted, walking up the stairs. Nope, won’t remember a thing.

When she walked through the crew cabin area, Gary grabbed Mads and asked, “Are you coming into my bed?” So she ended up in Gary’s bunk, while Alex fell asleep all alone on deck.

Musical beds

Lucy decided to sleep in the boys’ cabin. Though Gary and Mads told her they had “lots of room” in Gary’s bunk, she curled up in Colin’s bed, thinking he’d be in with Daisy. When Colin came in and found Lucy in his bed, he joked, “What a pleasant surprise!”

After much confusion over who was sleeping where, Colin headed off to the now-abandoned girls’ cabin to share with Daisy. “I need earplugs,” he joked, referencing Daisy’s terrible snoring. He went to the engine room and came back with giant ear protectors. “I don’t know what else to do.”

At last, while snuggling in bed with Colin, Daisy made the choice to come clean. “I want to be honest with you, but I also want to be private,” she told him. “With Gary, it’s something very, very complicated. We have slept together.”

“You guys have slept together?” Colin asked.

“In LA,” she admitted. “And in Menorca.”

“You f***ed Gary?” Colin said, seemingly in disbelief.

“Are you mad that we slept together?”

Colin was confused, “Just ’cause I was led to believe there was nothing going on between you two.”

“I asked him not to tell anyone, and he respected that. Please don’t be mad at him.”

“Why would you lie to me about that?” Colin decided to return to his own cabin. “I just need to figure this out. You f***ed him twice! I just feel f***ing stupid.”

Even though Daisy begged him to stay, Colin returned to his own cabin. We’ll find out soon how things went, as tonight is a double episode. Stay tuned!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo and is available on Peacock the following day.


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‘Below Deck’ Recap: Delores Goes Off The Deep End — AGAIN

Where to stream:, 'the real housewives of dubai' sets season 2 premiere date on bravo, lisa vanderpump defends andy cohen amid cocaine allegations: "i know for a fact he wouldn't do that'', marlo hampton won't appear in 'real housewives of atlanta' season 16, nene leakes not returning for 'real housewives of atlanta' season 16.

Below Deck is responsible for a lot of shocking moments, but one in the most recent episode just might take the cake — maybe because it will also make you laugh.

After last week’s big old mess when Drunk Delores jumped in the water after Captain Lee repeatedly told her not to, he told the entire charter that they’d be going back to the dock. This week, we see the aftermath of that, including the fact that the crew had to babysit and watch her room all night to guarantee that she wouldn’t take another swim. At first that felt a little extreme. Then I kept watching.

Chef Rachel probably put it best when she said Delores “DILLIGAF’d all over the boat” which stands for “does it look like I give a fuck?” And the answer is no: Delores didn’t give a single fuck. It was that exact behavior that made Captain Lee so furious he had to give himself a pep talk. But once he calmed down in the morning, he spoke with the primary charter guests and told them they can stay as long as Delores left. “She’s the only fuck-up, the rest of the charter guests shouldn’t be punished. So as long as they’re good with it, Delores is toast,” he said in his interview. They agreed and Delores was told she needed to pack her bags.

And as those bags were loaded onto her tender ride, deckhand Rob joked, “If we drop it, at least we know she can swim for it.” Ha ha ha ho boy. Because no sooner had she climbed aboard the boat with 2nd engineer Zack driving her back to land did she quip, “It would it be pretty ironic if I jumped in the water right now, wouldn’t it?” Now, any sane person would laugh and think lol there’s no way. And then we have Delores.

Just as she did the night before, with near-perfect form, Delores in her jeans and t-shirt majestically dove right off the boat and into the water. Poor Zack had to radio Captain Lee to let him know, and all he could muster was a “goddammit.” The rest of the crew looked on in disbelief and laughter because who could even believe it? Thankfully, she climbed back onto the boat just moments later, but wow.

At first I thought it was absolutely crazy and ridiculous and unnecessary. But then, I gained a very strange feeling of respect for ol’ Delores. She likely knew her previous behavior would look as batshit as it was, why not burn it all down and make one last final impression… or at least give the crew a laugh? While the majority of people who would dare disrespect Captain Lee would keep their head down and their tail between their legs, Delores made a wild and unexpected statement on her way out. And if she didn’t mind spending the next chunk of her day in wet clothes, then so be it! It was so nuts, you have to laugh. Bon voyage, Delores.

Below Deck airs Monday at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo. 

Where to stream Below Deck

  • Captain Lee

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below deck sailing yacht vulture

Daisy Kelliher dishes Below Deck Sailing Yacht success, reveals if she still stalks to Gary King after scandal

Daisy Kelliher on BDS Season 4

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has dished about her success on the hit show ahead of Season 5.

Daisy has appeared on three seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and helped turn the show around after a lackluster first season.

Despite a serious rift in the dream team trio of Colin, Daisy, and Gary following Season 4, fans still can’t get enough of them.

Ahead of her fourth stint on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy has opened up about life following her success and how she ended up on the show.

Daisy lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and at the urging of friends, she applied to be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Speaking with The Irish Independent, Daisy admitted that a couple of weeks after applying, she was filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 in Croatia.

Daisy Kelliher dishes Below Deck Sailing Yacht success

Although it may seem like Daisy’s life has changed drastically since she became a staple on the sailing franchise, she insists that’s not the case.

“My life hasn’t changed dramatically, but there have been small, subtle changes – it’s been fun,” she expressed to the outlet.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, one big change for Daisy is her new friendship with Hollywood A-list star Christina Applegate.

Daisy also looked back on her life since her Below Deck Sailing Yacht debut, admitting she didn’t think she would get the gig, but is beyond happy she did.

“The last three years have been kind of a whirlwind, I really can’t complain. I’m getting to do all my yachting work and slowly getting to do other things as well,” Daisy stated.

With her fourth season hitting Bravo airwaves this year, one can’t help but wonder how much longer Daisy will still be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“I’m just being a ‘yes person’ at the moment. The last few years have changed very quickly, so my attitude right now is just saying yes and seeing where things take me,” Daisy spilled. “I’ve done everything from podcasts to the show, to still doing both, so every day is very different. I don’t know what the future holds right now.”

Along with opening up about her success on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy also shared if she still speaks to Gary following sexual misconduct allegations against him.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Daisy (@daisykelliher87)

Daisy Kelliher reveals if she still talks to Gary King

Last summer, Gary was accused of sexual misconduct by a production team member. However, even before that, Daisy and Gary were at odds over things that went down during Season 4, especially her hooking up with Colin.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have wondered where Daisy and Gary stand today following the scandal and their fallout. After all, Gary was removed from BravoCon after the allegations against him came to light, so no resolution to his and Daisy’s friendship was revealed there.

During an Instagram Stories Q&A session, Daisy asked who she talks to from the show. Dani Soares and Gary were two names Daisy brought up immediately.

Daisy Kelliher IG Story

Although she did mention she keeps in touch with others like Alli Dore, Daisy also declared that they all simply live different lives. Daisy confirmed that no other cast members from Below Deck Sailing Yacht live in London, where she resides.

Daisy frequently hangs with Below Deck stars Fraser Olender and Hayley De Sola Pinto. She also spends time with Below Deck Med alum Courtney Veale since they live in London.

The wait to see Daisy Kelliher back on Below Deck Sailing Yacht won’t be much longer. Captain Glenn hinted at when the Parsifal III crew will be back, and you can read what he had to say here.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Peacock.


below deck sailing yacht vulture

Below Deck Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • Captain Lee Rosbach continues to enjoy life in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and remains close with former crew members after leaving Below Deck.
  • Aleks Taldykin transitioned from a captain to super yacht sales and briefly appeared on Vanderpump Rules, moving on from his time on Below Deck.
  • Ben Robinson now resides in Florida with his fiancée, works as a private chef, and discusses the show on Below Deck Galley Talk.

Over a decade has passed since the series premiere of Below Deck season 1 onboard the mega yacht Honor. When the Bravo series premiered, there was some skepticism about whether the show would be a success or not. After over ten years, multiple spin-offs, and potentially more shows in the works, this franchise has quickly become one of the best reality TV shows . Below Deck season 11 is currently airing, a testament to the series' success.

Ever since Below Deck premiered, the show has seen several deckhands, stews, and chefs come and go throughout the series. Certain cast members stayed on for several seasons, such as Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas, Ben Robinson, and Below Deck 's Captain Lee Rosbach , who finally left after ten seasons. While there have been several memorable seasons, it was Below Deck season 1 that put the show and franchise on the map. So, what has the original cast been up to since the first season?

Related: Below Deck Season 3 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Captain Lee Rosbach

Below deck season 1.

Captain Lee was the captain on Below Deck for ten seasons. He was absent for the first episode of Below Deck season 9 and was replaced by Captain Sean Meagher. Captain Lee also left Below Deck season 10 early and was replaced by Below Deck Mediterranean 's Captain Sandy Yawn. When he isn't out at sea, Lee can be found in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, Mary-Anne Rosbach. Lee is also very close with several crew members from the series, including his former Honor deckhand turned bosun, Eddie. Captain Kerry Titheridge took over for Captain Lee after his departure .

Aleks Taldykin

When Aleks Taldykin originally joined Below Deck season 1, he was hired as the captain of Honor. However, the boat's owner was uncomfortable with him, and Lee stepped in to take his place. Aleks was still working on yachts in 2019, but according to Vulture , he has worked as a captain, and according to Aleks ' Instagram, he now works in super yacht sales. Besides his time on Below Deck , Aleks briefly appeared in an episode of Vanderpump Rules as Kristen Doute's potential love interest.

Ben Robinson

Besides starring in the original Below Deck series for many years, Ben also appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean seasons 1 and 4. Now, Ben resides in Florida with his fiancée, Kiara Cabral, and no longer works as a chef on boats . Instead, Ben is now a private chef, has his own catering business, and appears on Below Deck Galley Talk with fellow alumni, where they talk about the show.

Adrienne Gang

Even though Adrienne Gang was a one-season wonder on Below Deck , the chief stew is often remembered for taking her job too seriously. Since leaving the show, Adrienne has continued to work as a chief stew on yachts but has seemed to keep herself docked over the last several years. She has undergone a few life changes, including marrying her long-time boyfriend, Andrew, in 2018 and starting the Gangplant Report podcast in 2021.

Related: Why Below Deck Fans Are Comparing Captain Lee & Captain Sandy

C.J. LeBeau

The second engineer, C.J. LeBeau, left halfway through Below Deck season 1 after growing tired of being on the boat. After wrapping the series, C.J. was arrested for allegedly getting into a physical altercation with his fiancé at the time (via TMZ ). Since then, he has not maintained an online presence.

Kat Held returned to Below Deck as a second stew for another season but left after Below Deck season 2. Kat put the yachting industry behind her altogether. Following Below Deck , she tried her hand at bartending and waitressing. During the Watch What Happens Live 100 episode special in 2020, she revealed she was pursuing nursing.

Samantha Orme

It was evident from the very first episode of Below Deck season 1 that Samantha Orme hated her job as a stew. However, she hated her chief stew even more. After the show, Sam put yachting behind her and became an engineer. Besides a career change, she took some significant steps in her personal life. Sam is now married and has two daughters, Blake and Molly.

Eddie Lucas

After his first season as a deckhand, Eddie returned to Below Deck for multiple seasons as bosun. He took a break between seasons 3 and 8 due to his affair with Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota during Below Deck season 3. After his time on the show, Eddie became the captain of a harbor tug in Baltimore Harbor, fulfilling a lifelong dream for the Below Deck OG.

Related: Why Below Deck Fans Think Captain Sandy Dislikes Fraser

David Bradberry

David Bradberry was a fan favorite during his first season, as he managed to go through the entire season with barely any conflict with the other Below Deck crew members. During the season, David also got engaged to his then-boyfriend, who was shown on-screen. However, in 2019, David broke up with his fiancé.

Below Deck season 11 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

More: Every Season Of Below Deck Mediterranean, Ranked From Worst To Best

Sources: Vulture , Aleks Taldykin /Instagram, Adrienne Gang /Instagram, Gangplant Report , TMZ

Below Deck Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?


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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht is an American reality television series that was developed as the second spin-off of Below Deck.It premiered on Bravo on February 3, 2020.. The series chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a 177-foot (44 meter) sailing yacht during charter seasons in Greece (season 1), Croatia (season 2), Spain (season 3), and Italy (season 4).

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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht. 2020 | Maturity Rating: 13+ | Reality TV. The superyacht Parsifal III sets sail with a colorful new crew as they navigate high winds, hookups and more at sea in this spinoff of the hit franchise. Starring: Glenn Shephard, Byron Hissey, Paget Berry.