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About the Steward/ess

The stewardess onboard a superyacht is a hard worker with a positive, can-do attitude that takes instruction well and has an impeccable attention to detail. No detail is overlooked by a successful yacht stewardess (i.e. towel folds, perfectly ironed pillow cases). A friendly, professional character with guests is essential as is discretion and maintenance of guest privacy. This candidate will have one year of experience on a yacht or very strong experience on shore.


Job Responsibilities

  • Setting stewardess schedules for guest service and cleaning
  • Interior cleaning and maintenance
  • Interior inventory
  • Interior accounting
  • Liaison with guests and service - meals and bartending
  • Liaison with galley for meal services
  • Orchestrating guest activities
  • Boat stowage for sea
  • Assisting with lines and fenders on deck
  • Assisting captain with ships paperwork

Required Skills

  • Ability to delegate
  • Good communications, organization and diplomacy
  • Vast knowledge of wines, service and housekeeping
  • Knowledge of restaurants and activities in cruising areas
  • Familiar with ISM and ISPS protocols
  • Knowledge of flower and table decorations
  • Attention to detail
  • Financial management

Salary Modifiers

  • Experience in five-star establishments (i.e. Michelin star restaurant, fine hotel)
  • Wine certification
  • Tender driving certification
  • Limited computer skills

Position Statistics

Career path, chief stewardess, head of housekeeping, second stewardess, laundry stewardess, junior stewardess.


How to become a yacht stewardess? The fundamentals of the job

3 hôtesses sur le pont d'un voilier

The job of a stewardess on a yacht is growing more and more , just like the global demand for crew members. Although the stewardess position may seem the most accessible, it remains a passionate and demanding job.

Indeed, the job of stewardess on a boat is one of the most diversified and versatile in the maritime industry . In addition to the role of service and reception, a stewardess must ensure the safety of passengers on board alongside the captain/skipper; and be trained to react in case of emergency.

In this article, Capt’n Boat lists the prerequisites for the position of stewardess on a yacht, and the missions that are entrusted to her.

1. What is a stewardess on a boat?

A stewardess (or hostess) on a yacht is a person in charge of the reception and comfort of the passengers on board , whether it is a yacht, a sailboat, a cruise ship or any other type of boat.

The word comes from the Latin “hospes”, which means “host” or “guest”. Over time, the meaning of the word “hospes” has evolved to also include “person who welcomes guests”.

The term “hostess” is therefore used to refer to a person who takes care of the guests or passengers of a ship, ensuring their comfort and well-being during their stay.

The duties of the stewardess may vary depending on the type of boat and the company, and will be detailed later in the article.

2. What professional training to become a stewardess on a boat?

In order to be a stewardess, only one certificate is required: the Basic Safety Training Certificate (BST) .

Obtaining the BST consists of 4 courses:

  • Individual Survival Techniques,
  • Basic firefighting training,
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility,
  • Medical First Aid.

The BST is valid for 5 years. Without this training, you cannot work as a stewardess on a boat.

An ENG1 certificate is also required, delivered by a doctor approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

There is no “degree” as such to become a stewardess on a boat. However, it is recommended to have experience in customer service or in the hotel industry. For stewardess/cook, some shipowners may require a Food Hygiene and Safety Training .

Of course, the best training is experience! Improve your skills on the job, go to sea, do missions! It is with experience that you will improve!

hotesse servant la table sur le pont d'un voilier

3. Qualities and skills expected from a stewardess on a boat

As a stewardess on a boat, it is important to have the following qualities in order to best manage customer requests:

  • Communication skills : Be able to communicate effectively with passengers and crew.
  • Service skills : Have a helpful and friendly attitude towards passengers to respond to requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Organizational skills : Be organized to plan daily tasks, including cleaning of cabins and common areas, food and beverage supplies, and work schedules.
  • For stewardess/cook => Culinary skills : Be able to prepare simple and varied meals to suit guests’ tastes and dietary restrictions.
  • Safety knowledge : Yacht stews must have a basic knowledge of onboard safety procedures and be able to provide instructions to passengers in case of emergency.
  • Ability to work as a team : With crew members and other personnel on board.
  • Patience and resilience : Stewardesses must be able to deal with challenges and difficult situations that may arise on board, while remaining calm and professional.

Proficiency in multiple foreign languages is a major asset for this type of position.

➡ On Capt’n Boat, we regularly have requests for English, Italian or Spanish speaking stewardesses for sailboat/catamaran cruises.

Sign up if you haven’t already and find stewardess assignments all over the world! 👇

Of course, there are other qualities and skills, so don’t hesitate to put them forward in your seaman CV . The more versatile and adaptable you are, the better your missions will be!

4. The missions of a yacht stew

The stewardess is an important member of the ship’s crew and her main role is to take care of the passengers . Indeed, she makes sure that she is available to answer the customers’ requests and ensure their comfort on board. This includes:

  • The reception of the passengers,
  • preparation of the cabins,
  • serving meals and drinks,
  • organizing activities for customers,
  • maintaining the cleanliness of the boat,
  • management of supplies and stocks,

She also ensures the safety on board, with the other members of the crew.

It is important to note that the role of stewardess can vary depending on the size and type of boat, as well as the type of clientele. In some cases, you may also be responsible for preparing meals as a stewardess/cook.

Most of these missions correspond to the job of hotel staff, but here on a floating hotel!

table dressée par hôtesse avec victuailles et boissons sur une péniche

Furthermore, depending on the size of the boat, the stewardess may have to work with a crew. This difference will have an impact on the number of tasks and may place you as the manager of the team on board.

5. Salary of a yacht stewardess 

The average salary of a stewardess on a ship depends on many factors, such as experience, the size of the ship, the area of navigation, the type of clientele and the duration of the service at sea. In the West Indies, Spain and Greece, the remuneration of a stewardess is around 200€/day. In France, it is about 250€/day. (Indicative daily wage based on the market standards observed).

As an example, for a one week cruise from Corfu (Greece) on a Lagoon 42 catamaran, count ~ 1400 €.

For a stewardess/cook, this remuneration is higher. You are free to negotiate your salary according to your past experiences.

Working as a yacht stewardess is a rewarding work experience. Although there is no specific background required, experience in the hospitality industry can be a plus.

If you like customer relations, teamwork, and above all, have a liking for the sea: this job is for you! An affinity with the maritime world is obviously required: you will be housed on the boat, so you will certainly be subjected to the swell and potential bad weather!

Register on Capt’n Boat and find missions all over the world!


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Impartial training and careers advice

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+441983 280 641

  • Begin a career on a Superyacht
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  • Become a Steward/ess on a Superyacht

Become a Steward or Stewardess on a Superyacht.

A perfect way to combine work and travel – and you’ll get to spend your time in the sunshine and in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Superyacht industry is constantly on the lookout for energetic, hardworking people, male or female, to provide guests and owners with the ultimate holiday experience.

Read on to discover answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked about being a Stewardess on a superyacht…

What qualifications do I need to work on a Superyacht?

  • ENG1 medical required by all crew who work at sea. If you are thinking of becoming a Superyacht Steward/ess, then we recommend you complete the ENG1 medical before completing Step 2.
  • STCW Basic Safety Training Course  is a set of compulsory qualifications required by all crew who work at sea. You will complete a Sea Survival course, First Aid, Fire Fighting (great fun), and topics on Health and Safety, and Security.
  • Get some experience . If you have hospitality experience or you have worked as a Nanny, Beautician, Hairdresser or Air Steward/ess, to name a few, then this will look great on your CV.

How do I get a job on a yacht with no experience?

It’s true that you don’t have to have worked on a yacht to start your career as a Steward/ess (apart from the compulsory qualifications mentioned above!).

Like any new career, though, it is a good idea to get some training in the basics so you can hold your own onboard. All yachts run slightly differently so one size does not fit all. To increase your chances of finding a job the more experience you can get the better.

The more experience you can offer the yacht, the better. So, if you don’t have any transferable skills,  then Flying Fish can help .

How do I find work on a Superyacht?

There are three ways crew find a job.

  • Most crew travel to Antibes, France described as the hub of yachting in the Mediterranean.
  • Online, we talk a bit more about “going online” below.
  • Contacts. If you know somebody that is already working on a Superyacht then through their connections it is possible to find work.

Almost everybody that is looking for a job on a Superyacht travels to Antibes, France. On arrival, crew tend to stay in a crew house such as the  Crew Grapevine  used as a base to look for work.

If budget is a concern then crew join forces and rent an Airbnb between them. The advantage of a crew house like the Crew Grapevine is that the owners (ex-yachties) actively help you find a job.

The way you find a job on a Superyacht is quite unique. From your base in Antibes, you would travel to other ports in the local area, walk the dock and chat to the crew working onboard to see if there are any positions available.

Superyacht crew who have the evening off will go to the local bars to unwind. This is the perfect chance to get to know people that are working on Superyachts and to build connections in the industry.

Learn more about it here

Go online to look for work

All Superyacht recruitment agents post positions on their respective websites. Once qualified, new crew would register with the agency and complete their registration form. You would then get in touch with the agent to start searching for that dream job.

The recruitment agent’s job is to match the right candidate for the job being advertised. There are many recruitments agents out there, a quick Google search for “ Superyacht Recruitment Agents ” will bring up a list.

Facebook is another medium that yachts use to post jobs. To keep up to date is it worth joining a couple of the Superyacht Facebook groups. Yacht crew jobs and Palma yacht group are two examples.

Amelia, who trained with Flying Fish in 2020, gave some good advice:

“Sign up to a few good recruitment companies, make sure you interview with the recruiter first rather than using Facebook. Second, when you have your interview, make sure you ask questions about the yacht. This is because you are not only finding a job but a home and family too, so ask as many questions as possible to make sure it’s the right yacht for you.”

How long does it take to find work as a Steward/ess on a Superyacht?

Over the 12 years that we have been running  Steward and Stewardess courses, most find a job between one to four weeks. We have had customers that have found a job in a day and others that have taken six weeks to find that perfect job.

The time it takes to find a job is down to you. You will need to be proactive, up early, and make sure you are at the front of the queue. From our experience, people who work hard and explore every opportunity will find a job quickly.

Every Chief Stew that calls us for a reference asks the same questions – does the candidate have a  good attitude ? You need to be hard-working, happy to work long hours, and used to mucking in. Have a can-do attitude and a willingness to go that extra mile to help your fellow crew mates.

When’s the best time to look Steward/ess Superyacht work?

Traditionally Superyachts recruit for the Mediterranean season anytime between February to May. That being said, yachts recruit all year round. We have seen many graduates find work in July and August when the season is in full swing.

The next key recruitment period is between September and November as yachts prepare for the Caribbean season. Yachts will cross the Atlantic anytime between December and January to cruise the Caribbean or the US for the winter.

Superyacht crew who have had a busy Mediterranean season may decide to take the winter off, which leaves opportunities for new crew to enter the industry.

How much money does a Steward/ess typically make?

A Steward/ess starting out in the industry can expect to earn €2,000 to €3,500 per month – almost all crew paid in Euros. The salary can depend on many factors, the main one being the yacht’s “crew budget.”

The owner or management company will agree on a budget that the Captain uses to hire crew, which can lead to small variations in the amount yachts pay their crew.

Your salary can also depend on whether you work on a Charter or Private yacht. It is customary for charter guests to tip the crew, the tip is normally around 10% of the charter fee. Chartering a Superyacht can set you back anywhere from €250,000 to €1 million per week.

Tips are split evenly amongst the crew and on average, can be anything from €2,000 – €5,000 per charter.

Is my salary tax-free?

As a crew member (or Seafarer) working on a Superyacht, it is likely that you will be out of the Uk for a significant about of time. Spend more than half of the year abroad then you fall under a specific piece of legislation called the Seafarers Earning Deduction Scheme. As a basic principle, if you are out of the UK for more than 183 days then there is no income tax on income (including tips) from the yacht.

UK Seafarers are required to complete a self assessment tax return each year. Flying Fish are registered tax agents and offer a Seafarers tax service to the yachting industry. We work with hundreds of customers to insure that their Self Assessment tax returns are completed on time.

What is it like working on a Superyacht?

All Superyacht crew work, eat, and sleep onboard. The yacht will become your home, and all meals are provided while onboard. Your contract will specify your duties, salary, working hours, and holiday. The yacht will supply your uniform and provide further training if necessary.

Superyacht crew will be comfortable with being away from their friends and family for long periods of time. For your first job, expect to be away from home for an extended period, which may be six months or more.

There are various roles within the Interior department; Laundry, Service, and Housekeeping. Depending on the size of the yacht will depend on what your role is onboard. For example, large yachts will have a dedicated laundry team, while for a small yacht (35-40M), the Stewardess will do all three.

During a normal week, when there are no guests onboard, you are likely to work five days a week, with weekends off. The structure of your working week will differ from yacht to yacht, but there will be time off to explore and have some well-earned downtime.

What’s a typical working day like for a Steward/ess?

Your working day will typically start at 8:00 am and finish at 6:00 pm, usually six days a week. When on charter, or if the owners are onboard, your work hours will differ. Unsociable hours are common when guests are onboard.

What are the cabin arrangments ?

You will share a cabin with another Stewardess. The cabins are small but comfortable with an ensuite bathroom. There is access to the internet via that yacht’s Wi-Fi system, so you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and family at home.

 Can I make a career in yachting?

Yes, and many have! Becoming a Superyacht Stewardess can be a career, and what an amazing career it can be. Every Stewardess starts out as a Junior Stew; then, as you gain time and experience onboard you can progress to 2nd Stew, then Chief Stew.

The chief Stew runs the entire interior team, manages the budget, and will be the first point of contact for the guests and owners – not an easy role.

Some yachts will employ  a Purser , which can be best described as the PA to the Superyacht.

Not only is there progression, but becoming a Superyacht Steward/ess offers the travel and adventure we all seek. You will meet some of the world’s rich and famous and make some friends for life.

So, how do I become a Steward/ess on a Superyacht?

This is where we come in. Flying Fish run a two-week Superyacht Steward/ess course that includes all the qualifications and skills you need to get started in the industry. Everything from the STCW Basic Safety Training to our specialised Interior programme, run by an ex-chief Stewardess.

The course is great fun; you will learn loads of new skills and meet like-minded people who, like you, are thinking about a different career path.

Superyacht Steward/Stewardess Course

Become a steward or stewardess on a superyacht.

Becoming a Superyacht Steward or Stewardess is the perfect way to combine work and travel.

The course is suitable for complete beginners or those with experience who are looking to work as a Steward or Stewardess on a Superyacht.

Want to find out more?

Contact our team at Flying Fish today for information on our Superyacht Steward/ess course, life as a Stewardess, qualification advice and much more!

Alternatively, click on our Superyacht Steward/ess course below and kick start your new career today!

The ultimate guide to working on Superyachts

Curiously Erin Travel Blog

How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

Over the years I have worked in many jobs to keep my travels funded. But by far the best job has been when I worked as a stewardess on yachts. For the avid traveller, there is no better job. If you are sick of working a 9-5, you want to get paid (well) to travel the world and are ready to make incredible friendships, then read on to find out  how to become a yacht stewardess .

While there are  numerous benefits  to this job it can also be a lot of hard work. If you’re not completely sure what yachting is, this post will explain just that and give you 10 easy to follow steps to becoming a yacht stewardess.

This job will absolutely change your life and I’m excited to help you get started. I’ve been off yachts for a couple of years now and I miss it every day. I am still trying to devise a plan to get back on them sometime soon.

superyacht and sunset Montenegro

Disclaimer:   Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information on my disclaimer  click here .

  • 3 3. QUIT YOUR JOB


“It’s like working on a cruise ship right?” I hear this time and time again – It’s nothing like working on a cruise ship. Cruise ships have 1000’s of crew and 1000’s of passengers. A superyacht although sometimes as big as a cruise ship only has a handful of guests and crew. Our job as a stewardess is to give impeccable, personalised service to our passengers.

Depending on the size of the yacht there are usually under 30 crew members. For example, a 50m yacht normally wouldn’t sleep more than 12 guests and only has 10-12 crew. It is essentially a floating 5-star hotel for the worlds richest people, celebrities and their guests. As a yacht stewardess, you need to predetermine everything the guests will require before you head out to sea and ensure they have the best time possible.

superyacht table setting

Because of the limited number of crew members, you’ll need to be filling multiple roles. When there are guests on board you could be working 14 hour days or longer. A yacht stewardess will be in charge of three main areas: housekeeping, service and laundry. You also need to look after the crew areas and set up and pack down for crew meals.

One thing I like to tell people about yachting is, “There is no job description”. You will need to be available 24 hours a day and ready for anything the guest requests. While this seems absolutely crazy the benefits make it all worthwhile. Read an  interview with yacht stewardess  Melissa Ryan on why she loves being a yachtie. When there are no guests on, regular working hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday with weekends off.


  • Provide 5-star service ensuring complete satisfaction of guests
  • Foresee any items, food and drinks they could want while out at sea
  • Set up and provide bar service, knowledge of cocktails and wines
  • Perform different styles of meal service depending on guests requirements. From silver service, synchronised to buffet and anything in between.
  • Create daily table centrepieces
  • Create and maintain floral arrangements
  • Host cocktail parties and other events on board
  • Provide housekeeping and laundry service for guests and crew
  • Be available at all hours of the day and night
  • Take turns at watchkeeping and staying on board
  • Ensuring the supplies, wines and decor is properly inventoried
  • Shopping for crew provisions including toiletries and staff mess foods.


Ok! Where do I start? There’s  no more daily commute . Next time you’re stuck in peak hour traffic, think back to this. Roll out of bed after having arrived during the night to a new remote Caribbean island and be at work. Pretty great!

Next, you get to  live with all of your friends . You’ll  never get bored  on a yacht, that’s for sure. When you knock off work for the day grab your buddies and head off exploring that new island. If you’re in the Mediterranean (Med) visit the ancient Greek ruins or pop into a French cafe for a croissant. Maybe you’re in the South Pacific. I hope you like water sports. There’s plenty of time for that.

superyacht crew family

Working on a yacht will  look great on your CV . You learn invaluable new skills and gain life experience while you’re at it.

You make  great money . Yep, you read that right. Not only do you get to enjoy these amazing benefits, but you also get paid well to do it. Depending on where you are from this could even be tax-free. Most starting wages are upwards of 2500€/month plus in some cases tips.

It’s exciting!  You never know where you’ll be next month, you’re always meeting new people, you get days off in some of the world’s most incredible locations and you will witness the most  unreal sunrises and sunsets.


Check out this table to see the current yacht stewardess salary. All wages are per month in Euros. These are the ranges taken from the  Annual Dockwalk Survey of 2019.

Stunning sunset in the Northern Sea


Have you decided being a yacht stewardess is for you? Congratulations, then this post is for you! The first step is packing up your belongings. You’re moving on to a boat, so  pack as light as possible . Depending on where you go to get your first job (more on this in the next steps) you can pack accordingly.

in the Caribbean, it’s unlikely you’ll be needing heavy winter gear. A light jacket and pair of jeans will be sufficient. If you’re heading to the Med warmer clothes will be useful. Don’t take big bulky sports gear or you might be sharing a bed with them. If possible take a bag which can fold up as opposed to a hard suitcase. On some boats this is mandatory.


Yep,  do it ! *Cheers* “Yacht stewardess life come at me”.

Stop guessing what you need to do to get a superyacht job and use this checklist to beat the compettion


Now for the fun part. Where do you go to get a job as a yacht stewardess? Being a new crew member you want to maximise your chances of finding a job. How do you that? Yachting has two main seasons – Summer and Winter. At the end of each season, there is usually a lot of crew turnaround. During that time captains and owners need to do mass hiring twice a year. The Northern Hemisphere summer season sees most boats go to the Mediterranean or the North East of the USA. The winter season is predominantly in the Caribbean.

As mentioned above if possible you will want to arrive into the yachting hub at these peak seasons. For the winter Caribbean season, you need to be in  Fort Lauderdale , USA by October/November . For the summer Mediterranean season get to  Antibes, France or Palma De Mallorca in April/May .

Monaco Marina is a yachting hub for getting a yacht job

There are crew houses designed especially for people like you. People who want to become a yacht stewardess, a deckhand, a chef and people who already are but looking for their next job. These crew houses understand the volatility of the industry and that you may be there for one week or two months.  Stay in a crew house  to alleviate paying bonds and monthly contracts plus meet cool people and unofficially start networking (more on that later).


Now you can’t just jump on a boat. There are a couple of basic safety training courses required before you are legally allowed to work as a yacht stewardess at sea. The first course is Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeeping known as the  STCW 95  or STCW basic safety. You will also need to get your Proficiency in Designated Security Duties ( PDSD ). In the yachting hubs mentioned above, there are multiple training schools to choose from. One reputable company located in both Europe and the US is  Bluewater Yachting .

While you can do these courses around the world (potentially at home). I recommend doing them where you intend to find work. Yachting is all about networking and being in a class with 20 other students instantly connects you with other like-minded individuals. Some I might add could even be a chief stewardess doing her refresher and potentially looking to hire. Hint hint…

Views from the porthole of your cabin


The  STCW 95  is your basic minimum safety training required to work on a superyacht. There are four components which take five to six days to complete.

1. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Basic Firefighting) 2. Personal Survival Techniques (PST) 3. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR) 4. First Aid / CPR (Basic First Aid) 5. Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)

This entry-level course is open to anyone and costs around $900 USD or 1200€ to enrol. While this sounds expensive, you’ll be making your money back in no time. This course is a lot of fun. It’s very practical and the firefighting component gave me so much respect for our firefighters. It’s hot and hard work!

Views From a Tender Ride Ashore

The  PDSD  course is for all seafarers who have designated duties under the ship’s security plan. In the superyacht industry, almost all crew members have designated duties – meaning you need to do this course too. 

This one day course costs $300 USD or 280€. You will learn about different security threats to yachts both in dock and at sea, how to recognise them, the use of proper security equipment and how to maintain your ships security plan.


The ENG1 is your ships medical certificate. This is irreplaceable with other medicals no matter how thorough they are. You need to have a document stating you passed your ENG1 to join the yachting industry. There are only a few doctors around the world who conduct this examination so it’s wise to book ahead. Places like Fort Lauderdale can have one month waiting periods during peak season.

a yacht tender in the superyacht garage Montenegro


Writing a yacht stewardess CV is a lot different from writing a CV for a regular job. Captains receive hundreds of applicants during peak hiring periods. With many of these people having zero experience onboard a yacht, you need to know how to make yours stand out.

Superyacht in calm seas


Start off by adding some colour, not just a heading here and there. I mean big bold blocks of colour. Put in shapes of block colours and overlay with your text. Change up the format.

Oh, another resume that  looks  the same… boring. Next. Oh wow! Whats this column on the left about?  It’s  describing the person and their skills. Hmmm, I’ll keep reading.

While maybe this isn’t exactly how a captain thinks it may as well be. Choose a colour scheme and make it look fun. Just make sure it’s still professional and you can read everything. Make sure you include a picture of yourself and a detailed about me section stating your availability and current location. Add some interests and hobbies, because remember you’re applying for a place in someone’s home as well as a job as a yacht stewardess.

Need help? –  I offer personalised services to help you write your CV.  Please get in touch for my rates.

yacht crew swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean


Once you have a great CV outlining why you will be the best yacht stewardess you’ll need to get that CV out there. There are a few ways to do this. Firstly you can sign up for a  crew agency . These agencies take on the new and old crew and work with the yacht captains and owners to find the most suitable person for the role. This is a free service. Never sign up to an agent who is charging a fee.

Another way to get your resume seen is through  networking . Networking sounds daunting but really it’s just about being a nice, happy person and getting out socialising. Before the season starts basically everyone who has anything to do with yachts wants to throw a party to advertise their brand. In short as a wannabe yacht stewardess you get free entry into these lux parties, usually a bunch of free drinks to go with it and now you’re networking. Get out there talk to strangers and make connections. You never know who you’re talking to and if they need an additional crew member.

There are also numerous  online job boards . You can submit your resume directly to some of these or read advertisements from people looking for a yacht stewardess.

Table decor on superyacht


As a result of your CV being out there, you’ll be getting all these calls asking for you to come in for an interview. They want you to be one of their yacht stewardess’s! To begin with, you need to  dress the part . Make sure you’re hair is up and neat and you have light minimal makeup on. Wear a polo shirt with either a skirt, skort or shorts that is a respectable length in a navy, black or beige. Most interviews are conducted on the yacht in person, so I wore flip flops to all of mine. This is because once you reach the boat it is yacht etiquette to take your shoes off before boarding.

Tip  – I know a lot of chief stews who look at nails, therefore make sure your nails are well manicured.

A usual interview will start with a tour of the yacht. The person interviewing you will then make sure you understand everything there is to know about the role, the schedule of the boat and about the current crew and their daily habits. While not all interviews are super laid back, as a new crew member, they know you do not have experience on boats. What they want to know is if you will be able to gel with the current crew. Will you be someone they can share a small amount of living space with. Will you be someone who can learn new skills and pick up this new lifestyle. Most importantly, be yourself, be happy and have fun.

sunsets in the Mediterranean


If you want to work as a yacht stewardess, you need to learn to share a cabin with someone. Your cabin is most likely a quarter of the size of your current bedroom if not less and add to that it’s shared. Welcome to crew living! This is why you need to pack light. All of your belongings will need to fit in a wardrobe much smaller than what you are used to.

Things to remember when sharing a small space whether it’s your cabin or the crew mess (living area).  Be   respectful  of others belongings – if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it.  Clean up after yourself . There’s nothing worse than living with someone who is a grot.  Be courteous . Your crewmates are working weird hours, don’t be the reason they can’t sleep.

Porto Montenegro in Tivat Marina


Finally and most importantly  enjoy your new life at sea ! Being a yacht stewardess is such a special career and there is nothing which compares to it. Savour the  unique experiences  which will present,  see the world  while getting paid, make  lifelong friends , learn  new skills  and enjoy being rocked to sleep by the rolling waves.

stewardesses walking along companionway of yacht


Actually not long. The required courses and ENG1 can be done in a week. The longest part is the preparation of packing, heading to a yachting hub and then searching for a job. Most people I know found a job within a couple of weeks to 2 months. However, this will vary depending on the time of year you seek work.


Does this sound like something you would like to do ? If yes, then let me introduce you to my book Superyacht Crew. Over the past four years, Melissa Ryan and I have worked onboard yachts in various positions. While you can absolutely follow the steps listed above, but if you would like more detailed help entering the industry than this is  the book for you . Each year more people make the switch to working aboard superyachts. If you are serious about making this career yours then act now.

Superyacht Crew: How to Start Your Career in the Superyacht Industry  is full of information and secrets we learned from our combined years of yachting. This comprehensive guide has helped numerous friends and family members make this dream a reality. Now we want to help  you ! Get step by step instructions no matter where you are in your job search. Gain insider knowledge, use our  yacht stewardess CV examples  and find learn to ask the right questions in your interviews.

My favourite part of the book is the  detailed reference guide . We know the best crew houses, crew agencies and training schools. We either used them personally or have friends who did. Don’t waste time finding misleading information online, use our tried and tested companies to start your career. Do you want to know which doctors do the ENG1? We have listed where you can find qualified ENG 1 doctors around the world.

Make sure you join our facebook group for new yachties and ask us any questions you have.

Click to buy superyacht crew: How to start your career in the superyacht industry today

' data-src=

My name is Erin, the lady behind Curiously Erin. After more than 10 years of travelling and working abroad, I wanted to create a platform where I could share my stories and travels. My goal is to help you live the life you desire and inspire you to travel more.

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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Yacht Stewardess

Last Updated: January 9, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Finn Kobler . Finn Kobler graduated from USC in 2022 with a BFA in Writing for Screen/Television. He is a two-time California State Champion and record holder in Original Prose/Poetry, a 2018 finalist for the Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate, and he's written micro-budget films that have been screened in over 150 theaters nationwide. Growing up, Finn spent every summer helping his family's nonprofit arts program, Showdown Stage Company, empower people through accessible media. He hopes to continue that mission with his writing at wikiHow. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 5,370 times. Learn more...

If you’re social and love to travel, yacht stewarding might be the perfect career for you! Spending months at a time exploring exotic locations, helping out on the boat, meeting and working with lifelong friends all day long. It’s a job as rewarding as it is exciting. Keep reading and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a yacht stewardess.

Yacht Stewardess Job Requirements

Step 1 Complete your STCW Basic Safety Training.

  • SCTW certificates are valid for up to five years. After five years, you must take a fire fighting and sea survival refresher course.
  • Make sure your course is certified by a national maritime organization in the country where you complete it.

Step 2 Get your ENG1 Medical Certificate.

  • Medical conditions that may inhibit you from receiving your ENG1 include, but are not limited to: epilepsy, heart disease, kidney failure, color-blindness, and history of drug/alcohol addiction. [3] X Research source
  • If you are working on a small boat operating 60 miles from shore or less, an ML5 will suffice as a substitute for an ENG1.

Step 3 Ensure your travel documents are up to date.

How to Find a Job as a Yacht Stewardess

Step 1 Travel to a yachting hub.

  • Living near a yacht hub between jobs can be expensive. Look into a crew house - a privately-owned, budget-friendly accommodation where yachties and former yachties live - to stay while you network, complete your training and look for work. [5] X Research source

Step 2 Network with other yachties.

  • Make sure you look presentable while you network. Yacht stewardesses are extremely clean and well-groomed. Dress for the part you want by wearing deck shoes and an appropriate yacht shirt.

Step 3 Work through a recruitment agency.

  • Jobs like bartending, nannying, customer service, and cleaning all look good as these types of duties will be performed on the yacht.
  • Look into doing free day work on boats to help build your sea legs and make connections with captains and crew.

Step 5 Create a memorable CV.

  • All yacht CV’s list certifications, work history, nationality, spoken languages, body modifications, references, and relevant skills. Some are even more in-depth with details like smoking habits and overall objective. [9] X Research source
  • There are several free yacht CV templates online to help ensure yours fits the industry norm.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with the formatting. Your CV should be professional but also as unique as possible.

Step 6 Deliver a good interview.

  • Most interviewers are also looking for excellent presentation, leadership, and communication. Make sure to highlight these attributes when you answer their questions. [11] X Research source

You’d Make a Good Yacht Stewardess If…

Step 1 You’re comfortable being away from home.

Benefits of Being a Yacht Stewardess

Step 1 It gives you a chance to see the world.

A Day in the Life of a Yacht Stewardess

Step 1 You’ll have lots of different jobs day-to-day.

Yacht Stewardess Pay

Yacht stewardesses are paid well.

  • Yacht stewardesses also have no living expenses since food, housing, electricity, water, even toiletries are provided on the ship. [22] X Research source
  • Depending on the countries you sail out of, this can sometimes be tax-free!
  • Tips are usually divided evenly among the crew.

Expert Q&A

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Read a Nautical Chart

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  • ↑ https://www.businessinsider.com/yacht-stewardess-florida-earns-5000-month-travel-careers-2022-4

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Finn Kobler

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boat yacht stewardship

What Do Yacht Stewardesses Do? (Daily Tasks Explained)

' src=

Are you considering working on a yacht or are you just curious as to what the crew actually do all day long?

What Do Yacht Stewardesses Do? Yacht stewardesses do a wide variety of practical tasks onboard the yacht such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Waitressing
  • Entertainment
  • Crew support
  • Maintaining the yacht
  • Valet tasks and guest service
  • Human resources

Here are more details on the tasks yacht stewards and stewardesses do on a daily basis onboard the yacht.

Table of Contents

boat yacht stewardship

1. Housekeeping

Stewards and stewardesses work to help the yacht run ship shape. They will work to keep common areas neat and clean. Laundry might also be part of their day to day tasks.

Detailing and cleaning windows might be some of the responsibilities that they will tackle.

Other housekeeping tasks include:

  • cleaning bathrooms,
  • making beds,
  • washing linens

They’ll need to keep all interior storage areas neat and clean, and also to be able to keep track of inventory and restock as needed.

As guest use supplies, they will make a note of this and help to replenish any necessary materials.

Stewards and stewardesses will spend time polishing, dusting, straightening up and in general keeping house.

Every day they will go in guests’ cabins and clean their space as well as their personal belongings.

They will make sure that make-up containers look brand new, and scrub all the corners down, so the room is spotless and clean

2. Waitressing

Before and after eating, stewards and stewardesses will keep things organized. They’ll assist during meals and cleanup. As well as assisting in picking out what will be eaten, they will serve food to guests and organize the area after meals.

Behind the scenes, stewards and stewardesses work with the chef to create a meal plan that the guests will enjoy.

Stewards and stewardesses will help in selecting and purchasing cigars, teas, or wine, which may require expertise.

With occasional guest dinner parties, they will also assist in planning activities and the menu.

There are five different styles of service that a steward or stewardess will need to master. The first is the English service. This is where a server will transfer food to the diner’s plate.

The other types of service that they must excel in are buffet service and silver service.

3. Entertainment

With guests, they’ll keep high energy and be professional at all times

This role involves maintaining proper etiquette. Stewards and stewardesses may assist guests in planning daily activities both on and off the yacht, including destination experiences. Music, movies, games, barbecues and other entertainment options are all part of the gig.

Some stewards or stewardesses will help in teaching yoga classes or similar projects depending on their personal skills.

A steward or stewardess may have to carry three dishes at a time upstairs.

They’ll need to be expert waitresses, and know how to set tables. This requires knowing which fork goes where and specific settings.

As well as serving and selecting wine, stewards and stewardesses will need to be experts in bartending. This is a part of the job that some will find to be fun.

Drinking is the center of many social experiences onboard the ship. The steward or stewardess will need to be competent in beer knowledge and pairings as well as wines.

They will assist in choosing wines for guests, so expertise in drinks will be a big benefit to them in their career.

4. Crew Support

From writing manuals to safety tasks, yacht stewards and stewardesses work with the crew for better teamwork.

For ships with smaller crews, stewards and stewardesses will have more hands-on duties

They will help to create an informational management system which keeps things in order. All guest documents and information are also part of their responsibilities, including safety manuals.

Stewards and stewardesses will purchase the uniforms for the crew.

They will also make sure that the crew has everything that they need. This includes toiletries, drinks, snacks, and other necessities. They’re in charge of the crew common areas and maintaining these spaces.

5. Maintaining the Yacht

Guy doing an inspection of a tiny house on wheels

As well as serving guests, stewards and stewardess work to maintain the yacht.

They will be responsible for the crystal glassware, linens, artwork, marbles, fine woodwork, and any other valuables on the ship.

Stewards and stewardesses will work with anchoring, tender driving, assist within the galley or deck operations and mooring procedures. Overall, they’re in charge of cleanliness and creating solutions with guests as well as fellow crew members.

In case of emergencies, stewards and stewardesses have the essential job to maintain security and safety.

This will vary on the size and type of yacht as well as the crew. Much of the training involved to become a steward or a stewardess involves safety courses such as Red Cross certification.

6. Budgeting

One of their responsibilities is to account for interior spending and make budgets.

They’ll need to keep track of expenditures and work with their clients to create a financial schedule that will meet their needs.

This includes a food budget and working with chefs to achieve client’s goals. They’ll also make purchases and decorations according to the budget the client gives them and will decorate according to their requests.

The steward or stewardess will need to be able to assist guests in currency exchange. In many aspects to vessel operations, they will need to be on top of it. This includes accounting and being able to reconcile the accounts. All purchases on the yacht will need to be accounted for.

They will work as the purser.

On larger ships, the purser is a position that deals with finances, such as bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. They will also make sure that the crew’s certifications are up to date and current.

They will also make sure to take care of delivery contracts and other financial fine points.

7. Valet Tasks and Guest Service

Packing and carrying luggage is part of the job description. They will assist guests in caring for specialty garments. With special purchases, a stewardess or steward will assist in shipping and handling.

Any special requests that guests have, the steward or stewardess will work to bring it to them. They are hands-on and personal with their assistance to guests and work to build relationships as well as to help them get their needs and requests met.

Stewards and stewardesses schedule their days around their guests.

When the guests are up, so are they. Their duty is to lead every service and be the go-to person on the yacht. They will be in charge of securing transportation during excursions.

The average day can be up to 13 hours, and they are actually on call 24/7.

8. Decorating

A stewardess or steward will be responsible for creating an ambiance and overall pulled together look on the yacht. For example, they will select flowers and create table settings to make the yacht look more beautiful.

Other decorations include selecting art and linens. Stewards and stewardesses who have an eye for interior design or decoration will be a fantastic asset for the yacht.

When setting tables, a steward or stewardess should be able to fold napkins artistically, in shapes like rabbits or flowers.

They will color coordinate meals with table settings to create an amazing experience

The chief steward or stewardess is in charge of hospitality on the ship. He or she will need to anticipate the needs of the guests. They’ll need to give instructions to the stewards and stewardesses to achieve their goals.

9. Human Resources

Human resources are one area that the chief steward or stewardess will need to focus on.

The leader is only as good as the team, and they will organize the team that is on the yacht. The chief stewardess is responsible for obtaining these people.

He or she will source the staff. They will also assist in maintaining discipline on the vessel. If crew members are slacking, they will need to fix the situation. The steward or stewardess is responsible for making sure the crew treats guests professionally and with respect.

They will work with the captain with any discipline issues and act with them to make sure that things are going smoothly. The chief steward will help to encourage their stewards and stewardesses and to help energy levels stay high.

10. Self Care

Stewards and stewardesses must take special care to give superior service to their crew and guests, and also maintain their personal appearance. This includes having modest jewelry and to keep on top of hair and makeup if they choose to wear it.

This list of ten duties expected of stewards and stewardesses gives a good overview of everything that it takes to work on a yacht. Whether it’s an entry level steward or stewardess, or a chief steward or stewardess, there are many responsibilities to giving five-star service.

They will work to create a fun and exciting environment and also organize the yacht to the best of their abilities.

From the kitchen to the cabin and everything in between, the steward or stewardess helps to bring all of the details of the ship together, from sunrise to after dinner.

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Work On A Yacht

How to become a yacht stewardess: the a-to-z quick start guide.

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How to Become a Yacht Stewardess: The A-to-Z Quick Start Guide

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Yacht Stewardess – A Detailed Job Description (Book Excerpt)

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Yacht Stewardess – A Detailed Job Description (Book Excerpt)

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February 20, 2023 By Julie Perry

M/Y "Big Aron" Crew, Circa 2011

Following is the Preface to the 2nd edition of The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous, published in 2006 and updated in 2013... [And if you're ready to begin your yachting … [More]

Superyacht Crew Jobs: Gain Skills for a Bright Future

December 30, 2022 By Julie Perry

Superyacht Crew

Superyacht Crew Jobs Available NOW Superyacht crew jobs abound right now! Due to the pandemic, there has been a major increase in demand for superyacht crew to fill all positions onboard. This is especially true of the need for American crew to fill … [More]

Working on Cruise Ships vs. Superyachts – A Vast Sea of Difference

October 5, 2022 By Julie Perry

M/Y Kogo Superyacht Crew

Here's an excerpt from The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous: I Must Confess… We yachties sort of frowned upon what life might be like aboard the ol’ cruise ships. We were … [More]

July 6, 2022 By Julie Perry

boat yacht stewardship

THE QUICK START GUIDE: THE A TO Z OF HOW TO BECOME A YACHT STEWARD/ESS In the first half of my book, The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess, I discuss the yachting industry and give you insight into what this world is all about. I also … [More]

Careers in the Yachting Industry: What Can a Yacht Stewardess Do in the Future?

May 1, 2022 By Julie Perry

Luxury Yacht Crew Photo Copyright: Suki Finnerty of YachtingToday TV.

One of the chief questions I hear from people I recruit into the yacht-crew industry is this: "But what will I go do after that?" For some yacht stews, the job represents a long-term career path where they can work up to chief steward/ess status and … [More]

Tales from a Superyacht Stewardess: A Party Debacle on Oscar Night

February 7, 2022 By Julie Perry

Julie Perry in her days as a yacht stewardess, decorating for a theme party for charter guests.

A sample "Confession" from The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous... Julie and her crew tried to go the extra mile by throwing an Oscar viewing party for their billionaire guests, … [More]

About Julie Perry

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My Crew Kit

Online Yacht Steward(ess) Training Courses

Dreaming of kick-starting or elevating your yachting career as a skilled yacht steward or stewardess, but prefer studying from the comfort of your own location? We've got some fantastic news for you! There are accredited and highly advantageous training programs that you can undertake remotely. These courses include widely recognised IAMI GUEST training, MCA-approved food hygiene training, WSET Wine and Spirits training, and a wide range of stewardess-specific courses.

Accredited Online Steward(ess) Training Course Options

Get ahead, wherever you are!

Focused woman wearing headphones writing notes, sitting on floor at home, serious girl female student wearing glasses learning language, listening to online course or music while doing homework

Online IAMI GUEST Training

From introductory courses to advanced and management level, you can follow one of the most recognised interior training frameworks in a virtual/online format.

Food Hygiene Certificate Galileo

Online MCA Approved Food Safety in Catering Level 2

An essential course for interior yacht crew, offered by the best training providers through a virtual format.

Extreme close up of sommelier evaluating red wine in wine glass at tasting.

Online WSET WIne & Spirits Training

Now, with the convenience of online/virtual learning, you can dive into the world of wine and spirits with interactive, engaging lessons online.

Yacht Purser Training

Online Yacht Purser Training

Looking to take the next step and move up from a steward/ess to a Yacht Purser? Find out about what is required and connect with an accredited online provider.

Side view head shot smiling mixed race lady freelancer wearing headset, communicating with client via video computer call. Millennial pleasant professional female tutor giving online language class.

Why Choose These Online Training Programs?

The training is designed to provide stewardesses with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles onboard yachts. Our courses are taught by experienced industry professionals who understand the unique challenges of working in the yachting industry.

In addition to our expert instructors, our program offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Convenience: You can complete your training from anywhere in the world at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Flexibility: You can tailor your training program to meet your specific needs.
  • Affordability: The courses are competitively priced, making it easy for you to get the training you need without breaking the bank.

Recommended Online Steward(ess) Training Providers

boat yacht stewardship

Trilogy Luxury Training

A South African leader in interior yacht training courses, offering online training for Advanced IAMI GUEST Training & MCA Food Safety level 2 courses.

Axtell Food Safety

Axtell Food Safety Training

A global leader in MCA approved food safety training courses of all levels, offered in online/virtual format. Let the reviews do the talking!

Seven Seas yacht Trainng Florida

Seven Seas Preparatory Academy

Complete your STCW basic training in just two days of practical training, supplemented by online coursework. (Fort Lauderdale)

Get Started Today!

If you're ready to take your steward(ess) career to the next level, these online training programs are the perfect place to start. With courses designed specifically for the yachting industry, expert instructors, and accreditation from industry organizations, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality training available.

Enroll today to start your journey towards becoming a skilled and knowledgeable steward/ess!

Stewardess Badge

Request to Book Online Steward(ess) Training

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Username or Email

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Savvy Maritime Academy

Yacht Steward(ess) Training Academy (IAMI GUEST ACCredited)

Refine Your Yacht Steward(ess) Skills in Just 10 Days With Savvy Maritime Academy in Fort Lauderdale

Preparation Is Key To A Successful Steward(ess) Career

Knowledge , preparation , and most importantly, relevant practical exposure are key to you being able to fulfill your duties as superyacht steward(ess) with confidence and competence! At Savvy, we have have ensured that all of your bases are covered in the most relevant luxury yacht training facility available. With staff that have 75 years of combined industry experience you will learn from those who have an abundance of knowledge to share with you . Our Steward(ess) course is internationally recognized and accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI).

Course Breakdown:

The course runs in our Fort Lauderdale practical training facility as well as on board an operational superyacht based in the area

  • Steward/ess Familiarization & Introduction to Yachting - Incl. GUEST Unit 23
  • Superyacht Housekeeping, Cleaning & Laundry - Incl. GUEST Unit 32
  • Food & Beverage Service: - Incl. GUEST Unit 02 (Food & Beverage) - Incl. GUEST Unit 03 (Wine & Mixology) - Including Cigar Service
  • Additional Modules - Flower knowledge & arrangements - Vessel operations & basic deck work - Work schedule samples & responsibilities
  • Employment Guidance & Assistance

Steward(ess) interior training

Section 1: Steward/ess Familiarization & Introduction to Yachting

Including the IAMI GUEST Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life (Unit 23) Module

Before we begin with the practical steward(ess) training, we ensure that you have an accurate understanding of how the yachting industry works. Having realistic expectations of life on board a yacht ensures that you can effectively adapt to this unique new working environment.

  • The demographics of the yachting sector, its sub-divisions & relevant Industries
  • Professional Yacht CV presentation, & job search etiquette
  • Employment Contracts, SEAS, & salary expectations
  • Life at sea as a crew member Yacht orientation & seamanship terminology
  • Ethical Code of Conduct / Yacht Standing Orders
  • The roles of each department & duties of crew positions
  • The onboard hierarchy & chain of command
  • The onboard standards of personal presentation & hygiene
  • The expected etiquette & behaviours as a crew member
  • The standards of attention to detail required onboard a yacht
  • The Importance of communication & communication styles
  • The etiquette of meeting & interacting with guests, including privacy & discretion
  • The diversities & differences of cultures & behaviours
  • Maintaining personal health & wellbeing (including mental preparation and care) & how to find support
  • The responsibilities of employers & crew for health & safety in the maritime industry
  • How to make the most of your time in the yachting industry
  • Tax & Finances - how to thrive

Savvy Steward(ess) students during their final day practical assessment.

Section 2: Steward(ess) Housekeeping, Cleaning & Laundry

Including the IAMI GUEST Basic Houskeeping & Laundry (Unit 32) Module

Housekeeping Stewardess Training

Superyacht Standard Housekeeping Skills

  • Care of arts and furnishing
  • Table linen care
  • How to make beds to a superyacht standard
  • Turn up and turn down cabin service
  • Housekeeping basics
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Laundry care and ironing strategies
  • Basic interior checklists and inventories
  • How to organize lockers and cupboards
  • How to stow and unstow valuable items

Yacht Stewardess Service Training

Section 3: Food & Beverage Service

Including the IAMI GUEST Food & Beverage Service (Unit 02) & Basic Wine Bartending & Mixology (Unit 03) Modules

Superyacht Food Service Module

  • The principles of food and beverages service operations for guests
  • Different food service techniques and service styles
  • Service standards and expectations
  • Silver Service
  • Guests relations, grooming, and etiquette
  • Food presentation
  • Table setting and napkin folding

Coffee and Tea, Cheese and Caviar, Cigar Service

  • Distinguishing the different Types of coffee
  • Basic types of coffee recipes, techniques, and service rules
  • Steps and presentation for different types of tea
  • How to create a cheese board
  • Different kinds of caviar and how to serve it
  • Presenting, cutting, lighting, and storing of fine cigars

Wines, Cocktail Making, and Bartending

  • Classification of wines
  • Correct service techniques
  • Glass types, decanter use and wine accessories
  • Mastering the corkscrew
  • Spirits and liquor familiarity
  • Cocktail making with common recipes and ingredients
  • Correct use of tools and techniques


Section 4: Additional Modules

Extra steward(ess) skills and knowledge to help you stand out from the crowd!

Basic Knowledge of Fresh Flower Arrangements

  • How to condition and care for flowers
  • Different types of flowers and the arranging tools used
  • Designing flower arrangements (practical assessment)

Nautical Terminology, Vessel Operations & Basic Deck Work

  • Learning lights, shapes and emergency sounds & signals
  • Terms that interior crew should know
  • Knowing basic nautical knots
  • Line handling and fenders

Samples of work Schedules & Responsibilities

  • Sample of daily, weekly, monthly tasks and projects
  • Sample schedule and steward/ess duties when guest are ON board
  • Sample schedule and steward/ess duties when guests are NOT on board

Savvy Steward(ess) Graduate

Steward(ess) Guidance & Employment

We aim for you to be employed shortly after your course ends and are happy to assist with the placement process. A few additional aspects covered:

  • References from head of departments & captains (provided competence and the correct attitude is shown)
  • Resume advice and assistance
  • Connections to crew agencies, & employers
  • Interview preparation and guidance
  • Guidance on how to conduct yourself once on board
  • Career advice on how to progress once employed including course progression and recordkeeping etc.



Apply / Get More Info

Savvy yacht steward(ess) google reviews.

Shelby Chitwood

Join Us & Access an Abundance of Yacht Steward & Stewardess Course Knowledge

We Have So Much To Share With Aspiring Interior Yacht Crew!


Have Something to ask us?

Send us a message, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone, you can call us on the phone number below:

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See Mark Zuckerberg’s glossy new $300M, 287-foot superyacht ‘Launchpad’

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All aboard S.S. Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly gifted himself a $300 million megayacht, dubbed “Launchpad,” ahead of his 40th birthday.

The staggering 387-foot-long vessel was seen floating at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after arriving at its berth earlier this week, The Sun reported Thursday.

Mark Zuckerberg.

The multi-layered luxury ship’s sleek exterior was designed by Espen Øino International and boasts a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure, according to SuperYacht Times.

Reportedly ranking as the 45th largest yacht in the world, the interiors are just as aesthetically pleasing and reportedly executed by Zuretti Interior Design company, a France-based company specializing in unique and custom yacht design.

The breathtakingly beautiful floater stands out with a navy blue theme matching an American flag perched proudly on its wood-paneled stern.

The Launchpad yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

There are several outdoor areas where the social media maven will be able to relax with his family and the indoor levels feature glass paneling allowing for tons of natural light.

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There also appears to be a helipad perfect for whenever the Facebook co-founder wants to travel to his vessel by air.

The Feadship-built yacht, built in 2022, can comfortably fit 24 guests aboard, requires a crew of 48, and is said to cost $30 million a year for upkeep and usage, according to Superyachtfan.com .

The Launchpad yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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Boatworld insiders have been buzzing with speculation that Zuckerberg is the owner of the newly minted mega-cruise ever since it made its main voyage from the Netherlands last week.

The tech titan was spotted touring the Russian-commissioned megayacht in early March, though the impressive boat didn’t arrive stateside until this week due to sanctions, according to The Sun.

The website reported that Zuckerberg purchased the pricey yacht – along with its own $30 million partner boat — most likely as an early 40th birthday present to himself.

Mark Zuckerberg on a paddle board.

The boat reportedly traveled to Florida after being granted special permission to be imported just weeks ahead of Zuckerberg’s birthday on May 14.

Zuckerberg’s yacht is just 30 feet shorter than the length of fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos’ 417-foot megayacht Koru, which the Amazon boss snagged for a whopping $500 million.

Zuckerberg’s rep did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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Mark Zuckerberg.


boat yacht stewardship

The superyacht world is speculating that Mark Zuckerberg just bought this 118-meter boat

  • The 118-meter superyacht Launchpad made her maiden voyage last week.
  • The yacht world is speculating that her owner is Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Here's what we know about the luxury vessel.

Insider Today

In the world of superyachts , privacy is the most valuable asset. It can be next to impossible to discern the details of a superyacht transaction — and that's particularly true if the vessel in question is worth nine figures.

Yet some in the boat blogging world are speculating that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the new owner of Launchpad, a megayacht currently moored in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after she made her maiden voyage from Gibraltar to St Maarten last week. Launchpad clocks in at 118 meters long, about nine meters shorter than Jeff Bezos' superyacht Koru .

The transaction could not be confirmed, with yacht world insiders declining to share what they know and representatives for Zuckerberg not responding to a request for comment from Business Insider. In the past, reports about Zuckerberg owning superyacht Ulysses have proven false.

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"It is Feadship's standard policy to never divulge any information about our yachts with reference to ownership, costs, or delivery, etc," Feadship, the ship's builder, wrote to BI. "Whether it is an 18-meter Feadship from the 1960s or a 118-meter Feadship from the 21st century, we do not share private information."

But Zuckerberg's name has been connected to Launchpad for a few months now, beginning in December when reports swirled that he visited Feadship's shipyard in the Netherlands.

Then, earlier in March, yachting bloggers like eSysman SuperYachts and Autoevolution started speculating that he officially snagged the boat, originally built for a sanctioned Russian businessman, at a $300 million price tag. (While that's a seemingly huge amount, it's still less than 0.2% of Zuckerberg's $177 billion net worth.)

Another clue that might point to US ownership is that the yacht bears the flag of the Marshall Islands, a US territory and commonplace for American buyers to register their ships, according to public marine tracking.

If Zuckerberg were to have bought Launchpad, he would join a cohort of superyacht-owning tech billionaires . Along with Bezos, the likes of Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison and Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have purchased impressive boats with even more impressive amenities.

SuperYacht Times , an industry publication and intelligence platform, has some of the best images of the yacht. Photos show a swimming pool on her main deck and a large helipad.

While less is known of the interior, a vessel of her size can likely sleep dozens of guests and crew and may have amenities like an expansive gym where Zuckerberg could practice his jiu-jitsu or a spa with a massage area. We suspect there's also space for plenty of toys — which could include his viral hydrofoil foil .

Do you have any details about Launchpad or any other superyachts? Email reporter Madeline Berg at [email protected].

Watch: Walmart heiress' superyacht vandalized by activists in Ibiza

boat yacht stewardship

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Yachtapalooza, 1-day Chicago boat show on Far South Side, 'perfect for aspiring sailors'

Christian Piekos Image

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It might be a chilly spring day, but hundreds are getting ready to set sail at the 25th Yachtapalooza at Crowley's Yacht Yard on Chicago's Far South side.

Grant Crowley is the owner of Crowley's Yacht Yard.

"This is a get spring going for us," he said of the yearly one-day boat show.

Crowley is knotting together different sailing organizations from all walks of life stretching Chicago's nautical community.

From hands-on seminars and demonstrations, highlighting the vital how-tos of sailing, to budget-friendly boats on sale, organizers say Yachtapalooza is perfect for aspiring future sailors.

"We have 12 seminars going on. We even have sail makers here teaching how to trim your sails," said Crowley.

Yachtapalooza also supports nonprofit organizations like No Salt Sailing that helps veterans heal from unseen wounds through sailing.

"Once you get out there and the sails are up, you turn off the motor, there's nothing like it in the world for tranquility," said No Salt Sailing founder William Shehan. "I've done meditation, I've done martial arts, I've done all those things and it is an act of meditation."

Mt. Carmel High School is also showcasing its newly-formed sailing program. They want to recruit young sailors eager to get on board.

"Just to see them accomplish things, watch them become more confident in what they do. Appreciating the value of teamwork, learning new skills, just the whole ball of wax," said Bob Szyman, Mt. Carmel Sailing.

The weather might be brisk now...but these sailors have their compasses set on a warmer horizon.

"There's nothing more sublime than being two miles out on Lake Michigan in a sailboat, beautiful day, sun's out and we've got our gorgeous skyline in the background. You can't beat it," said Szyman.

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1 dead, 2 critically injured after south suburban crash: CFD

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  1. How to Become a Yacht Stewardess

    All crew need STCW basic safety training, a five-day course, and an ENG1 medical certificate, and some yachts may also require certification in Food Safety & Hygiene, a one-day course. On top of these necessities, there are numerous options for yacht-specific interior training, but many chief stews, like Robert, prefer to teach on the job ...

  2. Yacht Steward/ess Crew Position

    RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE RECORDS OUT OF. EXPERIENCES IN THE INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (STEWARD/ESS) Yacht Steward or Stewardess have 0 - 3 years experience and are responsible for interior cleaning and maintenance. They earn $30K-38K based on yacht size & experience.

  3. How to Become a Yacht Stewardess: The A-to-Z Quick Start Guide

    Consider sending along your résumé/CV in advance, with expected course-completion dates listed. If possible, go ahead and schedule your personal interview. (Chapters 9 and 10) Book that airplane ticket, and move to a hiring port. (Chapter 8) Once you are physically in a hiring port, go meet with the agencies.

  4. Official Yacht Stewardess Job Descriptions and Salaries (Including a

    Compensation for chief stews runs anywhere from $3,450 to $5,650 a month on smaller yachts (80 to 140 feet) to $5,200 to $8,000 a month on yachts over 140 feet. It is very common now to see $65K and $70K salaries, or even $90K+ on the much larger vessels. Salaries for entry-level yacht stewardesses start out between $30K-$43K a year, or ...

  5. Start a Yachting Career

    2.Yacht Steward/Stewardess Training Courses. All superyacht crew need to hold both mandatory and department specific qualifications. All interior crew need to hold an STCW Basic Training Certification, including Proficiency in Security Awareness or Proficiency in Designated Security Duties, a Food and Hygiene Level 2 Certificate as well as other courses depending on your desired role and ...

  6. How to become a yacht stewardess? The fundamentals of the job

    1. What is a stewardess on a boat? A stewardess (or hostess) on a yacht is a person in charge of the reception and comfort of the passengers on board, whether it is a yacht, a sailboat, a cruise ship or any other type of boat. The word comes from the Latin "hospes", which means "host" or "guest".

  7. Yacht Stew/Stewardess Training Courses

    These yacht steward(ess) courses are available in both online and in-class formats. Find a Recommended Superyacht Stewardess Course Training Provider. ... Power Boat Level II: Many yachts, especially those less than 50m, may require a stew to drive a tender from time to time, it can, therefore, increase your employability on smaller vessels. ...

  8. Become a Steward/ess on a Superyacht

    Become a Steward or Stewardess on a Superyacht. Becoming a Superyacht Steward or Stewardess is the perfect way to combine work and travel. The course is suitable for complete beginners or those with experience who are looking to work as a Steward or Stewardess on a Superyacht.

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    12 Steps To Becoming A Yacht Stewardess. The best way to become a yacht stewardess is to prepare yourself from all angles. Here are the 12 steps to becoming a yacht stewardess. Research the yachting industry: Understanding the yachting world is very important for aspiring yacht stewardesses.

  10. How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

    To begin with, you need to dress the part. Make sure you're hair is up and neat and you have light minimal makeup on. Wear a polo shirt with either a skirt, skort or shorts that is a respectable length in a navy, black or beige. Most interviews are conducted on the yacht in person, so I wore flip flops to all of mine.

  11. How to Become a Yacht Stewardess: Beginner's Guide

    1. You're comfortable being away from home. Working on a yacht means you're away from home (and likely without service) for months on end. If you're comfortable being away from friends and family for long periods of time, chances are you'd make a great yacht stewardess.

  12. What Do Yacht Stewardesses Do? (Daily Tasks Explained)

    Table of Contents. 1. Housekeeping. Stewards and stewardesses work to help the yacht run ship shape. They will work to keep common areas neat and clean. Laundry might also be part of their day to day tasks. Detailing and cleaning windows might be some of the responsibilities that they will tackle. Other housekeeping tasks include: Vacuuming,

  13. How to become a YACHT STEWARD or stewardESS! (Your step-by ...

    Key Moments00:00 Introduction00:49 Ensure that you fit the criteria01:29 Understand the expectations (what will be expected of you)02:04 Decide what you want...

  14. "The Insiders' Guide to Becoming A Yacht Stewardess"

    Julie Perry spent three years as a mega-yacht stewardess, which took her to over 40 ports in 18 countries. And she can tell you how to do it, too. The first edition of her book, "The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess," has been a must-read guide for yacht crew since 2006. With the release of her updated, second edition, Julie ...

  15. Online Yacht Steward(ess) Training Courses

    The training is designed to provide stewardesses with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles onboard yachts. Our courses are taught by experienced industry professionals who understand the unique challenges of working in the yachting industry. In addition to our expert instructors, our program offers a variety of benefits ...

  16. Yacht Steward (ess) Training Academy (IAMI GUEST ACCredited)

    Section 1: Steward/ess Familiarization & Introduction to Yachting. Including the IAMI GUEST Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life (Unit 23) Module. Before we begin with the practical steward (ess) training, we ensure that you have an accurate understanding of how the yachting industry works. Having realistic expectations of life on board a ...

  17. 10 things nobody tells you before being a Yacht Stewardess

    From a Stew to Future Stews, here are 10 things no one tells you before you become a yacht stewardess…⁣. You will laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh somedays as you are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Remember to be kind to yourself.⁣. You quickly develop a new love for a hoover (vacuum cleaner) learn to drive ...

  18. Yacht Jobs

    Seeking 3 personable, polished, Stewardesses ( one+ seasons exp.) for a 54 m private M/Y. One girl to start immediately,... March 19, 2024 Approved. Page 1 of 23. 1. 2. 3. Next. View current job vacancies for a Stewardess on-board yachts, superyachts and megayachts.

  19. Yacht Steward Jobs, Employment

    Yachting Solutions, LLC. Key Largo, FL 33037. $25,000 - $35,000 a year. Part-time + 2. Monday to Friday + 5. Easily apply. * Previous experience in hospitality or yacht steward role preferred. * Maintain the interior appearance and cleanliness of the vessel to "show ready"…. Active 2 days ago ·.

  20. Check Out the Biggest and Priciest Boats at Palm Beach's Yacht Show

    Likely the largest yacht for sale (not just charter) at the show, the Talisman C is a 2011 six-bedroom boat. The owner's cabin comes with an en suite bathroom, dressing room, private library, and ...

  21. See Mark Zuckerberg's new $300M, 287-foot superyacht 'Launchpad'

    Zuckerberg's yacht is just 30 feet shorter than the length of fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos' 417-foot megayacht Koru, which the Amazon boss snagged for a whopping $500 million.

  22. 5th International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show a

    The first pavilion of Crocus Expo IEC hosted an extraordinary exposition of the 5th International exhibition of yachts and boats Moscow Boat Show. The show had been incredibly famous for five years already not only thanks to the specialists of the market segment as well as professional sportsmen but also thanks to those who consider sailing ...

  23. Maxi-Open Mangusta Yachts presented at Boat Shows in Palm Beach and

    Two important events saw the Mangusta Maxi Open by the prominent Italian builder Overmarine again protagonist on the nautical scene: Marine Max exclusive partner for the United States attended the Palm Beach Boat Show, running from March 22 to 25 with the spectacular motor yacht Mangusta 92 and the Mangusta 130 superyacht on display.Burevestnik Group, on the other hand, was the star of the ...

  24. UFI approval for Moscow Boat Show

    Moscow Boat Show provides the perfect platform from which to preview new products, evaluate market trends, and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships. Despite the dynamic changes taking place in Russia and the rapid growth of the yachting sector, the show continues to complement and reflect the industry's demand and ...

  25. The Boating World Is Speculating Mark Zuckerberg Bought a Superyacht

    While privacy is key in the superyacht world, some boat bloggers are speculating that Meta's Mark Zuckerberg bought the 118-meter vessel Launchpad. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly ...

  26. The Gala Opening Ceremony of the 5th Moscow Boat Show held on March 20

    The Moscow Boat Show is the own Crocus Expo IEC project and is supported by Aston Martin Moscow, Burevestnik Group logistics department and the Yachting specialized magazine.. The exposition space increased up to 30 000 sq m and was accommodated in all 4 exhibition halls of the fairgrounds! 280 Russian (Arkhangelsk, Vyborg, Kazan, Kaluga, Republic of Karelia, Moscow and Moscow region, Nizhny ...

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    CHICAGO (WLS) -- It might be a chilly spring day, but hundreds are getting ready to set sail at the 25th Yachtapalooza at Crowley's Yacht Yard on Chicago's Far South side. Grant Crowley is the ...