diesel electric sailboat


    diesel electric sailboat

  3. Diesel to Electric Sailboat Re-Power, Part One: Installation

    diesel electric sailboat

  4. Electric Sailboat Conversion Project 48V 10kW BLDC Motor

    diesel electric sailboat

  5. DIY DIESEL TO ELECTRIC SAILBOAT CONVERSION: Our lithium battery setup on our restored boat

    diesel electric sailboat

  6. Electric yacht: What are the options for going electric?

    diesel electric sailboat


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  5. From silent sails to eco-friendly cruising, the Elcat Solar Electric Boat does it all. 🚤🌞#solarpower

  6. Eco-Warrior's Dream: Solar Electric Boat


  1. Oceanvolt

    Oceanvolt offers Hybrid or Electric systems as a power & propulsion option in partnership with many leading monohull boat builders - adding new partners continuously. We also offer repowering solutions for converting away from legacy diesel engines - removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks and exhaust system - cleaning up greasy, smelly engine ...

  2. How hybrid sailing yachts finally became a feasible option

    Torque is a measure of turning power - at the propeller in the case of a boat. A diesel engine develops optimum torque between 1,800-2,000rpm, while electric motors deliver it from 0 to around 2 ...

  3. Electric and Hybrid Propulsion for Sailboats

    288. Vermeulen replaced the diesel-electric system with twin 160-horsepower Volvo diesels. At 9.1 knots, they together burned 2.2 gallons per hour, considerably less than the 3 gallons per hour that the Glacier Bay system burned at the same speed. With the twin Volvos maxed out at 3,900 rpm, the boat made 24.5 knots.

  4. Electric Motors for Sailboats

    Cheoy Lee Clipper on Lake Superior. Jan 2, 2023. Sailing with an Electric Motor In 2021 we installed the QuietTorque™ 10.0 Electric Motor by Electric Yacht on our 1972 Cheoy Lee Clipper Sailboat, which we use for day charters from May through October on Lake Superior. We have been extremely satisfied with the...

  5. The Promises and Pitfalls of an All-Electric Yacht

    A diesel-electric propulsion system relies on a running genset to directly power the electric motor that turns the propeller. A hybrid system relies on batteries to power the electric motor, plus an internal-combustion genset to recharge the batteries. One of the promises of a hybrid system is the ability to regenerate electrical power.

  6. Electric yacht: What are the options for going electric?

    The Arcona 380Z is a standard production yacht that has been adapted for electric propulsion. Note the increased solar panel surface area with soft panels bonded to the sails. Credit: Jukka Pakainen. A modern electric yacht can come in all shapes and sizes, from the latest high-tech speed boats with recently developed high-performance electric ...

  7. Volvo Penta D4 Hybrid first look: Is this the future of boat ...

    Volvo Penta has revealed a fascinating insight into its greener future with the launch of its first diesel electric hybrid leisure boat engine. Although still a prototype, it is based on a standard 320hp D4 engine and DPI sterndrive with an electric motor/generator added to the driveline. Speaking exclusively to MBY, sales project manager ...

  8. Review: HH44-SC, SAIL Top 10 Best Boats 2024 Winner

    The sustainability emphasis centers around the boat's EcoDrive, a hybrid diesel electric system whose backbone is a 43.2 KwH 48V lithium ion battery bank fed in part by a whopping 4,232-watt solar array on the cabintop. Two 30-hp Beta diesels have a traditional gearbox and shaft, but rather than an alternator, an electric motor generator is ...

  9. An Innovative Parallel Hybrid Diesel Electric Propulsion System

    EcoDrive is a robust and redundant hybrid electric/diesel propulsion system designed to deliver a multitude of benefits. Originally conceived in conjunction with the HH44, the Parallel Hybrid EcoDrive is a ground breaking industry advancement that we're proud to now offer on all HH Catamaran models. How long can the boat run in Electric Mode?

  10. The Pros, Cons, and Future of Electric Yachts and Sailboats

    Pros and Cons of Electric Motors for Boats. What are the pros and cons of electric motors for sailing? Pros of electric propulsion. Less noise: Electric motors are quieter than diesel engines and nearly vibration free. Lower long-term cost: Motors last a long time and require no fuel. You need batteries and electricity, but the sun and wind can ...

  11. Best hybrid diesel electric boats: The best of both worlds?

    As the name suggests the 42 Hybrid is a diesel-electric hybrid boat that genuinely seems to offer the best of both worlds. Its single diesel 440hp Yanmar engine can deliver a top speed of 16 knots from its comfortable semi-displacement hull form, and a range of 600nm at 12-14 knots. This makes for effortless passage-making, even in conditions ...

  12. Full-Range Hybrid Yacht Propulsion

    THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC. ... We are the proud winner of the NMMA Innovation Awards designated by Discover Boating® Miami International Boat Show®, NMMA and BWI. Check it out + Come visit our booth. and check out how you can electrify your vessel! SEPT 10-15. 2024. OCT 30-NOV 3. 2024. FEB 12-16. 2025.

  13. New Arcona 415 first sailing yacht with electric propulsion standard

    Arcona is also a pioneer in electric propulsion. It already has the largest fleet of electric sailboats on the water, the first being the Arcona 380Z (for Zero emission) launched in 2015. In 2019 Graham Balch of Green Yacht Sales wrote about What it's Like to Cross the Atlantic Ocean in an Electric Sailboat. You can read the whole story ...

  14. Deep Blue hybrid drives for sailing yachts & catamarans from Torqeedo

    Powerful electric motor: delivers between 25 and 100 kW of continuous power at 360 V. Available as inboard, outboard or saildrive. 2. 360 V high-capacity lithium battery system. 3. 12 V batteries: system power supply for starting up the high-voltage battery system and the diesel generator. The Deep Blue system manages these batteries autonomously.

  15. Diesel Electric Drive

    A diesel electric power system can drive multiple propellers from a single engine or use multiple engines to power one or more props. In a twin-engine/twin-prop system, one engine can power both props when operating within the speed limits imposed in many areas. Electrical power from the vessel's genset can be used to propel the boat ...

  16. Ditch the Diesel: Electric Sailboat Conversion Tips & Tricks

    Get an exclusive @Surfsharkdeal! Enter promo code SAILINGUMA for an extra 3 months free at recommendations:EPTechno...

  17. Best electric boats: A-Z of the top all-electric models

    The current range comprises six models from 20ft to 32ft, however only the models up to 25ft are available as electric boats. The top-of-the-range electric model, the Boesch 750 Portofino Deluxe, has twin 50kW Piktronik motors giving a top speed of 21 knots and a range of 14nm. Boesch 750 Portofino Deluxe specification.

  18. Electric Sailboat Motor: Range, Cost, Best Kits for Conversion

    With the Spirit 1.0 Evo electric sailboat motor, you can go 5.5 mph (8.8 kph) at top speed on the 21 ft RS21 sailing boat, or troll for 20 hours continuously at 2.2 mph (3.5 kph) according to our test. This electric sailboat motor with regeneration allows you to recover energy from the prop while under sail.

  19. Diesel Electric Propulsion: Is This A Safer, More Efficient Solution

    Diesel Electric Systems have been in use to propel vessels for more than 100 years. Branobel launched the first diesel-electric ship in 1903, and since that day, diesel electric propulsion systems have evolved and today they can be found in all boat sizes and applications.

  20. How superyacht diesel electric power systems work

    The system is based on DCL International's Marine-X system, which removes particulates as they are emitted from the engine. Throwing a wrench into the development of diesel-electric yachts are ECAs, or Emission Control Areas. These areas are intended to cut down on NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulphur oxides) null.

  21. Flying electric ferries battle to smoothly sail commuters over the wave

    San Francisco, California-based electric boat startup Navier also plans to target the commercial ferry market with its first model. Debuted in 2023 , the Navier N30 announced its first official ...

  22. The Perks of Portable Electric Outboards

    Portable electric outboards offer a number of benefits. Ron Ballanti. Both of these outboards delivered quick acceleration aboard the 8-foot Highfield roll-up ­inflatable—a typical stowable tender aboard many boats—that we used for testing. Pushing two 200-pound adults, the Spirit 1.0 Plus averaged 4.0 knots over several top-speed runs.

  23. 628DirtRooster

    Welcome to the 628DirtRooster website where you can find video links to Randy McCaffrey's (AKA DirtRooster) YouTube videos, community support and other resources for the Hobby Beekeepers and the official 628DirtRooster online store where you can find 628DirtRooster hats and shirts, local Mississippi honey and whole lot more!

  24. The flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia which I bought there

    The Home for all things "Iron Horse". Steam, Diesel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic. It doesn't matter, let them be seen! Post your Pics, Videos, Stories, experiences, etc. Keep it interesting, topical, NON trolling, and everything will be great. Alaska Railroad to Zambian Railroads, we want to see them all.

  25. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal is linked by Elektrichka suburban electric trains to Moscow's Kursky Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Long distance buses link Elektrostal to Noginsk, Moscow and other nearby towns. Local public transport includes buses. Sports

  26. Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

    Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar ...