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  2. The Royal Yacht Britannia: A History of Queen Elizabeth II’s Favorite

    history of the royal yacht

  3. The HMY Britannia: Inside History's Last British Royal Yacht

    history of the royal yacht

  4. The Fascinating Story Behind the Royal Family's Yacht, Britannia

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  5. History of the Yacht & the Origins of Recreational Sailing

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  1. The Royal Yacht BRITANNIA

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  1. The Story Behind the Royal Family's Yacht, Britannia

    The royal family has a long history of seafaring—the first official royal yacht was the HMY Mary (HMY stands for His or Her Majesty's Yacht), gifted to Charles II by the Dutch in 1660. In fact ...

  2. Royal yacht

    A royal yacht is a ship used by a monarch or a royal family. ... History. Depending on how the term is defined royal yachts date back to the days of antiquity with royal barges on the Nile in ancient Egypt. Later the Vikings produced royal vessels. They followed the pattern of longships although highly decorated and fitted with purple sails ...

  3. HMY Britannia

    Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the former royal yacht of the British monarchy.She was in their service from 1954 until 1997. She was the 83rd such vessel since King Charles II acceded to the throne in 1660, and is the second royal yacht to bear the name, the first being the racing cutter built for the Prince of Wales in 1893. During her 43-year career, the yacht travelled more than a million ...

  4. List of royal yachts of the United Kingdom

    There have been 83 royal yachts of the monarchy of the United Kingdom since the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.. Charles II had 25 royal yachts, while five were simultaneously in service in 1831. Merchantmen or warships have occasionally been chartered or assigned for special duty as a temporary royal yacht, for example the steamship Ophir in 1901 and the battleship HMS Vanguard in 1947.

  5. Royal Yacht Britannia Facts Everyone Should Know—and How to ...

    Royal Yacht Britania Facts and History. On February 4, 1952, John Brown & Co shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland, received the order from the Admiralty to build a new Royal Yacht to travel the globe and double as a hospital ship in times of war, according to the royal yacht's website.King George VI passed away two days after, sadly, and so on April 16, 1953, the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II ...

  6. Royal Yacht Britannia History: When Did The Queen Retire The Royal

    The tradition of a royal yacht stretches back to 1660, when Charles II became England's king. To mark his return to the throne, his Dutch allies gave him an extravagant gift: a yacht called the Mary. As well as being built for speed, she was also designed with opulence in mind. "To give it the more lustre", the ship's exterior was ...

  7. About Former Floating Palace

    A Floating Palace. Britannia was launched from the John Brown & Company shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland, on 16 April, 1953. For over 44 years the Royal Yacht served the Royal Family, travelling more than a million nautical miles to become one of the most famous ships in the world. To Queen Elizabeth II, Britannia provided the perfect Royal ...

  8. The Royal Yacht Britannia

    The 4,000-ton yacht had a crew of 220 Royal Yachtsmen who lived on board, about 45 household staff, and occasionally a 26-member Royal Marine embarked to entertain dignitaries.

  9. The History of The Royal Yacht Britannia

    Historical Timeline. Britannia was the first Royal Yacht to be built with complete ocean-going capacity and designed as a Royal residence to entertain guests around the world. When she was decommissioned in 1997, it marked the end of a long tradition of British Royal Yachts, dating back to 1660 and the reign of Charles II. There is additional ...

  10. The Royal Yacht

    The Royal Yacht Britannia served the Queen for 44 years from its launch on April 16th, 1953 until it was decommissioned in 1997. Editor's note: Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-serving monarch passed away on Sept 8, 2022, aged 96. Now, BHT takes a look back at some of the most popular stories which arose during her 70-year reign.

  11. Secrets of the Royal Yacht Britannia

    It was a struggle to get the royal car on board. When the 412-ft yacht was built in 1953, it was considered important that it had a garage to house the Queen's Rolls Royce. However, getting the ...

  12. King Charles III makes a poignant return to the Royal Yacht ...

    The history of royal yachts dates back to the reign of Charles II who, when he became King of England, Scotland and Ireland on the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, was gifted a yacht called the Mary by his Dutch allies. There have been a total of 82 royal yachts since.

  13. Royal Yacht Britannia: the true history of the Queen's ship

    in News. In the opening episode of The Crown season 5, Queen Elizabeth II (played by Imelda Staunton) is shown fighting for the survival of her beloved yacht, the Royal Yacht Britannia. Officially known as HMY Britannia (Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia), the ship did indeed hold deep sentimental value to the late Queen, as captured in the ...

  14. Former Royal Yachtsmen

    Former Royal Yachtsmen. During Britannia's 44 years in service, there were an estimated 3,295 crew who proudly served aboard the Royal Yacht. Below are lists of the former Officers and Royal Yachtsmen. They were meticulously compiled over a five year period by M J Hill [Lt Cdr Royal Navy, LSA (S) HM Yacht Britannia 1960-63]. We are very ...

  15. The Retirement of a Longtime Royal Yacht

    December 11, 1997. Britannia, a vessel that had served as the royal yacht of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II for more than four decades, was decommissioned in a ceremony at the Portsmouth naval base on England's south coast. Along with highlighting Britannia's "brass fittings gleaming in the winter sunshine and flags rippling in a ...

  16. 10 Facts About Royal Yacht Britannia

    2. Britannia was the 83rd Royal Yacht. King George VI, Elizabeth II's father, had first commissioned the royal yacht that would become Britannia in 1952. The previous official boat had belonged to Queen Victoria and was rarely used. The tradition of royal yachts had been started by Charles II in 1660.

  17. Royal Yacht Britannia: A look back in history

    Following the recent death of Prince Philip, The Duke Of Edinburgh, SuperYacht Times takes a look at the history of Royal Yacht Britannia. Business Royal Yacht Britannia: A look back in history. Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite. Thu, 29 Apr 2021 | 16:00.

  18. The Royal Yacht: History

    The Royal Yacht: History. The Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge is one of the world's two remaining royal yachts. The other is the Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog, since the British Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in 1997. In 1905 the Norwegian Government formally invited Prince Carl of Denmark to become the king of Norway.

  19. HMS Britannia: 10 facts about the Queen's former royal yacht

    7. There were more than 200 crew on board. During royal tours, Britannia was manned by 220 yachtsmen, 21 officers and three season officers and a Royal Marine band of 26 on royal tours. Up until the 1970s, the crew had a daily ration of rum and she was the last Royal Navy vessel to have the crew sleep in hammocks. 8.

  20. What happened to the Royal Yacht Britannia mentioned in The Crown

    November 11, 2022 at 4:15 a.m. EST. The Royal Yacht Britannia enters Hong Kong harbor on its last overseas voyage in 1997. (Dan Groshong/AFP/Getty Images) 7 min. LONDON — The much-hyped fifth ...

  21. History of the Yacht

    The yacht is an invention of the 14th century Dutch. The Dutch used small, fast boats for chasing smugglers, pirates and criminals. Rich ship owners and merchants began using these small " jaghts " to sail out to celebrate their returning merchant ships. It quickly became chic to use these " jaghts " to take friends out just for pleasure.

  22. Embark on a nostalgic tour of the late Queen's luxury yacht

    The new Royal Yacht Britannia enters the water after her launch on April 16, 1953 by Queen Elizabeth II at John Brown's shipyard on Clydebank, Scotland. The 126-m (413-ft) Britannia was designed ...

  23. Will Smith and Johnny Depp Are Yachting Together Ahead of Shared

    Will Smith and Johnny Depp traveled together on a yacht with Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad while in Tuscany to perform at Andrea Bocelli's three-day star-studded concert lineup at the Teatro del ...

  24. Royal Salute Scotch Whisky Unveils Its New Home at The Tower of London

    Somewhere in the Highlands perhaps, as the sun sets on Scotland's magnificent lochs and mountains. Or possibly on a private yacht anchored off a remote desert island. Or anywhere - but in the ...

  25. History of the Royal Yachtsman

    Life aboard as a Royal Yachtsman. During Royal Service, there could be over 220 Royal Yachtsmen working on board at any one time, affectionately nicknamed Yotties. Hand-picked to meet the very highest standards, each and every sailor chose this special ship for the honour and privilege of serving Her Majesty The Queen and country.

  26. British Open: It's the Short Holes That Often Befuddle Golfers

    It will have the longest hole in Open history, the par-5 sixth hole that will measure 623 yards. It beats by three yards the 15th hole at Royal Liverpool in last year's Open.

  27. MV Fingal

    Sold to the Royal Yacht Britannia Trust in 2014: History; Name: Fingal: Owner: The Royal Yacht Britannia Trust: Operator: Royal Yacht Enterprises: Status: in service as a luxury hotel: General characteristics; Class and type: Twin Screw Motorship: Tonnage: 1,342 gross tons: Length: 238.9 ft (72.8 m) Beam: 40.3 ft (12.3 m)

  28. Lori Harvey stuns in itty-bitty leopard-printed bikini on yacht in St

    This vacation is getting wild. Lori Harvey showed off a racy leopard-printed bikini on vacation in St. Tropez Tuesday, relaxing on a luxurious yacht as she soaked up the sun with her family.

  29. Largs RNLI launch to vessel in distress

    The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity registered in England and Wales (209603), Scotland (SC037736), the Republic of Ireland (CHY 2678 and 20003326), the Bailiwick of Jersey (14), the Isle of Man (1308 and 006329F), the Bailiwick of Guernsey and Alderney, of West Quay Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1HZ.

  30. Sip, Savor, Stay 2024: New MSC Yacht Club Excursions

    In July 2024, MSC Yacht Club introduced 90 exclusive new excursions in the Caribbean, Mediterranea, and Northern Europe. Envision savoring gourmet meals crafted by world-class chefs, paired with ...