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light weight yacht tender


light weight yacht tender

  • True Kit Navigator - Lightweight Catamaran Yacht Tender

light weight yacht tender

A standard order is prepared and dispatched within 1-3 working days. No matter where you are in the world, our door-to-door shipping service brings your order straight to your doorstep. While shipping timeframes may vary, delivery typically ranges from 1-2 weeks.


Icon showing the lightweight feature of True Kit inflatables

We strive to keep the weight out of our inflatable boat range to make our dinghies manageable by anyone. Carrying and rowing these boats is a breeze, and for our larger designs we have our exclusive QuickLok Dingy Launching Wheels. 

Whether you are using your True Kit as a tender and need to pull it onboard the mothership, or your True Kit is the water-going extension of your caravan, keeping it light is critical. The secret is in our thermo-welded seams and superior fabrics, which help us to remove all unnecessary weight from the boat.

True Kit Owner Rod Dawson carrying a lightweight Navigator yacht tender

Have you ever had that tippy feeling climbing in and out of a dinghy? Experience what we call "stand up stability". The nature of inflatable catamarans means all the buoyancy is on the outside. This provides an incredibly stable platform for stepping in and out of the dinghy.

Standing up in a Navigator

The Discovery inflatable catamaran hull has significantly less drag than a typical deep-v hull. This allows for much smaller, lighter, more affordable and more fuel-efficient outboard engines. You need less horsepower to enjoy a thrilling ride!

Standing up in a True Kit inflatable catamaran is easy - demonstration

All True Kit inflatable boats are designed to be packed down and travelled with. We use the finest German-made fabrics that are flexible and durable to be folded and unfolded again and again. Because our boats are so portable, you can take one anywhere.

True Kit inflatables are easily handled in the bag - they are so portable

Quality and durability were uppermost in our minds when we were choosing the materials for the True Kit range.  After extensive research and testing we chose the world’s leading, premium fabric for inflatable boats - Valmex® by Mehler Germany. 

•Mehler has over 60 years’ experience in the development of textiles

•Mehler uses the most advanced technology to ensure their high quality, German made textiles are longer lasting

•The Valmex® fabric demonstrates superior flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechanical damage and UV

•Valmex® is recyclable

•Manufactured in Germany under the internationally recognised standard of quality: ISO 9001:2008

Thermo welded seams on a True Kit inflatable boat

The transom is the transfer unit between the outboard engine and the boat. We have created an incredibly stiff, lightweight aluminium transom using unique design and quality materials. The triple fold provides strength and direct power transfer from the engine to the boat while also being very light. The whole transom is finished to super yacht level with the AkzoNobel powercoat system.

Line drawing of an aluminium True Kit transom showing all the features

The seam can be an inflatable boat's Achilles Heel - or the strongest part.  We choose to thermo-weld the seams on our boats  to create the strongest bond possible (a permanent mechanical bond).  A welded seam on a True Kit inflatable actually becomes stronger than the fabric itself. Don't settle for glued seams.

True Kit Navigator in the Arctic demonstrating the high build quality

  • Railblaza Sideports - Workshop Installation
  • QuickLok Dinghy Launching Wheels (Self-Installation)


Colour Options

80cm x 60cm x 25cm

(31" x 24" x 10")

105cm x 60cm x 30cm

(41" x 24" x 12")

Additional Specs
. Boats built with Valmex® 20 years ago can still be seen zipping around demonstrating exceptionally long life expectancy.

True Kit Navigator lightweight yacht tender - Line drawing showing all the unique characteristics


"awesome dinghy.  so light & stable & fits perfectly on the roof of the rayglass 2800." - mark irvine.

Aluminium transom on a Navigator model


Key components in every true kit, premium valmex® fabric.

Dedicated to true quality, we only use German-made UV-resistant Valmex®.

Precision thermo-welded seams

Welded, not glued, creating an unbreakable bond built to outperform and outlast the competition.

Ultra rigid AirDeck

High pressure air deck with thermo-welded seams - providing that important rigidity to your True Kit.


With your Navigator, you'll get: Boat Floor Aluminium Seat(s) 2-piece Aluminium Oar Set Boat Bags True Kit Bravo Hand Pump Repair Kit

Both boats share exactly the same materials and construction methods. The designs also share a similar catamaran platform which offers superior stability and performance when compared to conventionally designed inflatables. The main difference is in the bow section. The Navigator is primarily designed for yacht tender purposes and has a high volume tube running all the way around the bow. This means you can load the dinghy up with more people and gear and have them close to the bow. The Discovery has parallel tubes which are tapered towards the bow. This creates less volume in the bow area which increases performance and also allows the bow to be pushed close to the water when weight is placed there. This unique design feature is great for swimmers and divers boarding the boat from the water, it is much easier than climbing up over the side tubes.

Our customers are always surprised at how well our boats row. While they haven’t all been specifically designed for rowing (except the Stowaway), the low drag platform and lightweight construction make them a breeze to row. The catamaran design also helps the boats to track well compared to many other flat bottomed boats.

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on new boats.  Warranty terms can be found in the Warranty page on our website True Kit Warranty . Boats built with Valmex® 20 years ago can still be seen zipping around demonstrating exceptionally long life expectancy.

Please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

True Kit's unique QuickLok Dinghy Launching Wheels

  • Accessories


Add a set of our QuickLok Dinghy Wheels to make moving your True Kit inflatable simple. Remove in seconds with the simple clip on/clip off installation lock.


Greenline boat owner.

We wanted a tender for our hybrid boat that would run well with an electric outboard. True Kit found me on social media and impressed with innovation and responsive sales support. Our new navigator arrived a week after ordering and was easy to set up and inflate the first time. Looking forward to her taking us ashore.

Great tender for us and our bikes

We needed a tender with enough stability and room to get us and our electric bikes to and from shore easily. We just tried our True Kit Navigator 300 and it is perfect for this. It performed well with our Torqeedo Traveler 1003.

So far so good!

Haven’t had a chance to get it in the water yet but blew it up on deck and first impressions are excellent! The simple/quick release air valves are refreshingly easy compared to previous dinghies I’ve owned, and it’s nice that the pump comes with a gauge. So far so good!

Navigator 3.0

Very happy with the quality of both build and design. I’m looking forward to many years of fun and service from this tender. Highly recommend to of the pile product!!

Customer Reviews

What a pleasant surprise. You have exceeded my expectations! Arrived in timely manner. Expertly packed. Solid construction. Pump is a beast. Easy assembly. Rows well. Agile under power. Very stable. I will be ordering accessories (please make more seat bags?!) Thanks for a well made product! John Lehman S/V Aventura

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inflatable catamaran landing craft - True Kit Discovery - stand up stability

Practical Boat Owner

  • Digital edition

Practical Boat Owner cover

Best inflatable boat: 9 compact tenders put to the test

Robert Melotti

  • Robert Melotti
  • September 9, 2021

Rob Melotti and the PBO test team put some lightweight, portable inflatable dinghies through their paces in Lymington to find the best inflatable boat

Inflatables are everywhere: paddleboards , canoes, kayaks , tents, kites and wings – and inflatable boat technology has long been a practical option for tenders, RIBs, liferafts and lifejackets .

But what the ‘new wave’ of inflatable boats brings to the practical boating landscape is the air floor, which makes very stable, very lightweight tenders a very practical option for people with limited stowage ie owners of cruising boats under 30ft.

And the market has responded with a selection of offerings under 2.4m weighing under 20kg. So which is the best and what should you be looking for to get the most for your money?

We tested nine models sold by eight different brand names. The inflatable boats were superficially quite similar, but in the accumulation of small details it was possible to pick a few favourites.

We rowed and motored all of the inflatable boats solo, and most of them with two aboard. We weighed and measured them and found a lot to like.

What’s the best inflatable boat? 9 options tested


3D Twin V Shape 230 Air Deck Tender was a good all-round performer – and best on test

3D Twin V Shape 230 Air deck tender

French manufacturer 3D Tender was one of the earliest producers of ultralight inflatable tenders. This model sports premium touches, such as davit rings and the most high-spec pump of all the inflatable boats on test.

In terms of convenience it is a rucksack carry bag with a large front pocket for the pump and accessories. The zips will need maintenance though.

light weight yacht tender

The V floor is a single chamber, keeping set-up time to a minimum and keeping the weight down. The lack of safety lines on the side makes carrying as a two-person team a little less convenient than some of the other inflatable boats, but the keel strip will help preserve this boat.

The rowlocks double as cleats and the rubbing strake will provide strength but little in the way of splashproofing for passengers.

Buy it now on

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.


Force 4 02Lite was the lightest on test

Force 4 02Lite

This model is very similar to the Seago Go Lite (also tested), including the rucksack, which was our favourite on test for carrying comfort, although you do have to beware of any loose objects inside the bag dropping out of the side enclosure flap.

light weight yacht tender

The Force 4 02Lite was the lightest package overall and packed down to just 90cm long.

The oars were the smallest on test, which affected the rowing performance, but it was the only inflatable boat with open rowlocks – so you can use your own oars.

The bench is adjustable, but I wasn’t able to position it far enough aft to brace my feet against the transom under oars.

There are three D-rings for making a towing bridle on the bow but no ergonomic carry handle.

The rubbing strake is minimal with no splash guard and there are no davit lifting eyes.

Buy it now on

light weight yacht tender

Crewsaver Air Deck 230 is solidly built and joint cheapest, but is outclassed by 3D Tender’s lightweight V floor design

Crewsaver Air Deck 230

Best cheap inflatable boat

The pack we were sent for testing had the incorrect seat included, but we were able to substitute a seat from one of the other inflatable boats on test without difficulty.

The rucksack doesn’t have a front pocket, but there are no zips to corrode and the adjustable webbing buckles mean the top opening of the bag is quite forgiving for repacking.

The safety lines are robustly attached to the hull, which is a feature that will pay dividends long-term, but adds a bit of weight.

light weight yacht tender

The rubbing strake is also weighty, but the splash guards will keep water out of the boat.

The coned aft sponson caps are hard plastic, enabling vertical storage without damage and the rowlocks double as cleats.

There are davit rings in the bow and through the thick transom board, plus the bow handle is wide for ergonomic carrying.

Buy it now on

light weight yacht tender

Excel Ventura SL200

From a Midlands-based company that specialises in inflatable boats, this came with a great double-action hand pump and was the only boat on test with an over-pressure valve – a useful feature for exposure to the hot sun.

The safety lines are sturdily attached and splash guards make up part of the rubbing strake protecting the sides and keeping water out of the boat.

The rowlocks double as cleats and the bow handle is wide enough for a proper grip.

light weight yacht tender

Excel Ventura SL200’s double action hand pump made short work of inflation

Davit fittings are supplied and the sponsons are shaped to add waterline length and buoyancy aft. The duffel carry bag was the sturdiest on test.

This inflatable boat comes with a good long set of oars, although we had to sit side-by-side to make any progress under oars with two adults on board.

Buy it now on

light weight yacht tender

Quicksilver was big – but also heavy

Quicksilver Tendy Airfloor 240

This boat has an inflatable keel as well as a removable inflatable floor. There was also a rigid slat athwartship between the floor and keel, which increases the weight overall.

light weight yacht tender

This is one of the priciest and heaviest inflatable boats on the test and one of the largest in packed dimensions.

It features a fuel tank strap, a decent keel strip to prevent damage on slipways, a decent bow carry handle and rowlock cleats.

The rubbing strake is quite meaty as well without being particularly splashproof.

The carry bag is very forgiving – opening flat like a groundsheet.

There were no carry handles on the sponsons and the safety rope fixings aren’t as solid as many of the other inflatable boats on test, although there are rowlock cleats and the seat is fully adjustable.

Buy it now on eBay

light weight yacht tender

Light weight makes for easy handling on land and in the water

Seago Go Lite 230

Seago is a distributor, supplying UK chandleries and there are similarities between this model and the 02Lite from Force 4.

This model is very light and compact – just 0.5kg heavier than Force 4, but packs down to the same 90cm length.

The oars are very short, but are fixed using a pin and thole system which some may prefer over the Force 4’s rowlocks.

The PVC material is described as 1100 Decitex (Force 4 is 800 Decitex) and the backpacks of the two were identical: comfortable to carry and forgiving to repack due to their large side aperture rather than a narrow top.

The rubbing strake is minimal and there is no ergonomic bow handle.

Buy it now on

light weight yacht tender

YAM 200T is not rated for two adults

This 2m inflatable boat has a fixed seat and was unique on the test for having wooden slats to reinforce the floor. This means less pumping up, but slightly increased weight.

Like the 3D tender there is no safety rope so carrying between two crew involves spreading your arms wide from bow handle to stern handle placed on the sponsons. It is rated for one adult and one child – the smallest by rating on the test.

There is a hefty rubbing strake with raised levels to block spray and the rowlocks double as cleats. The oars are miniature and the bow has three D-rings for rigging a towing bridle but no ergonomic handle for carrying. With two adults aboard we would have been better rowing side by side – but it was no slouch under engine.

Buy it now on

light weight yacht tender

The nicest boat on test to row

YAM 240 (STI) Air Floor Sport Tender

This is the most expensive model on test and features an inflatable keel as well as a floor section, plus two sponsons to inflate.

With that much to inflate a high quality pump would have been better, but there is a pressure gauge included in the package to get everything sufficiently firm.

The seat is fixed but the oars were nice and long, which made it the nicest boat to row. As with the YAM 200T there were no safety lines fitted and carry handles are spread far apart, which makes carrying more difficult.

But there is a good, ergonomic bow carry handle and the inflatable boat is rated to carry 400kg, the highest rating on test. The rowlocks double as cleats and the rounded aft end of the sponsons have protective, hard plastic caps.

light weight yacht tender

Smaller diameter sponsons means more space aboard – but less freeboard

Talamex Superlight SLA230

Talamex is a Dutch brand imported by EP Barrus. This inflatable boat had the narrowest diameter sponsons on test, which creates more internal space, but less freeboard.

It’s an extremely lightweight package, with a thin transom board, but nice long oars and a good carrying handle on the bow.

The pump supplied is a single-action hand pump and the bag folds out completely flat like a groundsheet, which is very forgiving for repacking.

light weight yacht tender

The bag has nice carrying handles on the narrow ends. The seat was massively adjustable and the rubbing strake is generous without offering very much splash guarding.

The safety rope attachments look a bit vulnerable and there are no other handles on the sponsons.

light weight yacht tender

Launching the Seago 320

Verdict: Which was the best inflatable boat on test?

This group of inflatable boats can be subdivided in a few different ways: by length, by price and by weight (note there is also a group of rucksack boats and a trio of air-keel boats).

I think the best on test goes to the 3D Tender, which manages to keep the weight down, comes complete with a very high-spec pump, a very user-friendly rucksack bag with a big front pocket and a ‘slight V form floor’ that inflates as a single chamber.

There are no safety lines or a bow handle, so carrying the boat when inflated is less natural than some of the others and it’s the second most expensive.

The best bargain buy is probably the lightest, smallest package: Force 4, for me, is preferable to the very similar Seago model because of its ‘open’ rowlocks. But if you prefer captive oars, the Seago is slightly cheaper.

The Crewsaver is the same low price and probably more robust and seaworthy than the Force 4 or the Seago while being easier to carry when inflated than the 3D Tender. But without the V floor I think it’s a less versatile performer.

I didn’t see the benefit of the two 200cm dinghies we tested: both were noticeably small in use without being smaller to pack and stow or lighter to carry.

The 240cm V Floor models can carry bigger loads at greater speed, but if you really need that level of performance you have to accept the extra set-up time, weight and stowage.

Best inflatable boats – key facts and figures

What makes the best inflatable boat for you?


Rucksack bags were easiest to carry

The bag details matter when one of the main selling points of a product is its portability. We looked at handles, zips and overall design. Metal zips will corrode without a regular rinse in fresh water, but as long as the zipper track is plastic, then replacement zipper trucks can be fitted relatively cheaply.

Carry handles at the narrow ends are very useful and half of the inflatable boats tested can be carried as rucksacks. A few of the boats pack away in bags that deconstruct on all four sides like groundsheets, with webbing straps and adjustable buckles crossways and lengthways.

These are very forgiving and yet still pack up tightly and securely. We also looked at the quality of the bag material: is the bag likely to survive chafing, stretching, damp or UV exposure for as long as the dinghy itself?


We weighed each of the inflatable boats in their carry bags and found quite a variation in boat weights

Size, weight and price

Our facts table will quickly show you the lightest and smallest packs and there are four tenders priced under £500.

The two longest inflatable boats in the test (YAM 240 and Quicksilver 240) were in the biggest bags (110cm and 120cm respectively), and were the heaviest packs weighing over 20kg even without any accessories.

Only three of the nine tested boats weighed in at under 20kg straight out of the box. There was an 11kg difference between the lightest (Force 4 02Lite) and the heaviest (Quicksilver Tendy Airfloor 240).

The Force 4 comes in a rucksack bag that is 20cm shorter in length than the Quicksilver and over £100 cheaper.

But unless size, weight and price are your only criteria, then a simple numerical comparison could miss some important details.

Article continues below…


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The electric motor is either sealed in an underwater casing, or housed above the waterline under a cowling, as in…

light weight yacht tender

Choosing a boat dinghy – top tips for buying and maintaining tenders

From getting on and off the yacht to collecting supplies, visiting friends or simply going fishing, tenders play an important…

Pumps and pressure

Some of the air floors are rated for 1psi; others at 11psi. Most of the sponsons were rated at 3.6psi, which shouldn’t require too much brow mopping for foot- or hand-pump operators.

Five of the inflatable boats came with foot pumps, but the double-action hand pumps with the 3D and the Quicksilver were a joy to use.


All the boats were easily carried by two when inflated

Manual handling

It’s an ironic linguistic quirk that a tender should be so regularly treated without much tenderness. Even a few hours’ use on a clean slipway incurred scuffs, dings, grubby marks and a few minor tears to the carry bags.

Grass is far kinder than concrete for inflating, but is in short supply at busy locations. We looked at keel strips, rubbing strakes, safety line attachment points, bow handles and more… including the relationship between price, weight and fit-out.

First published in the September 2021 issue of Practical Boat Owner.

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Unrivaled in Rigidity, Lightness, and Efficiency

Our yacht tenders boast durable, streamlined, and versatile designs meticulously crafted for optimal performance on the water.

About our Tenders

Discover the future of yachting with Ultra Lite Tenders. Born from a desire for a more robust, spacious, yet effortlessly stowable yacht tender, our journey led us to redefine the tender experience. A synergy of ideas and expertise brought our vision to life. At ULT, we now proudly offer two variants of yacht tenders, each exemplifying lightness, strength, and efficiency. Crafted in collaboration with Ocean 5 Naval Architects, these fiberglass tenders aren't just boats, they're an elegant extension of your yacht. Our tenders stand apart in their load-carrying efficiency and stability, designed with precision and a keen eye for detail. Join us in redefining the yacht tender experience. 

Timeless design, contemporary soul

light weight yacht tender

LOA w/o engine

The ULT tenders were designed by Ocean 5 Naval Architects and are currently available in two different sizes.

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light weight yacht tender

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Horizon’s New V77 CMY: The Ultimate Fishing Cockpit Yacht

light weight yacht tender

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Hero Image

MiniJet 280

A small but mighty tender..


Introducing the MiniJet – Williams unrivalled performance and quality, distilled into one small but perfect package.

This Lightweight and compact jet tender fits in a wide variety of garages onboard smaller luxury yachts, so more yacht owners can experience the unique thrill, manoeuvrability and quality of a Williams tender.

Light, nimble and with super-responsive, pinpoint steering, it’s just about the most fun you can have on the sea. The MiniJet 280 is built to stand the test of time, proving that being a small inflatable tender doesn’t have to be a compromise.


MiniJet 280 in Action

light weight yacht tender

Highly durable

Highly manoeuvrable, mini but mighty, rotax ace 900 engine, detailed telemetry, power limiter, built to stand the test of time..

The MiniJet’s Hypalon tubes and tough marine vinyl upholstery means you can rest assured that your tender will stand the test of time.

Manoeuvrability in all conditions.

The MiniJet’s unique hull, control system and jet pump deliver pinpoint accuracy at any speed.

Handle small spaces and delicate manoeuvres with confidence, or open up the throttle and feel the thrill of straight-line speed and precision turns.

Good things come in small packages.

The MiniJet, unmatched performance distilled into a small but perfect package.

Just 2.8m long and 1.55m wide, the MiniJet fits many garages and means owners of sub 45ft yachts can now experience the quality, comfort and adrenaline rush of a Williams tender.

Meaner and clenaer.

The MiniJet’s BRP Rotax ACE 900 engine gives you improved torque and power-to-weight ratios, so you can roar across the sea, water skier in tow.

Whilst its improved fuel efficiency and catalytic converter makes it one of the cleanest marine engines in the world.

Always be informed.

The MiniJet’s BRP dashboard tells you all you need to know, from speed, RMP and compass heading to engine temperature and fuel burn.

New to high-performance tenders? Learn in a safe environment.

The MiniJet’s power limit switch means those new to the world of high-performance tenders can learn in a safe environment - until they’re ready to throw off the learner plates and really put the hammer down.

light weight yacht tender

MOTOR BOAT & YACHTING Editor's Choice - Top 50 boat gadgets

“The Williams Minijet 280 is our choice here. That’s because in our view this perfectly-formed little beauty represents nothing less than the ultimate small jet tender.”

Minijet 280 in detail, specification.


2.79m/9ft 2in


1.54m/5ft 1in

Dry Weight


Overall Height

0.83m/2ft 8in (0.71m in Low Profile Setting)


60hp BRP Rotax 903 ACE Engine

Fuel Capacity

28 litres



Max Speed

64khp (40mph)

Typical Fitment

38+ft / 11+m Yachts

Standard Features

Vinyl upholstery

BRP multifunction display

Forward Facing Helm Seat

Bow U-bolt


Automatic fire extinguisher

Single Lever Throttle / Shift Control

Engine flushing point

Three point lifting pad-eyes

Two rear tie down points

Tube repair kit

Durable handmade hypalon tube with grab handles

Seadek Decking


Navigation Lights

Towing Kit

White Chocks

Tie Downs

Lifting Strops

Over Straps

Overall Cover

Quick Release Wheel

Electric Inflator

Battery Charger / Optimiser

12v waterproof auxiliary socket

Stainless Steel Anchor

Telescopic Paddle

Mooring Rope Kit

Retractable Bathing Ladder

Aft Stowage Bags

Waterski Bridle

MiniJet 280 Download Centre

Some useful assets to help specify and make the most of your Williams tenders.


Technical PDF


Tender CGIs


MiniJet Media Pack

MiniJet 280 Video Library

From walkthrough videos to product showreels, we have every angle covered.


Introduction to your MiniJet


The New MiniJet 280


MiniJet Showreel

Like the MiniJet 280?

Make it yours

Make your MiniJet unique by customising colours, equipment, fabric and those all important finishing touches.



Because weight does matter, this single deck dinghy has been conceived keeping that motto in mind. Their light weight make them a real alternative for those who may have chosen a soft bottom tender in the past but would prefer a hard hull for its performance. Ultralite tenders are roomy and strong, yet light and easy to transport. These little boats can be launched and recovered by a single man and are easy to be transported on a roof rack.

You will be impressed by their obvious quality level. The excellence of the finish only compares the detail of the ergonomics. The simple layout is combined with an uncluttered design and numerous standard accessories complete the picture.

The Ultralite’s are made of 2.5mm thick powder coated marine grade aluminium for the hull and 1100 Dtex fabric for the inflatable tube.


  • ORCA® Hypalon or PVC tube
  • Welded seams (PVC)
  • Flush mount non-return valves
  • High tensile chromated & powder coated aluminum hull
  • Removable seat
  • Lifting points and towing eyes
  • Tow bridle points
  • Anti-slip deck
  • Light weight rubbing strake
  • Full length keel guard
  • Under seat bag
  • Highfield dry bag
  • Foot pump, oars, repair kit


Overall Length 2.90 m 9' 6"
Internal Length 2.14 m 7'
Overall Width 1.54 m 5' 1"
Internal Width 0.77 m 2' 6"
Dead Rise 15°
Tube Diameter 38 cm 15"
Number of Air Chambers 3
Maximum Load 375 kg 827 lb
Maximum People 4
Boat Only Weight 39 kg 86 lb
Maximum Power 10 hp
Engine Shaft S
Design Category C
Package size for boat ( L x W x H ) 250 x 105 x 36.5cm 8'2" x 3'6" x 1’2"

Colour Schemes

light weight yacht tender

Detail Images

360 virtual tour.



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Carbon Cat

About the Aspen Carbon Cat

Aspen Carbon Cats are ultra light weight, durable tenders made of carbon fiber with a super-efficient hull design.


Unique patent applied for design, made for durability.

This hybrid design starts with a deep single-entry forefoot that smoothly cleaves through waves for improved tracking and spray resistance. The hull contour then gently widens aft and at the stern resembles a modified catamaran hull which provides lateral stability and lift. This unique hull form is so special we applied for patents on the design.

From the experienced boat building team at Aspen Power Catamarans comes a new series of lightweight rigid tenders that are unlike any boat built before. Carbon Cat’s unique patent in process hull form provides the stability of a catamaran or an inflatable RIB but utilizes lightweight carbon fiber construction making them fast, efficient and easy to handle.

The gunwale is finished with a thick foam bumper made with SeaDek HD for durability and to eliminate scratches and abrasions. The seating area is also cushioned with SeaDek creating a softer surface and better grip.

The amazing Carbon Cat construction and design means that the power requirements should be 35% less than typical inflatables due to the hard bottom and hybrid cat hull shape. During sea trials the T11 reached a top speed of 21mph powered by a single 9.9hp Yamaha outboard. This is an incredible speed to HP ratio superior to other tenders.

Using more moderate horsepower increases fuel efficiency and reduces weight. This makes Carbon Cats and their engines easier to stow onboard and easier to launch and retrieve. Optional transom wheels make beaching the Carbon Cat even simpler.

Carbon Cat Strapped in

Full Specifications

Carbon Cat Price Sheet

Pricing and Specifications

Download our pricing guide and specifications sheet., got questions visit our faq ‘s or contact us ..

light weight yacht tender

Make Restocking Enjoyable With the Spacious Falcon 420

The feeling of sailing on a yacht or powerboat can’t be beaten. While you kick up your heels, relax and feel the stress of everyday life slip away, the last thing on your mind should be restocking your supplies. The Falcon 420 RIB tender can take away the hassle and inconvenience of restocking or picking passengers from the dock.

The Falcon 420 is a 13-foot tender with comfortable seating for seven people. Because the boat is shock absorbent, you and your traveling companions will remain comfortable even if the wind is stirring up the water.

Our 13-foot tender is more than six feet wide — offering plenty of space for your passengers to get around comfortably. Even if Mother Nature is less than pleasant, you’ll still be able to navigate your RIB tender’s floor space safely thanks to the boat’s thoughtfully placed hand grips.


13′ 10″

6′ 3″

Falcon 420

An Inflatable Tender That’s as Versatile as It Is Capable

If you’re looking for a 13-foot luxury tender for sale, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms so you can see just how versatile and capable the Falcon 420 is. The boat’s engine can crank out up to 60 horsepower — enough power to cut through the surf and deliver supplies and people with ease.

When it’s fully equipped, the Falcon 420 weighs less than 805 pounds. But despite its light weight, the tender can still haul nearly 2,100 pounds in a single trip.

The Falcon 420’s size makes it easy for you to take to the shore whenever you want to enjoy a night on the town. It’s also a convenient means to explore the shoreline and discover hidden coves without having to pull your larger boat’s anchor.

Whether you’re transporting goods or people in your Falcon 420, you’ll feel confident behind the wheel knowing that your vessel is neither tippable nor sinkable. If you’re going to let your kids use your tender for the first time, you’ll be glad to know that the RIB will not cause damage if it hits another boat.

Let your worries about cleaning, maintaining and transporting your vessel melt away — the Falcon 420 is a breeze to clean and maintain. You can even get your vessel from one launch point to another without having to worry about towing.

Falcon 420 Seat

Contact BRIG USA for More Information

Once you step foot in the Falcon 420, your search for a premium tender will be over. Manufactured in Europe using lightweight and durable materials, competitively priced and safe — it doesn’t get any better than the Falcon 420. To learn more about this tender or our extensive inventory of RIBs, contact BRIG USA today.

Falcon 420 Top


Hypalon ORCA Tubes Tough raised rubbing strake
Anti-Skid deck surface Paddle
Bow stowage locker Repair kit & accessories bag
3 towing bow rings Front locker removable cushion
Built-in fuel tank Steering console
Front step-plate Carrying & safety handles
Navigation Lights One-way drain system
4 built-in davit lifting points Steering wheel
Overall cover
Lifting slings
Steering console
Steering system
Bimini /suntop
Hypalon ORCA Fabric

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light weight yacht tender

Privacy Overview

cast and spear logo small

The Best Lightweight Dinghies For Easy Transport

Photo of author

If you’re always out fishing or just cruising the water, you can benefit from the best lightweight dinghies. 

LIghtweight dinghies are more practical to use in sailing, fishing, or any water sport activity than the traditional kayak or canoe. These boats are small enough to be lightweight but spacious enough to fit you, your buddies, and your gear. 

best lightweight dinghies storage

You won’t have to spend too much effort in hauling and carrying these boats as they come in a carry bag. They are easy to carry, handle, and set up. 

Here are the best lightweight dinghies you will have no problem transporting and maneuvering. 

  • Takacat 260 LX Innovative Tender
  • Saturn SD365 Inflatable Dinghy
  • Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 
  • Bris Inflatable Dinghy
  • Newport Vessels

5 Best Lightweight Dinghies

1. takacat 260 lx innovative tender.

When you think of lightweight dinghy, the first boat tender that tops the list is the Takacat 260 LX Innovative Tender. The Takacat brand features a standard removable stainless steel Tube Transom system for versatility, portability, and safety.

This allows the inflatable dinghy to be rolled up smaller, easier, and lighter than the traditional inflatable boats. We consider the Takacat as the best lightweight dinghy as it offers excellent advantages in many water conditions.

You can board three people in this heavy-duty boat tender as it has a weight capacity of 360kg and is constructed with custom-made PVC. It has a built-in quick-release wheel and rod holder fittings, perfectly convenient for a fishing trip with your buddies.

Plus, it has a fully open transom design and a raised air deck floor. This design does not allow the pooling of water on board, making it a perfect inflatable dive boat . Takacat inflatable brand features another series of LX inflatable boats that make an excellent heavy-duty dinghy while still being lightweight and portable.

Plus, transportation and storage is not a problem with this Takacat inflatable boat as the bulk is decreased when packed away.

2. Saturn SD365 Inflatable Dinghy

Saturn offers one of the lighter alternatives to traditional water activity boats that are heavier. The SD365 features a rigid hull and strong removable aluminum seat benches for excellent performance and comfort.

The heavy-duty PVC fabric and polyester support make the Saturn boat resistant to tearing, tension and breaking. It has double layers of fabric at the bottom of its tubes and a rub-strake protector along the keel for extra protection against sharp rocks and abrasive sand.

The Saturn inflatable boat features improved durability and practicality with its lightweight design. You can comfortably fit at least four people inside this dinghy without worrying about boatload.

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 

Sporty and fun is the highlight of Intex Explorer Kayak as its design is convenient for easy paddling. This lightweight inflatable dinghy features an adjustable seat with a backrest for maximum comfort of the cruiser. Intex has its SKEG removable for the directional stability of the boat.

You won’t have a problem spotting your dinghy when diving as this comes in a bright yellow color for high visibility to other boaters and you. Intex provides a grab line and handles per end of the boat for the convenience of people boarding.

It comes with a US Coast Guard id and a repair kit for boating emergencies. They used Boston valves to allow you to inflate and deflate this boat without rushing for time quickly. Intex is lightweight and compact to make your water experience fun, convenient, and light. 

4. Bris Inflatable Dinghy

Bris’sBris’s inflatable dinghy is made with premium quality PVC materials that make up its heavy-duty design and tearing resistance. The welded seams of this dinghy allow it to last in different water conditions and humidity.

You can stand, walk or jump on board like you were on a hard floor as the high-pressure inflatable air deck floor makes for very stable support. The transoms have triangular splash guard covers for minimal backsplash and protection of the holders from heat and UV exposures.

5. Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels provide one of the best dinghies to offer light water travel. This USCG-rated PVC tender dinghy is resistant to corrosion. Plus, it ensures protection against the sun, salt, and other elements that may destroy the boat.

This dinghy’s lightweight design does not compromise its quality as it can handle both two or four-stroke motors. Plus, you get to have an easy registration with this boat as it comes with complete original paperwork. It’s also compatible with electric trolling motors .

How to Transport an Inflatable Dinghy

best lightweight dinghies transport

With lightweight dinghies, transport shouldn’t be a problem. The selling point of these inflatable boats is its portability and easy handling. There are many ways to transport your inflatable boats to the spot you would like to start cruising.

Deflating and folding it in a small carry bag remains to be the best and easiest way to make use of its portability and fit it into your car.

You can also put these heavy-duty dinghies on boat decks because their size and weight allow them to sit flat without the need for a cradle. Or keep them on your roof racks deflated or inflated; it doesn’t matter as these products are unbeatable when it comes to storage and portability. 

Insider Advice

If you’ve found the best lightweight dinghy for your little water trip, make sure you know how to maneuver it and bring extra repair kits for safety purposes. We advise you to take the  California-approved boating safety courses  for a safe sailing trip. 

This article contains incorrect information

This article is missing information that I need

We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better fisherman.

Fishing with a Net

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best marine radio with bluetooth

5 Best Marine Radio with Bluetooth in 2023 (Top Marine Stereos)


How to Prevent Sea Sickness While Fishing

down imaging vs side imaging

Down Imaging vs Side Imaging on Fish Finder (How to Use)

light weight yacht tender

Why Are Bananas on a Boat Banned?

a boat is leaving the dock. what sound signal should be used to alert others

What Boat Sound Signals Should Be Used to Alert Others?

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(This Works Even If You HATE Feeling Judged And NEVER Plan To Have Divers, But Want To Be Prepared Just In Case.)

Hightfield 2021

Ultralite Series

The lightest weight with the ultimate durability

light weight yacht tender

Why Ultralite?

The Ultralite Series RIBs are the ultimate in lightweight and durability.  Aluminum hulls that are chromated before powder coating so they will last a lifetime.  If weight, durability and reliability are important to you these boats are exactly what you need.

Ultralite 340FD

light weight yacht tender

3.37 m / 11'1"

Ultralite 340

Ultralite 310fd.

light weight yacht tender

3.13 m / 10'3"

Ultralite 310

Ultralite 290ss.

light weight yacht tender

2.90 m / 9'6"

Ultralite 290LT

2.88 m / 9'5"

Ultralite 290FD

Ultralite 260ss.

light weight yacht tender

2.60 m / 8'6"

Ultralite 260LT

2.62 m / 8'7"

Ultralite 240SS

2.40 m / 7'10"

Ultralite 240LT

Ultralite 220ss.

light weight yacht tender

2.20 m / 7'3"

light weight yacht tender


Xtenders aims to build the ultimate super yacht tender. This is achieved by building full customizable tenders with the highest level of construction and finishing according to a lightweight philosophy.

Xtenders accomplishes this lightweight philosophy by constructing their complete tenders in pre-preg carbon fiber which is cured in an autoclave.

A production technology known from formula 1 and the aerospace industry, thus this provides the most optimal structural performance while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Roots & Technology

After years of experience in building state of the art Extreme 40 sailing catamarans, Herbert Dercksen brings the cutting edge autoclave technology to the market of super yacht tenders: Xtenders.

This autoclave technology means that a component is produced under high pressure (up to 6 bar) and high temperatures (140°C) to cure the pre-preg carbon fibers. Total control of the material properties brings several advantages to super yacht tenders that have never been seen before in this industry.

The high pressure creates the best possible epoxy-to-weight ratio (lighter) and highest level of surface quality, while the high temperatures improve the longevity and mechanical properties of the components. Simply said, our tenders are stronger and lighter. Xtenders is the only tender manufacturer in the world that can provide all these characteristics to their tenders, by consistently using autoclave technology for every component.

Design Approach

During design we strive for involvement, quality and efficiency. We believe that, just like the mothership, each tender should meet the unique needs and taste of it's owner.

Whatever the purpose, dimensions, configuration or drive train of the tender may be, it can be beautifully integrated into one craft. The whole design process of every single tender starts with a blank sheet of paper and open conversation between Xtenders and the client. We intend to involve our clients in the design process. Working together towards the bespoke and unique end-result, we put a notable amount of effort into ideation and visualization the concepts which can vary from the simplest sketches to complete product renderings.

Building in autoclaved carbon is different to other production techniques. We guarantee the best result in regard to weight and durability of our tenders as our own design and engineering teams have an extensive experience in translating diverging concepts into strong and light products. Depending on the scale of the project, we work with a number of recognized partners from the industry. We strive for maximum efficiency of communication between design and manufacturing and stay involved for the quality monitoring until the last bolt is screwed on. To achieve that, we chose to bring the assembly and completion of the tenders to our headquarters to Almere.


In order to ensure the highest product quality we work with the best carbon manufacturers in Europe. Which among others Marstrom (Sweden) is one of them.

Assembly and completion of each tender is done in house in Almere, The Netherlands. It has all the facilities and access to the waters of IJsselmeer to transform rough carbon components into high performance tenders of the best quality.

Assembly, drive train installation, electrical and hydraulic installation, painting, and testing are performed here by the best Dutch craftsmen under the supervision of design and engineering teams to ensure industry’s leading quality, performance and reliability.

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  • Italian | it
  • Spanish | es
  • English | en
  • Zodiac Nautic

Inflatable boat tenders

Choose an inflatable boat tender to complement your main boat. Agility and technical expertise have been integrated into a range of dinghies that you can fit with an engine for extra power. With 13 dinghy models available in our 2 tender  ranges : CADET and NOMAD, you are guaranteed to find the perfect model !

Inflatable dinghy with inflatable floor

Very simple and above all really compact! Completely flexible, including the floor, it can be folded and stored in less than 2 minutes in a suitable bag!


RIB dinghy with aluminium hull

A truly solid-hull dinghy (aluminium), which provides the best in stability and safety on board!

Inflatable dinghy with aluminium floor

An aluminium floor, which can be put in place in no time for maximum stability.

Nomad RIB Alu

New tenders with a double floor, waterproof storage, and top-quality tubes!


A dinghy is a boat that is highly recommended to provide assistance as a tender when necessary for trips between the boat and the shore or the port, but also to access remote places. Easy to use on a daily basis, light and robust, your inflatable dinghy will accompany you on all your adventures on the water. With high-end PVC or Hypalon Neoprene construction and a sturdy hull , this rigid inflatable boat offers exceptional durability, ensuring years of uncompromising use. Its lightweight, compact design, combined with ease of storage, makes it the ideal companion for all your nautical escapades. These boats can offer quality seats for passengers while keeping high performance on water.

The versatility of the inflatable tender boat

The inflatable boat tender allows you to reach land when your main boat is moored, to operate  to places that are less accessible with your main boat and also to go fishing or snorkeling. Useful for everyday activities , it is easy to handle so it can be quickly stored in your yacht, sailboat or catamaran, requiring minimal use of davits . Lightweight, robust and easily foldable, the dinghies are equipped with wide tubes to provide more stability on board. The inflatable and foldable tube also enables easy storage and space saving. There are several sizes available to allow you to adapt the length of the boat to the number of people on board, the application and the boating  area.

Get your tender boat for your main boat

The tender's versatility is reflected in its ease of maneuverability and transport. Its quick inflation and convenient deflation mean you spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the water. Whether you're a fishing or diving enthusiast, or simply looking for a hassle-free boating experience, the inflatable tender boat is suitable for all occasions. Take on the waves with confidence , explore hidden coves and create lasting memories with the inflatable tender boat. The equipment and accessories on board are also designed to ensure the comfort of the captain and passengers : removable seat, lifting points, waterproof bag, paddles, handles, repair kit, etc.

  • 6 ft inflatable boats and above
  • 13 ft boats and above
  • 19 ft boats and above
  • 26 ft boats and above


  • 4 people boats and above
  • 6 people boats and above
  • 10 people boats and above
  • 14 people boats and above
  • 20 people boats and above

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light weight yacht tender

Renowned for their innovation & design 3D Tender is now a UK best seller. Browse our range of 3D's inflatable tenders including Twin Air & V-shape models.

Showing all 19 results

3D Superlight Tender Twin Air - Black

3D Superlight Tender Twin Air

3D Twin V-Shape Tender - Black/Grey

3D Twin V-Shape Tender

3D Tender World Travel 235 - Image

3D Tender World Travel 235

3D Superlight Tender Twin Round Tail - Black

3D Superlight Tender Twin Round Tail

3D Superlight Tender VIB Twin Air - Black

3D Superlight Tender VIB Twin Air

3D Tender World Travel 235 & Suzuki 2.5HP Outboard Engine Bundle - Image

3D Tender World Travel 235 & Suzuki 2.5HP Outboard Engine Bundle

3D Tender World Travel 235 - EX-DISPLAY - Image

3D Tender World Travel 235 – EX-DISPLAY

3D Tender Seat - Image

3D Tender Seat

3D Tender Replacement Valve - Black

3D Tender Replacement Valve

3D Tender Rowlock and Plate - Image

3D Tender Rowlock and Plate

3D V-Shape Tender Rowlock and Plate - Image

3D V-Shape Tender Rowlock and Plate

3D Tender Twist Inflator Valve - Image

3D Tender Twist Inflator Valve

3D Rowlock Tube - Image

3D Rowlock Tube

3D Tender Bags - Image

3D Tender Bags

3D Tender Seat - Image

3D Tender Superlight Twin Air 250 – 2.5m – White – Ex-Display


3D Tender Foot Pump

3D Superlight Tender VIB Twin Air - 2.8 - Ex-display - Image

3D Superlight Tender VIB Twin Air – 2.8 – Ex-display

3D Oars - Image

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best inflatable boats: 6 affordable options for getting on the water

Drew Maglio

  • Drew Maglio
  • March 9, 2023

The best inflatable boats encompass a wide array of vessels with varied abilities that are suited to a myriad of purposes…


As a result, it is necessary to offer the following caveat and disclaimer: the term ‘inflatable boat’ can be confusing as there are some large RIBs (Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boats) with multiple high-powered engines that are designed to perform search and rescue operations in the most demanding coastal conditions imaginable, while other inflatable boats are suitable only for playing in a swimming pool or on a calm lake or river.

This guide highlights some of the best inflatable boats for various common and specific uses. Even the best inflatable kayak will be wholly unsuited to acting as a yacht tender ( see explainer below ), while the best yacht tender will likely not make an ideal inflatable fishing platform.

With so many designs available, it’s crucial to select the right inflatable boat for the job.

At a glance:

1,949.99 Best inflatable boat for use as a tender  5

Best premium inflatable boat  4.8

Best inflatable kayak  4.6

16 Best inflatable boat for fishing  4.8

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

6 of the best inflatable boats.

light weight yacht tender

Inflatable Sport Boats Killer Whale

Best inflatable boat for use as a tender

First up on our list is arguably the best value, fully-modular PVC tender that can currently be purchased on the market. Featuring an 1,100 denier thread count and heat-welded seams backed by a 3-year warranty, this inflatable boat is sure to last a long time.

Coming in three different sizes with both modular aluminum and air floor options, there is an option to fit the requirements of most cruisers looking for a fully storable tender – a huge benefit for owners of sub-40ft boats.

While there are many options available, I would advise buyers to go with one of the 9.8’ or 10.8’ models with the solid, modular aluminum floor, as these have the best performance-to-price ratio. These models will also handle the best when blasting along in chop with up to a 15hp outboard.

While the 8.8’ model will be fine for lighter use, the 10.8’ is a lot more boat for not a lot more money or storage space onboard. However, if speed of set-up is your priority, the easiest models to set up and break down are without a doubt the air floor models.

Reasons to buy

– Heat-welded seams – 3-year warranty – Semi-rigid floor – Includes all necessary accessories like bag, pump, oars, bench, etc. – Some air floor models feature EVA faux teak decking

Reasons to avoid

– Fairly expensive for a PVC tender (close to some cheaper glued Hypalon options) – Not as rigid as a true RIB – Can only take up to a 15hp outboard – Modular aluminum floor options can be more difficult to install than air floor models – Wide, light inflatable boats without a keel such as these tend to row very poorly


– Size: 10.8 feet

– Weight: 80 pounds

– Material: h eat-welded re-enforced UV and puncture resistant PVC

– Capacity: 5 person


West Marine RIB 350

– Tremendous value – Quality materials – Very robust and capable

– Big and heavy – Requires serious storage/lifting capabilities – Fiberglass floor will require more maintenance and is also heavier – Still nearly $4,000

– Size:  Length: 11 feet 5 inches

– Weight: 161 pounds

– Material:  Floor:  fiberglass |  Transom construction:  fiberglass and birch marine plywood

– Capacity: 1320 pounds./4 person

Next up on our list is a premium but affordable RIB option for cruisers with either davits or a spot on the foredeck of their yacht, looking for a tender with a lot of capability.

This model features a double-floor, lift points, and an integrated anchor locker. At 161lbs and 11’6”, this model is hefty, but this sturdy construction allows the RIB to sport up to a 25hp outboard.

Coming in at under $4,000, the RIB-350 is priced well below many of the other offerings on the market, and is of sound construction and materials.

While the RIB-350 is a very good and affordable dinghy option for serious cruisers, I would like to see a double aluminum floor option in the future.

Buy it now on West Marine

Inflatable kayaks and other inflatable row boats

While the boats above are undoubtedly some of the best fully inflatable boats on the market, they are ill-suited to applications where rowing is preferred or required. For the sake of exploring rivers, streams, or even lakes by paddle, an inflatable kayak is a much better option.

Unlike their solid cousins, inflatable kayaks are surprisingly stable, while retaining many of the unique properties of a solid kayak — such as exceptional tracking through the water, good speed, inertia, etc.

Inflatable kayaks tend to accomplish these things by having a completely flat bottom, with the exception of a rigid fin that typically slides into place on a stitched track that is integral to the bottom of the kayak. From there, there are many unique and proprietary features that differentiate one inflatable kayak offering from another.

For small boats of 20-28’ without the ability to launch or store a proper tender, an inflatable kayak can often be a way to add versatility without many of the downsides that come with owning and operating what is essentially another vessel (i.e. cost, storage space and additional fuel storage).


Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

– Very directionally stable thanks to the included skeg – Lightweight and easy to carry – Fast – Comfortable to sit in

– Only comes in one color – No storage nets or bin

– Size: Display length: 58.74 centimetres

– Weight: 13.4 kilograms

– Material: vinyl

– Capacity: 350 pounds / 2 person

The Intex Explorer is the company’s no-frills, functional inflatable kayak that is designed for two people.

Although not as stiff and robust as more premium options, the Index Explorer will work wonderfully well for exploring lakes and rivers and may even be used in some very calm coastal areas.


Intex Challenger K2

Best tried and tested inflatable kayak

– Affordable – Has cargo net to hold gear – Nicer color than Explorer

– Not as rigid as the Excursion Pro – Low bow makes it susceptible to splashing

– Size:  Inflated size: 11 feet 6 inches X 2 feet 6 inches X 1 foot 3 inches

– Weight: 36.4 pounds

– Capacity: 2 person

The Intex Challenger K2 is the company’s mid-range inflatable kayak and the one that I have owned and enjoyed for years.

Like the other models, the Challenger K2 features a fully-inflatable construction, detachable skeg that slides into place, and inflatable seats that are actually very comfortable.

Despite the similar cost, the Challenger K2 has one benefit over the Explorer that is noteworthy: the cargo net is actually surprisingly useful as I always find myself stowing gear like life jackets, waterproof cameras, etc. underneath it.

Buy it now on Amazon

Buy it now on Target


Intex Excursion Pro K2

Best inflatable boat for rowing

– Higher pressure air tubes to increase rigidity – Integrated foot rests and rod holders – Comes with two different skegs for shallow and deep water

– Only comes in one colour – No dedicated storage solution for gear

– Size: Inflated size: 12 feet 7 inches x 3 feet 1 inch x 1 foot 6 inches

– Weight: 19.77 kilograms

– Material: plastic

The Excursion Pro is Intex’s premium inflatable kayak, although it is still very affordable. This model features a more rugged construction and numerous creature comforts like foot rests and integrated rod holders.

More pronounced coverings also create small storage cubbies at either end of the kayak, although it would be nice to see a dedicated storage bag on future models.


Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

Best inflatable boat for fishing

– Rugged steel frame construction – Abrasion-resistant bottom – Elevated seat allows for better visibility and functionality – Pontoon design makes boat more stable – Lots of integrated storage

– Fairly expensive for what is essentially an inflatable fishing raft – Cannot accept an outboard motor – Steel frame could rust over time if used in salt water

– Size: Assembled size: 108 inches L x 56 inches W x 28 inches H

– Weight: 77 pounds

– Material: PVC bottom, tough nylon top, powder-coated steel tube frame, bronze oar locks, cold and heat-resistant bladders and rugged 7-foot two-piece aluminum oars

– Capacity: one person

The final inflatable boat on our list is the Colorado, offered by Classic Accessories, which has been designed primarily as an epic river fishing platform for a single user.

With an abrasion-resistant bottom, this river raft was made for navigating the craggy shallows that trout and other freshwater fish tend to inhabit.

With a rugged steel frame and a wealth of storage, including rod holders, this pontoon boat is the mountain angler’s ultimate tool. This raft can also be fitted with a trolling motor.


What makes an inflatable boat a tender?

In the context of inflatable boats, a tender is a small inflatable boat designed to be an auxiliary vessel to a larger boat or yacht. There are many types of tenders, including those with rigid bottoms as well as wholly inflatable and storable models.

Tenders may be very expensive or very cheap depending on the design. Typically, the most expensive tenders are constructed with painted aluminum bottoms and double floors, where the walking surface is covered with some type of faux teak vinyl or foam decking.

On these more expensive tenders, the tubes are typically constructed of heat-welded (rather than glued) hypalon, which is far more durable to UV than PVC.

Therefore, fully-fledged tenders are typically the preserve of wealthy liveaboard cruisers who spend most of their time in tropical regions where their tender is in use nearly all of the time and is therefore constantly exposed to UV radiation.


For casual part-time and/or temperate cruisers, more affordable but equally suitable, tender options exist. For less demanding applications where stowage ability and modularity takes precedence, fully-inflatable boats with an aluminum floor are often preferred, though a model with a rigid air floor may also be used.

In terms of rigidity while underway, expect boats with an aluminum hull and double floor to be the most rigid, while air-floor models are typically the least rigid and therefore the worst option for handling coastal chop and outboards above 10hp.

RIBs with fiberglass hulls and floors also exist, but these are typically heavier, not as rigid, and also prone to degradation from constant immersion in water (blisters) and UV radiation (chalking).

While fiberglass is a wonderful material for larger vessels, I do not recommend it for RIBs as aluminum tends to be a much more performant and long-lasting choice.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.

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light weight yacht tender


SERENISSIMA I is a bespoke 47-meter tri-deck superyacht crafted by Mengi Yay, one of Turkey’s leading construction yards renowned for building custom yachts since 1964. In recent years, they have maintained a significant presence in the sub-500 GRT market. Boasting a robust steel hull and lightweight aluminum superstructure, this new construction is due for delivery in August 2024. Collaborating with naval architect Van Oossanen and acclaimed design studio Nuvolari Lenard, SERENISSIMA I has left no stone unturned, utilizing every available space for either relaxation or entertainment.

At the heart of SERENISSIMA I's design is an upper private owner’s deck, offering sweeping views and private outdoor space. Her two Jacuzzis—one nestled on the sundeck and the other situated on the owner’s deck aft—and a gentleman’s lounge with a cinema room, complemented by a drop-down balcony and walk-in wine cellar, contribute to her immersive onboard experience.

SERENISSIMA I showcases a contemporary and airy interior. The traditional aft main salon and dining room lead through to the midship guest lobby. She welcomes 10 guests in five beautifully appointed cabins. The master cabin, situated on the bridge deck aft, boasts a walk-in wardrobe and a lavish en-suite bathroom with sea-view windows and direct access to a private deck adorned with a small dining area, sunpads and a Jacuzzi—a sanctuary of tranquility. The lower deck features four additional guest cabins, including twin en-suite cabins forward and aft cabins that can be configured as doubles or opened to create a full-beam VIP suite. Nine crewmembers are welcome in five crew cabins on the lower deck. Beyond the guest accommodations, SERENISSIMA I features an elevator connecting all interior decks for effortless movement throughout the yacht.

Exterior designs by Nuvolari Lenard elevate SERENISSIMA I's aesthetic appeal. The main deck aft accommodates the primary guest tender to port, with additional guest seating. The central staircase leads down to the generous swim platform and there is a secondary tender garage forward on the main deck to accommodate the rescue tender and Jet Skis. Walkaround side decks on her bridge deck lead to the flush foredeck where guests can sit back and admire unobstructed views of the horizon. Her sundeck is the primary alfresco entertainment space, boasting chic glass panels midships to split up and shelter the aft area. Forward is a large Jacuzzi flanked by sunpads and a dining table for 10 can be found under the hardtop shelter. There is a cozy firepit aft, perfect for conversations and relaxation under the stars.


  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Mengi-Yay
  • Exterior Designer: Nuvolari Lenard
  • Interior Designer: Nuvolari Lenard
  • Length Overall: 47.5 metres
  • Beam: 8.85 metres
  • Max Draught: 2.65 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 499
  • Displacement Tonnage: 510


  • Year of Build: 2024
  • Hull Number: NB109
  • Hull Type: Semi Displacement
  • Number of Decks: 3

Performance & Capacities

  • Max Speed: 17 kn
  • Cruising Speed: 12 kn
  • Engine Make: Caterpillar
  • Total power: 2900hp
  • Hull: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminium


  • Passenger Rooms: 5
  • Master Rooms: 1
  • Double Rooms: 3
  • Twin Rooms: 2

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Turkish businessman Vahit Karaarslan submitted the highest bid of $505 million to operate Fenerbahce-Kalamis Yacht Marina for 40 years, the country's privatisation authority said on Wednesday.

In 2021, during a previous tender for the operation rights, Tek-Art Kalamis submitted the top bid but the tender was cancelled with a presidential decision.

($1 = 33.0918 liras)


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  13. Falcon 420

    The boat's engine can crank out up to 60 horsepower — enough power to cut through the surf and deliver supplies and people with ease. When it's fully equipped, the Falcon 420 weighs less than 805 pounds. But despite its light weight, the tender can still haul nearly 2,100 pounds in a single trip.

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    The Ultimate Tender. UP BOATS is the leading manufacturer of full carbon fiber dinghies, tenders & chase boats. Our innovative rigid tenders combine low weight, high performance and incredible durability. The clever features are tested & proven by seasoned offshore cruising boaters. The Ultimate Tender for offshore cruising boats & yachts 100% made in USA.

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    When you think of lightweight dinghy, the first boat tender that tops the list is the Takacat 260 LX Innovative Tender. The Takacat brand features a standard removable stainless steel Tube Transom system for versatility, portability, and safety. ... You can board three people in this heavy-duty boat tender as it has a weight capacity of 360kg ...

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    Our goal and privilege is to offer the ultimate custom carbon superyacht tender and outstanding customer service. We deliver lightweight durable tenders that perform like no other boat. Designed and built to exhilarate, each Xtender is built from carbon fibre using Formula 1 technology. Whatever the purpose, dimensions, configuration or drive ...

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    A dinghy is a boat that is highly recommended to provide assistance as a tender when necessary for trips between the boat and the shore or the port, but also to access remote places. Easy to use on a daily basis, light and robust, your inflatable dinghy will accompany you on all your adventures on the water. With high-end PVC or Hypalon Neoprene construction and a sturdy hull, this rigid ...

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    MasterCraft XT20. If you want your tender to do more than just ferry people and provisions ashore, it makes sense to invest in a multi-purpose, saltwater tow boat - and MasterCraft's XT20 is the ideal candidate. It comes with a spacious lounge, plus a classic 'pickle-fork' bow to expand the forward space. It also features a rather ...

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    3D Oars. £ 39.95. 3D Tender Twist Inflator Valve. £ 7.95. 3D Rowlock Tube. £ 11.95. Renowned for their innovation & design 3D Tender is now a UK best seller. Browse our range of 3D's inflatable tenders including Twin Air & V-shape models.

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    Inflatable Sport Boats Killer Whale. Buy it now. $1,949.99. Best inflatable boat for use as a tender. 5. West Marine RIB-350. Buy it now. $3,899.99. Best premium inflatable boat.

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    Tender boats pricing. Tender boats for sale on YachtWorld are available in a range of prices from $2,450 on the relatively more affordable end up to $1,552,247 for the most expensive yachts. When evaluating your budget and the listed price of a yacht for sale, it is crucial to factor in the cost of ownership.

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    Boasting a robust steel hull and lightweight aluminum superstructure, this new construction is due for delivery in August 2024. Collaborating with naval architect Van Oossanen and acclaimed design studio Nuvolari Lenard, SERENISSIMA I has left no stone unturned, utilizing every available space for either relaxation or entertainment.

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    Turkish businessman Vahit Karaarslan submitted the highest bid of $505 million to operate Fenerbahce-Kalamis Yacht Marina for 40 years, the country's privatisation authority said on Wednesday. Koc Holding's KCHOL unit Tek-Art Kalamis was the second highest bidder in the tender with $504 million, the government authority also said in a statement.