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Lil yachty's delightfully absurd path to 'let's start here'.

Matthew Ramirez

lil yachty entrance

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 29: Lil Yachty performs on the Stage during day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017 at Exposition Park on October 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Rich Fury/Getty Images hide caption

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 29: Lil Yachty performs on the Stage during day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017 at Exposition Park on October 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Lil Yachty often worked better as an idea than a rapper. The late-decade morass of grifters like Lil Pump, amidst the self-serious reign of Future and Drake (eventual Yachty collaborators, for what it's worth), created a demand for something lighter, someone charismatic, a throwback to a time in the culture when characters like Biz Markie could score a hit or Kool Keith could sustain a career in one hyper-specific lane of rap fandom. Yachty fulfilled the role: His introduction to many was through a comedy skit soundtracked by his viral breakout "1 Night," which tapped into the song's deadpan delivery and was the perfect complement for its sleepy charm. The casual fan knows him best for a pair of collaborations in 2016: as one-half of the zeitgeist-defining single "Broccoli" with oddity D.R.A.M., or "iSpy," a top-five pop hit with backpack rapper Kyle. Yachty embodied the rapper as larger-than-life character — from his candy-colored braids to his winning smile — and while the songs themselves were interesting, you could be forgiven for wondering if there was anything substantial behind the fun, the grounds for the start of a long career.

As if to supplement his résumé, Yachty seemed to emerge as a multimedia star. Perhaps you remember him in a Target commercial; heard him during the credits for the Saved by the Bell reboot; spotted him on a cereal box; saw him co-starring in the ill-fated 2019 sequel to How High . TikTok microcelebrity followed. Then the sentences got more and more absurd: Chef Boyardee jingle with Donny Osmond; nine-minute video cosplaying as Oprah; lead actor in an UNO card game movie. Somewhere in a cross-section of pop-culture detritus and genuine hit-making talent is where Yachty resides. That he didn't fade away immediately is a testament to his charm as a cultural figure; Yachty satisfied a need, and in his refreshingly low-stakes appeal, you could imagine him as an MTV star in an alternate universe. Move the yardstick of cultural cachet from album sales to likes and he emerges as a generation-defining persona, if not musician.

Early success and exposure can threaten anyone's career, none so much as those connected to the precarious phenomenon of SoundCloud rap. Yachty's initial peak perhaps seeded his desire years later to sincerely pursue artistry with Let's Start Here , an album fit for his peculiar trajectory, because throughout the checks from Sprite and scolding Ebro interviews he never stopped releasing music, seemingly to satisfy no one other than himself and the generation of misfits that he seemed to be speaking for.

But to oversell him as a personality belittles his substantial catalog. Early mixtapes like Lil Boat and Summer Songs 2 , which prophetically brought rap tropes and pop sounds into harmony, were sustained by the teenage artist's commitment to selling the vibe of a track as he warbled its memorable hook. It was perhaps his insistence to demonstrate that he could rap, too, that most consistently pockmarked his output during this period. These misses were the necessary growing pains of a kid still finding his footing, and through time and persistence, a perceived weakness became a strength. Where his peers Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti found new ways to express themselves in music, Yachty dug in his heels and became Quality Control's oddball representative, acquitting himself on guest appearances and graduating from punchline rapper to respectable vet culminating in the dense and rewarding Lil Boat 3 from 2020, Yachty's last official album.

Which is why the buzzy, viral "Poland" from the end of 2022 hit different — Yachty tapped back into the same lively tenor of his early breakthroughs. The vibrato was on ten, the beat menaced and hummed like a broken heater, he rapped about taking cough syrup in Poland, it was over in under two minutes and endlessly replayable. Yachty has already lived a full career arc in seven years — from the 2016 king of the teens, to budding superstar, to pitchman, to regional ambassador. But following "Poland" with self-aware attempts at similar virality would be a mistake, and you can't pivot your way to radio stardom after a hit like that, unless you're a marketing genius like Lil Nas X. How does he follow up his improbable second chance to grab the zeitgeist?

Lil Yachty, 'Poland'


Lil yachty, 'poland'.

Let's Start Here is Lil Yachty's reinvention, a born-again Artist's Statement with no rapping. It's billed as psychedelic rock but has a decidedly accessible sound — the sun-kissed warmth of an agreeable Tame Impala song, with bounce-house rhythms and woozy guitars in the mode of Magdalena Bay and Mac DeMarco (both of whom guest on the album) — something that's not quite challenging but satisfying nonetheless. Contrast with 2021's Michigan Boy Boat , where Yachty performed as tour guide through Michigan rap: His presence was auxiliary by function on that tape, as he ceded the floor to Babyface Ray, Sada Baby and Rio Da Yung OG; it was tantalizing curation, if not a work of his own personal artistry. It's tempting to cast Let's Start Here as another act of roleplay, but what holds this album together is Yachty's magnetic pull. Whether or not you're someone who voluntarily listens to the Urban Outfitters-approved slate of artists he's drawing upon, his star presence is what keeps you engaged here.

Yachty has been in the studio recording this album since 2021, and the effort is tangible. He didn't chase "Poland" with more goofy novelties, but he also didn't spit this record out in a month. Opener (and highlight) "The Black Seminole" alternates between Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix-lite references. It's definitely a gauntlet thrown even if halfway through you start to wonder where Yachty is. The album's production team mostly consists of Patrick Wemberly (formerly of Chairlift), Jacob Portrait (of Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Jeremiah Raisen (who's produced for Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira and Drake) and Yachty himself, who's established himself as a talented producer since his early days. (MGMT's Ben Goldwasser also contributed.) The group does a formidable job composing music that is dense and layered enough to register as formally unconventional, if not exactly boundary-pushing. Yachty frequently reaches for his "Poland"-inspired uber-vibrato, which adds a bewitching texture to the songs, placing him in the center of the track. Other moments that work: the spoken-word interlude "Failure," thanks to contemplative strumming from Alex G, and "The Ride," a warm slow-burn that coasts on a Jam City beat, giving the album a lustrous Night Slugs moment. "I've Officially Lost Vision" thrashes like Yves Tumor.

Yet the best songs on Let's Start Here push Yachty's knack for hooks and snaking melodies to the fore and rely less on studio fireworks — the laid-back groove of "Running Out of Time," the mournful post-punk of "Should I B?" and the slow burn of "Pretty," which features a bombastic turn from vocalist Foushee. That Yachty's vaunted indie collaborators were able to work in simpatico with him proves his left-of-center bonafides. It's a reminder that he's often lined his projects with successful non-rap songs, curios like "Love Me Forever" from Lil Boat 2 and "Worth It" from Nuthin' 2 Prove . That renders Let's Start Here a less startling turn than it may appear at first glance, and also underlines his recurring talent for making off-kilter pop music, a gift no matter the perceived genre.

At a listening event for the record, Yachty stated: "I created [this] because I really wanted to be taken seriously as an artist. Not just some SoundCloud rapper, not some mumble rapper. Not some guy that just made one hit," seemingly aware of the culture war within his own genre and his place along the spectrum of low- to highbrow. To be sure, whether conscious of it or not, this kind of mentality is dismissive of rap music as an artform, and also undermines the good music Yachty has made in the past. Holing up in the studio to make digestibly "weird" indie-rock with a cast of talented white people isn't intrinsically more artistic or valid than viral hits or a one-off like "Poland." But this statement scans less as self-loathing and more as a renewed confidence, a tribute to the album's collective vision. And people like Joe Budden have been saying "I don't think Yachty is hip-hop " since he started. So what if he wants to break rank now?

Lil Yachty entered the cultural stage at 18, and has grown up in public. It adds up that, now 25, he would internalize all the scrutiny he's received and wish to cement his artistry after a few thankless years rewriting the rules for young, emerging rappers. Let's Start Here may not be the transcendent psychedelic rock album that he seeks, but it is reflective of an era of genreless "vibes" music. Many young listeners likely embraced Yachty and Tame Impala simultaneously; it tracks he would want to bring these sounds together in a genuine attempt to reach a wider audience. Nothing about this album is cynical, but it is opportunistic, a creation in line with both a shameless mixed-media existence and his everchanging pop alchemy. The "genre" tag in streaming metadata means less than it ever has. Credit to Yachty for putting that knowledge to use.

lil yachty entrance

Lil Yachty - SummerStage 2023

Sep 22, 2023 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Rumsey Playfield

Lil Yachty - SummerStage 2023


Fans can look forward to experiencing the creative and innovative sound of Lil Yachty at SummerStage.

Lil Yachty, an artist who describes his music as "bubblegum trap," has had an illustrious career, starting with modeling and gaining fame through TikTok. He has collaborated with esteemed artists like 2 Chainz and Chance the Rapper, and has been nominated for multiple GRAMMY awards. His most recent album, Let's Start Here (2023), draws inspiration from psychedelic rock and has been met with resounding critical acclaim. According to Rolling Stone, his fresh approach to music feels "truly innovative," and he has been praised as "one of the music industry's most audacious creative directors."

Capital One Cardholder Presale: Thursday, May 11 at 10:00 AM through Thursday, May 11 at 10:00 PM.

SummerStage Member  Presale: Thursday, May 11 at 10:00 AM through Thursday, May 11 at 10:00 PM.

Public On-Sale: Friday, May 12 at 10:00 AM.

SummerStage Concert

Nick Childers

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Lil Yachty Announces Dates For Fall 2023 Field Trip Global Tour

Rapper will kick off the 39-date outing on Sept. 21 in Washington, D.C.

By Gil Kaufman

Gil Kaufman

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Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty announced the dates for his fall 2023 The Field Trip tour on Tuesday morning (May 9). The 39-date global tour is slated to kick off on Sept. 21 with a show at the Echostage in Washington, D.C. and make its way across North America with stops in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Indianapolis, Nashville, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver and Minneapolis before winding down on Nov. 5 at the Fillmore in Detroit.

Lil Yachty On His Big Rock Pivot: ‘F-ck Any of the Albums I Dropped Before This One…

Trending on billboard.

Check out the dates for Yachty’s Field Trip Tour below.

Sept. 21 — Washington, DC @ Echostage

Sept. 22 — New York, NY @ SummerStage in Central Park

Sept. 24 — Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore  

Sept. 25 — Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz

Sept. 27 — Montreal, QC @ MTELUS

Sept. 29 — Wallingford, CT @ The Dome at Oakdale

Oct. 1 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theatre

Oct. 2 — Toronto, ON @ HISTORY

Oct. 4 — Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore Charlotte

Oct. 8 — Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

Oct. 9 — Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works

Oct. 11 — New Orleans, LA @ The Fillmore  

Oct. 15 — Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre

Oct. 17 — San Diego, CA @ SOMA

Oct. 21 — Vancouver, BC @ UBC – Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre

Oct. 22 — Portland, OR @ McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

Oct. 26 — Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Oct. 27 — Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex

Oct. 29 — Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium

Oct. 31 — St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant

Nov. 4 — Madison, WI @ The Sylvee

Nov. 5 — Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore

European Dates

Nov. 22 — Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene

Nov. 24 — Stockholm, Sweden @ Fryhuset

Nov. 25 — Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB Hallen

Nov. 27 — Berlin, Germany @ Columbiahalle

Nov. 28 — Cologne, Germany @ Palladium

Nov. 30 — Manchester, UK @ O2 Victoria Warehouse

Dec. 1 — London, UK @ OVO Wembley Arena

Dec. 3 — Glasgow, UK @ O2 Academy

Dec. 4 — Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy

Dec. 6 — Paris, France @ Salle Pleyel

Dec. 8 — Tilburg, Netherlands @ Poppodium013

Dec. 10 — Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique

Dec. 12 — Barcelona, Spain @ Razzmatazz

Dec. 14 — Milan, Italy @ Fabrique

Dec. 16 — Zurich, Switzerland @ Komplex 457

Dec. 17 — Vienna, Austria @ Gasometer

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Lil Yachty Reveals AI-Generated Album Cover for ‘Let’s Start Here,’ Depicting Demented Boardroom of Executives

By Yousef Srour

Yousef Srour

  • Travis Scott’s Long-Delayed ‘Utopia,’ Featuring Beyonce, Drake, the Weeknd and More, Was Worth the Wait: Album Review 8 months ago
  • Young Thug Drops Star-Studded ‘Business Is Business’ Surprise Project From Prison: Album Review 9 months ago
  • ‘Atlanta’ Returns Home for a Final Season That Cements Its Legacy  9 months ago

Let's Start Here Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty has revealed the artwork and release date for his forthcoming album, “Let’s Start Here,” set to debut Jan. 27 on Quality Control Music and Motown Records.

Ever the provocateur, the rapper’s new cover art previews an AI-generated image of what seems to be seven executives sitting next to each other in suits. With malformed faces akin to a psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole, the artwork seems unremarkable upon first glance. However, the longer you stare at their faces, they look inhuman, with contorted facial features and warped smiles.

The post is captioned : “Let’s Start Here. – 1/27  Chapter 2. Thank You for the patience,” hinting at a potential redux of an already teased album, collectively referred to as “Sonic Ranch.” On Dec. 25, Yachty’s latest album was leaked by Leaked.cx, much to the Michigan rapper’s disappointment. He took to Twitter later that day to post a half-hearted sad-face emoji to express anguish in the untimely launch of a potentially seminal work within his discography.

In an interview with Icebox last year , the “ Minnesota ” rapper has expressed that his “new album is a non-rap album,” hence the second chapter that he alludes to in his Instagram post. Yachty explains: “It’s alternative, it’s sick!” After recently collaborating with artists such as Tame Impala, he’s been in the process of creating a “psychedelic alternative project… [with] all live instrumentation.”

Slowly shedding major label support, Yachty now has his own label and creative consultant company, Concrete Records and Concrete Family, respectively. Working closely with Concrete Family, Yachty teamed up with the General Mills cereal brand in 2020 for a limited collaboration with Reese’s Puffs and has an undisclosed sneaker set to be released at a later date. Similar to his 2021 mixtape, “Michigan Boat Boy,” which featured almost solely Detroit artists including Rio Da Yung OG and Babyface Ray, Yachty plans to also release a mixtape with the Concrete Boys collective sometime this year.

Read the Report

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With ‘Let’s Start Here,’ Lil Yachty Emerges as Music’s Boldest Creative Director

By Jeff Ihaza

Lil Yachty is rich. The 25-year-old musician posts TikToks featuring exotic Italian furniture, and goes vintage shopping with Drake. By the time he graduated high school, he’d already bought his mom a house. He caused a mild international incident with his viral hit “Poland,” a loosie released late last year in which he croons, with impossible sincerity, about bringing illegal pharmaceuticals into Poland. One couldn’t imagine a more charmed Gen Z existence. And yet, on “:(failure(:,” an early interlude from his left-turn of a new album, Let’s Start Here, he says that he’s “seen failure a few times/More recently than before, actually.”

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Cast in this new light, the quality that once made it hard for detractors to take him seriously has become Lil Yachty’s greatest strength. His playful vocal acrobatics, his freewheeling gestures into key ranges he might be less than suited for, create a listening experience rooted in feeling. So we open Let’s Start Here with “the BLACK seminole.,” in which Yachty sprinkles sparse musings from history. The title references Afro-Seminole people, free Africans who lived among Seminole groups in what is now Florida. Yachty’s idea fragments ooze together in the psychedelic groove, careful to keep the theoretical framework loose, allowing the words “Black” and “sex symbol” to float off into space carrying only as much weight as they need to. The statement retains potency in its aloofness. It isn’t unheard of to see rappers treading indie-rock terrain, though the efforts tend to have the sheen of corporate crossover. With instrumentation from Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly, Yachty rolls in like a Black cowboy in a way that feels unforced. “A Black man with mouths to feed,” he whispers.

Oohs and ahhs stretch to the heavens with intention — like on standout “pRETTY,” which is already proving to be a hit on TikTok, and sounds like a slowed bedroom cut from the cult label Naked Music. Percussion rumbles gently over the staggering two-step, while a sensual, otherworldly warble breaks through the clouds like a ray of sunshine in spring. 

Teezo Touchdown: Birth of a Rock Star

Lil yachty hopes you have one reaction to his upcoming james blake collab: 'what the f--k', usher, lil yachty, the last dinner party, and all the songs you need to know this week, biden is building a ‘superstructure’ to stop trump from stealing the election, 'the death of college sports will be fast and furious:' the scandal that could kill the ncaa, nicki minaj and husband ordered to pay $500,000 for alleged backstage assault in germany, drake bell calls nickelodeon’s ‘quiet on set’ response ‘pretty empty’.

You could call Let’s Start Here a rebuke of the notion that listeners have abandoned the full-length album. The record’s tight 57 minutes feel as cohesive a project as any artist has released in the streaming era. Yachty’s genuine adoration of his musical inspirations is like the Gen Z alchemy of Pinkpantheress, able to turn familiar source material into something entirely new. 

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Russia Announces National Day of Mourning Following Terror Attack at Moscow Concert Hall

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United States

  • Dreamville Festival
  • Chris Brown
  • Nicki Minaj
  • ScHoolboy Q
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  • Rae Sremmurd
  • Chase Shakur

Dorothea Dix Park

Lil Uzi Vert

American Family Insurance Amphitheater - Summerfest Grounds

  • Broccoli City Festival

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  • Jean Dawson
  • Nala Sinephro

OVO Arena, Wembley

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Sala Razzmatazz

Raiffeisen Halle im Gasometer


013 Poppodium


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The National Bowl

lil yachty entrance


  • General Admission Ticket
  • Meet and Greet with Lil Yachty
  • Individual Photo Opportunity with Lil Yachty
  • Early Entry into the venue
  • Early Merchandise shopping opportunity before doors open to the public
  • Official VIP Laminate

*Package details are subject to change without notice at any time.


  • General admission ticket
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  • Official VIP laminate *Package details are subject to change without notice at any time.


  • Early Merchandise shopping
  • opportunity before doors open to the public
  • Official VIP Laminate *Package details are subject to change without notice at any time.

lil yachty entrance

After releasing a series of genre-defying mixtapes in 2016, Lil Yachty became one of the internet’s most talked-about rappers. While his early work featured bubblegum trap beats and gauzy synths, Yachty’s sound quickly evolved into something avante-garde. Lil Yachty first broke out in 2016 with the viral hit "One Night,” along with his debut mixtape, Lil Boat , which scored him a joint recording contract with Capitol Records, Motown and Quality Control Music. That same year, Yachty’s featured performances on DRAM’s smash hit “Broccoli” and KYLE's "iSpy” became part of internet lore — as well as Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits. After his first headlining tour showcased his eccentric performance style, Yachty spent the next few years appearing at festivals around the world, while releasing hit collaborations with Cardi B, Future, Drake and many more. In January 2023, Yachty released his fifth studio album Let’s Start Here , a psych-rock pivot that’s been nearly universally praised. In April 2023, he appeared as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live , performing “the BLACK seminole.” and “drive ME crazy!” from the album which debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

To connect with Lil Yachty:

Website // Instagram // YouTube // TikTok // Facebook // Twitter // Spotify

Lil Yachty embarks on The Field Trip Tour in September 2023. After kicking off in Washington, DC, on September 21, the tour will cover much of North America.

Be sure to add Lil Yachty to your favorites on Ticketmaster.com or the Ticketmaster app to get important alerts about his tour. (Download the Ticketmaster app for iPhone or Android .)

The Field Trip Tour begins on September 21, 2023, at Echostage in Washington, DC.

The Field Trip Tour will take Lil Yachty across North America in the following cities:

  • 09/21 – Washington, DC @ Echostage
  • 09/22 – New York, NY @ Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage
  • 09/24 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore Philadelphia 
  • 09/25 – Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz
  • 09/27 – Montreal, QC @ MTELUS
  • 09/29 – Wallingford, CT @ Dome at Toyota Oakdale Theatre
  • 10/01 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theatre 
  • 10/02 – Toronto, ON @ History 
  • 10/04 – Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore Charlotte
  • 10/08 – Indianapolis, IN @ Old National Centre 
  • 10/09 – Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
  • 10/11 – New Orleans, LA @ Fillmore New Orleans 
  • 10/15 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre 
  • 10/17 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA
  • 10/21 – Vancouver, BC @ UBC Thunderbird Arena
  • 10/22 – Portland, OR @ McMenamins Crystal Ballroom 
  • 10/26 – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • 10/27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
  • 10/29 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
  • 10/31 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant 
  • 11/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Fillmore Minneapolis
  • 11/04 – Madison, WI @ The Sylvee
  • 11/05 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit

Fans will have the opportunity to purchase three VIP package options for The Field Trip Tour. Select VIP packages will include perks like:

  • Meet and greet with Lil Yachty
  • Early merchandise shopping opportunity
  • Access to preshow listening party

Openers for The Field Trip Tour have not yet been announced. 

Tickets for The Field Trip Tour are on sale now in all markets. Standard Tickets are still available for many dates.


Go see yachty, this guy puts on a show. Cheap tickets that should be worth a lot more. One of the best shows I’ve been to. Come back to Detroit yachty, I’ll be there.

We had a good time but it was not a good show

Positives. Energy was amazing from the crowd. Openers did their thing. Yachty brought out some crazy locals that snapped. Negatives. A mosh pit for every damn song, even the slow ones. A Mosh pit for every rapper. Every rapper was singing over their own vocals. Yachty kept forgetting lyrics. He probably had 5 more songs and the kids were ready to go so we did. So yeah, we had fun but it was at best an okay show

Amazing Concert

The vibes were good , the seats were great I wish there was better lighting pointed toward yachty but it was great !! Would definitely see him again

Great show and venue, one minor complaint

The show was amazing, I loved seeing Lil Yachty. I really loved the venue, staff was nice and professional, it was very clean and organized and we were not waiting super long. However, my only issue is that they “ran out of free water” for the SOLD OUT show, and I had to pay $6 for a bottle of water. How on earth do you run out of free water

Concrete Boys Don’t Miss!!!!!!!

Do you want to mosh? Go see Yachty Do you want to cry (happy cry) Go see Yachty Do you want to dance? Go see Yachty Do you want to scream (from excitement)? Go see Yachty Do you want to fill your entire camera roll with musical greatness? Go see Yachty Do you want to have an amazing night? Go see Yachty Moral of the story GO SEE YACHTY!!!!!!!!!!

Yachty the GOAT

Best concert ever, the crowd was lit, music variety was good, and everyone was a great performer

yachty had a perfect set

yachty had a perfect set and the sections of it were nice. concrete boys set the show up well. nice sound and lights all around

Yachty killed that concert

I loved the concert but that guy nick just made the concert bad. Probably should not have him back on tour with Yachty cause he is not good at all. Yachty killed it I love his music. He really knows how to put on a show. I give him a 10 out of 1-10.

After a few canceled shows

Hard to plan around dude. He also used features in a lot of his music. Wish they played that.

Yachty was good as always. Standing for 3 hours listening to people who were not was not very fun. Everyone starts somewhere but that was an insanely long opening.

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Lil yatchty performed well. I loved how much water he threw in the crowed and the energy. The only problem was the crowed too squished together in the front so it was uncomfortable. If the people in the back took a couple steps back tho the problem would have been solved. But the show was worth the money and very enjoyable.

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Nat_Hitem_Up’s profile image

The sremm life tour was my first concert. And it was extremely good!!! I had so much fun. Lil yachty and burberry were spraying water on everyone and he told us to make a mosh pit, he has alot of energy to really hype the crowd up. If your thinking about seeing lil yachty I recommend you go!

Aliyah267’s profile image

Lil Yachty was a massive let down. After waiting for him to come out it was hard to listen to his voice that he claims he lost. He sounded nothing less than horrible and the crowd had more energy from the DJ than they did for the person they came to see. 2/10

cadelax123’s profile image

Lil yachty and everyone on the stage had a good connection with the audience and their perforemance were dope as hell. I enjoyed the show alot, it was really fun. Looking forward to yachtys next concert here in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tjamann’s profile image

One of the best shows I have seen. He was so full of life, fun to watch, funny and made it a memorable night. The lights, dancing and song choice was spot on. I hope he comes to Baltimore again so I can go back. LIL BOAT!

carter-frazier’s profile image

This is my second time seeing him and yet again Amazing stage presence, full of energy, really got the crowd going and we was given a massive surprise with an appearance and short performance from Asap Rocky and Tyga!

taschan-nelson-thoma’s profile image

The concert was wild especially in NYC perfect Venue. A lot of mosh pits coming from a lil yachty concert. During his performance he brings out A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, very unexpected.

janice-matute’s profile image

Him and Burberry Perry have mad stage presence and know how to get the crowd hyped. The only downside of the show is that he flicks water hard into your eyes though so bring goggles.

1neezy’s profile image

Yachty was so good live. The energy was amazing, and you can tell he loves the fans. He took a while to come out but if you love concerts and go with your friends, it's worth it.

jlanzot’s profile image

It was bananas im glad i went i met so many cool ppl YACHTY was phenomenal the venve was huge good air i had funn i hope he comes back next year i will definitely be going

Nosajohnbull14’s profile image

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Lil Yachty live.

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Lil Yachty tour dates and tickets 2024-2025 near you

Want to see Lil Yachty in concert? Find information on all of Lil Yachty’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025.

Lil Yachty is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 18 concerts across 11 countries in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

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Lil Yachty on Claim He Copied Playboi Carti's Sound: 'Y'all Fans Be Smoking the Strongest Dick'

Yachty also pointed out that he's been working with producer Cardo for several years.

Lil Yachty has a message for those he believes are "smoking the strongest dick" when it comes to assessing his music .

As seen below, Kai Cenat recently previewed an unreleased Yachty track during a stream, prompting some listeners to start comparing the clip to the work of Playboi Carti , who's expected to drop his long-teased Whole Lotta Red follow-up at some point this year.

kai cenat just previewed a new lil yachty snippet on stream pic.twitter.com/wi75w15snr — isaiah✰ (@tlop444) March 19, 2024

One tweeted response in particular ultimately caught Yachty's attention, with a listener arguing that Carti "can't try 1 new sound without rappers immediately biting him." Yachty disagreed, as did other listeners.

“[B]iting him? how did i bite him?” Yachty asked. “[T]he beat? if that’s the case i been workin with cardo since 2019-2020 on record yall fans be smoking the strongest dick.”

A screenshot of a Twitter exchange between users discussing a rapper's collaboration and music evolution

Cardo’s production discography is extensive and notably includes several recent Carti releases, " H00DBYAIR " among them. He’s also worked with Drake , Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and more. Just last month, he was enlisted for Yachty's " Something Ether ."

As fans will recall, Yachty urged Akademiks to " stop drinking " in July of last year after a claim about Carti inspiring his then-recent artistic output.

"He said he’s in the studio with Carti and Carti made him change his entire sound. Facts," Akademiks claimed at the time, swiftly spurring a response from Yachty, who called him "so insane" for making the remarks.

"I didn’t tell u this at all,” Yachty added.

Next for Yachty is a run of tour dates including previously announced performances at the Dreamville Festival in Raleigh and Coachella in Indio, both slated for April. As for more new music, Yachty recently spoke out about a full-length collaborative project with James Blake, tentatively titled Bad Cameo .


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The lawsuit comes from a security guard who was allegedly assaulted by Petty.


Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Fail to Respond to 2021 Assault Lawsuit, Incur $500K Default Judgement

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Drake Trolls Adin Ross During Stream With Sexyy Red: ‘She Was Gonna Rob You’

The singer announced her oft-delayed debut solo album last month.

Normani Announces "1:59" Featuring Gunna From Forthcoming Debut ‘Dopamine’

The song, which features Fivio Foreign, appeared on 2023 CMG The Label compilation 'Gangsta Art 2.'


GloRilla Acknowledges "Cha Cha Cha" Criticism: 'Y'all Made Me Feel Crazy'

Inspiration seems to come from the strangest of places.

De La Soul's Posdnuos Says Hitting His Head Inspired "Plug Tunin" Flow

The Colombian icon's new album 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran' was released on Friday.

Shakira Says She Won’t Write Anymore Songs About Ex Gerard Piqué

The album was released on March 22 and features The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, and more.

Future and Metro Boomin's 'We Don't Trust You' Becomes Spotify's Most Streamed Album in a Single Day This Year

The "Water" singer randomly encountered the U.S. congresswoman after the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Tyla 'Had No Idea' Who Nancy Pelosi Was During Grammys Afterparty Photo

On the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, actress Megan Fox addresses criticism over a blood drinking ritual with her partner Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox Defends Drinking a 'Drop' of MGK's Blood: 'What Is So Gross About What I Did With My Soulmate?'

The 80-year-old music icon originally removed her music catalogue from the streaming service in protest against vaccine misinformation promoted by Rogan on his podcast.

Joni Mitchell Returns to Spotify After Two Year Protest Against Joe Rogan


Broccoli City Unveils 2024 Lineup For Unique Festival Experience Featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Gunna, Lil Yachty, And Issa Rae

Facebook icon

Broccoli City and partner Live Nation Urban announced its stellar lineup for Broccoli City Festival 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for music and culture enthusiasts from around the globe. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Audi Field in Washington, DC’s Capitol Riverfront, this year’s festival is gearing up to be an electrifying celebration of music, culture, and unity.

This year’s festival features a diverse array of top-tier talent with headlining acts such as Megan Thee Stallion , Gunna , Lil Yachty, and Concrete Family . Joining them will be an impressive roster of acclaimed artists that includes PartyNextDoor , Victoria Monet , Kaytranada , Key Glock , Sexxy Red , and many more, ensuring there’s something for every music lover to enjoy.

But the Broccoli City Festival is more than just a music event—it’s an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and fosters community. From interactive art installations to culinary delights from local vendors to lavish VIP accommodations, attendees can expect a multi-sensory journey that delights the senses and nourishes the soul. In addition to the incredible music lineup, BC Fest will also feature live experiences on-site featuring Issa Rae , comedians Desi Banks and Funny Marco , Uncle Waffles , TrapSoul Karaoke hosted by Bryson Tiller , Soulection with Joe Kay , Test Your Game with Duke Dennis , Everyday People , R&B Only , and even a country music segment with the Hoe Down with emerging artist Tanner Adell other interactive experiences that explore various aspects of music, art, and culture.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this year’s lineup and the move to Audi Field, which reflects our festival’s eclectic tastes and vibrant spirit,” said Brandon McEachern, Co-Founder of Broccoli City Fest. “After partnering with Events DC at the RFK Festival Grounds for several memorable years, it’s the perfect time to take another step in our evolution and offer consumers a nontraditional, inclusive, and innovative festival experience where people from all walks of life can come together to celebrate music and culture.”

“We’re reimagining the festival experience by moving to the state-of-the-art Audi Field in the Navy Yard community, featuring award-show-like live programming and interactive fan experiences,” said Marcus Allen, Co-Founder of Broccoli City Fest. “We’re setting a new standard, providing attendees an immersive blend of entertainment, technology, and fan engagement.”

Pre-sale begins on March 18th at 10 am EST . General admission and VIP Tickets go on sale Friday, March 22, at 10 am EST. , with various options available to suit every budget and preference.

Visit www.BCFestival.com and follow us @BroccoliCity on Instagram, TikTok, and X (formally Twitter) for the latest updates and exclusive content.

Broccoli City

Jermon Williams

[email protected]

Andrew Labissiere

Live Nation

Carleen Donovan, The Oriel Co.

Nina Lee, The Oriel Co.

About Broccoli City

Broccoli City is a Black-owned social enterprise rooted in impact and entertainment that focuses on people and progress. We foster creativity and community growth by building innovative experiences that intersect technology, music, art, and social impact. Originally birthed as a festival experience centering Black communities in the DMV area, Broccoli City has developed into a national brand that creates and distributes opportunities, education, and resources needed for the upward mobility and social progress of Black and brown communities.

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Lil Yachty Has a Wild Clapback to Fans Saying He Stole Playboi Carti’s Flow

Lil Yachty is clapping back at fans who accused the rapper of stealing Playboi Carti 's flow on a new song.

Lil Yachty Has a Wild Clapback to Fans Saying He Stole Playboi Carti's Flow

On Wednesday (March 20), Yachty responded to chatter online surrounding his flow on an unreleased song Kai Cenat previewed  during a livestream last Monday (March 18). Fans were quick to call out Lil Boat's cadence on the track, with many of them comparing it to Carti's.

"Biting him? How did I bite him?" Yachty wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in response to a critic. "If that's the case i been workin with cardio since 2019-2020 on record yall fans be smoking the strongest d**k."

Cardo is known for producing all of Carti's most recent releases : "H00dByAir," "Ketamine," "EvilJ0rdan" and "Backr00ms." So fans were quick to clap back at Yachty's clapback.

"The song is terrible," the user @hadmyback replied . "The beat is a ‘H00DBYAIR’-type beat. Your flow is an obvious attempt at a Carti flow, and you used a ‘what’ ad-lib in the same cadence [that] Carti uses.”

Read More: Lil Yachty, Dr. Umar Disagree on Reason Why Black Women Get BBLs

Lil yachty announces new album.

Boat had previously announced in an  Instagram  post on Feb. 13 that he is dropping a  new album with James Blake .

"I mean, granted, I think James has worked with a quite substantial amount of hip-hop  artists. But this project is so left for both of us," the  Quality Control  rapper said in the video clip. "And then, aside from the one picture that James posted, which—he doesn’t have many followers actually—I don’t think people know that we know each other exist. So it’s just gon’ be like, 'What the f**k? When they do this?'"

Lil Yachty had previously dropped off "A Cold Sunday" on Feb. 2.

Read More: Playboi Carti Accused of Copying Classic Slipknot Mask

See Lil Yachty's reaction to biting Playboi Carti's flow below.

See Lil Yachty's Reaction to Being Accused of Stealing Playboi Carti's Flow

See which rappers are touring in 2024, more from xxl.

Playboi Carti Posts Strange Video Wearing Braided Pigtails

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Lil Yachty: The Field Trip Tour

October 21, 2023, 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm, event navigation.

  • « Måneskin: RUSH! World Tour
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lil yachty entrance


Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023 Time: Doors – 7:00 PM; Show – 8:00 PM Tickets: Ticketmaster

Ticket Information

Ga ticket holders.

  • General Admission ticket holders may only line up on the day of the show ( October 21 ). Overnight camping outside the arena will  NOT  be permitted.
  • All General Admission ticket holders will be asked to enter through side doors at the East Entrance by the  Wesbrook Mall . See map for entrance details.
  • Please look out for red flags to guide you to the GA entrance.
  • Have your mobile tickets open and ready to scan to expedite entry.
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lil yachty entrance

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lil yachty entrance

Hatsune Miku Expo 2024 North America

April 4, 2024

lil yachty entrance

Bryson Tiller: The Bryson Tiller Tour

May 12, 2024

lil yachty entrance

The Teskey Brothers: The Winding Way Tour

June 9, 2024

lil yachty entrance

Event Date(s)

October 21, 2023

Event Time(s)

The postal service & death cab for cutie: give up & transatlanticism, ocean alley: north america 2024.

Shooting victims are ‘calling’ members of Congress. Is it OK to use AI to clone your child’s voice to deliver a political message?

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Headshot of Cesareo Contreras

  • Copy Link Link Copied!


Since the middle of February, members of Congress have received more than 119,000 calls demanding that they pass stricter gun control laws. But these aren’t the typical kind of calls made by constituencies voicing their concerns. 

Through the use of artificial intelligence these calls are seemingly being made from the grave — by children who were killed as a direct result of gun violence. 

“In 2018, when I was 15 years old, I was killed by an unsecure gun at my friend’s house,” reads a message in the voice of Connecticut native Ethan Song. “My parents recreated my voice using AI so I can finally ask you to do something to protect kids.” 

These messages are being sent using a new website called The Shotline. The platform was born out of a partnership between Change the Ref and March For Our Lives, two organizations that were formed in response to the school shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

The groups have partnered with ElevenLabs , an AI company that creates synthetic voices using recorded speech, for the project. Their aim is to flood Congress with these messages to get members to take issues around gun control more seriously. In a few clicks, users of the site can send these voice messages to their representatives and senators. 

Rupal Patel, a Northeastern professor who has spent her career researching how technology can be used to help give people their voices back , believes it’s a good use of the technology.  

“It makes it real,” Patel says. “It’s not necessarily about the person. It’s about the story, and by adding a voice to it we can see what they sounded like, what their dreams were. We associate that with a voice, that closeness.”    

But another question has arisen: Is it right to recreate the voices of the dead, even if it’s for a good cause? 

Patel says since the voices of children are being created by their parents, there isn’t too much cause for concern. 

“It’s all about consent,” she says. “What makes it ethical and admissible is that this was consented by the parents of the child. This is them using an artificial voice as a way for them to convey a message. They have a right to do that because that child is below adult age. The parents are still the legal guardians. Any other person who uses it for a bad message doesn’t have the consent of the individual or the guardian.”   

That being said, there are currently no laws protecting people from their voices being recreated using AI, she notes.

“I don’t think it’s a black and white line,” Patel says. “We have to really think about these things in a much more nuanced world. If they were using it to commit fraud, that is one thing. If they are using it creatively to convey a message, it’s a different thing.” 

She compared the technology to Photoshop, which people use all the time to alter images. 

Editor’s Picks

Joseph Aoun putting a medal around David De Cremer's neck.

David De Cremer installed as Dunton Family Dean of Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Exterior of Trump Tower in New York.

Unraveling Trump’s assets — including Trump Tower — will be ‘a long, drawn-out process,’ fraud expert says


Allowing Texas immigration law would lead to “total chaos,” NU law expert says.

Rapper Lil Yachty performing in a green plaid shirt.

Lil Yachty is coming to Northeastern. Here’s everything you need to know about Springfest 2024

“This is a continuum of technology, and we have to treat it like that,” she says. “How do we use it and evaluate it case by case? That may not sound like a satisfactory answer for some people, but we can’t just wipe it out as unethical.” 

James Alan Fox, a Northeastern professor of criminology, law and public policy, says he understands the sentiment behind the project and recognizes the pain and anger parents feel about the loss of their child, but he does not think the project will be particularly effective. 

“Whether it be parents of Sandy Hook Promise, Parkland or other cases, I understand their attempts to convince Congress and folks in Washington to pass preventative measures that will avoid other parents from walking in their shoes, and parents should speak for their sons and daughters, and they have,” he says. 

“But having a murdered child speak for themselves in a synthetic-engineered voice, I don’t think that will help,” he adds. “In fact, and maybe this is just me, but when I was listening to the audio, it made me focus more on the quality of the voice, more than the quality of the message. It’s contrived and it detracts from the message.” 

With the rise of deep fakes, Fox says, it’s important we are careful in how we use this technology. 

“I’m OK with AI, for example, creating a new Beatles song , but that’s for entertainment purposes,” he says. “I think that’s where I draw the line.” 

He says it would be more impactful if the parents of these victims continue to advocate using their own voices. He points to some inroads parents have made, including pushing for the first bill on gun control being passed in Congress in decades in 2022.  

“What the parents can say is very powerful and would have a greater impact than an AI-engineered voice from the grave,” he says. 

Science & Technology

lil yachty entrance

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    Gimme The Keys To The Coupe

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    This year's festival features a diverse array of top-tier talent with headlining acts such as Megan Thee Stallion, Gunna, Lil Yachty, and Concrete Family. Joining them will be an impressive roster of acclaimed artists that includes PartyNextDoor , Victoria Monet , Kaytranada , Key Glock , Sexxy Red , and many more, ensuring there's ...

  24. Lil Yachty

    [Verse 2: Lil Yachty] You know a nigga like me just tryna cut head Drop shy 'fore you hit the bed Real tight, real work down your leg Know niggas cowards, and I'll say it I'll devour it, yeah Let ...

  25. Lil Yachty Responds to Fans Saying He Stole Playboi Carti's Flow

    Lil Yachty is clapping back at fans who accused the rapper of stealing Playboi Carti's flow on a new song.. Lil Yachty Has a Wild Clapback to Fans Saying He Stole Playboi Carti's Flow. On ...

  26. Lil Yachty Addresses Critics Suggesting He Bit Playboi Carti's Style

    Lil Yachty is fighting back against critiques of one of his new songs — at least those critiques that accuse him of biting Playboi Carti's style.. On Wednesday (March 20), Lil Boat responded ...

  27. lil Yachty LIVE @ Summer Smash 2021 Brings Adin Ross, Ski ...

    lil Yachty LIVE @ Summer Smash 2021 Brings Adin Ross, Ski Mask & Draft Day on stageWater Wave TV Takes on Summer Smash! We will have plenty of content droppi...

  28. Lil Yachty: The Field Trip Tour

    The nearest bus stop is out front of the venue's Wesbrook Mall entrance. Guest Services. The Guest Services desk will be located at the top of the stairs at the East Entrance (off Wesbrook Mall). Please visit our staff at Guest Services for assistance with: General questions, way-finding, lost and found items, etc. Follow Lil Yachty:

  29. Lil Yachty Hardest Walk Out of All Time

    This video never gets oldFollow us on our socials!Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube links:http://linktr.ee/dripped.tvWe post the funniest hip hop & streaming c...

  30. Is It OK to Use AI-Generated Voices to Deliver Political Messages?

    Lil Yachty is coming to Northeastern. Here's everything you need to know about Springfest 2024 by Erin Kayata March 21, 2024 "This is a continuum of technology, and we have to treat it like that," she says. "How do we use it and evaluate it case by case? That may not sound like a satisfactory answer for some people, but we can't just ...