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10 Fascinating Facts About ‘Loon,’ the 221-Foot Superyacht That Gets the Coolest Toys First

The 221-footer has hundreds of thousands of social-media followers, accepts bitcoin for charter, and an entire crew who can sing and dance. oh, and it's rescued two other boats this year., gemma harris, gemma harris's most recent stories.

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Superyacht Loon

With the ever-expanding portfolio of charter yachts vying for attention, the 221-foot Loon took to social media to showcase its offerings. Not just with a Facebook page of pretty destinations, but with an Instagram account that now has 140,000 followers and a YouTube channel with 122,000 folks who watch its journeys.

The yacht, previously christened  Icon,  splashed in 2010 when it left the Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts. Purchased in 2023 by owners who named the yacht after their lakehouse residents, the loon bird, it is now widely recognized on the charter scene, thanks partly to its social-media presence but mostly because of its eclectic crew.

Captain Paul Clarke, who has been with the owner since 2017 and created the social-media frenzy, made his way from the vessel’s smaller siblings to helm this third generation of yachts named Loon. An overflowing toy box and tenders that include a wake-surfing boat, as well as an inventory of all the top brands, have made this an exceptional charter vessel, with IYC being the primary brokers.

The yacht’s timeless lines and contemporary features are a testament to RWD Design’s forward-thinking philosophy. “ Loon has many features which are only now being incorporated into today’s yachts,” Clarke told Robb Report.

Here are 10 cool facts about this social superyacht.

motor yacht loon youtube

An impressive catalog of toys is a given on any reputable charter yacht, but Loon ‘s toy trove is a cut above the rest. “Those who have the most toys win—this has always been our mantra,” says Capt. Paul Clarke. “For instance, most yachts have two Jet Skis, we have four. We apply that philosophy across the toy spectrum.” It is a thrill-a-minute onboard with Seabobs, wakeboards, scuba equipment, foils, and more towables and inflatables than one can get on in a week. Loon is regularly asked to test toys before they hit the market. “We always get pre-release toys to demo. We were also the first superyacht to carry Lift foils,” adds Clarke.

A Singing, Dancing Crew

motor yacht loon youtube

The linchpin holding a great charter together is the crew. But Loon raises the bar with its onboard team, who are born entertainers. Besides their regular duties, crewmembers double as a scuba instructor, a masseuse, a pro kitesurfer, a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and even a DJ. The chief engineer provides an added layer of charm with his guitar skills for evening soirees. “I always hire crew who have secondary skills,” says Clarke.

The Influencer

motor yacht loon youtube

If it isn’t on social media, did it even happen? Clarke started Loon ‘s social accounts back in the day to share the wealth of content he gathered from shooting videos of guests. Today, Loon has a crew member whose sole job is to create content with “equipment in hand 24/7.” This person, using drones and an occasional helicopter, creates charter memories with videography, photography, and other content-creation skills. Clarke says Loon is the only superyacht to have this dedicated position. The strategy has paid off. The vessel has 143,000 Instagram followers and 121,000 YouTube subscribers tuning in to watch its every move.

Loon-Inspired Inflatables

motor yacht loon youtube

Aside from the yacht’s signature beach club, Loon literally expands for on-the-water playtime. In fact, the yacht is more than a consumer of water toys. It’s an influencer. Inflatable manufacturer FunAir developed its Beach Club Sea Pool, the first-of-its-kind inflatable Yacht Slide (with a stylish carbon-fiber finish) specifically for this yacht. This section serves as a bumper point for toys and launchpad for Jet Skis. The netted surroundings also protect swimmers from currents and jellyfish.

Looney Activities

motor yacht loon youtube

Loon’ s activities regularly catch the eyes of onlookers. The vessel’s G23 Nautique is ideal for wake surfing. However, when chartering, the professional poker player and influencer Dan Bilzerian decided to take water stunts up a notch or two and wake-surf behind the yacht itself. While Loon regularly has “tons of A-listers” on board doing epic things, stunts are also for the crew. For its Instagram feed, the crew have leaped over the bow dressed as Thanksgiving turkeys and pulled off impressive kitesurfing jumps. The next booked charter will include magicians, helicopters, fire breathers, and a renowned DJ. “We try to make it extraordinary no matter who the guest is,” says Clarke. 

The Honey Bees

motor yacht loon youtube

Teaming up with the biodynamic honey producers at Hikian in southern Finland, Loon has adopted its own beehive and features the honey in its cuisine. The buzz around this premium honey is that the bees thrive in the unspoiled air of the Finnish forest. As well as the flavor, the honey also accompanies the chef’s creations.

Crypto Charters

motor yacht loon youtube

Two years ago, the former Loon was the first superyacht to accept charter fees in cryptocurrency. Fast forward to now, the current Loon continues to accept Bitcoin for bookings. Embracing crypto transactions is not just another form of payment but also a nod to a younger yachting clientele.

Involved in Rescue Missions

motor yacht loon youtube

This Caribbean charter season has already seen Loon involved in two successful search-and-rescue missions. The first was retrieving an overturned fishing boat at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard. Just before Christmas, Loon also responded to another search and rescue that came from a couple scuba diving in the Dog Islands. Clarke sent the tender ahead to locate the missing woman who had been swept out. “It could have ended much worse if the rescue hadn’t come together so quickly,” he says.

The Main Suite Built Around the Bathtub

motor yacht loon youtube

The interior styling by Studio Linse is inviting across all seven cabins, but the one that really catches the eye is the full-beam primary suite. With neutral and contemporary aesthetics, it is located on the main deck, where large windows flood the space with natural light. But the spotlight really shines on the impressive three-ton stone bathtub in the ensuite. It had to be installed before the deck was put on—a true commitment to a relaxing soak.

Well Connected

motor yacht loon youtube

Loon keeps everyone connected wherever it is anchored by remaining fully hooked up to the onboard Starlink system. Besides fast Wi-Fi for work or socializing, entertainment demands are also met, thanks to the fully integrated Apple TV system, delivering every kind of movie on the yacht’s big screens. The electronic bells and whistles continue in the bridge, which recently saw upgrades to the 26-inch touchscreen panels that control all elements of the yacht.

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The Boat That Went Viral: How M/Y Loon Became a Social Media Sensation

motor yacht loon youtube

Holly is the editor of Dockwalk. She grew up racing sailboats in England before switching to the world of superyachts and moving across the pond to Fort Lauderdale.

With hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views, the crew of Loon is setting a new standard for social media in yachting.

Remember a time when post was something you received in the mail and a reel was used for fishing? Social media has not only changed our vocabulary but also transformed how we connect as we share snippets of our lives in exchange for a peek inside others. Of course, it’s not all beach bars and sunsets — there is nothing inspiring about crawling into the bilge or turning over laundry. But what lies beyond the passerelle stirs a natural curiosity, and social media is the perfect porthole into a world only a select few get to see.

In recent years there has been a noticeable shift as forward-thinking owners, often spurred on by their crew, have begun to embrace social media and recognize the benefits of creating an online presence for their vessels. Leading the fleet is Loon . The 221ft motor yacht has become a social-media sensation over the last 12 months. Its YouTube channel ( @motoryachtloon ) has amassed more than 25 million views, with 121,000 subscribers tuning in each week to watch the crew document their lives on board, and another 143,000 follow along on Instagram ( @motoryachtloon ).

The yacht’s rise to online stardom began in 2017 when Captain Paul Clarke joined the first Loon , a 155ft Christensen. The boat was 20 years old at the time and he wanted to make it more attractive for charter. He was inspired by the 180ft Amels Gene Machine , which back then was one of the only boats sharing snapshots of its travels on social media. But Gene Machine wasn’t for charter. Captain Paul saw an opportunity, and her Instagram career was launched.

"We teetered around 50,000 followers for the better part of three years,” he says. But efforts were ramped up when the owner acquired the latest and third Loon — a 221ft Icon. Since then, that number has nearly tripled. So how did they do it?

“Stepping up in size, we had an extra crew berth,” Captain Paul explains. “We didn’t know what to do with it. Do we get another deckhand or another stew?” The answer was neither. Instead they decided to give their deckhand Blair van Breda ( @blair_vb ) a new position as full-time videographer and content creator.

Primarily his role was to film guests during their time on board and edit the footage into a highlights reel as an end-of-charter parting gift. “That’s what kick-started the YouTube account,” Captain Paul says. “We already had all the footage as the drone was up every day. All we’ve really done is remove the guests and get the crew to tell the story of what’s going on, whether we’re on charter, doing an Atlantic crossing or enjoying a couple of days off.”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by D E A N H A R R I S O N (@theyachtchef)

Blair started making content back in South Africa and turned his hobby into a profitable hustle before joining yachting. “I took it seriously and did that for about three or four years before I joined my first boat as a deckhand. I had accepted the gig one day before I met Paul on a beach when I was kitesurfing,” Blair says. Paul offered him a job on the spot, but having committed to doing a year on his first boat, Blair initially turned it down. “I was on board a year to the day and then joined Loon .”

Filming is woven into the vessel’s everyday operation, capturing events as they unfold. “There is a bit [of planning] but a lot of it is we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Captain Paul says. Docking, undocking, meal prepping, provisioning, recovering tenders — the day-to-day content is captured in real time, but it’s the unexpected moments that make for the best content. “In Sardinia there was a sailboat drifting past us that almost ended up on the rocks and we had to run out and rescue it. That’s not scripted or planned. It’s just what happens each day.”

Then there are the planned videos filmed when guests are off the boat or between charters, such as chase-boat walkthroughs, cabin tours and meet-the-crew Q&As. “It’s different for different channels,” Blair says. Instagram is where you’ll find short 30-second snapshots, but where Loon has really carved out its own space is on YouTube. “There’s been hundreds of boats now that have their own Instagram accounts, but no one else is doing YouTube,” Paul says. “YouTube is so much more about the personalities. Each video is about 30 minutes long and the actual scripted stuff is about three minutes of the entire video in a week. But you can’t do it without a full-time person. Each video takes 100 hours of filming, editing and producing.”

Of course, this isn’t just all for fun. Loon is a charter yacht and booking charters is the ultimate goal. Whereas traditional charter marketing usually involves a model family dressed in floaty white linens, Loon takes a crew-first approach — and it works. “We had a broker on day one of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, who said, ‘I have a client and they watch every single YouTube video. They don’t care where they book, they don’t care when they book, but what is your availability and how quickly can they get on boat’,” Captain Paul explains. That client signed a two-week charter.

But effective marketing isn’t without cost. Raising the production value of Loon ’s content output has meant serious investment in the right gear. Cameras, gimbals, drones, GoPros, wireless microphones… it’s a big operation, and not a cheap one. There is about $60,000 worth of content equipment on board. “Where do I start,” Blair exclaims. “We’ve got about five or six GoPros, with two or three drones flying at once sometimes, large streaming cameras that we use for all our livestreams, an Insta 360 and a $10,000 laptop for editing. Mainly I shoot everything on a Sony a7S III mirrorless camera with a DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal. And then I have my own Sony mirrorless camera.”

Their main drone is a DJI Mavic 3 Pro and they have a DJI Avata, which is a FPV drone that you fly with virtual reality-style goggles on. “We use different ones depending on what we’re doing. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is our big cinematographer drone, which is basically the first level of professional drones. Then we have minis that we give to the deck crew when they’re going hiking, so if they crash it, it’s $800 versus almost $4,000 for our bigger ones. And they get crashed a lot. We probably spend about 10 grand a year on drones.” It is a bigger commitment from the owner, but it pays itself back — Loon charters for $540,000 per week. But you don’t need all the kit from the get-go, says Captain Paul. “For boats that are starting out, you could get away with a couple of GoPros and a cheap drone.”

Although every crew member gets involved with filming, having camera skills isn’t a prerequisite for joining the crew. “There are no real differences in our hiring practices,” Captain Paul says. “We want charter crew. You should be good on camera because you should be good off camera. We want big personalities that will be down on the swim platform having a laugh with guests, telling them stories and about the destination.” For Captain Paul, it’s additional skills that are the biggest hiring factor. “Every crew member can do something else.” Head chef Nina is a dive instructor, chief engineer Alex sings and plays guitar, deckhand Nicholas is a personal trainer and even the captain is a dive and kite instructor. Being able to offer extra skills is what makes a good charter experience, but also incredible content. It’s a win-win situation.

While many vessels shun the spotlight, Loon embraces it. Some of the crew joined the boat with a following of their own because they wanted to continue creating content in the yachting space. Rotational head chef Dean Harrison ( @theyachtchef ) has amassed 87,500 Instagram followers, showcasing his creations and talking about the realities of life in the galley. Then there’s rotational head chef Nina Wilson ( @thecrewchef ) with 199,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. “I was attracted [to Loon ] because I wanted to film,” Nina says. She joined the yacht from a humanitarian vessel and was craving guest interaction. “I love content creation because it’s a form of art. I love the editing side.”

There have been some learning curves along the way, but whether the crew are on charter or enjoying a day off, professionalism is key. No swearing, no drinking and no talking about money. “We try to show everything in a good light. I’d like to think that we’re raising the whole industry after a certain TV show has lowered it,” Captain Paul says.

By sharing their adventures with the world, Loon ’s crew has inspired a generation of crew to embrace content creators. Their success is proof that social media can yield big returns, but it’s also an indication that the future of yachting is not just about luxury and exclusivity but also about transparency and connection.

Loon's Inventory:

  • Sony a1 (“It films 8k video,  it’s beautiful”)
  • Sony a7S III
  • 5 GoPro HERO12s
  • Insta360 X3
  • DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro
  • DJI Mavic 3

Also on board

  • Røde wireless microphones
  • DJI wireless microphones
  • 30TB of hard-drive storage
  • M1 MacBook Pro
  • 16in 64GB ram
  • Enough batteries to power a small village
  • 20 SD cards of all  shapes and sizes

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55m superyacht LOON in pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix

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By Nina Done   24 February 2022

The 55m (177ft) motor yacht LOON (ex-Sovereign) has secured a coveted trackside berth in the prestigious Port Hercules to watch the thrilling action at the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 .

Delivered in 2011 by the Florida-based shipyard Newcastle Marine, and refitted in 2020, motor yacht LOON is in mint condition to welcome charter guests on board for the illustrious sporting event.

Designed with charterers in mind, her elegantly styled spaces and a long list of amenities make her a superb choice for a charter vacation this season.

Sundeck on board charter yacht LOON

Standout highlights include a split-level sundeck featuring an infinity pool with swim-up bar, which will undoubtedly take center stage during the race, offering lucky guests sweeping views of all the action as it happens as they sip cocktails from the bar or lounging on the spread of sumptuous sunpads. 

Sundeck Jacuzzi on board charter yacht LOON

The upper deck aft, meanwhile, offers the ideal location for alfresco dining with a large circular table, with smaller seating areas nearby for casual get-togethers or pre-dinner drinks.

The expansive sky lounge is where this yacht excels for an event charter , capable of accommodating up to 100 guests. Her vaulted ceilings enhance the sense of spaciousness, with additional smaller lounging areas and a corner bar adding to the sky lounge's excellent amentities.

Sky lounge on board charter yacht LOON

Two-party charter groups are well-catered to aboard motor yacht LOON thanks to two master suites. Located on the bridge deck, the first generous master offers spectacular 270-degree views, while the second master stretches across the main deck forward.

Completing the accommodation are two double cabins and two twin cabins on the lower deck, while other highlights include a tender garage that also serves as a beach club with a gym set up and a plethora of water toys; including a sea pool, water slide and electric surfboards.

Interested in booking a luxury yacht rental at the Monaco Grand Prix?

The South of France is one of the world’s most established yacht charter destinations, home to iconic events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix , where visitors can rub shoulders with the glitterati as they take in the glamorous surrounds at these prestigious events. 

From the A-list allure of St Tropez popularized by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, to the more laid back atmosphere of the  Porquerolles , the south of France offers something for everyone. 

View of the South of France

To find out more about chartering in the region, please see our in-depth South of France yacht charter guide . For some inspiration, check out our sample itineraries handpicked by experts for the region.

If you’d like to learn more about chartering motor yacht LOON for the Monaco Grand Prix or throughout the summer season, please contact a recommended yacht charter broker .

Lady Beth Yacht

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A Celebrity Charter Onboard Motor Yacht Loon

A Celebrity Charter Onboard Motor Yacht Loon

When it comes to enjoying luxury and style on the French Riviera this summer, a Mediterranean charter onboard Motor Yacht Loon is the perfect choice. Tailored specifically to high-profile and VIP guests, Loon offers privacy and security as well as a whole host of luxury amenities and concierge services. With major luxury events on the horizon, such as the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, a luxury yacht charter provides an ideal base for guests, getting you in the heart of the action while also enjoying Yacht Loon’s personalised, luxury private accommodation.

A-List Amenities

A-List Amenities during a charter onboard Motor Yacht Loon 221

Motor Yacht Loon knows how to roll out its red carpet for guests and has done so for many previous celebrities and A-listers. The yacht accommodates 12 guests across seven sumptuous cabins, complete with an array of luxury amenities and panoramic views. With an abundance of space for relaxation, alfresco and formal dining, and entertaining onboard, the yacht is an excellent base for individuals and large teams and groups. The fully stocked bar, sundeck with Jacuzzi and lounging space offer plenty of room to host those legendary after-parties. Other amenities include an extensive beach club with a spa and wellness area with a massage room for those last-minute treatments before exclusive events. Particularly ideal for a Cannes Film Festival yacht charter, the main saloon can also be transformed into a floating movie theatre for private screenings.

Premier Destinations

Yacht Loon 221 anchored ion the premiere charter destination of Portofino in Italy

The French Riviera is a premier superyacht destination, and for good reason. From cruising the picturesque coastline and visiting charming towns full of chic glamour to anchoring in idyllic bays, this iconic destination is one of Yacht Loon’s favourites. There are so many varied experiences to be enjoyed on a yacht charter in France that you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you explore the charming harbour of Golfe Juan, the vibrant old town of Nice, relish Monaco’s exclusivity, go shopping in Cannes, indulge in French gastronomy in St Tropez, or relax on one of the many Antibes beaches. A yacht charter with Loon allows for the ultimate flexibility when it comes to itineraries, accommodating all preferences and any last-minute changes that may arise.

Discreet Service

Discreet service from the superyacht crew on board charter yacht Loon 221

Catering to your every need, Yacht Loon boasts a professional and experienced crew, delivering an unparalleled concierge service throughout a yacht charter. The yacht’s tender allows you to enjoy the tranquillity of an anchorage while swiftly transporting you to the heart of the action, giving you exclusive access across the French Riviera to coveted parties and other events. Prioritising security and privacy, the discreet service provided by Captain Paul and the crew ensures a relaxing and confidential yacht charter experience, shielding you from prying eyes and unwanted attention.

Effortless Logistics

Effortlessly transferring to charter yacht Loon 221

Whether securing tables at sought-after restaurants or help shopping before the big event, Yacht Loon’s crew are always there for whatever you need. Aside from everything onboard, the crew can also arrange land-based logistics, bringing certain supplies and teams back to the boats and organising transportation such as limos and private cars taking you to wherever you need to go. This hassle-free mode of transportation between destinations ensures you avoid the stress of navigating the busy Mediterranean summer crowds.

Unmatched Atmosphere

Charter guests taking stunning photos during a vacation on Motor Yacht Loon

A yacht charter in the French Riviera during busy events allows for the perfect balance of seclusion and socialising. Yacht Loon is ideal for multiple needs, from enjoying intimate and exclusive settings with VIPs to hosting big parties and networking opportunities with huge guest lists. Not only does the yacht have all the luxury amenities and facilities needed, but it also has the most picturesque backdrop of the Mediterranean for photography opportunities.

Bespoke Menus

Michelin standard food service from the head chef onboard charter yacht Loon

Unlike a luxury hotel or Michelin-starred restaurant, a yacht charter gives you the ultimate freedom to indulge in any menu at any time you would like onboard. Loon’s creative and talented chefs are on hand to curate bespoke and varied menus for whatever you require, from 10 to 100 guests and gourmet degustation menus to relaxed snacks. Chartering a yacht for an event such as the Cannes Film Festival can present endless options when it comes to dining, such as lavish dinner parties, chic cocktail hours, private screenings with canapés, and a quiet detox brunch before festivities begin. Get a taste of the gourmet cuisine crafted by Loon’s world-class chefs here .

A Perfect Respite

Yacht Loon 221 anchored in a peaceful setting displaying her collection of FunAir superyacht inflatables

Motor Yacht Loon allows you to be in the hustle and bustle of a big event on land but is also your haven to switch off and enjoy the serenity onboard. Away from the spotlights of the Cannes Film Festival or the high-energy buzz of the Monaco Grand Prix, from the swimming pool and spa area to multiple lounging spaces, there are plenty of areas onboard Loon to unwind. In between endless invitations to events, there are also options to enjoy the water while relaxing, such as paddle boards and kayaks. If you want to let off some steam after socialising or even invite others to join you for fun, Yacht Loon has an overflowing toy box. There are various options, such as wakeboards, Jet Skis, inflatables and scuba diving equipment, to name a few, to splash around the French Riviera.

A Loon charter provides the perfect combination of privacy, luxury and flexibility, and therefore, an ideal choice for celebrities and VIPs seeking a getaway in the French Riveria. We still have some availability left for this year’s Mediterranean summer season; before it is too late, send us an email at [email protected] , where we can put together a bespoke and detailed plan and itinerary for your high-profile yacht charter.

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  • February 26, 2024

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  1. Motor Yacht Loon arriving at Port Hercule in MONACO

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  2. Motor Yacht Loon

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