Farther beyond

The name PLVS VLTRA, meaning ‘farther beyond’ in Latin, crystallises the owner’s uncompromising quest for perfection. At the ancient Pillars of Hercules near the Straits of Gibraltar, it is said that nec plus ultra (‘nothing farther beyond’) marked the gates of the known world. For those with exceptional daring, ambition and talent, voyaging beyond the gates – plus ultra – became a motto for unsurpassed achievement at the very highest level. PLVS VLTRA is just such an achievement.

plvs vltra yacht

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plvs vltra yacht

VIP Bathroom

plvs vltra yacht

Bridge Deck Aft

plvs vltra yacht

Main Deck Pool

plvs vltra yacht

Building at Amels

Superyacht Captain Simon Truelove of 74-metre PLVS VLTRA (242 ft) discusses the build, the design and the Owner’s reaction to the first Amels 242 delivered from the Dutch luxury yacht builder’s Limited Editions range.

Amels Limited Editions range

PLVS VLTRA is an Amels 242 from our Limited Editions range. Our premium semi-custom yachts offer fast delivery with top quality proven technical platforms.


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PLVS VLTRA Yacht – Seafaring $110M Superyacht

PLVS VLTRA yacht is a 73.5-meter superyacht capable of hosting up to 12 guests in her six cabins and can also fit up to 19 qualified onboard crew members.

She was built back and completed in 2016 by Amels and was designed by Winch Design. She weighs 1,725 gross tons and can cruise at speeds of 12 knots and go to a top speed of 16 knots.

plvs vltra yacht

PLVS VLTRA Yacht interior

PLVS VLTRA yacht’s interior was designed by Winch Design, a multi-award-winning design studio established by Andrew Winch and his wife back in 1986.

They pride themselves on their high-quality dynamic designs. They have tons of experience not only in yacht designs but also in Aviation and Architecture.

plvs vltra yacht image

They were the ones responsible Boutique Hotel Seychelles building and the Bizjets plane. They also have tons of involvements in yachts, such as the AMELS, a 60-meter vessel recently delivered this 2022.

She weighs 830 gross tons, can host up to 12 guests, and can also fit 13 qualified crew members.

Another is the AURORA BOREALIS yacht, a 67.1-meter yacht built and completed in 2019. She weighs 1574 tons and can cruise at speeds of 13 knots and go to a top speed of 17 knots. She can also accommodate up to 12 guests in her six spacious cabins.

Aboard the PLVS VLTRA, guests can spend their time in the yacht’s amenities such as her steam room, sauna room, spa room, beauty salon, beach club, a total gym, along with exercise types of equipment.

She also has complete air conditioning and also has wifi access. Hosting guests are also not a problem.

She has six cabins with specifications of 1 Master, 2 VIPs, 2 Doubles, and 1 Twin capable of welcoming 12 guests and attending to by 19 qualified crew members.

superyacht plvs vltra


PLVS VLTRA yacht spans 241.2 feet or 73.5 meters, has a beam of 40.2 feet or 12.25 meters, and a draft of 12.8 feet or 3.85 meters. She was custom-built in 2016 by Amels and was designed exteriorly by Tim Heywood Design .

She weighs approximately 1,725 tons and is powered by diesel-type Caterpillar engines capable of outputting 5438 hp, which enable her to cruise at 12 knots and can go to a maximum speed of 16 knots.

PLVS VLTRA yacht can also store 155,000 liters of fuel, allowing her to travel over 5,000 nautical miles.

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  • Andrey Goncharenko
  • Caterpillar Engines
  • Plvs Vltra Yacht
  • Tim Heywood
  • Winch Design

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Built under the supervision of the Moran Yacht & Ship new construction team and delivered to her owner in 2016, PLVS VLTRA features the best technical platform and specification of any of the Limited Edition Amels 242s built to date. PLVS VLTRA meaning further beyond, suggests taking risks and striving for excellence. Amels, the largest Dutch superyacht shipyard did just that with the delivery of their first Amels Limited Edition 242 series.

By combining supreme attention to detail known of Dutch craftsmanship with a semi-custom build specification, Amels has created a lineage of superyachts meant to entice only the most enlightened yachtsman. Though PLVS VLTRA shares some design principles with her sisters, she is truly unique with a fully customized interior by Winch Design and exterior by Tim Heywood. With her jet-black highlights and massive swimming pool, PLVS VLTRA boldly stands out from the crowd.

Her opulent interior marries classical sophistication with cutting-edge technology, and with plenty of space, is designed to bring several generations of family together. With an owner’s deck, two VIP staterooms and creative use of space, PLVS VLTRA feels more like a stately château than a yacht. Special consideration was given to create a layout that does not have long corridors or hallways typical of vessels. Her beach club and luxurious resort-style spa are located amidships to provide guests with the smoothest of experiences even when conditions are not optimal. Aft of the spa is a generous tender and toy hanger that accommodates two 10-meter tenders along with an array of advanced toys to delight the senses. Up top, the sundeck doubles as a helipad.

Exterior Design

Redna Yachts Plvs-1

Interior Design

Redna Yachts Plvs-6


Yacht Type: Motor Yacht Class: LR

Length Overall: 74 m Beam: 12.25 m Draft: 3.8 m

Builder: Amels Year of Build: 2016

Max Speed: 16.5 Knots (approx) Cruising Speed: 12.5 Knots (approx) Range (nm): 5000

Engines:2x 2719hp CAT

Hull: Steel Suoerstructure: Aluminum

Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

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yacht Plvs Vltra

  • Yacht Harbour
  • Yacht Plvs Vltra

About Plvs Vltra

Moran Yacht & Ship

Contact agent

.Moran Yacht & Ship.


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New listings

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Amels Luxury Yacht PLVS VLTRA Profile

PLVS VLTRA: Inside the first Amels Limited Edition 242

Amels’ Limited Editions concept is one of the superyacht industry’s great success stories. Each boat in the range offers a high degree of interior customization and there’s just enough in Tim Heywood’s curving exterior lines to make a yacht feel individual, while a shared technical platform hacks time and cost off a project. And, with every repetition, the process gets smoother, the unknowns diminish.

Heywood maintained the Limited Editions signature look, which he says is “strong and functional”. “It complements the flowing lines very well, which I describe as athletically feminine,” says Heywood. “I must admit that these curves are not necessarily the easiest forms to build, but Amels rose to the challenge.”

The paint — jet black between Matterhorn white decks — gives Plvs Vltra a dose of individuality. “I also added those curving jet black highlights to echo the curve of the wing station and then reversed it in the superstructure,” he says. “That form is echoed again in the mast structure. And finally the marlin blue waterline stripe.”

The owners previously had the Limited Editions 180 yacht Step One, which was also project managed by Moran Yacht & Ship and delivered in 2012. “The owner and his family greatly enjoyed Step One and he decided to build a larger yacht with Amels as he was happy with the shipyard and struck up a strong rapport with sales director Rob Luijendijk,” president Rob Moran adds. The Plvs Vltra project was managed for the owner by Moran Yacht & Ship.

But lifestyle needs meant the layout required a thorough rethink for Plvs Vltra. “The main requests were a large swimming pool on the main deck, two 10 meter tenders, a large master suite forward on the upper deck, a huge spa with all of the features of a top class facility, and large exterior areas to enjoy with friends and family,” Moran continues.

“They want their family to be with them and they want to spend a lot more time on board” , says Andrew Winch of Winch Design, who penned the interior. “They said, ‘At this size, we don’t really want to get off’.”

In short, the owners wanted a full-time residence, not a holiday boat. That informed every aspect of the design, splitting Plvs Vltra’s accommodation into an owner’s deck, two VIPs on the main deck and three guest cabins on the lower deck, so that three generations can have their own space or come together as desired.

But as Winch puts it: “The spa was where it kicked off at the beginning.” This lower deck, amidship space incorporates a spectacular central spa pool, massage area, steam room, bar and sauna with a window on to a broad, fold-down balcony to starboard.

There’s an elaborate mosaic of a dandelion by Sottoriva on the wall of the steam room and, on the floor, mystery white and rosa egeo marbles curve out from the superyacht spa pool in a shell pattern. Above the pool there’s an artwork of gilded porcelain shells by Valeria Nascimento. All this enhances the feeling of it being a space to linger in, rather than a utilitarian area to use and then leave.

Plvs Vltra’s spa is situated amidships

“It’s quite normal for them to go there for four or five hours,” says Winch. “They can have an oil massage on the bed and when they’ve finished have their hair done. And when they leave the spa they are ready to put a dress on and go and party. It is a sequence of functions that are all about pleasure. Each area is a passage of time.”

The superyacht balcony, with an inflatable watertight seal, is positioned high enough that even stray waves that did make it to this part of Plvs Vltra would be unlikely to worry guests — but there are prodigious drains inside, just in case.

Routeing has been thought about carefully, with a smooth-running glass-fronted lift that whisks the owners down here directly from the lobby aft of their upper deck suite. There’s also a side-boarding ladder from the main deck to the fold-down balcony that means children can spend whole days outdoors, padding from Plvs Vltra’s aft deck swimming pool, with its counter current jets for lap swimming, extensive sunpads and bar, down to the superyacht spa.

But the position of the space is arguably Plvs Vltra’s greatest asset. “It was a deliberate choice of Amels to put the beach club in the middle, or tipping point, of the ship,” says Konings. “It is the most comfortable place to be at any time at sea. So when it gets a bit rough, the Jacuzzi can stay filled and guests can actually use the spa area.” This position also leaves the aft of the boat as a purely functional garage for tenders and toys.

Another consideration towards creating a more residential feel in Plvs Vltra is the absence of long corridors — a feature usually distinctive of planes, trains and boats. Where possible, the design eschews them in favour of more useful or atmospheric spaces.

Outside the main deck VIPs, for example, the area is divided into a circular lobby with painted, lacquered blue and white panels designed by Canadian artist Peter Gorman. Just aft, there’s a small library with two armchairs. “The two windows are lined up with the two windows in the ship’s hull, so you have natural light,” says Konings.

The interior design of Plvs Vltra was inspired by high-end hotels

Slanting windows flood the VIPs themselves with light while the lower deck guests get spectacular marble en suites — and the head height throughout is excellent.

Décor was just as vital to the project as layout. “If you take a look at some of the hotels in the South of France, such as the Hotel du Cap, they are classical and they are about wonderful sea views with very light interiors,” says Winch. “They wanted, architecturally, a classic interior, classical mouldings, classical selections of marbles and furniture. They wanted variety and individuality to the boat.”

It’s a highly decorative design, with intricately veined marbles, stained woods and plenty of crystal but, thanks to the blend of neutrals with soft Cote d’Azur tones of blue and yellow, the effect remains light and relaxing — and more like a house than a boat.

Natural light permeates the owner’s deck lobby on Plvs Vltra

In Plvs Vltra’s main saloon, there are substantial pillars, hand laid with moon gold leaf, customised Italian upholstery in ivory velvet by Pozzoli of Milan, crystal-based lamps with silver leaf and silk shades by Baldi, as well as a bespoke silk and wool carpet by Winch Design with Tai Ping.

The mosaic in the main deck lobby is as much a work of art as the bronze Alexander Krivosheiw sculpture that stands over it — slivers of marble in mystery white, blue jeans, labradorite weiss, golden spider, calcite azzurra and cream Valencia in an intricate pattern by Winch Design, created by stone artisans Magma in Sicily.

Other aspects of this detailed residential effect were a particular challenge. “We have never been asked before to do chandeliers that appear to be free-hanging,” says Winch. “If you go back to Victorian yachts, they would have free-hanging chandeliers but here you can’t afford a rattle, something to be tinkling or breaking.”

Plvs Vltra features numerous suspended chandeliers

The solution for these fittings, in the main and dining saloons, was fixing the hundreds of individual crystal droplets with tiny metal pins. They were penned by Winch Design and manufactured by Czech crystal specialist Preciosa.

Up in the owner’s lounge things are more relaxed, with blue-stained sycamore panelling, loungy seating in front of a concealed cinema screen and full-height windows that open on both sides, for a breeze that runs all the way through.

Forward, there’s a limited edition Parallèle piano by Hilton McConnico and aft, a backlit rock crystal bar, behind which the wall is clad in pearlised lacquer with copper brick inlays. Back again on the long aft deck there’s a dining table and bar.

The owner’s deck on Plvs Vltra includes a piano lounge

The full-beam master suite forward on the upper deck has a central bed and access to the foredeck from doors either side of the windows. The palette of green, neutrals and metallics is repeated in the organic patterns of the silk and wool carpet, again by Tai Ping and Winch Design, as well as lustrous Rubelli curtains.

The most spectacular piece is a hand-painted and embroidered silk wall covering of birds on a blossoming tree, penned by Winch Design and produced by Fromental.

All of this interior refinement was achieved on a pre-agreed budget, as Moran explains: “The biggest challenge our team faced, was that the client would not accept any cost changes. We accepted this gamble and we met our promise. Andrew Winch, who is a very good designer, is not known for his frugality, but we managed to provide an exquisite interior that came within the budget. Such a task has never been previously achieved on an Andrew Winch designed yacht.”

Plvs Vltra can accommodate up to 12 guests in six staterooms

Aft of the master cabin, a corridor was necessary to lead between his and hers en suites to the bedroom, but it has been enhanced as far as possible. “Because of the way we planned the positions of the showers, with their own windows and inboard curved walls in glass, you get light through both bathrooms and into the middle of the corridor,” says Winch.

Those en suites are as decadent as they come, with sand-etched, curved glass panels enclosing massive showers with every bell and whistle, as well as glamorous vanities with rock crystal fronts that glow in the sun.

The owner’s office, off the lobby between owner’s suite and lounge, strikes a very different note from the rest of Plvs Vltra’s décor. It is dark and serious: black stained Newood, red lacquer, gold leaf panels and an ebonised timber desk with gilt detailing and an oxblood red leather top. “It’s a more male space,” says Winch.

The office on Plvs Vltra is a striking contrast to the rest of the interior

Up on the bridge deck things are far brighter, with a much-used superyacht gym that leads out to a sprawling combined aft deck and touch-and-go helicopter pad, with an oversized elliptical sofa for watching films on the screen that drops down from above the gym door. Plvs Vltra’s sundeck has a spa pool and sunpads made ultra private by a position forward of the mast.

Heywood really went to town on the mast, with a sculptural form and decorative stainless steel touches. Other less glamorous aspects of the build have been thought through carefully, too. “We have a main stairwell and right on the back of it there is a stairwell for the crew, so the crew can service the whole ship without ever being seen by the guests,” says Konings.

A full-beam crew mess on the tank deck leaves the whole nose of the lower deck for crew accommodation, while a good-sized galley sits amidships on Plvs Vltra’s main deck.

Plvs Vltra was designed to achieve a top speed of 16.5 knots

Apart from consulting Damen Research to reduce noise and vibration through calculation and simulations, the generators are insulated in their own room — an idea taken from another Amels 74 metre, Ilona — giving better maintenance access than by boxing them in, while protecting the e ardrums of those who work in Plvs Vltra’s vast engine room all day.

“It surprised everybody. The sound of vibration is phenomenal, unbelievable,” says captain Simon Truelove. “Plvs Vltra’s a big boat, she’s got a lot up top as well, but she’s got stabiliser systems that balance out. The 180 is a great boat and standing on the bridge this seems exactly the same — but actually there’s another extra 20 metres on the back of her and you’re higher up.” It’s one aspect in which the yard will be pleased to know that two of its Limited Editions can’t be told apart.

via: Boatinternational.com

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Plvs Vltra captain: "Rescued cargo crew were minutes from drowning"

The captain of Plvs Vltra has opened up about an incident that saw the 74m Amels superyacht rescue 10 crew members from a sinking cargo ship named Pioneer Star off the Omani coast.

Delivery captain Martyn Walker said survivors were just “minutes away from drowning” when they were rescued by the superyacht on June 20.

Plvs Vltra was travelling along the Omani coast when it received a May Day call at 5.20am. It reported that Pioneer Star was sinking nine nautical miles away from Plvs Vltra’s location. Just minutes later, the Lebanese shipping vessel had sunk.

“The ship wasn’t on the radar anymore,” said Walker. “It just disappeared”. Plvs Vltra altered course immediately and arrived around 25 minutes later to find “people in the water” and a diesel slick “about a quarter of a mile wide”.

“The boat was completely gone by the time we arrived,” said Walker. “There wasn’t as much debris as I expected”.

  • Plvs Vltra : Inside the first Amels Limited Edition 242 yacht

According to Plvs Vltra’s official incident report, the crew of the sinking vessel had “managed to deploy two life rafts and a lifeboat that was severely damaged”. The report added that the vessel had “broken in half due to bad weather and possible overloading of cargo”.

Combating “huge swells” and 35 knots of wind, Walker manoeuvred the yacht closer to the crew in the water. Much of the rescue attempt had to be “played by ear” by Plvs Vltra’s crew, Walker said.

“No-one on board had experienced anything like that before - we just had to figure it out.”

The rescue effort saw Plvs Vltra’s crew and onboard security guards tie themselves to the back of the boat and throw lines to the cargo ship crew in the water. The crew were pulled onto the stern before being helped up to the owner’s deck aft, where Plvs Vltra’s crew had set up a medical station. Eventually, a total of 10 crew members were pulled from the water by Plvs Vltra , while the final nine were picked up by Rudolf , an assisting cargo ship.

  • The biggest superyacht disasters from around the world

But Walker is realistic about how close the rescue effort came to tragedy, estimating that the last crew member to be rescued had been treading water for two and a half hours. 

“Without sounding dramatic, I think some of those lads were minutes away from drowning,” he said. “When they got onto the stern platform, they couldn’t move. They had no energy, they were exhausted.”

Once on board, the crew were administered oxygen and supplied with blankets, food, cigarettes, and new clothes.

“I asked the crew to treat them as they would like to be treated in that same situation,” said Walker. “We fed them, got them showered to get the diesel off them and laundered their clothes.”

Following the rescue, Plvs Vltra coordinated with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which contacted the Oman Air Force. A pilot boat was sent to pick up Pioneer Star’s crew, who were taken to Duqm in north Oman. Plvs Vltra continues its journey towards Greece.

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PLVS VLTRA yacht NOT for charter*

73.5m  /  241'2 | amels | 2016.

  • Amenities & Toys

Special Features:

  • Impressive 5,000nm range
  • Multi-award winning
  • Swimming pool
  • Two VIP cabins
  • Lloyds Register ✠ +100A1, SSC, Yacht Mono G6 (+) LMC, UMS, SCM, Green Passport, classification

The multi-award winning 73.5m/241'2" motor yacht 'Plvs Vltra' was built by Amels in the Netherlands at their Vlissingen shipyard. Her interior is styled by British designer design house Winch Design and she was delivered to her owner in August 2016. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Tim Heywood Design.

Guest Accommodation

Plvs Vltra has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 suites comprising two VIP cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 19 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

Her features include steam room, beauty salon, beach club and gym.

Range & Performance

Plvs Vltra is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by twin diesel Caterpillar (3516C) 2,575hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 12 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots with a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles from her 155,000 litre fuel tanks at 12 knots. Plvs Vltra features at-anchor stabilizers providing exceptional comfort levels. Her water tanks store around 38,000 Litres of fresh water. She was built to Lloyds Register ✠ +100A1, SSC, Yacht Mono G6 (+) LMC, UMS, SCM, Green Passport, classification society rules.

*Charter Plvs Vltra Motor Yacht

Motor yacht Plvs Vltra is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

Plvs Vltra Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

Plvs Vltra Photos

Plvs Vltra Yacht

Plvs Vltra Awards & Nominations

  • The ShowBoats Design Awards 2017 Best Exterior Design & Styling – Motor Yacht Above 48m Finalist
  • The ShowBoats Design Awards 2017 Best Interior Layout & Design – Motor Yacht Above 500GT Finalist
  • The ShowBoats Design Awards 2017 Best Recreational Lifestyle Design Feature Winner
  • Asia Boating Award 2017 Best Semi Custom Built Yacht (above 120ft) Winner
  • International Superyacht Society Awards 2017 Best Power 65m+ Nomination

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


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Tvel completes development of new fuel for Paks nuclear plant


VVER-440 fuel fabrication (Credit: Tvel)

The full package of documents is handed over to the Hungarian customer, MVM Paks Ltd, for further licensing of the new fuel by the national nuclear power regulator, Tvel said.

The first fuel assemblies have also passed acceptance testing at Tvel's Elemash Machine-building plant in Elektrostal, Moscow region.

The new modification of VVER-440 second generation fuel increases the efficiency of fuel usage and advances the economic performance of the power plant operation, Tvel said.  

The engineering contract for development of the new VVER-440 fuel was signed in late 2017. The development and validation work involved a number of Russian enterprises, including OKB Gidropress (a part of Rosatom machine-building division Atomenergomash), Bochvar Institute (material science research facility of TVEL Fuel Company), Elemash Machine-building plant and Kurchatov Institute national research center. At the site of OKB Gidropress research and experiment facility, the new fuel passed a range of hydraulic, longevity and vibration tests .

The first consignment of the modified fuel will be delivered to Paks nuclear power plant later this year. The four-unit Paks nuclear plant, which entered operation between 1982 and 1987 currently operate on a 15-month fuel cycle and supply around 50% of Hungary's electricity.

Photo: Fabrication of new VVER-440 fuel for Paks nuclear plant (Credit: Tvel)

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