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Sunseeker Yachts For Sale

Starting out as a yacht builder based in Poole, UK, Sunseeker boasts a rich history that has helped to carve the brand's exciting route towards becoming one of the world's most popular superyacht builders. With over 400 yachts delivered from 40 to 155 feet in length, the Sunseeker range that was once formed of fast dayboats has evolved to include comfortable performance cruisers and modern large luxury superyachts. With many options available, and more to come, here are the current Sunseekers yachts for sale via BOAT International.

Yacht Features

Propulsion System

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The Sunseeker yacht emphasizes “fun in the sun” and lifts expectations to another level. They have earned themselves a prominent spot in the luxury yacht realm, winning countless awards globally. Renowned for their spacious interiors and modern style, the Sunseekers are both a statement piece and a quality investment.

Manufactured in Dorsett England, the sunseeker yacht perfectly captures the quintessential British refinement. The Sunseeker was founded in 1969 and has since become a Global icon. Sunseekers have featured in various Hollywood films, including the iconic James Bond. Today, the Sunseekers have over 120 retail and service locations worldwide and export to over 74 countries.

“The brand’s enormous global strength can be greatly attributed to its commitment to constantly set new standards and exceed what came before. Breaking new waves. Discovering new horizons. And always seeking more. “

– The Sunseeker Website


Sunseeker boats for sale, 82' sunseeker.

  • Engine Qty 2
  • Cabin Count 4
  • Sleep Count 8
  • Head Count 4
  • Motor Yachts
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 8 Heads 4
  • 82ft Sunseeker 2005 for sale Fort Lauderdale
  • 2 Caterpillar C-30

50' Sunseeker

  • Cabin Count 2
  • Sleep Count 4
  • Head Count 2
  • Express Cruiser/Motor Yachts
  • Cabins 2 Sleeps 4 Heads 2
  • 2 Volvo Penta D8

155' Sunseeker

  • Cabin Count 6
  • Sleep Count 12
  • Head Count 9
  • Cabins 6 Sleeps 12 Heads 9

131' Sunseeker

  • Model 12V 4000 M93
  • Cabin Count 5
  • Sleep Count 10
  • Head Count 0
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 10 Heads 0
  • 2 MTU 12V 4000 M93
  • Model 12V4000 M93
  • Sleep Count 11
  • Head Count 7
  • Motor Yachts/Trideck
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 11 Heads 7
  • 2 MTU 12V4000 M93
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 10 Heads 7
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 12 Heads 7

116' Sunseeker

115' sunseeker.

  • Model 16V 2000 M94
  • Head Count 6
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 11 Heads 6
  • 2 MTU 16V 2000 M94
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 0 Heads 0

112' Sunseeker

  • Model V16 2000 M93
  • Cabins 5 Sleeps 0 Heads 6
  • 2 MTU V16 2000 M93

108' Sunseeker

  • Model 16V 2000 M9 3
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 0 Heads 4
  • 2 MTU 16V 2000 M9 3

100' Sunseeker

95' sunseeker.

  • Model 12V 2000 M96
  • Head Count 5
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 0 Heads 5
  • 2 MTU 12V 2000 M96
  • Model 2000 M96L
  • Motor Yachts/Flybridge
  • 2 MTU 12V 2000 M96L
  • Model 12V 2000 M96L
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
  • Model 12V2000 M96L
  • Motor Yachts/Aft Cabin
  • 2 MTU 12V2000 M96L

92' Sunseeker

  • Model MTU 2000 M94
  • Engine Qty 8
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 8 Heads 0
  • 8 MTU MTU 2000 M94

90' Sunseeker

  • Model C32 ACERT
  • Priced to SELL
  • 2 CAT C32 ACERT
  • Model 16V 2000 M91
  • 2 MTU 16V 2000 M91

88' Sunseeker

  • Model 12V2000 CR
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 8 Heads 5
  • 2 MTU 12V2000 CR
  • Indecent Proposal Iv

86' Sunseeker

  • It's Noon Somewhere
  • Take It Easy IV
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 10 Heads 0
  • Seriously For Sale
  • Model V12 1550
  • Cabin Count 3
  • Head Count 3
  • Sports Cruiser
  • Cabins 3 Sleeps 0 Heads 3
  • 2 MAN V12 1550
  • Jolly Rogers
  • Model M96L 12V 2000
  • 2 MTU M96L 12V 2000
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 0 Heads 6

84' Sunseeker

  • 2 Caterpillar c32
  • Sleep Count 9
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 9 Heads 4
  • 2 Caterpillar 3412
  • Model V16 2000 M91
  • Engine Qty 1
  • 1 MTU V16 2000 M91
  • Model 16V 2000 M93
  • New listing
  • 2 MTU 16V 2000 M93
  • Motor Yachts/Motor Yachts
  • Model 12V 2000 CR
  • Cabins 4 Sleeps 11 Heads 5
  • 2 MTU 12V 2000 CR

80' Sunseeker

76' sunseeker.

  • Model MAN V12 (2 x 1550PS)
  • 2 MAN MAN V12 (2 x 1550PS)
  • Model V12 - 1550
  • 2 MAN V12 - 1550
  • Model V12 1550 HP
  • 2 MAN V12 1550 HP
  • Do It Anyway

75' Sunseeker

  • Second Thoughts
  • Express Cruiser
  • Model V12 1900
  • 2 MAN V12 1900

Follow This Yacht

Notify me when this boat has a price or status change., unfollow this yacht, the hawk 38′.

The Hawk takes you to an adrenaline induced euphoria. Equipped with powerful outboard engines the Hawk is the perfect high-performance day boat, chase boat or tender. Designed by the legendary boat designer and powerboat racer, Fabio Buzzi, the eye-catching model is capable of a leisurely 70mph. Whether you would prefer to lounge with a glass of champagne on the sunbathing pads with the optional canopy for shade, or test out the fitted shock-absorbing seats as you accelerate across the open seas, The Hawk is the perfect choice for both young families getting into the sport and seasoned cruisers looking for something more compact.

Predator 50-74′

The Predator is thoughtfully crafted with timeless styling and innovative technology. The large windows flood the interior with natural warm light, and with ample storage it is the perfect combination of functionality and extravagance. With a sleek sloping bow configuration, at rapid speeds The Predator remains comfortable and safe. With a state-of-the-art AV system and a sporty interior, it is obvious why The Predator is popular amongst young, adventurous and dynamic professionals.

Manhattan 52-68’

It is easy to see how the highly coveted Manhattan models have been recognized with numerous awards. Since the first launch they have had a constant unanimous positive reception from both the media and customers alike. Bold design and ingenuity make the Manhattan a continuous top seller. The meticulously designed layout of the Manhattan delivers an exceptionally comfortable and serene environment.

Sport Yacht 65-74’

The sculptured exterior design separates the Sport Yacht from the rest in the sunseeker fleet. The Sport Yachts windows allow for unprecedented brightness and panoramic sea views. The size of the Sport Yacht enables docking in remote locations where bigger models are forced to anchor. The sleek design provides excellent maneuverability in speeds up to 38 knots, and the inherent beauty draws constant attention. With a versatile swim platform, modern helm and spacious interior, the sport yacht accommodates upwards of 8 guests comfortably.

Yacht 76-100’

This Yacht exudes elegance. Composed of contemporary furnishings and bold architecture, this Yacht creates an idyllic setting for entertaining guests or relaxing in comfort. In a competitive market this Yacht makes a lasting impression. Sunseekers are often recognized in the luxury motor yacht community as a family boat. What better way to spend weeks at a time with your loved ones than in the privacy of your own glamorous home on the water.

Superyacht 116-161’

This Superyacht is of the highest caliber in the deluxe British Sunseeker fleet. The designs feature an incredibly versatile array of customizations. The Superyacht is ultra-modern with unparalleled lavishness. Numerous outdoor entertaining spaces, meticulously crafted interiors and cutting-edge technology separate the Superyacht from the rest. Water slides, sea bobs, jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks all comfortably fit in the Superyacht with little to no visibility. The décor throughout the yacht contains an understated sophistication that elevates the yacht on a global scale. With an exterior bar, hot tub, hydraulic balconies, and massive state rooms the Superyacht leaves an impactful and enviable first impression. The Superyacht is synonymous with all the advancements, ambition and success the Sunseeker has garnered for themselves throughout the decades.

It is said that water possesses the calming qualities we’ve both seen in science and felt in our bodies. There is something therapeutic about being out on the open seas. Cruising through the vast ocean brings us an almost indescribable sensation of tranquility.

Let the sunseeker whisk you away to snorkel crystal clear waters in the southern Caribbean. Enjoy the freedom of anchoring in remote locations where you can jump off the swim platform with a speargun in hand eager to catch fresh lobster, prepared by your onboard chef for dinner.

Sip a refreshing Aperol spritz amongst friends in the Amalfi coast as a sea breeze carries away all the worries you left behind at the office. Paddle board into the sunset off the coast of San Diego or go fly fishing in Alaska where the air is crisp and the scenery unmatched.

Owning a Sunseeker isn’t a commitment so much as it is way of life. Customizing your own personal oasis and treating yourself to one of the biggest luxuries on the planet, you are investing in not just a quality product, but your future self. The definition of a harbor is a place of refuge, and what better way to get there than with a Sunseeker.

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.”

David Lee Roth


76-sunseeker landing form, 56-sunseeker landing form, 38-riva landing form, 47-intrepid landing form.

FL Luxury Yacht

SunSeeker 85″

Price Range:$4,100

Length : 85 ft

# of people :8-10*.

*Covid-19 CDC Restrictions

# of Bedrooms : 3

sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

We include:

Usefull information about your reservation.

• We allow animals • All vessels come with life jackets, emergency and first aid kits. •You pick up the Time of the rental, in the initial agreement • Food and Alcohol is allowed • All of our vessels include a sound system for your music • Children are count as regular passengers • In every reservation 7% tax and 15% gratuity will be automatically added to your total. • Payment is due 10 days before your charter date.

  • Phone Number
  • Preferred way of contact? Phone Email Message
  • Date of Event? *
  • Number of People? *
  • Type of Event? * —Please choose an option— Wedding/Anniversary Corporate Event Bachelor Party Family Trip Graduation Birthday Party
  • Would you like to learn about our Extra Services? Yes Not Now Which of our extra services would you like to learn about? —Please choose an option— VIP Host Photography, Video Catering Private Chef Jet Ski
  • Additional information about the reservation request


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the renting time availability.

You can rent our boats half day (4 hours), Full Day (8 hour), or random charter. Contact us and we will take care of your needs.

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

Yes, you are welcome to accomodate yourself with your own food or drinks. Call us for more information about cleaning fees.

Do we need a licence to rent your boats?

No, all our boats are coming with a Captain. You only have to come in, ready to have fun.

Do you offer Jet Ski?

Yew, we have Jet Ski available for you. Contact us for more details.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes we do not accept walk ins. You need to make a reservatin. 50% of the cost of the charter is due upon signing and 50% 3 days prior of the reservation day.

Do you offer Catering or Private Chef?

Yes! We have the best catering vendors of the area working close with us to cover your catering needs. O course we have 2 private chefs, ready to prepare special delicious meals for you.

sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

$6,900,000 Tax Not Paid

Lying: Japan  |   Ref: #3045

Sunseeker 86 Yacht

Broker Details

William Burns

[+44] 7776 233 459

WhatsApp Now

sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

Email William Burns Directly


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sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

Make an Enquiry

Please complete the form below and one of our experienced brokers will be in touch shortly.

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sunseeker 85 yacht for sale


Dealer Approved


Exclusively owned by the Sunseeker London Group of companies our Dealer Approved vessels are fully inspected to ensure that not only is the boat in full working condition, it is professionally valeted throughout and has the option of carrying an exclusive 3 month labour only warranty.

Part Exchanges are available and our extensive network of offices are perfectly placed to make your dream change a reality. Buying a Dealer Approved vessel not only ensures quality and reliability but also the opportunity to trade in your existing vessel without the hassle of finding a buyer and paying brokerage commissions. Our Dealer Approved boats are ever changing so please check back or get in touch with our sales team to learn more.

Request More Photos

Finance calculator.

SUNSEEKER LONDON is a broker not a lender and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with FRN 663203. SUNSEEKER LONDON will not charge you any fee for this service as we will receive payment by way of fees direct from CGI FINANCE. The amount of the fees we receive from CGI FINANCE does not vary depending on the features of the loan and this payment does not affect the amount payable under the terms of the loan agreement.

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sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

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sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

Principal Characteristics & Technical Specifications

The Sunseeker 88 Yacht has impressive exterior lines and a sleek hardtop roof with an optional central opening canopy, accommodating eight guests and four crew in complete luxury and comfort. 

The Yacht features Sunseeker’s industry-leading ‘Beach Club’ accessed by sweeping dual staircases featuring recessed LED lighting. The ‘Beach Club’ transforms the area into a private outdoor sanctuary complete with an innovative and award-winning X-TEND™ sunbed that converts to face aft at water level or when raised forward into the cockpit. Set beneath is an overhead rain shower and plentiful stowage, including dedicated lockers for two SeaBobs. The extended bathing platform is perfect for carrying a tender with an optional flybridge crane for a jet ski or similar.

The vast flybridge on the 88 Yacht enjoys a superb layout with beautifully appointed furniture on a spacious aft deck and the option of an infinity spa bath with a sun pad. It’s a brilliant space for entertaining with ample places to sit and relax thanks to companion seating adjacent to the helm and extended U-shaped seating opposite a feature wet bar with ice maker, grill and two fridges or optional drawer-refrigeration. There is also the option for fixed stools to turn this into a social bar area. The spacious foredeck features another private, social space with a Portuguese bridge, a large sunbathing area and comfortable lounge seating complemented by premium side decks as standard. The main deck is nothing short of spectacular. Inside, there is a large forward galley that maximises an open-plan entertainment space. Owners and crew can enjoy making use of ample practical storage space, as well as a dedicated fixed breakfast bar unit with two stools, creating an additional informal dining area. The galley has a full-height premium fridge freezer and dishwasher as standard with space for wine coolers.

There is also the ability to fully close off the galley, allowing the crew to move around the yacht unnoticed with access from the lower helm on the starboard side that gives owners the chance to enjoy complete privacy. The interior exudes luxury and has clever design cues throughout that make the yacht stand out, including diagonal stainless detailing on cabinetry and doors. The layering of textural elements and the mix of furnishings and fabrics feels timeless with a modern twist with a range of colours and finishes available. Sunseeker has located the grand master stateroom central to the yacht, making the most of her substantial beam to maximise this private space. The master stateroom, with its 55” TV as standard, enjoys a spacious dressing area with a double wardrobe and adjacent in the en suite featuring exquisite surfaces throughout are double sinks, an overhead rain shower, and plentiful stowage.

news & innovation











Dealer Locator

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57 Sunseeker 2007 Boat For Sale

Asking price: €610,000.


  • Yachts for sale
  • express cruisers
  • 57' Sunseeker

Last updated Jan 26, 2024

57' Sunseeker 2007


Version 3 cabin + crew.

For friends and family the Predator 62 presents a powerful holiday platform, with a cruising range of 270 nautical miles there's scope to enjoy a great deal and at full pelt, 37 knots gets you wherever - fast.While the ride thrills, the sunseeker hull design and deck detailing provides an impressive soft riding sensation. Movement aroung in made easy with good size side decks and handrails exactly where needed.Beyond design study the comfort is in the plan, with this predator continuing the theme of open plan deck saloon with atrium style stairwell, this time to a second lower saloon and galley from which three sleeping cabins radiate.

Engine maintenance and antifouling 2023 included!SUNSEEKER PREDATOR 62 ANNO 2007/8 - DISPONIBILE IN PRONTA CONSEGNA!

Versione 3 cabina + equipaggio.

Per gli amici e la famiglia, il Predator 62 rappresenta una potente piattaforma per le vacanze, con un'autonomia di crociera di 270 miglia nautiche, c'è spazio per divertirsi molto e, a tutta velocità, 37 nodi ti portano ovunque, velocemente.Mentre la corsa è elettrizzante, il design dello scafo sunseeker e i dettagli del ponte offrono un'impressionante sensazione di guida morbida. Il movimento in giro è reso facile con ponti laterali di buone dimensioni e corrimano esattamente dove necessario.Al di là dello studio del design, il comfort è nel piano, con questo predatore che continua il tema del salone a pianta aperta con tromba delle scale in stile atrio, questa volta verso un secondo salone inferiore e cucina da cui si irradiano tre cabine letto.

Manutenzione motore e antivegetativa 2023 inclusa!..

Denison Yachting is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by OLTREMARE.

Denison Yacht Sales offers the details of this yacht in good faith but can’t guarantee the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of this boat for sale. This yacht for sale is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal from that yacht market without notice. She is offered as a convenience by this yacht broker to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a specific yacht for sale.


Have questions about this yacht? Fill out the form below and our team of experts will contact you soon.

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sunseeker 85 yacht for sale

First-Time Buyer?

Read our guide to learn the process for buying this 57' Sunseeker

57' Sunseeker HIGHLIGHTS

  • Yacht Details: 57' Sunseeker 2007
  • Location: Pisa, IT-PI, Italy
  • Engines: MTU
  • Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024
  • Asking Price: €610,000
  • Maximum Speed: 35 kn

57' Sunseeker additional information

  • Cruising Speed: 27 kn
  • Beam: 16' 4''
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Fuel Tank: 1 x 3000|liter
  • Fresh Water: 1 x 1500|liter
  • Holding: 1 x 150|liter
  • Max Passengers: 14
  • Double Berths: 1

Diesel tanks - Fiberglass material of about 3000LT Fresh water tanks - Aluminum material about 1500 LT Black water tanks - Fiberglass material about 150 LT

Engine maintenance always performed with care. Maintenance invoices available on request. -starter batteries Zenith n.4 x 110Ah at 12v -batteries services Exide n.6 x 100 Ah at 12v -generator batteries Varta n.2 x 100 Ah at 12v

Electric winch with deck and cockpit controls, Hot and cold swimming shower, swimming ladder, full wetbar with sink, foot level courtesy lighting, hydraulic power steering, trim tabs, stainless steel sliding doors to cockpit, flatscreen television in all cabins, hi-fi surround system, ceramic hob (New 2022), electric refrigerator and freezer, microwave/grill, vacuum toilets and holding tank, hot and cold water system, automatic fire extinguishers, automatic bilge pumps, AC shorepower/battery charger, slow speed generator with underwater silent exhaust, fresh-water marina connection, teak bathing platform and steps, hydralic lifting platform, air-conditioning, teak cockpit, tesk dock saloon, bow thruster, stern thruster, single berth crew cabin with toilet, etc…

OPTIONAL: N. 2 cameras (stern and engine room), electric curtain in the cockpit, winter cockpit cover, window covers, external refrigerator in the cockpit, New 2021 Cushions, AIS in reception (New 2022), N. 5 TV, Entertainment system (New 2021), Bose Home theater, BBQ grill in the cockpit, Safe, etc ...

Maintenance and upgrade list 2023 with related invoices available on request is available now!

Large cockpit connected to the saloon by a fully open steel door, spacious saloon with TV zone and Bose dolby surround.  Master cabin aft en suite, VIP cabin forward en suite, double bed, cabin with two single bed. -Air conditioning Sailor cabin 7000 btu Bow cabin 10000 btu Owner's cabin 12000 btu Saloon 16000 btu Hall entrance 2 x 16000 btu

Induction hob (New 2022), electric refrigerator and freezer, microwave/grill, sink with hot and cold water


Schedule a Tour of 57' SUNSEEKER

Contact our team to schedule a private showing.


68' maiora 1994, limassol, cyprus, joie du roi, 68' viking princess 2000, quincy, ma, us, 68' azimut 2006, marco island, fl, us, 68' azimut 2005, 68' azimut 2007, lighthouse point, fl, us, cancun, mexico, 68' sea ray 2003, miami beach, fl, us, other sunseeker yachts for sale view all, 58' sunseeker 2009, kamperland, netherlands, 82' sunseeker 2007, pyrmont, nsw, australia, 115' sunseeker 2013, cannes, 06, france, 49' sunseeker 2007, ibiza, es-pm, spain, do it anyway, 76' sunseeker 2018, coral gables, fl, us, 92' sunseeker 2014, balearic islands, spain, 73' sunseeker 2010, gocek, turkey, sunseeker yachts sales report, related services.

sunseeker 85 yacht for sale


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    The Sunseeker yacht emphasizes "fun in the sun" and lifts expectations to another level. They have earned themselves a prominent spot in the luxury yacht realm, winning countless awards globally. ... Sunseeker Boats for Sale. 82' Sunseeker 82' - Sunseeker - 2005 - Yacht - Bella - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States Yacht. 2005 / 2022 ...


    The 88 Yacht has impressive, new to the brand, exterior lines and a sleek hardtop roof with an optional central opening canopy. Powered by twin MTU 10V 2000s as standard, she accommodates eight guests and four crew in complete luxury and comfort reaching speeds of up to 28 knots. The 88 Yacht features Sunseeker's industry-leading 'Beach ...

  9. Sunseaker 85

    SunSeeker 85″ Price Range:$4,100. Length: 85 ft # of people:8-10* *Covid-19 CDC Restrictions # of Bedrooms: 3 . We include:: Experienced Captain ... You can rent our boats half day (4 hours), Full Day (8 hour), or random charter. Contact us and we will take care of your needs.

  10. Sunseeker Brokerage

    Sunseeker 86 Yacht. CARPE DIEM. £3,895,000. Tax Not Paid. Location: Croatia Boat Ref: #656 Model Year: 2018 View Yacht. New Listing . Sunseeker Hawk 38. WINDSPEED. £395,000. Tax Paid. Location: France ... has the World's largest collection of Sunseeker motor yachts for sale. Benefiting from a relationship with ...

  11. 2007 Sunseeker 85 Yacht for sale. View price, photos and Buy 2007

    Used 2007 Sunseeker 85 Yacht for sale is located in Spain. This vessel was designed and built by the Sunseeker shipyard in 2007. Hull key features 2007 Sunseeker 85 Yacht: hull material - fiberglass. engine: fuel type - diesel. 2007 Sunseeker 85 Yacht refers to classes: motor yachts , power cruiser boats , sports cruiser boats and express ...

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    View a wide selection of Sunseeker 85 yacht for sale in your area, explore boats details information, compare prices and find Sunseeker 85 yacht best deals. 2007 Sunseeker 85 Yacht for sale Sunseeker. Spain. 2007. Used. €2,290,000. All; New; Used; Commercial only. All; Power; Sail; Unpowered; All; Power; Power cruiser boats;

  14. 2009 Motor Yachts Sunseeker for sale

    Find more information and images about the boat and contact the seller or search more boats for sale on YachtWorld. ... 85.3ft: Max Draft: 6.23ft: Beam: 21.16ft: Miscellaneous. Windlass: Electric Windlass: Electrical Circuit: 220V: ... 2009 Sunseeker 86 Yacht | 85ft. SHOWROOM Blue Star Corporation Veneto, Mare Adriatico, Italy.


    We are pleased to offer this stunning 2020 Sunseeker 86 Yacht for sale. With numerous uphgrades amongst her comprehensive spec, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Please contact us for further information. Layout/Interior. Accommodation for 8 guests in 4 cabins.

  16. Eos Yacht for Sale

    Eos Yacht for Sale is a 95 superyacht built by SUNSEEKER in 2021. Currently she is located in Miami, United States and awaiting her new owners. ... The Sunseeker 95 Yacht's stunning lines and unique layout exemplifies Sunseeker's cutting-edge design and innovative build processes, combining a superyacht feel with all the practical ...

  17. Sunseeker

    The Sunseeker 88 Yacht has impressive exterior lines and a sleek hardtop roof with an optional central opening canopy, accommodating eight guests and four crew in complete luxury and comfort. The Yacht features Sunseeker's industry-leading 'Beach Club' accessed by sweeping dual staircases featuring recessed LED lighting.

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    Yacht for Sale is a 57 superyacht built by Sunseeker in 2017. Currently she is located in Fort Lauderdale and awaiting her new owners. ... OTHER Sunseeker YACHTS FOR SALE View All. ... 85 Strandby, Denmark 72 Sunseeker 2006 $600,000 Aug, 23 33 Miami, FL, USA 56 ...

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