Yacht Stewardess Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Yacht Stewardess resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

superyacht stewardess cv

A yacht stewardess is a highly specialized member of the crew who provides service to passengers and crew members aboard luxury yachts. As a stewardess, you’ll coordinate with other members of the crew to ensure that every need is met. You’ll set up tables with linens and plates, stock the bar with drinks, prepare food in the galley, and much more.

While it’s true that yacht stewardesses are usually only needed on board for short periods of time, they play an important role in the overall experience of a boat’s passengers. And although they might work in a small space with a small crew, there’s still plenty of opportunity for growth within the industry.

Here are some tips and an example resume to help you write a standout yacht stewardess resume that will get you noticed by recruiters.

Hardworking and personable yacht stewardess with more than five years of experience in the hospitality industry. Demonstrates a passion for service and a dedication to guest satisfaction. Skilled in providing high-quality service in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Assisted the Captain and Chief Stewardess with yacht maintenance, cleaning, and organization
  • Maintained a clean and organized crew quarters for up to 6 people on board
  • Prepared meals for guests and crew members using recipes from 5-star restaurants around the world
  • Served food to guests at meal times in an efficient manner while maintaining proper etiquette standards
  • Communicated effectively with other staff regarding daily tasks, schedules, etc
  • Assisted with the loading and unloading of supplies, equipment, food and luggage from yacht for trips to different ports
  • Cleaned interior and exterior surfaces of yacht using appropriate cleaning agents and tools as needed
  • Maintained inventory list of all items on board including food, drinks, cooking utensils and other supplies
  • Prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner menus based on preferences of guests onboard (i.e., allergies)
  • Served meals to guests in a timely manner while maintaining professional demeanor at all times
  • Kept all areas of the hotel clean and presentable for guests.
  • Changed linens and cleaned bathrooms in guest rooms.
  • Swept and mopped floors, dusted furniture, and vacuumed carpets.

Industry Knowledge: Yacht Navigation, Cleaning, Safety, Customer Service Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Typing, Resume Writing, MS Office Programs Soft Skills: Customer Service, Attention to Detail, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Leadership

How to Write a Yacht Stewardess Resume

Here’s how to write a resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet points are the most important part of your resume because they’re the first thing recruiters will see. And they have to be compelling enough to make them want to read the rest of your resume.

So rather than just listing your responsibilities, you can use bullet points to describe specific examples of how you contributed to the company or helped clients. For example, rather than saying you “provided hospitality services to guests,” you could say you “provided hospitality services to guests at luxury yacht party, serving 200+ guests dinner and drinks while maintaining cleanliness of yacht and ensuring all guests were happy at end of evening.”

The second bullet point paints a much clearer picture of what the job entails and provides specific numbers to demonstrate your level of responsibility.

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a job as a yacht stewardess, your resume is likely to be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords. If your resume doesn’t include enough of the right terms, your application might not make it past the initial screening process.

One way to make sure your resume makes it past the ATS and into the hands of a recruiter is to include relevant keywords throughout all sections of your resume. Here are some of the most commonly used yacht stewardess keywords:

  • Yacht Crewing
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media
  • Communication
  • Multitasking
  • Organization Skills
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Hotel Management
  • Event Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Microsoft Access
  • Crew Management
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Restaurant Management
  • RYA Yachtmaster
  • MYA Yachtmaster

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a Yacht Stewardess, you will be responsible for the interior of the vessel and the care of the guests. You will need to be proficient in the use of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as have a strong knowledge of cleaning techniques. Additionally, you will need to be able to use technology to communicate with other members of the crew, as well as to research information about the vessel and the guests.

Some of the programs and systems that Yacht Stewardesses are typically expected to be proficient in include: vessel management software, cleaning supplies and equipment, and guest information resources.

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StandOut CV

Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV example

Andrew Fennell photo

Ready to set sail in the yachting industry, your entry-level yacht stewardess CV should showcase your hospitality skills and attention to detail.

Our guide will help you navigate your qualifications, with a stewardess example to launch your nautical career.

CV templates 

Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV example

Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV 1

This CV example illustrates the ideal structure and format for your Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV, making it easy for busy hiring managers to quickly identify your suitability for the jobs you’re applying for,

It also gives some guidance on the skills, experience and qualifications you should emphasise in your own CV.

CV builder

Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV format and structure

The format and structure of your CV is important because it will determine how easy it is for recruiters and employers to read your CV.

If they can find the information they need quickly, they’ll be happy; but if they struggle, your application could be overlooked.

A simple and logical structure will always create a better reading experience than a complex structure, and with a few simple formatting tricks, you’ll be good to go.

How to write a CV

Tips for formatting your Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV

  • Length: Recruiters will be immediately put off by lengthy CVs – with hundreds of applications to read through, they simply don’t have the time! Grabbing their attention with a short, snappy and highly relevant CV is far more likely to lead to success. Aim for two sides of A4 or less.
  • Readability : Columns, lists, bullet points, bold text and subtle colour can all help to aid the readability of your CV. Your overarching goal should be to make the content as easy to read and navigate as possible, whilst also aiming to make your key skills and achievements stand out.
  • Design & format: When it comes to CV design, it’s best to keep things simple and sleek. While elaborate designs certainly command attention, it’s not always for the right reasons! Readability is key, so whatever you choose to do, make sure you prioritise readability above everything.
  • Photos: Recruiters can’t factor in appearance, gender or race into the recruitment process, so a profile photo is not usually needed. However, creative employers do like to see them, so you can choose to include one if you think it will add value to your CV .

Quick tip: Creating a professional CV style can be difficult and time-consuming when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To create a winning CV quickly, try our quick-and-easy CV Builder and use one of their eye-catching professional CV templates.

CV formatting tips

CV structure

For easy reading, write your CV to the following CV structure:

  • Contact details – Make it easy for recruiters to get in touch with you by listing your contact details at the top of your CV.
  • Profile – A short and snappy summary of your experience and skills, showcasing what makes you a good fit for the position.
  • Work experience / career history – Note down all your work history, with your current position first, then working backwards.
  • Education – A short list of your academic background and professional/vocational qualifications.
  • Interest and hobbies – This is an optional section, which you can use to highlight any relevant hobbies or interests.

Now you understand the basic layout of a CV, here’s what you should include in each section of yours.

Contact Details

Contact details

Tuck your contact details into the corner of your CV, so that they don’t take up too much space. Stick to the basic details, such as:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address – It should sound professional, such as your full name.
  • Location -Just write your rough location, rather than your full address.
  • LinkedIn profile or portfolio URL – If you include these, ensure they’re sleek, professional and up-to-date.

Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV Profile

Grab the reader’s attention by kick-starting your CV with a powerful profile (or personal statement , if you’re a junior applicant).

This is a short introduction paragraph which summarises your skills, knowledge and experience.

It should paint you as the perfect match for the job description and entice recruiters to read through the rest of your CV.

CV profile

How to write a good CV profile:

  • Make it short and sharp: When it comes to CV profile length, less is more, as recruiters are often time-strapped. Aim for around of 3-5 persuasive lines.
  • Tailor it: No matter how much time you put into your CV profile, it won’t impress if it’s irrelevant to the role you’re applying for. Before you start writing, make a list of the skills, knowledge and experience your target employer is looking for. Then, make sure to mention them in your CV profile and throughout the rest of your application.
  • Don’t add an objective: You only have a small space for your CV profile, so avoid writing down your career goals or objectives. If you think these will help your application, incorporate them into your cover letter instead.
  • Avoid generic phrases: Clichés like “ blue-sky thinker with a go-getter attitude” might sound impressive to you, but they don’t actually tell the recruiter much about you. Concentrate on highlighting hard facts and skills, as recruiters are more likely to take these on board.

Example CV profile for Entry Level Yacht Stewardess

Dedicated Junior Yacht Stewardess looking for the opportunity to join a dynamic team working on luxury yachts. Detail-oriented customer service professional with experience in silver service and fine dining. Recently trained in maritime safety and hospitality, including STCW Basic Safety Training.

What to include in your Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV profile?

  • Experience overview: Showcase your aptitude for the job you are aiming for by giving a brief summary of your past work history , including the industries you have worked in, the kinds of employers you have served, and the roles you have held.
  • Targeted skills: Employers need to know what skills you can bring to their organisation, and ideally they want to see skills that match their job vacancy. So, research your target roles thoroughly and add the most important Entry Level Yacht Stewardess skills to your profile.
  • Important qualifications: If the jobs you are applying to require candidates to have certain qualifications, then you must add them in your profile to ensure they are seen by hiring managers.

Quick tip: If you are finding it difficult to write an attention-grabbing CV profile, choose from hundreds of pre-written profiles across all industries, and add one to your CV with one click in our quick-and-easy CV Builder . All profiles are written by recruitment experts and easily tailored to suit your unique skillset.

Core skills section

To ensure that your most relevant skills catch the eye of readers, create a core skills section below your profile.

This section should be presented in 2-3 columns of bullet points highlighting your applicable skills. Before crafting this section, carefully examine the job description and create a list of any required skills, specialisms, or knowledge.

Use this list to include the necessary information in your section and present yourself as the ideal match for the position.

Core skills section CV

Important skills for your Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV

Hospitality Service – Proficient in delivering exceptional hospitality services, ensuring guests’ needs are met promptly and with professionalism.

Housekeeping – Experienced in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and organization in living quarters, cabins, and common areas on the yacht.

Table Setting and Service – Skilled in proper table setting, silver service, and other formal dining protocols, providing an elevated dining experience.

Stakeholder Engagement – Exceptional abilities in engaging with guests, fellow crew members, and management through effective verbal and written communication.

Culinary Assistance – Proficiency in basic culinary tasks to support in meal preparation, provisioning, and maintaining a well-stocked galley.

Yacht Safety Protocols – Knowledgeable about safety regulations and emergency procedures on yachts, ensuring the well-being of guests and crew.

Inventory Management – Efficiently manage and track inventory of supplies and amenities.

Wine and Beverage Knowledge – Familiarity with a variety of wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages, enhancing the guest experience during meals and events.

Event Coordination – Capable of assisting in the planning and execution of events on the yacht, from intimate gatherings to formal functions.

Personal Grooming – Adherence to impeccable personal grooming standards, reflecting the luxury and sophistication associated with yachting.

Quick tip: Our quick-and-easy CV Builder has thousands of in-demand skills for all industries and professions, that can be added to your CV in seconds – This will save you time and ensure you get noticed by recruiters.

Work experience

By this point, employers will be keen to know more detail about you career history.

Starting with your most recent role and working backwards, create a snappy list of any relevant roles you’ve held.

This could be freelance, voluntary, part-time or temporary jobs too. Anything that’s relevant to your target role is well-worth listing!

Work experience

Structuring each job

Lengthy, unbroken chunks of text is a recruiters worst nightmare, but your work experience section can easily end up looking like that if you are not careful.

To avoid this, use my tried-and-tested 3-step structure, as illustrated below:

Role descriptions

Start with a solid introduction to your role as a whole, in order to build some context.

Explain the nature of the organisation you worked for, the size of the team you were part of, who you reported to and what the overarching purpose of your job was.

Key responsibilities

Use bullet points to detail the key responsibilities of your role, highlighting hard skills, software and knowledge wherever you can.

Keep them short and sharp to make them easily digestible by readers.

Key achievements

Round up each role by listing 1-3 key achievements , accomplishments or results.

Wherever possible, quantify them using hard facts and figures, as this really helps to prove your value.

Sample job description for Entry Level Yacht Stewardess CV

Supported the yacht stewardess team at Sea Breeze in providing exceptional guest services and maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards on board luxury yachts

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide personalised guest service, catering to individual preferences
  • Manage inventory and provisions, ensuring adequate supplies for guest needs
  • Assist with event planning and execution, organising special occasions and parties
  • Maintain accurate records of guest preferences and feedback

Quick tip: Create impressive job descriptions easily in our quick-and-easy CV Builder by adding pre-written job phrases for every industry and career stage.

Education section

After your work experience, your education section should provide a detailed view of your academic background.

Begin with those most relevant to Entry Level Yacht Stewardess jobs, such as vocational training or degrees.

If you have space, you can also mention your academic qualifications, such as A-Levels and GCSEs.

Focus on the qualifications that are most relevant to the jobs you are applying for.

Hobbies and interests

This section is entirely optional, so you’ll have to use your own judgement to figure out if it’s worth including.

If your hobbies and interests could make you appear more suitable for your dream job, then they are definitely worth adding.

Interests which are related to the industry, or hobbies like sports teams or volunteering, which display valuable transferable skills might be worth including.

A strong, compelling CV is essential to get noticed and land interviews with the best employers.

To ensure your CV stands out from the competition, make sure to tailor it to your target role and pack it with sector-specific skills and results.

Remember to triple-check for spelling and grammar errors before hitting send.

Good luck with the job search!

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10 key attributes you must have to be a successful yachtie

How Much Money Will I Make?

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Interview Questions you might get asked

Don’t mess up your chances to land that first yacht job with a bad interview. Be prepared with these tips.

superyacht stewardess cv

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I am a Kiwi yacht chef with over 8 years experience in the industry. I have a passion for tech, graphic design, and helping crew navigate superyachting. I have a background in tech journalism and I build websites "for fun". I know, I'm an unconventional yachtie- but I love this industry, and I love being able to show green crew that they can do it!

Seaworthy Secrets

How to Write the Perfect Yacht CV [With Template]

If you’re looking to craft the perfect yacht CV, you’ve come to the right place. As the Chief Stewardess onboard a 50m Super Yacht, I’ve been assisting Captains with hiring crew and gathering yacht crew CVs for 8 years.

With my experience, I am familiar with the type of yachting CVs that Captains prefer to see. It is crucial to make a great first impression to ensure that your yacht resume is given proper consideration.

In this article, I break down the essential do’s and don’ts of a Yacht CV.

Scroll down to the end of this article to find a basic Yacht CV Template to help get you started. And yes, it’s free!

You can use this template and edit it accordingly to create your own Yacht Captain CV, Deckhand CV, Yacht Stew CV, as well as an Engineer or Chef Resume. All that’s left is for you to email it to recruiters or hand out physical copies when dock walking.

Table of Contents

What is a CV in Yachting?

There are a few distinct differences between a regular CV and a CV in yachting.

  • The main one is that you need to include a photo of yourself! If you do not include a photo, it is likely your yacht CV will be tossed in the bin
  • Unlike other CV’s, you also need to include your date of birth
  • You will be highlighting your skills and attributes specific to the job you are applying for. It is a great idea to make these edits to highlight what you have to offer
  • As you travel to seek work, you will need to edit your location and availability

superyacht stewardess cv

Layout of a Yacht CV

When a Captain has 20 to 50 yachting resumes on his desk, there is a general easy-to-read layout that they prefer to see.

  • It is very important to keep your CV to 2 pages
  • Use a simple, easy-to-read font
  • If you want to be creative with your colors, go for it. Just make sure the Captain can easily read the font
  • Keep your layout clear and simple, making sure to include all of the required information listed in this article
  • There are numerous Yacht CV examples online for you to decide your preference. A great tool to use is Canva .

Your Photo for a Yachting CV

You may not be a Yachtie yet, but you need to act the part and look like one. Follow these guidelines for the perfect photo:

  • SMILE! You want to look like someone the crew would enjoy having onboard
  • Dress in something smart/appropriate, and sell yourself as the professional yacht crew member you want to be seen as. Ideally, a polo so you look like a Yachtie
  • Take the photo from about the mid-waistline up
  • Stand by a natural background of either a marina, the ocean, or some greenery
  • Do not take a selfie! Have someone take this photo for you


This is a short paragraph highlighting the position you are looking for and any attributes and skills that make you a good fit for the job. Be very specific about what you write here, and be sure to include attributes that are beneficial to the job you are applying for!

This is the moment the Captain will decide if they continue to read the rest of your Yacht CV or not.

man standing next to a jetski

Personal Information to Add to your Yachting CV

Most yachts have very specific requirements when hiring crew, so do not leave out any of the below points:

  • Nationality
  • Visa’s held
  • Tattoo (visible or not)
  • Health Status & Smoker (Y/N)
  • Languages spoken
  • Drivers License
  • Email & phone number
  • Availability and current location

Yachting Experience

Here, you need to list all of the Yacht Jobs you have held. Be sure to include:

  • The name and size of the Yacht
  • The dates you were onboard
  • The position you held
  • Your basic roles, responsibilities, and duties while onboard
  • If you have the space, you can include the locations where the vessel cruised

Some of you may not have any maritime experience, and that is ok. If you have done any day work, be sure to include that here and highlight your duties and the dates you were onboard.

Other Non-Yachting Experience

Here, you want to include any experience prior to yachting, even if it is not yachting-related.

Captains like to see any jobs/positions you have held in the past, as skills are always transferable. This gives some insight into what you have been doing leading up to the point of finding a job in yachting.

a template of a yacht cv

Qualifications to Include on your Yacht CV

List all qualifications you have relevant to yachting in your Yacht resume.

Remember that yachts like to see add-on skills, so things such as Scuba Diving Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Masseuse, and any other certifications you hold should be included.

Here, you just want to include your highest level of education and when you graduated.

Other Interests/About me/Hobbies

This section of your Yacht CV is your chance to list out a few additional standout qualities, attributes, or hobbies. This gives a bit of insight into who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

This is very important, as anyone can write anything on a piece of paper, but a reference speaks volumes.

Even if the position you held was not maritime-related, a reference is also a good indication of your character and work ethic in any position you have held in the past.

You really want to get written references wherever possible.

man driving a tender

How to Make sure your CV doesn’t get Trashed

  • Take the time to write up a good Yacht CV. I can’t tell you how often I haven’t read further than the first line because of a sloppy, disorganized Yacht resume.
  • SPELL CHECK! In an industry where you have to be meticulous in everything that you do, spelling and grammatical issues in your Yacht CV are not a good start.
  • When you save and email your Yacht CV, be sure to have it saved in a Word and PDF format.
  • When you are responding to a job posting, write a short and clear email to the person who put up the post and highlight why you are a good fit for the position and why you want to become a yachtie .

How to Introduce Yourself in an Email

Dear Captain/To Whom it may concern

Please find attached my resume and references in my application for the position of “Deckhand on a 50m Superyacht”. Although I am new to the industry, I believe I would be an asset to your team as I am motivated and driven to succeed in the yachting industry. I am also an avid wakeboarder and love being on the ocean, so I believe I will adapt well and learn quickly. I am not afraid of hard work, and I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you further.

Thank you for taking the time to view my application.

Kind regards

Downloadable Yacht CV Template

Use this Yacht CV link to download a basic yachting resume, fill in your personal information, and get ready to land your dream job!

Now that you have crafted the perfect Yacht CV, it is time to land your dream job. For those of you wanting to know how to become a yacht deckhand , read here for more information.

For those of you looking to find out how to become a yacht stewardess, read this insider’s guide!

superyacht stewardess cv

Hi, my name is Lisa, a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry with 10 years of experience, as well as 8 years of hospitality experience prior to that. Being in the yachting industry has been a whirlwind of adventure, growth, challenges and some of the best experiences of my life, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you.

Ultimate Guide to Dock Walking: 10 Tips on How to Dock Walk

Yacht crew salaries: complete guide to what yacht crew earn, leave a comment cancel reply.

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I really like the revamp you've done, thank you very much Georgia. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Craig, Chief Officer

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How to Put Together The Perfect Yachting CV

superyacht stewardess cv

Your Yachting CV (Curriculum Vitae) is most likely the first point of contact a superyacht has with you. Therefore, putting together the Perfect Yachting CV is essential . After all, it’s your personal sales pitch to the Captain or Head Of Department looking to hire you!  

A Yachting CV differs significantly from a land-based CV. It features maritime jargon, qualifications, and a photo. As well as this, it also requires a particular layout that needs to tick the relevant ‘industry standard’ boxes. Imagine a Captain or Chief Stew has 150 CV’s on their desk. If your CV doesn’t look like a Yachting CV, it’s probably going straight to the shredder. It needs to look the part! 

Today we have teamed up with yachting entrepreneur, Jess aka The Seaworthy Stew . Jess has created a simple step-by-step guide providing all you need to create a perfect, professional yachting CV:  

1. Primary Information

Start by filling in all primary information within the top half of the page, including your phone number, email, date of birth, nationality, and passport. Also include your health status (if you’re COVID vaccinated), marital status, driver’s license, your location and availability. 

  • Phone numbers: I recommend having a local sim card when you are in an area to ensure a boat can contact you at any time. WhatsApp is extensively used within the industry. Therefore I recommend getting a WhatsApp number. Once you are in the industry, you will most likely have various international sim cards. It’s a good idea to keep one consistent WhatsApp number. Then, use the local number you may have at the time for phone calls and data. 
  • Email: If your email isn’t professional sounding (e.g., create a new one. 
  • Location : Ensure this is kept up to date, as captains will use this location to work out your flight paths and travel arrangements when you secure a job.  

Primary Information needed for the perfect yachting CV

2. Qualifications

Here you will need to separate your maritime qualifications (mandatorily required certificates) and other qualifications to avoid clutter.  

For your Maritime Certifications such as STCW, PDSD and Food Hygiene Level 2, add the expiry dates or the year of completing them if an expiry date is not applicable.  

If you have other relevant qualifications , you can create another heading and include certificates such as University Degrees or Diplomas, Post Graduate Education, PADI or SCUBA (Dive Certifications), Carpentry or Electrician (Deck related only), Floristry course, Mixology or Wine Courses.  

3. Work Experience and your transferable skill s

In this section, you need to list your land-based and/or yachting experience. If you’re green , you will need to pull apart all your land-based work experiences, h ighlighting the duties/skills that could be transferable to the yachting industry.  

If you have worked in restaurants, hotels, events or the aviation or cruise ship industry, this is all highly transferable to yachting. It is essential to pull out any key skills and include them under your type of experience, such as Hospitality Experience or Other Experience. It is not necessary to write all aspects of the job. Choose  the duties that are the most relevant to your desired yachting role. From here, you can further break down and add relatable skills to help explain your background and what you’re capable of.  

Once you have day work experience, you can add this to your ‘Yachting Experience’ heading, including all of the key duties you had and the time you were on board .  

If you have Yachting Experience, highlight everything unique about your position and the direct responsibilities you had. Then you need to back up these with examples as proof.   For example, instead of writing you have ‘Wine Knowledge’ you need to think about how you used this skill. It may have been a food and wine pairing menu for charter guests, here you SHOW OFF your talent’s with a practical example. Think about what your working highlights were whilst onboard. What did you LOVE to do? Maybe you have been setting up themed nights and planning events such as beach BBQs.  

For your yachting experience, we should write it  as per the below:

  • Followed by a paragraph about the position (This format also applies to any day work experience).  

Your hobbies should be a brief paragraph where you can add  a few quirky things, outdoor activities, and water-sport activities. If you’re aiming for an interior role, you can add something creative if it suits you (do not put socialising).  

It’s a good idea to look at transferring your hobbies into skills. As the hobbies section is an excellent place to put secondary skills superyachts may look for. For example, you may have on your CV that you’re into photography and filming. They could turn this into taking crew profile pictures, creating a guest charter and welcome videos.  

It is not uncommon for charter boats to request crew to have additional skills that guests may find interesting or helpful. It allows charter brokers to sell a yacht having valuable crew skills such as kite-surfing or a pilates teacher onboard. These skills are also usually listed under your crew profile in the boat’s Welcome booklet .

5. The Perfect Yachting CV Personal Profile

This section is one of the LAST steps as it ties together all your experience and skills. It’s also the most important paragraph of your CV and should be six sentences or less and sit right below your primary information.  

Your Personal Profile is where you persuade the reader to carry on looking at your CV. Your profile should concisely and effectively display who you are, your skills and strengths relevant to the role and the experience to back it up. Therefore, I recommend saving this key paragraph to last as it’s a summary and the hook, line and sinker as to why you are fit for the job.

I suggest splitting your profile into three sections:

  • What are you searching for?
  • Who you are
  • What can you offer?

Bullet point things you might mention under each section , then list the qualities that position you as the ideal person for the job.  

If you’re green for the ‘what you’re searching for’ section, I suggest broadening this statement . For example:

“I aim to secure a position as a yacht stewardess/deckhand/chef/engineer position on a motor or sailing yacht.”

You want to avoid being too picky with what you want based on no experience yet.  

When you are writing what you can offer, you need to know what you can bring to the table that is unique? You can use a mix of hard and soft skills to position yourself as well-rounded. Last, back up your skills with evidence. Don’t just add ‘attention to detail’. You need to give an example of this.

6. References

Put down a minimum of three references you can rely on to have positive things to say about you. Ensure their information is current when writing on your CV and structure it so   the most recent reference is at the top with correct contact details as they will no doubt be checked.

7. Your CV Headshot

Your photo is a really important part of your CV. It needs to show you are professional, smiling and looking the part. This means you will need to dress in a white polo shirt or white blouse (ironed) and ideally have a background of yachts in the distance or water. If you can’t take a picture in these environments, a plain white background is ok. TIP: When you are taking your photo, have your shoulders back and put your hands behind you as it helps to stand up tall, also face into the sun (at the perfect time in the day), so you don’t have shadows on your face. Natural makeup and neat hair are best for females. For males, ensure you are well-groomed.

The Perfect Yachting CV Head Shot

Other important yachting CV rules to follow:  

  • Your CV should be no longer than two pages
  • Font sizes should be between 10.5 and 12
  • Correctly labelled and saved as:


  • Send your CV as a PDF document to a yacht or PDF and .doc to yacht crew agents
  • Make sure there are NO Spelling and grammar errors
  • List certificates and experience in reverse chronological order

A yachting CV can be the difference between you getting a job and being overlooked among a sea full of other candidates. If you need some help, check out The Yachting CV Toolkit . It’s a comprehensive toolkit that gives you everything you need to create a professional Yachting CV that ticks the industry boxes, and stands out from the rest. It includes:

  • Three CV Templates;
  • How to recognise the transferable skills from your land-based jobs and apply them to your new CV;
  • How to use power words to communicate your message firmly and confidently;
  • The secret personal profile formula;
  • Advice on how to create the perfect CV headshot (no fancy equipment required!)
  • And a full CV review.  

The Seaworthy Stew

Jess is an Australian superyacht stewardess with six years of experience working on superyachts. Jess helps aspiring yacht crew through her online courses. She teaches you what is required to prepare for a career as a superyacht stewardess and the proven steps to land your first job successfully. If you think she can help you check out her website – or follow her on Instagram @theseaworthstew.  

For access to our Superyacht jobs board and the latest vacancies within the industry, register here.

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Learn how to write a memorable yacht cv.

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Our team of expert recruiters have compiled valuable cv advice that applies to all positions. additionally, you can scroll down to download cv templates tailored for each role., 1. keep your cv short and to the point — two pages is ideal.

Captains are exceptionally busy people and often lack time to read an essay-length resume. We would say that you have ten seconds or likely less to really capture their attention. You therefore need to keep your yacht CV concise and to the point. A 2-page CV is ideal since you generally need that much space to properly list your experience and present yourself.

Use your yachting CV as an opportunity to build a quick picture of yourself. Its purpose is to secure an interview, while the interview itself is there to expand on your skills and experience. Include 3 key attributes that really qualify you for the role you are for which you are applying.

2. Use only one font across the entire CV

You want to make your resume as clear and easy-to-read as possible, so using one good font across your CV is advised. Classic fonts are still the best option — Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Garamond, Helvetica etc. are all easy to read, clean and professional.

While your entire CV should only be one font, you can still play around with how you stylise it. For example, increase the size of your name and important sections like “Certificates” or “Professional Experience” and put in bold the name of the yacht you’ve worked on. 

3. Include a recent and professional photograph

For many people, adding a photograph may seem like an odd thing to add to their CV, however, on a yachting CV, adding a photo is the norm. The idea behind it is to get another piece of the puzzle on who you are, make people remember you more easily and to help picture you as a crew member on their superyacht.

Your CV photo should professional-looking, with good lighting and a nice background, taken from mid waist up. Try wearing a professional and tidy white polo or a navy polo on a sunny day, as this will make it easy for people to picture you as a crew member already.

Here are a few tips on how to take a good photo:

Show us your smile — this is very important as it will make you look more approachable!

Professional and friendly are the keywords

Make sure your hair is tidy

Wear minimal to no jewellery

No selfies or vacation photos

No sunglasses or hats

Make sure the lighting is good and photo is good quality

4. Include your contact details and key attributes

It sounds so simple, but you would be surprised how many people forget to include this vital information on their yacht crew CV. Yachting is an international industry and your captain may be based anywhere in the world. Include the international dialling code with your telephone number. Make sure you include an email address and Whatsapp contact details, too. You want to make it as easy as possible for the captain to be able to contact you.

You should also include which country you are currently based in, your mailing address, along with your citizenship and date of birth. And, if you speak multiple languages, this is a great thing to highlight on your yacht resume, especially for those applying to work on charter yachts where you will be working with guests from around the world. 

5. Make it easy to read (and avoid block colour)

As you are applying for a professional role in a professional setting, your yachting CV should be clear and easy to read. Some colour is ok on a yacht CV, but we would advise that you avoid the latest trend of using block colour to attract attention. Using bold colours will be a distraction from what matters the most, which is the content of your CV. In many cases printed CVs are still used during the hiring process and having coloured blocks not only wasted ink but can also make CV harder to read when printed in black and white.

For the best results, a yachting CV should be elegant, professional and easy to read. By focusing on the content and keeping the format simple, you can create a CV that stands out for all the right reasons.

6. Double and triple spell check

Although it’s easy to make and overlook spelling and grammar mistakes, most Captains respond negatively to them no matter how insignificant they may seem. To some, a single mistake can rule out a well-qualified candidate. This is because it signals that your attention to detail might be lacking or you are not really serious about the job.

Most of us rely on the grammar checker to point out the mistakes by highlighting errors with those little coloured squiggles that appear underneath, but don’t rely on that completely. They will not recognise the difference between a correct word and the right word, or catch homophones such as your/you’re, accept/except etc. So, double check and proofread your CV a few times before sending it.

7. List your referees with contact details

Most of the time, agencies will check your references prior to putting you forward for a new position. The Captains and other HoDs also like to contact previous employers directly to get feedback before offering the position to the candidate.

You should list them starting with your most recent ones and make sure they include:

name of the yacht

email address 

phone number

8. Update your yachting CV regularly

While you may not feel as though a lot has changed since you last looked for work, you are likely to have gained a lot of new skills and experience in a short space of time. Make sure to update your yacht CV every time you look for a new yacht job.

Download a free yachting CV template

Now that you know what's needed to create a great CV, go ahead and download a professionally designed free CV template that you can fill out with your information.

Are you ready to find your new ideal job on board a yacht?

Become a member of YPI CREW and connect with our recruiters so they can guide you through your job search.  

Each of our recruiters is specialised in crew placement for a particular department and they will do their best to get you an interview on board a yacht. They will also advise you on how to best present your experience and skills and prepare for a yacht job interview.

Explore the latest in yachting

superyacht stewardess cv

YPI CREW Will be Attending the Superyacht Technology Network Conference in Barcelona

superyacht stewardess cv

Is a career in the yachting industry a good fit for me?

Webinar Friday, 15th March: How to Start Your Yachting Career as a Superyacht Stew?

Webinar Friday, 15th March: How to Start Your Yachting Career as a Superyacht Stew?

superyacht stewardess cv


Learn about different positions on board a yacht.

superyacht stewardess cv


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How to Become a Stewardess on a Superyacht: A Guide

  • April 3, 2023

Working as a stewardess on a superyacht is an exciting and rewarding career that can offer a unique lifestyle and the opportunity to travel the world. However, breaking into the industry can be challenging, and candidates must have the right skills and qualifications to succeed. 

In this guide, we will explore what it takes to become a stewardess on a superyacht.


To be considered for a stewardess position, candidates must have certain qualifications. A high school diploma or equivalent is required, and many employers prefer candidates with a college degree. 

Candidates should also have a valid passport, a seafarer’s medical certificate, and a basic safety training certificate.

While some employers may hire entry-level candidates, most prefer those with some experience.

Candidates with experience in hospitality, customer service, or the luxury industry are desirable. Experience working on a yacht or in the maritime industry is also beneficial.

In addition to the required qualifications, candidates must undergo training to become a stewardess on a superyacht. Training programs should cover topics such as interior yacht operations, housekeeping, laundry, and service. 

Stewardesses on superyachts must have a range of skills to succeed in their roles. Excellent communication skills are essential, as they must interact with guests and crew members from various backgrounds. 

Stewardesses must also be detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills to keep the interior of the yacht clean and tidy. Other skills required include the ability to work well under pressure, adaptability, and the ability to multitask.

Roles and Responsibilities

Stewardesses on superyachts have a range of roles and responsibilities. One of the primary responsibilities is to ensure that the interior of the yacht is clean and tidy. This includes cleaning cabins, making beds, and doing laundry. 

Stewardesses are also responsible for preparing and serving meals and drinks, including setting tables and serving food and beverages. They may also be responsible for managing inventory, ordering supplies, and maintaining equipment.

Career Progression

Many stewardesses on superyachts use the role as a stepping stone to other careers in the yachting industry. 

With experience and additional training, stewardesses can progress to roles such as chief stewardess, purser, or even captain. Others may choose to move into roles in the yacht management or brokerage sectors.

Salary and Benefits

Working as a stewardess on a superyacht can be a lucrative career, with salaries ranging from $46,000 to $66,000 per annum per month. Salaries may be higher for more experienced stewardesses or those with additional qualifications. 

In addition to a salary, stewardesses on superyachts may receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and the opportunity to travel the world.

Finding a Job

Finding a job as a stewardess on a superyacht can be challenging, but there are resources available to help. Many yacht crew agencies specialize in placing candidates in stewardess positions. 

These agencies can help with everything from creating a resume to finding job openings. Candidates may also find jobs through job boards or by networking with industry professionals.

Becoming a stewardess on a superyacht is an exciting and rewarding career that offers the opportunity to travel the world and work in a unique environment. While breaking into the industry can be challenging, candidates with the right qualifications, experience, and skills can succeed. By undergoing training, building experience, and networking with industry professionals, candidates can increase their chances of landing a job as a stewardess on a superyacht.

Kickstart your superyacht career with Yachtie Careers. We offer stewardess training to help you broaden your horizons in your journey as a stewardess. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about any upcoming yacht job offers.

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Yacht Stewardess Training

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Top 10 best places to find a Yacht job in the Med 2024?

Top 10 best places to find a Yacht job in the Med 2024?

Yacht Crew Salary 2024

Yacht Crew Salary 2024

Yacht Stewardess Salary 2024

Yacht Stewardess Salary 2024

Yacht Deckhand Salary 2024

Yacht Deckhand Salary 2024

Best superyacht training in germany – yacht crew.

Top 5 Best things about working on a Yacht

Top 5 Best things about working on Yachts

Superyacht crew training europe.

STCW training in Sweden

3 next bookings get 50€ free.  Use free code “yachtie50” at checkout.

2 next bookings get 50€ free. Use free code “yachtie50” at checkout

Get free yacht cv and yacht job offers

My Crew Kit

Superyacht Crew CV

Write a Great CV to Secure Your Dream Job on a Superyacht

Superyacht CV Guide

As an inexperienced crew member seeking your first job on board a superyacht, it is imperative to have a good CV. Yacht crew CV's are very different from those used in the traditional business world. It is important to make sure your CV professional and relevant.

We highly recommend you follow the tips below, but don’t be afraid to make some adjustments that reflect your personality and style. It is important to strike a balance between being unique and professional.

Yacht Crew CV Photograph:

Your photograph is an important aspect of your CV. Unlike other industries, your CV will most likely be completely ignored without a photograph. Vessel owners and captains like to hire presentable crew members and it is important to portray the correct image in your photograph. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • The photograph should be placed in the top corner of the CV.
  • It should in colour, be a JPEG file and less than 500KB.
  • Your head and shoulders should be visible in the photo and you should ideally be wearing a white or blue polo shirt or a shirt with epaulettes.
  • Your hair should be neat and presentable.
  • No hats, caps, sunglasses or large earrings.
  • Look professional and friendly – SMILE.
  • You should take the photograph with the sea or a marina in the background.
  • You should be clean-shaven although there may be exceptions to this based on your role. Generally, guests facing staff should be clean-shaven.

Yacht Crew CV Example

Yacht Crew CV Tips

  • Keep it concise. The CV should be no longer than two pages (1 page if you have minimal industry experience). Short and sweet is the trick here – potential employers will be reading through numerous CVs and don’t want to read unnecessary information.
  • Ensure your qualifications, location, passport/visas and availability are clearly visible.
  • Always spell-check your CV! Allow family and friends proofread it to make sure it is grammatically correct.
  • Write professionally and do not use slang.
  • Always print your CV out before sending it off, sometimes the layout and format may appear different once printed. Most potential employers will print out the CVs they are interested in – make sure you are happy with the printed version.
  • NEVER LIE on your CV – some crew may be tempted to lie on their CVs in order to appear more experienced. Interviewers and employers are able to tell and you will be caught out.
  • List all relevant experience and/or transferrable skills from your previous careers and/or upbringing.
  • When applying for a job online you should attach a cover letter along with your CV.
  • You will often hand your CV out whilst ‘dock walking’, it can be a good idea to staple a business card to your CV and to hand your CV out in a plastic sleeve.
  • Save your CV under a professional file name, eg. John Smith CV, as it will appear that way for potential employers to download.
  • Ensure the name in your email address is sensible.
  • Get feedback and help from professional yachting CV services.

Superyacht CV Template Download

Create a yacht CV by using the template provided below. This template is appropriate for deckhands, steward(ess)s, yacht chefs, engineers as well as other roles. Remember to export your yachting resume into PDF before applying for yacht jobs.

Complete the form below and we will email the template to you. 

  • Name * First
  • What position are you applying for? *
  • Have you used the My Crew Kit Job Board, Training Course Finder & Services Directory? * I didn't realize i could find all of the above here Yes No
  • Yes, please include me as long as it is not spammy and I can opt out at any stage.

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Curiously Erin Travel Blog

How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

Over the years I have worked in many jobs to keep my travels funded. But by far the best job has been when I worked as a stewardess on yachts. For the avid traveller, there is no better job. If you are sick of working a 9-5, you want to get paid (well) to travel the world and are ready to make incredible friendships, then read on to find out  how to become a yacht stewardess .

While there are  numerous benefits  to this job it can also be a lot of hard work. If you’re not completely sure what yachting is, this post will explain just that and give you 10 easy to follow steps to becoming a yacht stewardess.

This job will absolutely change your life and I’m excited to help you get started. I’ve been off yachts for a couple of years now and I miss it every day. I am still trying to devise a plan to get back on them sometime soon.

superyacht and sunset Montenegro

Disclaimer:   Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information on my disclaimer  click here .

  • 3 3. QUIT YOUR JOB


“It’s like working on a cruise ship right?” I hear this time and time again – It’s nothing like working on a cruise ship. Cruise ships have 1000’s of crew and 1000’s of passengers. A superyacht although sometimes as big as a cruise ship only has a handful of guests and crew. Our job as a stewardess is to give impeccable, personalised service to our passengers.

Depending on the size of the yacht there are usually under 30 crew members. For example, a 50m yacht normally wouldn’t sleep more than 12 guests and only has 10-12 crew. It is essentially a floating 5-star hotel for the worlds richest people, celebrities and their guests. As a yacht stewardess, you need to predetermine everything the guests will require before you head out to sea and ensure they have the best time possible.

superyacht table setting

Because of the limited number of crew members, you’ll need to be filling multiple roles. When there are guests on board you could be working 14 hour days or longer. A yacht stewardess will be in charge of three main areas: housekeeping, service and laundry. You also need to look after the crew areas and set up and pack down for crew meals.

One thing I like to tell people about yachting is, “There is no job description”. You will need to be available 24 hours a day and ready for anything the guest requests. While this seems absolutely crazy the benefits make it all worthwhile. Read an  interview with yacht stewardess  Melissa Ryan on why she loves being a yachtie. When there are no guests on, regular working hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday with weekends off.


  • Provide 5-star service ensuring complete satisfaction of guests
  • Foresee any items, food and drinks they could want while out at sea
  • Set up and provide bar service, knowledge of cocktails and wines
  • Perform different styles of meal service depending on guests requirements. From silver service, synchronised to buffet and anything in between.
  • Create daily table centrepieces
  • Create and maintain floral arrangements
  • Host cocktail parties and other events on board
  • Provide housekeeping and laundry service for guests and crew
  • Be available at all hours of the day and night
  • Take turns at watchkeeping and staying on board
  • Ensuring the supplies, wines and decor is properly inventoried
  • Shopping for crew provisions including toiletries and staff mess foods.


Ok! Where do I start? There’s  no more daily commute . Next time you’re stuck in peak hour traffic, think back to this. Roll out of bed after having arrived during the night to a new remote Caribbean island and be at work. Pretty great!

Next, you get to  live with all of your friends . You’ll  never get bored  on a yacht, that’s for sure. When you knock off work for the day grab your buddies and head off exploring that new island. If you’re in the Mediterranean (Med) visit the ancient Greek ruins or pop into a French cafe for a croissant. Maybe you’re in the South Pacific. I hope you like water sports. There’s plenty of time for that.

superyacht crew family

Working on a yacht will  look great on your CV . You learn invaluable new skills and gain life experience while you’re at it.

You make  great money . Yep, you read that right. Not only do you get to enjoy these amazing benefits, but you also get paid well to do it. Depending on where you are from this could even be tax-free. Most starting wages are upwards of 2500€/month plus in some cases tips.

It’s exciting!  You never know where you’ll be next month, you’re always meeting new people, you get days off in some of the world’s most incredible locations and you will witness the most  unreal sunrises and sunsets.


Check out this table to see the current yacht stewardess salary. All wages are per month in Euros. These are the ranges taken from the  Annual Dockwalk Survey of 2019.

Stunning sunset in the Northern Sea


Have you decided being a yacht stewardess is for you? Congratulations, then this post is for you! The first step is packing up your belongings. You’re moving on to a boat, so  pack as light as possible . Depending on where you go to get your first job (more on this in the next steps) you can pack accordingly.

in the Caribbean, it’s unlikely you’ll be needing heavy winter gear. A light jacket and pair of jeans will be sufficient. If you’re heading to the Med warmer clothes will be useful. Don’t take big bulky sports gear or you might be sharing a bed with them. If possible take a bag which can fold up as opposed to a hard suitcase. On some boats this is mandatory.


Yep,  do it ! *Cheers* “Yacht stewardess life come at me”.

Stop guessing what you need to do to get a superyacht job and use this checklist to beat the compettion


Now for the fun part. Where do you go to get a job as a yacht stewardess? Being a new crew member you want to maximise your chances of finding a job. How do you that? Yachting has two main seasons – Summer and Winter. At the end of each season, there is usually a lot of crew turnaround. During that time captains and owners need to do mass hiring twice a year. The Northern Hemisphere summer season sees most boats go to the Mediterranean or the North East of the USA. The winter season is predominantly in the Caribbean.

As mentioned above if possible you will want to arrive into the yachting hub at these peak seasons. For the winter Caribbean season, you need to be in  Fort Lauderdale , USA by October/November . For the summer Mediterranean season get to  Antibes, France or Palma De Mallorca in April/May .

Monaco Marina is a yachting hub for getting a yacht job

There are crew houses designed especially for people like you. People who want to become a yacht stewardess, a deckhand, a chef and people who already are but looking for their next job. These crew houses understand the volatility of the industry and that you may be there for one week or two months.  Stay in a crew house  to alleviate paying bonds and monthly contracts plus meet cool people and unofficially start networking (more on that later).


Now you can’t just jump on a boat. There are a couple of basic safety training courses required before you are legally allowed to work as a yacht stewardess at sea. The first course is Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeeping known as the  STCW 95  or STCW basic safety. You will also need to get your Proficiency in Designated Security Duties ( PDSD ). In the yachting hubs mentioned above, there are multiple training schools to choose from. One reputable company located in both Europe and the US is  Bluewater Yachting .

While you can do these courses around the world (potentially at home). I recommend doing them where you intend to find work. Yachting is all about networking and being in a class with 20 other students instantly connects you with other like-minded individuals. Some I might add could even be a chief stewardess doing her refresher and potentially looking to hire. Hint hint…

Views from the porthole of your cabin


The  STCW 95  is your basic minimum safety training required to work on a superyacht. There are four components which take five to six days to complete.

1. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Basic Firefighting) 2. Personal Survival Techniques (PST) 3. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR) 4. First Aid / CPR (Basic First Aid) 5. Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)

This entry-level course is open to anyone and costs around $900 USD or 1200€ to enrol. While this sounds expensive, you’ll be making your money back in no time. This course is a lot of fun. It’s very practical and the firefighting component gave me so much respect for our firefighters. It’s hot and hard work!

Views From a Tender Ride Ashore

The  PDSD  course is for all seafarers who have designated duties under the ship’s security plan. In the superyacht industry, almost all crew members have designated duties – meaning you need to do this course too. 

This one day course costs $300 USD or 280€. You will learn about different security threats to yachts both in dock and at sea, how to recognise them, the use of proper security equipment and how to maintain your ships security plan.


The ENG1 is your ships medical certificate. This is irreplaceable with other medicals no matter how thorough they are. You need to have a document stating you passed your ENG1 to join the yachting industry. There are only a few doctors around the world who conduct this examination so it’s wise to book ahead. Places like Fort Lauderdale can have one month waiting periods during peak season.

a yacht tender in the superyacht garage Montenegro


Writing a yacht stewardess CV is a lot different from writing a CV for a regular job. Captains receive hundreds of applicants during peak hiring periods. With many of these people having zero experience onboard a yacht, you need to know how to make yours stand out.

Superyacht in calm seas


Start off by adding some colour, not just a heading here and there. I mean big bold blocks of colour. Put in shapes of block colours and overlay with your text. Change up the format.

Oh, another resume that  looks  the same… boring. Next. Oh wow! Whats this column on the left about?  It’s  describing the person and their skills. Hmmm, I’ll keep reading.

While maybe this isn’t exactly how a captain thinks it may as well be. Choose a colour scheme and make it look fun. Just make sure it’s still professional and you can read everything. Make sure you include a picture of yourself and a detailed about me section stating your availability and current location. Add some interests and hobbies, because remember you’re applying for a place in someone’s home as well as a job as a yacht stewardess.

Need help? –  I offer personalised services to help you write your CV.  Please get in touch for my rates.

yacht crew swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean


Once you have a great CV outlining why you will be the best yacht stewardess you’ll need to get that CV out there. There are a few ways to do this. Firstly you can sign up for a  crew agency . These agencies take on the new and old crew and work with the yacht captains and owners to find the most suitable person for the role. This is a free service. Never sign up to an agent who is charging a fee.

Another way to get your resume seen is through  networking . Networking sounds daunting but really it’s just about being a nice, happy person and getting out socialising. Before the season starts basically everyone who has anything to do with yachts wants to throw a party to advertise their brand. In short as a wannabe yacht stewardess you get free entry into these lux parties, usually a bunch of free drinks to go with it and now you’re networking. Get out there talk to strangers and make connections. You never know who you’re talking to and if they need an additional crew member.

There are also numerous  online job boards . You can submit your resume directly to some of these or read advertisements from people looking for a yacht stewardess.

Table decor on superyacht


As a result of your CV being out there, you’ll be getting all these calls asking for you to come in for an interview. They want you to be one of their yacht stewardess’s! To begin with, you need to  dress the part . Make sure you’re hair is up and neat and you have light minimal makeup on. Wear a polo shirt with either a skirt, skort or shorts that is a respectable length in a navy, black or beige. Most interviews are conducted on the yacht in person, so I wore flip flops to all of mine. This is because once you reach the boat it is yacht etiquette to take your shoes off before boarding.

Tip  – I know a lot of chief stews who look at nails, therefore make sure your nails are well manicured.

A usual interview will start with a tour of the yacht. The person interviewing you will then make sure you understand everything there is to know about the role, the schedule of the boat and about the current crew and their daily habits. While not all interviews are super laid back, as a new crew member, they know you do not have experience on boats. What they want to know is if you will be able to gel with the current crew. Will you be someone they can share a small amount of living space with. Will you be someone who can learn new skills and pick up this new lifestyle. Most importantly, be yourself, be happy and have fun.

sunsets in the Mediterranean


If you want to work as a yacht stewardess, you need to learn to share a cabin with someone. Your cabin is most likely a quarter of the size of your current bedroom if not less and add to that it’s shared. Welcome to crew living! This is why you need to pack light. All of your belongings will need to fit in a wardrobe much smaller than what you are used to.

Things to remember when sharing a small space whether it’s your cabin or the crew mess (living area).  Be   respectful  of others belongings – if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it.  Clean up after yourself . There’s nothing worse than living with someone who is a grot.  Be courteous . Your crewmates are working weird hours, don’t be the reason they can’t sleep.

Porto Montenegro in Tivat Marina


Finally and most importantly  enjoy your new life at sea ! Being a yacht stewardess is such a special career and there is nothing which compares to it. Savour the  unique experiences  which will present,  see the world  while getting paid, make  lifelong friends , learn  new skills  and enjoy being rocked to sleep by the rolling waves.

stewardesses walking along companionway of yacht


Actually not long. The required courses and ENG1 can be done in a week. The longest part is the preparation of packing, heading to a yachting hub and then searching for a job. Most people I know found a job within a couple of weeks to 2 months. However, this will vary depending on the time of year you seek work.


Does this sound like something you would like to do ? If yes, then let me introduce you to my book Superyacht Crew. Over the past four years, Melissa Ryan and I have worked onboard yachts in various positions. While you can absolutely follow the steps listed above, but if you would like more detailed help entering the industry than this is  the book for you . Each year more people make the switch to working aboard superyachts. If you are serious about making this career yours then act now.

Superyacht Crew: How to Start Your Career in the Superyacht Industry  is full of information and secrets we learned from our combined years of yachting. This comprehensive guide has helped numerous friends and family members make this dream a reality. Now we want to help  you ! Get step by step instructions no matter where you are in your job search. Gain insider knowledge, use our  yacht stewardess CV examples  and find learn to ask the right questions in your interviews.

My favourite part of the book is the  detailed reference guide . We know the best crew houses, crew agencies and training schools. We either used them personally or have friends who did. Don’t waste time finding misleading information online, use our tried and tested companies to start your career. Do you want to know which doctors do the ENG1? We have listed where you can find qualified ENG 1 doctors around the world.

Make sure you join our facebook group for new yachties and ask us any questions you have.

Click to buy superyacht crew: How to start your career in the superyacht industry today

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My name is Erin, the lady behind Curiously Erin. After more than 10 years of travelling and working abroad, I wanted to create a platform where I could share my stories and travels. My goal is to help you live the life you desire and inspire you to travel more.

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How to build a yachtie CV!

by Gemma Hulbert

I have been promising to do this blog post for what feels like years now.

I have been putting it off because I wanted to make sure I could dedicate enough time to answer the most frequently asked questions & eloquently put into words just how important it is to format your CV correctly.

Last May, I started looking to fill a Junior Stewardess position I had onboard. Using my social media & various Facebook groups, I shared that I was more than happy to take green candidates. I’ve said it before that I don’t feel as though enough Chief Stews hire green stews. While many Captains won’t allow it,  I had the freedom to pick my team & I wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. Within 24 hours, I had over 400 CV’S!!! To ensure the hiring process was as fair as possible, I went through & reviewed every single CV, reference letter & email. I sat in my office until 10 pm for three days in a row; I just found it so interesting to see various layouts, photographs, introductions, etc. It was very apparent who had put time into their CV & who had just thrown it together. I’m sure it isn’t surprising that I only shortlisted candidates who had put considerable amounts of effort into their CVs.

So, I am here to help!

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from Stewardesses regarding CVs and my answers!  Please keep in mind that this is just based on my opinion.

What basics should I follow?

I follow five rules:

  • CV’s should be no longer than two pages
  • Keep font size between 10-12
  • Don’t have significant gaps – if your CV is only 1 page, that’s fine!
  • Save it as a .doc if you are using a Mac & always send your CV as a PDF to boats & .doc to crew, agents,
  • When saving your CV, ensure it is listed, for example, Anna Clarke CV.

The general order I follow is:

  • Personal Info & Photograph
  • Qualifications

superyacht stewardess cv

What personal information should I put in my CV?

I list my info on the top left corner with a photograph on the top right side. I list the following:

  • First & Last Name (This is the header – so make it a larger font)
  • Position Wanted (This is the sub-header, write Stewardess, Stewardess/Masseuse, etc.)
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality & visas held *Include expiry dates for your passport(s) & visas
  • Current Location *BE HONEST If you are shortlisted because you say you’re in Antibes when you are actually in Cape Town – then you are already misleading the vessel
  • Health *I always write “Excellent, No Tattoos, Non-Smoker.”

When you are a Greenie with no experience, what should you put on your CV?

Below the personal details are the Objective Paragraph. This is your time to shine! Share how your previous experiences have set you up to take on this new challenge. Have you worked in a bar? Share that your boutique bar experience has provided you with excellent bespoke cocktail knowledge. Write out what you are looking for in an Interior Team , for example: “I am looking forward to joining a dynamic Interior team with a heavy focus on training & teamwork.” It is ALL about wording & being confident in your experience.

Next, list all of your previous jobs in chronological order. Yachting-related positions, including daywork, come first & then move onto land experience. Write a least 2-3 FULL sentences about each position you held. Go into depth about all hospitality ( service, food & beverage, housekeeping, laundry & floristry ), organisation, administration skills that you have learned whilst on the job.

When sharing about your yachting experience, write out the following:

Date’s Onboard (left side of the page), Name of Vessel (centre of page), Position Held (right side of the page) Paragraph about the  position

For example: Oct 2019 – 2020, M/Y Lilly, Chief Stewardess I joined M/Y Lilly during a very busy shipyard season…

superyacht stewardess cv

What should I leave off of my CV?

  • Any info relating to High School, as it makes you come across as very young
  • There is no need to list the negative reasons why you have left previous positions; keep it POSITIVE
  • Don’t write anything regarding salary, enquire about this during the Interview

I only have 1 season’s experience; what should I be sharing about that vessel?

I have seen Stewardess with 1 season experience Far too often only write a few words about their time onboard; this is NOT acceptable. Here are a few questions to consider when typing out your experience:

  • How many guest cabins were you responsible for?
  • Did you assist with provisioning?
  • What type of service did you do onboard? Silver service, plated, buffet, etc.
  • Was it strict or a family atmosphere with the guests?
  • Did you perform a solo drinks service at night?
  • Are you comfortable detailing a cabin by yourself?
  • What was your highlight while onboard?

For my CV photo, should I wear a Polo or Shirt?

The all-important photo is a topic that will probably be debated until the end of time! However, my personal preference is as follows:

  • White fitted polo shirt
  • Crop the image, chest it
  • Have your hair neatly pulled back. It HAS to look tidy
  • Professional and classy makeup *Less is more & don’t overdo it
  • Smile!! I want to see your smiley face!

Keep in mind that often CV’s have to be sent to Management, Owners or the Owners Representative before the interview. Therefore, ensure that your photograph is professional-looking.

superyacht stewardess cv

Are cover letters needed?

In my experience, I have never needed to send a cover letter. I use my introduction email as a cover letter instead and then allow my CV to speak for itself. As a Chief Stew, I seldom look at Cover Letters – my focus is on your experience and the professionalism of your CV.

I hope this helps you when you are next putting together your CV! Have a question about CVs? Let me know in the comments below, and I will be happy to answer them!

Love this post? Don’t forget to right-click on the image below to Pin it to Pinterest!

superyacht stewardess cv

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superyacht stewardess cv


After 8 adventurous years of working on yachts, Taryn decided to return to life on land. She currently lives on the coast of sunny South Africa. Fresh off the yachts and having worked in high-end resorts and hotels, Taryn has a broad knowledge of what the industry needs and is well-qualified to find the perfect match for both crew and the yacht. Taryn’s friendly, kind demeanour and passion for the industry ensure to provide excellent and professional communication with clients and crew at all times. When Taryn is not working you can find her on the beach, participating in any form of outdoor activity or sharing a bottle of wine with family and friends.

superyacht stewardess cv

Ciara joins our team with 5 years of experience in the industry and is based in Bristol, UK. She brings her people skills and passion for luxury customer service into recruitment whilst maintaining a calm and kind nature for both crew and clients. When not working, Ciara continues studying music history and classical music performance and enjoys walks in the countryside with her husband and sausage dog.

superyacht stewardess cv

Mandy has 8 years of experience in the industry and brings her A-game from the South of France. She brings a unique and energizing perspective with 5 years of land-based recruitment experience in London and is sure to make anyone feel welcome with her kind-hearted nature. When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with her husband and daughter, enjoying the beauty of France.

superyacht stewardess cv

Eloise brings 3 years of experience in the industry to our team. Currently living in South Africa, Eloise was the first member of the TYSR team and has since built lasting relationships with clients and crew. Eloise splits her time between South Africa and TYS HQ in the UK. She is incredibly caring and ensures all crew and clients get the best possible support, with high standard of customer service. When not working, Eloise spends time with friends and family enjoying wine farms and safaris in sunny South Africa.

superyacht stewardess cv

Gemma Hulbert


Gemma founded The Yacht Stew in 2016 and has over a decade of experience in the industry. When she founded TYS she wanted to create a community for people in the industry and create an incredible support network that was both informative and nurturing. She brings her keen eye for detail, and her incredibly compassionate perspective to anything she does, and is sure to get anyone inspired. In her spare time Gemma loves to be with family and friends, or out exploring and traveling with her husband.

superyacht stewardess cv

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Free masterclass, yachting courses, watch my free live masterclass "how to get a job on a yacht" .

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Want to become a yacht stew, let's get you job ready, check it out.

The go-to guide for aspiring yacht crew.  Access tools, guides and proven strategies that will allow you to get your first job onboard!

superyacht stewardess cv


A CV toolkit giving you all you need to create a professional Yachting CV which ticks the industry boxes and stands out. CV templates and full review included!

Yacht Crew CV


An interior yacht stew training course that is designed to guide junior stews on the right path to professional yacht stewardess.

superyacht stewardess cv


Very handy online resources below..., all things yachting on my blog here .. ..

superyacht stewardess cv

ok, yep! tell me more

I’m a chief stewardess with over 6 years experience working in the industry.  After many years travelling the world working on some of the worlds most renown superyachts, I want to share with you how you can do it too!  Whether you’re over your 9-5 and dream of travelling the world whilst getting paid (great money!) to do it, you’re an airline stewardess looking to swap your wings for sealegs or you’ve just heard about the industry and you want to know more…

I help aspiring yacht crew anchor themselves in the right position so that they can break into the yachting industry and start their new career as a yacht stew with confidence.

superyacht stewardess cv

Hey, I'm Jess. 

superyacht stewardess cv

trusted by and featured in

Superyacht Radio

"One life. Just one. Why aren't we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams."

superyacht stewardess cv

An online training course for junior stews who are wanting to prepare to confidently step onboard into into a new junior stew role.

How to be a professional yacht stewardess.

Let’s dive deep into learning more about the practical skills required to be a stewardess,  equipping you with the need to know skills that will help you confidently step into your new role and have the best tips and tricks up your sleeve to WOW your new chief stew.  Preparation is key to getting a job on a superyacht and I’m here to make sure you are ready to take on all the industry throws at you. You got this!


Mellannie, south africa.

For someone that wants to start in the superyacht industry. This kick start course is jam-packed with information, so many great tips and tricks to start in the yachting journey. I now have the confidence to go out and find my first job on a yacht. Thank you so much for all your hard work and time that you have put into the course dedicated to green crew.

"I can honestly say it has helped me learn and understand the yachting world in so many ways.

superyacht stewardess cv


Would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to get into the industry. From the checklists to the info you don't know, Jess has so much fantastic content and really goes out of her way to help.  It’s such a relief to instantly find all the advice you need all in one place - can’t emphasise enough how helpful her stuff is!"

"I got the dream job the day after completing my STCW course because I had been following Jess's guide

superyacht stewardess cv


I had done my research but this course really opened my eyes to things that hadn't even crossed my mind. Such great advice around dock walking and day work, interview guidance, what to do and what not to do onboard and even guidance on laundry/housekeeping and general stew advice!  I really feel like i'm ready to start my yachting adventure with the help of the kickstarter guide

"I loved everything about this course! Jess has really gone above and beyond with all the content you receive.

superyacht stewardess cv


Jess's course covers all the things I wish I knew when first starting my yachting career. As a chief stew for 5 years now I can say combining all these foundational skills with the added support and downloads is one priceless resource to help junior stews really understand what to do and how to do it well and I would highly consider hiring someone who has been through The Seaworthy Yacht Stew Course! I've personally worked with Jess and she knows her stuff! It’s fresh, modern and everything you need to impress, I’ll be looking for this training on cv’s next time I’m trying to find the perfect stew.

From a chief stew with 5+ years experience!

Tom Testimonial Yacht CV

Common Green Crew Mistakes

How to do the dock walk, a day in the life of a yacht stew, yacht stew - pilates instructor on superyachts.

If travelling the world and getting paid to do it sounds like your cup of tea! Then listen in… Here I share insight into the real yacht life, valuable info on how to kick-start your Superyacht career and tips on becoming a super stew (or Deckie) and landing your dream job! 

Tune in and join me (Jess!) as I share all. From superyacht stories with other yachties to helpful hints for green crew, we cover it all.

Popular episodes, the seaworthy stew  podcast.

superyacht stewardess cv

snag the secrets!

7 ways to nail your first 7 days onboard.

superyacht stewardess cv

Yacht Crew Packing Checklist

superyacht stewardess cv


Your first steps to yachting, snag my stew secrets, for free, wait before you take off....

Yacht Stewardess onboard

The Do's and Don't of a Yachting CV

Yacht Stewardess Onboard

10 Things no one tells you before you become a yacht stewardess

Baton Rouge Superyacht Mediterranean

4 things you need to know before you decide to join Yachting

A blog full of all things yachting, featuring the top posts:, join the email list here, i want to know more....

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superyacht stewardess cv

listen to the podcast

About .

I’m a chief stewardess with over 6 years experience working in the superyacht industry on boats up to 88m. I help aspiring yacht crew by propelling them with the know-how and tools to confidently break into the superyacht industry.

Hey, I'm Jess a friendly Yacht Stew here to help!

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  8. How to Write the PERFECT Yacht CV [with template]

    If you're looking to craft the perfect yacht CV, you've come to the right place. As the Chief Stewardess onboard a 50m Super Yacht, I've been assisting Captains with hiring crew and gathering yacht crew CVs for 8 years. With my experience, I am familiar with the type of yachting CVs that Captains prefer to see.

  9. Superyacht CVs by Georgia Rex

    A British ex Superyacht Chief Stewardess turned professional CV Writer and Health Coach. I started yachting in 2014 and worked on yachts ranging from 34m - 134m, but my heart was definitely with the 100m+ motor yachts.

  10. How to Put Together The Perfect Yachting CV

    Jess has created a simple step-by-step guide providing all you need to create a perfect, professional yachting CV: 1. Primary Information. Start by filling in all primary information within the top half of the page, including your phone number, email, date of birth, nationality, and passport.

  11. How to Kickstart Your Career as a Yacht Stewardess

    A yacht stewardess CV should showcase your skills, experience, and personality. Make it visually appealing by incorporating color and an attractive layout. Include a professional photo of yourself, an engaging "About Me" section, and details about your availability and current location. Don't forget to mention your interests and hobbies ...

  12. How To Write A Yachting CV

    A Yachting CV differs significantly from a land-based CV. It features maritime jargon, qualifications, and a photo. As well as this, it also requires a particular layout that needs to tick the relevant 'industry standard' boxes. Imagine a Captain or Chief Stew has 150 CV's on their desk. If your CV doesn't look like a Yachting CV, it's probably going straight to the shredder. It ...

  13. The Do's and Don'ts of a Yachting CV

    For green and experienced yacht crew, to make YOUR CV stand out it needs to tick the relevant 'industry standard' boxes to ensure you get a look in onboard as a stewardess, deckhand or engineer. ... I'm a chief stewardess with over 6 years experience working in the superyacht industry on boats up to 88m. I help aspiring yacht crew by ...

  14. YachtieCareers

    Step 5 - Daywork and experience. Step 6 - Get the right Yachtie Network and Contacts. Step 7 - Get a Strong Superyacht Reference. Step 8 - Start applying for our Superyacht jobs. Step 9 - Ace your job interviews with your coach. Step 10 - Get a job, bank account and sign contract Claim your Yachtie Careers Deckhand and Stewardess offer.

  15. Yachting CV Examples & How to write a good CV

    For example, increase the size of your name and important sections like "Certificates" or "Professional Experience" and put in bold the name of the yacht you've worked on. 3. Include a recent and professional photograph. For many people, adding a photograph may seem like an odd thing to add to their CV, however, on a yachting CV ...

  16. How To Become A Stewardess On A Superyacht: A Guide

    To be considered for a stewardess position, candidates must have certain qualifications. A high school diploma or equivalent is required, and many employers prefer candidates with a college degree. Candidates should also have a valid passport, a seafarer's medical certificate, and a basic safety training certificate.

  17. Yacht Crew CV Information & Template Download

    Superyacht CV Template Download. Create a yacht CV by using the template provided below. This template is appropriate for deckhands, steward(ess)s, yacht chefs, engineers as well as other roles. Remember to export your yachting resume into PDF before applying for yacht jobs. Complete the form below and we will email the template to you.

  18. How To Write a Yacht Crew CV (With Template and Example)

    Example of a yacht crew CV Consider this example of a yacht crew CV: Sarika Patel Chief stewardess (251) 124-2346 [email protected] Miami, Florida Nationality: United States Visa: Type C Non-smoker No visible tattoos Single ear lobe piercings (removable) Objective Chief stewardess with three years in the yachting industry and excellent service skills, seeking a chief stewardess position on ...

  19. How To Become A Yacht Stewardess & Have A Career Of Fun

    7. WRITE A YACHT STEWARDESS CV. Writing a yacht stewardess CV is a lot different from writing a CV for a regular job. Captains receive hundreds of applicants during peak hiring periods. With many of these people having zero experience onboard a yacht, you need to know how to make yours stand out.

  20. How To Become A Yacht Stewardess: A Complete Guide

    Creating a yacht stewardess-specific CV is vital to standing out among other applicants in such a competitive world. Here are some tips to help you craft a CV for your job search: Start with a strong personal statement: Summarize your career goals, relevant experience, and personal qualities that make you an ideal candidate for a yacht ...

  21. How to build a yachtie CV!

    CV's should be no longer than two pages. Keep font size between 10-12. Don't have significant gaps - if your CV is only 1 page, that's fine! Save it as a .doc if you are using a Mac & always send your CV as a PDF to boats & .doc to crew, agents, When saving your CV, ensure it is listed, for example, Anna Clarke CV. The general order I ...

  22. The Seaworthy Stew Home

    A Yacht Stewardess who helps green crew and aspiring stewardess's and deckhands get started in the Superyacht industry and get a job working on a Superyacht. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ... I'll be looking for this training on cv's next time I'm trying to find the perfect stew. From a chief stew with 5+ years experience! kind words. Common ...

  23. Yacht Stewardess Resume Sample

    Jessica Claire. Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. (555) 432-1000. [email protected]. Summary. Cranston A New England Tech graduate with a Bachelor's in Interior Design. Offering over three years hospitality & customer service.A quick learner, team player, self-directed, and software oriented. Highlights.