Laser Sailing Tips

Laser Dollies and Trailers

Heading out on the water is exciting, but the journey from land to water isn't always smooth sailing. One way to make it easier is by using a laser dolly as well as a trailer.

The most effective way to transport your dinghy is with a dolly or trailer. If you are loading your dinghy onto your roof racks or onto your box trailer, there is an alternative, and it may be cheaper than you think. This is the safest way to get your boat from home to the water and back again without any damage.

Dinghy Dolly & Trailer Options

Keep your dinghy safe when traveling long distances or for short trips by pulling it on a quality-made dolly or trailer.

Trailers should be manufactured to highway standard specifications making them safe to use to get to your favorite lake or racecourse.

And the dollies make it much easier to get your dinghy in and out of the water single-handedly.

Below you will find the following:

  • Dollies for Sunfish or Laser sailboats
  • Dinghy Trailers
  • Dollie/Trailer Accessories

Dynamic Dolly Laser

Dynamic Laser Dolly

This lightweight, easy-to-handle Laser Dolly is made from aluminum with stainless steel screws. It is well-engineered to the point where it can easily be taken apart to fit in the back of a car for transporting elsewhere. When broken down, there are only five primary parts - two wheels, the axel-strap assembly, and two strut assemblies. Simple, yet strong and effective.

Right-On Dolly & Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

Right-On Dolly & Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

Made with a powder-coated steel frame, this lightweight dolly and trailer combo works with various small sailboats including Laser, Sunfish, and RS Feva. It comes complete with soft springs that absorb vibration during transportation. The design uses a fold-up locking tongue stand. The load capacity is set at 300 pounds.

Dolly for Laser Sailboats with Beach Wheels

Dolly for Laser Sailboats with Beach Wheels

The welded, all-metal frame of this dolly is made from single-tube aluminum with stainless steel screws. It also comes with a heavy-duty 3-inch non-stretch polyester sling for boat support. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, depending on your specific needs. The lightweight, sturdy unit weighs just 20 pounds when the wheels have been removed.

BRIS Stainless Steel Launching Dolly

BRIS Stainless Steel Launching Dolly

Although this launching dolly isn’t designed specifically for Lasers, and the quality may not be as good as some other dollies, Lasers still fit so this may work well for you. Made from stainless steel, this dolly has 16-inch wheels and can hold a maximum weight of 160 kilograms and boats up to 14 feet long. It is designed to be handled effectively by a single person.

12" Boat Dolly Wheel & Tire

12 Boat Dolly Wheel & Tire

Need a new dolly wheel or 2? This is the perfect replacement for several types of dollies used to carry Optimist and Laser class sailboats. The standard pneumatic dolly wheel measures 12 inches in diameter. With a load capacity of 500 pounds, this dolly wheel package is a perfect upgrade.

What Is A Laser Dolly?

A Laser dolly is a specialized piece of equipment designed to help transport, launch, and retrieve small sailboats. They are also called boat or dinghy dollies as they can carry more than just Laser class sailboats. Made from aluminum or stainless steel, these sturdy dollies are also lightweight. The design is quite simple, there is a frame and wheels with supports to hold a dinghy. The design permits a single person to easily move a loaded dinghy from storage or off the trailer to the edge of a body of water without requiring a large boat trailer.

Here is a closer look at the parts of a Laser dolly:

  • Frame : This is the primary structure of the dolly and includes supports and cradles for holding the sailboat. There are also adjustable straps to keep the dinghy secure.
  • Wheels and Tires : The wheels and tires of the dolly are designed to distribute weight evenly to permit easy handling of the unit. The tires are large enough to make maneuverability easy on different surfaces ranging from grass and pavement to sand.
  • Supports : The supports, which are either adjustable arms or padded cradles/straps, are designed to capture and hold the weight of a small sailboat when moved from one location to another.
  • Straps/Fasteners : These components are used to hold the dinghy securely in place to prevent shifting when being transported.

There are several advantages to using a Laser dolly. They include:

  • Ease of Transportation : A dolly makes moving a Laser and other dinghies from storage to the water much easier. So easy, that most dollies are designed so that they can be used by just one person. Plus, a dolly is handy if vehicle access is limited to where the sailboat is stored or where it is going to be launched.
  • Protection : With the way a dolly supports a sailboat when being moved, the risk of damage to the hull is greatly reduced.
  • Accessibility : A dolly permits sailors to access their sailboats from virtually anywhere such as from a beach, ramp, or any other access point on the water.
  • Convenience : Because dollies have a compact design and are easy to store, they are a practical solution in situations where space is not available for bigger trailers.

Exploring Laser Dinghy Trailers

Trailers are different from dollies. A dolly can be moved manually by a single person whereas a trailer is much heavier and requires a vehicle to tow it from location to location. Plus, dollies are not designed to be towed but boat trailers are.

Types of Trailers Suitable for Laser Dinghies

There are two main types of trailers for hauling boats. They are as follows:

  • Single-Boat Trailers : As the name indicates, this type of trailer is designed specifically to move just one Laser dinghy. Boat owners who have just a single dinghy will find the most use out of one of these types of boat trailers.
  • Customized Trailers for Multiple Boats : Depending on the number of boats to be transported, the other solution is a customized trailer made to safely hold and move more than a single boat. These are commonly used by sailors who own two or more sailboats, training centers, or sailing clubs.

Trailer Components and Features

There are several different parts to a boat trailer. Here is a breakdown of what they are:

  • Trailer Frame and Construction : Durable materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel are used in boat trailer construction. These materials provide durability and resist rust and corrosion.
  • Axles, Wheels, and Tires : For smooth towing and stability on various surfaces, boat trailers come with good-quality axles, wheels, and tires.
  • Boat Support : Supports on rollers are used to evenly distribute the weight of the boat or dolly being transported. The supports also reduce the risk of damage to the boat hull.
  • Lighting and Safety Equipment : For safe towing, boat trailers come equipped with lighting including brake lights and turn signals. Safety straps and chains hold the boat securely in place when being moved.

Loading and Unloading a Laser Dinghy Onto A Trailer

The task of loading or unloading a Laser dinghy requires a few simple steps. Here is a step-by-step description of the process:

  • Securing the Boat for Transport : Loading a Laser dinghy onto a trailer is rather easy. Carefully align the boat’s hull with the trailer supports and slowly guide the boat onto the trailer. Watch to ensure the boat is balanced and centered.
  • Strapping and Tying Down Securely : After you get the boat properly positioned on the trailer, use straps to secure it in place. The boat should be secure enough to not shift when moved.

If the trailer you have can accommodate both a dolly and boat, you can easily load the entire combo of dinghy and dolly onto the trailer, and then strap it down securely to avoid movement while in transit.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your dolly or trailer in good working order and lasting longer, it is vital to perform essential maintenance and care. Here are a few tips to assist with that:

Proper Maintenance Practices for Dollies and Trailers

  • Regular Cleaning and Corrosion Prevention : Rinsing your dolly or trailer after each use will prevent corrosion and to keep rust from forming, add a protective coating to any exposed metal parts. Washing with fresh water will remove saltwater and dirt which can create conditions where corrosion can form.
  • Inspection of Wheels, Tires, and Frame : By examining these parts regularly, and addressing minor problems when noted, you can avoid the development of more serious issues. Expect to see signs of wear and tear but note any rapid progression which could signal a bigger concern.
  • Lubrication of Moving Parts : Ensure that moving parts like axles bearings and hinges are lubricated regularly. This decreases friction and provides ease of use. There are marine-grade lubricants that have been developed to withstand water exposure. Use these on your dolly or trailer.

Storing Dollies and Trailers During Off-Season

There may be a time each year that you will be faced with storing your dolly or trailer until the sailing season begins again. Here are two considerations to keep in mind:

  • Sheltered Storage Options : It is important to store dollies and trailers in covered areas. This protects them from exposure to the elements that may result in premature aging or damage.
  • Removing Tires and Securing the Trailer : For long-term storage, it may be a good idea to remove tires from dollies or trailers. This prevents the tires from developing flat areas. By securing the dolly or trailer in place, you keep it from tipping over or moving.

Extending the Lifespan of Dollies and Trailers

As is the case with anything, the better you take care of something, the longer it will last and provide service to you. Dollies and trailers are no different. Here are two ways to keep your dolly or trailer in top shape:

  • Repairs and Replacements : Regularly inspect your dolly or trailer and if you discover an issue, address it as quickly as possible. To maintain its structural integrity, repair or replace any damaged parts. Pay close attention to minor issues to ensure they don’t become major problems in the future.
  • Upgrades and Enhancements : Keep up to date on dolly or trailer design or material advancements. Ensure that wheels are upgraded when needed and that features designed to improve performance and safety are utilized.

laser dinghy on a dolly

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trailer for laser sailboat

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trailer for laser sailboat

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Right-On Dolly Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

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Right-On Dolly Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

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Right-On Dolly Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

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RIGHT-ON TRAILER Multi Sport Multi Sport Trailer

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One person easy loading Soft springs and sturdy frame to absorb road vibration Fold up locking tongue stand Trailer is not immersed in the water for launching. Our dolly trailer works with the Seitech, Dynamic, and Intensity dollies for Laser, Sunfish, RS Fevaand other small sailboats. The trailer has a sturdy powder coated steel frame and soft springs to absorb road vibration while protecting your boat. Additionally, the trailer never needs to be immersed in the water which extends the life of bearings, lights, and frame.

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Trailex SUT-250L Laser Sailboat Trailer

Trailex Trailer for Laser One or Laser Two Sailaboat

trailer for laser sailboat

Trailex SUT-250L Laser Sailboat Trailer.  Available as Model SUT-250L  for Standard  Laser 1 and SUT-250LII for Laser 2  will transport a single Laser sailboat. Includes built in Sure Lube bearing protection system. It has a tuned suspension to virtually eliminate "Road Bounce" on small boats. This trailer can be shipped via UPS, and is easily assembled. Since the SUT-250L Trailer is made of aluminum, it is maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight. Laser Sailboat is suspended at three points on the gunwale lips to protect the boats hull.  Swivel Bow Support is included as a standard feature - this allows singled handed loading of the boat.  Specify  Laser One or Laser Two model when ordering.  

Recommended Products

FWSC is a set of 4 extra web strap clips for Trailex products.  Many items already include some web strap clips - check the specifications to see  how many (if any) are already included.  This special sliding web strap clip only fits Trailex products.


Web Strap Clips for Trailex - Set of Four

12" Wheel Option

12" Wheel Option

SPGAL  is a Spare Tire that fits Trailex Trailers.  It has a galvanized rim that is 4.80 x 8.00. The Tire is 16" High.

Spare 8" Tire for Trailex Trailers

Winch option for trailex trailers.

Trailex Spare Tire Carrier Bracket

Trailex Spare Tire Carrier Bracket

Spare 12" Tire for Trailex Trailers

Spare 12" Tire for Trailex Trailers

Trailex smsk.

Mast Carrier Set for Trailex Trailers

Mast Carrier Set for Trailex Trailers

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Trailex Trailer for Zodiac Style Inflatable Boats

Trailex SUT-350-M-2 Extended  Multi Canoe Kayak Trailer for longer Canoes & Kayaks

Trailex Extended Multi Canoe Kayak Trailer

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Trailex Canoe Kayak Trailer

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Trailex Extended Canoe Kayak Trailer

Trailex Sunfish or similar small sailboat Trailer.   The SUT-220-S is the latest model available. (formerly SUT-200-S)

Trailex Sunfish Trailer

Trailex Multi Canoe Kayak Trailer

Trailex Multi Canoe Kayak Trailer

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Single Ultra Light Duty Carrier for Laser(SUT-250L)

Single Ultra Light Duty Carrier for Laser(SUT-250L)

March   Sale!  FREE 12" tire upgrade with the purchase of any SUT trailer!*

*The free upgrade is for the two tires that come with the trailer.  Does not apply to any additional tires*

 SUT-250L Assembly Instructions 

  • Configured for Laser I or II: Select One Laser I  Laser II 


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You will travel with peace of mind when your boat is secured in a stainless steel, or galvanized aluminum sailboat trailer. West Coast Sailing offers trailers to fit your Laser, Hobie Cat or Sunfish sailboat. Have multiple sailboats? Check out our multiboat trailer from Trailex.

The popular Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer is no longer available. Please see the Trailex Laser Trailer as a suitable replacement.

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Carnai Hobie Wave Trailer

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Dynamic Dollies Laser 4000

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Dynamic Dollies Laser 2000

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Dynamic Dollies Laser

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Dynamic Dollies Laser 2

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ILCA (Laser) Sailing 101

What is the ilca (laser) class.

Note: In this article, the terms "Laser" and "ILCA" are going to be used interchangeably. Worldwide, the class is now officially known as the ILCA, despite originally being called the Laser .

The Laser class is a one design dinghy originally designed by Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce in 1969. Although the original intent behind the design was a recreational, family-friendly boat, the Laser has gone on to become one of the most popular racing boats in the world, with over 220,000 produced.

What makes up a boat?

Being a one design and Olympic class, all Laser boats conform strictly to the Laser class rules. In order to compete at continental and international championships, you will need to ensure that your equipment is ILCA class certified, and complies with the measurement standards set out by the class. There is a number of non-class legal equipment available, and if you're just planning on sailing for fun, these are a great option for getting started. (Hint: google Intensity Sails)

A relatively lightweight hull for its size, the Laser is 4.23m long, has a beam of 1.42m and weights 57kg. All hulls are built from glass reinforced plastic (AKA fibreglass) and are known for their robust construction and light weight.

One of the unique features of the Laser class is the three different rigs which can all be used with the same hull. This allows sailors of different ages, weights and abilities to participate in a single class. The rigs are:

Laser Standard (ILCA 7)

Laser Radial (ILCA 6)

Laser 4.7 (ILCA 4)

Three Laser/ILCA Rig Sizes


Each Laser rig consists of three pieces - the bottom mast, top mast and boom. The bottom mast is specific to each rig size, but the same top section and boom can be used with all three rigs.

Similar to the bottom mast sections, each Laser rig also has its own sail, and they are all different sizes.

Control Lines and Rigging

In the early 2000s, the class introduced the Turbo Kit rigging, which made a significant difference in the techniques and ease of sailing the boat. Although the Turbo rigging is standard nowadays, the old systems can still be found, and can be used to race.

One thing that many sailors like about the Laser is the speed and simplicity of its rigging. The boat has only four main control lines: the mainsheet, vang (kicker), cunningham and outhaul.

Similar to the hull, ILCA foils are also made from fibreglass. The centreboard (daggerboard) is inserted in to the case aft of the mast step, and the rudder clips easily on to the gudgeons on the transom of the hull.


Launching trolley - unless you will be beaching (not recommended) or storing your boat on a dock, you will need a trolley to launch your boat. Most boats are sold with these.

Road Trailer - if you would like to sail at different venues, or compete away from home, one of the easiest ways to transport your boat is with a road trailer. The Laser was originally designed to be loaded on to the roof of a car, and if you would like to find out more about transportation methods, we have a full article here .

Tiller and Extension - these come in both aluminium and carbon varieties, and both can be used to race.

Clothing - you can wear anything while sailing the Laser, but I would recommend getting at least a life jacket (better safe than sorry), and a pair of hiking pants. Hiking pants will protect the back of your legs from the deck, and allow you to sail for longer.

Who Can Sail the Laser?

Another great things to mention about the Laser is the range of uses and abilities the boat caters to. Lasers can be sailed on the weekend with your family for fun, or raced in the Olympics and everything in between!

What is the optimal weight for the Laser?

Thanks to the three rig sizes in the Laser class, the weight range in the Laser is quite large. Generally, the Laser Radial (ILCA 6) is suitable for sailors between 60kg and 75kg while the Laser Standard (ILCA 7) is suitable for sailors 75kg to over 90kg. The Laser 4.7 (ILCA 4) is designed specifically for younger and lighter sailors with an optimal weight range between 45kg - 60kg.

What ages are the sailors?

Laser sailing is a sport you can do for life, and nearly every Laser regatta there will be an age category catering to everyone from junior sailors through to master ages. Generally the age categories are U19, Open (20-35), and Masters (over 35). Depending on the regatta, there may also be additional age divisions including U17, and U15. It’s never too late to start sailing a Laser!

Masters Racing in the ILCA Class

Where to Sail a Laser?

The Laser world is divided in to 6 different regions:

North America

Central and South America

Rest of World

with each region comprising of various member countries and districts. Being the most popular dinghy class in the world, there are Lasers in over 120 countries around the world, and it's likely there is a sailing club with at least one boat near you. For more information and contact details for an association in your country, ILCA have a directory of ILCA District Contacts .

Laser Racing

Since the inception of the class, the Laser has been considered one of the world's premiere racing classes thanks to its low-cost, availability and one design nature providing tight competition at all levels. Since 1996, Laser racing has been included at the Olympics, and many Olympic laser sailors have gone on to the pinnacles of high performance sailing. If you want to see the calibre of some of the sailors who have competed in the Laser, be sure to check out our ranking of the Top 10 Male Sailors and Top 10 Female Sailors of all time.

2016 Olympic Laser Racing

Outside of the Olympics, the ILCA class also organises World Championships for all rigs and age divisions on a yearly basis. These include the following regattas:

Masters World Championship (all divisions and rigs)

U21 World Championship (ILCA 6 and ILCA 7)

ILCA 4 Youth World Championship

ILCA 6 Women's World Championship

ILCA 6 Youth World Championship

ILCA 6 Men's World Championship

ILCA 7 Men's World Championship.

2024 ILCA 7 World Championships

The full list and dates of upcoming ILCA World Championships can be found on the ILCA website .

Each ILCA region also hosts their own continental championships, and these also have a typically high attendance, and strong calibre of racing. The list of championships for each of the regions can be found here:

Oceania (out of date)

Starting Out with ILCA Sailing

If you're now feeling ready and excited to kick off your Laser journey, here's some things you might want to know before getting on the water

Getting a Boat

Due to their popularity, nearly every sailing club around the world will have at least one Laser lying around which you could try out before you buy your own boat. Many clubs also have rental programs where you can borrow or lease their boats for a minimal cost. This is a great way to get started and see if you enjoy the class.

If however, you're already at the point where you want to get your own boat, there will also be plenty of second hand boats which you could consider upgrading to. If you want some advice on looking for a used Laser, we have a complete second hand Laser Buyer's Guide .

Alternatively, I may have done such a good job convincing you to start ILCA sailing that you're ready to throw yourself in to it headfirst and buy a new boat. If that's the case, contact me at daniel.self@sail27 .com and I can help you find the best boat for you, or connect you with a great Laser dealer in your area.

Training and Coaching

Regardless of your ability, getting a coach is going to help you improve your sailing and much faster than you would by yourself. There are plenty of ILCA coaches all around the world, and the best resource I have found for finding a coach is ILCA's Coach directory . Another great option is to talk to your local sailing club or ILCA district association - they're sure to know someone in your area who can help you get started in the class.

ILCA Sailing Coaching

Since the COVID pandemic, online Laser coaching has become more accessible, and the guys at the International Sailing Academy have some great courses which can help you get from an intermediate to advanced Laser sailor.

You may however still be more of a 'book person' (that's how I started as well). If that's the case, I would recommend the RYA Laser Handbook. Although its a little older now, this is the most comprehensive guide to Laser sailing that I've read. Even as I got further in to my sailing journey, I would often refer back to this book for new tips.

RYA Laser Handbook

Wrapping Up

With all of that information, you should now be well versed on the ILCA class, and how you can get started in it. If you need any further information, feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer as well as possible. Otherwise, happy sailing and I'll see you on the water sometime soon!

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trailer for laser sailboat

Dolly Trailer

Unassisted loading of your small sailboat is possible through the brilliant design of our dolly trailer. You never have to lift the whole weight of the boat.

$ 899.99 – $ 1,025.00

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Additional information, assembly instructions.

Unassisted loading of your small sailboat is possible through the brilliant design of our dolly trailer. You never have to lift the whole weight of the boat.  This Dolly Trailer will work for ILCA/Laser, Sunfish®, Laser II®, RS Feva®, RS Aero®, and Laser Pico®.  Please contact us for more information if your one-person sailboat or dinghy is not listed here.

New for 2023! Improved corrosion resistance through new powder coat process. Larger and stronger 2″ ball hitch coupler. Simplified and improved trailer light wiring with quick-connects and dedicated grounding wire. Flat washers added to hardware kit.

In stock and shipping daily

221011 – TS-796 Assembly Instructions-REVC-compressed LCI-8791P Assembly Rev C1_small

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They are unique…


trailer for laser sailboat


trailer for laser sailboat


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trailer for laser sailboat


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trailer for laser sailboat

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trailer for laser sailboat



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trailer for laser sailboat

Laser – LaserPerformance

$ 5,100.00

Please Contact Us for Availability

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Laser Class Laser by LaserPerfomance – $6,475.00!


Features Laser sailing is an investment in skills that will last a lifetime, skills that apply to any boat. Laser sailors have access to a community of sailors from around the world who love to race. One Laser sailor in Honolulu recently recorded the first Laser speed record at 16.8 knots, or 28 feet per second. ( Link to our Laser speed record story ) When you are ready to race, get into a Laser.

The International Laser Class hosts more events in more nations than any other one-design class in the world. In North America alone there are more than a thousand events each year. Whether you choose to race in local club events or international championships there is an event for everyone. The International Laser Class magazine,  Laser World  and the North American class magazine  Laser Sailor  will always keep you up-to-date on future events, results, and tips to improve your Laser sailing.

The International Laser Class Association runs a circuit of Masters events for Laser sailors over 35 years of age. The Masters circuit culminates in the Laser Masters World Championship which is held annually. The Laser Masters racing circuit is the largest and most heavily attended masters racing group of any one-design class in the world.


Contact Shoreline Sailboats for more information about the Laser or to order your boat:

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trailer for laser sailboat


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trailer for laser sailboat

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trailer for laser sailboat

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  1. Dollies & Trailers for the Laser® Sailboat

    Trailex Aluminum Trailer for the Laser or RS Aero $1,800.00: Right On Trailer for Laser, Aero & Sunfish $899.99: Dynamic Dolly for the Laser® Sailboat $595.00: Pair of 4Spar Supports for the Laser® Price: $40.00 Sale price: $35.00: Dynamic Dollies Cushion Cap Stabilizer $13.40: Dynamic Dollies Edge Trim for HF2 $11.40

  2. CastleCraft Laser Sailboat Trailer

    Using a standard trailer on a Laser or Byte Sailboat can cause the hull to delaminate or form a "rocker" or chine in the hull surface, severely diminishing the boat's performance. The Trailex model SUT-250L supports the Laser at three points on the gunwale, eliminating any hull stress points. Swivel Bow Support is included as a standard feature ...

  3. Welcome to RightOn Trailer

    Welcome to RightOn Trailer Co. Right-On Trailer Co. has been delivering light-weight trailer solutions since 2010 when we introduced our innovative Dolly Trailer for the Laser and Sunfish sailboats. W e continue to provide new and improved trailers designs for the kayaking, sailing, and outdoor community. Now is the time for you to "Get it On ...

  4. Laser Dolly and Trailers

    Dynamic Laser / ILCA Sailboat Dolly. Dynamic Dollies & Racks. $595.00. Laser sailboat beach dollies and trailers from Dynamic Dollies, Seitech, and Right-On. Free Shipping on qualifying orders. Shop Today!

  5. Laser Dinghy Dollies and Trailers

    Made with a powder-coated steel frame, this lightweight dolly and trailer combo works with various small sailboats including Laser, Sunfish, and RS Feva. It comes complete with soft springs that absorb vibration during transportation. The design uses a fold-up locking tongue stand. The load capacity is set at 300 pounds.

  6. Right-On Dolly Trailer for Sunfish and Laser Sailboats

    The trailer works perfectly for my Laser sailboat and Dynamic dolly. Read more. Meredith . 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent quality trailer, great instructions, easy to build Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2020 I was very impressed with the quality of the trailer, the instructions and the customer service. ...

  7. Dolly Trailer & ILCA / Laser Dolly Combo

    Unassisted loading of your small sailboat is possible through the brilliant design of our dolly trailer. You never have to lift the whole weight of the boat. Note: The Dynamic Dolly for the ILCA/Laser has flip-up gunnel supports. $ 1,449.99 - $ 1,599.99. Assembly.

  8. Trailex Aluminum Trailer for the Laser or RS Aero

    Trailex Ultralight Aluminum Trailers come with a One Year Limited Warranty. Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers and they Never Rust. Choose the Laser or RS Aero in the pull down menu for the correct bow support for your boat. Uses 1 7/8" Trailer Hitch Ball. SUT250L $1,800.00 Boat:

  9. Trailex SUT-250L Laser Sailboat Trailer

    Overview. Trailex SUT-250L Laser Sailboat Trailer. Model SUT-250L will transport a single Laser sailboat. Includes built in Sure Lube bearing protection system. It has a tuned suspension to virtually eliminate "Road Bounce" on small boats. This trailer can be shipped via UPS, and is easily assembled. Since the SUT-250L Trailer is made of ...

  10. CastleCraft Multiple sailboat trailer

    Model SUT-500-2BC will carry 2 boats such as Laser, Sunfish, Force 5 Sailboats or similar boats. Maximum beam of lower boat is 5'-2". Upper boat can be wider. Pads are adjustable inward or outward and will swivel flat for carrying boats such as Laser Sailboats upside down. Has a 60" Mast Stand. 500 lb Capacity. Trailer is 12' Long and 7' wide.

  11. Right On Trailer for Laser, Aero & Sunfish

    You do not have to lift the whole weight of the boat at anytime in the process! Will work with a Dynamic, Seitech or Jotag Dolly with a Sunfis®, Aero, Force 5; M14, Zuma or Laser. One person can handle the whole job alone! Will ship directly from Right-On Trailer Co. in Georgia in 4 boxes. We can quote shipping costs by email in advance.

  12. Laser Sailboat CUSTOM TRAILER SETUP

    Laser Sailboat Custom Trailer Setup and Other Transportation Methods. See links below to all items discussed in the video and thanks again for watching:Laser...

  13. Single Ultra Light Duty Carrier for Laser(SUT-250L)

    These trailers are specifically designed to carry the Laser I and II or Byte sail boat. Boats are supported at 3 points under the bow and gunwale eliminating hull stress points. One person can load or off load using the standard swivel bow support. Shipping weight 142 pounds. Assembled length 12' 1" width 74". Standard with LED submersible lights.

  14. Trailex Laser / ILCA Trailer SUT-250L

    It provides gunwhale support in three places along the boat, at the bow and on the port and starboard sides. The bow clamp and swivel bow makes moving the boat easy to dollies. The Trailex is a light and durable road trailer and our recommended choice for the active traveling Laser or ILCA sailor. Assembled length 12 feet 1 inch width 74 inch.

  15. Small Sailboat Trailers

    Looking for a sailboat trailer to fit your Sunfish or Laser sailboat? Here at West Coast Sailing we have a variety of small boat trailers to fit your needs. Free Shipping Over $99* - 366 Day Returns - Dedicated Customer Support. Menu. Search. Close Search. Call Us +1-503-285-5536;

  16. One Design Laser Trailers Dollies

    Buy online One Design Laser Sailboat Laser Trailers and Dollies at the best price. Technical support at Vela Sailing Store. A committed team of sailors offering the best customer service, sailing gear and parts. Free shipping. Discounted Laser sailboat parts, pulleys and blocks.

  17. ILCA (Laser) Sailing

    Thanks to the three rig sizes in the Laser class, the weight range in the Laser is quite large. Generally, the Laser Radial (ILCA 6) is suitable for sailors between 60kg and 75kg while the Laser Standard (ILCA 7) is suitable for sailors 75kg to over 90kg. The Laser 4.7 (ILCA 4) is designed specifically for younger and lighter sailors with an ...

  18. Dolly Trailer

    You never have to lift the whole weight of the boat. This Dolly Trailer will work for ILCA/Laser, Sunfish®, Laser II®, RS Feva®, RS Aero®, and Laser Pico®. ... Dolly Trailer & ILCA / Laser Dolly Combo $ 1,449.99 - $ 1,599.99. Select options. Right-On Dolly Trailer for Megabyte Sailboat $ 1,099.99 - $ 1,249.99.

  19. CastleCraft Small Boat Trailer

    Laser Sailboat Trailer Laser 2 Sailboat Trailer Medium Sailboat Trailer for Vanguard & Similar Sailboats up to 500 lbs: Two (2) Canoe Trailer: Six Kayak Trailer Multi-Paddleboard Trailer Multi-Surfboard Trailer: Two (2) Kayak Trailer Four (4) Kayak Trailer: Six (6), Eight (8), Ten (10), & Sixteen (16) Canoe & SUP Trailers

  20. Homepage

    The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as the tactical excellence of the sailor. The Laser is raced by young and old alike from the Club level all the way to the Olympics. The Laser comes standard as a race version. One of sailing's best-known brands, it is unmatched in ...

  21. Trailer sailboats for sale by owner.

    Trailer preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Trailer used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... 13.9' Laser Performance Laser Standard rig Longboat Key Barrier island in front of Sarasota, Florida Asking $4,000. 35' Wauquiez Pretorien Lottsburg, Virginia

  22. CastleCraft Trailex Series of Boat Trailers for Boats, Canoes, Kayaks

    Trailer Directory For Boats. Single and multiple boat, canoe, kayak, SUP and sailboat trailers. Models by Boat Manufacturer: A Class Catamaran Trailer. TX-418-A. Adirondack Guide Boat Trailer. SUT-220-S. SUT-350-S. American Sail 14.6 Sailboat Trailer.

  23. Laser

    The Laser has a Vela gray hull with a Vela gray deck. Pricing. The $6,475 list price is for the Laser Race version. The Laser XD option is available at $6,998 Literature: Laser Brochure. Laser Rigging Guide. Laser Parts Locator. Contact Shoreline Sailboats for more information about the Laser or to order your boat: