1. Osmose am Rumpf mit den richtigen Methoden sicher erkennen

    yacht tv osmose

  2. Osmose bei Yachten selbst reparieren

    yacht tv osmose

  3. Osmose bei Yachten selbst reparieren

    yacht tv osmose

  4. Osmoseschutz

    yacht tv osmose

  5. YACHT SERVICE Osmose Lago Maggiore und GFK-Yachten

    yacht tv osmose

  6. Osmose bei GFK-Yachten. Erkennung, Beseitigung, Reparatur, Sanierung

    yacht tv osmose


  1. Arrival & Docking of $180M Superyacht ENERGY and other Superyachts

  2. Messepremiere Sun Odyssey 350


  1. YACHT-Tutorial: Osmose-Reparatur in Eigenregie

    Endstation Schrottplatz? Das muss nicht sein... die Bootsbau-Profis zeigen bei YACHT tv Schritt für Schritt, wie man sein GFK-Boot retten kann.

  2. Boat osmosis: how to recognize and treat it

    January 6, 2024. Boat osmosis: how to recognize this phenomenon, which can inevitably damage a boat's hull, and act accordingly to restore it. Osmosis is a terrible "disease" that attacks the fibreglass of the boat, but don't panic because there are remedies and definitive solutions that allow you to eradicate this "nautical" evil ...

  3. Osmosis

    Step 1. Prepping the boat. If the surveyor is convinced that the osmosis really needs treating, he is likely to recommend a hull peel. While a DIY repair is within the realms of an accomplished hobbyist, the strip and rebuilding is best done by the professionals, who have the facilities and the expertise.

  4. #5 Yacht-Refit Dehlya 25: Mit hartem Strahl gegen die Osmose

    Unser Refit-Projekt Dehlya 25 wird neu gemacht. Auch untenrum. Wie die Profis Osmose diagnostizieren, die kein Laie entdeckt hätte...

  5. Osmose

    Eigner kennen diese ständige Angst vor der Diagnose: Osmose! Doch wie erkennt man, ob es sich wirklich um den Schrecken der Bootsfahrer handelt?

  6. Should You Buy a Boat With Osmosis?

    No, you should not buy a boat with osmosis unless it is a phenomenal deal simply because there are thousands of boats without osmosis and you will probably be able to find another boat at a similar price. If you go and buy a boat with osmosis you might regret it later, not because it will sink or have any serious issues but because people will ...

  7. Osmose bei Booten und Yachten: Vorbeugen, Erkennen, Sanieren › ADAC

    Aufgestochene Blase bei der Osmose-Kontrolle. ©Peter Wrede Yacht Refits. Die 4 häufigsten Irrtümer zu Osmose bei Booten und Yachten. Da Osmose zu den meistgefürchteten Problemen von Bootsbesitzern gehört, wird darüber häufig und viel diskutiert. Dabei haben sich einige Irrtümer eingeschlichen, die häufig verbreitet werden:

  8. How do you treat osmosis on your boat?

    To speed up the process, you can place your boat in a dry, heated area and use a dehumidifier. To check hull humidity, use a hull humidity tester. Step 3. The next step is to coat the hull with an epoxy product solvent-free to prevent the formation of bubbles that promote osmosis. Choose an enclosed area with low humidity.

  9. The Basics of Onboard Satellite TV

    In recent years marine satellite TV companies like KVH and Raymarine have taken marine satellite TV, once featuring large domes with expensive systems and found only on superyachts, and brought it to the small boat owner. Satellite TV has become a lot more compact and affordable, with a range of antennas from about 12 1/2" to 33 1/2" in size.

  10. Osmose treatment Ott Yacht

    We specialise in preventing osmosis and in removing osmosis from GRP yachts For hulls with old antifouling coats, we remove the entire old coat down to the gel-coat in order to carry out the osmosis prevention procedure. This is lightly sanded, cleaned and checked for damage. We then reconstruct the hull underbody in at least 5 layers, using a ...

  11. Osmosis on boats and yachts: a few facts and fables

    This article discusses osmosis on boats and yachts. FRP is the perfect material for yachts and pleasure boats (but chance of osmosis) GRP, Glass Reïnforced Plastic, or rather better FRP (Fibre Reïnforced Plastic) is probably the most perfect material to build boats with: it's light, fairly strong, relatively cheap to fabricate, we can make the most fantastic shapes with it and it's low ...

  12. Warren Buffett has finally revealed what will happen to his money after

    Warren Buffett just changed how his considerable fortune will be spent following his death. Buffett, 93, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, told the Wall Street Journal he has again re-worked his ...

  13. Gelshield Plus Osmosis Treatment

    Contrasting colours (blue and green) to aid self-on-self application with wide overcoating flexibility. A high build, solvent-free epoxy primer for treatment of osmosis. At least 150 microns achieved per coat. Technical information. Safety information.

  14. How to get TV on your boat, the choices expand

    The two least expensive options for receiving Ka are the KVH TracVision HD-7 with a suggested retail of $12,995 and the Intellian S6HD with a suggested retail of $9,995. Ku dishes start with Intellian's i2 which lists for $2,695 and KVH's TracVision TV1 which also lists for $2,695. With Dish Network you will be able to receive HD broadcasts ...

  15. Tearful Andy Murray gets standing ovation on Wimbledon's Centre Court

    A tearful Andy Murray was honoured on Centre Court in one of the final moments of his Wimbledon career. The 37-year-old was given a hero's reception as he began his last appearance alongside his ...

  16. Houston 4th of July celebration: Everything you need to know before

    The festivities begin at 4 p.m., the concert begins at 7 p.m., and the celebration will end with a fireworks show around 9:35 p.m. Guests can purchase tickets for $10 dollars online or at the gate ...

  17. What's the best TV option for your boat?

    Option 2: gotW3. You might not have heard of this new product, but it's going to rock your world. gotW3 is a "hotspot on steroids" that will let you use streaming devices, tablets, and computers on your boat. You can run an external antenna up a mast and get great internet from about five miles offshore. The gotW3 device is inexpensive ...

  18. The Boat Show TV

    Superyacht Media Channel. With over 15 years of experience in creating TV boating content, We entertain boat lovers with on-water boat tests, superyacht reviews, boat shows reportage, factory tours of the best builders, talk about yacht design with in-depth interviews and project reviews. With +127 million YouTube views so far, 292.000 ...

  19. Cosmos

    The idea behind Oceanco's Project Cosmos is to have a yacht where you can be in touch with and enjoy your surroundings yet still be in a controlled environment. ... The first and only international luxury TV channel dedicated to superyachts and life onboard. Watch for free, anytime, anywhere. ©2024 SUPERYACHT TV Made with 🤍 by WEB AVALANCHE.

  20. Magic Johnson Kicks Off Yacht Vacation W/ Cedric The Entertainer ...

    The 64-year-old Hall of Famer and his wife, Cookie, have been documenting their whole trip on social media ... raving about their time in Ibiza, which has included feasting on lobster and sea bass ...

  21. Boat Satellite TV

    Find a local boat satellite TV dealer. Your favorite shows, news & live events while at sea or dock Loading... Please wait... Home; Boat Overview; HDTV on Your Boat. Shows, News, & Live Events While At Sea. Find A Dealer Near You. Call 1-800-970-9829. The DISH Advantage. Programming.

  22. Sailing on YouTube: The 10 most successful YACHT tv videos

    YACHT tv is the video presence of Europe's largest sailing magazine YACHT and has also been setting standards on YouTube since 2010. In over 900 videos, the channel offers everything from the world of sailing, from test reports on new dinghies, cruising yachts and unusual, special boats to coverage of all important sporting regatta events, workshop reports and DIY instructions to travel ...

  23. How to Get Satellite TV on Your Boat

    The size of the satellite dish doesn't make much difference on land, but it can be important on the water. Satellite TV providers aim their satellite signals toward land masses to maximize signal strength where the bulk of customers are, so the farther away from land you are, the weaker the signal gets. Larger dishes are more sensitive, so you can get a stronger signal when you're out at sea.

  24. America's Cup

    The America's Cup is a sailing competition and the oldest international competition still operating in any sport. America's Cup match races are held between two sailing yachts: one from the yacht club that currently holds the trophy (known as the defender) and the other from the yacht club that is challenging for the cup (the challenger). The winner is awarded the America's Cup trophy ...


    MONACO YACHT SHOW 2018. SUPERYACHT TV, the first and only international luxury TV channel dedicated to Super Yachts and luxury. Watch for free, anytime, anywhere.

  26. Osmose bei Yachten, so entsteht sie

    Im Süßwasser entstehen die für die Osmose notwendigen Konzentrationsgefälle zwischen Umgebung und Laminat übrigens leichter, was die Hydrolyse beschleunigt. Denn wegen der höheren Dichte von Salzwasser ist das Konzentrationsgefälle zur Säure im Laminat nicht so hoch wie bei Süßwasser

  27. Refit: Osmose

    Eigner kennen diese ständige Angst vor der Diagnose: Osmose! Doch wie erkennt man, ob es sich wirklich um den Schrecken der Segler handelt?