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Stonecast is een casual herenmerk met een sportief randje. Een draagbare en uitgewerkte no-nonsense collectie zorgt ervoor dat iedere man comfortabel en stijlvol door het dagelijkse leven kan.

De tijdloze styles worden binnen het merk afgewisseld met modische items in kleuren die bij het seizoen passen. Met een Stonecast outfit kan je altijd en overal voor de dag komen.

Luxe kwaliteiten in een modern jasje zonder te veel poespas. Dat is wat echte mannen willen!

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Regatta Gear

Regatta Gear: The Leaders in Yachting Gear and Sailing Apparel

Welcome to regatta gear, makers of high-quality sailing and yachting clothing..

Formed over 15 year ago, Regatta Gear has outfitted some of the world’s biggest racing circuits with sailing gear and clothing that keeps up in even the most demanding of situations. With apparel designed especially for both men and women, we have created great fitting pieces made from durable, high-quality materials.

Located right by the water in Newport Beach, we are constantly inspired by the water and the ocean. With a deep understanding of the needs of those constantly in the water, we have created collections of yachting and sailing clothing that is stylish, comfortable, and durable. Regatta Gear also specializes in creating customized team yachting apparel. Our finalized personalized gear will be suited exactly for your team’s functionality, and culture. We have a variety of custom colors, materials, and designs for you to choose from.

Here we only do one thing, and we do it well—the absolute best yachting and clothing gear on the market, with an affordable price point for everyone.  

IN DEPTH: The Omega Seamaster Yachting – A Luxurious & Rare Regatta Chronograph from the 1970’s

Omega Seamaster Yachting ref.176.010

Behind its visual appeal, its design and all those little things that jump out from its specifications sheet perhaps a wristwatch’s essence is that it is a highly personal item which also can be used to measure time. Timing events can be for something as simple as making al dente pasta, or more complicated like sport events, aerial manoeuvres, diving time, military actions (artillery arm was the first exponent of watches/chronos usage), the start up of jet engines and so forth. So from critical events to simpler tasks, the watch was and still is a fundamental companion.

The chronograph we are going to have a look at today belongs to a family of very specific timepieces: watches that are designed specifically for Yachting races. Yacht timers – also referred to as regatta timers, or yachting chronographs, – are watches specially designed and made for the countdown to the start of a sailing race. The Omega Yachting (ref 176.010) was the company’s proposal in a market being flooded with dedicated regatta chronos.

Before we go on to the watch we must shed a light to this specific naval race. What is a Regatta? A regatta is a term that means “a series of boat races.” The word dates back to the 17th Century and originates from Italy; in the Italian/Venetian dialect it literally means a fight or contest. At the end of all the races, whatever finishes that each boat received (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) are added together, similar to a Golf tournament for example. The competitor with the lowest total points wins the event. It’s taken for granted often, but many do not know exactly how a sailboat race works. It’s actually not much different from a runner’s track race. There are however, a few major differences that make a sailboat race work very differently than a track race. First, sailboats don’t have any type of brakes, so while there is a start line that each boat must cross, they cannot all line up and simply wait around for a gun to start the race. Instead, there is a five-minute countdown where the boats will sail around, and come up with a general game plan of where along the start line they want to be when the gun goes off. As time elapses down to under a minute, each sailboat starts to approach the line in hopes of being as close as possible to, but not over it, when the starting gun goes off. The second difference is how each boat goes around the course. Because a sailboat cannot go directly into the wind, they need to “tack” back and forth upwind to the first mark. After that, they will head to the next mark of the course until eventually they have rounded all the marks completing a lap of the racecourse. The combination of a good start, strong race course tactics, and simply making the boat move as fast as possible will get a competitor to the front of the fleet, winning the race. So, with this information we understand how time measurement is a serious parameter that guarantees the successful completion of all these intricate manoeuvres, and from that point we can now move to the specific chronograph offered by Omega in the 1970’s

This chronograph from Omega has the reference 176.010 and was introduced in 1973. This model was named the Yachting and was classified as part of the Seamaster family of watches. Its inner ring permits its usage for regatta races, so Omega targeted a specific segment of the chronograph market with the introduction of this model. Sailing is a hobby/sport (or for some people, a way of life) that has always charmed watch companies. Chronographs like the Heuer Autavia Skipper, the Regate/Regatta (sold under three different brand names – Aquastar, Heuer, and Tissot), Heuer’s Yacht Timer, the Breitling Co-Pilot and SuperOcean (both in regatta timing trim), Lemania’s self-branded Regatta Yacht Timer,   Yema Yachtingraf ,  and Wakmann were the direct competitors of the Omega Yachting. Skippers could use all these specialized watches for timing events during a regatta race.

Despite the plentiful competition, Omega followed a more luxurious route than from its mainstream competitors, Heuer and Breitling. If we look closely at the watch and compare it with its rivals, we can appreciate how.

  • Firstly, It has an immaculate blue iridescent dial which creates a much more luxurious feel. Add to this the applied markers and the applied Omega logo.
  • Secondly, its case: the case is unique for this model and its construction helps elevate the character of the watch with its continuous alternation of sunray-brushed and polished finishes. It is quite chunky and measures 43mm in diameter. When we consider the case and the dial together, we understand that the purpose of Omega was not just to create a tool wristwatch but a luxurious item that reflected the decade of its design and the lifestyle of the yacht-racers. This duality was the obvious difference from other offerings in the market.
  • Thirdly, another distinguishing feature was the calibre used in this watch: calibre 1040. This actually a movement designed and build by Lemania, and originally introduced in 1972 as Lemania calibre 1340. It runs at 28,800bph, with 22 jewels, and has a 44-hour power reserve. Both have a bidirectional winding system and KIF shock protection. There are some differences however. The Omega movement is rhodium-plated, while the Lemania movement features a grey finish. The main difference however is that the Omega has a 24-hours indicator, placed at 9 in the second sub dial. The Lemania calibre 1340 lacks this 24h indication.
Did you know… Did you know that in 1973 Omega launched the first COSC chronograph calibre? Well they did with calibre 1041, which is a variation on calibre 1040. It was first used in the legendary Speedmaster 125 (ref 378.0801) that was made for the 125th anniversary of Omega. Highly collectible these days, as it was limited to 2000 pieces, making of it the first officially certified chronograph chronometer in the world.

The Yachting is today one of the rarest vintage chronographs of Omega, and an important link in a very long chain of sports watches focused on sailing. Take for instance the Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronograph (NZL-32) that Omega introduced in 2007, or more recent, in 2013, the Omega ETNZ Seamaster Diver Special Edition .

People in the yachting community, skippers and owners alike, who wanted a luxurious chronograph that could be used for measuring regatta races and other naval activities, now had a suitable option. It’s chunky, has quite a bit of a “bling-factor” and is quite complicated in its design aesthetics. Its purpose is to be an imposing item, which of course can measure time. Utilitarian is an adjective notably absent when we describe the yachting, an eye-catching and certainly a very beautiful Omega chronograph from the 1970’s.

For those who were looking for a slightly more affordable alternative, Tissot offered the Navigator Yachting ref. 45503. Inside ticks Tissot calibre 2170, which is actually the Lemania calibre 1341. That was Lemania’s value-proposition and was a more affordable variant of calibre 1340. Back in the 1970’s Lemania sold their movement to a large number of companies including Heuer, Sicura, Nivada, Alpina, Sinn, Bucherer, Dugena and Tissot. Both the Tissot and the Omega shared the same hands, pushers, plastic crystal and case, however the main difference was again the absence of a 24-hour indication.

Omega Seamaster Yachting ref.176.010

8 responses

Top review of another rather underrated 70ies chronograph.

As for the photos, they just keep making me drool over the keyboard…

Again; an excellent review for an amazing watch. Really like your articles Ilias!

Glad you like them Horacio, Thank you very much……

i have a same one

Thank’s for Yema Yachtingraf

hello, got one of this but with a 1041 chronomètre version into it. Did you checked out the movement? Thanks for the info’s and presentation.

Hi Manu! As far as i know the cal.1041 was put exclusively to the 125 Speedmaster…..

Ilias Do you know what this watch should be insured for nowadays? Or how I could find out? Thanks!

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Boundless adventure: The Outremer 52

Yachting World

  • In partnership with Yachting World
  • August 18, 2023

Your home to explore the world’s most remote places: Outremer’s latest bluewater catamaran delivers style, safety and speed in just 52 feet

yachting overhemden

“Trustability” was the word that Caroline and Magnus Tallqvist used to describe Franny , their brand new Outremer 52 – the first hull of Outremer’s latest design. “Trust that it will keep us safe. Trust that it will take us fast where we need to go. Trust that it’s solid, repairable, and environmentally respectful. Trust in the Outremer brand,” they explained.

Outremer catamarans have a reputation for striking the delicate balance between comfort, safety and performance. With the launch of the 52, Outremer has once again raised the bar for the bluewater catamaran sector, elevating an already well-proven concept with their latest addition

yachting overhemden

The Outremer 52 was specifically designed to be accessible, dependable, and easy to handle. To achieve this, as with all Outremers, the core design concepts of the 52 were born from extensive feedback from the Outremer ‘family’ – the community of existing owners. Features such as the secure closed – but openable – access to the sugar scoop, the ability to sail and steer the boat entirely from the enclosed cockpit, and the sense of flow throughout the boat are significant improvements in design. They were born from the real life stories and experiences of the diverse Outremer family that is involved in bluewater catamaran ownership: parents, partners, children, racers, cruisers and even people brand new to sailing.

The 52 is built for purpose: to turn bluewater cruising dreams into reality. A home for boundless adventures, she is safe and stable enough to live in for long periods of time. The beauty and magnificence of the surroundings pours in through a fully opening window at the galley, creating a deep connection with the natural world.

yachting overhemden

The sumptuous saloon seating and generously sized watch-keeping station makes the interior as practical as it is luxurious, while the pivoting helm and 360-degree visibility through front and side windows, topside portholes and a sliding door offers a means of steering the boat entirely protected from the elements, meaning no compromise needs to be made between seamanship, safety and comfort.

To buy a bluewater catamaran is to buy freedom: the means to a new way of life. Recognising the practicalities this demands, Outremer have included a modular port forward cabin which they call My Free Space. Fully customisable to suit the owners’ needs, it can be a double cabin, an office with bunk beds or a folding workshop bench, a dressing room or a child’s cabin. The 52 can be a trustworthy companion for couples, families, or solo sailors – delivering everything their bluewater cruising lifestyles demand.

yachting overhemden

Many of the improvements have been made possible by the acquisition of the high-end catamaran builder Gunboat in 2016 by Outremer’s parent company Grand Large Yachting. This brought engineering resources, innovation and experience with emerging technologies that have elevated Outremer catamarans to a level far exceeding their competitors.

If you are interested in stepping aboard the new Outremer 52 to experience it yourself: visitors to the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 12-17, 2023) will be able to tour hull #1, ‘ Franny ’ at the Outremer stand in Cannes at stand ‘SAIL 014’. And in the meantime, there’s a full guided tour and interview with Caroline and Magnus online.

Find out more here: https://catamaran-outremer.com/en/catamarans/outremer-52/

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€ 69,95 incl. BTW

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De overhemdenlijnen van OLYMP voldoen aan alle modieuze eisen, die mannen bij OLYMP aan zakelijke en casual kleding stellen.

Eenvoudig wassen, drogen, aantrekken - OLYMP Luxor modern blijft ook zonder strijken de gehele dag glad. Het zakelijke overhemd van 100% katoen biedt verhoogde zekerheid door een kreukloos voorkomen en is zo de ideale zakelijke partner.

Voor warme dagen op kantoor bieden we de varianten met korte mouwen van OLYMP Luxor modern fit van 100% katoen aan, met bewezen vrijheid van strijken en voor een kreukloos voorkomen.

Het exclusieve galaoverhemd OLYMP Luxor soiré e staat voor zeer bijzondere elegantie en het grote voorkomen. Extravagante details zoals stiksels, omslagmanchetten of verscholen knoopzomen evenals de strijk- en kreukvrije eigenschappen maken dit stijlvolle overhemd tot de ster van iedere feestelijke gelegenheid.

OLYMP Level Five overhemden tillen met hun snit die het lichaam benadrukt mannen modieus gesproken naar een hoger niveau. Luxueuze productdetails horen er net zo bij als de grenzenloze bewegingsvrijheid dankzij het comfort stretch weefsel.

Het OLYMP Level Five Casual overhemd past indien juist gecombineerd bij iedere gelegenheid: van klassiek tot onconventionele zakelijke outfit, sportief voor de nonchalante vrijetijdslook.

Met OLYMP Level Five korte mouw biedt deze overhemdenlijn voor de slanke en modebewuste man ook voor de warme zomerdagen een comfortabele draagvariant op hoog modieus niveau.

OLYMP Tendenz overhemden van 100% katoen in eenvoudig te strijken kwaliteit springen eruit tegen een bijzonder aantrekkelijke prijs.

OLYMP Casual overhemden zijn losjes en nonchalant, met een casual patroon, maar stellen hoge eisen aan stijl en kwaliteit, en zijn daarbij eenvoudig te verzorgen met uitstekende draageigenschappen.

Ook in de Casual sfeer vinden mannen bij OLYMP de passende korte mouwen varianten voor hun vrije tijd: sportieve losheid gecombineerd met het hoogste draagcomfort.

Bij het materiaal wordt de grootste waarde aan kwaliteit gehecht. Het kwaliteitskenmerk van het gebruikte katoen is de hoge stapellengte, de lengte van de draden dus. Actief ademend en huidvriendelijk kenmerkt dit natuurproduct zich door een hoog draagcomfort. Met verfijnde veredelingstechnieken worden de unieke producteigenschappen zoals strijkvrijheid en kreukarm zijn bereikt. Alle katoenkwaliteiten zijn volgens de Oeko-Tex standaard 100 gecertificeerd.

Het comfort stretch weefsel van hoge kwaliteit van OLYMP Level Five overhemden bestaat voor 97% uit katoen en voor 3% uit elastolefin (XLA), een stretchgaren dat over uitstekende stretch- en verzorgende eigenschappen beschikt. Ondanks de snitvorm dicht op de huid, wordt zo voldoende bewegingsvrijheid gegarandeerd.

Linnen en flanel bieden bij de OLYMP Casual overhemden een hoog draagcomfort: koel linnen in de zomer, zacht verwarmend flanel voor in de winter. 

Naast klassieke streepjesdesigns zorgen minimalistische prints en puntjesdesigns voor een trendy voorkomen. De kleurenkeuze reikt van alle varianten aan blauwtinten via modieuze trendkleuren tot het klassieke wit.

Naast materiaal en design zijn het de details die het modieuze voorkomen complementeren. Bij de kraagvormen treft u de klassieke Kent kraag met de variaties New Kent, New York Kent en Global Kent aan, evenals de modieuze haaikraag, de sportieve Button-down kraag, de extravagante tabkraag en de elegante klapkraag.

Met zes verschillende pasvormen bieden OLYMP overhemden voor iedere mannelijke vorm de passende outfit.

OLYMP Luxor overhemden zijn verkrijgbaar in de pasvormen ” comfort fit” , met comfortabele breedte, en ” modern fit” met lichte taillering.

De OLYMP “body fit” pasvorm is vooral bedoeld voor slanke, modebewuste mannen omdat ze getailleerd is en een patroon heeft die het lichaam benadrukt.

“Super slim” betekent sterk getailleerd en zeer dicht op het lijf gemaakt. Daardoor is deze pasvorm bijzonder geschikt voor slanke mannen met atletische proporties.

De “Casual” pasvorm is het toonbeeld van de OLYMP casual collectie: ze kenmerkt zich door een modieuze snit van deze tijd. Een ietwat verkorte overhemdlengte en een licht geronde zoom maken het mogelijk dat het overhemd zowel ingestoken als ook losjes over de broek gedragen worden kan.

yachting overhemden


What the heck is Mountain Yachting we see you wonder… And we fully get that! We all know what Yachting is: the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for racing or cruising. On water.  Land Yachts, however, are either small sailing buggys on wheels, or large (expedition) campers.

We used to own a seagoing yacht but learned that we are less ‘seagoing people’  than we thought. Fact is that we just love the mountains and our destinations mostly involve mountains, so Amy came up with Mountain Yachting! 

This is all about ‘living aboard’, being self reliant and enjoying nature and especially the mountains. #Vanlife is great, we have been doing it for the last five years in the Freerider , our self-built Sprinter 4×4.  Due to its smaller size, such a van has its limitations, especially on longer trips and in winter. No shower, small kitchen facilities etc. Just not a lot of indoor space.

Mountain Yachting is the next level for us! Our Mountain Yacht is small enough to be able to drive winding mountain roads, and big enough to be a complete tiny house on wheels, including all luxuries like shower, kitchen, central heating, airconditioning rooftop terrace, etc. Just like a real yacht!

We are a Dutch couple. We write in English because we travel internationally, meet people from all over the world and it is a common language. It is obviously not our first language so don’t expect perfect English grammar!  

On this website you will find stories about a Sprinter 4×4 Van conversion, building our Mountain Yacht and most of all: travel stories, Winter & Summer. Mainly mountains because flat land … we’ve seen too much of that already in our lifetime. Of course there is also Scotty’s corner, if you are in need of some cute pupper piccies!

We hope that you will enjoy our stories and reports. We do certainly NOT pretend to be professionals. We are just two enthousiasts who love to try and figure out stuff and make it work!  And what is legal in the Netherlands might be illegal somewhere else, and vice versa.

So a big disclaimer and ‘do not try this at home’ waiver might be in place, haha. 

Amy & RP

We do not have any advertising or affiliate links on our website, we just want to pass on information and give honest reviews of the products we use on our build and during our trips.

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+1 (914) 240-8809.

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Book your prime yacht charter today!

2,500+ crewed luxury yachts for charter, the luxury yacht charter marketplace.

Find and book your perfect yacht with OppQuest Yachts! Utilize our premier global platform for booking luxury yacht charters. Explore an array of vessels ready for rental, access adept insights from our extensive destination manuals, and draw inspiration from tailor-made yachting journeys. We’ll link you with an informed charter specialist, facilitating the seamless arrangement and reservation of your privately crewed yachting getaway. Embark on your extraordinary yachting adventure today!

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We’re dedicated to securing your ideal trip at the best price, meeting all your needs. Our diligent search includes discounts and exciting deals, ensuring a remarkable journey tailored just for you.

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Decoding Hollywood's Disturbing "Yachting" Culture Beneath the Glamour

Jamie Lerner - Author

PUBLISHED Dec. 19 2023, 10:41 p.m. ET

We explore the hidden meaning of "yachting" in Hollywood: individuals, often women, get paid large sums to spend time with wealthy individuals for career advancement.

Individuals may face uncomfortable situations, including sexual assault, trading dignity for fame, and money in a corrupt industry.

Prominent figures like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Nina Dobrev, Hailey Bieber, and Emily Ratajkowski have all been linked anecdotally to Nonsense Pudding .

Thanks to influencers like Deux Moi , normies are finally getting a peek into the life of the rich and famous. And while pictures aboard yachts surrounded by luxury may look glamorous to all of us, it isn't necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. Stories have been coming out for decades about people, often women, who subject themselves to “yachting.”

We may associate yachting with rich guys sailing in races, but it actually has a much darker meaning in Hollywood . It’s often considered Hollywood’s oldest “open secret,” but what actually is “yachting”? Keep reading for all of the details.

In Hollywood, "yachting" is the practice of getting paid large sums of money to spend time with wealthy people.

At its most innocent, “yachting” is a PR opportunity for an up-and-coming actor or model. However, it’s often much more sinister. Basically, typically women on their way up in the industry may get paid a large sum of money — five, six, or even seven figures — to spend time with wealthy men. The benefit for the women is the money, the photo ops of luxury, and a potential opportunity to meet someone who could give them a leg up in the industry.

However, they often aren’t told what strings are attached before agreeing to “yacht” with someone. Many of these excursions often lead to sex and other forms of assault. Although the women tend to be up and coming celebs and influencers, they are essentially selling their body for the entirety of their time on the yacht. It gives “the implication” a whole new meaning.

“Yachting” is a common and known practice in Hollywood, but it could also be considered prostitution.

In 2007, businessman Elie Nahas was convicted of running a prostitution ring at the Cannes Film Festival. He claimed that he was only responsible for getting women to Cannes and had nothing to do with what happened after, but even if he did, there are hundreds of other men doing the same thing.

Many of us see pictures of celebrities on yachts and luxury vacations and think, "Wow, imagine living that life!" But in reality, they're being paid to spend time with someone they may not like just because it could further their career. But in doing so, many give up their bodies.

In fact, one Redditor wrote : “You are essentially being bought for a certain period of time. Hence why people get drugged, raped, fondled, sleep with men older than their fathers, pissed and shat on. Once everything is said and done, the trauma and memories of doing those things stay with you forever. Your dignity is being leveraged for fame and money. Let’s not forget a lot of these encounters are filmed and can easily be used to blackmail these young stars.”

It’s an example of powerful men taking advantage of young women with dreams of succeeding in an already corrupt industry. But the practice is so common that stories have circulated about Selena Gomez , Ariana Grande, Kylie and Kendall Jenner , Nina Dobrev, Hailey Bieber, and many other big stars.

@al.laure1209 Best way to fill the pool 🛥 #yacht #yachtlife #yachtdesign #boat #boating #luxuryyacht #sailing #superyacht #topyacht #yachtinglife #yachtingworld #yachting #yachtlifestyle #yachtcrew #cannes #cannesyachtingfestival ♬ original sound - Alex

Emily Ratajkowski also talks about it in her memoir, My Body . She explains how she was paid $25,000 early on in her career just to accompany Jho Low to the Super Bowl, without understanding what she was expected to do. So while the idea of riding around on a luxury yacht might sound ideal, many paths there aren’t as great.

Marvel Officially Cuts Ties With Jonathan Majors — Will Kang Be Recast?

Ongoing Health Concerns Raise Questions About Celine Dion's Singing Career

How Did Jimmy Buffett Accumulate His Impressive Net Worth Prior to His Death?

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    Een ietwat verkorte overhemdlengte en een licht geronde zoom maken het mogelijk dat het overhemd zowel ingestoken als ook losjes over de broek gedragen worden kan. Overhemden voor heren, modieus design, eersteklas stoffen, strijkvrij. OLYMP overhemden voor een overtuigende look. Nu in de OLYMP onlineshop bestelle.

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    The Luxury Yacht Charter Experts. The ultimate and most accurate selection of super yachts, catamarans and boats for private charter. Get our devoted and expert advice for your dream yacht vacation, be inspired by our itineraries and worldwide destination guides. Book your next yachting experience with Your Boat Holiday, compare the best yachts ...

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    What the heck is Mountain Yachting we see you wonder…. And we fully get that! We all know what Yachting is: the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for racing or cruising. On water. Land Yachts, however, are either small sailing buggys on wheels, or large (expedition) campers. We used to own a seagoing yacht but learned that we ...

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    Utilize our premier global platform for booking luxury yacht charters. Explore an array of vessels ready for rental, and draw inspiration from tailor-made yachting journeys. [email protected] +1 (914) 240-8809; Chat with Expert; English; USD (914) 240-8809; Our Fleet; Destinations; About us; Contact; Menu. Charter yacht offers.

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  20. What Does "Yachting" Mean in Hollywood? Term Explained

    In Hollywood, "yachting" is the practice of getting paid large sums of money to spend time with wealthy people. At its most innocent, "yachting" is a PR opportunity for an up-and-coming actor or model. However, it's often much more sinister. Basically, typically women on their way up in the industry may get paid a large sum of money ...

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