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5 Yacht Tests in 9 Minutes

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: April 24, 2017

Yachting has had the opportunity to test a wide variety of yachts. Whether it’s a yacht tender, 40-foot flybridge or a 75-foot motoryacht, we can’t get enough of taking yachts out for a spin.

The Schaefer 640

Our take: The Schaefer 640 is a versatile, seaworthy platform for entertaining and cruising.

Our take: The Evo 43 will get all eyes on you.

The Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht

Our take: This Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht was built for all the fun you can handle.

The Horizon E75

Our take: If you’re looking for a boat that is both seaworthy and designed for entertaining, look no further than Horizon’s E75 .

The Maritimo M64 (Formerly M61)

Our take: The Maritimo M64 was built for safe, comfortable, long-distance voyages.

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Youtube : Over 700,000 views - the 10 most successful YACHT-tv videos

 ·  21.12.2023

10th place: Bavaria C 45 test (2018): Beacon of hope or the last of her kind?

Bavaria C 45 test (2018): Beacon of hope or the last of her kind?

In total 383.858 times this test report of the Bavaria C45 was called up. The series boatyard wanted to tap into new groups of buyers with the new ship after its insolvency and was rescued by a new investor shortly afterwards. YACHT was allowed to test the C45 on the Oslo Fjord - what was the verdict? See for yourself!

Hallberg-Rassy 40C touring yacht in winter endurance test

It's not always possible to test a boat in the right conditions, but here we succeeded: In February 2020, the Hallberg-Rassy 40C was on the YACHT test bench in harsh winter conditions. The YouTube video was retrieved 385.331 Times.

Trailer special: Off into the water ... Slip properly - the tutorial

If you want to be mobile with your yacht, this video from 2018 is a must: Lars Bolle explains everything about slipping. The tutorial was not only 392.520 played hundreds of times, but also commented on hundreds of times.

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youtube yacht test

Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15: The big documentary about the race around the world

Whether you've always been an Ocean Race fan or only since the last edition with Boris Herrmann, this documentary is absolutely worth watching. "Even years later, this is by far the best summary of the race," says one of the top comments below the video. The documentary, which is almost 90 minutes long, was 398.998 Clicked once.

Preparing harbour manoeuvres correctly - the top 14 tips from the YACHT editorial team

437.377 people want to benefit from the YACHT editorial team's tips and have watched the YouTube video about harbour manoeuvres. The tricks are not only practical for every sailor, but also timeless. I wonder how many harbour cinema situations the instructional film has prevented?

Spindrift 2 - Giant of the sea: Man vs. monster

Yann Guichard and "Spindrift 2"... or: one man sails single-handed on the world's largest tri. We wanted to find out if and how this works. The on-board visit on a giant of the seas has been seen over half a million times, it has 585.792 Clicks.

Enclosure, the forgotten manoeuvre

You might ask yourself whether the title of this YouTube video still applies at all. After all 651.794 people have seen the YACHT-tv video on the subject of shoring. No matter what, it remains an important topic and with over 30 knots of wind and two metre waves, it's always an exciting video.

The top 16 typical mistakes made by charter crews - Part 1

We have reached the top three most successful videos on YACHT tv and are starting with a topic that is as instructive as it is entertaining: The top 16 typical mistakes made by charter crews. The ten-minute video from 2017 has now been played 689.013 Times.

Rough weather: motorboat against sailing yacht in storm

Despite incredible 779.386 views, this video is currently only in second place on this list. That doesn't make it any less exciting. Rather, the question arises as to whether there is anything more exciting than a comparison of motor and sailing boats with crew swaps by YACHT and its sister magazine BOOTE in extremely rough weather. It's worth investing 16 minutes and seeing for yourself!

A cruising yacht for 13,000 euros - price cracker Viko S 21

Drum roll for the Viko S 21! With fabulous 785.658 The test of what is probably the cheapest cruising yacht is at the top of this ranking. In this YACHT-tv video, the test editors examine the extent to which the Polish price cracker can also convince in sailing terms!

About YACHT tv

YACHT tv is the video presence of Europe's largest sailing magazine YACHT and has also been setting standards on YouTube since 2010. In over 900 videos, the channel offers everything from the world of sailing, from test reports on new dinghies, cruising yachts and unusual, special boats to coverage of all important sporting regatta events, workshop reports and DIY instructions to travel reports from known and unknown regions. YACHT tv has over 86,000 subscribers and has been viewed over 47,492,199 times in total.

  • Z u YACHT tv

Call figures as at 21/12/2023

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youtube yacht test

Oyster 495 review: an impressive smaller Oyster

  • Toby Hodges
  • September 29, 2022

An exclusive three-day test on the new baby of the Oyster range, the Oyster 495, shows that big things can come in (slightly) smaller sizes, says Toby Hodges

Product Overview

Manufacturer:, price as reviewed:.

Good things come to those who wait. After tirelessly chasing the breeze for over 100 miles, we found our just rewards. It was a hazy, moody morning as I rose from the privileged comfort of the aft berth of the new Oyster 495. Twin thrusters were pushing us effortlessly off the dock in Guernsey, our late night stopover, as I took my coffee from the galley espresso machine up on deck, noting how quickly and easily I was beginning to enjoy such creature comforts.

Once out past the harbour arms, white caps indicated a solid breeze. The sails were unfurled at the push of a button and Carpe Diem , Oyster 495 number one, began to heel and power up properly, as if finally set free. This was the moment for me that Oyster’s latest design came alive and transformed into what is arguably the definitive modern day luxury distance cruiser.

It has been a long, highly publicised build up to the launch of Oyster’s first boat fully conceived in the four years under software entrepreneur Richard Hadida’s tenureship. This is a model the CEO has talked about from the start, one to widen the luxury brand’s net and bring more, and younger, people on board. It seems that strategy is already working, as, out of the 15 Oyster 495’s already sold around the world, only two are to existing Oyster owners.

This is also the smallest yacht the Southampton firm has developed from scratch since 2005, and warranted a new yard in Hythe to take production in-house and build up to a schedule of 12 Oyster 495s a year.

youtube yacht test

Sailing out past The Needles. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

49ft for the 49th year

This is only a 49 in name though, not in the looks, volume or price tag. The Oyster 495 is as much a part of the small superyacht style of Oyster as its last few launches from the Oyster 565 to the Oyster 885, all by Humphreys Yacht Design.

First impressions centre on its size: the deck space and internal volume that all the beam and freeboard height creates. Yet while the duck egg vinyl wrap intentionally sets off a vibrant aesthetic, it’s the rest of the renowned quality and styling on the boat that really hits home.

The integral boarding ladders which fold down from the guardrails are optional but arguably essential, though once aboard you quickly realise how easy it is to move around the deck and through the superb cockpit.

youtube yacht test

With sprayhood removed and dark, stiff sails trimmed, the 495 in powerful performance mode against the Sark tide. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

Below decks you’ll find a clever new layout which, for me, makes the galley a star of the show and helps ensure the aft cabin, with its views and space, is best in class.

Once I discovered the deck stowage, engine room space and mechanical layout, I was convinced this could be a serious world cruiser and was excited about the chance to spend proper time aboard, a long weekend-style mini cruise, to see how it performs and how practical it is.

Oyster reserved our three-day slot aboard the first Oyster 495 during its ‘world tour’, in which it is premiering this new model in the Baltic and Mediterranean.

With a ridge of high pressure settling over the south coast, the obvious option to find wind was to take the north-easterly across the Channel. We met a spell of glorious summer conditions once out of the western Solent, sailing close-hauled over flat water at 7 knots in 10 knots localised seabreeze, before we pointed our bows across the Channel and settled in for many hours of reaching with and without asymmetric spinnaker, or motorsailing when the wind dropped. With double figure apparent wind speeds you can reliably sail at a speed similar to or exceeding that of the engine at cruising revs, meaning you can passage plan at 8 knots.

Although the standard Oyster 495 comes very complete, the test boat was equipped with plenty of optional extras including a carbon mast and in-mast furling carbon spectra sails to help bolster performance. As I was to discover in the Channel Islands , the boat still likes to be powered up before you get much communication on the helm, and in the lighter breezes I had to watch the numbers to avoid wandering off course.

youtube yacht test

The robust fixed bowsprit neatly integrates anchor roller and keeps the spinnaker tack clear of the headstay. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

Initially, the helm felt overly heavy, despite the dual rudders. Our skipper, Oyster’s CCO Paul Adamson, was quick to access the steering gear through the pedestals and after some tweaking the result was slightly lighter. However, long geared linkage of centre cockpit steering to twin rudders will always mean hopes for direct feedback need to be measured accordingly.

Built for breeze and ease

To have extra breeze the following day was transformational. With the true wind in the teens or more The Oyster 495 comes alive. It’s powerful and stable, exactly what you want from a distance cruiser.

It was also a really impressive display of how easy it is for one person to manage. I sailed Carpe Diem right into Sark’s Le Grand Greve cove, using the pedestal push buttons to furl the jib, then the main and finally to command the windlass to lower chain as we glided to a halt with no engine or any other hands required.

The push button ease with which you can manage this boat is a big deal. Three new clients of boats in build have converted from power to give sail a go, says Adamson. That said, they’re expensive options, with retractable bow and stern thrusters alone costing around £40,000.

youtube yacht test

Clear views for my watch during last light crossing the Channel. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

While a standard Oyster 495 has an aluminium rig with electric in-mast furling, Oyster has been working with Seldén on a new hydraulic in-mast furling system for this optional £140,000 carbon rig. The test boat had a full hydraulics package to serve the outhaul, vang, mainsheet and backstay, the twin compact pumps of which need comparatively little oil and are remarkably quiet (good for not waking the off watch). The push button system is being developed and uses a smart pressure release mechanism to prevent accidental overloading.

That afternoon was full glamour: sunny sailing in a puffy 15-20+ knots, which meant gusts in the mid- to late-20s over the deck. With some heel induced, the Oyster 495 stabilises and powers up. On the times we did really press we only managed to stall on a couple of occasions in the higher gusts and even then the round-up came very gently, politely inviting you to depower the main.

In general, speeds remained in the high 8s when close-hauled, rising into the 9s when we freed up a bit more, while we nudged double figures broad reaching in flat water and in stronger gusts. Around the 9-knot mark is the comfort zone, with comfort the byword – the 495 promotes a lot of confidence to keep sail up, without shipping water or overloading, and has a reassuring, forgiving motion through waves.

youtube yacht test

Spacious cockpit, table and long benches encourage alfresco dining. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

The helm stations are typical for modern Oysters in that they’re relatively high up to give clear sightlines from the wheels and headroom below decks. Add to that the freeboard height and you may wonder if it feels exposed. However the deep footwells with angled sides really suit standing at heel, while most will realistically engage autopilot and seek cockpit protection during lengthy watches anyway.

First class layout

I took to helming seated outboard on the coaming, which feels a more natural position at heel than trying to reach forward from the helm seat. The pedestals are well designed, particularly the grab handles each side, although a smaller or repositioned throttle lever would be prudent to prevent consistent snagging.

youtube yacht test

U-shaped galley suits working at sea, while a deep, angled footwell proves useful at the helm. Photo: Waterline Media

The positioning of the primary winches has also been very well considered, on a raised step each side outboard of the coamings and perfectly in reach of the helm. It’s also a useful step out from the cockpit to the side deck.

The standard block and winch is installed as well as the hydraulically controlled mainsheet, showing a system which can also easily be adjusted from the helm. I appreciated how a preventer line is rigged on each side of the boom, with clutches on deck allowing this to be set up on one side and the tack line on the other.

The intelligent, practical design elements continue around the clean decks, including genoa sheet leads kept neatly inboard alongside the coachroof. Reverse sheer helps generate headroom below without needing to extend the coachroof forward of the mast, while removable dorades and cages help keep the foredeck flush.

A quick swim at the anchorage and a hot shower on the bathing platform was necessary to prove the benefits of the new cassette platform design. An electric ram pushes it out horizontally aft from the lazarette to extend deck space. The full beam lazarette itself is enormous, and while the sail locker is certainly beneficial it could use a larger hatch as it was a squeeze to try and get the gennaker through.

youtube yacht test

Plenty of instrument and switchboard space at the navstation. Photo: Waterline Media

The cockpit is perhaps Oyster’s best yet relative to its size. It provides excellent protection, particularly under the sturdy sprayhood with its large clear panels. The huge table makes it clear this is where the majority of meals will be taken, with deep benches easily long enough to seat eight or to lie down on. While much design work has clearly gone into the flowing lines, I found the backrest angle a little severe, so cushions might be a wise extra.

We eventually had to wrench ourselves away from the stunning Sark anchorage to try to catch favourable tides back across the channel. Sailing to the Casquets under sunset we met a dying breeze in the Channel for the long motor and night watches across the shipping lanes.

At cruising revs we clocked 8.5 knots at 2,100rpm burning just 6lt per hour of the tank’s 880lt. Noise levels were very acceptable down below too, thanks in part to some excellent insulation. Adamson puts this know-how down to Oyster’s larger yachts and says a key is that the acoustic sandwich insulation used is all glued with no fastenings that can transmit sound.

youtube yacht test

The passageway aft helps allow for superb engine access. Photo: Waterline Media

Life at heel

Spending proper time aboard on passage is the ideal way to assess the practicality and comfort of the interior in use and at heel.

In terms of styling and quality of finish, today’s Oyster is top drawer. Rather than the typical passageway galley seen on a centre cockpit model this size, the 495 has the beam for a seaworthy U-shaped galley to port, while the starboard passageway provides stowage space and helps open up access to the engine room. It’s a one-fits-all layout, but a solution the yard is understandably delighted with. Smart features seen on the latest larger models are also included, such as the formidable lighting system throughout and the digital switching touchscreen monitors which clearly show and interrogate all systems.

Sturdy handholds lead you down six deep steps to a saloon bathed in light and natural ventilation, the latter from the large, forward-opening coachroof windows. The table on the test boat could be lowered to extend the starboard sofa into a double or daybed. It also has a handrail which extends out, which is needed at heel as there’s a large open area to navigate across – a longitudinal rail on the deckhead would make sense here.

youtube yacht test

it’s hard to believe you can get such a stateroom at this length – the sea views it provides are incomparable. Photo: Waterline Media

The adjoining galley is excellent, ideally shaped for working at heel, with abundant natural light. The fact that we as a crew all offered to cook or make drinks so often said plenty. Although modestly sized, with relatively compact outboard lockers and only a half height fridge aft, extra optional fridge/freezer space can be chosen here, in the cockpit and particularly in the passageway. Practical elements include the inboard sink and surround acrylic work surfaces with radiused upstands and an integrated bin. If being picky, a larger porthole to the cockpit to pass drinks through would be handy.

A generous chart table and plentiful space for instruments encourages passage planning and quiet study in the navstation. The coachroof windows extend aft to encourage extra light both here and in the galley, but the navstation is too low to enjoy that benefit. I found it comparatively dark and would prefer to see out more, but the large computer monitor was deemed to be more useful than a hull port here.

youtube yacht test

Forward cabin is spacious and light with good views too. Photo: Waterline Media

Aft stateroom cabins have long been an Oyster calling card and the Oyster 495 continues that tradition to the extent this is arguably the best you can get in 50ft. A step in the cockpit helps create a wide passage forward of the berth with 6ft 4in/193cm headroom.

It’s taller still in the adjoining heads, a clever design with an area sculpted out from between the engine room and galley to create a proper shower stall.

From the stowage, both in cedar-lined wardrobes, drawers and small lockers around the berth, to the superb lighting, overhead escape hatches, blinds and ventilation, it all smacks of quality. The vertical hull portlights steal the show, inviting prime sea views, especially from the privacy of the sofa to port.

Accommodation forward of the saloon comprises a compact Pullman, ideal for kids or a delivery crew, and a generous guest double. These share a good sized heads and separate shower, although with no wet locker, foul weather gear will likely end up cohabiting the shower too.

youtube yacht test

Working at the chart table at night. Photo: Waterline Media

Once again it’s the headroom and light that stands out in the forward cabin, the latter thanks to long twin overhead hatches with mushroom vents plus hull ports.

For a yacht which is so nice and light below decks, and which has such fine sea views from the cabins, my main issue is that you can’t actually see the sea properly from the saloon, galley or navstation. The coachroof windows are too high to see out of when standing in the saloon, the hull ports too low when seated.

It can be argued that a prime benefit of Oyster’s long favoured semi-raised saloon is that it’s low enough to adjoin the surrounding areas and high enough to house the large polyethylene fuel and water tanks, together with the battery bank, below the sole. The test boat has standard 800Ah gel batteries, sealed in airtight containers and ventilated overboard by fan, while all systems including the aircon can run off the inverter.

youtube yacht test

Plenty of deck space to enjoy Sark’s west coast anchorage. Photo: Waterline Media

Further aft, the grey water runs into the deep keel stub, a smart idea to centralise weight in otherwise wasted space. The stub also helps keep the rest of the bilge dry, holding liquid in one place, with strumboxes used for the bilge pumps to help prevent blockage. Some of the infused glassfibre construction and carbon reinforced stringers are visible here – a solid laminate with Vinylester outer skin is used below the waterline.

Where Oyster’s larger models have a workshop cabin leading into the engine room, the Oyster 495 doesn’t have the space for this, yet the layout solution here and access to the engine room are superb. Twin doors open out to reveal the motor mounted in the centre of the boat, at max beam, a saildrive to negate shaft space and allow for an 8kW genset accessed via its own door immediately aft.

Opposite is excellent stowage in the passageway, including freezer and washing machine, with optional 110lt/hour watermaker below the sole.

youtube yacht test

Modern hull shape buys plenty of volume aft. Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images

Benefits of a prototype

Our voyage was temporarily paused after a leak was traced to a cracked skin fitting in the lazarette, a watertight compartment aft. It was a fitting for the emergency boarding ladder, a practical device which allows the release of a pushpit-mounted soft ladder from the water, but one that was mistakenly installed with an incorrect part. We are told it is not a feature on other models and all subsequent Oyster 495s will be fitted with a bronze or TruDesign skin fitting.

Lazarettes are often decked out with a single level floor, yet here Oyster understandably wanted to make as much of the cavernous stowage space available as possible. It’s stowage world cruisers will love, but fitting storage units to take individual boxes might help prevent loose items sliding around pipework and steering gear. The incident highlighted the prime value of having a model that is thoroughly tested before going into full production.

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.

Credit to Oyster for doing a full tour with this first boat and for encouraging extensive trials. The longer you spend aboard any yacht, the more likely it may appeal but equally the more chance there is to find fault. Most niggles I picked out seemed to be in hand, although a larger sail locker hatch would be on my wishlist, while bluewater sailors may wish for a wet hanging locker. This might be a small mollusc by Oyster’s modern standards, but it’s one big pearly shellfish for most of us. The yard has managed to include so many of its big boat features into a 16m yacht which can be handled by a couple without crew. It’s a lot of money, but that includes an impressively full spec and the prestige club element of buying into a brand which offers renowned service and a prize draw in its world rally. With a draught under 2.3m (or 1.83m with shoal keel option), the 495 can not only take you across an ocean in supreme comfort but it can then squeeze into shallow harbours. It is slightly heavier with less sail power than some competitors and won’t suit those doing lots of lightwind helming, however, it has a high, powerful and forgiving shape for tradewind sailing. For liveaboard voyaging in a luxury monohull of this size, the 495 sets a new standard.

Best Youtube Channels for Boaters

youtube yacht test

Sep 16, 2020

Top 5 Youtube Channels for Boaters

COVID-19 has brought spare time to many people. Besides heading out on the water, many people on our team have found enjoyment out of keeping up with boating news on social media and YouTube. We find it is always good to continue educating ourselves on how manufacturers are making their new models and how boaters are spending their time on the water. Here are some of our favorite Youtube yachting channels that we have been watching…minus our own channel.

The Boat Show

The Boat Show is a program dedicated to nautical lovers and boat owners. It is the only 4K TV Show in the world completely dedicated to the nautical world. You can find their channel here .

youtube yacht test

(Source: The Boat Show)

Boating Magazine

Boating, the recreational boater’s trusted choice for content, engages enthusiasts via multiple channels, including digital, print and social media. Boating interacts with its audience, while its staff of experts delivers the content boaters clamor for such as DIY, gear and accessory tests, safety topics, feature content and the industry’s most trusted boat reviews. Boating’s connection with its constituency, and its balanced, unbiased editorial stance, are constants whether content is presented via written words or spoken words, or still or moving images. You can find their channel here .

youtube yacht test

Motorboat and Yachting

MotorBoat and Yachting’s channel features boat tests, reports, practical guidelines, and highlights from boat shows from across the country. The channel has posted one video per week since October of 2008, so there is content to keep you watching for hours! You can find their channel here .

youtube channels for boaters

Yachting Magazine

Yachting Magazine features different boating experts giving yacht reviews and showing people boating tips and sea trials. They also attend major boat shows and gives people insights and reviews on all events, exhibitors, makes, and models at each show. You can find their channel here .

youtube channels for boaters

Denison Yachting

The Denison Yachting Channel offers you a range of videos to help you find your next boat. From virtual tours and boat tests to new/used power and sailboats for sale or charter, you will find everything you need right here. Come take a look, and if you need further information, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and on our website Denisonyachtsales.com. You can find their channel here.

youtube channels for boaters

Off the Hook Yacht Sales has a proven process for both dealers and private sellers to liquidate their used boats and trades immediately! We have been the industry leader in marine wholesale since 2012. If you are looking for a fast, fair and competitive number on your boat please click here !

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  • 183 ft
  • 184 ft
  • 185 ft
  • 186 ft
  • 187 ft
  • 188 ft
  • 189 ft
  • 190 ft
  • 191 ft
  • 192 ft
  • 193 ft
  • 194 ft
  • 195 ft
  • 196 ft
  • 197 ft
  • 198 ft
  • 199 ft
  • 200 ft
  • Frank Magazine
  • Denison History
  • Virtual Tours
  • Alaskan Yachts
  • Azimut Yachts
  • Back Cove Yachts
  • Beneteau Yachts
  • Benetti Superyachts
  • Bertram Yachts
  • Boston Whaler
  • Broward Yachts
  • Buddy Davis Sportfish
  • Burger Yachts
  • Cabo Yachts
  • Carver Motoryachts
  • Center Console
  • Chris-Craft Yachts
  • Cruisers Yachts
  • DeFever Trawlers
  • Dufour Sailboats
  • Fairline Yachts
  • Feadship Yachts
  • Ferretti Yachts
  • Formula Yachts
  • Fountaine Pajot Cats
  • Grady-White
  • Grand Banks Trawlers
  • Hargrave Yachts
  • Hatteras Yachts
  • Hinckley Picnic Boats
  • Horizon Yachts
  • Hydra-Sports
  • Intrepid Boats
  • Jarrett Bay Sportfish
  • Jeanneau Yachts
  • Kadey-Krogen Trawlers
  • Lazzara Yachts
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Best YouTube Accounts To Follow If You Like Yachting

Subscribe to these youtube channels to learn about the yachting industry..

It’s easy to get sucked into a rabbit hole of watching video after video on YouTube. One second you’re watching a walkthrough tour of a 51-foot center console , the next you’re singing along to the Baby Shark Dance and wondering why it’s so good and how you got there. But hey, that’s YouTube for you. Whether you’re looking up cat videos, watching toy reviews by a nine-year-old, or searching for your next yacht, we gathered the 10 best YouTube accounts in yachting. Pull up a chair and embrace the rabbit hole.

1. The Yacht Guy Official

youtube yacht test

The Yacht Guy gives viewers a chance to look inside some of the most exclusive yachts in the world. His upbeat personality makes it easy to follow along as he shares the best of the yachting lifestyle including recommended charters, boat shows, and travel. One of the most popular videos (5M+ views!) on The Yacht Guy’s channel is a tour of the 238-foot James Bond-inspired superyacht Quantum of Solace that would make anyone’s jaw drop.

2. NautiStyles

youtube yacht test

NautiStyles is not your average YouTube account in yachting. The channel is hosted by Victoria Chalaya, a USCG licensed captain and a yacht owner who lives full time on her boat. She and her husband share their liveaboard experience (one of their most popular videos is a tour of their yacht home ), plus tours on sailboats , catamarans , superyachts , motor yachts , and more. NautiStyles is a fun channel to keep up with if you want a sneak peak into unique yachts, superyacht refits, or travel content.

3. Motor Boat & Yachting

youtube yacht test

Motor Boat & Yachting is a magazine based in Europe that also provides useful boating content on its YouTube channel. Here you’ll find how-to videos (we learned a lot from How To Ferry Glide Your Boat Like A Pro ), boat tests, reports, and highlights from major boat shows. Most of the videos are hosted by Hugo Andreae (Editor at Motor Boat & Yachting), Nick Burnham (aka Aquaholic ), Jon Mendez (founder of Mendez Marine), or Jack Haines (boat test guru). Their conversational and informational videos are uploaded Thursday.

4. Yachts For Sale

youtube yacht test

David Seal is the man behind Yachts For Sale , a YouTube account that features video presentations of yachts that are available for sale or for charter. His vlog highlights interesting yacht builders, boat shows, and events in the yachting world to over 151,000 subscribers. His knowledge of brands, models, and trends is an excellent source to stay up to date on the industry.

5. Sailing Yacht Florence

youtube yacht test

The adventures of Sailing Yacht Florence follows a British couple who set off in 2016 to sail around the world on a 37-foot monohull. Thousands of miles and multiple oceans later, the adventure is still ongoing as they share their life at sea. This YouTube channel documents how the couple crosses oceans, encounters new cultures, finds beautiful destinations, and experiences the highs and lows of the liveaboard lifestyle.

6. Super Yacht Captain

youtube yacht test

Captain Tristan Mortlock documents his life and duties onboard the award-winning superyacht AWOL. He worked his way to become a superyacht captain and shares his adventures with over 123,000 subscribers. His vlog highlights all aspects of running a superyacht, including visits to shipyards, working with a crew, traveling to foreign destinations , navigating charters, and the everyday life of being a captain. He does a great job of sharing different aspects of being a captain that you might not expect.

7. Aquaholic

youtube yacht test

Based out of the United Kingdom, Aquaholic ( Nick Burnham ) shares the joys of life at sea. This YouTube account showcases the yachting lifestyle, including superyacht tours, boat tours, yacht charter , and vintage boats. He points out unique features on each boat that the viewer might not notice on their own. His series “How To” is a fun and friendly way to learn about the marine industry, with videos such as “How To Fuel A Boat”, “How To Handle A Boat In Strong Winds”, and “How To Go Boating.”

8. Sailing Zatara

youtube yacht test

After saving a bit of cash, a family of 6 sold their suburban home in Texas, bought a sailboat, and embarked on a journey to sail around the world. Despite having no prior sailing experience, Sailing Zatara has traveled over 30,000 nautical miles since 2016. The first year in a monohull ( Beneteau 55’ ), the others in a catamaran (Privilege 585). Sailing Zatara shares an honest account of their family adventures at sea to over 347,000 subscribers. By this point, the kids have grown into teenagers (with their own series Teen Yacht Tuesdays ) and the family is still on their sailing journey. It’s a fun account to watch and an easy channel to get invested in.

9. Jared Watney

youtube yacht test

Jared Watney is a superyacht crew member who travels the world and shows his viewers as much as possible on all things yachting. He shares a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be a yacht crew , including a day in the life, salary, accommodations, tours, and travel content. With over 150,000 subscribers, he’s a fun source to learn about a different side of the industry.

10. Denison Yachting

youtube yacht test

Oh, hey. It’s us. Our YouTube account showcases a range of videos to help you find your next yacht or boat. We share yacht tours and tests , new/used boats for sale , and yachts for charter with over 186K subscribers. Our walkthrough videos are an excellent way to tour a yacht without leaving your couch. And if you see something you like, contact us . We’ll help you through the boat buying process.

Speak With A Superyacht Specialist:

Latest news.

youtube yacht test

NEWS | March 21, 2024

Extra yachts makes north american debut at the 2024 palm beach boat show.

EXTRA Yachts Makes North American Debut at the 2024 Palm Beach Boat Show EXTRA Yachts will be making its North American debut with Denison with its X99 Fast yacht, MINI K2. Denison Yachting is pleased to announce that its partner EXTRA Yachts will be making its North American debut with Denison at the

youtube yacht test

NEWS | March 20, 2024

The italian art of shipbuilding.

The Italian Art of Shipbuilding The Denison sales team tours 15 shipyards in Italy. This article was written by Sarah Nadler. The birthplace of all things beautiful, Italy has long been known worldwide as one of the superpowers of building boats. With a long history

youtube yacht test

How to Qualify a Yacht Broker

How to Qualify a Yacht Broker A good broker can be hard to find when looking to buy or sell your boat. Denison yacht brokers weigh in on what makes a broker a good one. Brokers come in all shapes and sizes. Some yacht brokers have

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19 best yacht youtube channels to subscribe + videos.

youtube yacht test

If you're looking to explore the world of yachts and other luxury boats, you've come to the right place. There are so many amazing YouTube channels and videos available with information on the latest yachting and boating news, yacht reviews, and inspiring reviews of luxurious yachts. No matter your interest in yachts or boats, you will surely find something interesting to watch on YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out the best YouTube channels available to learn more about these luxury vessels!



YACHTING HUB MIAMI is an exciting YouTube channel featuring high-quality footage of yachts at Haulover Inlet and Beach, as well as various other boat adventures! The content includes yacht action and little rides in wavy boats and Haulover boats, all captured in stunning Drone HD and Boat Zone shots. Follow the channel to experience the wonder of a yachting adventure up close.

Motor Boat & Yachting

Motor Boat & Yachting Youtube Channel

Motor Boat & Yachting is a YouTube channel that features videos on yacht, motor boats, and yachting culture. It includes reviews on boat test drives, and insight from the team at YBWTV and YBW - an authority in the world of boats, boating, and yachting. This channel is perfect for fishermen, sea-life adventurers, and anyone who loves boats and yachts.

Denison Yachting

Denison Yachting Youtube Channel

Denison Yachting is a YouTube channel all about yachting. It covers topics related to yacht, superyacht, megayacht, and boat owning and boating in general. It features everything from walkthroughs of luxurious yachts to helpful tips and tricks of the trade. Whether you're a novice or an experienced yachtsman, Denison Yachting has something for you.

Yachting World

Yachting World Youtube Channel

Yachting World is a YouTube channel featuring all aspects of yachting. It reviews various yacht models and conducts tests, such as an Atlantic Crossing or a Transatlantic Sailing, as well as providing a walk-through of steel yachts. Yachting World magazine also offers tips, advice, and information to keep viewers informed on the latest yachting developments.

eSysman SuperYachts

eSysman SuperYachts Youtube Channel

eSysman SuperYachts is a YouTube channel devoted to yachting enthusiasts featuring videos of super yachts and mega yachts from around the world. Every video includes high-quality footage from aerial drones and ground cameras featuring DJI Mavic and Canon cameras for a truly immersive experience. Tune into the channel for spectacular tours of some of the most luxurious superyachts on the planet.

Yacht Addiction

Yacht Addiction Youtube Channel

Yacht Addiction is a YouTube channel dedicated to the luxurious world of yachting. It features video tours of superyachts, mega yachts, and luxury yachts, offering viewers a detailed and intimate look at these exclusive vessels. From close-up yacht walkthroughs to full-length yacht tours, Yacht Addiction gives viewers a first-hand experience of the finer things in life.

Super Yacht Captain

Super Yacht Captain Youtube Channel

Super Yacht Captain is a YouTube channel hosted by Jared Watney, where he shares his vlogs from behind the scenes on some of the world's most luxurious yachts. He also provides advice on choosing and buying yachts and does reviews of yachts for sale from Denison Yachting, Yacht World, and other Superyacht companies.

Fraser Yachts

Fraser Yachts Youtube Channel

The Fraser Yachts YouTube channel provides viewers with an inside look into the world of luxury yachting. From understanding the process of building and managing a yacht to the lifestyle of having a yacht crew and chartering yachts, this channel showcases the yachting lifestyle in-depth. Whether it's motor yachts or sailing yachts, Fraser Yachts ensures a top-notch viewing experience.

The Virtual Yacht Broker

The Virtual Yacht Broker Youtube Channel

The Virtual Yacht Broker YouTube channel provides informative videos about the luxury yacht industry, with content including tour reviews, detailed super yacht testings, and helpful advice on yacht brokerage. Featuring leading names such as Sunseeker Brokerage, Boat International, Motor Boat and Yachting, and Boat Review, this channel is a must for anyone looking for guides to the world of yachts and luxury watercraft.

Yachting Monthly

Yachting Monthly Youtube Channel

Yachting Monthly is a YouTube channel that covers all things related to yacht sailing and boating. It covers everything from buying and selling yachts to outfitting and cruising, to the latest news and trends in the sailing and yachting world. Yachting Monthly is the perfect channel for anyone interested in learning more about yachting, sailing, and boating.

Yacht Buoy Youtube Channel

The Yacht Buoy YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for yacht, superyacht, and boat enthusiasts. The channel reviews the latest explorer yachts, superyacht reviews, and nordhavn yachts, as well as brings fascinating insights into the world of luxury boats, superyachts, nordhavn yachts, and more. With a mix of reviews, interviews, and captivating imagery, Yacht Buoy is the ideal platform for inspiring your next boat expedition.

Yachts For Sale

Yachts For Sale Youtube Channel

Yachts For Sale is a YouTube channel featuring luxury yacht presentations from Northrop and Johnson yacht brokers. Viewers can discover a selection of new and pre-owned superyachts and yachts for sale. Expect beautifully filmed yacht tours and luxury yacht brokerage services.

Florida Yacht Pro: Tony Smith

Florida Yacht Pro: Tony Smith Youtube Channel

Florida Yacht Pro: Tony Smith is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping clients find the right yacht for their needs. It provides extensive advice using industry-standard yacht sales and Denison Yachting expertise, helping customers navigate the luxury yacht sales process in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and other parts of Florida. It helps clients find their dream luxury yacht, with boats for sale in a wide range of types and sizes. So, whether you're looking for a fishing boat or a sport yacht, the Florida Yacht Pro: Tony Smith channel has the experience to assist you.

IYC Yachts Youtube Channel

IYC Yachts is a YouTube channel dedicated to luxury yacht vacations and connecting clients to superyachts for charter experiences. Offering content on everything from the finest mega yacht voyages to yacht care tips and tricks, IYC Yachts offers viewers a comprehensive view of what it's like to experience a luxurious and luxurious yacht vacation.

AQUAHOLIC Youtube Channel

AQUAHOLIC is a popular YouTube channel documenting yacht and vehicle owners living an exciting, luxury lifestyle. They feature glamorous and inspirational content, such as exotic vacations and adrenaline-filled off-road adventures. Follow AQUAHOLIC to be part of the elite world of yacht and vehicle owners.

Enes Yilmazer

Enes Yilmazer Youtube Channel

Enes Yilmazer 's YouTube channel is a great source of information on luxury real estate, expensive homes, and how to make money in real estate. He offers amazing virtual tours of some of the most extravagant yachts, mansions, and luxury homes, as well as insight from real estate experts and agents. Tune in to gain real estate investing tips from the master himself, Enes Yilmazer .

King Luxury

King Luxury Youtube Channel

King Luxury is a YouTube channel hosted by Mr. Luxury, who showcases the world's most expensive and luxurious items. From luxury cars and high-end yachts to top 10 lists of the most extravagant items, this channel caters to those with a taste for the finer things in life. Whether you are a millionaire or a billionaire, the King Luxury channel is the perfect way to get a sneak peek at the elite luxury lifestyle.


NautiStyles Youtube Channel

NautiStyles is a YouTube channel focused on luxury yachts, power yachts, and super yachts, offering viewers yacht tours and walkthrough videos. Subscribers will get to explore the Boat life in Marina del Rey and Los Angeles from the comfort of their homes. Whether it's luxury yachting, yacht chartering, or spending a day at sea, NautiStyles has it all.

Efficient Power

Efficient Power Youtube Channel

The Efficient Power YouTube channel is all about exploring luxurious, eco-friendly yachting with a focus on electric, hybrid, and solar boats. Its videos showcase features of the most impressive and efficient power yachts and super yachts and take viewers on virtual yacht tours to discover the innovation of more advanced marine technology.

A Look at the Various Types of Yachts

Yachts are a lifestyle of luxury and leisure that many individuals aspire to, as they can be used for relaxation and fun. There are numerous types of yachts to choose from depending on intended purpose, size, and budget. From the classic look of sailing yachts to the speed and power of motor yachts, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sailing yachts come in various sizes, shapes, and design aesthetics. Depending on the particular need of the owner, there are daysailers, offshore cruisers, racing yachts, and performance cruisers that can be considered. With advancements in technology, sailing yachts have become more and more efficient, allowing for longer voyages at greater speeds. The major drawbacks are that sailing yachts require more crew and must be able to handle choppy waters for extended periods of time.
  • Motor yachts offer more convenience and are often faster than sailing yachts. They are most commonly purchased for luxury cruises, as they often come with a variety of amenities, such as bars, hot tubs, and entertainment systems. Like sailing yachts, motor yachts come in various sizes and designs, ranging from smaller powerboats to full-size luxury vessels. The major downside to purchasing motor yachts is that they require more fuel which can be costly. Additionally, they do not stand up to choppy waters as well as sailing yachts.

When it comes to purchasing a yacht, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is important to research and consider the various types available to find the right fit. Both sailing and motor yachts are desirable options, depending on the individual's needs and budget. Taking the time to look into the various features of each kind of yacht can help buyers make the best decision for their particular needs.

Cruising the Seas Aboard a Yacht

Yachting is a luxurious way to explore the seas. A modern yacht is the perfect way to fuse the freedom of cruising the seas with the comfort and glamour of a luxury vessel in one. Although expensive, the enjoyment of traveling on a yacht is more than worth it for the lifestyle plus the waterside views that it gives.

Today, yachting has become more accessible than ever before. With a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a yacht, you can use a wide variety of luxurious services and amenities to suit your preferences. From top-of-the-line food to spectacular sightseeing and water sports activities, you can easily create the perfect yachting experience for yourself and your guests. Yachting also brings with it the unique added bonus of providing a more truly private and customizable experience, as compared to a cruise liner.

No matter what type of experience you are looking for, whether it's a romantic getaway or a family adventure, cruising through the seas aboard a yacht is a great way to make the most of it. The comfort of a home away from home and the exquisite luxury of the yacht will let you feel like royalty as you explore the beautiful sights of the oceans. Not only do you have the ability to view pristine seascapes, but you also have the opportunity to make new friends, as well as make your time aboard that much more enjoyable. So if you're ready to enjoy the adventures of the seas, look no further than a yacht charter. You won't be disappointed.

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youtube yacht test

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  • Boom’s Supersonic Jet Just Hit the Skies for the First Time

The XB-1, which did not break the sound barrier, completed a 12-minute sub-sonic test flight in California’s Mohave Desert.

J. george gorant, j. george gorant's most recent stories.

  • Robb Recommends: Assouline’s New ‘Riva Aquarama’ Chronicles the History of the World’s Most Iconic Runabout
  • Overdue Props?  The Old-School Turboprop Jet Is Enjoying a Luxe Transformation
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Boom Supersonic XB-1 Tester

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Boom Supersonic XB-1

While the initial stats may not warrant a Champagne-popping celebration by outsiders, this first flight is the first milestone in a series of test flights that will move into the aircraft’s supersonic potential. It was also privately funded.

The XB-1’s initial hop follows 10 years of effort and millions in spending. Those investments led to a carbon-fiber body that utilizes a modified delta wing arrangement manufactured to meet a computer-driven design at tolerances “within the width of a few human hairs,” according to Scholl.

The fuselage includes a set of intakes that convert the incoming air flow to sub-atomic speeds, allowing the craft to run on the 12,300 pounds of thrust provided by three GE J85 engines. As with the Concord, XB-1 pilots can’t see over the elongated nose, a problem Boom solved by including a pair of cameras that deliver an augmented reality view of the exterior.

Boom Supersonic Overture

“Supersonic aviation is back, and it’s back to stay,” Scholl told Robb Report . The first part of that statement is now a little closer to the truth, but the second remains theoretical. Boom estimates the XB-1 will execute another 10 to 20 sub-sonic test flights before attempting to break the sound barrier, hopefully some time in 2024.  

Boom Supersonic XB-1

The company will have to successfully convert the design and performance characteristics to a much larger, heavier craft and develop its own engines, while solving the noise problem (initially, the Overture will fly at sub-sonic speeds over land) while meeting funding and regulatory demands.

Presented with such difficulties and surrounded by skeptics, Scholl continues to exude understandable optimism, envisioning the first passenger-carrying Overtures in the air by “the end of the decade.”

“We know it works,” he says. “Now we just have to execute.”

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EJET Eco-Friendly Electric Motor & Drivetrain Yacht Tenders: New Model Announced

Boat engineering and design company EJET Electric Yacht Tenders has announced the development of its latest electric motor 9X yacht tender model.

youtube yacht test

Ljubljana, Slovenia - March 21, 2024 —

Much like their highly acclaimed 4X tender, the upcoming 9X model sports EJET’s proprietary electric motor and drivetrain, going in line with founder Žiga Jarc’s mission of providing sustainable transportation options for yacht owners and guests. Both models will be available in the summer, with the 9X build slated for initial testing in July.

For more information, please visit https://ejet.co/

The announcement follows EJET’s recent appearance at the Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show. Having received the International Boat Industry’s Rising Star Award, the company revealed the development of its larger 9X model with the aim of promoting environmental responsibility within the boating industry.

Designed to be lightweight and compact without sacrificing output or speed, the new tender will be powered by a 220 kWh battery and a 300 kW motor, with an option to upgrade to 340 kW, ensuring 98% efficiency and making it suitable for sports such as water skiing. The boat’s V-shaped hull has been adjusted to accommodate EJET’s custom electric powertrain and is capable of withstanding turbulent waters and inclement weather conditions. Each boat is built with standard hydraulic steering mechanisms, along with the company’s military-grade jet system, allowing for easy maneuvering, reversing, and sudden stops in both low- and high-speed scenarios.

The 9X model will also feature a digital interface, which boaters will be able to use to select different driving modes and dynamics, view real-time GPS navigation and system data, and access the smart audio Bluetooth system. Additionally, amenities such as a hydraulic bathing platform, an electric grill, an ice maker, and a refrigerator will all be available as upgrade options for all 9X tenders.

About EJET Electric Yacht Tenders

Founded in 2016 by Žiga Jarc, EJET began with the goal of developing a zero-emissions electric yacht tender that did not compromise performance or safety. The company has since become a pioneer in electric propulsion systems and remains committed to future innovations in the boating industry. EJET tenders are currently the only products on the market with custom electric drivetrains.

EJET Electric Yacht Tenders, under the leadership of founder Žiga Jarc, is actively engaged in the development of its proprietary electric propulsion technology. The initiative is part of the company's broader commitment to innovation in high-performance, long-range powertrain technology for the marine industry. This effort underscores EJET's focus on delivering solutions characterized by their lightweight and compact design, high power output, and exceptional motor efficiency of up to 98%. With a specific emphasis on extending battery life, the company aims to set new benchmarks for what is achievable in electric propulsion within the boating sector.

“We built the company and the brand on three pillars: driver-centric experience, sustainability with clean electric power, and advanced electric propulsion technology,” says Ziga Jarc. “We cooperate with the best nautical partners to create unforgettable experiences for our customers.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://ejet.co/contact-us/

Contact Info: Name: Žiga Jarc Email: Send Email Organization: EJET Electric Yacht Tenders Address: 16C Mokrška ulica, Ljubljana, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia Phone: +386-41-688-998 Website: https://ejet.co/

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