Project Zomboid Riverside Map – Build 41

Riverside is an area in Project Zomboid. It is located on the north border of the Project Zomboid map and is obviously, right by the river. It is a small town with a few large buildings to loot. The map for Riverside includes the main town area but doesn’t include some of the outer areas such as the industrial area to the west or the Golf course just below the town. The town is in a great spot next to the river as you have a great source for Fishing and as zombies can’t swim in the game you have at least on direction that a horde can’t come from.

The in-game Riverside map

There is an item in the game simply called ‘Riverside map’. It is a small map of Riverside that doesn’t really go into much detail. It has a legend on the bottom and uses colors to distinguish different types of buildings, from commercial to industrial.

Project Zomboid in-game Riverside map

From the outside Riverside doesn’t look like such a big town, but once you get to exploring you will see it isn’t as small as it seems. A couple larger areas lie on the outskirts of Riverside as aforementioned. A small industrial area with a factory and gas station lie to the West of Riverside and can be reached from the highways. Then, to the south of the town you will come across a large country club. A prime spot for looting golf clubs if that is what you’re into.

Where can I find the Riverside map in Project Zomboid?

Gas stations. For every map you would like to find in the game always check inside gas stations. They have a bunch of shelves dedicated for magazines and books and this is the best way to find yourself a Riverside map in game. You do not necessarily have to look for the map in Riverside, but it will have a higher chance to spawn within the city limits. You can also loot maps from zombies, even though there isn’t such a great item spawn chance you should still check corpses all the same. Who knows when you’ll come across the map otherwise? Loot. Loot. Loot!

The riverside map in the inventory in project zomboid

How to use the Riverside map?

To use the map, make sure you have one in your inventory and right click on it. Then, select the option ‘read map’. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. You can zoom in on the map and have some scrolling options within the UI.

Read the Riverside map in Project Zomboid

Clicking ‘Read Map’ will open up the map. (Shocker I know!) You can also rename the map for any reason that you might want to. That may be useful for a shared map in multiplayer or if you use multiple maps for different things, for example, a map of areas that have already been looted.

You can also, once you have the map opened, draw on the map and add symbols to different areas of the map. By doing this you can fill in the missing important information on the map. You can mark where your base is, where a nice area for looting is, schools and other important places. Or perhaps you just want to write down which highway to take to get to Westpoint. You do need to have a pen or pencil to be able to write anything on the map.

Drawing on the Riverside map in Project Zomboid build 41

You can see in the image above that I have marked where the school can be found on the Riverside map. You can add symbols by choosing the area at the bottom of the map. You can choose to write text by selecting the ‘Add Note’ part of the UI at the bottom and then clicking an area of the map.

That concludes this round-up of the Riverside map in Project Zomboid. Has this guide helped you to find a map? Maybe you didn’t know that you could draw on the maps before and share them with your friend? Is there anything you think that I missed in the guide and want to let me know?

Leave a comment below and help your fellow survivors!

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Project Zomboid – Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

Updated: February 4, 2021, 9:50pm UTC Steam Guides 1

Project Zomboid – Setting up a good first base in Riverside. 15 -

Table of Contents

Before we carry on:

This guide works under the assumption that you understand the core elements of the game. While I’ll try to explain some elements knowing how to craft, how to move objects, how to fight and when to fight is best left up to more extensive guides on those subjects. This guide is meant for one goal: building your first base.

This is a new character friendly base. You can take it within the first week of spawning. In some cases you could even rush right over there and set it up in a day or two.

Everything written in this guide I have done myself with no mods and on core Apocalypse difficulty. If you want to use mods or change the difficultly that is 100% up to you and wont effect this guide much if at all.

This guide is written for the Beta Version B41. As of the time of writing there is no multiplayer so everything shown here will represent the single player experience.

I will be using for a lot of directions in this guide. It’s a great resource that I highly recommend you use.

Where the base is located:

  • The base I have chosen is located at the far north of Riverside. It’s a glass windowed restaurant with two floors and two ways up (for now) . It’s located right by the river and north of all the shopping centers.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

When you arrive:

  • Before we get started there are three things you need. Hammer. Nails. Sheet rope. All of which can be found on the way here with a tiny bit of luck.
  • When you first arrive at your new base chances are it will have some undead inside and outside. Go ahead and clear those fellas out top, bottom, and outside making sure to check the backroom and bathrooms. Once you’re sure the place is secure we can move onto the defenses.
  • On the ground floor towards the south end of the building there will be a flight of stairs. This is one of two ways up. For now we want to take the two tables nearby and block them off. Zombies can destroy these tables, but there is more stuff around that you can continue to block them off with.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

  • Now head towards the other side of the building next to the bathrooms. There is a door that will lead to the back room. Inside here you will find a shelfing unit and a box. You’re going to want to empty both of them out and then move them in front of the doors. This will block the doors.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

  • Now work your way up top. You’re going to want to break out at least two windows, remove the glass, and attach the sheet rope. It requires the hammer and nails along with the sheet rope. Now we have two ways out and two ways in and zombies have none. Kind of. What we need is a sledge hammer to make it fully secure.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

After it’s secure:

  • After the base is cleared out and set up it would be a good idea to look around. The first floor has a large bar to loot. The second floor has a kitchen with four fridges, two sinks, four stoves, and plenty of storage for all your loot. There are two bathrooms. The dining area has plenty of tables and chairs to dissemble to increase your carpentry. The booths count as “average” beds. There is even a balcony.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

Where to go now:

  • Now you might be wondering where the best places to go are. My advice would be to go across to the hotel (pink) and grab a bed and a T.V. Then you could head over to the food market (blue) and loot some food prioritizing the perishables that you can put in your new fridges. Then you could head over to the hardware store (green) and loot some tools. Then you could head over to the book store (yellow) and get some books to read. Really you could do just about anything so long as you keep your head on your shoulders. If anything gets too dicey just hoof it on back to your base.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

What to do:

  • Since you’re right by the river you have all the fishing potential you could desire. If that isn’t your cup of tea you could make a garden on the balcony; up there no zombie can get you and you have a beautiful view of the river. If you’re down with carpentry you could disassemble everything on the top and bottom floor. If you like nature you could run it back into the woods and do a little lumberjacking and foraging. If all of that sounds boring you could head into town for some looting and killing. From this base the town is yours.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

Getting a Sledgehammer:

  • This would be the end game to securing up your base. Sledgehammers are pretty rare in my experience, but are an amazing tool. The best bet to acquire one would be at the warehouses outside of town.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

  • This will be an extremely sketchy journey that might not even have what you’re looking for. It’s still in my opinion the best bet to get a sledge hammer when you’re on this side of the map. Just check all the creates slowly making sure not to skip one.
  • A sledgehammer is not mandatory for this base, but it is essential for your complete safety. Until you get one you will have to keep replacing the tables with varies objects to block the path of zombies from coming up. This is a mild hassle that can ultimately lead to death and most people don’t want that.
  • Once you get the sledge hammer you will want to take out the staircases. Personally I only opted into destroying the main flight of stairs.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

  • Once it’s destroyed you can add a floor over the opening so you don’t fall down. Learned that the hard way.

Project Zomboid - Setting up a good first base in Riverside.

If you made it this far I would like to say thanks and I hope this guide has helped. I know this guide might be rather specific, but after roaming through town after town attempting to set up shop here or there I stumble upon this place. It looked daunting and I almost didn’t take the time to inspect it. I wanted something close to town while being damn secure and this was it. I figured I would just share my journey so maybe another lost survivor can enjoy what I did. So again, thanks and I hope this guide was helpful.

This is all about Project Zomboid – Setting up a good first base in Riverside.; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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Thank you for this guide! After having started a couple of “not safe” safe houses nearby and gotten past the helicopter event, I followed your guide to make this my main base which is now a work in progress. You can lug a generator up on to the balcony also so you can work with it in safety.

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