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ghost girl pokemon name

The ghost girl is a specter and a character of the day that appeared in Ghoul Daze! . She is an evil spirit that tries to capture humans and bring them to the spirit world .

She first appeared in the bushes, waving her hands and asking Conway to play with her. During the night, Conway followed her on the way to a cliff, but Dusknoir saved him. The ghost girl also lured Meowth with food, but Dusknoir appeared to stop her.

The girl later beckoned Ash and Angie to follow her to the Summit Ruins . Then, the girl tried to coax Ash and Angie into the mysterious cave, which was actually the entrance to the spirit world. Dusknoir prepared to attack the girl, but Ash and Angie battled Dusknoir to protect the girl. Dusknoir turned around to protect the two, blasted the girl into the spirit world, and collapsed the cave entrance, leaving her trapped.

  • The ghost girl appears in the book Pokémon Chapter Book #1: Diamond and Pearl: Pokémon Academy , a novelization of the episode.

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Lumiose City Ghost

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Entering the second floor of a certain building in Lumiose City will cause the music to stop and the lights to flash, followed by a ghostly girl materializing behind the player and gliding towards the bottom of the screen in a frozen walking animation. She will then mutter "No, you're not the one" before floating offscreen and disappearing completely.

Theories began to spread about her role. One hypothesis said that she would only talk to a player with a certain trainer ID, and another said that she was the key to unlock some ultra-rare Ghost-type legendary. Currently, none of the prevailing theories have any real evidence to support them; it appears that the ghost girl is merely an easter egg.

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Lumiose Ghost Girl

ghost girl pokemon name


<Basic information>

Full Name:Amelia Vanderwood

Nickname:Lumiose ghost girl





Hair Color:Purple

Eye Color:Purple



Amelia wears a black under shirt with stripes going down and a purple dress and a light purple headband.Her eyes seem to have a swirl in her purple pupils.Her hair is always down and messed up a bit.Shes got this grin on her face you just can’t ignore.

ghost girl pokemon name


Amelia is creepy in a cute way.She ’ll be weird and serious when she’s alone.Once you get to know her you’ll see she’s funny , kind , and caring for both Pokémon and humans.She gets sad when she starts feeling deep emotions like love or compassion...knowing she’s just a spirit.

ghost girl pokemon name

<My Pokémon>

ghost girl pokemon name

Comments (2)

ghost girl pokemon name

I'm a free Espeon for taking and am physic!

ghost girl pokemon name

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:fire: ᗩᖇT ᖴIᘜᕼT :fire:


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The unsolved mystery of pokemon x and y's lumiose city ghost.

The Lumiose City Ghost is a great mystery that deserves to live on as such.

In the Kalos region's Lumiose City in Pokémon X and Y, there's a Fighting Dojo you can walk into on North Boulevard. The building has three floors that you can travel between using an elevator in the back of each room. Step out on the second floor, and something strange happens. The music stops, the lights flicker, and the spectral form of a woman appears behind you. The figure floats ahead of you as the camera zooms in, and she utters the words "No, you're not the one..." She then goes further into the room and disappears offscreen.

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This is the legend of the Lumiose City Ghost, and what better way to celebrate Shocktober than to talk about this gem of a Pokémon mystery?

One of the best things about this occurrence is its accessibility. You reach Lumiose City early in the game, and the building can be easily found and recognized by its surroundings, as well as the characters on the first floor (including a boy flaunting his Clauncher's Attack stat). Even if you aren't actively seeking it out, you can stumble upon the ghostly girl simply by exploring this massive city.

The atmosphere is perfectly creepy. Everything, from the flickering lights to the character model (being the Hex Maniac NPC), fit the unsettling theme they were going for. Rather than have screeching violin music alongside the occurrence, there was silence. The girl slides in one frame of her walking animation, giving the impression that the character was floating across the ground. The whole scene shocks you because its setting is so unlikely too; a ghost inside a populated office building on a random floor, rather than a haunted house or cemetery, gave the encounter that extra shock factor.

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The hardware limitations of the Nintendo 3DS helped elevate the creepiness factor. Pokémon X/Y were the developer's first attempt at 3D models for the series, and it showed with how some of the human characters lacked a certain finesse. Put bluntly, many looked ugly and didn't have much detail in the overworld. The models weren't smooth with their movements either; characters would often walk or run stiffly, and turn instantly when changing direction. This worked in the ghost girl's favor however, making her movements erratic and her features hard to make out, especially when the camera zoomed closer to her.

What makes the Lumiose City Ghost especially interesting is that you're given very little to figure out what her deal is, but just enough to get invested in finding out. Other ghostly characters throughout the series either had nothing going for them, or so much that their story could be pieced together without much effort. The Lumiose City Ghost struck the sweet spot that caught the attention of fans for years.

Many theories have popped up regarding the identity of the Lumiose City Ghost and who she was looking for. Some say she's the same girl as the one in Hotel Richissime on the same North Boulevard, due to them sharing the same model and both being just as creepy with their text boxes. Others say she's the ghost of a woman in Mt. Pyre, in Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, who says the same line, albeit a bit differently. These theories are mostly due to the fact that these characters share the same NPC model.

And who’s she waiting for ? YouTuber JohnnyCanal presents an interesting theory that the ghost girl was waiting for Phoebe, a Ghost-type Elite Four trainer who happens to be a medium (and also has some human ghosts pop up in her presence). Considering the fact that Phoebe often trains at Mt. Pyre, this would tie into the ghost’s relation with the woman that says the same line there. However, this doesn’t explain why the ghost was waiting in an office building in the Kalos region during the events of Pokémon X/Y, when Phoebe resides in the Hoenn region. (There’s also the fact that the events of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire are set in an alternate universe from X/Y, as soft-confirmed by the games’ Delta Episode).

"Some things are best left unknown... The truth is best carried to the grave..."

Another possibility, posted by Reddit user Hillemer , is that the Lumiose City Ghost was waiting for her son, who happens to be a major Pokémon X/Y character that goes by the name of AZ. This theory, however, completely hinges on the fact that AZ had a mother who died before the events of the Pokémon war thousands of years ago. While many theories have been circulating for years, none have concrete evidence, leaving the legend to be nothing more than an Easter egg. It's probably for the best that that stays the case.

As another Pokémon X/Y character (who happens to be in charge of a scary house) put it, "Some things are best left unknown... The truth is best carried to the grave..." As impactful as this little Easter egg has been on the Pokémon community, giving it a detailed backstory would take away from what made it unique.

The tale of the Lumiose City Ghost is appreciated not only within the Pokémon community, but wider communities of ghost stories and creepypastas, like the SomeOrdinaryGamers fandom and creepypasta storytellers on Wattpad. Little to nothing is known about her, but she's been the source of so much creativity and discussion over the years. The legend is evidence that with a strong enough execution, not every story needs a concrete ending.

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  • Ghost girl in Lumiose City? *spoilers*
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