Is Phantom Blade Zero Coming To Xbox?

The way of the blade.

phantom blade xbox one

One of the biggest reveals from the PlayStation Showcase back in May was Phantom Blade Zero , the upcoming samurai action-RPG developed and published by S-Game and Cruel Man Studio. After an impressive gameplay trailer revealed that Phantom Blade Zero would be coming to PS5 and PC at some point in the future, many were left wondering if this potential hit would be making its way to the Xbox as well.

Phantom Blade Zero on Xbox Series X & S

As of right now, Phantom Blade Zero has not been confirmed as coming to the Xbox Series X & S , meaning if you want to play S-Game and Cruel Man Studio’s upcoming samurai epic, you’ll need to pick it up on PS5 or PC. That being said, it doesn’t mean that your hope for seeing the game on Xbox should necessarily die out.

Typically, third party games that appear on PS5 but not Xbox have been locked into some kind of timed exclusivity deal which means that they’ll make their way over to the Xbox eventually. Bethesda games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo fell into this category, even when Microsoft purchased Bethesda, as Microsoft honoured those timed exclusivity deals. Final Fantasy VII Remake supposedly falls into this category too, but the odds of Xbox players getting their hands on it seems slim.

That being said, Phantom Blade Zero seems to be caught in a different position to other PS5 console exclusives. According to S-Game and Cruel Man Studio themselves on their own Discord server ( thanks Pure Xbox ), Phantom Blade Zero has no current exclusivity deals with Sony, meaning the game’s creators are free to negotiate with Microsoft themselves if they want to. Of course, in order for that to happen, Xbox Series X & S owners need to kick up a stink about their desire to see Phantom Blade Zero on their chosen platform.

Just remember to be polite about it, of course. You catch more flies with honey.

About Phantom Blade Zero

What many might not now about Phantom Blade Zero is that this has been a franchise that’s been going since 2010, with founder and CEO of S-Game, Soulframe Liang , creating the first game on RPG Maker. Back then, it was called Rainblood: Town of Death, but many mobile game releases, a series name change and 20 million fans in China later, and we’ve arrived at Phantom Blade Zero.

Functioning as a sort of reboot/rebirth of the original Rainblood, Phantom Blade Zero is set in a world that combines elements of kung fu, steampunk, mysticism and more to create something truly unique. You play as Soul, an elite assassin for The Order who’s been wrongfully framed for the death of the organisation’s leader.

After sustaining grave injuries, a kind healer has brought you back to life, but with a cost: the makeshift cure only lasts 66 days. Now that you’re on borrowed time, you’ll need to explore this semi-open world, fighting bandits, evil-doers and monsters alike in order to find the truth. Remember, it’ll be the last thing you ever do.

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