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Richardson Bay’s Iconic Wooden Yacht ‘Vadura’ Demolished

Local sailor and recent Good Jibes guest Arnstein Mustad wrote to us about the demise of a once-grand sailboat that had been towed from its mooring in Richardson Bay to Svendsen’s Bay Marine in Richmond. Arnstein sounded a little forlorn at the loss of this boat, and shared his thoughts below.

vadura sailboat

“I have been sailing out of Sausalito for a long time, some 300 times or more, I’m sure. I can’t remember not seeing a large wooden custom sloop with a really tall wooden mast sitting there near the channel and swinging around on her mooring outside Schoonmaker Marina. I would look for her as a point of reference much like I would a buoy.

“I saw activity on her in the early years, the owner busy at work trying to restore her. I admired his ambition. It was a helluva big job! Small sections started to look clean and refinished. I was always waiting to see if he got to the mast. He never did.

“Alas, like a broken dream she lay there, wallowing and without purpose. Years went by and slowly she became just another floating wreck in Richardson Bay. Those days are over. She’s about to be cut up … her dreams unrealized. Another ignominious end to an old, dignified sailing ship. I never even knew her name …”

vadura sailboat

The vessel’s name was Vadura , a 91-ft Alfred Mylne-designed yacht, built of solid teak in 1926. According to the story in Latitude’ s April 2011 issue, written by former owner Ernie Minney (owner of Minney’s Yacht Surplus in Costa Mesa), he purchased Vadura in March 1983 from a Frenchman in Papeete who never sailed her.

Ernie sailed her for three years, through the Marquesas, on to Hawaii and across the Pacific to Ensenada, before finally arriving in Newport Beach, CA. Here she lived on the family’s mooring, often serving as a charter boat or movie set, and also participating in races, including the Ensenada Race.

vadura sailboat

After parting company with the boat, Ernie would seek her out when he was in the Bay Area. “The last time I saw her was about six years ago and I wanted to cry,” he wrote in Latitude . “She was a gutted-out hulk at anchor off the Sausalito waterfront. In total shock, I saw that the decks were gone and so was the interior. What a shame because a brand-new interior had been installed in New Zealand. Had the foolish owners left her alone and only maintained her, she would have given them another 50 years of service.”

Apparently Vadura was never refitted to her former glory. She sat on a mooring in Richardson Bay for over 30 years, taunting those who appreciated her fine lines, and terrifying those who feared she would lose her footing in a storm and come down on the Sausalito docks.

John (Woody) Skoriak told us of a moment during the February 2023 storms when he worried that the boat would come loose and head straight for the Matthew Turner , docked at Sausalito’s Bay Model.

“Diver Dave came back from Sausalito Yacht Harbor, and noted the wind and waves, and Vadura straining at her mooring, which he knew was completely inadequate, since he had looked at it under water. So he called me and I went over to the end of the dock and saw it. Nothing I could do, nor anyone else, and we were sure Vadura did not have any more ground tackle on board (it was on a flimsy mooring). And we did not have a boat heavy enough to catch her and re-anchor. All I could do was alert the crew [of Matthew Turner ] to keep a watch and hope she didn’t break.

“Luckily she didn’t. It’s likely that the owner (?) would not have had any insurance nor funds to fix any damage to Matthew Turner , which would have been significant, nor the Bay Model Pier, nor any salvage if she sank at the dock after crashing into it.

“So … good riddance …”

Vadura is now gone, destroyed by the indifferent machinery at Svendsen’s Bay Marine in Richmond. Scroll through the gallery below. All photos courtesy of Woody Skoriak.


Read more about Ernie Minney’s time with Vadura here .


vadura sailboat

What a sad story of a great yacht that as recently as 1984 (or more recent) was still in its glory. I’ve sailed and motored by this neglected beauty for over 20 years wondering what she may have been like when loved. May she rest in peace now.

vadura sailboat

I worked on this boat in 1982 or 83 in Papeete as a teenager to make a few bucks while we were cruising in the South Pacific. She was beautiful back then.

vadura sailboat

You are now part of her storied history. Few can say that.

vadura sailboat

Yes, I did some deck work when, was a teenager sailing with mom an step dad, on Te Matangi, a 35 ft ketch he built. We were next to that boat in Papeete. 1957.

vadura sailboat

I don’t understand how a boat built in 1926 had never been sailed in 1983. Must mean never been sailed by the guy who sold her? “he purchased Vadura in March 1983 from a Frenchman in Papeete, saying she had never been sailed.”

vadura sailboat

Hi Chris, you might be right. It did seem unlikely, – now, rereading the original story line, we could have misinterpreted. Thanks for bringing it up. And thanks for reading!

vadura sailboat

Here’s VADURA with her original rig. Mylne was a great designer. In good condition, that boat would have been worth around $1million to the Classic Yacht owners in France. Mylne is beloved there.

https://www.charterworld.com/images/framework/3208/Classic%20Sailing%20Yacht%20Vadura%20-%20Photos%20taken%20on%20the%20Clyde%20in%201934%20by%20G.L.H%20Blair%2C%20Paisley%20(FRPS)%20(1) .jpg

vadura sailboat

Link broken

I can’t figure out how to put a picture into this tool. Just google Sailing Yacht VADURA and it’ll come up under images.

vadura sailboat

VADURA was a grand old lady! I was privileged to share 1986/87 aboard with love and passion for her care, sailing in Freo with special charter guests watching the races, living the dream. I am truly saddened to hear this on Valentines Day. The loss of a loved one 🌹

vadura sailboat

A beautiful rig. Truly sad and inappropriate way for her to go her final rest. SOmething more appropriate in blue water-but maybe there was not enough integrity left to risk towing her out. RIP.

vadura sailboat


vadura sailboat

Here is that link with details of Vadura and her history and former glory https://www.charterworld.com/index.html?sub=yacht-charter&charter=vadura-5275

vadura sailboat

It’s always a sad day when a beautiful classic is not only cared for & neglected to the point where she is a risk to other vessels & the environment & then the recourse is demolition. I personally have been approached by friends in Europe who were interested in purchasing her not that long ago. Unfortunately, the owner was not interested in selling her! I am certain that if these friends knew of Vadura’s demise she would have been saved! Fortunately, Pursuit escaped the same fate thanks to those in Europe that appreciate the grand yachts of a bygone era!! Thanks to Jeffery Rutheford too for his dedication to yacht restoration. The same fate is also closing in on the world famous four masted full rigged ship Falls of Clyde even though a group from Scotland have been fighting the Hawaiian DOT to have her transported to Scotland for a complete restoration to the like of our own beloved Balcutha & the C.A Thayer & not to mention other significant sailing vessels around the world whether sailing or as a maritime museums exhibit. We all need to speak up to save our maritime heritage. Reach out to Friends of the Falls of Clyde & show your support so she may be saved to the likes of: Wavertree, Elissa, Moshulu, Star of India, Glenlee. Just to mention a few & don’t forget Wander Bird that was restored here in our own back yard. These vessel have been restored under the watchful eye of the Bay Area’s unrecognized talents of Master rigger Steve Hyman & Jamie White for example. This subject would make a great article with interviews of these two great master riggers/ sailors!! Help save maritime history! Thank you, Capt. James T. Linderman Classic Yacht Specialist

vadura sailboat

Jim, really great to read your letter on Classic Yacht Restorations, I also remember Vadura on the Sausalito shoreline, as a student at the SEA, from Clipper Y.H. She was a beautiful mystery to me, and I remember some work being done back then, but that diminished along with the condition of the big boat. Sad, but as I have recently read about wooden boats and their crews; “The sentence is passed,…only the day is undecided.!”……….. . “But not yet!!!” as J. Buffet reminds us …. so I will look forward to more of your incredible knowledge and affection for the history and traditions of the sea and those who build and maintain the ships we sail. Aloha Chris

vadura sailboat

Here’s my account from 2016: Fortified by provisions from Salito’s, I rowed over to this big girl, 105 feet overall. Sailors will open up willingly about their boats if you can manage a compliment or two and throw in a knowing detail. Are those Barlows? Almost without exception, their boats are their pride and joy and they would much sooner tell yarns about them than work on the engine. So the captain of about 40, his mate, and a woman invited me aboard and regaled me with tales of this fancy lady, Vadura, who was built on the Clyde River in Scotland in 1926 with teak on iron frames. She has been neglected of late and is gutted inside. The crew were living in a completely open space with thrift shop furniture, a wood burning stove, and, I’m guessing, no power. The captain was a painter who liked to dribble paint onto a horizontal canvas as the boat rocked, and let the motion of the sea create the image. They offered me a glass of wine or two—minus the actual glass—and I spent a very pleasant hour hearing stories of the sea. I have a photo of her in her glory but don’t see how to post it here.

vadura sailboat

any interest in a 20 metre similar boat c+n 1930

vadura sailboat

I too worked on her and got stoned on her in Papeete in 1980 and before …she was black back then…

vadura sailboat

i spent a lot of time on this boat… lived there for a while i will miss you ms. vadura….you kept me safe from the storms …. when i was scared you hugged me tight. thank you for all the memories….

vadura sailboat

There is an entire chapter of Vaduras history being missed here. Minnie sold Vadura to Dennis and Lyne Callagy who sailed her down to Fremantle for the Americas Cup in 1986/7. They loved Vadura and were great owners with a correct sense of stewardship for such a fine classic. I met them in Fremantle and joined them ostensibly to help with a delivery to Sydney via Hobart. I stayed for basically 4 years, as crew under Dave Wright the skipper after Dave left. I could go for hours on the stories… Suffice to say Vadura returned to San Diego …and was put up for sale . She was still fully functional , but irked and worn….and in need of a refit. The hope was to find new owners to take on this task for this beautiful old girl. Suffice to say that didn’t happen. The new owners ask me to stay as skipper …but it was an easy position to decline when amongst other things , they discussed removing the mizzenmast to make room for a speedboat , and took a sawzall into the galley to cut out room for a microwave in the galley fwd-bulkhead…yea..I declined! Shortly after , this is 1991 ish , she made her way up to San Fran / Sausalito….to sit and rot 😔 She was one of the highlights of my sailing career…her destruction is so incredibly sad.

vadura sailboat

TKY Jo Birch for filling in the rest of the story. When I sold Her to Ralph garside of Bolinas he promised to do the decks and refit her. I reduced price for him based on that promise he never fulfilled. Shame on him.

vadura sailboat

Hi Jo, it’s been a long time, Nige and I often wondered where you got too. 😄

vadura sailboat

Jo! I’m having a party of 4,999 people, would you honour me by being my 5,000th guest? Jill ( from Vadura) I adore you

vadura sailboat

I really miss the Vadura. I have watched her over the years and spoken with the workmen who were trying to fix her up. I had always hoped to one day see her under sail in the bay….

vadura sailboat

I had their sad assignment to perform the condemnation survey on the vessel. Going below was a true nightmare. The bulkheads had been torn out of the hull. There was so much debris and detritus below, one could barely maneuver. I have never, in over twenty years of doing this work, seen anything like it. A true disgrace.

vadura sailboat

I was lucky enough to have spent a year on board her, also with Dave Wright as Skipper, 1986/87. It was the best time of my life to this day. I joined her for what was to be a charter in Fiji that never happened. I crew voluntarily to Vanuatu and on to Darwin where I then became officially paid crew. We carried on to Fremantle for the America’s Cup and then round the bottom to Tasmania and up the east coast. I had to go home and it was one of my saddest days to leave her. Many years later I randomly saw her through the fog, sitting forlornly on a mooring in Sausalito. Just last week I was there and looking for her when friends told me that just a few days prior she had been hauled out for demolition. My tears flowed and my heart sank, so to speak, as the dream of finding her returned to her glory was crushed as I was there. Vadura, you were a huge piece of my life. Thank you Grand Lady.

vadura sailboat

I sailed on her for 3 years from NZ all the way to Europe, via Australia and many places in between. 1987’ to 1990’ Such a special boat and time in my life. Thank you to the Callagy family and Capt Dave Wright for so many amazing memories. Farewell Vadura, you did not deserve this end to your story.

vadura sailboat

Sailed on her during 1989 from Port Royal, Jamaica, to Fairhaven, Massachusetts with a fantastic crew! (Still in touch with most of them). The best times, the best memories!

vadura sailboat

WOW… <3 Dennis , Karen & Nigel , Jill ( My queen, 5000 it is!) ), Gillian and Paul… …great to see your names here , sad to hear from/about ya all under these circumstances 🙁 I ended up staying in San Diego after declining to remain as Vaduras Skipper for the new owners…and have been here ever since . Any and all of you that find yourselves down this way PLEASE..Holler……. ……. the "Too Much Fun Club" has some unfinished business 🙂

vadura sailboat

I remember Vadura well,having owned Alita,a couple boats to the north on Richardson Bay. I knew one worker/livaboard named Tim,who helped keep her alive for awhile. I went aboard once and was taken aback at the lack of anything resembling original accoutrements,bulkheads,charm,those days were over. The owner lived in Bolinas and paid a stipend for any help. At one point,Kelly went aloft ,stripped,sanded and varnished the mast,and on reare occasions,she even got a fresh coat of hull paint. To her credit, Vadura never broke loose and despite decades of neglect,she held up to the elements remarkably well. Sad the French yacht connesours never brought er home…

vadura sailboat

Was Vadura originally a ketch or a yawl?

Tim Henry Vadura was originally rigged as a Gaff Yawl. I have photos, but it doesnt seem possible to post here .. 🙁

Thanks for that, Jo. I found some great photos that we’ll publish in the April issue.

vadura sailboat

What a pity! She was gorgeous and I admired her (and Pursuit) all these years in Sausolito. I believe a full set of construction plans still exist at the A. Mylne archives in the UK. I have her lines plans.

vadura sailboat

Beauty in my beholden eyes while myself anchored out, witnessing history being demolished taken away n not to be rewritten or built no saving her to view no place to put a piece of in a library case we are all about viral n on the internet.forever in the clouds

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VADURA Alexander Stephen & Sons

  • Inspiration

VADURA has 2 Photos

Classic Sailing Yacht Vadura - Photos taken on the Clyde in 1934 by G.L.H Blair, Paisley (FRPS) | Classic Sailing Yacht Vadura - Photo taken on the Clyde in 1934 by G.L.H Blair, Paisley (FRPS)

Cote d Azur

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If you have any questions about the VADURA information page below please contact us .

A Summary of Sailing Yacht VADURA

Alexander Stephen & Sons launched sailing yacht VADURA in 1926. Therefore, she has the distinction of being built country of the United Kingdom. VADURA is a yacht which had yacht design and naval architecture completed by Alfred Mylne and Alfred Mylne. This superyacht VADURA can accommodate overnight a maximum of 8 aboard as well as 6 operating crew.

The Build & Designing relating to Luxury Yacht VADURA

Alfred Mylne was the naval architect firm involved in the professional vessel design work for VADURA. Also the company Alfred Mylne successfully collaborated on this venture. Created at Alexander Stephen & Sons this vessel was completed within the United Kingdom. She was officially launched in Glasgow in 1926 before being delivered to the owner. A reasonable feeling is achieved with a total beam (width) of 5.73 metres or 18.8 feet. With a 3.81m (12.5ft) draught (maximum depth) she is deep. The material teak/steel frames was used in the building of the hull of the sailing yacht. Her superstructure above deck is fashioned with the use of teak. Over the deck of VADURA she is 27.89 (91.5 ft) in length. In 1989 extra refitting and modernisation was additionally performed.

The Main Engines And The Speed The S/Y VADURA Can Reach:

The 6V 71 engine powering the yacht is made by GM. Connected to her GM engine(s) are a single screw propeller. The engine of the yacht gives 280 horse power (or 206 kilowatts). She is fitted with 1 engines. The sum power for the yacht is 280 HP / 206 KW.

Aboard Superyacht VADURA She has Passenger Accommodation Capacity For:

With cabins for a limit of 8 visiting passengers spending the night, the VADURA accommodates them comfortably. Under normal conditions she requires circa 6 capable yacht crew to manage.

A List of the Specifications of the VADURA:

Further information on the yacht.

VADURA features a teak deck.

VADURA Disclaimer:

The luxury yacht VADURA displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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Vadura Yacht

Vadura Luxury Sail Yacht by Alexander Stephens & Son

Sail Yacht Vadura

Vadura is a sail 31.70m  (104'0"ft) built by alexander stephens & son and launched in 1926. this luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of mylne yacht design..

This luxury yacht , a beam of 5.79m  (18'11"ft) and a 3.81m  (12'6"ft) draft .

Vadura is currently not available for Charter on Superyachts.com. Click here to view similar Yachts Available for Charter.

  • More Details:
  • Specifications

Builder: Alexander Stephens & Son

Exterior Designer: Mylne Yacht Design

Naval Architect: Mylne Yacht Design

Interior Designer: Mylne Yacht Design

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vadura sailboat

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Vadura Specifications

  • Name Vadura
  • Model Custom
  • Hull Colour -
  • Naval Architect Mylne Yacht Design
  • Exterior Designer Mylne Yacht Design
  • Interior Designer Mylne Yacht Design
  • Length Overall 31.7m
  • Length at Waterline -
  • Draft (min) -
  • Draft (max) 3.8m
  • Gross Tonnage -
  • Cabins Total -
  • Hull Configuration -
  • Hull Material -
  • Superstructure -
  • Deck Material -
  • Fuel Type -
  • Manufacturer -
  • Total Power -
  • Propulsion -
  • Max Speed -
  • Cruising Speed -
  • Fuel Capacity -
  • Water Capacity -
  • Generator -
  • Stabilizers -
  • Thrusters -
  • Amenities -
  • Yacht Builder Alexander Stephens & Son No profile available
  • Naval Architect Mylne Yacht Design No profile available
  • Exterior Designer Mylne Yacht Design No profile available
  • Interior Designer Mylne Yacht Design No profile available

Yacht Specs

Other alexander stephens & son yachts, related news.

Jeff Jacob Chase rows towards a friend’s boat in Richardson Bay.

The anchor-outs: San Francisco’s bohemian boat dwellers fight for their way of life

Since the 1950s, Marin county waters have been home to a community of mariners. Now local authorities say they have to leave

F or decades, a group known as the “anchor-outs” enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence in a corner of the San Francisco Bay. The mariners carved out an affordable, bohemian community on the water, in a county where the median home price recently hit $1.8m.

But their haven could be coming to an end – and with it, a rapidly disappearing way of life.

The anchor-outs live aboard semi-derelict boats abutting the town of Sausalito, an upscale enclave just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin county where mansions boast floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water. Tourists arrive by ferry from the city on weekends, strolling the promenade of restaurants, wine bars, art galleries and boutiques.

Anchor-out boats sit in Richardson Bay.

Top: Anchor-out boats sit in Richardson Bay in Sausalito, California , last month. Bottom: Jeff Jacob Chase looks out the window of a friend’s boat.

The agency that oversees the local waterway known as the Richardson Bay has in recent months begun a fervent crackdown on the boat dwellers, who they say are here illegally and pose a threat to safety and the marine environment. Determined to clear the waters, a hardline harbormaster has even begun confiscating and destroying boats that overstay their welcome.

The anchor-outs, meanwhile, are fighting back, staging protests and clashing with authorities who they say are in effect rendering them homeless.

On a recent afternoon, the sounds of a tractor’s hydraulic arm crushing a fiberglass sailboat carried on the wind. The noise lingered over a homeless encampment that has grown near the waterfront. “Camp Cormorant”, as boaters nicknamed it, has become the political base of the anchor-outs’ protest movement.

For the 50 or so people camped in neat rows of tents, the frequent whir, crunch and crack of the crusher represents their way of life being torn to bits. Many say they were forced to decamp here after their vessels were destroyed.

“They want to take our homes and shut the anchorage down,” says Jeff Jacob Chase, a 20-year anchor-out with a trademark pirate swagger, a long, salt-and-pepper beard, spectacles and floppy hat. “They basically want to eradicate a culture.”

A man stands by the water among boats in a black and white image

The houseboat community in Sausalito in the late 1960s.

In a region dominated by water, boats have been used as a cheap source of housing since the Gold Rush, when miners lived aboard vessels. In the 1950s, a community of bohemians and artists grew along the Sausalito shoreline, with residents building wildly creative floating constructions that offered shelter and inspiration to Beat writers and artists such as Allen Ginsberg and Shel Silverstein. It transformed into a hippy music scene in the 1960s, but in the mid-1970s, residents of those houseboats were mostly pushed out in a series of local enforcement actions known as “ the houseboat wars ”.

Despite its beatnik origins, today the Richardson Bay hosts a unique waterfront class system.

At the top are the authorized houseboat marinas where floating, luxury homes with shingle siding, plumbing and electricity can sell for more than $1m. Other boaters, known as live-aboards, can pay a monthly fee to dwell on their sailboats and cabin cruisers in a marina slip, but the number of spots is tightly controlled and authorities say there is a long waiting list. Finally there are the anchor-outs, whom some see as the last of a dying breed of free spirits who eschew the world of rent deposits, credit checks and bills.

homeless encampment with signs that say 'save our anchorage' and 'stop crushing homes'

Many anchor-outs now live in a homeless encampment.

The anchor-outs get by with minimal resources, hauling their own water and generating power from tiny solar panels. They brave the bay’s famous winds to travel to and from the shore in rowboats or motorized dinghies.

Housing advocates say the battle over their way of life is just the latest chapter in a crisis that has seen living options for low-income residents all but vanish.

Chase still has his sailboat, a sloop named the Jubilee, but he also spends time in Camp Cormorant, organizing his fellow boaters to protest against the evictions as an officer of the local chapter of the California Homeless Union.

“What they’re doing is criminalizing this entire community,” said Chase.

Waterfront patrols and crushed boats

Curtis Havel, the harbormaster, would be the first to call himself the villain of this story.

It’s a breezy Wednesday morning and Havel is out patrolling the waters. He stands on the bow of his aluminum patrol boat and gestures at the spectacular scenery around him.

“For a long time, people regarded Richardson’s Bay as this sort of bohemian live-and-let-live situation and the vessel count continued to increase,” he says. “Now it’s time for us to enforce our rules.”

Curtis Havel looks on as he patrols Richardson Bay.

Curtis Havel looks on as he patrols Richardson Bay.

The state agency that oversees the San Francisco Bay had been building pressure on local authorities to act, and Havel says clearing the harbor of illegal anchoring was the primary mission he was given when he was hired two years ago.

Citing a long-unenforced rule that says boats can anchor for no more than 72 hours, Havel has been confiscating boats, dragging them into a shipyard and crushing them into chunks. Of the 190 boats out here when he took over, Havel says he has gotten rid of all but 86 vessels – about 70 of which are now occupied by full-time residents.

Havel argues boats and their occupants can cause a laundry list of problems and environmental concerns. Their anchors drag along the bottom and destroy the eelgrass, an important habitat for marine life. Boats break loose from their anchors during storms, endangering those aboard and others along the shore. The residents dump sewage and leave abandoned boats and parts polluting the bay. And there have been complaints about drug use and crime.

A boat is destroyed at the dock of the army corps of engineers.

A boat is destroyed at the dock of the army corps of engineers in July.

Havel says his enforcement has made him unpopular, but he’s willing to take some flak in order to get the job done.

His patrol boat edges up to the side of a rusting, metal-hulled craft, piled with plywood and corrugated metal, which appears to have become home to a flock of seagulls. Havel had already plastered a note on the side of the boat, warning that it would be disposed of if not removed within 10 days.

“I hate to even call this a boat; at this point it’s just a shell,” he says, adding that he hasn’t seen occupants aboard the vessel for several months. “That’s a dead boat you’re looking at.”

Havel recently announced plans to leave his role at the end of the month, and while his agency appears undeterred in its mission, he says they are trying to find long-term solutions. The state has agreed to extend the timeline for clearing the bay by a few years, and for those still living aboard, Havel says, the county plans to send outreach workers to help find other housing.

Seagulls flock around a boat.

Seagulls flock around a boat.

But around the anchorage, signs of rebellion abound. Some boats fly upside down American flags, the maritime signal for distress. Occupants of a boat named Evolution have taped up a big, hand-stenciled “R”, rebranding it the “REvolution”.

As Havel patrols, a metal dinghy motors up behind him. The driver, a boat-dweller with a white megaphone, starts shouting at Havel, peppering his taunts with expletives. “Tell them how you’ve been crushing people’s homes, sir,” yells the man. Havel, however, appears unflustered.

“It’s always been politically charged; it’s just getting heightened because we’re doing something.”

‘I’m not homeless, I’m houseless’

Authorities say they have been seizing only abandoned and derelict boats, but around Camp Cormorant, numerous residents claim to have lost their homes to the crusher.

Michael Adams and his wife lived in the anchorage for decades, raising two kids. The couple had recently become afraid to leave their boat, a historic 1928 pleasure cruiser named the Marlin, for fear it would get destroyed.

“I went off one morning and he crushed it,” says Adams as he paints a mural on the plywood patio he built in front of the tent he and his wife now call home.

Robyn Kelly poses on her boat.

Top: Robyn Kelly on Richardson Bay. Bottom: Kelly and Billy McLean.

Robyn Kelly, a former skincare technician, moved into the anchorage after giving up her apartment and job to care for her sick mother, and ended up living on a 28ft power boat for a decade. She says it made an excellent home, until one day in 2019 she found it had been confiscated by the harbormaster.

“I went away for 24 hours and I came back and it was gone,” said Kelly, who has since filed a lawsuit against the authorities for destroying her boat and possessions.

Kelly and her two pups, Hank and Nacho, are currently staying on a friend’s boat; she’d like to move back to shore but her small income isn’t enough to make the deposit for an apartment, and her arthritis is starting to give her trouble. “I couldn’t afford an apartment now,” she said. “I’d love one.”

Kelly’s friend, Billy McClean, is a fourth-generation Marin county resident. He can look across the water from where his Dutch cruiser is anchored and see stately houses constructed nearly a century ago by his grandfather, a local builder.

McClean drives his boat through Richardson Bay.

McClean drives his boat through Richardson Bay.

He recalls growing up seeing people living freely on the water. “When I was a teenager I used to come down here to the boats and buy pot from what I called ‘the hippies’,” he says. “Now I live here.”

McClean says people like him have been priced out of the region by an influx of tech workers making six-figure salaries. McClean couldn’t afford a decent apartment at his previous job working for a fencing company – so he bought a cheap motorboat and moved into the anchorage in 2009.

His vessel has a TV, DVD player and a small refrigerator, all powered by a generator. He doesn’t have much space inside, but from his white decks he can see green waters and California hillsides all around him.

“It’s nice out here – and then it’s not,” he said. “It’s a lot of work – and in the winter, it can be downright life threatening.”

Brian Doris, left, the homeless coordinator Robbie Powell, center, and Jeff Jacob Chase, right, talk in Doris’s boat.

Top: Brian Doris, left, the homeless coordinator Robbie Powelson, center, and Jeff Jacob Chase, right, talk in Doris’s boat. Bottom: Doris on his boat.

A short skiff ride across the anchorage from McClean, Brian Doris is fixing up an old pleasure yacht named Marlia that he bought for $1 after it was abandoned. The outside of his boat is still cluttered with toolboxes and boat repair supplies, but he’s transformed the interior with sumptuous Turkish rugs and plants.

“I’m not homeless, I’m houseless,” says Doris, who says he can no longer sleep on land because he misses the rocking of the waves.

Like many anchorage residents, Doris scoffs at the idea of being placed into shelter housing. “This is my home,” he says, adding if they want to take his boat, they should “bring a body bag”.

The last of a dying breed

Jennifer Friedenbach, the executive director of the San Francisco-based Coalition on Homelessness , says living on a boat was one of many “very-low-income housing options” that used to exist in California along with residential hotels and live-work spaces in warehouses. But these types of marginal housing have vanished.

“Once gentrification came, those options disappeared, and that puts pressure on homelessness,” says Friedenbach.

Timothy Logan, a boat owner descended from three generations of California travelers, bought his houseboat cruiser the SS Patio nine years ago to serve as his primary residence. But since then, he has been kicked out of one harbor after another.

He started as a resident of a marina in Sacramento, living along river waters that feed into the San Francisco Bay. That marina closed for development, so he moved his boat to other harbors, including ones in Antioch and Oakland, only to see boaters kicked out of those places too.

“Out of the blue, the whole state of California was like: ‘You can’t live on the water,’”he says.

While the SS Patio is still anchored out in Richardson Bay, Logan fears his boat will eventually end up being crushed like many of his friends’.

Havel, the harbormaster, and authorities governing both Richardson Bay and the state of California say they are determined that within five years, the last of the anchor-outs will be gone. For their part, the anchor-outs don’t intend to go quietly.

“We are a community; we’re trying to stick together,” says Logan.

view of sausalito from the water

Sausalito as seen from Richardson Bay in July.

  • Homelessness
  • San Francisco

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VADURA yacht NOT for charter*

32m  /  105' | alexander stephens & son | 1926 / 1989.

  • Amenities & Toys

The 32m/105' sail yacht 'Vadura' was built by Alexander Stephens & Son at their Glasgow shipyard. She was last refitted in 1989.

Guest Accommodation

She is also capable of carrying up to 6 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Range & Performance

Vadura is built with a teak/steel frames hull and teak superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by 1 x diesel GM (6V 71) 280hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 9 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 10 knots.

*Charter Vadura Sail Yacht

Sail yacht Vadura is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

Vadura Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


Here are a selection of superyachts which are similar to Vadura yacht which are believed to be available for charter. To view all similar luxury charter yachts click on the button below.

Phoenix charter yacht

34m | Hjorne & Jacobsen

from $38,000 p/week ♦︎

Sincerity charter yacht

29m | Baglietto

from $13,800 p/week

Weatherbird charter yacht


30m | Chantelot & Lemaistre

from $43,000 p/week ♦︎

As Featured In

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YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

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1983 Borresen BB10 fractional rig sloop



Totally charming and very simple diesel powered Danish-built day sailer, same family almost since new. Sassafras spent most of her life back East (Annapolis and Vermont), was moved to CA in 2016 and is being offered for sale for the first time since. The BB looks like a classic wood sailboat from the 1920s but it's a fiberglass hull with a modern underbody so you have the best of moth worlds (and note that it has a ballast-to-displacement ratio of 54% so is very sfiff which is what you want on the Bay!).

Single cylinder 10hp Yanmar diesel just serviced (and most little day sailers are powered by outboards!), roller furler head sail with 95% jib, sails and teak decks in very good shape; Sassafra s is the only BB10 for sale in the U.S. at present and must be seen to be appreciated.

Price just significantly reduced and offers encouraged.


Additional info, basic boat info, engines / speed.

  • Make: Yanmar
  • Model: 1GM10
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Power: 10hp
  • Type: Inboard
  • Propeller Type: 2 BladeBronze
  • Engine Location: Center
  • Drive Type: Direct

Aluminum single spreader mast and boom with North Sails dacron main sail, 95% jib on Harken roller furler, also a 130%. 3/4 oz. tri radial spinnaker (but no pole or gear), all sails serviceable. Topping lift, mainsheet, rigid boomvang, five Anderson Scandanavia single speed standard winches.

Single Group 27 battery (2021) with portable battery charger.

VHF radio, cockpit bulkhead mounted magnetic compass (2021).

A Soling with the cabin house of a Dragon? The BB 10 Meter is the creation of Borge Borreson and his son, Anders, who designed and originally built the boat in Denmark. In the past, the Borresons built Solings ( one of which won the gold medal in the 1980 Olympics) and Dragons, and the exposure to the bracing classes made the younger Borreson keen enough to obtain his degree in naval architecture.Then they had the idea of producing a boat of their own design, a performance-oriented family racer that was easy to sail. This boat is a natural progression for men who have been producing Dragons and Solings, and they have managed to keep that aesthetic appeal in their new creation.

Many of you have seen and some have had the pleasure of sailing a Soling, so it may be helpful to use the Olympic keelboat as a comparison:

First, enlarge a Soling about 20 per cent (enlarging a boat is not this straightforward in yacht design, but this is just an exercise). This boat now has the same freeboard and length as the BB-10, but the Borresons have produced a yacht with less beam. And you thought that a blown-up Soling looked slim. The sailing stability of a boat is always an interesting characteristic to study, and from the designer's point of view one of the most challenging to tune to perfection.

The BB-10 has a lot of ballast (54 per cent of its weight is lead) which will help offset its very narrow beam. Our overgrown Soling has about the same percentage of ballast, and you have to perform all kinds of outrageous hiking maneuvers to keep it sailing upwind at peak performance. Mom and Dad don't have the knees for that kind of stuff anymore. So how does the BB-10 do it? Two important factors: (1) It has enough extra displacement to give the hull a greater righting moment, and (2) it has a smaller sail-plan.

The sail-plan arrangement is very sensible. For those super light-air days you can pull out the big genoa, but often the little lapper will be all that is required to scoot around the lake, and you won't be, overpowered. To get you into those shallow spots for lunch, Borreson has kept the draft down to four feet, 10 inches.

The resulting keel's aspect ratio is a little low for efficiency, but has lots of area. The sailing characteristics resulting from combining that keel with the narrow hull should be minimal leeway and very little chance of stalling the keel-even coming out of one of those tacks when your crew, in the heat of the moment, has wrapped the sheet counterclockwise around the winch.

Their brochure states that "standing headroom is only four feet, nine inches, though sitting headroom is ample." I'm not sure that "standing headroom" is the correct term here, but we will let the figures speak for themselves. The interior is not meant to be lush. It's a bit like camping in a fiberglass tent. There are settee berths for sitting or snoozing and a galley module that pulls out from under the cockpit when required. Just forward of the mast are several substantial built-in lockers, and forward of those a large V berth.

With more than a hundred boats sailing in Europe, this design is not new. According to Bob Scharf of Scandinavian Yachts in Annapolis, Maryland, the bid to expand the BB- lO's market began with a brief period of production in the United States (about 20 were built) but they are now moving their molds to Whitby Boat Works in Ontario.

The Canadian dollar, combined with Whitby's quality construction, makes the move look attractive, and if all goes as planned, the first boat off the line should be slipping into the water just about now.

Steve Killing, Canadian Yachting, July 1984

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Vijonara: Inside one of the world’s most successful sailing superyacht designs

  • Toby Hodges
  • October 22, 2020

The Pendennis-built Vijonara is the second Hoek Truly Classic 128. Perfect sailing conditions off Palma helped Toby Hodges appreciate the keys to this design’s incomparable success

Many will look at this yacht and admire its graceful lines, its presence and elegance on the water. Vijonara is the latest proof that Hoek’s Truly Classic range is the dream for many sailors. But this TC128 is more than just a pretty boat.

Vijonara is an intelligent superyacht choice for modern times, a smart, series-built design that uses a clever build process. The result is a dream yacht but one that is efficient, especially in terms of initial cost and potential resale value.

When I sailed the dark blue-hulled sistership Atalante , the first TC128, three years ago I was sold on the lines and impressed by how it sailed, but wasn’t sure how popular the notion of a repeatable series design would be at this size. Hoek’s Truly Classic models have proven hulls with design calculations all largely completed from 50-128ft. Surely once you get over 90ft or so owners want their own bespoke yacht?


All photos: Stuart Pearce

Vijonara proves that notion wrong. Vijonara ’s owners fell in love with this hull shape, they knew this was the concept they wanted. The fact that they were able to then charter Atalante meant they were able to reconfirm their decisions related to the rig, deck and interior layout, to make it their own. The project that emerged shows how a multinational build can be a shrewd choice.

Aluminium fabrication experts Bloemsma built the hull in the Netherlands, before it was shipped to Pendennis in Cornwall for fit-out. A third TC128 hull has since been completed and will be finished in Turkey. A fourth has been ordered for the same Bloemsma/Pendennis/MCM build process – the result of the customer seeing Vijonara completed. And André Hoek has signed a contract for a fifth.

To get five commissions from the same hull design at this size is unprecedented. “We design custom boats not production yachts,” says Hoek, “but this has been so successful conceptually that many owners have decided to follow.” He says that the size, flexibility of the design and layout, and the economy of scale is key to its success. “We designed the first one with flexibility in layout – so you can have the main saloon forward or aft of the deckhouse and move cabins or even the helmstations around.”

Article continues below…

vadura sailboat

Truly a classic – the 127ft Atalante from André Hoek is a head-turner

It was a certain kind of look. It happened as we sailed back towards Antibes over azure waters, carried along…


Aquarius: Modern classic masterpiece makes for a surprisingly sensible superyacht

A demanding brief for Aquarius from experienced sailors has produced a masterpiece from some of the most experienced and talented…

Construction can begin within two months of signing a contract, saving at least half a year over a custom build, says Hoek. The major decisions for the design and build team and the owner have been made. “We have over 40 Truly Classic owners now – they choose this because they can see what they get.”

Meeting Vijonara

Both the blue-hulled Atalante and the classic white Vijonara were docked in the same STP shipyard in Palma when I flew out for this sail trial. Seeing them it was clear that despite both being built to the same lines, they have enough individuality to create exclusive appeal – it’s not as if the owners will be clicking their alarm fobs trying to identify cars in a very large car park.

It’s rare on any trial to get ideal conditions, but for our day aboard Vijonara , the stars aligned. The owners kindly lent the boat for the day, leaving her in the capable hands of its four crew. The warm weather sail in a sea breeze, gentle swell with some accompanying dolphins meant that, were I prospective owner number six, there would have been little to stop me reaching for my chequebook that day.


The week before our sail I had been aboard yachts that were sailing in less breeze and were confined to the constraints of a racecourse at the Superyacht Cup in Palma, so it felt particularly liberating to be fetching across the same Palma Bay in 15-20 knots under full main, staysail and yankee. Our average speed was a handsome 9.5-10 knots at 41-43º to the true wind.

We had sufficient heel to make use of the yacht’s full waterline length, the additional bulwark helping keeping the sea off the leeward decks. On the helm there was a goodly load on the wheel when pressed and you could certainly feel the 150 tonnes of yacht beneath you. Skipper James Box confirmed that they would normally reef in 21 knots of true wind, so we were on the edge.

The position of the helm forward of the aft deckhouse results in good visibility for the helmsman. It’s a superb place, with a clear view over the low main deckhouse. It is better than that offered from a crowded aft cockpit, as aboard Atalante , but I did miss the more direct helm connection of Atalante , the result of its wheel being mounted closer to the rudder.

But it’s easy to see why Vijonara ’s owners chose her particular layout. To have the aft cockpit, deckhouse and all of the after part of the interior to themselves is the type of indulgence one should be able to have when scaling up to a superyacht. The owners were very involved with the design of the helmstation area in particular, with its bare teak rail surrounds and traditional-style binnacle. Pendennis built full mock-ups to allow them to visualise steering the yacht.

Rigged for performance

Vijonara may be the result of a repeatable design, but it allows plenty of sail and deck gear choices. A removable staysail can be rigged for racing, for instance, and a blade jib is another option.

The single-point mainsheet uses a mounting block on the aft deckhouse with a series of rubber bearings that act as shock absorbers. The sheet is run from here, forward in the boom and down to a captive winch in the accommodation. This operates at full speed only when activated, requiring the slight movement of a joystick (together with a sharp eye as to where everyone else is on deck). A backwind function on the Lewmar primaries meanwhile, helps take the initial load off the sheets safely.


Toby enjoys the central helm position, with classic-style binnacle plus instrument repeaters below the bimini

Compared with Atalante , Vijonara has a slightly taller Southern Spars rig with EC Six rigging, higher bulwarks and a bowsprit. The 2.85m bowsprit is a key difference, both visually and practically, as it includes a neat furler for a top-down furling Code 0. This is seen as a more manageable method for a small number of crew to fly an offwind sail in light airs. The sprit also has a tack point for an asymmetric spinnaker at its end, which creates a comparatively larger area kite.

When the wind eased slightly we were able to set the Code 0, increasing our average speed to 10.5 knots on a beam reach. It was just then, as we were romping along at full stretch, that the school of porpoises joined us to play in our bow-wave – the icing on the cake of a cracking day’s sail.

Hands-on sailing

The maintenance of the substantial amount of brightwork, I was told, will be subbed out to professionals as the crew will have their hands full. Skipper James Box described the will and need to maintain a first class service, to ensure the boat is in pristine condition for the owners to enjoy and maximise their sailing experience, but how “there is a lot of pressure on the [minimal] crew to keep the levels up”.


The stanchions are mounted to the inside of the CNC-cut bulwarks so as not to spoil the line

This was evident as we came to lower sails. The mainsail is hoisted onto a halyard lock, the palls of which are engaged via a manual pull line running up the luff off the mainsail. Once disengaged from the lock, the Doyle Stratis carbon mainsail stows in a stackpack on the huge V-boom.

Although a similar method is used on Atalante , it is one Box is wary of because it requires all four crew. During our test a crewmember was stationed on the aft end of the boom, helping to flake the sail, the engineer was in a harness at the gooseneck for the luff, the chef let off the halyard, while Box manned the wheel/thruster. And it still took ten minutes to douse sails in flat water.

However, the owner loves sailing, hence the decision to opt for better sail shape benefits over a furling alternative. It was surprising to hear that this is the first boat he has had with a crew, having made a giant 70ft (21m) step-up from a Grand Soleil 56. But chartering Atalante sold him the concept.


Room with a view: In this configuration the owners have a private aft cockpit linking to their deckhouse and cabin

The owners plan to spend the first couple of years cruising privately but have had the boat built to LY3 large yacht code standards. This means that, with some adjustment, Vijonara can be used for charter purposes in the future. “The owners love the boat and want to cruise the world, but building it to commercial standards makes sense for resale value,” explains Box.

Truly Elegant

The huge guest cockpit area is the heart of the social space and can seat eight guests on each side of the tables in the shade of the biminis. I liked the position of the instrument repeaters on the aft end of the biminis, but wonder if these large covers, typical on Truly Classics, deserve more design consideration.

The interior décor befits the elegant, traditional style of a Truly Classic. Sapele mahogany is used as the predominant timber, with satin-painted tongue and groove deckheads, high gloss beams and stained Italian walnut soles. The owner commissioned Hermès to make some of the upholstery, including a world map made of leather marquetry.


Beautiful joinery on display in the main and aft deckhouses

The intricate detailing continues as you move through the interior, with tapestry above the bedheads, leather-stitched door handles and all switches and light fittings finished in satin-nickel. Many elements ares indicative of the Swiss-German owner’s eye for detail. For example, the saloon table has an image of the sun at its centre, reflecting his Asian business influences.

The siting of the guest cabins forward of the decksaloon leaves the whole area aft free for the owner’s private use. This substantial part of the yacht includes a gym (and convertible cabin), a particularly spacious lower saloon, and the open-plan owner’s cabin, which links to the aft deckhouse and cockpit.

The owner’s cabin includes an oculus through the bottom of the hull, complete with underwater lighting for night viewing. This viewing tunnel uses two 15mm thick laminates on its base and another two on the top (cabin) end. The tube is purged with nitrogen, fitted with a water sensor, and a deadlight can be secured on top.


The owner’s cabin aft includes his and hers bathrooms and steps up into the private aft deckhouse and cockpit

Pendennis’s project manager Mike Rusbridge says that when they launched Vijonara they thought they saw a hairline crack in the oculus – the boat was promptly lifted, but, to everyone’s relief, it was just the waterline. The aft cockpit and deckhouse area is an invitingly calm, private area for the owners to enjoy. The deckhouse includes a leather-topped Hermès desk overlooking the island berth below.

Hidden systems

The location of the helmstation forward of the deckhouse results in a long connection, with torque tubes running through the aft cabin deckhead to the quadrant and skeg-hung rudder. When you also consider the structural beams in the deckhead, beefed-up aluminium structure and tie-rods used to spread the loads of the single point mainsheet, there is a focal point of engineering here in the aft deckhouse.

The tech room and main engine room access is via the day heads to starboard. Again it’s a similar layout to that of Atalante , but with more space to accommodate a slightly larger engine and PTOs (Power Take Offs). MCM’s Nigel Ingram was the owner’s representative on both projects and here is an example of where he has helped make improvements.


The well thought out engine room

James Box explains that, with a large bank of lithium-ion batteries and a PTO on the engine and both gensets, all the systems can run off DC except the bowthruster. Hydraulic pressure can be proportionately controlled to each area, including a 30% ‘cruise’ pressure and 80% ‘race’ setting (tested to 480bar). For noise insulation, Pendennis used a combination of sound-deadening paint all around the engine room and owner’s accommodation and a sandwich of Rockwool with rubber and lead matting.

Crew comforts

The traditional overhangs of a retro-classic hull shape obviously limit stowage and bilge space in the yacht’s ends, but there is a good amount of custom-made refrigerated space in the excellent galley. The crew area is finished in the same tactile mahogany as the owner’s area and includes a proper ship’s office and laundry (where the chain lockers are also housed to help keep weight aft).

A key benefit of the TC128 design is that it requires only four permanent crew for its day-to-day running, but includes the option to house a fifth occasional crewmember if chartering. Pendennis was responsible for the crew accommodation, systems fit-out, deck, and joinery work, while Dutch interior specialists Ruiter Luxury Interiors built the guest accommodation off-site in the Netherlands.


The spacious modern galley and crew mess area

Vijonara ’s hull was fitted out in 15 months including planning and mock up, says Mike Rusbridge, who joined us for the sail. Rusbridge, 27, studied engineering before doing a graduate scheme at Pendennis, a shipyard with an award-winning apprenticeship programme. After acting as an assistant and specialist project manager on two refit projects, he was given the chance to lead a largely young team of up to 60 Pendennis staff on Vijonara ’s build.

“The idea now is that the people who worked on this boat will be on the next one (TC128 No 4). Getting and keeping key guys who know all the quirks is important,” he says. Hull number four arrived at Pendennis in May 2019 and was launched just 15 months later, bearing the name Halekai (meaning “home on the sea”) and with interior styling by Ken Faulk Inc, of New York.


The fourth of Hoek’s successful TC128 series, Halekai shares the same hull lines, keel and rudder as Vijonara and Atalante

It is fascinating to observe the process of refinement on a series-design at this size. The third TC128 will have one deckhouse and an aft wheel/cockpit, for example, while Halekai has two deckhouses but no bowsprit. There are pros and cons to each iteration but, with such versatility, it’s easy to see why this Truly Classic design has been so successful and attracted the commissions.

In this day and age, it can arguably be an indulgent and uneconomic choice to go for a full custom boat. The main head scratching to do with this design comes down to which layout to choose, whether to go for forward or aft helms, and what type of rig will best suit your sailing. Truly nice choices to have.


André Hoek’s 10 keys to success for the TC128 design

  • Proven hull concept with good performance and comfortable behaviour
  • Fewer decisions to be made during the design and build process compared with starting from scratch
  • Possibility to see a boat and charter one before you build
  • Shorter lead and build time
  • Lower build cost than a full custom build
  • Flexible interior layout – the guest cabins can be forward of the main deckhouse or abaft it. So too can the lower salon
  • Flexible deck layout – the wheel can be in the aft cockpit or centre cockpit. In the centre cockpit there can be either a single or twin wheels
  • Four crew for owner to use and five for charter. The four crew option is especially attractive for clients
  • Every boat gets better owing to experiences of past boats
  • The yachts are part of a Truly Classic family and brand, and have good resale value


LOA: 42.24m (139ft 1in) LWL: 27.96m (91ft 9in) Beam: 7.72m (25ft 4in) Draught: 4.50m (14ft 9in) Displacement (light): 150 tonnes (330,693lbs) Ballast: 41 tonnes (90,390lbs)

First published in the October 2018 issue of Supersail World.

Daily Mail

Yacht owners are abandoning old vessels in San Francisco's Bay

Posted: January 22, 2024 | Last updated: April 4, 2024

The waterways of San Francisco Bay are infested with an unusual invasive species: yachts abandoned by owners unable or unwilling to pay upkeep and storage fees. Many of the abandoned boats are being commandeered as makeshift shelter in communities known as 'anchor-outs,' while others, set adrift and often filled with garbage, eventually wreck or sink. With their registration numbers scratched off to conceal the owner's identity, it is often impossible to hold irresponsible boat owners accountable, according to an in-depth Mercury News report on the issue this week.

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vadura sailboat

FRAMURA is a 55.0 m Motor Yacht, built in Italy by Codecasa and delivered in 2020.

Her top speed is 17.0 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 5000.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two Caterpillar diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms, with 13 crew members. She has a gross tonnage of 857.0 GT and a 10.2 m beam.

She was designed by Codecasa , who also completed the naval architecture. Codecasa has designed 46 yachts and created the naval architecture for 59 yachts for yachts above 24 metres.

FRAMURA is in the top 10% by LOA in the world. She is one of 154 motor yachts in the 55-60m size range, and, compared to similarly sized motor yachts, her top speed is 0.5 kn above the average, and her volume 45.09 GT above the average.

FRAMURA is currently sailing under the Malta flag, the 3rd most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1074 yachts registered. She is known to be an active superyacht and has most recently been spotted cruising near Italy. For more information regarding FRAMURA's movements, find out more about BOAT Pro AIS .


  • Name: FRAMURA
  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Yacht Subtype: Displacement
  • Builder: Codecasa
  • Naval Architect: Codecasa
  • Exterior Designer: Codecasa
  • Refits: 2022

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  6. Владивосток. Вид сверху Военный городок, Шамора(бухта Лазурная), п.Емар и ВДЦ Океан. Сентябрь 2011


  1. Richardson Bay's Iconic Wooden Yacht 'Vadura' Demolished

    Another woodie bites the dust. The mast on the ground is from a different boat. The vessel's name was Vadura, a 91-ft Alfred Mylne-designed yacht, built of solid teak in 1926. According to the story in Latitude' s April 2011 issue, written by former owner Ernie Minney (owner of Minney's Yacht Surplus in Costa Mesa), he purchased Vadura in ...

  2. VADURA Yacht

    All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and is without warranty. VADURA is a 32m luxury sail super yacht built in 1926, refitted in 1989 by Alexander Stephens & Son. View similar yachts for Charter around the world.

  3. What of Vadura

    Tweet. #10. 12-24-2009, 10:39 AM. Re: What of Vadura. The Vadura is afloat in Sausalito she is a Mylne 1926 built in Scottland. The owner - Ralph Garside -is looking for help/volunteers to restore her - room and board could be included either on the boat or 15 miles away in Bolinas on the coast.

  4. Sad End to a Grand Old Sailing Vessel

    Sad End to a Grand Old Sailing Vessel - The WoodenBoat Forum. The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by WoodenBoat Publications, publisher of WoodenBoat magazine. The Forum is a free service, and much like the "free" content on Public Radio, we hope you will support WoodenBoat by subscribing to this fabulous magazine.

  5. VADURA yacht (Stephen & Sons, 32m, 1926)

    VADURA. VADURA is a 32.0 m Sail Yacht, built in the United Kingdom by Stephen & Sons and delivered in 1926. Her top speed is 9.5 kn and her cruising speed is 8.5 kn and her power comes from a General Motors diesel engine. She can accommodate up to 8 guests, with 6 crew members waiting on their every need.

  6. 31.7m Vadura Superyacht

    Vadura measures 31.70 metres in length, with a max draft of 3.81 feet and a beam of 5.79 feet. Her exterior design, naval architecture and interior design is by Mylne Yacht Design. Mylne Yacht Design is run today by our dedicated team of Naval Architects, Designers, and Engineers. Expand.

  7. VADURA Alexander Stephen & Sons

    All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current. Quick Enquiry Classic Sailing Yacht Vadura - Photos taken on the Clyde in 1934 by G.L.H Blair, Paisley (FRPS) | Classic Sailing Yacht Vadura - Photo taken on the Clyde in 1934 by G.L.H Blair, Paisley (FRPS)

  8. Vadura

    Sail Yacht Vadura Vadura is a sail 31.70m (104'0"ft) built by Alexander Stephens & Son and launched in 1926. This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Mylne Yacht Design. This luxury yacht , a beam of 5.79m (18'11"ft) and a 3.81m (12'6"ft) draft

  9. Vadura Superyacht

    Click to view the full table of specifications for Vadura superyacht, including accommodation, performance, equipment and amenities.

  10. What of Vadura

    The American owners Dennis and Lynne C. their family and close friends took the boat on a adventure that lasted 6 years. Visiting Tasmania, The east coast of Australia up to Townsville, across to New Zealand then back to Tasmania to join the Tall Ships race to Sydney harbour for Australia's bi centenary celebration.

  11. VADURA Yacht Photos

    The luxury sail yacht Vadura is displayed on this page merely for informational purposes and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by Superyacht Network. ... All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and is without warranty. SIMILAR LUXURY YACHTS FOR ...

  12. Vadura Yacht

    Vadura is a sailing yacht with an overall length of m. The yacht's builder is Alexander Stephens & Son from United Kingdom, who launched Vadura in 1926. The superyacht has a beam of m, a draught of m and a volume of . GT.. Up to 8 guests can be accommodated on board the superyacht, Vadura, and she also has accommodation for 6 crew members, including the ship's captain.

  13. The anchor-outs: San Francisco's bohemian boat dwellers fight for their

    The houseboat community in Sausalito in the late 1960s. In a region dominated by water, boats have been used as a cheap source of housing since the Gold Rush, when miners lived aboard vessels.

  14. 161' Schooner "Goodwill" Used as USN training ship in 1943

    93' KETCH "VADURA" ENROUTE FROM TAHITI TO NEWPORT HARBOR. 1982. 161' Schooner "Goodwill" Used as USN training ship in 1943 1/17/2016 Comments . This 1943 photo of the 161 foot "Goodwill" came with a lot of boat gear and nautical decor we purchased from an estate a year ago. Sails are pretty much trimmed to perfection and dozens of sailors ...

  15. VADURA Yacht Charter Brochure

    Vadura is built with a teak/steel frames hull and teak superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by 1 x diesel GM (6V 71) 280hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 9 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 10 knots. ... All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and is without warranty. SIMILAR LUXURY YACHTS FOR CHARTER. Here are a ...

  16. Sail boats for sale in Sausalito

    Find Sail boats for sale in Sausalito. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  17. 1983 Borresen BB10 fractional rig sloop

    Totally charming and very simple diesel powered Danish-built day sailer, same family almost since new. Sassafras spent most of her life back East (Annapolis and Vermont), was moved to CA in 2016 and is being offered for sale for the first time since.The BB looks like a classic wood sailboat from the 1920s but it's a fiberglass hull with a modern underbody so you have the best of moth worlds ...

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    Vijonara is the latest proof that Hoek's Truly Classic range is the dream for many sailors. But this TC128 is more than just a pretty boat. Vijonara is an intelligent superyacht choice for ...

  19. Yacht owners are abandoning old vessels in San Francisco's Bay

    But the Bay's abandoned boat issue appeared to be exacerbated by the pandemic, when boats with missing or phony registration began washing ashore, according to a 2021 report from SFGate. Kpix

  20. Vijonara: On Board the Pendennis-Built Truly Classic 128 Sailing Yacht

    The Hoek Truly Classic yacht bobbing at the Pendennis dock is the fifth Vijonara; their largest before her was 17 metres. It is their first yacht with crew. "Our daughter grew up sailing. I remember tying her to the table when she was little so I wouldn't have to worry about her when I was changing the sails," says her mother.

  21. FRAMURA yacht (Codecasa, 55m, 2020)

    FRAMURA. FRAMURA is a 55.0 m Motor Yacht, built in Italy by Codecasa and delivered in 2020. Her top speed is 17.0 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 5000.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two Caterpillar diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms, with 13 crew members.

  22. Varua

    37' sloop designed by John Braidwood. Built in Ontario, Canada, in 1951. Found fame as the yacht in the 2008 film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Underwent an extensive refit in 2017-18, including a new Yanmar Diesel engine, new sitka spruce main mast, new teak cap rail, new sails, running and standing rigging. Currently out of the ...

  23. AZZURA

    From concept to present day ownership, AZZURA has been in the hands of owners who really understand and appreciate the flexibility of everything that has been crafted into this stunning yacht, from her tall cutter rig, slim hull, decent freeboard, cavernous garage, ease of sailing to internal & external comfort, not forgetting the unique folding keel that allows entry to marinas and anchorages ...