Sunseeker Yachts- The Complete Guide to Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts: The Complete Guide to Sunseeker Yachts

who makes sunseeker yachts

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Last Updated on November 8, 2021 by Boatsetter Team

Sunseeker yachts are James Bond-worthy. They have dazzled screens in  Die Another Day, Casino Royale,  and  Quantum of Solace .

Tuxedo on, martini in hand, you too can experience what a luxury yacht feels like with  Boatsetter .

Headquartered in the seaside town of Poole, England, Sunseeker is the largest UK-based luxury yacht, maker. Originally named Poole Power Boats, Sunseeker was the brainchild of brothers Robert and John Braithwaite way back in the heady year of 1969. Harnessing revolutionary materials and technology, the Braithwaite brothers dreamt of building boats of the future. Their early designs were tailored to a handful of customers, keen to embrace the newfound freedoms of the decade.

But things got off to a bumpy start. Across the pond in the United States of America, the owner of Poole Powerboats, Owens Cruisers, decided to close their British operation down and focus instead on domestic production. This was when Robert saw an opportunity. With a bundle of hastily borrowed cash, he drove to Owen’s offices in the sleepy town of Arundel and successfully negotiated the purchase of their boat molds.

Although a small problem remained: he had never built a seagoing craft before.

First came the Sovereign 17 in 1971, followed closely by the Sovereign 20. By the close of the decade, Sunseeker yachts were selling well in the UK and northern Europe. Sunseeker had arrived.

The rest is history.

A leap of  courage  and  imagination  inspired Sunseeker in its early days. In fact, few manufacturers have pioneered as many innovations in the yachting world as Sunseeker. These include duoprops, stern -driven race-bred Arneson surface drives, and a water jet powering system – previously thought impossible.

Now, these bold traits have become the hallmarks of a Sunseeker yacht. Above all, a Sunseeker yacht will give customers exactly what they want. Its expert teams have designed unprecedented and ultimately  successful  yachts to realize their dreams, ensuring that each one is as unique as its customers. This refreshing and prolific stance puts distance between them and their competitors. Not to mention bringing  fabulous  vessels to the waves.  

Capitalizing on the skills passed down from generation to generation, each sunseeker is a triumph in  craftsmanship . While harnessing the best of what digital production and automated assembly have to offer, Sunseeker yachts remain  hand-built  and  hand-finished . Why? Because there is no better way of making the unique, remarkable, and ultimately exceptional.

The Sunseeker Range

Boatsetter’s unique  peer-to-peer  boat renting service offers a range of new and pre-owned Sunseeker yachts. A weekend excursion, exciting day out, or a well-deserved week away (or several), Sunseeker’s expansive range of yachts can satisfy every need. There is the cheetah-like  Predator  up to the magnificent  Superyacht  series. Experience the luxury and technological mastery of a Sunseeker today!

All of Boatsetter’s rentals come with a  knowledgeable captain  and crew to guide you on your exciting yacht adventure and are available from sites across the USA, Europe and beyond. Many Boatsetter rentals offer the opportunity to enhance your experience with jet skis, electronic surfboards, and sea bobs to get splashing on. 

Sport Yacht

Sleek and powerful

Magnificently crafted, expertly finished and composed of raw, unassailable quality materials, every Sunseeker Sport Yacht seamlessly blends elegance and performance. Their two most popular sport yachts are the  74 Sports Yacht  and the  65 Sports Yacht .

The  74 Sports Yacht  is the best of both worlds. This beauty is enhanced by cutting-edge technology and elegant finishes throughout and everything you and your many guests could wish for. Speaking of which, it can accommodate eight passengers plus two crew members.

In a world where distance is everything. The  74 Sports Yacht  has a freshwater capacity of 800 liters (211 US Gal.) and a fuel capacity of 4,800 litres (1,268 US Gal.). This lavishes drivers with a range of up to 900 nautical miles and maximum speeds of up to 38 knots.

Sport, sleek and wonderfully spacious best describe the interior of the  74 Sports Yacht . This is a yacht built to impress. It has copious amounts of entertaining space, including plenty of comfortable seating, large sun pads (both back and front), and the bridge deck seductively shades the cockpit .

The newer  65 Sport Yacht  is a trailblazer. And inside it, you will be one too. Take your holidays to new heights with the yacht’s direct sea access, bar, fridge, BBQ, and free-standing seating. Together these are the perfect spaces for water-loving nymphs and party animals.

20.50 meters (67′ 2″) in length and with a beam of 5.10 (16′ 8″), space is not a premium on the  65 Sport Yacht . With three cabins – including a full-beam master stateroom – it can comfortably accommodate up to 7 guests and 1 crew in absolute luxury. The main deck has a large C shaped sofa and offers options of additional seating with a TV. All of which amounts to a versatile space that adapts seamlessly to all kinds of socializing and adrenaline-seeking.

When you wish to tear up the waves, the innovative Sky Helm of the  65 Sport Yacht , complete with IPS driving joystick, is there. It allows the boat to be sailed while the driver is standing in an upright position, or it can be lowered to fall perfectly into outstretched arms.

The water shark

The Predator range is mythical. Coming in sizes from 50′ to 77′, every boat is a head -turner. Sunseeker has ensured it is strikingly styled, expertly made, and nimble on its hull . The fastest predator models will achieve speeds over 45 knots.

Winner of the prestigious 2019 Motor Boat Awards, the  Predator 50  is ideal for spontaneous adventures or the afternoon adrenaline rush.

Its interior is awe-inspiring. There is plenty of space to host friends, family, or corporate colleagues with space for up to six guests. Plus, each cabin is designed to impress. Sunseeker’s British interior designer’s attention to detail has created the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, especially with their open spaces and large windows, which allow the magical light of a summer sunset to flood in. This is enhanced by an open plan design that boasts a fully opening hardtop roof and fully opening cockpit glazing – bringing the outside inside.

And let us not forget the  Predator 60 Evo . The first model of Sunseeker’s major new product development plan, this bold yacht is tailored for practicality and performance. On the waves, the  Predator 60 Evo  packs a punch. It can glide across the waves at speeds of up to 32 knots. This is matched with its sharp, impressive figure, which allows for unrivaled agility on the open water. The sporty posture of the  Predator 60 Evo  is complemented by a bold, modern interior design. The white finish of the interior and furnishings only aid this sleek feeling.

The conquerors of distance

In this collection are the  Manhattan 68, Manhattan 66, Manhattan   52,  and the  Manhattan 55 .

Fitted with Volvo Penta d13-800 engines, the  Manhattan 55  can cruise comfortably at 25 knots with a range of 250 nautical miles. Or, if you need a speedy getaway, it can be cranked up to an excess of 30 knots at full throttle. Think where you could go with that fuel capacity of 2,200 liters (580 US gal.).

An attractive aspect of the  Manhattan 55  that truly distinguishes it from the crowd is the revolutionary glass-cockpit and gallery window, which can be dropped with the touch of a button, creating a fantastic inside/outside environment. 

Speaking of design capabilities, the exceptional yacht has been meticulously crafted to maximize comfort and cruising, as well as providing owners with a vast array of social spaces – something typically limited to larger yachts.

Length: 21 m (69′). Beam: 5.25 m (17.3′). Range: 550 nautical miles. Maximum speed: 32 knots. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, these are the specs of the  Manhattan 68 . Building upon the exceptional family of award-winning Manhattan models, this yacht redefines luxury and relaxation. Across the main deck, keen attention has been paid to create social spaces fit for a king. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and two crew members.


Built for speed

Sunseeker’s Performance range does what it says on the tin: perform. Capitalizing on Sunseeker’s incredible racing heritage, every boat in this series is a masterpiece in speed. The Performance range dares you to dare, like never before.  

Following several long years of intense speculation, the  Hawk 38  arrived on the yachting scene with much fanfare. It had been almost 20 years since the British shipyard had last launched a proper performance boat. And it was worth the wait. Motorboat & Yachting Magazine called it Sunseeker’s  coolest boat ever . Boasting a range of up to 200 nautical miles, the  Hawk 38  has a maximum speed of 62 knots. Yes, you read that right, 62 knots.

No wonder the  Hawk 38  has won 43 World Speed Records and 55 World Championships.

Coming in bright Marlin Blue, fiery Sunfast Red or ice cool Super Jet Black, the  Hawk 38  can dazzle onlookers on the beach. Its Spradling Marine Silvertex coated fabrics are engineered and tested to resist the toughest marine conditions, ensuring that the vessel remains in its prime.

The  Hawk 38  is packed with an array of high-tech features; 

  • Inflatable STAB (stabilizing tubes)to keep the boat stable against whatever odds the ocean may throw at it
  • Simrad 16″ Navigation display
  • Smart, adjustable steering wheel with function buttons to control it
  • Mercury Verado dual-engine Hydraulic Power Steering 
  • Mercury Vessel View link, which interfaces with engine data to display engine temperature, pressure, engine alarms, fuel tank level and engine battery voltages via an app. .

Sunseeker’s  Superyachts  are the largest and most extravagant amongst all their ranges. Inspiring and adaptable, these yachts represent the Sunseeker’s knack for style, design, practicality and ingenuity  par excellence . At present, there are four beauties in this range, each one a tribute to British engineering:  50M Ocean ,  52M Ocean ,  131 Yacht  and the  116 Yacht.   

When Sunseeker launched the  50M Ocean , they said that a ‘new dawn had arrived.’ The tri-deck yacht offers beautiful space and volume. It can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins under the standard configuration yet has upgradable options for 12 guests – depending on your needs. Indeed, the already opulent interior spaces of the  50M Ocean  can be styled to each buyer’s personal preferences thanks to Sunseeker’s renowned ‘Bespoke’ Service.

Read more about this customization service  here . It is beyond par.

Space and flexibility characterise the theme of the  50M Ocean . It contains a wealth of compelling features, all to maximize the pleasure of passengers. Typically belonging to larger craft only, there is a plunge pool on the main deck and a delectable beach club at the rear of the yacht. This amounts to a fantastic area for revealing in the water.

Another tri-deck, the Sunseeker  131 Yacht  epitomizes all that the British shipyard has got right over the decades. Grandiose yet gracious, this behemoth can sleep up to 12 guests (and 9 crew) in sheer luxury and comfort. It has a range of up to 1,600 nautical miles at 12 knots. Just think of where you could go in that distance.

The interior is finished with ultra-modern materials and techniques. While on the upper deck, you will find the sky lounge, cocktail bar, and Skydeck, which commands awe-inspiring views of the night’s sky; the main deck is complete with a lounge, dining area, and full galley . 

Like the  50M Ocean , the  131 Yacht  comes with the ‘Bespoke’ Service, meaning that the interior is fully customizable according to the buyer’s taste. This is the king of all yachts as impressive out in the open water as it is in the harbor.   

boatsetter loco

Boatsetter empowers people to explore with confidence by showing them a world of possibility on the water. Rent  a boat,  list  your boat, or become a  Boatsetter captain  today.

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who makes sunseeker yachts

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who makes sunseeker yachts

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Sunseeker Reviews

Sunseeker logo

Early years

It wasn’t until Idris Braithwaite moved his chandlery and outboard business down the road from Christchurch to Poole in the early half of the decade that the Poole Powerboats story got started.

The change in location gave Idris and his business partner, John Macklin, shoreside access and they branched into sportsboat sales, becoming a dealer for Scandinavian, American and British-built sportsboats.

In 1962, Idris’s sons, Robert and John, joined the team and it wasn’t long before the foursome hatched a plan to produce their own line of boats, taking the best aspects of the boats they’d been selling for others and incorporating them into the new range.

Moulds were purchased from an American company called Owens Cruisers Incorporated, and in 1969 the first Poole Powerboats-built Sovereign 17 rolled into the water. This was soon followed by a Sovereign 20.

These boats were a combination of American robustness, Scandinavian finish and British conservatism, and were among the first British sportsboats to standardise on outdrive power.

Production of these boats ticked along, but Poole Powerboats was still more a boat dealer than a boatbuilder, and was appointed the distributor for Coronet, Windy and Draco – sportsboats from the part of the world that at that time dominated the market, Scandinavia.

Poole Powerboats’ ties with that part of the world were further reinforced when it found itself the largest UK parts distributor for Volvo Penta engines.

The company prospered as a distributor for other people’s products, but the drive to establish itself as an independent boatbuilder never waned, and in 1976 Poole Powerboats was back with a pair of boats designed in-house that it hoped would capture the imagination of the rapidly expanding daycruiser marketplace.

The Sports 23 and Daycab 23 were the company’s first real hits, and were also the first boats to be prefixed with the name Sunseeker (Braithwaite believed that the name Poole Powerboats was likely to be confused with ‘poulet’ on the Continent – the French for chicken). The Sports was a sleek, low-profile sportsboat with a two-berth cabin, sea toilet, stove and a large cockpit.

But it was the 36-knot Daycab that really took off. This boat had four berths, a galley, a toilet, and a hand-crafted teak bathing platform. Moreover, the build quality, fitout and handling were equal to anything coming out of Scandinavia.

More than 120 Daycabs were built between 1976 and 1979, when the model was replaced by the Sunseeker 235. The success of the model put Poole Powerboats firmly on the boatbuilding map, and there was no looking back.

Sunseeker expands

As the company looked to break into the Mediterranean market in the late 1970s, a key design partnership was formed with legendary naval architect Don Shead. His previous works included superyachts and racing boats, but the Sunseeker Offshore 28 was his first production boat and its sporty performance and innovative hull design saw Sunseeker snap up sales in France, Spain and Germany, leading to a rebrand as Sunseeker International.

The emphasis on fun in the sun saw two iconic models launched in the 1980s – the Portofino 31 and the Tomahawk 37, which were capable of hosting large parties in their spacious cockpits, whilst retaining a wicked turn of speed.

Jet-drive boats pushed the game on further still in the 1990s, with the Renegade 60 and the Predator 80 turning heads – the former was welcomed to the 1990 Southampton Boat Show with widespread acclaim, from buyers and competitors alike.

At the turn of the century, Sunseeker began a Hollywood partnership, which was to last for the best part of a decade, with their yachts appearing in four James Bond films: The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace .

Currently owned by Chinese group Dalian Wanda, Sunseeker remains a British company with manufacturing still based in Poole.

The current Sunseeker collection ranges in size from the entry-level Predator 50 to the Sunseeker 155 . Hull number one of this superyacht series, Blush , was commissioned by Formula 1 supremo Eddie Jordan and launched in 2014.

Looking to the future, Sunseeker plans to expand its range in both directions, with a Hawk 38 performance boat and a Sunseeker 161 Yacht both under development.

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who makes sunseeker yachts


Sunseeker Yachts For Sale.

It’s time to enjoy the luxury lifestyle you deserve. Whether soaking in the Bahamian sun from the flybridge sun loungers or enjoying the fall scenery through the large windows of the plush salon, Sunseeker Yachts allow you to fully immerse yourself in the moment, free of worry. As one of the most advanced luxury yacht builders in the world, Sunseeker offers a range of models to suite your particular boating interests and cruising requirements. Whether formally entertaining guests or seasonally traveling with family, the performance, accommodations, technology, and sophistication of a Sunseeker creates memories to last a lifetime.

As a factory-trained dealer that continually stocks new models at multiple locations, One Water Yacht Group offers an unparalleled buying experience through exceptional service opportunities, personal training, and customer rendezvous events. From the Northeast to South Florida, our industry-leading service teams can assist you with all routine maintenance and installation of after-market equipment. Best of all, we can take your current boat in on trade towards the purchase of a new Sunseeker and even assist with financing. Experience the difference that comes with buying a Sunseeker Yacht with OWYG and live the dream you’ve created.


  • Sunseeker launched their first boat, the Sovereign 17, in 1971
  • The shipyard where Sunseekers are manufactured is located at Poole in Dorset, England
  • Sunseeker builds luxury day boats, sport yachts, flybridge yachts, and superyachts up to 164-feet
  • Sunseeker Yachts are known as a quality yacht having won many awards, including the recent best Flybridge Over 60-feet category at the Motor Boat Awards

Performance Series

While every Sunseeker is an example of opulence, speed is in their DNA and the Performance Series is a testament to this heritage. Sleek with aggressive lines, each Performance model is designed for comfort and going fast.

Predator Series

The Predator Series from Sunseeker over exhilarating performance and remarkable handling thanks to the V-shaped hull. These luxury express yachts range from 55 to 74-feet and feature intelligently designed aft decks that maximizes the space for the ultimate entertainment area. Don’t be fooled by the exuberance, the Predator Series is sporty with excellent seakeeping abilities.

Manhattan Series

Ranging from 55 to 68 feet, the Sunseeker Manhattan series offers the benefits of a flybridge while still being within a size range that an experienced couple can safely operate without the need for a professional captain. Enjoy the 360-degree views from the flybridge, as well as comfortable accommodations below deck.

Sport Yacht Series

The Sunseeker Sport Yacht model range combines the benefits of a sportbridge with the performance of an express cruiser. The options for entertaining outdoors are plentiful ranging from al fresco dining on the aft cockpit to enjoying a slow cruise from the bow sun pads. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Sport Yacht Series that ranges from 65 to 74 feet.

Yacht Series

Sophisticated and contemporary, Sunseeker’s Yacht Series offer the discerning owner a vessel designed for long-distance travel, formal dinner parties, and private relaxation in the world’s most exotic destinations. With superb seakeeping abilities, extraordinary comfort, reliable systems, and the most advanced technology, the Yacht model range is your luxury home on the ocean.

Ocean Series

The Sunseeker Ocean range forms a new pedigree of yacht, marking the start of a new era in performance, functionality, and styling. The Ocean range models are named by Gross Tonnage to differentiate the exceptional increase in interior volume compared to other yachts in this range. Alongside the traditional open-style yacht, the market trends toward increased functionality, more usable deck space, and configurable spaces have defined the new direction for Sunseeker. The flow between indoor and outdoor spaces is never more prominent than in Sunseeker’s latest Ocean range. An emphasis on apartment styling to the interior and a continuation of the design language to the outdoor spaces allow the Ocean range to become one cohesive offering.

Superyacht Series

The Superyacht model range represents the pinnacle of beauty, art, and craftsmanship of the Sunseeker shipyard. Elegant in appearance, the Superyacht Series is designed for royalty with only the finest materials used in each luxurious room. Travel the world’s oceans or host formal events complimented with exuberant interiors. The flagship 50M is the standard to which all superyacht builders strive to be.

Common Questions About Buying A Sunseeker

The mantra at the Sunseeker shipyard is centered around an extraordinary attention to detail along with a keen desire to allow owners to tailor their new yacht for their desires. Sunseeker strives to be at the forefront of innovation whether through design, technology, or developing new concepts.

What makes sunseeker a good brand?

The UK-based factory is committed to creating the most distinctive and high-performing luxury yachts on the planet. Beginning with the materials available during construction, only the best are used, including carbon fiber, which offers durability and weight reduction. DIAB Foam is used throughout the structural components for a strong, yet high performance result. The deep-V hull design has been perfected throughout Sunseeker’s history and exhibits a soft ride with precision handling.

What is the smallest sunseeker built today?

The Hawk 38 is both the smallest Sunseeker Yacht built today and also the fastest. Base model engines include twin Mercury 400 Racing outboards than can propel the Hawk 38 to 62 knots. Fast and featuring aggressive lines, this is the ultimate superyacht chase boat that will leave everyone at the marina turning their head.

What is the largest sunseeker made?

The tri-deck 50-meter superyacht is the largest Sunseeker built today. At over 164-feet in length, it features incredible volume throughout each stateroom and long-distance cruising capabilities. Owners and guests can enjoy 5 luxurious cabins with amenities of a 5-star luxury resort. Indulge yourself by taking a swim in the main deck pool or enjoy watching friends dive off the swim platform from the innovative Beach Club area.

What are the most popular sunseeker models?

The Manhattan Series has been an extremely popular model line for the luxury yacht builder. The 68 Manhattan is an ideal boat for cruising the islands in the Bahamas or heading north for the season. Overnight cruising is comfortable thanks to staterooms that feature plenty of storage for clothes and essentials along with all of the amenities from home.

What Advantages Are There For Buying A Sunseeker From OneWater Yacht Group?

As the largest Sunseeker dealer in the world, OneWater Yacht Group offers an exceptional buying experience from your first conversation with a factory-trained sales professional through the entire length of your ownership. We offer a complete one-stop, one-point of contact experience that includes helping you sell your current boat, taking it on trade if desired, assisting with financing, complete training of your new vessel, and all routine maintenance. Our reach is far and includes the ability for you to have access to a OWYG service team whether in Florida or the Northeast.


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We Took Sunseeker’s New 75-Foot Sports Yacht Out for a Cruise. Here’s What It’s Like on the Water.

A sea-trial in rough offshore conditions made us understand how the predator got its name., howard walker, howard walker's most recent stories.

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Sunseeker 75 Predator

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Isa unveils a trio of sleek new superyachts, this new 131-foot superyacht concept brings high architecture to the high seas.

  • Tesla’s Cybertruck Inspired This New Solar-Powered Trailer

Last week, I had the chance to do a sea trial on the new Predator flagship. The other models in the series include 55- and 65-foot models. The 75, which replaces the 74 XPS, shares the same hull as the Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht, but without its flybridge. The long foredeck and swept-back hardtop of the new Predator makes it look fast, even at the dock in Fort Lauderdale.

Sunseeker Predator 75

The 75’s theoretical top end of 40 knots comes courtesy of the upgraded 1,900 hp MAN V12 turbo diesels. A whopping 3,800 horses. Smaller, standard 1,550 hp versions are available. But as Loran Stavrou of OneWater Yacht Group, the U.S. distributor, puts it during the test: “It’s a Predator. Why would you want smaller engines?”

The Predator concept has been a staple in the British yacht builder’s line since 1996, when the first 80 was launched. The idea was to create a yacht that was fast and beautiful, but with a sizable interior. The lack of a flybridge means that you’re steering inside from the helm on the main deck, rather than up top in the open air.

Sunseeker 75 Predator

It was a feisty day out in the Atlantic as we exited Fort Lauderdale via the cruise ship channel, with a strong northerly throwing up four- to five-foot waves. We closed the sunroof to fend off the inevitable spray, pushed forward the throttles, and to the accompaniment of a lovely, throaty turbo whistle, the 52-ton Predator climbed up on plane.

With the wind behind us, we got close to the Sunseeker’s claimed 40-knot top speed, but the water was too rough to see what the boat could really do at speed in flat conditions. That day was more about running through, avoiding and occasionally slamming into the ocean swells. Throttling back to the yacht’s 30-knot sweet spot put the Predator right in its element, turning the slamfest into a fun ride.

We spent close to an hour offshore. Hard-over turns on the 75’s deep-V hull delivered the kind of super-tight response one might expect from a 30-foot sport boat. The turns became even more dramatic when the Predator’s Side-Power Vector fin stabilizers temporarily acted up, creating even sharper leans as we did tight circles.

The Sunseeker 75

After playing in the surf, we returned to the dock, noting how well the 75 maneuvers in tight quarters with the bow thruster.

During a walkthrough, the Predator’s softer side became apparent, especially the way the salon flowed into the rear cockpit, courtesy of big, power-sliding glass doors that drop out of sight. The ability to open the boat to the elements, or close down instantly with the push of a button, is key to understanding the Predator ethos.

Sunseeker Predator 75 sport yacht

Back inside the boat, the galley-down arrangement may not be too thrilling to those who would rather cook on the main deck with everyone else. But the glass sunroof, windshield, and lower-deck side windows delivered plenty of natural light. The galley was equipped with Miele appliances, including a full-sized fridge, freezer, and 33-bottle wine cooler.

Sunseeker Predator 75 sports yacht

The Predator shares the same three-bedroom layout as its 75 Sport Yacht sibling. The full-beam master amidships, large VIP cabin in the bow, and a guest cabin with twins were all ensuite, boasting seven feet of headroom. There was also a stateroom for two crew, though a surprising number of 75s are owner-operated. Sunseeker also used quality materials throughout, with high-end finishes like carbon fiber, Calacatta quartz, bleached oak and stainless steel. Fit and finish was universally strong.

Pricing for this new Predator 75 starts at around $4.6 million, with our heavily optioned test boat stickering for $5.72 million. After our lively sea trial, I also realized that, as part of its DNA, each Predator comes with a license to thrill.

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who makes sunseeker yachts

Are Sunseeker Boats Any Good?

sunseeker yachts with city in background

Sunseeker has been building boats since 1969 and is one of the largest motor yacht builders in the world. With approximately 150 boats produced each year and their range exceeding 20 models to choose from, it's safe to say that the Sunseeker brand will continue its pursuit for quite some time. With thousands of monthly searches for Sunseeker Yachts on Google, one question that continues to arise from boat buyers is "Are Sunseeker Boats any good?"

This is a very subjective question as Sunseeker builds a particular style of yacht for a particular style of boating, one that may not appeal to someone that loves sportfishing boats or center-consoles. By looking at both industry awards and a good volume of boats sold, we can assume the answer. Sunseeker Yachts are widely considered a good boat builder as they are often recognized through marine industry awards, like the World Yacht Trophies, but there have also been more than 450 used Sunseekers sold since the beginning of 2021. 

"Builders like Sunseeker, Princess, Fairline, Azimut, and others are all pretty similar in their styles with some of the shipyards investing in new technology that may give them slight advantages," said Jay Hendrix, Vice President of SI Yachts. "We are proud to represent Princess Yachts and Absolute Yachts as dealers, which are competitors to Sunseeker, but we have also sold a fair amount of all of these brands on the brokerage market. If you have a Sunseeker you want to sell, call us and we'll put together a full marketing plan just for your boat. We can also help you with learning more about Princess, Absolute, and other luxury motor yacht builders.

Seen below: 'AQUAHOLIC' does a walk-through video of the Sunseeker Manhattan 55

What Kind Of Awards Has Sunseeker Won?

The Sunseeker designers and engineers are not strangers to the major marine industry awards that are given out annually. The Motor Boat Awards are arguably one of the top ceremonies for yacht builders on the international stage. The 2022 awards which were held in January included multiple Sunseeker models in the running for various categories. The Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht was the winner in the 'Sports Cruisers Over 45-Foot Category'.

"The Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht lives up to its name with the kind of nimble handling and near 35 knot performance that belies its size and simply wouldn’t be possible on a full-blown flybridge," the judges said. Add in the exhilarating experience of driving the boat from the Skyhelm station on the flybridge and you have one extremely fun boat ride. Additionally the Manhattan 55 was nominated for 'Best Flybridge Up To 60-Feet' and the Manhattan 68 was nominated for 'Best Flybridge Over 60-Feet.

65 Sport Yacht

The World Yacht Trophies are another highly-regarded awards ceremony where Sunseeker did tremendously well in 2021. Three models took home awards in major categories, a testament to the popularity of the British shipyard. The 65 Sport once again won an award, this time for Best Exterior Design in its category. The 88 Motor Yacht won for Best Exterior Design in its category as well, while the 90 Ocean won for Best Layout.

What Are The Most Popular Sunseeker Models

Again, this is a very subjective thing to say that any one model is more popular than another, especially when there can be many differences between ranges like the Manhattan, Portofino, Superhawk, Predator, and others. There are also going to be much fewer boats sold in the 90-foot and up range as there is less of a market at that price. 

The Manhattan model range was quite popular and the sold data supports this. From the beginning of 2021, there have been 83 used Sunseekers sold in the United States and recorded in the MLS. Nearly half of those boats sold were from the Manhattan model line, with the Manhattan 52, Manhattan 55, and Mahattan 66 being the most popular. During this same timeframe, there were 3 Sunseeker boats sold over 100-feet, two of which were based in Miami.

Comparing Sunseeker sold numbers to other competitive brands is worthy of discussion, but other factors like production schedules, sourcing equipment, owners keeping their boats longer, and a variety of economic situations can "muddy the waters" when trying to determine popularity. Looking solely at the American market, Sunseeker came in behind Azimut in total number of pre-owned vessels sold, but did exceed the numbers for Princess, Fairline, Ferretti, and Galeon.

As a leader in the yacht brokerage industry and as one of the most successful new boat dealers in the Northeast, the team at SI Yachts is uniquely experienced to help you take your boating interests to the next level. If you are looking to sell your current Sunseeker or other boat, we can execute a personalized advertising plan, as well as utilize our vast Hubspot CRM database, to help you find a buyer quickly. If you're looking to purchase a yacht, we have access to boats on and off the market that may fit your budget and requirements. Contact us today at 1-718-984-7676, or by email at [email protected], to get started with one of our yacht sales professionals.

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Best Sunseeker Yachts for Sale

Sunseeker Yachts for Sale

British luxury yacht builder, Sunseeker, is renowned for its tech-savvy yachts with stylish design. A pioneering firm that helped to create the motor yachts we know today, Sunseeker is continuing its tradition of hand-built, hand-finished yachts. The Sunseeker range runs the gamut of powerboats from 38 to 161 feet (11.5m to 49m). Yachts in the larger range can be completely customized to the buyer’s specifications.

From its humble beginnings to its now worldwide notoriety, Sunseeker has a proud heritage. The name is synonymous with performance and luxury. Having now built 100 yachts over 100 feet (30.48m), the builder continues to set and exceed standards, solidifying Sunseeker yachts for sale as some of the most sought-after on the market.

Luxury Yachts Built for Sport & Leisure

Sunseeker Yachts, then known as Poole Power Boats, first opened its doors in 1969 on the south coast of Poole, England. There, Robert Braithwaite conceptualized a new kind of boat that would be built utilizing new technology and materials. He based his creation on customers who envisioned a different kind of on-water experience.

History of Sunseeker Yachts

After launching the Sovereign 17 and the Sovereign 20 in the early 1970s, Sunseeker solidified itself as the UK’s most significant sport and leisure boat builder. Further innovations lead to Sunseeker’s move into the Mediterranean market with yachts like the Offshore 28. This performance model truly secured Sunseeker a spot on the international stage. The subsequent Portofino 31 and Tomahawk 37 models of the 80s took their design cues straight from the dream boards of Sunseeker owners and potential buyers. Sunseeker launched the Predator 80 in the 1990s and set a new benchmark for style, performance and accommodation. At the turn of the century, Sunseeker broke into the 100-foot-plus market with the 105 Yacht. Since that momentous launch, Sunseeker has delivered more than 100 yachts larger than 100 feet (30.48m). The brand continues to use innovative techniques to push the boundaries of style, design and performance of its yachts.

What Makes Sunseeker Yachts Different?

“Sunseeker is one of the most well-known brands in the production yacht market. Now offering yachts from 40 to 161 feet (12.9 to 49m) in various styles, Sunseeker casts a wide net,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Wes Sanford. “The facility in the UK is possibly one of the most modern and technically advanced of all yacht manufacturers, which, in part, is necessary to keep up with demand and production. Sunseeker is proud to produce “handmade” yachts,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Joe Foggia. “As a whole, Sunseeker is one of the best builders as far as quality and reliability are concerned. Sunseeker yachts are built to withstand the rough conditions of the English Channel and the North Sea. These yachts are constructed with a Deep-V hull shape to facilitate a more comfortable ride. This combined with ultra-modern lines and hugely customizable interiors has made Sunseeker a popular global choice.”

Northrop & Johnson is proud to offer the most impressive Sunseeker yachts for sale. Boasting impeccable design, excellent performance prowess, handcrafted detailing and fine-quality craftsmanship, these luxury yachts for sale offer style, safety and seaworthiness. Sunseeker offers both production and bespoke yachts. Sunseeker recently launched its largest offering to date, the 161. This beautiful 161-foot (49m) tri-deck superyacht features the striking exterior design for which Sunseeker yachts are renowned, as well as immense volume and a completely customizable interior that will suit the taste of any yacht owner. Sunseeker’s unyielding dedication to style and performance ensures its yachts will continue to impress for years to come.

What It’s Like to Have a Sunseeker Yacht

Ideally suited for chartering, Sunseeker yachts promise excellent cruising for all types of guests. Cruise the Mediterranean or Caribbean seas in style on board a Sunseeker yacht and you truly will see and be seen. Thanks to expertly designed accommodation layouts, guests will be treated to the utmost of comfort. Four- or five- stateroom configurations are available on yachts from the new 76 Yacht to the 161 Yacht.

“Sunseeker yachts for charter offer guests top performance and style,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Amy Wachmann. “Their exteriors are eye-catching; the accommodation layouts are well suited for chartering; their aesthetics have charter guests falling in love. Safe, comfortable and quick, charterers are able to enjoy it all aboard a Sunseeker.”

Sunseeker yachts promise excellent cruising for all types of guests

The Sunseeker Fleet

Sunseeker boasts a range of yachts starting at 38 feet (11.58m) all the way to 161 feet (49m), these include the Hawk, a 38-foot (11.58m) high-performance day boat, Manhattan, an innovative motor yacht that comprises a 52-foot (15.8m) or 66-foot (20.11m) version, the Predator — possibly the brand’s most well-known yacht, it is available as a 50, 57 or  74 , the 74 Sport Yacht and lastly, the Yacht collection — which offers the 76 Yacht, 86 Yacht, 95 Yacht, 116 Yacht, 131 Yacht and the new 161 Yacht, all customizable to an owner’s tastes.

The Hawk is a dynamic and exciting 38-foot (11.58m) day boat boasting incredible power and performance thanks to twin Mercury 400R outboards mated to Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort throttles. The Hawk is capable of cruising at 62 knots. Thanks to its outboard engines, the yacht not only offers incredible performance, but also ensures low-cost maintenance.

The Manhattan, available as a 55 or 68, features an inventive design with large windows throughout, allowing all on board to enjoy the views while cruising. Ample entertainment options are available and social spaces are aplenty. The yacht’s Portuguese bridge features bow seating and sunbathing. The yacht is exceptionally well outfitted from the main-deck galley to the salon. Below deck, guests will fall in love with the four spacious cabins, including a full-beam master with private access to the salon, a VIP and two twins.

The 74 Sport Yacht bridges the gap between style and speed. Built in true Sunseeker style, she offers sleek lines and a low profile. Entertaining aboard is easy thanks to large fore and aft sunpads, ample comfortable seating, and hydraulic drop-down cockpit doors that allow the indoor spaces to seamlessly flow outside. The stylish bridge is the perfect place to take in the views and enjoy life at sea. Reaching speeds of up to 38 knots and carrying eight guests and two crew, the 74 Sport Yacht is an on-water sensation.

The Predator collection is one of the most well-known by the builder. Available as a 50, 57 or 74, Predator yachts are distinct and impressive. She boasts a remarkable speed of up to 45 knots and a well-thought-out design concept that includes a sliding glass roof. This refined series of yachts can cater to anywhere from four to eight guests aboard.

The Sunseeker Yacht series comprises the largest yachts available by the builder. From 76 (22.86m) to 161 feet (49m) and various options in between, the Yacht series offers uncompromised beauty, style and performance. Staying true to Sunseeker exterior styling, the yachts in this series all have impressive lines and feature incredible performance abilities. The interiors all are completely customizable, allowing owners to create the yachts of their dreams.

Northrop & Johnson’s knowledgeable sales brokers are well versed in the range of Sunseeker yachts for sale and are able to assist you in finding the perfect Sunseeker yacht to fit your needs. For further information on Sunseeker yachts for sale, yacht building , or to charter a Sunseeker , contact your Northrop & Johnson broker.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Sunseeker Yachts For Sale

Yacht brokerage news.

Building Your Dream

Our new construction experts will help you navigate the waters to build your dream yacht.

who makes sunseeker yachts

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who makes sunseeker yachts

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By SuperyachtNews 12 Sep 2023

Sunseeker makes £40m investment

The british boat builder has revealed its new project investment plan and other developments at the cannes yachting festival….

who makes sunseeker yachts

Sunseeker International has invested £40m investment in new product development, employee training and production advancements, as announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. The British shipyard also revealed an order book totalling £625m (€730m).

“We enter the 2023 and 2024 boat show season in a strong position,” says company CEO, Andrea Frabetti. “We have made significant investment in our facilities and technologies, training programmes and new product development, all of which have contributed to our very strong forward order retail value.” 

The shipyard says it has made considerable improvements to its shipyards, with the expansion of its main shipyard facility in the Port of Poole now complete. The new Shed Y offers an additional production footprint at the site and is the dedicated production facility for its new model Ocean156. The first stage of production for the series is now underway. 

A year on from the announcement of Sunseeker Gulf, the shipbuilder is also set to open a new office in Dubai, UAE. “Our distribution strategy globally is on an upward trajectory which Sunseeker Gulf has played a significant part in realising,” says Fabretti. “We are immensely proud of our relationship and the professionalism and focus we are seeing from across their dedicated team.” 

The shipyard also provided an update on new products in the Ocean range. Its new Ocean 182 model has arrived in the United States, where it will debut at the Newport Boat Show in Rhode Island on September 14th, 2023. The 27m yacht features 2,060sqft of interior space with four layout options across three decks. 

“We look forward to displaying our exceptional fleet of yachts at several upcoming boat shows in Europe and the United States over coming weeks,” adds Fabretti.

Known for its sporty superyachts,  Sunseeker revealed an impressive new range of superyachts at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show . The largest is the 42m Ocean 460, which is also part of its Ocean range models.

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Several future orders were also confirmed and negotiations for new models are underway...

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While the two superyachts feature similar specifications, we look into what it is that sets them apart...

2 years ago

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Sunseeker Manhattan 55


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  • Location: Portugal
  • Boat Ref: #5360
  • Model Year: 2021

who makes sunseeker yachts

Sunseeker Predator 60 Evo


  • Location: UK
  • Boat Ref: #5579
  • Model Year: 2020

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Sunseeker 86 Yacht


  • Location: Croatia
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  • Model Year: 2015

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Sunseeker Hawk 38


  • Location: France
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Sunseeker Manhattan 68


  • Location: Turkey
  • Boat Ref: #5183
  • Model Year: 2022

who makes sunseeker yachts


  • Boat Ref: #5556

who makes sunseeker yachts

Sunseeker Predator 55 EVO


  • Boat Ref: #5705

who makes sunseeker yachts

Prestige 460


  • Location: Germany
  • Boat Ref: #5645 has the World’s largest collection of Sunseeker motor yachts for sale. Benefiting from a relationship with manufacturer Sunseeker International for over 30 years, Sunseeker Brokerage has grown into one of the biggest international brokerage houses in the yachting industry.

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Sunseeker brokerage enjoys a truly global presence.

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Top Destinations to Experience when Chartering the Amalfi Coast in 2024

Get the inside scoop of what makes the amalfi coast of italy such a special charter destination..

Explore the Amalfi Coast aboard a premier charter yacht and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and cultural richness of Italy’s most scenic coastline. Charter broker Molly Playfair provides your guide to experiencing the Amalfi Coast like a local, packed with must-see spots and insider tips.

Why Explore Amalfi by Yacht?

Navigating the Amalfi Coast by yacht isn’t just about luxury; it’s the best way to access secluded coves and stunning waterfront scenes inaccessible by land. The short distances between the charming coastal towns, such as Positano, Sorrento, and the island of Capri, make yachting the ideal mode of travel, offering scenic views and a hassle-free way to explore the region’s rich offerings.

Capri: Dining and Natural Beauty

Capri is famed not only for its upscale dining under aromatic lemon trees but also for the Blue Grotto, a magical sea cave where the water glows an ethereal blue. Enjoy a meal at La Capannina, where local dishes like “Ravioli Capresi” are served with flair, or visit the lesser-known but equally enchanting Villa Jovis, the ruins of Emperor Tiberius’s ancient Roman palace.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Pompeii and Sorrento: A Blend of History and Vibrancy

A yacht trip to the Amalfi Coast is incomplete without a visit to Pompeii. The ancient city offers a haunting look at life frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Nearby, the lively town of Sorrento is perfect for sampling southern Italy’s zest for life, with its bustling marinas and the sweet tang of its famous limoncello—a must-try local specialty.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Positano: Steep Streets and Chic Boutiques

Positano charms visitors with its steep, bustling streets lined with boutiques and its picturesque beachfront. The town’s vertical layout adds to its charm, offering spectacular views at every turn. The shopping here is uniquely personal—artisanal shops craft bespoke leather sandals while you wait, providing a memorable souvenir that captures the spirit of Positano.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Cetara: Culinary Delights

The small fishing village of Cetara offers an authentic taste of the maritime culture that is central to the Amalfi Coast’s identity. The village is famed for its Colatura di Alici, a savory anchovy sauce that dates back to Roman times. This gourmet delight is a testament to the village’s enduring relationship with the sea and is best enjoyed with a simple plate of pasta and a glass of local white wine, overlooking the harbor.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Path of the Gods: For Hiking Enthusiasts

For those looking to add a dash of adventure to their luxurious getaway, the Path of the Gods offers an exhilarating trek with some of the most awe-inspiring views in Italy. The trail connects the villages of Agerola and Nocelle and can be easily reached by a short ride from your anchorage in Amalfi or Positano. Walking this path offers not only physical exercise but also spiritual rejuvenation, with panoramic vistas that are nothing short of heavenly.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Vietri sul Mare: Artisanal Crafts

Vietri sul Mare is a haven for lovers of fine crafts. This town is renowned for its majolica ceramics, which brighten up everything from plazas to palazzos with their vivid colors and intricate designs. Visitors can explore local workshops to see artisans at work, crafting these beautiful pieces by hand—a truly interactive way to appreciate the town’s artistic heritage.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Ischia: A Soothing Escape

Though less frequented than Capri, the island of Ischia is a jewel in its own right, offering thermal springs and serene vineyards. Highlights include the Negombo thermal park and the Mortella Gardens, where you can unwind in natural hot springs or stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens. Ischia’s fertile volcanic soil lends itself to wine production, so take a tour around one of the island’s many vineyards–you won’t be disappointed. Ischia represents a tranquil counterpoint to the bustling locales of the Amalfi Coast, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and natural beauty.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Our Top Charter Picks

Feeling inspired? Ready to conquer the world? We offer a wide selection of worldwide charter yachts to perfectly fit your needs. If you’re not sure where to begin, might we suggest the following options:

who makes sunseeker yachts

Superyacht EXTRA TIME, built in 2024 by Conrad Shipyard, is a perfect choice for an unforgettable charter on the Amalfi Coast. She accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 luxurious cabins, with additional room for her dedicated crew of 9, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

EXTRA TIME features a variety of amenities designed for ultimate comfort and entertainment, including air conditioning, at-anchor stabilizers, a beach club, an exterior bar, an outdoor cinema, a sun deck, sunpads, and a swimming pool. Additionally, she boasts an impressive collection of water toys, providing endless fun and adventure for all guests.

who makes sunseeker yachts

SOUTH is an exquisite yacht designed for luxury charters on the Amalfi Coast, accommodating up to 11 guests in a five-cabin layout, with a dedicated crew of 6 providing impeccable service. Notable features include a sundeck Jacuzzi, inviting modern interiors, a variety of sunbathing areas, indoor and outdoor dining options, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a great selection of water toys.

The exterior offers multiple relaxation spaces: a shaded main deck aft with a sofa and coffee table, a foredeck with a C-shaped sofa and sunbed, and a sundeck featuring a forward Jacuzzi, wet bar, barbecue grill, and alfresco dining table. The interior layout places crew accommodations in the bow, guest accommodations amidships, and the engine room and tender garage towards the stern, ensuring a well-organized and luxurious experience for all on board.

who makes sunseeker yachts

Special mention to EVER EAST , an exceptional Sunseeker Sport yacht, originally built in 2013 and completely refitted in 2022. The yacht’s interior and exterior have been upgraded to create a homey and comfortable atmosphere, making it perfect for a luxurious charter experience on the Amalfi Coast.

She accommodates up to 11 guests in 5 beautifully appointed staterooms and is serviced by a dedicated crew of 7, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable stay. The yacht boasts generous deck areas with a wide range of amenities, including an outdoor bar on the sundeck, three alfresco dining options, and a large Jacuzzi.

EVER EAST’s impressive leisure and entertainment facilities, along with a variety of water toys, make her ideal for entertaining family and friends. Additionally, the yacht features a hydraulic platform for easy access to the water and a 9-meter chase tender for added convenience.

Speak With a Charter Specialist:

Ready to explore? Speak with a charter specialist for any questions you may have about chartering with us. Discover the secrets of Amalfi and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Molly Playfair

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who makes sunseeker yachts

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143 benetti 2007 sold by denison yachting [blue vision].

143 Benetti 2007 Sold by Denison Yachting [BLUE VISION] BLUE VISION, a 143′ Benetti built in 2007 was sold by Denison Yachting, who introduced the Buyer. BLUE VISION is a highly customized example of the Benetti Vision series. The yacht underwent a complete interior redesign in 2016 by A.

who makes sunseeker yachts

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Aston martin db5: iconic sports car turns 60.

Aston Martin DB5: Iconic Sports Car Turns 60 Even the world’s biggest celebrities can’t upstage the Aston Martin DB5. This article was written by Bill Springer. Photography courtesy of Aston Martin. It’s been 60 years since Aston Martin introduced the DB5, the sports car that quickly became an

who makes sunseeker yachts

MYBA Genoa Charter Show 2024: Best Yachts On Display

MYBA Genoa Charter Show 2024: Best Yachts On Display Explore some of the best moments of this year’s MYBA Charter Show in Italy. After eight years elsewhere, the MYBA Charter Show returned to Genoa, Italy this April. There were 60 yachts attending across three marinas and the Denison team


  1. Sunseeker

    The Sunseeker story began in 1969 when entrepreneurial brothers Robert and John Braithwaite pursued their boat-building passion. Today, we are the leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts. With seven yacht ranges, we offer the most diverse product portfolio in the world.

  2. Sunseeker

    Sunseeker International is a British luxury performance motor yacht brand. Originally named Poole Power Boats, the company was founded by brothers Robert and John Braithwaite in 1969. ... Sunseeker boats have featured in the James Bond film series since The World Is Not Enough (1999), and continued through Die Another Day (2002), Casino Royale ...

  3. Sunseeker Yachts: The Complete Guide to Sunseeker Yachts

    Sunseeker's Superyachts are the largest and most extravagant amongst all their ranges. Inspiring and adaptable, these yachts represent the Sunseeker's knack for style, design, practicality and ingenuity par excellence.At present, there are four beauties in this range, each one a tribute to British engineering: 50M Ocean, 52M Ocean, 131 Yacht and the 116 Yacht.

  4. Sunseeker: The Full Spectrum

    But Sunseeker's designers were careful to increase interior volume so it has the same space and accommodations plans as the 34 Metre Yacht, a 111-foot trideck. The full-beam master suite, expansive flybridge and variable accommodations plan, along with options like balconies, foldout bulwark sections and skytop, transform the energetic ...

  5. Sunseeker

    The photographs and artist's impressions in this 360 tour is from an existing model within the Sunseeker range. There may be items shown in these photographs and impressions that are not included in the standard inventory of the model (s) shown. More Info. ╳. ╳. VIEW MENU. 76 Yacht Aft Galley. Wenge Gloss.

  6. Sunseeker Performance range

    A Sunseeker Performance yacht is the result of decades of refinement and a meticulous approach to design. The relentless pursuit of peerless yachting has led to Sunseeker's most exciting yachts yet. The ultimate boating experience is here. Models range from 38' to 55'.

  7. Sunseeker Yachts for sale

    Sunseeker is a yacht builder that currently has 1,049 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 119 new vessels and 930 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the following countries: United States, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Italy. Models currently listed on YachtWorld vary in size and length from ...

  8. Hall of fame: The top 10 greatest Sunseeker yachts of all time

    Renegade 60. Launched: 1989. Everything about the Renegade 60 was excessive. At the time it was the biggest boat Sunseeker had ever built and cost over half a million pounds - an enormous sum back in the 1980s. But even that paled into insignificance next to its drivetrain - a pair of 22-litre MAN V12s pumping out 1,000hp each linked to ...

  9. Sunseeker: History, key models and current range

    Currently owned by Chinese group Dalian Wanda, Sunseeker remains a British company with manufacturing still based in Poole. The current Sunseeker collection ranges in size from the entry-level Predator 50 to the Sunseeker 155. Hull number one of this superyacht series, Blush, was commissioned by Formula 1 supremo Eddie Jordan and launched in 2014.

  10. Sunseeker Yachts: Defining Luxury Boating

    The shipyard where Sunseekers are manufactured is located at Poole in Dorset, England. Sunseeker builds luxury day boats, sport yachts, flybridge yachts, and superyachts up to 164-feet. Sunseeker Yachts are known as a quality yacht having won many awards, including the recent best Flybridge Over 60-feet category at the Motor Boat Awards.

  11. Here's What Sunseeker's New Predator 75 Is Like on the Water

    The 75, which replaces the 74 XPS, shares the same hull as the Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht, but without its flybridge. The long foredeck and swept-back hardtop of the new Predator makes it look fast ...

  12. Are Sunseeker Boats Any Good?

    By looking at both industry awards and a good volume of boats sold, we can assume the answer. Sunseeker Yachts are widely considered a good boat builder as they are often recognized through marine industry awards, like the World Yacht Trophies, but there have also been more than 450 used Sunseekers sold since the beginning of 2021.

  13. A closer look on board the Sunseeker 100 Yacht

    The Sunseeker 100 Yacht distils years of experience into a 30m yacht that sets itself apart in a crowded field of lookalikes. ... is well done. "We believe that a happy crew makes a happy boat," Tucker says. The Sunseeker 100 has a standard four-cabin layout available on the lower level. The staircase, however, is a bit more of a feature by ...

  14. Sunseeker 90 Ocean: On board Sunseeker's flexible new yacht

    All images courtesy of Sunseeker International. Based loosely around the technical platform of the existing 88 yacht, the new boat nevertheless differs markedly and has been redesigned from the keel up. Sitting in the middle of the yacht range of the Poole, UK-based boatbuilder, the 90 is the first boat to carry the "Ocean" suffix.

  15. Best Sunseeker Yachts for sale

    The Sunseeker Fleet. Sunseeker boasts a range of yachts starting at 38 feet (11.58m) all the way to 161 feet (49m), these include the Hawk, a 38-foot (11.58m) high-performance day boat, Manhattan, an innovative motor yacht that comprises a 52-foot (15.8m) or 66-foot (20.11m) version, the Predator — possibly the brand's most well-known yacht, it is available as a 50, 57 or 74, the 74 Sport ...

  16. Sunseeker Yachts for sale in United States

    Find Sunseeker Yachts for sale in United States. Offering the best selection of Sunseeker Yachts to choose from. ... 1,625 more Makes... Model. Model-sunseeker-desktop. Manhattan 55. Model-sunseeker-desktop. Superhawk 55. Model-sunseeker-desktop. 76 Yacht. Model-sunseeker-desktop. Predator 55. Model-sunseeker-desktop. Manhattan 68. Model ...

  17. Sunseeker Yachts: Models, Price Lists & Sales

    The brand Sunseeker Yachts produces flybridge yachts, motor superyachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 23 models currently in production ranging from 11 to 49 meters. The current model range includes 7 lines: Manhattan, Ocean, Performance, Predator, Sport Yacht, Superyacht and Yacht. We invite you to explore all current ...

  18. Sunseeker makes £40m investment

    Sunseeker International has invested £40m investment in new product development, employee training and production advancements, as announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. The British shipyard also revealed an order book totalling £625m (€730m). "We enter the 2023 and 2024 boat show season in a strong position," says company CEO, Andrea Frabetti.

  19. Sunseeker Brokerage

    Sunseeker 86 Yacht. APOLLO. £3,595,000. Tax Paid. Location: Croatia Boat Ref: #1068 Model Year: 2015 View Yacht. Price Reduction . Sunseeker Hawk 38. WINDSPEED. £345,000. Tax Paid. Location: France ... Benefiting from a relationship with manufacturer Sunseeker International for over 30 years, Sunseeker Brokerage has grown into one of the ...

  20. Top Destinations to Experience when Chartering the Amalfi Coast in 2024

    Get the inside scoop of what makes the Amalfi Coast such a special charter destination. Explore the Amalfi Coast aboard a premier charter yacht, including Denison Yachting's own 114′ Sunseeker EVEREAST, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and cultural richness of Italy's most scenic coastline.Charter broker Molly Playfair provides your guide to experiencing the Amalfi Coast ...