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Download free yacht crew cv templates.

Free Editable CV Templates for Yacht Crew

How to fill out the templates?

The CV templates you can find below are editable Microsoft Word documents that you can fill in with your personal details. Once completed, save the document as a PDF and upload it to your YPI CREW profile .

Below you will also find examples of filled out CVs to help you get an idea of what the final version should look like. If you need additional tips on how to write your CV, have a look at our guide on ‘ How to write a memorable yachting CV ’.

Some examples of good yacht crew CV photos:

Remember that looks are not important, what matters is the photo should capture a glimpse of your character. A smiley photo with a nice light, wearing a plain white polo or collared shirt (for chef's whites or blacks for chefs), no cap, no sunglasses, neat and tidy. No selfies. If possible try to take a picture outdoors, with yachts in background but this is not mandatory.

yacht deckhand cv


Download free yacht crew cv templates, deck department.

Free yacht captain CV template

Download CV Template

Download CV Example

Free yacht officer CV template

Bosun/Deckhand CV

Engineering Department

yacht deckhand cv

Engineering CV

Interior Department

Free yacht chef CV template

Yacht Chef CV

Free yacht chief stewardess, stew, purser CV template

Chief Stew CV

Free yacht stewardess, stew, specialist CV template

Stew and Specialist CV

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Explore yacht roles

Are you ready to find your new ideal job on board a yacht.

Become a member of YPI CREW and connect with our recruiters so they can guide you through your job search.  

Each of our recruiters is specialised in crew placement for a particular department and they will do their best to get you an interview on board a yacht. They will also advise you on how to best present your experience and skills and prepare for a yacht job interview.

Explore the latest in yachting

yacht deckhand cv

YPI CREW Will be Attending the Superyacht Technology Network Conference in Barcelona

yacht deckhand cv

Is a career in the yachting industry a good fit for me?

Webinar Friday, 15th March: How to Start Your Yachting Career as a Superyacht Stew?

Webinar Friday, 15th March: How to Start Your Yachting Career as a Superyacht Stew?

yacht deckhand cv


Learn about different positions on board a yacht.

yacht deckhand cv


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Chief Officer

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Third Officer

Chief Engineer

Interior Crew

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Specialist Positions

Spa Manager

Spa Therapist

Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor


Mandatory Certificates

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StandOut CV

Deckhand CV example

Andrew Fennell photo

Deckhand jobs are engaging and rewarding, but its not always easy to land one in today’s job market.

Check out this example Deckhand CV along with our simple CV writing guide, to help you create an impressive CV that will attract employers and land you plenty of job interviews.

Guide contents

Deckhand CV example

  • CV layout and format
  • Your CV profile
  • Work experience

Education section

CV templates 

Deckhand CV 1

This example CV demonstrates how to structure and format your own Deckhand CV, so that it can be easily digested by busy hiring managers, and quickly prove why you are the best candidate for the jobs you are applying to.

It also gives you a good idea of the type of skills, experience and qualifications that you need to be making prominent in your own CV.

CV builder

Deckhand CV layout and format

First impressions count, so a sloppy, disorganised CV may cause your CV to be overlooked..

Instead, perfect the format and structure of your CV by working to a clear logical structure and applying some simple formatting tricks to ease readability.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this step; if your CV lacks readability, your written content won’t even be seen.

How to write a CV

CV formatting tips

  • Length: Whether you’ve got one year or three decades of experience, your CV should never be more than two sides of A4. Recruiters are busy people who’re often juggling numerous roles and tasks, so they don’t have time to read lengthy applications. If you’re a recent graduate or don’t have much industry experience, one side of A4 is fine.
  • Readability : To help busy recruiters scan through your CV, make sure your section headings stand out – bold or coloured text works well. Additionally, try to use bullet points wherever you can, as they’re far easier to skim through than huge paragraphs. Lastly, don’t be afraid of white space on your CV – a little breathing space is great for readability.
  • Design: Don’t waste time adding fancy designs to your CV. It generally adds no value to your application and may even end up distracting recruiters away from the important written content.
  • Avoid photos: Logos, profile photos or other images aren’t necessary and rarely add any value – save the space for written content, instead!

Quick tip: Formatting your CV to look professional can be difficult and time-consuming when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you want to create an attractive CV quickly, try our quick-and-easy CV Builder and use one of their eye-catching professional CV templates.

CV formatting tips

CV structure

Divide your CV into the following major sections when writing it:

  • Name and contact details  – Head your CV with your name and contact details, to let the reader know who you are and how to contact you.
  • CV profile – A brief paragraph which summarises your skills and experience and highlights why you’re a good match for the role.
  • Core skills list – A snappy, bullet-pointed list of your most relevant skills.
  • Work experience – A structured list of your work experience in reverse chronological order.
  • Education – A summary of any relevant qualifications or professional training you’ve completed.
  • Hobbies and interests – An optional section, which should only be used if your hobbies are relevant to the jobs you’re applying to.

Now I’ll tell you exactly what you should include in each CV section.

CV Contact Details

Contact details

Kick-start your CV with your contact details, so recruiters can get in touch easily. Here’s what you should include:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address – Make sure it’s professional, with no silly nicknames.
  • Location – Your town or city is sufficient, rather than a full address.
  • LinkedIn profile or portfolio URL – Ensure they’ve been updated and are looking slick and professional.

Quick tip: Avoid listing your date of birth, marital status or other irrelevant details – they’re unnecessary at this stage.

Deckhand CV Profile

Grab the reader’s attention by kick-starting your CV with a powerful profile (or personal statement , if you’re a junior applicant).

This is a short introduction paragraph which summarises your skills, knowledge and experience.

It should paint you as the perfect match for the job description and entice recruiters to read through the rest of your CV.

CV profile

Tips for creating an strong CV profile:

  • Keep it concise: The best CV profiles are short, sharp and highly relevant to the target role. For this reason, it’s best to write 3-4 lines of high-level information, as anything over might be missed.
  • Tailor it: If recruiters don’t see your suitability within a few seconds, they may close your CV straight away. Your CV profile should closely match the essential requirements listed in the job ad, so make sure to review them before you write it.
  • Don’t add an objective: Career goals and objectives are best suited to your cover letter , so don’t waste space with them in your CV profile.
  • Avoid cliches: If your CV is riddled with clichès like “Dynamic thought-leader”, hit that delete button. Phrases like these are like a broken record to recruiters, who read them countless times per day. Hard facts, skills, knowledge and results are sure to yield far better results.

Example CV profile for Deckhand

What to include in your deckhand cv profile.

  • Summary of experience: Recruiters will want to know what type of companies you’ve worked for, industries you have knowledge of, and the type of work you’ve carried out in the past, so give them a summary of this in your profile.
  • Relevant skills: Highlight your skills which are most relevant to Deckhand jobs, to ensure that recruiters see your most in-demand skills as soon as they open your CV.
  • Essential qualifications: If the jobs you are applying to require candidates to have certain qualifications, then you must add them in your profile to ensure they are seen by hiring managers.

Quick tip: Struggling to write a powerful profile? Choose from hundreds of pre-written profiles across all industries, and add one to your CV with one click in our quick-and-easy CV Builder . All written by recruitment experts and easily tailored to suit your unique skillset.

Core skills section

Next, you should create a bullet pointed list of your core skills , formatted into 2-3 columns.

Here, you should focus on including the most important skills or knowledge listed in the job advertisement.

This will instantly prove that you’re an ideal candidate, even if a recruiter only has time to briefly scan your CV.

Core skills section CV

Quick tip: Our quick-and-easy CV Builder contains thousands of in-demand skills for every profession that can be added to your CV in seconds – saving you time and greatly improving your chances of landing job interviews.

Work experience/Career history

Now that recruiters have a good overview of your skills and abilities, you need to jump into the detail of your career history.

Give them a more thorough insight into what you can do by creating a detailed list of your relevant experience.

Start with your current role, and work backwards through all the relevant positions you’ve held. This could be freelance, contract or voluntary work too; as long as it’s related to the role you’re applying for.

Work experience

Structuring your roles

Lengthy, unbroken chunks of text is a recruiters worst nightmare, but your work experience section can easily end up looking like that if you are not careful.

To avoid this, use my tried-and-tested 3-step structure, as illustrated below:

Role descriptions

Start with a 1-2 sentence summary of your role as a whole, detailing what the goal of your position was, who you reported to or managed, and the type of organisation you worked for.

Key responsibilities

Next up, you should write a short list of your day-to-day duties within the job.

Recruiters are most interested in your sector-specific skills and knowledge, so highlight these wherever possible.

Key achievements

To finish off each role and prove the impact you made, list 1-3 stand out achievements , results or accomplishments.

This could be anything which had a positive outcome for the company you worked for, or perhaps a client/customer. Where applicable, quantify your examples with facts and figures.

Quick tip: Create impressive job descriptions easily in our quick-and-easy CV Builder by adding pre-written job phrases for every industry and career stage.

In your education section, make any degrees, qualifications or training which are relevant to Deckhand roles a focal point.

As well as mentioning the name of the organisation, qualification titles and dates of study, you should showcase any particularly relevant modules, assignments or projects.

Interests and hobbies

Although this is an optional section, it can be useful if your hobbies and interests will add further depth to your CV.

Interests which are related to the sector you are applying to, or which show transferable skills like leadership or teamwork, can worth listing.

On the other hand, generic hobbies like “going out with friends” won’t add any value to your application, so are best left off your CV.

Writing your Deckhand CV

Creating a strong Deckhand CV requires a blend of punchy content, considered structure and format, and heavy tailoring.

By creating a punchy profile and core skills list, you’ll be able to hook recruiter’s attention and ensure your CV gets read.

Remember that research and relevance is the key to a good CV, so research your target roles before you start writing and pack your CV with relevant skills.

Best of luck with your next application!

Seaworthy Secrets

How to Write the Perfect Yacht CV [With Template]

If you’re looking to craft the perfect yacht CV, you’ve come to the right place. As the Chief Stewardess onboard a 50m Super Yacht, I’ve been assisting Captains with hiring crew and gathering yacht crew CVs for 8 years.

With my experience, I am familiar with the type of yachting CVs that Captains prefer to see. It is crucial to make a great first impression to ensure that your yacht resume is given proper consideration.

In this article, I break down the essential do’s and don’ts of a Yacht CV.

Scroll down to the end of this article to find a basic Yacht CV Template to help get you started. And yes, it’s free!

You can use this template and edit it accordingly to create your own Yacht Captain CV, Deckhand CV, Yacht Stew CV, as well as an Engineer or Chef Resume. All that’s left is for you to email it to recruiters or hand out physical copies when dock walking.

Table of Contents

What is a CV in Yachting?

There are a few distinct differences between a regular CV and a CV in yachting.

  • The main one is that you need to include a photo of yourself! If you do not include a photo, it is likely your yacht CV will be tossed in the bin
  • Unlike other CV’s, you also need to include your date of birth
  • You will be highlighting your skills and attributes specific to the job you are applying for. It is a great idea to make these edits to highlight what you have to offer
  • As you travel to seek work, you will need to edit your location and availability

yacht deckhand cv

Layout of a Yacht CV

When a Captain has 20 to 50 yachting resumes on his desk, there is a general easy-to-read layout that they prefer to see.

  • It is very important to keep your CV to 2 pages
  • Use a simple, easy-to-read font
  • If you want to be creative with your colors, go for it. Just make sure the Captain can easily read the font
  • Keep your layout clear and simple, making sure to include all of the required information listed in this article
  • There are numerous Yacht CV examples online for you to decide your preference. A great tool to use is Canva .

Your Photo for a Yachting CV

You may not be a Yachtie yet, but you need to act the part and look like one. Follow these guidelines for the perfect photo:

  • SMILE! You want to look like someone the crew would enjoy having onboard
  • Dress in something smart/appropriate, and sell yourself as the professional yacht crew member you want to be seen as. Ideally, a polo so you look like a Yachtie
  • Take the photo from about the mid-waistline up
  • Stand by a natural background of either a marina, the ocean, or some greenery
  • Do not take a selfie! Have someone take this photo for you


This is a short paragraph highlighting the position you are looking for and any attributes and skills that make you a good fit for the job. Be very specific about what you write here, and be sure to include attributes that are beneficial to the job you are applying for!

This is the moment the Captain will decide if they continue to read the rest of your Yacht CV or not.

man standing next to a jetski

Personal Information to Add to your Yachting CV

Most yachts have very specific requirements when hiring crew, so do not leave out any of the below points:

  • Nationality
  • Visa’s held
  • Tattoo (visible or not)
  • Health Status & Smoker (Y/N)
  • Languages spoken
  • Drivers License
  • Email & phone number
  • Availability and current location

Yachting Experience

Here, you need to list all of the Yacht Jobs you have held. Be sure to include:

  • The name and size of the Yacht
  • The dates you were onboard
  • The position you held
  • Your basic roles, responsibilities, and duties while onboard
  • If you have the space, you can include the locations where the vessel cruised

Some of you may not have any maritime experience, and that is ok. If you have done any day work, be sure to include that here and highlight your duties and the dates you were onboard.

Other Non-Yachting Experience

Here, you want to include any experience prior to yachting, even if it is not yachting-related.

Captains like to see any jobs/positions you have held in the past, as skills are always transferable. This gives some insight into what you have been doing leading up to the point of finding a job in yachting.

a template of a yacht cv

Qualifications to Include on your Yacht CV

List all qualifications you have relevant to yachting in your Yacht resume.

Remember that yachts like to see add-on skills, so things such as Scuba Diving Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Masseuse, and any other certifications you hold should be included.

Here, you just want to include your highest level of education and when you graduated.

Other Interests/About me/Hobbies

This section of your Yacht CV is your chance to list out a few additional standout qualities, attributes, or hobbies. This gives a bit of insight into who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

This is very important, as anyone can write anything on a piece of paper, but a reference speaks volumes.

Even if the position you held was not maritime-related, a reference is also a good indication of your character and work ethic in any position you have held in the past.

You really want to get written references wherever possible.

man driving a tender

How to Make sure your CV doesn’t get Trashed

  • Take the time to write up a good Yacht CV. I can’t tell you how often I haven’t read further than the first line because of a sloppy, disorganized Yacht resume.
  • SPELL CHECK! In an industry where you have to be meticulous in everything that you do, spelling and grammatical issues in your Yacht CV are not a good start.
  • When you save and email your Yacht CV, be sure to have it saved in a Word and PDF format.
  • When you are responding to a job posting, write a short and clear email to the person who put up the post and highlight why you are a good fit for the position and why you want to become a yachtie .

How to Introduce Yourself in an Email

Dear Captain/To Whom it may concern

Please find attached my resume and references in my application for the position of “Deckhand on a 50m Superyacht”. Although I am new to the industry, I believe I would be an asset to your team as I am motivated and driven to succeed in the yachting industry. I am also an avid wakeboarder and love being on the ocean, so I believe I will adapt well and learn quickly. I am not afraid of hard work, and I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you further.

Thank you for taking the time to view my application.

Kind regards

Downloadable Yacht CV Template

Use this Yacht CV link to download a basic yachting resume, fill in your personal information, and get ready to land your dream job!

Now that you have crafted the perfect Yacht CV, it is time to land your dream job. For those of you wanting to know how to become a yacht deckhand , read here for more information.

For those of you looking to find out how to become a yacht stewardess, read this insider’s guide!

yacht deckhand cv

Hi, my name is Lisa, a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry with 10 years of experience, as well as 8 years of hospitality experience prior to that. Being in the yachting industry has been a whirlwind of adventure, growth, challenges and some of the best experiences of my life, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you.

Ultimate Guide to Dock Walking: 10 Tips on How to Dock Walk

Yacht crew salaries: complete guide to what yacht crew earn, leave a comment cancel reply.

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Deckhand Resume Examples and Templates

This page provides you with Deckhand resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder . Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Deckhand resume.

Deckhand Resume Sample and Template

How to Write a Deckhand Resume?

To write a professional Deckhand resume, follow these steps:

  • Select the right Deckhand resume template.
  • Write a professional summary at the top explaining your Deckhand’s experience and achievements.
  • Follow the STAR method while writing your Deckhand resume’s work experience. Show what you were responsible for and what you achieved as a Deckhand.
  • List your top Deckhand skills in a separate skills section.

How to Write Your Deckhand Resume Header?

Write the perfect Deckhand resume header by:

  • Adding your full name at the top of the header.
  • Add a photo to your resume if you are applying for jobs outside of the US. For applying to jobs within the US, avoid adding photo to your resume header.
  • Add your current Deckhand position to the header to show relevance.
  • Add your current city, your phone number and a professional email address.
  • Finally, add a link to your portfolio to the Deckhand resume header. If there’s no portfolio link to add, consider adding a link to your LinkedIn profile instead.
  • Bad Deckhand Resume Example - Header Section

Lisa 19 Adams Street Lorain, OH 44052 Marital Status: Married, email: [email protected]

  • Good Deckhand Resume Example - Header Section

Lisa Stanton, Lorain, OH, Phone number: +1-555-555-5555, Link: linkedin/in/johndoe

Make sure to add a professional looking email address while writing your resume header. Let’s assume your name is John Doe - here is a formula you can use to create email addresses:

For a Deckhand email, we recommend you either go with a custom domain name ( [email protected] ) or select a very reputed email provider (Gmail or Outlook).

How to Write a Professional Deckhand Resume Summary?

Use this template to write the best Deckhand resume summary: Deckhand with [number of years] experience of [top 2-3 skills]. Achieved [top achievement]. Expert at [X], [Y] and [Z].

How to Write a Deckhand Resume Experience Section?

Here’s how you can write a job winning Deckhand resume experience section:

  • Write your Deckhand work experience in a reverse chronological order.
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs to explain your Deckhand work experience.
  • While describing your work experience focus on highlighting what you did and the impact you made (you can use numbers to describe your success as a Deckhand).
  • Use action verbs in your bullet points.

Admin Support / Deckhand Resume Example

Admin Support / Deckhand

  • Performed general maintenance on boats as required, ensuring they are in optimal condition.
  • Conducted safety inspections on boats to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Answered incoming calls and relayed information to the appropriate personnel as necessary.
  • Managed the check-in process for guests, VIPs, and other clients.
  • Maintained an organized database for boats, tracking their locations and mileage.
  • Facilitated communication between dockmen and other team members.
  • Took responsibility for ordering necessary supplies for boats.
  • Coordinated with boat crew to schedule drop-offs, provide assistance, and manage crew changes.

Commercial Fishing Deckhand Resume Example

Commercial Fishing Deckhand

  • Maintained and operated commercial fishing vessel in Pacific waters
  • Supervised crew members
  • Responsible for catching fish in a competitive environment

Deckhand Resume Example

  • Lead and guide SCUBA diving tours
  • Conduct SCUBA exploratory courses
  • Conduct theory and practical SCUBA trainings
  • Ensure safety and smooth operation of SCUBA trainings
  • Assist in daily operation of the diving boat
  • Take care of guests on board
  • Assist in maintenance of the diving boat
  • In charge of berthing and unberthing manoeuvres
  • In charge of anchoring manoeuvres and night watch
  • Responsible of water toys, lines and ship’s maintenance
  • Performs lookout duties, steering, and engine-room watches on the vessel.
  • Attaches nets, slings, hooks, and other lifting devices to cables, booms, and hoists.
  • Loads equipment and supplies onto the vessel, either manually or using hoisting equipment.
  • Signals other workers to move, hoist, and position loads as needed.
  • Operates rowboats, dinghies, and skiffs to transport fishers, divers, and other personnel, as well as to tow and position nets.
  • Follows safety protocols and guidelines while carrying out tasks onboard the vessel.
  • Teak scrubbing, wash-down and general detailing to the highest standards.
  • Daily set up of the vessel for guest use.
  • Participated in fire and abandon ship drills, rescue boat drills, lock-down and search drills during normal service and under audit conditions.
  • Team leader over guests-on shifts
  • Helming and lookout duties.
  • Launching and recovery of tenders and, operation of cranes and davits.
  • Extensive Tender driving.
  • Launching and recovery of tenders and jet skis, operations of cranes and davits.
  • Tender driving. Twin and single engine.
  • Wash-down and detailing to the highest standard.
  • Daily preparation and maintenance of the vessel (and beach setups) for guest use.
  • Amazing luxury expedition yacht with worldwide itinerary.
  • Helming and lookout duties under orders from captains and pilots in a variety of passage situations.
  • Leading role in fire teams during regular drills.
  • Anchoring and mooring operations.
  • Participated in and conducted major and minor refit works throughout my time on board, AWLGrip painting, varnishing.
  • Works on a catamaran fishing boat in various weather conditions, participating in netting, potting, and catching a variety of marine species, including Cod and Whelks.
  • Performs tasks such as working with nets and pots, operating hydraulic equipment, and moving heavy gear onboard.
  • Conducts activities such as gutting fish, grading and sorting fish and Whelks, and cleaning the boat to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Demonstrates attentiveness and alertness at all times to ensure safety and efficiency during fishing operations.
  • Adheres to fishing regulations, safety protocols, and best practices in the industry to promote sustainable fishing practices.

Lead Deckhand Resume Example

Lead Deckhand

  • Regularly assisted with mechanical troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Long laborious shifts.
  • Led the construction of barge tows, ranging from 11 to 55 barges, as a leadman, ensuring efficient and safe assembly of the tows.
  • Provided training and guidance to new deckhands on the proper procedures for building tows and adhering to safety protocols.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with Electro Motive Diesel engines, identifying problems and implementing necessary repairs.
  • Contributed to the removal and installation of turbos, servicing of centrifuges, and maintenance of power packs.
  • Conducted power swaps between generators and maintained onboard generators on the ABVM to ensure continuous power supply.

Qualified Fishing Deckhand Resume Example

Qualified Fishing Deckhand

  • Ensured the vessel was fueled and conducted safety checks to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Maintained all movable parts of the vessel, ensuring they were properly greased and able to move freely.
  • Checked the functionality of safety equipment, including fire equipment and first aid supplies, and ensured they were in good condition.
  • Verified the proper functioning of radio systems and checked the validity of flares and EPIRBs, ensuring the battery life was adequate.
  • Loaded the vessel with all necessary fishing equipment, fuel, and oils, and ensured they were topped up.
  • Maintained open communication with the Skipper, regularly reporting operational issues and any changes.
  • Coordinated and monitored maintenance issues with the vessel's owners and the Skipper, ensuring timely resolution.
  • Rigged deck cargo offshore or in port following safe practices and guidelines.
  • Moored all lines on the vessel, ensuring proper securing and safety measures.
  • Conducted scrubbing and rinsing of the vessel to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Performed oil filter changes on main engines, generators, and bow thruster, ensuring proper maintenance and smooth operation.
  • Rotated and swapped generators every 24 hours to ensure continuous power supply.
  • Replaced primary and secondary fuel filters on main engines, generators, and bow thruster for optimal fuel quality.
  • Replaced steering filters on the steering system and changed hydraulic fluid to maintain steering performance.
  • Transferred fuel from cargo tanks to running tanks as needed for efficient operation.
  • Transferred water to different tanks to correct any list or imbalance in the vessel.
  • Took on water at the dock to replenish onboard water supply.
  • Rigged deck cargo in both port and offshore locations, ensuring proper securing and safety measures.
  • Moored lines on the vessel during port stays or offshore operations.
  • Conducted daily sanitation tasks to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on the vessel.
  • Performed sanding on aluminum surfaces, followed by priming and painting to protect and maintain the integrity of the material.
  • Stood watch when needed to provide breaks for the captain and assist in maneuvering the vessel.
  • Pumped water and fuel to platforms, barges, dredges, and other designated locations.
  • Safely bound down cargo using chains to secure and stabilize the load.
  • Conducted weekly maintenance on binders and chains to ensure proper functioning and safety.

Top Deckhand Resume Skills for 2023

  • Knot tying and rope handling
  • Line and mooring operations
  • Deck equipment maintenance and operation
  • Navigation and chart reading
  • Safety procedures and emergency response
  • Firefighting and fire prevention
  • Lifeboat and life raft operations
  • Marine radio communication
  • Basic first aid and CPR
  • Seamanship and boat handling
  • Cargo handling and stowage
  • Anchor handling and mooring procedures
  • Deck cleaning and maintenance
  • Rigging and lifting operations
  • Boat and hull maintenance
  • Navigational aids and buoy identification
  • Small boat operation and maintenance
  • Bridge watchkeeping duties
  • Safety equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Hull painting and preservation
  • Vessel stability and trim
  • Marine pollution prevention and control
  • Deck repairs and carpentry skills
  • Use of power tools and hand tools
  • Crane and winch operation
  • Knowledge of maritime regulations and laws
  • Safety harness and fall protection
  • Marine weather observation and reporting
  • Basic electrical knowledge (e.g., lighting, battery systems)
  • Deck inventory and supply management
  • Marine signaling and flag etiquette
  • Docking and undocking procedures
  • Hazardous materials handling and disposal
  • Mooring line splicing and repair
  • Radioactive material handling protocols (if applicable)
  • Gangway and ladder deployment
  • Marine pollution response and cleanup
  • Maintenance of navigational lights and signals
  • Security procedures and access control
  • Emergency drills and safety training
  • Vessel communication systems operation
  • Rigging and securing cargo
  • Deck logbook and recordkeeping
  • Knowledge of international maritime codes
  • Boat and equipment inventory management
  • Anchoring procedures and techniques
  • Marine distress signals and distress communication

How Long Should my Deckhand Resume be?

Your Deckhand resume length should be less than one or two pages maximum. Unless you have more than 25 years of experience, any resume that’s more than two pages would appear to be too long and risk getting rejected.

On an average, for Deckhand, we see most resumes have a length of 2. And, that’s why we advise you to keep the resume length appropriate to not get rejected.

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Superyacht CV Guide

As an inexperienced crew member seeking your first job on board a superyacht, it is imperative to have a good CV. Yacht crew CV's are very different from those used in the traditional business world. It is important to make sure your CV professional and relevant.

We highly recommend you follow the tips below, but don’t be afraid to make some adjustments that reflect your personality and style. It is important to strike a balance between being unique and professional.

Yacht Crew CV Photograph:

Your photograph is an important aspect of your CV. Unlike other industries, your CV will most likely be completely ignored without a photograph. Vessel owners and captains like to hire presentable crew members and it is important to portray the correct image in your photograph. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • The photograph should be placed in the top corner of the CV.
  • It should in colour, be a JPEG file and less than 500KB.
  • Your head and shoulders should be visible in the photo and you should ideally be wearing a white or blue polo shirt or a shirt with epaulettes.
  • Your hair should be neat and presentable.
  • No hats, caps, sunglasses or large earrings.
  • Look professional and friendly – SMILE.
  • You should take the photograph with the sea or a marina in the background.
  • You should be clean-shaven although there may be exceptions to this based on your role. Generally, guests facing staff should be clean-shaven.

Yacht Crew CV Example

Yacht Crew CV Tips

  • Keep it concise. The CV should be no longer than two pages (1 page if you have minimal industry experience). Short and sweet is the trick here – potential employers will be reading through numerous CVs and don’t want to read unnecessary information.
  • Ensure your qualifications, location, passport/visas and availability are clearly visible.
  • Always spell-check your CV! Allow family and friends proofread it to make sure it is grammatically correct.
  • Write professionally and do not use slang.
  • Always print your CV out before sending it off, sometimes the layout and format may appear different once printed. Most potential employers will print out the CVs they are interested in – make sure you are happy with the printed version.
  • NEVER LIE on your CV – some crew may be tempted to lie on their CVs in order to appear more experienced. Interviewers and employers are able to tell and you will be caught out.
  • List all relevant experience and/or transferrable skills from your previous careers and/or upbringing.
  • When applying for a job online you should attach a cover letter along with your CV.
  • You will often hand your CV out whilst ‘dock walking’, it can be a good idea to staple a business card to your CV and to hand your CV out in a plastic sleeve.
  • Save your CV under a professional file name, eg. John Smith CV, as it will appear that way for potential employers to download.
  • Ensure the name in your email address is sensible.
  • Get feedback and help from professional yachting CV services.

Superyacht CV Template Download

Create a yacht CV by using the template provided below. This template is appropriate for deckhands, steward(ess)s, yacht chefs, engineers as well as other roles. Remember to export your yachting resume into PDF before applying for yacht jobs.

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How To Get a Job as a Deckhand | Superyacht Crew

So what is being a deckhand all about.

We have broken down the steps to help you find your first deck job in the super yacht industry.

Being comfortable on the water will definitely be an advantage, but it is not a prerequisite. Experience driving tenders or small watercrafts would be a transferable skill that will definitely stand you in good stead and should be listed clearly on your yachting CV.

It would be advisable to look for a junior deckhand position as your first yacht job. Form there you can process to Lead Deckhand or Bosun and eventually onto Mate or Chief Officer.

Check out our list of skills that will help you stand out when applying for your first job as a deckhand

Experience driving tenders or small water crafts

Some common rope knots

Able to swim

Water sports experience like kiteboarding, wake boarding, jets- it’s a bonus if you are an instructor

Scuba diving – a rescue diver or dive master is a huge bonus

Basic hospitality- being comfortable engaging with guests and crew onboard

Additional skills include: any trade like plumbing, carpentry, electrician, woodwork, IT etc. Living on the water means there is always maintenance to be done

Creating a Deckhand Yacht CV

It is important in the yachting industry that you tailor your CV for the specific position you are looking for. Be sure to include any additional water sports or trade skills as this will help you star out from the crowd. Any relevant yachting experience should be included in a section clearly defined, and separate from any land based experience.

Visit our Agency detailed explanation on how to prepare your cv. You can also check out our FREE CV template.

Finding Daywork as a Deckhand

What is daywork you ask? Think of it as one-day yachting internships to gain real world experience on yachts while getting paid a great day rate.

Be open to any kind of yacht daywork, as long as it gets your foot in the door with what you want to do. Learn how to do basic deck chores like exterior detailing, stainless polishing, bilge painting, and teak maintenance like a pro.

If you want to take a look at our Deckhand courses , that page should tell you all you need to know.

If you have more questions or comments be sure to get in touch .

We look forward to getting you onboard.

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RYA/MCA Online

1. what are the basic requirements you need to be eligible to work in the yachting industry, 2. what is the stcw and why do i need it, 3. what is the eng1 medical certificate, 4. what land based experience will help me find a super yacht job, 5. what are the different departments onboard, 6. what crew training is required for me to work as a junior deckhand.

  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Theory
  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Practical
  • Specialist Super Yacht Training Course (Deck Hand Training Course)
  • RYA Power Boat Level II
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Course
  • RYA Competent Crew Certificate
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificates
  • VHF Radio Operator’s License

7. What crew training is required for me to work as a junior stewardess?

  • Stewardess Course
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • MCA Food Safety Level 2
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

8. How do I book my training courses?

9. how do i get my first job on a yacht, 10. are these courses worth it, or am i just wasting my money, 11. will i get hired for my first job from south africa, 12. what is daywork, 13. what are the best locations to get a yacht job, 14. how much can a motor yacht stewardess or deckhand earn, 15. what are the negatives of working on a yacht, 16. what are the positives of working on a yacht, 17. is working on a super yacht for everyone, 18. what is the minimum age to work on a yacht, 19. is accommodation provided when i am completing my yacht training in cape town.

  • Brokerage New Construction How to Buy How to Sell
  • Yacht Fleet Yacht Catalog Charter Marketing Destination Guides
  • Financial Services Payroll & Accounting Payroll Service Process Logistical Support Admin Services Crew Admin
  • Job Descriptions Crew FAQ
  • About Sitemap


  • Yacht Department Directory
  • Deck Department

About the Deckhand

A deckhand is a position aboard with primary duties including cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the vessel. Vessels will usually consider a successful candidate that already has experience in the superyacht industry and is keen to learn and work hard. It is essential that the deckhand can perform assigned tasks efficiently with a positive attitude in addition to interacting with owners and guests in a professional manner.

Yacht Nautical Flags Antenna Mast

Job Responsibilities

  • Cleanliness of the yacht wash downs, stainless polishing, waxing
  • Assisting bosun and mate in maintenance projects; sanding and taping up for varnishing or painting, caulking, filling
  • Continued learning of yacht maintenance, operations and systems; line handling, tender driving, navigation, safety, water sports

Required Skills

  • Good work ethic
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to learn on the job
  • Ability to take direction
  • Professional appearance

Salary Modifiers

  • Engineering experience or certificate
  • Sports certification (i.e. dive certificate, kite surfing instructor)
  • Extensive fishing knowledge
  • Tender driving license
  • Carpentry skills
  • No tender driving certification

Position Statistics

Career path, senior master, junior captain, first officer / chief mate, officer of the watch, junior deckhand.

yacht deckhand cv

Download and edit our CV template to suit your needs. It will set you on the right track with your first Yachting CV. You can use it as a guide to writing your CV for the Super Yacht Industry. It should be used to aid your CV writing process and for general information. It is not meant to be a definitive guide.

Download CV Template

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Deckhand Resume Sample

The resume builder.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Work Experience

  • Marina Services Workers report to Marina Manager
  • Lead Ferry Deckhands report to the Ferry Captain in charge
  • Hold pre-shift meetings to ensure that the Boat Tours dock team are aware of the day’s tasks, tours, any tour groups or special cruises, visiting VIPs, FOCUS & Safety of the day and any other miscellaneous information to ensure successful operations
  • Lead – Marina Services Workers ensure everything operates smoothly in manager’s absence and that all customer relations issues are handled effectively
  • Lead – Marina Services Workers report to the Boat Tours Manager
  • Marina Services Workers report to the Boat Tours Manager
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the vessel on the outside by sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the deck to keep it clean and orderly
  • Able to operate the fire hose, winch and davit. Also knowledge and practice of safety procedures in each situation
  • Participate in passenger safety drills and actual emergency situations
  • Perform general seasonal maintenance of the vessel such as sanding and painting to keep it seaworthy
  • Throw and pull lines, use capstan and kevels to tie up the vessel
  • Ensure accurate number count of boat tour guests
  • Ensure cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere of the boat by removing trash and debris from the deck - cleaning all public areas
  • The Ferry Deckhand is responsible for the safe loading and unloading of all cars, RVs, motorcycles and foot traffic aboard the ferry
  • Understand all machinery and chemicals used. Be aware of MSDS sheets and books and read and use this information when necessary
  • Diplomatically handle guest complaints - always be polite and maintain a professional manner
  • Dockhands are required to wash the exterior of the houseboats with the lake water hoses, fill fresh water tanks, clean and re-coil anchor lines, clean barbeque grills, clean trash cans and ice chest, wash the exterior windows and dorrs, treat holding tanks with chemical, as well as other exterior preparations of the houseboats
  • Always be polite and maintain a professional manner
  • Dockhands report to The Boat Rentals/Marina Manager
  • Occasionally in an office environment
  • Regularly exposed to work near moving mechanical parts; fumes or airborne particles; toxic or caustic chemicals
  • Occasionally exposed to non-toxic propane fumes or airborne particles
  • Occasionally exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals
  • Report to the Lead Deckhand any violations of USCG regulations, Louisiana Gaming Commission regulations or unsafe conditions as it pertains to riverboat gaming

Professional Skills

  • Writing and reading skills sufficient to complete/comprehend a variety of documents
  • Experience safely operating a skid steer is prefered
  • Operate Motor Vehicles/Ability to Drive Safely
  • Skill in Work Practices
  • Drive Safely (Motor Vehicles) and Ability to Operate Safely (Non-Motor Vehicle)
  • Valid state issued birth certificate required
  • Valid social security card required

How to write Deckhand Resume

Deckhand role is responsible for government, travel, reporting, security, training, credit, basic, health, surveying, communications. To write great resume for deckhand job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For Deckhand Resume

The section contact information is important in your deckhand resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your Deckhand Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your deckhand resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous deckhand responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular deckhand position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative Deckhand resume experience can include:

  • Operating capstans, winches, and/or ratchets in tightening and securing lines and floating plant
  • Handling lines, wires, or rigging to secure barges or other floating plant in tow
  • Cleaning the vessel, to include removing garbage, scrubbing decks, and railings
  • Assisting other craftsmen with maintenance and repairs
  • Driving trucks from 3/4 ton to 4-ton capacity to transport personnel and materials
  • Moving expenses (Permanent Change of Station) is not authorized

Education on a Deckhand Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your deckhand resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your deckhand experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in Deckhand Resume

When listing skills on your deckhand resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical deckhand skills:

  • Strong administrative/computer skills
  • Basic computer skills knowledge required
  • Valid TWIC card required
  • 12 months of consecutive work experience
  • Instruct and train employees and demonstrate procedures
  • Drop and operate drag and sweep bars over shoals and lumps on river bottom

List of Typical Experience For a Deckhand Resume

Experience for permanent deckhand resume.

  • Chips rust from deck, removes old paint by means of paint remover, putties holes and crevices. Applies prime and finish coats on exterior of boat including hull, superstructure and deck equipment, interior walls, doors, and furniture. Washes deck with water hose and performs general housekeeping work in quarters. Loads and stores supplies on vessel
  • General housekeeping and upkeep of the vessel, including washing, chipping, painting, and cleaning
  • Tow work, including building rigging, and building tow for Lineboats
  • Ensure customers understand boating safety and assist customers with docking and piloting of boats
  • Fleet work, including preparing barges for delivery to local customers
  • Make minor repairs using tools such as hammers, fire axes and ratchets, hand winches, stripping pumps, needle guns and grinders
  • Follow the established operating practices and techniques associated with waterway missions and floating plant maintenance

Experience For Parasail Deckhand Resume

  • Handle and fasten hawsers and mooring ropes to pier and other craft coming alongside plant, etc
  • Direct drift debris into nets for lifting and stacking on drift barges
  • Prepare the interior and exterior surfaces of vessel for cleaning and painting. Oil and clean deck machinery
  • Inland Deckhands are responsible for supporting the vessel master in the safe and efficient operation of Kirby’s boats and barges
  • Perform other tasks concerned with the general maintenance of ship's gear and rigging
  • Assist the captain with required vessel reports in compliance with environmental, safety and USCG regulations and report any problems or damage
  • Report all injuries, illnesses, and near misses in a timely manner

Experience For Deckhand, Inland Resume

  • Follow direction and execute tasks under the supervision of captain or mate
  • Promote the ADM Way and core Values
  • Work extended hours, evenings, weekends and Holidays
  • Kirby employees are responsible for the adherence to safety rules, and safety instructions from Managers and Supervisors as a requirement for employment with Kirby
  • Attach and remove line and cables to and from the vessel, barges, docks and locks
  • Handle lines 4 to 8 times during loading and discharging in order to adjust for the changing height of the barge, relative to the height of other barges, the dock and the vessel
  • Cleans and maintains docks and public areas to ensure safety and satisfaction of guests and marina staff

Experience For Lead Deckhand Resume

  • Fuels, cleans, and maintains boats
  • Or less - Business travel to other duty locations approximately 50 percent of the time
  • Or less - Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) is about 50% of the time
  • Or less - Travel up to 50% wherever the Dredge Jadwin is located
  • Load and unload supplies, equipment, etc
  • Use pike poles to tend drift collection nets and drift barges

Experience For Lead Ferry Deckhand Resume

  • Set and deploy buoys, ranges, etc
  • Assists tradesmen and higher-grade crewmembers in the repair and overhaul of the boat by dismantling and assembling equipment and making adjustments to the equipment
  • Responsible for the safety of the towing vessel
  • Responsible of informing the wheelman on watch all known conditions of the vessel
  • Reports any and all hazardous or unsafe conditions and making corrections when able
  • Participates in all safety, firefighting, and spill meetings and drills
  • Knows the purpose of and using PPE when needed

Experience For Dredge Deckhand Van Buren Resume

  • Assists the Tankerman PIC with cargo loads and discharges
  • Stands lookout or rides the head of the tow as lookout when needed
  • Remains up-to-date with all relevant licenses
  • Able to communicate and work with supervisors and other crewmembers
  • Able to live in close quarters with other crew members
  • Works with and serves as leader of 3 to 4 deckhands and / or deckhand trainees XF-6 and under
  • Performs various marine and shipboard tasks such as, but not limited to the following: Attaching hooks, slinging, and rigging; tying lines fast to wrecks, nets, pilings, buoys, etc

Experience For Marina Deckhand Resume

  • Leads team in using pike poles in tending drift collection nets or drift barges, and directing drift and debris into nets, or lifting and stacking same on drift barges, and/or setting and dropping buoys, ranges, etc
  • Assists with coring operations and retrieving bottom samples; hosing down decks; dropping and operating drag sweep bars over shoals and lumps on river bottom; driving pilings and range poles and dismantling wrecks
  • Fastens mooring ropes, lines, and hawsers. Cares for and splices lines
  • Prepares surface of boats or ships to be painted by chipping, scaling, scraping or sanding. Paints hull, deck, house and equipment; and other tasks concerned with the general maintenance of boats, marine gear and equipment
  • Assures deckhands wear proper safety equipment to accomplish job. Assigns work and instructs workers based on job requirements indicated by supervisor
  • Checks work in progress and upon completion for conformance with instructions and safety requirements; corrects deficiencies or brings problems to attention of supervisor

Experience For Inland Deckhand Resume

  • Assures compliance with safety, fire, equipment maintenance and housekeeping rules and regulations. insures that safety rules are followed and safety equipment is properly maintained. Maintains and enforces discipline!
  • Assist with Planned Maintenance onboard. Carry out ship’s husbandry and Health & Safety checks onboard the vessel, rectifying and/or reporting faults as required
  • Physical Effort: Clean, wash, scrub, and chip rust in connection with daily housekeeping and preparatory to painting
  • To undertake mandatory training as required both for company requirements and for individual continued professional development
  • To take ownership of his vessel and take an active role in all safety aspects
  • PHYSICAL EFFORT: Incumbent performs work from ladders, scaffolding, and platforms and where the parts, equipment, or systems are in hard-to-reach places. Work requires the incumbent to stand, stoop, bend, kneel, climb, and work in a tiring and uncomfortable position. Frequently lifts, carries, and sets up parts and equipment that weigh up to 50 pounds
  • Working Conditions: Accomplishment of assignments requires working inside and outside in all types of inclement and extreme weather conditions; danger of falling overboard and drowning; danger of slips, trips and falls; danger of overhead injuries, foot injuries, hand injuries, eye injuries, punctures, fume inhalation, oxygen deficient environments, electrocution and exposure to noisy areas

List of Typical Skills For a Deckhand Resume

Skills for permanent deckhand resume.

  • Handle and fasten hawsers and mooring ropes to piers; handling lines to secure other craft coming alongside the dredge
  • Knowledge of Rigging and Roping Techniques
  • Performs handling and fastening lines to moor plant and to make tow
  • Assist in docking and undocking to support water craft movements
  • Clean, wash, scrub, and chip rust in connection with daily housekeeping and preparatory to painting
  • Minute escape pack, rubber gloves and boots. Ability to use firefighting / spill containment equipment

Skills For Parasail Deckhand Resume

  • This is a Designated Mandatory Drug Testing position
  • Secure floating plant with manila and synthetic lines, cables, wire straps, rachets, etc
  • Perform general housekeeping work in quarters on plant and assist in load stores and supplies
  • Or less - Business travel is required 50% or less due to the Dredging schedule
  • Perform work involved in the maintenance and repair of the deck equipment and general housekeeping on a dredge
  • Monitor ropes and repair or renew to include splicing the rope to maintain safe operations
  • Interpret Instruction, Specifications, etc
  • Physical Effort: Work requires sustained physical effort when washing, scrubbing, cleaning and painting surfaces and while handling lines, making and breaking tows. The incumbent walks, climbs, and stands for prolonged periods of time. The worker frequently lifts and carries moderately heavy objects, such as, tools, material and supplies
  • Understand written and verbal orders

Skills For Deckhand, Inland Resume

  • This is a Career Program (CP) 24 position
  • Appointment is subject to the completion of a favorable suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a background investigation
  • Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI)
  • Postal Service/Peace Corps and Other Unique Authorities
  • Noncompetitive promotion potential to target grade
  • The Deckhand WK-5788-06 position has non competitive promotion potential to a Marine Machinery Repairer WK-5334-08 and Marine Machinery Mechanic WK-5334-10
  • This is a Career Program (CP) 29 position
  • Current Civilian Employees of the Organization
  • Physical Efforts: Moderately heavy physical effort is required in lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds and in working in stretched and cramped positions

Skills For Lead Deckhand Resume

  • Extensive travel required during dredge season
  • Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) is about 5% of the time
  • Duty location Dredge Goetz wherever it is located
  • Or less - Annual travel approximately 50%
  • Travel to other duty stations 50% or more of the time is required

Skills For Lead Ferry Deckhand Resume

  • Business Travel Required 50% of the Time
  • Business Travel is Required 50% of the Time
  • Have the ability to properly work with barge ropes to secure barges
  • Loading stores and supplies to and from plant; cleaning, washing, scrubbing, and chipping rust in connection with daily housekeeping and preparatory to painting; paints deck, superstructure and machinery works as helper in repair of machinery and equipment
  • Heaves lead line; operates capstans, winches and similar deck equipment; greases and services deck equipment; under mate or head deck-hand
  • Participate in training with the deck crew on emergency procedures, safety, seamanship and other training
  • Helps out in other areas of the marina when not operating the parasail boat
  • Splices cables and lines. Rows lifeboats

Skills For Dredge Deckhand Van Buren Resume

  • The Deckhand is directly responsible and accountable to the Captain, and/or Operations Manager
  • Report all personal injuries or illnesses to the Captain or Mate on watch
  • Report all accidents resulting in actual or possible damage, including “near misses,” to any SBT tug, other vessels or fixed objects, such as bridges, docks, buoys, and spills or pollution to the Captain or Mate on watch
  • Perform line lash-up between water craft and tug to ensure lines are properly secured
  • Follow radio instruction to ensure safe vessel operations

Skills For Marina Deckhand Resume

  • Maintain cleanliness in work area to ensure a safe work environment
  • The Deckhand is directly responsible and accountable to the Captain, Mate and/or Engineer
  • Navigates scows to dumping ground to release load, starting and stopping gas engine to operate dump scow doors. Rows auxiliary work boat or operates outboard motor as required to transport personnel and supplies to work site, and to place and pick up buoys
  • Cleans and lubricates deck machinery, working as helper to higher grade crew members in repair and overhaul of plant by dismantling and assembling equipment as directed. Repairs hand rails, walkways and other areas of vessel as assigned using tools such as wrenches, hammers, and saws
  • Perform housekeeping and maintenance tasks such as washing down decks, chip-ping paint and rust from bulkheads, timber heads, cavels, deck equipment, and painting
  • Serves as a deckhand of floating plant to include derrick boat, crane barge, patrol vessels, and survey vessels
  • Or less - Extensive travel is required
  • Removes hazards material such as trees, vehicles, floating debris on waterfront construction and renewing structures, hydrographic surveys, environmental and engineering mission to include water, sediment sampling, and harbor briefs and inspections
  • Serves as a laborer during waterfront construction activities constructing new or renewing piers, docks, dolphins, bulkheads, and other structures

Skills For Inland Deckhand Resume

  • Report any matter to supervisor requiring coordination with other personnel
  • Assign tasks to workers as appropriate
  • Observe work in progress and assure tasks are properly completed
  • Adhere to safety and care of equipment regulations
  • Assist higher graded crew members in the repair and overhaul of the plant
  • Passes on to other workers instructions received from the supervisor
  • Handle heavy cables, equipment and machinery
  • Observe common marine practices
  • Accomplish light rigging such as determing the weight to be lifted and tying it to the crane hook to be lifted safely aboard a sea going vessel such as a Hopper Dredge

Skills For Fleet Deckhand Resume

  • This is a 24 hour a day job, that call-outs during the middle of the night for repairs or fog related look-out watches are a possibility
  • Wash the deck, chip away paint and rust, putty holes and crevices, apply primer and finish coats
  • Act as a Deckhand on a small workboat under the supervision of the Boat Operator
  • Perform work represented by (usually a combination of) handling and fastening lines to moor plant and to make tow; loading stores and supplies to and from plant
  • Cleaning, washing, scrubbing, and chipping rust in connection with daily housekeeping and preparatory to painting; paints deck, superstructure and machinery works as helper in repair of machinery and equipment; heaves lead line
  • Operate capstans, winches and similar deck equipment; greases and services deck equipment
  • Hold a valid TWIC
  • Greasing moving deck equipment such as capstans, tow winch, or electric cranes to ensure working condition
  • Operating capstans, small electric cranes, and/or winches

Skills For Deckhand, Sports & Leisure Resume

  • Operating outboard motor boat to secure buoys
  • Working under guidelines as required by the Master
  • Maintain vessel by performing scheduled maintenance and housekeeping such as sweeping, washing the vessel, chipping rusted metal, priming and painting
  • Tow work, including building rigging, and building tow
  • Attach hooks, slinging, rigging and tying lines to wrecks, nets, pilings, buoys, etc
  • Trains new employees and suggests better ways of doing the job by setting the example. Insures that deckhands are productively working on assignments

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Personal Website and CV

  • Best for Chefs and HOD who want to make a serious impression
  • Everything in the Full Custom CV Package
  • Your own .com domain built from scratch showcasing your work history
  • Hosting for 12 months
  • Web management for 12 months
  • Personalised Email Account for 12 months

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Green Yacht Crew

If this is your first time looking for a job on superyachts, we can help. Get in touch with your current CV so we can discuss how to best highlight your past career and push you towards the Seven Seas!

Yacht resumes

Experienced Crew

Make sure your resumé is written to highlight your skills and longevity to the industry. Your career might balance on who you know these days, but a professional image is always important.

yacht deckhand cv

Ex Cruise ship or Chefs

If you have experience working at sea on cruise ships or in restaurants, your skills are often transferrable to working on super yachts. Get in touch so we can help you to work through the layout and fine tune the wording on your CV to match a yacht captain's expectations.

Some of our ready-to-go templates

yacht deckhand cv

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The Ultimate Yacht Chef Fast Track Course

yacht deckhand cv

The Ultimate Dockwalker's CV and business card package

yacht deckhand cv

2 page Cv Template: Matt Bahamas

yacht deckhand cv

2 page CV Template: Isabelle Portland

Do you have any other questions about yachting, is yachting for me.

10 key attributes you must have to be a successful yachtie

How Much Money Will I Make?

Let’s be real, this is important. Find out how much you can earn working in yachting before you fork out for those expensive courses

Interview Questions you might get asked

Don’t mess up your chances to land that first yacht job with a bad interview. Be prepared with these tips.

yacht deckhand cv

Rachel Cunningham

Yacht chef and cv writer.

I am a Kiwi yacht chef with over 8 years experience in the industry. I have a passion for tech, graphic design, and helping crew navigate superyachting. I have a background in tech journalism and I build websites "for fun". I know, I'm an unconventional yachtie- but I love this industry, and I love being able to show green crew that they can do it!

Impartial training and careers advice

Call us: +441983 280 641

+441983 280 641

Become a Superyacht Deckhand

  • Begin a career on a Superyacht
  • Career paths

A Deckhand is an entry-level position, and the role can vary from yacht to yacht. However, the first responsibility for a Deckhand is the meticulous cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the yacht, which must be kept in pristine condition at all times.

More than that, though, working as a Superyacht Deckhand is an exciting and rewarding career kick-starter that will see you travel across the globe, make amazing new friends and gain a plethora of new skills and experiences!

If you want to become a Deckhand then click the button below and start your new career today.

However, if you’re still not sure then continue reading to find out more about working as a Deckhand on a Superyacht.

How much does a Deckhand make on a Superyacht?

A Deckhand’s salary ranges between €2,000 to €3,500 a month, though the average is €2,500. Almost all Superyachts pay is in Euros. The salary can depend on many factors, the main one being the yacht’s “crew” budget.

The owner or management company will agree on a budget that the captain uses to hire crew. Each yacht will have a different budget, which can lead to small variations in the amount yachts pay their crew.

Your total salary can also depend on whether you work on a charter or private yacht. On a charter yacht, it is customary for charter guests to tip the crew, the tip is normally around 10% of the charter fee. Chartering a Superyacht can set you back anywhere from €250,000 to €1 million per week.

Tips are split evenly between the crew and on average your tip can be anything from €2,000 – €5,000 for a week’s charter. Tips are paid on top of your monthly salary. Our  guide on Superyacht salaries  will explain more. Remember, you live onboard the yacht so there are very few living expenses.

What qualifications do I need to be a Deckhand?

here are three areas to consider when it comes to qualifications and experience. The first two are mandatory, the third depends on you, what work experience you have or job you have been doing to date.

  • ENG 1 medical  required by all crew who work at sea. If you are thinking of becoming a Superyacht Deckhand we recommend you complete the ENG1 medical before completing Step 2.
  • STCW Basic Safety Training  is a set of compulsory safety qualifications required by all crew in case there is an emergency onboard. STCW is a six-day course comprising; sea survival, first aid, fire fighting (great fun), and health, safety, and security.
  • Get some experience  we will explain more below but you don’t have to come from a yachting background to work on a Superyacht.However, it does help if you know the basics. Yachts want to see that you have a good work ethic, like the outdoors, and can get on with people.If you have a background in; hospitality, Engineering, Carpentry, Electrician, Water sports instructor, Divemaster, to name a few, then this will look great on your CV.

It is true that for any new job, the more experience and skills you can offer the better. So, if you are new to yachting and want to get qualified before heading off, we can help you get started.

How do I become a Deckhand with no experience?

You don’t need to be a  Yachtmaster  or have worked on a yacht to become a Deckhand on a Superyacht. Most Superyacht crews don’t come from a boating background. Once onboard, the yacht’s crew will show you the ropes and what is expected.

However, any experience in water sports, diving, or on boats will help. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked in a practical role or been on boats.

Apart from the compulsory qualifications mentioned above, what is common among all crew is the desire to work outdoors in the sunshine.

What all Superyachts look for is a  good attitude , a desire to work hard, and to be part of a team. If you have a good, positive attitude, then you can go far. Flying Fish can provide all the qualifications and skills you need to get going; all we ask is for you to provide bring a good work ethic and a positive attitude.

What does a Deckhand actually do?

Well, that’s hard to explain in just one article! All crew work, eat and sleep onboard, the yacht will become your home, the crew your family.

The yacht will look after you, the chef cooks all your meals while onboard. Your contract will specify your duties, salary, working hours, and holiday entitlement. The yacht will supply your uniform and provide further training if necessary.

The role of a Deckhand will vary from yacht to yacht, depending on the size, how many crew, whether it is private or charter, the owner, Captain, and many other factors. However, the deck team’s main role is the cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the yacht and its toys.

You will be tasked with washing the yacht, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the teak decks, and polishing the stainless. When the guests are onboard you may drive the tenders, and jet-skis, help with water sports activities, and even time in the bridge on lookout duties.

What is a typical working day like as a Deckhand?

Your working day will typically start at 8:00am and finish at 6:00pm, usually six days a week. When on charter, or if the owners are onboard, your work hours will differ. Unsociable hours are common when guests are on board.

Do I live on board?

You will share a cabin with another Deckhand. The cabins are small but comfortable, with an ensuite bathroom. There is access to the internet via that yacht’s Wifi system, so you can keep in touch with friends and family at home.

How do I find work on a Superyacht?

There are three ways crew can find a job:

  • Most crew travel to Antibes, France, described as the hub of yachting in the Mediterranean. The Med season runs from March through to October.
  • Online, we talk a bit more about “going online” below.
  • Contacts. If you know somebody already working on a Superyacht, then it is possible to find work through their connections.

Almost everybody that is looking for a job on a Superyacht travels to Antibes, France. On arrival, crew tend to stay in a crew house, such as the  Crew Grapevine  used as a base to look for work.

If budget is a concern, then crew join forces and rent an Airbnb between them. The advantage of a crew house like the Crew Grapevine is that the owners (ex-yachties) actively help you find a job.

The way you find a job on a Superyacht is quite unique. From your base in Antibes, you would travel to other ports in the local area, walk the dock and chat with the crew working onboard to see if any positions are available.

Superyacht crew who have the evening off will go to the local bars to unwind. This is the perfect chance to get to know people working on Superyachts and build connections in the industry.

Go online to look for a work

All Superyacht recruitment agents post positions on their respective websites. Once qualified, new, or “green crew”, as they are known, would register with the agency and complete their registration form. You would then get in touch with the agent to start searching for that dream job.

The recruitment agent’s job is to match the right candidate for the job being advertised. There are many recruitments agents out there, we work closely with  YPI  a Superyacht recruitment agency based in the South of France.

A quick Google search for “ Superyacht Recruitment Agents ” will bring up a list.

Yotspot  is a very popular website that matches yachts with quality crew.

Facebook  is another medium that yachts use to post jobs. To keep up to date, is it worth joining a couple of the Superyacht Facebook groups. Yacht crew jobs and Palma yacht group are two examples.

How long does it take to find work on a Superyacht?

Over the 12 years we have been running our Superyacht Deckhand programme, most customers find a job between one and four weeks. We have had customers that have found a job in a day and others that have taken six weeks to find that perfect job.

The time it takes to find a job is down to you. You will need to be proactive, up early, and make sure you are at the front of the queue. From our experience, people who work hard and explore every opportunity will find a job quickly.

Every Captain or Officer that calls us for a reference asks the same question – does the candidate have a good attitude? You need to be hard-working, happy to work long hours, and used to mucking in. Have a can-do attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile to help your fellow crewmates.

When is the best time to look for work on a Superyacht?

Traditionally Superyachts recruit for the Mediterranean season  any time between February to May.  That being said, yachts recruit all year round. We have seen many graduates find work in July and August when the season is in full swing.

The next key recruitment period is between September and November as yachts prepare for the Caribbean season. Yachts will cross the Atlantic anytime between December and January to cruise the Caribbean or the US for the winter.

Superyacht crew who have had a busy Mediterranean season may decide to take the winter off, which leaves opportunities for new crew to enter the industry.

Can I make yachting a career?

Yes! Thousands of crew who start out as a Deckhand climb the career ladder, first qualifying as a Lead Deckhand, then onto Officer and finally Captain. Okay, that sounds simple, but many have achieved their dream of becoming a Captain of a large Superyacht.

Running a yacht is not easy and requires a lot of qualifications, time at sea, excellent communication and management skills, and a deep understanding of the yachting industry.

Below is the career pathway from Deckhand to Master (Captain). The good news is there is a structured pathway, so you know what skills and sea time are required.

How do I become a Superyacht Deckhand?

This is where we come in. Flying Fish runs a two-week Superyacht Deckhand course that includes all the qualifications and skills you need to get started in the industry. Everything from the STCW Basic Safety Training to a bespoke programme to teach you all you need to know to get started.

The course is great fun, you will learn loads of new skills and meet like-minded people who, like you, are thinking about a different career path.

Superyacht Deckhand Course

If you want to travel the world on a Superyacht, earn an enviable salary and make some incredible friends for life, becoming a Deckhand is the way to go!

The course is suitable for complete beginners or those with experience who are looking to work as a Deckhand on a commercial yacht.

The ultimate guide to working on Superyachts

Cover picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

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An ultimate guide on Moscow Metro for first-comers

Anastasiya Molchanova

Anastasiya Molchanova

Travel tips for moscow.

yacht deckhand cv

Moscow public transport is very convenient and easy for first-comers to get around. Busses , trams , the metro , and the Moscow Central Circle are renovated and not really expensive, but there is a lifehack that tourists don’t usually know about. This ultimate guide will help you out. When you get to a metro station, what is the first thing you do? Correct, you get a ticket. So, you have to go straight to the ticket office and ask for a metro card called “ Troika ”. It costs 50 roubles, and this money is given back to you when you return the card (you can do it at any station you want, not necessarily at the one where you purchased it). Now, each of your rides costs 38 roubles, instead of 55 . Also, when you get a card, you don’t have any credit on it, so you have to top up your card at the ticket office or a ticket machine.

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

Where can it be used?

1) moscow metro.

Moscow metro is large, and it has more than 200 stations. You will never be late if you take Moscow Metro . Plus some stations are breath-taking, and they look like museums, for example Kievskaya , Park Pobedy , Novoslobodskaya . You can even book an excursion to learn more about the history of Moscow Metro !

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

2) Busses, trams and trolleys

Public transport in Moscow is the easiest way to get around, and if you don’t feel like spending your time under the ground, you can take a bus, a tram or a trolley. This kind of transport is more interesting as you can do some sightseein g while going to the city centre. The price is still the same, one ride costs 38 roubles.

3) Moscow Central Circle

Moscow Central Circle , an overland encircle line of metro, was opened a couple of years ago, and it helps out a lot of people every day. For tourists, Moscow Central Circle is useful because it’s another way of discovering Moscow . From the train, many places of interest can be observed: Moscow City Skyscrapers , Luzhniki Stadium and many more.

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

Moscow Transport is not expensive, but we can still save up some money when using it. This guide’s aim is to tell you about the “ Troika ” card that gives a 20 percent discount , and it’s very useful for first-comers who don’t feel like taking a taxi every now and then. Moreover, you can find out more about Russian culture in Moscow Metro, as it is a piece of art. Feel free to book an excursion there. Remember to give the “Troika” card back to the ticket office, so that you can help the environment (it takes about 400 years for plastics to decompose) and get back your 50 roubles .

Kievskaya metro station in Moscow

Kievskaya metro station in Moscow

Park Pobedy metro station in Moscow

Park Pobedy metro station in Moscow

Want to plan a trip here? Talk to AI travel assistant Maya.

Interesting towns related to this story

I am Anastasiya from Moscow, a linguistics student who loves hiking, playing the guitar and drawing. On itinari, I will share with you my favorite Moscow’s spots, giving you the opportunity to dive into an amazing Russian way of living.

Plan a trip with Maya - your AI travel assistant

yacht deckhand cv

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Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, Moscow: where past meets modernity

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Terem Palace, a hidden gem of the Moscow Kremlin

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Things to Do in Elektrostal, Russia - Elektrostal Attractions

Things to do in elektrostal.

  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Good for Kids
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  • Budget-friendly
  • Hidden Gems
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  • Honeymoon spot
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  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

yacht deckhand cv

1. Electrostal History and Art Museum

yacht deckhand cv

2. Statue of Lenin

yacht deckhand cv

3. Park of Culture and Leisure

4. museum and exhibition center.

yacht deckhand cv

5. Museum of Labor Glory

yacht deckhand cv

7. Galereya Kino

8. viki cinema, 9. smokygrove.

yacht deckhand cv

10. Gandikap

11. papa lounge bar, 12. karaoke bar.

  • Statue of Lenin
  • Electrostal History and Art Museum
  • Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Museum of Labor Glory


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    A quality CV is imperative for both deckhand and stewardess super yacht crew. My Crew Kit provides advice on what super yacht recruitment agencies look for in a good resume. Learn from our example CV, downloadable in Microsoft word format for easy editing.

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    Creating a Deckhand Yacht CV. It is important in the yachting industry that you tailor your CV for the specific position you are looking for. Be sure to include any additional water sports or trade skills as this will help you star out from the crowd. Any relevant yachting experience should be included in a section clearly defined, and separate ...

  14. Yacht Deckhand Crew Position

    Sports certification (i.e. dive certificate, kite surfing instructor) Extensive fishing knowledge. Tender driving license. Carpentry skills. No tender driving certification. Yacht Deckhands have 0-3 years experience and are responsible for the Cleanliness of the yacht-wash downs, stainless polishing, waxing. They earn $30K - 38K based on yacht ...

  15. Free Yachting CV Template

    Crew HQ. Download and edit our CV template to suit your needs. It will set you on the right track with your first Yachting CV. You can use it as a guide to writing your CV for the Super Yacht Industry. It should be used to aid your CV writing process and for general information. It is not meant to be a definitive guide.

  16. Deckhand Resume Sample

    Deckhand. 05/2010 - 08/2015. New York, NY. Able to operate the fire hose, winch and davit. Also knowledge and practice of safety procedures in each situation. Participate in passenger safety drills and actual emergency situations. Perform general seasonal maintenance of the vessel such as sanding and painting to keep it seaworthy.

  17. Homepage

    Personal Website and CV. €1300. Best for Chefs and HOD who want to make a serious impression. Everything in the Full Custom CV Package. Your own .com domain built from scratch showcasing your work history. Hosting for 12 months. Web management for 12 months. Personalised Email Account for 12 months. Order your web design package.

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