1. JY15 Class Association

    jy 15 sailboat

  2. 1999 Hunter Marine JY 15 sailboat for sale in Georgia

    jy 15 sailboat

  3. JY15 Class Association

    jy 15 sailboat

  4. 2002 Hunter JY15 sailboat for sale in Georgia

    jy 15 sailboat

  5. JY 15 sailboat for sale

    jy 15 sailboat

  6. JY 15 sailboat for sale

    jy 15 sailboat


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  1. JY15

    The JY15 is a recreational, planing hull, sailing dinghy, built predominantly of Advanced Composite Process (ACP) by JY Sailboats and Hunter and later from fiberglass by Nickels and WindRider. It has a fractional sloop, a raked stem, a vertical transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller with an extension and a folding centerboard.

  2. JY 15

    JY 15 is a 15-foot fractional sloop designed by Rod Johnstone and built by JY Sailboats and Hunter Marine. Find sailboat specifications, calculations, links, and forum topics for JY 15 owners and enthusiasts.

  3. JY15 Class Association

    About JY15 Class Association. The JY15 is a great two person sloop rigged dinghy. Easy to rig, easy to handle, comfortable. ... How many people sail as a crew including the helm? 2-4. Ideal combined weight of range of crew: 300. Boat Designed in Approximately 1989. Length (feet/inches): 15'

  4. Rigging and Sailing a JY-15

    The JY-15 is a more advanced boat than our RS Quest training boats, but is a lot more fun to sail.This video presents the rigging differences and some of the...

  5. JY 15

    JY 15 is a 14′ 11″ / 4.6 m monohull sailboat designed by Rod Johnstone and built by Nickels Boat Works, Inc. and Hunter Marine starting in 1989. ... Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay). D: ...

  6. PDF The CSC User's Guide to the JY15

    One of the most exciting features, besides being a very fast boat, is the ability of the JY15 to plane. When a boat starts to plane, it lifts slightly more than usual out of the water and behaves similar to a surfboard in the waves. Obviously, this gives both the centerboard and the rudder less control over the boat.

  7. JY15

    One Design specifications ensure that every boat is the same. A planing hull that you'll never outgrow. The JY15 sailboat is sold "ready to sail" but add-ons are available such as a trailer or dolly. Dimensions: Length: 15'. Beam: 5' 10". Main: 100 sq. ft. Jib: 35 sq. ft.

  8. PDF Rigging and Unrigging a JY-15

    Rigging and Unrigging a JY-15 Before beginning to rig a JY-15, look the boat over. If it does not have a tiller, get a tiller, a roll of sails and two PFDs from the boathouse. Unroll the sails and check for tears. Inspect the boat for missing or damaged parts. Put the PFDs under the foredeck. Make sure that the mainsheet and boom vang are

  9. Does anyone have experience with the JY15? Rigging, boat ...

    /r/Sailing is a place to ask about, share, show, and enjoy all about sailing, sail boat racing, and technical discussions. ... If you are proficient with 420's and FJ's there's nothing on a JY you won't be able to figure out on sight. ... the shroud caught the sign, and for 15 minutes I sat there as the boat slammed against the shell-encrusted ...

  10. Boat: 1996 JY Sailboats JY15

    This JY Sailboats JY15 sailboat has a fiberglass hull and an LOA of 15 feet (length over all). The boat has a 510 inch beam. This sailboat is set up to sail as a Sloop. The craft has 135 square feet of sail area. Displacement for the boat is 275 lbs. The draft of this sailboat is approximately 3'0". (For those brand new to sailing, draft is ...

  11. Any advice on buying a JY-15? : r/sailing

    They don't react well to hull expansion, and cracks propagate quickly. The boats seem to flex more than similar fiberglass dingys too. The boats do crack, especially on the deck mold and highly stressed areas, and will always crack. You'd be much better served by finding a Vanguard 15, 420, or even an FJ. 3.

  12. JY 15: Reviews, Specifications, Built, Engine

    If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of JY 15. Built by Hunter Marine (USA) and designed by Rod Johnstone, the boat was first built in 1989. It has a hull type of Centerboard Dinghy and LOA is 4.57. Its sail area/displacement ratio 51.13.

  13. JY-15 Sailboat Archives

    For more information, visit the Mystic Seaport Dyer Dhow Fleet Page. Second in line, is the indestructible, and extremely versatile, JY 15 . Designed by Rod Johnstone (designer of the J Class) and first built by Hunter Marine in 1989, they were originally constructed out of APC (Advanced Composite Process). They continue to have over 80 fleets ...

  14. Hunter Jy15 boats for sale

    2024 Beneteau First 14 SE. Find 20 Hunter Jy15 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate Hunter boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

  15. Calling all JY15 owners

    Feb 14, 2019. #13. I owned a JY 15 in the 90's' during their peak of popularity. I sailed mostly with my wife and it was a really nice boat overall. Super simple one design so not much you could change so it came down to sailing. It was a very very comfy boat to sail with its rounded and contoured interior.

  16. First sail on the JY15

    20. Hunter 216 -. Aug 14, 2005. #1. Yesterday Carol and I took the JY15 out for a sail in the light air of the morning.u000bWe were pleased at the ease of rigging, and set out with both sails up.u000bOur points of reference were the H216 which we once owned, and the WW Potter 19 which we have up for sale in Orlandou000bThe JY moves in breeze so ...

  17. JY15

    Seller's Description. JY15 Sailboat. Nearly New! $4,900 with Trailer! available at Shoreline Sailboats. Five-year-old barely-used JY 15 Sailboat (sailed on Lake Wawasee in Indiana) now located in Western New York. Spars and mast and blades are about 15 years old from my previous JY, but that plastic hull cracked (as they all did).

  18. Sailboat Listings sailboats for sale by owner

    30' Etchells 22 Nautical Donations Crowleys Yacht Yard 3434 E 95th St Chicago Il 60617, Illinois Asking $12,000

  19. JY 15

    Seller's Description. Excellent condition JY15 with good road worthy trailer, CT DMV registration. Good sails Newer haylards, sheets, and control lines, and hiking strap Rudder and centerboard in great shape. Seitech dolly. Clean, no scratches.

  20. Jy

    JY 15 sailboat $1,400. Ready to go comes with two sets of sails, mast up cover, road trailer, and beach dolly with extra larger tires. Find Jy in Boats For Sale. New listings: JY 15 Sailboat for Sale $700, JY 15 sailboat $1 400.