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superyacht galley Benetti 11.11

The design trends shaping superyacht galleys

Foodies rejoice: cooking on board is taking centre stage, says Tory Kingdon as she discovers the design trends shaping superyacht galley kitchens in 2021

Once upon a time, the galley was a somewhat overlooked element of a superyacht’s general arrangement and design. Primarily used by crew, they would be installed as a rather uninspiring functional element, with the budgets and big ideas reserved for owner areas. In recent years, however, they are finally getting the attention they deserve. After all, if a yacht is to offer five-star hospitality, it needs optimal kitchen equipment and space. Even the best chefs in the world cannot operate without the right tools.

The evolution of the onboard galley has undoubtedly been in line with the rise of the dining scene globally. Just as the world’s best restaurants started putting their chefs on show behind glass screens or in open kitchens, so too did superyachts begin integrating their cooking and dining spaces. Sanlorenzo’s SX88 , designed by Piero Lissoni and launched in 2017 , featured an entirely open kitchen next to its dining room. The idea was for a relaxed social space. “I keep picturing boats, even very large ones, as if they were lofts: that is very open, highly liveable spaces, which make it possible to be in contact with what’s around us” says Lissoni.

Ewa Eidsgaard , designer and director of Harrison Eidsgaard , agrees it’s a growing trend. “We’ve certainly had a lot of requests for more open kitchens, where guests can see their food being prepared by the chef, or can even allow for the client to do some of the cooking themselves. I think overall the attitude to food and culinary entertainment on board has changed over the last years. We’ve moved from classical dining to chef’s tables, hot stone grills and tapas-style sharing plates,” she says.

On yachts, where closed galleys exist, additional equipment is often brought outside to exterior spaces. The teppanyaki grill, originally a Japanese style of cooking, has become one of the most popular additions to superyacht sundecks and other al fresco dining areas in recent years. The hot griddle allows chefs to cook a selection of meat, fish and vegetables in front of the diner to be served immediately. Then there are barbecue grills and pizza ovens, like on the bridge deck of Benetti’s 69-metre Spectre . Dining is no longer simply a matter of eating, but a culinary experience that provides a large part of the evening’s entertainment.

One of the most impressive yachts to grace the charter market of late is 136-metre Lürssen Flying Fox – and it would be fair to say that any and every culinary desire can be met on board. As well as a 10-door oven, pizza oven and two teppanyaki grills, there is a Brazilian churrasco grill and a Spanish Josper charcoal grill. “Whether you want sushi prepared in front of you, a lamb cooked on the rotisserie or fresh focaccia, it’s all possible. It’s the most versatile option out there as it really has all the equipment you could need,” says Judith Stewart, director at Imperial Yachts , who delivered Flying Fox with Lürssen . There is also a 24-seat dining table on board, so it’s certainly a charter for lovers of all things food.

Not all owners like to be continually catered for. “There is a downshift in attitude that sees many owners wanting to take a more hands-on role,” says Eidsgaard. “We are slowly moving towards ‘relaxed luxury’, where many owners enjoy the freedom of making their own coffee, breakfast or dinner. Shared crew and owner’s pantries as well as mini breakfast rooms are in demand.”

The 63-metre Benetti 11.11 is an example of this where the stone-clad cocktail bar and kitchenette on the upper deck allow the client to make their own food or drink by the pool. The galley of 11.11 is also spacious and includes a central island in the design comparable to a residential kitchen.

According to Eidsgaard, a popular addition to newer yachts are tasting tables. “These are often in the galley, right in the middle of the action, yet available only to the ‘inner circle’ and enhance family and personal time,” she says.

With owners spending more time in the galley, there is undoubtedly a greater focus on aesthetics as well as functionality, and there is no shortage of inspiring designs available for onboard kitchens. Linley recently launched the Odyssey kitchen, which it hopes will appeal to the yacht industry. Currently on display at Harrods, the kitchen is hand-crafted from eucalyptus and sycamore. Its cabinets feature hand-dyed blue veneers and the brand’s signature marquetry details, and the worktop is a Bolivian marble with blue and gold veining. Bespoke brass accents complete the design.

Based in Minnesota, US, the family-run company Cambria makes beautiful and practical natural quartz stone worktops that are strong, more stain-resistant and non-porous than other stone surfaces. It has recently worked on yacht projects with Horizon , Ocean Alexander and Westport , and continues to bring new designs to its ever-growing collection of surfaces.

For the details there is no better place to look than the New York-based Nanz Company, which can create bespoke designs as well as offer a vast range of interesting and unique options for cabinet pulls, knobs and the like. Locking cremones are a mainstay of Nanz’s stable of products and it has recently released the elegant new No 7901 cabinetry cremone.

The more elaborate galleys become, the more technical pitfalls can arise. “From fire risk to extraction, odour residue or cleaning practicalities,” says Eidsgaard, “It all has to be dealt with. This is a trend that’s staying.”

This feature is taken from the October 2020 issue of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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84 Luxury Yacht Interiors: Bedroom, Galley and Salon Pictures

Posted on Published: April 13, 2022  - Last updated: June 13, 2022

Azimut Atlantis 50 foot yacht interior design

A yacht is really just a luxury floating home . When you’re talking 70 feet and larger, they’re a lot nicer than my house. As you’ll see in the luxury yacht interiors below, the quality and aesthetics are simply gorgeous. And we merely feature a small handful of such boats. There are thousands and thousands of these worldwide.

Our epic yacht interiors article is split into 5 galleries:  staterooms, guest bedrooms , salons and dinettes, kitchens and bathrooms. The point of this article is to merely give you a glimpse inside these ultra expensive boats… expensive to buy, run and maintain. Be sure to also check out our yacht decks galleries .

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Yacht Primary Bedrooms (Staterooms)

We kick off our yacht interiors gallery with the stateroom. When it comes to the primary bedroom on these boats, no expense is spared. They are large, comfortable and stunning in design. These bedrooms are bigger than our primary bedroom.

Tecnomar Velvet 83 foot luxury yacht - primary bedroom


Yacht Guest Bedrooms (2 Beds)

Many guest bedrooms on a yacht have two beds so that it can accommodate more people. However, they are, as you’ll see below, still very, very luxurious. These are certainly cozy sleeping quarters.

Abacus 70 foot - bedroom 2 beds

Salon and Dinette Photos

My favorite room on the boat is the salon and/or dinette area. In many cases, the dinette doubles as the living room. Mega yachts have dedicated salons and dining areas. I love these superb lounge designs below in the cabin as well as the upper lounge areas.

Large yacht salon interior

I must admit that kitchens on these super yachts are fairly small. I guess the cooking is done by the staff and yacht owners prefer to have more space for bedrooms, deck space and lounge space. That makes sense given there really is limited space. Nevertheless, these kitchens are gorgeous and the yacht designers certainly didn’t skimp with respect to quality.

yacht kitchen interior design

Most boats dedicate very little space to bathrooms. Not these. The primary bathrooms below are incredible. The smaller bathrooms are guest bathrooms. These luxury yachts are so large and spacious that even the bathrooms are both beautiful and comfortable to use.

luxury yacht bathroom

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Superyacht Galleys: How do we build them better?

mega yacht galley

In the role of a Superyacht Chef, the working environment directly influences performance. With minimal space, it’s vital that a Superyacht galley is designed effectively. GN-Espace Systems specialise in yacht galley designs and are here to discuss how to make galleys better.

As shipyards and owners compete with each other to build the largest Superyacht, it is fair to say that the general mood amongst yacht chefs is a positive one. Larger Superyachts typically mean more room in the yachts’ working areas. And of course, this translates into bigger galleys with more storage spaces, tools, equipment, and so on.

Superyacht Galley Space

Historically, in the days when a well-endowed yacht was just a shade over 50m, owners were reluctant to sacrifice living space for crew and other working areas. For example, if you step onboard a classic pre-1990 Feadship, you’ll often find a galley that largely represents a home-style kitchen with few mod-cons.

Let’s just say, cruising a Superyacht was a different game back then. There were fewer boats on the water and ample space in the marinas. Guests had fewer worries for safety and privacy, which made venturing ashore for restaurant meals more common.

However, fast forward to now and things have changed a lot, and guests look forward to indulging in luxury cuisine on board. The demand for this means Superyacht builders have to ensure the yacht galleys’ designs are a slick, near-commercial operation from the get-go.

So, what is important when designing the ideal yacht galley?

Superyacht galley designs

It doesn’t take a degree in architecture to dream up a functioning yacht galley space. But, equally, it would be foolish to address a layout without first consulting a professional yacht chef. Most of the chefs we spoke to during the creation of this piece agreed on one point…Professional consultationis the most important factor in making sure a new-build yacht galley meets its maximum potential.

Charter yachts will see stews and stewardesses having access to the yacht’s galley regularly. Because of this, it’s good to keep fast-moving traffic in mind when designing galley systems. Some chefs will say that this can be done by designing cooking equipment space, preparation areas and the overall chefs area at one end of the galley. While over the other side will be an area for collecting food/disposing of food. This is to reduce the hazard of crew and chefs getting under each other’s feet.

To further extend on galley equipment space – the majority of Superyacht galleys feature designs in which tools and applicants are out of the way under the counter and in cupboards. By doing so, it creates a larger work area.

“Space is the most important thing to get right in the galley. If the allocation of space isn’t quite right, this will have a knock-on effect on the overall design and working environment.” – Ralph Olingschlaeger, director at GN Espace.

Entrepreneur galley designer, Julian Kimberley and CEO of GN-Espace discloses:

There is still vast scope in the marketplace for specialist contractors in these types of working areas onboard yachts. This is evident through the success of similar businesses such as Superyacht gym designers Gym Marine , and yacht tender suppliers Superyacht Tenders. It’s a prime example that the industry is still very much willing to listen to experts.

Luxury blue water cruisers @Gunfleetyachts exhibiting in Hall 16 at @nonstopboat. Equipped with GN Espace galley. See us in Hall 11 F04 — GN Espace (@GN_Espace) January 17, 2017

GN Espace has been operating in the Superyacht industry for over 10 years. They’ve overseen the evolution of Superyacht galleys, as yachts become larger and larger. From speaking with Julian, he uncovered that the yacht design industry has now embraced the idea of function-over-form. And, he goes as far as saying that this is the key to designing a first-class yacht galley.

“In the past, these galleys were designed as home-style kitchens, made to look beautiful with plenty of wood and marble. Practically speaking though these galleys are commercial kitchens nowadays, more akin to restaurant or hotel cooking facilities. This means that we are urging designers to include more surfaces and units in stainless steel. As well as to take more time studying the layout, to ensure better levels of food hygiene and efficiency.” – Julien 

GN-Espace Yacht Galley Design

“Preparation is key. I ensure that at the beginning of the season or before a charter I stock up with just about every conceivable thing a guest could request. We have always been lucky to have ample freezer space and large dry stores on the yachts I’ve worked with. When I have been presented with tighter storage solutions, I have employed multiple-use pieces of equipment to make room for more provisions. Having the right ingredients is much more important than having a special gadget when space is at a premium” – Jules Wigley, a kiwi chef who has enjoyed a career cooking onboard some of the most high profile yachts in the Superyacht industry.

Whatever the future holds for the new-build market, one thing is for certain; Despite the importance of space in the galley design phase, it needs to be created with a technical mindset, as opposed to a style-driven approach.

Visit for more on specialist yacht galley designs, systems and equipment.

For the latest crew mess news, click here. 

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Top 8 yacht galley gadgets for superyacht chefs

Yachting Pages

With thanks to Enodis France and Dornbracht International

Any superyacht chef will know that the superyacht galleys and kitchens of yachts gone by weren’t made to be particularly roomy, so galley gadgets and catering equipment had to be chosen wisely.

Yacht galley

Although galley space is not such a pressing issue today with the increase in practical explorer yachts and their first-class kitchens, catering equipment should still be versatile, facilitating the preparation of  the most exciting and delicious dishes on board. With this in mind, Yachting Pages spoke to superyacht galley suppliers to scope out the best superyacht galley gadgets on the market.

1. Cooking on gas

At the heart of any kitchen is the oven or cooker, and although marine ovens will differ slightly in design to cope with choppy waters, this is no different aboard a superyacht. 

The marine oven is arguably one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the superyacht galley, with Grégory Gerard at Enodis France  naming high-speed varieties as the best on offer at the current moment.

Dubbed “the smallest unit with the biggest results”, he named the Merrychef Eikon e2s  high-speed oven as one of the most exciting for the superyacht galley.

“One of the most innovative products in the catering industry as far as marine and superyacht galleys are concerned is the Merrychef Eikon e2s high-speed oven," he said. "It’s designed to endure the corrosive and jolting nature of the marine environment, and delivers fresh, hot food quickly at the touch of an icon.

“It cooks, toasts, grills, bakes and regenerates fresh and frozen foods, such as sandwiches, pastries, pizzas, fish, vegetables and meat, allowing for rapid menu changes and additional food offerings at the drop of a hat, making it perfect for superyacht cooking.”

According to manufacturers, the Eikon e2s Marine can cook a pizza to perfection in 50 seconds, and steams salmon steaks in just 70 seconds!

2. Sensational superyacht sinks

Due to space constraints in the superyacht galley, the kitchen sink becomes a much more integral preparation area than on dry land. As such, it’s undergone major innovation in the marine industry to place it at the heart of kitchen food prep, making it an extremely flexible piece of kitchen equipment.

Over at Dornbracht , superyacht sinks have become branded as ‘Water Zones’, describing the spatial separation of different water-related tasks just as they are in the professional kitchen. Specially configured ‘Water Units’ (basins) and ‘Water Sets’ (fittings) have been configured for each Water Zone: preparation, cooking, cleaning, drinking, chopping boards and universal use. 

Taps in the kitchen

Although not exclusive to the marine industry, Nina Heierhoff at Dornbracht explained that on-demand water dispensers have become one of the most important features in the superyacht galley. They provide a combined source for hot and cold water at the press of a lever, perfect for food preparation, cooking, cleaning and on-demand drinks.

She explained, “Dornbracht Hot & Cold Water Dispensers are combined to provide cold, filtered water when the lever is pushed backwards, and boiling hot water when moved forwards, so both are readily available whenever or wherever needed.

“Available in five different designs and three finishes, dispensers all have an exceedingly tall and slender spout that provides plenty of space to work under in the kitchen.”

3. Sous-vide machines

In recent years, sous-vide or ‘under vacuum’ cooking has gained traction in gourmet and superyacht catering, as well as in the home. Food is sealed in airtight plastic and cooked for several hours at low heat to seal in the freshness and flavour of the ingredients.

Using an immersion circulator or water bath, sous vide cooking can be adopted to prepare a range of ingredients and dishes for delightful dinners, from eggs for breakfast, to meat and fish for main courses and fruit for desserts.

Sousvide Machine

One such example is the SousVide Supreme ; a PID-controlled water oven - similar to a water bath, but without the need for an immersion circulator as it instead uses thermal convection to achieve a consistent temperature. 

Although that’s one less add-on to worry about, these gadgets do take up precious space in the galley – especially as you’ll also need a vacuum sealer for the best results. Immersion circulators such as the Anova Precision Cooker  may therefore offer another alternative for those who have their heart set on sous-vide cooking, as it simply clips on to the side of a pot or water bath to circulate the water to a specific temperature. 

Speaking to OnboardOnline , Cedric Segula, chef and owner of Secrets du Cuisine and Sea Chef Services, explained, “Sous-vide is a modern method of cooking which chefs should consider as an integral piece of their armoury of cookware. It’s not a cheap piece of equipment; prices for professional sous-vide machines start from around €500 and the sky’s the limit, but it’s certainly worth it – cooking sous-vide can produce the most amazing results that won’t fail to impress guests and leave them hungry for more.”

4. Steaming ahead

If sous-vide cooking seems a little too fussy for your superyacht cooking requirements, steam-injected combi ovens can instead be adopted. According to Galleytek, combi ovens have become one of the most sought-after pieces in galley equipment: “The combi-steamer is top of the list. Baking, steaming, grilling, roasting and sous-vide cooking can be done in this all-round versatile piece of equipment.”

Grégory at Enodis France explained that the Convotherm 4 range of marine combi steamers have an ACS+ system that “ensures peak cooking performance” with “perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment and fast, even heat transfer for convection to deliver an ideal, constant cooking environment for all dishes.” 

Combi Steam Oven

He said, “Available in two designs and seven sizes, Convotherm 4 marine units come equipped with disappearing doors with soft-close dampers making them flexible and functional in the superyacht galley. The range follows the principal of ‘form follows function’, with great design combined with intuitive operation and straightforward servicing, plus the ovens offer a new concept in hygiene with all main areas that come into contact with the user – the control panel, door handle and hand shower - made of an innovative material that contains embedded silver ions.”

5. Preparing purées on board

On the other end of the cooking spectrum, frozen-food preparation has become a little more exciting thanks to Swiss gourmet device Pacojet, which ‘micro purées’ deep-frozen foods into the lightest and most delightful dishes; think mousses, pates, ice creams, sorbets, soups, sauces and fillings.


Using a unique method known as ‘Pacotizing’, the Pacojet  uses precision spinning to process frozen ingredients into a fine, smooth consistency without ever allowing them to thaw and lose nutrition and freshness. In fact, it can make up a pretty hefty portion according to the makers, mixing up 15l of sorbet, 15kg of mousse or 150 portions of soup in just one hour. So while the average price for a Pacojet stands at over £3,000, you can certainly make sure to get your money’s worth!

6. Fancy food processors

When space only allows for one chef in the galley, and budgets don’t stretch to £3,000, an all-in-one food processor certainly comes in handy. 

One longstanding popular processor is the Thermomix ® , as you can measure, prepare and set your ingredients to cook. Among its 12-in-one functions, the Thermomix   ®  chops, kneads, blends, steams and cooks in one! 

Magimix’s Cook Expert is another popular processor for yachties, as like the Thermomix ® , it can do just about everything you would need from an extra pair of hands in the kitchen - apart from programming itself! For a similar price, the Cook Expert offers a food processor attachment and optional dicing and juicing capabilities. Furthermore, it’s self-cleaning making for a quicker clean down at the end of the night, but be sure to pick one up on your travels, as it's currently only available in France, Italy, Netherlands and Australia.

With such great responsibility, an all-in-one does not come cheap, starting at around the €1,000 mark, depending on the brand.

7. Blenders with all the bells and whistles

High-performance blenders also lend an element of all-in-one to food blending, preparing multiple dishes in one, making them a much more valuable piece of galley equipment that earns its cupboard space. 

Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix range can blend up smoothies, soups, salad dressings, desserts and drinks, catering to the tastes and requirements of guests and crew on board. 

8. Brilliant baking assistants

Making baking (and other mixing) a breeze, stand-up mixers can lend a helping hand with everything from cakes and dough to mashed potatoes, mayonnaise and Madeira cakes.

The Hobart stand-up mixers are some of the best on the market, available with a range of attachments to free up tired hands for other cooking endeavours.

Get in touch with a galley and catering supplier for your galley gadgets by searching on .

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Yachting Pages has put several of the leading safety cases (and other associated products) to the test. The objective: to ascertain how each product performs and determine which one is best equipped to safely contain a lithium battery-induced fire.

mega yacht galley

In the realm of maritime luxury, the quest to offer yacht charter guests the perfect night's sleep has become an art form, one which luxury bed and linen supplier, CC Design, has fully committed to.

mega yacht galley

A jacket completes any crew member's uniform so it's an important garment to get right. In this Tried & Tested, Sea Design pits eight popular jackets against one another to determine which one is best for superyacht crew in 2023.

mega yacht galley

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Coral Sea Marina Resort honours World Boating Day at SCIBS 2024 with a documentary-style series highlighting the Whitsun...

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As the chosen marine appliance distributor for companies such as Miele, Electrolux, Gaggenau, and Bosch, National Provisions offers your vessel the largest and most diversified portfolio of major appliance manufacturers available in the world.

Spares for your North American or European yacht appliances alike are easily sourced in the prompt and efficient manner you deserve and have come to expect from National Marine.

Along with marine appliances, National Provisions has been supplying the most complete range of top-quality cookware, cutlery, and specialty countertop equipment available anywhere. Whether your yacht appliances and supplies are needed drop-shipped to the yard for your new build, delivered right in our South Florida backyard, or anywhere in between, the answer to total galley support is just a phone call away with National Marine Suppliers.

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mega yacht galley

mega yacht galley



    mega yacht galley

  2. Galley Image Gallery

    mega yacht galley

  3. Yacht Galley Design

    mega yacht galley

  4. Yacht Galley Design

    mega yacht galley

  5. Inside Skyfall, Silver Fast, and Natita at Superyacht Miami 2016

    mega yacht galley

  6. Galley Image Gallery

    mega yacht galley


  1. @kitcheneryinc at @ibexshow with SEA IT App #shorts #galley #yachtlife #IBEX

  2. New 2023 THIS IS IT Yacht (by Tecnomar) #thisisit #tecnomar #cataraman #yacht

  3. Inside The $400,000,000 "Topaz" Superyacht

  4. Sailing Phi^Phi: Episode #029: Four days dinghy cruising at Drawsko Lake (part 4)

  5. $1.9 Million Riviera 5400 Sports Yacht Galley ⬆️ See the full tour ⬆️

  6. Complete Kitchen tour of a Mega Ship


  1. Standout Superyacht Galleys

    At 20 square metres, the galley on board the Tankoa superyacht Bintador is "probably the biggest you can find on a 50-metre yacht," the owner's project manager, Giancarlo Mussino, said. A central island seats six people. Having a sizeable, sociable galley was a mandatory request from the owner, according to Giuseppe Mazza, sales and business development manager of Tankoa.

  2. The best superyacht galley kitchen trends for 2021

    The evolution of the onboard galley has undoubtedly been in line with the rise of the dining scene globally. Just as the world's best restaurants started putting their chefs on show behind glass screens or in open kitchens, so too did superyachts begin integrating their cooking and dining spaces. Sanlorenzo's SX88, designed by Piero Lissoni and launched in 2017, featured an entirely open ...

  3. Superyacht Galley Designs

    Superyacht Galley Designs. What a Galley Refit Looks Like on a Super Yacht with @the_crewchef: Part 2. Get the Fork Out - Galley Design on a Super Yacht New build with Gerhard Van Slijpe. Get the Fork Out - How to Do a Galley Refit with Dirk Mantje. A place to start for superyacht galley refits and galley design.

  4. 84 Luxury Yacht Interiors: Bedroom, Galley and Salon Pictures

    Our epic yacht interiors article is split into 5 galleries: staterooms, guest bedrooms, salons and dinettes, kitchens and bathrooms. The point of this article is to merely give you a glimpse inside these ultra expensive boats… expensive to buy, run and maintain. Be sure to also check out our yacht decks galleries.

  5. Superyacht Galleys: How do we build them better?

    In the role of a Superyacht Chef, the working environment directly influences performance. With minimal space, it's vital that a Superyacht galley is designed effectively. GN-Espace Systems specialise in yacht galley designs and are here to discuss how to make galleys better. As shipyards and owners compete with each other to build the largest Superyacht,

  6. Super Yacht Galley Tour

    Inside the machine that is the galley! What would an incredible holiday experience be like without good food? Thankfully you won't ever need to find out if y...

  7. Galleys

    This galley is next to the crew mess on the lower deck with all stores one deck below. Owner Galley on a 140m. Upper deck galley with all stores shared with crew galley on the tank deck. Outdoor Teppanyaki Concept. This will be on the upper deck with a large overhead exhaust hood. Super Yacht Galley Designs.

  8. TOP FIVE II Yacht • Terry Pegula $75M Superyacht

    Top Five II: Hakvoort's Masterpiece Yacht from 2021. The yacht Top Five II is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of Hakvoort, one of the leading yacht builders in the industry.Launched in 2021 as Project YN251, this remarkable superyacht showcases the innovative design prowess of Sinot Yacht Design.With stunning visuals captured by photographer Ruben Griffioen, Top Five II is an ...

  9. Search Superyacht Services and Mega Yacht Suppliers

    Search Superyacht Services and Mega Yacht Suppliers | Yachting Pages

  10. Galley

    Spares for your North American or European yacht appliances alike are easily sourced in the prompt and efficient manner you deserve and have come to expect from National Marine. Along with marine appliances, National Provisions has been supplying the most complete range of top-quality cookware, cutlery, and specialty countertop equipment ...

  11. Layout Image Gallery

    Exact pricing and other details will be confirmed on the particular charter contract. Just follow the "reserve this yacht charter" link for your chosen yacht charter or contact us and someone from the CharterWorld team will be in touch shortly. View the Layout Image Gallery, featuring luxury yacht images including Layout , Layout and more.

  12. Mega yacht for sale

    These powerboats use the following propulsion options: inboard engine. There are a wide range of Mega Yacht for sale from popular brands like Azimut, Cruisers Yachts and Galeon with 267 new and 642 used and an average price of $2,375,450 with boats ranging from as little as $77,105 and $81,069,637.

  13. DEEP BLUE Mega Yacht Azimut for sale

    § athena marble: galley top, galley floor & day head floor § dividers in the storage under beds § coffee table in salon 19,7" high w/ two drawers § vip head: shelves and dividers in cabinets § storage cabinet with doors on the outboard side of cook § predisposition for jacuzzi § master head: additional wardrobe & shelves above drawer

  14. Large Capacity Mega Super Yacht Charters

    Mega yacht charters are the ultimate on-the-water luxury travel experience. We offer a range of exceptional mega yachts that can accommodate 20 to 30 guests and even a few rare gems which can take up to 100 guests. Our large capacity mega yacht charters are an unrivaled option if you're looking for a luxurious, exclusive and comfortable way ...

  15. BG Charade Mega Yacht Feadship for sale

    Mega Yacht. Length. 154ft. Year. 1990. Model. Motor Yacht. Capacity-Description. ... Built to Lloyds Classification and delivered in 1990, this incredible yacht boasts 499GT's of pure luxury. She has a phenomenal range in excess of 5,000nm at a cruising speed of 12 knots, and a top speed of 15.5 knots. ... Galley & Laundry Equipment · MAIN ...

  16. Yachts for Sale with Galley

    Discover every Yachts for sale with Galley easily with Worth Avenue Yachts. Our expert yacht brokers will provide you with top notch advices.

  17. Smart Yacht Supplies

    Mega Yacht Suppliers. Home. About. Contact. ☎ (508) 763-3062. Smart Yacht Supplies. Your Mega Yacht Supplier "We strive everyday to meet all of your supply needs no matter how big or small" ... Galley and appliance. Consumer Electronics Contact Info (508) 763-3062 | [email protected]

  18. Mega Yacht for sale

    Of the 897 mega yacht for sale on YachtWorld currently, there are 276 new vessels and 621 used and custom yachts listed by professional yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey. During the preceding 30 days, YachtWorld has witnessed the listing of 48 mega yacht boats available for sale. ...

  19. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  20. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal , lit: Electric and Сталь , lit: Steel) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Population: 155,196 ; 146,294 ...

  21. 2024 Mega Yacht Majesty for sale

    Majesty 100' 2024. Twin MAN V12 1900hp. Since its launch, the Majesty 100 has garnered global acclaim, thanks to its unique enclosed sky-lounge and efficient propulsion system. Boasting lavish interiors and ample lounging areas, this yacht is elevating Majesty Yachts owners to superyacht status. Introducing the Majesty 100: a pinnacle of luxury ...

  22. Moscow Oblast

    Moscow Oblast ( Russian: Моско́вская о́бласть, Moskovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia. It is located in western Russia, and it completely surrounds Moscow. The oblast has no capital, and oblast officials reside in Moscow or in other cities within the oblast. [1] As of 2015, the oblast has a population of 7,231,068 ...

  23. 628DirtRooster

    Welcome to the 628DirtRooster website where you can find video links to Randy McCaffrey's (AKA DirtRooster) YouTube videos, community support and other resources for the Hobby Beekeepers and the official 628DirtRooster online store where you can find 628DirtRooster hats and shirts, local Mississippi honey and whole lot more!