65 Ghoulishly Good Ghost Instagram Captions and Song Lyrics

Creepin' it real on the 'gram.

ghost instagram captions

Calling all ghoulfriends! You can transform eerily cute song lyrics into the sweetest caption for an Insta story of a selfie with your boo. Snapped an iconic pic of your besties while putting up decorations for your decade-themed costume party? Be the Ghostess with the mostess and use some funny puns to caption your in-feed carousel.

No matter how spooky you want things to get this Halloween, these ghost Instagram captions, song lyrics, and quotes will help immortalize your spooky season posts.

👻 Funny Ghost Captions

teenage boy wearing a ghost costume for halloween

  • During the day I don't believe in ghosts. At night I'm a little more open-minded.
  • Feeling un-boo-lievable.
  • I'm bad and boo-gie.
  • Have you checked your horror-scope today?
  • Sheet happens.
  • Wait, you can see me??
  • Fasten your sheet-belts, it's gonna be a boo-mpy night.
  • Peek-a-boo.
  • "If you've got it, haunt it." — Rose Pressey
  • I don't know what I'm booing.
  • Eat, drink, and be scary.
  • I’m just here for the boos.
  • Hi boo. Bye boo.
  • Came for the party, stayed for the boos.
  • This is boo sheet.
  • My favorite kind of pie is boo-berry.
  • We're at a dead end.
  • I can see right through you.
  • You've been ghosted.
  • Ghouls rule, boys drool.
  • I have no body to dance with.
  • All these ghosts, and I still can't find a boo.
  • Demons are a ghoul's best friend.
  • More boos, please.
  • Shake your BOOty.
  • Haunting my exes.
  • Don't make me ghost you.
  • Putting the ‘boo’ in booty.
  • Boo-in' it for the ‘gram

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👻 Cute Ghoul Captions

a dog dressed as a halloween ghost a golden retriever sits in an autumn park with orange pumpkins and a bucket of candy

  • The spook-key to happiness is hanging out with my boos.
  • Hanging with my ghoulfriends.
  • Romeo and Ghouliet.
  • I'm here to lift your spirits.
  • Getting in the spirit.
  • Are you a ghost? Because you look like my boo.
  • Ghouls just wanna have fun.
  • Squad ghouls.
  • Will you be my boo?
  • Feelin' boo-tiful,
  • Ghostest with the mostest.
  • We've got spirit.
  • I’m happy you didn’t ghost me, 'cause now you’re my boo.
  • Me and my boo 👻.
  • With the boo crew.
  • Hey, boo-tiful.
  • #HotGhoulHalloween
  • What "ghosts" around comes around.
  • Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!

👻 Song Lyric Captions

double exposure of boys in ghost costumes at cemetery during halloween

  • "Time to be a ghost." Tori Amos, "Happy Phantom"
  • "There's a ghost in our home." — Kate Bush, "Watching You Without Me"
  • "And the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view." — Mumford and Sons, "Ghosts That We Knew"
  • "Sailing away at the break of dawn, they are the ghosts of Cape Horn."
  • "The ghost in you, she don't fade." —The Psychedelic Furs, "The Ghost In You"
  • "You will always be my boo." — Usher and Alicia Keys, "My Boo"
  • "If your game is on, give me a call boo." — Ghost Town DJ's, "My Boo"
  • "Don't call me boo like you're some kind of ghost." — Meghan Trainor, "Title"
  • "Baby you should make me your boo." — Rihanna, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
  • "I want you to know that if I can't be close to you, I'll settle for the ghost of you." — Justin Bieber, "Ghost"
  • "I ain't afraid of no ghost." — Ray Parker Jr., "GhostBusters"
  • "Dancing through our house with the ghost of you." — 5 Seconds of Summer, "Ghost of You"
  • "We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me." — Harry Styles, "Two Ghosts"
  • “Boo’d up” — Ella Mai, "Boo’d Up"
  • "'Cause my body too BOOtylicious for ya, babe." — Destiny's Child, "Bootylicious"

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Pretty Pink Posh

Cards · Pretty Pink Posh Shop

Cute Ghost Friends

Hello crafty friends! It’s Leica here with a Halloween card, featuring the Ghost Friends stamp set . If you’re not into the scary Halloween stuff (like I am) , you’re gonna love these adorable friendly ghosts! The best part is there is not a lot of coloring involved. Let’s get started!

Pretty Pink Posh: Cute Ghost Friends

I first cut an A2-sized panel in white cardstock and ink blended the border with Wilted Violet Distress Oxide Ink, Milled Lavender in the center, and Black Soot on the bottom. I splattered black and white acrylic paint for interest. I then white heat embossed the sentiment on the top right corner of the card panel.

Pretty Pink Posh: Cute Ghost Friends

Next, I stamped, colored, and cut the ghosts from the Ghost Friends stamp set . I then cut the Cauldron Shaker in black cardstock. I cut a few and stack them together to make a well for the shaker element. For the shaker bits, I used a combination of clay confetti – Monster Mash Mix and Halloween Party Mix . 

Pretty Pink Posh: Cute Ghost Friends

I then cut the Boo Script in teal glitter cardstock and another one in white for a shadow effect. I glued the cauldron shaker, foam mounted the ghosts, and also adhered some clay confettis on the card panel. Lastly, I adhered the panel onto an A2-sized card base.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s card share! Thanks so much for stopping by!

60 Ghost Puns For Captions That’ll Get You In The Halloween Spirit

There’s a pun for every snap with you and your ghoulfriends.

According to one of the most-watched movies of the season, Hocus Pocus , Halloween is “the one night of the year where the spirits of the dead can return to Earth." Whether you believe in ghost stories or not, you have to admit that seeing all of the Halloween decor this time of year truly gets you in the spirit of things. For every seance you have planned with your basic witches or spooky costume you’ve got to wear, you'll want to keep around some ghost puns to use for some funny Instagram captions.

Let’s face it, puns are a great way to caption your best Insta pics. They’re guaranteed to conjure up a few LOLs on your feed. If you’re easily spooked by any unknown spirits, a good laugh is one way to help ease the tension you’re feeling and that’s what these funny ghost quotes will do. Of course, if you're like the Ghostbusters and you "ain't afraid of no ghosts," you’ll be embracing the spirits all Halloween long by watching scary movies and visiting haunted houses. For all those otherworldly plans you have, you and your ghoulfriends will need some Halloween ghost captions. Whatever the vibe, this list of 60 ghost puns are guaranteed to give you a truly haunting and hilarious caption.

These ghost puns will make the spookiest captions for Instagrams with your boos.

  • "I’m just here for the boos."
  • "'Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe." — Destiny's Child, "Bootylicious"
  • "If you’ve got it, haunt it." — Rose Pressey
  • "Next to you, in Mali-boo." — Punny take on Miley Cyrus' "Malibu"
  • "I feel boo-tiful."
  • "This is boo sheet."
  • "Won't you be my boo?"
  • "There's been some purranormal cativity."
  • "Hi boo. Bye boo."
  • "I'm bad and boo-gie."
  • "My favorite kind of pie is boo-berry."
  • "Came for the party, stayed for the boos."
  • "I've got school spirit."
  • "We've come to a dead end."
  • "Hanging with my ghoulfriends."
  • "Squad ghouls."
  • "Haunting my exes."
  • "Ghouls just wanna have fun."
  • "Eat, drink, and be scary."
  • "I can see right through you."
  • "Ghouls rule, ghouls drool."
  • "Sheet happens."
  • "I don't know what I'm booing."
  • "Don't make me ghost you."
  • "You've been ghosted."
  • "Peek-a-boo!"
  • "More boos, please."
  • "Don’t spook until you’re spoken to."
  • "You’ve been #ghosted."
  • "Wishing you a spooktacular Halloween."
  • "You will always be my boo." — Usher and Alicia Keys, "My Boo"
  • "Getting in the spirit."
  • "I'm studying eekonomics."
  • "Whoooooo ghost there?"
  • "All these ghosts, and I still can't find a boo."
  • “Feeling un-boo-lievable.”
  • “Fasten your sheet-belts, it’s going to be a boo-mpy night.”
  • “Ghosts are terrible liars because you can see right through them.”
  • “The most useless room in a ghost's home is the living room.”
  • “The spoo-key to happiness is hanging out with my boos.”
  • “Demons are a ghoul's best friend.”
  • “I’m here to lift your spirits.”
  • “My favorite day is Fright-day.”
  • “Are you a ghost? Because you look like my boo!”
  • “No time to be boo-ring.”
  • “Have you checked your horror-scope today?”
  • “Let’s play hide and shriek.”
  • “This is how I exorcise.”
  • “I have no body to dance with.”
  • “You like my mas-scare-a?”
  • "The ghostess with the mostest."
  • “"Romeo and Ghouliet."
  • "I go to the bars for boos."
  • “Do you get deja-boo when she’s with you?”
  • “I’m like, literally dead.”
  • “Just keepin’ it transparent with you.”
  • “Hey ghoul hey!”
  • “Ah, that’s the spirit.”
  • “Guess you can say it’s a ghost town out there.”
  • “Spare a thought for the ghost writers.”

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cute ghost friends

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Friendly Ghost

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We're not here to freak you out. We just came to shake it down. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, flip up your hands. The ghosts just wanna dance! Only want to haunt your igloo, Give you chills, and party with you. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, flip up your hands. The ghosts just wanna dance! — "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" from Club Penguin

As You Know , ghosts are scary . Perhaps it is the thought of the soul of the dead that doesn't stay dead, perhaps it's because nonliving things aren't supposed to move on their own, or perhaps the afterlife doesn't like them. Whatever the case, we think ghosts are out to harm us, and thus they tend to be portrayed as actively hostile. Not to mention how we attribute our bad luck or strange things happening in a place to mischievous ghosts, and how ghosts have a reputation of being vengeful or liking to possess someone .

Friendly Ghosts ain't any of those. They're friendly, helpful, and will talk to anyone. They may or may not be frightening in looks , which may strain their friendly nature. This can show that ghosts are Not Always Evil .

The Trope Namer is Casper the Friendly Ghost , who is also the Trope Codifier . Can lead to an Otherworldly Communication Failure when characters fail to recognize a ghost's benign nature.

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  • Mavis, the original founder of Fairy Tail , aids members of her guild long after she died and became a ghost. Except she's not really a ghost.
  • GeGeGe no Kitarō : Hanako, a toilet ghost, is friends with the Neko-Musume and the other youkai and doesn't harm the humans of the school she haunts. She also helps evacuate humans during the Nanashi incident.
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami : Okinu is the ghost of a Miko who was sacrificed to appease a mountain god, and she's hands down the nicest character in the series. Subverted later when it's revealed that her body still remains intact, and she's revived .
  • Diamond is Unbreakable : Reimi Sugimoto and her Big Friendly Dog Arnold were killed 15 years before the main story by the Big Bad Serial Killer , though Reimi is still as cheerful and perky back when she was alive (particularly with Rohan Kishibe, who she used to babysit and died protecting him from the killer). She works with the living Stand users to hunt down her killer so he won't torment Morioh ago, and she and Arnold performs the finishing blow against the spirit of Yoshikage Kira .
  • At the end of Golden Wind , Jean-Pierre Polnareff becomes this following the death of his physical body and his spirit staying in the room created by the Stand-using turtle Coco Jumbo . In the spinoff Purple Haze Feedback , it's revealed that he's become the trusted second-in-command of Friendly Neighborhood Gangster Giorno Giovanna .
  • The titular character of Fujiko Fujio 's Little Ghost Q-Taro is an adorable ghost who befriended the Ohara family, with much of the series revolving around Q-Taro's hilarious misadventures.
  • Sayo, the Cute Ghost Girl from Negima! Magister Negi Magi . She's treated just like another student in Negi's class.
  • The titular Kana of My Lovely Ghost Kana . It's hard to get much friendlier than a Cute Ghost Girl who'll happily use her supernaturally cold ghostly form to chill a can of beer in Victoria's Secret Compartment for her boyfriend if he asks nicely.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey : Zero helps characters who were mean to him first, is friendly to most characters he encounters, and often gives a loving lick to someone he considers a friend.
  • Phantom Quest Corp. : In Incident File 03, Natsuki's deceased boyfriend, Narita, helps her with the museum exhibit she was working on, while also protecting her from Mr. Nagasuki's advances. His spirit doesn't depart for the afterlife, 'til after the exhibit was taken care of and he'd made certain Natsuki would be safe.
  • Pokémon: The Series : In "The Tower of Terror", Ash and Pikachu encounter a friendly, if mischievous, trio of Ghost-type Pokemon in the form of a Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar who live in the haunted tower in Lavender Town. Haunter even tags along to help Ash face Gym Leader Sabrina.
  • Practically all of the ghosts in Re-Kan! are quite friendly, and most of them even more so towards Hibiki, the girl who can actually see them .
  • Elaine from The Seven Deadly Sins is the Nice Girl ghost of fairy who is in a Star-Crossed Lovers type of relationship with the immortal living Bad Boy Ban.
  • There's a Ghost Behind That Gal is about Hikari, an average high school girl who finds her Gyaru Girl classmate Yuina is being followed around by a spooky-looking but ultimately harmless Cute Ghost Girl who answers to "Reiko".
  • Monica's Gang : Penadinho (bug-a-boo) is a pleasant ghost who inhabits a cemetery with his friends . While he does enjoy scaring people a lot (though he isn't always very good at it), he only makes mischievous pranks at worst.
  • Silverblade : The ghost of Brian Vane joins the group to assist them in unravelling the supernatural events that are happening. An old friend to most of the group before he died, he continues to act that way towards them. At the end of the story, he works with Bobby Milestone on writing a book about their accumulated knowledge on the supernatural and metaphysics.
  • Supergirl story Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot : Kara may be dead and forgotten, but her present status will not stop her from helping people in need.
  • Suske en Wiske : Sus Antigoon is a sympathethic ghost and an ally of Suske and Wiske, because he is the ghost of Suske's dead grandfather.
  • Young Justice : Secret is sweet, innocent, and friendly to everyone. She's so personable that she even makes friends with Darkseid. That friendship, however, allows Darkseid to corrupt her, at which point she becomes very , very , ''very'' unfriendly.
  • Asylum of Doom : Maddie is the only inmate who tries to be friendly to Gaz and tries to help her escape her situation . At the end of the story, she turns out to have been one of the ghosts haunting the asylum's ruins all along.
  • A Goosebumps fanfic called A Ghost Of A Friendship portrays Della Raver as this. Although she is primarily looking for a friend to join her in death, her overtures of friendship towards Brooke are because she genuinely likes her and wants to draw her out of her shell and have fun. Eventually, this friendship means so much to Brooke that she consciously agrees to die so that she and Della will be friends forever.
  • In Haunted Mansion and the Hatbox Ghost , a Fan Verse based on Disney's The Haunted Mansion , this aspect of the original is kept and even enhanced by having Constance become a little less tough.
  • From the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic video game Story of the Blanks and fanfictions based on it such as Fools And Drunks and I Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More , we have Ruby Gift and her mother Mitta.
  • Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers has the eponymous Boo Brothers. Expies of The Three Stooges , they're humorously incompetent comic relief, but they do still help out Shaggy and Scooby several times.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School : Phantasma, or Phanty, is one of the students at the eponymous school. A quirky organist who loves to laugh, she's as amicable as the other ghouls. And her phantom father is just as amicable... just as long as he's not playing Papa Wolf .
  • The Hong Kong comedy film, 9 Girls and a Ghost , have the protagonist befriending a friendly ghost named Marco (played by the 'handsome Edison Chen) who helps her out by assisting her in cheating at tests and at a volleyball game, in exchange for her finding out the truth behind his demise so he can pass on peacefully. Marco's Invisible to Normals , too, unless he voluntarily reveals himself to the people he wants to be visible to.
  • Beetlejuice plays with the trope . The recently deceased couple are quite nice and friendly and only act spookily and scarily to get the weirdo yuppie family to leave. In the end, once Beetlejuice is defeated, the family and ghosts all get along happily with several other ghosts joining in.
  • Nie Tsiu-Chien from A Chinese Ghost Story is a benevolent ghost girl who's enslaved by a powerful Tree Demon, the real antagonist of the picture. When a scholar, Ning, unexpectedly befriends her, she does everything she can to prevent the Tree Demon from devouring him, and later on Ning ends up falling for Nie and teams up with a powerful Warrior Monk to defeat the Tree Demon and rescue Nie.
  • The Dead Lands : The ghost of Hongi's grandmother continues to aid him after her murder.
  • The wuxia-horror fantasy, The Enchantress has the ghost of Shui-Ling, a young maiden who was born as a ghost because her mother died while pregnant with her. She later fell in love with a human warrior after he saved her from bandits (oblivious to the fact that she's a ghost) and tries to convince her mother to accept him, despite her mother's Fantastic Racism towards humans.
  • The Frighteners : The ghosts who hang out with Frank Bannister are friendly. They even help him with his fake ghost eliminating service and give their ... er, afterlives to protect him from the unfriendly ghosts who haunt the town.
  • Murdoch Glourie in the film The Ghost Goes West is a benign ghost, unless you're a McLaggen descendant.
  • In Ghostbusters (1984) , Ray dreams about meeting a friendly yet seductive ghost of a woman.
  • Khushi in Golmaal Again . She was the childhood friend of the main characters who is revealed to be Dead All Along , but is still nice and friendly to the group. She was killed by her boyfriend when she witnessed him murder someone and he wanted to destroy the orphanage to build a construction site. The group decides to stop him and get justice for their friend.
  • High Spirits . Wacky comedy where the ghosts aren't just friendly, but amorous.
  • Just Like Heaven . Played with . The girl ghost in this movie is kinda cutesy adversarial with the guy, but it's a Rom Com , so she ends up having been only mostly dead, and stops being a ghost shortly after they fall in love.
  • Melissa Ann Montgomery and her mother in Lady in White . Melissa doesn't look spookily.
  • Poltergay : The five ghosts are spirits of gay disco party animals who got trapped in the house where their living selves perished in 1979. They can be quite mischievous, but at some point they realize how their wacky antics have damaged the life of the protagonist, and they set out to help him win his wife's heart back and befriend him.
  • The staircase ghost from Poltergeist as well as the other ghosts who break glass, bend utensils like forks and spoons and stack chairs.
  • This was a major plot point in The Sixth Sense . Cole realizes that the ghosts aren't so menacing once he lends them his ear.
  • The ghosts in Thir13en Ghosts are pretty hostile (with one notable exception), but they were specifically chosen for their violent lives and deaths. Dennis, the team psychic, informs the protagonist that most ghosts "can't hurt us, they don't want to hurt us". Even the mad, violent ghosts of the Black Zodiac just wander away and leave the protagonists alone once their prison is opened and their tormenter is dealt with.
  • After Cary Grant and Constance Bennett are killed in a car wreck in Topper , they become Manic Pixie Dream Ghosts who dedicate themselves to livening up their old friend Cosmo Topper's previously stuffy existence.
  • The mother-and-daughter protagonists of Ghost Walk (who just want to tell their husband and father, respectively, that they don't blame him for their deaths and it's okay for him to move on).
  • Mr. Charlie Sonneman in For Love of Him , who gives Harrison some good advice and is only revealed in the last paragraph to have died the previous summer.
  • Ghost Stories features Mr. Ichabod Hanson, who's rather jovial and just wants to tell the stories of all the adventures he went through in his life.
  • The titular character of The Ghost in the Summer Kitchen . She teaches her visitor how to cook, and leaves the girl her recipes when it's time for the ghost to move on.
  • Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares II : Blackwater Dreams has its protagonist Aaron suspect that his friend Donnie, who'd died a year ago, is out for revenge. When he finally confronts Donnie's ghost, it turns out he was wrong — Donnie just wants Aaron to forgive himself for not being able to save Donnie from drowning, and to show him what he's found since he died.
  • Carnival in a Fix : The ghosts who work in the Haunted House are all quite friendly, only scaring people because it's their job. The most prominent one is See-Through George, who holds a stuffed penguin for most of the book.
  • Sheyenne of Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. is Chambeaux & Dyer's office manager and gets along great with nearly everyone she encounters (exceptions were an ill-behaved fellow ghost she chewed out for his antics and her jerkass brother).
  • In the Deptford Mouselets book Fleabee's Fortune , the ghost of a Token Pacifist Rat named 'Orace Baldmony appears to Fleabee to give her hope that she doesn't have to become an evil rat and serve Jupiter .
  • Bianca Oliver becomes this after her death in the third book in the Evernight series becoming a wraith . She still cares about the friends and boyfriend she had when alive and is genuinely friendly and helpful to others.
  • Forest Kingdom : Book 2 ( Blood and Honor ) features ghost boy "Wee Geordie", who calls Jordan for help in order to save the castle steward, and the ghost of a bloodhound that also helps out.
  • A Played With example. The ghost in Ghost Story is friendly to his friends from life. Harry Dresden himself is the ghost in question here .
  • In the Goosebumps book " The Ghost Next Door ", the main character suspects that her neighbor is a ghost, due to the fact that he's lived next door for a while and yet she and her family don't remember anybody moving into that house, the fact that they've both been going to the same school for a while and are in the same grade yet neither knows any of the others friends and the fact that the neighbor seems to keep randomly disappearing. While he does cause trouble when he's around his friends (who coerce him into causing trouble), he is a generally good kid. But at the end, it turns out that he's not a ghost, but the main character is , having been unaware that she and her family had been dead for awhile , and they are rather friendly for ghosts.
  • Greywalker , Harper Blaine's close friends Ben and Mara Danzinger live with a ghost Albert, who they believe to be a harmless former boarder from the '20s who died of bad hooch. Turns out Albert is actually a Type 2 Ghastly Ghost , he was a Mob accountant who was executed gangland-style and is a sociopath who's grown more malevolent and now trying to corrupt the Danzinger's young son.
  • The Gus series of children's books played with this. The series told the story of a family haunted by an extremely friendly and helpful ghost named Gus. In the first book, Gus Was a Friendly Ghost , the family goes away on vacation and Gus takes in a small mouse who's caught out in the rain. Things are fine and dandy until the mouse proves to be a nuisance, and Gus very quickly takes a Beware the Nice Ones turn on his errant houseguest. Even friendly ghosts have their limits, apparently.
  • Nearly Headless Nick is polite, nice, and likes to tell stories of the past. Notably, he doesn't hesitate to show why he's "nearly headless" when he's asked and he treats it well.
  • Also Hufflepuff's ghost, the Fat Friar. Ravenclaw's ghost, the Grey Lady, is a bit standoffish but can also be helpful. In contrast, Slytherin has the Bloody Baron, who is at least rumored to be dangerous, but it's not entirely clear how true that is. We do find out that he killed the Grey Lady, but killed himself in grief and became The Atoner in the afterlife.
  • Moaning Myrtle is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold version.
  • Oreg in the Hurog duology. Despite being a slave to the head of the family, he has some freedom in being nice or mean to other members of the family. He seems to have Big Brother Instinct towards the daughter of the family, and makes life difficult for relatives who mistreat her.
  • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi has A-Qing, a somewhat Vengeful Ghost who stuck around to protect unsuspecting visitors from the Serial Killer who murdered her, her Parental Substitute , and his best friend, and to make sure he was brought to justice. While she's rather unsettling in appearance (especially when she reveals the Tongue Trauma that prevents her from verbal communication), she uses her ghostly knocking to scare people out of the Ghost City where the killer resides, and later uses it to aid his pursuers in locating and defeating him .
  • The overwhelming majority of spirits in the Necroscope series are not only friendly but delighted to have someone to talk to in Harry Keogh.
  • Nina Tanleven : The Ghost in the Third Row features the Woman in White, who never causes trouble for anyone in all her years of haunting the Grand Theater (despite what Lydia Crane would have everyone believe) and goes out of her way to help Nine and Chris find information that, together with some other discoveries, leads to the downfall of the real villain.
  • In the short story "Old Applejoy's Ghost" by Frank R. Stockton, the title character befriends his great-granddaughter and, with her help, teaches her uncle (his grandson) to be less miserly.
  • Please Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead features the ghost of the main character's aunt. She's not gentle or nice once her niece inherits the home, but she is acting to protect her niece from a great evil, so she can't really be nice about it.
  • The Secret of Crickley Hall : The titular house is haunted by several murdered Blitz Evacuees , one of whom briefly comforts one of the grieving protagonists. The ghost of their tutor appears respectively to her co-murderer as a water-rotted corpse; and to her now-elderly boyfriend as her old self .
  • In Lois McMaster Bujold 's Historical Fantasy novel The Spirit Ring the ghost of Prospero Beneforte isn't precisely what you would call friendly —Beneforte was a proud and rather irascible man in life—but he is helpful (and even ultimately loving) to the protagonists, who include his daughter, and whose first word when he first appears to her is "Papa?". When Prospero Beneforte's ghost first manifests to his daughter: I'm glad to see you ....Weren't ghosts supposed to be fearful manifestations, instilling terror? But Master Beneforte looked so...himself. Impatient and annoyed, as ever.
  • King Verence and King Champot in Wyrd Sisters . Verence seeks vengeance on his murderer, but when he's not doing that is very polite and charming. Champot is the oldest ghost in the castle and helpfully explains to Verence what the rules are.
  • Angel : Cordelia moves into an apartment in the " Rm w/a Vu " episode that is haunted by Dennis Pearson and his psychotic mother. Once Dennis's body is uncovered and he banishes the mother's ghost, he remains as Cordelia's friendly roommate.
  • Being Human (UK) had several of these but primarily Annie Sawyer and Alex Millar, two friendly and helpful young women who just happen to be undead specters.
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs featured Flabber, a friendly ghost who grants Drew, Jo, and Roland their powers.
  • Many ghosts from Ghosts (UK) are friendly, sometimes too much so for the lead character Alison - as they're usually Invisible to Normals , even the random ones that she encounters away from the haunted house are generally just thrilled to be acknowledged for once.
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir : The ghost of Captain Gregg pretended at being fearsome and blustery, but he was really rather sweet and in love with Mrs. Muir.
  • Ghostwriter is pretty friendly and helpful to those he chooses to interact with. Otherwise, he's Invisible to Normals .
  • Jennifer Slept Here . The ghost of actress Jennifer Farrell haunts her former mansion. When a yuppie couple moves in (her former lawyer and his family), she's friendly with the son (the only person who can see her), and tries to help him become cool.
  • Half of the main cast of Pataclaun is composed by a trio of kooky ghosts.
  • Nearly Departed : All the ghosts in this short-lived series were friendly, if occasionally antagonistic with the people living in the home with them.
  • In Season 1, the Winchesters return to their childhood home, which is haunted. It turns out that there are two ghosts, one is a violent poltergeist and the other is a more protective spirit, who turns out to be their mother Mary.
  • In Season 2, the Winchesters meet a woman being haunted by an angry spirit and assist her in putting the spirit to rest. However, what the woman doesn't know is that she is also a spirit, and they help her go into the light at the end.
  • In Season 4, the Winchesters briefly become ghosts themselves and are assisted in how to move objects by the ghost of a twelve-year-old boy.
  • In Season 7, the Winchesters start working with the ghost of their surrogate father Bobby.
  • In Season 15, Sam meets and works with the ghost of fellow hunter Eileen, who he eventually manages to restore to her body.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place has Lucy, the ghost who temporarily moved in with Alex and Harper during the Apartment 3B saga. She's incredibly nice and only haunts the hallways every night to grieve her lost love, not meaning to scare anyone. She even helps them pay their lease and makes friends with them.
  • Eels has a song called "Friendly Ghost" from their album Souljacker , in which the protagonist wants to meet a friendly ghost to help him.
  • Daniel Johnston also wrote a song called "Casper the Friendly Ghost", available on his album Yip/Jump Music .
  • In Alan Jackson 's song Midnight in Montgomery , the ghost of Hank Williams is friendly, and appreciative of the narrator for stopping by his grave on the anniversary of his death. He's still drunk, though. "When the wind is right/you'll hear his songs/smell whiskey in the air.
  • Sorcerer's Lair has Whisper, a ghostly friend of the two siblings who investigate the lair. She assists them against some of the Sorcerer 's magic, even though the Sorcerer is actually her master . Whisper : Leave them alone! I wanna play with them!
  • Evelyn from Less is Morgue is a wholesome, early-2000s ghost who wants to be friends with everyone she meets. Partly on account of the fact she can only talk to a handful of people.
  • Podcast: The Ride features the Sector Keeper, the ghost of a child who died of a staff infection in Universal Studios Hollywood's City Walk fountain.
  • Unwell Podcast has Wes, a ghostly teenager who just wants to help out around Fenwood House, and Tim, who appears occasionally at the local dinner. There's also Norah, who's initially more standoffish, but who slowly warms up to Rudy and later Abbie.
  • Hui-Buh . Hui-Buh is a friendly ghost that "lives" in an old castle somewhere in Germany. He was a knight until he was caught cheating while playing cards and thus was cursed to be a ghost. He is fairly unlucky in his attempts at being spooky, which makes him a tragicomedic figure. He often helps or is helped by the current owners of the castle, and he is also the only "officially licensed ghost" in the country.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons , ghosts are one of the few varieties of The Undead that aren't Always Chaotic Evil , usually being driven by Ghostly Goals rather than malice or hunger.
  • Pathfinder 's ghosts are similar to D&D 's. One notable Good ghost is Ordellia Whilwren, a public servant who was assassinated by a crime gang but who continues to watch over the city district named in her honour. Even her Haunted House has powerful beneficial magic, although Ordellia's Sanity Slippage has begun to cause problems.
  • White -aligned spirits in Magic: The Gathering tend to represent benevolent ancestors looking after the living; this is particularly true in the Gothic Horror set of Innistrad, where the white ones are benevolent and those of other colors (usually) are not. Even there, however, there are exceptions, as it is noted that some white-aligned spirits can be evil .
  • D from Another Code is a nice enough kid who really just wants his memories back so he can pass on. Kelly in the second game ain't so bad .
  • The protagonist of Avenging Spirit is an adorable little ghost, who is on a rescue mission to save his (former) girlfriend from gangsters, who also shot him.
  • Battle Princess Madelyn features Fritzy, the ghost of the protagonist's deceased pet dog. He is your constant companion and helps you out by attacking monsters.
  • Candies 'n Curses takes place in a mansion full of ghosts. Most of them are hostile, but a few are willing to help Molli. This includes Bunber, the mansion's butler, Goober, a ghost puppy, and Churra, a ghost bat.
  • Timothy Pike, a ghost child who likes to play in the train tunnels and the station footbridge, whom mysteriously died at the age of 11 in 1947. He is the first ghost you meet in the game, who helps you get started with the game , and also can give you hints for puzzles later on.
  • Edith Penfold, the station's landlady also counts. She leaves you a message for how to find her piece of the Dismantled Macguffin , and feels sorry for your brother's death that brought you here in the first place.
  • Donkey Kong 64 has Wrinkly Kong, who's died since Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! , but she still kindly gives the player hints about acquiring the many golden bananas in the level.
  • In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates , the mournful ghost of a young girl appears to protagonists Yuri and Chelinka several times when they are young. Chelinka is terrified of her, while Yuri doesn't even notice she's a ghost , but the girl simply watches over them. Later, she offers her cloak to heal Yuri after he overclocks his crystal power at which point it is revealed that she is Princess Tilika, who was killed by the Crystal Temple a number of years prior to the game .
  • Nina from The Forest Quartet is a spirit who wants to help her friends overcome grief and depression from beyond her grave. Of course, the player controls her to fulfill her quest.
  • In Ghostbusters: The Video Game , the Ghostbusters contend with harmless echoes when they return to the Sedgewick Hotel. They look just like normal, everyday people milling about. Considering what they normally have to deal with, these "ghosts of ghosts" are the closest thing to "friendly" they've ever seen.
  • Zigzagged in Haunting Starring Polterguy : Poltergeist Polterguy is this towards the player (he speaks towards the audience a lot between levels), but not towards the Sardinis (he scares them out of their houses).
  • The Marooned Five are a pirate crew of ghosts. They can be quite mischievous (as expected of pirates), but they're actually benevolent.
  • Zoinks and his little cousin are two ghosts that haunt Goosebump Manor, who are pranksters but not cruel and are actually friendly.
  • Baby Ghosts are a species of small, spectral creatures. They aren't scary at all, they're just shy and cute.
  • Fancy Banshees are a species that resemble ghosts and, while they do have some creepy superpowers, they're actually very friendly.
  • Mother 3 : The ghosts in Osohe castle who don't have red eyes and actively chase you. They offer you stuff to buy, offer food to you at their party, and when Osohe Castle is invaded by Fassad's troops, they lock themselves up in the kitchen, sad that they don't get to party more. One of the mice in the castle lampshades their friendliness.
  • Quest for Glory IV features the ghost of Pyotir, a paladin who helped stop the Cult of the Dark One the first time around. He acts as a minor Quest Giver (albeit only for a fellow paladin Hero — other classes simply cannot see or hear him), instructing the player to release the Rusalka from her curse and to restore Pyotir's own honor in Mordavia, the latter of which accidentally grants the paladin Hero the best set of weapons he can find in the game (Pyotir's magical sword and shield). All-in-all, there is little doubt that Pyotir is one of the most morally upright characters and by far the friendliest ghost in the game.
  • Ghosts in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 can be made friends with like any other Sim, and made playable. They can even have WooHoo with normal Sims, and in The Sims 3 , produce "ghost babies", which look like ghosts and have some special abilities.
  • Super Mario Odyssey has Cappy. He and his fellow ghostly Bonneters are eager to help Mario rescue Peach and Cappy's sister Tiara from Bowser, with Cappy himself letting Mario "Capture" NPCs and perform various platforming techniques.
  • Super Mario RPG : The Three Musty Fears run the inn at Monstro Town, but since they're always out, Mario is allowed to rest for free. While he sleeps, Greaper Guy, Big Boo, and Dry Bones appear. They give cryptic clues as to where they're going to hide their flags, and if Mario can find the items, he'll get an accessory for free.
  • Paper Mario 64 has the Boos, who like to scare people but are otherwise harmless. Of special note is Bow, who becomes a very helpful partner.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has Ghost T. Scary music aside, he's pretty cool... unless you read his diary .
  • Luigi's Mansion : Madame Clairvoya is the only portrait ghost who is friendly with Luigi. She helps him find out more about Mario's plight using the latter's dropped belongings, and once finished with this role she allows Luigi to vacuum her up with the Poltergust without a fight.
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has Polterpup. While all the other ghosts in Evershade Valley were friendly until the Dark Moon was shattered, Polterpup remains a Big Friendly Dog even afterward, reviving Luigi if he has a Gold Bone. Luigi even adopts him at the end.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3 : Polterpup is now officially Luigi's pet and helps him out in various ways. Also in this game is Morty, a film director who is the only non-hostile ghost in the hotel. He makes Luigi into the star of his latest feature film and even pays him some pretty flattering compliments.
  • Undertale has Napstablook, who is friendly and considerate, though they do seem to suffer from depression as well. The other ghost you meet is... less than friendly. And the other other ghost is Mettaton .
  • The only friendly thing that the kids of Camp Camp encounter on Spooky Island is also the only explicitly supernatural thing: the friendly ghost Jasper.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court : Mort is a cheerful ghost whose job is to scare people with his Shapeshifting powers. Chapter 47 reveals he was a young boy who was killed in The Blitz and also sees him move on to the afterlife .
  • Homestuck 's "dream bubbles" are full of ghosts, who can visit players in their sleep, or physically if players physically pass through the bubbles. They tend to be pretty kind, sometimes due to being AU versions of players' friends, and sometimes because they still act by their pre-death nature.
  • My Life as a Background Slytherin : In stark contrast to his canon portrayal, the Bloody Baron is depicted as a rather amicable (and eloquent) ghost, at least with Slytherin students. However, he puts on a Monster Façade , complete with Nightmare Face , towards the other students.
  • Scandinavia and the World . Denmark flips out upon meeting a tiny, adorable ghost, but Greenland reminds him that many ghosts are helpful, and asks the ghost for its purpose. Turns out it's actually terrifying after all, it drinks your beer !
  • Undead Friend is full of these, as all ghosts are allowed to make friends with a human in order to be seen.
  • Timofey is a ghost mostly formed from the khert sounded memories of a poet, and those of Bastion's dead sister. He's quite friendly and aids children when he can, though his morals are a bit odd at times given that Bastion is his master.
  • Squishes are ghosts formed from happy and good memories, and though they rarely leave the khert they are generally kind if a bit mischievous when they do.
  • Wilde Life : Sylvia the ghost has been unfriendly in the past when she didn't like the tenants. When she likes them, she is not only friendly but helpful: finding lost items, making sure the porch light was on when it was dark, making sure they never woke up late for work or school. She is friendly to the current tenant of the house, who reciprocated once he realized she was amicable.
  • BlastphamousHD : From his BHD Storytime series, Maurice recounts the time he used to live in a haunted house as a child. He recalls the sensation of being watched from within the kitchen when he slept on the couch every night, and he comes across an old picture of a young Amish girl inside the crawl-in attic. This seems to border on Stalker with a Crush territory, which is further emphasized by the fact that once the effects of NyQuil are beaten by the ghost girl, her stalking presence allows Maurice to notice the next-door House Fire only five feet away and get his family out of the house. The firefighter says he's unsure as to how Maurice woke up, but his family would've died of smoke inhalation if he had gotten up a mere 5-10 minutes later, meaning that the ghost girl helped saved his family's life.
  • The Cry of Mann : Ghost Lady is a friendly, well-meaning ghost that has no ill-intentions towards the Mann family.
  • Dream SMP : Ghostbur, the ghost of Wilbur Soot, is extremely friendly, and trusting to a fault. The fact that he can't retain any negative memories contributes to his cheerful, childlike personality, and it says something about him that the only thing that has ever made him genuinely angry is his father, Philza, helping Techno and Dream carpet-bomb his home into the ground, killing his pet sheep Friend in the process, and showing zero remorse when Ghostbur confronts him.
  • Unwanted Houseguest : The spirit of the Owl Head Lighthouse Keeper helps the Houseguest defeat the Shadow Demon.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball : Carrie is "Emo" (although she's really more of a goth) but she's still one of the more friendly characters.
  • Beetlejuice : In stark contrast to his villainous movie self. Here, instead of terrorizing the Deetzes, he's Lydia's best friend, and while he's mischievous and likes to play tricks on her family, he also protects them from any real danger.
  • Warner Bros. created a Casper rip-off in the form of Spooky, a one-shot character in the Cool Cat cartoon "Big Game Haunt."
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost is the trope namer and codifier. Where the other ghosts are spooky and really mischievous, Casper just wants friends and is very polite and kind. Somewhat deconstructed (comically) in that most people are still terrified at the mere sight of ghosts like him even if he tried his darnedest not to be frightening, and so he only makes a few friends, but they all love Casper very much.
  • The ghosts in City of Ghosts are friendly with Zelda and her friends.
  • This show has The Dairy King. The Dairy King outright says not all ghosts are evil and helps the protagonist. All he wants is to be left alone in peace.
  • Hell, Danny Phantom himself qualifies. Although he possesses the power to become a ghost (beings that tend to be the source of most misfortune in the Danny Phantom universe), he is generally a pretty outgoing, Book Dumb kid who can be a bit of a Butt-Monkey . Being a growing-up teenager, though, he still can sometimes be a prankster.
  • Dude, That's My Ghost! : The "ghost" Billy Joe Cobra was a famous pop star when he was alive, died of unknown reasons, and as the ghost he is right now, he's a chatty, friendly, humourous guy that gets along very well with his closest friend Spencer. His only flaws are his ego and vanity but those are mostly Played for Laughs .
  • In Mike Tyson Mysteries , the ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury convinced Mike Tyson to become a (relatively) peaceful person, and he hangs out as a member of Mike's mystery-solving team. Oddly, the fact that he's dead doesn't actually come up that often in the episodes.
  • Frankelda's Book of Spooks has the titular Frankelda. Although it's clear she has ulterior motives for the viewers cooperation in listening to her tales? She's very bubbly and excited, always happy to share her stories with the audience. In the final episode she even warns the viewer to save themselves from Porcustes as she goes back to the house to save Herneval.
  • Jonathan "Mudsy" Muddlemore from The Funky Phantom by Hanna-Barbera died a coward while hiding in a standing clock from British soldiers during the American Revolution. Augie, Skip, and April awaken Mudsy's ghost from the clock when they cause it to chime. Mudsy is still cowardly, but affable and polite while visible.
  • Johnny B. Dead from Monster by Mistake is a wise-cracking trumpet-playing ally to the human heroes.
  • Several friendly ghosts appear in the Monster High franchise, one movie has an entire school of friendly ghosts.
  • As part of their Adaptational Heroism , the four members of the Ghost Gang from Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures are Pac-Man's friends who serve as moles who warn Pac of many of Betrayus' schemes.
  • A Pup Named Scooby-Doo : In "Ghost Who's Coming To Dinner," Bartholomew Byfard Boo is, to the team's surprise, a real ghost, and a friendly one. A rather small fellow with a voice like Droopy 's, he's actually the one who hires the gang to catch the Monster of the Week , who is trying to coerce the homeowners of the old house Mr. Boo haunts into selling. Because if the house is destroyed, Mr. Boo will poof out of existence.
  • The Real Ghostbusters : Slimer is one of these, acting as their Team Pet and Plucky Comic Relief .
  • Regular Show : In "Terror Tales of The Park II", Mordecai thinks his uncle is haunting him because he accidentally caused his death. Really, his Uncle Steve just wants to pay Mordecai back for the $5 he borrowed from him at the bowling alley.
  • Nugget Nose, the Galloping Ghost from Yogi's Space Race , was generally friendly unless overtaken with gold fever.

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He's very amicable, though isn't above scaring Count Chocula and Frankenberry on purpose because of how easily they scare.

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12 Real Ghosts That Are More Friendly Than Scary

Laura Allan

When we think of ghost stories, we generally think of spooky, haunting, and terrifying tales told at night around a campfire. But not all ghosts are out for revenge and scares, and a few of them could even be called friendly ghosts. We're not talking about Casper  here or anything, but the fact is that sometimes ghosts just want to be helpful. Maybe they want to be kind to children or even save lives. Either way, there are plenty of stories about ghosts that aren't terrifying at all.

Hauntings tend to consist of loud noises, strange shapes, moving objects, or even ghostly apparitions. What if, instead, you just noticed that your room was a little tidier? What if you were prevented from hurting yourself by an invisible force? If that kept happening to you, you might actually start enjoying having a ghostly roommate. 

Between ghosts that helped people and ghosts that are part of the family, there are a few stories that might leave you with a warm heart rather than cold chills. These are tales that you're welcome to read with the lights off, without fear.

A Friendly Butler In Cold Ashton Will Always Show You The Way

A Friendly Butler In Cold Ashton Will Always Show You The Way

The Manor House in Cold Ashton has stood empty for decades, but it wasn't always this way. The house, once grand, was full of wealthy tenants and competent staff. In fact, some believe that there are a few spirits who still call the manor home. 

There are stories of motorists who, lost in the area, have stopped near the friendly-looking house to ask for directions. Upon knocking on the front door, a butler answers and will assist them with figuring out which way to go. The odd thing here is not only that no one lives in the hose, especially not a kindly butler, but also that the house will appear fixed up and in-use when it is first approached. Only later, if you return, will you find the house in shambles as it truly is today.

Moss Beach Distillery's Blue Lady Guards The Cliffs

Moss Beach Distillery's Blue Lady Guards The Cliffs

There are several versions of The Blue Lady's tale , but all of them end in tragedy. A popular version of the story goes that a beautiful, young woman (who always wore blue) once fell in love with a handsome, but dangerous, ladies man who was a piano player at The Moss Beach Distillery in a Northern California beach town. The young woman was already married to another, but visited her lover at the restaurant whenever she could get away.

With such a sad backstory, you'd think that she'd be a frightening sight! Instead, The Blue Lady is a bit of a protector. She'll play her little pranks here and there but, for the most part, she's seen by children. The cliffs the restaurant perches atop offer a great view, but can be dangerous, and she can be seen by children keeping them away so that they don't fall. 

Olive Thomas Still Makes the Gentlemen Blush

Olive Thomas Still Makes the Gentlemen Blush

Broadway is hardly dead, but it certainly has its fair share of ghosts. One such ghost is Olive Thomas . Once a chorus girl, Olive was strikingly beautiful and caught the eye of many gentlemen who saw her perform. Not only that, she was definitely a party girl. She won beauty contests, became a model, and had quite a successful career in life, until she died in Paris in 1920.

So, what would a lovely lady such as this do for her afterlife after-party? Why, flirt with men , of course! Gentlemen who visit the New Amsterdam theater might spy a beautiful woman dressed in period show costume, and may even converse with her if the girl really takes a shine to them. This is a ghost who has no interest in frightening you away, though she may try to steal the show when it comes to particular male audience members.

The Nutt Family Owes Their Riches To A Friendly Ghost

The Nutt Family Owes Their Riches To A Friendly Ghost

Plenty of people have tried to get rich off of ghost sightings, but rarely does it happen that a ghost goes out of their way to make someone rich. One such case concerns the Nutt family in Uppingham, England. The oldest daughter of the family, 18-year-old Ann began seeing a strange ghost who was saying that something was hidden in their house. They searched, but initially found nothing.

Still, Ann and her helpful ghost friend were persistent. The ghost at last indicated one particular flagstone, and when it was overturned, a black pot was found beneath it. Inside the pot was almost two hundred silver coins. It only goes to show that on occasion, living in a haunted house can really pay off. 

Martha The Nurse Will Get You Through A Rough Night

Martha The Nurse Will Get You Through A Rough Night

The life of a nurse can be very hard, especially when you're new on the job. Fortunately for the nurse in this story, there was a veteran on staff to show her the ropes... sort of. 

One night, while working in a hospital and completely overwhelmed with her new job, Ruby had an older nurse come warn her to check on room eight. When she did, she found the patient was in trouble, but was able to help her in time. This helpful nurse warned her several more times throughout the evening about other patients, and in turn the patients reported that they'd been checked on by another nurse.

When Ruby asked her fellow nurses about this strange helpful woman, she found that there were stories of Martha , a nurse who helped recent nursing grads and who still made rounds on her patients thirty years after her own death. Alive or dead, anyone who helps out nurses when they're overwhelmed is definitely worth having around.

James L. Chaffin Refused To Let His Family Go Hungry

James L. Chaffin Refused To Let His Family Go Hungry

Some people are so devoted to their families that their love carries over, even after death. James Lewis Chaffin had a nasty fall and died in 1921, leaving behind a wife and four sons. When it came time to read the will, the family found to their shock that everything was left to the third son, with nothing for the rest of them. That could have been the unfortunate end of it, if it wasn't for the appearance of a ghost  a few years later, in 1925. 

The ghost of James began to appear to one of his other sons, assuring him that the will was a fake. It turns out that he left everything to the family instead of just the one son. What followed was a sort of treasure hunt, leading from one clue to the next, until a new will was at last discovered, hidden in an old family bible. This will said that everything should be split between the four sons, as the ghost had foretold. 

The Gray Man Ghost Will Save You From A Hurricane

The Gray Man Ghost Will Save You From A Hurricane

With a name like The Gray Man, this spirit sounds pretty frightening. But in reality, he's probably the best kind of spirit to be haunted by, because he just might save your life. No one knows the identity of this South Carolina ghost , but they do know that he has good intentions, and that the results of his actions can be seen.

There are so many stories of this legend that it's hard to pick just one, but the story seems to go down in a similar way each time. Right before a major storm, a serious problem in the coastal regions of South Carolina, the ghostly shape of a young man will appear, and warn residents that a hurricane is coming. He will tell them to leave, get to shelter, and has even been known to guard houses from serious damage. There are stories of homes remaining untouched when he visits them, even if all surrounding buildings are destroyed. 

Abraham Lincoln Sightings Are So Common That He's Called "The White House Ghost"

Abraham Lincoln Sightings Are So Common That He's Called "The White House Ghost"

One of America's most famous presidents is also one of our most famous ghosts . Though he's said to haunt Ford's Theater, where he was shot, Lincoln also supposedly haunts the White House to this day. Not only that, but he's been seen by some pretty famous people.

Mary Todd Lincoln reported seeing and feeling his presence, and there is supposedly a photograph of him watching over her. More than that, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and many other White House staff have seen his ghost or felt him watching, and a few have even conversed with him.

One tale describes an evening where British Prime Minister Winston Churchill took a long, hot bath while relaxing with a scotch and cigar. When he got out of the bath and walked to the adjoining bathroom, naked, he caught a glimpse of Lincoln's ghost standing by the fireplace."Good evening, Mr. President," Churchill reportedly said. "You seem to have me at a disadvantage." Lincoln smiled softly, as if laughing and disappeared. Churchill smiled in embarrassment. 

Mollie Still Tends the Woodruff Fontaine House

Mollie Still Tends the Woodruff Fontaine House

Sometimes spirits seem to get so attached to a house that they refuse to leave, but are still welcoming to others who visit. One such case of this is that of Mollie Woodruff and her home in Memphis, TN. Mollie lived in that house all her life, got married in it, and eventually died there too. 

Once the house became a museum, people started to notice that there was a friendly spirit about. She has given gentle directions to docents on how to arrange the furniture, as it was originally set up in her day. She will check up on guests, occasionally clean things, and relax on the beds (though she never messes them up.) She's a perfect spiritual guest, as well as a perfect ghostly hostess that employees are happy to have among them. 

The Pink Palace is Under Ghostly Protection

The Pink Palace is Under Ghostly Protection

Many spirits haunt a house to protect it, and while Avery of The Pink Palace in Louisville might do just that, he also protects those who live there. Avery has been described as a southern gentleman, well-kept and properly-attired, and appears to those who are in danger.

When a developer turned the mansion into apartments in the '70s, reports started coming in of the spirit appearing right before disaster struck. One woman was frightened out of her bathroom just before a stone was thrown through the window that might have killed her. Residents in their kitchens have been warned of impending fires, right before they broke out. Nearly every time there's about to be any sort of accident, Avery manifests to keep those who live in his old abode safe from harm. 

Jennie Wade Is More Focused On Baking Than On Frights

Jennie Wade Is More Focused On Baking Than On Frights

You often hear about ghosts in Gettysburg, considering that it was the site of one of our nation's bloodiest battles . However, one of the more notable ghosts that came out of Gettysburg isn't even that of a soldier. Jennie (also called Ginny) Wade was a midwife during the time of the Civil War who baked bread for the soldiers every morning. One morning, however, she was struck by a stray bullet and died. It is said she was buried with bread dough still on her hands.

After that day, the story goes that her ghost continues to appear. People say they smell bread baking as her spirit passes and that they can hear her kneading dough. When she appears, it is often to people who are sad or grieving, much as a trained medic would, and she smiles at them or tries to comfort them in their hour of need. She's just here to bake and ease your nerves, not to send you shrieking away. 

A Ghost Catches Her Own Murderer

A Ghost Catches Her Own Murderer

While this story may be grim, the ghost in question certainly was helpful. In 1897, a young woman, Elva Zona Heaster Shue, was found dead in her home. Her husband grieved, her mother mourned, and everyone was very sad about her unfortunate passing from what appeared to be complications from pregnancy. The story could have easily ended there, but Elva wasn't going to let it rest .

Over the next few weeks, Elva's mother began to see her deceased daughter in her dreams. Her daughter told her that the death had not been natural, and that her husband, Edward Shue was really to blame. The ghost said he'd broken her neck, and had been abusive before, and that they must catch him for murder. Somehow believing the story, authorities exhumed the body to find that the neck was broken, and that the windpipe had been collapsed.

After more investigation, Shue was found guilty of murder, and sentenced to life in prison. This may be the only time a ghost's testimony was ever used in convicting a murderer. 

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Eerie true tales of people and places being haunted by g-g-g-ghoooosts!!!

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“A Friendly Little Ghost Who Wants to Make Friends” Wallpaper

Make friends with this cute little ghost! A friendly spirit with a loveable personality and a kind heart, this ghost will add a little bit of magic to any room.

cute ghost friends

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Friendly Ghost Wallpaper

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cute ghost friends

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Super Cute Ghost Friends Notebook: 6x9 in Cream Colored College Ruled Pages

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cute ghost friends

Super Cute Ghost Friends Notebook: 6x9 in Cream Colored College Ruled Pages Paperback – September 19, 2023

Purchase options and add-ons.

  • Discover a world of eerie creativity with our SPOOKY series of notebooks! Dive into the macabre with hauntingly SPOOKY designs and plenty of blank pages to capture your darkest thoughts and ideas. Perfect gift idea for writers, artists, or anyone who loves the mysterious and unknown.
  • Portable and convenient size of 6x9in
  • 200 Premium quality cream colored/ college ruled pages
  • Print length 200 pages
  • Language English
  • Publication date September 19, 2023
  • Dimensions 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches
  • See all details

Books with Buzz

From the Publisher

College ruled notebooks with classic cream pages.

Notebook journal diary school work guided journal self help books minimalist aesthetic notebooks

Product details

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0CJBR5Q7Z
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (September 19, 2023)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 200 pages
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 12.8 ounces
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches
  • #2,010 in Teen & Young Adult School & Education
  • #5,101 in Guided Journals (Books)
  • #37,356 in Journal Writing Self-Help

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About the author

Cecy hernandez-bravo.

Introducing Cecy Hernandez-Bravo, the supermom of five who decided to dive headfirst into the world of crafting and creativity at the youthful age of 42! By day, she’s your friendly neighborhood labor and delivery nurse, bringing new bundles of joy into the world with grace and expertise. But by night, she transforms into a design sorceress, conjuring up notebooks, journals, and mood trackers adorned with whimsical and fun designs that are as vibrant as her bustling household.

Not to mention, she’s also the proud and happy wife of a trucker, who supports her creative endeavors with unwavering love and encouragement. With a flair for all things artsy and a dash of whimsy, she’s the mom-artisan extraordinaire, proving that creativity knows no bounds, and even the busiest of schedules can’t stop her from crafting magic. So pick up her latest creation, and embark on a journey that’s as colorful and captivating as her crafty creations, all while celebrating the love that keeps her wheels turning both on and off the road! 📓🚚❤️👩‍⚕️🎨 #CraftyMomMagic #TruckerWifeJoy

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The spirit of a now-deceased person that is in some way present or observable by living beings.

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cute ghost friends

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10 Most Adorable Ghost Type Pokemon That Are Too Cute For Spook

Forget spooky, these Pokemon are on par with Casper.

cute ghost friends

Ghost Type Pokemon often get a reputation for being the creepiest and most disturbing ‘Mons of the franchise, containing dark backstories or scary design elements. However, there are some Ghost Type Pokemon that are just as cute, if not more so than any other ‘Mon around. These little ghosties deserve some more attention, and we’ve caught 10 of the cutest specimens among them all.

Pumpkaboo in the Pokemon anime

Look at this smol guy, how could a cute little pumpkin ever be anything other than absolutely adorable? Pumpkaboo may be a  Ghost Type Pokemon , but this critter is definitely one of the most endearing species among them. Just look at those blank yellow eyes and the tiny fangs that point from its mouth. I don’t know about you, but I’d let this orange, Halloween-ish buddy befriend me and follow me around any day!

How to evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha

I mean, come on, there isn’t anything scary about this little friend in a cup! If you thought Polteageist was cute for a Ghost Type, then  Sinistcha  definitely kicks things up a notch. Just look at his tiny little hands peeking out over the brim of the cup, the swirly little eyes, and the tiny smile on its face. Heck, this little fella even has a chasen (bamboo whisk used for matcha) on top of its head that acts like a head of hair. Honestly, it’s almost easy to forget that this ‘Mon fits into the Ghost Type category amongst all of the creepy candidates.

Litwick in the Pokemon anime

Who could forget this tiny candle Pokemon when it comes to cute  Ghost Types ? Litwick here is a top contender in this category, sporting a stubby little candle body and arms, melted wax ‘hair’, blank circular eyes, and an adorable curved smile. If it wasn’t for the ghostly purple flame on top of its head, then Litwick wouldn’t have any spooky qualities at all. Even though this tiny ‘Mon is literally a burning candle, there’s just something about Litwick that makes me want to pick it up and give it a big squeeze, full risk of burns and all. I don’t even care, it’s just that cute.

Greavard from Pokemon

Who’s the best ghost doggo in town? Greavard, of course! this good boy is undoubtedly one of the  best puppers in the Pokemon franchise , which makes it easy to love. How could anyone find Greavard creepy or scary? Just look at that face: the snoot is  begging  to be booped. If Greavard’s dog-like qualities weren’t enough to sway you, then its endearing canine behaviors might just do the trick.

This Pokemon enjoys burrowing into the ground like a digging puppy, leaving only the candle on top of its head sticking out. Greavard is also so easily overjoyed by the slightest bit of attention that it will follow you wherever you go – number one best boi without a doubt.

Hisuian Zorua

Hisuian Zorua in the Pokemon anime

Hisuian Zorua  looks so lovable with those big yellow eyes staring into your soul. How could anyone compare this little fox critter to the likes of Gengar or Banette? Though this creature has a rather tragic backstory and tends to feed off spite and terror, these Canidae beings are just far too adorable to come off as threatening, especially with that neck fluff wrapping around and hiding its little mouth from view. I’d fall victim to Hisuian Zorua without a doubt, as I’d be far too eager to try and befriend one in the wild and have it become a pet.

Misdreavus in the Pokemon anime

Unlike other ‘Mons on this list, Misdreavus does indeed take the form of a ghostly spirit or apparition. However, in comparison to similar Pokemon forms, such as Gastly, Duskull, Yamask, and Spiritomb, Misdreavus is a clear standout when it comes to cute factors.

From the bright eyes on its face to the necklace-like line of beads around its neck, Misdreavus tends to hold an appearance that is far more charming than creep. As far as ghosties go,  Midreavus  here might as well as be Casper…well, there’s no guaranteeing she’ll be as friendly as that guy, but she could certainly fool me with her appearance!

Gimmighoul in the Pokemon anime

Gimmighoul  may often be overlooked, first because it doesn’t have many creepy or ghostly qualities for a Ghost Type Pokemon, and secondly, because it is usually found hidden away inside a chest with  coins that it has rounded up  and stashed away. However, once you get a glimpse of this tiny being outside of its chest, there’s no denying that Gimmighoul is as cute and quirky as they come. With a small body, big black and gold eyes, bending antennae, and a curious little mouth, Gimmighoul is a ghost that would be welcome in my home any day of the week.

Dreepy in the Pokemon anime

Aww, just look at this slinky little dragon; it may come as a surprise, but Dreepy here is also a Ghost Type Pokemon, too. As lovable as Pokemon come,  Dreepy  has plenty of cuteness to admire, such as its big, droopy eyes, streamlined body with tiny little hands, and those big ‘ol, almost puppy-dragon-like ears that he’s being held up by in the image above. How could you not love Dreepy? If I were a Pokemon Trainer, I would one hundred percent want to wrap this little friend around my neck like a scarf and let him nap while I roam out and about during my adventures.

Mimikyu in the Pokemon anime

Poor Mimikyu, this little critter just wants to be loved and adored, which is why it dresses up like the popular franchise mascot, Pikachu. While apparently  Mimikyu’s  true form is absolutely terrifying due to rumors stating that anyone who sees this form will be stricken with a mysterious illness, there’s no denying that this little guy is endearing in a unique way. I mean, it crafted a whole disguise to try and fit in as an appealing Pokemon, is that not both a little bit tragic and entirely adorable at once?

Plus, there’s no denying that Mimikyu’s disguised form here is as cute as they come, as well as quirky. From the scribbled cheek markings and eyes, the bent ears, or the wooden little tail, this mysterious creature is out here doing its best. I say Mimikyu can jump on my shoulder like Pikachu and journey with me anytime.

Oricorio Sensu Style

Oricorio in the Pokemon anime

It may be hard to believe that this elegant and beautiful little birb is indeed a Ghost Type Pokemon, but surprisingly, that is the case! Without a doubt, this makes  Sensu Style Oricorio  one of the most adorable Ghost Type Pokemon in existence. There’s literally nothing creepy or spooky about this birb ‘Mon, which really makes it stand out from others who hold the Ghost Typing. Rather, Sensu Style Oricorio uses dance to summon spirits and then borrows their power and uses it to fight. Does this make Oricorio the ultimate spiritual medium ‘Mon? I think so.

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About the author

cute ghost friends

Grace Black

Grace is a writer and digital artist from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for one year and in the games industry for two years. She's an enthusiast of everything spooky, an occasional anime enjoyer, and a die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Baldur's Gate 3, and Pokemon - all of which she will never tire of.

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