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Ghost Song

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Ghost Song

Very Important achievement in Ghost Song

Push the large piece of junk down the hill.

Very Important

How to unlock the Very Important achievement


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Ghost Song: Achievements Guide 100%

Playing on ‘Original Difficulty’ is required in order to be able to get all achievements. Minium playthroughs to get All Achievements: 2

All achievements will be listed and the information on how to get them. A full list of all Modules and items will also be added. Will try to add icons for each achievement.

Story Achievements – Can’t be missed

Part One – Help to repair Gambler. Found behind Henriette Scuttle in the Junkpit

Part Two – Help to repair Gambler again. Found at the top of Rote-Shotter

Part Three – Bring a third part to Gambler. Found deep inside Six-Finger Woods

Part Four – Continue to assist in the repair of Gambler Found to the left of Junkpit in Roslock Drift Gamme behind Henriette Scuttle’s refight.

Part Five Once again, help to repair Gambler. Final part is found in theflooded Stumbledeep, behind the boss fight Vek.

Ready To Fly – Fully repair Gambler.

The Poet – Defeat Kika. Kika is found in the Huttle Drop – Gives you Boost Boots

The Learned Hunter – Defeat Henriette… Henriette Scuttle is found at the bottom of Junkpit – Part One behind her.

The Changed One – Defeat Henriette again. This time she’s found at Roslock Drift Gamme – Part 4 behind her.

The Red Blob – Defeat Vek. Found just before the final Ship Part down in Stumbledeep

Please Sit Down – Defeat a Big Bot. Found behind the Red Door in Stoffbloom, inside Lesker-Eight Laboratory.

Safely Away – Help your friends escape.

Hardened – Complete the game on Original difficulty

Missable and Questline Achievements

The Cut Machine – Visit The Cut Machine. This is directly tied to ‘Slow Down’ just above. You need the “Pebble of Perspective”. Once you have it head to the Crash Site and start climbing the wall on the right. Keep climbing past the cave all the way to the top. Use the “Pebble of Perspective” from your inventory. Then shut down up there and wait. Go through the cutscene and the achievement is yours at the end of it.

Molly The Artist  (Missable) – Recieve a special gift from Molly Molly’s questline is the easiest one. Simply talk to her over and over again each time you come to the Crash Site. Make sure to deplete here dialouges until she repeats the same thing over and over. After handing in the final Ship Part she will be outside Gambler and speaking to her will give you her gift.

Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order  (Missable) – Get to know Saymund For this you need to find Saymund at various locations, usually near corpses, throughout the world. I don’t know the exact locations required for the achievement, but these are the ones I did, in the orrder below. -After delivering Ship Part 1 (maybe 2?) Whenever he shows up at the Crash Site the first time. 1. Start his questline by talking to him at the Crash Site when he appears to the right after waking up. 2. In Lupoto, directly next to the entrance to Roslock Drift Alpha, where you get ‘Motivator’ (Sprint). 3. At Ekman’s Crossing, before the cleaved tree. (Requires Wall Climb, can be found after delivering Ship Part 3 as well) -After delivering Ship Part 3. 4. At the Crash Site, to the left of Bill. 5. At the locked Red Door/Barrier in Stoffbloom. 6. In Junkpit, in the room above where you found Hulking Fist. 7. In Stumbledeep, jsut before you jump into the water. -After delivering Ship Part 4 (maybe even as early as 3?) 8. In Roslock Drift Beta, where you find the Magma Spear.

Familiar  (MIssable) – Spend time with Pasha Talk to Pasha every time you visit the Crash Site and deliver a Ship Part, deplete her dialouges each time. After delivering Ship Part 3, speak with Pasha at the Crash Site until you’ve depleted her dialouges. She should mention her sister. Go to Stoffbloom, and drop down, keeping going down on the left side until you have to go to a room to the right. Here’s a destroyable part on the ground. Jump down and dash over the gap to the left. Pasha should be in here next to a crashed Pod. Talk to her multiple times to unlock the Achievement.

Extra Locations: (Unsure if they are required or not) 1. Crash Site 2. After delivering Ship Part 1. Crash Site. 3. To the right of where the Game Starts, in Lupoto. 4. Still in Lupoto, at the ‘Relic’ to the left ot Belle The Wanderer. 5 .After delivering Part 3 (?) at the first room of Stoffbloom going from the Crash Site. 6. ??? I believe I’ve seen here at Sap-Stone, but I dont have any saved screenshot of it.

It was An Accident  (Missable) – Help Gili. 1. Gili is first found where the Game Starts, in Lupoto, but only after delivering a Ship Part (or 2). 2. Her next location is found at Ekman’s Crossing after delivering Ship Part 2. 3. Going here first removes her from location 2. At the bottom of Sap-Stone next to a corpse. 4. After delivering Ship Part 3, she will be found at the top of Sap-Stone. 5. Deal with Hector the the split tree in Ekman’s Crossing. 6. Return to the top of Sap-Stone to get your reward. (Might need to deliver another Ship Part before she gives it to you).

Retired Explorer  (Can be done after completing the game, but might result in missing ‘Good Friends’) – Say goodbye to Mutt. 1. Mutt is found at Roslock Drift Alpha, which is directly left of where the “Motivator” (Sprint) item is. You can reach it before going to the Crash site, but it’s easier once you have Double Jump. 2. After delivering Ship Part 2 (or 1 if you got to him early). He will be to the right of the Crash Site inside Stoffbloom. Deplete his dialouges until he says to meet him in the tunnels. 3. After saving/quit and save/deliviring the next Ship Part. He will be found in Roslock Drift Alpha once again. This time quite a bit deeper in. If you recall seeing a peculiar yellow wall blocking your way, he has opened the path up and is waiting for you inside. 4. After saving/quit and save/deliviring the next Ship Part. Mutt will be at Roslock Drfit Gamma, which is to the left of the Junkpit, on the way towards Ship Part 4. Say your goodbyes.

Good Friends  (Missable) – Get to know the crew. Currently don’t have enough information as to exactly what is needed for this one. I did all of the below. Complete all Questlines: Retired Explorer, It Was An Accident, Familiar, Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order. Should be given to you when speaking to Roper after returning the Final Ship Part and Molly has given you her gift.

Maybe It Was Too Easy  (Missable) – Complete the game without dying. Needs to be done on NG (NG+ doesnt work). Works on Explorer difficulty!

Make Haste  (Missable) – Finish the game in under 3 hours. Gotta go fast. Works on Explorer difficulty!

Misc Achievements

Old Singer – Defeat Old Singer. She’s found in Six-Finger Woods. You can return here whenever you want. I suggest using the room on the very top of this zone as it’s fairly easy to reset and has a large area for you to fight in. She will escape multiple times but her life should be preserved so that you can fight her again by just leaving the room and coming back. This might be a DPS check as it seems she stops appearing after escaping several times.Being able to deal 25-33% of her Health per encounter is probably ideal. Skab Device and Blobs works quite well against her. Reward: Suit Module – Whislte Shock

The Ogre – Defeat Elsom Elsom is located inside the Junkpit on the upper half of the zone, blocking your path to a Big Bot and Save location. Rewards: Suit Module – Ogre Device

The Cracked Engineer – Defeat Kellunhelk Found in the Junkpit, above and to the right of Henriette’s fight. In order for the boss to spawn you need either a Ship Part on your back or the item Curious Gizmo (bought at Mabec’s Shop). I suggest the second one as the fight can be rough. Reward: Suit Module – Berseker Device Hazard Blade – In the room to the left. Altough defeating the boss isnt neccessary to reach grab it.

Bug Slayer – Destroy many Roslock creatures in the pit. The Pit is found at Roslock Drift Alpha, just next to the yellow door, that Mutt opens up during his Questline, is a breakable part below your feet, this path leads to “The Pit”. While inside “The Pit”, kill about 30 of the enemies that spawn. You CAN NOT leave! Stay at the very bottom or the counter resets. These enemies also drop two Suit modules ‘Hardened Shell’ and ‘Volatile Shell’. My setup to survive: Blob-Bloom H (for easy overheat) Painwheel (attack while overheat active, makes the Roslock back off rather than jump at you) Any Melee damage boost you can fit.

You Monster! -Destroy many innocent creatures. You can find some of these creatures at your first visit to Stoffbloom, it’s the small blue creatures with a pink/red eye. Unsure how many you need to kill.

Many Enemies – Defeat many enemies. Just keep killing stuff.

Experienced – Reach level 30. This is doable on NG, but if you didnt reach it you will easily do it during NG+ if you choose to do another playthrough. If you don’t want to go on NG+ and need a bunch of NanoGel you can always use any of the NanoGel farming locations. The infinite respawns in the waters of Junkpit, The infinite respawns at The Pit in Roslock Drift Alpha The Blobs just above Norberg Laboratory in Lupotu.

Bit Bots – Locate many Big Bots 1. Norberg Laboratory (in the middle of Lupoto) 2. Stoffbloom 3. Huttle Drop 4. Junkpit 5. Stumbledeep 6. Ekman’s Crossing

The Voice From The Elevator – Reach Mabec The elevator is located in Norberg Laboratory. There’s a few ways you can reach her depending on wether the elevator is on the bottom or the top. Elevator on top: Wall Climb on the left side of the shaft and hold left. Elevator on bottom: Requires breakable walls to have been destroyed first so that you can enter Norberg Laboratory from the top. From there you can simply jump and dash to the left and hold left as you fall Reward: A shop with useful modules and various items.

Flower Girl – Show off with flowers. This is done next to Mabec. You need the Blaster Module Flowersong. Shot the ground with it until a flower grows.

Party Trick – Do a killer Painwheel juggle. Equip Painwheel, attack with your melee and jump over it as is comes back. Keep it looping around you that way for about 10 seconds.

Very Important – Push the large piece of junk down the hill. This is done at the top of Junkpit, just before you enter Roslock Drift Gamma. Behind the breakable wall with blue Butterflies in the background, you can dash into it going to the left to push it a bit, or you can use the Blaster Module ‘The Sprinkler’ to shoot at it and push bit for bit.

Charley – Find Charley. Charley is found at the end of Ekman’s Crossing. To get there you need to do some tight jumping over a big gap and around a corner.

Crossing the gap at the Big Bot: +3 Mid Air Jumps + Dash or +2 Mid AIr Jumps + Dash + Hulking Fist Jumping around the corner: +3 Mid Air Jumps + Dash + Sprint + Wall Climb (+2 Mid Air Jumps is enough, but much harder) Sprint – Jump – Dash – Jump – (Jump a third time) – Turn right – Wall Climb

Feeling Better – Heal yourself many times. Don’t have exact number on how many times but it’s a bunch. Maybe 100 times? I got it during NG+ so the stats carry over.

Feeling Healthy – Obtain many Healing Cores. Find all the Healing Cores. There’s 8 of them per playthrough, you can have a maximum of 10 if you go into NG+. But 8 is all you need for the achievement. 1. Belle The Wanderer – Found at the start of the game, just keep going to the right across gaps and rooms until you find the mini-boss. Defeating the mini-boss yields a Healing Core 2. Also found inside Lupoto, normaly after you get the ‘Motivator’ (Sprint) item. But can be gained directly after the first core if you destroy a wall on the left side of the drop down from Norbger Big Bot room. If you jump just as you fall of the ledge you will be able to reach the platform that leads to the room with the core being inside a corpse in the water. 3. Found inside Roslock Drift Beta, on your very first trip through here you can find it at the first room you enter at the top left. 4. In the first room going down from Core #3 there’s another path to the left with a bunch of enemies. Kill them all and find the core at the far end. 5. Found in the room to the right of Stoffbloom Big Bot room in the zone called Sap-Stone, its at the top left. 6. Behind a breakable wall in Huttle Drop, available before fighting Kika The Poet. 7. Far down inside the Junkpit, in a hidden cave found above and before the Henriette fight. 8. Bought from the vendor Bill at the Crash Site.

Readiness – Obtain many weapons. Find all “Melee” weapons 1. Your starting weapon 2. Magma Spear – Found at the top of Roslock Drift Beta. Available at the start of the game. 3. Hulking Fist – Found as you enter Junkpit for the first time. 4. Hazard Blade – Found in a room next to Kellunhelk The Cracked Engineer (killing/spawning boss is not required) 5. Painwheel – Found in Six-Finger Woods, below the small spiky platforms you need to jump on to get across. 6. Hypersledge – Reward from Mutt’s Questline. Found in Roslock Drift Gamma, next to Mutt. 7. Hudson Goodshot – Reward from Gili’s Questline. Given to you at the top of Sap-Stone after you dealt with Hector. 8. Blast Shield – Bill’s Shop, 200 NanoGel 9. Dolly – Mabec’s Shop, 1500 NanoGel

Fully Equipped – Obatin many modules Find all modules, both Blaster and Suit. There’s 39 of them in total. List in the next section.

Extra Section for Modules

Blaster Modules: Row 1: 1.  Cloudburst Rifle  – Lupoto, dropped by “Liselle Tal – The Lost Hunter” 2.  Scatterburst  – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel 3.  Chill Crumbler  – Six-Finger Woods, dropped by “Bradley Wells – Tellrui Mining Company” 4.  Skel Planter  – Mabec’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel 5.  Firefly  – Mabec’s Shop, 5000 NanoGel 6.  Skab Device  – Rote-Shotter, at the top all the way to the left.

Row 2: 1.  Flowersong  – Stoffbloom, dropped by “Spikemouth – The Hateful” 2.  Plasma Burner  – Lupoto, dropped by “Leggett – The Deserter” 3.  Coburn Launche r – Blake’s Stroll, after reaching the Crash Site, walk left. Can’t be missed. 4.  Blob-Bloom  – Lupoto, dropped by “Fome – The Green Blob” 5.  Blob-Bloom H  – Stumbledeep, dropped by “Vek – The Red Blob” 6.  The Sprinkler  – Roslock Drift Alpha, past the “gauntlet”, next to a corpse.

Suit Modules: Row 1: 1.  Heart of Fire  – Roslock Drift Alpha, only obtainable by doing Mutt’s Questline, at the far end of the gauntles encounter with him 2.  Heart of Strength  – Crash Site, in a cave climbing the wall on the right. 3.  Heart of Steadiness  – Mabec’s Shop, 1250 NanoGel 4.  Clutcher  – Huttle Drop, in a hidden cave inside a hidden cave, near the npc Slovenmuck 5.  Five-Fingers  – Blake’s Stroll, the light green area connected, dropped by “Elias – The Head Breaker” 6.  Nano Boost  – Roslock Drift Beta, in the bottom right room. 7.  Berserker Device  – Junkpit, dropped by “Kellunhelk – The Cracked Engineer”, requires Curious Gizmo (from Mabec’s Shop) 8.  Distant Star  – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel 9.  Molly’s Tweak  – Crash Site, given by Molly after depleting her dialouges each time you get there and delivered 2 Ship Parts.

Row 2: 1.  HeatHawk  – Lupoto, found in the room to the right of “Fome – The Green Blob” 2.  Backlash  – Norberg Laboratory, the dark green part, top right room. 3.  Ogre Device  – Junkpit, dropped by “Elsom – The Ogre” 4.  Summer-Step  – Sap-Stone, dropped by “Devilwink – The Vanished” (Secret Encounter: She’s invisible at first, then runs away, follow her up one level and a fight will start) 5.  Gunner’s Harmony  – Mabec’s Shop, 800 NanoGel 6.  Ramstone Decoy-Dash  – Lupoto, given by “Rime” after delivering Ship Part 4 7.  Fishmaster’s Glow  – Lupoto, dropped by “Gumbelly – The Heavy Hand”, and/or by the smaller blue humanoind enemies. 8.  Lord’s Insight  – Bill’s Shop, 1000 NanoGel 9.  Extra Jump  – Mabec’s Shop, 3500 NanoGel

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Ghost Song — Quick tips to get you started

Andrew Farrell

Looking for some tips before jumping into  Ghost Song ? I’ve gone ahead and included some helpful pointers for anyone who wants to make the most of what the game has to offer. Ghost Song is a exploration-heavy Metroid-like, meaning there is a lot to discover and plenty of secrets to find.

There’s a lot to explore and a lot of characters to meet, so let’s put on our exploration hats and dig into it.

You can technically get the ship parts in any order

Ghost Song  has a pop-up early on telling you that you should get the green ship part first — emphasis on should . The game definitely intends for you to get this one first, but you don’t  need  to. Both the green and yellow ship parts have abilities nearby. Sure, it makes sense to get the ability and then keep exploring deeper, but you can also ignore the ship part and go somewhere else entirely with your new ability. After getting two of these abilities, you can go wherever you like, as nearly nothing will be off limits.

Cool your cannon based on playstyle

When your cannon is overheated from firing, your melee attacks do more damage. But you can use modules to adjust this based on your playstyle. You’ll find modules that make your cannon take less time to overheat, which will let you fire longer. But there’s  also  one that you get just from talking to one of the Gambler’s crew that will cause your cannon to overheat faster. You’ll want to have that one equipped if you use melee more than ranged.

Watch out for colored leaves in the walls

Whenever you see these, it means there’s a godseed growing nearby. Using one of these permanently increases one of your stat points, so you’ll definitely want as many as you can get your hands on. You’ll find orange, red, purple, and green ones throughout your travels. Every little bit helps.

Ghost Song Tips 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Equip multiple ranged modules

It’s not immediately clear, but you get small stat bonuses from equipping attack modules in Ghost Song . Well, most of them, at least. For instance, the missiles you find early on grant three points to your gunpower stat, which is a nice damage boost. You can equip as many of these as your soul level allows, so feel free to stack them.

Be careful when returning ship parts

When you pick up a ship part, you can’t fast travel until you deliver it. The only real difference on the return trip is that these small robot heads activate when you’re near them. You can blow them up fairly easily (the wheel melee weapon is great for this), but they rush at you and explode if they touch you. Try shooting them from a distance if you can, as that’ll keep you from having to get too close.

The Gambler’s crewmembers have missable dialogue

When you deliver a new part, the next day will begin, which gives most crewmembers more dialogue. But if you didn’t exhaust their dialogue options before, you won’t be able to hear them again. What’s more, some of them have items to give you, which you can miss out on. Make sure and see what they have to say.

Ghost Song Tips 3

That about does it for our  Ghost Song  tips. Just remember the main thing about games like this: when in doubt, wander aimlessly. You’re bound to find something neat eventually. Well, probably.

Andrew Farrell

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Perfectly Nintendo

Ghost Song (Switch): all the update updates (latest: Ver. ???)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Ghost Song on Nintendo Switch (originally released on November 3rd 2022 in Europe and North America, and November 4th 2022 in Japan)!

Click here for more Software updates!

Ghost Song – Ver. ???

  • Release date: November 21st 2023 (North America, Europe) / November 22nd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
fixes a game breaking bug involving Xorogon Workaround: refrain from killing Xorogon and going past him while carrying a ship part on your back
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Matt White (Twitter) / Matt White (Twitter)

Ghost Song – Ver. 1.2.12

  • Release date: September 28th 2023 (North America, Europe) / September 29th 2023 (Japan)
No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game: Confront what dwells in Toler-Under-Foot Should you find yourself in a small new region called Toler-Under-Foot , Deadsuit will encounter a new kind of enemy type—along with an imposing, challenging new boss named Xorogon . This hulking warrior shares a history with another being you may have encountered during your travels. And if you best Xorogon in combat (no small feat!), you’ll arm yourself with a new axe (with a bit of a twist). Heartbreaker A new path has opened in the Sapstone region, where a headstrong bounty hunter named Leaf waits for his next contender. If you stay cool and don’t let his attitude get under your suit, you just might earn a fun new rapid-fire toy for your arsenal. Lua’s tale If you’ve played Ghost Song before, you might have come across a wandering adventurer named Lua during your travels. This update gives her a reworked and more fleshed-out story, along with some of the the closure she deserves. Keep an eye out for her as you’re out exploring. Bug fixes Balance adjustments, including changes to the game’s less challenging Explorer difficulty mode to reduce the amount of damage Deadsuit takes; this should make the journey a bit more accessible for people who want to focus more on enjoying Ghost Song’s atmosphere and story. Significant improvements to input lag.
  • Source: Humble Games / Matt White (Twitter)

Ghost Song – Ver. 1.1.11

  • Release date: ???
Fixed minor controller aim issue Adjusted the dash cooldown UI element that appears over the player after dashing, to properly indicate the exact time before re-dashing for free is possible Iframes for dash cooldown is indicated by a more brightly colored green particle effect Slightly shortened the iframes cooldown after dashing
  • Source: Old Moon (Steam)

Ghost Song – Ver. 1.1.10

Fixed issue where “Junk Crawlers” in Junkpit could cause the player to clip through terrain and become soft locked. Attempted fix for issue where some users could mess up their save file by having the game crash during the NG+ startup transition. Slightly increased lifetime of Skab Device hatchlings. In game timer no longer advanced while game is paused.

Ghost Song – Ver. 1.9.0

Fixed issue re. sequence breaking NG+, so it’s now safer to do so. Re-added hulking fist and motivator to items that carry over in a NG+ transition.

Ghost Song – Ver. 1.8.0

  • Release date: November 4th 2022 (North America) / November 5th 2022 (Europe, Japan)
Introduced New Game Plus. Introduced a new miniboss somewhere on the map. The game now has a locked framerate on Nintendo Switch.
  • Source: Old Moon (Steam) / Matt White (Twitter)

How to download updates for Ghost Song for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Ghost Song, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off
  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;
  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.

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  • Bus Driving Simulator 22 (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.2)

' src=

Founder and main writer for Perfectly Nintendo. Tried really hard to find something funny and witty to put here, but had to admit defeat.


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Ghost Song: Best Spots For Nanogel Farming

' src=

Ghost Song is a game where you will need to be leveling up and become better and better with time as your progress through the game because you will get harder and tougher enemies. Sometimes you will need to find that perfect location for farming that will give you lots of resources and levels.

In this guide, we will show you the 4 best Farming Spots for Nanogel. Let’s get started.

Best Spots For Nanogel Farming – Ghost Song

First best farming nanogel spot.

ghost song 4th jump

One of the best spots for the Nanogel Farming in Ghost Song is just above the Norberg Laboratory. Here you will find just a couple of rooms that will be completely packed with Blobs. You will just run through them with your own setup and wipe them out.

Save, jump up, kill Blobs, go left, kill Blobs (one such room seemed to have a Blob boss), go right, kill Blobs, save, and everything will come back. Repeat. Each trip was worth about 700.

Second Best Farming Nanogel Spot

I’ve found that the best ones are either the slime path which can be found right above the Norberg Statue, which you can run and then come back to reset, or you can stand on the edge of one of those tar pits where robots come out and just keep firing forever, or you can use Dolly.

It’s extremely slow and dull, but basically, it’s AFK and you won’t need to do absolutely anything for easy points.

Check Out To See How Many Endings There Are In Ghost Song. Click Here To Find Out!

Third Best Farming Nanogel Spot

ghost song 4th jump

Six Finger’s Woods: From the save point, go left until you can no longer go left, then go down. You can clear almost the whole room with one or two missiles and get about 130 gel. The next room also has moving yellow things, but it isn’t as easy to clear.

Fourth Best Nanogel Farming Spot

At the very bottom of the hole in Roslock Drift Alpha (you will have to crack open a bunch of secret walls to obtain it).

You can fight bugs that keep coming back here. They can drop two suit modules: the hardened and volatile shell modules. If you remain and kill around 30 of them, you can earn an achievement.

That’s everything that you need to know about the Best Nanogel Spots for farming. Have fun!

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    • 1 yr. ago esdrass SPOILER Hidden Path on Ekman Crossing (need triple jump from Gambler the ship after 5th part, there's still more hidden path there but need the fist and some luck havent reached it) Sort by: Open comment sort options 809 subscribers in the ghostsong community.

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  4. Ghost Song -- Where to find the double jump

    By Andrew Farrell November 3, 2022 The double jump is one of the tentpoles of any Metroid -like, and Ghost Song is no different. The ability is known as the Boost Boots, which, as you likely...

  5. Charley achievement in Ghost Song

    How to unlock the Charley achievement mCaPP09 10 Nov 2022 10 Nov 2022 12 Nov 2022 4 0 5 Charley can be found at the furthest northeast part of the map - at the very end of Ekman's Crossing. You...

  6. How to obtain the Triple Jump

    990 subscribers 3.3K views 10 months ago Ghost Song is a "Metroidvania" style game with a particular emphasis on atmosphere, isolation, and mystery. Take control of a lost, nameless soul in...

  7. Ghost Song

    First, you'll want to have at least 3500 nanogel. Now you'll need to go see Mabec. If you haven't found her shop, you likely recognize the name from the Norberg Elevator. Head to the elevator and...

  8. Ghost Song -- Where to find the wall jump

    By Andrew Farrell November 3, 2022 Every Metroid -like has that one ability that lets you basically go anywhere. Metroid has the Space Jump, which lets Samus practically spin through the air....

  9. Became the first person in the world to get the platinum ...

    Ghost Song is a 2D "metroidvania" style game that not only gives players that feeling of isolation and minimalism Super Metroid fans long for, but also delivers an emotionally powerful story. ... Can't seem to find the double jump module at the moment ... Pasha has two dialogue points after the 4th part is returned where you meet her in the ...

  10. Very Important achievement in Ghost Song

    How to unlock the Very Important achievement. This achievement needs to be done in a particular place. You need to roll the ball down the hill to the left. Stand to the right of the ball, and dash ...

  11. Where to go after delivering parts? :: Ghost Song General Discussions

    #1 Dame Arstor Nov 10, 2022 @ 6:58pm Originally posted by Plumber: At the far east, there is an impenetrable red hatch that opens once you've delivered your final part.

  12. Ghost Song

    Triple Jump and Hulking Fist requiredhttps://store.playstation.com/#!/tid=CUSA33534_00

  13. Ghost Song: Elevator Shaft Breakable Wall Location

    Ghost Song is the newest 2D Metroidvania game in Steam with equal parts challenge and rewards from exploring a vast world that is full of secrets and exciting discoveries. In Ghost Song, you awaken as a Deadsuit - armed and combat-ready but devoid of memory and purpose.

  14. Ghost Song

    Ghost Song | Part 4 Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough 1440p 60fps PC Gameplay"On the desolate moon of Lorian, a long-dormant Deadsuit awakens from slumber. Jour...

  15. Ghost Song: Achievements Guide 100%

    The Crusher - Defeat Dolly. Dolly can be found in several different locations. Three which are currently known:At the top left of Blake's Stroll (top left from Coburn Launcher).. Requires Double Jump and to go through Rote-Shotter. Or Wall Climb if going up the leftside wall from Coburn Launcher.

  16. Where to find the Mabec's Hidden Shop in Ghost Song

    Where to find the Mabec's Hidden Shop in Ghost Song - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC Hidden in the elevator shaft that you in encounter in Norberg Laboratory, is a hidden shop, where you can...

  17. Ghost Song -- How to complete Gili's sidequest and get the gun

    On the run. When you return to the start of the game in Ghost Song, you'll meet a woman named Gili and trigger the start of a sidequest. Doing this will give you a memorable story, a powerful ...

  18. Ghost Song -- Quick tips to get you started

    Ghost Song has a pop-up early on telling you that you should get the green ship part first — emphasis on should. The game definitely intends for you to get this one first, but you don't need ...

  19. Ghost Song (Switch): all the update updates (latest: Ver. ???)

    Ghost Song - Ver. 1.2.12. Release date: September 28th 2023 (North America, Europe) / September 29th 2023 (Japan) Patch notes: No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game: Confront what dwells in Toler-Under-Foot. Should you find yourself in a small new region called Toler-Under-Foot, Deadsuit will encounter a new ...

  20. Ghost Song: Best Spots For Nanogel Farming

    One of the best spots for the Nanogel Farming in Ghost Song is just above the Norberg Laboratory. Here you will find just a couple of rooms that will be completely packed with Blobs. You will just run through them with your own setup and wipe them out. Save, jump up, kill Blobs, go left, kill Blobs (one such room seemed to have a Blob boss), go ...

  21. Double Jump Location

    Ghost Song is a "Metroidvania" style game with a particular emphasis on atmosphere, isolation, and mystery. Take control of a lost, nameless soul in search o...