Spine-Chilling Encounter: Ghost of a Girl Haunts Niles Canyon Road in CA

How long is niles canyon road.

Is Niles Canyon Road haunted?

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The Ghost of Baker Road: Montcalm County, Michigan

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Here's another Haunted Michigan road for you to check out...this one is on Baker Road, south of Greenville in Eureka Township, Montcalm County.

The urban legend says that one night, a teenage girl was walking down the road. The road had many twists, turns, curves, and unseen driveways, so it's definitely hard for a motorist to see someone walking along the road – especially if they're not wearing light clothing.

Sure enough, the young girl was unnoticed by a driver, hit, and killed.

Since then, people who have driven that road at night claim to have seen a female apparition floating down the road. Not just a ghostly figure, but odd orbs and flickering lights are seen along the roadside.

This urban legend has been around Eureka Township for many years, and the girl's name has been lost to history. As with any attempt to find ghosts, it's a turkey shoot...you may or may not experience any activity.

There are a couple of main parts to Baker Road – the one with the twists & turns is the west fork at the junction of Baker & Johnson Roads.

Take a drive down Baker Road some dark night and see if you experience anything....just respect the residents and don't be obnoxious.


...plus, hundreds MORE "Haunted Michigan" locations HERE!


Vintage Michigan Graveyard Photos

Abandoned farmhouse in howell, michigan ghost town gallery.

girl ghost on road

THANKS TO: Ghost Quest

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Haunted by the Cleaning Lady? Redford Theatre: Detroit, Michigan

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9 Famous Female Ghosts Who Will Scare You Senseless

Who run the underworld? Girls!

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: Getty Images

From the spirits of famous female historical figures, to the girlish ghouls of urban legend, female ghosts are some of the scariest spirits out there. In fact, stories about female ghosts can be found across the globe, and many of these international tales of terror have chilling similarities. For instance, why do so many places have stories about women in white, or vanishing hitchhikers? These connections make us wonder what universal trauma or shared truth has made these stories take root in our collective consciousness. 

Regardless, we know one thing for sure: these female phantoms are capable of chilling us to the bone. Step aside, ghost bros: these lady wraiths are redefining the scare game. 

1. The Vanishing Hitchhiker

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: David Prasad / Flickr (CC)

Chances are you’ve heard this story before and perhaps thought of it uneasily while driving alone late at night. You may have even had an encounter with the vanishing hitchhiker herself. Although the story varies slightly based on the teller, it generally goes something like this: a man is driving alone late at night during a storm, when he sees a young, beautiful woman on the side of the road.

Concerned for her safety, he gives her a ride and might even offer her his jacket to keep her warm. He drives her to her home, but once they arrive, she disappears. Confused, he rings the doorbell, and is told by whoever answers that yes, a young girl lived there once—but she died years ago in a car accident, on a stormy night much like this one. 

Related: 7 Terrifying Female Ghosts Who Haunt with Anger and Tragedy  

2. Kuchisake-onna

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: Tartan Films

The Kuchisake-onna, also known as the Slit-Mouthed Woman, is a Japanese ghost who terrorizes children. She is said to wear a face mask, which she removes when she approaches her victim, revealing a smile that has been grotesquely slit. She then asks the child, “Do you think I’m beautiful?” If they answer no, she kills them; if they answer yes, she gives them a mouth just like hers. The best answer to give the Slit-Mouthed woman, should you be unfortunate enough to cross her path? Just run for your life. 

3. Anne Boleyn

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The ghost of King Henry VIII’s second wife is said to haunt the Tower of London and surrounding buildings to this day. Given how grievously Anne was mistreated by her husband, it’s not surprising her spirit hasn’t been able to rest: the king divorced and beheaded Anne when she didn’t produce a male heir to the throne.

Henry’s fifth wife, Katherine Howard, is also said to haunt the Hampton Court, where she was arrested before being beheaded. 

Related: Heads Will Roll: 8 Restless Ghosts of the Tower of London  

4. The Crying Woman, or "La Llorona"

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: Producciones Buenos

In Latin American folklore, La Llorona is a weeping entity often found in or around bodies of water. Legend says that she drowned her children to punish her husband for infidelity, and that she killed herself afterwards out of remorse. To this day, she is believed to walk waterways searching for her lost babies. Some variations of the tale believe La Llorona takes living children that she finds on her wanderings, while other iterations claim that those who hear her ghostly wails will soon die. There are some commonalities between the legend of La Llorona and female spirits from other cultures,  like the banshees in Gaelic legend or the baby-gobbling demigoddess Lamia from Greek mythology. 

Related: 40 Scariest Books of the Last 200 Years  

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5. The Ironed Lady, or La Planchada

famous female ghosts

  • Photo Credit: Stuart McAlpine / Flickr (CC)

The famous Mexican ghost “La Planchada,” or The Ironed Lady, is the spirit of a nurse who many claim to have seen at hospitals across Mexico. There are many iterations of her origin story; some believe she was killed by a patient, and others say she killed herself after a romance with a doctor ended in tragedy. But La Planchada may not be a spirit to fear: According to legend, many of the patients that she visits find themselves mysteriously healed the next day.

Related: 10 Creepy Photos of Apparitions Captured in Haunted Hospitals and Insane Asylums  

6. The Bell Witch

famous female ghosts

 Betsy Bell as a young woman

The Bell Witch legend is based on ghostly goings-on that were experienced by the Bell family in their home in 1817. They believed the phenomena they experienced—flying furniture, mysterious noises, frightened animals—were caused by the ghost of a witch named Kate Batts. It was later revealed that Betsy, the Bells’ young daughter, caused much of the commotion. But the Bell Witch legend endures to this day and was even a key inspiration for the Blair Witch movie franchise.

7. The White Lady

famous female ghosts

The White Lady is an iconic female ghost who has been reported in stories across the globe. She is often described as wearing a white, blood-soaked dress and frequents rural areas where tragedy has occurred, doomed to wander forever in torment until she can receive some closure.

8. Bloody Mary

famous female ghosts

Who among us hasn’t tried to conjure Bloody Mary at a sleepover or during a spooky night at summer camp? The enduring legend of Bloody Mary has its roots in several different women: Queen Mary I; a rumored child killer; and a young girl believed to have died in a gruesome train accident. No matter who Bloody Mary is, the rules for summoning her are relatively consistent: Dim the lights, say her name three times while looking in a mirror, and then wait for the bloodletting to start. 

Related: 8 Chilling First-Hand Bloody Mary Stories  

9. Dolley Madison

famous female ghosts

First Lady Dolley Madison played an influential role in making the White House the social center of politics in early America. Legend has it that she continues to take her duties as First Lady seriously to this day—her ghosts reportedly frightened gardeners away when they were trying to make changes to a rose garden Dolley had planted. 

Featured photo: Getty Images; Additional photos: David Prasad / Flickr (CC) ; Stuart McAlpine / Flickr ( CC ); The Tennessee State Library and Archives Blog  


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The most haunted roads in the US and the chilling stories behind them

  • A sharp turn in Cleveland, Ohio, is known as "Dead Man's Curve."
  • The ghosts of a Boy Scout troop are said to haunt Boy Scout Lane in Steven's Point, Wisconsin.
  • Riverview Drive in Totowa, New Jersey, is also known as "Annie's Road" due to reported sightings of the ghost of a young woman.
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Insider Today

Fall is the perfect time to take a scenic socially distant drive to enjoy the bright seasonal foliage, and — if you're gutsy — hunt for ghosts on one of America's most haunted roads.

With some help from CarRentals.com , we've rounded up 10 creepy roads that are said to be haunted by ghosts and paranormal activity just in time for Halloween. Drive them if you dare.

There's no record of any Boy Scout deaths on Boy Scout Lane in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but that hasn't stopped urban legends from spreading.

girl ghost on road

In some versions of the story, the Boy Scouts are murdered by their scoutmaster or their bus driver . In others, their deaths are the result of a tragic bus crash or fire. People say they've seen ghostly lanterns, shadows, and small handprints in the trees.

The name "Boy Scout Lane" likely comes from the fact that Boy Scouts of America bought the land and had planned to build a camp there. It's still on private property, so visiting is off-limits for non-paranormal reasons.

Route 2A in Aroostook County, Maine, inspired a song called "Tombstone Every Mile."

girl ghost on road

Route 2A is known as a treacherous road for truckers, especially when its sharp turns are covered in ice and snow during the winter.

Drivers have reported seeing the ghost of a girl on the side of the road and a woman begging passersby to help her husband, but she disappeared when approached.

It even inspired a country song .

"Annie's Road" in Totowa, New Jersey, is named for the ghost of a woman named Annie who, as legend has it, was hit by a truck and killed on her prom night in the 1960s.

girl ghost on road

"Annie's Road" is just a nickname — the street is actually called Riverview Drive. Some motorists have reported hearing screams , seeing mysterious fog, and experiencing interference in their phones and cameras. Adding to the spookiness, the street borders Totowa's Laurel Grove Cemetery.

Drivers on Route 44 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, have reported sightings of a redheaded man in a flannel shirt and jeans who smiles eerily at passing cars.

girl ghost on road

According to one account, the man faded out of the backseat after a driver picked him up , thinking he was a hitchhiker.

The story of the Route 44 ghost was popularized in the book " The New England Ghost Files " by Charles Turek Robinson.

According to legend, Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey, is haunted by a ghost boy.

girl ghost on road

According to local folklore, " The Ghost Boy of Clinton Road " will return coins people throw into the creek. Some visitors have reported seeing the boy's reflection in the water. Rumors of aliens and Satanic cult activities also keep visitors on edge.

"Resurrection Mary" has been known to make appearances on Archer Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, since the 1930s.

girl ghost on road

The story goes that a woman named Mary stormed out of a dance after fighting with her date . She was hit by a car and killed on the now-infamous road she continues to haunt.

In 1976, police responded to a call about a woman grasping the gate of Resurrection Cemetery, which borders the road, after apparently getting locked in. They found scorch marks on the bent gate, but no woman.

Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey, is the road's real name.

girl ghost on road

As if the name "Shades of Death Road" wasn't scary enough, some say the street gets its name from a series of grisly murders that occurred there in the 1920s and '30s . By other accounts, the road is named for malaria outbreaks that occurred in the 1850s . 

Kelly Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania is also known as "Mystery Mile."

girl ghost on road

Paranormal activity in the area is attributed to the legend of a couple who is said to have died on the road after their carriage flipped over.

According to the story, the woman's neck snapped and the man was crushed in a slow, torturous death. People have reported hearing the sounds of a carriage crashing and cries for help.

Dead Man's Curve in Clermont County, Ohio, is said to be haunted by an actual dead man.

girl ghost on road

"Dead man's curve" is a ubiquitous name for a dangerously sharp turn, but this treacherous curve in Clermont County is said to be more aptly named than most.

At the intersection of Route 222 and Route 125, a faceless hitchiker who died in a crash at the scene in the 1960s is said to appear the road in the early hours of the morning .

Riverdale Road between Thornton and Brighton, Colorado, is the subject of several urban myths and legends.

girl ghost on road

One of the most well-known hauntings of this 11-mile road is "Jogger's Hill," where an undead jogger supposedly bangs on cars and leaves hand prints on windows.

  • The history behind 40 of the most haunted places in America
  • 15 creepy destinations in the US for anyone obsessed with the supernatural
  • THEN AND NOW: What 12 abandoned places in the US looked like before they became ruins
  • 35 haunting photos of what abandoned buildings look like from the inside that will give you the chills

girl ghost on road

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The Legend Of Mississippi's Three-Legged Lady Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

girl ghost on road

Daniella DiRienzo

Though Daniella was born in New York and has lived in a couple of other states, Mississippi has been her home for more than 30 years. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, Daniella began to hone her writing skills through various internships. In the years since, she’s had the privilege of having her articles appear in several publications, such as the Mississippi-based Parents & Kids Magazine. She’s also had the honor of interviewing actress Sela Ward for The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience.

More by this Author

Of all the ghost stories, urban legends, and folklore associated with Mississippi, the legend of the Three-Legged Lady is by far one of the creepiest. For years, locals have told the story of the phantom woman and the lonely stretch of road she haunts. Have you ever seen a  three-legged woman? Most people have not so let’s take a closer look…that is, if you dare!

girl ghost on road

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Most People Didn't Know That The Teddy Bear Was Invented Right Here In Mississippi

Few People Know The Real Reason Behind Belzoni Becoming The Catfish Capital Of The World

Few People Know The Real Reason Behind Belzoni Becoming The Catfish Capital Of The World

Pearl Street Pasta Is Serving Some Of The Freshest Pasta In Mississippi

Pearl Street Pasta Is Serving Some Of The Freshest Pasta In Mississippi

girl ghost on road

The short video below brings the urban legend to life, and it’s as eerie as you’d expect!

So, have you ever visited Nash Road? Did you know about the three-legged lady? Did you get a glimpse at the phantom woman? If not, do you think you’ve got the guts to do so? We’d love to read your thoughts, or experiences, in the comments section below. And if you know of another creepy legend, tell us all about that too!

Mississippi is full of spooky tales. Read all about this tiny town in Madison County with a creepy past!

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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More to Explore

Paranormal adventures in mississippi.

Is there a haunted road trip itinerary in Mississippi?

There are actually is a haunted road trip itinerary in Mississippi ! If you like spooky stuff, this one in particular offers lots to be frightened about. You can start from either end, but one starting point is at the Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo City . It then moves on to The McRaven Haunted House in Vicksburg . Add stops in Madison, Union, and finally Columbus, and this eight-hour road trip just might leave you shaken to the core!

We’re looking for other haunted roads in Mississippi.

Who knows why, but haunted roads in Mississippi are plentiful, each one sharing a different tale of the paranormal personalities that are apparently still “living” here. Here are a few where you can take your chances:

  • Highway 90 in Gautier
  • Old Corinth Road in Petal
  • John’s Bayou Road in Vancleave
  • The Railway Tracks on Armstrong Road in Columbus
  • Waynesboro Shubuta Road a.k.a. Devil Worshipper Road in Waynesboro

Where can we find ghost tours in Mississippi?

As you might imagine, with all of the paranormal history, you can find plenty of ghost tours in Mississippi. From well-known cities to relatively unknown and hidden gems, you’re sure to find something that suits your desires and whets your appetite for more. Check out some of the following:

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  • Your Ultimate Guide To State Parks In Mississippi
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Roadside Ghosts: When You Encounter a Supernatural On The Road

Jake Carter

  • Ghost & Hauntings

girl ghost on road

Seemingly seeking a way home, or trying to hitch a ride to the destination they were heading for when death severed them from their mortal bodies.

Still, other people report seeing phantom cars that disappear as they reach a certain curve or area of a road, or even ghostly wagons being pulled by wispy horses and driven by spirits dressed in period clothing.

girl ghost on road

Many folks have reported picking up a hitchhiker only to have the shock of witnessing the seemingly solid, living person transfigure into the image of a rotting corpse before completely fading away.

One such place is in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Tompkinsville is located in the south central part of Kentucky, about twenty miles southeast of Glasgow, Kentucky. There is an old road outside of Tompkinsville that is called the Meshack Road. Tompkinsville is a small town itself is located just a few miles north of the Tennessee border.

For many years, people who have lived in the area, and even tourists who know nothing of the area’s history, have been reporting encounters with a ghostly young girl associated with this road.

One of the many similar reports tells of two young men were on their way to a local weekend dance that was always held in town on the weekends back during the 1950s. One Friday evening while they were on their way to the dance they saw an attractive young woman walking along Meshack Road.

They offered her a ride into town and she accepted. She looked liked she was dressed for a night out on the town, although the dress looked somewhat old-fashioned, and they decided to invite her to go along to the dance with them.

Reportedly, she danced with both of the young men that evening, and there were witnesses who remembered seeing the woman, noting that she was a stranger to the area.

As the dance ended, the young woman agreed to let the boys drive her home, but only if they would let her out at a certain area. It was pouring the rain when they left the dance hall and one of the boys offered her his coat. He told her that he would pick it up later.

The two young men dropped the strange girl off at a small, somewhat run down house along Meshack Road and a few days later, the young man went back to pick up his coat. He walked up on the porch and asked the middle-aged woman for the girl he had dropped off a few nights earlier.

Ghost on road

The woman told him that while she had once had a daughter, she had died in an accident on the road a few years earlier. She told the confused young man where her daughter’s body was buried and he went to the churchyard. There he found his coat draped over the gravestone.

There is another strange phantom that is also reported to haunt Meshack road. For many years, people who have traveled along this road have reported that they have felt an unseen presence holding tightly to the waist of a person riding a horse or riding a motorcycle.

This unseen entity holds onto the rider’s waist for about a mile and then disappears. No one seems to know who or what could be behind this strange occurrence.

There are many other such tales all across America, and such places always seem to have been the site for traumatic and/or violent, unexpected deaths.

Perhaps, one day, these poor lost souls may find their way to their destinations, or perhaps, they will forever walk the lonely roads and byways where they met their end, forever reliving their last moments. Perhaps, one day you will meet one of the roadside ghosts of America.

Source: thehauntedpulse.com

Default image

Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of anomalien.com, a website he created in 2013.

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The Hauntings And Ghosts Of Kilmainham Gaol

The Carbon County Jail

Handprint on Jail Cell Wall: Ghostly Sign of Innocence

girl ghost on road

“The Lady in Black”: The Story of a Russian Ghost in Alaska

girl ghost on road

The Mackie Haunting

girl ghost on road

What Was Nathanial Hawthorne’s Ghost?

girl ghost on road

Annie Lindsay: The Ghost of Seal Island

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girl ghost on road

One of the World’s Most Haunted Roads is Here in NJ

shades of death road warren county history

New Jersey is no stranger to creepy stories. Home to the Westfield Watcher, the Jersey Devil, and the Devil’s Tower in Alpine (to name a few), the Garden State is certainly an eerie place to be during Halloween. It also has some incredibly quirky street names, from Sesame Street in Atco to Manlove Avenue in Hightstown, to the particularly silly Goa Way in Lavallette. But none are as famous or spooky as Warren County’s Shades of Death Road. This New Jersey street is packed full of creepy folklore, with myths + legends ranging from murders to ferocious beasts and malaria outbreaks. In honor of spooky season, we’re taking a look at the history, legends, and background of Shades of Death Road. Read more about the history of one of the most haunted roads in the country.

girl ghost on road

The Shady History

Shades of Death Road runs along the woods and campgrounds of Jenny Jump State Forest, which has its own spooky origin story. According to Atlas Obscura , it is believed that the park got its name from “an unfortunate incident involving a girl named Jenny.” It is said that a young girl named Jenny was in these woods with her father when the Minsi tribe of the Lenape Native Americans came across the pair. Jenny’s father felt frightened and cornered, so he told his daughter to “jump, Jenny, Jump.” As tragic as this story might be, others say there is no sad start to the state park; it is simply named after the Anglicized version of the original Lenape name. 

Read More: The History of the Jersey Devil

Shades of Death Road’s name is a bit of a mystery. It is believed that the road was originally named “The Shades” because of the tree canopy that hangs over the whole length of the route. However, after many fatal events, locals are said to have added “Death” to its name, which clearly stuck.

The earliest folktale originated in the area about a pack of what Weird New Jersey calls “ferocious beasts.” Whether wildcats, dogs, or some other mysterious creatures, the area was so well known for the beasts that Petersburg’s section of Warren County is still referred to as Cat Hallow and Cat Swamp. Apparently, there were enough animal attacks that locals rightfully feared the region.

Another legend recounts the numerous murders in this meadow by a band of highwaymen and squatters. This rough-and-ready gang would fight over women and rob whoever was traveling the area alone, often resulting in death or murder. In addition, it was said the squatters would slit the throats of unsuspecting wanderers, stealing all they had. In return, the locals rounded up the outlaws and hung them all along the road as a warning to would-be perpetrators. There is also a lesser-known report of 42 lynchings in this region.

At least three murders happened here in the 1920s and ’30s. One man was murdered near his car with his jack over a collection of gold coins. One woman brutally killed her husband and then buried his head on one side of Shades of Death Road, his torso on the other. And one unsolved murder involved a man named Bill Cummins, who was shot near his residence and roughly buried under a pile of debris. With the murders that were said to have occurred here, the locals coined the road’s moniker “Death” to warn others of its danger.

But perhaps Shades of Death Road acquired its name not from murder but rather from a natural phenomenon that literally plagued the region. Known roughly as the “Great Meadows,” this area of New Jersey was quite swampy. In the 1850s, an outbreak of malarial mosquitoes swarmed the area and settlements that resided here . As locals anticipated the yearly uptick in malaria deaths and the passing of family members and friends, they referred to the deathly aspects of living in the meadows. The effects were particularly extreme according to the 1877 written account of malaria here . Local Dr. William I. Roe stated that “the intermittent were very severe and many of the residents expected the usual attacks of chills in the spring while a family moving into the neighborhood from a non-malarial district seldom escaped the ravages of miasma in one form or another.” Years later, the state offered $100,000 to drain the swamp, which was expensive and involved. Once draining was completed in 1884, cases of malaria waned. But Shades of Death Road was a continuous reminder of what had passed.

The Deathly Hauntings

Of course, as with any scary New Jersey haunt, there are the ghost stories, sightings, and experiences. One ghost story recalls a car full of teenagers roaring with joy after they spent hours dancing the night away at their high school prom . The night was misty and dark, and when the driver lost control, the whole vehicle ran into a ditch. A teenage passenger was tragically killed. It is said that on rainy nights, you can see a young girl wandering the deathly roadside in her prom dress .

Via the Podcast, “ Talking with Shadows – Episode 3: Shades of Death Road “:

“Death just seems to hover in that area.” 

A paranormal investigator and writer for Weird New Jersey visited the road in the early fall of 1994 and shared his experiences. He heard many origin stories about Jenny Jump State Park but asserted that a young girl named Jenny jumped into the lake and died. He tells many stories of violence and colonial history from the area’s first settling. He claims that the common phenomenon is the ghost of Jenny , who is seen walking on water. 

After a quick Dunkin’ Donuts run and rest until it was light, he returned to the site, where he discovered the rusted mailbox intact. The house was torn down in the early-2000s, and the experience completely alludes to his sensibilities. 

A haunting line from the podcast states, “Jersey is one screwed-up state. There’s a lot of history, a lot of dark history, a lot of legends.”

Via the Podcast “Morbid – Episode 326: Spooky Roads Vol. 5 “:

This top podcast calls Shades of Death Road “one of the most haunted roads in the world.” Along the road is an old haunted lake, and if you drive by this site at night, you may see the “Great Meadow’s Fog.” Legend has it that early settlers partook in massacring the local tribes, drowning them or tossing their bodies into the lake. Apparently, when you see this fog, you can sometimes see apparitions of those murdered natives lit from the sky above.

Shades of Death Road Today

Shades of Death Road is a paved, 7-mile stretch just off of I-80 that weaves through farmland and along a section of Jenny Jump State Forest. Most visitors get scared when Google maps displays the road’s name, while others become intrigued. The street is marked by printed posts rather than classic metal signs because the signs were too frequently stolen or vandalized . With the unique name and nature of the sign, it’s no wonder it was a souvenir locals and visitors would want to take. The road is quiet, still, and silent in the winter. There is a lot of fog off the lake and a general eerie feeling. Visitors report cold spots, even in the summer heat, where temperatures drop from the 60s and 70s to the 40s.

A nearby cave, donned The Faery Cave , was used by Lenape Indians as an outpost, not as a dwelling. Soot covers the cave’s ceiling in places where fire has been burned. The cave is open to park visitors.

See More: Hetty Green: The Billionaire ‘Witch’ Who Once Lived in Hoboken

Some locals are said not to be particularly friendly and don’t like tourists wandering through the area, so visitors should be wary and respectful to residents.

The podcast, Talking with Shadows, says that “Shades of Death Road lives up to its name.”

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girl ghost on road

A Montclair girl born and bred, Eva Grall is a writer, blogger, and artist. When she’s not writing romance novels or short stories, Eva is planning creative projects for her blog and photographing flowers around town. She’s more than halfway through a gardening degree from New York Botanical Garden, loves rainy days reading with her cats, and is learning French at FIAF to earn her citizenship. Follow her adventures on her Instagram page @evagrall.

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Wakehurst Parkway Sydney: Australia’s most haunted road

girl ghost on road

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Auto news : Victorian number plate sells for record breaking amount

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girl ghost on road

Teen with autism allegedly bashed by schoolgirls on Melbourne pier

Infamous crime lord twins jailed for record sentence

Infamous crime lord twins jailed for record sentence

Scorpion unearthed under flower pot in Sydney

Scorpion unearthed under flower pot in Sydney

A car crash in Glebe.

Moment car plummets over cliff in Sydney caught on camera

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Ghosts Casts Lamorne Morris as Spirit Who Sparks With [Spoiler] (Exclusive)

Vlada gelman, west coast editor.

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Ghosts is welcoming a new spirit to possibly romance one of Woodstone Mansion’s regulars.

Speaking to TVLine, showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman revealed that the hit CBS comedy will continue to play with the rules of the afterlife.

“Later on in the season, we’re going to meet a new type of ghost that is able to visit Woodstone in a unique way,” Wiseman previewed.

This isn’t the first time that a new ghost has come to Woodstone B&B and sparked with one of the show’s beloved main characters: Last season, Superstore alumna Nichole Sakura appeared in multiple episodes as Jessica, a spirit who was tethered to a car belonging to Sam and Jay’s new assistant. She and Sasappis had shared a brief romance, but ultimately ended things when they realized their circumstances — she loved the open road of being a car ghost, while he was tied to the Woodstone property — made a relationship difficult.

Morris is best known for playing New Girl roommate Winston Bishop on the Fox sitcom. His other TV credits include the most recent season of FX’s Fargo and the Hulu comedy Woke .

Ghosts airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS; Morris’ episode does not yet have a confirmed airdate.

Are you excited to see the sparks between Morris’ character and Alberta? Hit the comments!

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Winston!!! Oh, I have missed him. Can’t wait to see him as a Ghost.

OMG!!! I LOVE the idea of a ghost tethered to a human who is visiting the B&B…..as long as the writers only do this occasionally!!! It should be rare. But once or twice a season…yes please!

I wonder what time period he’ll be from. Maybe he’ll just be a “modern” ghost, but they seem to prefer picking distinctive historical archetypes. – I could picture him being a deceased 1960s Civil Rights activist haunting a living racist. That seems like something the writers would enjoy.

I wonder if he can be tied to a human? I am thinking he’ll be tied to a piece of Jewelry or something physical. And if they want him to stick around Sam just needs to “acquire” the jewelry piece.

I love how the ghost parameters continue to evolve

“ Either way it’s gonna be a wild night!” Alberta’s line from the episode “The Liquor License.” I’m still rooting for Pete and Alberta to “there’s some movement in that direction,” Pete in Woodstone’s Hottest Couple episode when Stephanie wakes up to find most her friends paired off. Alberta just wants to stay friends with Pete. While into bad boys she honestly wishes for a guy like Pete, I don’t think Alberta is ready to change her love life that drastically yet, so excited to see where meeting Saul can go…

NO!! Enough big changes to the cast this season. You write stories that endear us to each character. Please don’t keep twisting the plots.


We’re still mourning Flower’s absence. Can’t get excited about a new character yet

Love it..The show is awesome and I’m faithfully watching it..Thanks for it !!

The rule is that ghosts are bound to the location they died. The show has been able to play with that by killing a ghost in a car so the ghost is bound to the car. Unless they break that well established rule then I can only surmise that this ghost died on top of another person. Maybe he was shielding this person with his body and since he died on top of this person he is tethered to that person for eternity. That would bring up other questions though. That person won’t live forever so will the ghost automatically follow them wherever they end up in the afterlife? Will that ghost be tethered to their grave after they die? Anyway, it sounds interesting but extremely predictable that the ghost would spark with Berta. I would also like for Pete to move on. Berta has no romantic interest in Pete so it’s depressing for him to pine over her for eternity.

The description states outright that he is a new type of ghost (a poltergeist) who follows a different set of rules.

Why are you calling her Berta? Are you besties, or something? Her name is Alberta.

Sounds like an intriguing setup – looking forward to this, and seeing his character :D!

I think it’s great!! I hope the barn gets finished so more characters can be introduced. Maybe Jason Mamoa since Alberta loves him…lol. And I hope Flower comes back

The show is great!, buut, there’s been more mention of being ‘sucked off’ and it’s disappointing… maybe another phrase can be used?

It’s just somewhat naughty light humor, especially since the older ghosts don’t know its alternate meaning. Trevor does and doesn’t want Sam to enlighten them, because he gets a laugh every time they say it. That plays into his juvenile sense of humor.

No. You got rid of the sweet innocence of flower for some sad angry jealous 3 way ghost love pursuit.

I wonder when they’ll introduce a new ghost by having someone die at Woodstone?

As I understand it, a poltergeist is a ‘mischievous’ ghost. One site even says that they do a lot of rapping as in making noise. But hey no reason Alberta and Saul wouldn’t drop a beat or spit some rhymes. What rings the loudest bell for me is that the living that Saul is tethered to is not described at all. That could mean nothing or that could be very important. So important that they wanna keep it under wraps for a big reveal. It’s fun to imagine the set up. Will it be a one and done or will the mystery living become a Woodstone resident? Knowing is at least a month away so stayed tuned.

Maybe the living will be working at the restaurant? And will become sort of a regular.

Love the show and the idea of the new ghost. Will be watching.

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