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10 Haunted Ohio Hotels: The Most Haunted Places in Ohio

Haunting at Rider's Inn

Scare up some fun with these haunted Ohio hotels and B&Bs

With Ohio’s long history and wealth of historic buildings, it’s no surprise that we have our share of ghosts as well. And with such a wide selection of historic hotels, you can bet that some of the most haunted places in Ohio are hotels. We pulled together a list of the coolest and creepiest haunted Ohio hotels and bed and breakfasts. Are you brave enough to stay overnight at one of these spooky spots?

1. The Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio

Buxton Inn at night

Also on our list of stunning historic hotels in Ohio , the Buxton Inn is rumored to be haunted. Built by Orrin Granger in 1812 as an inn and tavern, it also served as Granville’s first post office and as a stagecoach stop.

While you’re there, you can also reserve a haunted tour, which takes you through areas not normally open to the public.

The Ghosts:

The first ghost spotted in the Bxuton Inn was the first owner, Orrin Granger. Other ghosts include the Lady in Blue, rumored to be former innkeper Ethel “Bonnie” Bounell, Major Buxton, for whom the inn was named, and even a phantom cat seen slinking along the halls.

There’s been strange activity like footsteps and doors opening on their own reported in the Inn’s basement, where stagecoach drivers would often stay during their stopovers in the past.

However, the ghostly presence isn’t limited to the basement. Rooms 7 and 9 are said to be the strongest focus of activity, with apparitions appearing, and one patron reported a ghost cat showing up to cuddle and purr in the middle of the night. Guests have reported strange phenomena throughout the hotel, like their names being called out, and invisible footsteps.

2. Punderson Manor, Newbury, Ohio

Spooky Punderson Manor

This sprawling 1920s English Tudor style mansion was originally built as a private home, and now lives on as Punderson Manor hotel. The mansion has belonged to the State of Ohio since the 1950s, and it opened as a lodge in 1966. After closing for renovations in 1979, the manor reopened and has been welcoming guests again since 1983. In addition to ghost hunting, there’s golf, tennis, basketball, swimming, boating, fishing, as well as sledding, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing in winter.

There are at least a dozen different sightings over the years, but the apparitions have not been identified. The creepiest sighting was witnessed by a group of people who saw a man in “lumberjack” clothing hanging by his neck from a rope in the dining room.

Guests have frequently reported phenomena in the tower suites, in particular the Windor Suite.

Haunted Ohio Must-Reads

3. park hotel, put-in-bay, ohio.

Park Hotel room

This grand Victorian house has welcomed guests to Put-In-Bay island since the 1870s. Originally named Deutsches Hotel, the Park Hotel was quite luxurious, attracting wealthy clientele who came to vacation on the island.

Guests have reported the apparition of a woman, nicknames “The Governess”, who especially likes to appear to children in the hotel. She’s said to have died from a fall down the hotel steps. Another local legend says that one of the early owners of the hotel died by suicide and still haunts the property.

The Governess has appeared in public places around the hotel, and room 14. Guests in multiple rooms have seen the male apparition, and he’s been seen looking out the window of room 17 as well. The entire hotel is very active, with sightings in the lobby and bar, as well as ghostly ballroom music.

4. Hotel Millersburg, Millersburg, Ohio

Hotel Millersburg

Hotel Millersburg saw its first life beginning in 1824 as a tavern and stagecoach stop. With some new construction, it began functioning as Central Hotel in 1847, and has been continuously operating ever since.

Guests have reported seeing the apparition of a well-dressed elderly man, as well as disembodied footsteps.

Items have been moved around in rooms, the elderly ghost was seen walking in the lobby, and lights have been seen flashing in unoccupied rooms.

5. Hotel Lafayette, Marietta, Ohio

Hotel Lafayette

Built in 1918 on the site of a hotel that burned to the ground, the Hotel Lafayette seems pre-destined for haunting.

Durward Hoag, former hotel manager, is said to have hung around Hotel Lafayette after his death. He often flickers and explodes light bulbs, and manifests by flashes of bright light. Elevators sometimes open on their own, and small objects are rearranged as well.

Mr Hoag is said to be most active on the third floor, where a wing named in his honor, though he’s been sighted in other areas of the hotel as well.

6. Rider’s Inn, Painesville, Ohio

Rider's Inn in autumn

Dating back to 1812, Rider’s Inn has a storied history. It sheltered runaway slaves as part of the Underground Railroad, later served as a retreat for returned Civil War soldiers, and even hosted a speakeasy during the Prohibition.

Suzanne Rider, the third wife of Inn owner Joe Rider, died tragically just weeks after they were married, and is said to haunt the property. Guests have also seen soldiers in either Revolutionary or Civil war era clothing.

The solider is purported to stand at the windows and wave, while Suzanne has been seen all around the Inn, though in one specific incident she supposedly answered the door and ushered guests inside!

7. The Golden Lamb, Lebanon, Ohio

Historic Golden Lamb Hotel

As the oldest hotel in Ohio, The Golden Lamb has seen more than its share of famous guests, including Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Daniel Webster, and 12 American presidents. It’s a fantastic Ohio hotel in it’s own right, but there’s also been death and tragedy in the hotel, with some of those individuals still lingering.

Guests have sighted a girl who may be Sarah Stubbs, the niece of the hotel manager in the 1800s, or possibly Eliza Clay, a girl who died of a high fever at the hotel in 1825.

The ghost of Charles R. Sherman, an Ohio Supreme Justice who died at the inn in 1829 is purported to appear in the hallways as a “grey, gaunt man” and conjures the smell of cigar smoke.

Though there’s no word on any sightings, Clement Vallandigham ironically accidentally shot and killed himself in his room at the Golden Lamb in 1871, while attempting to prove that a man whom his client was accused of shooting shot himself accidentally.

There doesn’t appear to any particular area to hunt for ghosts here, as activity has been spotted all over the hotel.

8. Colonel Taylor Inn Bed & Breakfast, Cambridge, Ohio

Colonel Taylor B&B

The Colonel Taylor Inn Bed & Breakfast was built in 1878 as a private home for Colonel Joseph Danner Taylor, an influential 19th century educator, attorney, business leader, and politician. Today, the impressive Queen Anne style mansion serves as a bed and breakfast.

Colonel Taylor and his wife are purported to haunt the premises, watching over their former home.

Apparitions have been spotted on the stairs, and occasionally even shaking beds, though the spirits are said to be friendly.

9. Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn, Hanoverton, Ohio

Underground at Spread Eagle Tavern

The supremely cool Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn is considered one of the area’s finest examples of Federal Period architecture, and we can’t help but appreciate it as well. The Tavern was built in 1837 and is said to have been a part of the Underground Railroad, with a tunnel in the basement to prove it. Today, the Inn hosts guests in five period decorated rooms named after US presidents.

Numerous ghosts are said to haunt the Inn, including an 8 year-old girl who died in a fire on the premises, the ghost of an escaped slave, and Olevia Nicholas, the daughter of a former owner who committed suicide by hanging herself outside one of the windows.

Olevia has been seen walking the hallways, and pulling covers off of guests in sleeping in her former bedroom. The other ghostly inhabitants have been seen in public areas of the hotel.

10. A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast, Logan, Ohio

Spooky Georgian Manner B&B

The stately home occupied by A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast sits on Lake Logan in the gorgeous Hocking Hills area ( one of our favorite Ohio parks !). A murder is said to have occurred in the house, when John Engle was purportedly poisoned by his wife, via strychnine in his morning coffee. She was charged, but acquitted of the crime.

John Engle, poisoned by his wife, is said to appear to guests of the B&B, along with ghosts of a man and children in period clothing.

The man and children have appeared on the front lawn, and one guest reported a spirit hovering above her bed.

haunted hotel ohio


haunted hotel ohio

Hotels in Ohio That are Really Haunted

haunted hotel ohio

Categories: Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging

haunted hotel ohio

Categories: Real Haunted Houses | Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging | Real Haunted Army Posts / Battle Grounds

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haunted hotel ohio

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Haunted Ohio: The Lafayette Hotel

Marietta’s historic riverfront hotel has a long history and plenty of ghost stories. Book a room — or a tour with Hidden Marietta — to see the place for yourself. 

Sept./Oct. 2020 BY Lindsey Sellman | Photo by Jim Vickers

The Lafayette Hotel, Marietta Although the city of Marietta’s riverside hotel originally opened in 1892 as the Bellevue Hotel, a fire destroyed the place in 1916. It was rebuilt within two years, and the new structure was named The Lafayette Hotel in honor of France’s Marquis de Lafayette, who visited Marietta in 1825 during his tour of the United States. Photos lining the lobby walls offer a glimpse of what the hotel once looked like. Over the years, a ballroom and restaurant were added. “When you run a historic hotel, you want to update it, yet you want to keep the historical features … and that’s where you have the fine line of what you change and what you don’t,” says Sheila Rhodes, the hotel’s general manager. “We’ve always tried to remodel it but keep the charisma, the character that the hotel has always had.” The hotel’s third floor is said to be the most haunted and many guests have recounted paranormal experiences to Rhodes over the years. The Hoag family, who once owned the hotel, is said to still check up on the place. One patron had a sandwich go missing, only for it to reappear the next morning on the coffee table. Another left their hotel room door open just a crack to get ice down the hallway. When he returned, the door was shut. The same patron was in the shower when the shower went ice cold for a moment. Some also report seeing a woman in Victorian-style clothing in the hotel. Rhodes says she has never had anyone report anything scary happening and most supernatural reports are innocent or funny. Those interested in experiencing The Lafayette Hotel for themselves can either book a room or visit with Hidden Marietta, which offers public and private tours throughout the historic town. “Talking with guests, if someone says that they’ve experienced something, it’s [usually] on the third floor,” Rhodes says. “A lot of people think that it’s Mr. Hoag still kind of watching over his hotel and making sure things are as they should be.” 101 Front St., Marietta 45750, 740/373-5522, lafayettehotel.com

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Ohio’s Eerie Retreats: 8 Haunted Places to Stay Overnight, If You’re Brave Enough

8 haunted places in ohio where you can stay the night… if you dare.

With the Halloween season in full swing, you might be thinking about how you can fully embrace this time of year. Consider staying overnight in a haunted inn or historic hotel. Scattered across the state, there are several beautiful getaways with a sinister side. Ghosts of decades past roam the halls, play pranks on guests, and terrify visitors who aren’t prepared for the hauntings that await them.

Here are 8 haunted places in Ohio where you can stay the night…if you dare:

haunted hotel ohio

What do you think? Are you brave enough to spend the night in any of these hotels? If you’ve ever stayed in any of these hotels, let us know if you had any spooky experiences

The Ohio Road with a Haunting Reputation That Will Keep You Awake at Night

Three ex-gop operatives ordered to pay $50k for involvement in sham charity linked to east palestine derailment.

Three Ex-GOP Operatives Ordered to Pay $50K for Involvement in Sham Charity Linked to East Palestine Derailment

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Ohio’s haunted hotels: Where to spend a spirited night in October (or anytime)

  • Updated: Oct. 17, 2019, 9:08 a.m. |
  • Published: Oct. 17, 2019, 8:50 a.m.
  • Susan Glaser, cleveland.com

haunted hotel ohio

Would a ghost use the stairs at Punderson Manor Resort in Newbury Township? (The Plain Dealer)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Looking for a spirited getaway this fall? Numerous hotels in Ohio claim to be home to some friendly ghosts, from former guests to long-time employees.

Several of the historic inns are offering October tours and other special events to better acquaint you with their supernatural visitors.

Here’s where you’re most likely to experience a spooky overnight:

haunted hotel ohio

Construction on Geauga County's Punderson Manor started in 1929, but wasn't finished until 1956. (Lynn Ischay, The Plain Dealer)

Employees at Punderson Manor , the Tudor-style state park lodge in Geauga County, have long reported strange occurrences throughout the hotel — doors opening and closing, faucets turning on and off, sounds of laughter when no one is around. The lodge is hosting special haunted tours (plus dinner) on Fridays through October; see pundersonmanorstatep­arklodge.com .

haunted hotel ohio

Ohio's oldest inn, the Golden Lamb, has several ghosts in residence according to some. Lebanon, OH (The Golden Lamb photo)

The Golden Lamb Inn in Lebanon, first opened in 1803, has more than 200 years of haunted history. Among the tales: the story of Sarah Stubbs, niece of the hotel's manager in the early 1800s, whose ghost appears as a young girl in a white nightgown. A museum room on the fourth floor bears her name. (Overnight rooms are named after the inn's many famous guests, including Charles Dickens and Ronald Reagan). The Warren County Historical Society is hosting the Hungry Ghost at the inn, Oct. 25 and 26, featuring dinner and a tour of the inn and historic town. Information: goldenlamb.com .

haunted hotel ohio

Rider's Inn in Painesville. (The Plain Dealer)

Rider's Inn in Painesville, built in 1812, has been a stop on the Underground Railroad, a hospital for Civil War soldiers and a speakeasy. Today, the 11-room inn is reportedly haunted by the gentle spirit of Suzanne Rider, wife of the original owner, "who is more helpful than harmful," according to the inn's website. To maximize your ghost-spotting chances, request Room 11, Suzanne's Suite. The inn is hosting Taleful Candlelight Dinners throughout October. Information: ridersinn.com .

haunted hotel ohio

The Buxton Inn, serving Granville since 1812 -- and plenty of spirits. (Courtesy Buxton Inn)

Also founded in 1812, the Buxton Inn in Granville, east of Columbus, is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of former innkeepers Bonnie Bounell and Maj. Horton Buxton. Rooms 7 and 9 are the most popular with guests seeking a spiritual encounter. The inn is hosting "Tours and Ghostories" on Fridays and Saturdays through Nov. 2. Information: buxtoninn.com .

haunted hotel ohio

The American Queen docks in Marietta near the riverfront Hotel Lafayette (brick building with blue awning). (Courtesy Washington County CVB)

For years, visitors to Marietta's Hotel Lafayette have reported unexplained oddities — personal belongings that go missing, shampoo and conditioner bottles that are dumped out, suitcases turned upside down. Book a room on the third floor to maximize the likelihood of strange occurrences — this is where the ghost of former hotel owner S. Durward Hoag supposedly hangs out. Hidden Marietta offers occasional ghost tours of the hotel, along with tours of the town. Information: lafayettehotel.com .

haunted hotel ohio

A chandelier and vaulted ceiling at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel. (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer)

Downtown Cincinnati

The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is reportedly inhabited by a "Lady in Green," who may be the wife of a worker killed during the building's construction in the 1930s. She's been spotted in the hotel's elegant Hall of Mirrors, among other areas. For more ghosts in Cincinnati, take the Queen City is Haunted tour from American Legacy Tours . Information: cincinnatihilton.com ­

Sources: the hotels; "Ghosthunting Ohio" by John Kachuba; hauntedrooms.com

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The haunted hotel you might want to check out of right after you check in

A worker stands in a doorway of the new wine cellar added to the Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror this year. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

Credit: Bill Lackey

The siblings, Walter and Margaret Edwards, grew quite close working together in their mother’s hotel. So close in fact, that their employer mother disappeared shortly after complaining about their relationship. The Edwards siblings wasted no time in building a dungeon in the basement especially for their guests. The townspeople eventually wised up and took the law into their own hands, executing Walter and Margaret. Yet Margaret’s body mysteriously disappeared, and to this day, local people occasionally vanish.

That’s the story, anyway, behind the Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror. It was launched eight years ago by Fred Messaros, whose own father ran a haunt for the Jaycees.

“It’s a four-story farmhouse that truly looks like a hotel from the 1850s,” he said. “We have an incredible level of detail in the rooms. We want to make you feel like you’re actually inside the room, not an old warehouse or Kroger that’s been made up to look like a haunted room. Our goal is to be the scariest, and we’ve had plenty of people who couldn’t finish it. We’ve had grown men just look at the house and say, ‘I’m not going in there.’”

The Attraction

The hotel has approximately 25 interconnected rooms and 77 stairs. The Edwards siblings' victims were often suffocated, roasted, and poisoned. The staff reportedly found Mother Edwards down there as well, or at least what was left of her.

“It’s an old-school haunt, though there are a few animatronics,” Messaros said. “There are no movie characters or anything like that. Next year, we’re going to try to have a second attraction on the same property. We hope to do five or six more.”

Best Time to Go?

Messaros said Friday nights are slower, partially due to high school football games and people having to work that day.

Deals? Promotions?

The haunt gives away two free tickets every Tuesday. Visit its Facebook page ( Facebook.com/FaceYourFearsHotelofTerror ) for more information.

COVID Restrictions?

Masks are required at all times for guests and visitors. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout. High-touch areas such as handrails are cleaned frequently.

Places to Eat Nearby

There are several restaurants in the vicinity, including Taylor’s Tavern (American comfort food), the Dock Bar & Spirits (seafood), and the Boone Saloon (pizza and sandwiches).

What: Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

Where: 1291 Cold Springs Road, Springfield

When: Through Oct. 31, Fridays-Saturdays, 8 p.m.-midnight

Cost: $20 (regular), $30 (fast pass), $40 (VIP)

More Info: 937-605-1040 or www.faceyourfearshaunt.com

About the Author

Dark View Haunted Attraction

Welcome to Dark View

From the creators of the goucher haunted hotel, dark view is ohio’s best and scariest haunted attraction dark view is now moving onto chapter two this october we will bring you closer than ever before to mr. & mrs. goucher you will get a chance to visit the goucher’s home and see the things the goucher’s never wanted you to know or see concerned things might be too scary, then come visit us during daylight hours on select saturdays for fun times and activities for the entire family.



1119 N 5th Street Toronto, Ohio 43964

You can also GPS to Toronto Bowling Lanes (we are located on that property!)


CHAPTER 3: The Dark View Crew has taken you to the Goucher’s Hotel, a place they opened after suspicion arose among the community about their Bed and Breakfast, where some guests checked in, but did not check out! Then to the trails that they created so they could move around under the cover of darkness to prey upon the unsuspecting citizens who wanted to enjoy a walk in the woods….NOW, the Dark View Crew takes you to the Goucher’s Home, where it all started and they once entertained their Bed and Breakfast guests! You will see and hear the things that the Goucher’s never wanted you to see. More of the Goucher’s dirty deeds are unveiled this year at their home!

NOTE: The Goucher’s Home is located near the Toronto Bowling Lanes! 1119 N 5th St Toronto, Ohio 43964 – visit us there!!!


🎃👻 Get ready for a spooktacular time at Dark View Haunted Attraction!

Join us on Saturday, October 21st, and Saturday, October 28th, from noon until 4pm for a fang-tastic family adventure right in the heart of Toronto! Located next to the Toronto Bowling Lanes on 5th Street, just off Route 7!

🕷️🕸️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It’s a Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Enjoy a safe and welcoming environment for all ages. Crafts, bounce houses, games and even a costume judging contest will be held in the Court Yard! And the highlight of your visit? A bone-chilling tour of the infamous Goucher’s House and its eerie property. You will collect your goodies as you make your way through the Goucher’s property!

🎟️ Admission is just $7.00 per child, so gather your little ghouls and goblins and head on over to Dark View Haunted Attraction for a day of thrills, chills, and family fun! Don’t miss out on this spine-tingling experience.

See you there! 🎃👻

Renaissance Hotel Is One Of The Oldest And Most Haunted Hotels In Cleveland

haunted hotel ohio

Nikki Rhoades

Nikki is a lifelong Ohioan with a love for literature. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Akron and has enjoyed publishing her written work since 2007. She has a love of travel and does so frequently, though she believes that home is where the heart is — she continues to work in and around Cleveland as a digital content specialist to this day, working on everything from commercial scripts and social media posts to grassroots marketing initiatives.

More by this Author

As local travel experts, we know what travelers are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect accommodations for their next trip. To compile our lists, we scour the internet to find properties with excellent ratings and reviews, desirable amenities, nearby attractions, and that something special that makes a destination worthy of traveling for.

Cleveland is a lovely place to call home. It’s so lovely, in fact, that some people never want to leave… not even after their time on this physical plane has expired. There are many places in Cleveland that are said to have spectral residents lingering around, and some are startlingly mundane. One of the most unexpectedly haunted hotels in Cleveland Ohio is the Renaissance Hotel – it’s charming, luxurious, and bright… perhaps these features are just as attractive in the afterlife as they are now. Let’s take a look at the history of one of the most haunted hotels in Cleveland to get to the bottom of just who these ghosts are.

haunted hotel ohio

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7 Photos Of Historic Hotels That Once Offered The Most Comfortable Stays In Cleveland

7 Photos Of Historic Hotels That Once Offered The Most Comfortable Stays In Cleveland

Stay Overnight In A 102-Year-Old Hotel That's Said To Be Haunted At The Renaissance In Cleveland

Stay Overnight In A 102-Year-Old Hotel That's Said To Be Haunted At The Renaissance In Cleveland

haunted hotel ohio

Check out this paranormal investigation of this haunted hotel:

Cleveland has a lot of charm, and it comes to life in an unforgettable way in places like this striking hotel. Have you ever had any spooky experiences at this notoriously haunted Hotel Cleveland Ohio? Have you been to any other haunted hotels in Cleveland? We’d love to hear about them!

It would be a wonderful vacation to book a stay and see this hotel and all the other fun things to do in Cleveland .

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Get the latest on things to see, do, and eat around Cleveland!

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More to Explore

Haunted hotels in cleveland, ohio.

What is another haunted place near Cleveland, Ohio?

Another haunted place near Cleveland, Ohio is Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

In addition to the Renaissance, a notoriously haunted hotel in Cleveland Ohio, Myrtle Hill Cemetery is definitely one of the creepiest and most unnerving places in the northeast region of the Buckeye State. Established in 1822, this nearly six-acre cemetery is the final resting place of some of the area's earliest settlers. The cemetery is also home, however, to an enduring mystery engulfed in an incredible piece of local lore.  Beneath a three-foot granite ball is a small marker that bears a single name, "Stoskopf." Legend maintains that a witch is buried here, and the massive granite structure was designed to keep her spirit from wandering. Local legends explain that Old Lady Stoskopf murdered her family and tossed them in a well. When the townsfolk discovered the grisly truth, they sentenced her to death. When she was buried, she was buried standing up, and a massive gravestone was placed above her to weigh her spirit down. Today, it's known simply as the "witch's ball," and it's one of the creepiest spots in all of Ohio. Locals insist that the stone itself alludes to the horror lying underneath. It's cold to the touch in the daytime and warm by night, and even leaves won't dare to settle on the cursed structure. The legend has existed in the area for decades, but it is very likely that there isn't even anyone buried under the massive stone - called the Witch's Ball - at all. Have you visited it before? We're not sure we'd be brave enough to visit the Ohio witch's ball in person!

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Featured Addresses

Urbex Underground

13 Of The Most Haunted Places In Ohio [With Proof]

Last Updated on October 8, 2022 by Urbex Underground

If you’re searching for haunted places in Ohio, we’ve got you covered! Below are 13 different haunted places you can explore across the great state of Ohio along with their status and exact GPS coordinates.

1. Tinkers Creek Cemetery

2. madison seminary, 3. lafayette hotel, 4. licking county historic jail, 5. ohio state reformatory, 6. eden park gazebo, 7. athens lunatic asylum – the ridges, 8. the victoria theatre, 9. lima tuberculosis hospital, 10. the spread eagle tavern, 11. beaver creek sate park, 12. anchorage mansion, 13. witches tower.

Valley View

haunted hotel ohio

Tinkers Creek Cemetery is located on top of a large hill in the middle of a field. The cemetery is well maintained, yet there is a strong sense of an eerie atmosphere.

This haunted cemetery is the final resting place of the Sauk Indian Chief Joc-O-Sot. He died in Europe from an old bullet wound and wanted to be buried in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Hundreds of people have experienced hauntings here, including myself, who has captured children’s voices on a digital recorder. A young boy who appears at the lake before sunset has also been reported by visitors.

Below are various ghostly voices captured on a digital recorder that was not heard in person.

haunted hotel ohio

Madison Seminary is a historic building in Madison, Ohio that once served as a school, hospital, and housing for families of Civil War soldiers. Many people believe that the building is the most haunted place in Ohio.

Visitors report a wide variety of activities that range from footsteps in the empty hallways to knocking sounds. They also report feeling as though they are being watched. It’s common for visitors to capture angry female voices on the third floor in the attic, and child spirits in the map room.

One of the many teams investigating captured this crazed laughing during a visit. It’s not uncommon to get full vocal tone and whole sentences while on the property.

haunted hotel ohio

The Lafayette Hotel is a great choice for a night of ghost hunting. Its former owner, S. Durward Hoag, is said to haunt the hotel, but isn’t the only ghost that’s been sighted.

The Lafayette is also home to the Lady in Green, a ghost who was allegedly killed by a construction worker in 1930. Although she’s long gone, the ghostly apparition continues to hunt for her husband in the afterlife.

Visitors can take a Lafayette Ghost Tour, which takes them into areas of the hotel that are usually off-limits to the public. These include the boiler room and basement floor. There have been reports of two gentlemen, as well as a little boy.

If you’re looking for proof just spend the night. There’s a large book at the front desk with dozens of people’s names, their room numbers, and what they experienced.

I personally had something grab me just after 3am while I was in bed. The next morning I had a circular bruise my on my calf. We also captured a few voices on our recorders.

haunted hotel ohio

haunted hotel ohio

The Licking County Historic Jail is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. This old jail has received national attention as a haunted location. It has even been featured on the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.

Visitors have reported hearing strange sounds, seeing apparitions, and feeling cold spots. They have also experienced loud banging and tapping noises. Some have even heard voices screaming and pleading for help. The dungeon is easily the most active area in the jail.

The prison is open for public and private tours.

The most common paranormal experience is banging and knocking which has been captured on video various times.

haunted hotel ohio

Ohio State Reformatory, also known as Mansfield Reformatory, was built between 1886 and 1910. It operated until 1990, when a United States Federal Court decision forced it to close. It’s dark past easily makes it one of the most haunted places in Ohio.

The Ohio State Reformatory is also home to the Escape From Blood Prison, a 45-minute spooky walk through the prison.

The tour takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to midnight, and on Sundays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Guests may purchase tickets online or at the venue.

The tour takes about 45 minutes, and the proceeds from the haunted event help to maintain the Reformatory.

Various teams of investigators have captured unknown angry voices and heard banging on the cell doors at night.

haunted hotel ohio

In 1927 Imogene Remus was gunned down in Eden Park by her enraged husband who didn’t want to wait for the divorce to finalize. Her husband was George Remus, known as the “Bootleg King” who amassed his fortune from booze running.

Little in terms of proof has been captured, but if you have evidence please let us know!

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The Athens Lunatic Asylum was an operating mental institution that once treated patients who exhibited odd behavior. Though the hospital is no longer in use, its campus remains an important historical and cultural landmark.

Tours are offered by the Athens County Historical Society and Museum. Tours are conducted on selected dates during the fall and winter months. Paranormal investigators have documented haunted lights and disembodied voices in the former asylum buildings.

As one of the most haunted places in Ohio, it’s no surprise that so many people have captured voices and heard strange sounds. Below are a few disembodied voices from the asylum.

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The history of the Victoria Theatre is filled with cryptic events, including a suicide that occurred on the stage. During a performance, a young man named Vicky walked off the stage, wedged a knife into the seat in front of him, and then threw himself on the seat.

This incident prompted the theater to be haunted, and the spirit of this young man has been seen by several people. Other ghostly happenings have included staff members hearing mysterious sounds and smells of roses. The ghostly presence of the theatre’s founder is also believed to haunt the venue.

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The District Tuberculosis Hospital in Lima, Ohio, opened its doors in 1911. It was one of the first hospitals in Ohio to treat tuberculosis and helped start a 50-year battle against tuberculosis. In 1927-28, the hospital expanded and remodeled the building. 

 Visitors have reported seeing the ghostly figures of former patients in the basement. The hospital is not accessible to the public, and security guards often patrol the property. Visitors will be ticketed for trespassing.

You can read more about the location’s history here .

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The Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn is an imposing building with a rich history of hauntings. Built in 1837, it’s a fine example of Federal Period architecture.

It was also a key stop for the Underground Railroad and is filled with period decor and furniture. Its five period-decorated rooms are named after US presidents, and the building is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts.

The ghosts of an eight-year-old girl, a former slave, and a former innkeeper are all said to haunt the establishment.

41.78585, -91.30821 Status: Semi-Abandoned

haunted hotel ohio

In Columbiana County, Ohio, a 2,722-acre public recreation area sits near the banks of Little Beaver Creek. In the park, you can see remnants of a historic canal. However, it’s not just a beautiful place to hike – it’s also haunted.

According to Chris Woodyard, a ghost investigator and author in Cincinnati, Beavercreek has several hauntings. One such haunt is the “Lusk’s Lock” in the Beaver Creek canal system. A dead worker has been reported to haunt the lock. Witnesses say they have seen him walking along the lock in his work clothes.

Another haunted place in Beaver Creek is the Peters Cartridge Company, which was built in 1916. The company produced ammunition and gunpowder during the Civil War. The ghosts of workers killed in accidents are believed to haunt the building. Some people have even reported hearing footsteps through the windows.

A third haunting is the Mushroom Lady, a ghostly woman who killed her lover with poison mushrooms in a stew. Her lover was never able to remove her wedding gown after the wedding, and when he returned to her home, she was dead.

We couldn’t find any concrete evidence of paranormal activity, but if you have some you’d like to share, we’d love to add it to our list.

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The historic Anchorage Mansion is a haunted house located in Marietta, Ohio. This mansion is a former home to a prominent railroad, banking, and real estate magnate.

Douglas Putnam built the mansion for his wife Eliza. He commissioned it to look like a New England-style home, and it cost $60,000 to build. Today, the mansion is owned by the Washington County Historical Society, but many believe the ghost of the former owner of the mansion still haunts the property.

Although the mansion has been in the same location for more than a century, the hauntings are still present today. According to legend, the ghost of Eliza Putnam still walks in the bright tower of the mansion. The historic mansion is located on a hillside in Marietta, Ohio. The mansion is surrounded by smaller buildings.

I have visited this location myself and have captured some shy female spirits upstairs. While the building is creepy, nothing malicious crossed my path the night I visited.

Below the owner asks if the spirits going to turn the lights on again. Immediately after you hear a fermale say “turn them on” followed by the Oculus triggering in response to an EMF burst.

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The Witches Tower is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. This lookout tower was built in the 1940’s and has a view of the surrounding area. There have been a number of cases where people have been jumped to their death or struck by lightning while on the tower.

The Tower is located near Dayton and is steeped in local lore. A woman who died in the tower has been rumored to haunt it. The building is sealed and crumbling, but many people have experienced strange apparitions and sightings while visiting.

Go out and explore!

That concludes our list of haunted places in Ohio, but there are plenty of other haunted locations located across the country.

If you’re having trouble finding haunted places be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Finding Abandoned Places , or explore other ghost towns across the country .

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Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio | Experience the Horror

haunted hotel ohio

Step into the world of the supernatural as we explore haunted hotels in Ohio, where ghostly encounters await.

Prepare for spine-chilling tales and mysterious happenings that will send shivers down your spine.

Ohio boasts a fascinating history of haunting, with numerous tales of restless spirits and haunted locations.

From ghostly apparitions to unexplained phenomena, the state has become a magnet for those seeking encounters with the otherworldly.

Join us as we delve into the supernatural secrets of haunted hotels in Ohio.

Table of Contents

1. The Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio

Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio

At The Buxton Inn , prepare to encounter a diverse range of spirits. Experience history at the Inn in Granville. Oldest continuously operated inn in Ohio. Antique-filled rooms, charming ambiance, and dining at its tavern. Immerse yourself in a piece of Ohio’s past.

The Gentleman Ghost, often seen in formal attire, adds hair-raising mystery.

The sound of a Crying Child tugs at my heartstrings.

Address:  313 E Broadway, Granville, OH 43023, United States Ratings:  4.4/5 Contact Number:  +1 740-587-0001 Class:  ★★★

The most active ghost in The Buxton Inn is a former owner, Ethel Bonnie Houston. People have spotted her wearing a light blue dress and started calling her “The Lady in Blue.” Another ghost is a spooky cat who roams room 9. Guests have experienced her presence jumping on the bed and sharing the bed with whoever the guest is sleeping with. The founder of the Inn also haunts the hotel and makes himself visible in the different areas of the building. Many times employees have witnessed him enjoying a cigar, and he always left the smell of the cigar while disappearing into the walls.

2. Punderson Manor, Newbury, Ohio

Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio

Punderson Manor is home to the ethereal spooky shadows. Nestled in Punderson State Park, the manor offers scenic tranquility. Rustic-chic rooms, lake views, and outdoor activities. A nature lover’s retreat in Newbury.

Address:  11755 Kinsman Rd, Newbury Township, OH 44065, United States Ratings: 4 /5 Contact Number:  +1 440-564-9144 Class: ★ ★ ★

Punderson Manor holds several spooky stories, and the most popular one revolves around the former owner who took his life by floating out into the lake in a bathtub. When he would be in the middle of the lake, he might have pulled the plug and drowned. During the 1970s, many guests reported a ghostly man sitting in the dining room at the late night hours and disappeared when it was about to morning. Another ghost is a man who wears grey clothes and wanders the corridors and hallways of the building, causing cold spots and other strange noises.

3. Park Hotel, Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio

Park Hotel is a haunted Island. On South Bass Island, the hotel combines history and modern comfort. Quaint rooms, proximity to attractions, and island vibes. Perfect for an island getaway.

Address:  234 Delaware Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456, United States Ratings:  4.2/5 Contact Number:  +1 419-285-3581 Class: ★ ★

One of the most haunted tales is about a woman who was a former governess in the Park Hotel. She fell from the stairs of the second floor to the hotel lobby and died at the same time. Numerous guests have reported her sighting in room 14, especially when children are present in the room. Another ghost is a former owner who committed suicide but never left the building and visits occasionally. Many visitors have experienced music sounds coming from the ballroom when it was locked, and no one was there.

4. Hotel Millersburg, Millersburg, Ohio

Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio

Hotel Millersburg accommodates many unsettled guests whose energy creates an uneasy atmosphere for visitors. In Amish Country, this hotel offers a cozy stay. Vintage charm, modern amenities, and a central location. Experience a taste of local culture.

Address:  35 W Jackson St, Millersburg, OH 44654, United States Ratings:  4.5/5 Contact Number:  +1 330-674-1457 Class: ★ ★

The past guests and employees say the spirit of an old man made the Hotel Millersburg his permanent residence. People have seen him well-dressed in a 1920s suit wandering certain areas of the hotel, including walking in the lobby. He also flickers lights in the empty rooms and creates disembodied footsteps in hotel corridors and hallways. Many guests have reported moving objects by themselves, and continuous phantom knocks on guestrooms’ doors.

5. Hotel Lafayette, Marietta, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

Step into elegance at Hotel Lafayette . Historic charm, riverfront views, and a charming town setting. Experience comfort and beauty in Marietta.

Address:  101 Front St, Marietta, OH 45750, United States Ratings:  4.3/5 Contact Number:  +1 740-373-5522 Class: ★ ★

Situated in the oldest town, Marietta in Ohio The Hotel Lafayette also has a creepy past creating a mysterious ambiance and countless eerie incidents, such as

  • Invisible hands open and close the room doors.
  • A ghostly presence moves the objects, like spreading the shampoo on the bathroom floor.
  • Several shadows disappear into the closed doors and walls.

Some believe that the previous owner S. Durward Hoag lingers on the third floor and made this floor a hub of paranormal activity. Others have also reported the spirit of an old maid who walks the hallways of the hotel wearing a black dress.

6. Rider’s Inn, Painesville, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

Rider’s Inn Rider’s Inn offers a historic escape in Painesville. Vintage rooms, unique decor, and a warm ambiance. A quaint getaway in Northern Ohio.

Address:  792 Mentor Ave, Painesville, OH 44077, United States Ratings:  4.2/5 Contact Number:  +1 440-354-8200

Rider’s Inn is a permanent house of many well-known ghosts, including a Civil War Soldier. He generally peeps from the window, and when any guest looks at him he waves in answer. Another ghost is a female spirit, Suzanne. Some say she was a former innkeeper. Another story about Suzanne is that Some old residents think that She was the third wife of Inn founder Joe Rider. She mysteriously died just a few weeks after their wedding but could not leave the property. Many visitors believe that she roams near the front door wearing a nightgown and makes her presence visible to guests only. Apart from the front door, she loves to linger in room 11 and causes supernatural activities there.

7. The Golden Lamb, Lebanon, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

The Golden Lamb  is Ohio’s oldest inn, full of character. Colonial-style rooms, renowned dining, and a rich history. A true gem in Lebanon.

Address:  27 S Broadway St, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States Ratings:  4.6/5 Contact Number:  +1 513-932-5065 Class: ★ ★ ★

Founded in 1803, The Golden Lamb is the oldest active hotel in Ohio which does not only welcome guests, but some ghosts also. People believe the building shelters many known and unknown spirits, one is a young woman, Sarah. She was the niece of the former manager during the 1800s. The second is Charles R. Sherman, the former Ohio Supreme Court Justice who died in 1829 in the hotel room. Another spirit is Eliza Clay, a girl who took her last breath in the building. During her stay, she suffered from high fever and died in 1825. Last but the most creepy shadow is Clement Vallandigham. In 1871, he was found dead in this room the Golden Lamb. People say his client was accused of shooting him.

8. Colonel Taylor Inn Bed & Breakfast, Cambridge, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

Experience Victorian charm at Colonel Taylor Inn.  Elegant rooms, personalized service, and a relaxed atmosphere. A delightful stay in Cambridge.

Address:  633 Upland Rd, Cambridge, OH 43725, United States Ratings:  4.9/5 Contact Number:  +1 740-432-7802

Colonel Taylor Inn is known as the home of many famous spirits, including the founder, Colonel Taylor & his wife. People have spotted them sitting on the stairs as they are keeping an eye on their former house. The old employees and guests have experienced shaking beds when they were stilling or lying on the beds. Although these spirits cause many haunted events, they never harm any guests.

9. Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn, Hanoverton, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

Set in a historic building, Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn offers rustic allure. Cozy rooms, on-site dining, and a taste of the past. A unique stop in Hanoverton.

Address:  10150 Plymouth St, Hanoverton, OH 44423, United States Ratings:  4.7/5 Contact Number:  +1 330-223-1583

Considered the most haunted accommodation in Ohio, Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn holds many hotspots within its walls, such as the halls. People say an 8-year-old little girl who died in the 1800s, haunts the Inn. The former manager said that the little girl loves to run and play in the halls. Another famous ghost is Olevina Nicholas, the daughter of the founder. It is believed that her fiance left her abandoned, and this incident affected her mental health. She used to cry, scream, and run throughout the building then her parents decided to lock her in a room. After the same days, she used her bedsheet and hung herself in the locked room. Her presence is still wandering the Inn in waiting for her fiance.

10. A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast, Logan, Ohio

haunted hotel ohio

Nestled in Hocking Hills,  A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast offers tranquility. Charming rooms, serene surroundings, and warm hospitality. A peaceful escape in Logan.

Ratings:  4.5/5 Contact Number:  +1 800-606-1840

Several guests have witnessed the spirits of a man and some children wandering or playing on the front lawn. The other reported the ghostly presence of a woman roaming around their bed. The old residents believe the male shadow is the ghost of John Engle who died in 1898. During that time, people accused his wife of murdering him by giving him poison, but later the evidence proved her innocent.

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Ohio’s rich history and diverse haunted locations make it a captivating destination for those seeking encounters with the supernatural.

From haunted hotels to eerie landmarks, the state’s haunting allure draws in curious visitors from near and far.

For those brave enough, Ohio offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the ghostly charms of its haunted hotels.

From encountering spectral figures to experiencing unexplained phenomena, embracing the haunted side of Ohio promises an unforgettable and spine-tingling adventure. Will you dare to explore?

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Saurabh Kumar Vishwakarma

I'm a Horror enthusiast and traveler who loves to explore haunted hotels around the world. Sharing true stories and mysteries of these haunted places with you.

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The 10 Most Haunted Places in Columbus, OH

Columbus Ohio is a town which is full of haunted locations that can provide you with all of the bone-chilling entertainment that you could ever ask for! It is more or less littered with ghosts, spirits and strange paranormal activity.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most haunted places in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Thurber House

Thurber House

You actually get a two-for-one deal when you visit Thurber House because there are two separate buildings, both of which are said to be haunted!

Thurber House is a nonprofit literary center which once served as the home of author and cartoonist James Thurber. Mr Thurber himself said that he experienced paranormal activity in the house while he lived there and today visitors are also experiencing phantom footsteps and other activity.

Some guests have had books thrown at them and they have seen an indistinct figure moving as well. It is a similar story at the Thurber Museum, suggesting that the same entities are moving between both buildings.

The general consensus is that the source of the hauntings is that several people died in a fire at a mental institution that once stood very close to where Thurber House now sits.

See also: Ohio’s Haunted Hotels

2. Old Governor’s Mansion

Old Governor’s Mansion

Without a doubt one of the most haunted places in Ohio is Old Governor’s Mansion. The spirit haunting the Old Governor’s Mansion is described as an African American woman wearing a blue dress from the 1900s.

She has been seen in many different rooms throughout the house and during the renovation of the house she actually appeared to the workers and spoke directly to them.

She apparently wanted to tell them how happy she was about the remodelling work that they were planning.

She is also said to be responsible for moving paintings around inside the mansion during the night!

3. Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

One of the most haunted locations in Columbus Ohio is Mirror Lake which is located at the Ohio State University. There are a couple of different ghosts that are linked to the location including a student of the university who drowned in the lake during the sixties.

Visitors to the lake say that they have heard frantic splashing and even muffled screaming as though the drowning is being replayed over and over.

The other spirit is said to be that of a jogger who was killed close to the lake. He is often said to create a cool rush of air as he runs past the visitors to the lake and some say that they have seen his apparition and say that he looks back over his shoulder as he runs. Is he looking back at his killer?

4. Red Brick Tavern

Red Brick Tavern

The Red Brick Tavern was built in 1836 and since then it has served a variety of purposes over the years including a tavern, an inn, a school and even a private residence.

These days it is home to a restaurant where the signature dish is a steak dinner that is named after the 6 presidents known to have visited – John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Warren G. Harding.

In terms of the building’s haunted aspect, there is said to be a female ghost in the upstairs area of the restaurant.

She’s often seen looking out of the upstairs windows and customers have heard her footsteps walking above them while they are eating downstairs.

t is believed that she is someone who lived in the house at one time and committed suicide after being betrayed by her lover.

Rumor has it that she actually created an embroidery sampler before her death that read ‘Remember Me’. Her spirit has certainly made sure that those words ring true!

5. Watkins Road Bridge

Watkins Road Bridge is also known locally as Headless Hattie Bridge and it is apparently haunted by a woman and her baby who died in a car accident here. It is said that if you stop on the bridge and flash your lights twelve times, then the woman will appear and you will hear the screaming of her dying baby.

However, she is not the only spectre here. There is another ghost story that dates back to before this one, back when the bridge was a covered one.

The story is that a young couple had stopped to carve their initials into the inside of the bridge. The boy was struck by a passing car and died instantly.

Now it is said that the girl can be seen sitting in the same spot sobbing over her lost love.

6. Blind Lady Tavern

Blind Lady Tavern

UPDATE: Closed as of March 22, 2023

Some say that the Blind Lady Tavern has been plagued by bad omens right from the very start! This all stems from the fact that it was built on top of a Hopewell Indian burial mound back in the 1930s!

Anyone who has ever seen a horror movie already knows that this is just about the worst idea ever! The tavern was originally built in order to offer accommodation to those attending court cases in town.

It has always been a tavern, but at some points during its history some sections have been put to other uses such as a brief stint as a brothel.

It was during this time as a brothel that a prostitute found herself accused of manslaughter after killing a drunk who attempted to kick down her door. He is thought to be at least one of the spirits that is haunting the Blind Lady Tavern!

Female employees and customers have been pushed by unseen hands and some have even seen the tall shadowy figure in the tavern. Staff also say that the burners of the stove have been turned on or off by an unseen force!

7. The Elevator

The Elevator

Over the years, The Elevator has gone by many different names, but with each rebranding there is one thing that always stays the same – the clock that is stuck at 10:05!

It is said that a colonel who was a well known womanizer died at exactly 10:05 pm when he was stabbed outside the bar by a disgruntled ex-lover! The only evidence in the crime was bare footprints in the snow!

These days the brewery taproom is said to be haunted and customers have seen the Colonel’s ghost in the building.

Others say that mysterious footprints appear outside the restaurant whenever there is a fresh snowfall!

8. Green Lawn Cemetery

Green Lawn Cemetery

Green Lawn Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in all of Ohio and it is one of the most haunted locations in Columbus.

The paranormal activity here seems to be more or less centred on the main mausoleum and the Hayden mausoleum.

It is something of a rite of passage for local teenagers to walk up to the door of the Hayden mausoleum and knock.

More often than not, there is someone or perhaps something that will knock back in reply!

9. Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital

There are a number of rooms in Columbus’ Children’s Hospital which are said to be haunted. There are some corridors where nurses refuse to go by themselves at night time!

The park right next to the hospital is also said to be haunted by ‘The Pink Lady’ and children staying in the hospital often report seeing her from their rooms.

It is thought that the park and possibly part of the hospital was actually built on top of an old Confederate cemetery which could certainly explain why the building is haunted.

See also: Haunted Places in Ohio

10. Old Ohio Penitentiary

Old Ohio Penitentiary

The old Ohio Penitentiary stood in Columbus from 1834 until 1998, starting off life as a log built prison which later evolved to stone cell houses constructed by the inmates themselves.

Around 1900, the prison saw its heyday with Warden E.G. Coffin being considered something of an expert in penology. This prison was seen as the model for an efficient prison and became something of a tourist attraction!

However, the reality of life inside of Ohio Penitentiary was much different from the image that was publicized. It was over crowded and by 1955 it housed 5235 inmates – more than three times its official capacity of 1500.

Aside from the overcrowding and poor conditions, the prison also saw fires, riots, beatings, suicides and of course executions so it is not at all surprising that the building was said to be haunted by the spirits of its former inmates.

The prison closed in 1979 and was demolished in 1998, but the site where it once stood is still said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Strange sounds and apparitions are reported with some degree of regularity here, especially echoes of the terrible prison fire of the 1930s which is said to be one of the worst prison fires in history.

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    Lafayette Hotel is a historic treasure with plenty of paranormal activity. Right across the Ohio River stands Ohio's most haunted hotel. It's one of the most popular paranormal attractions in the historic town. Amy Farr/Flickr. Address: 101 Front Street, Marietta, OH, 45750. This old-world hotel dates back to 1918, and is rumored to be haunted ...

  11. Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror in Springfield, Ohio: What to know

    Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror in Springfield, Ohio: What to know before you go 49 The haunted hotel you might want to check out of right after you check in Credit: Bill Lackey HAUNTED HOUSE SPOTLIGHT By Aaron Epple - Contributing Writer Oct 20, 2020 X

  12. Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

    Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror, Springfield, Ohio. 12K likes · 3,531 were here. Face your fears is an intense haunted house, that will take you back in time to a hotel from the 1850 ...

  13. 9 Of The Most Haunted Places Around Ohio Where You Can Spend The Night

    2. Hotel Lafayette (Marietta) Mike/Flickr Advertisement Mike/Flickr Just like Ohio's oldest hotel is bound to host a haunting or two, Ohio's oldest town is bound to host a haunted hotel or two. At Hotel Lafayette, guests have reported unexplained oddities for years.

  14. Haunted Getaways for Fall

    Posted On: Sep 16, 2022 Ohio is home to vibrant cities, delicious restaurants, and apparently, a few ghosts. For those looking for a particularly spooky October, head to one of these cities and visit the various destinations and their paranormal inhabitants.

  15. Welcome to Dark View

    From the creators of The Goucher Haunted Hotel, Dark View is Ohio's best and scariest haunted attraction! Dark View is now moving onto Chapter Two! ... The Dark View Crew has taken you to the Goucher's Hotel, a place they opened after suspicion arose among the community about their Bed and Breakfast, where some guests checked in, but did ...

  16. This Is One Of The Most Haunted Hotels In Cleveland, Ohio

    Renaissance Hotel Is One Of The Oldest And Most Haunted Hotels In Cleveland By Nikki Rhoades | Updated on September 23, 2023 (Originally published August 16, 2022) As local travel experts, we know what travelers are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect accommodations for their next trip.

  17. The 16 Most Haunted Places in Ohio

    The 16 Most Haunted Places in Ohio From the chilling tales of ghosts, apparitions, and unexplained phenomena, Ohio, the Buckeye State, has gained a reputation as a haven for paranormal enthusiasts.

  18. Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio

    See more haunted hotels in OH. History. Buxton Inn was originally called the Tavern and it was built by 1812 by Orrin Granger. Today, the Buxton Inn is oldest continuously running inn in Granville, Ohio. Aside from being an inn, Buxton also served as Granville's first post office and a stagecoach stop.

  19. 13 Of The Most Haunted Places In Ohio [With Proof]

    The Victoria Theatre 9. Lima Tuberculosis Hospital 10. The Spread Eagle Tavern 11. Beaver Creek Sate Park 12. Anchorage Mansion 13. Witches Tower 1. Tinkers Creek Cemetery Valley View History: Tinkers Creek Cemetery is located on top of a large hill in the middle of a field.

  20. Top Most Haunted Hotels in Ohio

    7. The Golden Lamb, Lebanon, Ohio Hotspots 8. Colonel Taylor Inn Bed & Breakfast, Cambridge, Ohio Hotspots: 9. Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn, Hanoverton, Ohio Hotspots: 10. A Georgian Manner Bed and Breakfast, Logan, Ohio Hotspots: Conclusion

  21. Most Haunted Hotels in Cincinnati, OH

    One of the most haunted hotels in all Ohio, has to be the Hilton Netherland Plaza. Anyone who decides to spend the night here will stand a chance of an encounter with the famed 'Lady in Green' who haunts the halls. Her story is a tragic one that highlights a wife's eternal bond with the husband she loves.

  22. Hilton Netherlands Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Haunted Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. 35 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA. CHECK AVAILABILITY. The Lady in Green is without a doubt the most famous ghost of the hotel. She is said to still haunt the halls of the Hilton Netherland Plaza to this day. It is said that the Lady in Green was the wife whose husband was killed in an ...

  23. The Most Haunted Places in Columbus, OH

    1. Thurber House 77 Jefferson Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 You actually get a two-for-one deal when you visit Thurber House because there are two separate buildings, both of which are said to be haunted! Thurber House is a nonprofit literary center which once served as the home of author and cartoonist James Thurber.