Lil Yachty Flexes A Plethora Of Outfits

Lil Yachty has always had a great sense of style.

Wireless Festival 2023 - Day 2

Lil Yachty is having a huge moment in the music industry right now. Overall, he came through with a truly terrific project back in February. Let's Start Here sees Yachty going into the world of psychedelic rock. This shift in sound came out of nowhere, however, it was truly incredible to listen to. Moreover, he made the transition so seamlessly that it truly showed off how great of an artist he is. Some may have underestimated Yachty, but they definitely can't do that anymore given what he's produced.

Additionally, around the same time, he came out with "Poland." This is yet another track that features some autotuned vocals with a wobbly effect to them. Overall, this track has become a huge hit. In fact, he got to perform the song in "Poland" recently, and he did so six times in a row. It was a huge moment for those fans, and they didn't mind having to perform the song numerous times in a row. At this point, it is clear that Yachty is enjoying some of the most success in his career.

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Lil Yachty On IG

If you are a Lil Yachty fan, you know that he has an incredible fashion sense . His streetwear style has always been beloved by fans. He is an avid sneakerhead, and he is constantly showing off some great outfits. On Sunday, that is exactly what he did as Yachty provided fans with a photo dump that showcased his recent stylings. As usual, he wore some baggy pants, some fire sneakers, and a mixture of tops including windbreakers, leather jackets, and even a baseball jersey for good measure.

Overall, it is probably a great feeling to be Lil Yachty right now. He is making music that he wants to make, and at this point, nothing can stop him. Let us know your thoughts on his transformation, down below. Additionally, keep it locked to HNHH for the latest news from around the music world.

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lil yachty outfits

Lil Yachty’s Unparalleled Style Inspires 'How to Dress Like Lil Yachty' TikTok Trend

T his year has been an undeniably prolific one for Lil Yachty , who followed his acclaimed Let’s Start Here album in January with a string of lane-shifting singles leading up to the J. Cole-featuring “ The Secret Recipe .” But 2023 hasn’t just been a big year for Yachty in the musical sense, as it’s also proven to be one for the books in terms of his increasingly emulated style .

Yachty’s prowess in this realm has now inspired a TikTok trend focused on showing viewers “how to dress like Lil Yachty.” In @jhalfaday 's original video, seen below, fans are given some lighthearted narration on how to put together their own Yachty-inspired look.

“First things first, find the baggiest pair of pants that you own. Now, get baggier,” we hear in the opening moments. “Next, grab whatever shirt you wanna wear. It doesn’t really matter because you’re gonna cover it up with 100 layers. Great! Now find a hoodie that doesn’t match the pants.”

Other fans have since joined in on the trend, each showing off their own Yachty-inspired outfit with a quick dance at the end of their respective video. See a few noteworthy examples below, including one shared by Yachty himself.

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Yachty, clearly, is aware of his influence. In October, he marked his frequent collaborator Drake ’s birthday by sharing a slew of throwback fit pics, joking that the “ Summer Games ” sequel denier only “ got fly ” after becoming friends with him.

More recently, Complex included Yachty in our annual ranking of best dressed rappers for 2023. In fact, Yachty took the top spot this year, and for good reason. See the full list here .

Lil Yachty’s Unparalleled Style Inspires 'How to Dress Like Lil Yachty' TikTok Trend

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This Is Where Lil Yachty Has Been Getting His Amazing Vintage Gear

Check out some of the shops around the world that have helped Lil Yachty grow his insane vintage collection.

Lil Yachty’s love of vintage clothing isn’t some new phenomenon. He’s been stepping out in vintage since he burst onto the scene with his signature red braids in 2016. Back then, he was wearing so much ‘90s Nautica that the brand gave him his own collaboration. In the years that followed, he’d keep the Nautica in his closet in favor of rare Supreme Box Logos in every color imaginable. His clothing collection is so wild that he sold $200,000 worth of it on Grailed in 2020 and still has more to spare. It looks like some has gone unclaimed if you want to give it a shot. And of course, he’s always kept amazing vintage sneakers ranging from classics like 1985 Air Jordan 1s to obscure Nike ACG hiking boots that we’ve never seen before. 

“I shop everyday. All I do is shop. But if it’s some truly crazy and impossible-to-find shit, that’s when I have to get the hunters involved. But I love hunting for things myself, and I will go anywhere in the world to find something,” the rapper told Fantastic Man in 2021. “I can be in a car and stop it mid-traffic if I see something I’ve been looking for, or that I like, in the window of a store.”

Yachty’s vintage shopping habit hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it may have even gotten wilder. If you’ve been keeping up with him, you’ve probably noticed that he’s rocking a lot of throwback sportswear at the moment, whether he’s on stage during his Field Trip tour or just out around town on his downtime. While traveling across the country, he’s even taken to Instagram to ask his followers where the best spots for vintage shopping are.

His range has been impressive. An Oakland A’s Starter jacket from the ‘90s, tight yellow cycling jersey a la Lance Armstrong, Nashville Predators alternate jersey that the NHL team wore from 2001–2007, and even old school FUBU puffer jackets have all been in rotation. 

If you like vintage clothing as much as we do, there has to be at least one item you’ve seen Yachty wear and wonder, “Where can I get something like that?” We decided to do some digging and try to find out. Check out below some of the vintage boutiques Yachty frequents to accumulate his impressive collection. There are obviously his secret spots that we will never know about, but hey, this is a start. Hopefully, you’re put on to a new shop to find some gems of your own.

lil yachty outfits

First Team Vintage

View this photo on Instagram

Where: New York City

One of Yachty’s most consistent stops while vintage shopping as of late is First Team Vintage in New York City. The Lower East Side boutique is where Yachty purchased the New York Rangers hockey jersey he wore during his freestyle with the AMP crew, Oakland A’s snapback seen during his On the Radar freestyle , a Paco workwear set that he rocked on stage during his set at Montreal’s Osheaga festival in August, and more. He appears to have even convinced his good pal Drake to do some shopping of his own. The Reggie Miller jersey and T-shirt Drake wore on his way to the Barclays Center back in July came from this shop.

“Yachty has been here a few times. I don’t know how he found out about it though,” says First Team Vintage owner Charlie Wanderer. “Like anyone else, they just see what stuff resonates with them. I'm not surprised because I know that we have nice stuff. No matter who you are, you can come in here and find stuff that you've never seen before.”

The Filthy Project

lil yachty outfits

Where: Florida

The Filthy Project is a rising brand out of Florida that specializes in repurposing vintage pieces. Yachty wore a one-of-one striped purple and green Champion polo with a red “17” across the chest made by the brand during his set at Austin City Limits on Oct. 6. He has also been spotted in a few of its original designs including a yellow football T-shirt with a purple “17” on the chest and green stripes on the sleeves, and a pair of green work pants covered in stripes. Yachty has been known to show love to up-and-coming brands throughout his career. This is just the latest example.

lil yachty outfits

Where: South Carolina

Yachty’s vintage shopping knows no limits. Back in June, he attended the Atlanta Got Sole sneaker convention, but he wasn’t just there to buy some new pairs. One of the booths he stopped by belonged to South Carolina vintage shop Rewind SC. The purchases were detailed on the shop’s YouTube channel shortly after the event. The owner gifted him a vintage Charlotte Hornets graphic T-shirt by Salem Sportswear worth around $200. Yachty also scooped up a promo T-shirt for 1997’s Selena starring Jennifer Lopez that he wore during his Wireless set in July , a Howard University T-shirt, and a vintage Iceberg sweater that he rocked during a recent show on his Field Trip tour in New Orleans. In total, his haul was $520. Yachty’s outfit at the event was also just as crazy. He paired a vintage Calgary Flames hockey jersey with Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton scarf from 2003, Tommy Hilfiger jorts, and super rare Mike Bibby Air Force 1 PEs. 

Round Two Vintage

Where: Los Angeles

Yachty has been a longtime supporter of Round Two. Most recently, he paid a visit to Round Two Vintage in Los Angeles ahead of an appearance earlier this month on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. He can be seen wearing a T-shirt that reads “Late Shows Suck,” which spoofs the iconic typeface of Late Night With David Letterman . He reportedly was asked to change the T-shirt before his performance. Days before, he also wore a vintage cycling jersey from the shop while performing on stage at ACL festival in Austin. As far back as 2016, Lil Boat can be seen pulling up to the popular boutique to shop through its curation of rare items including Polo Ball jackets from the ‘90s and retro Supreme Box Logos. A red-haired Yachty even hosted a meet-and-greet at the shop back in 2017. 

“For a fact, I’ve walked in that door more than everybody, second to Sean [Wotherspoon],” Yachty said in a March 2020 installment of his YouTube vlog, The Boat Show . 

F as in Frank

Where: Vancouver

At the Vancouver stop of Drake’s It’s All a Blur tour, Yachty walked to the stage with Drizzy wearing a jacket from local vintage dealer F as in Frank. The jacket was an old Viagra Nascar jacket. The infamous sponsorship was worn by driver Mark Martin throughout the 2000s. We’re not sure what Drake or Yachty’s obsession is with the male enhancement pills, but it must be some inside joke because they’ve both worn Viagra jackets in the past year .

Flipn Thriftn

Where: Montreal

Lil Yachty isn’t only hunting for vintage clothes. In September, he posted an IG story asking if anyone possessed a 3-foot tall Allen Iverson bobblehead from the 2000s. Montreal-based seller Flipn Thrifn was able to deliver the goods while Yachty was up in Canada touring. As a lifelong Philadelphia Sixers fan, I’m very jealous that I don’t also own one of these, but it’s cool to see that Yachty’s call was answered. The power of the internet.

Where: London

Another spot that Yachty has copped from on his world travels is London’s PastDown. The shop specializes in all of your gorpcore needs, from vintage Arc’teryx and C.P. Company goggle jackets to Nike ACG sneakers. There’s also plenty of old Prada Sport and Stone Island to go around. Based on the shop’s Instagram, Yachty paid them a visit this past July and grabbed some good outerwear.

Metropolis Vintage is one of the best vintage stores in New York City. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Yachty and Drake paid a visit to the Manhattan-based shop when they were in town for the It’s All a Blur tour. What exactly they bought on the visit is a mystery, but look at all the bags Yachty is carrying. They clearly cashed out.

Where: Atlanta

One of the best new shops in Atlanta is Good Times. Of course, Yachty has pulled up to show support for the hometown business on numerous occasions. Once again, it’s not exactly clear what he’s bought each time, but we do mess with the vintage Bape Baby Milo hoodie he’s wearing in the photo above. 

Full Circle

lil yachty outfits

Another great shop in Atlanta that Yachty visits frequently is Full Circle. This month, he was spotted rocking a denim bucket hat from Full Circle’s inline collection of apparel, but he’s also scooped up more vintage gear from the boutique since it opened. Full Circle is also where Complex’s Sneaker Shopping episodes with Seth Rollins , Kai Cenat , and Fanum were filmed.

Where: Sydney

Yachty’s vintage shopping has no boundaries. Sydney’s Storeroom is Yachty’s go-to when he’s down under. The shop has posted a few photos of Yachty over the years, including the one above posing with his massive haul in 2019. While the contents of each is unknown, he filled up two giant duffle bags and a cardboard box with vintage gear to take back stateside that we can only assume was full of some crazy finds. He’s also purchased items like vintage Björk concert T-shirts and “Hai Issey Miyake” bomber jackets from Storeroom. He’s far from the only star to shop there, as it has become a hot spot for acts traveling to Australia. Other visitors have included ASAP Rocky, Rico Nasty, and Billie Eilish.


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