orc 42 catamaran price

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orc 42 catamaran price


ORC42 is a fast cruising catamaran, built by MARSAUDON COMPOSITES, entirely designed for both performance and comfort. The open space between outside and inside gives the ORC42 a much larger living space. Offset helm stations allow a good vision forward and on the rig, easy access to the tuning of the sails. This is very much like the helm position found on dinghies. All of this optimizes the tuning. The space on the platform is customizable. The access to the hulls is watertight. Security to thefts with the textile entry door. The rig is very simple: no spreaders (carbon version), lower shrouds and staysail with short and stiff luff, which makes it more efficient. The rig is also quite set back to maintain a good self-tacking forward sail surface. The rest area, very enjoyable, offers a 360° sea view. This particular spot allows participation to life onboard, without getting in the way of the rest of the crew. This is also a perfect spot to keep an eye on a child while he’s taking a nap. The kitchen is really spacious, especially considering the size of the boat. You will also find a large bathroom in each hull. The aft cabins are full of light, with a nice view on the aft of the boat. ORC42 exists with both removable or textile doors, and with dagger boards or fins according to the sailing programme.

orc 42 catamaran price

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Christophe Barreau



I'm interested in buying this catamaran  but have questions

There are many ways to buy a catamaran and the procedure varies between manufacturers. It's a process that takes time and you should not be afraid of starting talks with the manufacturer.

Here are some common questions you might have:

Can I afford it?  Talk to the manufacturer and they can advise you on financing options.

Can I sail it?  Arrange a test sail with the manufacturer, or ask them directly what kind of support and education they offer for boat buyers. 

If you need anything else, be it more details , an introduction to the manufacturer , a shipyard visit , a  test sail , or help with  customatization,  let us know on the Help  M e page after clicking below and we’ll help you take the next step.

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orc 42 catamaran price

Portofino CAT 67

Length (ft):, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

orc 42 catamaran price

HopYacht 30

orc 42 catamaran price

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Catamaran ORC42 fast cruising 2-cabin carbon



13.05 m (42'09" )

7.4 m (24'03" )

1.5 m, 2.3 m (4'11" , 7'06" )

58 ch (58 hp)

20 m (65'07" )

180 l (48 gal)

200 l (53 gal)




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ORC42 6 Pages


Catalog excerpts

ORC42 - 1

English Version Technical Description of the Standard ORC42 Validity Sept 2021-Sept 2022

ORC42 - 2

Standard Technical Specifications Waterline Length : 13.05 metres Overall Length: 14,06 metres Beam : 7.40 metres Empty Weight (ISO): 5.8 Tonnes Lightweight (ISO) : 6.4 Tonnes Maximum weight (ISO): 9 Tonnes Standard Draft (Fixed fins) : 1.5m Bridgedeck Clearance : 80cm Air draft: 20 metres Mast Length: 17.60 metres Mainsail Surface Area : 65,5 metres² Self tacking Solent Surface Area : 35,5 metres² Engines : 2 x Saildrive 29hp Diesel Capacity : 2 x 95 Litres Fresh water capacity : 2 x 117 Litres Conception category : A Architect : Christophe Barreau Interior Design by Marsaudon Composites...

ORC42 - 3

Rigging Fixed Aluminum mast and boom, anodized grey with a masthead windex Raw Carbon Crossbeam and bowsprit with a stainless steel martingale Full batten, squaretop Mainsail, plus a Self- tacking solent on a furler in dacron sailcloth from Incidence Sails Monotoron stainless steel standing rigging Dyneema running rigging LED Navigation, deck projector and mooring lights Trimming and Manoeuvres Mainsheet adjusting with a 4 lines hoist on a traveller and travel car with two dedicated ST46 Andersen two speed winches and clam cleats Self tacking solent sheets on two ST46 Andresen two speed...

ORC42 - 4

Saloon and living spaces A dining table (140 x 70cm) Fixed three-person longseat in Sunbrella fabric ( Colour: Dark Grey) A double mobile stool with Enoa Perfect fabric cushions ( Colour : storm blue) Double Day-bed (140 x 200cm) in Sunbrella fabric (Colour: Light Grey) Ventilation by 2 x T30 hatches on the roof, 2 x T44 hatches in the windshield and 2 x removable plexiglass panels at the rear Surface area : 16 m², Headroom : 205 cm Equipped Kitchen Eno Gaz stovetop, 3 Hobs, Eno Gaz Oven 75L air-cooled Refridgerator near the starboard stairwell Sink and Kitchen tap, bin integrated to...

ORC42 - 5

Furnished Hulls 1 open cabin and 1 bathroom per hull Floorboards in carbon fibre sandwich Bathroom Shower with shower collumn, curtain and tap Stainless steel sink, a mirror and dedicated grey plexiglass cupboard, Salle d’eau standard Manual Toilet Deck hatch (T10) and lateral portlight for ventilation Rear Cabins Double bed (200cm x 135cm x 12cm), memory foam matress in Light Grey Sunbrella Fabric Large rear plexiglass windows with a portlight 1 x Deck hatch (T10) and one lateral portlight for ventilation Two longitudinal shevles Cabine tribord Interior Design Décor in Blue and white on...

ORC42 - 6

Security Stainless steel pulpits and stanchions equipped with stainless steel cable guardrails Two stainless steel balconies on the backward beam with stainless steel guardrails 8 x stainless steel handrails on the roof A navigation compass in front of each helm station White safety net with dedicated space for a liferaft 2 x emergency exit hatches and fixed attachment points located in the forward bathrooms Teak toerails on deck-edge Lockable watertight plexiglass doors at each stairwell Drainage with four automatic electric pumps in the hulls plus four manual backups plus emergency back...

All MARSAUDON COMPOSITES - PATTON catalogs and brochures


2 Pages


1 Pages


Archived catalogs

TS 42

5 Pages

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ORC42 ( ex TS42)

  • Lying Providenciales, Bahamas

Practical Information

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couverture magazine multicoques


The ORC42 is a fast cruising catamaran with pure lines combining pleasure and comfort. Launched at the end of 2021, this unit is one of the last to be built by Marsaudon Composites and benefits from the most recent developments, including the new profiled roof, very neat infusion, multiple use of carbon for the beams, bulkheads, rigging, davits and many elements of interior design. Very light in her double owner's hull version, with relaxation area in the saloon, panoramic views and a full beam between saloon and cockpit, this ORC42 is designed for safe sailing and equipped to anticipate and handle with extreme ease in all weather conditions. She has been particularly well built and carefully maintained since her launch at the end of 2021.


Accommodation, contact the seller.

orc 42 catamaran price

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

The best bluewater multihulls of all time: a complete guide

  • Toby Hodges
  • October 6, 2021

Toby Hodges and François Tregouet consider the best bluewater multihulls and look at the options for sailing the oceans in spacious comfort

orc 42 catamaran price

What are the best bluewater multihulls for long term cruising? The one you own, or the one you can afford is the simple answer.

There is a wealth of proven designs to suit bluewater sailing and a variety of budgets. While we have focussed here on the best bluewater multihulls in production, we’ve also included some cracking pedigree multihulls which tour the planet and might occasionally pop up on the brokerage market.

If you can afford to, then pushing towards the 45-50ft length will buy you space, pace and that extra payload capacity needed to take all the items you’d want on your home afloat.

When looking at the best bluewater multihulls, the choice will come down to that perennial balance between comfort/space and speed/weight. Choosing a lighter weight performance design will obviously help you cover distance voyages more rapidly and potentially allow you to outrun weather systems. It means you can sail faster, with less sail up and less load and stress. But you’ll have to sacrifice some luxuries and need to be quite scrupulous about keeping weight down and centralised in order to maintain high average speeds.

For the majority of cruisers, however, it is the amount of space multihulls offer once you’ve reached your destination that really appeals. As well as the non-heeling living area and real estate they provide, they’re well suited to typical tradewind sailing .

If you’re considering your first or next multihull, we hope the following will serve as a taster.

Best bluewater multihulls for performance cruising

Outremer 51/55.

When you think of multihulls designed for bluewater cruising, Outremer will likely be one of the first names that comes to mind. Its heritage lies in building catamarans that can sail fast and are built strong enough to do laps of the globe.

The 51, the current version of which launched three years ago, is an archetypal example of what to look for in terms of blending speed and space is a dream design for a family circumnavigation.

The French yard’s new 55ft VPLP design may look boldly different from its past models, but the philosophy behind it remains the same. It is designed to match windspeed up to 12 knots and Outremer reasons that its ability to sail in 5 knots of breeze will allow it to sail for 95% of the time on a circumnavigation.

Read more about the Outremer 51 and Outremer 55.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Diego Yriarte

Seawind 1600/1370

For nearly four decades the Australian Seawind brand and its founder Richard Ward have been gearing catamarans around safe bluewater sailing, including performance, protection and ease of handling. Its Reichel Pugh-designed 1600, which launched three years ago, is an elegant looking cat with relatively low, long lines and some smart solutions for fast bluewater sailing.

Seawind also launches its new 1370 later this year, a staggering 60 of which have sold on plans alone.

This first 50 is built from a composite sandwich of basalt fibre, a cloth made from volcanic rock, and PET foam from recycled plastic bottles, which helps to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 50% when compared with traditional glassfibre methods.

This new 50 footer is perhaps a more appealing and practical prospect than Rapido’s previous 60 (with its significant fixed beam), particularly as the amas on this new model can fold to reduce beam to 18ft.

Infused carbon foam sandwich construction is used, along with beams, daggerboards and rudder in pre-preg carbon to keep displacement to 8,200kg.

Read more about the Rapido 50

This OC50 is designed as a more affordable cruising alternative, than the HH models which have preceeded it. This model targets ocean sailing.

It’s still stiffened and strengthened by carbon, but built in vinylester composites with a gelcoat finish. This adds an additional 300kg or so over a full carbon HH50, but cost savings are in the region of $400,000.

Read more about the HH OC50

Balance 526

The 526 launched four years ago, designed to suit short-handed sailors and families looking to sail long distances, hence it can carry large payloads and promises easy maintenance. It looks good too.

Berman’s Versahelm design is a key feature. The wheel cantilevers, allowing the helmsman to steer from outboard with clear sightlines or from the hardtop protection of the aft cockpit.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Christopher White

Atlantic 47

The A47 suits short-handed fast ocean sailing at an approachable size. Lengthening it to 49ft allowed for an aft cockpit. It is available as a sloop or with White’s patented MastFoil ketch rig – rotating aerofoil masts designed for easy short-handed cruising without sacrificing performance.

Read more about the Atlantic 47

A combination of sharp design from François Perus and high build quality brings plenty of appeal to this sporty Italian-built cat. The first example launched three years ago with a light displacement of 10.5 tonnes, thanks to an E-glass epoxy-infused build with carbon strengthening. The yard offers semi-custom construction and full hybrid packages.

Catana 53/Ocean class 50

Catana’s performance model from 2017, sports twin aft helms (which may not suit ocean sailors), reverse bows and carbon daggerboards. The high topsides help create good bridgedeck clearance and plenty of accommodation. Its new Ocean Class 50 seems more in the shipyard’s bluewater DNA. The light weight, and dynamic and modern shape with slim hulls and a relatively short nacelle suggests a seaworthy nature and high speeds.

Read more about the Catana 53

Best bluewater multihulls for pedigree performance

Veteran multihull designers Morrelli & Melvin designed this smaller model for the Gunboat range. It was built to be more manageable for an owner-driver yet still capable of up to 300-400 mile days.

The Gunboat 48 is something of a rare breed, just six 48s were built between 2004 and 2009. Oh, to have a spare €1.3m right now… one of them is actually on the market.

Read more about the Gunboat 48

At the start of the Millennium, Catana offered fully equipped boats as standard for long distance cruising. The Catana 471 or 472 (one or two helms respectively), represented at the time the optimum in ocean-going catamarans.


Tony Grainger has been drawing fast multihulls for 35 years, including racing trimarans and the Lightwave and Chincogan cruisers. The popular Lightwave 38 has admirable performance and comfort, and the Chincogan 52 (pictured) has the length to clock high average speeds.

Outremer 45 G. Danson

With its characteristic roof, narrow hulls and daggerboards, the Outremer 45 is a standout design which has become somewhat iconic. Despite a rather spartan interior, it has been a great success with fast cruising enthusiasts. On board, family ocean crossings at an average of 10 knots are the norm.

Best bluewater multihulls for family cruising

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Nicolas Claris

The Lagoon 450 remains the most popular model in Lagoons already popular range. It exemplifies the VPLP/Nauta design partnership which has made these the very definition of modern mid-size cruising catamarans which can appeal to families and charterers alike.

Indeed the 450 marked the modern look of Lagoon and was the first with interior styling from Nauta. It originally launched over a decade ago as a flybridge design with central helming position (450F), before this ‘sport top’ option (450S) was offered with a starboard helm station and lower boom.

Read more about the Lagoon 450

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Guilain Grenier

Fountaine Pajot Saona 47

The 47 has a modern shape, with straight bows and a reverse sheer line. It incorporates significant volume in the hulls below the bridgedeck to create room for the optional athwartships cabins. Cabin space is a prime selling point, particularly the owner’s suite to port, where there is also abundant natural light and headroom.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Tui Marine

Leopard Catamarans, together with designer Simonis Voogd and builder Robertson and Caine, produce the archetypal dual-purpose owner-operator or charter boat in their modern catamaran range.

Key features of the 45 are the amount of light in the saloon and the incredible volume and space on offer in the cabins above the relatively narrow waterlines. Vast social living areas include the flybridge, saloon and dual cockpits.

Read more about the Leopard 45

orc 42 catamaran price


Nautitech Open/Fly 46

During the 1990s and noughties Nautitech earned a good reputation for its elegant catamarans. The 441 is a timeless example and the 44 can be credited with the ongoing trend in hardtop biminis. While its acquisition by Bavaria seven years ago helped Nautitech implement industrial build techniques, the French brand has retained its DNA at its Rochefort sur Mer yard.

The modern Marc Lombard designs have tall rigs with generous square-top mainsails. Twin wheels in the aft quarters of the Open 46 offer a direct feel on the helm, however those spending long periods in the tropics may prefer the shade of the bimini-equipped flybridge option. The layout is also open, with a saloon more outside than in. Styling is clean, modern and simple, and the standard of build and finish are good.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Olivier Blanchet

First impressions of the Neel 51 are sure to centre on its sheer size and space inside. But as you’ll see from our review of the Neel 43 on page 83, when you sail one overriding impressions quickly centre on its performance.

These trimarans are becoming a popular mass production-built option.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Christophe Launay

The Excess 11 packs plenty of potential as the smallest yacht offered by the big production yards. A little like the Lagoon 380 of old, it presents a good value new entry-level boat for genuine cruising in a more sporty, modern and enticing design. Some may argue against aft helms for ocean sailing, but those coming from monohulls will appreciate the more direct steering they offer.

Broadblue 385S

Broadblue is a UK brand which offers a distinct line of cruising and Rapier performance catamarans. Its staple 385 packs a lot of cruising comfort into its length, including generous tankage, and has been sailed all over the world. Broadblue built its first electric drive catamaran 12 years ago and offers the only all-electric production sailing catamaran under 40ft in Europe.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Christophe Breschi

Bali Catspace

For those looking for maximum volume within 40ft, it’ll be hard to beat the Catspace – although it is more of a holiday apartment than a traditional bluewater cruiser. Bali’s garage style sliding aft door does help offer an enormous amount of enclosed (or open) living space.

Best bluewater multihulls for luxury cruising

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Nico Krauss

Privilège 510 Signature

The 510 is designed to take a serious amount of cruising gear – up to six tonnes of it in fact. The excellent helm station now has a fixed windscreen and all lines lead to hand. Finish quality including the electrical installation is first class and Privilege’s trademark, an admirable full beam (26ft) forward cabin, is sumptuous.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Jérôme Houyvet

Garcia Explocat 52

Garcia Yachts has cornered the market for series-built aluminium monohulls and multihulls in the last decade and this new Explocat 52 is sparking real interest. We ran a full test report in our February issue, describing it as a go-anywhere cat with an enticing combination of space, pace and rugged construction.

Read our review of the Garcia Explocat 52

Built in Argentina, the Antares 44 is the ultimate evolution of a model launched 21 years ago. Entirely dedicated to bluewater cruising, it is the yard’s only model and is constantly being improved according to owner feedback.

Time seems to have no hold on this boatyard and, against the trend, the standard equipment of the Antares 44 is extremely complete

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Richard Langdon

Discovery Bluewater 50

This luxury Bill Dixon design may be a decade old now and into its third iteration, but the concept behind its original appeal remains. For those used to sailing high-end thoroughbred monohulls, here is an option to consider for a comparative level of build quality and fit out when moving to a multihull.

Read more about the Discovery Bluewater 50

St Francis 50 MKII

With this latest version of its original model, this experienced South African builder has optimised a catamaran cut out for the unforgiving seas of the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic. The MKII allows for an increased load capacity, an important point in long distance cruising.

Xsquisite X5

Intelligent features on the X5 include the protected helm station with glass windscreen, integrated rainwater catcher, UV-protective glass and generous tankage.

Best bluewater multihulls for size & speed

Mcconaghy mc52.

The MC50 (now MC52) was the first and promises some high speed sailing, but it’s the open plan main living deck which will attract the majority. It incorporates an intelligent centreboard system, which hardly affects interior space, but arguably its exposed helms at the aft end of the flybridge will not suit serious ocean cruising.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Florian H. Talles

HH in Xiamen is building some really impressive large, luxury fast cats up to 90ft. This was its second model to launch, a high-end, high performance Morelli & Melvin design capable of rapid passagemaking speeds and enjoyable regatta sailing. Features include C-shaped boards and central or aft helms.

orc 42 catamaran price

Photo: Mike Jones/Waterline Media

Ocean Explorer 60

If Nautor’s Swan made catamarans, they may look like this… The Ocean Explorer 60 uses the same designer in German Frers and some of the same builders who worked at the famous Finnish yard to produce this world cruiser. The resultant quality shines through. A new OE72 is due soon.

Kinetic KC54

A young company with plenty of experience, Kinetic produces custom fast ocean cruisers, which can occasionally race. Its 62 is a serious performance vessel with carbon hulls, rigs and rigging, daggerboards or centreboards. With fast bluewater cruising the goal, carbon is used to minimise weight so features/toys can still be added. The swim platform and hardware on the newly launched 54 weighs just 90kg, and the generous sized tanks are all in carbon too. Views from the saloon and forward cockpit also look special.

Best bluewater multihulls for ultimate performance

Marsaudon ts4/orc 42.

Few catamaran builders produce genuine performance cruisers at this ‘smaller’ size: this one is kept minimalist and light weight (around 6 tonnes) – the yard’s philosophy is ‘simplicity, then add lightness.’ The 42 is a cruiser-racer with the ability to outpace most yachts across the Atlantic, win a regatta and still offer some space for island hopping. Standard tankage is minimal however. Marsaudon recently rebranded its TS range to Ocean Rider Catamarans (ORCs) and has an ORC 57 in build.

Dazcat 1495

Dazcat builds fast, seaworthy cats from its Multihull Centre in Cornwall. The 1495 is a true ocean cruiser-racer, which is stiff and rewarding to sail, with direct steering linked to carbon rudders. The 1495 can hit 20+ knot speeds with relative ease, but it is the consistent high average speeds which will attract those looking to cover serious miles. Weight is centralised including engines, tanks, and systems all located amidships to help reduce pitching. Dazcat has a semi-custom build approach and creates all sorts of weird and wonderful craft for all abilities.

Dragonfly 40

Dragonfly trimarans are known for their high quality construction and ability to delight sailors with their ease of planing speeds. For those who can live without the space of similar length cats, the new flagship 40 is large enough to offer cruising space, while folding outriggers and retractable appendages mean you can dry out where others wouldn’t dare.

Looping 45/Freydis 48

These two designs by Erik Lerouge both offer a high-performance vision of ocean cruising. The Loopings were built individually and the Freydis in small series, and on both you can sail as fast as the wind in complete safety. Interior quality depends on whether finished by an amateur or by a shipyard.

Swisscat 48

An attractive combination of luxury, comfort and performance, the S48 is a stiff, go-anywhere premium cat that is easy to manage single-handed. The lightweight build (11t) is in epoxy infusion with carbon reinforcement.

Schionning Designs

Jeff Schionning has catamaran design in his blood. His designs exude performance and seaworthiness with flowing, even aerodynamic lines. On all tradewind routes you’ll find a G-Force (models from 12m to 23m) or an Arrow (12m to 15m) sailing more quickly than the rest. His latest venture is with Current Marine in Knysna, South Africa.

Best bluewater multihulls for pedigree cruising

The long-time best-seller from the world leader in catamarans, with more than 1,000 produced over almost 20 years from 1999. With its characteristic vertical windows, the 380 and its big brother the 410 made the purists scream when they were presented. But the 380 proved a pioneer of its kind. Safe bow volumes and light displacement (7,260 kg) helped its seaworthy behaviour. The high number of boats on the market makes this the most affordable bluewater cruising multihull for its size, even if price range is as wide as condition is variable.

Casamance 44/46

Between 44ft and 46ft depending on the year of construction and the length of its transoms, the Casamance was an impressive catamaran on launch in 1985. The design by Joubert/Nivelt offered good volume and load capacity. Of the 490 units produced, many joined the charter fleets. The exterior of the Casamance is dated, but the interior in grey ceruse oak has retained plenty of charm.

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.


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Marsaudon Composites ORC57



If you are buying a catamaran, you have one main decision to make. Do you want performance on the water and a boat that will get you from A to B quickly (and out of trouble if you need to), or do you want more living space to maximise comfort levels while at anchor?

On one end of the scale are the Lagoons, the Leopards and the Sunreefs (if you decide to go up the luxury scale in the case of the final brand). And in the speed section are Marsaudon Composites, Dazcats and Gunboat (again if you decide to go the luxury route in the case of the latter). And, of course, there are many other brands that fill in the spaces in between.

Marsaudon Composites is firmly positioned on the speed axis: a performance catamaran manufacturer that wins races. But they also make comfortable boats that sail with a smooth ride, and none more so than their flagship the ORC57 which has been inspired by catamarans such as the Gunboat 60 and the Outremer 5X.

Photos credit: Marsaudon Composites, Sebastien Mainguet (Voiles et Voiliers), Patrick le Lay

As Marsaudon’s marketing says, the Ocean Rider Catamarans range are true sailing machines. This boat will be competing in a white hot market against the likes of the O-Yachts Class 6 and the HH55.

The 57 footer has been designed by Marc Lombard who also designs boats for Nautitech and Privilege, so he’s well known in this corner of France: L’Orient. He has done a great job in expanding the range from the smaller 42 and 50 footers that were designed by Christophe Barreau. You can see that he has taken inspiration from the smaller models’ fluid and sporty lines.

The design inspiration has come from the likes of Lotus and the classic 1967 Ford Mustang: form through function. This is a real “muscle cat”.

At just 11.3 tonnes light weight, this catamaran is a serious mover. She’s just over 18m long and carries a 108 m² mainsail and an 81 m² Genoa (J1)

orc 42 catamaran price

There’s a choice of double tillers for direct steering like you will see on the smaller boats or twin aft wheels for helms.

The standard mast and boom are aluminium, but they have used carbon on the cross beam and bowsprit. There are options for carbon upgrades everywhere of course.

The ORC57 is a powerful machine, but she’s been set up for a short-handed crew. There are 8 winches to help you manage the sails: 2 dedicated mainsheet winches, plus winches for the genoa and daggerboard lines. There are plenty of handrails on the roof for safety (8) and a crash box in each bow with watertight bulkheads.

Living Space

orc 42 catamaran price

Down below in the standard version are 2 spacious, light aft cabins (200cm x 200cm beds), 2 heads and 2 queen sized forward cabins (200cm x 160com beds).

The finish is what we would call “industrial chic” with luxury touches. Everything has been optimised for weight reduction. So down below, for example, the floor panels are carbon and the sides in the interior are merely painted with aspects to warm the design up. It’s very effective and pretty cool.

This is one sleek looking catamaran and she is priced very competitively for this market. The ORC 57 is a light, fast sailing catamaran. The design mantra was “Keep it simple and keep it light”. She’s one helluva machine.

FAQs Marsaudon ORCC57 Catamaran

How much is an ORC57? The standard configuration is priced at just under €1.1m, launched and rigged in L’Orient. Of course, there are plenty of extras that you can add onto this, but still, this catamaran is competitively priced in this market against the likes of HH, Dazcat and even Outremer

Technical Specification

Related Catamarans

orc 42 catamaran price

Kinetic KC62

gunboat 62

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orc 42 catamaran price

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The Christophe Barreau designed TS42 is a fast cruising catamaran, built by MARSAUDON COMPOSITES, entirely designed for both performance and comfort.

The open space between the cockpit and the saloon offers much larger living space. Large bathroom in each hull.

The aft cabins are full of light, with a nice view on the aft of the boat. Textile doors, fins and loads of performance extras make this TS42 most attractive, ready to sail ahead of any competitor.

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TS42 specifications

Hull material

  • Displacement (empty)
  • Displacement (full load)
  • 2 Ocean Volt Electric engines
  • Drive: saildrive
  • 3-Blade foldable propellers

Sails & Rigging

  • Upgrade: Fully battened mainsail
  • Upgrade: Self tacking solent
  • Upgrade: Removable and furlable staysail
  • Upgrade: Furling Code 0
  • Mainsail cover
  • Lazy bag - Lazy jacks
  • Upgrade: Furling gennaker
  • Upgrade: Carbon mast
  • Aluminium boom
  • Upgrade: Carbon gennaker pole
  • Upgrade: Carbon crossbeam
  • Upgrade: Textile rigging
  • Upgrade: Racing running rigging

Deck fittings

  • Electric windlass


  • NKE Electronic pack
  • Log & speedo & sounder
  • Wind direction & speed
  • Stereo Pioneer


  • 2 Batteries 115Ah
  • 1 Battery 21Kwh Life Ion
  • 2 Inverters
  • Solar panels
  • Alternators
  • Dessalinisateur
  • 3 Double cabins + 1 single berth
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Refrigerator
  • 3 Burner induction stove

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orc 42 catamaran price

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Asking price

Minimum draft

Maximum draft

Displacement (light)

Displacement (full)

orc 42 catamaran price


$ 2,970,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 2,500,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 1,870,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 1,780,000

orc 42 catamaran price


€ 1,660,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 1,650,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 1,550,000

orc 42 catamaran price


€ 1,490,000

orc 42 catamaran price

€ 1,350,000

orc 42 catamaran price


€ 1,300,000

orc 42 catamaran price


$ 1,090,000

orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


orc 42 catamaran price


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The basic version with narrow but deep fin keels gives equally good performance on the water

Ultra-fine bows with a slight positive angle, deep forefoot, tight hull and exacting rig make up some of the TS42’s assets upwind.

The short nacelle, set aft, enhances the slenderness of the hulls

The nacelle is high and finely joined to the hulls, with the tulip-shaped topsides playing an important water-deflecting role. The position of the helm is safe and enjoyable.

The offset seat allows for good forward visibility, and for a great feel even in very dynamic conditions. The response of the helm is a hallmark of the TS (a tiller-extension will be added)

The uncluttered style is well established, yet doesn’t detract at all from the level of comfort

The furniture is structural, with simple solutions being used (check the rack of removable baskets at the back). The semi-outdoor galley meets with real approval. Note the watertight doors which give access to the hull.

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Boat Test price $5.00 Inc. tax

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The TS42 bucks the current trend of cruising catamarans which have amazing living spaces on a platform over 50 feet in length, and offers you “just as much as you need” in terms of comfort, yet at the same time it has the attraction of a sporty performance and the ease of use of a compact catamaran. Join us for a lively two-day offshore sea trial!

Proud of its origins

The fundamentals of catamaran design are fixed for now! Relatively fine-entry bows, increasing semi-circular volumes and an arch-shape are all agreed on (with some notable exceptions, obviously!) Nevertheless, a more “Darwinian” observation shows evidence of significant evolution with certain innovative designs (and the TS42 is one of these). The TS50 or the 52 stand apart from most contemporary boats by having a power to weight ratio worthy of a GT automobile. The bodybuilding bows, the work which goes into the aerodynamic coefficient and the hydrodynamic qualities of an exceptional hull all combine with a low overall weight to offer enlightened owners some incredible new sensations. Françis Joyon (currently the fastest single-handed circumnavigator) has put this into perspective by putting in several 400 mile days on the boat’s first transatlantic delivery! The TS50-52 has just entered the very select club of the fastest cruising catamarans in the world and still has pride of place, despite the accidental capsize of one boat in extreme conditions (a brutal williwaw coming down off a Scottish fjord). We had been inspired by the test done in 2011 (Multihull...

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orc 42 catamaran price


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