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Our clients find this questionnaire will clarify and facilitate your next purchase for an easier, efficient, and less time consuming process. After you submit the questionnaire we will send you three boat ideas that best fit your inputs for your review. The questionnaire and the three boat suggestions are at no charge or obligation.


Boat Sailor

Sailboat racing: a passionate enthusiast’s guide.

sailboat racing

Ahoy there, fellow sailing enthusiasts! If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a seasoned sailor looking for tips to up your sailboat racing game or a curious novice eager to dive into the exhilarating world of sailboat racing. Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, I’ll share my insights and advice on sailboat racing, offering helpful suggestions and reasons behind them.

Introduction to SailBoat Racing

Sailboat racing is not just a sport; it’s a thrilling adventure that combines the beauty of sailing with the excitement of competition. Whether you’re racing on a serene lake, a choppy sea, or a picturesque coastal route, the rush of the wind in your sails and the camaraderie among fellow racers are truly unmatched.

Choosing the Right Sailboat

Before you hit the waves, you must choose the right sailboat for your racing endeavors. Factors like boat size, design, and materials play a crucial role in determining your racing performance.

Factors to Consider

Consider factors such as boat size, hull shape, keel type, and sail plan. These elements directly influence your boat’s speed, stability, and maneuverability on the water.

Essential Gear and Equipment

To ensure your safety and comfort during sailboat racing, you’ll need the right gear and equipment.

Sailing Apparel and Safety Gear

sailboat racing

Sailboat Rigging and Setup

Properly rigging and setting up your sailboat is essential for optimal performance on the racecourse.

Setting Up Your Sailboat

Learn how to rig your sails, adjust your rigging, and fine-tune your boat’s settings to maximize speed and control in different wind conditions.

Understanding Wind and Weather

A deep understanding of wind patterns and weather conditions is crucial for successful sailboat racing.

Reading Wind Patterns

Learn to read wind patterns, such as shifts, gusts, and lulls, to navigate the course efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

Sailing Techniques and Strategies

Mastering various sailing techniques and strategies is key to becoming a successful sailboat racer.

Upwind and Downwind Sailing

Explore the nuances of upwind and downwind sailing, including tacking, jibing , and sail trim techniques, to outmaneuver your competitors.

Racing Rules and Etiquette

To maintain fairness and safety on the water, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with racing rules and etiquette.

Understand rules related to right of way, mark rounding, and protest procedures to ensure fair competition and avoid penalties.

Training and Skill Development

Continuous training and skill development are vital to improving your sailboat racing prowess.

Improving Your Sailing Skills

Invest time in practicing maneuvers, refining your sailing techniques, and honing your racing strategies to stay ahead of the pack.

Joining a Sailing Club or Team

Consider joining a sailing club or team to connect with fellow enthusiasts and gain access to valuable resources.

Benefits of Sailing Communities

Sailing communities offer support, mentorship, and opportunities to participate in organized races and regattas.

Preparing for Your First Race

Your first sailboat race can be nerve-wracking, but with the right mental and physical preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle the challenge.

Mental and Physical Preparation

Stay calm under pressure, focus on your goals, and maintain physical fitness to excel on race day.

Race Day Tips and Strategies

On the day of the race, employing effective tips and strategies can make all the difference.

Staying Competitive and Safe

Learn how to make tactical decisions, adapt to changing conditions, and prioritize safety throughout the race.

Common Challenges

Sailboat racing isn’t without its challenges. Prepare yourself to face adverse conditions and unexpected situations.

Dealing with Adverse Conditions

Discover strategies for handling strong winds, unpredictable currents, and equipment failures gracefully.

Celebrating Your Victories

As you progress in sailboat racing, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements and the joy of being part of this incredible sport.

Enjoying the Sport and Achievements

Share your experiences with fellow sailors, savor the camaraderie, and bask in the thrill of the racecourse.

Safety Precautions and Emergency Protocols

Prioritize safety at all times by following proper safety precautions and emergency protocols.

Staying Safe on the Water

Know what to do in case of emergencies, from man overboard drills to calling for assistance.

In conclusion, sailboat racing is a thrilling pursuit that combines the joys of sailing with the excitement of competition. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sailor, following these tips and strategies will enhance your racing experience. So, hoist your sails, embrace the wind, and embark on an unforgettable journey of sailboat racing!

What is sailboat racing?

It is a competitive sport where sailors race against each other to complete a designated course using sailboats.

What type of sailboat is best for racing?

The best sailboat for racing depends on various factors, including boat size, design, and materials. It’s essential to choose a boat that suits your racing goals and experience level.

How can I improve my sailboat racing skills?

Improving your racing skills requires practice, training, and a deep understanding of sailing techniques and strategies. Joining a sailing club or team can also help you progress.

Are there any safety precautions for sailboat racing?

Yes, safety is paramount in sailboat racing. It’s crucial to wear appropriate safety gear, know emergency protocols, and be prepared for adverse weather conditions.

Can beginners participate in sailboat races?

Yes, beginners can participate in sail

Avatar photo

Michael Thompson

Embarking on a lifelong love affair with the sea, I found solace and exhilaration in the art of sailing. From navigating treacherous waters to harnessing the wind's untamed power, my passion has evolved into a mission to inspire others. Join me on a voyage of discovery as we explore the vast horizons of sailing's timeless allure.

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How Much Sailboats Cost On Average (380+ Prices Compared)

Turns out that owning a sailboat is pretty affordable. OK, it isn't cheap, but it can absolutely be done on a budget. In this article, I'll show you exactly what to expect.

Sure, super yachts are expensive, but so is everything super (except for maybe supermarkets). But a modest, used sailboat can be as cheap as $2,500 and an additional $1,400 per year.

It may come as a surprise to you that you can get a decent sailboat for as little as $1,500 on Craigslist.

Average sailboat costs at a glance

We've compared thousands of listings, so you don't have to. If you just want the ballpark figures, here they are:

The average price of new sailboats is $425,000 ($127,000 to $821,000). The average price of used sailboats is $278,000 ($67,000 to $555,000). Maintenance costs are on average $2,000 - $3,000 per year, and the average total annual cost is $3,000 to $7,000.

Of course the price of a sailboat depends on our choices. We decide whether sailing is a rich man's game, or actually a very good holiday investment. (It beats driving to a bungalow park for sure - both cost-wise and the experience itself.)

sailboat racing price

How Much To Charter a Superyacht? (Less Than You Think)

Why you should trust us These figures are based on our latest research which was last updated September 26th 2023 . We do this research every year, giving us very accurate numbers and clear insight into the trend of sailboat prices. We've literally compared thousands of sailboat listings over the years, and we've done so methodically. The research is done by our researcher Tay, who is an engineer by trade.

This will be a long article because there are so many aspects to cover. I'd like to spend some time exploring the costs of actually buying the boat. Then I want to go into recurring costs , like mooring, maintenance, and insurance.

To really drive home what you're getting into , I'll give four real-life examples. These examples include every expense as a separate line-item. And we'll go over them line-by-line together.

Then I'll share our exact research results with you . This will include all our numbers: new vs. used, average price per foot, and much more. These are extremely detailed numbers (you don't have to read this if you don't want to).

At the end of the article, we'll discuss why a boat doesn't just cost money: she can actually make you some if you wanted.

  • A used family week-ender with a small cabin will cost roughly $30,000 (all-in for the first year).
  • If you dream of sailing around the world, expect to spend around $100,000.
  • New sailboats on average cost twice as much as used boats.
  • Maintenance cost are 5-10% of the boat's value per year. Docking costs are roughly $800 - $2,500 per year.
  • Sailboat prices have gone up 30% this year.

Lean sailboat in blue, protected waters with just the mainsail up

On this page:

Average sailboat cost: 2023 summary, examples of popular sailboats, and how much they cost, what does it cost to buy a sailboat, what does it cost to own a sailboat, make or save some money, related questions.

Before we really get into it, I first want to give you the quick rundown. So I've summarized our research for you.

Buying a sailboat

Small boats are up to 30 foot long . They'll be very capable and great for solo sailors or small families who want to go on day trips, or short week-end trips on inland waters. Some of them will have cabins and sleeping quarters, although small.

Medium boats are between 30 and 50 foot long . They'll host larger parties and will be more suited for longer trips, coastal sailing, or even bluewater cruising. Sailboat length isn't necessarily the most important feature for that, though.

Large boats are 50 foot and up . This is proper yacht territory, and they'll be a lot more luxurious, and also exponentially more expensive.

If you buy via a broker, you typically get more reliable boats, but also pay more. If you buy off of Craigslist, you get a fat discount, but there are more lemons on there too.

You could hire a boat surveyor who will inspect the boat before you buy it (much like when you buy a house). Those surveys are not very expensive and can be worth your money.

Owning a sailboat

There are a lot of costs involved with simply owning a boat. The biggest expenses will be docking and maintenance.

Those two alone will account for roughly 80% of your yearly expenses.

  • Maintenance : 5-10% of the boat's value
  • Docking : $800-$2,500 per year on average, depeding on location

If we want to know what we're getting ourselves into, we should know every expense to the dot.

Below, we'll go over four very different case studies. I'm hoping one of these will relate to your specific situation. It'll show you what to expect and how to budget for your purchase.

The four sailboat case studies

  • What does it cost if you want to keep your boat in good shape and have a good sailing experience? - aka: most people
  • What does it cost if you ONLY spend the absolute minimum amount to keep her floating?
  • If I want to sail the world on a budget, what's the absolute minimum?
  • If sailing is more of a status thing to you, how much money COULD you spend?

There are a lot of great boats out there for a good price and there are also some boats that are so expensive (or so cheap), it's not even fun to look at them.

But one thing's for sure: there are plenty of boats available, and even if you're on a very tight budget, you could absolutely still make it work. Sailing in and of itself is actually not that expensive: wind is free, water is free, boats can be cheap - if you're willing to look around a bit. It's all the little extras that add up quickly.

Listed below are 4 boats that make great beginner boats. Since more than 80% of all boats that are bought are second-hand, I'll use the prices of used boats I found on Craigslist.

If you want to know exactly where the numbers come from, don't worry, I'll explain them after the 4 examples.

1. Island Packet 26' for stressless weekends on the lake

The one-time costs are $24,860 Your total recurring costs are $5,650 per year, or $471 per month

Let's say you're like me and most other people and just want a nice boat without too much hassle. So you pay people for complex maintenance. You do the required maintenance and save up for future repairs. You do a little yourself, which saves you a couple of hundred of bucks a year. You also join a (cheap) sailing club to learn how to not trash the boat. You get the right trailer, and you save up some money for future repairs. You don't want to buy a bad boat, so you pay a fair purchase price

One-Time Costs:

Recurring costs:, 2. extreme low budget catalina 22'.

Catlina 22 white sailboat in marina

Ok, I'm very interested in how cheap you could actually go (in theory). Is it do-able to buy a very cheap sailboat and just keep her afloat, never change sails, and only pay for maintenance that is absolutely necessary to not sink?

In this scenario, I don't care about speed, so I don't change sails. I certainly won't join a sailing club, and I try to save some money on the marina by boondocking. I also happen to live in a cheap state registration and tax-wise.

Docking costs can get out of hand For an average sailboat, depending on your area and wishes, up to $5,000/year . Read everything about docking costs

I try to pay as little as possible for the boat itself (and I've actually found a Catalina 22 for $2,250 on Craigslist today!). I don't save up for rigging and hardware (tomorrows' worries). I try to get an extra 2 years out of my bottom paint and I only do the essential repairs, and I do them myself. But because I saved so much on the purchase, this little boat needs a lot of maintenance.

Luckily, I have time on my hands and know my way around engines and rigging, so I do all of it myself (with the help of YouTube).

I don't bother with winterizing my boat, I'll just sail somewhere warm. Oh, and I'll use the engine as little as possible to save on gas.

Will your boat be happy? Definitely not, but your wallet will be (for now). Can it be done? It's optimistic, but yes, I think it can be done. But you have to be mechanically inclined, and pretty creative.

The one-time costs are $2,428 Your total recurring costs are $1,380 per year, or $115 per month

Recurring Costs

3. low budget 35' ocean cruiser for traveling the world.

sailboat racing price

If you dream of crossing oceans, you need a comfortable ride. Usually, most sailors pick a boat that's between 32' - 50' for two person ocean cruising. Anything under 32' gets pretty uncomfortable in high waves, although it can be done.

But this is also the range that gets expensive - quickly . So if we're on a tight budget, but also need a good and reliable boat: how much will it cost?

The boat will cost you $35,000. For this price, I've seen a beautiful 1983 wooden cutter (by Robert Tucker), multiple Beneteau Oceanis from '88 - '89, multiple Bavarias ... plenty of solid choices on the second-hand market here.

In this example, you don't join any sailing clubs (I assume you're pretty experienced if you want to cross oceans). You also don't winterize (you're sailing the Caribbean by now). No trailer, as you won't haul it out of the water any time soon.

You do pay a fair price for the boat because you don't want any surprises during your Tour du Monde. In need of a lot of bottom paint , since you're in saltwater most of the time. It's also a good idea to invest in at least SOME navigation equipment, so for $500 I've added a simple but capable GPS chartplotter and compass.

You can get a cheap but reliable chartplotter and compass for less than $500 - in total. If you want to learn more, head over to the recommended gear section .

The one-time costs are $37,590 Your total recurring costs are $5,425 per year, or $452 per month

4. Powerful 40' Yacht (and everything that goes with it)

Saloon of large yacht ready for dinner

Let's say you're in the game for the fame. What does it cost me to own a grande yacht with all luxuries (and costs) that go with it?

I join an expensive sailing club, hire pros that maintain the thing beautifully, and I also pay for winterization, the best trailer I can find. I replace my sails and running rigging every 5 years - since speed matters to me. Because she's my pride, I paint her every year. I spend an additional 500 bucks a year on special soaps and waxes.

I want a prime mooring location, so I pay a premium. I also get a small boat to hang from the large boat, to get to shore more quickly.

The one-time costs are $166,400 Your total recurring costs are $15,150 per year, or $1,263 per month

There are a couple of important factors that determine how much money you end up spending.

  • Size - length determines mooring costs, insurance, amount of paint on your hull, literally everything gets more expensive with every foot of length
  • New vs. used - of course, it makes all the difference whether you buy new or used. Typically, the price of a 25-year old used sailboat vs. a comparable new one is 3-4 times lower ($60,000 vs $200,000).

With used sailboats, I find that the price generally increases rapidly from 30 feet onwards

It's the same with new sailboats - or actually, it keeps increasing with every extra couple of feet. The reason is that as the boat gets bigger, it also gets more luxurious (upholstery, finishing, equipment).

The average price of a new sailboat per foot in USD:

  • under 30 ft: $3,217 per ft
  • 30 - 50 ft: $7,625 - $11,128 ft
  • over 50 ft: $14,927 - $78,033 per ft

On average, second-hand sailboats go at 1/3 - 1/4 of the cost of a new boat:

  • under 30 ft: $1,773 per ft
  • 30 - 50 ft: $6,473 per ft
  • over 50 ft: $10,091 - $36,889 per ft

If this is too much for you, you could always rent a boat instead. I recommend chartering. You can get great sailboats at great prices. Check out my charter recommendation here .

sailboat racing price

Cost of buying a sailboat

Price of new sailboats.

I've looked at the prices of thousands of yachts (really) on one of the largest yacht marketplaces in the world (- not manually, don't worry: with the help of their search function). This is what I came up with:

Source: Q3 2023

The price of new sailboats ranges from roughly $1,765 - $78,033 per foot. I've used these numbers to calculate the following list:

Prices per foot in USD

Here's the detailed price per foot for all lengths from 20 to 100 feet:

Price of used sailboats

We did the same for used sailboats, comparing thousands of listings. Here are the complete data:

Source: Yachtworld Q3 2023

The price of used sailboats ranges from roughly $882-$36,889 per foot . Here's the detailed price per foot for all lengths from 20 to 100 feet:

Prices on Craigslist

The price of used sailboats ranges from roughly $476-$2,098 per foot.

To get an average of the price of a used sailboat, I went over to Craigslist. I took the first 20 relevant search results for sailboats under, and over 30 feet.

Of course, the averages here are very speculative, as prices vary from day to day. But it gives a broad range of what to expect.

Over 50 feet, listings become meagre. I believe people tend to not place their 80-ft sailboats on Craigslist, but sell it through a broker instead.

Median Craigslist price of a used sailboat:

  • under 30 ft: $11,065
  • over 30 ft: $87,020

I've calculated the median price , not the average. The median is the price that's most common within the price range. This way the highest and lowest prices don't have as much impact.

Average Craigslist price-per-foot of a used sailboat:

  • under 30 ft: $476 per ft
  • over 30 ft: $2,098 per ft

This is what I found on Craigslist under 30 feet:

Washington dc.

Source: Craigslist Washington DC Q3 2023

Los Angeles

Source: Craigslist Los Angeles Q3 2023

Source: Craigslist Houston Q3 2023

South Florida

Source: Craigslist Miami Q3 2023

Source: Craigslist New York Q3 2023

Here's what I found for 30 feet and up:

Sailboat price development.

Compared to our 2022 research, the median price of new sailboats has gone up 22.5% (from $251,000 to $307,500). The average price has gone up 33.6% (from $248,000 to $331,250).

The average price of used sailboats under 30 ft on Craigslist has gone up 30% (from $8,500 to $11,000).

Sailboat prices research archive

You can check our earlier research data here:

  • 2022 average sailboat price data
  • 2019 average sailboat price data

sailboat racing price

Catamarans are 60% more expensive

If you dream of owning a catamaran, you should expect to pay roughly 60% more for the boat, and 60% more on annual cost like upkeep and mooring. There are exceptions, of course, and for some boat lengths, new catamarans may be slightly more affordable than a monohull.

I've researched thousands of catamaran listings as well to come up with those numbers. The exact numbers are summarized in my guide on the average cost of buying and owning a catamaran. It's very similar to this article, so if you like this and are curious about catamaran prices as well, I encourage you to check it out.

sailboat racing price

Average Cost of Buying & Owning a Catamaran (With 4 Examples)

So let's take a quick look at the costs for owning a sailboat.

One-time costs:

  • Registration : costs of registration differ per state, but usually run anywhere from $3 - $10 per foot.
  • Taxes : differs per state and country. Most governments want you to pay property tax and sales tax. Sales tax is usually about 5%. Property tax varies and is more complex, so I'll leave that up to you to figure out.
  • Trailer : $1,000
  • Sailing club initiation fee : $1,500 - $4,000

Recurring costs:

  • Mooring : $10-15 per foot per year (can be much higher for prime locations)
  • Insurance : typically 1.5% of the total value of the boat. So a $50,000 26' cruiser will cost 750 bucks.
  • Maintenance : a good rule of thumb is 10% of the boat value. Expect to spend anywhere between $500 - $2,500 per year for small to mid-sized boats.
  • Fuel : depends on how much you use the boat and the engine, but on average something between $100 - $150. - Find out how much fuel a sailboat uses in my article here (opens in new tab).
  • International License : if you want to sail on international waters, you have to get your ICC (International Certificate of Competence ). Plan on spending anywhere between 400 to 500 dollars.
  • Safety equipment : plan on spending anywhere between 150 to 600 bucks for lifejackets, first aid kit, and distress signals.
  • Winterize boat : $2,000
  • Sailing club: $800 - $1,500

sailboat racing price

Cost of owning a boat

Horizon of masts in marina


Your average maintenance cost will be roughly $144 dollars per month for boats under 30', or just under $2,000 per year.

Maintenance involves a lot of hidden costs We took an in-depth look at everything . The result is a comprehensive article that lays it all out for new boat owners. Read all about maintenance costs

Gas engines run for about 1,500 hours, diesel engines run for 5,000. After that, you'll need to change them out.

Most engines will last you about 20 years.

A standard 15HP or 20HP outboard gas engine will cost you about $5,000 - $6,000 and needs replacing every 20 years or so. If you do the work yourself, it's more something like $1,000 - $1,500.

A smaller engine uses less fuel, reducing your total cost You can actually use a pretty small engine for most sailboats. To learn how small (and efficient) you can go, I've written a guide on how to calculate it yourself. Read all about outboard engine size

Replacing the sails and rigging

Most people that own a sailboat will have to replace the sails and rigging at least once in their lifetime. Replacing the mast is uncommon, but if you're unlucky and get demasted, it will need to be fixed. So I've added it to the "be aware this might happen" list - but won't add it to the monthly recurring costs.

If you need to replace the mast and boom, prepare to spend anywhere between $15,000 - $25,000.

I won't go into detail, but I have written a long article about the cost of new sails (opens in new tab). It's a really helpful post (with a formula) if you want to know what to expect.

Good quality cruising sails will need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

The cost of new sails is on average:

  • 26' Bermuda Sloop rig will cost you about $1,000 - $2,500.
  • 34' Bermuda Sloop rig will cost you about $3,000 - $5,000.

The cost of the new rigging is on average:

  • Standing rigging - every 10 years at $4,000
  • Running rigging - every 5-10 years at $5,000

Bottom Paint

Your boat will need bottom paint roughly every 2 years (could be longer, but to be safe, let's keep it at two). It's also called antifouling paint because it helps to protect your hull from weeds, barnacles, and so on. Barnacles can slice through your boat's bellow! So you don't want them on there.

On average, it costs about $15 to $20 per foot to get your sailboat hull painted professionally.

For a 26' sailboat, that's just 500 bucks. Money well spent.

Replacing safety equipment

USCG safety regulations require you to replace safety gear regularly.

  • Lifejackets have to be replaced every 10 years.
  • Flares have to be replaced every 42 months. You could consider buying a LED electric distress light instead, which will last you a lifetime.
  • If you carry a life-raft you'll need to replace that every 12 years as well.

Adhering to the minimum safety requirements shouldn't cost you more than 150 - 250 dollars every 5 years. But if you want the good stuff, need more fire extinguishers, plan on spending more like $600. If you want a life raft, that's another $1,500.

To avoid you have to go cheap on your safety gear, I've put it in the budget for $500.

If you want to know exactly what the USCG safety requirements are, including checklists , definitely check out my article here.

Winterizing your boat

Winterization is an often overlooked cost, but it can be one of the largest expenses each year. If you're like me, and not so lucky to live in Florida, you need to winterize your boat.

Failing to winterize it will increase your maintenance cost over time, as the engine wears out more quickly, and your plumbing and equipment will fall apart. Winter storms and ice can damage the hull and mast as well. Learn all about the dangers of failing to winterize here .

It's the best way to protect your boat in wintertime, period.

It consists of two parts:

  • Winterizing - costs $500 to $1000 - This is the preparation for winter storage. You flush the cooling system with anti-freeze, and the boat gets wrapped in a shrink wrap cover.
  • Winter storage - costs $50 per ft on average

Boat wrapped in white shrink wrap

Some other maintenance costs:

  • Batteries: deep cycle batteries need replacing every 4-6 years at $600
  • Deck hardware: every 20-30 years (bullseyes, tiller, eye straps) at $1,500

Joining a Sailing Club

If you're new to sailing, you might want to consider joining a sailboat club. This might help you to get tips, make friends, and learn in a safe environment. Most clubs also organize races, which are a great way to quickly improve your sailing skills.

But it comes at a cost. Sailing clubs are very expensive.

Initiation fees range anywhere between $1,000 - $4,000. But that's not all.

Then there's an annual fee of $500 - $1,000 per year. And lot's of additional fees: for dining, lockers, etc.

If you're willing to skip Christmas, go for it.

How about making up for some of those losses? There's just no better feeling than earning back all that cash with the same thing that you've spent it on in the first place.

There are lot's of ways to earn a little extra with your boat - if you're willing to put in the effort. Here are a few ideas:

  • hire yourself out as the captain of a personalized cruise (for families, newly-weds, groups of colleagues)
  • take people to go fishing
  • hire your boat out to yacht charter companies
  • teach someone to sail
  • take photographers, film crews, and artists on tours
  • organize dolphin and whale watching tours
  • delivery of cargo - some places just can't be reached by car, for example, the city center of Giethoorn (Dutch Venice). So you have a competitive edge here!

Giethoorn, farmers manors standing besides water way (no road)

Some ideas to save money:

  • install solar panels (no more dock power)
  • buy a and cheap small boat (kayak or someting) to get to offshore anchorage (which are cheaper)
  • shop around for insurance
  • get gas at the gas station, not the marina
  • do your own maintenance as much as possible
  • find a friend with water access to avoid mooring
  • use it a lot (prevents stuff from breaking)
  • fix things that are broken immediately
  • keep your sails out of the sun
  • do your own upgrades
For example, convert your winches to self-tailing yourself. I was really surprised by how cheaply this can be done yourself. Read my article on how to do it here (opens in new tab).

How much does it cost to paint a boat hull? Painting a boat hull with antifouling paint will usually cost between $15 - $20 per feet. For example, a 25-foot sailboat will cost roughly $500. A 35-foot sailboat will cost $800 to repaint. You can get premium paints and services, which can quadruple the cost. Typically, a boat needs to be repainted every two years.

Why are used sailboats so cheap? Sailboats require a lot of skill and patience. They can be quite expensive to maintain and to keep in slip. Some people find they can't afford the marina rent, upkeep, and other costs; sometimes they simply don't want to; others don't want to sail anymore. In some cases, expensive and important parts are missing.

How much does it cost to charter a sailboat? The price of a charter depends on location, size of the vessel, crew or bareboat chartering, and so on. However, on average, a bareboat yacht charter will cost anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000 per week. Crewed charters cost anywhere between $10,000 - $15,000 per week. Superyachts may cost up to $150,000 per week.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Bazard for letting me use his wrapped boat photo under CC BY-SA 3.0

Pinterest image for How Much Sailboats Cost On Average (380+ Prices Compared)

Excellent write up. This is honestly the type of information that’s hard to find as you’re trying to get into sailing. I’m a car guy. People think of car collecting like Jay Leno, but it can be done cheaply. I get the impression sailing is the same way.

Shawn Buckles

Hi Stephen, thanks a lot for your kind words, really appreciate it! It really is kind of the same, it’s all about how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. As with anything, lots can be achieved with energy and attention.

Thanks again.

Serious question. Why are you buying a trailer for a 40 ft yacht? That doesn’t even make sense.

Hi Christian, thanks for the remark. 40 ft boat trailers do actually exist, although I agree that most people probably won’t trailer a 40 ft yacht.

Thank a lot for the very useful information„ now you caused me to start thinking why don’t I start sailing lessons to do round the world in a sail boat ( instead of an aircraft)

Hello Hatem, you’re very welcome. Smooth sailing, or flying.

Hi, I am not familiar with boats. My boss just asked me to find a nice boat for him. Thank you for this informative post, this helps me so much. By the way, I already found a site selling yachts here in the Philippines, here’s the link Do you have any suggestion with brand and boat type. Thank you! More power!

Very good information, but I am having a hard time matching these number here in Southern California. Cheapest slip I found so for is $375/month, on a very run down and far from the ocean marina. At the harbor that I want, the cheapest I found is $800/month. Even if I was given a boat for free, just keeping it in place would cost me almost 10k/year

Excellent writeup, Shawn! Thank you very much for all your hard work and I look forward to reading your other articles on the subject.

Great info! We are in the market for our first sailboat and this answered many of our questions. Although I do agree with Rafael that slip prices in Southern California our much higher than what you listed. The marina we like will run about $1000 a month.

Thank you for your artical…a LOT of useful information included in it sir. I have been thinking about buying one for two years now, since I moved to a harbor town near where I grew up. We always had motor boats when I was young. But, I always loved sailing MUCH much more! I love the quiet of it, and always something to do, rather than just sit, drive, gas it up, dock, repeat. Laugh!! It’s about a ten min walk to the marina from here..and I have nothing but time. However my health is pretty bad. I just don’t know if I could handle it all alone. I’m thinking maybe a 25-30 foot cruiser. Thanks again sir!! I look forward to reading your other articles. Sincerely, Gary Heaton Olcott, Ny

Thanks a million! First time I come across an article that complete and with so much effort. For people thinking about buying a boat the info you provide is priceless.

John Callahan

Good information, but any article on prices should have a date associated with it. I see no indication of when this article was posted.

Thank you so much for this well done article. We’re looking at getting a boat and you’ve answered questions we didn’t even know we had.

Awesome article good job i am from Slovenia and thinking about buyng sailboat and sail for 6 monhs per year.I hawe bean looking on Holland sites too buy one can i maybe find auctions too buy a sailingboat i bawe wach Troswijk but they do t hawe any up ther?

Many of the costs quoted look very low to me, especially in the first article. Was this written a long time ago?

Excellent article. Am wondering though how do I dispose of a used boat if I get tired of it and can’t sell it or possibly run it aground. Maybe a 40 ft sloop?

Chris Kenny

Thanks for this infor.

Peace sailing.

Benjamin Sklar

Extremely helpful and interesting article! Thank you!

John Wallace

This is the most accurate information I have ever seen about boat ownership costs.

Many thanks!!!!

Leave a comment

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Average Cost of Buying & Owning a Catamaran (With 4 Examples)

sailboat racing price

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9 Ways to Learn to Sail for (Practically) Free

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How To Live on a Sailboat: Consider These 5 Things

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Beneteau First 36, Sailing World 2023 Boat of the Year

  • By Dave Reed
  • December 16, 2022

Boat of the Year

Sailing World Magazine’s  annual Boat of the Year tests are conducted in Annapolis, Maryland, following the US Sailboat Show. With independent judges exhaustively inspecting the boats on land and putting them through their paces on the water, this year’s fleet of new performance-sailing boats spanned from small dinghies to high-tech bluewater catamarans. Here’s the best of the best from our  2023 Boat of the Year nominees »

The Total Package

  • Beneteau First 36 2023 Boat of the Year
  • Stated purpose: Shorthanded racing, club racing, coastal cruising
  • Crew: Solo to six
  • Praise for: Build quality, deck layout, versatility
  • Est. price as sailed: $345,000

Like a runaway, the Beneteau First 36 careens across a westerly-whipped Chesapeake Bay. The boat’s big-shouldered spinnaker and mainsail are silhouetted in the early October morning light. It’s making trees on the Eastern Shore as we peg the throttle down to keep chase in a 19-foot RIB. The four crewmembers on board are having a casual conversation—like no big deal—when a cold and meaty gust fills the spinnaker. The leech flickers, and the boat surges forward onto plane. Twin rudders zipper the slick streaming out from the transom as the helmsman, hands at 10 and 2 on the carbon steering wheel, effortlessly weaves the boat across waves tops. The boat is, as the saying goes, on rails.

“Wicked,” is how senior Boat of the Year judge Chuck Allen summarizes his experience when he steps off. “That boat is going to be hard to beat.”

Three days and 10 boats later, nothing comes close to usurping the Beneteau First 36 as the obvious and unanimous Boat of the Year, a boat that has been a long time coming and overdue. It’s a boat that will serve many masters.


Beneteau initiated its First 36 project in 2019 by surveying a broad focus group of First “Point 7” owners and dealers about what they wanted in the marketplace, and the takeaways were: 1) Not another ­displacement boat—it had to plane. 2) They wanted a lounge, not a dining room. 3) They wanted their nav station back, and 4) for that, they were OK with having a smaller head.

Beneteau First 36 berths

Given the boat was to meet all three of its club racing, shorthanded and cruising demands, the brain trust assembled inside and outside of Beneteau focused on No. 1—keeping it light and fast. Naval architect Samuel Manuard, the new hot talent of the IMOCA 60 and Class 40 scenes, did the hull, keel and rig. Pure Structural Engineering took care of the structure, and the weight-obsessed glass slingers at Seascape’s factory in Slovenia ensured the boat came in at not a pound more than 10,580. At that weight, of course it’s going to plane.

The entire boat is ­vacuum-infused with CoreCell (hull) and PVC (bulkheads) from the deck down, inside and out, and everything, except the fridge, is somehow a piece of the structure puzzle.

Beneteau First 36 V-berth

“We are saving big weight there, as furniture is also part of the structure, and all of it glued together makes the boat extremely stiff and very light,” says Beneteau’s Tit Plevnik. “What is special is how calculated it is. In mass-production building, you can’t rely on precision, but we do. The boat is built to the same standard as a pure ­racing boat.”

“The moment I saw it, I knew it would be good. It’s a great-looking boat at the dock and even better with the sails up.” —Greg Stewart

Built like a race boat, the judges all agree it sure sails like one. “It’s a big 36-footer,” says veteran BOTY judge and naval architect Greg Stewart. “It’s a full-ended boat that has a hint of a scow-type bow with a lot of buoyancy forward. Looking at the numbers, what they achieved with the weight and its placement is impressive—10,000 pounds for a 36-foot waterline length is a very good number. I could tell the minute we put the spinnaker up it was a slippery boat.”

Stewart set the day’s top speed at a tick over 18 knots and says: “I remember feeling the puff hit and load the rig, and the boat just scooted off with really nice steering. It felt like a Laser when you get it in that groove and it just levitates. With the dual rudders, which are pretty long, the boat has more of a power-steering feel upwind, so it lets you do a lot of things. There’s so much control, which is a good thing because you can drive out of situations, but at the same time, it’s easy to oversteer.”

Beneteau First 36 sink

Multiple cockpit mock-ups done at ­different heel angles produced a workspace that the judges could find no flaw with. “It’s all legit, easy and clean in the pit,” Allen says. “With the four of us in the ­cockpit, we had plenty of space to move around and were never into each other.

“I was doing a lot of trimming downwind,” Allen adds. “You can feel the boat take off. It was really stable and easy to handle. The thing is light and fast, and we did push it to try and wipe it out, but it was hard to do.”

All the judges praised the clever location of the primary winches on sloped coamings, which were easier to trim from than a traditional winch-on-the-coaming setup. “They’re at the perfect height,” says judge Dave Powlison, “and with them angled like that, you don’t have to crane your neck to see the sail, and the lead is virtually override-proof.”

Beneteau First 36 nav station

Also noteworthy is the generous space between the high carbon wheels and the cockpit walls that allow the helmsman to slide forward without having to step up and around the wheel. The jib trimmer has easy access to the three-dimensional clue adjustment systems, and for the pit, there’s plenty of clutches, redirects and cleats to keep everything sorted and tidy.

Beneteau First 36 judges

The standard spar, and that on the demo boat, is a deck-stepped Z Spars aluminum section with Dyform wire rigging that carries 860 square feet of upwind sail area, which Stewart says is considerable for the displacement of the boat. The mast is well aft, which really stretches out the J dimension and opens the foredeck for a quiver of headsails—for this, you’ll find two tack points on the foredeck. There are four halyards total: one for a masthead gennaker, a 2-to-1 for a code sail, a fractional gennaker, and a 2-to-1 staysail. Allen, a semi-retired sailmaker, put an estimate for a complete race inventory at $60,000, which would put the boat on the racecourse for roughly $400,000. (Base boat is priced at $345,000.)

When the race is done, however, how about that interior?

Step down the wide companionway steps into a space of design simplicity and efficiency, some of which makes you say, “Duh, of course.”

Beneteau First 36 during sea trials

For example, there’s no ­traditional L-shaped galley to port or starboard. There is, however, a tall and slender fridge smack in the middle of the boat (that you connect to the galley with a removable cutting board to complete the L). Walk on either side of it to get forward, past the proper nav station, the fold-down dinette table in the middle with roomy 6-foot berths on both sides, a jetliner-size head with a stowaway sink to starboard, and then a gigantic V-berth that benefits from all that volume in the bow. Back aft, under the cockpit, are large quarter berths as well that easily cruise-convert into storage space for water toys, like kites, wings and foils, all of which takes us back to survey result No. 2. This is where the post-race party begins and ends.

With the usual supply-chain delays, compounded with the build and design team’s obsessive and calculated approach to getting the Beneteau First 36 perfect at Hull No. 1, its debut got off to a later start than hoped. But with early boats landing at eager dealers worldwide, Plevnik says the goal is 32 boats per year for the next two years. The BOTY judges assure us it’ll be worth the wait and give you plenty of time to start planning what you can and will do with it.

  • More: 2023 Boat of the Year , Beneteau , Boat of the Year , Print Winter 2023 , Sailboats
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Mastering Sailboat Racing Tactics: A Winning Approach

By: Zeke Quezada, ASA Sailing Races

Sailboat racing demands a unique blend of skills and expertise. The dynamic nature of racing, with its ever-changing winds and currents, requires sailors to excel in various aspects to secure victory. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the fluid playing field upon which we play.  At North U, experts understand that sailboat racing success is built on a pyramid comprising Boat Handling, Boat Speed, and Tactics, with Tactics reigning supreme at the pinnacle.

Building the Foundation: Boat Handling and Boat Speed

Before delving into the intricacies of racing tactics, it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation. Boat Handling forms the base of the pyramid, emphasizing the importance of mastering the art of sailing. Without proficient boat handling skills, even the best tactics would falter. Next in line is Boat Speed, a universal requirement across all forms of racing. Whether it’s bicycles, bobsleds, or sailboats, speed is the essence of victory in any race.

sailboat racing price

Reaching the Summit: Racing Tactics

Atop the Racing Pyramid stands Tactics, the ultimate decider in the world of sailboat racing. Once you’ve honed your boat handling and achieved exceptional speed, mastering tactics becomes the key to clinching victories. Tactics, in its broadest sense, encompasses Strategy and Tactical execution, each playing a pivotal role in the race.

Understanding Strategy and Tactics

Strategy is the overarching plan that revolves around wind, wind shifts, and current. It is an overall gameplan detailing how a sailor would navigate the course independently while factoring in the complex interplay of natural elements. On the other hand, Tactics involve the practical implementation of the strategy and the adept handling of other boats in the race. Understanding and adhering to Racing Rules are part of Tactics, as the rules dictate your rights and obligations as you deal with other boats.

General Tactical Tips: 

  • Craft a Comprehensive Strategy: Formulate a game plan based on your expectations of the wind’s behavior. A well-thought-out strategy provides a roadmap for your race.
  • Get a Good Start: While a perfect start is ideal, it’s not mandatory for victory. Focus on launching at full speed from the starting line, ensuring you have clear air near the favored end. A strong start sets the tone for the race.
  • Chase the Wind: Seek out areas with more wind and navigate your boat towards these pockets. Sailing in favorable wind conditions gives you a significant advantage over competitors.
  • Embrace Speed: Sailing at maximum speed is a game-changer. Position your boat in a way that allows you to maintain top speed throughout the race. Sometimes, the simplest strategy is the most effective.
  • Master the Shifts: Tacking and jibing strategically based on wind shifts is crucial. Upwind, tack when you’re headed away from the mark and sail on the lifts that push you towards it. Downwind, jibe when lifted away from the mark and sail on the headers, guiding you in the right direction.

Sailboat racing tactics are the culmination of strategic planning, meticulous execution, and adaptability to the ever-changing elements. By mastering the art of strategy and tactical maneuvers, sailors can elevate their racing performance. 

Ready to Become a Master?

Choose from among American Sailing’s many resources to help you improve your racing — from online courses, to textbooks, to week-long events, you can choose one or all to upgrade your sailing racing skills.

Online Classes

Learn more about how to form winning racing strategies at the Racing Strategy, Tactics and Rules Online Class. This 4-session series hosted by Bill Gladstone starts October 17, 2023.

sailboat racing price

The most complete books on modern racing tactics and trim, North U takes you all the way around the course. These textbooks are an essential part of any racing sailors library.

sailboat racing price

Performance Race Week

At American Sailing Performance Race Weeks powered by North U, we spend five days exploring every facet of racing success through an enriching blend of practical on-water training and races complemented by shoreside seminars and insightful video reviews. With a coach on every boat, you’ll receive close personal attention to build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Join us for this unique opportunity to become a better, more versatile, and more accomplished sailor.

sailboat racing price

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New Sailboats For Sale

5 listings found.

2023 BENETEAU First 24

2023 BENETEAU First 24

  • United States

2023 BENETEAU First 27

2023 BENETEAU First 27

2023 J/99

2023 BENETEAU First 36

2023 BENETEAU First 44

2023 BENETEAU First 44

Browse new sailboats for sale.

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new sailboat for sale

New Cruising Sailboats

Cruising sailboats are the most popular type of new sailboat for sale. Today’s new sailboat manufacturers offer a range of deck and interior variations giving sailors a lot of options to choose from. Browse through new cruising sailboats for sale from: Catalina, Beneteau, Hunter, Jeanneau, Hanse, Custom, Pearson, Morgan, Tartan, Bavaria, Hallberg-Rassy, Grand Soleil and more.

Shop New Racing Sailboats

Find a range of new racing sailboats for sale located all over the country. From racing offshore sailboats to inshore dinghy’s, SailTrader has the latest to choose from. Find used sailboats from brand like: Melges, J-Boats, Swan, Jeanneau and more.

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Sell Your Racing Sailboat

SailTrader makes it easy to sell your racing sailboat online. In a few simple steps, you can list your sailboat on the top marketplace dedicated only to sailing. 

sails for sale

The Sailor’s Marketplace for Sailboats and Sails.

Sell Your Sailboat

Sailboats for sale.

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Average Sailboat Prices: 27 Helpful Examples (With Pictures)

' src=

The average price of used sailboats is around $21,000, but new boats cost $60,000 on average and upwards. Some used boats can be purchased for less than $10,000, depending on their age, size, and condition. This is because pre-owned sailboats have about 80 percent of the market share.

You will find models from the early 1960s still racing across the Pacific and Atlantic like new. So what are your options?

Below, we provide a comprehensive list of enduring sailboat designs:

You can also check out our in-depth guide for more information on general boat average prices. In this guide, we have included a long list of boat types

Table of Contents

27 Good Examples When Looking At Sailboat Prices

1) tayana 37.

sailboat racing price

Marine designer Robert Perry is arguably one of the most prolific in the boatbuilding world.

His Tayana 37 is one of the most popular production sailboats of all time, with over 650 built.

The Tayana 37 features a sturdy fiberglass hull and a balsa-cored deck for smooth and comfortable circumnavigation.

It comes with a variety of customizations, including different rigs, decks, accommodation, and more.

However, the early boats have V-berths, a high-aspect-ration rig, and a luxurious teak-trimmed interior.

Measuring 36’8″ in length with a displacement of 24,000 pounds, the Tayana 37 is one of the best world cruisers ever made. While production stopped in 2016, you can get one for $34,000 to $65,000.

2) Catalina 22

sailboat racing price

Depending on the production year, the ubiquitous Catalina 22 can be as low as $4,000 or up to $15,000 for recent models.

This trailerable sailboat was first built in 1969 and enjoyed popularity thanks to its family-friendliness and compact design.

With over 10,000 boats commissioned, the Catalina 22 and its successors Catalina 27 and Catalina 30 are a permanent feature at lakes, rivers, and the high seas.

Despite its size, the Catalina 22 can hold its own in rough seas thanks to the hand-laid fiberglass hull. It is spacious below deck and comes with all the facilities you need to feel at home.

Whether you are a club racer or weekend cruiser, this dependable platform offers one of the best values for money when you want to spend quality time on the water.  If you get one with a trailer, that can save you a lot of money on marina and storage fees over time.

3) Hunter 356

sailboat racing price

Starting in 2000, Glenn Henderson’s Hunter 356 took the sailboat industry by storm.

500 boats later, the 356 is still one of the best high-performance sailboats in its class.

This boat features a solid and balanced hull, shoal draft, and exceptional sailing qualities.

It has a sleek design, a clutter-free cockpit, and is easy to handle.

Early production Hunter 356s are available for less than $60,000.

Hunter Marine no longer produces the 356, but the sailboat is still popular among sailors old and young.

4) Contessa 26

sailboat racing price

The compact Contessa 26 was designed by David Sadler and Jeremy Rodgers in the 1960s. It blew into the limelight when it helped Tanie Aebi complete her solo circumnavigation.

This fiberglass monohull is a sturdy and dependable vessel, and around 650 are voyaging across the oceans today.

She has a low freeboard, and the rudder is attached to the keel in a strong, traditional manner.

While you may have to bend a bit to access the cabin, there is plenty of space and amenities to deliver a home-away-from-home feel.

This is one of the most popular British sailboats and is most sought after by long-distance ocean sailors or just someone who wants a classic sailboat.

You can get a well-kept boat of this type for less than $10,000 or over $20,000.

The sister ship Contessa 32 is also a well-built model popular among sailors.

5) Island Packet 31

sailboat racing price

If you love sailing in shallow waters, the Island Packet 31 is designed for the shoal draft needed to safely navigate Florida waters.

Featuring a solid fiberglass hull, the 31 has an end-grain balsa core deck, which gives it a powerful and solid feeling.

The boat is roomy, comfortable, and is designed to be simple to use and maintain.

While her seagoing credentials might not be the best, the Island Packet 31 is a vintage liveaboard yacht with all the trappings of royalty.

This boat costs about $35,000 to $50,000.

6) Bristol 40

sailboat racing price

This Ted Hood design is one of the best cruising boat designs of all time.

Featuring a narrow beam and solid hull, the Bristol 40 has a low freeboard, large overhangs, and exceptional seaworthiness.

Its long keel carries an attached rudder for excellent tracking and stability.

The Bristol 40 has a relatively small interior with separate cabins , sea berths, and an enclosed head.

This boat was produced in keel or keel/centerboard configuration and came with the powerful Atomic 4 gas engine.  Many have been upgraded to diesel engines.

If you want a vintage racing sailboat that can deliver an impressive pace in the water, consider one of these.

The Bristol 40 was produced from 1966 to 1986, and you can get one for $29,000 to $49,000.

7) Cape Dory 30

sailboat racing price

This 30-footer introduced in 1976 is a popular sailboat for people on a budget.

It boasts a robust design with a solid single hull, balsa-cored deck, and extensive bronze and teak hardware in the interior and exterior.

Like the Bristol 40, this boat has its rudder attached to the keel for stable tracking and safety, but not as much overhang in the stern.  The space below the deck uses a traditional design. But this tried and tested design is still ruling the waves.

For more room and improved handling, you can check out the bigger Cape Dory MK11, which comes at over $50,000.

sailboat racing price

If you live on the West Coast of the United States, chances are you’ve seen one of these beauties.

Over 400 units of the Gulf 32 were produced, and the boat’s durable construction and beautiful design make it a good fit for many sailors.

It features a flush cambered deck, a sweeping sheer, and a low profile pilothouse, making it stand out on the water.

Specifications for the boat differ because it was built by two different boatyards. However, all Gulf 32 boats have a cavernous interior, comfortable wood finishes, and motorsailer dimensions.

Good samples of this model go for $24,000 to $39,000 but check the side decks for delamination.

9) Endeavour 37

sailboat racing price

The Endeavour 37 is the successor of the successful Endeavour 32.

It is available as a sloop and ketch and comes with a powerful Perkins 4-108 diesel to provide good power for its heavy design.

The Endeavour 37 can be slow going upwind because of its weight but offers comfortable and smooth rides.

The hull is single fiberglass, and the interior comes with plenty of plywood, although the craftsmanship is exceptional.

The boat could have two aft cabins with a convertible dinette forward or a single aft cabin with a V-berth forward.

It sells for $20,000-$49,000.

10) Tartan 37

sailboat racing price

The Tartan 37 is one of the three 37-footers Tartan Marine built over the years and the most popular.

This boat has a balsa-cored hull and deck and external lead ballast. The bulkheads are firmly tabbed to the deck to provide good structural strength.

With over 500 built, the Tartan 37 is a fast boat ideal for racing.

You can still find these boats for $23,000 and upward.

11) Islander 36

sailboat racing price

As the name suggests, the Islander 36 is a 36-footer sailboat designed by the Australian Alan Gurney for Islander Yachts.

It features a skeg-mounted rudder, fin keel and has a solid fiberglass hull.

Unlike most sailboats with end-grain balsa deck, the Islander 36 uses plywood, which increases weight and can be stronger, but it can also get wet from leaks in the deck and rot.

What the boat excels at is the interior space.

The boat’s wide beam allowed the builder to provide more accommodation, unlike other boats in its category.

Over 1,000 units of this boat were built, and you can buy one for $22,000 and above.

12) Hallberg-Rassy 35 Rasmus

sailboat racing price

This Olle Enderlein design features a center cockpit, a huge windscreen, and a full keel for improved stability and handling.

It has all the amenities of a small home, including a saloon, galley, main cabin, v-berth, and enclosed head.

The sailboat has a solid fiberglass construction and rides well in choppy waters.

A 75HP Volvo Pentad MD21 diesel supplements wind power, making this boat a reliable cruiser.

The boat sells for about $30,000.

13) Dufour Arpege 30

sailboat racing price

You might not hear of this boat builder often, but it was one of the most successful in France and beyond.

The Arpege 30 sports luxurious facilities include stylish sea berths, a large galley, and plenty of forepeak storage compartments.

This 30-footer was so popular over 1,500 were sold from 1966 onward.

If you need a classic sailboat with high-end performance and fittings, this weekend cruiser is it.

One of these beauties goes for around $18,000

14) Mason 43/44

sailboat racing price

The Taiwan-built Maison 43/44 from Al Mason is a fast, comfortable, and reliable oceangoing sailboat.

These boats were first introduced as the Mason 43 and upgraded to the Mason 44 in 1985.

The boat has a full keel and a cutter rig and rides well in the sea.

There are double-berth cabins fore and aft, a galley, and everything a small family or couple needs to cross any ocean in comfort.

These beautiful boats are still found in docks worldwide and go for $60,00 to over $120,000.

15) Nor’Sea 27

sailboat racing price

This 27-footer designed by Lyle Hess is one of the most affordable and ocean-capable sailboats still in production today.

Despite being compact enough to move by trailer from one boating hotspot to another, the Nor’Sea 27 can take you safely across any ocean.

Don’t be fooled by its small size; this is a solid boat that can withstand a heavy bashing at sea.

It has a lapstrake fiberglass hull, a full keel, sturdy bulwarks, and a round stern for exceptional seaworthiness.

The Nor’Sea 27 featured a bowsprit and extended anchor roller, giving it a traditional sailboat appearance.

If you need an affordable sailboat that can circumnavigate the world, the Nor’Sea 27 is a capable cruiser that won’t hurt your purse.

You can get a 1981 model for less than $30,000.

16) C&C Landfall 38

sailboat racing price

If you need a highly maneuverable sailboat, fast, and has exceptional cruising capabilities, one of the best examples is the Landfall 38.

This boat was produced in the shallow draft and deep fin configurations, and later versions gained 1700 pounds in weight.

However, this didn’t dampen the boat’s performance in bluewater environments.

The Landfall 38 was one of the first boats to feature a hull and deck with end-grain balsa coring, making it light and increasing stiffness.

There are a keel-stepped mast, through-bolted deck hardware, and a spade rudder, which provides improved control and sailing performance in all weather.

The interior is lavishly finished in teak, and the aft cabin has a double berth.

These boats were equipped with a venerable Yanmar diesel engine and sails upwind like a racer.

This boat costs around $33,000, and the last units were built in 1987.

17) Gulfstar 50

Gulfstar 50 is one of the most comfortable family-sized sailboats in the world.  Gulfstar also made versions from 36 feet to 60 feet.

Despite its luxurious trims and decent performance, the 50-footer from Gulfstar Yachts is affordable considering its features.

It features a center console cockpit, which provides for a spacious owner’s stateroom aft.

There is plenty of accommodation for a family or a small group because it was designed for charter. With its solid fiberglass hull and exquisite interior finishing, this boat continues to be one of the most preferred liveaboards for people who choose the sailing lifestyle.

A 1978 model goes for around $99,000.

18) Beneteau 423

sailboat racing price

This Groupe Finot-designed sailboat is one of the best from the French boatbuilder Beneteau.

It has a solid construction, exceptional speed and is easy to handle even in rough waters. The interior is clutter-free, comfortable, and spacious.

Plus, the 423 is a quality boat that delivers tremendous value for money considering the pedigree and quality.

You can get one for less than $100,000 to around $195,000, based on the year of production and condition.

19) Alberg 30

sailboat racing price

With over 750 of this boat built over 25 years, the Alberg 30 is one of the most beloved cruising-racing sailboats.

Featuring the wooden boats’ classy look, the Alberg 30 has a full keel, long overhangs, and a low freeboard.

Despite production stopping since 1984, these boats are going strong thanks to durable fiberglass construction and attention to detail.

The Alberg 30 is not the most accommodating by modern standards. But it has a sal0on, a V-berth forward, and an enclosed head aft.

There is also a small galley to starboard, and the design is clutter-free.

If you want to own one of these legendary club racers, you will be surprised they go for as low as $10,000 to $25,000. 

The price will often depend on whether the original Atomic 4 gas engine has been upgraded to a diesel engine.

20) Peterson 44

sailboat racing price

The Peterson 44 was designed by Doug Peterson of the Jack Kelly Yachts in 1975.

This fine boat was designed for long-distance cruising and its center-cockpit style provided ample accommodation and comfort.

You can still find these beautiful boats crisscrossing the oceans , and many of them have circumnavigated.

The Peterson 44 featured hand-laid fiberglass matt and polyester resin roving, making it a solid and dependable cruiser.

It has a three-cabin layout with V-berths, a dinette, and an enclosed head.

The boat is powered by a 62HP Perkins 4-152 Diesel, although a few have 80HP Ford Lehman’s, allowing it to run fast under power.

It is estimated that over 600 hulls of the Peterson 44 were built, and price ranges from around $73,500 to $230,000.

21) Hinckley Bermuda 40

sailboat racing price

Few sailboats hold their value, like the Bermuda 40 from Hinckley.

This elegant and capable boat was built to exacting specifications with its yawl rig, low freeboard, and sweeping overhangs.

Most used B 40s are still in mint shape because their proud owners well maintain them, many serviced by the boatbuilder.  So they retain most of their value even after thousands of miles on the high seas.

Despite its 40-foot length, the Bermuda 40 is limited in space, making it ideal for couples.

It has V-berths forward, which you can convert to a comfortable double bed.

There is plenty of storage space, and the head has a shower and a sink.

The deck is spacious, and the boat handles nimbly even in turbulent waters.

This boat is geared towards traditional sailors who want a top-end boat, as even a base model from 1975 goes for about$90,000.

22) Pacific Seacraft 37

sailboat racing price

Since its introduction in 1980, the Pacific Seacraft 37 has proven to be one of the best world cruising sailboats in its class.

This boat is fast, comfortable and solidly built for safe passages across the ocean.

It was offered in the cutter and yawl configurations, and its traditional stern style sits atop a modern skeg rudder underbody.

This boat has accommodation for six passengers and every amenity to ensure a comfortable time on the ocean.

She is a prominent feature at the Singlehanded Pacific Yacht Race and other top sail boating events.

This boat is still in production and goes new for around $450,000, so an older used model for less than $100,000 is a good deal.

23) Gemini 3000

sailboat racing price

A successor to the Gemini 31, the 3000 is the most popular American-built cruising cat on the market.

Featuring a simple design, this highly functional cat is affordable and fast.

Despite its narrow beam, the Gemini 3000 boasts a master stateroom with a queen-size double berth forward.

There are guest staterooms aft of both hulls with two small doubles.

It has a small saloon with a collapsible table with two settees and a galley, converting to a double berth.

This 30-footer can sleep three couples comfortably and will accommodate a family with several small children without issues.

The Gemini 3000 has deep pivoting centerboards for improved performance and directional stability.

Geminis are not considered suitable for bluewater cruising because they are not designed to withstand serious bashing.

However, these cats offer an affordable ticket for a family or group of friends to enjoy coastal cruising. This boat goes for around $35,000 to $65,000.

24) Gunboat 62 (catamaran)

sailboat racing price

The Gunboat 62 from the same name’s cat builder is one of the safest offshore sailing catamarans in its class. It’s also insanely expensive!

This high-performance cat is perfect for oceanic cruises.

Its innovative design opened up plenty of space for accommodation and recreation.

It features three private cabins, each with queen berths and 2 roomy heads with a separate shower in each hull.

There is a galley, a lounge, a folding dining table, and a full pantry below the deck.

The starboard bow has a crew head, and the port bow houses the crew quarters.

This cat comes with air conditioning, refrigerator, deep freezer, and dishwasher, among others.

The cockpit is lavished with teak, and every part of the boat oozes luxury.

This cat carries a premium price tag of over 2 million dollars.

25) Lagoon 380 (catamaran)

sailboat racing price

Lagoon 380 is a 4 cabin sailing cat built by Jeanneau.

This cat accommodates 10 passengers and is an excellent platform for cruising across the ocean or lounging on coastal waters.

With over 500 units cruising across the world, the Lagoon 380 has won the heart of many cat sailors as a comfortable and safe platform.

This workhorse comes with an exquisitely furnished interior at an affordable price.

It might not be the fastest catamaran, but the Lagoon 380 provides all the comfort and stability you need to have fun and memorable moments on the water.

These boats go for $400,000 or more, so they may still be out of many sailors’ reach.

26) Catana 50 Carbon (Catamaran)

sailboat racing price

If you need a light, fast and go-anywhere cat, the Catana 50 Carbon is one of the best on the market.

Using weight-saving carbon fiber, Catana reduced the weight, turning the boat into a racy oceangoing multi-hull.

With this vessel, you get a luxurious interior, ample deck space, superior performance, and easy handling.

This boat costs a whopping $1.3 million at a base price, making it a choice of select premium sailors.

27) Prout Snowgoose 37 (Catamaran)

sailboat racing price

With an estimated 500 units built, the Prout Snowgoose 37 from Prout boatyard is one of the most popular cats from the UK.

This catamaran features solid construction that allows it to sail across oceans, and many are reported to have completed circumnavigations.

The Prout 37 may not look like the newest designs, but it has a comfortable deck and interior.

Below deck, this boat has two large double cabins aft and a full queen berth forward.

There is a saloon with a large table and wraparound settees.

It has a changing station, a full-length bookshelf, and a large storage starboard hull. And the galley is well-equipped to keep a family well-fed on long voyages.

There are hundreds of Prout Snowgoose 37s plying the world’s ocean, and you can own one for less than $100,000.

2 Ways To Reduce the Cost of Buying a Sailboat

There are two main ways of saving cost when buying a sailboat or any boat. They include:

1) Buying Used Boats

If you’ve followed this article this far, you notice that the most affordable boats on this list are used.

Contrary to many novice sailors’ belief, you can buy sailboats for low prices as long as you do due diligence.

Many models from the last half of the 20th century are available for less than $30,000.

Because most serious sailors are passionate about their hobbies, they take exceptional care of their boats. This makes most sailboats on the market retain their value for many years.

In fact, you can get oceangoing boats of 26-32 feet in almost pristine conditions under $100,000.

The best part is most popular sailboats have a strong following worldwide, and sourcing spare parts won’t be a problem.

2) Partnerships

The other way to reduce the cost of a sailboat is to partner with someone.

Partners will share the purchase cost and other expenses related to the boat. However, this can be problematic.

Sometimes, a partner will not honor their commitment when it’s time to pay.

A partner may spend more time on the boat, and this can lead to conflict over responsibilities.

If you choose this route, it’s better to partner with a family or friend. And have a contractual agreement stipulating the rights and obligations of all the parties involved in the transaction.

Considering that most used sailboats are affordable and in good condition, you can save yourself the potential problems that come with co-owning a boat.

The best way to experience sailing life is to own your boat.

Final Words

Sailboats have come a long way since they became a serious pastime for people in the early part of the last century.

Because of the early sailboats’ quality construction, new sailors have myriad options to choose from without hurting their finances.

You can get a pre-owned offshore capable sailboat for less than $10,000 in many parts of the world.

However, very inexpensive used boats may need many repairs and upgrades, so it is often more inexpensive in the end, too, but a well-maintained and upgraded vessel. If you have a fat purse, you can go for newer, premium sailboats in the hundreds of thousands.

But whatever your budget and sailing dreams, there is a sailboat out there for everybody who dares to explore the oceans.

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We built with you in mind for over 138 years. We’ve transformed living spaces and the list of innovations in hull design and navigation continues to grow at a rapidly increasing pace. Since 1884, BENETEAU's philosophy of building the strongest, safest, most beautiful boats on the water is alive and well. The BENETEAU family’s pride in craftsmanship and passion for performance can easily be recognized in every FIRST, FIRST SE, FIGARO, OCEANIS, and OCEANIS YACHT built today.  

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The  world reference  in cruising. Oceanis is our range of long-distance, blue water cruisers that for years has set the standard for sailboat design and construction, with a hull that is a marvel in hydrodynamics,  Oceanis delivers superior performance  while providing stability and safety while under sail. Despite her strong sea legs, she doesn’t sacrifice luxury and comfort. You can choose your layout based on different configurations below deck and also have  your choice  of interior finishes. Your Oceanis will be a joy to sail and be  your home away from home . The Oceanis range continues to  appeal to all sailors  around the world.

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Oceanis Yacht

The  Oceanis Yacht  is the culmination of our Oceanis philosophy where cruising comfort, performance, and customization reign supreme. Her elegant design and luxurious interiors add a new dimension to life at sea with an enormous salon, impressive galley, spacious staterooms, and plenty of ambient light from the many large windows and skylights. Despite her lavish details, our Oceanis Yacht maneuvers as easily as a smaller yacht thanks to a perfectly centered sail plan and twin rudders. She is a yacht that represents the  art of sailing  at its regal best.

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40 years of iconic  brand heritage. The signature features of the FIRST range have not changed since its conception in 1977 – these boats have always been designed for  sailors  who enjoy club racing as much as cruising, joining them into one cohesive product line, the proverbial  best  of both worlds. Today, BENETEAU takes another step in this direction with the launch of the new FIRST range.  These boats offer simplicity, performances, and comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards daysailing and coastal cruising. Renewing the competition spirit of the brand, they represent a true adaptation to the  needs and expectations  of the widest variety of sailors.

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High-tech performance from the cutting edge of racing into the hands of the recreational sailors.  First SE - Seascape Edition encourages and empowers sailors to expand their comfort zone by joining competitive one-design racing and adventure sailing . It grows a community of owners linked by shared values and a drive to strengthen their sailing skills. Whether owners are racing against others in one-design classes or are engaging in adventure sailing, the First SE connects them to the elements and helps them experience nature in the most authentic way. A carbon rig, laminate sails and other technological features give sailors the ultimate sailing experience, performance and control.

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A true legend. The Figaro is an ode to excellence in offshore racing. The one-design sailing yacht was initially designed for the Solitaire du Figaro, allowing some of the greatest skippers to compete at sea on equal terms, much to their pleasure. The sailor makes the difference on a Figaro.   

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Heritage BENETEAU sailboats

Our history has been told many times in these last fifty years, but, to understand it, you need to grasp our company values, and return to its origins, since it is nothing but continuity and progression.

- Annette ROUX

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Are you looking for a  sailing yacht dealer ? Leisure boating, short trips, competitive sailing, regattas – whatever type of sailing you like, BENETEAU has a wide range of  sailing yachts  and  luxury yachts , so there’s bound to be a boat to fulfill your dreams. 


We built our first sailboats over 138 years ago and many things have changed since then. The oak we once relied on has been replaced with strong but lightweight resin and carbon fiber. Where canvas once caught the wind, now it’s Kevlar and Vectran. We’ve transformed dark, confining salons and cabins into bright, open living spaces. And the list of innovations in hull design and navigation continues to grow at a rapidly increasing pace.

However, some things haven’t changed and never will. Benjamin BENETEAU’s philosophy of building the strongest, safest, most beautiful boats on the water is alive and well. The BENETEAU family’s pride in craftsmanship and passion for performance can easily be recognized in every FIRST, FIGARO, OCEANIS, and OCEANIS YACHT built today.  

Knowing what to keep and what to change – that’s why BENETEAU continues to set the bar in sailing.


Oceanis is our range of long-distance, blue water cruisers and for years has set the standard for sailboat design and construction. With a hull that is a marvel in hydrodynamics, Oceanis delivers superior performance while providing stability and safety under sail. Despite her strong sea legs, she doesn’t sacrifice luxury and comfort. You can choose your layout based on different configurations below deck and also have your choice of interior finishes. Your Oceanis will be a joy to sail and be your home away from home.


BENETEAU is also there to help you buy a top-quality boat. The OCEANIS Yacht line delivers  luxury sailing yachts  that satisfy this requirement perfectly. The line comprises two luxury craft of over 50 feet, designed by renowned architects and designers. 


 Our 7th generation of the First range offers you the experience of pure sailing joy while staying true to our standards for safety and stability. She is lightweight with a streamlined design, making her highly adaptable to whatever the wind and water have in store. The First is fast but forgiving, spicy but safe – perfect for the thrill-seeking novice or seasoned competitive sailor alike.


First SE - Seascape Edition encourages and empowers sailors to expand their comfort zone by joining competitive one-design racing and adventure sailing. It grows a community of owners linked by shared values and a drive to strengthen their sailing skills. Whether owners are racing against others in one-design classes or are engaging in adventure sailing, the First SE connects them to the elements and helps them experience nature in the most authentic way.


A marvel in racing innovation, the Figaro BENETEAU 3 is the first production foiling one-design monohull to ever grace the seas. Designed in collaboration between BENETEAU and Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (the architects of the last two Vendée Globe winners), her greatest and most visible feature is the inverted foiling system created to reduce drift and improve the righting moment without increasing movement. The Figaro BENETEAU 3’s radical design makes her the logical choice when winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.


This diversity has led to the BENETEAU brand being represented on all the world’s seas. But wherever they are, BENETEAU boats are easily recognizable for their taut lines, innovative design, robustness and performance. No doubt this will continue, since BENETEAU is constantly reinventing itself to provide ever more enjoyable, high performing, safe and user-friendly recreational craft. BENETEAU achieves this by making the most of current and future innovations such as ship control, dock and go, foils, etc.

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