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23 Haunted Houses In TEXAS (Creepy, Scary, & Traumatizing)

You must have heard that Texas, the second largest state in the US, is home to diverse cultures, food , flavors, and tourist attractions .

But did you also hear that the Lone Star State, as it is fondly called, is home to numerous creepy and terrifying haunted houses ?

In fact, it is argued that Texas is the world’s haunted house capital.

Are there really haunted houses in Texas, or are the reports mere assumptions?

Well, this article will take you on a tour of some of the haunted houses in Texas, providing you with all the info you need, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Be assured that when you are done reading this, you’ll either be too excited and eager to visit Texas’s haunted houses or be too scared to attempt such a visit.

You had better keep reading to find out more!

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Haunted Houses in Fort Worth, Texas

1. cutting edge haunted house (multi-themed & intense experience).

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

This haunted attraction built in an abandoned meat packing plant in Fort Worth is known for its multi-themed, intense, and highly-horrifying experience.

The 55-minute tour is filled with scary twists, drums, strange sounds, animations, and slippery floors.

Some visitors even claim there are real spirits there.

Cutting Edge House utilizes special effects, live actors, and a zombie live band to give guests a mind-blowing experience.

You’d experience a nearly-suffocating foam bubbles experience, being chased by some crazy guys with chainsaws, and walking through a dark, creepy closet.

Can you get to the end, or will you tap out midway?

Address: 1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA

2. Stockyards Hotel (Reports Of Hauntings)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

This hotel might seem like a pleasant place for a good stay ; however, numerous reports of guests claim this hotel is haunted.

In fact, in the infamous Bonnie & Clyde Junior Suite, the water taps are said to turn on and off by themselves occasionally.

Also, TVs and radios are reported to switch themselves on and off at intervals.

Moreover, the hotel’s elevator is said to ascend and descend at will without anyone inside.

Guests claimed they saw a young girl’s ghost , received “strange calls,” and constantly felt watched.

It is believed the strange events are caused by the spirit of a former employee of the hotel who died years ago.

But are the horror stories real or just figments of the guests’ imaginations?

You may want to visit the Stockyards Hotel to find out for yourself,…or not.

Address: 109 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States

3. Miss Molly’s Bed & Breakfast Hotel (Ghost Sightings & Strange Occurrences)

Guests in this hotel have reported sighting the ghost of a little girl, hearing strange laughter, and seeing shadows when alone.

They say toilets sometimes flush themselves, room doors lock and unlock themselves, and the TV volume increases and decreases at will.

The innkeeper, Paula Gowins, claimed she had several close encounters with ghosts and strange beings during her occupancy.

She confirmed that it gets “a little eetsy at times” and that the ‘Madame’s Room ’ is definitely haunted.

The ‘bed & breakfast’ hotel is said to have some permanent residents– ghosts of some cowboys and several Victorian women.

Visitors also experienced inexplicable smells, the disappearance and reappearance of items, ghostly sightings of dead workers, and the infamous Jake, the cowboy.

Could these stories be real ?

Address: 109 W Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States

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Haunted Houses in Texarkana, Texas

1. 7 th street house of horrors (changing themes annually).

This haunted house is filled with scary treats and scream-provoking spooks.

The theme and layout of the house are changed each year, making it impossible for guests to know what dark and devilish experiences await them.

As soon as you enter the haunted house, you’ll be immersed in a world of ghosts and ghouls.

The special effects and sets are top-notch, and the actors do a great job of creating a genuinely unsettling atmosphere.

A plus to this spot is that the house has a Pumpkin Patch , where a wide variety of pumpkins are sold.

While it costs just $10 to access the 7 th Street House of Horrors, would you like to find out what it costs to leave?

You had better be careful with the scary narrow hallway in the house before you get lost forever.

Address: 5301 w 7th St, Texarkana, Texas 75501

2. Hotel Grim (Former Hotel & Remodeled Now)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

From its name (Ghastly, Gloomy, and Sinister) you can tell this hotel is only for the brave.

This building was once an architectural wonder and a regular spot for Texarkana’s wealthiest men and women.

The famous Bonny and Clyde couple reportedly once appeared at this hotel.

However, numerous strange occurrences were reported to have taken place there, with some claiming to have seen ghostly apparitions roaming the halls and heard strange noises coming from empty rooms.

Even after closing its doors in 1990, visitors claimed they had their hair pulled and clothes tugged at by unseen beings.

Unfortunately, thrill-seekers looking forward to otherworldly and frightful encounters at Grim Hotel may not be able to experience one today, as the formerly abandoned haunted hotel is now being remodeled into an apartment building.

Address: 211 W 3rd St, Texarkana, TX 75501, USA

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Haunted Houses in Houston, Texas

1. la carafe bar (haunted by multiple ghosts).

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

La Carafe Bar is rumored to be haunted by multiple ghosts, including that of the “Lady in White,” who allegedly pushes beautiful women down the staircase.

The ghost of the bar’s former bartender has also been reportedly seen around the bar, with some guests even claiming they heard his voice shouting “last call.”

Workers in the bar claim that countless times, they’ve seen bottles fall off the shelves and heard sounds of a young child playing with a ball in the upper room.

According to the bartenders, multiple footsteps of people walking around upstairs and even sounds of moving equipment are often heard upstairs when nobody is supposed to be there.

Guests also report hearing music playing from nowhere during their visit.

Are you ready to drink beer with ghosts around you at La Carafe Bar?

Address: 813 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

2. The Rice Hotel/Lofts (Known For Paranormal Activities)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Now known as The Rice, the former Rice Hotel was known as a dwelling place for spirits, ghosts, and paranormal activities.

Just before his assassination, former President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie had spent the day there on November 21, 1963.

Guests claim to have felt chills, heard ghostly sounds and rattling of objects, and seen strange apparitions in the room where the former president died.

Some corporeal dancers have also been reportedly seen performing in the ballroom.

With its renovation, there are claims that the ghost ballroom dancers at the former Rice Hotel have taken their dance and activities to the roof of the Rice Apartments.

Do you dare to visit ?

Address: 909 Texas Avenue in Downtown Houston, Texas, United States.

3. Houston Scream Fest (Largest Haunted Event)

Popularly referred to as Houston’s largest haunted event, the Houston Scream Fest features seven haunted houses, each with its own unique theme and scares.

Carnival games, Zombie Paintball, creepy entertainment, adult beverages, a Zombie Paintball, and more are some of its offerings.

But don’t be fooled by the live concerts, air-conditioned restrooms, and free drinks at the Scream Fest!

You will indeed have a harrowing experience at this event, especially inside its haunted houses.

In fact, guests claim only an insane person would attend the haunted houses alone.

The Fest offers scary and disturbing entertainment that might mess with your head; hence, you had better ensure you’ve got what it takes before going for this event.

And oh, watch out for your shoes as they may get damaged!

Address: 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034, USA

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Haunted Houses in El Paso, Texas

1. de soto hotel (haunted by various ghosts).

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

This historic hotel has gained a reputation for being home to some less-than-living guests.

A young girl’s ghost reportedly haunts De Soto in the basement and other ghosts and apparitions.

El Paso natives claim one gets a weird feeling by merely looking at the building.

Investigators have reported hearing laughter and singing from a little girl’s voice and hearing an invisible being asking, “who cares?”

The image of a faded otherworldly being has also been reportedly caught on camera in a recording.

Various accounts claim some satanic worship goes on in the hotel’s basement.

Sadly, De Soto Hotel “mysteriously” caught fire last year, with the police describing the cause of the fire as “undetermined after investigation.”

Address: 309 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, USA

2. Monteleone’s Ristorante (Renovated & Claims Of Ghosts)

Food isn’t the only thing Monteleone’s Ristorante is known for.

In fact, the real reason for its “fame” is its “hauntedness.”

During its renovation, the workers reportedly sighted ethereal beings and perceived mysterious odors.

Customers claim they experienced heavy banging on the walls and occasional loud chimes.

Monteleone himself reported how a dark, metaphysical arm had tried grabbing him once.

After psychic investigations, it was “discovered” the restaurant was a portal between the living and the dead and hosted guardian spirits and entities.

After its “cleansing,” the Monteleones claim the remaining ghosts are friendly.

Are you ready to dine with the supernatural, or you’d rather sit this one out?

Address: 3023 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

3. The Magoffin Homestead (Reports Of Ghostly Sightings)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

This home is reportedly haunted by ghosts, including that of Charles Richardson, a brother-in-law and best friend to Joseph Magoffin, the initial owner of the home.

Visitors claim to have seen Octavia Magoffin tending to the garden or felt her presence brush past them at the homestead.

In fact, many late members of the Magoffin family are said to still dwell there to date .

Even the late Charles’ favorite rocking chair by the fire can still be observed rocking on its own sometimes.

The workers even claim the chair always returns to the same position whenever anyone tries to reposition it elsewhere.

Are you brave enough to visit the Magoffin Homestead?

Address: 1120 Magoffin Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, United States

4. The El Paso Playhouse (Paranormal Activities During Performances)

Community plays, musicals, and other performances are definitely not the only things that go on in the legendary El Paso Playhouse.

In fact, consistent paranormal activities have been reported in this house.

Things like hearing whispers near the concession and spotlight areas, toilets flushing themselves, disappearance and reappearance of props, sounds of heavy footsteps on the wooden staircase, and more are some of the reported paranormal activities that go on in the house.

Some people believe the house is haunted by the ghost of a technician killed in the building years ago.

A shadowy figure walking to the women’s bathroom has also been caught in a camera footage.

Performers equally reported seeing some creepy things backstage.

Would you like a night of entertainment by men while surrounded by spirits?

Address: 2501 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

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Haunted Houses in Plano, Texas

1. dark hour haunted house (plano’s most terrifying).

This haunted house claims it’s “Plano, Texas’ most Terrifying Haunted House,” but is this true?

As you go through the haunted house, you’ll encounter jump scares and special effects at every turn, making it a heart-pounding and unforgettable experience.

The house is designed to push the limits and test your bravery as you navigate a series of terrifying rooms and scenarios.

A new witch is introduced every year, and participants are made to go through what has been described as “daring and daunting” tasks.

Their performances feature horror-filled depictions and creatures, including midgets, spiders, and zombies, that will definitely give you chilling nightmares.

Guests have repeatedly described the Dark Hour Haunted House as “very scary” and claim the entire experience felt real.

How real can it get?

Address: 701 Taylor Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States

2. Masonic Lodge No. 768 (Haunted Old Building)

Easily Plano’s most haunted old building, this lodge is a historic one with a disturbing past.

It is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of former Lodge members.

Some have reported hearing ghostly whispers and heavy footsteps that sound like a man wearing work boots, while others have claimed to see ghostly apparitions.

Other visitors reported that the lodge’s main room seats raise and lower themselves at will without anyone else being there.

A past master of the lodge also alleged he heard a little girl’s laughter late at night.

Even a team of paranormal investigators reported they had seen objects moving on their own and other signs of abnormal unnatural activities.

Are you courageous enough to take a tour of this terrifying building?

Address: 1414 ½ J Ave, Plano, TX 75074, United States

3. The Plano Interurban Railway Museum (Rumored To Be Haunted)

Formerly known as the Plano Electric Railway, a partnership of the city of Plano and The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc manages this railway.

However, it is rumored to be haunted by ghosts and supernatural beings.

The co-founder of the Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, who also doubled as the co-director of the Interurban Railway Museum, Russ Kissick, had shared a story about the infamous Zodiac Rider.

The Zodiac Rider was alleged to have occasionally ridden the Interurban Railway, selling sweets and candies to children while dressed in all-black apparel with a pointed hat adorned with zodiac sign symbols.

Whether or not this was an actual ghost or not remains unknown; however, tales of the Zodiac Rider form a crucial part of the city’s scary stories.

Address: 901 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074, United States

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Haunted Houses in Mineral Wells, Texas

1. haunted hill house (reports of entities & hauntings).

Not even the owner, Katherine Estes, who was attacked by invisible beings would agree to sleep in this house again.

And she’s not the only one– numerous victims were left traumatized by what Katherine described as “entities and bad things.”

Victims reportedly woke up with scratches, bite marks, burns, and piercings on their bodies.

Most paranormal occurrences here are attributed to Toby, one of the “entities” haunting the house.

Visitors claim they’ve heard Toby’s voice and growls and have even seen his shadows when alone.

A woman allegedly woke up badly scratched and soaked in her own blood.

Many people who stay never make it through the night as they often hurry away as soon as something strange happens.

Can you spend an entire night in this house?

Address: 501 NE 1st St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, United States

2. Baker Hotel (Haunted By Various Ghosts)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

The hotel is said to be haunted by ghosts of sick people who had come there to benefit from the curing mineral water pools but eventually died and its late owner, T.D. Baker.

TD. Baker’s spirit is said to still haunt the hotel, walking majestically on the hallways, filling the rooms with smells of cigars, and even causing visitors’ items to disappear and reappear later.

Even the ghost of Baker’s mistress has been sighted numerous times by the hotel’s workers and guests.

Other ghosts reportedly haunting the Baker Hotel include a young boy who lost his life in the hotel’s elevator and another young boy who had died while seeking treatment from the mineral springs for his leukemia condition.

You should visit the Baker Hotel if you are ready for a spooky and unforgettable experience.

Address: 201 E Hubbard St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, USA

3. The Crazy Water Hotel (Paranormal Activities Post-Reconstruction)

Just after the reconstruction of this hotel, two known entities are said to have repeatedly made their presence known in the hotel’s vicinity, especially in the newly-constructed kitchen and basement.

Some of the kitchen staff claim to have seen full apparitions of a man dressed in black and of a cheerful young girl appear right in front of them.

Other employees say they’ve been touched by invisible hands while serving food.

Strange voices, including the sobs of a young girl, have reportedly been heard in the hotel’s basement.

While nobody seems to know who exactly these spirits are, it has been agreed that all the paranormal activities started after the reconstruction of the kitchen area.

Could the reconstruction have stirred up the spirits, or is there something else behind their appearance?

Address: 401 N Oak Ave Ste 107a, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, USA

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Haunted Houses in Dallas, Texas

1. snuffer’s restaurant (owner acknowledges haunting).

Even its owner, Pat Snuffer, said he’d never go in there alone.

Employees report frequently being tapped by invisible hands or feeling a brush against their arms.

Sudden temperature drops, pendulum lights sways, children’s voices, creaking doors, and heavy footsteps sounds are regular occurrences there.

Some reports claim the paranormal activities are caused by the ghost of a guest who died after being shot there.

In fact, some employees alleged they often heard the sounds of a man grumbling in pain while dragging himself to the bathroom– the same way the late guest had tried walking to the restroom after he was shot.

This restaurant is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Address: 3526 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206, United States

2. The Millermore Mansion (Largest Remaining Historic Mansion)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Often described as the largest remaining historic mansion in the city of Dallas, the Millermore Mansion is said to be filled with paranormal activities and otherworldly beings.

Guests claim to have seen the ghosts of a woman dressed in a long brown dress at various parts of the mansion, with some claiming they had seen her going up the staircase.

The spirit is said to be that of Emily, the third wife of William Brown Miller, the land and slave owner who built the home in 1855.

Staff and visitors often report feeling they were being watched by unseen beings and experiencing other weird occurrences in the home.

You should only visit this mansion if you are ready for a truly harrowing experience.

Address: 1515 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75215, United States

3. Sons of Hermann Hall (Haunted Dance Hall)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

There’s a whole lot more to this hall than just dance, music, and entertainment.

To put it straight, Sons of Hermann Hall is haunted!

Whether or not you choose to believe it, guests have reported ghostly sightings and hearing strange sounds in the hall.

In fact, Kathy, a dance teacher at the hall, confirmed the building has a “presence.”

Paranormal activities reported here include sounds of children running around and moving the chairs, flashes of shadows and light, and more.

A guest even said he had seen a “Victorian-dressed couple” casually walk in and head upstairs, but the couple neither came back down later nor were ever found upstairs.

Though people claim the ghosts in the hall are harmless, would you like to verify for yourself?

Address: 3414 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, USA

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Haunted Houses in Austin, Texas

1. the driskell hotel (austin’s oldest hotel & numerous ghosts).

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

This Austin’s oldest hotel has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted houses in Texas.

Jesse Driskell, the hotel’s late owner who had to forfeit the hotel’s ownership due to financial problems, is said to haunt the hotel.

It is believed his ghost occupies the hotel since he never got to enjoy its success while alive.

The ghost of a jilted bride who had killed herself in the hotel has been reportedly seen walking down the halls with shopping bags, while another jilted bride’s ghost is said to mournfully walk the halls sometimes.

Some guests claim they’ve heard the ghost of a child –who fell to his death in the hotel – giggling and bouncing a ball, while others say they felt a presence around them.

Can you spend a night with the ghosts of the Driskell Hotel?

Address: 604 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

2. The Littlefield House (Haunted By Alice Littlefield)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Numerous tales of ghostly sightings and paranormal activities surround this home located at the University of Texas in Austin.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Littlefield, the owner’s wife.

Some guests even claimed they heard her voice singing and saw her face around the windows .

Some visitors also reported screams and footstep sounds in the house, while others claimed they felt Alice’s presence there.

Other paranormal occurrences in the Littlefield House include unexplainable echoes, loud shrieking sounds, and even sounds of someone playing the piano upstairs without anyone actually being there.

Even though people claim the ghosts are friendly , do you dare to visit the Littlefield House?

Address: 302 W 24th St, Austin, Texas

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Looking beyond Texas? Check out our article on the creepiest haunted houses in New York and Florida’s scariest haunted houses .

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The 17 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger and bolder, ghost stories are no exception!

Texas, affectionately known as the “Big T,” is teeming with spine-chilling tales and eerie locales that will leave you quaking in your cowboy boots.

So, saddle up and join us as we explore the 17 most haunted places in Texas – where the paranormal activity is as big as the state itself! With the vastness of Texas and the sheer volume of hair-raising haunts, we’ve decided to wrangle these spooky spots by region.

Simply mosey on over to the buttons below to navigate through the different areas of Texas, and prepare to be spooked. Because when it comes to the most haunted places in Texas, we ain’t foolin’ around, partner!

Haunted Places in East Texas

1. historic bowers mansion, palestine.

The Haunted Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine TX

The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine , Texas, is a 140-year-old Victorian masterpiece, standing proudly as a Texas Historic Landmark. Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Palestine, this beautiful mansion harbors a dark past, shrouded in death, murder, and suicide.

In the 1950s, tragedy struck when the then-owner, Mr. Bowers, murdered his wife Mary. As police approached the home, Mr. Bowers took his own life. Locals believe that the spirits of the tormented couple, along with others who met their untimely end at the mansion, still haunt the premises.

Until recently, no paranormal group had been granted access to investigate this infamous location.

Now, Haunted Rooms America offers you the chance to uncover the secrets lurking within the Bowers Mansion. You’ll delve into the history, learn about the ghosts that haunt the site, and explore this immense, haunted location.

2. Jefferson Hotel

124 w austin st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson TX

The entire town of Jefferson seems to be rife with paranormal activity, but one of the particular hotspots here is The Jefferson Hotel. It is not only one of the most haunted hotels in Texas , but it is also thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in America .

Ghosts here have a bit of a mean, or maybe just mischievous streak, as they are known to throw things at the guests and even lock them in their rooms! However, that is only the beginning!

Other reports of paranormal activity include knocking on the walls in the middle of the night, footsteps running down the hall, children laughing, disembodied voices, and strange shadows. Considering people regard Jefferson as the most haunted town in Texas, the Jefferson Hotel is certainly worth a visit.

Learn more about the haunted Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson Texas

3. The Grove

405 moseley st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Grove in Jefferson TX

Originally built in 1861 as a private residence for Frank and Minerva Stilley, The Grove stands to this day pretty much as it did back then. Over the years it has gained quite a reputation, with many people regarding it as one of the most haunted houses in the Lone Star State.

It’s reportedly haunted by many spirits including a glowing white figure, believed to be the ghosts of the former owner Minerva Stilley. The Victims of the infamous Reconstrucion-era murders are said to haunt here too. In addition there have been many reports dating back over 100 years of paranormal activity in the house.

Learn more about the haunted Grove, Jefferson Texas

4. Bragg Road

Bragg Road Saratoga TX

Bragg Road, in Saratoga – perhaps the most well known of haunted roads in Texas. If you ask pretty much anyone in East Texas they will tell you the legend associated with Bragg Road.

The reports say that most nights you can see a flickering light in the distance as you drive down the old logging road. Known by locals as the Ghost Road Light (aka Big Thicket Light, Saratoga Light, and Bragg Road Light).

It is said that this is actually light coming from the lantern of a railroad worker who is still searching for his head after being decapitated by a train!

Other East Texas haunted places:

  • Most haunted places in Tyler, TX

Haunted Places in Central Texas

5. the magnolia hotel, 203 s crockett st, seguin, tx 78748.

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin TX

Built in 1840, the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin is believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Haunted by at least 13 spirits, the hotel is home to a wide array of paranormal occurrences. After restoration in 2013, activity apparently exploded, with common experiences such as doors slamming shut by unseen hands, unexplained shapes and figures appearing in photos, furniture moving on its own, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and more.

The hotel is constantly in demand by paranormal experts and ghost hunters nationwide. Having been featured on TV shows such as Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Discovery Channel’s When Ghosts Attack, and Destination America’s Ghost Brother’s, it’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in America continues to grow.

6. Littlefield House

302 w 24th st, austin, tx 78712.

The Haunted Littlefield House

The Littlefield Home looks like a beautiful fairy castle, but don’t let that fool you, it is reportedly one of the most haunted houses in Texas .

It is said to be haunted by Alice Littlefield, the former mistress of the house. It is said that she was insane and that she rarely left the house while she was alive, so it makes perfect sense that she has stuck around after her death.

She is often seen wandering around upstairs and people have also heard her playing the piano.

7. The Driskill

604 brazos st, austin, tx 78701.

The Haunted Driskill, Austin TX

Built in 1886 by Colonel Jesse Driskill, the now historic downtown Austin landmark is apparently home to its former owner. His presence making itself known to staff and guests by the unexplainable cigar smell coming from empty rooms.

As well as Driskill himself haunting the hotel, it is also home to the spirits of two brides who reportedly committed suicide in room 525, twenty years apart. Their presence is often felt in the room with an unneasy feeling and guests becoming overcome with sadness.

The apparition of a small girl holding flowers has also been seen throughout the hotel, mainly on the stairs but also in many other common areas.

Learn more about the haunted Driskill Hotel

See more haunted places in Austin

Haunted places in NORTH TEXAS

8. baker hotel, 200 e hubbard st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

The Haunted Baker Hotel & Spa, Mineral Wells TX

The Baker Hotel is currently closed (undergoing renovation), but the hauntings began long before the doors closed.

There are two main spirits that are blamed for the paranormal activity that is reported here and both have been spotted on a number of occasions.

The first is the ghost of a bloody nude woman up on the seventh floor who many people have suggested could be the mistress of the one-time manager of the hotel who is said to have jumped to her death from the balcony when she was no longer able to cope with the emotional turmoil that the affair caused.

The other spirit is apparently the ghost of a man who was killed when he was caught in the elevator door.

Read more about the haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells TX

9. Haunted Hill House

501 ne 1st st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

Haunted Hill House, Mineral Wells TX

If you’re looking for evidence of the paranormal, then the sheer number and variety of the reports emanating from this house will leave you astounded. EVP’s are commonplace, the dark figure of a man known as the shadow man is also another common sighting.

The most unsettling of all the happenings here, however, is the sheer number of physical attacks people have reported – from being scratched and pushed, to even being bitten!

Simply put, this is one of the most haunted houses in Texas! If you want to experience a truly haunted location then this is it!

Many people have been so freaked out by the paranormal activity here, they’ve run out of the building never to return!

10. Old White Sanitarium

508 olen st, wichita falls, tx 76301.

White Sanitarium Wichita Falls

If you are a fan of the paranormal, then you already know that there are few things that are scarier than a creepy old abandoned asylum!

The White Sanitarium in Wichita Falls, Texas is certainly no exception to that rule. It has long been rumored that some very strange experiments conducted inside the asylum which could be the reason why it has become so haunted.

People who have visited the property say that they have heard screaming children, seen lights go on and off and even seen some ghosts sitting playing cards!

Apparently, the building has been purchased by a private individual who now lives there – what a brave soul! When it comes to real haunted houses in Texas, there’s surely none that can say they were once a haunted asylum too!

11. White Rock Lake, Dallas

white rock lake ghost hunt

White Rock Lake in Dallas has a chilling history that whispers of ghostly encounters, particularly with the infamous Lady of the Lake.

This local legend has endured for generations, with many claiming to have seen her and even offered her a fateful ride. The lake’s dark past includes numerous murders and body dumps, with two suicides in 1935 and 1942 potentially linked to the mysterious lady’s identity.

The first sightings of the Lady of White Rock Lake date back to the 1930s, predominantly reported by local high school students.

Anne Clark, a local writer, published an account in 1943 of a young couple encountering the lady before she disappeared during their attempt to drive her home. Over the decades, similar stories have emerged, keeping this eerie legend alive.

See also: Haunted Hotels in Dallas Forth Worth

Though the authenticity of these tales is often debated, some reliable and trustworthy individuals have shared their personal experiences.

The Lady of White Rock Lake remains a spectral figure of Dallas’s past, refusing to fade away. Ghost hunts and events are available those brave enough to venture around the lake at night.

Haunted Places in West Texas

12. de soto hotel, 309 e mills ave, el paso, tx 79901.

The Haunted De Soto Hotel, El Paso

With a history dating back more than a hundred years, the De Soto has welcomed thousands of guests and staff over the years. Some of whom have chosen to stay behind after death.

Some of the reports eminating from this inconspicuous old building are rather terrifying. Common occurences include but aren’t limited to people being bitten, scratched, and touched in various rooms and areas around the hotel.

Paranormal investigators have captured many pieces of evidence on past investigations, documenting scratches and bite marks! Investigations have also thrown up a number of clear EVP’s, with what sounded like a demon answering questions on one particular investigation.

PLEASE NOTE: On Feb 4 2022, a devastating fire burned the building to the ground. It’s hopeful the building will be restored to once again welcome ghost hunters through its doors.

Learn more about the hauntings of the De Soto Hotel.

See more haunted places in El Paso

13. Olde Park Hotel

107 s 6th st, ballinger, tx 76821.

The Haunted Olde Park Hotel, Ballinger

Built back in 1886 as a Cowboy lodgings, the Olde Park Hotel has had a number of uses in its history including as a schoolhouse, courthouse, brothel and bordello.

The activity and the experiences at this historic building are both vast and wide-ranging. Visitors to the Antique Store, have had conversations with women in “costume” who they thought worked there only for them to disappear! It’s believed they were the spirits of the working women from the time it was a whorehouse.

Read more about the ghosts of the Olde Park Hotel

Haunted Places in South Texas

14. presidio la bahia, 217 us-183, goliad, tx 77963.

The Haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

The first stop on our tour of Texas ghost stories, leads us to Presidio La Bahia, in Goliad. Presidio La Bahia was founded back in 1721 and over the years there have been many Texas Revolution conflicts that have taken place at the fort including both the Battle of Goliad and the Goliad Massacre.

As you can probably imagine Presidio La Bahia has seen a great deal of death, so it is hardly a great surprise that it is regarded as having several ghosts. There is an abundance of spirits trapped here, some of them scared and hurt, but most of them angry!

There have been frequent reports that the cries and screams of injured soldiers can be heard coming from the fort at night and there have been reports of witnesses seeing the apparitions of soldiers as well.

Learn more about the haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

15. Hotel Galvez

2024 seawall blvd, galveston, tx 77550.

The Haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

The Hotel Galvez is one of the oldest hotels on Galveston Island and it is also one of the most haunted locations in Texas.

Room 505, in particular, is said to be haunted and many guests cannot make it through the night due to feeling so uneasy in the room.

There is often an unexplained scent of Gardenias in the hotel which is said to signal the ghost’s presence. The spirit is known as ‘The Lovelorn Lady’ and she has been seen wandering the halls on the fifth floor of the hotel.

She died in the hotel after hanging herself when her husband died at sea.

Learn more about the haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

See more haunted places in Galveston

16. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

728 w main st, yorktown, tx 78164.

Haunted Yorktown Hospital, Yorktown TX

The hospital was built in the forties and remained open until 1988, but even before it closed its doors the staff, patients and visitors were reporting paranormal activity in the building, so imagine what it must be like now that it is abandoned!

One of the most well-known ghosts in residence is a man named TJ who died of a heroin overdose. He was dumped on the front step by his friends, but as they failed to ring the bell nobody discovered him until the next morning by which time he was already dead.

He is said to haunt the hospital but seems to be in good spirits as he tends to joke around with any of the ladies who enter the old hospital. He is particularly fond of pinching them on the butt!

It has also been claimed that if anyone with tattoos or body piercings enters the chapel then the spirits of the nuns who built and operated the hospital will choke or hit them for defiling their bodies.

The on-site caretaker has also described seeing black ‘shapes’ the size of a large dog, and a large man with glowing red eyes! These are just a small number of the many reports that have come from this extremely haunted building!

Learn more on the ghosts at the haunted Yorktown Hospital

17. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Emily Morgan Hotel

Particularly active floors include the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 12th, where guests have witnessed strange occurrences such as wine bottles sliding off tables, toilet seats banging, and dark figures gliding through rooms. Elevators at the hotel also seem to have a mind of their own, repeatedly visiting floors without any apparent reason.

Built in 1924 in a Gothic style, the Emily Morgan Hotel was originally a medical center, complete with terra cotta gargoyles depicting various ailments. In 1976, the building was converted into an office space before being renovated in 1984 to become the hotel it is today.

The hotel’s name pays homage to Emily D. West, a servant woman known as Emily Morgan, who played a significant role in the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas War for Independence. Legend has it that Emily delayed Mexican General Santa Anna long enough for the Texas army to storm the camp and secure victory.

Other Texas haunted locations worth mentioning:

  • Old Williamson County Jail, Georgetown


Wilson County Jailhouse

Historic Wilson County Jailhouse Ghost Hunt, Floresville, Texas

Old lavaca Jail

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail Ghost Hunt, Hallettsville TX

Anson opera house seating

Anson Opera House Overnight Ghost Hunt & Optional Sleepover, Anson, TX

lady of white rock lake

The Original White Rock Lake Ghost Hunt, Dallas, TX

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The Pecan Haunt

The Pecan Haunt is a free home based Haunted Trail & Haunted House.

The Haunt contains a variety of scares that are mostly decorative and FX driven (very few Actors). The Haunted Pecan Trail is appropriate for all ages while the Pecan Asylum, Manor & Wastelands are more horror themed suited for teens and adults.

Dates & Hours

The Pecan Haunt 2023 dates and hours: Saturday night has been postponed until Sunday due to rain! --> Opening Night Postponed! Early Candy Night (Mon, Oct 30th): 7:00pm — 10:00pm Halloween (Tues, Oct 31st) Closed to Public (Neighborhood Only*) 6:00pm — 10:00pm Backyard portion of the haunt opens at 7:15-30pm. *Only Pecan Acres & the surrounding Neighborhoods. NEW! Don't live nearby? Get a ticket to be alloweded access from 8:30-10:00pm. Click here to get your free ticket. *Update (7/19): We'll be open 2 nights this year. --> See our Facebook page for updates.

The Pecan Haunt 2023 dates and hours: Saturday night has been postponed until Sunday due to rain! --> Opening Night Postponed! (New day & time below) Early Candy Night (Mon, Oct 30th): 7:00pm — 10:00pm Halloween (Tues, Oct 31st) Closed to Public (Neighborhood Only*) 6:00pm — 10:00pm Backyard portion of the haunt opens at 7:15-30pm. *Only Pecan Acres & the surrounding Neighborhoods. NEW! Don't live nearby? Get a ticket to be alloweded access from 8:30-10:00pm. Click here to get your free ticket. *Update (10/1): The Pecan Haunt will be mostly outdoors this year. There will be no garage portion. Baggies of candy will be available on a table outside for trick-or-treaters (Limited Supply). Also, since we will be out trick-or-treating there won't be any actors within the haunt for a period of time so if you're looking for a good scare, we recommend waiting until later in the evening to visit. Feel free to contact us on Facebook with any questions you may have. --> See our Facebook page for updates.

It all started one lonely night in the dark woods of Pecan Acres in Flower Mound, TX. a lonely soul walking through the dark path was trapped in the dark woods and could not find his way out. This in turn made the lonely soul crazy and filled with rage. Now during a full moon he changes into his true state of rage and exacts his revenge on passers by so beware when taking this truly haunted path for your treats!

Map & Directions

We're located in the Pecan Acres neighborhood in Flower Mound, TX off of 2499 across from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. See the Google Map below for our exact location. Scroll down for information on parking.

4722 Bayberry St. Flower Mound, TX 75028

For those that don't live in the Pecan Acres neighborhood, parking is located at the Pecan Orchard Park or just outside our neighorhood should the park fill up. Once parked you'll need to walk a few blocks to the Haunt. See the Google Maps screenshot below for a visual reference. Also please keep in mind the speed limit is 20mph on our streets!

Click to Enlarge

While we wish we didn't have to have a list of rules, there's always some that need to be reminded. We state these to protect the Haunt as well as those who wish to venture through and have a good time. Put simply, anyone who enters the Pecan Haunt do so at their own risk and recognize that the owners of the Pecan Haunt are not liable for any interaction within the Haunt that may result in trips, falls, confusion or any other outcome that may result from said entry. Click the links below to view our rules which are also posted at the beginning and middle of the Haunt. Pecan Haunt Rules (General) Pecan Haunt Rules (Pecan Asylum, Manor & Wastelands)

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haunted houses near winnsboro tx


haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Real Haunts in Texas- Paranormal TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Places | Real Haunted Theaters

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Cemeteries

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Places

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Houses

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Museums

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Restaurants & Bars

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Houses | Real Haunted Places

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Hospitals & Asylums

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Army Posts / Battle Grounds

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Theaters

Categories: Real Haunted Colleges

Categories: Real Haunted Bridges & Overpasses

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Nature & Outdoors (ie. Haunted Woods)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging | Real Haunted Colleges

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Houses | Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Places | Real Haunted Colleges

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Colleges | Real Haunted Theaters

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Places | Real Haunted Nature & Outdoors (ie. Haunted Woods)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Categories: Real Haunted Places | Real Haunted Army Posts / Battle Grounds

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Know of a Real Haunt that we don't already have listed? Please Let Us know

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

10 Must-See TEXAS Haunted Houses in 2023

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

If you love Halloween haunted house attractions , then you’ve come to the right place! We currently have 90 spooky haunts listed in Texas including twisted trails , haunted hayrides , home haunts , corn mazes , and more!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular haunted houses on our website that you don’t want to miss this season!

10. Graystone Haunted Manor – Longview, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Graystone Haunted Manor offers five scary attractions at one low price plus shows, movies, the Boneyard Bistro, a gift shop, and more! The scaring begins September 29th!

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

9. Silo of Screams Haunted Attractions – Temple, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Silo of Screams will be bringing you five full-size haunts for the 2023 Halloween season! Over 30,000 square feet of horror all for one price starting September 22nd!

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

8. Nightmare on 19th Street – Lubbock, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Nightmare on 19th Street is a Halloween scream park in West Texas with four haunting attractions. All new for this October is the Ice Caves of Krampus! Experience their 17th year of fear beginning on September 30th.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

7. Haunted Mayfield Manor – Galveston, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

The Haunted Mayfield Manor is housed in the Butterowe Building, which was once the site of a temporary morgue following the great hurricane of 1900. Are you ready to join Dr. Mayfield in his home as he reveals the secrets that dwell inside? This attraction is open nearly every day of the year!

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

6. Purgatory Scream Park – Kingwood, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

The former “Kingwood Asylum” haunted house, Purgatory Scream Park , is an immersive, terrifying experience north of Houston. The gates open September 22nd.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

5. Phobia Haunted House – Houston, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Phobia Haunted House ‘s BW 8 location (Houston) offers eight haunted attractions! The screaming begins September 30th.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

4. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a “dark attraction filled with live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.” This is said to be an intense, multi-story, multi-themed haunt! Opening night is September 30th.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

3. House of Torment – Austin, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

House of Torment Haunted Houses brings multiple haunted attractions in 2023. Are you ready to experience this legendary event? They opened on September 15th.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

2. Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Dark Hour Haunted House presents “Rise of the Sea Witch” beginning September 22nd! At Dark Hour, they want you to scream loud and often… are you ready?

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

1. Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon, TX

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Creepy Hollow Haunted House is going bigger and scarier than ever for 2023! Be prepared to experience hours of entertainment including three haunted attractions, multiple shows, food, games, and more! They open on September 29th.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

For a full list of all scary attractions in Texas, please visit our TEXAS Haunted House Directory

Now get out there and STAY SCARY!

Note from the editors: This list is not a top haunts list. We are not saying these are the best or scariest haunts in the state or the only ones you should visit. It would be best if you considered these when making your Halloween season plans, as they are some of the most popular amongst our reviewers and our site visitors.

The Scare Factor provides reviews and directory listings for Halloween haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted hayrides, scream parks, and other types of haunted attractions.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2023©️

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Denton's Most Haunted Places

You don't have to wait for Halloween to have a spooky adventure here in Denton. With a rich history and ever-changing landscape, our town has all of the ingredients needed to make it the most haunted destination in North Texas. Whether you're planning a Haunted Road Trip or just looking for an excuse to go ghost hunting, here is a quick guide to the Top 10 spooky spots in and around town from WE DENTON DO IT .

Historic Denton County Courthouse | 110 W Hickory Street

Denton's Courthouse-on-the-Square with a blue sky and a flock of bird flying above it

The historic 1896 Courthouse on the Square isn't just one of the most beautiful in all of Texas, it is also said to have more than a few ghosts lingering around. The basement used to contain holding cells and there’s plenty who have experienced strange noises as well as the feeling that they are not alone. Outside, looking up into the highest windows, others claim to have seen a shadowy figure moving around, or a weathered-looking cowboy peering down from the upper floors. True enough, there’ve been several deaths and killings in the grand ole Courthouse. Regardless, the museum inside is always worth a wander around, and you can always visit John B. Denton’s grave [maybe?] on the lawn!

Campus Theater | 214 W Hickory Street

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Spirits in the theater are considered good luck according to stage superstition, so it should come as no surprise that our own Campus Theater embraces its beloved benefactor. This popular venue is definitely one of Denton’s most haunted and showrunners often have some story about the antics of the  Campus Theater’s Mischievous Manager, Mr. Harrison .

Paschall Bar/Andy’s Basement | 122 N Locust Street

The oldest building on the Denton Square is the 1877 Paschall Building, which survived several fires in the 1880s and 1890s and has apparently attracted a few ghosts in its 143 years! Watch the windows to see if faces are peering down, and be careful on the stairs where some have experienced an unexpected nudge from some invisible source!

Brave Combo’s Studio

Few may realize that the studio space of Denton’s own Grammy-winning musicians and local Nuclear Punk Polka deities BRAVE COMBO has its own hipster haunt! Known only as “ The Dude ,” the flannel-clad figure resembles a scruffy 1970s-era roadie that sometimes leaves handprints on the glass or glimpsed in the hidden parking spaces in the back of the building. If you go looking, you’ll also spy a beautiful Denton mural close by the famous Instagramable Purple Door!

Emily Fowler Library | 502 Oakland Street

Of Denton’s ghostly guardians, one of the most famous is the haunting spirit who also happens to be the namesake of Denton’s Emily Fowler Library. There have been numerous paranormal investigations that led to encounters with this lingering librarian, and several witnesses who knew her well enough to recognize Emily still skulking around the stacks long after she’d been dead and buried! You can wander around the public library to do some ghost-hunting for yourself, and maybe you can spy Emily through the windows!

University of North Texas  | 1155 Union Circle

Universities are often sites of hauntings, and the University of North Texas is no exception. UNT’s Bruce Hall is purported to be haunted by at least three different spirits: a ghost named “Wanda” who frequents the fourth floor and attic, the vanishing “elevator repairman,” and the basement‘s poltergeist “Boiler Room Bill.” The Student Union is also rumored to be home to a ghost nicknamed “Brandy” who turns lights or office equipment on and off, locks doors, and disturbs papers on desks. Maple Hall has its own spirit called “Brenda” roaming an outside alleyway, while the Health Center has reports of a forlorn shirtless guy on occasion and the Crumley Hall Screamer continues to spook students around Halloween.

Texas Woman’s University | 304 Administration Drive

The first building constructed on the TWU campus was Old Main, where a headless “Winged Victory” statue welcomes visitors in its portico. The haunted building is also known to have moaning voices of former faculty who still wander the building! Students and staff have also reported mystery melodies within the music building, vanishing spirits in Hubbard Hall, a phantom stalking Stoddard Hall, the spirit of Dr. John in Guinn Hall, and the weeping Hooded Bride who roams the grounds by the Little Chapel in the Woods. The ghost of the disappeared Virginia Carpenter was said to have haunted Brakenridge Hall, which was demolished and replaced by the Student Union, where she is still sometimes seen.

Old Alton | Goatman's Bridge

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

The oldest ghost legend in Denton is the creepy tale of the Old Alton Bridge Goatman. You can watch this haunting  YouTube video  for more stories of scares and encounters that have been spooking county locals for generations.

I.O.O.F. and Oakwood Cemetery 

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Denton Lodge No. 82 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows ( I.O.O.F. ) was chartered in 1859 by a number of the area’s most prominent settlers, and Denton merchant James Smoot donated them land for the purposes of a graveyard. The first recorded burial in 1860 was Ann Isabella Carroll, infant daughter of Judge Joseph and Cecilia Carroll, which may explain why a crying baby is sometimes heard emanating from the I.O.O.F. Cemetery at night. Just across the railroad tracks in Southeast Denton is Oakwood Cemetery , which by 1857 was the community cemetery where you can search for the infamous bloody Brown Brothers, murderers hanged then buried here. Many African-American settlers are also interred here, where shadows are often spotted moving silently amongst the tombstones!

Bayless-Selby House | 317 W Mulberry Street

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

The beautifully restored Bayless-Selby House is another local museum that tells the history of Victorian-era Denton, nestled in the Denton Historic Park alongside the African-American Quakertown House Museum. But as we scooped y’all a few years back, it also has  a spooky spirit  connected to some murderous intrigue that occurred in the house almost 100 years ago. You can take a tour of the house grounds on Saturdays during the  Denton Community Market , but you’ll have to ask for the good-n-scary ghost stories that WDDI previewed… they don’t dole out the good stuff to just anybody so be sure to tell them we sent you!

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haunted houses near winnsboro tx

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haunted houses near winnsboro tx


Two Haunted Houses this year!

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

We have two haunted houses this year! We are excited for you to come and check us out. One indoor and one outdoor haunted house. Every season we do something different.

We are located at

Firewheel Town Center Mall

215 Coneflower Drive

Garland, Texas 75040

We are between the AMC Movie Theater and TGI Friday's 

One haunt is our indoor Haunted House  J & F Butcher House. This haunt is very scary but shorter than the outdoor haunted house.

Our larger outdoor haunted house will be located across the street

(fenced  field across the street)

September 22nd through October 1st - Blackout Haunted House. You go through J & F Butcher House with only a glow stick. 

October 6th through October 31st - The outdoor maze and J & F Butcher House will both run October 6th through October 31st. You can buy a combo ticket or buy a ticket to one or the other haunted house.  J & F  Butcher House is a shorter Haunt so for beginners or people that are really get scared should go to the smaller haunt because it is not as long.  Both Haunts are VERY SCARY! 

Tickets give you a time slot to get in line. Your wait could be up to 45 minutes to an hour depending on the day. The Saturday before Halloween is our busiest night. Your wait could be up to 1.5 hours on this Saturday. 

Tickets will be on sale soon. 


 Do not expect the same thing every year. We have the most intense scares in every situation. Actors are not allowed to touch you.  Get your tickets soon. Once we sell out you will not be able to purchase one. This should also be better for wait times to get in. Tickets give you a time slot to get in line.

Our Indoor J & F Butcher House Haunted House will be open 

September 22nd through October 31st. 

Our Outdoor Haunted House Maze will open begin October 6th through October 31st. 

There will be limited tickets sold.  

No charge for parking! 

There are a lot of restaurants and things to do around the mall. Thanks for coming! 

Check us out 2023

Outdoor and Indoor Clips

Contact us for Hiring Professional Actors for Events

Selected dates from september 22nd through october 31st 2023, ticket sales information.

No Refunds! Please let your whole group know that we do not allow purses, handbags, or weapons of any kind are not allowed in the haunt.

Identification will be required this year when we scan your barcode to your ticket.                                        

We recommend 14 years and older. If you are under the age of 14, you can come with a parent/guardian. You will only be able to buy a ticket online. There will be no option to pay for a ticket in person.  We scan your barcode when you arrive. Tickets will be timed so please make sure you sign up online for a time you can make it to the haunt.  If you are to scared to go alone, please invite friends to come with you.  Masks are not required. You are able to wear your costume.  We sell LED Masks and T-shirts onsite. 

Please read below  

Masks are optional. While you are making a decision to purchase a ticket, please note that even COVID-19, it is an inherent risk in any public location to be exposed to COVID-19. If you are running a fever or have symptoms of COVID-19, you will not be permitted to enter the haunted house. We strongly encourage you, if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste you should stay home. If you have been exposed to someone experiencing these symptoms and it has not been 14 days, please stay home because you will not be permitted in the haunted house.  

Please be cautious in entering if you have asthma, seizures, a heart condition, pregnant or any other medical condition. Please consult with your doctor before entering the haunt.  Enter at your own risk and we are not liable. Face Masks are optional. Click on the link below to purchase tickets.  


Previous Years Photo Gallery

Click on the link below to purchase tickets

Check out our year around costume shop!

Scrappy Costumes

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us!

215 Coneflower Drive Garland, Texas 75040, United States

972-864-2508 Located between AMC Movie Theater and TGI Fridays.

Hours of Operation

2023  Information

Tickets for September 22nd  through October 31st. Please see ticket information for exact dates and times.  All ticket sales will be online and you will not be able to purchase a ticket in person unless it is online. Tickets are not refundable. 

Drop us a line.... if you dare!

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If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please call us.   

972-864-2508 or email [email protected]

Temporary Employment

If you are interested in temporary employment, We are having a Hiring Event Saturday September 2 from 12pm to 2pm. Just stop by anytime during those times.

215 Coneflower Drive  in Garland Texas  at Firewheel Mall. 

 You can stop by Scrappy Costumes now to fill out an application . 435 Cedar Sage Drive at Firewheel Mall. 

Please call us at 972-864-2508 or email your resume and salary requirements to [email protected]

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Beware The Ghost Warnings At This House In Texas

In 1895, a gentleman named Mr. Tarlton decided to build a Bed and Breakfast in Hillsboro, Texas.

The beautiful orange and yellow house was built in the Queen Anne Victorian style , which Ms. Tarlton was especially fond of.

For several years, the Tarltons prospered both personally and financially.

But tragedy is never far behind.

Beware The Ghost Warnings At This House In Texas

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A Brush with Death

Updated 2/11/2020 – Ms. Tarlton, who was Mr. Tarlton’s second wife, became severely ill.

Despite numerous efforts to help her, Ms. Tarlton tragically died.

Struck with indescribable grief, Mr. Tarlton realized he could not resume his happy life now that his wife was gone.

Local rumors say that he took a rope, climbed to the third floor of the bed and breakfast and hung himself .

Today, the Tarlton House remains a successful bed and breakfast in the community.

However, several guests have reported strange activity that occurs in the house—on the third floor in particular.

One guest, Victoria, had an experience that ultimately changed her life.

“I was eighteen when my family decided to take a mini vacation and stay at the Tarlton,” she began.

“I was struggling with depression at the time.

“Of course, I never told them this at the time but when I read that Mr. Tarlton had killed himself in the house, the information influenced me in a very negative way.

“It was something I was seriously contemplating while there,” she admitted, grim faced.

“We had our first night there without incident, and spent our second day exploring Hillsboro.

“As we got ready to go to bed that night , I started planning out my suicide.

“I figured I should explore the third floor—maybe it would inspire me in some sick way,” Victoria shrugged.

“I snuck out and crept up the stairs.

“The Inn had a drastically different vibe on the third floor.

“As I walked around, I hit numerous cold spots and felt excessively anxious.

“I turned to leave when I heard footsteps behind me.

The Rotting and Benevolent Ghost of Hillsboro

Haunted Hillsboro: Benevolent Ghost of the Tarltan House

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“I slowly turned around and saw a figure, standing near the doorway to the bathroom.

“I wanted to run and scream, but as he looked at me, I could tell that somehow he was holding me in place.

“He looked like he had sprung straight out of a grave ,” she said, goosebumps forming down her arms.

“His flesh was grey and smelled of rotting meat.

“His lips had shriveled up and were decaying right on his face..

“… And it seemed like chunks of his skin were missing.

“But nothing was more terrifying than when he opened his mouth to speak.”

“’I hear your thoughts , little girl,’ he rasped.

“Frozen as I was, I started gagging by the smell of his putrid breath.”

“’You know what that smell is?’ he asked, watching my reaction.

‘That, my dear, is death .’

‘Death is all I hear, all I see, all I know.’

‘Is that your desire?’

“Suddenly I felt my throat begin to close up.

“I struggled and gasped for air but I still couldn’t move.

“He smiled a dark, inane smile just as I felt I would pass out.

“Finally he released me, and I was able to run down the stairs and back into our room.

“To this day, I still think about that incident in Hillsboro,” Victoria said, shaking her head.

“I believe it was Mr. Tarlton I encountered, and that was his way of warning me to not do as he once did.

He saved my life.”

Have you visited The Tarlton House in Hillsboro, TX?

What paranormal activity have you experienced there, tell us in the comments below and share this with your friends., click the share button below..

211 N Pleasant St. Hillsboro, TX 76645-2115 United States

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

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Haunted Places in Winnsboro, South Carolina

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Fairfield County Courthouse

Winnsboro, south carolina.

The Fairfield County Courthouse has a ghost, that of Mary Ingleman, aka the Witch of Winnsboro Courthouse. It all started in 1792, when folks were accusing each other of being witches. Mary, along with others, was accused, beaten and tortured by the townsfolk. When she reported the incident to authorities, ...

Fairfield County Museum

Fairfield County Museum is housed in a former 1832 home. It is said to be haunted by two soldiers' ghosts, and an apparition of an elderly lady has been seen as well. Witnesses also have reported unexplained noises, footsteps, and extension cords that moved along the ground by themselves.

Chester Little Theatre

Chester, south carolina.

Perhaps as early as 1913, Chester Little Theatre was known as the Dreamland Theatre. Sometime in its long history, something must have happened to render it a hot spot for supernatural activity: Witnesses here claim to have seen apparitions and heard strange noises.

Molly's Rock Picnic Area

Newberry, south carolina.

At Flag Lake (which is no longer a lake, by the way), Molly’s Rock is rumored to be a hot spot for the strange and unexpected. Reports say on a nearby hill stands a cemetery that has an entire row of grave markers for deceased who committed suicide. Witnesses visiting ...

Fort Jackson

Columbia, south carolina.

The United States Army installation Fort Jackson, named for U.S. Army General and President Andrew Jackson, is said to be haunted. At its artillery range, the ghost of a female soldier rumored to have killed herself in a latrine appears with a hole in her helmet. And in the B ...

Longstreet Theatre

Longstreet Theatre was once a Civil War hospital, and rumor has it that the room that serves as the green room is the former morgue. Cold spots, uneasy feelings, apparitions and strange noises have been reported in the area.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is said to be haunted by quite a few spirits. The library is said to be visited by former President McKissick, and ghostly soldiers and a spectral woman with long dark hair have been spotted at the DeSaussure College building. The woman is believed to ...

Newberry College

At Newberry College's Keller Hall, a woman committed suicide by jumping from the bell tower during the Civil War era. She was distraught over the death of her boyfriend in the war. Witnesses have heard phantom screams coming from the tower and seen the woman's apparition up there as well. ...

West End Cemetery

The Bride Of West End is said to haunt West End Cemetery. She's an apparition of a melancholy bride who has been seen sitting in trees, standing near her grave, or walking in the nearby fields. Rumor has it she has been waiting long years for her lover to take ...

Juxa Plantation - Gregory Plantation

Union, south carolina.

Juxa Plantation, formerly the Gregory Plantation, is no longer an inn but a private residence. Original owner Jehu Gregory was once said to haunt the place. His ghost was seen most often in the on-site family cemetery. But so the tale goes, after the repair of some tombstones, Jehu never made ...

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

John D. Long Lake

John D. Long Lake is the spot where Susan Smith killed her children by strapping them into her vehicle and rolling it into the lake, claiming her kids were kidnapped by a carjacker. Folks who have visited the monument erected to them here claim to have heard children's laughter and ...

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Inn At Merridun

The Inn at Merridun is haunted by friendly ghosts, former residents T.C. and Fannie Duncan, who leave pennies as housewarming gifts. Their rose-scented perfume and cigar smoke can be detected when the ghosts are around. Another haunt in residence is Mary Anne Wallace, sister of a former owner, whose apparition ...

Winthrop University

Rock hill, south carolina.

Tillman Hall at Winthrop University has a bell tower, intricate woodwork, and, some say, a haunted fourth floor. Some suppose the spirits may be linked to the old stocks, still housed in the building, that held the prisoners who built the hall centuries ago.

Church of the Holy Cross Cemetery

Sumter, south carolina.

The ghost of a Confederate soldier strolls through the Church of the Holy Cross Cemetery, sometimes joined by the apparition of a woman who has been known to sit with her legs crossed in a tree with low-hanging branches.

Capt. John Blakeney Cemetery

Pageland, south carolina.

At Capt. John Blakeney Cemetery, rumor has it that the ghosts of the Blakeney family will sometimes appear to visitors. The family emigrated here from Ireland, and some of its members fought in the Civil War.

Rembert Church

While visiting the cemetery behind the old Rembert Church, folks say they've heard singing and seen lights on inside the church.

Lydia Mill Ruins

Clinton, south carolina.

Dating as far back as the early 1900s, Lydia Mill, now in ruins, had housing on-site for its employees. Now a headless female ghost roams the premises, seen around the railroad tracks or in the mill building.

Bethabara Baptist Church Cemetery

Cross hill, south carolina.

Bethabara Baptist Church Cemetery is home to the ghost of a Civil War soldier whose marker cross glows about three times per year. The cross also is said to inexplicably change color several times a year.

Blakeney House

Monroe, north carolina.

The 1903 Blakeney House has been a private home, several restaurants and now is used for bible and mission training for the company Youth With a Mission. Although the company maintains that the house is not haunted, it is in fact said to be haunted by three ghosts: William Blakeney ...

Ninety Six National Historic Site

Ninety six, south carolina.

Ninety Six National Historic Site is a National Park Service operated frontier settlement and Revolutionary War battle site that includes Star Fort, a visitor center, a trail, archaeological digs and restorations. It's rumored to be haunted by a ghost, but folks differ as to who the spirit is, or was. ...

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Prospect Church

Patrick, south carolina.

According to local legend, on moonlit nights at Prospect Church, those who park in the last parking space on the right side of the church and peer at the last window on the second story will see a ghost who moves the curtains violently as if in a struggle inside.

Graves near Lincoln Village

Hartsville, south carolina.

According to local tales, an overgrown and haunted graveyard stands adjacent to the abandoned Lincoln Village apartment complex, in the wooded area at the northwest corner of the complex. Caution: The graves are sunken and the ground is soft; graves here may be deep.

Queens University of Charlotte

Charlotte, north carolina.

At Albright, student lore says the ghost of a girl who committed suicide here makes knocking sounds and opens and closes doors. She was said to be distraught over the fact that her parents found out about her relationship with another woman. In the Courtyard area, some say you can ...

Chain Gang Hill Road

Spartanburg, south carolina.

Victims of the infamous local murderer the Gaffney Strangler are said to haunt Chain Gang Hill Road. The girls' voices can be heard moaning and screaming along this stretch.

Coker College

At Coker College, a private liberal arts school founded in 1908, a ghostly girl is said to roam in a dorm building. The ghost also is said to cause strange sounds, turn off radios and make alarm clocks ring in the middle of the night. According to campus legend, she ...

Clifton Mill No. 2

Clifton Mill No. 2 was a textile mill built in 1888 and demolished in 2013. When the abandoned buildings still stood here, folks claimed they were haunted. Reports came in of the sound of ghostly footsteps and doors that were suddenly flung open by something unseen.

Foster's Tavern

Foster's Tavern is housed in a historic brick gabled building from the early 1800s. Strange sounds have led folks to believe that the tavern may be haunted. Witnesses have heard horses' hooves on the roof, footsteps on the stairs, and voices.

Kennedy's Premium Bar and Grill

Kennedy's Premium Bar and Grill is housed in a former farmhouse that's reported to be haunted by ghosts who open and close doors, tinker with the radio, or even show up in the restrooms after the bar is closed.

Cajun Queen

Cajun Queen is a Cajun restaurant situated in one of the oldest houses in the area. Its ghost is said to have been a former owner who is annoyed that in her old bedroom now stands a bar. However, others say she shows up because she just wants a drink.

Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Greenwood, south carolina.

Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery is an old graveyard where folks say disembodied singing is heard, white mists or figures materialize, and blue spots are said to appear in the house adjacent.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Dixie's Tavern

Long said to be one of the most haunted spots in Charlotte but no one seems to know who haunts it or why. In 2013 it was announced that Dixie's would be closing and the land would be made into a park, so it seems it is slated for ...

McGlohon Theatre

McGlohon Theatre was a church in its original incarnation, but was made into a theater later. The ghosts folks say reside here are from its church days, and can be heard walking or singing.

Alexander Michael’s

Alexander Michael’s restaurant, open since 1983, is said to be haunted, although reports are unclear as to the exact nature of the hauntings.

Salem Black River Church

Mayesville, south carolina.

Salem Black River Church, built in 1846, is believed to be haunted by a ghostly Southern Belle and a sad little boy. Cold spots have been noted by visitors as well.

Converse College

The late-1800s Converse College has a few haunted buildings, including the Williams Dorm, said to have a ghostly boy near its laundry room who will play catch with a ball, and Hazel B. Abbott Theatre, haunted by Miss Hazel herself. The Wilson Hall has a ghost with red eyes, and ...

Evans Building

The Evans Building was Frank Evans High School in the 1920s but is now the Evans Academic Center of Spartanburg Community College. Not only can footsteps be heard in the hallways, but witnesses say late at night on the old basketball court, you can sometimes hear the dribbling and sneaker ...

Pharr Mansion

Lowell, north carolina.

One afternoon I took my nephew by the mansion as he loved haunted things. I pulled in to the driveway at the end of the street and he got out and walked around the house (I remained in the car). When he got back he stated that he wanted ...

Spartanburg Methodist College

Spartanburg Methodist College is home to a ghost of a student who committed suicide by jumping out a window. Witnesses have seen his apparition in the halls or standing by the window from which he jumped.

Annie's Inn Bed and Breakfast

Aiken, south carolina.

This early-1800s inn is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who wanders in the halls calling out for her mama.

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Holley House - Hotel Aiken

The Hotel Aiken, housed in an 1878 hotel building, is haunted--especially on the second floor. Witnesses have heard whispering, crying and screaming from empty rooms, and seen shadow figures flit past. Toilets flush and doors open and close by themselves, and ghosts play tricks with the housekeepers' carts, moving them ...

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

Old Post Office

This historic post office has many legends associated with it, and is rumoured to be one of the most haunted buildings in town. In the postmasters office, there is a ladder that leads to secret passages in the ceiling of the building, which the postmaster himself used to spy ...

Latta Plantation

Huntersville, north carolina.

The Latta family, the former owners of the plantation, are said to still live here in their afterlife. The historic site is the setting for strange occurrences, like the sound of ghostly children playing in the empty attic or slamming doors. A shadowy figure is seen from time to time. ...

Sansbury Cemetery

Timmonsville, south carolina.

Different from the Sansbury Hill Cemetery, also in Timmonsville, the Sansbury Cemetery is an eerie place where unexplained noises, including a baby crying, have been reported. Folks also have reported feelings of despair and fear here, but giving the surroundings, this is may not be unusual!

Graniteville Cemetery

Graniteville, south carolina.

Rumor has it that a witch ghost appears late at night here, putting flowers on the graves of children. Witnesses claim to have experienced lots of eerie things here, from screams, gunshots and laughter to the dead reaching up and grabbing visitors' feet.

Reed Gold Mine

Midland, north carolina.

It all started in 1799 when Mr. Reed's son struck gold in Meadow Creek on the family homestead, and Reed Gold Mine was born. It is said to be haunted by Eleanor Mills, a neighbor od the Reeds in the 1800s. Eleanor and her husband Eugene were quarreling when she ...

Colonel Kolb's Tomb

Bennettsville, south carolina.

According to reports, Colonel Kolb, along with his family, was burned alive nearby during the Revolutionary War. According to local lore, those who visit Colonel Kolb's tomb at night will hear the sound of someone walking in the woods and may suddenly find the apparition of a man right next ...

Piney Grove Church

Concord, north carolina.

Piney Grove Church was established around the turn of the twentieth century and has four ghosts, according to reports. Witnesses have described strange lights, mists, shadows, and photographic anomalies.

Caroleen Broad River Bridge

Ellenboro, north carolina.

Some locals say if you drive past the bridge on rainy nights, you may see the apparitions of two elderly ladies walking. They are believed to be the spirits of two sisters who were killed when they drove off the side of the bridge. Some say if you give them ...

Abbeville County Museum

Abbeville, south carolina.

The historic jail building now serves as the county museum, and dates back to the civil war era. The third floor of the jailhouse is believed to be the most haunted, as the worst prisoners were housed here. Staff claim to have run into a friendly African American prisoner ...

Belmont Inn

This historic hotel dates back to the turn of the twentieth century, and served as luxurious railroad accommodation for visitors to the town. Guests staying in the hotel have reported weird occurrences in various rooms of the hotel, including an entity that opens and closes doors. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted houses near winnsboro tx

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    Best Haunted Houses in Hillsboro, TX 76645 - Waxahachie Haunted History Tours, Haunted House, Munster Mansion, Screams Halloween Theme Park, Hellbilly Acres. Yelp. ... This is a review for haunted houses near Hillsboro, TX 76645: "Excellent tour in historic downtown Waxahachie. Mr. Reid was very informative and entertaining.

  23. Haunted Places in Winnsboro, South Carolina

    61.8 miles from Winnsboro, SC. The late-1800s Converse College has a few haunted buildings, including the Williams Dorm, said to have a ghostly boy near its laundry room who will play catch with a ball, and Hazel B. Abbott Theatre, haunted by Miss Hazel herself. The Wilson Hall has a ghost with red eyes, and ...